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Enjoy safe and private Internet access with the world’s most advanced VPN.
With NordVPN app for iPhone and iPad you can privately surf the Web and secure your Wi-Fi connections against various cyber threats. Sign up for your free trial now.

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Open the app and pick one of our 5000+ remote servers that are located in 60 countries.

With the NordVPN app on, all your Internet traffic is strongly encrypted and extremely difficult to decipher. What is more - we don’t keep any logs of your activity.

Click the activation button to turn your protection on and off. To select a server, simply click on the map or browse the country list.

Still not sure? NordVPN offers a 7-day free trial on all subscription plans, so you have nothing to lose.


- Unlimited VPN traffic
- Friendly 24/7 support
- Automatic Kill Switch
- Connect up to 6 devices under one account
- Military-grade encryption protocols (IKEv2/IPsec)

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Automatic Renewal

• NordVPN is a paid service so you'll need a subscription to get started. You can choose from three subscription plans: $11.99/month, $53.99/6 months and $83.99/12 months.
• The payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
• The subscription renews automatically unless the auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period.
• Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of your selected subscription.
• Your subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal can be turned off by going to your App Store Account Settings.
• You are welcome to read NordVPN Terms of Service and Privacy Policy here:

NordVPN: VPN Fast & Unlimited App Description & Overview

The applications NordVPN: VPN Fast & Unlimited was published in the category Productivity on 2014-12-09 and was developed by Tefinkom & CO S.A.. The file size is 128.07 MB. The current version is 4.2.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Hey again! So you thought we were done with the updates this year… yeah, right. New Year is just around the corner, and we can’t simply go without sprinkling some glitter on our app – some subtle polishing and grooming, tweaks in the pricing layouts, and a dash of invisible magic. Only the good stuff.

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NordVPN: VPN Fast & Unlimited Reviews


Was working well but having problem connecting now  Meimeimeiiiii  3 star

It was working really well for the past couple months. But these days it started to tell me that “the vpn server did not respond”. Does anyone else seeing this? I can’t connect anymore.


Doesn’t work in China  svfalcon  1 star

Tried for a week to get it to work on both phone and computer. Never once got it connected...11.99 was a bit pricey for something that never connected. Glad I didn’t sign up for the year contract. That would have sucked to pay that and not get it to connect. Kinda of shady that they charge a fee when they can tell it never connected.


Don’t like the update  Grantman30  2 star

I live in China and it’s barely stable. China is winning this fight. The team needs to come together and find a different way to fight. I can’t give more stars til it becomes more stable.


One thing wrong  jemmyjoe  3 star

It’d get an instant five star review if they made it automatically reconnect. Having to make sure I am logged and connected EVERY TIME I turn on my phone is a drag!


Crashing  catbreath69  2 star

The 12/30 release crashes 100% of the time on my 8 plus. Won’t even start.


Overall good, but needs improved  Zac1777  3 star

Overall, I'm a fan of this service. A couple of complaints: 1. If I sign in on more than one or two devices, the app signs instelf out of other devices causing me to have to re sign in, although it says it allows 6 concurrent connections 2. Certain apps/services don't work correctly while using this, most notably Amazon.


May be secure  Kay4*  3 star

Cannot stream or download or access many sites !!!


Doesn’t work waste of money  Dakotaak  1 star

I have an iPhone and Mac computer and it doesn’t work. On my phone, it straight up won’t open—it crashes immediately—i don’t even know what the program should look like. And on my Mac, it slows things down to the point of it’s unclear if the internet is working. I turn NordVPN off, and my computer works fine. Waste of money.


Not the best experience!  Bortolosi  1 star

Signed up for the 7 day free trial through the app via Apple Store and was charged for the monthly fee immediately. Contacted customer service and not only they couldn't refund me they've said that I didn't choose the free trial. The whole reason which I decided to try this vpn service was because I was interested in their free trial. Had to contact Apple for the refund. The app does what it says but my experience was definitely tainted by the way they've handled the issue and for that reason I've decided to use another service.

MAK iTunes

Extremely slow  MAK iTunes  2 star

When I test my connection speed without the VPN I get 250 mbs and with Nord connected to “fastest” I get 11 mbs. I also can not have certain networks be trusted and have the vpn recognize them and not connect. I am deleting this (after paying for long term contact) and going back to my old vpn.

