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Cute CUT Pro [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Now, you can DRAW movies, AND you can draw ON movies! Cute CUT’s powerful, easy-to-use editing features put YOU in control, allowing you to make the highest quality movies, DIFFERENT from anything you’ve seen!

Do you want to create your own unique movie? Cute CUT’s robust and intuitive feature set will have you doing so in no time, drawing gorgeous, one-of-a-kind movies and so much more!

Besides providing the utilities of a common video editor, Cute CUT brings to the table exceptionally advanced, Hollywood-style editing functionality!

We’re continually working to enrich and strengthen Cute CUT’s top-tier functionality, and its refreshingly simple, unique presence in today’s digital market. Are you with us? Join more than one million others who’ve dared to discover the delightful difference that’s Cute CUT!


Key Features:

- User-Friendly UI.

Just drag and drop; you can arrange your media segments easily.
Sleek, bookshelf-style organizer showcases your movies.
UI supports both portrait and landscape modes.

- Make DIFFERENT movies, make movies DIFFERENT!

Supports SIMULTANEOUS Adding of UP TO SIX different types of media into movie projects: Video, Photo (both from Album or Camera), as well as SELF-DRAW, Text, Music, and Voice. 

- Supports various Resolutions and Aspect Ratios, including HD (16:9), SD (4:3), SQUARE (1:1) and even Portrait Mode!

Creating a PIP (Picture-In-Picture) movie is EASY: Merely place one movie atop another; Cute CUT even supports independent Resizing of each and every video segment! 

- Draw directly on movie.

30+ drawing tools. 

- 3 Advanced Brushes for pro effects: Texture, Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, gradients editable.

- Highly customizable transitions.

- 20+ Pre-Defined Transitions.

- Transparency, Border, Corner, Shadow, Transform, and Sound Volume ... ALL Customizable!

- Share Your Movie.

Export to Camera Roll.
Send to YouTube/Facebook.
Send via e-mail.

- Multiple Tutorials, and even Full Video Walkthroughs available, easily accessible.


Cute CUT is available BOTH on iPhone and iPad.

Feedback and Support:

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Cute CUT Pro Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Fixed YouTube uploading error. • Changed Facebook uploading process. • Some bug fixes.

Cute CUT Pro Comments & Reviews

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- It’s been great, but...

I’ve been using cute cut for almost a year now, maybe even close to two and I’ve always loved it and found it quite easy to use! However, I’ve recently come across some things that annoy me, such as: glitches. I’ve never made an edit that hasn’t had at least one glitch in it, and recently I’ve had to remake projects because the app simply wouldn’t allow me to open my edit without crashing. Your effects also need updating. Sure, it’s great that we have the custom transition, and it does allow for many of the transitions we see on ae and vs, but a lot of the time you have to use other apps to get there, where as you can simply get those transitions directly from the app itself or somebody who has turned it into a file you can scan into the app on ae and vs. we need to be able to import colorings, transitions and other things from other editors that use cute cut! Colorings are also an issue, as there a very few that you can make and often you can’t even tell you’ve added coloring to your edit. There should be more options for that, as well as audio and video quality. Other than these things though, the app has been amazing and I love it :)

- Updates?

I’ve been using CCP ( cute cut pro )for 2 years now & its been great but I think some updates would make it even more great like, let us be able to add overlays onto clips / photos or let us add more than 2 layers of clips so that its easier for us, add maybe 3D shapes and effects?, etc etc. It’s just cute cut pro is just exactly like the free version except it only have the watermark removed and that’s fine but I think you should like let ppl pay to remove watermark on the free version instead so they can decide instead of making a whole new app that is literally the same as the other but without it. I think since ccp is something we need to pay for you should add a lot more things to it besides that why would you make an app thats the same as the original for? like I think you guys should add well everything I just listed earlier + whatever else you can think of. Also, please fix the quality. We work hard on edits and people won’t like low quality edits so please fix that as well. No pressure but just a suggestion because that’s what been bothering us ccp editors. Not just that, but crashes. Ccp randomly crashes while we edit for no reason and whenever it does crash the quality doesn’t look as good and I don’t want that. I’m not trying to hate because I really do like this editing app and have been using it for a really long time now but, just some suggestions on how to make it better :) Thanks for taking your time to read this, I really appreciate it.

- Amazing, but..

I love this app! I've been using it for over a year now. But there are some little inconveniences. For example, I wish I was able to make a mirror effect. Second, what if we could create our own sizes for the edit? We could also have a build in background eraser (similar to any app such as MagicEraser, Background Eraser, etc.) It would be a lot easier for me since i do a style of typography (Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. The arrangement of type involves selecting typefaces, point sizes, line lengths, line-spacing (leading), and letter-spacing(tracking), and adjusting the space between pairs of letters (kerning[1]). The term typography is also applied to the style, arrangement, and appearance of the letters, numbers, and symbols created by the process.) And sometimes I would like to add my character in. But for the pros of this app, I really like the easing types! Not many apps have this and it's great for transitions or, anything really! I also really like the organization of the app. It's really great, and I don't feel crowded at all. And last but not least, I love that there are built in fonts. The fonts are great, and there's basically every single font you need! Thank you for creating this app (。•ω•。)ノ♡

- Amazing! Big problem though..

Hi! This app is amazing and was totally worth the money! I can honestly do anything now that there’s no watermark and no time limit. But there’s a really big problem that been bothering me for a while and ruining all of my videos. I don’t know if it’s your fault, but it’s really annoying. Well, let me explain. I make a TRANSPARENT photo, right? I go to put it in the video and it says “restoring from iCloud,” which is really annoying since I JUST made that photo. But it makes the TRANSPARENT photo with a white background. I can never edit correctly. Which already made me get a little emotional, since I’m having a bad MONTH. Please fix this problem if you can, it’s really annoying and is making me want to not use this app. I’ve been really stressed lately and this fix could make me feel a bit better. I’m pretty sure it’s the app because it doesn’t do this wit other editing apps like KineMaster. This problem also occurs in Cute Cut. Overall, this app is great, I love it, and the only problem is this transparent photo problem. Hope you can get back to me soon and hopefully fix this!

- Almost perfect...

I have had CCP for only a few months, and have recently gotten more into it. I enjoy being able to use the transitions that were unavailable to other editors like KineMaster and PowerDirector. All in all it’s pretty good app and worth the price. There are a few bugs I’ve ran into, but those were easily fixed and avoided. But, recently I ran into another problem. I was editing a video, and all of a sudden it crashes. It knows it crashed so it “reduces the quality” of the video so I can continue, but every time I click on one of the transitions so I can remove it, it freezes for barely a second and then crashes and continues to reduce the quality. It refuses to let me do anything with transitions in that video, and I liked that video I was working on. I wasn’t even using that many transitions, (at least I don’t think) let alone enough to make the entire app crash. I tried refreshing it, playing around with other things in the video but it continues to crash! Is there any way you can fix this??

- Heyyy, thats pretty decent!

Compliments and Suggestions: So I've recently bought this app a long time ago and I'm happy with what its got, but there absolutely needs more FX! The transitions can provide with lots of movements, but that can only go so far. We need newer effects like chroma key, mosaic, keyframe, and more! I see that you've recently implemented 60fps and thats great and all, but why only 720p? So far, the app has been a tremendous help with editing my videos, so keep up the good work! Problems and Suggestions: When I split a video into two, it also splits the transitions, which is very annoying to me. Heres my solution: show up a prompt saying which half you want the transitions to be. There is also this glitch when you're editing transitions and it suddenly goes back to the start and theres a square on the top left corner. I don't know why it happens, but its pretty irritating. Last, but not least, when I play the very end of the video, it shoots me all the way back to the start of the video, which I feel is unnecessary because there are other ways to go back to start via moving to the left and zooming out to speed up the process

- Great app! But a few things...

Ive been using cute cut pro for a while but there is a few things that stop me from using it as my main app. I’m a gacha editor and I use this a lot for music videos and intros. While this app is easy and simple to use, there is a major thing that is missing, the ability to use green screen/chroma key. I use green screen a lot and when I found out that I couldn’t use it on this I was disappointed that I couldn’t use all the smooth transitions on this app and had to change to another app. The only thing that it can do green screen on is overlays, not characters because it will turn everything different colors. This is something I really want to be added. There are a few more minor problems, like crashing, not enough effects, and that the only thing you get with the pro version is no watermark and the ability to export a longer video. If these things are fixed, that would be great! Overall an amazingly designed app, but missing a few things.

- Great app, but something happened..

So I’ve had this app for awhile now, and it’s actually really good I love doing my animations on there and it’s really smooth! But the other day I was working on another animation of mine and it took me about a hour or so to do around 5 seconds of the movement, but I just finished and then cute cut decided to crash. I was naturally annoyed but I thought cute cut saves so it should be fine, well turns out when I entered the app again a notification popped up saying something along the lines of “The program crashed, we reduced the quality of the project to save more info” I thought it was okay at first but then when I looked at it, it was blurry and I was practically unable to even see what I drew. I was annoyed because this meant that I had to redo ALL of the animation and movements of the character. I understand that this was a malfunction of the app, but the next update should definitely fix that bug. A lot of people could get annoyed by this.

- Great but...

