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Now, you can DRAW movies, AND you can draw ON movies! Cute CUT’s powerful, easy-to-use editing features put YOU in control, allowing you to make the highest quality movies, DIFFERENT from anything you’ve seen!

Do you want to create your own unique movie? Cute CUT’s robust and intuitive feature set will have you doing so in no time, drawing gorgeous, one-of-a-kind movies and so much more!

Besides providing the utilities of a common video editor, Cute CUT brings to the table exceptionally advanced, Hollywood-style editing functionality!

We’re continually working to enrich and strengthen Cute CUT’s top-tier functionality, and its refreshingly simple, unique presence in today’s digital market. Are you with us? Join more than one million others who’ve dared to discover the delightful difference that’s Cute CUT!


Key Features:

- User-Friendly UI.

Just drag and drop; you can arrange your media segments easily.
Sleek, bookshelf-style organizer showcases your movies.
UI supports both portrait and landscape modes.

- Make DIFFERENT movies, make movies DIFFERENT!

Supports SIMULTANEOUS Adding of UP TO SIX different types of media into movie projects: Video, Photo (both from Album or Camera), as well as SELF-DRAW, Text, Music, and Voice. 

- Supports various Resolutions and Aspect Ratios, including HD (16:9), SD (4:3), SQUARE (1:1) and even Portrait Mode!

Creating a PIP (Picture-In-Picture) movie is EASY: Merely place one movie atop another; Cute CUT even supports independent Resizing of each and every video segment! 

- Draw directly on movie.

30+ drawing tools. 

- 3 Advanced Brushes for pro effects: Texture, Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, gradients editable.

- Highly customizable transitions.

- 20+ Pre-Defined Transitions.

- Transparency, Border, Corner, Shadow, Transform, and Sound Volume ... ALL Customizable!

- Share Your Movie.

Export to Camera Roll.
Send to YouTube/Facebook.
Send via e-mail.

- Multiple Tutorials, and even Full Video Walkthroughs available, easily accessible.


You can upgrade to Pro to obtain the following features.

1. Watermark-free movies.
2. Unlimited movie length.

Cute CUT is available BOTH on iPhone and iPad.

Feedback and Support: [email protected]

Cute CUT App Description & Overview

The applications Cute CUT was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-01-09 and was developed by YU BO. This application file size is 53.03 MB. Cute CUT current version is 1.8.10 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

• Fixed YouTube uploading error.
• Changed Facebook uploading process.
• Some bug fixes.

Cute CUT App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Cute CUT Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Rodolfo Liggayu   1 star

Keeps crashing, all the time. It crashes too much, everytime I'm in the middle of everything the app closes. And then it says "Low memory, reduce quality" or something like that and then I lose my progress.

i_edit_people_   5 star

Need help. I love this, sometimes..anyways I have an editing account on Instagram and some of my friends have been having the same problem too. It ofc crashes now it sometimes doesn’t let me export my edits or it’s now making the quality HORRIBLE, yes it wasn’t has good before but it didn’t bother me as much as it did now. I love this app, I’ve started with editing with app and I’m gonna stick with it until I can afford AE. So please help, I really need this app, editing is my hobby and I don’t like any other apps except this one.

hfjekrh fmfkdhrbnfkftjt   1 star

Arg. I spent hours making something and only 30 seconds is exported so I would not recommend this

periodt pooo1234   5 star

Helpful. I usually just use this to edit small videos so I don’t have to send anything to my email but it’s g

Kawaii cokie   5 star

Grate app. I love this app because I’m a YouTuber and this app helps me edit all of my YouTube video and I have a project and this App is really helping me put it all together I usually don’t write review but I love this app

Laurenlove💗❤️💗❤️💗❤️   4 star

It’s ok. It’s pretty good but I mean it could be better on iPads

Damittttttt   3 star

It’s pretty decent. It’s okay I usually do animations or edits on it but it would be helpful if there was a select to copy and paste. I got tired of having to duplicate it one by one and then time it correcting to the audios. Just even for a 30 video two hours to duplicate the frames as well. Edit: There is lag when I try to cut something to make it on time but it only lags when something is selected but when nothing is selected it’s on time and it’s infuriating when you play it to check if it’s on time or not when something is selected. Another edit: Imported music now lags behind when something is selected. Video audio doesn’t but if it’s music it does

NastyNate1975   1 star

UGGHHH. I worked on a TEN MINUTE VIDEO and guess what? I could only export 30 SECONDS! It didn’t even tell me when I first logged on or saw the description!!