Coco Slot

Great VPN App  Coco Slot  5 star

A great vpn service that is reliable and stable. Real value for money. Highly recommended.


Keeps crashing  JJJ123678ppp  1 star

Recently the app just keeps crashing on the iPad


Great VPN service. What about Apple TV?  petom76  5 star

I love this VPN service. However, am wondering if there will be also Apple TV version of it? I am living abroad temporarily and would like to watch my favourite home country TV channels


Why Are People Getting My Personal Phone Number?  Alyndrya  1 star

I thought that this app was really fabulous and I stay connected though it to different countries every week and I thought that nobody could get at me as long as I used your VPN to keep my information safe. BUT, as of yesterday when I was connected to the UK, someone sent me a text from there to my private mobile phone number. It said I’d won 4,000,000 pounds supposedly from Coca-Cola and although sent from the UK it rerouted through an Australian number (Where I live). I changed the VPN location right away to Romania. Then today, I get 3 calls from Romania (Which thankfully I missed), again rerouting through Australia and supposedly coming from here, but when Googled it came up as Money Gram Romania and apparently other people have also been spammed from there. I don’t use my iPhone on the internet so the only place my personal phone number could have come from was on my iPad, which has been using your VPN for months now. I change the location often around the world. The only place my number is on my iPad is in the Settings under the Apple Store. My personal email address that I use only for business is now being flooded with spam and again that was in my Settings. Your VPN is supposed to keep my information safe, right? It’s not. I’ve now had to get internet on my iPhone and hope that can block my Settings through the VPN, but I think it’s way too late and my information has been sold.


Crashes immediately  Q___ten  1 star

Just updated and now crashes instantly. Completely unusable!


Charged me after cancelling! SCAM!  Jroseb821  1 star

Terrible app, didn’t work after the account was set up. I’ve now been charged a full year’s worth after the damn thing wouldn’t work and I canceled. I’m still waiting on hearing back from support! Will never use again!


Easy!  loveMyiPhoneHeaps  5 star

Nord VPN is the first and only VPN I’ve used because I thought they were difficult. I have the app installed on iPhone, iPad and Mac and it couldn’t be easier! Thank you, Nord, for giving me that extra security.


Disconnects all the time  Loonygoose  2 star

Even with kill switch, vpn seems to disconnect after iOS device is locked for a while. Internet traffic still works without the vpn, which seems to make the kill switch a moot point. Need to reconnect manually to the vpn each time this happens. Would also be nice to have a whitelist feature, similar to what tunnelbear have.


Was good... now just frustrating..  Brad.Carter  2 star

Initially this was really good, no issues.. Lately it is super buggy, often crashing without warning and not delivering any notifications from messaging apps because it doesn’t activate until you use the applications. Very disappointed. Update: I have also logged out, uninstalled, restarted my phone, reset preferences still no luck. Seems to be getting worse having to manually connect almost every time my phone sleeps and then, at times it won’t even connect...


Will you be one of the '000  Applersh1zer  2 star

Will you be one of the '000 that this doesn't work for on the iOs. The support team have tried to help , unfortunately this is so flaky that it will leave you frustrated.. The service itself is actually fantastic. I have installed on my router and have the whole house covered. The support team are quick and responsive to requests. The only let down is the iOS app.


Don’t waste your money  Elohelvis  1 star

This app did not block my location (like free vpn apps do) after I purchased a subscription I couldn’t get my money back for cancelling the same day, even though they do mention a 7 day free trial


Problems  letterex  3 star

Have to disconnect to send email and also to use iPad for a tv.


Great software  LeavingORD  5 star

US based servers get blocked by some online sites,Amazon and the like.


Slows you down  cschreiver  2 star

Using nord vpn definitely slows internet speed


Expensive and Overrated  MrLegoElite  3 star

If you are like me you have home WiFi and when you aren’t at home you have data on your phone. The only reason someone like me would need a VPN is if you wanted to watch Netflix titles that are only available in other countries. I’m sad to say it, but there are only like 3 extra movies I would actually watch that aren’t available in the US and most major countries. That being said why would I spend $11.99 a month or like $100 for three years just to watch a few extra movies. Granted there are people who use coffee shop WiFi who might want to be protected when browsing, but for $10 a month you can get a few extra gbs on your data plan or get a data plan for your iPad or laptop. I also noticed slower speeds when using the VPN, it took upwards of 15 seconds just to load the pictures for Netflix movies in my que. To sum my review up I think that a VPN is a neat idea for some people, but that doesn’t justify the high price tag and lack of reasons to use a VPN, unless you are working for the mob and want to hide your Amazon shopping.


