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What is sheet music scanner app? Scan sheet music and instantly listen with music with Sheet Music Scanner. Sheet Music Scanner makes it easy for you to scan or upload printed sheet music. Listen to the music printed on the page in a number of different formats and instruments, directly on your device.

Ever wanted to know how that interesting-looking piece of sheet music actually sounds? Now you can know instantly. Just point your iPhone or iPad at the sheet and let it play the notes for you.

Listen to the notes and help yourself learn along the way. Sheet Music Scanner lets you scan and playback from any part of the song, just tap the measure and listen to your sheet music.

You can even choose the instrument, pick the speed and enjoy!

Download Sheet Music Scanner and scan your sheet music today!

2 for 1 universal iOS app: iPhone / iPod touch and iPad - you get Sheet Music Scanner for all your iOS devices for the price of one.

- Scan the whole sheet instantly using your built-in camera
- Scan and playback from any image in your Photo library or from a PDF *
- Playback from anywhere in the song - simply tap the measure, the notes and symbols are highlighted as they're played
- Reads and recognizes the following symbols of musical notation pertaining to melody, harmony, and rhythm: treble, bass, and alto (viola) clefs, notes, duration dots, rests, accidentals, note ties, triplets and other tuplets, repeat signs *
- Support for voices played in tandem, e.g. both piano hands at the same time, or all the choir voices
- Support for playing individual staffs separately, e.g. right or left piano hand
- Support for multiple pages
- Accommodates speeds between 50 and 330 beats per minute
* Some limitations apply - please see at the bottom of the page.

- Export as MIDI, MusicXML, audio (M4A / AAC, MP3, WAV), PDF to cloud storage, directly to other apps or via AirDrop
- All major cloud storages supported: iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc. Note that the appropriate cloud storage client app has to be installed for this to work.

- Accordion, Acoustic Bass, Alto Sax, Bagpipes, Banjo, Bass Guitar, Celeste, Cello, Choir, Clarinet, Double Bass, Flute, French Horn, Guitar - Classical, Clean, Distortion, Glockenspiel, Harp, Mandolin, Marimba, Oboe, Organ (Percussive, Pipe, Reed, Rock, Tonewheel), Piano, Recorder, Tenor Sax, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Vibraphone, Viola, Violin, Xylophone
- Supports actual instrument pitch for transposing instruments
- Supports pitch shift / sound transposition by semitones up to 2 octaves up or down
- Change your pitch standard based on instrument, from standard 440Hz to 380-480 Hz

iPhone 6, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2

- Reads printed sheet music, not handwritten or mimicking handwriting, tablatures, etc.
- Reads standard oval note heads only, no special symbols like shape notes.
- The following symbols are not currently supported: codas, percussion notation, dynamics, double sharps, double flats, and grace notes. These are planned to come in the future updates.
- Use high-quality printed sheet music and take photos under good enough light, when scanning from your camera, for optimal results. For scanning from a file, the recommended resolution is 300 DPI or 8-12 MPx per page.
- Some older prints and unusual fonts may not be recognizable.

If you experience any problems, please contact support at

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App Name Sheet Music Scanner
Category Music
Updated 21 December 2022, Wednesday
File Size 43.87 MB

Sheet Music Scanner Comments & Reviews 2023

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Great app—useful improvements could be made!. Fantastic app!!! Very helpful. A few things that I noticed could be improved: If there was a way to set tempos for different sections, that would be amazing. Also, if you could play multiple voices but not the vocal line (so everything the piano plays instead of just bass or treble). There’s a bit of a glitch with slurs—notes that are marked flat in one measure and “slurred” to the next, are played as natural in the next measure. I’m not positive, but I also think it doesn’t recognize repeats. Finally, if there was a way to set that the play-through would make certain cuts (so it could skip over measures or pick up at a later section), this app would be perfect!

not worth it.. The problem is not that it did not recognize notes, but it plays and exports the wrong notes that can’t be corrected by Finale. I.e., it failed to recognize the key signature, but when I added the key signature, some measures still play in the wrong key. There was something in the XML export that could not be corrected. Aside from that, inside the application, it recognized the right placement of the notes on the staff but without applying the key signature, it was all wrong. Basically it was no help at all ***update. Developer was helpful and responsive and offered to refund money, although the process is unclear. I wrote this review before being contacted by developer. the scan was high resolution but of a printout that was done on an older printer. Revised to 3 stars however would not work for my needs of older sheet music.

This app is a waste of money!. I hadn’t been able to listen to my pieces for a while, as my piano was broken, and I couldn’t fix it. So I thought, why don’t I try to use this app to scan my handwritten sheet music to hear what it sounds like? Well, upon using this application, I was very disappointed to find that this app does not recognize PERFECTLY CLEAR to read sheet music written in pencil. It only recognized some notes, and in the wrong clef. I figured this app would be more convenient than any composing softwares that require “premium,” and that I could just pay and get it over with. I paid money for an app that doesn’t recognize clefs, time signatures and so on. If I ever use this app again, I will use it once it’s recognition software works better, and it has an actual editing software you can use if it gets it wrong. I tried multiple times for it to work, but the only thing it recognizes is computer generated sheet music. I will give it 3 stars, only because it did KIND OF work, but not at all the way I intended it to.

Updating my previous review. I originally gave this app a very critical review (comparing it to high end scanners) but have since used it a number of times with excellent results, hence changing to 5 stars. I do a lot of music scanning and this app has saved me hundreds of hours. Very easy to use and extremely helpful with pdf scores. I don’t even try very complicated modern music scores as it’s not intended for highly complex notation. That’s what expensive laptop programs are for. This app is a great, inexpensive way to get basic scores digitized quickly and accurately.

Almost perfect. Wanted something to scan and play my Elizabethan recorder music. Exactly what I was looking for, simple and accurate. Had a few bumps at first but didn't take long to figure it out. Hints were very helpful. Plus the playback was very pleasant. Will be completely perfect once repeats and codas are added. For the price you have nothing to lose. Very happy with this app. UPDATE: Latest upgrade includes repeat recognition which works very well. Had a couple of problems with a few scans but was able to solve them with a little creative cutting and pasting. Even more happy now!

Good but needs work. Overall, I love the app. It is extremely easy to use and gives great results. However, there are a couple things that would be great if added. First of all, unless a high quality pdf is used, there are bound to be notes missed. I have found that it can miss bass clefs very frequently as well. It would be great if there were a way for us to add missing notes. Additionally, this is a small thing, but it would be nice if the temp could be adjusted via keyboard instead of slider as the slider is a pain to use. Yet, if you are looking for a relatively cheap app to scan music with, this app is definitely for you!

Accurate reading. I need an app to help on my new practice. I tried those “major“ apps in computer and on iPhone . I identified those major by review websites and ad in App Store. I used the same pictures I took by my phone to test. This is the only one that recognize all of them. I did this one last because it doesn’t have a test version, I am afraid I may purchase a bad app. After no satisfaction on other apps. I purchased this one for its high rating. And I satisfied immediately after it reads the least recognized picture and play it correctly. It’s a good app that doesn’t ask you to “subscribe “

Amazing and really helpful. This app works great! I play piano but don’t sight read well so this app really helps me figure out what the songs sound like from the sheet music before I start to play. It’s really easy to use and can export the files to midi and other formats that’s your thing. It doesn’t always get every note correct - probably depends on the quality of the image - but it does a great job. It’s even very good when you take a picture of a bowed page from a book and the staffs aren’t straight (which blows me away). There are a lot of instrument sounds you can choose from for the playback but they’re a little lackluster - but that’s not really why you buy this program. I’m amazed at what this app can do and really appreciate the creators hard work.

Sheet Music Scanner is very useful.. Pros: While not perfect, this is a very useful app for music students. I often use this app for a first run through of new sheet music. I also use it to woodshed phrases in practice. You can alter speed and pitch independently. Quite remarkable. Impressive app. It’s also good when shopping for sheet music as it gives a better preview of a piano score with both hands simultaneously than ones imagination might give - at least in my case. Cons: There are various refinements needed, for example, the app doesn’t count triplets as yet (March 9, 2020), but hopefully that will be added. It also doesn’t correctly interpret accordion Stradella bass notation. So, one gets used to the bass clef being read in piano fashion, rather than bass / chord interpretation for the accordion. It would be nice to have, but I don’t think the author even knows about this standard convention.

