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What is gems of war – match 3 rpg app? From the creators of Puzzle Quest comes the ultimate evolution of the Puzzle-RPG-Strategy mashup, Gems of War!

Immerse yourself in a world of adventure as you collect heroes from across the realm and battle foes with the power of the puzzle board. Unlock new realms with kingdoms to conquer and hundreds of troops to collect.Join the war and start your journey to becoming a puzzle legend today!


Match-3 Puzzles - Dive into this fun, easy to play puzzle game where you match gems for crazy combos

Build Your Team of Heroes - Collect over 300 troops and unlock spells to attack your enemies

Play Endless Mini Games - Enjoy different modes of play with a robust catalog of side activities and mini games

Conquer New Realms - Unlock the Krystara & Underworld maps with over 30 Kingdoms and 350 Quests to complete

Complete Weekly Events - Join live events and complete endless puzzle missions

Collect Daily Bonuses - Login daily to collect free bonus rewards

Play With Friends - Battle in asynchronous PvP and rise up the global ranks

Fans Have Spoken – reviews from real players:

“This game is Awesome! Challenging and entertaining. Not just some gem or gummy game. Terrific find!”

“This is like the version of Puzzle Quest I never knew I wanted. Oodles of quests, challenges, guild activities, cool monsters, arena fights, ranked fights, and man I could just play that treasure mini game all day.”

“This is gems and fee to play done right. You don't need to spend money but if you can, you will. It won't make you overpowered, but you will have fun with it. The game play is great and varied. There are tons of different options.”

“Different than other match 3 games, very fun and addicting. Keeps me entertained for hours.”

“This game is FANTASTIC! I was a huge fan of the original game
"Puzzle Quest" and this game is created by the same people. The other "Puzzle Quest" sequels have been disappointments and I haven't enjoyed them. This game however, has the same great game play.”

“It's refreshing to see a game without timers or stamina. I can play this game for hours without needing to wait.”

“This helped cure me of candy crush.”

“Over the years, many games have come and gone on my phone. But this one is always there. Free. No ads. No limited-play "lives" (think Candy Crush). No real downside. Your standard colored-gem matching game with a wonderfully nerdy twist!”

“My wife almost leave me because of this game, and it happened twice. Nuff said."

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Gems of War – Match 3 RPG Version 6.209 March 2022

Uncover a new path to adventure as you seek out the Secret Hoard in Gems of War's first major update of 2022! Start your journey today! What's New The Adventurer's Path We're introducing a new feature to help new and early players start their journeys. As new adventurers level up along the path, they'll uncover new modes gradually and earn valuable rewards to assist their progress. New Hero Pass Get more rewards for completing the Adventure's Path! As more game modes are unlocked, you'll receive additional rewards. Existing players can also purchase the pass for instant rewards based on their progress. New Quest Type: World Quests Discover more about Gems of War's world and heroes through World Quests! These quests will introduce new game modes and features to early players. Expect more additions to this new system in the future. Mimics Invade Explore Mode We've added more surprises to exploration, as mimics now have a chance to show up and replace the boss chest. Defeat the mimic for greater rewards and find the Hoard Mimic to uncover true riches! Additional optimizations and bug fixes round out this update. For more info, questions, or support, please visit us on the forums at

Gems of War – Match 3 RPG Version 6.1.112 January 2022

The Dark Smith’s Curse has been unleashed in Gems of War! Discover the true potential of the Soul Forge with the power of cursed runes to unlock new and powerful recipes. What’s New The Soul Forge Unleashed We’re overhauling the Soul Forge to include all-new recipes, ten additional levels, and even more improvements. Upgrade your forge with the power of cursed runes and start crafting new tools of conquest today! New Encounter: Cursed Gnomes The Dark Smith’s Curse has introduced cursed gnomes into the battlefield. Defeat them to earn valuable cursed runes! New Heroic Gem: Cursed Gem We’ve added a new heroic gem that emits cursed energy. Match it with Brown Gems to curse an enemy and turn the tide of battle. Introducing the Shrine of Treachery A new shrine has been discovered in Krystara! Fill the shrine with souls awarded in battles to unlock a limited-time offer for extra souls and troop resources. Additional optimizations and bug fixes round out this update. For more info, questions, or support, please visit us on the forums at

Gems of War – Match 3 RPG Version 6.003 November 2021

SUMMONING ALL HEROES, NEW AND OLD, TO DIVE INTO THE RIFT WITH OUR BIGGEST UPDATE OF THE YEAR! A rift portal is beginning to open in Krystara. With it comes a host of new content – including a brand-new kingdom to explore! WHAT’S NEW The Kingdom Pass System We’re introducing a brand-new system to earn free rewards by playing fresh content! Collect crowns from multiple game modes to progress through the Kingdom Pass and earn exclusive seasonal content from each new kingdom release moving forward. Discover a New Kingdom We’re introducing a brand-new kingdom in the coming weeks with the launch of the Kingdom Pass. Discover an all-new storyline, as well as new troops, weapons, and more as original content rolls out each week! New Event: Journeys Travel together with your guild to the new kingdom with a brand-new guild event. Win battles with specific color-based and troop-type teams to travel miles and earn valuable rewards! New Royal Kingdom Pass Earn more rewards from each Kingdom Pass with the new Royal Kingdom Pass! Unlock additional rewards with extra crowns even after completing the Kingdom Pass royal track. Additional optimizations and bug fixes round out this update. For more info, questions, or support, please visit us on the forums at

Gems of War – Match 3 RPG Comments & Reviews 2022

- Hours and Hours of Candy

Never thought I’d get hooked on a mobile game. I’ve played Match3 before but nothing like this. It’s action/RPG/arcade and and a fiery challenge. Just make sure to raise the difficulty if you’re bored with progress, and do that regardless because PVP is a monster. Loot boxes seem ... generous, but business is business and I don’t see the extent of the wall yet. Just gotta put in time to get some of the better cards and PVP will show you exactly what they can do. The rank listings clearly show where you stand so, like any fight, if you get whooped by the biggest guys, it was your choice to take ‘em on. It all seems fair to me. There are some freezing issues + bugs here and there, but nothing game ending. This program does guzzle battery juice so be careful taking your addiction on the go. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for something worth the extra taps on a touchscreen.

- No more upgrades please

Every time they do upgrades it messes everything up. I have been playing this game, believe it or not, for about 2 years. When I first started playing it was about earning trophies and upgrading troops. Now they have so many games and guild activities it’s kind of confusing. They also make it very hard to earn specific items to upgrade your troops. People that have started months ago have better and more troops than I do. Also I must have spent about $100 on this game. I should be a VIP member where I can do anything. But I am only at VIP 4 and Cannot excess the VIP chests. Playing kingdoms at the hardest level should give us the highest talismans not the lowest. And to craft better troops and weapons you have to use 100,000 souls which is impossible to get unless you spend more money. So don’t waste your money on this game because it won’t help you. It is fun to play and I’ve made a lot of friends. Even though they are from different states and countries we have become close and that makes it interesting But all the upgrades and games that they added really slows the game down and causes a lot of problems so I have to keep rebooting the game. They make it more about you spending money to upgrade your troops. If I didn’t become friends with my Guild I would have deleted the game a long time ago.

