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ABA English - Learn English [Education] App Description & Overview

We present the Smart Learning® method, a revolution in English learning. At ABA English you learn English with what you like. Discover a personalized experience adapted to your interests, your English level, and your pace of learning. You’ll have support from native teachers and all the resources you need to make progress. You’re going to have fun. And that’s why it works.

Start today! 25 million students are already doing it.


With the Smart Learning® method you learn through two learning experiences that can be combined or done separately:

1- Content created for you
2- Complete English course

Ideally, you will explore both options, but you decide where you want to begin and where you want to spend your time.


• Based on what you like
Do you like movies, books, or music? What about sport, business, or nature? Do you like to cook? Do you meditate? You’ll have access to English content on all the topics you like.

• New content every day
We want you to get lots of practice. The more, the better. So we have new options for you every day.

• A variety of experiences
You will find live classes, meditation podcasts, videos, interviews, news articles, original reports, and much more. It’ll be impossible to get bored.

• Track your progress
Every time you do one of these experiences you’ll find a short exercise, quiz or challenge. It’ll be fun! - so you can check what you’ve learnt.


• A video-based course
You begin with an ABA Film. These are short films with everyday scenes created by ABA English. After, you’ll practice with the dialogues you saw in the film.

• Test yourself
You have thousands of grammar, vocabulary, writing and speaking exercises to practice and see how you’re progressing.

• Learn with the best
Native teachers prepare the best video classes for you. You won’t want to miss them. You’ll finally be able to understand what has always confused you.

• Set a goal
The course includes all levels: Beginners (A1), Lower Intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper Intermediate (B2), Advanced (C1) and Business (C1).

• You can show off everything you learn
Every time you move up a level, you get an official certificate. You can share your certificates on LinkedIn.

• Everything is up to you
Practice at your own pace, from your favourite device, whenever and wherever you want. You can also practice without an Internet connection in offline mode.

Try the course and get all the content free for 7 days. Then you can choose one of these subscription plans:

1 month
6 months
12 months

We’ll be waiting for you! At ABA English we’re looking forward to joining you on this new experience of learning English with what you like.

All subscriptions are automatically renewed unless the automatic renewal is disabled at least 24 hours prior to the renewal date. The course renewal will be charged to your account 24 hours prior to the renewal, at the current renewal price. However, if you disable automatic renewal you can continue using the course until the last day of your subscription. You can manage your subscriptions and disable automatic renewal in the settings menu of your account after purchase. The payment will be charged to your iTunes account when the purchase is confirmed.

For more information, please read our Privacy Policy and General Conditions:

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ABA English - Learn English Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We're continuing to add improvements to help you with your routine and progress. Discover the Daily Plan. A custom-made plan including exercises that will help you successfully improve. With this set of guided practice suggestions, you’ll know which activities you need to do each day. The plan includes 3 quick exercises and 1 course activity. It’ll be over and done within 15 minutes!

ABA English - Learn English Comments & Reviews

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- Not working

The app is not working after the latest update. I’m entering the correct answer (I verified it with the hint answer they provide), but it still recognizes it as a wrong answer, highlighting the part which is exactly the same as in their answer. Very frustrating for a paid user.

- To learning quick.

I like this program, because learning English is very easy.

- Never purchase!! Never recommend!! Do not trust this company!!

Update: please please don’t buy this app. They charged me $74.99 plus international fee today again. I’m very tired of disputing payments and try to communicate their costumer services which is not helping. I bought ABA English last year for 14.99$ and I didn’t want to renew because the content is only for a year not much. It was ok. I also continue language school so it was only supporting material for me. But this year they changed me for 74.99$ and they said it is in their agreement which is extremely hard for a language learner to read all that agreement content. I suppose that they should have known that if they teach language. Then I emailed them about this issue. They didn’t help. After that I disputed the payment from my bank and I lost that case now they are charging me another 74.99$ plus 1.49$ international fee. In addition to that I don’t know how long they are gonna continue to charge me. Please do not trust this company. They just try to get your money.

- Comenzando

Comencé un poco mal por que no me dejaba entrar, una vez arreglado esto he comenzado el curso y me parece interesante la metodología.

- Writing part not working

I was very happy with the purchase yesterday but today I’m trying to pass the writing exercise and everything is alright and is not letting me pass to the test please help I don’t want to cancel the subscription. My writing is perfectly fine exactly as the Aswer but it keeps giving me an error and this is exactly why I left this course years ago I thought it would be better by now .

- The better app.

Hello, just I want to print my certifícate. Won’t let me print.

- No se puede descargar los certificados

He terminado un nivel del curso y no puedo descargar el certificado del nivel desde la aplicación, debido a que me aparece un mensaje que dice “Puedes descargar tu certificado desde la web del curso”, ingreso desde mi ordenador y no existe ningún link o acceso en donde se me permita descargar el certificado y mucho menos que lo pueda compartir en lilkedin. Favor su ayuda, he tratado de comunicarme con ustedes por el centro de ayuda y me envían un mail como que si mi caso estuviera resuelto con un mensaje que no tiene nada que ver Gracias, espero una pronta respuesta

- I am Longly

I don’t know how to use this program

- Doesn't work

The app crashes once it's open

- Mala App Atracadores..