Absolutely Amazed. I’m not going to lie. I’m tough to impress, and especially jaded about programs the claim that they can work with sheet music. Nonetheless, I ponied up the four dollars for this and could not be happier. It reads off of bad photocopies, it reads off of my laptop screen, and of course it reads on well printed sheet music. It reads images, it uses the camera, and the only thing I wish I could do that it doesn’t is read straight out of a PDF and do multiple pages. Bravo to the author. Add PDF support and multipage support and you can have another $10 of my money!

Fantastic app! Where have you been all my musical life?!. I never do reviews but this app impressed me so much that I had to give my two sense! This app is worth EVERY penny. You can buy music scanning apps for 10 times the price and won’t get near the quality product that this is. This app is going to save me tons of time! I still can’t believe how accurate it is and with multiple voicing too! I’m not saying that it is perfect but it is really good! The only thing I have noticed is that It has an issue recognizing triplets and it missed a treble clef inserted halfway through the page but for just a scanning app it is fantastic! Understand, you are not getting a music editing app. I use Finale to do that but you can export what you scan on the app to finale as an xlm file. Get the app... you won’t regret it.

Useful app. Be aware that it won’t work on hand-written or “Fake Books”.. I bought this in my excitement of seeing that this kind of app was now available. Sadly, I didn’t stop to think that it was unlikely to work with fake books, which are usually printed from hand-written scores. I can’t blame the developer for this, as I can see that this would be a tough thing to do with OCR. For this reason, I won’t be asking for a refund or anything like that. I may be able to use it occasionally. I’ll look at it as a contribution for the developer’s efforts. :-)

Magic Program!. I have just discovered this wonderful program which almost makes up for all the times I have said “I hate computers”. What it claims to do seems improbable, yet it lives up to the advertalk. It will read sheet music - - and then play it! My iPad computer with Sheet Music Scanner can sight read music as well as I can, only faster. That is an impressive feat. Now when I pick up a new piece I can hear it before I try to sight read it. How cool is that! I discovered a problem when importing pdf’s so wrote to the developer, who quickly responded. We exchanged a few emails and within a few hours had a solution. His customer service is as good as his program. If you are looking at this app and wondering - don’t hesitate, buy it now. Well worth the price.

Great!! but help!!. I just downloaded this app and it’s amazing I would really appreciate it if you added a feature where it only reads the bass clef. I also would love it if you added an option where we can edit the parts where the program reads the sheet music incorrectly. And if you could add a feature where it reads only the top note of the treble clef and only the bottom note of the treble clef to find the soprano and alto voice I’m sure so many choirs would benefit from this option and make your app more wanted. If you could also do the same for the bass clef for bass and tenor voice. Thank you so much

Game. Changer!. I’m not a sight reader. I can’t hear it in my head and predict intervals to save my life. But if I hear it once, I can memorize it. This was recommended to me by a high school choir director because I needed to learn a few pieces quickly. I am very impressed with how this app can isolate the base line in complicated choral scores. If only I could make it stop playing the baritone part at the same time, but I guess we can’t have everything just handed to us. No seriously, this has totally changed how I will learn my music moving forward. And I love that I can download the isolated part as an MP3 and follow along while it plays off the pictures.

Not capable of what I need it to do. I’m a music teacher who is constantly coming into possession of old/obscure sheet music, many of which have no online records of their existence. The only way for me to hear how they’re supposed to sound is by tediously transcribing them into a music notation software. I was hoping that this app would be able to reduce that time and let me hear it straight away, and to say I was disappointed was an understatement. Let’s get one thing out of the way. All the music I inputted was scanned beforehand, so legibility issues were not the problem. The problem is that the app doesn’t know how to read what it’s given. Timing was god-awful, notes were completely passed on, and it can’t distinguish between separate lines and voices to save its life. When I tried to put in a clarinet/piano duet, it sounded awful. Because there’s no way to tell the app that it was not looking at a piano piece with three staves, and therefore no way to transpose the clarinet properly. And even if it COULD distinguish, transposing only affects the whole piece, not the individual instruments, so don’t even try imputing an orchestra/concert band piece into here. If you’re an instrumentalist who just wants to hear what your own part sounds like, maybe this app will work better for you. But even still, I’m not so sure if the price makes it worth it. Definitely not an app I would recommend. Guess that’s 5 dollars down the drain…and on a teacher’s salary no less!

Great start! Could use some improvement. Updated use to the app....... The updates have continuously increased the accuracy of the reading and now it totally rocks! I love the new features and the new layout! This is one app that every musician or singer should have. No question! Hands down the best app! Previous review....... This is an immensely helpful tool for those of us that need help in sight reading. I would hope that some features in the future could develop into a tool that allows you to make corrections in the app reading extra notes or missing reading notes. Instead of relying on only the app to be a perfect reader, the developer could allow the users to make corrections as well. Kind of integrating the users into the whole experience. I would also like to see the interface a bit cleaned up or refined to make navigating the app a bit more intuitive. Like a button to see your saved projects instead of just the back button. Otherwise a fantastic app.

Okay, I guess. It’s unfortunate because even perfect sheet music that was digitally produced cannot be read by this app super well. I mean it can be read, but the music is off by a bit. I normally wouldn’t be annoyed, but this apps like $4 and there’s no way that I see you can edit notes that are messed up. There’re also a lot of problems with reading sharps and eighth notes/sixteenth notes. What I do like about this app is how there are several different instruments that the music can be played back as, and you can export the music as several different types of sound files.

Pretty great but needs improvement. This app was definitely worth the money and it helps me hear the music that I have to play so I can get a good sense of it. The only thing really missing in the key signature. I wish there was a function where you could put in the right key because the scanner does not pick up on the key signature at all and it sounds terrible. There also needs to be improvement on the scanner sensing wether there are two lines being played together, as when I’m listening to my piano pieces I want to be able to hear the left and right hands together, same with a duet piece. I have just read some other reviews and it seems like there is a way to change the key signature, does anybody know how to do that?

I Like This App. Well written and performs as promised. I really like it and it works well for my purposes. A few suggestions: - My phone turns off during playbac; please make app force the iPhone to stay open during playback as it is inconvenient to wake the phone every 30 seconds (this alone would push my rating to 5) - I have to do some funky things to import a MDI file to GarageBand on my iPhone; it would be nice to have a direct import into GarageBand option. - To split parts on the bass or treble staff I use GarageBand and it works well.

Great for hearing how a piece should sound (more or less). This is a great app for beginners who are trying to learn to play music and would like to be able to hear how a particular arrangement sounds. I have noticed that the app skips over repeat signs so if you are scanning an entire piece and playing it back, it’ll just play from beginning to end without any repeats. I haven’t noticed the app being able to adjust tempo based on tempo markings either. Actually, it doesn’t seem to pick up any of the markings; tempo, dynamics, or pedaling. Still a great app in my opinion and one I feel was worth the cost. Maybe these missing features will be added someday.

Trouble with 1/8 note with curved flags. First, I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful program. I was surprised at how well the software works with modern printed scores. I am in the process of learning to read sheet music and find the software similar to sitting in with a band. I am starting to make the connection between the written notes and the sounds and rhythms. My issue is with older, printed scores. I was trying to listen to some very old Dixieland scores written over 100 years ago, but the software was having trouble recognizing 1/8 notes with curved flags within the score. These are very clearly printed, but I think this written note is not in it’s database. Some times these notes would be treated like a 1/4, other times it was just ignored. I get enough information out of the analysis to figure out the song.

Works well for me to learn my part. I use this app to learn my voice part for solos and choir because I do not play any instrument. As a soprano I am fortunate to have the melody most of the time but I use Sheet Music Scanner when I have descants or harmonizing non-melody. I often photograph and crop to only my staff then add each line as additional pages to have it play continuously. Some of the music today, especially choral music, changes what voice/instrument is the top line so that will confuse the app when you tell it to only play line 1. I crop out anything that is not my line in the photo before I input it for practice. There are times when the soprano and alto lines are impossible to separate, but at least I can follow my music score and still have the notes that I need. Overall, I am very happy with the app and it works for the way our use it. I have it on my iPad Air and iPhone 8+. My only suggestion would be to have an option to Not have the whole page faded out to highlight the notes being played with another color perhaps, but to keep the page normal contrast. With the way I use it I would like to be able to see the words so I can sing along with the music. That is difficult on my iPhone8+ & not great on my iPad Air.