Miranda Bee   4 star

Nice but WTH. I really like this app especially since I’ve been through other editing apps this one takes the trophy. It’s just that, I was just using it and it kicked me out 4 times in a row!!! You guys have to fix this. It keeps crashing and I. Never get to continue editing in peace.!

vdndb   5 star

5 STARS. This app can do many things but the only down side is that it says what you made it from!

**TheEpicGamerr**   4 star

kind of buggy, but I swear by it. ♥️

kathythe awsome   3 star

Cute cut. I did think that I could upload a music but it won’t let me so I don’t know who to feel 🤨

SinaitheSpainishgirl   5 star

Plz get the App. The app Is really good when ever I make sad Edits for Instagram people are always asking “what app are you using?” Sometimes I say Video Star or CCP And once they get the app it ends up being great the app for me becomes really good ( well that’s what people are telling me)

life and frost   5 star

By Tiffany gacha life. I love this app because I can make video’s

MMB0525   1 star

Tsk tsk tsk. Dear Cute cut, I have used your app many times, and I don't like it because of the following: 1: 30 seconds!? Are you freaking kidding me?! A DECENT minimum should be at least 10 minutes 2: All of my videos look like a 2 year old made them. I am bad, but not that bad!! 3: 5.99 for Pro! Eh, not that bad, I'm just poor. Change those, and I will like your app.

OreoPlayz201   5 star

I Love this APP. Ive been using cute cut For YEARS! Its my favoraite app to use.Creaters thank you for making this app.

whatsupwiththeskysob   1 star

.. Bruh, after all these days I thought I could spend MY time before school to make gacha videos but instead the videos are only 30 seconds... how a shaming

doo doo egg   1 star

Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid idiot idiotic pooop. It doesnt work i am using this for a project and it fails my teacher gave me a d- because of this idiot trash

James Negron   5 star

THIS IS AMAZING. I can add photos on to videos

cat chold   5 star

Amazing. It’s very good especially with the custom transitions, and is great or transitions 10/10

bob 100000000000000000   4 star

Pretty good. It’s pretty good, although I had a bit of trouble using it. I’m warming up to it though. I think that this is a good choice for people that can actually listen to the tutorials on YouTube instead of just jumping into it (not me). One thing I really love is the variety of fonts. There’s a lot more than some apps. Overall this is a good and working app, and I would recommend it.

iheartmyfam   5 star

Just a little problem. I love cute cut I use it all the time for my gacha edits but I since I take so much screen shots I wish I could pick all of them at the same time instead of doing it one by one because it takes me some time overall I really love this app and it’s great for editing 😁

thelilbeasty   3 star

Ugh. Ok so my cute cut IS NOT WORKING ITS bad I. Made gacha edits but can’t watch

BenitaYT   5 star

I love this app!. This app is really cool now I can make Gacha life videos easily and I love its a five out of five!

wolfgangdjk1   2 star

Really, really glitchy. This is the worst of them all. It is constantly crashing and refusing to load a video file, don’t get it.

Ariana_roseYT   4 star

I accidentally bought the pro thing!. I bought the pro and want my money back. Please respond I would like to get my money back. The app is my favorite, but I bought the pro to see what it does and nothing happened. It was the same thing nothing new. Is there a way I could get my money back?

rosebxrries   3 star

it’s alright I guess. i have a lot of things to talk about. i love the app but it crashes WAY too much. like sometimes when I hit play it just crashes. and then when I come back, it says it’s gonna make the quality low. id say it crashes like 5-6 times or more. once I upload it to YouTube it has so low quality. another thing is that the watermark is a little too big and I would love you guys to make it a little smaller, I just don’t like it. that’s all.

MeeMee.2x   1 star

HORRIBLE !!!. This app only lets you use your background for a certain period of time & it freezes a lot ! It glitches a lot too! IM ONLY GIVING IT 1 star because I HAVE TO !!

Lahlah203   5 star

Nothings better then cute cut!!!!!!. Cute cut is so fabulous!at first I didn’t know how to use it but I got the hang of it I’m still learning how to do it but everything is great I go on it every single day

cats rock101   5 star

This is the best. I love this App and I suggest getting it because it's awesome you can make a lot of different kinds of videos and you can crop videos together or pictures I just love it

Advertorial    5 star

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Dyutrrhg   4 star

Transition. Just recently, Every time I try to make a transition it crashes.... but I love the app soooo could you please help? Thank you!

Rania1233   3 star

Ugh I’m a gacha Tuber. DUD ADD MORE MINUTES MIRE THEN 30 SECONDS!! ITS ANNOYING but overall it’s good for tweening!

6Dio9   3 star

Um yeah. I honestly think it needs more features to be more than 4 stars, like try making it so you can add music from YouTube or Spotify

gacha_biscuits   2 star

Come on man. Ok so I’m a bit frustrated because the time limit on 30 seconds. Some people are younger and their parents don’t want to pay for some stupid app that is barely any different. Another thing is, I get that you want to put a watermark but seriously. Why is it that big? It covers up half my screen and looks very unprofessional. Very disappointed in what this app had to offer. It also gives in clear instructions on how to use it. Like the tutorial. Where is that hm?

dhdhdhshshdhs   5 star

Noice. It a cool app! Just wish it was easier :P

katgirldiamond   1 star

Amazing!!! But it needs a croma key. Everything is amazing but it needs a croma key!!!

meow but dog   4 star

time limit. idk it would've been 5 stars if the time limit was at lease 5 minutes

