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What is heart of vegas — casino slots app? You must be 18+ to access this game. This game does not offer gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at gambling.

Experience the thrill of Vegas-style social casino slot machines – for FREE! Heart of Vegas Slots invites you to play the world’s favorite slot games from the world’s best social casinos.

Heart of Vegas Slots brings you:
- Free bonus slots virtual coins EVERY day!
- New free slot games added regularly!
- Play slot games with huge Jackpots and exciting Wins!
- Win thousands of FREE social casino bonus virtual coins with the Daily Wheel and Hourly Slots Bonuses!

Play the hottest free online slot machines!
* Experience LIGHTNING LINK with lightning-fast Jackpots, Free Games, and the Hold & Spin feature
* Play free BUFFALO SLOTS – one of the most-played slot games of all time
* Win at Mayan slots with SUN & MOON slot machine games
* Play MISS KITTY slots games – it’s the cat’s meow!
* Spice things up with MORE CHILLI slots
* Unearth Cleopatra’s slots fortunes in Ancient Egypt with the QUEEN OF THE NILE slot machine
* Feel the rush with Where’s the Gold

Plus - 50 LIONS, 50 DRAGONS, BIG RED SLOT MACHINE, MORE HEARTS, DOLPHIN TREASURE and so many more Vegas slots by Gaming!

Do you “HEART” Vegas Slots?
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Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots Version 4.52.029 June 2022

Hello, Heart of Vegas Friends! In this release we have got some bug fixes and improvements for you. We are also including some more of the biggest games from Aristocrat’s all star slots lineup to go alongside GRAND STAR and WELCOME TO FANTASTIC JACKPOTS The original DRAGON LINK™ and LIGHTNING LINK™ games with Lightning-fast Jackpots, Free Games, and the Hold & Spin feature are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Get even MORE BONUSES when you Join Heart of Vegas Communities! Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeartofVegas.

Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots Version 4.51.028 April 2022

Hello, Heart of Vegas Friends! In this release we have got some bug fixes and improvements for you. We are also including some more of the biggest games from Aristocrat’s all star slots lineup to go alongside GRAND STAR and WELCOME TO FANTASTIC JACKPOTS The original DRAGON LINK™ and LIGHTNING LINK™ games with Lightning-fast Jackpots, Free Games, and the Hold & Spin feature are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Get even MORE BONUSES when you Join Heart of Vegas Communities! Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeartofVegas.

Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots Version 4.48.023 February 2022

Hello, Heart of Vegas Friends! In this release we have got some bug fixes and improvements for you. We are also including some more of the biggest games from Aristocrat’s all star slots lineup to go alongside GRAND STAR and WELCOME TO FANTASTIC JACKPOTS The original DRAGON LINK™ and LIGHTNING LINK™ games with Lightning-fast Jackpots, Free Games, and the Hold & Spin feature are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Get even MORE BONUSES when you Join Heart of Vegas Communities! Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeartofVegas.

Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots Comments & Reviews 2022


I love this app. however, it apparently has locked in a screen and I cannot receive turns to spin in the new adventure even though I have numerous spins available. As soon as I click on the tickets it goes to a blank white screen. Please try to fix this or let me get just the regular games that I enjoy playing and none of the side games for extra points or spins. It doesn’t matter which game I choose, the screen locks in a white empty page when I try to use the spins I have won.I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years to play this game and am very frustrated and hope you can solve this problem since I cannot afford to keep on buying credits. Thanks, in advance, for your assistance. I asked if this would be fixed and you did not do it. I will no longer purchase coin or play this game. It is a big rip-off. SORRY I REALLY LOVED PLAYING IT BEFORE YOU STARTED RIPPING ME OFF! Have told my numerous friends who also use this app.

- I got blocked!!!

I was blocked for telling them how bad the amounts they give you are and for never being able to play unless you spend an ungodly amount of money for a few thousand credits. Then they also had me blocked from CASHMAN Casino too! I guess I hurt their feelings. If you complain they’ll block you totally. I got an email today, August 18, 2020, and at the end it told me I can contact the developer. I clicked and guess what? I can’t contact the developer because I’M BLOCKED!!!! They won’t even let me contact them! I used to love their site but they won’t let me back because I told them that the way you can’t play, and how much it costs to buy to play, (because it’s almost the only way you can play), they blocked me. I’m playing other sites that I can play all day because they give you more to play with. I see videos of Heart Casino and CASHMAN and they say “We’ve missed you!” Not enough to unblock me! MAY 18, 2021—CAN I PLEASE COME BACK??????

- My favorite!!!

I have played Heart of Vegas for almost 2 years now. I don’t play through Facebook, which I will never do, so the bummer is I can’t move up in status. I love this Casino, it has given me so much JOY!!! The last few weeks it seems like the games have been loser. I highly recommend this app and hope you enjoy it as much as I do!❤️🤑❤️ Update... February 22,2021 Still my favorite, something happened today that has never happened before. Bought some coins that I did not receive. Wrote support, nothing. Bought it yesterday and have been charged. So disappointed and frustrated. Still my favorite,But definitely have some frustrations. Can play all day and noticed that I hardly have any balls For bingo. Do not understand, do some games not give you more balls?

- Stay away

This app is fun. It has a great selection of slots to choose from. But this is how its going to go for you. Ive played with 4 different accounts and it went the same way every time. When you first start you are going to win a great deal. Its really fun and you hit bonuses often and the payout is great. After a while though you start to win less and it will eventually take all your coins. The free coins with this app are a joke. The worst thing you can do is buy coins. When you do you will win often again. And it will last a while. Then it will take everything quickly. Buy more coins and win again for a while. Then it happens. You buy coins and win for shorter periods of time. The more you buy the quicker it will take your coins. You will always get a period of winning each time you buy but that time grows shorter each time you buy. They will tell you it is set up to play like a real casino but who really wants real odds on a game they cant cash out. Also if you do play the bet max button is conveniently located next to the spin button. It is really easy to hit it and not know until your coins disappear in a couple spins.

- Do not download this game!!!

The creators of this app are very greedy. You start out with a decent amount of coins and it’s pretty fun to play all the awesome slot games they have available. Until you run out of coins and it becomes nearly impossible to ever get enough coins to even play. 20,000 coins every 2 hours? Seriously? That’s enough for 2 spins at minimum bet on most of the slots. It is very likely that you will lose on both spins and be stuck waiting 2 hours for another measly 20k. The coin packages available for purchase with real $$ are absolutely ridiculous. $2.99 for 150k coins?? Is that a joke? That’s enough for 15 spins at minimum bet if you’re lucky. Do not waste your time or money on this app. There are a few other casino games on the App Store that are much better than this one. If you people would fix this game and allow for bigger and more frequent payouts, along with lowering your prices and/or raising your coin amounts on your coin packages, I would be a lot more inclined to actually spend money on this game. You have a very poor business model in place and until that changes, I will not be using any of your products or services.

- Stay away! - Updated

This game just keeps getting greedier with each passing week. I've spent hundreds of dollars over the past few months and the number of coins I own always goes to zero in a few days. I play anywhere from minimum bet to lower "jackpot" bets. Unless you have unlimited funds, stay away from this "game". I was hoping Product Madness would change their ways over the last year. Unfortunately, I believe they have become more greedy. They have a very poor business model - rip off your customer until they leave for good. Case in point, the odds of getting a bonus round have lessened in my opinion, and when, by some miracle, you actually get a bonus round, you generally just barely break even. Playing their games is significantly worse than going to a casino. At least, you can “cash out” and leave from a casino. Product Madness will eventually drain you of all your coins. It is just a matter of time. Stay away from all Product Madness games. They will drain your bank account in no time and think nothing of it. It’s really too bad as they have the best games out there.

- Waste of time and space. Just another money hungry slot app

I like how they have a few of my favorite slots I like to play but the amount of coins and wins are just too little! If you’re lucky you’ll probably get two/three bonus a month. Bets are also set big and the amount of coins you are able to collect are very little. I can only collect 20,000 coins every two three hours which isn’t even enough for one spin at my minimum bet 😑 Deleted the game because I been playing for a couple of months now and had not won more than 400k and I only won that once! Even after purchasing their coins with them guaranteeing me a win I don’t win 😡 There has also been a lot of time where I hit the bonus and they don’t give it to me! Plus they CHEATED me to! received an ad telling me to re-download their app and I’ll receive 10 million coins and they lied! I contacted them about the issue and why I cannot ever win on their slots and they didn’t bother to do anything and say that’s how their app work. Anyways I got blocked out for requesting a refund after I got upset about not winning even after they guaranteed me

- Blocked for being honest.

I have been playing this game/app for well over 7+ years, found it in my iTunes games and enjoyed just relaxing with it. Well fast forward to a few weeks ago, stand up awhile playing one of my favorite games they have; had some fun turned in for the evening. Next day went to collect, low and behold could not get into the game. Contact support was told I answered a survey “saying I did not invite people anymore because I did not want to be responsible for any one becoming addicted to gambling “ they took it to mean I was addicted to gambling and blocked me. I have been in control of my life for a very long time and I certainly know how not to let a game control my wallet “thank you” I simply got tired of inviting people to play and getting fussed at about losing their money. So I chose not to invite anyone to any of these apps anymore. So for being honest I get accused of having a gambling problem and blocked. Way to go with your assumption. People will play what they want I just don’t want the blame if it all goes bad. I know when to fold them very well.