Desde hace un año por error inscribí para este curso y hoy me cobraron una membresía de 76 dólares, un curso que solo abrí una sola vez, he escrito para que me devuelvan mi dinero y los estafadores aún no responden....Espero que el Banco le quite el dinero, ya que no quieren devolverlo. Atracadores, es más deberían quitarlos del marcado, de Apple. Por que no son de confianza.

- This app is a scam service

This is a gigantic scam. They will automatically charge you after one year for a renewal ($75 for me). When you try to stop the automatic renewals per their instructions, you are ignored. When you try to get a refund, you are ignored.

- 19,99

Es el precio que dijeron iban a cobrar! Anulen mi suscripción mentirosos! Atte Gloria Bass

- Vahid

I’m studying english now. I think the prices are too much for ours in the middle east countries. Please think about this problem. Our country is on USA sanctions and prices are very expensive for me. It will be good if period for us be more than a year.

- Cobrança Indevida

Realizei o cancelamento da minha assinatura duas semanas antes do vencimento. Recebi o e-mail de confirmação do cancelamento, mas foi cobrado o valor de U$ 74.99 em minha conta. O support@abaenglish não responde mais as minhas tentativas de contato. Péssimo atendimento ao cliente, não recomendo esse app pra ninguém. Devolva meu dinheiro.

- I like it

It’s perfect and I am glad for it’s free

- heavy and non-friendly app for beginners and expensive

heavy and non-friendly app for beginners and expensive

- Page $159 por nada

Page por la classes privadas un paquete de 20 clases por $159 dólares y a la hora de querer reservar mis clases no aparece mi paquete pero si se lo cobraron, escribí a soporte y me respondieron con un mensaje de copiar y pegar y ahora he solicitado mi reembolso del dinero ya que no puedo accesar al servicio y nadie me contesta. Pésimo servicio

- Cancel my subscription &poor contact

I want to cancel my subscription there is no contact info, do yo have phone number, or any body email to contact with. I need you to cancel my subscription Immediately because it doesn’t worth. There is a technical issues with this app. Cancel my subscription now!!!!!!!

- No puedo cancelar

Estado intentando cancelar mi pago automático y no me deja cancelar

- I want some telephone English videos

I like this app so much! It’s easy and stories are fun. I want some telephone English videos if you could make it...


Por favor no deseo esto como evito que me cobren es la primera vez que lo veo y abro. En este momento no tengo para hacer ese pago tan alto gracias espero su respuesta

- The best

I live this app is the best

- Clases de incles

Cachita16 14

- Bad Company!!!

Bad company. I signed up for a year worth $ 15. Now they have discounted $ 75 saying the automatic renewal has been done. They did not send any notice about the renewal and the amount. The impression I have is that they do it on purpose. I demand my money back!!! They replied to my email saying they will not return my money. Bad company —- 01/18 - After sending an email asking for the cancellation and copy of the contract, the company has not yet canceled the automatic renewal and has not sent me the contract. I sent three more emails and they didn't answer me. Apple should ban this type of company from the app store! —- 01/20 - And according to the law, there is a period of cancellation of the service if it is the client's will and the amount must be returned in full. This is true for the United States, England and other countries. Does ABA English not take the law and customer satisfaction into account?

- upmobi.xyz!!raise downloads by 10 times

This is one of the best apps i have found till now. Appreciated your hard work. Btw, here wa can provide rating, review, so as to the keyword searching install.Want to get more organic users, then find us in upmobi.xyz

- Pésima aplicación

La aplicación es realmente pésima. El contenido es muy pobre y la forma de aprendizaje no sirve. Para alguien con un bajo nivel de inglés es preferible aprender gratuitamente mediante videos de YouTube que utilizando esta aplicación. Para una persona con un nivel más avanzado de inglés, que necesita fluidez para hablar y demás, es preferible descargar una aplicación de las que coordinan charlas vía internet con otras personas que también están aprendiendo. Por último, por nada en el mundo le den acceso a su tarjeta de crédito o cuenta de PayPal a estos estafadores. Somos muchas las personas que hemos recibido cargos sin consentimiento en nuestras tarjetas de crédito por parte de estos ladrones. NO ES UNA APLICACIÓN, ES UNA ESTAFA!

- It have a mistake

There is a mistake in payment. I have paid more than $ 70 for one year. After using it for a few months, I changed it to more than $ 40. Should I be refunded more than $ 70, why is it more than $ 20?

- Promociones falsas

Se supone que tome una promoción en donde me regalaban otras cuatro suscripciones premium, me cobraron un precio más alto y tuve que pedir mis cuatro suscripciones (primero solo me mandaron dos), así que tuve que volver a mandar un correo pidiendo las otras dos suscripciones prometidas. También me cobraron un precio más alto al acordado y tuve que pedir el reembolso de la diferencia. Hasta ahí todo “pasable” pues el personal de ayuda resolvió mis problemas amablemente, el problema es que de los códigos de cursos “gratis”, no puedo activar uno y solo me dan el 50% de descuento, me aparece otra plataforma a la que viene en el ejemplo para dar de alta el código de regalo.

- Is good for students

The apps is good for the estudent

- Good

Easy to learn learn

- It’s british english

I don’t have a british english

- Beware of this app when you pay directly

I’ve bought subscription a year ago via their site for 15$. Last week I’ve received email that my VISA card was charged with 75$. I was shocked, because it was charged without notifying me. I wrote them that I didn’t use their app during half a year. It is not suitable for me and I don’ t want to use it anymore. But they don’t refund my money. They tricked their users: automatically charge and don’t provide simple way to cancel subscription.

