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The simplest and most reliable way to listen to your favorite AM, FM and online radio stations with an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Join millions using our radio tuner today!

Listen to Simple Radio for free:

• Play 45,000+ worldwide radio stations on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
• Enjoy our extremely reliable radio tuner. Eliminating drops is our top priority
• Save your favorite stations and listen to them in one tap

Simple Radio’s free radio tuner is ideal for:

• Listening to your favorite radio stations
• Discovering new music
• Staying connected to home while living abroad
• Making your commute more interesting
• Practicing a foreign language

Find specific content based on your interests:

• Trending music
• Specific music genres (Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, Folk & more)
• Live sports like NBA, Football, NHL, MLB, Soccer and Nascar
• Breaking news
• Talk radio

Tune in to your favorite Radio Stations like NPR, Fox News, ESPN, KEXP, WBLS, WNYC, WJR, La Mega, W Radio, WTMJ, Moody Radio, Radio 24, WSB, WBLS, Radio Love, KQED, Radio Caraibes, WBUR, WCBS, Radio Javan and many more.

Why are our Premium Features the best purchase you will make this year?

• You'll be able to set the Sleep Timer to fall asleep to your favorite station, and doze off like a baby.
• You’ll never see a display ad within our app again!
*Remember that in-app purchases cannot be shared with family members.

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What others are saying about Simple Radio:

• "A pleasant journey back to childhood every time I tune in. An array of stations at the tap of a finger. Doesn't get much better.” Dan K., London
• “It gives access to my hometown radio station over 1200 miles away!” - Roxanne L., New York

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Simple Radio - Live AM & FM App Description & Overview

The applications Simple Radio - Live AM & FM was published in the category Music on 2014-06-29 and was developed by Streema, Inc.. The file size is 38.64 MB. The current version is 4.3.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes & improvements
Your feedback makes Simple Radio better. Keep it coming! Please email us at [email protected] We read it all.

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Simple Radio - Live AM & FM Reviews

MaryMoo 22

Enjoy  MaryMoo 22  5 star

We really enjoy listening while we work and any other time we have free. Thank you for great stations like WLUJ in Springfield Illinois.


Adds too invasive  lioncatark  3 star

The adds take over your phone and are hard to remove when other things need to be done on the phone. Dangerous and very annoying.

I am Trip

Helps me sleep  I am Trip  5 star

I listen every night, when I go to sleep I use this app, I love it! Thank You so much!


Terrible  Wrinkletwinkle  1 star

To I paid for no commercials and I have many commercials even after purchase


EllieMinellie  EllieMinelllie  5 star

Best encouraging smooth station.!!!


AM radio  Marczar  5 star

I love access to AM radio stations. Nice and clear to hear.


👍  ceefus54  5 star

Very good


I can’t find my station  akotski1338  3 star

There needs to be a button that searches radio stations near me

Milo Turtle

The best app!!  Milo Turtle  5 star

Thank you for this amazing app!! I love getting stations from all over and it’s easy to navigate!!

*El lobo de la Montaña.***

Que bien paisano  *El lobo de la Montaña.***  5 star

qué bien para seguir oyendo esas canciones de cuando éramos más jóvenes y lo seguimos siendo igual también..gracias un fuerte abrazo.

Humphrey 1957

My thoughts.......  Humphrey 1957  5 star

Since Pandora ceased this is a great alternative to Spotify who can be both boring and annoying


Walking  jen⭐️  5 star

Music motivation ⭐️⭐️


Data  glidesolo2  5 star

Clear and quick


Simple Radio  @iloveminyoongi7  5 star

You can listen to almost every radio station in every country! This app is amazing!!

10 11 59

1080 6ix Perth  10 11 59  5 star

This radio station is awsome. I’m 50+ and the music is all from my teenage years. I really enjoy the variety,very easy listening,no doof doof music that does my head in.


Apple Watch  Tanamon3  1 star

This won’t work on my Apple Watch it’s the latest watch to

Unlucky Punter

Most radio Stations.  Unlucky Punter  2 star

Cut out after a time and last time had to delete the app and start again.


Thank you  raycarm  5 star

Amazing we come from Melbourne so pick up all the news when we travel around Australia


Simple radio👍  matman2019  5 star

Love it! I get all the stations that I want and more 🤙


Great, but needs account login  THXcertified  5 star

I love this app! Being able to listen to my favourite radio stations from all around the world where ever I am including on Apple CarPlay is just about the most amazing thing ever. I use the Streema service online, and have numerous radio station side as favourites. This app would really benefit from being able to access those saved favourites, as it would save me from having to search for the stations in the event that I have to reinstall the app on my device.


Super  Stu016  5 star

All you could ask for in a streaming music app, it’s all here!!


Frustrating to use  nimamuth  2 star

I’ve selected several stations as my favorites many times. They never stay in the favorites. I have to search for them all over again. I’m finding another app.

Allcoast 1

Review  Allcoast 1  4 star

Great way to get radio paradise

JR. Gonzalez1

Excellent app  JR. Gonzalez1  5 star

Great app user friendly !! Keep it up .! Thanks!!👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻🤙🏼


Doesn’t always work  LoveChristianRadio  5 star

It’s great when it works


WMAL  pollypontoon  1 star

I want WMAL back.


Love this App  happywithradio  5 star

Best thing going! We moved to a nice area to be closer to our family. My radio reception is the worst and this app allows me to now, not only listen to our favorite radio stations, but international ones to!


Recommendation  recommend22  3 star

A little difficult to navigate the favorites function .


Love it!  weegee54  4 star

Easy to use and very simple (go figure) just enough to do what I need. One gripe, some of my stations have disappeared, probably not their fault though.

mac el viajero

The best  mac el viajero  5 star

Very good

dj fahy

Simple radio  dj fahy  5 star

I used to down load the actually radio stations apps before and they never worked right but with simple radio you have all channels and they always work


Music man  Sportaction  5 star

Ease of use and great selection of stations

Ciaran's ? Carmels

Simple radio  Ciaran's ? Carmels  5 star

Brilliant app five stars


Great App  Wheresmygodot  5 star

Simple, brilliant.


This app is great  RossBLOX141  5 star

I love this app because now I can listen to whatever station I want, whenever I want and wherever I want. Only downside is the constant ads but after all the app is free and they’re not popping up every time I select a station so it’s more than bearable.


Rte2  Bracins  5 star

Brilant radio station


very good radio  fougassic  4 star

very good app fast and clean


Enjoy  Mir795  5 star

Excellent and simple to use


Simple, extensive and no buffering  NeilDublin  5 star



Simple radio  clondalkinsparky  5 star

I am a blind person and I find app easy to use.

Simple Radio - Live AM & FM Comments

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