- Not sure how it has 41/2 stars

I have had this game for quite sometime. While I realize that it takes me awhile to build up coins to really enjoy the slots it has some inherent problem. In your side bonus games it is not set up to randomly give out the high payouts. As an example I have been playing the carnival bonus and as I use the tickets to say pop balloons, in all the time I have played it have not one gotten a high dollar amount. It will show the big money I have missed but never get. This means it is set up this way to never payout. You would think with 3 darts I would at one point get a high coin amount at least once out of the three times I throw the dart. It has never happened which leads me to believe you purposely pay out the lower amounts to entice me to buy more coins. What is the sense in downloading a “free” game if you are not going to make it an even playing field. The only reason I keep the app is because it has slots I enjoy at real time casinos.

- Delete this App Now!!!

I got free spins on the Buffalo Diamond game. When my spins were completed, total coins won was approximately 36,000,000. Long story-short: The game glitched and did not credit my account. I contacted support and was told because I didn’t take a screenshot, I will only get 2,000,000. Seriously!!!? I’ve literally paid cash out of my bank account for coins on multiple occasions, and when I finally win a good amount of coins all by myself, I don’t even get credit to play them?!?? I won the coins fair and square!! Just because I didn’t think to take a screenshot is not my fault that your App is nothing but a huge glitch! If I knew that if you guys weren’t going to credit my account with my coins that I won, then obviously I would’ve took a picture. I will be uninstalling these apps that I have with you guys and also letting my friends know not to download. I am a very unsatisfied customer and I will be commenting and rating this App on playstore. Just FYI, If y’all want to keep running, I think you guys should treat your customers a little bit better than this!

- Mixed reviews

Although this is one of the best slots apps, there are frequent technical issues. I contacted them about freezings, followed all the recommendations (deleted and reinstalled the app; closed out all others running in background; etc). But I think I figured out a cause: I’m impatient to finish the features, such as hold and spin or free spins. And I usually hit the STOP button. Every time I did it, the game froze and on reopening it, the winnings were gone. So today I decided to let the game run through adding the winnings into the WIN box. Sure enough, the winnings were added to my total. Tech support has not reinstated my losses due to freezing. Not sure if they even can. Maybe I will follow up again, even though I did everything they asked, including sending screenshots. The app has added a few extra features, such as box collecting. Fun but completely unpredictable when you get a box. Not unlike other slots games with extra features, like Jackpot Party. One more thing: The “hourly “ (actually every three hours)free coins are only 30,000. Not much considering most bets are over 50K. The answer is that this app targets Facebook users, and I don’t do Facebook. But those users get 1 million coins when they sign in! The rest of us are nickel and dimed. If you treat this app with kid gloves, it can be fun. Just don’t put a lot of time or money into it.

- What a SCAM!!!

The realism and variety of games is the only reason for the second star. I do feel bad for some of the players who talk about spending so much money on coins without the chance of even winning one penny of actual money. It’s a very dangerous app for someone with a gambling addiction because you can do it right from your phone, spend a fortune and be guaranteed to win NOTHING back. Please people remember that you’re playing for virtual money and let that guide your sensibility! Good luck to all!🥢Just wanted to write a quick update. I have to agree with a lot of the other reviews - after you play for a month or two and accumulate a nice bank roll the algorithm does change and no matter how carefully you bet you end up losing all of your coins. That’s why I deleted this app. I play a few other slot games (Scatter Slots, Wizard of Oz) and poker games. Hearts of Vegas is the only app that bankrupts you on a regular basis in the hopes that you’ll buy virtual coins. Please don’t do it, just delete this app.

- Love love love it!

Exciting and thrilling. The reels can get real tight sometimes, but mix it up with different games and it's a blast!! Add more 4 reel games and sticky wilds game. I've paid plenty to this game and would like the opportunity to play more when I don't have to pay and can actually win daily bonuses that actually give you a chance to hit some bonuses. If I don't pay, I have to play for weeks for only like a couple minutes at a time cause it's so hard to even make enough coins to enjoy the game for a while. Bigger daily bonus please. But I love this game even though some of the games are ALWAYS losers. Mix it up get rid of some like Shaman and Nutcracker and add more like More Chili, More Hearts and Miss Kitty. I'm done paying for chips for now. But I'll keep playing with the little daily bonuses hoping to win.

- Rip off central

Stay far far away. While playing this game betting 300k on a slot I won a large amount of coins. 72 million or so. I continue to spin only to notice that my coins of which I had around 112 million shrink in a few spins to around 42 million. I looked over and noticed my bet had changed. Since I never moved my finger from the spin button I know I didn’t change my bet. This was the second time that this happened. The first time I blamed myself thinking that I may have inadvertently changed my bet but this time I knew for a fact that I had not. I put in a complaint with customer service only to be told the error was mine and I had to have hit the max bet button and I was responsible for any bets in the game as per their rules. It’s all just a ploy to get you to buy coins. You win big they change you small bet to large one and before you notice it your coins are gone. Then they hope you’ll purchase coins to keep playing. Not me. I deleted the game all together. Too many other options. So long rip off artist.

- Has its good pieces- better enhancements to their games! Like what I see so far!

I have been slightly disappointed with bonus opportunities and payouts. Generally I wasn't catching a break or even playing to even. Jackpot buy ins are high. However this past few days, I have seen improvement. If they could sustain, that would make a great game! You shouldn't have to have Facebook to play Addendum. The max bet button is right by the spin button. Good for them, bad for player. You can wipe out your bank in a spin or two. Poor. Sent email 4 help when I hit a big win and the game froze and did not give me credit. I won't waste my money on buying any more chips here. Overall there are better games out there. And since I don't use Facebook, apparently I am not worth the fix.

- Never get bonuses

I love the game truly!! There are so many neat games on here!! I have paid quite a few times for the .99 cent promo.. but it just seems that you never get bonuses and it takes sooooo long to accumulate money to spend!!! I’m at bonus of 30,000 every 2 hours..when others are like ok here’s a 100,000 with an hourly bonus.. to wait 2 hours for 30,000? I would play more but it never pays... I bounce back and forth from Cashman to Heart of Vegas.. Cashman pays more frequently and bonuses are more often.. sad cause I like this game but tired of the disappointment... Sorry guys..adding on now!!! Got a response from them!!! They were nice and said well go to our Facebook page and receive these “free” coins.. ha not free.. it was a link to be required to pick 3 different web sites to pick from to sign up for junk mail among other things... do these “simple” steps!! Asked me everything that pertains to me personally.. age, medical history, family medical history, credit score, you name it.. sad to say but... goodbye Heart of Vegas!!!

- Disappearing Credits

I’ve always liked this casino because of the games it offers, although it is a fairly expensive place to play for a free casino, and the amount of money I’ve spent on credits would probably be proof of that. On August 11th I was quitting and going to bed when I decided to collect my Bingo balls on one of the little side games they offer regularly. The screen went white and threw me out. A few minutes later I logged back in and was asked to agree to terms and service, which I did, assuming there was some sort of update. Once I did that it was like they deleted my existing account with 82 million credits and started me over at 2,250 million credits and beginner status. I had recently paid $100 for 105 million credits so it’s kind of a big deal that these credits just disappeared. I submitted a request for help the following morning and to date have heard nothing back. Not happy about the glitch and not happy about the lack of response.

- Bad experience for me

There are some fun games on this app but you never win. You are given 2,000,000 to begin with. I won up to 6,000,000, then within minutes lost all my money. I only bet the minimum amount. Everyday for three days I was given a very small amount to play with and everyday within three or four spins I was out of money. Again, I was just betting the minimum. They just want you to buy chips. I’ll be deleting this app. There are better slot games out there. I don’t give bad reviews very often. I usually feel that there’s something good about most things. Not this time. Sorry, maybe others will have a better experience, mine was terrible. Reading through the reviews, I noticed that most people mirrored my point of view. After reading so many negative reviews I wondering how the app rating is 4.6. Some people gave a 5 star review but upon reading what they wrote, they meant to give 1 Star. I’d be careful before downloading this app and taking up space on your iPhones, iPads etc.

- Heart of Vegas

Love the games, lots of fun. One problem has not been resolved as yet. Has anyone else had a problem when purchasing coins, and spinning the bonus wheel and getting 2x, but never receiving the extra coins. I believe they are working on this, but has not been resolved yet! I hope they will add the 110,000,000 to my balance soon! Thanks Like the games on Heart of Vegas! Have purchased coins many times, but do not care if I can play a while on these coins, which I have been recently! Had a problem while on vacation and the hotel had a lousy Internet which went down. I had received (and it came up on my winnings) and then disappeared from my total! Otherwise, these are my favorite games. Love them Still one of my favorite games!

- Complaint

I’m frustrated with Heart of Vegas. I have been unable to contact someone to see if they’re having system problems. I have not been able to access all day and even lost all my free coins trying to log in. It is not a problem on my end as everything else on my phone is working fine. Further more I used to get 3000 to 4000 free coins and I was taken down to 300 for a couple weeks and am now up to a whopping 1500. This has always been my favorite but I’m definitely losing interest at this point! Help!! It gets even better I’ve put in 15 nicknames and they’re all taken and some have been really odd s sad o I can’t send anything negative!?!?!?

- Very little incentive to keep coming back.

I’ve been a frequent user of your application. I believe maybe as early as when you started. I like and enjoy your games, very much! However, I find your credit incentives are small and far in between. I get an allowance sent to my email directly, and lately every time I try to redeem the offer, it says that I’ve already done so (not), and therefore I don’t get any other than my usual spin and the other one that you give certain time in between (can’t remember when). It would be nice that your incentives be more substantial and not so far in between. Consider it as an investment...I feel that if you do so, and you allows us to play a bit longer on top of having more affordable credit packages, you would improve tremendously your marketplace. People would be so hooked that they would want to continue playing and buy your more affordable packets. Please consider it.

