Video Toolbox - Movie Maker

Video Toolbox - Movie Maker [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

All tools you need to create/edit videos are in one app. Download this free app to make wonderful videos easily and quickly on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


Key Features:

* Quick Cut

- Just like a professional video editor in the real world, you can easily cut a long video into many parts, and join the wanted parts to the final video.

* Video Editor

- Very intuitive user interface to arrange video clips, pictures, texts.
- 30+ transitions for you to create awesome videos.
- 20+ amazing subtitle styles.
- Add your favorite music to the video.
- Add your own watermark to the video.

* Video FX

- 20+ free video filters for you to make the video different.

* Chroma Key (Green Screen)

- Green Screen now is possible on iPhone/iPad. Download and try it immediately!

* Reverse Video

- Select a video and reverse it with different motion speed.

* Mask Video

- Want to pixelate or blur a person’s face or private parts in your video? Now it is possible with Video Toolbox. Highly customizable mask is supported.


Video Toolbox is available BOTH on iPhone and iPad.

Feedback and Support:

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Video Toolbox - Movie Maker Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Fixed video reverse rendering problem on iOS 11.

Video Toolbox - Movie Maker Comments & Reviews

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- waste of money

crashes everytime i try to save video

- Ggggg


- Great game but...

This app has been very good and I am very impressed by this app.🤩🤩 I also love this app because it is very very useful. I just wish it had more backgrounds.

- Hi

the app is good but he makes the video looks smaller , he changes the actual size of the video only this thing that it should be changed

- App crashes - Totally doesn’t work

I did everything I was supposed to do. Updated to the new iOS, deleted the app then downloaded it again. Restored purchases. Still, when trying to edit a video with the mask (after PAYING for this feature), it doesn’t work! Says something about file being invalid or something and then the whole app crashes. If they fix this, I have no problem updating my review, but this is the equivalent of a vending machine stealing your money. No amount of kicking or shaking my iPad will fix this, unfortunately. : /

- Loving this!

Sick of having to be a computer wiz just to change a background! Thank've changed the game!!!

- AWSOME!!!!

I used this app mostly on my iPod touch 4, and when I accidentally broke it, I was given an iPhone 4s. As soon as I set it up for my account, I promptly downloaded this app,(Alongside Lego movie maker, and stop motion studio). I love the way it is so simple to use. The watermark is annoying, but I just ignore it. Because I'm only 12, I can't afford the full package, but whatever I can access for free, I use it. I love the quick cut, and video editor features. Video fx is... basically useless.

- Chroma key rendering

Unless I'm doing something wrong I cannot get the final rendered video to export exactly like the version I created. It changes the color terribly. I'm mad that I paid money. I could have just screen recorded it to save it to my phone. I'm an unhappy customer right now.

- Did I waist my money?

App won’t let me export to email or Dropbox help❗️❗️

- This app is ok

This app has wonderful features! They all work better than a lot of other apps! The only problem I have is that I can't share these videos without paying money. I don't think it's necessary to pay money so you can share a fun video you made. Other than that I think this app is amazing!

- Ok

This app won’t let me use two blurrese at a time and won’t let me stop them at points in the video. Please fix

- Buggy

This app worked once then stopped being able to export videos.

- Why tf can’t I save it so my photos

What kind of app would make it so you had to pay money to save the thing YOU MADE to your PHOTOS it’s stupid makes me think you only want the money FIX THIS

- Money

I was really hopeful for this app when I got it considering all of the positive views it has. I wish this app was free I have struggled so hard to find a good editing app for free. I’m not made of money and I don’t even have enough extra money to spend on this. And I get it you need to make money, but there could be options for ad free 2 dollars or something like that. Overall the app is okay but I wish it was free.

- Scks

Some Videos record without sound so annoying waste of money

- terrible output quality

paid the $2.99 for the chroma key features and every video saved to my phone looks pixelated even with the HD output setting. getting my money back

- Frame by frame... PLEASE!!!

I have had this app for a few years, and love it. The only part I hate is how to mask. A frame by frame set up would be ideal. Even at the slowest speed it’s hard to mask if movement is happening.

- Repaying

Why is it making me repay for something I bought a while back?

- AMAZING other than

I think this app is better than splice. Just I don't like how you can't connect other apps besides iTunes. You see iTunes does not work on my phone and I don't have the money to buy songs. I wish it would have more than a few songs that you don't need with iTunes. Like sheriff play music or classical, common music.

