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"Time to put metal to the pedal and use those shooting skills to do some wrecking! Autobirds and Deceptihogs ROLL OUT! Angry Birds and Transformers collide in this action-packed, 3D shoot ‘em up adventure! The EggSpark has transformed the eggs into crazed robots who are destroying Piggy Island, but who can stop them?! Autobirds, ROLL OUT!
The Autobirds have some tough bots on their team – Red as Optimus Prime, Chuck as Bumblebee, and the rest of the transformerized flock! But the courageous Autobirds can’t save Piggy Island on their own – to stop the EggBots they’ll need to join forces with their arch rivals the DECEPTIHOGS (like Decepticons only smellier). Can these bitter enemies team up and put aside their differences? Yeah right…
- COLLECT! Unlock a roster of heroes (and villains) with unique attacks and abilities!
- DESTROY! No need for slingshots when you have LASERS!
- VEHICLES! Oh, yes! Cars, trucks, tank or planes – transform to dodge falling hazards!
- UPGRADES! Get stronger weapons and new abilities for every Transformer!
- TAG TEAM! Borrow a friend’s character to unleash a devastating two-bot assault!
- ENERGONICONS! Take smaller robots to support you smashing blocks!

- EVENTS! Weekly events allow you to compete to win prizes!

- ACCESSORIES! Customise and enhance your Transformers with iconic items!

- CRATES! Earn prizes by opening crates full of resources, accessories and even characters!

- SPARK RUN! Test your metal on 160 levels of increasing difficulty!

- QUESTS! Complete daily challenges for rewards!

“Oh so fun...I was hooked on the new shoot-'em-up gameplay.” – Jason Cipriani, CNET
“Angry Birds Transformers captures the thrills robots in disguise held for the young me, while also introducing a bold new gameplay mechanic to Angry Birds.” – Stuart Dredge, The Guardian
“Enjoyable to play and its sense of humor is in exactly the right place.” – Shaun Musgrave, TouchArcade
“This is one game in the Angry Birds stable that you're not going to want to miss.” – Brittany Vincent, Modojo
- Angry Birds Transformers is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.
- A network connection is required for some game features.
- When you play for the first time, there is a one-off download of additional content in the background.

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Important message for parents:
- Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13.
- Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse any web page.
- Advertising of Rovio products and also products from select partners.
- The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand.

Angry Birds Transformers App Description & Overview

The applications Angry Birds Transformers was published in the category Games on 2014-10-15 and was developed by Rovio Entertainment Oyj. This application file size is 369.03 MB. Angry Birds Transformers current version is 1.48.1 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

/NEW CHARACTER! Female Ninja Robot!
/NEW ACCESSORIES! Thanksgiving, I'm Gratxeful for...
/OPTIMISED EXPERIENCE! Live events will soon start at 10pm local time.
Improved Matchmaking!
New Challenge run Achievements!
Beam weapon audio fix!
Grimlock is no longer muffled!

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Angry Birds Transformers Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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vicente7771988   3 star

Beware!!. Overall this game is awesome, I’m hook on it! Now what is not said about it is that the game crashes from time to time and restarts. Also this new update will not let you access the jungle challenge. I’ve written support about fixing these issues especially since I purchased the jungle and can’t even use it! I’m a die hard angry birds transformers fan but these issues are becoming a problem.

Tjgordon7   1 star

One again latest update 11 November Breaks Game. Your latest update to introduce your new character has ruined the current game, now can’t do the challenge run or finish the current series....oh and after using my money and gems no less....IDIOTS

i write reviews 10000   5 star

Best game Rovio has made. This game has everything. Amazing graphics, good animation, and great gameplay. Also I’m a transformers fan.

