Hidden City

Hidden City [Games] App Description & Overview

Hidden City® - #1 Most Popular Hidden Object Game In the World!

Get ready for a journey unlike any other!
Mirages of an unknown city have been seen around the world. Is it real … or a hoax? While your detective agency is busy gathering information, your friend is dragged into the phantom city by black smoke. The only one who can save him, you must now enter the strangest place you’ve ever been … where magic, witchcraft and science work together, imagination turns real and weird creatures wander the streets. All around there are people and things gaining unusual abilities and a black smoke that seems to be alive, bringing with it enigmatic artifacts, secrets and dangers.
In order to rescue your friend and solve these unexplained phenomena, you will need to fulfill risky quests, explore dungeons, research amulets and get help from friends. Unravel the many mysteries of Shadow City as you fight monsters, confront a cult and rid the city of a horrible evil!

While this game is absolutely free to play, you have the ability to unlock optional bonuses via in-app purchases from within the game. You may disable in-app purchases in your device settings.

● 69 eerie locations to search
● Over 5500 quests to complete
● 881 collections to piece together
● 60 distinctive characters to meet
● 15 monsters to battle in mini-games
● Game Center Support
● iPhone XR Display support
● iPad Pro Display Support
● Play with your friends to fight the evil together!
● Regular free updates with loads of new content

Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Arabic

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Hidden City Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This update fixes the issue causing energy to disappear as well as the problems involving the event totem timer working incorrectly and event gifts not being available. It also makes a few improvements to the previous update featuring: NEW HIDDEN OBJECT SCENE – A newcomer has appeared in the City and dared to rob the Manor! Juliette caught the thief red-handed, but he jumped out of the window and rushed towards Hidden Row. Will you be able to track down the thief and find out who he is and how he got into the City unnoticed? DEAL WITH THE SHADOW EVENT – Complete 35 challenging quests, collect items in bonus mini-games and be rewarded with the "Shadow's Chosen Ones" Necklace, the "City Hall Treasures" Chest, unique avatars of the Elusive and an amazing super avatar. MEET A NEW CHARACTER – Special Agent Jones arrived in the City on the orders of Headquarters. Discover what case brought him here. MINI EVENTS – The City has prepared lots of different short events with valuable prizes. Check the game every day so you don’t miss any! MORE QUESTS AND COLLECTIONS – 24 absorbing new quests and 4 marvelous collections await you. NEW BOOSTER – Use the Lunar Lens to see which items you can find when you zoom in on a scene. FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS – Your favorite game is only getting better. Check it out! Join the G5 email list and be the first to know about sales, news and game releases! www.g5e.com/e-mail Leave a review and let us know what you think of our latest update. Your feedback helps us provide you with the best experience.

Hidden City Comments & Reviews

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- Crashes constantly

Crashes constantly

- love it

it’s a really fun game!!

- New Glitch

I have been enjoying this game for quite some time. It has been buggy since I downloaded the latest update a few days ago. Now, when I successfully play the event location, the game crashes, and I lose the game rewards from the win, the energy used to play the location, and the tokens needed to play the location. It is especially frustrating considering that it takes time and energy to accumulate the tokens to play the event location.

- Game Crashes

After latest game update, the game crashes after completing a location causing me to lose all my rewards. Was hoping it would be fixed with the 5-30-20 update but it is still crashing 😡

- Ads crashing game

I’ve been playing Hidden City on and off for several months. The ads in the current version are periodically crashing the game. Very frustrating. The crash happens after finding all items in a location or completing a mini-game. When going back into the game, the energy use is gone but no earned rewards are shown. Basically steals your energy when this happens. Quite disappointing in an otherwise very entertaining and enjoyable game. Hope this gets fixed soon in an update.

- Took a long time, update is worst yet.

I have the most recent version of the game. The game gets worse with every subsequent update. It is crashing on a regular basis now. I have been playing this game for a very long time now and until now no major complaints. However, after the last few updates I have to say the game has lost me. Constantly crashing, crashing even more now and when it does crash and you go back in it doesn’t give you your progress but it does take your energy and anything else you used to play before it crashed. Fix this problem, it makes it so I don’t want to play anymore.

- Recent update has ruined the game for me.

I love this game, but after the most recent update, I’m getting beyond frustrated. I will play a location, and after successfully completing the round, the game will suddenly shut off. When I reload the game, the progress is lost. I lose the energy I used to play the location, none of the experience or items I collected are counted, and the game treats it like I lost the round when it wasn’t the case.