Best edit aplication   5 star

A good aplication. Very good simple edits and FREE thank you so much

Human that plays games   4 star

One complaint. I absolutely love this editing app! It works perfectly! My one complaint is that the time limit (if you don’t get pro) is 30 seconds. 5 minutes would be great! Or at least something long enough for an animation meme! 😕 Thank god, the editing part is great! Or else this would be a one star.... Just keep this in mind!

sjsnsmsj   5 star

I like it but... I mean Like I love how I can edit my Gacha vids but can you Stretch it out to like 3 hours other the 30 thx!

bubleprince   5 star

Awesome!. An amazing app! I use it to make fan edits <3

angry cockatiel888888888   3 star

Fix it please. Hey on ibis paint x I delire the background of my photo but whenever I put it in your app it makes it seem like I never deleted it!!! This has made it so I can’t make the videos I love to make! So can you please fix it. It’s a grate app so don’t worry about that

Twilightonthe Moon   4 star

A glitch. I love this app but there is a glitch where I cut out the background of my picture and then I put it on cute cut and it ends up to be a white screen with it can you please fix that glitch????

BOO🐺   5 star

Not bad. I don’t no how do use it good but I love IT 5 stars

Ksdjhfjsmow   2 star

KEEPS CRASHING. I’ve had this app for so long and loved it, but what happened to it?? Everytime I edit a new video and complete it, and try to save it, it CRASHES! Then I try to go back to the same file, and it says “low memory warning” then crashes AGAIN! Now I could never use this app, cause this is a repetitive mess! PLEASE CUTECUT, FIX THIS PROBLEM! I LOVE THIS APP BUT it just isn’t working as well anymore!🤡   4 star

It kinda needs this cus I do TikTok. If u can add cool translations than it would be really cool thanks ❤️😁

hehsjdbvd   4 star

Love this!. This app works great!

hukmin   3 star

Motion blur. This app is good but motion blur is missing. It would’ve been perfect then.

best apppppp everrrrr   1 star

Improvement needed. I think that this app could be improved

The Big Artist   5 star

Tiktok. A lot of people that uses my app loves it. Thank you it’s great! Over 100k uses it on my app. Five star!

IriMoon   2 star

Audio Glitch. I really do enjoy using this app, but I keep having this problem where even if I mute a video there will be random sounds that come through when I play it back. It’s very odd...I don’t know if this only happens for me or what. As well, it would be nice if more than two videos could be stacked on top of each other when the app is fully purchased as you can do with photos. All in all, the app is fairly easy to use and the update that allows for videos to be exported in 60 FPS has been very VERY nice.

the best mc   4 star

I have one favor for you. Hey, I understand it's a good app for some people and a bad app for others. But I have a question. Can you do something so we can save unless 1 minute max? Without that, I like this app. So please do me this favor and I will rate 5 stars. I know I am not the only one who asks for this but if you could make that we can save one minute or more it would be perfect. Thank you!

DJ Tocho   4 star

Good. It’s really good BUTTTTTTT It is very hard for beginners though.

wherearethepizzas   4 star

good. would be better with more transitions!! good app though

ZayDrawz   5 star

Best app. I love this app, it’s really good for my Edits. :)

cutecuthelp   4 star


AarizAhmed102   5 star

Great!. This app is perfect for making gachalife videos! :)

Teyville   5 star

I LOVE IT. It’s so good better than KineMaster (in my opinion) So easy to use!

haileythehippo   4 star

😁😁😁😁😁I love the app but if you do more designs.... I love the app but if you do more designs like add a blur or something that would be better but it is still really good I really recommend this to all you out there who wants to make a video

lolo playz   4 star

Its nice but would like more. I love this app sooo much but I need more than thirty seconds! Also I would love if you could remove the watermark.... or at least show it somewhere else not on our video screen.

Advertorial    5 star

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kellyTinyBoxTim   5 star

This is amazing. I have a YouTube channel for Gacha Life and when I figured how to use the animation it was amazing! It really made my channel blow up, and thanks to this app my channel wouldn’t be we’re it is now

Frickmehlife on insta -3-   4 star

Good... but. So, I’ve had ccp for a while but recently changed over to my iPad Pro, My only issue is it constantly closes and it is really annoying while I am animating or working on a video for my gacha channel... It would really help to get this fixed so that I don’t have to re-animate every few seconds....

denim cherry   4 star

Awesome editing but…. This app is amazing at all but every time I press photos or videos it takes a long amount of time to load. It also takes a massive amount of time to get the photo or video and sometimes if I pressed something wrong it’ll stay there for about seven minutes or so without moving.

abigairl   5 star

it’s great but there just a thing that need to get off my mind. ok its my first time using this app and l kept a secret from my mom and it about the in-app-purpose and its $9.99 😭 and that is so bad and maybe you can change the price and make it a little bit more lower so like this strategy you return the money then that lower price we will pay you that price . please

dancin_aura   4 star

Just. It would be five stars if we could make edits over 30 seconds and not have a watermark and if we want that we have to pay $10 really..... what’s the point

Maucruz   5 star

BEST APP EVER. i’m speechless.