- Extremely fun and addicting match-3

This is my favorite match-3 game I’ve ever played. Well done to the creators. The one thing I ask for now is that they create the option to make it available in portrait mode. Also, it has some stability issues in that it tends to crash when opening. UPDATE: so I’m level 405 now, and I’m having an insanely hard time getting arcane traitstones. I get celestial more often, surprisingly. So I would really love it if some balancing fixes happened, as I’m getting extremely tired of farming. I can farm one Explore mode for 2 days straight and not find ONE arcane traitstone. Also, why can’t I connect my progress to the PS4? I would love to play on there, but I’m not about to completely start over. ANOTHER UPDATE: I’m level 730 now, and I STILL have not uncovered a mythic troop. This is extremely discouraging, especially since I’ve spent actual money on this game in the attempt to get mythic troops. I’ve opened countless chests. It’s getting old. I’ve been playing this game for many many months. I’m certainly not spending another dime. The game is still fun, and I especially like the addition of the daily quests, so I’m not changing the rating. But if I make it to 1000 without a mythic troop, I will stop playing. This is just ridiculous.

- GoW

I’m going to start out and tell you this game is fun and very addicting to play, which is why I give it 3 out of 5 stars. There only downfall is the TEAM (guild play). It is important to be on a guild to help you through the process of resources in this game. With that being said all resources are done weekly and they reset every week. Now what’s odd with this they have trophies that your guild can accumulate every week and they are pretty useless as your guild gets nothing for these trophies, except your overall rank in guild. I’m ok with this process, but they never reset the trophies like everything else so that teams that have been playing longer than new teams you will never ever catch them. It’s the only thing that measures your guild and you can never know how really good your team can be each week because your trophies never reset. So new guilds can never get excited about their status. Plus in GW’s if your a new guild and really good, you can’t climb the brackets. Your always stuck in the back with guilds who don’t even play or have one member. The sad thing is I’ve been playing a year now and it has been brought up in forums and brought up to the developers of game and they never comment about it, or fix it. It’s like they don’t care.

- This game is going downhill fast.

First of all with this last update I have never seen so many new players quit the game after just a few days. You are locked into a boring group of kingdom stories and have to finish them all before you can unlock the soul forge which could have been really helpful at the beginning. My niece started the game, joined my clan and we helped in every way we could and even when she hit level 100 still didn’t have a decent team to do much with and she was only halfway through the mandatory boring kingdom stories. She quit of course and is now playing Puzzles and Dragons and having a blast. This game has terrible loot chest drops, cheating AI, and with each update it goes more towards pay to win. New players don’t have a chance. People who have played from the beginning have weapons and creatures that are much harder to get now. So do yourself a favor and play a different game. This one will just make you angry. Oh also pay attention to dev responses especially the stupid one that says they tested the AI and it DOESNT cheat then they go on to say in fact IT CHEATS for the player which it does not. So they say it doesn’t cheat then admits it does. If it did cheat for the player there wouldn’t be so many AI cheating complaints. They must think we are stupid. Do not support them!

- Too much variety

GoW, at its core, is a fun game. The number of team building options are fantastic, and the guild system does a great job rewarding those who’ve worked together within the game for a long time. The recent changes are obvious attempts at monetization that have diluted that system, though. The pets are pointless. Guild Wars are still a ton of fun, but the Raid Boss and Invasion events are dull grindfests that lack variety and encourage gem spending to progress beyond a certain plateau. That plateau comes a lot sooner if you don’t have top-tier troops for that week’s event, a more likely outcome now that the drop rates for Mythics have plummeted (except in VIP chests, I’d guess). Let guilds choose which events they want to do—if a guild wants to only play Guild Wars every week, let them do that. You can incentivize variety by allowing guilds that play the three different events type to gain more rewards, but those of us who would gladly sacrifice rewards to have more fun should be able to do so. As it is, I find myself virtually ignoring the game two out of three weeks, and I doubt that’s the outcome the devs want for dedicated players.

- Best match game period!

I have been playing this game off and on for the last two years. I love that you can sync your game between mobile and PC. They have made a lot of changes recently and there are tons of game modes and guild activities, but players are able to participate at their own pace. If you want to play for free and just do the activities you want, cool. If you want to spend money every month and compete for the leaderboards, that’s cool too. Sure, people that do the later have some better troops and more rewards, but that’s the incentive you play for. This doesn’t keep less competitive players from playing the game or having fun. There is always something new to unlock and new troops to play for, the combinations are endless. Download, play and enjoy. If you find that you love the game I suggest getting involved in an active Guild community and watch Tacet’s videos.

- Favorite match-3 rpg

It all started one Saturday morning. I was looking for good games on the AppStore when I stumbled upon this game. (Wish I could use the name but I can’t cuz of copyright) so I decided to download it. At first I thought it was fun. But not super fun. As I continued to play the game I got more overpowered troops that mad me win so many battles! I just could not think of a better match 3 rpg game. I have played for days and days and days and days and then... I got my first mythic troop. I was so happy I fell of my couch. Then... I got like 4 legendaries from one chest! I always get so exited to see what I get from the chests. I get legendary troops most of the time. And I’m ok with that but I really want a new mythic troop. I just found out that a troop level cap is 20. So yeah... so now I’m playing this game like 24/7. Not really. But this is a really great game and I hope many more updates come in the future!!!

- Cross platform compatibility please!

I place this game on my Xbox one, but want to continue playing while I am on the go. I downloaded this game with the hopes of this, but realized I must start over. Please make it possible for cross platform compatibility! I, and I'm sure many other people, would take complete advantage of this. From one programmer to another, I'd suggest having a lock on the accounts that made it possible to only be signed into console or phone at a time. Keep the GUI for the phone and console different and more easily used for separate devices. Have the actions be stored on a server like the Xbox one does, that way they will be up to date when switching devices. Please do this and make an announcement on each device if/when you do so that people may take advantage of this new ability! Thanks, Lonnie G.

- Terrific game, a little buggy, but constantly evolving

I’ve never played a game that was a living thing like this one. The developer is always playing with the look and side quests such that the game always feels fresh despite having a basic mechanic to it. I like that it is turn based so I can put it down instantly when I need to chase my kids or address something else in my busy life. I love that the PVP area is all teams designed by various players, but that team is run by the computer so I don’t have to wait on someone to take their turn. I like that I can play completely free- money just makes game easier or faster rather than possible. The game only got four stars from me because it is buggy. I usually have to load it at least twice and there are periodic holes in things. This week I can’t get into the events menu at all.

- A humane free-to-play puzzle RPG

I’ve been playing this for a few weeks now and it’s pretty fun, it’s like a mash-up of Bejeweled and Magic: the Gathering. A couple years ago I played a similar game (Legendary: Game of Heroes) that would stop you from playing unless you waited for an hours-long timer or spend money to reset it. Gems of War just lets you keep playing, and there’s a bunch of different modes to mix things up. I can’t speak for the guild wars/PvP stuff yet, but you can play the “campaign” mode and a bunch of others without spending any real money and actually enjoy the game and collecting all the doo-dads. It’s the kind of free to play game where you’ll actually want to spend money just to reward the developers for a job well done, and that’s why I described this game as humane. I highly recommend this.