- I WAS having fun..........until

At first I really enjoyed the game. Several times it took all my chips. I reported the problem with no response from the company. After the loss of your winnings (which always happens no matter the device) if you continue to try to play eventually you can longer win anything. Ever. This is because they want you to buy their coins. Which I stupidly did. Never again. Because even if you make a purchase they make it impossible to win. It’s really a shame because I enjoyed the games and it would have given me incentive to spend real money on the actual casino version of the game. Instead it has turned me off completely. Just go to the casino and don’t play any of the games in this app as protest.

- Games repeatedly malfunction and customer service is no help

This the only slot app I play where the games malfunction, and it always seems to happen during bonus rounds. Sometimes the screen will lock up during a bonus round and won’t let you complete the bonus. It often happens in a bonus round where you are getting a big win. At other times, it will subtract the size of your bet from your balance every time it spins during the bonus round. Spins during a BONUS ROUNDS should be FREE spins. I have had their games malfunction multiple times, and despite taking screen shots illustrating what is happening, their Customer Service ignores that evidence, sends you a screenshot of some table they have and refuse to compensate you for problems with their games. I NEVER HAVE THESE TYPES OF PROBLEMS WITH 3 OTHER SLOT APPS I PLAY ON. This is an expensive slot app to play to have such poor customer service when their games malfunction during bonuses.

- Gamblers Beware!

I’ve played the app for years and spent God knows how much . Once you buy coins it plays tighter trying to get as much cash off you as they can. They bank on the gamblers emotion of winning. I actually caught them in their scam. I was playing a game and every bonus I picked the same way. All the numbers ended up being the same every-time . What’s the odds of nine choices being the same outcome 8 times in a row. Reveling all the big wins out of reach lined up the very same way. For random that is odd huh ? Lol. Their customer service is a joke . It’s a pre scripted response . They won’t answer my questions when I called them on the game giving the same results. I’ve never had that happen on a real slot machine in the 10 years I’ve been gambling . Play free all ya want . Don’t give them money or you will be the next me trying to warn people this app is tighter than a real casino and rigged way worse as well.

- Don’t win if you don’t pay

Most of the reviews hit the nail in the head. They say there payouts are completely random. However I always hit bonuses when I have made a purchase recently. For a while when I would click on he collect button for chips for returning it would give me 90k that mysteriously dropped to 30k when I stopped purchasing coins. The daily prize wheel is a joke. Minimum bets are stupidly high. There are a lot of other slot apps out there that don’t make you pay to win. Enjoy the games they have hear. But seems to be poorly operated and is not set on a chance algorithm. They claim payouts are “same as the games would be in a casino”. Not any casino that wants people to come back!

- Heart of Vegas

While waiting for the update to complete I read some previous reviews and was surprised to find that others feel the same as Ido about this app. The coin package are outrageously priced compared to other apps and other Aristocrat apps. The reward bonuses are a joke hardly covers the minimum bets on most of the games. The game payout returns are awful out of all of the games I play this is the only one that requires multiple coin purchases for me to continue playing. I spent as much money on this app as I did in the real casino last year with no chance of getting it back. Also we’re bombarded with purchase pop ups which are very annoying. The games are fun but the money making aspect isn’t and takes advantage of retired people like me that like playing as an enjoyable pastime. Please as a courtesy to your loyal patrons rectify this issue.

- The Patsy

Doesn't always give back, don't mind losing but sometimes I go down to nothing after I used up millions. Not the greatest in winnings but I like the games. No always happy! Doesn't give many hits, a few times I played high and got nothing. My other slots pay better. I'm ready to delete this games its no fun. Like the games but don't like the pay outs my other games pay better. This game gives a little and takes alot☹️. I'm back, miss the slot games . The jackpots are a little better,now I can play longer. I hope it keeps giving back👍😍. One of the worst casino games I've played. I wouldn't use my real money because this game takes millions and gives close to nothing back. I like the games but doesn't pay back like other games do. Please get better or its goodbye! First time I got extra coins for playing. Great I can't wait to see if it keeps improving. I like the game, just have to wait to build up coins. I finally won some coins, it's hard to build up coins to keep on playing. I like the games but can't build up coins. Don't play as much as I like to. This app is terrible .👎👎. Did not get better, it's gotten worse! It won't stay on long enough to play. Please fix it. I'm going to delete this game soon. I use to love this game but every download is making it harder and harder to play. It keeps going off and I can't get my winnings. It's so bad!

- Can’t stop playing this game!!! I love it!!!!!

This game is so much fun. I can’t literally stop playing it. I catch myself going on it all day long to collect the bonus every so often just so I can build up my coins. I’ve even got my mother and sisters and plenty of other people hooked onto playing this game and they can’t stop playing it either. So many different slots to play for all different types of amounts. But the only thing I would recommend is (they do give bonus coins) but should give a little more for other reasons and for in the allotted time span for free coins. Keep up the GREAT work with updates and everything else. Doing a terrific job!!!!! Thanks for all the time I can kill playing this.

- You’re too cheap & tight!!

I do love your games, but why do you only give so little to your players? Most online casino games give 250,000 or more every hour or 2. You give 10,000 maybe a little more. When you feel like it you give 75k or maybe 100k. I know you say it’s the same luck as other casinos...no it’s not! I can buy millions & lose it in 5 min. And why are you so expensive?? Why don’t you visit other sites like Goldfish & DoubleDown where they value their players? You can learn from them! I deleted Cashman Casino which is your product because when the lightening freezes, which was all the time, your Product Madness customer service thinks I’m lying & they don’t reimburse me. Get them more training!! I’m about ready to delete HOV, too; it’s also my fault for keeping it. Also, if you don’t play in a day, you punish by not giving chips...’not yet achieved.’ Cheap & greedy! Change your ways!! Be more likeable! That’s my feedback!!

- Give this app a chance!

I used to get super frustrated with this game because they hardly ever gave more than 30k coins and each spin costs (at least) 10k coins. The daily wheel got an upgrade... No more 1k and 250k is no longer the highest. Now you can actually play for free without losing your all your coins in only 3 spins. They also added advertising so you can earn free coins by watching ads. Their carnival games are still 100% rigged so you will never get any of the big prizes — I just ignore that whole sub-game. It’s not worth it. I docked one star for that reason. The reason I stuck with this app even though it was frustrating (with low payouts) is because they have the real games from the casinos. Now it’s definitely my favorite casino app! As a side note: I don’t understand why anyone spends more than a few bucks of real money, because you can never cash out your (fake) winnings. All of those people complaining they spent hundreds/thousands of real money. What do you expect? The house always wins. Don’t shell out money if you don’t want to lose it.

- So sad that you’re so greedy.

Well I am almost ready to hit delete with this game. The person who wrote “Fun games, greedy developer” said exactly what I feel. My daily coins on the daily wheel will be 5000 or 8000. The game I love to play is Polynesian pearl. The first bet is 10,000 and then jumps up to 50,000 just for one spin. I have to wait all day just to collect enough coins and then spin only a few times before I’m out of coins. You suggest logging on with Facebook and collecting coins but what happens after you go through those. Then you’re back to the same small amounts on the daily wheel. Ridiculous! I do play Jackpot Party HD. They give you a daily wheel plus a 5000 bonus every hour and if you watch free videos they give you an extra 200,000 coins for each one you watch. I do this often and get to play their games for quite a while. So sad that you are so greedy. Why?

- Awful customer service

I have been playing this game for years... and of course for the first time I was playing money dragons and the grand jackpot came up on my bonus... and when it came time to pay out the screen froze... so of course I never received the win coming to me... I contacted the customer service for help and they replied how they would love to help me and could I supply them with all the details.. so I did I even supplied them a screen shot of my win and then I received some generic reply on how to avoid my screen from freezing... I had only been playing the game for maybe 5 minutes when this happen... I have never had any trouble with my game in all the years I’ve been playing... so to me this is a bunch of bs that the one time I have a win over $200,000,000 coming to me the game freezes and doesn’t give me the win... I wouldn’t give this app a dime of your money cuz I know I never will again!

- I'm Deleting it!

I've been with them for about 4 years. Got frustrated and about to delete it just as soon as I get rid of the rest of my chips. The site is designed for people who doesn't mind buying chips. It's very hard to win and you have to lose millions (and I mean a lot!) to level up. I lost like 70 million betting 450k in no time trying to win and I was only level 22 I was shocked that I finally leveled to 23 after losing millions. Once I lost 50 million and I that's when I realized I wasn't leveling up like I do on other sites. Why? Because the site wants you to spend money to buy chips. Their bonus wheel is also set up poorly. Your lucky if you can land the bigger amounts because it seem to be designed against you! I've never bought chips from them so I don't lose nothing when I leave which is what I intend to do. There are so many other sites to play that doesn't design their games stacked against you!

- Big Daddy

It should be illegal they way these casino games rip people off. You download the app, get free credits and win for a day then the app takes it all back. Take screenshots and watch the same repetitive icons come up all the time. This is not a game, it’s a program designed to make money for the developers. Then come the “buy chips adds”, why should I buy chips on a game that says “free game”? Then they tell you everyone has different luck but the same thing happens to everyone. BTW; your chips are way overpriced and if by some odd coincidence I should win, you don’t pay me back in cash. STOP SUPPORTING THESE RIP OFF APPS PEOPLE!!!!!!! I’m reporting this app to the better business bureau, I contacted there customer support only to get some moron tell me that the games are designed with a random icon generator. He honestly expected me to believe this load of donkey dung. These people will lie and they don’t care if you have a complaint. You’ll be told, “it’s your fault you lost”. Because if you didn’t play you wouldn’t lose. I reported them to the better business bureau, there already being investigated. They get many compliments on these ripoff games. I’m sure it will be there downfall by advertising it’s a “free” game . Just take screenshots and video of the game play, you’ll see the icons repetitive action. DONT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED CASH HERE!!!!