DankeyTanky   4 star

This app is great but.... I don’t like the watermark in the on the bottom right corner.

ally and celine np   4 star

I need more. Soooo when I export it to meh album and I make it long it takes half of my video sooooo can you fix that please because I need the whole video in my album for the channel it’s called Ally gacha LOLLIS! So yea bye

Saakhi UwU   3 star

Some issues that I'm not pleased with. When I was making a video I thought this was a great app but when I went to publish it on YouTube it said in this free version of cute cut only 30 seconds can be exported I was completely disappointed with it and also cute cut pro you have to pay money for it and the only differences are that videos can go up to any length and no watermark. So if they fix it to be free they will have more fans for this app! Just some feedback.

cutebird07   5 star

Wow. Wow

juf vufh   4 star

Deletes the videos. When ever open cute cut most of my vids are deleted and then I hav to do them again and again also there is glitches.PS Fix all of these problems

AriMangoAvocado   4 star

Amazing App But.... I love this app, it’s amazing and it’s helped me a lot with editing. But the fact I can only upload 30 SECONDS? I didn’t know and I had a 5 minute long video to get 30 seconds? Great app but pls fix ittt.

ihatenickmames   5 star

Welp. I use this app for Gacha life lol but I’m just a bit confused about some things in the app I’ve never written a game review before lol

xMochaLattle   4 star

Sometime Crashes. Great editing app! I like how you can export to YouTube and Album, that why I give you 4 stars. But the down fall is how Cute cut crash and says you can no more edit this because of “your storage” I check my storage and it’s perfect fine I have a ton of storage, but I ended solving that problem after I deleted that last picture/video/etc.

ILwikeCwookies   5 star

Yea. I like :3


?. The only thing I don’t like is the thing in the right bottom corner

Zombieweirdo12   5 star

Love the app but. Loved the app you don’t have to pay for anything but you can if you want to great app I recommend this app to all the people who are going to download

Death mist   5 star

🥰. So at first I thought this app was trash because I didn’t know how to use it. My channel has grown so much that I’ve noticed that people want me to use CC / CCP and so I decided to begin. Omg and I loved it cause I finally understood how to use it. That’s why I give 5 stars (someone else said that and they gave 4 lol) Anyway, I love this app and I highly recommend it. 5 stars from me! So why haven’t you pressed that download button yet? It’s time to get to work! (By the time you read this my channel would’ve grown so much from this app)

Stopremovingmodes   2 star

Old and slow touch reaction. This app is like a version of a IPhone 4, update and try and improve the speed of the reaction to the touch. This is all I have to say

hjfjvuwjcjsnfie   4 star

I love the app but something is just making me not like it. I love this app and all... but when I move the pictures to a different part it just goes back and I keep trying but it just always does that. And I am particularly annoyed. But anyway let’s stop talking about the bad stuff. I really love this app because it is really handy I can use the app for many wonderful things. I and I am really glad it doesn’t have the same thing every other app I tried and that is rotating into random places. And that is one of the main reasons why I like this app.

LillyJ2807   5 star

I love this app. You should make an app with a drawing thingy and it would be so fun I bet!

maddie543210   5 star

Awesome. It's an awesome app I could right a story on it I love it so much keep it up.

luca clothes inc.   4 star

Time for vids export. One thing you could change is the time for exporting vids everything is great

evie-mai williams   3 star

Crashes. It’s a good app and all I’m using it for Gacha life but it keeps crashing I’m like switching of my iPad back on swiping up all my apps and then it just keeps CRASHING!!! you need to fix this problem

hdhxbsn   5 star

Love it. I love this app hahaha thats all i had to say sorry

Luchabomb   5 star

GREAT. It’s amazing so far no complaints yet



iPad elmy   1 star

Suck. Hate it

Shlappin da bass   5 star

amazing app!. did more rhan expected, and helps with everything i wanna do with it. and if i cant do something i can just click the help/tutorial

+RA_RA+   4 star

This is a great app but.... I love this app and all but... it needs to be a bit more flexible and like, maybe... improve it. Other than that it is a great app!! 🤗

lover_redfox   1 star

Not letting me do something. It’s good but I wanna put like three videos but one goes in the bottom and one goes in the top and I don’t want it like that so that’s my problem so can you please fix this error!