Racing lover   5 star

ORIGINAL Grimlock & ORIGINAL Starscream. Title says it all. These 2 characters need to be updated. Refer to Angry Birds Nest forum about the 2 characters. Grimlock (the ORIGINAL Grimlock): Looks exactly like Grey Slam Grimlock, but has a Yellow Beak with a Black Arrow. The "pre-evolved form" of Energon Grimlock. Found in Grey Slam Grimlock's cutscene (error), as Goldbite Grimlock's icon (incorrect), & in messages to rate app. ORIGINAL Starscream: The "Pre-Evolved Form" of Energon Starscream. Can be found in ArtStation & the game's Gem Offers upon beating levels. Has a White helmet with blue lights, white ears with blue hinges, a red component & stipe in the middle, & red chin; red shoulders; yellow colors applied to glass on chest & hip compenent squares (& front of vehicle form once upgrade); white wings with red stripes, red borders, & no deceptihog symbols; white tail fins with no Deceptihog symbols (& red borders once upgraded). Other things that need fixing or other suggestions... Jazz & Ricochet's vehicle form so that they have upgraded trunks, rear bumpers, & tail lights. The Enemies, so that mortar towers shoot from both cannons, and pigs have a large variety of head armor & weapons (rapid fire, quad fire, photon beams). Energon Nautica's markings in her helmet & shoulders. Nautica's voice & facial movement (eyes & mouth) also need to be fixed so that she sounds like Matilda and does not show a blank expression all the time. Sideswipe & Speedsters Transformers' components so that when they're maxed out, they have 2 pairs of headlights & hood vent. Nautica, Windblade, and Blaster alignments so that they are benevolent towards Autobirds, and antagonistic towards Deceptihogs. Arcee's robot form paint scheme changed into her looks from the Bluestreak Trailer. Airachnid's running animation. Stella transformers rev engines while they voices coo as they perform wheelies in vehicle form in Astrotrain. I'd like the Seeker (from Airstrike Energonicon) to yell & laugh excitedly when the Strikebot energonicon is activated. PS Classic Angry Birds apps undergoing testing... - Angry Birds Classic (10th Anniversary / Birthday coming December 11th, 2019) - Angry Birds Seasons - Angry Birds Rio - Angry Birds Space - Bad Piggies - Angry Birds Star Wars - Angry Birds Star Wars II - Angry Birds Go! (My favorite; & update game to Turbo Edition build) - Angry Birds Epic (Arena Mode gets stuck due to no more Class Upgrades, by the way) Please return the classic Angry Birds apps back to the App Store soon.

First_Void   5 star

Best Game Ever!. I have been playing this game since I was at least 4 years old! This game will never get old. Legit better than Fortnite!

bowdenboys   5 star

Angry Birds Transformers. Dear Rovio, I thought of an idea, In your future updates in the seasonal events on the piggy Island map,in the Halloween event have it where autumn leaves fall from the sky. In the Christmas event have it where snow flakes fall over piggy Island! Just an idea.

lorenalight   1 star

Garbage. Spams my kid with ads.

Toys R Us Kid Rules Forever   5 star

Bumble-awesome. Good work

geckopotato   5 star

Best game ever. Best game ever

koolDino3188   5 star

Three words: Very, VERY Addicting. I am pro at this game and this game is just amazing. You can unlock new transformers and upgrade them, explore, shoot down pigs, and much more. I like how you guys made that you can aim and transform. It’s like a challenge and I cannot stop playing. I recommend this for when there’s nothing to do, I play this for HOURS a day. But there’s sometimes ads that mute the game. And that after I play an event and play a mission, as soon as I choose a buddy, I glitch out of the game. Still, I LOVE this game and I will give it five stars. Thank you so much for this game.

Heidi nice cod is undies   5 star

Great. Great

jonathan.n432   5 star

An awesome game. This is fun i don’t why people hate this game.don't is listen to one stars

Phantomias92   5 star

Great game but needs more Transformers. It is a great game to play having fun with blowing stuff up and saving bird island but could use some brand new bots to play. 1. Menasor 2. Omega Supreme 3. Springer 4. Scourge And maybe for a little more fun perhaps changing the sound and effects to that of Generation 1 series. Laser sounds and classic soundtrack.

hfkbdbjsvejsks   5 star

Yessss. A great game ! I love transformers and angry birds and then combined 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼wow

JPB3565   5 star

Love it. This game is so FUN!!!!! I love it

wkkaks   1 star

Needs more characters and upgrades. The game is good but they need better and mor characters and they have not enough upgrades and need more. In genaral it’s good but also bad.