- Nuevo programa

Muy buen programa para aprender English

- I lost money and not get premium yet

I paid 74$ for subscription a year as PREMIUM , and just after 3 weeks, after updating the App my account becomes FREE. Restore purchase options doesn't work, I tap on it on nothing happens. I don't know how to get my money back or to get my premium back. I send email to support team already and spending my time for waiting feedback. This is really bad experience. I hope you could check and resolve this.

- lts not free 😞

its a very good app but why its not free

- Very useful 👍

It is good for me🙂

- Me encanta estudiar con ellos

Muy buenas clases muy completas

- ABA forever?

I stopped to study in this app before the paid year ending, because it's British English and I need American English. I didn't find where to cancel, I have problem with my apple ID, and Bingo!, the payment for the second year fall in my card. I cannot find any app support or contact to cancel this course before renovation neither after this disgusting second payment. If you are in UK, that's a good deal, but be careful when you want to cancel your membership

- Suscripción

Por qué no tengo mi suscripción si no hace ni un año que pague ?????

- Money back... worth unsubscribtion process

Hi, I want my money back for automatical subscription. It’s no easy to unsubscribe from your service. I getting automatical respond but haven’t any confirmation about cancellation of my previous subscription. I don’t like it. I want to stop your service and to return my money back. BR, Elena Vorobei

- Comprehensive and excellent app for learning English

I have checked several app for learning English but found this app the best! You will compare your pronunciation with the a reference which I found more effective than other methods. The lesson contain several practice including listening, writing, speaking, grammar lesson and test which is very effective in learning English 👌 To developers: your app is great Suggestions to improve it: For speaking practice, after the voice played there was recording instantly in which we replayed and hit stop button which was very good. In new updates after playing voices we need to hit record button which causing to miss the first of our voice(we need to wait about half second and it’s somehow hard to manage!) and there is more hitting the buttons, would you please return the old system for recording or at least make it optional?

- La app no está actualizada

Sigo esperando aún esa actualización que supuestamente vosotros habíais dicho que iba a salir en Septiembre con al menos ya las 5 unidades actualizadas, ¡que aún solo esté solo la primera unidad actualizada al nuevo diseño manda co...!

- Excelente

Es lo mejor que me a pasado...gracias por este curso..me a ayudado

- Aba english

Thank you

- A bad support staff, a good course!

After 5 days, I can activate my Premium annual course, Aba support doesn’t have a soon answer but they resolved my case. The course is great, it’s structured very good.

- Terrible customer service and processes

I want to cancel my subscription and they make you jump through so many hoops only to find you can’t actually cancel and get your money back.

- Thanks you

It’s so wonderful

- Cancelación de renovación automática

Por favor deseo que se cancele mi renovación automática para el próximo año. Gracias. Junín Manuitt

- Me encanta , estaría mejor si fuera gratis 😅


- E


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- This is theft - c’est du vol!

This people send you an offer first time, you accept and one year later they charge without any notice for the renewal at full price... when you ask for reimbursement, the answer is it’s your problem, you should read carefully the rules because you were supposed to advise us five days before... like one year later I’ll remember you if I don’t use your services. Shame one you! I’ve just submitted a complain about it with PayPal!

- Be aware - for automatic renewal

I bought the ABA application last year with a big discount (about 25 CAD) to try it if it is efficient for me. The subscription was not displayed as part of the subscription in Apple. Also, I didn't receive any friendly reminder from ABA to mention they would charge me for 130CAD. then I received a bill without any authorization that charged me for 130 CAD, about 6 times more than last year. I emailed the help services and after a lot of efforts, they refund 90 CAD to me. Read all critical review...

- Déçu

Pourquoi changer le premier ABA? Celle-ci ne vaut rien et l’autre était plus instructif.

- Écrire

Dans le module où il faut écrire ce nous entendons , les virgules , les points , les majuscules sont vraiment pas inutile et emmerdant. Je ne pense pas renouveler pour cette raison . C’est un détail inutile dans l’apprentissage. L’accent British est aussi fort désagréable

- Mi experiencia

Comencé ABA English sabiendo muy poco o casi nada de inglés y honestamente me ayudo para el aprendizaje del idioma. Comencé con la versión free, y continue con la version premium. El sistema es muy bueno, las clases explicadas, la práctica, etc Y lo más importante para mi es el interés y preocupación que ponen por el alumno, el seguimiento y saber que si uno tiene algún problema tiene asistencia para encontrar la solución. Lo recomiendo.

- Great apps

C’est une excellente application. J’aimerais cependant qu’il y ait un module d’ajouter afin de répertorier les nouveaux mots et expressions apprises. Aussi, il serait bien que dès que l’on fait micro-lesson, que celle ci soit identifié comme complétée.

- Subscription fraud and terrible service

I bought the application through Apple with a big discount just to try if it is efficient for me. There were no ticks to put regarding automatic subscription, this subscription was not displayed as part of Subscriptions in Apple, where I do see my other automatic subscriptions, there was no friendly reminder from Aba, mentioning there would be a payment made in several days, otherwise, with Apple subscriptions I always get this reminder and can cancel if needed. I bought the app through apple, so they must not take payments outside Apple. I am not planning to use the app as it is not really efficient and for sure i would not buy it for full price. I contacted Aba through mail as there is no phone number to reach them at all. They just keep sending formal phrases that i automatically agreed to subscription when buying the app...I saw some bad reviews in Apple from people with exactly the same issue as me. I cancelled the subscription the next day after the payment was made and suggested they deleted my account completely to ensure i don’t use it. The company has very bad approach to customers and just ignores any details and problems you mention to them. I paid through Paypal and opened a claim. Paypal reviewed all the information I provided and gave me full refund. Don’t hesitate to open claims either in Paypal or with your Visa at the bank. The workflow of this company is really fraudulent!