Muffymuffmuff5   1 star

Horrible. Oh gosh, this app is AWFUL! It's annoying! I do NOT suggest this one bit!

ktfox369   5 star

A little bug, I think. I have CCP, but for some reason whenever I have a transparent background, it shows up white. I don’t know if it’s a bug or if there is something wrong with my phone or the app I’m using, it started happening today, before that it was perfectly fine I tried re installing the app but it didn’t work. The only way I can get a transparent background is if I save the photo to Cutecut. All in all, great app I’ve been using it for a year now

Garcell   1 star

Sure call me a demon. Rating was just to hurt the app uvu

Arianna•Galaxy   5 star

Recommended. Its cool and i would suggest to get this app if your trying to make a great Gacha Vid ;3

fixthebugpls0905   1 star

It’s try to charge me again. I recently upgraded to a new phone i had everything backed up same account and everything. When i opened my phone all my apps where there as they had been when i backed them up on my previous phone. When i went over to use cute cut pro which i had previously payed the 6 or seven dollars for a few years ago i noticed as soon as i opened the app there was the water mark that say “made on cute cut for iPhone” or something similar to that I’m extremely disappointed that this would happen and that i would have to pay over again. Ik you might being say oh maybe u changed your account information and I’m 100% sure i did not bc both other apps that i have purchased are both on my phone no payment required those apps being , headbands and Minecraft. Again extremely disappointed.

itshoseokbeaches   3 star

Can you please fix this. i paid to have cute cut pro on cute cut for about a year ago. I go back on cute cut today to see that the watermark is back. Can you fix this glitch. This really upsets me.

Isabella Perkins   5 star

Great!. One of my favorite features are the fact that there aren’t any disadvantages from this one and the pro.

ZGamerEm   1 star

Ugh. Ugh

cocokitten212   4 star

Suggestion. It is an wonderful app! It’s easy to edit and fun! However I came with a problem today..I was making video like I always do..! But when I got to layer 9, Everything goes blurry!! I have no idea what happened! Maybe maximum layer? But that’s impossible! Please fix this!

Itz_CarolineSuckerz   3 star

Real mad. I made something on cute cut, but then all of the sudden, IT DIDNT SAVE IT. UUURRRRGH I HAVE TO START ALL OVER.

GachLover2008   4 star

I LOVE CCP. I lover ccp but I just think maybe we can add transitions to it so it can be better (or if there is I don’t know how to add them) I’ve been using ccp for a while and it’s so cool i think that everybody should just download it but it does crash a LOT so I recommend you fix that bug


I’ve found a bug!. When I go into the second layer to add text and I type it in, no text appears while I type nor when I click done. Please fix it!

DGHH321   3 star

Pretty good but... IT CRASHES. This app is pretty good, it’s easy to use and I love how it’s easy to move things around. But, it keeps crashing!!! I tried to open up this project but every time I do it keeps crashing! I need to access it and edit it but I can’t if it keeps crashing on me! Other inconveniences are that, sometimes there are frames where it's upside down and how I can only save 30 seconds of my video and have that big watermark when it's free. I would pay, but, $6??? It’s not worth the money... Lower the price and it would be worth it!

Ana Loveras   4 star

I LOVE THIS APP! Just one small thing!. So I love to watch certain types of videos—Gacha Life Videos! In a lot of the videos it says it’s made by Cute Cut. So I decided to download the app last week. I fell in love with the app right away! When you edit video scenes you can go forwards and backwards. It’s SO SATISFYING! This is a really great app for Gacha Life skits/music videos/mini movies! I like how you can name it so it’s WAY more organized! Just one small thing! I think that it would be cool if you could edit the timing! What I mean is when you add a scene there’s time until the next scene. It would be cool if you could control the timing until the next scene! I say this because it goes a little to fast! That’s all the cons, just one! Hope you read this review. Thank you for your time! From, A Future Gacha Life Youtuber~ :3

cynttthhhiiiaaa   5 star

i love it!. i love cute cut! it’s very easy once u get the hang of it ,it’s my go to editing app! :)

,-.-,   2 star

Sooooo. Ok so basically I do gacha videos, and I know that a lot of people used this and I got it because of that. However, when I first saw it I found the the controls soooo complicated and when I wanted to do something it do some other thing, I was very annoyed. -.-

Alexandra (alex)   5 star

Blur and custom transition and the moving layer.. I’m a small gachatuber and I’m learning to use cute cut.whenever I’m trying to animate my character after about 3 layers of the body parts It gets blurry.and only the layers of the body parts.not the background though.I retry to do it and it keeps happening.can you fix it? The next problem is the one I was REALLY mad at.i starting using cute cut and I’m animating the body parts and stuff with the “custom transition”when I was animating I noticed something wrong.and this is the same problem that happens in KineMaster.and now it’s happening in Cute cut. When I was animating the part literally just went in a circle and came to the spot I transitioned it in.i was furious when I saw this because I thought cute cut was more “high quality.” But I guess not.the last problem is when I’m moving the layer where I want it,it doesn’t show that it’s moving and I get confused and put it in the wrong place.fixing each one takes 30 minutes or more sometimes.that made me annoyed too.i’ve seen videos and this hasn’t happend in any of them.can you fix these problems? Over all,it’s great!but for now I’m giving it a 4-star rating.i was gonna buy the pro version but I’ll think about that for now...

KadenceC936   4 star

The in app purchase. I’m only 11 and I use this for Gacha life videos for YouTube. But when I got it I didn’t realize that it only let’s you do 30 seconds of video. So some of my important parts got cut off. Idk if you guys could fix this. Thanks!