Amazing!. I’m a public school music teacher and I teach guitar and piano classes. I’ve recommended this app to my students. It’s simple to use and it works very well. I’ve taken guitar ensemble scores and scanned them and it played back perfectly. The score was four 4 parts. I’ve also used it to have students listen to classical guitar music which was quite complex. It played them back perfectly too. I like being able to export the scans in multiple formats. I’ve exported music as xml files and imported them into Sibelius to write my own arrangements. It saved a lot of time entering notes manually. It’s not 100 percent perfect, but it works perfectly about 95 percent of time. The only issue is it can’t playback drum set music yet. For my purposes it gets 5 stars.

Perfect as an Alto Saxophone Musician.. The App functions without internet (if you don’t know that, yes it does). The notes are scanned perfectly and play flawlessly. I’ve attempted to use other applications on the App Store; well it turns out that they are bull crap - they only convey the fact that they are to get your money, in return for nothing. I’ve been scammed. This app however, gives you not only the ability to scan music, but also plays the music perfectly. Other Music Scan apps confuse with the treble clef on the staff, and counts the note as a D. This one is smart. No In-App Purchases, because those $4 will give you everything that you want when you searched for ‘Music Scanner’ on the AppStore. I love the app, and I am glad that more and more updates are coming. The app is clearly improving, and on its way to clear success. A well deserved 5 Stars.

Overall very good. Overall this is very good. So far I used it on classical guitar pdfs. It is very close but can use some improvements. I'm noticing some notes being skipped ... some notes from a chord or a bass note ignored. I'm also noticing some timing issues within measures, so notes not being held for the correct duration. But I am trying this on some advanced classical guitar sheet music. It would probably be far more accurate on more basic or intermediate sheet music. This software appears to be excellent for beginners and players of all levels. So far I just started trying it out and I am impressed. I will be challenging this further, as I have some music with some very difficult timing. I am hoping this can help me. I am willing to share with you any inconsistencies or bugs I discover, to help you improve this app. For the price and capability, I don't know of anything better. Excellent job on this. Thank you!

Love the app but 1 issue. For starters, I really love this app! When I need to edit a piece, I simply scan and it’s ready to export. My one issue is that if I have a score with multiple instruments in different keys, it plays them all as if they are in concert pitch or 1 type of instrument. Of course that sounds like a disaster. Then, when I export it to MuseScore, I have a heck of a time trying to get the instrumentation transposed. Is there something I can do to have each instrument read in it’s own key?

Works!. I have been evaluating apps that scan and play scores on the Mac and haven’t been able to get anything close to a satisfactory result. This app worked first try, and was fairly intuitive as to saving and exporting. Playing without editing may not be perfect, but it is remarkably good. This is about to become one of my most used apps. I should add that the Mac apps I tried were quite a bit more expensive. This is an all around winner.

Amazingly Accurate!. I took a chance and bought this app hoping it would work as advertised. To my surprise and relief, it worked like a charm. For best results use the built-in scanner in daylight conditions or brightly lit indoor settings to get a clear scan of your sheet music. I scanned in some classical piano sheets, and the app was able to render a flawless rendition. As of this writing in 2017 it does not yet recognize Coda signs and repeats, but it does provide a way to hear the piece before you tackle it on your instrument. The app also has the option of adjusting the tempo during playback. Highly recommended!

Does what it does very well. This app has saved me so much time. Getting PDF charts into Finale has been a stumbling block for me, and this app solves the problem. I haven't tried snapping a picture yet. I've just imported PDFs from Dropbox or Google Drive, so I can't speak to that functionality. I do have some trouble with the playback but that's because I work with scores that have staves that transpose. The app doesn't seem to be able to understand multiple key signatures on the same chart. It assumes concert key so the notes play wrong. The app does have the ability to play one line at a time if you want to isolate a part, in which case you can manipulate the key signature. But that's OK. I didn't get it to play scores. I have other apps that do that or I could have paid a whole lot more money for functionality I didn't need in a different app. This app is clean, straightforward, and it works. I imagine it will grow in its own complexity in future iterations, but for now, I am happy to support an app that does a few things well.

Pretty good but there’s a catch. I’m using this before my marching band audition and it’s helping a lot; however, it doesn’t seem to recognize any symbols or notation. It doesn’t read the tempo, articulations, dynamics, or other notes such as “swing” and “straight.” I imported the music as a PDF so it has the full resolution available, but it still can’t read those. This is particularly troublesome since there are a lot of tempo changes. It would be nice if I could go in and select information for it to recognize

Perfect for Psalter Hymnal. So simple. This app allows me to scan our new psalter hymnal. Many of the psalms and hymns are new to me and this allows me to hear the music and even sing along at home. I’m impressed with how flawlessly this works even in less than optimal light and with the phone casting a shadow, and even when there is a slight curve of the page at the side of the binding of the book. Delighted to have this new ability. A true blessing for those of us who can’t play music.

Very Impressed. Updated review: Now that I have been using this for a while, I see an improvement that it could use. Please add iCloud storage and syncing of your imported sheet music. I have the app on my phone and iPad and it’s a pain to have to re-import something because it was originally on the other device. This would be a great help! This is the app I was searching for! I have recently joined a chorus and was without the ability to play the score (I’m “hunt & peck” on a keyboard at best). This app has been great at reading the sheet music and playing it. But the best part is being able to export a MIDI file to GarageBand so I can turn off the tenors or the baritones to hear my track. For $4 this is the best music app in the App Store!

Needs the ability to manually place in notes. Fairly good app, and it’s super convenient to have something like this. However when you can’t get a good enough image quality it is unusable, since some of the notes are missing. If we had the feature to put in certain notes that would be great. Most of the time a lot of the notes are placed in, but some of them aren’t so it would fix this problem if we could put these notes in manually. In addition, the rhythms for some types of notes (i.e. triplets, sextuplets, etc.) seem to be off, and are played slower than they should be. Overall decent app, with some improvements it could be amazing.

Amazing. This app is perfect, it is so simple and easy to use you just take a picture of the sheet music and you can choose from a variety of voices. But two things I would recommend for this app is one. The main piano voice could be improved, it sounds a little like a harpsichord. And secondly, when you have multiple pages it would be helpful to be able to move the pages in what ever order you would like and not only in the order you scanned them in. But amazing app, and definitely worth its price.

Absolutely incredible!. Saw this as part of Apple’s music promotion. It looked good and had some good reviews so I decided to give it a try. I am absolutely blown away at how seamless it works! I saw that different instruments can be selected. I thought this was just for book keeping. I didn’t expect that playback uses different synthesized sound for these. I tested flute and clarinet and it sounds surprisingly realistic. A few suggestions for improvement: if I add several sheets that are part of a bigger piece, it would be nice if tempo could be set separately for each segment. It would be nice, if in addition to bpm, the there were support for common tempi such as largo, andante, allegretto, presto, etc. When importing from a photo, it would be nice if the app would allow me to crop prior to import. This is not a big problem, I just take photo first, crop it, and then import.

Amazing!. It is hard to believe that this App works as well as it does. After quickly taking a picture of a passage in a book, or importing a picture from the web, it will often do a beautiful job of playing the music, even with three part sheet music. Unfortunately, there is more work to be done, as things like triplets and grace notes are ignored, and there is no way to edit they timing errors that slip though. I'm giving it five stars to encourage the author to continue embellishing the App. If you buy it now, you won't have to pay again when the bugs get worked out, or have to keep checking for new versions.

Improvements for voiceover users. As someone who primarily with music broil and listen to music but yeah, it is very helpful for me to understand how something sounds when I come out look at the picture, also having an app that will allow someone who completely blind to read print music is a good tool. There are some things that are not perfect, but technology is never perfect. I would like to subtract a form of camera guidance similar to what is found in the Microsoft’s seeing AI app and KNFB Reader app. For example, when you hold the phone in the position to take a picture, it would be helpful to know whether or not the page is filling the screen. When voiceover tells you something Mark, left bottom corner not visible, you know you have to either raise the phone a little bit or move the phone slightly in the direction it in the cakes. Of course, one could just take a picture using Seeing AI and then export those photos into the app HealthTap but, ideally this would be a lot of problems with that having this place would be very useful.