MomKristin   5 star

Thank you Rovio. You crossed two of my favorite things into one whole game and I love it thank you I will forever love your games

ManBotato   5 star

Yo. This is a great game.

nike the rick   4 star

Eros. The game is great guys good job

ernie.yt2   5 star

I remember when this game came out its still good. Its aged well its a great game

Firstseaminer   1 star

Player. It used to be a fun game but now everything is just repetitive. Today I bought what they call gold boxes which cost a lot more coins. Not only do they repeat the prizes but now they are repeating them in the same purchase! So instead of 10 prizes you actually only get 9. Time to either support the game or just say that you’re ending it!

rate us a five star   5 star

Amazing game. It is so much fun but it does have like a ad at the beginning at the games but overall it’s a great game

hujjhnjybuhfvhytvg   5 star

Huh. Amassing

gffhjcdg   5 star

Great game. Get this game

yfbznggchxfhfzhhdm   5 star

Love this game. I love this game I have so much progress. I can’t stop playing this game without this game I would have been doomed thank you creator of the game🤘👍☺️☺️

FueldbyPED   1 star

Breakdown is a breakdown. What’s going on with Breakdown? I use him on the challenge. Blow up a ton of blocks. Then just as I’m about to board Astrotrain and collect my points, the game crashes and I have to replay??? Really hard trying to move up the leaderboard like this!

Angry Bird Boi   5 star

EPIC. I’VE been playing this for about two hours and I all ready am in love with this game.I love Angry Birds and Transformers and them combined is even better 5 stars⭐️ please

zombieprobro   5 star

The game is so awesome. This game is so awesome

Shane114   1 star

Not Happy at the moment. Several times lately I have been playing and an ad will pop up in the middle of my game and cause me to die. I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years now and play it every day. Help please!!!!!

aboody man   5 star

I love the game. Their is one thing I’m mad about, when I Re-downloaded the game all my things were lost all I could get was my purchase.

Advertorial    5 star

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yeppity doo da   5 star

Awesome. It’s so great . Bumblebee is my fave.😁😛

vgniunokmumijngcdrvgybdsvm   5 star

Awesome. This game is awesome because the graphics are great

kd super kid   5 star

Epic. Angry birds + transformers = PERFECT 👌

Private eye 2   5 star

Love. Love love love this game...action galore! Good job creators! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Raging ging   4 star

Shock waves spire. Really good game, but shockwaves spires rigged. Every time I try l, the vary first time the pigs there and I really dislike it. It’s hurting my joy for the game. That’s why it’s four and not five

dragonman208   5 star

This game is so COOL! I have a ton of bots I have ultra Magnus. I have ultra Magnus. I just unlocked thunder cracker I’m 10 years old I love this game. THANKS, ROVIO!

BadMeetsEvol   5 star

LOVE IT. BTW when we get a new rank I would really like it if the items were free

gaaraa of the sand   5 star

Great. Its an all round great game that I sunset you get

bbmagus   5 star

Love the game. It can improve a lot!

Paul Saade   5 star

2016 angry birds classic. This movie-based 2016 angry birds classic is fun but 27$ for a style of chuck or the dinosaur guy, the game isn’t consumersion and ads galore But like this is busting people’s wallets at the same time as kid’s or tween’s fun, me being 12 should not have the right of saying that but like I judge this game for its excellence and price.

gobot2315   5 star

Why this game is fun and amazing. Ok this game is so good for kids and when you play it you start with red and you get more and more guys intil you reach an high level you just don,t play it any more but you shouldn’t just do that you should just try again and again but what I don,t like is that you just the game is not hard at all so plz make it abit harder then I will love love it❤️ oh ya I love the graphics is so cool to 😎🛩🚁🚘🏍and you can tarn in to car planes motorcycle haliacoper and all those things So bye and that,s why I love that game

foxy2xyz1   4 star

Why is bee so fast. I mean bee goes crazy but I would like to do something as they said But the peroblem with optimas he just look’s weak But I would to the movie version of ironhide

mrmemes07   5 star

Decent. I played it and got a new phone and now it won’t let me download it

Piperhateshacking   5 star

So fun!. I'm so addicted that I can't stop playing it!! And I have 8 other games but I now only play this one cuz it's so fun!!! If I could I would rate this 10⭐️ 👍👍👍

thtfrff   5 star

😀😀. It’s a great game but I think it would be better if you could make a classic Optimus Prime with a flat-faced truck form and yellow lasers.