- Can’t open man

What are you doing man

- Prix de l’abonnement

Pourquoi ne mettez-vous pas le prix des abonnements clairs et net sur votre site..... ce serait tellement plus facile....

- Je déteste votre dernière version

je déteste votre dernière version qu’il faut terminer en une seule session, la version précédente je pouvais arrêter au milieu de l’exercice et continuer un peu plus tard, maintenant c’est impossible . Alors je ne renouvèlerai pas mon abonnement . DÉSOLÉ

- Attention au Renouvellement automatique !

Très rare que je me rends à ce niveau et j’étais pourtant satisfait de mon premier abonnement que J'ai su annuler sans problème dans le AppStore avant le renouvellement automatique. Cependant, à mon grand étonnement, vous avez procédé à un renouvellement et un paiement non autorisé sur mon compte PayPal dont je n’était pas au courant, de plus vous avez effectué le renouvellement sur un abonnement le plus onéreux de vos services offerts et débités mon compte à nouveau. J’ai tenté à plusieurs reprises et manières d’entrer en contact avec vous. Vous m’avez rediriger vers votre service d’aide en ligne mais il ne nous fait que tourner en rond sur votre site Internet sans pouvoir résoudre le problème. Je demande expressément un retour !

- Thief, terrible customer service

I stopped using the app after 2-3 weeks since I subscribe it. However they automatically renewed my subscription without asking me and charged me 89$!!! There is no support, I emailed them 3 times and they havent answered me! They are terrible is customer service and since you subscribe it, there is no way to get rid of them! I wish apple was responsible for the applications they put on app store! they dont send my money back!!

- Multitasking

The application is one of the best English learning app But why multitasking doesn't work on it?? I want to take note with my iPad but I can't

- 1st lesson: introducing

It’s really amazing. I found of ABA. I must speak English by some days. Because this method is easy & ît’s free. Thank you ..

- Thank you for This app its vere nice

Thank you for This app its vere nice

- Error

I think there is a bug in the app, because I was at the writing part of the lesson and then I wrote the exact same thing that I heard but it wouldn’t let me reach the next step. I even used the hint and compared but it stopped me there, I couldn’t go any further. I’m improving my English by the way, thanks to ABA :)

- Ré-abonnement non désiré

* Attention * à la fin de ton abonnement apple, il te propose de renouveler à très petit prix (15,99$), mais cette offre ne fait pas parti de apple directement. Donc l’abonnement se renouvelle automatiquement, au tarif régulier de 98$, même lorsque annulé via apple. Malgré mes demandes, rien à faire! ☹️👎🏼😤 Et à lire les autres commentaires.. c’est très fréquent😡 3e message et toujours aucun courriel pour me confirmer mon dé-sabonnement! Il me réponde de m’envoyer un courriel pour cela!!! *** A croire qu’un coup abonner, ils vont me sous-tirer de l’argent de ma carte de crédit pour le reste de mes jours😤😤

- Bravo

Des exercices très bien structurés. Pas trop longues et très bien expliqué. Moi j’apprends avec vous et je l’ai mis à mon fils aussi pour l’aider dans son apprentissage. Facile d’apprendre tous en s’amusant!!!!

- J’adore

Honnêtement la nouvelle mise à jour a était la meilleure chose à faire au début j’avais arrêter parce que les entraînements était trop long et plus ou moins intéressant quand j’ai constaté qu’ils ont complètement fait la mise à jour de l’application desfois je peux passer presque une soirée complète à faire les activités et même mes vendredi soirs. En espérant qui vont poursuivre la mise à jours. Enplus il y a des petites lectures donc sa travail beaucoup mon anglais Grace a vous plus besoin de payer chers pour un prof d’anglais MERCI 😍😍😍

- Annulation

Bonjour Merci d’annuler l’abonnement Je n’utilise pas Merci

- No sound

There is no sound in videos. Doesn’t work.

- How can I use the No upgraded version?

The new app is not good. The previous version is better. After upgrading, there is a lot less to learn. I just want to go back to the old version

- Recommend it

It’s really great application to learn English.

- good software for some one to learn english

this is good software for some one who want to learn or improve their skill english!

