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Scans printed sheet music using the built-in camera and plays it for you.

Ever wondered how that interesting-looking piece of sheet music actually sounds? It's easy with Sheet Music Scanner. Just point your iPhone or iPad at the sheet and let it play the notes for you. You can choose the instrument, pick the speed and enjoy!

2 for 1 universal iOS app: iPhone / iPod touch and iPad - you get Sheet Music Scanner for all your iOS devices for the price of one.

• Scan the whole sheet instantly using your built-in camera
• Scan and playback from any image in your Photo library or from a PDF *
• Playback from anywhere in the song - simply tap the measure, the notes and symbols are highlighted as they're played
• Export as MIDI, MusicXML, audio (M4A / AAC, MP3, WAV), PDF to cloud storage *, directly to other apps or via AirDrop
* Note on Export / Import: All major cloud storages supported: iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc. Note that the appropriate cloud storage client app has to be installed for this to work.

• Reads and recognizes the following symbols of musical notation pertaining to melody, harmony, and rhythm: treble, bass, and alto (viola) clefs, notes, duration dots, rests, accidentals, note ties *
• Support for voices played in tandem, e.g. both piano hands at the same time, or all the choir voices
• Support for playing individual staffs separately, e.g. right or left piano hand
• Support for multiple pages
• Accommodates speeds between 50 and 330 beats per minute
* Some limitations apply - please see at the bottom of the page.

• Accordion, Acoustic Bass, Alto Sax, Bagpipes, Banjo, Bass Guitar, Celeste, Cello, Choir, Clarinet, Double Bass, Flute, French Horn, Guitar - Classical, Clean, Distortion, Glockenspiel, Harp, Mandolin, Marimba, Oboe, Organ (Percussive, Pipe, Reed, Rock, Tonewheel), Piano, Recorder, Tenor Sax, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Vibraphone, Viola, Violin, Xylophone
• Supports actual instrument pitch for the transposing instruments
• Supports pitch shift / sound transposition by semitones up to 2 octaves up or down
• Change your pitch standard based on instrument, from standard 440Hz to 380-480 Hz

iPhone 6, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2

• Reads printed sheet music, not handwritten or mimicking handwriting, tablatures, etc.
• Reads standard oval note heads only, no special symbols like shape notes.
• The following symbols are not currently supported: repeat signs, codas, triplets/tuplets, percussion notation, dynamics, double sharps, double flats, and grace notes. These are planned to come in the future updates.
• The app currently reads 3 clefs: treble, bass, and alto. Recognition of octave clefs and clef changes in the middle of one staff are on the roadmap.
• Use high-quality printed sheet music and take photos under good enough light, when scanning from your camera, for optimal results. For scanning from a file, the recommended resolution is 300 DPI or 8-12 MPx per page.
• Some older prints and unusual fonts may not be recognizable.

If you experience any problems, please contact support at [email protected]

Sheet Music Scanner App Description & Overview

The applications Sheet Music Scanner was published in the category Music on 2014-06-11 and was developed by David Zemsky. The file size is 64.59 MB. The current version is 3.10 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- Improved recognition of tied notes.
- Stability improvements.

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Sheet Music Scanner Reviews


Help your kid learn a new piece of music.  HotEod73  5 star

It’s been a thousand years since I’ve played piano, or any instrument for that matter, and my kid has progressed farther than I ever did. So when she asked for help on a new piece, I thought “I wonder if there is an app for that?” Well guess what? After trying a few different “free” ones, I decided to pull the trigger on this one, and it’s worth 10x what we paid. Such a help, and she was so excited! You won’t be sorry for paying this dev for their app.


Really Good!  Bubbles2720  5 star

This app is so amazing and works surprisingly well! The only thing is I wish that it could a few more complicated things too, such as: detecting the damper pedal line, repeat sign, a tie, trills/mordents, and grace notes. Otherwise, it is amazing.