I absolutely love this app and I use it for so many things! I was making a video for my friend when all of a sudden it freezes and kicks me off the app... When I reopened the app it said “ Low memory warning. We will reduce the quality of the video to save memory.” Then half of my video was blurry and the rest was fine. I was frustrated. And it was continuing to glitch in the video to the point where it was so low quality I had to delete the video and restart. And a while ago it did that with a different video and some of my transitions were gone when I got back in the app... And I don’t know what is wrong because I had about 5-7 videos on the app and they were seconds long. It got to the point to where I had to save all my projects to my album and delete the app then download it again. If you could fix this it would be wonderful! But besides the few bugs it’s an amazing app and my favorite editor ! So if you could please fix this as soon as possible. ✌️😄👍

- A few things I'd like to say

So I have been using CuteCut PRO for a few months now, and it's been a great help with videos! But I think it could have a little more to it.. Not much changes but a bit. I'd like to be able to change photos but keep everything else on there, instead of having to do all of the transitions again. Also, having a green screen would be great! For the fact that it can get really frustrating to keep editing something.. Or editing something that you can't. And maybe some effects can be added? I don't know much of effects but I know that it would help me with my storage space. But a all in all I have this a five, it's really fun to make videos with this app. I hope this will get an update that customers want! Your service is greatly appreciated! Edit 5/4/19: Today I've been getting trouble of exporting my video to my camera roll. And I know have enough space for it, since it's merely under one minute. But each quality I try, it doesn't export it. At one point it finally exported, without the video. Just the audio. And that point I lost hope that it will export, but I kept trying, I didn't want to give up my hard work. (Though, I did have many pictures on there, I'm not to sure if that's the problem.) In conclusion, I'd would like it if the exporting isn't acting wonky.

- CuteCUT Pro is a great app!

This app is wonderful! I was looking for an editing app to try out, read the reviews on this one, and bought it. I was so glad I did! The pre-made transitions are pretty great, and I also love all the fonts for text on this app! The only problem(s) with this app for me was that I wanted to make the pictures/text I put in the app a bit shorter than it lets you make them and custom transitions. I recently discovered the ‘split’ button, which lets you shorten the pictures/text. As with the custom transitions, it sometimes doesn’t do my full transition. But it does most of it so I don’t mind. It also might be my fault because I do rather large custom transitions. The transitions thing is a little tough, and I know there’s tutorials on it, but if the developer(s) of this app could fix that small problem, that’d be great! All in all, CuteCUT Pro is a great app! It’s not that expensive either. I was expecting it to be around $10, but it was only $6. There’s one great thing about the app as well: if you delete the pictures you put in the video from your device, it saves the pictures! I’ve heard that other apps delete the pictures from the apps if you delete the pictures from your device. That’s why this app is a must-have for anyone looking for easy editing!

- Love it but

So I've been using this app for two year now. I do fan edits and anime edits on here. Best editing app I have used. I haven't really encountered any issues expect crashes here and 'low memory' wanting here and there but it wasn't that much of an issue to me until now. Recently I have been noticing glitches with the transitions. Or even when I split up a video, it will zoom in on its own when I press play. (Does that make sense?) When I add a transition, it will complete lag the effect. The audio has been a huge problem too. I always hear weird sound affects whenever I mute or add an audio. Like this one time I added music to an edit I was finishing up and when I saved it I heard a weird beeping noice for like two seconds. I've tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but nothing's changes. It has been very difficult and frustrating to work with cute cut now. I haven't edited in months until now because of these issues and it would be greatly appreciated if they were fixed. Thank you.

- Could be better because:

This app is amazing, I use it for everything. However, it's extremely hard for me to make anything without the app automatically lowering the resolution or crashing repeatedly on me. I recall recently, while I was doing a project, I had added 7 layers. The whole videos resolution lowered and everything was blurry and has VERY bad quality. Another time when I was making an edit, (I was adding transitions to edited video clips) it kept crashing! I had to restart the whole project because it couldn't handle my transitions. I had only used 4 video clips for that project. Bugs need to be fixed asap. I expected better quality for what I paid for. I also think their should be more premade transitions. There's not a lot you can do. That's all. I suggest getting this app for simple edits. Anything complicated, go to videostar

- Some things aren’t good about it

First of all, I’ve wanted this app for a really long time because I thought it was great. But sadly, it’s not. You see, I spent about 2 hours on something and I put it on high quality, and the video looked completely pixelated when I looked at it in my gallery! It really hurt me because I spent so long on that and was excited for its final piece. Second, I don’t like how there is this big black screen after you take a screenshot or video and put it on there. Sometimes it’s annoying because sometimes it’s not my choice whether or not it’s there. Third, it’s really hard to make the picture longer or shorter. Ik how to do it but, I have to go out and go back in again for it to work. Next, this is almost the same as the first. Basically the screen that’s next you you so you can see what it looks like as you are editing, looks so perfect but like I said when I upload it it just completely ruins it. Thank you for your time.

- Great app, but has major flaws

I’ve been using this app for at least 3 years now and it’s just been slowly making me want to delete it. Let me get right to the chase here. 1. You are not able to edit with 1080p clips without the app crashing, not letting the clips show up, or having import failure by saying “cannot decode” But 720p is totally functional. Sorry but me and a lot of others are suckers for quality. 2. For as long as I can remember Cute Cut has had these random audio glitches. For example like the audio making a ticking or scratchy noise. It’s very annoying. And now recently when you stop and go back in the middle of your vid to fix something, the audio will go off sync. You will have to go back to the beginning of the vid and start it again, then watch the vid until you get to the place where you wanna fix something for it to be synced. That’s also very annoying and repetitious. Makes it hard for work to get done. 3. This is big, nobody has updated the app to fix these problems I listed ever. In updates it will say “bug fixes”. But when I go back to the app the same problem will be there. Either they’re fixing minor bugs or they’re just lying.. I don’t know. But the problems I listed are huge and should be dealt with before anything else. I really want to keep this app, but you guys need to make it work.

- great app but...

okay so overall this app is amazing. i’ve been editing on here for almost a year now and i’ve improved a lot but i think some things should be fixed or added. for example the app keeps crashing and glitches causing some of my work to be deleted. that annoys me a lot. also i think the app should have an option where you can mirror photos or videos, and add motion blur. that would help out a lot bc or else i would have to mirror each photo myself and it takes a while. effects would be really great too. maybe a few more complex transitions like 3D transitions. also have more fonts of letterings to choose from and transitions for them. if this app can have transitions or effects like ae (after effects, a computer program) it would improve the app a whole bunch.

- Experiencing major problems

Ive been using cute cut for a little over a year and it mostly works fine. However, lately the only thing that happens when I open the app is I put a few clips and the app immediately crashes. It tells me there’s some sort of low memory issue, and the quality of the video will lower, which to be honest I could care less about. What I care about is that the app only continues to shut down after that, and customer support doesn’t give me a solution. I emailed them and the only response they could give me was that the video had too many components and that I should split everything into two separate movies. How is that possible when I only have one or two clips in? It’s ridiculous and it needs a fix ASAP, I paid for this and I should be getting a good app that works for the silly price you’re charging.

- I love it, but a few bugs...

This app is awesome, trust me, but there are a few bugs that bug’s when I can’t put a video in, it says “download failed” and it’s annoying. I don’t know if it’s me or the app...there are other bugs too but I forgot what they were. I’m sure some people wrote it down in their review, but for now please fix the bugs because I really need to upload this trailer! ( That was last time, now...) It keeps NOT DOWNLOADING! I can’t finish my Christmas special! Christmas is so close!! What am I gonna do? Am I gonna post it late? I can’t! Please fix this! I don’t know if it’s me or the app, because if I don’t get this fixed, I might never post my video. ( If you’re wondering, my channel is {{ LazyAngie }} ) Please fix this! I can’t let my subscribers down!

- Good app but..

It’s a good app generally, glitches occasionally but other than that it’s easy to learn how to use. However, I’ve been using this app for editing for almost a year now and I’ve never had a problem like I am recently. I just finished an edit I worked really hard on and ended up really liking and after the export loads it says “export failed, this operation could not be completed.” This has only ever happened once before and I decided to delete that edit. I made a different one and it exported fine without any kind of issues. I have enough storage so I have absolutely no clue why this would be happening. It’s very aggravating and upsetting especially because I don’t know how to fix the problem and I worked really hard on what I made just for the app to start acting up. Please fix this or somehow help me fix my problem!

- Had to delete EVERYTHING

I had been using this app for a few months and decided to work on a slightly bigger project. In total I spent around 20 hours editing clips for my project and right when I was about to be finished the app started to repeatedly crash! I put up with it because I really liked how the video was turning out and I had put so much time into when all of a sudden all of the clips I had gathered turned black and I was unable to view them! I tried restarting the app, even turning my phone on and off and leaving it alone for a few hours, nothing worked. In the end I had to completely delete the app, wasting all of my progress.... Unfortunately I am going to start over, but that is because I really want to complete what I started. I am super upset since I had worked on countless projects before and they all turned out great. Let’s hope that the app decides to actually work now..

- I love it but one suggestion/problem

I absolutely love CuteCut Pro. It was totally worth the price and it lets me do so much! My only problem is that I work with it on multiple devices so I can’t go back to the exact same project I was working on with a different device. I would suggest making something you can log into so that you have all your projects on multiple devices with all the layers and everything. BUT, it’s a very small problem I have! In fact, it’s the only problem I have with CuteCut! It’s amazing and I love it but that multiple devices problem is the only thing that bugs me! Maybe the developer could make a sign in option so that I can work on my projects over multiple devices! Thank you!

- it’s rly good! but

i have been using this app for a while and it’s rly great, it’s easy to use, edits nicely and i have been very satisfied with how things turn out. one issue tho, when i try to enter a certain project i haven’t finished it says “Low Memory Warning: Crash occurred when editing this movie. Cute CUT is going to reduce the quality of this movie to save memory” so i click okay, then the app crashes. i have basically deleted all apps on my ohone to see if it would work and waited a day, yet it still crashes every single time i try: please get back to me on what i could do to fix that, because i’m sad i can’t finish the project. other than that i’ve had great experiences with this app, love it!