- RIP : Mise a jours HORRIBLE

A première vue L’app a complètement changer.. c’était mieux avant! Sur le téléphone il y a souvent des problèmes, alors il faut quitter et même si vous étiez a 80% de l’exercice il faut tout recommencer .. bref se n’est qu’un exemple parmi tant d’autres.. l’app deviens pénible a utilisé. Vraiment pas contant :( Apres plusieurs utilisation NUL NUL NULS!!! L’app est devenue horrible.. avant c’était fait pour apprendre mais maintenant c’est juste pour que les gens puisse dire qu’il font de l’anglais, pour se satisfaire, Mais on apprend beaucoup moins avec cette version faite pour les gens avec peu de motivation ou qui abandonne vite, les leçons ne sont pas assez longue, pas assez de contenue, pas assez d’exercices.. très déçu! Si vous êtes désireux d’apprendre réellement l'anglais il y de meilleur moyen depuis cette nouvelle mise a jour. Cette mise a jour et faite pour satisfaire l’ego des gens car beaucoup plus simple et rapides, l’apprentissage réel mais plus douloureux de l’anglais qui est nessessaire n’est plus disponible chez ABA English, une application que je cherissé particulièrement. Il y a t’il moyen d’utilisé l'ancienne version? Ou de se faire remboursé l’abonnement... Beug sur beug je suis incapable de finir la moindre section.. sans exagération!! Cette app rend fou.. vous imaginez? Impossible de compléter une seul section .. c’est abusé !!

- !!! Beware of Robbers !!!

Beware of these guys! Last week I received an email that my visa account was charged with 102 CAD (75$). I was shocked: First, because they charged me without notifying me. Second, because my initial subscription was 15$ and now they charged me 75$. I told them that I only used their service for only two months last year. And that I no longer use their service, and they never refund my money! I consider this a robbery. I always pay for the services I use, but its been ten months I don't use it! What is wrong with you guys? How can you sell your product and retain your clients when if you're not transparent with them? How can you expect me to recommend you to my friends if you play dirty? You tricked me! For anyone out there who wants to improve their English skills, read that before subscribing to these robbers

- Semble excellent mais...

Je ne parviens pas à rejoindre l’équipe technique pour savoir si on peut changer les accents: anglais britannique seulement? Merci

- Consume demasiado la batería del teléfono

Por favor hagan la aplicación más eficiente ya que consume demasiado la batería del teléfono

- Excellent

Could you please do this app with Americans English!

- Verifiez votre facturation

La plate-forme est géniale et intéressante. Cependant, je ne suis plus actif depuis 3 ans et j’ai eu la surprise d’un montant pris sur ma carte de crédit... je me connecte a mon compte ABA et c’est indiqué pas d’abonnement... j’ai envoyé capture d’écran à l’appui de mes dires pour être remboursé puisque je n’ai pas renouvellé abonnement depuis 3 ans! Je n’ai pas de nouvelles, je demande des explications et aucunes nouvelles. Je trouve ça bien dommage.😔

- Renouvellement de l’abonnement

Les cours sont bien structurés mais le gros problème c’est au moment du renouvellement. En 2018 j’ai annulé l’abonnement et ABA m’a fait payer un renouvellement en octobre 2019. J’ai essayé par tous les moyens de me faire rembourser et je n’y arrive pas. Ils ne me confirment pas qu’il y a eu annulation de l’abonnement

- Annuler mon renouvellement

Je veut annuler mon renouvellement et ça ne marche pas

- Annulation d’un abonnement.

Je désire annuler mon abonnement qui prend fin le 31 octobre 2019. Veuillez svp me confirmer que vous avez donné suite à ma demande. 27/10/2019 Je n’ai encore eu aucune confirmation de votre part concernant l’annulation de mon abonnement qui prend fin le 31 octobre prochain. SVP me confirmer que vous donnez suite à ma demande.

- Very bad

Do not take it calm, they are taking money from your account without permission.they took my account without permission, very very bad

- It’s good beginning

It’s good beginning

- Never reply email! Scam!

This is my first time to write reviews!I love studying, and actually I really like this app because their courses are not bad! But this app is still totally scam! Automatically renewed my premium subscription and never reply my email!! You can never contact with them! Nobody will reply you! Stay away from this app!

- Arrêt de l’abonnement

J’ai fait les cours que je voulais, je veux cesser mon abonnement automatique . Merci de me le confirmer. H.Sanschagrin Vous me renvoyez toujours sur le même site , j’ai essayé et ça ne fonctionne pas ! SVP cessez mon abonnement et m’avisez moi quand ce sera fait , sinon je vous bloque sur ma carte !!!!!!

- Cancel subscription

There is no subscription in my App Store but you charge 121 dollar and there is no idea about that subscription. Please refund my money

- Renouvellement

Bonjour, I want to cancel my suscription. I am not able to cancel by your help center. It’s to complicated for me. Don’t let me a link to do it, I have tried il without success. Please, only cancel the suscription. Thank you! Line Bédard

- Cancel my subscription

Hi can you cancel my subscriptions please it’s little complicated to cancel it

- Désabonnement

J’aimerais me désabonner, mais je ne trouve pas la façon de faire. Pouvez vous m’aider à me désabonner svp. Merci Plusieurs m’ont dit qu’il y avait une arnaque avec ABAEnglish, j’espère qu’ils se sont trompés.

- Applaudissements et remerciements

Très très belle application pour un apprentissage rapide et performant.merci

- Cheating in the name of subscription renewal

This is a daylight robbery! They misguided me to subscribe for free the first 7days. They charged my credit card and when I reached them on the same day to cancel my subscription they ignored my request and said I don’t qualify for a refund. This is not good on the company’s part. I am highly disappointed with company and this is not the way they are operating. Greedy and poor customer service! I will never recommend this to anyone! I may change my mind if they process my refund ASAP.

