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Now, you can DRAW movies, AND you can draw ON movies! Cute CUT’s powerful, easy-to-use editing features put YOU in control, allowing you to make the highest quality movies, DIFFERENT from anything you’ve seen!

Do you want to create your own unique movie? Cute CUT’s robust and intuitive feature set will have you doing so in no time, drawing gorgeous, one-of-a-kind movies and so much more!

Besides providing the utilities of a common video editor, Cute CUT brings to the table exceptionally advanced, Hollywood-style editing functionality!

We’re continually working to enrich and strengthen Cute CUT’s top-tier functionality, and its refreshingly simple, unique presence in today’s digital market. Are you with us? Join more than one million others who’ve dared to discover the delightful difference that’s Cute CUT!


Key Features:

- User-Friendly UI.

Just drag and drop; you can arrange your media segments easily.
Sleek, bookshelf-style organizer showcases your movies.
UI supports both portrait and landscape modes.

- Make DIFFERENT movies, make movies DIFFERENT!

Supports SIMULTANEOUS Adding of UP TO SIX different types of media into movie projects: Video, Photo (both from Album or Camera), as well as SELF-DRAW, Text, Music, and Voice. 

- Supports various Resolutions and Aspect Ratios, including HD (16:9), SD (4:3), SQUARE (1:1) and even Portrait Mode!

Creating a PIP (Picture-In-Picture) movie is EASY: Merely place one movie atop another; Cute CUT even supports independent Resizing of each and every video segment! 

- Draw directly on movie.

30+ drawing tools. 

- 3 Advanced Brushes for pro effects: Texture, Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, gradients editable.

- Highly customizable transitions.

- 20+ Pre-Defined Transitions.

- Transparency, Border, Corner, Shadow, Transform, and Sound Volume ... ALL Customizable!

- Share Your Movie.

Export to Camera Roll.
Send to YouTube/Facebook.
Send via e-mail.

- Multiple Tutorials, and even Full Video Walkthroughs available, easily accessible.


Cute CUT is available BOTH on iPhone and iPad.

Feedback and Support: [email protected]

Cute CUT Pro App Description & Overview

The applications Cute CUT Pro was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-03-21 and was developed by YU BO. The file size is 50.48 MB. The current version is 1.8.10 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

• Fixed YouTube uploading error.
• Changed Facebook uploading process.
• Some bug fixes.

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Cute CUT Pro Reviews

Science experiment

Best editing app i own  Science experiment  4 star

I recommend this app for everyone that likes making videos. It’s relatively cheap and offers a lot more than iMovie does. The only feature i want to see added is the addition of highlightable letters and more sound effects *edit* I would also like it if every picture or text box I use goes right where the “cursor” (i guess that’s what you’d call it) is and not at the very end of my video. I find it quite annoying and it always messes up every thing on that line

elle russelll

I love this app but please add more Ae like features  elle russelll  4 star

I’ve been editing on this app for a year now and I really love it but it could use some more features. I would really love to see MOTION BLUR in this app as well as photo mirroring, a better slow motion option, more preset transitions (shakes) , and more after effects- like features. I think this would really improve the app and attract more phone editors! Please take this into consideration!! (also please fix the crashing problem)


Very good app  _Honestly_Truthful_  4 star

It’s very easy to use and I love all the different ways I can create stuff. But I wish there was more video transitions I could do.


It’s THE BEST  ~*Noel~*  5 star

It’s so good and easy to edit with I’ve done so many gacha vids now ty

oofy oof

needs an update  oofy oof  4 star

ive been editing on this for about a year now and i love it. but there really needs to be a big and new update. like not just bug fixes like actually changes and new feature on the app. please? thank you


Wooowww  baelaani  3 star

This app is definitely better than imovie but the only downside is editing music :( whenever i trim a song it starts glitching and the song starts to get choppy.

super buggyy

Too many bugs  super buggyy  1 star

This app has to many bugs and glitch which makes it unusable. The creators clearly don’t care about there app and do not fix any of the annoying little glitches and bugs that make this app annoying and unusable. Every time I want to make an edit it glitches and gives me a black screen every semiconductor and freezes WAY TO MUCH I wouldn’t recommend. Maybe if they fix there app and patch the bugs then I would recommend but for now NO.


Amazing! Would recommend!  Ksforester  5 star

You need to kinda mess around with it but it is amazing! 👍🏻


Smooth Editing  Galatic_Wolfie  5 star

It’s very smooth and easy but, it is kinda annoying that when you double tap, sometimes you tap 4 or 8 times for it to work


Vent  dgisvskavskxvsjb  3 star

I love this app I’ve been editing and so far I’ve been getting famous but the only thing is that something happens and now it’s gone from my apps so I downloaded it and it won’t download it. Man you guys need to fix this.


love it but FIX GLITCHES  sjdbsjsjsfbeyf  3 star

i use this app to edit, and its really helpful but i seem to be the only one who experiences this glitch where when i go to crop a photo, it glitches and ( well idk really how to explain it ) but i have to completely re open the movie to see if it’s cropped how i want it, and i have to keep re opening my movie to see it cropped or else the screen to crop won’t disappear like it usually does after clicking done ( again, i’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense) i’ve tried to re download the app, and looking it up to fix it but nothing is helping and it’s starting to get really annoying to where i don’t want to use the app anymore plus i’ve payed for this app so i don’t see why it’s still glitching!! please fix!!


It’s good...  AnonymousHotGuy  4 star

I really love the app and use it for all my editing. I just recently was able to buy the full version, and there isn’t enough a difference to make it worth the 6$ charge. Plus I cannot overlook the frequent crashes that I have to go through on the app. So, it’s good, just good, and only good...


great app but could use updates..  🆒boom  4 star

this app is great. i’ve recently got the hang of it and i really like it. i would like if it got updated and added a few more things to help edits look even better. i think more transitions would be great, and maybe an option (that you could select) to make the videos you choose go alone to the beat. so there’s preset slots that you fill in with your videos and chose which part you want to fit in the slot. as for transitions, i’d like a shake effect and a glitching effect. i think this would make edits look a lot cooler.

phone editors must get

editing  phone editors must get  5 star

it’s aight. it’s pretty smooth, I wish we could also make custom graphs and be able to use green screens manually and also have mirrored effects without having to ruin quality. Overall great app!


Great  Robbieedits  5 star

Great app! For all your needs


Helpful  Rb1089  5 star

Its good for editing GACHA characters!It like I’m making an animation but with apps!


More Updates  kejdjfjfjfjfjdjdjjcu  4 star

I love this app , but it needs more updates and more transitions. I have been using this for 2-4 days and I love it, it just needs more transitions and more updates. This is the only app I can really use for editing. So yeah , I really love this but it needs more things


Crashes  iSlayerBros  4 star

The app is great for editing, but for some reason, I can’t ever upload any of the finished videos without the app crashing 3/4 of the way through. I worked on a video for 2 months and now I can’t upload it. I don’t know how to fix it. The app says I don’t have enough memory on my phone, but I know I do (I have like 6 GBs left). I’ve tried lowering the quality to a minimum and I can’t upload. It would be a very big waste if I can’t upload it.


fantastic  agmz1403  5 star

Applying a wonderful sense of the word


HELP  KatlenfromtheSkywars  3 star


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