- Was good

Until you don't buy anything and then they just take coins. Then they build you back up and if you don't buy anything down you go again and sometimes they keep you down for a long time. Frustrating and a waste of time. About time to delete this app. They are worse than a real casino. Reading the reviews I’m not sure how they can be rated so high. Looks like we all complain about the same thing. Have 2 other casino apps and they make this one look very bad when it comes to payouts and free chips. I’ll treat this app like a real casino. Don’t payout, don’t come back! Waste of your time and money! I can’t believe anybody actually spends money on any game that all you get is coins to waste with no return. Go to a real casino with your money. You may lose your money but at least you have a chance at walking out with real cash for your investment!

- Great Games Not So Great Wins

I play Heart of Vegas because it has games that other slot apps don’t have that I want to play. However I have spent a lot of money in this app. I would say around $500 at least over the course of 5-6 months and I have never been over 15 million. I play a lot of other casino games with the same betting set up and have well over 100 million in wins. I switch the games up trying to win more but it seems like as soon as I make a purchase I may go up a little bit but no matter what I play it just keeps taking my money. I literally do better at the real casino then on this app. I would love to give it 5 stars because I have never had any other issues but I just find the winnings kind of ridiculous.

- Just read it. All up to you how you take it.

I love it and everything but lately in the last few weeks every time their pop up comes up, I go to cancel and “x” it out. It goes straight to payment I don’t know if it’s a malfunction or what not. paid quite a bit unintentionally and you can’t get your money back. Im sitting there trying to hit cancel then, this part is on my fault for having my pay through the home button and finger print. And I’m trying to double hit the home button to shut the game off. All in all... guess it’s for the good I just delete this. This is hilarious.... all of their responses is contact support. You can’t ever get ahold of em. When you do... the line goes blank. Yea I’m good with the review and I’m done. I hope you enjoyed my money I donated.

- Rip off

Out of all the online slot apps this one is the very worst. They start at 2.99 for 150,000 credits while other apps give up to 100,000,000 free for the first time trial. I played the real machines in casinos and then found this app and thought it would be so great to play some of those old slot machines on my phone. But HOV is the worst, teasing you with their measly little credit offers that are outrageously pricey considering WE ARE BUYING CREDITS NOT PLAYING WITH REAL MONEY! Honestly all these apps are a waste of time if you think you will hit “THE BIG ONE”. Ha! It’s just like playing in a real casino, only this time there’s not even a slight chance of winning money because it’s all credits! We should have to pay a one time fee of .99 and get unlimited credits. These games are such a rip off. Save yourself the time and anger and go find another app to swallow up your money.

- It’s all about the money...for them

All these games are designed that you purchase there packs, gold, coins, whatever... but some actually give good daily bonuses. This one does not. Being that the most you can get on there wheel is 250k that is typically 25 spins. But it’s not often you get 250k. Usually probably 50k avg. (5 spins) and then their two hour bonus is about the same. It maybe 30k. Well when the spins on most slots are 10k a spin. Catch my drift. It’s ridiculous and not worth the time. “They say, product madness” that is. They say “they want it to be like a real casino, well being the gambler I may, I can do better at the real Casino over these games. Lol this wasn’t about the game play though that’s a whole other review. This was about the bonus’s. Very little when it cost’s a lot to play. Peace out. I gotta go delete some apps. Happy holidays. Don’t waste it on these greedy fools.

- Why do I even bother

Your payouts are crap and I’ll know what you will say there the same as the casino but unless you are paying me money back you are just ripping people off. You daily bonus don’t cover most games so with in a few spins your done unless you wait FOREVER to get enough then that’s still gone with in mins. Then you send email offers saying hey come back will give you 5 mil only to do it and nothing and then I say hey this didn’t work oh well those are limited time really 10 mins is limited hmmm just like winning on your game must be limited to. I swear I don’t know who these people are that are winning but pretty sure there bots. This is the last time I ever put you app on my phone and hopefully who ever reads this delete this app and go to a real casino where you can win real money and not spend 30 bucks on digital coins that are worth a fart in the wind.

- Not enough credits given on hourly bonus

I used to love this game. It’s fun when you win big immediately (which RARELY happens)but the hourly bonus is so tiny that you can only spin a couple times before your done? Buying credits would be ok if you could purchase a decent amount for the money. Other apps give you way more credits for less. If you’re going to spend money on a game do NOT play this app. I recommend jackpot party. Way more bang for your buck. If you don’t mind waiting to play a game once a day after accumulating credits throughout the day the. This is the game for you! Lol. So in order to get a decent time to play you have to collect bonuses all day long before you can actually play. And that’s gone in just a couple minutes. Where is the fun in that? I play these games in real casinos and do way better in real life lol. I’m so disappointed in this game

- Great game but...,

This is s great game just like the casino , almost perfect , but , they need to move the max bet button , it’s too easy to hit on accident. I have this game on the computer for my 70 year old mother to keep her busy. Had it at 150,000,000 , but has she’s playing , she it the max button and all gone in 2 minutes. Had her in tears. I would buy her more , but I’m afraid she’ll hit it again and all gone. She loves the game , but she’ll have to play with Paul try bonus and button moved or something else is done. I’ve seen other people complain about this also....missing out on a lot of money since you won’t make minor tweak !!!!!!!!!!!!

- Money Pit l...I’m not alone

This game unfortunately isn’t worth the money!! I am not the first one to spend hundreds of dollars on this game.. hopefully this review will prevent others from my mistake! After spending a good amount of money to only continually have the game glitch during the bonus features, making me loose out on winning back coins I decided enough was enough. I contacted customer service to only get a “awe too bad” response. Letting me know when that this can happen if I play the game for more than an hr. They say it’s like the real casino game, which I’ve played and they have never glitched on me. I love the walking dead game but not enough to give these developers so my money.. at least at the casino I have a shot. I went from 70,000. Coins to 100 in less than 30 mins.. the company doesn’t care

- Terrible payouts, no bonuses long term player

I’ve been playing on & off for 8 years. Always catch myself deleting app and out of boredom redownloading in hopes system has changed. Unfortunately it has not. The payouts remain the same… a few decent hits here and there but this app is mostly focused on you losing and having to buy coins or continuously watching ad videos for coins ( which they get paid for , of course) bonuses arent often & if they are they aren’t exciting nor large sums of coins. I’ve bought coins in past just to test my theory , have had millions of coins a handful of times with absolutely no wins or bonuses. Im sure regular users can vouch with me , although the games are fun and actual casino games in the casino it is extremely tight & honestly takes the fun out of it.

- Be careful

The 1 Star is because these are my favorite casino games, when I go to the actual casino. I have stupidly purchased coins on this app and it showed up on my credit card that in a matter of a day I purchased over $100...I live 5 min from Harrah’s, I would have spent the $100 with a chance of winning actual $$$...thank goodness Apple resolved some of the problem, The same charge was charged on 2 separate cards...what a scam!! I have been overcharged several times and I not sure what the problem is, but I will never make a purchase in any Aristocrat game again!! When I did get the $9.99 rip off package the coins lasted about 5 min on minimum bet...this app is making a fortune on the fact that we love there games. My advice is take your money and go to the casino, at least you may ha e a chance to win real money! Disgusted

- Nice games but!!!!!

Like the slots offered but don't expect to spend anytime playing them. Bonus are rare and payout for daily allowance is way lower then other apps. When you purchase credits they disappear quickly, no winning. They added a disappointing collection game. Takes forever to download boxes and no winnings. Just give better bonuses. Poor bonuses and hourly amounts. They have been sending special free coin bonuses. When you open them it says this offer has ended. Happened five times I reported to help center no response. Poor management to offer a non existent prize Lately I’ve noticed changes in amount of bonuses. They hardly ever pay enough to play. Don’t expect to play long points don’t last.

- Pure dissatisfaction

I believe that everyone gets the same response word for word so the developers must have made an automatic response system based off key words You developers really need to reevaluate the way you've made the game. First you must get rid of the $30,000 coins that accumulate after waiting 3hours and increase it to at least 300,000 because waiting 3hrs only to be able to spin 3 times or less because majority of the games start at $10,000 bet is ridiculous and not worth the wait. Second increase the wheel bonus get rid of the low figures like the 5,000 or $10,000 I mean really if I have to wait 3hours for a measly $30,000 coins it's complete and utter stupidity to wait a day a whopping 24hours to only receive $5,000 coins!!!! Come on .... fix these issues already!!!

- Addictive game

This game is very addictive and I think you know it. Granted all gambling can be addictive. I have bought coins, but have found that whether the are free or bought, they go very quickly. Slots are tighter than in the casino. You said that you do this to give the casino experience. Keep in mind, if I win big in the casino I can spend that money on something else. Win big on this game, and I can only loose it to the game. Your cost for coins is more than other games. Your daily bonus wheel is also less. Loosen up. Award your purchasers once in a while. Your status awards are not worth it and you take that status away when the player doesn’t buy. I give your game one star at best.