- Still love this game!

I’m still a fan of this game but please evaluate the rewards for legendary tasks, raids, arena and treasure gnome. If it stays the same then this game is not going to maintain its dedicated player base. If you just want money then let us buy growth packs monthly rather than 1 time only. There’s so much that can be improved to the mini-games in the game (arena, treasure hunt) like achievements, challenges for higher rewards, etc... Yes, the last update has some bugs with it and some users may experience difficulty with older devices but the update shows how the game will be sustainable for longer gameplay! I invested in a newer iPad and life is so much better- not only for this game but the others I play. My iPhone... not so great but I still love playing the game!

- Lots of content - paywalls can be overcome

The gameplay is fun for the most part aside from whatever game breaking mythic or card combo that makes PvP unplayable. The best news being that PvP does not lock any content rewards so you can play a good portion of the game without it. The mythic/legendary/whatever drop rate is abysmal but join a good guild and you’ll get something worth working with more sooner than later. Most important is synergy between your cards and it will take a while to gather a decent team but when you do you’ll be able to clear endgame content - even that will rely on luck on many an occasion. It’s fun - just minus 1 star for the obscene difficulty of Pet Rescue (without damage reduction ANY matched skulls WILL kill one of your team in the last 2 stages) and the inability to save your team in that mode (and Delve). Seriously though - good game.

- Super addictive and fun.

Great new content since last I played and the gameplay is still as fun as ever. Now there's even more troop types and combinations to experiment with. This game will keep you up into the wee hours. The game is not pushy about buying things and you can have a very enjoyable experience without paying a dime. You can purchase upgrades that help speed up development but they aren't necessary to be competitive at the low and medium levels. Also as a suggestion to the devs: maybe consider allowing a user to stay in the challenges menu after completing a challenge level. It's rather annoying to have to re-enter the menu each time if you're trying to knock out all 35 kingdom challenges in a row.

- Great free game!

Looking for a great Free to play puzzle game with some depth, this one is for you! The game is great with a few irritable things like offering high priced content every time you log in and some frustrating encounters. However! The encounters are triumphed with some thought behind your team. Story is passable as light entertainment. No need to buy anything to succeed in this game thus far. PVP is not real time but rather you face enemies constructed teams with your own and is very rewarding. There is no energy limit like other free to play puzzle games, so feel free to stay a while, provided you have a good internet connection. All around great game and I may put some money into it to help it stay going strong. Oh also there are NO ADS! =D

- Outstanding Match 3 RPG

This match system challenges you to plan your moves on multiple levels. Abilities and damage actions usually end your turn, while matching 4+ mana or using utility abilities can extend your turn. Like PQ, you need to avoid giving your opponent the colors they need, while still making your own headway. Could easily be a perfect 5. There are some small complaints though. The UI is functional but unattractive. At times, it can be hard to understand what abilities due just by reading the description. And while the art in the game is serviceable, it pales in comparison to other hero collecting/Gacha games. But honestly those few issues do not take away from the core gameplay which is the reason you should play this game. Excellent strategy match-3.

- Connect console and mobile pleeeease!!!

I love the game! It’s a ton of fun and I have really enjoyed playing on PS4 with my wife. If I could make any suggestions, I would say connecting console and mobile account would definitely encourage me to spend money on the game. Unfortunately I’ve made all of my progress on console and don’t see myself playing it there enough to justify the money. Second suggestion would be to edit prices at the shop, pretty much nothing in the shop is really worth the cost and I think pretty much everyone agrees that the shop is desperation land. It’s not cool to make money off of people’s desperation. Other than those two things, I love it so much! Keep up the great work 🙂

- Best match game I’ve ever played

I was looking for something to replace my existing match 3 game when I found this, and it far outclasses any of the many other ones I have ever played. It is so much fun & addictive, the cards add another layer of gameplay that is so functional & enjoyable, and I love the RPG type elements of this game. I also love the mini games like treasure hunting. You can actually earn gems & rewards instead of only being able to buy them, which actually makes me more inclined to spend money since it is an actual choice instead of forced to enjoy the game. Lastly there is a great community of players if you ever have questions or need help. 5 out of 5!

- Gems of war

Good game but as you get to higher levels, the computer will sometimes get really powerful and you cannot pass a level for quite a while until you do other battles in PVP and elsewhere. My guys will be 4 armor 9 health and the computer will be 25 armor and 23 health. How do you beat that. They will also get 6-8 really good drops in a row and be able to attack me with 2-3 guys and sometimes the same guy mana’s back up and gets to attack me again in the same turn. It’s a bunch of bull at times. I still enjoy the game as I do other battles for a while. The developers need to make the matches a little more fair when you are above level 20.


I love your game a lot. It keeps me coming back and I even got my girlfriend to play with me and she loves it. I have but one thing I dislike and I hope you fix it. PLEASE CHANGE THE LOCATION OF THE CLOSE OUT BAR, please. There is dead space to the right and the left of the screen when you play yet you put it at the bottom of the screen. It’s just a quality of life request cause me and my girlfriend find we constantly back out the game because the close out bar is in direct line with the bottom row of gems. Other than that you all have made a great game and should be very pleased in such. Continue the great work everyone!

- Pretty good

I been playing this game for awhile and so far nothing matches it when it comes to a match 3 battle game !!! Has great in depth characters lots of possibilities of great teams to play but it lacks the number one thing to propel this game and its live pvp !! The lack of real player battle diminishes the whole point of all strategies cuz I normally just stick with one because there’s no need to switch without a competitive outlet to battle !! I would love to see other players and thier strategies and battle it out to see who’s team is best like hearthstone. This has lots of potential for a great online live pvp game but lacks it which I don’t understand why it wasn’t implemented a long time ago but overall good game !!

- Best free to play matching game ever

This is hands down the best free 2 play matching game I’ve ever downloaded. You could play all day everyday if you wanted to no lame recharge mechanic. You can play more content by playing instead of paying. The one caveat is there is a huge RPG element that is a little complicated but if you take time to look up how team building works, not bad. Currency in game is for either getting more troops/loot or upgrading current troops and game is very generous with giving these out. I’m at the point where if I keep playing I’m going to put money into it just as a thank you to developers instead of a forced purchase.

- Terrible gatcha system, fun gameplay

I’ve been playing for years and can tell you the gatcha system is horrifically hopeless and feels terrible But I’m not a gatcha game player really so I don’t mind that. I enjoy the gameplay as it’s not just a cashin f2p match3 like other puzzle games on the market - especially the treasure hunt mode which I could do for hours. It suffers from having been around a long time in two ways: 1. Bloat from a billion content adds that mean there’s way too many modes and buffs and menus and junk to sort out and take care of 2. There’s like two limited time weapons that you can’t exactly get anymore that are really better than anything available. They have this cool idea in the forge system but the enormity of the mats you need to use it is so absurd there’s no way a free player (even one who has played for years like me) could ever hope to really forge heroes worth forging from it. I mean. I’d really love to have a true puzzlequest game again and not all the f2p garbage but that seems like a thing of the past, so this is the next best thing for me.