- Spoke too soon.

Forget everything I wrote.

- Good but.......

Another suggestion would be to allow for a frame by frame movement instead of having to drag the slider or play and pause to edit it. I just paid for the mask upgrade. PLEASE ADD A FRAME BY FRAME OPTION WHEN PLACING THE MASK. It is sometimes very hard to get the mask to stay on the area you want it. The video moves fast even at the .5 speed and it’s hard to keep it where it needs to be. Fix this, it will be 5 stars from me.

- Get it

This is one of the best editor app there is you could cut that film from where ever you want Plus you could add sound and if you could add sound from your camera roll this would be a perfect app

- Worked great... For a while

Used it to make several videos and never had a problem with the app. Now, it loads 90% of the video content and crashes.

- Hate

I finally thought I found a free app for me to edit for my best friends birthday but I can't now because I can't buy all the effects

- $2.99? Haha nope!

Not paying money for that. Chroma key effect seems to work well, not sure if it exports correctly since I can't unlock the feature. Bad.

- Great, but I have a idea that would help

Overall this apps great. But for the Chroma Key option, have a video option so the green screen can be over a video. Like right now it’s just presets and photos


This app is great the green screen...GREAT. The masking....GREAT this entire app is wonderful but... I do wish that you could use videos and not only pictures as chroma key backgrounds but other that that GREAT!!!!

- Great tool for selectively blurring

Really intuitive, relatively quick, super easy to use the blur tool, just moved around the blur dot throughout the video. You can resize and change the amount of pixels in blur. Happily paid the $ to export-save video, saves in photos on iPad -- which makes it easy to share.

- Video toolbox

Can someone please help me i buying the mask blur $2.99 but when I edit my video, in “Mask”working very good but when i save in my camera roll I can’t found it that mask editor video

- Use Videos for Chroma Key Background

I was wondering if you guys can add the option to choose a video as a background for Chroma Key videos instead of just photos. Thanks.

- Fixxxx

Fixx the app

- Great for me!

I love it!

- Can't save a video


- Five Star App

I honestly love this app so much they don't overload you with commercials and they have the perfect options and tools to edit your videos and photos by far the best app I've ever used thank you guys so much 💖


Must try And This app CANT change This is Perfect!

- For a small mobile gamer this is amazing for editing

Use this to help you in editing it is really helping me edit and make quality videos!

- Great for YouTube

I have searched for days and weeks maybe even a few months for editing software's for my YouTube videos but now I have found video toolbox and now I'm very happy with it keep making apps

- Works for everything

This app has everything you need to edit your videos. In my first review, I rated three stars and complained about the app, but now I am writing another review because the problem was fixed. This is the only app I could find with a "mask" feature. And I love how everything is there and your phone isn't cluttered with different editing apps. Also the quick cut is the best thing I've seen on an editing app. Instead of trimming the video, you can cut parts out. This app is great, and sorry for my other review

- Hard to use

Not good for bublishing easily

- Great app

I loved the app it was perfect.

- Does not save video

I added a blur to a face in a video. Tried to save it 7 times. App crashed each time. And I paid $2.99 for this feature.

- Is really good

Is good

- I hate it

You have to pay for everything you do nothing with this app at all

- Fantastique!!

This is an amazing app! Thank you apple for giving allowing this app to be here!!!

- Love this app!

This is by FAR the most useful video editing app I have found! I use it on my iPhone with great success, all the time.


Thank you apple

- Terrible

Waist of data

- Money Wasted

Did the mask upgrade to blur out parts of the video...paid the $2.99.. it renders, then does not save..then goes out of the app. Other reviews on here shows others having the same issue. Wasted my money. Not very happy about it.

- Not free

You can't save or export until you pay 2.99. Stupid waste of time.

- My Review

I like this app but I don't like when I'm editing a video and I go to another app to check something and when I get back to editing the video and it's loading then it says could not upload. So then I have to start from scratch. And it always happens. Please do something about it. PLEASE!!!!!

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- Great Effects

This app has really catapulted my creativity!! Thanks!!

- ...

Just a forgotten app. The purchased add-ons I'll never get my money back for

- Me

Don't purchase the mask upgrade. It doesn't work.