- Terrible

This game is nothing but a ploy to get people’s money with nothing to get back in exchange. The daily Bonus wheel is a joke; it mostly gives you a value that you can’t even spend on a turn on most of the games. On the individual slot game’s bonus feature your lucky if you get a ten times the value of the bet. To put this in perspective in real life slots, if you bet a quarter you get a whopping $2.50. I cannot recommend this game to anyone. By the way for those new, please wait and review after a few weeks. I’ve tried this on a few devices and my experience: initially hit big and then you will constantly lose all coins. Also, after that big hit you will get that review app pop-up (while your feeling good about the hit). Now let’s hear the canned response from the developers....3.....2......1.....

- The fun runs out quickly

I absolutely love this apps choice of slot machines. I frequently go to casinos and gamble so it’s pretty cool to be able to play the same slots on my phone. However, you run out of chips very quickly. The free coins only give you like $20k every few hours. Sounds great but the minimum is like $6k on very few machines. So it’s like you get a few spins, most likely win nothing, and then you’re back waiting for the free coins for another couple of hours. Such great slot selections, especially wicked winnings, but I’ve played plenty of other slot apps that give more free coins and better offers to buy coins. I even had one app that gave me 100k coins for each slot game I rated individually.

TransferWise 💸

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- Gamble button STILL MISSING omg

Same as the pokies we play in Australia, all made by Aristocrat, pretty much what at least 60% of all slot machine Apps on the App Store are copied from imo !! Actually not imo it’s fact !! Biggest issue I have & have addressed this issue through every Product Madness game as I have them all. ISSUE: PLEASE PUT THE GAME/DOUBLE UP FEATURE ON ALL OF THE GAMES - E.G BLACK or RED or SUIT !!! LIKE ALL THE ONES WE PLAY IN THE PUBS & CLUBS IN AUSTRALIA, why it isn’t on there is still an unanswered question I’ve asked numerous times ! Thanks for the games, but NO thanks given for automatic replies & still no gamble feature.

- Good variety of slots and fun to play

I spent a few hundred Aussie dollars on this game to get me started. I really enjoyed the variety of 5 Dragon games which are my favourite. Look I get it, the developers want to give you an interesting experience and which will make them money as well. When it came to my experience playing these slots, I noticed the higher you bet, the less likely you get a feature and a lower return you get. That’s disappointing. To be fair, in the early stages of the game, I got some big wins but that was after a long stretch of losses. A few times in 5 Dragons Rapid, I bet to the max 30 times in row and the loaded coins showed up 16 times but the hats did not spin once, not once and then I realised the game was loaded. As soon as I dropped the bet to minimum the loaded coins spun the hats to activate the feature but by that stage I was broke. Until that reality hit, I did enjoy playing but bet small. Don’t expect too much, the payouts can be tighter than a fishes a$$hole.

- Unfair

G’day, I have had issues ONLY with Heart of Vegas in that in the past 2 days it stops in the middle of a game and says loss of internet connection. All of my other apps work perfectly with no loss of internet connection. Anyway my last game of Olympus ‘lost connection’ again while l was in the process of playing 30 free games on 60 credits. I had about 1000 coins with approximately 24 spins to go. When it came back it sent me back to my previous credits before l won the free games. I lost everything!!! Totally not fair in fact bordering on fraudulent activity. Whoever is in charge can go back and find my machine and see l am telling the truth. I expect someone to contact me ASAP and eventually pay me for what l have lost or restart me back to when it stopped working. I’m sure your tech crew can do anything?!? You will have records of it on your computers. It occurred Saturday 11 June approximately 1.50am Melbourne Australia time. Please do the right thing and not just write a ‘Sorry about your misfortune and we hope it doesn’t happen again’ etc. excuse. Not good enough! Thanks for your time.

- Great app, but it will cost you...

I love the different pokie options, they are the same as the favourites you might play at the club. And like the pokies at the club, the pokies in this app also chew through your credits. After the honeymoon period (lots of credit for a few hours), you need to buy credit. There might be a deal the first time you buy, but I have not seen another deal like that again. The best offer is US$4.99 (approx AUD$7) for 250,000 credits. This may sound a lot of credit, but if your favourite machine is Miss Kitty (one of the cheaper options), then the minimum is 12,000 credits per turn. For $7 you would get 20 turns and approx 5 minutes play time, providing you don't have a win, which it is highly likely you won't. If you don't want to buy credits and rely on the daily bonus instead, you might get one or two turns on your favourite pokies each day. So really, if you want to play, you will inevitably have to pay, and probably a lot more than what it would cost on another pokie app.

- So boring now you can't win

You can never win anymore when playing this game, with a minimum bet of 10,000 you could go through 500,000 and win something 1 out of 10 spins and with those “wins” it would be only a quarter of what you bet and if you ever get free spins you won’t get much either there (if you get 10 free spins 7 of those won’t pay anything. It’s unfortunate because there are so many games to choose from and some new ones that look cool but this app gets really boring really fast, the games that look good and fun aren’t so fun when you blow through 2 million in 10 minutes while only doing 50,000 bets and I don't recommend ever using real money on this app because you will lose it all in 10 or 20 minutes because there isn’t any “winning” in this game, you are better off playing the real pokie machines at least you get to have a bit of fun and pays better haha and you can actually get money back. This app used to be so good until they got super greedy and made it so you couldn't win at all.

- Millions

Every now and then I get an email giving me nearly ten million dollars of credits and when you play these games for hours every evening they disappear pretty quickly. The most frustrating thing is when I go to collect it there’s nothing there, how maddening is that? I play on an IPad but that shouldn’t make any difference. Also the levels are really hard to attain, I’ve been playing for years and it goes from Bronze to Silver then back to Bronze with the lowest percentage possible. The explanation is that it’s reviewed every month then the level is set accordingly, how is this possible when I play every day for hours? I changed a IPads nearly two years ago and Hearts was the only site that didn’t come across from my old device so of course I lost all levels. We’re going overseas soon and already I’m thinking that I’m going to go backwards again as I won’t have wi fi access every where. I do love these games.

- The worst pokie app

This would have to be the worst app to play. 3 Hourly coins gift is 45,000 but the minimum bet on Dolphins which is the cheaper one to play is 10,000 per spin so 4 spins later all gone. The daily wheel spin is the same, top prize is a pathetic and unobtainable 900,000 but I always seem to land on 100,000 to 175,000 a big joke. The purpose of these low amounts on this so called free to play app is to get you to buy coins, sorry but I have more sense than be paying to play any game programmed for the players to lose. Other apps give millions in free coin gifts and give you a better run than 5 minutes, not to mention they don’t have pop ups every few spins trying to sell coins or to watch a ad to obtain a measly few coins. If there was a minus start rating I would give it minus 5. Developer don’t bother telling me you appreciate the feedback and if I follow the fan page for more coins as that is not the solution, the solution is to get in tune with the other apps of this nature and make it more enjoyable.

- Ripped off. Aristocrat slots are almost criminal

PLEASE DO NOT BUY CREDITS. This is my story. I used to enjoy playing these slots. Have been for years. Lately I have been playing more often. What I have seen is the more you play the less they pay. When I buy credits it normally the 105 million coins. Most times I will but the extra spin for USD$100. Out of the roughly 30 times I have done this I only have got higher than 2x three times. Basically the other 27 times I have paid the same normal credits. Technically that is so stacked towards them in a real casino that would be fraud. I wrote to them on my 2nd last double purchase explains this. Well I was really happy that on my next double purchase I got the x5 and one 525 million. I started betting 1 million bets and quickly I went up to 650 million credits. So what happens is you get a sugar hit early on and then they strip it back of you quickly. And I meant everything. Bet 2 million down to 400 million and no features and virtually no decent wins. Bet 1 million or 500,000 for the rest and got 2 features which paid under 20 million. Years ago I won x5 on a double purchase and played for days. This time it lasted 3 hours. I went to the real pokies the next day. Real poker machines will do the same thing but I believe you have better odds on them. THE MORE YOU PLAY THE LESS THEY PAY. They will never see a cent of my money again.

- Don't buy credits

I have sent so may emails to this group and I do not ever get any replies from them This is so unacceptable they will be happy to take your money but beware anything goes wrong they do NOT want to hear from you .... Does anyone really win jackpots I have seen same people win with there pics showing ,I'm starting to think it's a scam Please don't put money into it cause there is no help on other end if something goes wrong,over 15 emails maybe 2 replies You buy coins but it’s US so it’s double the money and it goes so quickly your credits so I end up spending $15 for a horrible 1000 credits and it’s gone within 15 minutes horrible payouts and bonus lol lucky if you get 1 spin they really need to look at better bonuses and daily wheel another joke low credits you win back very disappointed and i have been playing this game for 5 years never won no good jackpot

- rubbish

what a joke i was playing Queen of the nile new game started with 40k to 60k bets and was getting good wins and from 1 mill got it up to 28 mil which was great. Started betting a little higher which the next bet was 100k. i seen it wasnt giving any winnings so went back down to 60k bets and was paying well and giving alot of of free spins but i tried again and to see if i keep betting a 100k and see if i will get any free spins. u would not believe i was betting 100k bets and it did not give 1 free spins the whole 28 mill what a joke it ate all the 28 mill with no good enough wins and not 1 free spin and also at 100k it was controlled as u can see how the spins were spinning. It was giving a kind of a jolt half way though the spin on 100k but was not doing it on 40k or 60k bets. what a joke just took the time whole 28mill with not one free spin. Well done to whoever makes this game you are pathetic what a waste of time no more fun how do u supposed to bet bigger when u font even give a free apin when u bet big.