- Playing almost 3 yrs

I love this game .I’m now lvl 1030. For all those complaining about money hungry game, that’s a lie! You don’t have to spend real money on anything and still get resources and troops. Join a guild, they help a lot to get resources and money to upgrade troops. There are multiple events to gain resources and other troops. The developers are super helpful and they listen and make changes for upcoming updates. This game is never ending and fun. If you ever get stuck join the forum which you can access from the game. It took me almost a year of playing to fully understand the game but that’s cause I was doing it blindly. Enjoy everyone 😊

- Deep, fantastic puzzle-rpg

On the surface this is a match-3 game, but underneath is a deep RPG/strategy game. You collect and level up troops to build teams, then combat is based on match-3 gameplay. It's surprising how deep it is! Highly recommend! Final Update, Feb 2018: I've decided to stop playing with the most recent update but it's still a great game. It tends to be very buggy, I wish they'd never changed the UI, and the recent updates haven't been my cup of tea; however, it's still the best F2P match-3/rpg on the market. It's way more generous than any other game out there, and it doesn't feel like others that are engineered to drain your wallet.

- Disappointed

When I started playing this game at the beginning it was my favorite game. Now for the most part it seems that the game is just a money grab. the over complexity of the game is ridiculous. Virgin players can spend money and easily crush me in pvp with characters and weapons that i don't have although i personally have been playing for years. I WORK FOR A LIVING, so if i start to try and play for one of the new PETS the short time level runs out before i have a chance to win it. RIDICULOUS. When there is a new quest I enjoy that but the game quickly becomes mundane and annoying after that is done. Your game is like cigarettes, as distasteful as it has become overall it is addictive enough that I still keep playing as a time killer. dissapointed.

- Gems of War, the match 3 ,ccg, rpg with a multiplayer feel

Imagine a two player match 3 game with a turn based strategy element, where two player face each other taking turns matching gems against each other’s team of cards ,matching skulls to deal damage to the team leader or matching gems of your color to gain enough mana to cast a spell that can do all sorts of different things , boosting skills or damaging one or more of opponents cards or summoning a countless assortment of cards to join in on your side, trust me it’s fun but also the most addictive game ever with one exception and that would be “Castle Crush.

- This game is awesome, still a few glitches though

UPDATE: I rated this game horribly after an update some time back but came back to fix my rating because this game is amazing and the developers listen to their audience unlike any game I have ever played. New features and artwork all the time, tons of goals to achieve and it’s nice to work with your guild members to accomplish great things! If you like match 3 games with an RPG trading card twist, download Gems of War, you won’t be disappointed! Previous review: I have played this game for over a year and has become my favorite thing to play, until today when your new UI was updated :( You literally can’t see the screens well and everything feels unfinished. Loads of glitches and things not working the same. Battles are hard to complete now because the graphics are confusing and have become crowded and unappealing. Please revert back to the old UI so I can update my rating to a 5 Star please!

- Fun game, ignorant devs

I’ve waited 9 months to review this game. I am currently vip lvl 11, which means I have spent quite a bit of money on this game. The first thing I would like to mention is the devs do not fix existing issues, they prefer to release new unwanted content for people to chase. Issues with the AI matching 3 and getting extra turns, player matching gems and getting no mana ( with no status effects, no - banner, the match happens you see the animation float over to the troop, but you do not get the mana.) this week was a new release mythic. I spent 600 gem keys, 2300 glory keys, and 1500 guild keys @ the highest tier and got nothing more than an epic. Additionally they will be updating to 4.7, this will in effect eliminate legendary tasks for 95% of players, hundreds if not thousands of players have told the devs they do not want this, we are ignored. Their “compromise” was an additional 40 glory keys. In closing, the devs are ignorant to players wants, they pretend to care using puppets like Salty and Kafka, who tow the company line and try to get people to believe that your leg is wet because it is raining, not because they are peeing on you. New players? Forget it. Save yourself the BS, don’t install this game.

- A well-balanced game

It combines the best features of card and tile-puzzle games with a concise, interesting narrative. Indeed, I have been intrigued to discover what turn the story will take. I am only at level 50, but so far the battles have been exciting without being impossibly difficult. The art is excellent and each card has a sufficiently different effect so that editing one’s deck (or in the terminology of the game, “troops”) is amusing. Since I have been playing for free, I cannot comment on the paid options, but I have acquired a large collection of attractive cards from the free chests.

- Phenomenal game+support

I downloaded Gems of War again after being away for quite awhile and when i tried to log back in my account i couldn't log back in. I ended up just starting over and fell in love with the game again while waiting for support to help with my lost account. I was helped by support member Kafka and I'm glad to hear he/she was able to locate my lost account and is helping me get back to it. Any other game i know from experience wouldn't even try as hard as they did. I applaud yall for taking time and effort in helping out.

- Good game bad AI and the worst tutorial of all time

The game once it starts going is a good match three game. The major failures are an atrocious suggestion engine which frequently suggests the worst possible move typically one that sets up your opponent for a good move, and the worst tutorial I have played. First all tutorials should be able to be turned off or skipped and secondly the “teacher” interrupts game play at very odd moments which ruins the flow. If you have liked Puzzle Quest you will like this game. Overall its shortcomings do not manage to weight it down overly.

- Linking account is buggy and you lose everything!!

So I thought this was a fun game. I spend 2-3 days and also bought plenty of stuff to speed things up a bit. But when I wanted to make sure I could play this on my iPhone as well, I got into their account linking “hell”. When I tried to use a different email address, I again never got an email to set up my password, but worse: next time I started the game, it started completely new. Trying to log a problem on their website and they force you to look at all other problems and you can’t even log anything new easily. I’m sure this was not intentional, but I do feel scammed out of $75 or so. I would NOT spend any of your money on this game as you will likely lose it

- A bit overwhelming at times but fun

This is the only time i would ever complain that a game gives too much free stuff. I am so overwhelmed by the variety of troops I’ve received that i dont even look at half of them. Still five stars cause it’s cool of the devs to do so. Variety of modes is also hard to get through at times but i suppose is helpful if you are bored. I also wish you could access higher levels of difficulties earlier since i find it too easy at times using broken builds with all my legendary troops.

- Hours of fun

I am a match 3 game fan. This game has so many events going on daily that it provides hours of entertainment. How many nights have I missed sleep to play. I have only been playing for about a week. Initially, it was difficult to understand the level up system and gameplay of the multiple opponents and team members. Just play! You will get the hang of it. You do not need to spend money on this game to have fun. The music and story are engaging. I have not yet explored the PVP or joined a guild; however, I plan to soon. Great game.