- Disconnect Issue!

Love this game, the clever content and graphics. I’m having a problem staying connected after completing a quest. This has happened several times after the last download. I have restarted my IPad to no avail. Please fix this!

- Hidden City

Love this game. Every scene has its own unique hidden items.

- No Sound! Crashes

A few of the updates in the last few years have killed the audio/sound in the game. There is zero sound except when you battle monsters. It normally only lasts a day or two but this last update is the most glitchy out of them all. It's now going on day 4 with no sound and crashing after you complete tasks/which for me makes the game very difficult and not that enjoyable TBH. I've ended up just doing the bare minimum each day(5 minutes tops) just to get credit for signing in, and collect the daily bonuses from the charged boosters instead of playing for 4+ hours a day.

- Fun Game but Frustrating

This a really fun game, especially with the improvements, however, with the new event I am constantly getting kicked out of the game. What is more frustrating is when this occurs not only do you lose any tools you might have used but you also lose energy & any items found. More importantly I have entered & found the item needed in the event room three times only to be kicked out of the game. Thus, I am unable to not only collect the items needed it also prevents me from completing the new event. I do hope this gets resolved immediately because like I said it is extremely frustrating?

- New update crashing game

I have played this for several years and this new update keeps causing the game to turn off several times in a matter of minutes. Frustrating when I just found an event item.

- Crashes

Enjoy the game but since the most recent update it will crash after completing a search. When this happens you lose the energy spent and any keys to play, but don’t get the rewards shown. I am enjoying the updated graphics.

- Frustrated

I am a little frustrated because I keep getting blown out of the game after I have completed an area. The energy is deducted but not credited with completing the area or giving me the items needed for the event. I have won one of the things I needed for the event only to not get it because the game throws me out. I also do not like that when you level up you lose the energy that you still have left. I also noticed that some people seem to be able to start an event before others do. Other than that I like the game.

- Still like the game

Ive been playing it regularly for a few years. Always waiting to see what’s new, and you always deliver. Just letting you know that the most recent update is not working well. I’m booted off when I complete a round in the event location. Not every time, but 5 times so far.

- Malfunctions

The game malfunctions and you don’t get the rewards 😡

- Love it but not the latest update

I love this game, but I think there’s a flaw with the latest update: As you move through the scene, if you inadvertently touch upon an incorrect item while you are navigating, you get docked time away from your allotted timeframe. Please fix this flaw because it takes away from the enjoyment of the game. However, your graphics and character art is beautiful! Thank you for considering making the navigation less sensitive!

- Awesome game

I love playing this game! It’s my all time favorite!

- Just Started

I began playing this yesterday. I enjoy playing it.

- Presentación

Hola saludos desde Dakota

- great game but it closes out of nowhere every 2 mins!

i love this game i’ve been addicted to this for 2 weeks now and i can’t stop playing it. but something’s wrong, the app closes every 2 mins now! and all my previous collections and activities will be lost when i come back! please fix this.

- Update has issues

It’s clear from the recent reviews that you already know this update has lots of problems. In addition to the glitches, I haven’t encountered a change that I can appreciate yet. Things like “ABC” all over the city detract from the previous strong graphics. I never used to want to play in the Upper City unless forced to because of Invisible Ink and Mystical Rounds and now that’s invading the basic game. The history log book is useless now. The constant changes (not improvements) that decrease my enjoyment are tiring.

- Great game to relax with

There is just enough challenge to make it interesting!

- Penalty lost time, not improvement

Last upgrade if you are moving screen and touch just wrong way it thinks you selected an item and takes time away. I don’t like new feature of subtracting time...but hate when I did not select an item and I get a deduct. May be the end for me after enjoying this game for the most part.

- Crashes all the time...

This used to be my favorite game. But now, it crashes at the end of most searches. When that happens, you lose the points for the search and your prizes for completing it! Annoying!

- I lost my game can you send my account but I know only nick name is Tomy

Thank you

- Game is challenging

The game is good for keeping the brain thinking. A dislike I have is when there’s a new update to the game, it logs off after I play a search and I lose what I earned. Very frustrating.

- Enjoyable

Love this game and would enjoy it even more if I could find out what I missed.

- Keeps shutting down.

In the last week, I did not get an update and had t9 go look for it and seven days had elapsed. Now, every time I complete a game, the prizes show up and the game closes down completely. This has happened in the last three days and has used up all the energy due to it shutting down. No point in playing any more, if the game closes down, uses up energy and doesn’t give you rewards or assemblers earned.