- okay but

please add motion blur when you do custom transitions!! i think it would be a great improvement to the app and many others would enjoy it and download it. it would also be nice to be able to mirror clips, because most editors on cute cut spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME on just mirroring a clip and it gets tiring sometimes :( i would also like to have the option to KEYFRAME transitions rather then the custom transitions in the app. it would allow making multiple transitions and make edits smoother. the last thing that is needed for this app is graphing. as smooth as the easing types are for ccp, we would also like the option to create our own graphs, because it will make our edits smoother as well. thank you and i hope you consider my ideas :)

- Small nitpicks

I’ve been using this app fo quite some time now, and I love all the features! There are two small things though that bother me. -crashes: I’ve been having crash bugs with this program when trying to move or rotate images. I’ve figured out how to work around this, but it is very inconvenient when I’m editing and the program crashes and I lose progress. -transitions: This one is much more preference based, but I think it would be nicer to be able to place transitions dirextly next to each other oppose to having a small space in between. It would make things smoother when editing. These are the only two things that era bugging me, but I still think the app is great and I really enjoy using it!

- Thank you developers

I just wanted to say thank you for updating your app and not being like those other people that just leave there app to rot because of the money they make I really love this app for editing and it's so easy and simple and I can really do a lot more and put everything in a certain place which I love I hope you continue to update the app some more and I know that I'll continue to give you 5 stars because I truly love this editing software and I hope you can add extra things like having more then 32 add ons because people normally use more when editing a longer video but I love this app and it was worth the 6 dollars thank you for updating it

- Wow

Despite it’s strange name, this is probably one of the greatest video editing apps I’ve ever tried. There are a lot of advanced features to try out, such as moving an image or video anywhere around the screen at specific points. There are a couple of minor gripes, such as navigating through the tools, but I’m sure I’ll get over it. The app visually looks outdated, looking like it was from the iOS 6 era. The app is also a bit laggy. There are also a few tools that would be nice to add, such as a green screen effect. I recommend the app to beginner video designers. It has a good set of basic and advanced tools to use. I would recommend the use of other editing software to use as well. It is totally worth $6 USD.

- Mixed Feelings

I have had this app for a few years now, have edited countless videos on it. For those of you asking the obvious question or is it worth it? My answer is yes, for the price you pay for a one time fee yes it’s very worth it. I am a college student who needs to edit videos on the fly if I need be and I don’t have time to do it on my computer sometimes. Or just doing a simple video crop or just small edit this app does the job, but I’m just very upset with it lately. I had edited my project for a class on it and was basically done, I just backed out to save and the app crashed. Every time I try and enter that video I see the edited clips but it tells me there was an error and crashes on the spot. Unfixable and I will have to re edit on another platform.

- Love it! Would love it more if it had this

I’ve been using this app for about 2 years now and absolutely love it! I’ve grown comfortable with it and developed my own editing style using this software. However, there are a few setbacks. Sometimes there’s glitches which can be fixable but risk restarting your project. I usually have to pay attention to this because I always have to re-import the picture/video that was glitched in order to fix it. I would also love it if you guys added a green screen option because that would make the app complete! I get frustrated on how I need to trash ideas because of the green screen setback.

- I love this editing software, but there’s a major problem..

I use this software to edit all the time, but I’ve been having a problem with the quality and I can’t seem to be able to fix it. Every single time I try to import a picture to edit with, the quality automatically drops to what looks like 240p for each layer. I have no idea why this is happening, but I would like it fixed ASAP. I have videos to create that are due in one week and this is not helping me at all. I even went to normal CuteCUT (which I hadn’t deleted after I bought Pro) and imported the same images and they weren’t blurry at all. Please fix this. I’ve tried everything.

- love it but FIX GLITCHES

i use this app to edit, and its really helpful but i seem to be the only one who experiences this glitch where when i go to crop a photo, it glitches and ( well idk really how to explain it ) but i have to completely re open the movie to see if it’s cropped how i want it, and i have to keep re opening my movie to see it cropped or else the screen to crop won’t disappear like it usually does after clicking done ( again, i’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense) i’ve tried to re download the app, and looking it up to fix it but nothing is helping and it’s starting to get really annoying to where i don’t want to use the app anymore plus i’ve payed for this app so i don’t see why it’s still glitching!! please fix!!

- Fix this problem!

Okay, I have been using this app for a very long time. I’ve used it on vine and now Instagram. I’ve had some problems with it in the past, but nothing I can’t handle. But now, I can’t! I was working on a project last night, was almost done just had to add a few more transitions. I woke up this morning to a “missing video” message, saying I had deleted my videos. Which in fact, I did not. There are still in my camera roll. So I didn’t think too much of it, and I went to start over. It said “download failed” on every single video I clicked on. I deleted the app and redownloaded it, and it’s still doing it. Please fix this, I want to finish my project!

- I love it but...

Ok, I really do love this app. I use it for editing on instagram. When I first got it, I was practicing and practicing and I got better so I started editing normally (like 1 or 2 times a day). But then out of nowhere one day it crashed. I thought it was cause I had to much videos & photos, so I deleted some of them. But when I went back into the app it still didn’t work... so I had to delete that project I was working on, and it took sooo long. Once I tried the app again it only worked for like split second and then kept crashing. I was now getting frustrated. I went on the cute cut website and it said if the app were to crash, restart your phone, but when I did it didn’t do nothing. I deleted the app and then got it back, and to my surprise it worked. But every month or two it always crashes and I have to keep doing the same thing over and over again. But I don’t want to leave ccp because I find it very useful, more than the other apps I have tried to use. Please fix this situation -a un/satisfied customer

- Simple and effective app!

I love the ability to quickly make picture in picture square videos for social media using only my phone. Simple and works great! My only complaint currently is that it’s very difficult to get everything to line up perfectly at the end of the timeline. If I add a video + text + image for example, there will be a couple awkward seconds at the end where the video has ended but the text stays. I just use my phone’s native editing feature to crop this off, but some sort of snap to grid feature would be helpful. Overall fantastic app and a great value!

- update

i’ve been editing with cute cut for about a year and a half and there is so much room for improvement. first of all, glitches and crashes need to be fixed because eventually when you keep going in at it crashes, you lose your whole video and it is the WORST. second of all layering videos. with pictures, you can layer many on top of each other but for videos you can only have two which is very annoying because many times i need more than 2 layers and if i really want to i have to save and export the video and keep doing that which overall decreases from the quality. there are many improvements that can be made to this app that would improve performance.

- pretty good

I’ve been using cute cut pro since January of 2018 for my edits. And, although it’s not a bad app, I have many suggestions to greatly improve the quality. First of all, you (creators) should add an effects library, so we can add things like motion blur and distortion to our edits. Also, it would be amazing if you could add a 3D shapes update, so we can make our edits much more creative. My final suggestion is that you should add an update in which we can create our own motion graphs so our edits can be smoother. I love this app, it just really needs an update. It has a lot of potential and I hope you look into adding some of my (and many others) suggestions. :)

- New Transitions and Better Quality PLS

Ok, overall this app is pretty good and easy to use. However, I feel like the same transitions are getting old so I’d really love if you could add some new ones like video star and after effects. Also better quality bc I post my edits on Instagram. Lastly is there anyway you can make it to where you can have like 2-3 transitions on one picture/video bc that would be a great help bc I have to export it a bunch if I wanna do that and that ruins the quality. Oh and it’s kinda annoying that you can only have two videos in one movie but you can have as many pics as you want. PLEASE HELP❤️😰 I pray there’s an update soon

- Great.. it’s just..

Okay, my overall review would have been five stars but this glitch happened when I was about to finish up a video I have been working on for DAYS and I am not exaggerating when I say that. So, I came across this glitch where it says something like, “You have low memory so we are going to make the quality on your video less then what it was” (basically) and I was, pretty much, alright with that. It looked okay. But, when I went to edit one of my clips it just took me to my home screen. I was.. confused. I went back and it did the same. This repeated. It said the same thing over and over. I still don’t get it now.

- This app is great!

This app has been very helpful! I have only been using it for a few days and I love it already! I have made so many edits and everyone I know loves them. This app is pretty easy to use and is a great app to edit things on. The only thing I wish there was is more translations such as shaking, pre made flash, and zoom in pre made. I tried to make a zoom but it did not turn out as if I hoped it would. There are very few problems so that is a great thing! This app is great to use if you want to post things on apps such as Instagram. Overall this app is absolutely amazing! There are very few things that are not as good as others.

- Um....

I really like this app.....but I’m started to get pretty bored of it. I’m about ready to use Video Star. It’s just that you need more exciting and bigger updates. Like you need motion blur, so when we make a transition it could have the blur effect to it. And you also need to add more transitions as well as mirrored clips. I’m sick of constantly having to go to Video Star for it. And no one even uses your transitions anymore. Please don’t get me started on the glitches. I’m sorry if I came on to harsh, but PLEASE!!!! Please! If you see this, at least TRY and add my suggestions, and I hope I’m not speaking for myself when I say everyone wants bigger updates.

- Much better than any other editing app for iOS. here’s why

this app is so great for soooo many reasons. one reason is, there are so many things you can do with it! Transitions: AMAZING. i’ve edited on Cute CUT and i loved it. on March 31, 2018 i decided to upgrade. i loveeeee it! my edits have gotten so much better and one thing i would like would be to add some more transitions, more complex ones. such as these: (these aren’t all transitions) - ae dotted outline effect (unless that is copyrighted, if so, a similar one.) - ae melt effect (same as ⬆️. if copyrighted then similar one) - hexagon effect - more fonts (preferably in alphabetical order 🙂) -spin transitions. (i already know how to do spin transitions but it’s a chore to do them) -update your info page to a more recent version! preferably 2018! -and finally. a redo button! it’s sooo aggravating to undo your action too far and have to do it over again! all of these would be cool on Cute CUT too :) thank you so much for making an app as amazing as this!!!