- Surprisingly solid

I’ve only been playing for a few days, but I’m impressed. The biggest thing to know is that this is a F2P that doesn’t limit your play with energy/lives/anything. Pick a quest or PvP or whatever and play as many games as you want. There are a handful of “mini games” that require various tokens to access, but at a certain point you get a character that can farm those. If you’re looking for a solid match-3 with collectibles and customization, this is your game.

- Ever-growing, but with some emerging concerns

I’ve been playing on-and-off, across multiple platforms, with several fresh starts included over the course of the last five years. I can still pick up the game and have fun with it for a few hours out of any given week. It’s impressive how much the game has grown and how much more there is to do than there was in the infant years. It is somewhat disconcerting that the nagging for micro transactions has become more persistent, but then, good-with-bad, I doubt there’d be such a steady flow of new content without a decent stream of profit rolling in.

- Gems of War

Amazingly fun and addictive game. Love the fact that it is free to play and you can still be a viable player at the free level, but there is also the option to invest in the game to progress faster. Devs are always working on things to keep the game fun and fresh. And very much appreciated is the fact that when there IS a problem (which happens in any game, but seems rare here,) they are ON it.... no waiting and wondering if and when someone will take notice. Highly recommended enjoyable game.

- Lots of fun

I’m a huge Puzzle Quest fan (have all the games on multiple systems) so I was excited to find this game. TBH, I log in at night, do the daily challenges and maybe some quests in the kingdoms, and that’s about it. I have over 100 chest keys I haven’t used because I don’t really care about leveling up or any of that. There are tons of different modes I haven’t even explored and probably won’t unless I run out of quests or whatever. And I haven’t spent a penny. If you’re a casual puzzle fan, give it a try.


If you’ve exhausted yourself playing other games that were more focused on creating a ways to drain your wallet than creating ways to make a game fun, then you will be delighted with Gems of War. All the fun without breaking the bank. This is what gaming should be about. True creativity, building guild friendships, learning new strategies, unique skills instead of the copy, paste, repeat of other games...they have won me over. Come on over, bring a friend...better yet, do what I did...bring your guild! ❤️

- Awesome

I finally beat the last level of Sin of Maraj!! Woohooo! I play this everyday, several times a day. There’s sooo much to do...the PVP, the exploring, the chests, the quests, the daily adventure, all to advance and strengthen your troops. It’s a lot of strategy plus luck. I have no complaints about this game, and it gives me hours of fun! Getting new troops is fun and forging traitstones and all the other things you can forge is really cool. You can join a guild and get better rewards. This is way more than a “match 3” game. Kudos to the devs.

- This Game Cheats...

This game cheats and I mean SERIOUSLY cheats. It was fun for the first 8 battles against the CPU but then I started to notice the CPU getting MULTIPLE second and third turns in a row. Then I was realizing that not only was the CPU getting the multiple turns but it was getting the perfect colors to fall into play and multiple skulls so that it could keep attacking but everyone it was my turn, I had to work for what I wanted just to see the CPU take it and use it to get more multiple turns and so on......I’ll be moving in from this game. It cheats and doesn’t even do anything to hide it. It’s literally in your face cheating and the game just looked at you like “ha...did you see me cheat just now?!”

- The game is losing its appeal.

The recent campaign hurt the experience for me. Every event is designed for players who can play 2+ hours everyday, and the prizes at the lower levels are not good when the hero finally gets to a higher level. I have precious little free time, and I refuse to spend it all on this game which requires 20+ hours of playing per week or far too much money to get ahead. The World Events are tedious, Invasion and The Tower attack thing are a slog. Delves require hours and hours of game play for a 24 hour event, and even PVP has become a boring replay of the same six teams. Explore is repetitive, and even the gnomes are being set up to require even more tedious battles.

- Fun game!

It’s nice to get a chance to play a game that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to get anywhere... while this game does offer purchases, you can actually advance without buying much of anything, which is a welcome change in the mobile gaming world. It’s nice that it’s not a “run out of energy, so either buy more or play tomorrow” type game as well. Be careful, if you’re like me you could end up playing for hours and not even realizing it! It’s fun, challenging, and free. What could be better?

- Best free game in the App Store

New review Feb 22, 2018: Best free game in the App Store since the bug fixes rolled out. Original review follows: Since the recent UI overhaul, the game is very buggy. It's been a month with no fix yet. Blank cards load all the time and screens fail to load. Most of the game is still playable sans card pictures, but soul forge is impossible because you can't see what you're crafting or what your spending, and the dungeons to get crafting materials crash on every match.

- Used to be fun...

First of all, I love the mechanics of this game. It was my favorite game for a while, but the recent update has made it pretty much unplayable for me. I was progressing well before, but now I'm at a complete standstill, unable to beat any new levels because the enemy teams are so ridiculously strong. The AI balance has become atrocious. Enemies are super-strong, they get massive boosts, they get cascades of skulls & extra turns... It's just unbeatable, & I can't even upgrade my troops because I can't win any new levels to gain souls. I'm about ready to give up on GoW if they don't rebalance the AI to how it was before.

- PHATGROWER and my thoughts about G.O.W.

It’s a great game, I would like to see actual player vs. player,but if not then developers should add a new feature where you battle with the same 4 troops over and over and destroy as many enemy troops and your 4 troops continue on with same health and power ups and enemy damage and spells that have been cast on them until you have no troops left and be rewarded by amount of enemy troops destroyed,now that would be a awesome feature,much better than treasure hunt,not knocking treasure hunt,but a rally feature is definitely needed.0

- my favorite phone game, and it’s FREE

I’ve had so much fun playing this game every day for years. Excellent combination of gem matching and card battles. Developers are amazing at putting out new material almost weekly. PvP battles are matched against players of similar level so it’s never too late to join. You do Not need to spend a single penny to have tons of fun. Real money is only needed if you’re impatient, or if you want to support the developers. Highly Recommend!

- Challenging and Fun

I’ve enjoyed the game. You can adjust the difficulty, which makes the game more challenging and fun. It’s still a Match-3 game, but I feel I have to think more about what I’m doing, since my enemy is using the same board. The one weakness is in the AI. It always finds 4 and 5 square matches, but it is TERRIBLE at recognizing possible skull matches or anticipating when one of its moves is going to result in an opponents match...even when it’s game-ending. The guild system is stupid, as there is very little benefit and virtually no social interaction. The prices on possible purchases are ridiculous, so I’ve never bought anything and won’t. Lots and lots of things to do. Challenges, treasure hunts (one of my favorites) and the ability to field many different teams over time means it hasn’t become repetitive and boring. Give it a try!

- Still Finding It’s Feet

It’s a really good game and addictive, but it often gets caught between creating a great user experience and milking users for all that they can. You can totally play the game for free, however, so it’s not that damning. They are constantly experimenting with game modes, some of which are great and some of which should probably get axed, but it at least keeps the game interesting. Still lots of glitches and loading issues, but I truly enjoy playing with my friends in our guild.

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- Super fun tactical game! (Dec 2017)

Ignore the bad ratings, most of them are from 2 or 3 years ago. This game offers so much in the way of strategy and deck building, it kind of blends Hearthstone/Magic: The Gathering with the match-3 system of Puzzle Quest, and recently has emphasised player versus player which is tons of fun. Its freemium model is VERY low-pressure; I've never put a single dime into the game and I'm playing in the top tier! I strongly advise joining a guild though, as Guild bonuses are insanely good.