Livi poopoo   1 star

Listen Cute Cut. Giving this app one star cause Everytime i want to put the clop separated i won't let me

Ransy rani   5 star

Amazing App!!!. this is the best app i ever used i didn't know how to use it but now i know how this is the best app thank you

foxyfnF   4 star

Like it but 1 wrong thing. I can’t use it because of low memory and I deleted some videos and still it keeps kicking me out

Wolfy Potato Nugget   5 star

I love it but I wish I could have more time instead of only 30 seconds. I love it

buiuuuejs   5 star

Cute cut is not easy but it’s amazing.. Cute cut is not easy, I use this app for Insta Edits and it works amazing it’s great. But with your first trys you will end up with something u wouldn’t like but you tried hard but I got used to this app it is very easy great and everything. Good for insta edits. Good for watermarks. Good for family vacation videos as from the other rating. But this app is amazing I also use Video Star which I really like but it takes longer on VideoStar sometimes. You have to get the clip packs, audio and also the coloring sometimes. There are a lot of packs in VideoStar that include money but it’s good. But I still use cute cut it is easier but it takes longer. But I reckon you use cute cut you don’t need money but honestly cute cut is.. GREAT!!!

syrian efitor   5 star

My try and note. It’s perfect app but if the developer add in soon update more thing example : new effect and filters and sound effect etc ... ) and thanks .

ThatGirl_18   4 star

Amazing app but..... I love the app but........... there should really be more choices for edits like shake or something because there is only basic thing like “in for top: out threw bottom” but maybe there should be “shake in from left: and shake out from right” that way we can make our edits more interesting and enjoyable. But either way I love the app and it’s a great way to edit . ⚠️I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THE APP⚠️

galaxywolf🦄   5 star

Sup. It’s so good and fun you can actually make so much videos and movies and can send it to YouTube

frenjinihduhbdbhubudh   3 star

Really simple editing!. I really like the editing power of this app, But I got the pro version, And really think its better.

sophie62212   5 star

It is great for yt videos thx so much!. I do yt and I didn’t know how to edit until I found this it’s free unless you buy pro but otherwise it is great!

gujhjnkj   4 star

A lot of crashing. So when ever I try to do transitions it just crashes it’s very annoying I love this app but it just does that to much I really hope you guys fix this because I feel like moving to another editing app because of this it gets me really frustrated i hope you read this and try to see what is happening and not ignore this because it’s happened to me many times

ipad user says:   4 star

its ok but... there is something wrong with my transitions (idk if its just me) it’s not working anymore i used it once then it just completely stop working..

LilPup1067822   5 star

Amazing.. This program is amazing for animation most of the time. I use this to animate for youtube videos and it helps a lot with it! If you didn’t know, I use pictures to animate, not drawing, lol. ❤️

Arcticwolfpro09   5 star

Gacha Editing. I have a YouTube channel (ArcticWølfProGamingYT) and I usually edit on kinemaster but it was too expensive to buy the pro version so I decided to use cute cut, I actually like cute cut more that the other apps I use and but it could take awhile to get used to all the buttons. Overall cute cut is an awesome app for making my gachalife Edits or videos. And it’s more affordable too! UwU


I can’t get into my projects ;C. Ok so I make a video, but then if I exit the app and re-enter it, I can’t get into it. I’m sad lol.

The_Lol_Gurl   4 star

Almost. Really great app! Got everything done, except you can only export 30 seconds for free

Emm Doubleu   4 star

Goood. The app is great I love it so much but the face T I can only have thirty seconds of a movie is a bummer

my channel is MysticalAngel   5 star

This editing app is awesome!😱💫💞. Omg I’m sooo happy I found cute cut! It was great at the beginning but then I got cute cut pro! It’s amazing and totally worth the money! I currently have a YT channel named MysticalAngel and all I use to edit is this app! I love it sooo much <3

Katie_The Hybrid   5 star

Great App :D. This app seemed really confusing to me at first, but once I watched some tutorials I was making full on animations! (Lol) This is an amazing app, I use it to edit for my YouTube Vids, it works really well! I always get more views + likes when I use this app. :)

i vant find one   2 star

Okay but... So I’m trying to edit a video and when I click a certain picture I put in the app it says that it had a saving error and lags me out

iimcøøl   4 star

Crashhhh 😭. This app this so great, you use it for editing and it’s very useful. It just that a slot of times, it crashes when I open a project! I made a video and I worked really heard on it, it took my nearly a week! Once I opened it again, it says a crash has occurred and it will reduce the quality of the movie to save memory. Even if it did so and I deleted many of my old edits, it still crashes and I can’t continue working of it, nor watch it again! Please do something about it. It’s the only thing about the app that bugs me a lot!

meaw police   4 star

hello love your app plz read. i love your app but just like everyone else you should add more transitions to wold make the app way better i hope you take the time out of your day to read this because i love your app and i would love to see it improve you guy made a amazing app and deserve to be credited for you hard work thank you and please ad more transitions (from your biggest fan evie)

Just someone who has a problem   4 star

Hard. Wish it was easier.Its really frustrating.But on the plus side,you don’t have to pay.