- Good but could be better

I love this app a lot. But it really need to update. For some reason it’s telling me there isn’t enough storage when I only have one “movie” and I can’t edit it bc it keeps throwing me out of the app and saying that it crashed. Now idk if it’s just happening to me or other people, either way Cute Cut really needs to update tremendously. I say it would be cool if they changed up the things you can do on there, they should add like more transitions and add a green screen option. I know there are apps for that, but likeeee not all people have a lot of storage on their phones...sooo...ya feel meh?

- Need High Quality 4:3 aspect ratio

This is a great app that use for editing! I honestly love it! It very easy to use and it’s one of the few editing apps I can use that can be easily understandable by people if they were to try to learn about it on their own. It’s great! But there is a problem. I use recording software on my device to record my screen. It usually come out in 4:3 aspect ratio. I want my videos to be of the highest quality they can be, and I really can’t change the quality and aspect ratio to make it as best as it can be. If this wasn’t the case, this would have definitely gotten the five stars it deserved! I would love if this was changed to be high quality, because I really need it!

- I have a few suggestions...

I was wondering if when you move something to animate it, you can see where it goes. Idk how to explain this but for me when I move the picture thing it doesn’t show me where it will be. So idk if I’m moving it to high until after I lift my finger. This can be annoying for me because I like to get things perfect, so sometimes I’m staring at my phone moving it like 1mm at a time to try and guess where the perfect spot will be. Next, add a section where you can label layers. This would help a lot when you try and animate different body parts. Ok I have one last thing. When you add photos or videos you can add more then one photo/video at once. Then it will take less time to add photos, because you can add multiple at once. Otherwise I couldn’t find anything else that I didn’t like about the app. It’s cool and easy to use, and if you could fix those two things this would be 5 stars. Welp keep up the good work <3 This is stupid. I add a layer called video then add a video on top of my other video layers and it puts it on the freaking first layer. Help this is so annoying

- Please update this!!!!!!!

All in all this app is great. Super easy and awesome to use. However for me there is a huge downside, no it's not missing any features that I would want. The problem is when I wanted to export one of my movies it said "cannot decode" which is a huge bummer, it was all of my greatest memories from my vacation. I looked up how to fix it and it said I had to convert files, and I just think it's stupid I can't use mp4, or mov, or whichever one isn't supported. I'm not the only person with this problem, and I don't wanna restart the whole thing, so PLLLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASE fix this problem!!!! I wanna be able to actually have the movie, and I'm sure others would. So please fix it, thank you.

- Please update this!!!!!!!

All in all this app is great. Super easy and awesome to use. However for me there is a huge downside, no it's not missing any features that I would want. The problem is when I wanted to export one of my movies it said "cannot decode" which is a huge bummer, it was all of my greatest memories from my vacation. I looked up how to fix it and it said I had to convert files, and I just think it's stupid I can't use mp4, or mov, or whichever one isn't supported. I'm not the only person with this problem, and I don't wanna restart the whole thing, so PLLLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASE fix this problem!!!! I wanna be able to actually have the movie, and I'm sure others would. So please fix it, thank you.

- Could be good but useless

I tried using this app because it allowed me to zoom and put text on videos better than iMovie. I actually paid for this which makes it worse that after editing my video (which took several hours) the app wouldn’t let me reopen the project. Instead, it displayed an error message and then crashed. I tried restarting and rebooting my phone, searched for solutions, and tried to find a way to export it (which didn’t work), but even though many people have also had this issue, they don’t seem to have fixed it. I don’t recommend this app since it cost me money and hours of editing time. I would expect apps that aren’t free to work better than this.

- Hey little issue

can you make it so that when I extend or decrease how long the video is, that it doesn't fully move the whole Line, I don't like how it repositions other ones too and it really isn't helpful because I HAVE TO REPOSITION THE WHOLE VIDEO!! this makes it hard to make a video when you extend or decrease the time the Sprite will appear on video and I Just DO NOT LIKE IT! make a Option to turn it off or just remove it from the app entirely because making it move when I extend it making them position to another spot although it is not near that part UGH it makes me soo mad since it takes like 8 Minutes to sync a Audio with images that took me 3 HOURS TO MAKE!!! please just make a way to stop this from happening!

- Crashes

I absolutely love cute cut I use it for all of my edits and it’s easy to operate and it’s good quality and it’s all around good. BUT my cute cut always loads and says I have no storage, now i think that with having the pro version I should have more storage on the app then I do and I shouldn’t have to delete videos every time I make a new one if this would be fixed it would be amazing and I know I’m not the only person who has this problem because my friend uses the app as well and it does it to her all time and I’ve also seen other people on Instagram have this problem as well and I’m sure all of us would love it if this was fixed

- Some recommendations:

I love this app so much and it’s very easy to edit, as I make video edits for Instagram. But like some other people have been saying, I would love it SO much if you could add a mirroring tool for the clips. Also something that would improve the app is you could make it to where you can merge two transitions together instead of having to save the transition and then add another on top. If that makes sense. Edits would be a lot smoother if you did that and a lot more people would probably use this app. Also if you added motion blur, this app would be amazing. Thanks❤️

- Best app ever! Easy to use! But-

Okay so I've had this app for a while now & I adore it! I use it all the time & have run into no issues except the occasional glitch. I would rate it 5 stars but I really feel like the developers should add a green screen feature on this version since it costs money. It's such an inconvenience because I often make videos where I wanna use green screen but I can't. I tried to find a way around it but it I couldn't really seem to find one. Please add a green screen feature. Otherwise this app is very amazing and a 2 year old could learn how to use it!

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- Options

REVIEW 1: BEFORE THE UPDATE I WANT. ———————————————————— Developers, I reccommend reading this comment. ———————————————————— It’s good and all, but there’s very limited options. Unlike video star, it doesn’t have a lot of buttons to make the movies look good, it doesn’t have much effects, it’s getting pretty easy and boring to do. So what i’m suggesting is, adding more features to let CCP look more appealing, fun and etc. I’ve had this thought for quite a while now, considering the fact CCP has limited options to edit with. Overall, it’s a really good editing app and has more free options than VS or any other editing apps i’ve used. You don’t need to pay for anything besides the pro version, in VS you pay for literally every good effect, makes it hard to do good edits to be honest. I highly reccommend this app for editors as a start, may seem hard but it gets pretty easy. Just eager to see the new update where there’s more options though. Will edit the review with 5 stars, and a completely new comment if the update comes! Looking forward to it.

- One problem

I love this app I use it for gacha life and roblox and more like that but there’s a problem with the music I can’t use the music from my playlist so that’s kind of a big problem because I use cute cut for my gacha Chanel so that’s a big big big big big big big big problem I know you said you fixed it and all but I don’t really think you did to be honest I don’t mean to hurt your feelings if this does but you really need to fix that music problem any way when I have no storage it won’t let me use the microphone and can you please tell me how to use the picture in the corner because I don’t know how to any way peace out ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻😁

- Good but please read

Cute cut pro is good and all I’ve been editing my yt videos on there but that thing is that I could’ve been better the pro version only gives you more than 30 seconds and removes that watermark so cute cut pro should I’ve only been 2 dollars I litterealy got a ten dollar iTunes card to buy this another thing is that your should add special effects to cute cut pro for example line master they add special effects when they have premium I understand you might not do this but please do.

- Please fix it :(

This app in general is pretty decent but there are things that need fixing. First the audio glitches and sometimes the video, when I export it, it shows up in the video trashing all my effort and work. Second, sometimes in my videos there are black screens that appear even though my videos are together. This is very annoying to try to fix. Thirdly, it would be better if there was more than 2 video layers. You should also add video effects as well. Overall it’s a pain to work with sometimes, hopefully the developers can do something about it.

- I love this app

It’s really good for editing it looks really hard to use but it is actually super easy and the animations are really smooth unlike KineMaster I recommend getting this app it’s so easy to use and if you don’t want to pay money for this app you can easily get just cute cut not cute cut pro but I do recommend this version because you don’t have to pay for a watermark you only have to pay once just to get the app definitely worth it

- review (ccp has crashes)

my app keeps loosing memory and crashing out whenever i try new transitions. would recommend the pro version because it is great apart from the crashes (which for the money spent it shouldn’t do) this app is great, but too expensive and keeps on crashing. maybe an update? I don’t know, anything to stop the crashes because everytime i need to make an edit or a vid, it takes longer than it should because of the sudden crashes. thankyou

- Great but

I use this for most of my editing, but it’d be nice if you could add more than just two video sections. It makes it really difficult to make certain edits because I can’t add in a third clip on top of two others, which is why I use video star for any editing that requires more than two clips in the same shot. If you could make it so you can add more than just two sections for videos, that’d be great.

- it’s good but needs better communication:(

i like the app it’s good to make edits but I feel like the people who make the app never update or add new features, they never check their socials and haven’t tweeted since 2017. They need better contact support and need to listen to their fans because the last time they added a new feature was literally over a year ago. Maybe add cubes, motion blur, triangles n stuff. I really do love this app but it’s getting boring with the same options that aren’t even good anymore.