- Downloads for updates take forever

I play on an iPad 2 with iOS 13. Current update does not download and prevents play.

- No use playing until glitches fixed

Cannot earn anything of value without the game crashing directly thereafter and earned items are lost.

- New update very glitchy

After the most recent update, the game is very glitchy. I'll play a scene, win it, and then it crashes. I reopen it and my rewards aren't there. VERY annoying!!!

- New release and new problems

Hi, Since new release two days ago I am experiencing problem. I go to location, successfully complete it and when I see all my presents and click OK I am out of the game completely. When I log in again energy is taken but no rewards and no tokens and I need to start exploring same again. I closed game completely and started again a few times but this continues to happen. Please help. Thanks.

- Hidden

The game is supper great

- Very glitchy currently

I love this game and the graphics - I find it exciting. For the past 2 weeks the game just crashes crashing when I have just won the event but it has not registered the win - I have already sent a review about this - any luck in fixing this soon? I am losing my energy + tokens + just lost the Finger Fountain Pen assembler) including the tools I used to win this part. There seems to be no point is trying to finish the event as I will never make it. Is this deliberate? It’s very frustrating and it’s making me lethargic about this game. Can you please fix this???

- Cursed deck

First “cursed deck” of the new download, I’ve just got “36” cards, the game forced stopped, and when I got back to it I do not have the 30 minutes free play I’ve have just won! Fail new event, fail new game! If it wasn’t ready you shouldn’t have released the new event! Edit: I’ve just been playing for less than 20 after the first crash, just got 78 cards from the “curse deck” and the game force close again! Why can we rate a 0 star sometimes! BTW, I use a “pen” for the game because it doesn’t register my fingers sometimes, after this update I’ve noticed it’s penalizing my choices more than usual, like I tap on a crow, but it says I’m wrong, when I’m actually asked to search for it! I don’t know what’s wrong in this case, it’s not happening with similar games.

- Love the game!!

So I absolutely love this game. I play it almost every night before I go to sleep. Literally the only thing I hate is when I get on it and my phone isn’t on silent then the music and sounds play. I like to play in quiet. I can turn them off, close the app and reopen it and the settings are back to on. You’d think after all the updates they’ve had they’d fix this by now. And since my iPad doesn’t have a silent button I have to either make sure it’s turned down or go through the settings and turn the music and sounds off again. It’s just aggravating to deal with.

- Stuck

Can not get out of one of the scenes where it asks you to use the zoom. This is not nice!,,, help. You don,t want to hear this do you. It won,t take a nickname

- Crashing

The game has crashed 3 times since the new update. Lose energy and items found. Please fix. Very frustrating Just crashed again. You lose everything you found. Crashed again, you don’t get credit for what you found and lose energy. What’s the point in playing?

- New Update Full of Glitches

Prior to this update, I’d give 5 Stars....has been on of my favorite games to play....just can’t right now in its current state. I’ve been a consistent Hidden City player for over 2 years and have never experienced so many glitches after an update. This update (Deal With The Shadow event) is seriously hindering my gameplay and enjoyment. My large stockpile of energy (amassed over a long period of time) was completely lost and replaced with beginner level energy after playing the “Cursed Deck” mini-event and receiving the 30 minute infinite energy gift. I know many other players who are also experiencing this glitch and huge loss as well. Older locations (that we’re working perfectly before update) are now asking for items that are invisible on the screen (only to be found with a magnifying tool)....making it impossible to complete the task. The new reduced energy consumption update - where no “extra energy” is required in a location that has anomalies - is still requiring extra energy. Please get these glitches fixed ASAP.....love Hidden City for enjoyment and relaxation...none of which I’m getting currently, unfortunately. :(

- Fun. Pretty.

Fun games. Attractive graphics. I wish the energy was easier to come by.

- Game crashes

This is my favorite game but since the latest update 5/26/20 every time I search the quest location the game crashes and I lose the progress I’ve made. I’ve lost quest assemblers I’ve found because of the crash. It has become a nuisance considering I have to search several locations in order to collect the item needed to search the quest location. I emailed G5 about this issue and still haven’t gotten a reply not even a computer generated message. Please correct this issue so I can get back to playing the game. This game would typically get 5 stars from me but due to this problem it is only deserving of 3

- Mystical rounds

I have suggested this previously, this is an anomaly and you should make it possible to summon or Dispel it please.

- New update glitches and crashes.