Tyty8056   2 star

Save download is gone. I’ve bin playing this game for a long time I had to delete it along time ago because it could not work with iOS 12 and now I come back and I’m not level over 100 anymore

ndhrksh   5 star

Awesome. I love this game

sherrif calli's wild west   3 star

Fun game. It’s a very fun game but after awhile it gets annoying because your characters die. Fun game to have for free time. The thing that angers me is that Terrance is soooooo slow.

lolsiboy   5 star

I played this when I was 6 years old. I’m now 11 years old and this game is still wonderful! New transformers, but still like it was 5 years ago! (Unlike angry birds go).

Ladie pitbul   1 star

Horrible, all ADS. Nothing but ads can’t play one level without 6 ads literally

JQk3   5 star

Annoying. Every time I try to play a level it won’t let me go.All it does is ask me to customize my characters please fix this

Reneedl   5 star

Play now!. Best game I ever played

nathan the knight   2 star

I annoyed. The first time I ever bought the gems It takes so long and it’s annoying and I’m still waiting for the gems

Angry Birds Go Lover   1 star

Bring Angry Birds Go! Back in Canada. Bring Angry Birds Go! Back in Canada

sethtech7   5 star

Fun. VERY FUN GAME BUT for some reason it never connects to my wifi and the wifi is working fine

Mcmcip   5 star

Great. I love I mean it LOVE this game not to many Adds

12er35   5 star

My four year old career 2019. When I was four I loved this game.when I was five I deleted this game .when I was four my mom had a iPhone 6. When I was seven the iPhone stopped working .now l am eight years old and I downloaded this game and I I’m still loving it 😁.bye

super k and a and d and m   5 star

What about bad piggies. Please please please please please please please please, please bring back bad piggies.

boptimus prime bird   5 star

Awesome game. I built LEGO versions of bumblebee bird and starsream pig

shffbqjfndnxnnd   4 star

Great game. You can play with friends if you have face book bit I love transformers and I love angry birds and they bit two things I love together, it’s awesome

Advertorial    5 star

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gaminggator06   4 star

Sicko. Sicko

eeewwwwghhhhooo   4 star

Yaaaa. I like thisss

I love a.b   5 star

How to hack. This game is fun, but how do you get unlimited gems(99999999999999999999999999999)?

03Ace   5 star

A+. I love this gammmmmmme keep up the great work iv be playing for 6 years

jj(gcddfguhyftgujijuhyg4   5 star

Oof. This game is very good I, myself enjoy playing it but a thing that you can change is that you can look at all the characters even if you don’t have them, Thanks!

noipo   5 star

This game is awesome!. The game’s quite good for me, I use it to pass time. I also found a tip for Shockwave’s Spire, In which you select the cards that recently had pigs on them. Overall, I find this amazing. 5 stars!

y/hbuh igtgttg   5 star

Good. Yes

theydszczevfdbgfhnfnu   5 star

so coooooooooooooooooool. so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

the epic cat   5 star

This is the best game ever!. This is the greatest game ever! And can I have more characters.

Kellie Stratton   5 star

Graphics. Graphics are awesome love playing, one of my favourite games to play :)

mumofzak   3 star

Wow. Good

deydguedhxbydgygvxygbwhbx   5 star

FUN. It So fun I can’t stop playing this game

diray of a wimpykid   5 star

Transformers. It is great and you get the birds and piggy’s as Atuobrids and deceptahogs this game is awesome including the new character this is a really cool game hope you make a another Angry birds transformers but this is a really cool game

coops da best   5 star

Best Fun!!!!!!!. This game is soooo’sa transformer plus angryBirdscome and destroy pigs!It’s a realy good game

portalmaster1   5 star

Something to do when you’re bored. This is a game to play when your bored or in your free time. It is so addictive.I bet you that as soon as you play it you’ll never stop playing. 👍🏻👍🏻 great job makers!!!!!

black the headhog   5 star

This is super cool. It is so cool this game I love how all the event you get to try some of the transformers and the new look so cool too

hnjhfthyrdef   5 star

Fun. I can’t imagine not playing this game

Zackthegamer123   5 star

Fun. I love this game, I love the characters and everything else. But my most favourite is obviously jazz

bunsqfhk   5 star

Great game, but can u add these transformers?. Great game, love the transformers. I’m thinking you should add blackout, unicron (but as a transformer) and quintessa. If u can add them into a future update it would be awesome. You guys are awesome.