- Suggestions

Okay this is great! But a few things, pleaseee add a motion blur and also I know final cut has this feature but you shouldn’t have to pay to be able to select multiple photos or videos, for example KineMaster is a free app that lets you select multiple photos and videos and the list goes on if other free apps that have this feature, so please please pleaseeee add this feature!

- Needs more updates

I am a huge fan of Cute Cut Pro, I use it for all of my Gacha Life Memes, but I’m kind of disappointed in the fact that I can export videos longer and remove the cute Cut Watermark just by installing other free apps without having to purchase Cute Cut Pro. If there were extra effects or options, I would rate it 5 star.

- Keeps crashing

I absolutely love this app but every single time I make an edit it crashes and it won’t let me go back on it without crashing and I can’t finish any of my edits, this has been happening for a while could you please check out this issue and fix it.


This is better than kinemaster and this has improved my editing over the years as a gachatuber but I can’t green screen and iv tried but I couldn’t so I was wondering if you could make it a thing because right now you can only green screen just something green

- Good App, but really has some problems.

I use Cute Cut Pro to make some decent videos, but it constantly crashes and deletes some of my work. The price is $10, which is very overpriced with the limited options and the few differences from Cute Cut. It is pretty easy to use, but will crash if you have to many layers and media. So in my opinion I think it is a great app but really needs updates!

- A little problem

Hey Developer! I honestly love this app and I use it every time when I edit my videos. But just recently, I don’t know if it’s a bug but I couldn’t export my project towards my album. And also, I couldn’t extract the audio too. If it’s a bug can you please fix it? Thank you!

- Pretty good app!

I use this app to edit and I was wondering if you could add a green screen feature and maybe a feature to save your own transitions? I really need a green screen feature because it makes it way easier to edit (in my opinion) so please think about adding these features

- One thing...

This app is great for tweening and editing, Although it would be great if there was effects like transitions from one picture to another, I do appreciate that the pro version I Sony 10 dollars to keep forever, and some other apps you have to pay 7 a month for the pro/premium version

- Crashing

I love this app, I can edit a lot of things with this but there’s one problem that really annoys me. After almost finishing a project, it crashes and doesn’t let me edit it. It says that there’s a low memory but I don’t understand. I would take up so much time and effort making one video and all of it would be gone. Please, please, please fix this.

- Pretty Good for Editing

This is a very good editing app and good for gaming channels such as mine which is called Dominator Agario But sometimes it might glitch or go wrong with seeing how much space you have because one time I had 5 GB left and it said not enough storage which wasn't true but overall definitely a good editing app to get

- This is an AWESOME APP but..

I believe this is the most AMAZING APP, but I don’t really think it’s worth $10, because there are only two new things, longer time and removed water mark.I would appreciate of u added more transitions and maybe even some stickers e.g Thank you for reading!

- My Review (plez I beg you to stop it from crashing)

This is a great app to edit it on but, sometimes it will crash with most of my stuff I have been editing on and it would not let me open my project that I have spent time on. So I couldn’t save it at all but to start again. Please fix it.

- Hard to navigate

This app is amazing, don’t get me wrong but I feel like sometimes it is a bit hard to navigate. The tutorials could be a bit more informitave. They could also add just a few more things like being able to I guess call it glitch the video. Add sound effects and a few more transitions would be really helpful

- Uhh one complain

I love Cute cut pro but there is one problem. I did a transition and the transition won’t work it work before but then it won’t work anymore I even resented Cute cut pro several times I even exported it to see if it worked but it didn’t I give cute cut pro a 3 star because it’s been days since my custom transition didn’t work pls fix this. Thank you

- Video import

Overall, I think this app is very useful! One thing though, it upsets me that you cannot import more than 3 videos all in separate layers. This would make everything easier! Thank you for you time

- Great! But to expensive

This app is top notch and I %100 recommend it! If you can afford it... You see this app has everything you Need, but nothing else. The only changes in the free & $10 version is that there’s no watermark, and it can be longer than 30 seconds. If I could say one thing to the app owners, I would recommend either making this app cheeper, or adding some more things to Pro. Overall, I really recommend this app! As long as you are willing to pay the price. If an app created does see this. Please take into account what I have mentioned ☺️ - Small YouTuber 🌸

- Good but needs more!

I find CCP very easy and simple, I use it on a daily basis giving me lots of experience with it and it’s one of my best purchases! Though I think that more effects should be added for example: shaking, floating, drifting, flicker, pulse... Or even the ability to use chroma key and add custom overlays. Thank you!

- This app is great! One suggestion that will make better

I’ve been using this app for soo long! It’s amazing! One suggestion though, could you please add green screen remover? It would help a lot! Because I use green screen things all the time! Thank you so much, please update it and add this feature

- Good

This app is pretty amazing, considering. But I think you could definitely get more for the price. Features for green screen editing would be cool, even some more transition effects. Just something to consider. Other than that, it’s brilliant for simple videos.

- Great app, but bad quality

This is a great app, and I’ve used it since last year(2019). However, a few days ago, whenever I try to add a seventh layer, the animation goes all bad quality and stuff. Why does this happen-

- Great for creative transitions!

This is the best app for making your own transitions hands down nothing else comes close. It has its bugs like every app but the one reason I put it down 2 stars is because it downgrades the quality by a tonne. Even exporting at 1080 makes the video look 720p. Would be great to have a 4K option.🙏🏻

- Crashing

This app is great I have like two edits on it but right now for me it keeps crashing say I have low memory but I have an extra 14G on my phone and crashes when I try to re shape a photo please look into this bug

- The best.

This is quite helpful, Better than the normal Cute Cut. 1 request, Maybe photos/videos stay even if deleted because some people got storage issues. Other than that, Nice app. :)

- Crashes every time I try to open video

I edited a 12 minute video down to 2 minutes on this app and it took a long time and the video turned out great... then I tried to save it and the app crashed. Now I can’t even open the video at all without the app crashing and it was my first time editing a video after paying $10 I am very disappointed and sad to have lost all my hard work.

- Goods but crashes

CCP is very good but does crash every now and again but the transitions and effects available are amazing. Although the price for the pro version is a little cheeky ;)


I really like this app-I do PMV animations and it’s been really difficult for me to tween until I found out about this app-the only thing I would recommend is adding different types of tweening options-such as motion tweening-glitch-etc

- Amazing for beginners

I love this app so much and I use it all the time! It is a great app for people that are starting a gacha life channel because it is simple and easy to use! I definitely recommend it!

- This is Awesome! But...

I really prefer this one then the other bc you get to chose how long! It’s really amazing but the one thing is the payment it cost money I just wish this was free but still pretty cheap!

- More features added for pro

It would be great to see more features added to differ it from the free other the 30+ seconds of video and no watermark. It’s a great editing app and I have no regrets in buying it for 9.99 but it would be great if other things were added on to it to show that it’s definitely worth the 9.99


I love this app and I have this app when I was 13 years old crazy right! XD anyway I love this app and if people hate it who cares because I love this app it’s my life now and I always use it ;3 so 5 star for you heheh

- Need glitch fixed

This is a perfect app for editing but I've just made a 13 minute movie which took me 2 weeks and recently it's been working slow and lagging, but now I cannot even export to anywhere on any quality, please help.

- This app keeps crashing

Everytime I would edit a video it would crash then say reduce quality so I do that then it just crashes again and all of those hours editing is a waste of time

- Green screen

I love this app and it’s great but I’d love it way more if you could add green screen to the new update allowing videos to have no backgrounds so we could do better editing. Hopefully this gets added and thank you for reading this review

- Quite hard and not enough

I love the app don’t get me wrong but it’s just a bit hard to navigate, and add effects. This is just a request but I would love and use the app way more if u added more transitions. Other than that the app is ok!

- VERY HELPFUL!<3 but...

I love this app and i use it to create little clips to upload them on Instagram, but i wish there was a feature where you could add text eg. Subtitles.

- Good

Really good I use this for my you tube channel and it's great only problem is it lags out sometimes but it's fine because it's really good

- Constantly crashing

I love this app for editing even though it’s tricky to get the hang of but I hate when I’m trying to add a transition and the app crashes saying I don’t have enough space even though I have 30 gigabytes of storage left

- Please help…

My cute cut pro keeps crashing when I try to do something so please fix this problem

- It doesn’t save onto the Pro

Do not download wasted my $10 glitches all the time do not download it won’t work or save 👎🏼 I use 3 hours editing then it deletes 😤 this annoying app will always crash with short videos that take me hours to edit and then it crashes not worth it please fix

- Incredible app!

I’ve managed to create a lot of crazy good looking videos with this app! Thank you developers 🙂

- Cute cut is great!

Cute cut is a great editing app you can do loads of cool transitions when you work hard this is the easiest app for editing ❤️❤️

- Crashing

I paid for 'Cute Cut Pro' to do its job, but all It's been doing is taking forever to load, and crashing. Please fix this flaw, It Is utterly irritating! Other than that, every thing seems to be fine. Thank you.

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- Good editing app

This is a great editing app but the only thing I don't like is the transitions, Yes there is some great ones but I wish there was more, and maybe a shadow effect? Or just more effects itself? I'm just hoping this app can top After Effects, I am an Instagram editor and I just hope to make better edits with this app, Thanks!

- Pretty good

I’ve had cute cut for around 2 years now, I made edits on Instagram. Cute cut is a pretty good editing app it’s getting old in a way. If you could maybe add some new transitions like shakes for example, maybe some new affects, or 3D shapes like cubes. Maybe even the option to freely crop a photo or video. Please, add some more to this app!

- My honest opinion.