- I love it but this happened...

I always played this game with my dad I was in level 62 with 5 mythic and my favourite chimera about to be upgraded into mythic. Then one day it just...Deleted! I wish I could log in to my old account but you can't do that 😖😭please add a log in place 🤩 and I know there is a link but that is for if you have another device you want it on two devices. But please make it work even if the app was deleted! So we can log in again! That would make me and my Dad’s day 🤩 Thank you, Coco 🦄🤩

- Great on so many levels.

A match 3 game with heaps of depth. You can play casually or try to get every troop and build the best or most original teams. Artwork is fantastic, and the story lines brilliantly sassy. But the best part is the devs are hugely supportive of their community. New content all the time, weekly dev streams on Twitch, and quick, friendly responses to any problems, from a very small team. They’ll even help resurrect orphaned accounts.

- Best game ever!

Just started this last week, hit level 80 today :) enjoying this game immensely, it’s quite slow to progress and unlock everything which is amazing and means I have the perfect game that will last me for ages! Thanks!

- Addictive game, but difficult to progress without purchasing packages.

This is an addictive fun game. I have been playing for a while and it’s almost impossible to get good troops. In order to progress in this game you need to purchase packages and pay to get mythic troops that will help you progress through the levels. Very smart marketing, but I have abstained in handing over my hard earned, so am only an average participator.

- Amazing game with unbelievable longevity

Still playing this great game after a serious number of years. New game modes are frequently introduced which keeps the game fresh and engaging. It just keeps getting better.

- Completely addictive!

I have been playing this game for many months, and it is still varied and interesting enough to keep me entertained every day. Highly recommend!

- Exceptionally Addictive

Have burned hours of otherwise productive time on this game. Great art, addictive gameplay and gameplay elements are at once complex and yet easy to manage. Highly recommend!

- No problems yet 👈🏻👆🏻👉🏻

I love the the game and all but I am worried might happen to my account like the first guy who did a review and buddy if you’re listening I feel your your pain

- Fraction of war

Great game but new update with the new fraction of war would remove part of my troops! So I’ll be playing the section of that game with 2-3 troops only! Fix it please

- Well designed tactical match 3 game

This game has been around for years. They keep making new content and improving the game. It can be pretty addictive and you can have a lot of fun without ever shelling out money. Designing teams is also a lot of fun. However, they insert in app purchases in several places. It’s not just one store. And the prices seem ridiculous. They also have several currencies and resources designed to make leveling up impossible. It’s a shame because I’d love to throw them a few bucks. But it’s just not worth it.

- Poor support

The game itself is brilliant but randomly it deleted my account. When trying to reset the links they send are all broken and when logging support they say min 12 business days wait time. All I can say is if they can’t maintain the game basics for customer support maybe consider holding back on spending even a small amount of money on the game...

- So much more than just matching gems!

There are so many parts to this game and more than enough variety to keep me interested. Great fun and a real sense of progression.

- Addictive game and keeps you thinking

Great game on all levels with engaging game play that gets you hooked and keeps you wanting more :)

- Playing game

I’ve been playing this game for at least 5 years. Just downloaded it onto iPad. I love it.

- Love the game. Only wish it had a optional choice while questing.

Old puzzle quest was fantastic. Wish this game had a better story line where I felt like I was making the story.

- Fun, addictive and thoughtful

If you enjoyed Puzzle Quest or any Match-3’s, this is all of them turned up to eleven. Think the jump from Diablo to Diablo II

- Genuinely Fun Game

Whether playing casually or going hardcore, this game is an excellent mix of gem matching and card battles. The troops are interesting and unique and fun to make strategies with

- Addictive

It’s better on PS, but still a good game & time waster

- Fun game

I've enjoyed this game heaps. It's a nice wrinkle on match 3 style games. Unfortunately, the latest update has broken the game for me. I can't complain as the game is free.

- Constant downloading

I like this game but it’s stupid that you have to download 5Mb every time you open the game and then more little bits near constantly. There doesn’t appear to be any way to just download the entire game and then play it. If this is an anti-piracy measure it’s just annoying

- Great!

I'm loving this great quality puzzle RPG

- Good fun game although purchases are way to expensive

Make it cheaper please

- Awful, Awful redesign!

Used to be a very fun game. Recent set of redesigns made it cumbersome, ugly and hard to play. Thanks for spoiling a good thing.

- Goldenfox

Awesome game. Match gems to defeat your opponents.

- No real time PVP

Don't be fooled, the PVP feature mentioned in description actually works like u play with a dummy enemy who has the same deck as ur opponent but controlled by AI.

- Thankyou

This was really good

- Awesome

Brilliant game

- Great


- Narmolson


- Great game with longevity

It's rare to come across a free-to-play game that doesn't constantly shove its IAPs into your face, doesn't turn into a grind or doesn't hamper your progress with timers, lives and other means of enticing you to spend money. Gems of War was made by the creators of Puzzle Quest and is a Match-3 game in a similar vein. You can follow different single-player questlines or engage in ranked PvP battles, play a stack of mini games and otherwise spend a lot of time with this game. Even without spending a cent, the game constantly gives you success moments and a real sense of progression. I've been playing for several weeks now and am still enjoying it, without having spent a cent or feeling the need to. If you're into Match 3 games, this is a no-brainer.

- Good game with some flaws

First off let me say I this game is fun and I recommend anyone that enjoys RPGs, fantasy, and gem matching games to download and play it. However I it has its flaws particularly around match making and user feedback. Long story short, as a level 6 I tried the "invade" option and was matched against someone far higher than me. I didn't check the level of my opponent before blindly continuing on because in every game I've played I have safely assumed the games match making would pit me against someone similar in experience. So I lost 500+ gold in my second hour of playing. So just be careful of invading if you're new. Devs: please make it more obvious to new players that they might be matched against higher level opponents when invading. Since then I have clicked into invade again and I was matched against a level 48 when I am level 8. I see you provide a chance to skip but as someone trying things out I didn't realise I needed to be so careful - an expensive mistake. It's the only thing keeping my rating down.

- Gold system fixed 😄

So much better now that it doesn't cost to do battles that made no sense. The game is fun now I know anything I do I'm moving forward and getting somewhere. If you're a noob to this game it feels like it's hard to save up enough resources to upgrade troops just keep at it and you'll find all of a sudden heaps of your troops can be upgraded and ascended then things really get going. Also one good combo of lvl 5 troops can beat more upgraded enemy's. Guilds are really important make sure you join one

- Won't be as good as Puzzle Quest

I say won't be, because while it starts off as a reasonable RPG, it doesn't have the same impact as PQ. The F2P is nice, but the system is lacking. You can't buy troops, you have to painfully trudge through expensive quests (why do games insist on you the player having to pay gold to do a quest?!) and then you are stuck with some pretty cruddy ones. Options to upgrade are nice, but it's a random +1 stat. Invading and defending is fine, though invading is best left until you have decent troops. The game seems to want you to make IAP because the gameplay is so slow to get anywhere. The online component makes my game run slow as I have to constantly wait for connections to the servers and I don't want to have this slow me down too.