Jasper Bowler   4 star

Really good. Hi this game is really good i prefer angry birds epic,angry birds rio and angry birds go but this is fantastic it can get very hard sometimes so i like the fact that u put in a help robot so thats good but i cant download angry birds go it says its not available in my country wich is Australia? so thats wierd if you could get back to me on how to download it that would be great thanks for the fantastic Angry Bird games

Bradly cumming   5 star

Fun in funtastic. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 star game

Tony Feroleto   5 star

Yeet. Good game brah

Meson6281   5 star

YAY. I haven’t played this game sense i was 6 I’m 10 now

daniel123#   5 star

Gem event. You should have a gem event to help out people to make them play the game longer and not give up on the game like blitz brigade did 😜

hbijioreiojywobyojh   5 star

Awesome. You should download this app it is sooooooooooooooooooo fun you should get it.I enjoy playing every day thank you for making this game.

2bfishwife   5 star

Stress releving. It’s sooooooooooo fun and I play it for like 1 or 2 hrs a day

BoomerKuwanger21   4 star

StrikerPlayz. Yo bro this is THE best game it’s fun and it’s destructive I LOVE IT

djsupakool   5 star

I love this game. I love the game I’ve been playing it all day and I love it

seth king of birds   4 star

Like your game. Like your game it’s good and fun. ✅🍿

johncampbell29   3 star

Meh. Only three star because i just started all in all good time passer this game can go for imagine if you had minicoms in the game like wooooooow

HyperShock&Crocodile😎   5 star

Birds in Disguise. A few years ago I got addicted to ABT but then my interest fizzled. Later, I got back w/ it again and loved but it fizzled again. I am no again getting into it and hope it lasts! ABT is an amazing app and it is great! Make more amazing games Rovio!!!

sh106   5 star

Addicting game. AMAZING game however if heatwaves gun can be fixed that would be great because it sounds like it’s glitching

1979ym   5 star

Emiliano. So awesome!

Karityn   5 star

Awesome. This game is so good I can stay on it forever

Tdobel   5 star

Awesome. I absolutely love this game because it is so fun and I have had this game since I was 4.

not happy at all 999   5 star

Memes. Can you add some memes in the game please

naruto runnnn   5 star

Super cool game. I got this game few day ago and it pretty nice and really cool😎

mich765767   5 star

Transformers and angry birds. I like this game it’s super super cool.

Crandlewax   1 star

Great game but.... You guys need to stop with these ads. It's ridiculous. Especially since the game didn't used to have disruptive ads like these, but now it does. Also it could run a little better on my XR. Some optimization would also be nice

nickname152584   3 star

No iCloud?. I loved this game but I didn’t know it didn’t have iCloud!

i lilke the games   5 star

Love it but the egg bots are slow b y. “/<————me

darwin_1225   5 star

This game is AWESOME 👍. I enjoy playing the game the graphics are amazing

dctyv   4 star

Good game but not that good in tower. This is a good game I liked it since I was five years old and know I’m 9 I like this game and all but in the tower I keep getting the pigs in the second floor or I don’t reach at that many high floors and I had 694 gems and after the tower I got 511 gems and I lost my rewerds and I was about to hit floor 30 but the game is still fun I also was an angry birds fan since 2014 and again that was a long time and my favorite transformer is grimlock I like grimlock because he has the laser and the laser is really cool and also pls bring back epic

lahme gamer   3 star

Big let down but good game. You could have made a better game insted if making a spin off I would segregate making angry birds three don’t get me wrong i like the game but would like making angry birds 3 we the fans are tired of playing angry birds two but we like it but make angry birds three thanks