The latest update has cost me tons of rings and energy. I play a scene, it ends, then the game glitches and it takes my energy and runs but leaves me no rewards. I’ve had this game for YEARS. It takes up a ton of space on my iPad, and because of the latest update, I’ll likely delete it. Very frustrating.

- New updates crashes every level!

Every level I play crashes as soon as I complete a level, it takes my energy and tokens but does not give my earnings and rewards....

- New feature

Annoying and makes the game harder.

- Me esta fallando

Tengo 2 años de jugar y me encanta pero ahora me esta comiendo energía y no me da lo ganado y me saca del juego que esta pasando con esta actualizacion por favor solucionar este problema....no se puede jugar me saca del juego no me acredita lo ganado pero si me resta la energía que lastima que ya no podré jugar se arruinó

- Too Long

Way too long in between new game sessions!

- Great game!

Fun love that there are no battles.

- Interesting game but needs work.

This game is fun to play, but the monthly downloads and updates take much too long. The game downloads but the secondary updates can take up to several days to finally finish. The missions aren’t very satisfying and you may not finish unless you’re willing to pay for the extra coins and rubies. Not sure I’ll stick with for the next few months.

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- Latest update

Not impressed with the latest update......still crashing....never happened before,really liked this game but now it’s frustrating.Disappointed.

- Latest update is awful

Seriously, when it crashes just as you’ve uncovered the item you were looking for and before it registers that you’ve won it.... it’s hard not to feel like the programmers have rigged the game.

- Hidden city

Keeps shutting down especially when I win talisman on day5 takes points but get nothing for completing hidden row. Stop playing until it’s fixed because it is too frustrating

- Great Game

Graphics are beautiful!

- bad update

not enjoying the game after the newest update. i liked it better before. won’t be playing as much anymore.

- Crashing

Constant crashing after last update. Finish the quest location of Hidden Row but don’t get the stars to open chests because of crashing. Considering giving up on this game.

- Latest update

UPDATE 2.0: The latest update keeps crashing. I play a location and the lose all the rewards from a crash! Also, the game takes way too long to open, now. UPDATE: Thank you for listening! Restoring the previous interface makes me very happy. I also figured out what the gold stars are when visiting friends. The gold stars are the locations of “favourites.” The words on the bottom are way too big, they cover items you are searching for, and they are distracting (they draw your eye to them when you are trying to look for the objects). Also, when visiting friends, there are now gold stars on some of the locations but there is no explanation regarding to what they are referring. Maybe put it in the “News” area? I love the game and I have been playing for years but the word on the bottom have really wrecked the game for me. Maybe if they were smaller and in their own area, rather than covering part of the scene, it would be better. I just really hate this change.

- The Update

Hi I am waiting for the update for 2 weeks and there aren’t any when i check so if u don’t mind can u hurry up with it. Sincerely, Gamer 2712

- Game

Good game lots to read but I play it

- Hidden city

Just downloaded new update and has crashed AT least 6 times come on get it together guys ty for the gift but crashed again won’t stay on and when replayed gift was gone please please fix this

- Update confusion

I really love this game but with the latest update I am a little lost as to what happened to the 24 hr prizes

- Keeps crashing

I love this game, but it’s gotten slow, really slow, to load and now the latest update out today keeps crashing! So disappointing.

- Detailed

Detailed graphics and stories. Wish I had an iPad to play on instead of phone...

- Claims I don’t play every day.

Even though I make point of going in to play each day, I keep losing out on the daily reward, because the game says I missed 2 days. It happened again today. Of course the only way to “restore” the days that it claims I missed is by using diamonds which cost real money.

- Interesting Game But....

The game is a great way to spend some time, helps to improve memory but my #1 complaint is the number of ads. You can’t do anything without getting an ad...very frustrating. I stopped playing for 6 months because I was so upset about the ads. If I wanted to play another game I would try it without being prodded. Some of the objects are unfairly hidden which cost money to find which is also very annoying. The developers could improve the game by adding more locations each update and by making each level at each location a little more equal. For example, beginners level could be played for 20 times before moving up.The next level 20 to 25 times. The next level 25 to 30 times. Etc.