- ToolBox

This is way better then viva video easiest app to edit on

- Good

So goood

- User friendly!

One of the easiest apps to use. Everything is straightforward and simple. I'm video editing with ease!

- Great!!

This is a awesome app!! It makes it super easy to edit and upload videos on my YouTube channel ❤️👍

- Overpriced iaps

Free to download, not to use

- Don't waste your $.

Junk app


ok ok ok I really love that it so cool to me. WOULD NOT want it to change

- Great app

People are raving in the other reviews about having to pay. I only downloaded this app for the chroma key feature, YES it costed $2.99, but can u seriously not afford it? The green screen works fine, definitely waaaaaay better than I thought 2.99 could get me. I am satisfied with what I got and I use it often. In the real world if u want anything u gotta PAY, so stop being frugal u get what you paid for.

- Amazing

Really it's amazing app I use it for editing videos. Thanks so Much for the developers

- Useless

Anyone know of a FREE app that DOESNT COST TO PIXILATE? it's $3 just to add that feature on here.

- Not impressed

It does some things, but when it came to the chroma key setting I was irritated. It gives you access by editing your video, then right when you go to save it, the app tells you that you need to spend money because that feature is locked. It's irritating that it doesn't tell you sooner. Make the chroma key setting free along with the others! It will make everyone's lives easier!

- Very disappointed about chroma key

I was really exited to get this app because it had chroma key but when I found out that it was not functioning properly it let me down I am very disappointed with apple and the Creators of this app please fix the problem because I need this app to make a YouTube video please get this fixed in a timely fashion.

- Great for green screen

Quick and easy

- Great

This app works well if you are making YouTube videos or making a slide show. It takes a while to figure out though so it would require a parent if a younger kid is going to use it.

- Suggestions

Please Please Please make Chrome Key free!!! I have less than a week to do a summer project for school. I want you to make it free because I have no money on my account.

- Don't really care for it🙄😑😕

This app is ok. When I looked at the reviews they were pretty much half and half for good and bad. When I decided to download this app I was looking for it to edit my videos and put them all together at the same time it only edits them. So therefore I am not so excited abt this app.😑

- Keeps crashing!!

I just purchased the reverse pack, and every time I try to save a video to my camera roll the app crashes. DON'T BUY THIS APP, IT DOESN'T WORK!

- This edit app is amazing

I like it soo much it really helps me

- Amazing

I use this app to edit my youtube videos and it works really well my youtube is: ItssXeno

- It's a great app but

How do you restore purchases

- Sure it costs money but it works great

Reading these other reviews, I am amazed at all the whining about the in app purchases. I'm not rich, but this app does everything I have wanted it to do and more for under $10. Considering the desktop based alternative is a ton more than that, I can't believe people complain about the price. I created a 5 minute video with transitions, cuts, merging, photos, selective faceblurring, etc.. throughout. I do wish it had an option for 1/10th speed as it would make the manual process of tracking a quickly moving face MUCH easier. All in all a great app.

- Pretty good

Pretty good

- Cool

I really like it

- This is a scam

So many hidden fees to do basic things. Just offer the entire thing for a base price. There are better apps out there don't waste your time and money.

- I Love This App

It has great features for me to use and it is easy to understand and use

- Does what I need

What else are you asking for 2.99😜 it ain't those expensive video editors. Does what I need!

- Green screen should come with it!


- Very misleading!!!

Although the app is free to download, you can use the face blur to make your video. But when you go to save your video you will be in for a huge unpleasant surprise. I hate apps that have hidden fees. Why don't they just charge you to download the app in that case and it can be expensive as they want it to be for example, a set price for a not time download. But this is utterly ridiculous. That's why I gave it the lowest rating, and I can still see the face behind the blur so it really isn't all that great.


The reason I don't like this app is because whenever I try to save it. It glitches back to my iPods home screen I mean I like how it works I just can't save the video that I make with pictures

- Very Bad

This app I not okay for editing.Randering videos take too long and when you get it it wasn't even worth the wait.My video was randering for a hour and a half and I have the best connection ever.When it was done I thought it was worth the wait but it wasn't the video was low quality and didn't sound like It did before I edit my video on the app.Sorry but this app is not worth a download.

- I highly do not recommend

I dislike this app very much. I would not waste my time on this app. If I were you I would look for a different app.

- Deleting this app

Not many options...