- Great game.

I rage quit this game early on, but gave it a second chance. I'm glad I did. It's a solid match 3 title with a good variety of units to customise your team. Some might find the currency frustrating and restrictive, but if you just play a few matches a day there's plenty left to buy iron keys fir more troops. Other reviews are saying the game crashes. I have not experienced a crash yet on my iPad Air.

- Every new update brings in more crashes

I love the game so much and putting in lots of hours but its seriously annoying when keep crashing when starting a match!!! Please resolve this soon! Its making me afraid to invade players as it keeps crashing 80% of the time now and im just keep getting minus trophies and money! [I know you implement it to take away money and count as lost if leave game as soon as game start so people wont quit if they losing or get bad board from start, but perhaps make the money off as soon as it enters the game screen instead of during loading screen? Because it ALWAYS crashes during loading screen! ] Will give more stars when crashes decreases!

- Ruined by freemium

DougQuiad is right. Whilst the concept here is a nice evolution on Puzzle Quest, it's been almost completely ruined by becoming a freemium game. Every battle costs a large amount of coins, coin regeneration is incredibly slow and you just can't shake the feeling that the AI is cheating (ramping up the difficulty as described elsewhere and conveniently getting incredibly favourable gem draws on the board far too often to ascribed to random chance) in order to "encourage" you to spend on coins. I'll keep an eye on it in case the balance is adjusted but in the meantime, the original Puzzle Quest is far more fun.

- Latest update is a letdown

This a great game that's heaps of fun and offers lots of incentives to keep playing... Unfortunately the latest update has the app crashing quite a lot & the performance is just a lot slower. If the arena bugs out at troop select there's just no way to get past it... Not to mention the game just randomly crashing when trying to open a menu. Whilst I'm not a fan of the new team display system, I could deal with that if the game itself still played as reliably as it used to.

- Awesome game

If you are looking for a super addictive game with a challenging difficulty, this is the game for you. I read the reviews that said that this game cheats, that is not the case. The computer has a chance to counter attack, so when you do your moves you have to THINK about not giving an advantage to the program because it'll destroy you .addictive as hell tough as nails

- Best Match-3 game on the market!

Played this at PAX, downloaded it the minute I left the stand. Absolutely brilliant. It's easy to get into, you can play a quick game here and there. Tech support team are brilliant when it comes to helping out with a bug Haven't been able to put it down!!

- Excessively pay to win

Unless you're willing to pay, you're never going to reach the same playing field as the payers who do pay. It's not just a couple of dollars you're required to pay either, but rather $40-80 a pop... And no just once either. The game does provide you in-game resources required to advance, but it is at a ridiculously slow pace as to make it almost impossible to advance without forking over the cash. The developers should be ashamed of the,selves for their incredible greed. Avoid this game - avoid.

- Tried at PAX

Great premise; I'm enjoying it a lot. However, I feel there is explanation lacking in how to get more coins when you're low (if the explanation was in the tutorial, I've missed it completely). Do you just wait for it to refill? I can't battle anything while I'm stuck at 49 coins, haha... Also, that dragon boss in the first quest is OP as hell. Not sure how long it's going to take to defeat it D;

- Great Puzzle/Strategy/Match 3 Game

I love this game, it's unlike any match 3 game I've ever played before. Incorporating a storyline into a Match 3 game that includes action and brawls is great! Got this game both on my computer (on Steam) and on my iPhone. Love this game, definitely recommend it

- Not happy please fix!

This is a great game, however since the latest update I am constantly getting connection error messages and script error messages. I just tried to open a gem chest when I get a script error message. I logged back on and the key is gone and I don't have my reward! Definitely not happy with the constant error messages as its frustrating and I don't want to play anymore. Please fix!

- Get more stars for fixing your huge mistakes!

You guys did a huge update recently which has ruined the game if the screen times out, I can even use the bathroom mid match as the screen will time out and all progress is lost, just last night the screen timed out for a split second and I lost my progress in gem wars, not cool guys! Please fix asap as it has made me not want to play the game I love anymore!

- Interesting concept needs refining

Love the concept but can't get into it, everything takes so long to load!!! The system itself feel somewhat lacking, it doesn't reward combos like it ought to, sure it gives you an extra turn for match 4 ect, but combo chains don't have any significance which I feel is a let down for these match 3 games.

- Great game

Like Puzzle Quest, but better. Don't know what the other reviewer is complaining about - I've never had a problem with crashes.

- Played at PAX

Played this today at PAX. Downloaded when I got back to the hotel and couldn't put it down. Well done team, it's a beautiful and fun game for sure :)


The most enjoyable app I have and ever since the new update I can't open it on my iPhone 5s. Don't make me delete a great game over something stupid like this.

- Loving this game

But more involved than Candy Crush. I love card fighting games... Not very interactive though so far. Haven't crashed yet and it's challenging enough.

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- 我反正肝了3000多小时了

现在1200级,全王国10级能量等级,我安利了很多朋友,可惜很多人不喜欢三消类型的。如果你喜欢肝,喜欢休闲,那这个游戏 绝对适合你肝。

- Cool

It’s fun, but I need it to connect to other devices like Xbox or d.s.

- Crashing all the time

Keeps crashing all the time no matter what device I play on (2 different iPhone and 2 different iPad) for a game that’s been out for years it’s totally inexcusable. If devs can’t be bothered to fix their game than I can’t recommend it. It’s a shame cause it’s a great game when it’s working.

- Love the game

Played awhile on console

- Great game

I really like this game great job

- Hard to keep going

Extremely fun but get stuck behind a pay wall further in becomes extremely hard to keep fighting not impossible but hard

- Garbage app

Worst match 3 game to date. Doesn’t matter the level of hero’s you have, you’re guaranteed to lose EVERY FU*KING TIME. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! IT’S A WASTE TO TIME AND CLOUD SPACE!

- Events?

Lovely game, microtransactions are pretty tame and I got by fine through f2p. I don’t care for pvp though, so can’t comment on that side. While I appreciate the new zones I wish there were different events rather than the same modes cycled over and over again

- Great game

Amazing game have been playing for years on console

- Can no longer recommend

I would not advise anyone to take up this game now although I have had several enjoyable years playing it. With every update it becomes more of a grind and nearly impossible for new players. Sadly my star ratings have gone from a high of 5 to now a lowly 2

- Long Time Addict

I play this on my PS4 constantly, and now on my phone. Want a competitive gameplay or a casual game experience? It doesn’t matter! There is a pace and place for everyone. This is the Gems game done right!

- Amazing!

An amazing game, I can’t stop playing it.

- Can’t Play Now

I am running into a bug where my App Store doesn’t recognize there is a new update and my game will not open until I have the update downloaded. Please address this, I love the game and am a relatively high level and now I can’t play

- Great game


- Love it but cant cross platform

I would love to use my ps4 account as I love the game and would give it 5 stars otherwise!