App keeps crashing on iPad  rachet12k  5 star

Every time I try and open the app on my iPad it crashes Edit: after uninstalling and re-installing app it works fine

Oakis mom

App won’t even open  Oakis mom  1 star

I can’t get the app to open on my iPhone. I checked and have the most updated version.


I Loathe Spam  simpsuz  2 star

Cyber security is important, but when a company like NordVPN opens the door to spam it cannot be worth the price. Ever since installing the program I have experienced an unusual increase in email spam. Coincidental? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is installing the program was my last online activity requiring a purchase and settings adjustment before the spam gate blew wide open. Buyer beware. I want a full refund. And that I’ve requested although no one from customer service has contacted me following the canned auto reply.


Wow read what folks say is true rude customer support  GnnBroadcasting  1 star

Ok now told only customers have chat mode, as I am on 3 year plan due to family and friends also have is why I got it as well. Now today no servers found errors, data re entered just gone after told to reboot the Harrison told is now off that I understand, but then NO CHAT MODE OFFERED BUT WARNING POSTED BY VPN ONLY AVAILABLE FOR CUSTOMERS AS I WAS IN CHAT MODE. SEE these ratings here is true, just over night rude and now no customer support no chat support and no servers to connect, wow happy new year, this is totally unacceptable. This is what they post live online trying to get customer support. We only provide support for our customers over the chat and email systems. But we can assure you that our team of bright and analytic minds will tackle all your issues and questions with the utmost precision and provide you a solution in no time. Feel free to contact them anytime via chat or email by clicking on the buttons below. That is what you see trying to go back to support that now is not available, as others say here this is never acceptable to me as new customers or to any customers.


Overall a very solid VPN service  Andyroou  5 star

The app had a rocky start for me, it would work flawlessly if I stayed on the same network I started a connection from, but then if the vpn was up and I traveled to another destination then I would have no internet until I restarted the service once on another WiFi network. This issue was resolved for the most part. Sometimes I may have to go into the app again to bring it into a wake state again after having my iPhone 6 in sleep for a prolonged time. Could be a device specific issue though. Overall it’s a 4.5/5 for me, but that’s not possible to select, so 5 for me.


Utter waste of money  magairlemor  1 star

Made the error of taking a 2 year sub - absolute waste of money - dreadful.....zeo ‘stars’.....forced to put one in...


Excellent  deadass999999  5 star

I had an issue where i couldn't redeem a code because i bought it from the UK and it was region locked. I tried contacting support and changing my devices Locale but i was SOL. I gave this a last whim effort and change my ip to london and signed into my account and it let me redeem the code. 5/5 has a few unknown uses I'm sure.


Best Best Choice!  Macdara  5 star

Works very well with overcoming restrictive media policies in certain territories


Very happy  Lanydws  5 star

I find this vpn app very useful. I have had no problems. Thanks


Confuses apps  Blackis200  1 star

All my accounts auto blocked me because they detected sign ins from other geo locations. Horrible job to rectify, renew passwords etc.

Cindy Bubbles

Charged, but gave no access, No customer service  Cindy Bubbles  5 star

My subscription automatically renewed 9 days ago, my credit card was charged €47.99,however NordVPN says that my subscription has expired when I want to log on to the VPN. I emailed them already & received no reply. I would advise ppl NOT to use NordVPN, as I’m paying for a service I can’t access & to add insult to injury, they are ignoring my email!!


Good VPN for Apple devices  dgildea  5 star

I’ve used two other paid VPN services - usually to watch TV content not available where I live - but NordVPN is the best I’ve tried, especially for use across iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Simple to use, good value and it works.


Easy to use  Toomuchpressure  5 star

Straight forward easy to use VPN


Brilliant VPN  ITunespleaseletmepickanickname  5 star

Great number of servers, amazing speeds, cheap prices. Does not work at all on some versions of iOS11 so you’ll need to update.


Latest update does not show server regions  pbo1379  2 star

I updated the app today in Ireland but as promised in the update review notes I don’t see any region information on each server. I submitted a ticket to their helpdesk, I received 2 replies one telling me to wait 24hrs for it to kick in !!!!

NordVPN: VPN Fast & Unlimited Comments

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