- Please fix

Been playing this game for about 3 years. Was always very tight with pay outs. Even worse now. I haven't been over a mil in months. And i only play minimum hit's. Maybe get the feature once every 4-5 days. It is cool how they have real pokies but it's a scam. Have spent real money for coins in the past but NEVER again. It's a deadset joke. People please, if you want to give Aristocratic money, go and play a real machine at the club or pub. At least you have a very slim chance of winning REAL money. DO NOT SPEND REAL MONEY ON THIS GAME. Gready developers that make millions off the real thing! This game is wound up tighter than their real machines. Haha, they have an automatic response as soon as you write a review. "Go to blah, blah, blah and create a ticket". Please!!! Like that will change anything. You can "Help" by making it a bit easier to win. I would have thought you guys at Aristocratic would have already been making plenty of profits from ever day Australians.

- Emailed coins not received

I get emails saying to click to collect 7million coins, when I click on it, it send me to the app and says “uh-oh but it looks like this link is no longer valid” even tho I received the email that hour!!! Why is this? I would like to get an actual response about this because I did sigh up with the emails to receive free coins and was not delivered what is promised via the emails!!! Than they have the courage to go ahead and ignore my complaints. Not only has this game become more difficult to play but it’s ridiculous the amount of coins you get per hour, 10,000 credits, witch gives you one spin on most of the slots and 4 spins on the cheapest game they have Queen of the Nile. Furthermore there is no way for collecting gifts from friends on the app itself, and no way to get friends through the app if you don’t follow social media. This app has really gone downhill within the past year.

- Not worth anyone’s time...

All the game wants is for you to spend money... your hourly bonus won’t even get you one spin. The daily wheel always lands on small figures so you will play the game for 30 seconds and if you don’t want to pay for credits then you’ll have to wait for the next day. I don’t know if they want the game to be extremely realistic or what but it is like you have a 1% win rate but you always see pop ups of other people getting paid ridiculous amounts. Oh and don’t get me started on the glitches... each time it looks like you’re going to get a feature the game will glitch and you’ll miss out... honestly I did make a purchase on this game once and what do you know, I started to win... what a coincidence? In all seriousness you might Aswell save your time and money and go on some real pokies because you get nothing for wasting your money here!

- New message

I seriously do love hearts of Vegas because it has got my favourite games on there and when I was playing at the pokies to use own money but heart of Vegas seriously do save peoples money and they seriously do shows money deals to buy and when I seriously do buy better deals the money seriously last and more time to play my favourite games on my iPad and my 2 iPhone’s at home and when I do go out ok. heart of Vegas seriously are better then real pokie machine’s at the every hotels and motels and it seriously will waste people’s time to go out that’s why I seriously give heart of Vegas five stars

- Hearts of Vegas, PJ

Very good range of pokies, continuously bring in new machines, can I suggest that you install the slot Indian dreaming the Australian version, it would be very popular, and considering I emailed you guys a few years ago and suggested the most popular one on here where’s the gold be put in I’m sure I won’t be wrong with this one, if you and your team could please program it in I would appreciate it, and one more suggestion, can you bring in a cheap chips special every once in a while for 5 million chips for $2.00 au it would be purchased a lot, thanks PJ love this app

- Heart of Vegas slots

Love these slots, have had them since they became available. Great variety, am always playing them. Fabulous. This part is NOT a review, today October 2nd there was a Glitch in the game when I first logged, I then logged in thru Face Book app. When I then got the game my coins had been reduced, 200 coins, I had over 2 million, I also lost my log in bonus back to nothing. I have tried to contact you throughout today with no joy, I can’t play the games which I love because I don’t have enough coins!! Please fix for me. Thanks.

- 100% Authentic Aristocrat Pokies

Finally, a game that doesn't involve ridiculous pay tables, poorly designed icons, midi sounds and constant crashing. Heart of Vegas provides you with the exact same games at your local club / pub. The sounds and icons are so realistic that it's easy to 'loose time in the zone' spending my free credits and chasing my pretend losses. You'd have to be an idiot to put real money into this game unless you are presented with a 99c offer. There is one major difference between the games on this app and those at your local venue - there is no legal payout ratio. You will of course loose your credits eventually and either wait to be gifted them or purchase them. That will likely fall at the same time when the novelty of playing for fake coins has worn off and you can take a trip to your local for real money. Seriously though, thanks Aristocrat for making this app for free - but where is lucky 88?

- Total Rip Off

I used to love playing this game was so much fun then started buying and this is the trap. Your payouts are a disgrace you aren’t even a real casino where you can withdraw your wins and weeks on end with little or no wins. Then they give you a VIP Elite Manager what a joke you are not treated any better and the free coins of 5 million twice a week is laughable used to get heaps more but even that is now minimal. Please be careful with this game it gets you hooked and remember it’s only a game you can never win or get a good run on buying coins. Also stop the pop ups telling you to buy if we want to we will. One thing l have noticed that if you get the coin spins you always miss out by one have noticed on more than one occasion reals spin by fast so you can’t win. Just beware.

- Rips you off and no reply from support

I too have had many wins worth millions of credits on Sahara Gold to which it comes up with an error and doesn't deliver your wins. After 4-5 lodgements to their support I have never received a reply. They have no care to fix problems or reply to your help requests. BEWARE OF THIS APP. Have left a response before and never get a reply! On top of this there are occasionally extra charges when u purchase items that u haven’t ordered or received. At least one of the features “spin the wheel to multiply your purchase” isn’t random. With a whole wheel full of numbers and only a few x2 on it, out of around 40 spins have gotten only x2 excepts for 2 or three times. So it’s obviously programmed to do that and not as they say designed to play like real casino games. And after all this u cannot claim any wins as money. U just have to play them and pay for the privilege. They are in a win, win, win situation and cheat and steal on top of that! And as for the developers response! They don’t reply back to that! If Apple was responsible they would remove them form the store until they adopt some ethics.

- If I could leave negative stars I would.

I, like many other users enjoyed playing hearts of Vegas as an escape from the terrible things going on in the world right now. I was frequently getting glitches during the game so I reached out to the support team. In my query I mentioned that this game was helping my mental health. There answer to helping my problem was to block me from accessing ANY of the games associated with their company. Never in my life have I felt so horrible for mentioning I suffer with mental health challenges, I cannot even find the right words to explain the disgust and hurt I feel for the way they have responded to my admission about my mental health. Yes, this is just a game but their response to this matter is just not okay.

- Heart of Vegas - sad

Puzzled by thinking of operators of this game. It has the potential to be hugely popular, great games, great graphics, etc, but seems to persist on shooting itself in the foot. I love the games but am finding it increasingly frustrating and becoming boring. Why on earth do you not pay better? The pay out ratio is almost ridiculous when the company doesn’t have to pay actual money out. I’m sure, like me, most people don’t mind paying REAL money for entertainment, but when there is very little entertainment to be had that payment of real money becomes the folly of a fool. But perhaps I am wrong..it may work for you. But I wonder for how long will it continue to...

- A disgusting rip-off!

The machines are cool just like the real deal but YOU ALWAYS END UP LOSING! I won 7 million last night but of course it was all gone shortly after. And then tonight I won a couple of million but once again it drained me dry. And the chips are expensive - why wouldn't you go play at the local pokie venue for the same investment? EDIT: Playing this is starting to really depress me. I save all my coins and collect all the bonuses for 24 or 36 hours and then play with what I think will be enough, but even then for the last week all my credits are gone within minutes. Why are you doing this to us Aristocrat? I know why - treat em mean to keep em keen huh...? All v Rooney does is complain but you respond by making it even more frustrating!


I have been playing this app for over a couple years now on and off for the last year and a half mostly off . It never pays out big at all or jackpots they are if it dose it’s minor jackpots and on the rare occasion you are able to get a slightly larger jackpot , it will in no time at all be taken from you in a consecutive roll of continuous loses many times I’ve spun over 50 spins without even one win it’s a joke. If you have already downloaded it and played 90% of you would agree . But we all need to get together to stop this and force them to change the winning ratios or atleast have one in the program , by putting up negotiate , but factual feedback . I urge you all to right you negitive rewiews NOW!

- Waist of time cards

What a joke your cards are, just opened 13 boxes that give you 37 cards for two cards that can help you complete a set and cashed in 40 cards for cash and received another major box with three cards of nothing, so over 40 cards and two cards to help complete sets. Never has my wife complete a full set of 15 to this point in time she has 3 set complete because this game in so tight it’s a joke and the boxes are just joke . The game hardly pays you a thing and if the do win it’s taken then next time she plays. Greedy greedy greedy game what a joke. People need to feel there’s a hope of winning but not on your games that’s for sure. Your just tight asses.

- Gotcha56

Do you listen to the people playing your games that are giving you a bad reputation maybe you should. I Just put 100,000,00 thought you games with out the free spin features is this the best you can do not happy!!!! And before you tell me that your disappointed I didn’t have a good time save me the b/s and sort out your games as this is a joke!!! Are you people going broke or something I used to enjoy the game but not now.

- Amazing

This is probably one of the worst games on the App Store, please save yourself time and avoid this game, you have better odds playing the real game at the casino where you can win cash. In this game you win nothing and they have programmed is a way you can’t win, I have played it for 3 months and won nothing, I purchased credits at one stage and won only to have it sucked straight back, 300 spins in a row and no feature and no win. I don’t understand the level of greed!

- Pointless game

I do enjoy the variety of slots on this app, they offer different slots than other games do, which is nice... the reason behind my rating is because I get to enjoy this game for all of a couple of minutes most days... and on a good day (which is rare) 10-15 if I’m lucky.. and I just like playing these games to kill time... You don’t get enough bonus coins to actually play the game for a substantial amount of time. The prices for the coins are far too expensive! I’m Australian and even if it was in AUD, it’s still far too expensive, and I don’t see the point in buying coins to be completely honest- just my personal opinion!