MrBigbrains, the roblox player   3 star

Not Cool man, not cool.. I like this game but I am enraged about the wasted effort of live events. You get super close to buying a new character with tokens, but oops! The event ends and you lose them all. SRSLY ROVIO WHAT A WASTE OF OUR TOME

lobsters are tasty   5 star

S. Amazing game for those who like transformers and angrybirds!

YTTHAGOD   2 star

It’s hard to keep faith. I’ve been in love with this game ever since release. It’s always been a great stress reliever, and I’ve always had a lot of fun playing it, because well let’s face it, who doesn’t love using classic angry birds characters to destroy stuff. I mean come on. Lately, it’s more been like a stress bringer. I really don’t like how they’ve changed the birds firing techniques so that they don’t show the animation of the weapon actually firing. It’s kinda annoying now, and I honestly don’t know why they changed that. Another thing that I hate is Terence characters. Even though Terence is home to sentinel prime and ironhide, there’s this glitch that every time you fire his weapon, the audio gets bass boosted, and idk about you, but I really don’t like loud Terence weapon asmr when I’m trying to play a nice, stress reliever game This is one last problem I have. It gets on my nerves every single day It’s shockwave spire. I’m a f2p player, the most I’ve spent on this game is like 5 bucks for gems, pr much it. The way I’d earn gems is through shockwave spire and daily prizes. Is it me, or did they buff the spawn rate of the thief pigs? It is legit super annoying that everytime I select a random card, it always turns out to be a friggin pig stealing all my rewards. And every time I try and gamble, I always lose gems to those stupid pigs. Either I’m the unluckiest person alive, or my claim is right, but that just isn’t natural at all. I don’t have any hate for rovio, but these little things are starting to get on my nerves, and I just want a game where it’s very f2p friendly and shockwave spire isn’t rigged

raharris   3 star

Fun game, too many ads. Too many ads, fun game

unspeakable fan #2   5 star

Some things that bug me. Gr8 game, but the fact that some missions and upgrades take too long irritates me. Also there is a glitch that when you are looking around the island, when you scroll around your screen just goes absolutely bunkers. These bugs made the game pretty annoying so I came to do this.

volfan0001   1 star

Challenge Run Crashing. Having a good run in the Challenge Run and the game crashes and lose all the points then not advancing to the next level the purple level. This has happened way to many times. I don’t know what needs to be done but something. You lose gems 💎 if you and this drives me crazy.

troy student   4 star

Problem with heatwave. Heatwave is acting very weird when he shoots his lasers it makes a echo and they don’t fire so #1 coin waste because I have to keep recharging him. #2 I can’t pop pigs! So please fix this because I play with my brother and the sound scares him so we have to turn the sound off it’s with Senteiln prime and heatwave so that’s all I have to say. Bye from Ezra

msm fan :)   3 star


SaintNicknameistaken   3 star

5 star game but.... Myself and 2 kids have played this game for years and it is really fun. The combination of characters, support bots and friends is fun and almost endless in possibilities. The events are frequent and fun, and you can get good prizes without being the best , pay for play is an option but not needed to compete. I enjoy that you can play for a while and put it down or recharge a play longer. Doesn’t feel like a job like some other games do. The ability to earn both in-game currency is available and possible through many options. However, many characters are useless ( most Bumblebees are too weak to do anything and too fast to do much damage) The piglab is tedious but necessary ( I should not have to hit a button to start, I’m already there. And I should never have to hit 2 collect buttons. Most Energonicons are pointless and weak. At least make more than 3 part of daily challenges But so far, none of that was worth losing a star. Shockwave Spire used to be fun but someone decided to tighten the screws so much that my children don’t play the game so much since the change. They get frustrated at losing so fast. They used to come in running to show me all the cool stuff they won with such joy on their faces. Now they barely play . It was also the only time I spent money on the game. But not anymore. Not it’s not worth the risk. I rarely make it to lv5, even after watching a video and spending 10gems (which gets you another try each). We all realize that the house always wins but we have to have a chance ( or at least think we do). And it has to be fun. We don’t mind losing if it’s fun.

mr pigys prime   5 star

Best. It the best


JK. This game is amazing

zszzsaww   4 star

Glitch in game. Hello sorry it took me so long but i didn’t get lockdown level 110 hopefully I get it thank you