- Faite attention a l’abonnement automatique - escroqueries

A l’inscription assurez-vous d’annuler votre renouvellement automatique. Il n’avise pas losrque l’abonnement arrive a échéance et charge le prix régulier 309cdn dans mon cas. Escroqueries— tout est fait pour que tu ne vois pas que c’est un renouvellement automatiquement et il est impossible d’annuler par l’application comme il semble dire , (dans mon cas il n’y avait aucun abonnement dans ma session «gérer mes abonnements »dans mon application. La seule façon est de communiquer par leur centre d’aide. Un peu de respect avec vos clients seraient au moins d’aviser que le renouvellement vient à échéance et annoncer le cout du renouvellement !!!! Je ne recommande pas du tout cette application !

- Not honest

There’s no this app in my subscriptions, but they still take 200 $ from my account! Be careful with them!

- Voleurs!

Le son ne marche pas, les cours ne sont téléchargent pas non plus, rien ne marche et vous vous permettez de me charger un nouvel abonnement sans me demander l’autorisation ou me prévenir au préalable. VOLEURS! Vous n’avez pas compris ce que j’ai dit. J’étais abonné durant une première année et sans aucun avertissement vous avez renouveler mon abonnement sans mon consentement. Je vous ai aviser que je voulais annuler mon abonnement et vous n’avez pas fait le nécessaire.

- Films défectueux

Je n’ai plus accès aux différents films du cours. Y remédier ou me rembourser les frais du cours. Je ne trouve pas d’endroit pour contacter le service d’aide aux usagers du système. Merci. Danielle Caron

- Active passive ..

Je suis incapable de passer le test ... je ne le comprends pas alors c’est devenu trop difficile pour moi ... j’abandonne.. good bye

- Unité 24

J’ai passé l’unité 73 avec 9/10.Lorsque je vais à l’unité 74 on me demande de payer pour être Premium,alors que je viens tout juste de payer pour un abonnement d’un an ??? Vraiment déçu,si je ne suis pas capable d’aller dans les autres unités,je vous demande donc un remboursement.

- This is it!

If you want to learn English you don’t need to look farther. Great job! Thank you very much

- Poor customer support

They use automatic renewal system even not in apple store subscription. I checked mail and subscription before, it wasn’t have that but it purchased any other info. They ripped my money without any notice. I sent email there help desk, talk same things. Absolutely poor customer support

- Remember!!Once you Buy, you CAN,T cancel it.

Guys, be aware of this App. You can unsubscribe this app anytime from your apple ID as they said on help centre, But you need to keep paying. Sounds weird but it’s ture. I wanted to sort this issue out through help centre but What I received was auto reply written in SPANISH.. unbelievable. If you want to cancel membership I think you need to close your bank account before your renewal date. Please consider of my advise before purchase this app.

- Wonderful

It is very wonderful app

- Dissatisfied

I activated the free days to know the application and the amount was charged to my account! do not sign! I am very dissatisfied

- Amazing

Amazing app... Cheers

- PLS CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION! I can’t cancel it in Apple app!

This app is useless for me. Please cancel my subscription, I’m still on free trial. I can’t cancel my subscription via Apple app.

- Good

Good but not anny Indonesia transliteration

- Cancellation

I uploaded by mistake and I don’t know how to cancel it 😡 I don’t want to be charged

- Love it but needs to fix something

Hey, i really love this app. But don’t know why my “video class” isn’t working anymore, it some how just replay/back to the “ABA film” part instead. Please help me to sort this out. Otherwise i would not be able to go to the assasments. Thanks

- Superb app

Love this app. Help me to learn English with a lot of examples. Thank you so much 😋

- No tech support

I have downloaded the app and thought it was great so I recommended it to two friends. I have sent them a promo link and one of them purchased through that link which we hadn’t seen was linked to my personal account. I’ve tried to send emails and find support to fix this But didn’t get an answer from anywhere. The app is great but we feel it can’t be trusted.

- Can't download course content

Keeps showing check your internet

- Brilliant app

This app's perfect for me, I can speak English fluently but becoming to my Grammar it's socking. I try very hard to improve my English. I'm trying to grow, and also I want further studies to achieve my dreams as Nurses.

- Very good lesson

I’m enjoying this first lesson.

- I don’t recommend it.

I have payed and they have canceled my plan.

- ...

I haven’t used this app yet, but do I need to use Wi-Fi to work? But anyway I’ll give this a 5 stars!

- Course’s score

Hi teaches! Thank you very much for the course. I have found it as the best one

- Good one

It is the best and thank you

- Great

Love it

- Love it

Amazing application!

- It is so amazing,

It is so amazing, thank ABS FOR SUCH A GREAT APPS

- 😉 great

It's amazing, I'm really loving to learn English with this app. It's very helpfull.

- Awesome!


- Best app to study English

Highly recommended

- Excellent

I never saw this kind of unique, complete and excellent app for English learning, writing, speaking and listening.

- Excellent app

A great way to learn English

- The best

I love it!!!!

- Best app

Good app

- Great app!!

It is a great app!!

- You got to pay eventually


- Good app

It work!

- It's awesome

I like it very much. I think it really can help me to improve my English.

- Enjoying the app


- Awesome and free

Awesome and free

- Very good apply

I recommend this app

- My new love

I'm really like this app. I think it's very useful. Love it

- Thanks

It's a really good app Muy Buena app util para perfeccionar mi segundo idioma.

- ممتاز

برنامج جداً رائع لتعلم اللغة الانجليزية ،يحتوي على المهارات الأربعة الاستماع والتحدث والكتابة و القراءة . أنصح به وبشدة

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- Hi ABA English.