- So much fun!!

I’ve been playing this slot for a couple of years now and is by far my favourite. I give the other slot games a go every now and then but they don’t compare. I end up bored with them very quickly. Not sure what the whingers are going on about! I do buy coins occasionally and I feel I get great value. Perhaps they are playing too many credits per game?? There are so many games to choose from, keep up the good work and dont listen to the grizzly grumps! 🤣🤣

- Coins and jackpots

Coins are too expensive to buy especially in Australian dollars and jackpots should not have such a high limit to play otherwise your games are great and would rate it at 5 stars if these changes were made and should get coins every 30 minutes to make it more exciting These are not real coins and you can’t win real money so why are you charging such high prices for coins Have bought lots of coins in past but will not get sucked in again Coins are still too expensive you people are greedy it is not real money and you can’t win real money

- Children Gambling and Developer responses

Let’s introduce gambling to twelve year olds, right? Isn’t that considered a little too young? Children can purchase coins to use to gamble in the game. I guess that’s your business design, isn’t it? To manipulate children, because they are easy to manipulate, with their underdeveloped frontal lobes. Additionally, It’s very amusing to see developers respond to people who absolutely demonise this terrible game. They suggest that their is another solution to the issue, when the fact is that the developer and game IS the issue. Pretty evil in my eyes. Mine as well allow children to enter a casino. I know you will read this developer, but I know you will just look at the revenue and laugh to the bank.

- Dreadful music

I have been playing this game for many years. Recently, the very irritating music that comes on when you open the app and always used to stop when you started playing the games, now goes on forever! Why is this so? It causes me to stop playing. Ps. I don’t think the developers quite grasp the concept that this is a game, where unlike REAL poker machines , it does not pay any REAL money! Therefore there should be more features and free games to keep one interested.

- Been playing the game for years now

As per the title I have been playing this game for years now and currently my account is sitting at 281 billion starting to lose interest as there is really no risk playing. Can you put a higher betting amount for people sitting in the billions just to bring the risk back . At least get it up 500 million per bet or something along those lines as now I am playing to game to lose money not win money .

- Problems don't get resolved

As a long term, regular paying Playing customer, I'm am very disappointed. To the stage now where I will have to take the matter further. Four days ago whilst playing, I managed to receive the free spin feature, only for the game to freeze, no free spins, and no recovery of the game. I can not predict what I would have won but with the bet I was playing, more than likely millions. I have emailed customer support, replied with a screen shot, filled out the surveys of dissatisfaction that are your computer generated replies. What does it take to get a human to respond and resolve the issue? I'm just getting either ignored or the run around. This would be no less than the tenth time recently that a game has frozen prior to free spins starting, you clearly have a technical issue. Furthermore, no action has been taken to look at my account and offer some solution to the huge loss I have incurred. You want $40 for 9,000,000 coins, so if I just lost 90,000,000 from the free spin, you effectively stole $400 of my money!

- Was good, now not so much.

Used to play this all the time, but then they got rid of the invite a friend for $10 million, then the likelihood of you winning has decreased, probably to entice more people to buy their coin packs, and then my favourite slots got removed (bring party in rio back!) then they completely revamped the layout and it looks horrendous, and not only that, but they’ve now incorporated ads! one of the main reasons I liked this app over the others was because unlike those it had no annoying ads. It just keeps going downhill for me, might have to start looking around for a new slots app.

- Wound so tight you’ll be lucky to win a tena

These game apps from product madness were great up until about a month again when some other person took over and wound them up so they don’t pay anything , has taken away bonuses and tips people sideways by falsely advertising special deals then charging the full price :/ .. you’ll be lucky to get 2 minutes play time on all four apps . Approx 20 secs per app is the average of what I have been playing at for ages . How ridiculous !!! Why bother . I’m mad because I like the games but they have made them so you can’t enjoy them even when you pay ( and pay a lot ) for the coins .. it’s just outright GREED !!!

- Extremely disappointed

Love your graffics, look forward to unwinding and having some fun... but Purchased largest amount several times,first time it was fun, like you lured me in, second time and after very little game play!People want to relax and cheer, not get agro!The more you pay and play the less you give😡 It’s not the real thing, so it shouldn’t play like one, you need to turn it on from your end and give your paying customers a go! Nothing worse than being in Australia and you charge in US .. feeling ripped off when knowing we’ll never get anything out of it, is bad enough but ripping us off is disgusting! What are you losing when a person hits a jackpot? ,which is rare, give it!! You’ll gain more customers !! Is it that your reels have only a short span??and you enjoy filling your pocket on betrayal! It’s called fraud!! 12 years of age to play?? Seriously?! Honestly change your ways or you’ll eventually be shut down!!

- Very low player returns and very high coin prices

This game has the lowest player returns of all that I play. To purchase credits the costs are also the highest and don’t last long. Suggest the prices for in app purchases are the same as FaFa and better returns to make this a better game. This app is just a money spinner and no feedback is ever taken notice of. Also if you purchase through the app it adds 60% to the cost - a huge rip off. If only the owners realised higher % payouts and mor affordable in app purchases they would actually have happier players who would spend more. So push the buttons to make this happen- that’s all it takes!!!!! Or just ignore this feedback as usual.

- Hopeless

I just got a pop up saying ‘Bored at home, here is $7,000,000 free coins.’ Yeah right! What a joke. I went through the update, waited 10 minutes and got 10,000 from the wheel. It looks better but you don’t get enough to play. No signs of the free bonus I was offered. The 2 other pokie games I play at least give you 2-8 hundred thousand free money and if I’m going to pay real money this is the last game I would pay.. Really sad as it was the first pokie app I installed but has been left for dead by newer ones. I’ve screen shot my ‘free offer’ if anyone working for this app is interested.. nor expecting this though.. sad

- No fun

The idea is to play slots for fun, but like so many other comments made this App really doesn’t give you much play time. Never won a jackpot, hardly ever get a feature....where’s the fun in that ? It isn’t like the payouts are real money. I am an Aristocrat shareholder it’s a great stock and trusted company - so why don’t you listen to Customer feedback and make this app more fun, reduce the amount needed to buy credits, generate more wins. Happy Customers will stick around, there are a ton of other pokie apps out there, it could be so easy to make this one the App of choice. Very disappointed you are not hearing the voice of the Customer and taking action from these reviews.

- Great game - frustrating to play

I really enjoy playing, but for some time now I have to delete the game as it just stops loading to play. I think there are too many games and the tablet can’t sustain them and it simply freezes. I have to delete the app and reload it almost every day. And this is the latest iPad. I blamed my old iPad, but the new one is actually worse. Perhaps if there was a way to close off some of the games ...

- Complete rip off! Don’t waste your money!

This app, as with all the Aristocratic gaming apps is a complete rip off, they do not provide good value for money at all. I’ve been a bit bored in lockdown so have been buying a few large $160 coin packages of late and barely get any game time, an absolute waste of money, do not waste your hard earned cash on this app!!! I mentioned my frustration with their lack of value for money with them today and they just blocked me! Didn’t have the decency to reply to me, just blocked me. Corporate arrogance and greed at its finest! Seriously, do yourself a favour and don’t download this or any of their apps!!

- Thank you

First thanks for such an amazing app it is exactly the same as I would find in any club The bonus coins every 3 hours is not much but if you collect over a period of time I have found that you can have a good play love the games and have a great time with the mini games when I can get them so many thanks for a great app to play. Heart of Vegas is extremely generous with free coins so I would recommend it to anyone.

- Fun until they start taking unauthorised purchases.

2 unauthorised debits taken from credit card by this app... when connected to Palpal unauthorised debit refunded immediately, now app payment us ripped directly out of credit card (for some reason PayPal not acceptable for iTunes and apps now?) and impossible to prove otherwise, small amounts so people may not be aware, if doing to thousands of people who have the app on phone with no Palpal security to report a problem and get back unauthorised funds be vary wary, when you try to report problem online it does not progress, just blank page 😣

- Ridiculous

When you purchase an item you expect to receive that I was charged for multiple item due to my account not having the money in it which I fixed once I had enough money in there I was charged but didn’t receive the items I deleted the game reinstalled and it says I have purchases unclaimed and to claim them I try to claim them but nope it says I already have which I haven’t I’ve tried to submit the ticket things multiple time and nothing I messaged the Facebook page which told me to submit a ticket because it’s an automatic response I’ve already submitted tickets and no response not happy at all

- Tournament Doesn’t Pay

So the tournament in roll the dice said I won over 400 thousand and yet I didn’t get anything Slow to load likes to take money but pay outs are few and far between Good for killing two minutes Cross fingers you don’t win when your task is almost complete as chances are you won’t get whatever the task is playing

- Don’t honor promotional emails.

I was sent an email “we miss you” and offered 10 million in game coins. I clicked on the link & received no coins. I complained to Product Madness who told me that despite sending me an unsolicited email, using my name and email address with a specific link they said I was ineligible. Since the email was addressed to me and used my name I asked what made me ineligible. They did not respond. This was confirmed to be from Product Madness but appeared to be a phishing email to get previous game players to play again (& I guess they believe a number will spend real money). It is either intentionally misleading or deceptive. Either way, steer clear.

- Need a lot of money to play this game

The game is great and I enjoy playing it, but once you have run out of money it becomes boring and the only way to get some money back is to collect your coins from waiting for 3 hours for it to be collected and you only get $30,000 which for 1 spin is $10,000 so you pretty much only get 3 spins after every 3 hours. Hopefully you guys can fix this or at least add a money wheel for us to try a win something.