Works well with some limitations. This app is actually pretty darn good with two major/minor caveats. First, you need to take a really clear photo. I’ve gotten my best results from taking a photo of a single unbound page in good lighting with my camera’s flash on. Second, this app is not comprehensive so certain symbols go unread and the developer(s) explain as much in their description so this point is only a minor gripe. Unfortunately, bound sheet music is harder to get a clear photo of because one side of the page typically curves towards the spine of the book and a flat page is necessary for this to really be effective. All things considered, this is a good affordable option for giving one a pretty solid idea of how the music should sound (provided you tale really good photos); it may take a few tries before you get a scan that is acceptable but hang in there!

Very Good App, Great Support. I’m a choral singer but haven’t learned how to sight read yet, so I need something affordable to help me rehearse new music on my own. I keep ALL my data files on OneDrive for home or remote iPhone access, so I had already scanned all my scores on my PC into PDFs. This app did a very good job finding those PDFs where I had saved them on OneDrive, scanned them, played them with surprisingly great sound, and easily exported them back onto OneDrive in XML, MIDI, and MP3 formats. You can then send the MIDI files to equipped instruments, or load the MP3 into iTunes playlists. Lo As a singer I now open the XML files in MuseScore to add the lyrics (so I didn’t need the original score PDF anymore), changed instruments from default piano to flute for that staff and choir voice for SA and TB staves, and boosted the volume for the TB staff for rehearsing my part. Throughout the process David provided excellent support, so overall this app gets a well-deserved 5 stars.

Great for helping with transposing lead sheets.. Singers are forever changing keys which renders lead sheets useless unless you are gifted with the ability to transpose in your head. I had used a $400 software on Mac called Smart Score c2 Pro but that stoped working when I upgraded to Catalina. I had exported. PDF out of ForeScore on iPad, emailed it to myself. The went to Mac and downloaded and the imported it to Smart Score and edited and emailed it back for import back to iPad app. With this app I just export pdf from foreScore to Music Scanner and the to Notion for transpose and then back to foreScore. No need for Mac and I save time.

Good. I’ve had this app for years and it worked pretty well for someone who isn’t an actual musician, like me. It wasn’t exact every time, but for what it was and how it worked I was happy. I haven’t had much time to use it for a long while now, but if I had the time, I would definitely get back to scanning and listening to my scanned music in order to find out how to make it work better for my purposes. I bought this app because I was teaching myself music and music theory. I wanted to learn piano and I was using this app to hear how a song sounded so that I could learn how the song was supposed to sound. For me, this app was very useful and helpful. I hope to be able to get back to using this app more often. I have no reason to give it up and I’m extremely grateful that there is no subscription that I would have to pay. Thank you developer(s)!

Great tool, decent accuracy. Worth the price, and a big help to me in practicing choral music at home (no piano in my apartment). * Better accuracy than other scanner apps I’ve tried so far. * Works best, naturally, when you import or scan ‘clean’ music, without markings – but it also does a pretty good job ignoring extraneous markings. * New version can isolate and play one or more lines (when the sheet music clearly separates them)...awesome! ISSUES: Sometimes gets confused by single accidentals (not part of the staff), failing to realize that they should end after one measure. Does not recognize the ‘breve’ (double whole note) – these notes are just skipped and not played at all.

Great Music Scanner. If you need a good sheet music scanner this is the way to go. This app is great! So far it has worked flawlessly compared to my free scanner. The accuracy is amazing and the possibilities are endless, you are able to have more than one page on your music. You are able to transpose, you are able to listen to it with accurate sounds for your own instrument. As a Tenor Sax player this app is very important to me, from musician to musician, I can tell you that there’s no better app than this one.

Great when it works. This is great for when you have a pdf of your music you can import. But it’s terrible at scanning from photos. Doesn’t catch all the notes not matter how clear a photo you take. I wish it was better at scanning, because the things it can do are very useful when practicing! I love that you can control tempo during playback. Really helps iron out those tricky bits and gradually build them up to speed. I also like that you can choose your playback sound.

Best of its kind but not perfect. This app needs a quality sheet music print to scan from and it still misses the occasional note. It frequently plays two notes that are next to each other in a measure even when it doesn’t make sense musically (such as a tenor and a bass note). Some sheet music pages have slightly different note shapes and this app has difficulty detecting them. Also it can miss the occasional note below the bass clef. Those are my criticisms, however all in all this a fabulous app and really speeds up my vocal learning. I’ve tried other apps but none of them are in the same league as this one. I can learn much faster with this app than without it. Even with the occasional mistake in the musical output. One suggestion that I have is to add some kind of correction button that would enable the user to fix an error in the downloaded music.

Beats Photo Scan!. I use Sibelius 7 for editing piano scores. Photo Scan is included to input sheet music (PDFs) into Sibelius...which is tedious and time-consuming to use. This app creates an XML file (using the camera) which is opened directly by Sibelius. All scanning app will have errors (reading triplets, etc.) but this app is much more accurate than PS and, being easily exported into Sibelius, it is much more efficient and effective. I’ve used it on about a dozen scores, and love it! You can also use this app to organize music on your iPad for gigs. I won’t use it for that because I use ForScore.

The best that I have found on the App store. Highly Recommended!. I have tried several apps like this, and this one is hands-down the best of them all. Scanning with the built-in camera on my iPad Pro gave me about 95% recognition, but scanning with my desktop printer/scanner to a 600 dpi png file was 100% accurate. Haven't tried the XML export, but if it is as good as the rest of the app then this is a home run! Edit - Even more accurate since last update. Multi-page PDF works very well, and XML export works well with Notion, and others that accept xml.

Great app!. I love this app and it is extremely helpful. It allows me to offer part support for rehearsals without being stuck behind the piano all the time. The only issues I have found are the occasional misread of rhythm( it will play two notes in succession instead of together) when two parts are a second apart (interval) and it does not seem to recognize triplets correctly from photos. If the triplet issue could be resolved, it would be five stars from me!

It works foe me. It works pretty much the way I thought it worked. One of the scores that I scan ended up sounding separate on the right hand then the left-hand. In other words, it played the right hand for about four measures and then it played the left hand after that but that was only for for the first line. All the rest of the score got played with the right hand in the left-hand sounding at the same time. I think that might’ve been the way that it was scanned so I should try to re-scan it and try it out.

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Score player. Decent app. Can't recognize ties and can't play both hands of sheet music. Wait for new update before purchasing. To be honest, I demand a refund.

A bad cup of coffee. Well, I just blew $5.99. Bought it, took a photo of one page of piano score, played it. Oh dear! Can’t read accidentals. Got the triplets right in the first bar, pity about all the other bars. Keeps missing notes - who knows why. Tried another piece - photographed under a different light - virtually identical problems. I’m logged on from Australia but the lousy crooks at Apple charged me in US$ so it’s actually cost me about AU$8.55 . That’s two large cups of coffee. Two bad cups of coffee. Too bad.

Really good. It’s amazing and really helps me learn songs but it needs to be able to recognise coda

Recognition is no good. Only recognize like 80% correctly

Excellent. I use this for school and it saves me a lot of time when I export it into notion. One of the best apps I have used.

Best $5 I’ve spent in my entire life!. Thank you so much to whoever developed this App - it works exactly as you advertise it to and it has brought so much joy to me in the past day since I purchased it! 💗💗Your App has inspired me to return to my love of learning to play the harp, many years after I had to stop lessons. Listening to songs I used to play (but can no longer) brought tears to my eyes. I can only imagine how helpful this will be to so many people learning their favourite instrument(s) too. Thank you for pretty much what I think is the best invention since the harp! 🎵❤️❤️

Fabulous for learning new pieces. This is my favourite, most useful music app. I am an adult violin beginner playing in an ensemble and I don't always know how the piece is meant to sound. When I look on YouTube the music isn't the exact piece I have in front of me, but this app plays me my piece, and can also play the other parts so I can hear how it all clicks together. Occasionally it still skips a note especially if it's part of a slur but apart from that it's perfect for my needs. I love how I can adjust the bpm to suit my learning stage but I would really like if it had some sort of count in feature as I would like to play along with it. I can't start it up and get my bow on the strings so I have to jump in after a couple of bars.