- Was great, but....

This game used to be incredible. Unlike most F2P match-3s, there's no energy bar, no fee just to play. You can play whenever you want, as long as you want, without worrying about running out of lives. However, I'm not sure why you'd want to, any more. The latest update has sucked the fun right out of the gameplay, by adding an AI that forces the player to rely far more on luck than on strategy, when it used to be the other way around. It's also become much more pay-to-win, but that's not nearly as irritating as the gameplay, which has been utterly destroyed. They took a fun little game and turned it into a miserable slog. Edited to add that this game has continued to go downhill, becoming more and more needlessly complicated, and less and less fun to play. I’ve finally deleted it after years of play, and won’t be coming back.

- Amazing but...

Gems of war is my absolute favourite game on mobile. However the latest update is broken. The difficulty is absolutely insane on the highest levels. Yes it’s supposed to be hard. No I don’t think it’s supposed to be THIS hard. I am a high ranked player and even with the best teams it’s based on luck. The character levels and hit points have gone through the roof over night and now it’s broken. 1000+ shield and life combined is insane. Trait farming on the easiest level is a chore now. Please look into this. Every other aspect of the game is still top notch. The new explore is very broken in my opinion though. Please update and balance this issue.

- Amazing

This game blows me away, the graphics are out of this world. This game is the most fun game I’ve played in my existence and I will continue to play it until my deathbed. 😍😍😍🤪🤪🤪👣👣🧚🏿‍♀️ this game is worth the money....SIKE it’s free which is a better deal overall.🧶

- Highly recommended must play game

This game is great for a free to play game, constantly taking my #1 go to game slot for when i am looking for something to play, just wish it had an offline portion for when their is either no power or no wifi signal to be found other than that, highly recommended as it has life skills of color matching, strategy to make you think a step ahead of your opponent and and problem solving skills great game for kids, teens and even adults

- Enjoyed the game until the last update

Am a recent user and was just getting into and enjoying the game until the last update and now I can’t use it. Keep getting unable to connect to server. Restart game.

- Amazing

This is just amazing for a free game

- Fantastic !!!

This is the absolute best match 3 game I’ve ever played. You can play for hours without worrying about running out of energy or lives. There’s so much to do within the world and everything is super customizable. I’ve gotten my whole family to play as well. We are loving it. Thank you for such an amazing quality game that’s free to play! 👍🏼💀👍🏼💀👍🏼💀

- Game lyes to you before you even start playing

So I go to start playing the game and it’s like “ hey you need to download this 50 mb patch” I’m at work with no wifi so I say “no please don’t do that” so it starts downloading it anyways though I specifically did not hit the ok button. So not a good sign of the first thing it does is metaphorical flip you off to start spending your money!

- Entertaining

Great game really kills time

- dumb

Its a good concept and really cool but the board gets dropped for the A.I 70% of the time and will wipe your team in 5 seconds and leave you wondering what you did wrong.

- Terrible since last update

I’ve played this game for a long time and enjoyed it. It’s just frustrating now since the last update. The odds are ridiculously against you now, in all game modes. For example, my best win streak in PVP mode is over 60. I have a hard time winning two in a row now. The gems fall against you and totally in favour of the AI. Until recently, frustrating would never have been how I’d describe this game. I don’t want to even play it anymore. If you enjoy a game that leaves you P.O.’ed, give it a go.

- Bon jeux

Parfait pour tuer du temps ici et la!

- What a game!

Love, love, love this game. Especially the no time limit. Relaxing and exciting at the same time. Well done developers!

- It passed its golden age

I am a level 1066 player in Gems of war. So I put in my hours. While this game provided lots of entertainment in the past and some aspects of it are still fun and playable. I can say confidently that it has passed its golden age and many parts of the game are no longer playable/enjoyable. The high synergy between many cards at this stage render opponent teams is too powerful to counter. There are many card combinations at the moment that will beat you in one or two turns with little or no window for your to respond - regardless of the strength of your own team. Therefore taking away all the fun that made this game great. Some serious card nerfing needs to take place because the game in now broken.

- 老是要我评分

我不想评 一直让我评 那我就来评

- Portrait mode please!!

Gems of war is an amazing game with a lot of content and and an active community, but I speak for most of us and say we want a portrait mode. Please consider it 🙏

- I can’t believe this game is free.

No stamina or energy allows you to play as much as you want. Over 600 troops/weapons to collect and use, join a casual guild and play when you can, or put in hours or gameplay a week and join a top guild. Weekly events, many daily smaller events. My girlfriend and I both play and enjoy the game together.

- Best Free Game in the App Store

Free. No need to pay to play, and not filled with ads out the Ying Yang. Some of the in- game transactions are reasonably priced, and most of all... the game has literally enough content to keep you playing for rewards daily and still not run out.

- Can’t link with PS4

I would have given it five stars if I could have linked my PlayStation

- Plante de temps en temps à l’ouverture de l’application

Bonjour je suis sous ios 12.1 sur mon ipad pro et lorsque j’ouvre le jeu souvent elle se referme aussitôt je dois la lancer une deuxième fois et sa fait la meme chose sur mon iPhone xr ios 12

- Love this game

I had this game on Xbox it was so much and it’s one of favourite games ever

- Awesome game

I love this game. If played for years and there’s always new content being added. Always enjoyable

- Amis

Bonjour, pensez vous un jour faire qu’on puisse jcj entre amis ?

- Plz update terraria

Hello, i wanted to ask if you could add moonlord etc. to terraria mobile, I really need a new thing to do because I have beaten the game, plz update

- Great game

The app and computer version can be synchronized. Really fun game.

- Gems of war

Il devrait donner plus de orbs

- Fantastic game!

Great fun! Much like the original puzzle quest. Tons of stuff to do with no limitations like energy, allowing you to play as much and as long as you like. Definitely a must have if you enjoy match 3 rpg style games.

- Love it!

So many different things to do. Totally addictive game.

- Gems

Awesome game

- Gow

Good game 👍

- Gems of warrrrrssss

Très captivant, j'adore

- Porqueria

No respetan la antigüedad del juego me quitaron todo mi récord q tenia y mi cuenta la deasaparesieron

- Ce jeu est addictif!

Très bon jeu et très bonne histoire:)

- A fun twist on match 3 games

Really enjoy this twist on the classic match 3.

- Data gobbler

Every time you start it it needs to download more data. Every screen you go to downloads more data even when you’ve been there before. It even downloads data at random for some reason. Thank god for WiFi

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The pied piper

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Gry Logiczne

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Gems of War – Match 3 RPG 6.2 Screenshots & Images

Gems of War – Match 3 RPG iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

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Gems of War – Match 3 RPG (Version 6.2) Install & Download

The applications Gems of War – Match 3 RPG was published in the category Games on 2014-11-19 and was developed by 505 Games (US), Inc. [Developer ID: 392990484]. This application file size is 202.71 MB. Gems of War – Match 3 RPG - Games app posted on 2022-03-09 current version is 6.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.505games.gemsofwar