- Vegas

Great little game....but ... u wait all day for a spin of the wonderful ? Wheel. Sometimes u get 6,000 credits....wow. Most games start with a 10,000 minimum bet, .....but every 3 hours u get a whopping 30,000 credits....3 more spins. 🥺 I watched two 30 second ads promising 80,000 free coins for each ad. U owe me 160,000 free coins. They did not arrive as promised. Again, I watched another ad till the end promising 80,000 free coins. Have not arrived. Please fix Just watched another ad...called Lightning Link : it was a shorter but again, no free 80,000 coins as promised... u now owe me 3,200 free coins all up. Indian Dreaming never gives a feature in all the times I have played. Again, watched 2 ads promising 80,000 free credits each time. At the end, my screen goes blank.... no credits. Luv the Collection extra game. Fab. 😊 Thank you for the great new format and new games 😀👍 Really enjoy the Lucky Stallion extra game ....thank you 👍

- Awesome 👏🏾

I quit love Product madness, who joined up with a few billion dollar company's eg' iTunes, Google Play, and the listing goes on. I really appreciate playing on these game app? Because wifey & I can't afford the cost of even going on our own honey moon, let alone affording living expenses. That's why I love playing heart of Vegas when I find the time from family and work 💪🏾🤞🏾👌🏾🙏🏾✊🏾👍🏾🤴🏾👼🏼👸🏻💯%

- Wins to far and few

For a game that doesn’t pay out real cash, the wins are too far and few between, the $$ to in game currency is also poor value compared to other games like this. It’s fun to play, and I like the variety of games, but I’m not wasting cash in this game for such a poor return so only play a couple of times a day when I get the free coins. The free spin when you run out of coins is clearly rigged as I get the same result every single time I use it

Payoneer 💰

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- Fun Game but needs more payouts

I love the machines they have. The double your purchase is a waste of money. Have never spinned more than 2x. I realize they want to make money with coin purchases but paying out wins more often would sure be nice. I buy coins and even with minimum bet I'm lucky if I get to play 1/2 hour. It's fun but expensive if you like to play lots. I really cut down on my purchases because you never really win anything to keep playing for a while.

- New to game and didn’t get purchase.

So far not so bad. I enjoyed it until I spent 6.99 once conversion kicked in and never received my purchase. I won’t be buying nothing else here that’s for sure.

- Awesome

Excellent games , lots of fun, with big wins

- ATTENTION ATTENTION voleurs thieves

J’ai des achats qui m’ont été chargé en double sinon en triple. De plus je suis chargé pour des achats que je n’ai pas fait.

- Love it

So fun

- I’ve played for a year

I don’t know what is going on but payout this past month has atrocious. I know someone will respond and say these do not differ from slots in Casino, but NONE of the machines are paying lately.

- Fun game

Fun game

- Email points

I can not receive my email bonus points. I have installed and uninstalled it twice. No luck Can any one help me

- Best games!

Just love the games on this site!!

- Complète waste

Don’t even bother with this app. The games are authentic, however, the “payout” is a joke, free games are minimal and if you finally get some, the return is practically nothing. The lightening link games are my favourite but I’ve rolled upwards of 200 times in one game and never got the bonus or feature. I’ve paid to buy coins, which are ridiculously overpriced especially with the conversion. And still nothing. I’ve honestly had more luck at the real casinos.

- Your game is ripping me off

Your game was my favourite game until the last couple updates now it’s Awful and just takes my money NO MORE you should be ashamed 🤬

- Love it but

It is extremely difficult to get the free spins…at least for me…shouldn’t have to spin over 300 times to get the game…every time! Also a heads up when you are going to stop the collections game..had lots of stars to cash in but the game was over the next morning…

- This is the worst app ever

This is the only app where The max spin button is Very close to a spin button. So you bet max even if you don’t want to. I lost just by mistakenly touching max button. And I buy chips!!! Being a winner of some kind of tournament means you get 6k when 10 k is a min bet on all their games. It’s not only a ripoff but it’s also very disrespectful to it’s players.

- Heart of laughs

This app is a joke. It’s just a money grab you try and have some fun playing free slots and this one just takes,takes, takes. Never pays anything big and has way to many pop ups to buy coins. I’m done with it. Too bad because they do have the best games but just a set up to buy coins.

- What a waste of data!!!

Too bad there is no negative stars. Do not know who is giving all the high stars as the bonuses and wins are very few and far between. Some games I have played and played and receive no bonuses. When I have purchased coins they were gone in minutes. Save your time and money. This site is very frustrating.

- Rip off app

I had accumulated over 500,000,000 points over a few years and then suddenly they were gone. NOT impressed.

- Mama

Don’t tell them you spend too much money on coins because then they BLOCK you. Absolutely the worst experience!! Don’t waste your time downloading this app...

- Ratings

Not enough winnings. 8,000,00 and no free games

- Way too expensive to play

The cost of credits is outrageous- save your money

- Terrible service

What can I say ???? An awful experience, terrible game play and zero response from the admin.... also very few bonuses or next to no bonuses during game play

- Useless

This is the worst of all slots

- Heart of vegas

Good wins sometimes!too early to tell

- Good but don’t win often

It’s fun to play but I find big wins are few and far between

- So far so good

I like slots and this one is good so far

- Crap

I’m wondering is this for fun or with real money??? We are here for fun all I see impossible to get even one bonus…. Odds is worse than casino.. ZERO STAR app…

- Cannot load app

I cannot load the app no matter what I try (get an error message). I’ve tried reinstalling. The help team is no help. Hoping there is an update to fix soon.

- Fun

Good way to pass time

- Pelican

This game always lets you play and win. Enough to let you have fun!!!!!!

- Horses

Great game. A load of fun

- Slots

Love the games just won a big bonus on kitty Don't give me a big win before I have to rate you,it would be nice to win a big game in between I have to go out completely ,because the spin light does not go on ,and I don’get mi extra play money any more Please fix the game ,I will try again to go back in I have a problem I changed my name,now I have no status lost my money ,it all went to my husbands account,not very happy did not happen to any of my other games?l Like the games ,but every 3hours only 30th doesn’t get you anywhere. Games okay but they hook when you don’t want to pay, also after giving a review it stops paying

- Too many ads

This is one of my favourite game sites but lately every 2 minutes when I click the spin button I have to watch a video advertising other games. Sometimes I can opt out but most times I have to watch the video and even then I have a hard time finding a way to get out of the ad. It wouldn't be so bad, perhaps once a day or if I could X out of it right away. I play games to relax, not to have my time wasted and to be frustrated. If this keeps up I will delete the game….will save money anyway…..

- Cashors

Good games

- Heart of Vegas

Great game, just like the real casino.

- Horrible

This site is garbage look at all the reviews all they want is your money spin after spin of crap bonuses are garbage just a money gram contact there support u get canned responses what a joke stay far far away this is the worst site ever the good reviews must be friends and family members do not get sucked in to this site and be a sucker they r the biggest scam artists ever worst site I have ever played stay away and put these clowns out of business update they ask for ur feedback then don’t respond they are complete clowns all for show they just want ur money stay fear far far away see that everyone is realizing what crap this site is put them out of business and don’t sign up u will regret it

- Too many pop up during games not worth it

Way too many pop up during game that takes you out it’s no fun at all too bad cause the games are good NO STARS

- Heart of Vegas

Great games less interruptions.

- Review

I’ve always loved this game. It just doesn’t pay well. It never has. I’d like to see more new games. I can get bored with the same thing.

- Dardar

Fun games😊

- Perfect

Ses jeux c’est les meilleurs.

- Save your money

The coins are ridiculously expensive. Games freeze sometimes and you can’t even return to the lobby, you can’t do anything but close out all together. The freezing has nothing to do with my phone as I just got a brand new iPhone and it has happened on both phones old and new. Recently, I had a bonus round and won a small amount of coins when the game froze. I had to close out of the game and when I came back, the coins were never deposited. I contacted customer support and because I didn’t take a screenshot of this, they wouldn’t deposit the coins back even though I’ve been a loyal platinum VIP customer. They said they reviewed my play history, they didn’t see that there were any errors even though there were. So much for treating me like a VIP. Out of principle, I told them to put me on the no play list so that I would never return to this game ever again. Expensive, unreliable and has freezing issues.

- Just keeps saying error.

Won’t load

- Latest update

After your latest update I can’t even get my app to load. I wish you would quit “fixing” things that are working just fine!

- Great

Great games

- Pandas

Love the payoffs❣️

- Long Annoying Ads

This App has gotten worse and worse over time! They now have very long, annoying ads, that automatically go to your App Store, without you wanting to. Many poor games with few payouts and bonuses. PERSONALLY, WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP.

- Fun slots

Love this site

- Deleting chips

I had to update my app and now all my chips I earned are gone and my challenges are also deleted not impressed

- You won’t be disappointed with these games

I have played Heart of Vegas for several years & it’s my first choice of slot games. Hate when I run out of coins though.

- Fun fun fun!!!

You’ll have so much fun playing heart of Vegas!!!!

- Game rating

Super fun game ! Amazing graphics!

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Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots 4.52.0 Screenshots & Images

Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots iphone images
Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots iphone images
Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots iphone images
Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots iphone images
Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots iphone images
Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots (Version 4.52.0) Install & Download

The applications Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots was published in the category Games on 2014-07-26 and was developed by Product Madness [Developer ID: 525894639]. This application file size is 261.97 MB. Heart of Vegas — Casino Slots - Games app posted on 2022-06-29 current version is 4.52.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.productmadness.hovmobile