Impressive  kallanreed  5 star

This worked so much better than I expected. Seriously.


Great detection, Expand to Desktop please!  Meh7an  5 star

It is obvious that dev did an awesome job. Reading from any PDFs with all notes in a sheet, shows a great artificial intelligence used in the app to detect any notes. I couldn’t find any similar app on PC and I request to dev to develop a desktop macOS app too.


Waste of money  Gramsterix  1 star

Scanned about 5% of the notes in a clear photo with no shadows. Useless.

Anh Le the Wild Dude

Good, useable app!  Anh Le the Wild Dude  4 star

For the price, this app meets my expectations. I look up music sheets on websites, take pictures, crop then import to the app. Works well for me. Instruments’ sound quality is quite mediocre. Some time the flat and sharp notations get ignored, maybe due to picture quality. My greatest grieve is the transpose function only transpose the sound played back, not the actual score in the analyzed sheet. Probably that is too much too ask for the low price.


Great for simple music, but not professional solos  koolky687  3 star

Look, it’s a great app and in a lot ways it’s useful, but when it comes to professional level vocal music, it doesn’t cut it, and it ends up being detrimental to the learning process. What’s the issue? It doesn’t read syncopated notes (ie tied triplits) which are used SO MUCH in current pop and musical theatre. That seems simple, but it completely ruins the flow of the music bc it’s reading 3 quarter notes instead of the 3 syncopated notes. *developers* could you please fix this? I already tell everyone I work with about this app and this would bring it to a whole new level!!! Best, Kyle


It works foe me  Jsong123  5 star

It works pretty much the way I thought it worked. One of the scores that I scan ended up sounding separate on the right hand then the left-hand. In other words, it played the right hand for about four measures and then it played the left hand after that but that was only for for the first line. All the rest of the score got played with the right hand in the left-hand sounding at the same time. I think that might’ve been the way that it was scanned so I should try to re-scan it and try it out.


Awesome Utility!  $7Haircut  5 star

It’s rare that an app impresses me enough to write a review. I wish I had access to a tool like this during my early years learning to play the piano and guitar. This app is very simple to use and works surprisingly well. I hope the developer continues to support this app.


Updating my previous review  Traveler11  5 star

I originally gave this app a very critical review (comparing it to high end scanners) but have since used it a number of times with excellent results, hence changing to 5 stars. I do a lot of music scanning and this app has saved me hundreds of hours. Very easy to use and extremely helpful with pdf scores. I don’t even try very complicated modern music scores as it’s not intended for highly complex notation. That’s what expensive laptop programs are for. This app is a great, inexpensive way to get basic scores digitized quickly and accurately.

Jonesy 99

Better than I dared hope  Jonesy 99  4 star

I am giving this app 5 stars because even with the limitations that are yet to be addressed it does a fantastic job and the export capabilities are super useful. A really powerful musical app that is so reasonably priced that to give it less than 5 stars would be a crime.


Doesn’t do what I want  blll978675  3 star

Claims to transpose the scanned score but it just plays at a different pitch. I wanted an app that will output a pdf of a score transposed. The playback is pretty useless because it doesn’t read the key signature. Later .... Now I realise I misunderstood what the app does. The term ‘transpose’ has different meanings when referring to written or sounding music. And It the playback accuracy is determined not by the software but more by the resolution of the image. Other people love this for what it does.


Amazing  dj_juzz  5 star

Recognises notes from sheet music and plays very quickly after scanning. Overlays detected notes over actual scan. Highly recommended. Can also export in to many different formats including .mp3 and .xml

Greek Potato Sauce

Amazing App  Greek Potato Sauce  4 star

I love this app and everything about it, especially after the new look... except one thing. I know this is a lot to ask, but please, please add in different instruments for different lines, so they can play together simultaneously. Perhaps you could add it into an advanced edit, or settings. Please take the time to consider this, and it would completely make my day! Thank you.