Amazing. Recognises notes from sheet music and plays very quickly after scanning. Overlays detected notes over actual scan. Highly recommended. Can also export in to many different formats including .mp3 and .xml

Very good start. This is a very good app. I use it to scan music then export it as an xml file into a composition program. It’s a good start but as the developers note, it is missing some key things like the ability to read repeats and triplets. I will add my fifth star when those things are delivered.

Doesn’t do what I want. Claims to transpose the scanned score but it just plays at a different pitch. I wanted an app that will output a pdf of a score transposed. The playback is pretty useless because it doesn’t read the key signature. Later .... Now I realise I misunderstood what the app does. The term ‘transpose’ has different meanings when referring to written or sounding music. And It the playback accuracy is determined not by the software but more by the resolution of the image. Other people love this for what it does.

Very impressed. I wrote a negative review of this app a year or two ago, but since then, it seems to have improved its accuracy substantially. I can’t comment on how effective it would be if poor resolution sheet music is used, but it worked perfectly when I used it this time around. It was very helpful with the functionality of being able to play full SATB, or split off and only play a single part. I am extremely satisfied!

Very addictive. After a few unsuccessful scanning attempts I decided to read the helpful help. No problems after that. I found it to be able to recognise sharps, flats etc but it trips up at a return symbol, playing this as a massive chord. I then went haywire scanning my music books. Would be useful to be able to create folders in the library to make this easier to search. Being able to create midi files and PDFs makes this app very useful.

Better than I dared hope. I am giving this app 5 stars because even with the limitations that are yet to be addressed it does a fantastic job and the export capabilities are super useful. A really powerful musical app that is so reasonably priced that to give it less than 5 stars would be a crime.

Music scanner, very good. I really like the scanner and works like a charm. I'm not sure how it repeats with multiple verses, maybe that could be looked at. It has a repeat symbol at the end of the score.

Great App. This is great - It read my PDF sheet music great and wow it’s a life saver it’s almost perfect. The only thing is instead of a on/off switch for the Multiple voices, I wish that it was more customisable, I’m in a choir and I would like to adjust it so you can turn off/turn down some of the other voices and instrumentals. i.e. on a slider for each line: Line 1 (sopranos), Line 3(tenor) and Line 4(base) at half volume, Line 2 (alto) at full volume and Lines 5 & 6 instrumentals at about 1/3. If you get what I mean, it makes it easier to learn against other lines while still hearing your part the most until you have it 100% and then you can turn everything up to 100%. Anyway great app, well worth the money!

Fantastic Singers' Note Bash Tool!. This app is amazing. For someone with not-amazing sight-reading skills and limited access to a piano, this app has made it possible for me to "note bash" twelve pages of music for an audition tomorrow that I otherwise would have embarassed myself at. Thank you Thank you.

Great app. Fair price. I am tempted to rate this app a 5, but then I would have nowhere to go when the promised improvements are made. All sheet music scanned to date have lived up to the promises made. And I love that I can export it as a midi, and make minor changes through musescore. And I don’t mind paying for something this good, with improvements on their way (I have steered clear of music involving notation the author says is not there yet, I.e. triplets). Thanks for the app.

Disappointing. Paid for the product thinking it seemed legit going by the reviews and the cost. Want a refund please.

Love this app!. I’m relatively new to piano, so it’s nice to hear how the music should sound before I attempt to play it. Also I think it helps train my brain to read the sounds 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Really really amazing. I'm really loving this app. Makes learning music really easy and great! This has been some of the best money I've ever spent. Ever since PDF support has been added, the quality of the recognition has gone WAY up. I'm really impressed. That being said, sometimes it gets a few little things wrong and it would be great if we could perform minor manual edits and tweaks. I REALLY would LOVE to be able to export the audio of single voice from a multi-voice piece of music. (Or maybe export all into individual audio files). Other than that, it might be advantageous if we could report and submit music that is not auto-detecting nicely directly from the app... But of course that that is up to the Devs. All in all - Excellent work Devs. I'm looking forward to seeing what updates you've got planned for the future. Thank You!!

Wow!!. This has totally changed our music practice. We love it. Can scan the music and know how it should sound before trying to play it.

Amazing App. I love this app and everything about it, especially after the new look... except one thing. I know this is a lot to ask, but please, please add in different instruments for different lines, so they can play together simultaneously. Perhaps you could add it into an advanced edit, or settings. Please take the time to consider this, and it would completely make my day! Thank you.

A Music teachers dream. When you don’t have a midi file , scan your score and upload to this app . You can take a picture but a scan will provide a more accurate result . Seriously impressed by this app , well done to developers

Great app...But. This does a fantastic job. However, during play back it does not recognise sharps, flats or accidentals -this is not a deal-breaker as most people would probably do some post editing in Sibelius, or similar. The other (minor) issue is that it does not recognise repeats of Codas etc, again, not a deal-breaker but it would be a good feature. My main reason for the 4-star rating is because you cannot select multiple files for download to Dropbox etc. I cannot see a way to automatically get files to upload to Dropbox and the files are not available in iTunes file sharing. If above items are addressed, this would make this app one of the best in this field.

Folders. Top of my wish list - FOLDERS. Sorting alphabetically is ok but cumbersome when your music library climbs past 100 pieces.

Really good!!!. This is so easy to use. It's very accurate, and once scanned, I can easily export the music - I use Notion, where I can transpose, or do whatever I need to.

One day, but not yet.. I bought this app hoping to be able to listen to some flute music I have been trying to learn. Unfortunately the app doesn't recognise slurs or joined quavers very well. Also, it was playing all semi-quavers (if at all) as semibreves. It also treated sharps as semibreves and a single flute piece was supposedly playing harmonies at randomly selected times throughout the piece. EDIT: having used it again with some other music, I believe this could one day be more useful. It helped me with one simple piece, but doesn't recognise key signatures very well and doesn't understand staccato/legato notation.

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Main issue. The main issue I have is that a delayed start would be good so that I could start with the app instead of a bar or two in.

Needs improvement. It can’t seem to recognize time signatures and there seems to be a delay when it moves from bar to bar. Could definitely use a little more innovation… especially when they’re charging for the app.

Works very well. Great app! addition: Some harmony songs start SAT and then a fourth stave is added to the system for SATB. Can you please add this capability?

Doesn't scan partitions for percussions. I would love to use it for percussion partitions too! Unfortunately, it is not a feature on this app yet. I did not have any problems with the scanning for other partitions for other instruments. Good app!

Plays the sheet as written!. Keep up the good job!

Amazing app. This app is the only one that I’ve found that recognizes repeats and other musical symbols. Support is also excellent. Very prompt response! Love the app!

Coolest app!. Super cleanly built, and has allowed me to mesh learning by ear with sheet music. Highly recommend, worth the price!

It didn't meet my expectations. If you are trying to learn Bach's chorale in absence of a nice keyboard / piano or better a friend who has a perfect pitch, this is will not totally help you. Yes it could playback scores but usually only for piano and I would say, "just for fun" and not suitable to be used by a serious musician. I hope the admins reach out to me and offer me to get my money bach! I mean BACK.

Amazing. Scans and plays sheet music amazingly well.

Sheet Music Scanner. What a great support to learning songs and hymns. As this evolves it could well become the essential Application software for learners. I look forward to being able to link ‘seamlessly’ different pages of the same sheet music and also being able to select which “voice” to playback. For my use the “choir” playback sound is the more useful, but so many instrument options are offered. Small glitches are occasional notes missed, probably due to the light and so notation quality in odd spots when copied: a small annoyance. Also, as mentioned above, not being able to link Pages 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

Wish it worked better. Great concept, easy to use. Just doesn’t recognize enough (notes, brackets, key signatures etc) to make it useful. :(

Pas mal du tout. Petits problèmes de reconnaissance des tempo, des triolets, mais ça va s’améliorer. Du bon travail. Très utile quand même pour le prix.

Excellent app. Super easy to use, does exactly what it is supposed to do, without unnecessary frills.