Hi! I’m a gachatuber, and cute cut pro has been amazing for editing. I just thing this app is overpriced; all it does is get rid of the watermark. So, I’d like cute cut pro to add more effects and abilities to cute cut pro. I do recommend this app, it’s a really good app that gives clear instructions on how to use! Please put a green screen effect of cute cut pro! That would make it a 5 star!

- why can’t I add 3 different videos in different rows?

Why can’t I add 3 different video clips in different rows? It only lets me add 2 video rows. The next video clip o add, it automatically goes to the first row. Why is the feature of more than 2 rows of videos unavailable now? it was available only a month ago and now it’s gone. what happened? if bugs like these continue to happen, I suggest no one waste their money on this app because of how unstable it can be sometimes.

- Please

I love this app so much but can you please a a Chroma Key thing, it would be so helpful if you could. I still love this app though!

- sksk


- Great editor, just add more features

Add some more features and effects. Asap

- This is a really great app!

But you can't do greenscreens in it which is the thing everyone wants pls.make an update

- My video rows over lap

Honestly this is a great app but recently the videos are overlapping and it’s overwhelming. I make a lot of edits and it requires a lot of layers. I usually have to make new projects. Can you please fix this.

- Amazing app

This is a great app for Tweening!

- Very Good App

You can make videos from cute cut pro it has no watermark and you can make videos long length. You can have it if you can’t download cute cut free it has watermark you can’t make videos long as short. But it’s a good app better than videostar

- It doesn’t let me choose any transitions

I press the plus button but it doesn’t even let me choose it just adds a random one

- best game ever,

worth the money, 100%!!!!!!

- Easy to use.

This is by far the easiest editing tool I know. I would like to see more transition and effects. I do like this more then KineMaster but to make it better would be to add more effects.

- If I have no data it stops working

It’s getting annoying can’t believe I wasted my money for this garbage!

- Please have an update

I love this app. But the only problem is that you don’t to updates enough. The last update was a year ago and I want there to be more features. Like for example green screen or more easy typing. I would love to have these updates and i think your downloaders will like it too. Please do more updates :(

- Bien mais peu mieux faire.

Il manque de musique. Cela est le seul point négatif. Sinon c’est super. Le montage est très simple et bien expliqué. Cette application est très bien faite.

- Very good app

This app has been very helpful for gacha editing

- Amazing!

Cute cut is amazing but I’d love to get a chroma key update!

- Need to fix this

I am a gacha tuber and therefor I use drawings or pictures but whenever I go on to cute cut and put those pictures to the meme with a transparent background it goes white!!! I’m very mad about this situation please fix it!!!!

- Great editing app

It’s go but it would be better if you had added a green screen effect thx

- Awesome!But, one thing.

This app is awesome!I use it to make videos on my youtube channel, and make edits, but. Theres no motion blur.Maybe there could be transition with motion blur attached, or you can pick what type of motion blur you would like. Such as spin transitions and zoom in/out transitions.I would absolutely give 5 stars then.

- One problem.

So I love this app and I was dying to get the full version but the only problem is the price I think the just to get no water mark and longer than 0:30 second video the price (in my opinion) should be about 5$ but it’s the best I love tweening(animating) with the app It works really well with ‘video star’ everyone who uses cute cut should use cute cut pro!

- Crashes

This app is very good, but sometimes it crashes when I’m making transitions.

- ;-;

Everytime I make a video it always says low space and than crashes so then I have to redo the same thing...;-;

- great app BUT PLS FIX BUGS

I love using this app for editing, but sometimes it’s so where to use because it keeps crashing, even after restarting my phone and cleaning up my storage.

- Good but could be better

It’s ok for short clips editing under 1 min and 30 sec

- My opinion on this app

Hello! I am a GachaTuber, and I purchased Cute Cut pro after using the free version for a year. I thought it would have some cool effects or something. But it didn’t. All I could see that costed $10 was the watermark was gone, I loved that! But there needed to be a reason this was $10. I use Cute Cut Pro almost everyday for my Yt videos, Instagram stuff, or even just to help a friend. That’s my opinion, my insta is laina_hell. Hmu;)


So I use this app quite a lot for my animations but the thing that bugs me is that there is an undo button but no redo witch is pretty stupid because what happens is you click twice instead of once? There is no going back? I just think it would to be easier to learn the app with an redo button.

- pretty good

it’s a good app but paying eight dollars just to remove a water mark with no extra features is a little unreasonable I would really like more features in pro

- Cute cut pro

The app is good for editing however sometimes when you cut your clip there is a black scene for about .5 seconds and that’s is very annoying

- Best!

This is by far the best editing app on the iPhone!

- Is really good but

I really this app! But one thing is missing is the green/blue screen effect is really bothering me a lot. When there is no option about it and could you please add an option about green/blue screen effect.

- It crashed and I lost 5 hours of work 🤠

All editing apps r amazing🦋🦄🥺but not this one💞💎🥰 jkjk so basically it kicked me out of the app when I was editing and HAD BEEN FOR 5 HOURS and then when I tried to reopen the movie again it said it was low ok memory and then when I pressed ok IT KICKED ME OUT AND NOW I CANT GET MY WORK 😌🥰 fml -12/10 I’m going to go back to videostar now it was fun well it lasted bye bye

- This is an amazing app

But every time I move a picture the screen goes black and when I move the picture it’s really choppy if you can fix this problem it would make tweening more simple and being a gachatuber who’s learning to tween is kinda hard

- I can’t upload sound

Hello, I love Cute Cut pro it’s really easy to use and the things you can creat are AMAZING, but recently I haven’t been able to upload anything to it, I’ve tried uploading from Drop box and Documents and that’s usually works, but it’s now right now, can somebody please help me?

- :0

5 stars if you add chroma key, it would help all of us gachatubers out here, and shadows make more sense, say if you turn it around, flip it, whatever, the shadow switches with it without having to add a whole new .png? Okay, thank you cute cut pro for helping me become a gachatuber ❤️❤️❤️

- Good but...

It’s good but can you please add more effects and stuff? It’s getting alittle old...

- Wow, amazing.

Its a very good app though its 9.00 dollars. Maybe can you add some transitions so its worth it? And some green-screen???

- Love it

I love this app it’s so easy. My sister used cute cut for awhile, and she might come back. I’m still getting the haun of it. (Sorry about my grammar. So I really like this app

- .

no comment

- Help

K this is a good app and all but you NEED to fix this bug, when i’m making a movie after like 15 minutes it just makes it all black and when i try to export it just says corruption and it’s ANNOYING because i have to start over and over so please please fix this bug or i’m going to have to ask for my money back and use a different editor.

- Very nice

This app is helping me become a famous gachatuber (a type of chibis, some can call it a type of anime)! The reason I did 4 starts instead of 5 is because when you try an animate a part of the gacha characters legs or arms, it goes out and then to the place it’s supposed to. In that sense, reminds me of KineMaster. Otherwise this is an outstanding app!

- 1

Really wish I could add more then 2 layers of videos, it’s really annoying having to save every clip to add a new transition

- Amazing

I am a animation YouTuber and this app is amazing. I have one suggestion that we could save our own transitions. This would be really helpful for people like me that forget how to do things 🥺. Overall this is the best editing app I’ve ever seen !🥰🥰🥰

- It’s ok

It’d be a bit better if they added more advanced settings, like masking and motion blur

- Amazing app

This app is really good when it comes to editing. But one thing is that I feel like adding a chroma key or green screen feature will make it a lot better

- Really good editing app

I find the app really good. I feel like moving to pro was a good choice but I think it was a little to expensive. Overall, good app, I recommend it.

- Amazing!

I use this to make all of my Gachalife videos on YouTube! It is the best app, It does cost money though, it could take some getting used to. But overall this is the best app I use to edit along with InShot and KineMaster, Sometimes I use it on the MacOS but I prefer using it on IOS. -ArcticWølfProGamingYT

- 60 FPS

I’m having a problem with 60 FPS, I know that there is an option now to export in 60 FPS, but if i add any videos, there are all in 30 FPS, which kinda makes the 60 FPS export feature useless when editing videos from your camera roll

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- Great app but I do have suggestions.

I have been using this app for a while now, and I really love it a lot. It doesn’t have an annoying watermark, which gives the videos I make a cleaner look, which I like. I do wish, however, that this app had a chroma key button which would be better for using green screens in the app. I have been trying to use a green screen in this app with an image inside that has many colors, and though I have done research and I have followed tutorials, the image always turns out transparent and slightly neon looking. I hope my review was helpful!

- This app is amazing!

I love using this app for editing videos and photos for instagram however I think it would make the app a full 5 stars if you added a option to mirror the photos or videos in the pro version at least. So like a button that you could be able to click when you are clicked in the photo, that would allow you to mirror it eaither landscape,square, or the standard making it for both portrait and landscape mode as it’s very hard to find an app to mirror your photos with. Please take my suggestion and use it :)

- Great App, Needs New Features

The app is already great but adding in a few extra additions with definitely make this feel like a Pro version worth paying for. For example adding a sound equalizer to increase the base or treble. Additionally new transitions need to be added because the current ones are lacking. By tying up these loose ends and adding more features this app will be perfect. Because at the moment I’m sure that others including myself need to use other apps for making our videos because of your lacking features.

- It’s good but broken

I’ve been using this app for a while now and I’ve noticed that when you get down to smaller cuts the video glitches or freezes. When you save the video it’s fine but it’s hard to tell what you are doing when your video is frozen while editing. I wish you could see the audio for audio files because it would make some cuts so much easier. Sound doesn’t work sometimes when you go to turn the volume down. If the glitches were fixed and this stuff was added, you won’t need a computer to edit anymore; this would be the best editing app in the world.