Lucy 🐩 Baker   4 star

Laser canon characters soundeffect bug. So I had just lodged a game as Heatwave until the soundeffect for the laser beam sounded as if it was play it 10 times all at once and it was super annoying so then after that I played a game as Thundercraker and as my partner Ironhide and it did the same thing and so I hope when you guys get this that you can do the best you can to try and fix this small bug before it become a big problem. Thank you for reading

ab transform   5 star

Unable to stop. I cannot stop playing this game

to be continued whyyyyyyygyy   5 star

Love at first (in this case) fight.. I love the new updates! I’ve played as one of the first 50 pepole! And let’s just say... I couldn’t have had so much fun without you guys making this game! Want to see more updates soon!😁😁😀😀👍

••••••••••••••••••••••••••!   1 star

1st review for any app from my 11 yrs of apps. Abusive, cheats, unrealistic and praying they can see the faults of this game. Fun until they start abusing and cheating those they rely on. Playing their own game without aid shall show them the faults that is granted to those whom like to enjoy the game. Makes angry Birds and transform no longer enjoyable

mikes Ness   5 star

Greatest game ever. The game is so fun and addicting I feel like I can play the game all year around thanks for the fun game

69420nice   5 star

Best game everr!!!!. So, i played this when i was little and i had so much progress but i deleted it but now look at me all fresh and new to play! Love all the characters . Anyways, my point is this is the best best best game ever

Crappy updates25   1 star

Too many bugs too often. Fun side scrolling action game, but every release has too many bugs. Rovio’s focus seems to be on sucking every dollar out of their customers instead of starting with a good customer experience.

uuuuiikn   4 star

Awesome. Awesome game but too many ads

Nadia_mmmmmm   2 star

Money. I am not paying $69 dollars to get into the jungle area .are you kidding me. That would be the worlds when I saw the card to pay you to get into the jungle and I waited so long for the jungle area I was disappointed that I had to pay meaning the old update all you need to do is collect a bunch things. And then boom a whole new area and a whole new character. And naw you get this this is oh rip off up your game at least let us collect some stuff to unlock the area that is why am only giving a two star review ( ps my real rateing is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars out of 5 love the game 🙂

jdidjcjcek   2 star

Somewhat boring. It takes me FOREVER to unlock new levels.

captan amaraca   5 star

???. This game is amazing I won first place in my first King of the road challenge and i have a level 7 optomis prime

dragonmaster666   3 star

It’s a good game. Everyone should get it just because it’s a fun game even though I don’t have it even though I played it before

CheerChic🎽   4 star

Angry Birds. Amazing just amazing I played this for a while I got restarted and now I’m playing this once again

funmonkey 2   5 star

Hard but good. I love the game it’s just more challenging each time

littyboilitface   5 star

It’s pretty lit. It’s so lit that I played it for 1 hour without looking up from my phone

Calmity Gamer   5 star

I LOVE IT!!!. You need this game. To all the parents playing, I’m in love with it and my kids love it too.

kingkongeo   4 star

Pretty good. It’s pretty good but could use some balancing

RKingdon   1 star

Glitched..... Takes me to the “Accessories Unlocked” screen click the arrow, try to get back to main menu and just goes back to the “Accessories Unlocked” screen endless loop, tried closing and reset but just loads and does it again. 👎🏼👎🏼

hope u love this game to   5 star

Best game. Get it now

Dvacca   1 star

Hmmm m. When I was the divisor The game kicked me out when I finish the level

dax1245253   5 star

Cool game. 10/10

on Cena acrobat wiener   3 star

Good. Good

Chris cutler11   5 star

I lovvvvvveeee it. I llllloooooovvvvveeeee it so much😀😀😀😀😀😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍

steefuly lemur   5 star

Cool. Fun

holypiezitsjasonborn   5 star

Awesome!. The game is amazing! But there’s a bit of ads...

sfffghhjkkmnhukj   5 star

Ty. Good game

Toothless364   5 star

I love this game. This game is so awesome and funny because angry birds are on transformers body’s keep up the good work 😆😁😄😃😀Download now for free

hinhceu   5 star

The Best. Lots of cool characters


Awesome. This Game Is Awesome To Play With Your Friends

I3igcircle   5 star

So fun. Can’t stop playing

sasrikal   5 star

Cool idea. I like the idea and all but the gameplay could use some work I.e. add jumping and dodging the pig bullets Otherwise awesome!!