Ellenl144   5 star

Awesome.. Your app is awesome! I spent 2 hours looking for a good app to film my gacha that is free and easy to use! Thank you for making this app! :)

This_Kid_is_trash   1 star

Worst. It only lets thirty seconds super annoying

Waffles for Dinner   4 star

Love it! But.... This app is amazing! But I don’t like the fact that you have to pay $8 or something like that just to get rid of the watermark and export more than 30 sec of the vid.

marija2909   5 star

Game. Hello before you ask me anything I really love the game you made! I even supported it :) you could ask me questions on the website :) bai

Alainiak   3 star

Good but I think I have a glitch. I like this app, i would like it more if there were more effects throughout the video like glitches, shakes and stuff, and if the video length was a bit more than 30 secs, but other than that it's pretty good! But every time I put a picture into it, Cute cut makes the picture worse quality than the actual picture is. When I export the video it's a little better but still not as good quality as the real pic I put in it. Once it slightly changed the colour of the picture. I always export as high quality / 720p and it still does this., even before I resize the pictures. Idk if this is a glitch or not, could you answer how to fix this?

Crazy some   2 star

Excellent but just a problem.... I loved using it! But when I did a 3 minute video that I worked hard on, I exported it and then it was just 30 seconds! This IS a good app but I think they should expand the time length to 20 mins so people can do pretty long videos!

gargfielf   3 star

It keeps deleting stuff. I will be almost finished something and it will get deleted or something in it will get deleted

dceUSuckPixelGun3dIsufcrgjv   5 star

YT Channel Iris _doesgacha. I wuv it UwU

Abbziyourgurl   5 star

<3. The app is awesome:) but it’s kinda hard to edit with it:( But I learned

Fantasy gacha 91   5 star

Amazing app for Gacha. It’s a amazing app to use for Gacha if you willing to to do 30 seconds but if you want more and are willing to pay for cute cut pro like I did it is amazing

Odd People R The Best   3 star

TWO OF THE SAME. I spent over 1 hour on an edit I was making I saved the video to get another screenshot and, POOF! My whole edit was gone so I started again and I went to get my screenshot and another HOUR OF WORK was gone, THATS 2 HOURS GONE FOR NOTHING!! I think it has to do with the “no over 30 seconds thing” so I do and don’t recommend, I’ve just lost all hope for this app though

Obey Hero   3 star

It’s alright. All I want them to make better/longer is the time u can send for YouTube

Nutella Jar :P   1 star


jteofn389   2 star

Vidéo. Je ne suis pas capable de filmer plus de 30 secondes 🤬🙄

𝔾𝕒𝕔𝕙𝕒.ℝ𝕆𝕍𝔼ℝ   5 star

Kinda good. It kinda annoys me when we have 30 Seconds for a video. But it’s actually pretty good in all, but can you please remove your logo it’s also annoying me. Please and thank you. :)

Tifany K   5 star

Love li❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍. It’s nice a like it I make gacha life vids so pls sub my name is midnight love!😉

Dragon lover1772   2 star

It keeps crashing!. I’ve had this app for awhile now and I use it for my Instagram edits, but for some reason now it tells me “an error happened when making this edit blah blah blah it’s gonna reduce the quality to save more memory?!? I have storage and memory left and it’s starting to piss me off because I’ve been working on a edit for the past couple of days and now I can’t get into it anymore? Please fix this it’s getting really annoying and I want my edit to work so I can post it!

J.D👌   4 star

Hhm!!?? Ok. Well my friend introduced me to this app I still don’t now how to use it as good as her. This app works good and you don’t need wifi. I love the fact that it’s free. In my opinion next time I think it will be a good idea if they had a tutorial when you get it. So you can learn how to use it. Great app though!!

xxqueen101beexx   5 star

Hi. I love cute cut I use it for my YouTube channel and my tik tok it has helped me a lot

zx.yp   5 star

More. Can you add more things because cute cut don’t have so many things like the other editor programs that will make the video more cool please release some updates and but some blur

Zac1470   1 star

Trash. For bots trash bad bugs 🐛 like your peen bot eat it now it’s freee

Felicia4478   4 star

Longer videos. I love this app but it needs some improvements. when I was using this app I was making a long video but when I exported it, it was only 30 seconds long. That's the maximum length, 30 seconds. I wish it could be much longer like the maximum 1 hour, I hope you could make the time longer.