- Love it

This is better than awesome!

- Good app.

Wish it had crop function, but best app so far for editing video.


this app is good but I have several suggestions that would make it better. First there are not that many free to use "music" in the sound library only five or six and I use this for you too so I can't use my own music without getting my channel banned. Why not extend the sound library with in app purchases of sound/music. Second: could you add a video editing option where you can have an image display in a video in the upper corner or somewhere?

- Awesome

Great app!!! Love it.

- Luv it

Luv it ... It's the only app I found that let me edit a 21 min video *Awesome

- ok

add a green screen and i bet ur ratings will go up

- Useful

Its useful when I need it and is simple

- Nice

It is good

- Does what it claims, but for a pretty hefty price.

Alright, for anyone looking for an honest review, here it is. I downloaded this video looking to make some cooler effects for my AMVs. Bear with me, this is gonna be long. I wanted to create a blurred transition (specifically, blurring out someone's face as they move) but that idea quickly went south. You can create a blurred or pixelated mask, but ONLY in one spot across the whole video, AND it's $2.99 for those effects anyways. Not cool. In fact, the more I poked around, the more it became clear to me that many of the effects they touted as their main selling points were quite expensive! Buying the full version of Cute-CUT ( a better app!) would be cheaper! I understand they're trying to turn a profit, and if the effects were spectacular, I could forgive it, but in reality.... This app is full of bugs. It lags, it glitches and shudders and seems to have a heart attack every time I try to do anything really. I finally put it down and gave up after it turned the audio of one video in to some form of screeching hellspawn-noise. God, I don't even know how to describe it. I listen to metal and I've never heard anything like THAT before. So, TL;DR: don't buy it. Go with Cute-CUT or something else instead. For your own sake. Seriously.

- Awesome

You can edit videos for YouTube or for your friends it has everything and if u have a old device who has low iOS you can still download it 😃😃😃😃

- Good

Helpful for my YouTube videos

- You have to pay for everything

You can't change shape of blur tool but otherwise that works well. Every effect is $2.99... Which is ridiculous.

- 😊😊

Good app

- Best App

Best Video App for ever

- Video tool

Great tool Turns the merely mundane into what can only be described as sublime.

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- Adele Roca’s review

This is by far an amazing app! I’ve had it for at least 4 years now and I have so many amazing videos from VideoToolbox!!! Thanks for making such an awesome app!!!

- Brilliant

One of the best apps for editing videos

- How to raise downloads by 10 times?

service, daily installs can reach 3000+. Ping me at Skype& Whatsapp:+8615282351612 /Facebook:aso888. Every one can get a test promotion for 3 days now!

- Rubbish

Does not save video after editing Complete crap DO NOT BUY

- Unless you want to pay, don’t get this app

This app is actually ok but there’s one problem i absolutely hate. You have to pay £3.00 for exporting which is ridiculous and there’s no point in downloading it.

- Really good

I use it for my YouTube videos.its really good but I don't like that you have to pay for the green screen.

- Crashes on Rendering

App crashes on rendering and saving to photos. Spent £2.99 for a pile of junk. Using iOS 11.2

- Not worth it

Downloaded this to pixelate a video, turns out you have to pay 2.99 to do that

- Amazing app

This app is a brilliant app there is so much you can do there is a couple of flaws like you cant save the green screen because you need to pay but thats fine with me. This app helped me a lot with my YT channel and now I'm growing more subscribers yay. Fantastic app for you YouTubers out there and anyone else i definitely recommend getting this.

- Deleted a 1 hour long video

Don't download

- Intro maker

I think you should have an intro maker in da menu

- can't export

i can't export the video when i've used the mask editor???

- Cool app

Great little app...would love to be able to put a video in instead of just a picture. Any chance you sort this guys.

- More

It's good but I just don't get it! Perhaps I just need to use iMovie instead, which I recommend! It needs a voice over!!!!!!!! It needs MORE! Hope this helps you decide to NOT get it and if you do don't expect big things from it go iMovie!😶

- Need this...

It needs a thing that you can put a video in a backround in stead of just a pic would really love that .

- Terrible app.

Paid for the 'mask' feature, the controls are heavy and don't respond easily. Also, required to pay twice to download on iPad. Awful.

- Terrible

Don't bother wasting your money !!

- I LOVE IT!!!

It works perfectly!