Great app. Fair price  pmath15  4 star

I am tempted to rate this app a 5, but then I would have nowhere to go when the promised improvements are made. All sheet music scanned to date have lived up to the promises made. And I love that I can export it as a midi, and make minor changes through musescore. And I don’t mind paying for something this good, with improvements on their way (I have steered clear of music involving notation the author says is not there yet, I.e. triplets). Thanks for the app.

Arsenal tasmania

Excellent  Arsenal tasmania  5 star

I use this for school and it saves me a lot of time when I export it into notion. One of the best apps I have used.


Music scanner, very good  Kaatje54  5 star

I really like the scanner and works like a charm. I'm not sure how it repeats with multiple verses, maybe that could be looked at. It has a repeat symbol at the end of the score.


Fabulous for learning new pieces  Sanboy31  5 star

This is my favourite, most useful music app. I am an adult violin beginner playing in an ensemble and I don't always know how the piece is meant to sound. When I look on YouTube the music isn't the exact piece I have in front of me, but this app plays me my piece, and can also play the other parts so I can hear how it all clicks together. Occasionally it still skips a note especially if it's part of a slur but apart from that it's perfect for my needs. I love how I can adjust the bpm to suit my learning stage but I would really like if it had some sort of count in feature as I would like to play along with it. I can't start it up and get my bow on the strings so I have to jump in after a couple of bars.


Really good!!!  Only1helen  5 star

This is so easy to use. It's very accurate, and once scanned, I can easily export the music - I use Notion, where I can transpose, or do whatever I need to.


Fantastic Singers' Note Bash Tool!  oystersinspring  5 star

This app is amazing. For someone with not-amazing sight-reading skills and limited access to a piano, this app has made it possible for me to "note bash" twelve pages of music for an audition tomorrow that I otherwise would have embarassed myself at. Thank you Thank you.


Quite accurate  Agnesofagnes  4 star

I am not good at reading music so this has been helpful when trying to learn a new piece. The sounds are basic but so far the scanner has done a great job reading the music accurately. I wish I could adjust the tempo

Hjja De Dios

Hjja De Dios  Hjja De Dios  4 star

The best


Lyrics  sdvgreh33565  4 star

Great app, is there a way to export the file and keep the notation and lyrics so that is could play on Sibelius or Finale?


Good for simple songs  _Truu_moo_  3 star

This app works for simple notation, but it still can't recognize a lot of symbols and markings that change how the music is played drastically.


Very good if you want to get the feel for a music, but...  Erinnicole888  5 star

There’s no way to actually see the notes to really learn the music. I feel like there should be a way to see the notes... it would make this app a thousand times better, even though it’s already great.


Perfect for Psalter Hymnal  Padupple  5 star

So simple. This app allows me to scan our new psalter hymnal. Many of the psalms and hymns are new to me and this allows me to hear the music and even sing along at home. I’m impressed with how flawlessly this works even in less than optimal light and with the phone casting a shadow, and even when there is a slight curve of the page at the side of the binding of the book. Delighted to have this new ability. A true blessing for those of us who can’t play music.


Oof  MondayHatre234  1 star

This thing can’t even read eighth rests completely screws up jazz transcripts

learning mode forever

Great tool  learning mode forever  5 star

I really love this app. I read music, but being able to listen to it first is such a help for me, especially with timing. So simple to take a quick photo of the score and listen to it as it also highlights where you are in the score. I haven’t even begun to experiment with the other options, this feature alone is amazing:)


Pretty Neat  GabrielleWill  4 star

There’s not much to say about it. I scans the music just like it’s supposed to. It could have more detailed features like fortissimo and piano. I would also be happy if you could add in repeat signs, otherwise this is a good app

Great app user34

Skips every other note  Great app user34  1 star

Soooooo disappointed. I was really excited about this app


Brilliant  wmevius  5 star

works very well, as long as you use a good quality picture (the camera in the old iPad isn't good enough for instance).

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