- Almost perfect, just one problem...

so i’m an editor (_.vintxqe on instagram) and i use this app for transitions, overlays, coloring, etc. i was making an edit for cameron boyce may he rest in peace, and the app kept crashing. it said “low memory warning” so i deleted a bunch of apps and photos. but even after closing out the app, shutting down, and restarting my phone, it still said the same thing. i just deleted the app and rebought it. another thing is that i think it would be really cool to add some ae level shakes. :)

- Suggestions

I love this app. I’ve been editing with it for a few months. I just wish there were more transitions! And also when you make a custom transition, I would like if we could save it. So what I mean is, that you make a custom transition and then you can save it, put a name so then later on you can re-use it! This would be really helpful! Also if there’s wasn’t a limit for transitions in a clip or picture would also be helpful. Since I am a fan page on Instagram, and I like making edits! But so far the app is very helpful and amazing! <3

- Great but here are some things I think can improve the app

This app is amazing, I use this app for making animations, and memes. I love it so much. It was a little hard at first but then I got the hang of it pretty easily. One main thing is that I don’t know how to use a green screen. I don’t know if it’s a feature that I can’t find. I keep looking it up but when I try it doesn’t work. Another thing is that you should be able to rename projects, and there should be a redo button because a few times I have pressed the undo button on accident

- Update this app!!!!!

I have used this app for a while now and I just got the cute cut pro on my iPad,When I was using it many problems came to play, their was crashes and I hardly had done anything too difficult on the project then reduces the quality,I mean what the heck I can’t even make a 2min video without it reducing the quality or crashing and on top of that this app has not been updated in a YEAR. This app needs more updates more frequently and I not even sure the owner of this app completely left it or just wont listen.

- A new update would be incredible

This app is almost all I need with editing and I will still use it, but it would be cooler if you could update the interface to make it look cleaner. And I don’t mean completely revamp the way it works, but maybe change the look. Also two feature would be much appreciated (and would also bring in more money if you only put hem on the paid pro version) and those features would be auto motion tracking and chromakey. Thank you for the great app so far though

- Love it, but...

This app is amazing for my gacha edits! But... I would suggest for the pro, that you let people size the pictures any size, like right now there is a limit to the size of the length of how long the picture/ video shows for. And The only reason i bought the pro is because you could make the limit any size, but maybe you can fix it? I think that is why most people buy the pro. But anyway, it is a great app! I would just like if you changed that! Thank you!

- Loved the app, but can’t use it anymore

I’ve had the app for around three years now, and for two of them this has single handedly been the best editing app for IOS. Recently, however, it’s gotten to be filled with bugs and glitches. Most have been avoidable or fixable with the wonderful features of the app, but one glitch that happens on all my projects is around every 20 seconds, the video will pause for around 5 seconds while the audio keeps playing. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and just about everything I can think of, but it won’t fix. If there is any fix, please inform me because I really don’t want to change apps.

- Amazing, just some suggestions

I switched to cute cut pro because iMovie wouldn’t let me save my videos, and I am very happy with my switch and wish I would’ve done it sooner. But, I have some suggestions. Some sound effects I put into my video is tune don’t by the sound of the music I put in the video. In iMovie you can raise the volume higher than the usual sound volume. (Up to 500%) I want to be able to do that in cute cut pro as well. Also, I would love to put green screen videos onto my videos. Otherwise, this is a amazing app!

- Great editing app

Absolutely love this app have been using it for five years now to edit I have recently purchased the pro version because I got really tired of the watermark Long story short that’s literally all I paid for seven dollars for a watermark to be removed and for video longer than 30 seconds and being able to edit two videos I honestly feel like I should get more from this app then just that as much as I love this app it got really boring and tired there’s nothing new to it in the five years I’ve used it there hasn’t been no big deal updates try to spice it up PLEASE

- I love Pro!

I know that pro doesn’t seem to do much more than the unpaid version but unlimited video times and no watermark, but I’m glad that out of all types of editing apps I’ve ever tried this is a one time pay! After you pay once you don’t need to do anything else related to a membership and etc. I’m just glad that Cute Cut Pro has an eating app that is without a membership, I’m glad this editing app is around and I’m positive this app will sore high, even without a membership! 😊

- I just commented cuz the numbers matched the verse

Hey I just saw your views was 2.53k and that makes me think of ( Acts 2:35 ) and that’s why I feel compelled to say what I am about to say! Jesus Christ loves you, He died for you, God wants to restore your life making it more abundant, it does not matter where you are at in life nor who you are the promise of God is for everyone. If you would love to read where in the Bible I was referring this from it was acts 2:31-43 that sequence of verses shows how you can become saved by God! Have a good one God bless you!

- Very good app only giving it 4 star because I don’t fully understand it

I think this is an amazing app especially for the price of only 6 dollars your able to do very good edits that set you sort from other crappy editing softwares and are able to hav custom transitions skating of the screen and a lot more including green screen png a whole lot of things I highly recommend it have a nice day just wish the ui was a lil more easy to navigate but I could not be nit picking anyway I highly recommend this app get it trust me

- Love this app, but there’s a bit of a problem...

I love to make AMVs with this app, however, I have just encountered a little problem. You see, the app used to load up the pictures I picked, no matter how recent they were. But now, any recent picture I pick won’t load up. I would have to wait one or two days until the picture I want loads up properly. I really wouldn’t want to wait that long. Could you guys maybe figure out the problem and fix it please?

- Bigger better features

I GET NOT HAVING COOL TRANSITIONS ON THE FREE VERSION BUT I PAID FOR THIS NOT TO JUST GET RID OF A WATERMARK. I use this for a lot of video editing and specifically fans use this for a lot of video editing of who they’re a fan of. Your competition right now is I believe Sony Vegas pro and video star and they have the ability to do so much more than this app can please look at some of Sony Vegas pro’s transitions look at fan edits and see how the transitions on them work and make them here! What’s the point of buying this when I could’ve spent hella money on Sony Vegas pro and even find ways to download it for free to get such a bigger and better package?!

- It’s good buttt

I decided to purchase this app since I do Gacha memes and I had been using the free one since last March. I have had a few issues. 1. When I am in the middle of doing a meme it crashes and “reduces the quality” after I go back to editing it will freeze then crash again. 2. When I want to add audio every now and then it will take 30 to export the audio 3. When I’m exporting the video I have made it will also take forever or say it “failed exporting” even though I did nothing not even get of the app

- Awesome

I love this app. It’s lightweight and easy to use with all the useful features at your fingertips. There’s one essential feature that would make this app a true 5 star and that is a step forward and back for a frame and second accurate cuts. I recommend adding two forward and backward arrows to the main cursor to allow the step through. Also, when a clip is pressed and moved, display the length of the clip and the time/frame it’s moving to. Thanks!

- Updates? Layers? Deleting my videos?!

Where are the updates? Heh.. It’s a good app but I’d be nice if there were more features. Like being able to ‘mold’ pictures. Now if I add too many layers everything is fuzzy. And they delete my videos! Sometimes by themself, but today there was a video labeled ‘Blood.’ Honestly creepy. I opened it but failed to load. I deleted it. But it deleted one of my movies with it! I tried again and it did the same thing. Maybe you should add a recently deleted? Or remove that creepy glitch. Thanks.

- I love this app but ugh

I have been using this app for years to make and edit videos, but sometimes when I go to delete a piece of a video, the entire video disappears. It’s hard to explain but basically if I drag a piece of a video to delete, sometimes the screen just goes black and it doesn’t show anything anymore. This happened when I’m cropping videos too. And sometimes I can find a way around it, but other times it just will not let me get rid of a certain part without completing destroying the entire thing by turning all black, and this really upsets me


I've been using this app for 2-3 years now, and every update makes it better. For the next update can you add more transitions? And let there be more than just 2 layers in one edit. Add more audio effects, like slowing the audio down, or reversing it. Another thing that might be complicated but add a graphic editor for easing types so we get to customize our own smoothness. Maybe it'll be nice if we could save transitions ;0 (presets). Please keep adding more stuff to this app!!

- Great app! :D

It’s a great app and I love to edit and make videos with it! The only thing (or in this case things) is that sometimes it will glitch on various occasions. Right now there is a big problem with the quality when you save a video. It will be fine in the making and the pictures or videos are fine. But, when you save it it’s very pixaly even in the highest quality. The only other thing is if they updated it having a green screen. (Just a suggestion) But, I love this app! <3

- Fix the bugs please

I’ve been using this app for years and just recently I’ve been having problems with it. When editing I am not longer able to put more than two videos on different lines. If I try to put another video on a third line it will move itself to the end of the last video. I usually want more than three videos playing at one time and I can no longer do that. Please fix this and get better customer survive. I emailed multiple times with no response. I loved this app and is still my go to but please just fix this.

- Fantastic app, but....

As soon as I learned how to use the free version of cute cut, I immediately installed this version because it was so much easier to edit then my own software I was using, but there are some things this app needs. Like a mirror tool and when I’m tweening, a tool that’ll stay with my characters body. I understand that’s not really your fault though. These are just a few things that are desperately needed. But thank you for the app we have now.

- The Best Video Editor App

It is the easiest editor to use for your videos in the whole AppStore, it even let you turn a whole video into only the sound or music of the video. The only think I would like them to improve is the facility to use effects on your videos. For me, is very hard to use them (I don’t even know how). If they can facilitate the way you use the effects on your videos, it will be a lot better than it already is.

- Glitches, layers

Please add more than two video layers it’s extremely frustrating whilst using the app to have only two layers. For example, I could want to add more than one overlay in the same second but, I can only have two back to back in the same second. Also, glitches are annoying. I could be doing a skew spin or any type of transition and there would be a glitch in the beginning of the transition. The app is otherwise, very easy to use and would most likely recommend.