- Crap crap. Did I say crap??

Tried to submit a review. Very 'conveniently' said my 'nickname' had already been taken and try another one. Then the stupid review cleared and went back to the AppStore. Micky mouse monkeys.

- Not the best

Could be improved just need to get rid of the video tool at top left corner k

- :(

This app makes you pay for things that are so little and a waste of money. I prefer Cute cut but the pro version is far to expensive. £5, seriously!? At least make it £2 to be fair :-(

- Too many limits

There is not much useful tools on this that are free...

- Very swag

Like dis app 4 refferz videeyoz

- Good but...

I need the app developer to create a new update with sound for chroma key thanks

- Not for me

Why can't the photos just be stationary? Less is more....

- Liars!

They want money for features shown in the screenshots of a free version, like masking. Greedy liars!

- bj

amazing really enjoy using it

- Good 👍🏻

Very good for serious or fun picture and video editing 👌🏻 .

- Could be even better

Wow great App here. Does exactly what it says without any problems. Just a little thing is I wish there was more shapes (rectangle. Square etc) when blurring tool is being used. Please developers make this happen and I'm sure everyone will give 5 stars for this fantastic App.

- Cant save

I cant save the videos

- Watermark remain

The app is perfectly fine, you can trim, cut or delete certain bit of your video- you can also add music and stuff too. The annoying thing about this app is that their watermarks stating 'video tool' stays on the top left of your final video- UNLESS you pay them £1 something to remove it.

- Free but not so free

So you download the app and basically every single functionality needs to be purchased in-app. Not even at a competitive rate. UI is boring, and I didn't really figure out how to use it so I can get the effect I wish. Perhaps because I am not allowed to save my artwork until I purchased the add-on. Serious waste of time this in-app purchases. Get rid of them all together !

- Money money money

I thought it was free .

- Terrible!

After everything that it can do, it won't let me save anything! 😒

- Video toolbox

It might actually be good but I don't know because it won't let me access my photos so I can't tell if it is a good app or not :(

- Wtf


- When I first bought premium content it was good but now sometimes it crashes please fix this bug

Started good but now crashes

- Video toolbox

Wow. I love. This. App. It's. The best video editor app. Sell I can. Say. I love. It. It's. The best for. Editing. Your. Videos

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@TheZombiUnicorn: ⚠️ PLEASE protect/hide the identity of protestors if you're posting media ⚠️ Don't let history repeat itself! Free ap…

@TheZombiUnicorn: ⚠️ PLEASE protect/hide the identity of protestors if you're posting media ⚠️ Don't let history repeat itself! Free ap…

@TheZombiUnicorn: ⚠️ PLEASE protect/hide the identity of protestors if you're posting media ⚠️ Don't let history repeat itself! Free ap…

@TheZombiUnicorn: ⚠️ PLEASE protect/hide the identity of protestors if you're posting media ⚠️ Don't let history repeat itself! Free ap…

@TheZombiUnicorn: ⚠️ PLEASE protect/hide the identity of protestors if you're posting media ⚠️ Don't let history repeat itself! Free ap…

@TheZombiUnicorn: ⚠️ PLEASE protect/hide the identity of protestors if you're posting media ⚠️ Don't let history repeat itself! Free ap…

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Video Toolbox - Movie Maker 1.3.9 Screenshots & Images

Video Toolbox - Movie Maker iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Video Toolbox - Movie Maker iphone images
Video Toolbox - Movie Maker iphone images
Video Toolbox - Movie Maker iphone images
Video Toolbox - Movie Maker iphone images
Video Toolbox - Movie Maker iphone images
Video Toolbox - Movie Maker ipad images
Video Toolbox - Movie Maker ipad images
Video Toolbox - Movie Maker ipad images
Video Toolbox - Movie Maker ipad images
Video Toolbox - Movie Maker ipad images
Video Toolbox - Movie Maker Photo & Video application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Video Toolbox - Movie Maker Photo & Video application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Video Toolbox - Movie Maker (Version 1.3.9) Install & Download

The applications Video Toolbox - Movie Maker was published in the category Photo & Video on 2014-07-17 and was developed by YU BO [Developer ID: 583555215]. This application file size is 47.13 MB. Video Toolbox - Movie Maker - Photo & Video posted on 2017-12-11 current version is 1.3.9 and works well on IOS 6.0 and high versions.

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