lucky 8 guy   5 star

Super fun. Ones you play this game you’re gonna be addicted

Mama7230700   5 star

Big fan. The greatest game ever

MikhailYar   5 star

Cool. Nice game

Nisky24   5 star

I love this game!. This is a very VERY fun game. I love the missions and it's always super exciting to unlock new characters. I recommend this game for people who love angry birds and pretty much all ages.

mmmmngdh   5 star

Good gane. It is the best Game ever

Lil cute girl362   4 star

Upgrade. We need to have another way to level up. Not just upgrading my robots

Dodolook   5 star

Angry bird transformers. I will always love you game maker

Trigger_Havoc   5 star

Fav game. Ever since I got this game on the first day it hooked me into the game because they included two of my favourite transformer which is soundwave and bumblebee. I hope everyone downloads this game and finds a personal favourite like me From a kid (13 yrs old)

dgvhnvvgv   5 star

Good I guess. It is fun but I want to be a vip

flibblegong   4 star

Good. This game is good. Subscribe to hunter avallone

beast boy retorns   4 star

Good. Cloud be up to date with the movies and other games but Egypt form that it is good

locky docky   5 star

fun game. super duper cool

Bielablossom   5 star

Jerghehdhdg. Fuchchvjxhcf hxh g),),) hctcufueigtdydydufufycycucufududufycufyxyctxydtztsysyxyfyfyxyfycycydyxtxyxtxyxyx

Nugggsy   5 star

Its so fun and the offline is good for cars. I have been playing this on the way to school and having soo much fun great game

Couttas   5 star

Awesome just problem. This game is awesome I defiantly recommend but one problem to invite a friend to your game you need Facebook and I do not have Facebook.

Jacanncha   3 star

Great but I have a hella big glitch. 1st of all rodamas body is wrong 2nd of all can you please fix the date on my game

Flamecat35   3 star

Some bugs but still fun. When I played this game, I thought it would have no bugs a be really fun. But I came across a bug that kept me out of the fun. It was an accessory’s message that kept coming up.

Excavator2006   5 star

Fun game. Fun game

RustyRyan013   5 star

10/10 would eat here again. The food here is very very nice the pork is cooked to perfection and the chicken is just so juicy.

g v gfvgyvygugyv   5 star

Best game. You know at first I thought this was boring then eventually it turned out to be the best. Thanks so much for making this game. My life will never be the same again. <3

klscmclkvnefkvdfio   5 star

Fun ideas for the game. You should make it so you walk around and kill pigs

ioye   5 star

Cool. This app does everything I’ve read all about this and is Awesome and funniest game on this planet.

love_girl3060   4 star

Yes. Y e s

Jack/moomboojoob   5 star

:). Than you for creating this game I love it

LuftCHIEF   5 star

The Transformers! More than meets the eye!. This game is magnificent! I recommend this fantastic game to all people and game users (“gamers”). The only problems is.. It takes so long to get new transformers and u only get like 20-40 pigs in one battle. Pls add more pigs in the battle and make the battles longer pls. That’s all I have to say, and I hope lots of ppl download this! I MEAN DOWNLOAD THISSSSSSSS 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 PEACE OUT

sans the pun maker   5 star

I love this game!There’s so much to do and it just amazes me. I love this game and wonderful game

jedibuddy08   3 star


sonicprime118   5 star

Angry birds transformers. It's so awesome I loved it so much I wish a had all of the characters for free please on the next update ok thanks ✌️

Glutfhgcugfkytd   4 star

👥👁😿🤗😒🙂😕☺️😟😡😆. 😒😒😒😐🙁🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😄😄😄😄😖😖😄😠😬😠

uyaetk   5 star

Nice. Don’t kill me pigs good game

Mr fudge cake   5 star

Fun. My grand dad has been playing for about 4 years now his level is over 1000 he loves it it’s a stress relief for him he works in special needs. And when he can he goes off and plays this game it makes me so happy to see him enjoy something it really does put a tear in my eye developers thank you for making such a good game the thing is it’s not just for kids he’s about 61 years old and kids aged 5-18 will probably like it as well Adults if your reading this try this game out and I definitely recommend this game to any one.

plushyrapjord   4 star

Yes. Very good

Travellerxyz   5 star

I love it. It is so much fun

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