Excellent app. Works like a charm - i have a bit of difficulty scanning (although that works fine - probably me or my sheets) but importing photos that I can edit first is working very well. Kudos for providing multiple paths for input. I’m exporting to forScore and that works flawlessly Good app - well worth the small cost

I’ll give you 5 stars. The other app I was using: PlayScore become a subscription, so bye. I Did some comparison tests- and got pretty good and comparable results with this app. It is a bit slower, but that’s fine. So please keep on it, I am big fan and thanks for making it one time purchase.

Useless. Even getting very good pictures it misses many notes. Nice “concept” but useless.

Can you please add in the ability for the app to read and play repeat signs?. Can you please add in the ability for the app to read and play repeat signs? Thanks.

Transfert. Bravo, 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

Priceless !. Invaluable when you see a little bit of notation in an article on blues guitar say but you need to audibly hear it as well as see notation for it all to sink in. I scan it in and the Sheet Music Scanner instruments internally are good enough to get the feel for the passage....

Quite good with some flaws. Very good. However, I had to import each key signature change separately or it wouldn’t account for them. Further, it recognized the one flat of F Major as an accidental as opposed to a key signature. I’m impressed with this app nonetheless, especially at its price. Competitors that cost much more don’t work as well as this does lol.

Useful tool for students. Being able to select specific bars for section practice is the best reason to use this app. Perfect for learning new songs quickly. It’s not perfect, with a bit of a fiddly camera recognition and other flaws but it does a damn good job nonetheless.

makes key mistakes. the other popular free app worked fine when I scanned my sheet music, excpet I couldn't access pdfs, which is why I bought this one. Reading a psf sheet this app made mistakes with the key the piece is in. Ridiculous

Awesome app. This is truly a wonderful app

Amazing for the price. I loaded an old pdf I had of a music magazine article that contained some text and some notation. Aside from the tied notes, it nailed the scan/transcription! It also played it right away for some serious Wow-factor. Export to MusicXML worked great when I saved to Files/Notion, then opened in Notion. One thing, when I export to PDF, I would prefer the option to export the scanned/renotated notation instead of the original source. Amazing, can’t wait for the upgrades!

Works great!. This app does exactly what I need! It scans a sheet of piano music and then plays it for me. It helps me learn to play a piece of music when I can hear it a few times.

It ok i guess. It works fine, but since i have old sheet music it doesn’t scan right so i would only recommend if you uploaded music. Otherwise really good and user friendly.

Un moment tournant en technologie.... Je savais que la technologie allait nous permettre de faire çà un jour et j'attendais ce jour avec impatience! Alléluia!

Terrible reader. Useless.. Looking at the chart American patrol by Meacham and Lavender - The app ignores rests and misattributes notes and can’t tell when notes are tied together. Sadly this app is useless. I couldn’t recommend it to anyone. I hope an update comes out and corrects these senseless errors since I’ve already paid for this.

Great. I love you. But it’s just platonic.

Simplement: wow !. (English will follow) Beaucoup de travail dans ce petit bijou! Je n'ai pris que quelques minutes avant de recommander cette application à tous les musiciens de ma famille. Quel bel outil de pratique et d'apprentissage! Je l'utilise même comme karaoke car je peux adapter le ton à ma voix. Bravo! Seul petit manque (surtout pour les débutants) que j'ai signalé aux développeurs : si on modifie le ton ou rythme pour se pratiquer, la modification sera automatiquement sauvegardée et on ne peut pas retourner à la partition originale à moins de l'importer à nouveau. ------- A lot of work in this little jewel! I took only a few minutes to recommend the app to every musician in my family. What a great tool to learn and practice songs! I even use it as a karaoke because it can play a song in the tone of my choice. Bravo! The only little thing it lacks (mostly for beginners) is an option to save or ignore changes, because for practice purpose, you might slow the tempo and/or lower the tone and your changes are automatically saved. You have to re-import the song to have it back to original if you did not notice your settings. I already emailed the suggestion to the developers along with my appreciation of the app.! A strong five stars anyway !

Really Helpful App!. Great program!! Needs to recognize repeats, trills and other ornaments.

Needs improvement. Key features like rest, slurs & ties, cresc & dim, and volume levels aren’t even recognized. Just plays the notes like a robot.

Super outil!. Depuis que Avid ne supporte plus Photoscore sur mon Mac, cette application fait le travail pour une miette du prix et même si elle ne scan pas parfaitement, je ne m’en passe plus en classe avec les élèves.

A very useful app for me. Thankful for this app, as a person who doesn’t sight read well it’s been very useful when I need to learn a new hymn. It gets updates to make it work better from time to time. Kudos to the developer!

Got Baited by Images. I got this app so that I could write the note names on my sheets. In the preview images of the app it labeled the note names which is what I needed. When I got the app it didn’t do that. False advertising.

Thank You for a great app!. This is the best music recognition app I could find in the AppStore. Regularly updated and getting better every time. Kudos to developer, keep it up!

Love it. Very useful and does a great job!

Like Magic!. This is a fantastic app for learning those tricky passages. It has a no nonsense clean interface that is refreshing in this day of busy apps trying to do too many things. The only thing stopping me from rating this 5 stars is the inability to read triplets (which the designer clearly lists in the app description as not being covered). The developer is still developing this app so once they add triplet support I will come back and change my review to 5!

Amazing.. This app is a must have for people who are technical and learn music by ear. Super useful and love the midi export! I use it to create practice tracks!

Scanning music. So far so good it does a great job of playing the notes from my papers I hope it will keep up.. so glad I found it I would definitely recommend this app to any one who is struggling with either notes or timing for you’re music

A great start, fun but limited. I tried a few sheet musics. Needless to say, the better the document quality, the better the results. I wish the user can choose instrument for each voice in a multiple voice piece. And control volume for each instrument. I tried to export in musicxml format and read it in with some notation software, the results are not good. I wish it would allow some editing. Anyway, a good start. Hope it gets better over time.

Thank you. Really enjoying the app. The app works as expected. A very quick way to get a snapshot of what the music sounds like. An indispensable tool. OCR is always difficult, better the scan, better the result. Like the idea you can import pictures and export in various formats. When exporting, using midi or xml expect to do some some editing to make your work look perfect.

Fantastic!. The only things I would like to see improved over time, is the triplets/tuplets, better identification of key signature changes (also flats and sharps throughout the music), and possibly more fluctuations with the dynamics. But overall, a very useful app when it comes to sight reading. I learn music better when I have some sort of recording to listen to when learning a piece of music. When I’m given original pieces, I go to this app to listen to it as a reference. Thank you and amazing work!

Works for my concert band. Impressed with the capabilities of this app. So far so good.

Super. Fonctionne très bien

Inconsistently recognizes notes. I love the app but taking numerous pictures with no changes in location or lighting produces different results — some notes are picked up and others are missed even when using portrait and landscape modes. I have even tried scanning songs line by line to produce higher quality images yet a simple quarter note confuses it. Please give an option to force recognition of notes using manual selection instead of having to re-take the picture, maybe even an option to tell the app what the note should be.

Great. Scan and playback of music is excellent. Wonderful support from the developer with solving a problem. Thank you! A definite must for this app.

Accurate and Easy to Use. For the price, this is a gem. Yes, repeat signs, Codas etc. are ignored, but that’s what software is for. If you need to hear what the entire score sounds like or just a few measures, scan/take a picture, wait (briefly) and listen! Export to your favourite software and fine tune. I can’t wait for future updates, but I’m more than impressed with its capabilities are as is. The last star is reserved for the ‘extra’ musical notation recognition.

Music Scanner. This app is truly amazing. Great for teachers and students.

Not so good.. Must need a super camera for prog to work correctly. Does not recognize rests

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Amazing App!. Now I’m not no not that they made to get people to buy this app, it is actually amazing - all I have to do is scan my sheet music and it works like that! This is so helpful for people who are making sure they are counting right and playing the right notes, I have a jazz piano audition coming up soon and this app has been the most help ever! Please get it if you want! 😎😎😎

Practically flawless. This app is practically seamless in importing sheet music. With a good photo, the music is quickly imported an can be instantly played. I would recommend this app to anyone desiring to quickly get a sense of what music would sound from a sheet music. This is a very good app. Thanks to the developer for providing it.

