iClicker Reef

iClicker Reef [Education] App Description & Overview

iClicker Reef allows you to answer questions using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Tap to provide your answer and receive instant feedback. Compare your vote to the rest of the class. After class, access the saved poll questions to study for a quiz or exam. All data is stored on the cloud so you can access it anywhere from any device.

• Free trial subscription with account creation
• View your instructor’s questions as high resolution screenshots
• Compare your response to the class results
• Session history is stored in the cloud so you can access it anywhere
• Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Numeric, and Target question types
• Receive correct/incorrect feedback when your instructor grades the question
• Review the questions and answers to study after class
• Works alongside all iClicker remotes

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iClicker Reef Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This version contains a critical performance enhancement.

iClicker Reef Comments & Reviews

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- Ridiculously laggy

For an app that has such a high subscription fee, the user interface is infuriating. Joining a class takes forever and the app crashes all the time. In order for it to launch properly you have to make sure that no other apps are open, which is not practical at all if I'm trying to do something else at the same time, and if I want it to stay open, I have to make sure that I have the app constantly open. If I swipe away for just a few seconds, the app crashes again. This is absurd considering that the actual function of the app is so basic. Every design element feels like a minimal amount of effort was put into it. If I didn't have to use this for a class, I definitely would not be using this app.

- Should be free

This app is used in colleges just to get money off of students who already pay too much. It’s a very simple app that just lets you answer multiple choice questions which can be done in many alternative and free ways. Instead this app charges you over $15 just to have a useless subscription.

- Just awful

Too expensive, just milking college students for money, and that’s probably the smallest problem. The app tracks your location so the professor or teacher can see where you are when the app is on, like big brother in 1984. Then the app doesn’t work if a class room doesn’t have cellular reception, so you get zero points for that day. Pice of garbage.

- Horrible excuse for educational tech

This app is the biggest scam on the whole entire App Store. How or why would you ever need to pay a subscription for a service to answer questions in a classroom???? I honestly cannot wrap my head around the fact that this app barely does anything besides let you push a button and you still have to pay 15$ to do that for half a year???? So dumb. Also thanks for screwing up my grade

- App doesn’t work

Doesn’t connect to the teacher, class grades dont update, a programming disaster

- Glitchy

The app has issues sometimes. And that is a problem when it affects your grades.

- Extra charge

Despite buying an I clicked, you get an extra charge if you want to be able to use the app rather than clicker.

- Awful App

Very not user friendly have a discount code and can’t plug-in in

- I HATE this app

Don’t waste you money on this stupid app. You will lose money and your attendance points. It will not let you sign in the class which is why you can’t be even answer the clicker questions, resulting in a fat zero for your participation grade. And your professors will then tell you to go buy and actual clicker because it’s not their problem if your app doesn’t work they will say, “It’s not recommended to have this app so it’s better if you get the clicker.” Like seriously somebody could have told me before I spend my money on this dumb app. I HATE this app and my professor is really bogus.

- App won't open on time

App often does not open and is unreliable for answering questions in lecture

- plant kingdom

i like this but its basically kahoot

- Below average

Doesn’t get location accurate and I lose points. Horrible idea to use this by the college system. Not a surprise.

- Lol

Nowhere near the value this app does nothing near $15 for 6 months

- Waste of money

The most I’ve ever spent on apps is $2, and those provide a variety of useful features and information. iClicker is only used to answer a few questions for one class a couple times each week and is not worth a $14 subscription. I would much rather buy a movie or go out for dinner with that money. It’s worth $0.99 at most.

- Terrible invasion of privacy

This app tracks how many times you leave the app and reports usage to your teacher, I can’t even google words the professor asks me to. Email notification for campus invader, blocked. Clearly me not leaving an app I use for 2 seconds a day is more important than me getting campus safety notifications. Hey maybe it would be better if the machete man came for me, as long as he doesn’t close my app. The reference text that is online? Well no more referring to the text.

- ipad

does NOT WORK on an ipad!!

- Always crashes

Went to submit a quiz but my app crashes every time i try to join my class now.

- Update

Make it for Apple Watch

- Unoptimized mess.

This app is overall just a mess. The app doesn’t stay in the background for more than 1 minute, consistently relaunching when I use any other app. The iPad version is an absolute joke when much less substantial apps have iPad support. I’m just really glad I only have to use this for a few minutes a day because it’s a horrible mess that I’m forced to pay for.

- Required in class

Logs out more often than not, very frustrating considering my grade is tied to this app.

- Worth it!

This is the only reason I’m passing! Thanks teach

- Capitalism is dumb

I don’t like that I am buying a subscription. That is dumb, if I was just paying for the tech I wouldn’t care as much, but they are betting on the fact that you NEED this app for school

- help

pchem hard..

- Never works properly

Questions do not pop up even when I am in the session the whole class, sometimes it will only gives me 5 seconds to answer and it won’t register. Do not buy this, missed so many points in class due to this service. Should at the very least vibrate when a question is up because I never know if it is actually working. Do not spend the $15 like I did.