I am truthly thank to this program for me and everyone that study English likely the second language. And this course that set up so logically and scientific by anyone study at beginer to next level,and at section each level make interested (enjoy) to study when anyone want choice at first. I think at all. (I am writting my exercise).

- Leçon vidéo 21

Je ne parviens pas à faire mon évaluation, à cause que l’accès du leçon vidéo 21 ne ne change pas de couleur, j’ai fait plus de neuf fois! Oupsss! Trouver une solution pour moi. J’aime ABA English. Merci!

- Leçons vidéo

Pourquoi je ne peux plus accéder aux vidéos sur mon iPad ?

- Bien mais

Bonjour Effectivement très bonne app mais chaque partie de chaque leçon est beaucoup trop longue ! Il te faut bientôt 2 h pour finir une leçon ! Et quand ton temps est limité ça peux devenir compliqué !

- Problem

Hello After i register and i paid i did one course all the other courses is blocked What is wrong with this app i paid for a year and i have just 20 days Can you help

- 免费使用时间马上到期了,如何取消?


- paid for subscription but does not work

i paid for the 6 months subscription but it does not work and stil list me as a free student. I could not find their contact and their help section also dors not work. I spent $40 on a promo for six months and now I cannot get a refund, contact the app or even use the app! Highly disappointed.

- Achat par erreur d’un cours déjà suivi en 2018

Je viens tout juste d’être sollicitée pour l’achat d’un cours d’une durée d’un an .(24$)J’ai constaté après ouverture de l’application qu’il s’agissait du même cours suivi l’an dernier. Vous avez été payé il n’ya que quelques minutes. J’aimerais être remboursé car il n’y a pas de suite après la leçon 144. Bien à vous Hélène Tremblay Invoo206095 B64401482

- Pour super


- Excellent app

The best app I have ever used for English studying! Two things to make it better: 1. A function through which The learners can review the words, especially those words the learners have made mistakes before 2. Provide audio for the passages, so that the learners can simulate the audio to improve English.

- Fraud

Very bad

- No sound

It is Waste!

- Changement de langage

Je voudrais changer langue d’utilisation actuel pour apprendre l’anglais de français pour le portugais parce que ce ma première langue appris!!! Certains d’être attendu je désire un très bonne journée! Suzete Cabral

- Bad app, thieves!

They steal your money. First they charge an amount and then they charge more than double! No recomendable!

- réabonnement automatique

mon abonnement une semaine avant la fin mais ils ont quand même utilisé le réabonnement automatique à mon insu. J’ai essayé de me faire rembourser mais pas de réponse de leur part. Après avoir rédigé cette avis j’ai été remboursé un hasard??? Mais c’est très bien

- Best app no jokes!

Honestly, this is the best app and also the best way to learn and improve your English speaking skills! It has everything you need whether its conversation, recordings, reading and writing, listening etc. This app is the deal man if you looking to improve or learn English this is the app! The reason why i gave it 4 stars out of 5 is because its not entirely free. So basically when you do few lessons and you start liking it, it will stop being free.

- Abonnement

Bonjour, Je veux canceller mon abonnement qui se termine le 30 septembre et je suis incapable. Je vais sur le site et chaque fois que j’essaie d’écrire sur le cité l’écran devient noir et je ne peux pas continuer. Merci de m’aider Francine

- Désabonnement

Je voudrais me désabonner, et ça ne fonctionne pas. S’il vous plaît me renseigner.

- Je veux annuler mon abonnement

Je n'arrive pas à annuler mon abonnement, comment dois-je faire?

- Good but not much

The videos are cool and very creative, my concern is about the exercises, it seems they are never going to end, it is so repetitive and extensive. I think they might have be short.

- Plus de motivation

L’application serait meilleure si quand on doit apprendre des nouveaux mots serait en forme des jeux pis qu’on puisse écouter et écrire le mot parce ça deviens plat à la longue faire toujours la même chose

- Ambivalente

L’application a comme point positif de fournir des explications claires sur l’utilisation de l’anglais. Par contre les vidéos sont remplis de clichés et la présentation des hommes et des femmes est tellement stéréotypée, on a l’impression d’être à une autre époque. L’application manque aussi de flexibilité. On ne peut pas passer l’évaluation d’un thème si on n’a pas fait tous les exercices proposés, alors que parfois ils sont totalement inutiles pour nous. Enfin les vidéos des accompagnateurs ont toujours la même longue introduction expliquant les consignes d’utilisation pour un meilleur apprentissage. Après quelques vidéos je crois que j’avais compris et que ce n’était pas nécessaire de le répéter 150 fois.

- N’est pas familiale

L’app. N’est pas familiale comme indiqué. De plus essayé de communiquer avec eux pour des bugs, bonne chance. Dommage car l’application est vraiment bien.

- after updating, it doesn’t work!

When I updated your app in Ipad today, It doesn’t work. I removed your app and reinstalled it, but still it doesn’t work. It worked well before the update. I can’t anything because app stoped as below. There is no skip or continue button. I can see it in my Iphone. Please fix it quickly!

- 5 stars

It just Funny

- Abonnement premium

J’ai pris l’abonnement d’un 1 ans et depuis la dernière mise à jour, je n’ai plus aucune accès aux différentes unités payantes. On me dis que je ne suis plus premium. De plus, je suis incapable d’ouvrir la page centre d’aide pour m’aider à régler mon problème. Merci d’avance

- Renew my subscription without consen

Renew my subscription without my consent! Be careful!