Amazing!. This app is incredible, it works better than I could have imagined. I needed something to help me figure out more difficult sections of some new piano music I’m working on and it does exactly that. You can change the tempo or separate out each hand. Works very well. 10/10!

Amazing. This app literally changed my life. Learning music is so much easier and it’s nice to have one place to store all of my music. I would love if Tenor Clef would be transposed into the actual octave instead of using it in the same octave as treble clef, and more responsive scanning is always wanted as sometimes my high quality pictures turn out not scanned well. I love this app so much and I would recommend it for literally anyone.

Amazing app!. This is my favorite app. I am learning violin and I am not great at time signatures. Because my lessons are spaced apart, I was able to hear the correct timing for the piece I’ve been practicing instead of struggling for two weeks. It’s made me a better player and my progression in learning has increased. Very cool app!

Great bridge to Finale. I provide the Finale support for an ensemble of twenty musicians. There are always transposing and part generation tasks. I love music scanner! It is replacing an expensive desktop program that no longer works at all because the developer couldn’t meet the deadline for a major desktop operating system change (Catalina). I will use music scanner always, linking music XML to my desktop with iCloud Drive. Finale opens the XML file directly from iCloud Drive.

Helped me get new church hymns. Take a couple pictures, then export away and you can save it as midi. It won’t do your arrangement but I have doubled my music library in a day. It worked on all the music so far. The midi might need fixed but I was going to change it anyway. Thank you!

This helps so much. I'm a musical theatre actor, and a vocalist. I'm not the strongest piano player... mostly plunking notes out when practicing. I love this app. I scan the sheet music, and it plays the notes for me. So I can practice when not with my music director. Sometimes it sounds like it's not reading the notes properly. But it's not that big a deal. Overall it's a great app.

Absolutely incredible for the price. For five bucks, this app is hard to beat. It’s more accurate than software that costs ten times as much, and it’s super user friendly. Is too bad you can’t edit the music (move any improperly detected notes, add ones that were missed due to print quality) but at this price I can’t complain. Great for assisting with learning music.

Help your kid learn a new piece of music.. It’s been a thousand years since I’ve played piano, or any instrument for that matter, and my kid has progressed farther than I ever did. So when she asked for help on a new piece, I thought “I wonder if there is an app for that?” Well guess what? After trying a few different “free” ones, I decided to pull the trigger on this one, and it’s worth 10x what we paid. Such a help, and she was so excited! You won’t be sorry for paying this dev for their app.

Great app for the money. As long as images/pdfs are fairly sharp and clear, the app works extremely well. If images are fuzzy or grainy, the app cannot accurately track the notes. Create good photos and use crisp pdfs and you shouldn’t run into any problems. Please don’t blame the developer if your images are of poor quality.

Amazing!. My daughter plays piano for the choir at our church and some songs can be pretty tricky to learn. This app is so cool bc she can just scan the song she wants to learn and listen to it before she tries it, or she can okay along with it. It would be great if it also included a metronome though. That’s the only reason my review is one of four stars and not of five.

Completely nonfunctional!. Transcript of rhythmic values has absolutely no relationship to the original. Some of the original pitches are retained, many are missed. An intermediate representation superimposes This hodgepodge over the grayed our PDF it was transcribed from (this original was crystal clear and high resolution). Oddly, playback at this point can produce accurate results, but any resemblance to the original is lost in the output— and the “edit” link at upper right of the working display is totally nonfunctional. Compared to the described function the app claims, this is a fraud. The purchase price should be refunded, and Apple should pull it from the App Store so as not to be complicit.

Pretty good; Rhythms iffy. The app is over all pretty good. I find it works best with a screen shot from a digital copy of the music. Only problem is sometimes it will mistake staccato notes or notes prior to staccato notes for dotted notes. Four stars. Edit: also seems to have some trouble distinguishing dotted eighths from dotted quarters.

Does what it does very well. If you're looking for an app that holds your hand and plays your instrument for you, this isn't it. If you want a way to save untold hours transferring notes from paper to the computer, this is it! I had a song that would have taken me hours to type out. This program had it whipped in about 5 seconds. Export it as music xml to guitar pro 7, or any other program, and you're done. Treble and bass clef! In one word- Awesome!

Pretty good app. All in all this is a really good app. I am a percussionist and the percussion instruments need some work. First off the app doesn’t recognize rolls or flams. This is a big part in the high school band and this app doesn’t recognize it, so I cannot get an accurate sound. Second off the app does not know how to read repeat signs. And can you please add quints/tenors to the percussion part. But other than that this is an amazing app and I would recommend it for any band student.

I never give ratings but this app is amazing!!. This app allows me to practice along with sheet music and see how the rhythms play out. Only thing missing is tempo clicks / metronome while the piece is playing. Other than that it’s a 5/5. I’m a nooby software engineer if I could contribute to this project myself I would !!!

More like 3.5 stars. The pro: it’s impressive to see this software work. Grab a piano sheets, snap a picture, and set the tempo. That is amazing. Plus, there are over voices to pick from. For a page of music(16 bars), it’s a solid performer The con: the sheet music needs to lay flat and can not be too busy. Complex music is hit and miss. In most cases, I end up importing the music into a midi editor to repair the error. My recommendations for new features. Guitar tab, selectable voices per track, and ability to adjust the highlighted tracks.

Great App for Choir Rehearsals. I’ve been hoping for an app like this and now I’ve found one. It works best on PDFs where you import the entire song at once. It recognizes all notes on most of my sheet music. Great for isolating different parts if you only want to hear one. Speeds up my choir practicing, because I don’t need to sit my the piano as much to learn new music. Thanks!!!

Pretty good. Overall, it reads and plays music pretty well. The only problem I’ve noticed so far, it has a habit of skipping over notes or measures as if they aren’t even there. That’s a pretty big problem, but it seems simple to fix. Other that that, that app works great. And, if that problem didn’t exist, I wouldn’t hesitate to give it a 5 star rating. **EDIT I haven’t had this problem anymore. But, one thing that would be great is to have an option to set the tempo to change mid- song.🙂🙂

Thank you for taking my money. I just needed something simple to practice to. I auditioned all kinds of desktop software - one even over $400. None worked as well as quickly as this app. I only wish I could get my time back from the trying out the other apps.

WASTE OF MONEY!. I first thought this app was too good to be true, and it was. I’m trying to prepare for my audition, so I uploaded my PDF and right away the app did not “recognize” some notes so whole chunks of runs were omitted. But the worst thing was that this app does not seem to be able to recognize what key the music is written in!!! My piece is in G, and the app missed every F#, even when the symbol was written right next to the note. The chromatic runs were a disaster— the app just played the same pitches! Thank God I already knew what the piece was “supposed” to sound like— if I were a beginner, I would have been so mislead! Does the app have promise? Totally. But right now I wouldn’t take the plunge.

Great for learning vocal score. I am using this to learn my part in a choral group. I love the app, it's very easy and user-friendly. It would be an improvement if it could learn what park to play. For instance in this score the upper voices and lower voices are separate for a while and then at some point they merge and then separate again. I have to stop the app and tell it to play the merged line instead of the accompaniment. When I replay it has not learned what I told the last time. All in all, a great app for the money. Thank you

Very Handy for learning rhythm.. Trying to learn 20 new songs of music in a week got a lot easier with this app. In less than a minute you can be listening to difficult passages played on any instrument as long as the music doesn’t contain any kind of triplets. Allows tempo change, pitch change and many instruments. Ideal for students. Also the author is very positive and responsive to my comments and questions.

Perfect for my student with blindness!. I’ve been transcribing music into Finale for the longest time, so that my student can read music in their own way. It was tedious and took up so much time that I didn’t have. This app works so well and is so user friendly. I’m showing his parents how to use it and they’re going to be so happy! This will make a huge difference for the kid and I am overjoyed. Thank you!!

Extremely helpful!!. It really is amazing how useful this app is. I had to cram for a concert on short notice - learning all new material in a matter of a few days. With this app, I was able to listen to the music to get the melodies in my head - which was incredibly helpful as I did not have the luxury of working out any tricky rythyms line by line. This app saved me!

So helpful. I got this app mainly as a guide for music I was sight reading for the first time to help me get a basic understanding of how it went, and it totally delivered. I can only think of two or three things wrong with it. It doesn’t read dynamics, or at least I can’t hear the difference, and it doesn’t always catch accidentals and sometimes doesn’t get the key signature. I’ve found it helps a lot to make sure it’s out of any plastic sheeting before you take a pic of the music to eliminate any glare.