Itz_AJ wolfie   5 star

〃^▽^〃. OMG cute cut is the best thing ever. It's easy fun and easy to use. My only issue for it would be all the pro stuff cause I don't have money in my phone ( ‾︿‾ )

i talk about apps :p   4 star


GalaxyRenad   5 star

Good👌🏻. It’s a good app but they have like minimum for how much and I don’t really like it because I want to put more video than just 30 seconds please improve that

shididic   5 star

Five star!. Cute cut is awesome!I’ve made 1 Visio on it

Yandere Dev.-   3 star

Its ok. Once made your movie, It Has a big Watermark which is really annoying. Its in big bald writting as well. The sound affect tools arent that good. Install Kinemaster instead, This is just a cheap rip off version.

shekyejhdwbdgdtt   5 star

Y. Pretty good

rhondahates ningas   3 star

Eh, I like it but it needs some changes. I get that to get everything you need to get premium but lowering down the limit of edit transitions and other things isn’t the best option to get people to get premium because people will just delete the app and find another app that lets you do that stuff without paying but it’s still alright

Girlsruledaworld   5 star

Good,But... I Love This App!!But..There Are A Few Difficulties Here...

mad552   3 star

Love it but some issues. I keep trying to Dave my progress and the app crashes and I lose all my work which is so frustrating and also you can only use two rows for videos and if u don’t have pro u can’t go past 30secs which is so frustrating cuz u don’t wanna pay 10 dollars so u can get more time

Get ur own network   4 star

Good! But could you please add a few things?. I really love this app, and it’s really helpful. It never crashes in me, it never lags, it always saves my progress and is normally pretty good. But, just a few things. With the free version fo Cute CUT, you can only make videos 30 seconds long, which I don’t think is anywhere near enough time. I know I’ve read other reviews and a few suggested at least 5 minutes, but I think that’s even too long. 1-1:30 minutes would be just fine for me. Even though I’ve paid for it, it still bothered me back when I had the free version. Another thing I really would like you to add is a Chroma key. It’s so annoying when you have a really good thing transition, and it would look really cool... but it uses a green screen. And since 5e app doesn’t have any Chroma key, it makes it really hard to work with. Anyways, that’s all my suggestions. I hope you found this helpful and take into consideration my recommendations. Thank you!

BOB..jane..tmart   5 star

It’s a love hate situation. I love it because it’s a very easy editing app but...u only get 30 seconds and I need to make a series!

GirlfriendToNature43   4 star

EXCELLENT, but there is room aplenty for improvements. This app is extremely useful, but there are definitely some improvements that could be made, like allowing more room for long videos and easier tutorials to understand.

Chickenbuttchick   4 star

Time problem. This is a very cool app, but the time needs to be longer..

tiana is annoying   5 star

BRILLIANT!!. Such a good app. I really enjoy it. Making videos is fun. One of my favourite things to do since I broke my thumb :( highly recommended by meee!! Ok goodbye good luck with the videos. Bye bye

Greta RM   4 star

Useful except.... So I am editing an intro for my friend and the stupid watermark is staying. I don’t think cute cut pro is worth $10 just so you can remove an watermark and have unlimited time, it should probably just be $2 with more features otherwise it’s ok.

KalheaLoveEatYuas   3 star

Cute cut. Its cool but I don't want it to cut 30 seconds and make it shorter (≧▽≦)

Roo Roo Reveiws   2 star

Alright but.... This app is good perfect for adding to music to my Gacha Life videos but not do perfect when I can only get thirty seconds of audio in there. This honestly really sad for me cause I’m an aspiring GachaTuber but I don’t wan to have to pay Ten dollars just so the audio can be longer.

Daìmonas   5 star

Very VERY Good. I have always used Kinemaster but have recently wanted to start making my own back ground for my own videos so I have this app a go. I love it. Although I will always use kinemaster first 10/10 recommend Cute Cut. A little difficult to use but once you get the hang of it, it’s great! ~ Miri Daimonas ~

Ferristar   4 star

Good but... This is an amazing app to do my Gacha stuff but..I’m trying to figure out how to do the wiggle thingy on a picture but nobody’s telling me..please help ;-;

Cyrus_eryne   5 star

Thank you so much i became a youtuber because of this 😻😻😻. I am very happy that i become a youtuber because of this app and I have been able to edit Especially gacha life, gachaverse and etc.

CupcakeGaming   3 star

It's good... but. It's really good! But I hate how it only uploads 30 seconds of the movie you did. I really want to know how to make it not only 30 seconds. But that aside the app's really good! I love that it has sound effects! Now I don,t have to go around YouTube find the sounds now!

A usefull app but sound   4 star

A userfull app but sound. Hi cute cut this is an amazing editing app i use it for EVERYTHING but my main problem is the sound when i do my voice it's very low and barley hear anything please fix it

r2cat2   2 star

Ok I guess. It’s an ok app for video editing and gacha life, but over 30 seconds of a video, you have to pay to even get it in the camera roll! And to get 2 or more pictures together and no background showing in between the shots you have to line up the blue line with the previous picture or you get a flash of background colour! Pro costs money but it doesn’t fix most of the problems, it just adds new ok things to do. DO NOT GET

helpfulappreveiws101   4 star

Great app. I love cute cut and use it for all of my editing. It is super simple and easy to use so I would recommend it to everyone.

gachagirl756   5 star

Love it. As I make Gachaverse videos this helps so so so much! Make s it so much easier

nice game yay   4 star

It’s the best!. I use this to make my yt videos and it work so well but the only bad thing is the watermark but u can remove it! It’s so easy to use!

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