- Disappointed

It didn’t let me know that we should pay after trial from the beginning . I was known after I registered and did the assessment test . It was waste of time.

- Bugs dans toutes les unités

Je n'achèterai pas ce logiciel tant qu'il y aura autant de bugs dans toutes les unités: blocages intempestifs, impossibilité de répondre oralement ou par écrit, obligation de reprendre au début d'une unité après blocage etc.

- Comment retrouver mon abonnement

Bonjour merci de votre aide j’ai changé d’appareil iOS et je ne suis pas capable de retrouver mon abonnement d’un an qui se termine en septembre j’aimerais l’utiliser sur mes deux appareils téléphone et tablette SVP aider moi

- Attention 101$

Je n’ai jamais utiliser cette application. je recherchais une application facile pour améliorer mon anglais je me suis rendu rapidement compte qu’elle ne répondais pas à mes attente j’ai donc supprimer l’application de mon téléphone. Une semaine plus tard j’ai reçu un reçu de 101$.

- Avis

Cours intelligents, attractifs, je conseille vivement cette application. Merci ABA !


Cours bien conçu, méthode efficace merci à toute l’équipe

- Application

Very good app My English is better It’s very Eastwood to learn it with this app

- Membre ABA

C’est super cette application peu importe le niveau de connaissance de l’anglais.


Très bon cours !

- Je veux anule immédiatement

Jai meme pas encore ouvert l’application et je veut être remboursée immédiatement

- Evaluation

Très bonne application. Très bien faite. On apprend vraiment.

- ABA moment

C’est vraiment intéressant de pratiquer avec les activités More than world et awsome people. Le dernier exercice est génial, j’espère qu’ils en ajouteront.

- Traduction

Je suis très heureuse de suivre ces cours . J’apprends énormément. Mais déçu de ne pas avoir la traduction française dans les cours 5-6 comme on avait dans les 4 premiers cours . J’aimerais savoir si c’est possible pour vous de remettre la traduction . Je vous remercie à l’avance de me répondre.

- Best app for English learners

Very awesome app love it really helped❤️🙏

- Don’t pay it you will be lost your money

This is really bad application I have never seem before ,first the video is great but this is all . They have a lots of error inside the app such as log in problem and you can not use the main functional even you paid ,so I tried to email to the center but they f..k destroy my account .so I note here for every one who consider to buy it

- Good

It's a very good application I love it! But, it could be interesting if we can insert a symbol before unit to be revised. Also, I whould like to have a place to white the new words. Like a memo just for the user. Which remains even if we are more subscribed. Thanks

- Problème avec l’écrit / clavier

Dans l’unité 85 dans le module écrit et exercice je ne peux compléter , on me bloque car on m’indique une erreur. Alors que j’ai bien tapé en vérifiant la réponse. Le problème est que l’app ne semble pas reconnaître l’apostrophe dans par exemple: “Nice day isn’t it”

- 👌🏻


- Annulation, critique,

En aucun cas vous avez le droit de prendre de l’argent sans autorisation des cartes visa du client . C est une transaction frauduleuse lorsque vous garder lés numéro des cartes de vos clients pour leur faire payer des montants d’argent très élevés comme renouvellement. L’abonnement et renouvellement devrait être consenti avec les conditions et les montants à payer Je n’ai plus le goût d’apprendre l’anglais avec vous . Vous m’avez déçu .


J'améliore mon anglais de jour en jour ! Je recommande vivement cette application. Merci .

- Comprendre, parler, et écouter.

Excellente application. Plusieurs niveaux de difficulté, très pratique.

- Nice

Pour les disciplinées vous avez la meilleure application à mon avis ;)

- Good App

Download ✅

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- Acknowledgement

Awesome App. undoubtedly

- I love this incredible app

This ABA English application is absolutely helpful for those who want to learn English the right way.

- Learning English Basic


- Excellent app

With these app you don’t need to go to learn English the hard way. I so love it, because it helps me a lot. Thanks to you guys

- Love the English class

I learnt something good... So impressed.


I have never seen an app so useful like this. Reliable!

- Jummiedareno

Absolutely perfect! Kudos👍

ABA English Mod Apk - Learn English

@titianosaurus: I love when immigrants come to America and never learn English that’s a bad bitch trait

Learn English with ABA English Learn English with ABA: una aplicació que ofereix de manera…

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ABA English - Learn English 4.2.0 Screenshots & Images

ABA English - Learn English iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

ABA English - Learn English iphone images
ABA English - Learn English iphone images
ABA English - Learn English iphone images
ABA English - Learn English iphone images
ABA English - Learn English iphone images
ABA English - Learn English iphone images
ABA English - Learn English iphone images
ABA English - Learn English ipad images
ABA English - Learn English ipad images
ABA English - Learn English ipad images
ABA English - Learn English ipad images
ABA English - Learn English ipad images
ABA English - Learn English ipad images
ABA English - Learn English Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
ABA English - Learn English Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

ABA English - Learn English (Version 4.2.0) Install & Download

The applications ABA English - Learn English was published in the category Education on 2014-05-05 and was developed by ABA English [Developer ID: 859243875]. This application file size is 154.71 MB. ABA English - Learn English - Education posted on 2020-05-22 current version is 4.2.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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