Almost there. This app is simple to use and does a fantastic job with fairly simple music. The export functions very well and musicxml files seem to play nice with a variety of other apps and programs. The developer states that support is on the way for more complicated symbols (I.e. tuplets) which will make the app amazingly powerful and versatile. I’m very much looking forward to that. In its current state, the app is not quite as useful for working professionals.

This App is SO Helpful!. I’m an older adult learning to play the cello and working with some other adult musicians at our church to play in an ensemble. Normally I sing soprano in the choir so not playing the melody is always a challenge for me. With this, I can scan the pieces we’re working on and HEAR what the notes are. That is huge for me! Thank you so much. I have one suggestion: it would be very helpful if I could create folders to organize the pieces I’ve scanned.

excellent. All music recognition apps are not perfect, but this is incredibly convenient and accurate for what it does. I especially appreciate being able to export midi and XML to be able to open up in Sibelius or Musescore for further editing. Beat some of the best desktop music scanning apps out there including Smartscore and Photoscore. Keep up the good work.

Absolutely amazing. A must have for any student, take a photo of your sheet music and you’ll be able to hear what it *should* sound like as you hone your abilities. App also has many instrument voices, so I was able to apply a cello voice and have a tone-perfect rendition of the piece AND can tap to (re)play any section of the song!

Almost Magic. It is almost magical watching a piece of sheet music you just scanned play. In my short experience the score recognition is very good. It does not recognize some notations such as repeats or dynamics, but that is nitpicking. I was able to export a score to MusicXML and import it into MuseScore flawlessly. It is pretty amazing to go from sheet music to editable notation so quickly. The UI could use some minor improvements, but otherwise a fantastic app.

Whew!!!. Thank you Mr. Zemsky. My 10 year old gets stuck on some notes sometimes and I’m not the musician in the family, my wife is. If she’s working late and I monitor cello practice, I can assist somewhat. I let him know that it’s not perfection BUT your app has helped with certain notes he had forgotten about during theory or private class. No more “I don’t know dad” & “Ok, wait til mom gets home.” Sweet! Thanks a ton.

Very impressive and helpful. This works great! I’ve been using PDFs of choral music scanned with Genius Scan, which cleans them up nicely and scans well into this app. Sometimes it interprets things wrong or misses notes. Mid-line key changes are not detected, so it sounds terrible until the next line. 🤪 But for the most part, this is great and very helpful! I use it to review choir pieces between practices. It gets me on key and helps me review.

Great to get a feel for music. I am a music director that cannot play the piano well. This app is fantastic to let me get the feel for some music that I have never seen before. Music played by a real person always will sound better, lots better. But this is very helpful when you do not have a piano player nearby.

Awesome!. I think this is a wonderful app and I wish you much success with it. Nope, it's not perfect. But, I can scan in a song and have it play back, allowing me to get the tune and, most importantly, the timing. This feature will help me so much in learning songs for my chorale group! I would have paid much more for this ability. Thank you so much.

It does the work but.... The app is okay for what it does, but sometimes I’m reading the top line and it starts playing the second line on the next system. Also, sometimes it can play the wrong notes if there’s a temporary alteration to the note (# or b). Also, most of the time when there’s a continuity line through several notes of the same, it will play them separately, and not as a continuous long note. Basically, it works for some pieces, not all of them.

Great app. I stumbled upon this app while searching for something to help me learn music for theatre auditions. It has helped so much because I can hear my part as well as what the piano will be playing in real life. I am not as nervous as I used to be going into auditions. Thank you. My only issue, and I know it’s probably being worked on, is the timing in that some notes like triplets aren’t being recognized. Other than that it is amazing and I love it! Thank you

Good, useable app!. For the price, this app meets my expectations. I look up music sheets on websites, take pictures, crop then import to the app. Works well for me. Instruments’ sound quality is quite mediocre. Some time the flat and sharp notations get ignored, maybe due to picture quality. My greatest grieve is the transpose function only transpose the sound played back, not the actual score in the analyzed sheet. Probably that is too much too ask for the low price.

Cool, but not reliable. I bought this app to scan music from music theory books. Both from print and pdf, the app struggles to convert anything with decent accuracy. Note length is often off, 16th notes followed by 8th notes are generally seen as two notes, and it rarely gets the key signature right. Maybe the app does well with only modern, large print sheet music, but unfortunately it doesn’t work well with what I’ve thrown at it.

Update Request. This has helped me tremendously in my college classes. Although I do see 2 MUST updates to make it 10x better : DEVELOPERS READ PLEASE 1 ) Please add solfedge 2) Make it available to export as a video with the screen and audio included without us making extra steps to screen record.

Phone camera scan and play. Exactly what I expected it to do- it did. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I am worship leader at my church and my pianist wanted to perform a piece with me that she wrote. Needless to say it’s not anywhere online for me to learn by ear and I’m more of a poke with two fingers « chopsticks » kinda piano player. This let me scan in her sheet music and listen to it. Both piano by itself, vocal line by itself and both lines together. Thank you!

From a Needy and Confused Bassoonist. This is a great app and I'm the short time that I have bought this I have noticed one flaw that greatly impacts my experience. As a struggling bassoon player I am having trouble using this app without a bassoon feature. The trombone part is great, yet not great enough. I will continue to use this app, but for an even better experience I would love if the bassoon could be added to the list of instruments!

Great Tool.. It’s not Uber perfect, but neither is your playing. It gets the job done for pdf or photos exporting to many types of formats, pdf and phot scans are great. I finish up with the nuances of layouts, markings and such with finale. Really you can’t beat this app for being quick and easy to use. Try it you’ll be glade you did.

Reads Elementary G Clef. While the app doesn’t do repeats and D.C. or D.S., it does handle key signatures and accidentals surprisingly well. I does hound for a subscription or in-app purchases, so big plus. Good value for beginning music readers. Quantization is a tad off on some rests and bars, which is annoying when using it to play a melody over one’s accompaniment, the lag is at times pretty significant. Even though most users turn to a tool like this to decode a tricky melody and then perhaps play it back slowly, time is often more critical than pitch. YMMV, the issue could be my iPhone 7. I wish it had loop playback, a metronome and a lead-in count for playback. Best reader app I’ve used yet. Well worth the price.

I love it! But...... I really like this app but it needs some improvement. I have noticed that when notes are meant to be tied they are played separately and the key signature does not hold up throughout the note or sometimes in general. Some notes are also being skipped whether it be an individual note or in a chord. Overall this is a great app that has helped me immensely but these changes would make it even better.

Best I have found to date!. I love listening to ancient liturgical music and have many scores that are over 1100 years old. In prior years I used Concertware and later other music software and entered note by note to hear the music. With Sheetmusicscanner I can enjoy the music and harmonies without time consuming editing and with few errors.

Works!. I have been evaluating apps that scan and play scores on the Mac and haven’t been able to get anything close to a satisfactory result. This app worked first try, and was fairly intuitive as to saving and exporting. Playing without editing may not be perfect, but it is remarkably good. This is about to become one of my most used apps. I should add that the Mac apps I tried were quite a bit more expensive. This is an all around winner.

Not perfect but certainly useful!. I tested this with a one-page sheet that was printed from Finale years ago. I would say it was about 90% accurate. For some reason it skipped over random notes that were just as clear as any other note on the page, but I think if I were trying to learn the vocal part for something or had a single line of sheet music it would be perfect. I’m not sure how well it would handle something of more complexity.

Amazing. I have seen software costing much more than this that does the same thing. Occasionally it is good to upload the midi file I have created from this app into a scoring program to adjust a few things. But all in all, this app is phenomenal and well worth the money if you are a musician. It’s also great if you are a mediocre keyboardist and wish you could play the music as printed. You can now.

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The applications Sheet Music Scanner was published in the category Music on 2014-06-11 and was developed by David Zemsky [Developer ID: 884984327]. This program file size is 43.87 MB. This app has been rated by 4,125 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Sheet Music Scanner - Music app posted on 2022-12-21 current version is 4.11.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: ie.xemsoft.ScorePlayer. Languages supported by the app:

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