- Forced me to pay for a subscription

I’ve already subscribed but the app doesn’t recognize it. I had to pay for another six months. There was no way to restore purchases.

- bad app do not get for your class

crashes frequently, freezes up, and makes me lose points from my grade. needs horizontal orientation feature if i could give it a 0.5 i would

- Terrible for iPad

iClicker reef does not support the iPad. The app scales up and looks pixelated and hideous. The app needs to support the iPad natively and support side-by-side/slide over for multitasking between the iClicker app and taking notes. Huge disappointment considering how expensive this app is. Students deserve better for their money.

- Bad

Always decides to fail in class making me loss points

- scam

Reef is an example of the scam of higher education. Why can’t we just use Kahoot and not pay $15 for this clown show

- Payment

So hard to pay for

- Force is a poor motivation to use an app.

Force is a poor motivation to use an app.

- Iclicker

Horrible but works just fine :)

- J

Best app ever

- Issues

Half the time it wouldn’t work and just said “Error” but didn’t tell me what was wrong. I came to find out that my free trial was overdue- would’ve been nice to have been told instead of missing questions for class. It also logs me out and takes forever to load when coming back and missing questions do to that. When it does work, however, it’s great.

- Registered my remote and it still wants me to pay!!

In class, missed points because all of a sudden it wanted me to pay even though I registered my remote and there was no way around it!! 😭


If there was a 0 star, I would choose it. Waste of money and used for one tap attendance. Unneeded when you can easily take roll several other FREE WAYS. -10/10 do not recommend.

- Buggy

Can’t even get past creating a password

- A review

Extremely expensive compared to the original. I’d recommend most professors go back to the I clicker2 system.

- Waste of Money

This is a scheme intended to milk poor college students of what money they have. Given the existence of free apps like TopHat which do the same thing, there is no point to dropping so much money on an iClicker subscription. In fact, TopHat probably has better quality just because of iClicker’s occasional glitchiness. Although iClicker usually gets the job done, albeit sometimes with frustration, I was very annoyed that my professor had his students use this app. Alas, not my choice though. If you’re a student like me, you probably have no choice but to buy this app. If you’re a professor though, I beg you, please do not make your students waste money on this app. They’re already paying enough for college and TopHat will do a better job for you. If the developer reads this, please seriously consider reducing the price of this app or make it free. I would give the app 4 or 5 stars if that wish is granted.

- App crashes sometimes

Sometimes it crashes on me.

- Won’t let me sign into class

Repeated times, I have been unable to login to my class, losing points every class.

- Failure of location feature

The location feature was a good idea to keep absent students from marking themselves present...BUT, it does not work. The location tracker is frequently wrong-egregiously so, and won’t let me or my classmates sign in to class. This is a PAID app that is required for courses. Talk to your professor if they want you to use it-it will steak your points and give you much grief. The app is also slow. The developers need to fix their broken systems if they want anyone to pay for this hot mess.

- Junk app

Can never answer the first question my teacher posts because it takes forever to “join” in class, it will only let me in after I have already missed the first question. Piece of crap app, just buy the clicker

- Now notification when subscription is up

It’s an ok app but it doesn’t tell you your subscription is up until you try to answer polls in class which is too late.

- Advice

Please encourage teachers to use paper handouts instead of Iclicker... college students are broke

- Great but not free

Works great but I wish they'd told me upfront that I would have to pay $14 or $15 after a couple weeks

- Answers & time

Reef needs to not just show “your answer”, but it should show “correct answer” as well once the poll is over. This would help with studying. Reef needs to also show the count down timer so we know when a poll will be over. Sometime the question ends before getting the chance to respond simply because I didn’t know it was ending.

- Someone is reefing these benefits

... and its not those that have to purchase/use it. The app constantly logs me off and even when teacher posts a question I always have to reset app to have it appear. The cost does not, at all, match the services. The app is not worth it and i have had other professors use similar programs/apps that do the same thing for free.

- Quits out. VERY Annoying

I’ve missed a good amount of points because the app quits out on me during class. My professor isn’t very understanding. I’d recommend to be safe and buy the iClicker remote to avoid this.


Reef helps me be able to study questions I never would be able to. It’s amazing to use in class.

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iClicker Reef 5.8.1 Screenshots & Images

iClicker Reef iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

iClicker Reef iphone images
iClicker Reef iphone images
iClicker Reef iphone images
iClicker Reef iphone images
iClicker Reef iphone images
iClicker Reef Education application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
iClicker Reef Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
iClicker Reef Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

iClicker Reef (Version 5.8.1) Install & Download

The applications iClicker Reef was published in the category Education on 2014-07-31 and was developed by HPHLP [Developer ID: 395949292]. This application file size is 57.17 MB. iClicker Reef - Education posted on 2020-05-22 current version is 5.8.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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