- Good app but...

I think this is a good editing app for those who want to use their phones but I think there should be a lot more added in to improve it. I also think that if the app had the glitches fixed too. I think it would be great if the app had features such as distortion or chroma key. If you want the app to get more popular you could also change the interface appearance without changing the layout so it looks less outdated. I like this app though and if it had the features it would be a 5 star app and I would recommend it to more people.

- Best editing app i own

I recommend this app for everyone that likes making videos. It’s relatively cheap and offers a lot more than iMovie does. The only feature i want to see added is the addition of highlightable letters and more sound effects *edit* I would also like it if every picture or text box I use goes right where the “cursor” (i guess that’s what you’d call it) is and not at the very end of my video. I find it quite annoying and it always messes up every thing on that line

- Great! A few suggestions, though

This is a great app! A few problems, though. 1. Ccp keeps crashing, for no reason, at all whatsoever. 2. The quality when exported is very bad. If you could fix that, it’d be great! Also, maybe add some more things to it, instead of just making the movie longer than 30 seconds and removing the watermark, I think that you should add more things, as in: 3D shapes, or making what your editing 3D. And maybe some effects? Other than that, ccp is pretty great!

- I honestly don’t get why it’s six dollars

I love this app, I’ve been using cute cut and cute cut pro for about half a year now and originally I had the normal version. What I don’t get is the big difference between the two, same thing other then removing the watermark. I don’t get why it’s called a pro yet there is nothing really extra that makes a huge difference in it. I would like to see more variety and extra features in the pro version.

- So glad I paid for this 🙄

I liked the free version of this app so I decided to buy this, I decided it was worth it but I was kind of wrong. Every time I go to edit and save my progress, it always says “failed to load” when I try to open it again. Idk if I’m doing something wrong when I save it, but either way it’s absolutely infuriating when you spend an hour editing just for it to not save, or “fail to load” it. Everything else is amazing, just like the free version just with no watermark and no limit on how long your edits can be, which is amazing.

- love it

I love cute cut, but it’s a tad behind (for ig video editors at least) The community of cute cut editors would love for it to be easier to edit, most of us have to use several different apps for one effect. Could you maybe add things such as automatic collaging (mirroring and not) it would really help and keep the quality of the video great! It would also be helpful to have some AE styled transitions! You all could definitely help out a girl if you could do somethings that require a hella expensive computer program! Thanks!! 💞

- Horrible for Longer Videos

I am usually very satisfied with this app. It’s great for an iPhone editor for short clips, and when I use it for that, it is great! I am extremely frustrated with it for larger videos. I am working on a 1 minute video for my Spanish class, and every time I accidentally leave the app and come back, it tells me that it there has been a crash, and it will now reduce the quality of the video. Then, my screen goes black and I have to exit the app. Note that this is about an hour’s work, and I cannot get it back. This isn’t the only time this has happened, either. Please, fix this.

- I kinda hate this now!!

So I've been using cute cut pro the full featured version for two years now and all the sudden it wants to only let me have 55 seconds to make a video normally I'll let you make a project for as long as you want as long as you have enough storage but I have enough storage but it now wants to only give me 1 whole minute to make a project and not only that it doesn't work properly now and this isn't the 1st time I've had the same thing happen about 3 other times before whit is this it's just getting pathetic I would give it a better rating if it wouldn't do this but if The app could improve and update more its great when it wants to work

- Good, but...

I said some similar things on my review on the free version, but please hear me out. Ccp now is simple and good, nothing bad or horrible about it. It has amazing features and is very easy to use. But, it could use a few updates: 1) look at ae. Take from some of its features and add it to cute cut PRO (motion blur, overlays, custom transition features, graphing, audio stuff) 2) let it use videos on more than two layers. It’s hard to do certain things because of that restraint. 3) have effects. Like I said before, look at ae. Effects can increase the buyer rate and have better reviews. All of this can be specifically for the pro version to motivate more people to buy it. Take strategies from other editing programs that are used the way this is. Besides these though, this is an amazing app !

- This app is so good but...

Ok so I’m kinda new to cute cut pro because I just upgraded from free to pro a few weeks ago, and I love it so much! It’s a great editing software and all but you guys should add more features to pro so people would actually think it’s worth it. Because there are lots of complaints about how CCP isn’t worth it. Cause there’s only 2 differences, you should maybe add more so I, and other people can be satisfied for what they paid for. ($5.99) Although this app is so cool, my second favorite editing app!

- Great but..

I love CCP but as a gachatuber there are limited things I can do. When removing a green screen it can’t be used on a gacha character because it will make the character look like you added to many filters even though you removed the green screen. You should also add magic affects! Or any kind of affects! I suggest looking at Kinemaster effects to get ideas. This app needs a lot more improvements, but it is pretty fun to use! You should add a lot more fonts like typography, aesthetic and more!

- More Then IMovie

This app allows people like me, who are just starting to develop indie films to do a lot more then iMovie, it isn't up to par with Adobe Premiere sure, but for people just starting out that don't want to spend 20 dollars to figure out that they don't want to make films, this is a starting point, a good way to begin a career. This is definitely not the editing system you want to use forever but it is definitely a stepping stone in indie film making.

- needs more

So in conclusion the app is good and all but they really need to fix the glitching errors. I also feel like they need more effects for ex: chroma key, 3D shape transitions, mirror effect and stuff to make edits smoother. I feel like cute cut pro is the same as cute cut but without the watermark. So please do add some presets and more to make this editing app more representative. thank u I hope you reply and see this and update this app soon this app will become big if it updates with these features. Sincerely a fellow ccp editor

- layer 2+ videos

this app is awesome! i’ve been using it for about 2 years now, if there’s one thing that would help GREATLY it’s the opportunity to layer more than two videos at a time. i have to export a whole video with two clips at the same time and THEN add a video on top of it in order to get the effect i want, this ruins the quality of the video and adds a bit of lag. it would be so great if there was an option to layer more than two clips, like you can do with photos.

- This app is amazing!

This app is amazing! I love how there’s no watermark so you can have a full space! Also I love how there’s different transitions you can do and not just the transitions that were put in there. There is something that needs to be fixed though... when you move the photo or video you can’t see it till you stop moving it. It would be REALLY helpful if you would fix that problem so when you move it you will see it. But this is still a awesome app!

- so...

this app is great and all, but it’s getting kind of frustrating. sometime the audio playback doesn’t work or it glitches. however, more recently i’ve noticed that the app repeatedly crashes every time i try to open up the current edit i’m working on, and it’s getting aggravating. please fix that. also, i would recommend adding more transitions & other cool things that would make this app stand out. it’d be fun to have cool edits and not simple ones. in all, my biggest problem with CCP is the constant crashing. please fix that.

- One of the very best editing apps!

Ok it’s so easy to use and I never have glitches or problems except when importing gifs they fail :( but honestly highly recommended it and you guys should make it so then you can do a transition no matter how small the pic because you are able to make transitions super small after! It would make things much easier if you fixed that. This app certainly deserves 5 stars!

- Plz fix your app

Hey I’ve been editing on cutecut pro for 3 years now and I have to say I’m pretty disappointed I get the effects for the editing I’m a youtuber and I really need this app to work and plz fix your updates on the cutecut pro cause I can’t even upload pics anymore I try to redownlosd it deleted upload it I can update it yet plz fix your app im a youtuber and this app help me threw the years since I had it it was a great app now it’s down hill

- Additional Feature Suggestions

I love Cute Cut Pro, I’ve been using it since I was in 4th grade (in high school now) and every time I get a new device, I always remember to purchase cute cut pro as soon as I get it. I am very familiar on the features in this app and absolutely love them, but I suggest y’all should add Green Screen to the app, it would make the app even better since green screen is something a lot of people tend to use. Thanks

- Please fix

Everything I make has been coming out incredibly blurry, so none of the animations I make are good looking, even at highest resolution. Please fix it so things don’t come out blurry anymore. This is the easiest app for me right now but I can’t do anything right with this blurry effect. I’m not sure if it has to do with my pictures being transparent when put in the app, or if it has to do with the size of the canvas I used to draw my pictures on, but please fix it as soon as possible, cause I love how this app works.

- Amazing

This app is amazing because it allows you to do things by scrap like the transitions and animations. This usually is only allowed by apps on a laptop/desktop. To have it on mobile is a practical blessing. And the fact that you only have to pay once and then the rest is waiting for you is amazing. Please buy it is worth the money and is by far the most powerful editing app to ever exist on mobile platform. 👍🏾👏🏾👌🏾

- Oof I’m a bit mad >:/

The photos aren’t going to the next one correctly I’m just trying to make a funny eddsworld edit and the transitions don’t work the photos don’t go to the next one right and it’s just a big annoying mess and this is practically crap making me waste a good 6 dollars for a app that doesn’t work and I want this fixed VERY badly I have tried everything to get this to work I wish I would have just stuck with the free one that worked the pro doesn’t seem really any different... sooooo yeah please make this app better :/

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Cute CUT Pro 1.8.10 Screenshots & Images

Cute CUT Pro iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Cute CUT Pro iphone images
Cute CUT Pro iphone images
Cute CUT Pro iphone images
Cute CUT Pro iphone images
Cute CUT Pro iphone images

Cute CUT Pro (Version 1.8.10) Install & Download

The applications Cute CUT Pro was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-03-21 and was developed by YU BO [Developer ID: 583555215]. This application file size is 50.48 MB. Cute CUT Pro - Photo & Video app posted on 2018-10-14 current version is 1.8.10 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.mobivio.cutecutpro

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