- New update is not working for Hidden City Mystery Detective

I’m so disappointed in this company. I’ve complained to them so many times to fix the game. Don’t start playing until they get their crap together. They game was fun in the beginning, now we talk amongst ourselves, and we make complaints telling them they aren’t not being fair to us. We just can’t win anything. They have completely fu€ked up this game. Don’t start playing, it’s not worth it. I’ve been playing for years. It was actually my go to game until recently, they changed the game so much you can’t win unless you spend a lot of money. And I mean a lot of money. You can’t win anything you need. I still didn’t win this month. I can’t afford paying to win a game I know how to play. This last month was so bad that I’m quitting. I haven’t won in at least 4 months. It’s not fun anymore. My friends of many years are leaving. This company is just greedy

- Hidden City

Good game so far. The graphics are amazing and well done. The screen has a lot on it, but it’s not too bad.

- Great game

I have to I am hooked on this game. But I do find the screens busy at times and wish there was a way to earn rubies or have then gifted rather then buying them as it is becoming expensive to play!

- Energy

Over all it’s fine. To expensive on energy in order to do quests and slow to regenerate new energy. This will make it very hard to go up in the higher levels.

- Could be better

Info on the screens disappears too quickly for me to read. Artifacts won’t download - been trying all day. Can’t seem to find a concise outline of how to play this game and what all the prizes etc mean so I’m basically winging it. I like the idea and enjoy trying to find the items but it could be simplified.

- How to claim my 20 rubies ?

I’ve reached level 20 in “Hidden Treasures”. How do I claim my reward? Thank you I have now received my rewards! I didn’t wait the 48 hours. Thank you for your reply!

- Great app but too many ads

It’s getting worse and worse...

- Collection items

Can you please put the collection items in alphabetical order or show us greatest to least.

- Great

Great game. Keeps your mind sharp!

- Hidden City

Awesome game

- Ridiculous prices

Hey, their last offer is 5 boxes of stickers with a regular price of 279,89 Canadian dollars!!!

- Frustrated :(

The pop-up ads that interrupt the game end up freezing and booting me out of the game :(. I've uninstalled numerous times and it still occurs... Love the game and wish there was a fix for this...

- Pas mal

C’est un bon jeu mais c’est dommage que les scènes ne soient pas en pleine écran, car des fois il a des objets cachés et on ne peut pas les prendre il faut aller chercher d’aide 🙁

- Can’t believe this!

Kicked out of game three times in the last 45 min! Been an issue ever since the addition of more advertisements! CONSTANTLY losing progress and rewards! Why is this taking so long to fix?!?!?!

- Good

Don’t know what to say it’s so good 😊❤️😍

- Good

Good game

- Okay

Sometimes the number of tries it takes to get an object is ridiculous. It interesting and fun. The different locations are interesting but you need to vary up the list of items to find , as it does get boring to find the same set of items continuously.

- play to pass time and wind down


- Hidden City

I find it very interesting. I love your graphics and colours.

- Bon jeu

Bon jeu

- Totally playable

Changing my rating...too many unremovable gem notifications. This is a mindless game that is totally playable without having to pay in app. However you will play and try complete at 1/10th of the speed with out purchase. There is a lot of collecting and of seeking items it seems endless. Way to may matcha ice in the game make it someone confusing to follow if you are try to catch the storyline. It not to challenging either so it make it a good time waster.

- Cool


- It’s OK

It would be better if you would just line up the challenges and get rid of the character legends.

- Cool game

Nice to play

- In the essence of this type of game

Like it!

- Great


- Enjoy

I enjoy a fast paced game of hidden objects

- Variety

Lots of variety. Enjoy that the scenes are changed regularly.

- Fun game

Spend time with this game is fun

- Hidden City

Your app will not allow you to progress, unless you buy into purchasing their extra items that allow you to go to the next level...don’t waste your time or money!

- Hidden city

C'est tres bien et amusant

- Bug

Depuis la dernière mise à jour, le jeu se ferme tout seul sans arrêt, c’est vraiment déplaisant car perds tous les cadeaux, objets gagnés

- Great!


- Hidden City

Ouf! Vraiment un jeu qui nous fait pratiquer notre sens de l’observation nous donnant peu de temps pour trouver une liste d’objets dans des pièces bourrées d’articles assez difficiles à trouver. Les scènes sont vraiment de qualités. Les articles à trouver change de place d’une fois à l’autre et ne sont pas toujours identiques d’une fois à l’autre. Les pièces deviennent du plus en plus chargées lorsqu’on monte de niveau. Oui il y a des annonces mais acceptables pour le moments. G5 a vraiment de supers beaux jeux de qualité. Bravo G5. J’ai quelques jeux téléchargés de G5 et tous de belles qualités.

- Note to friends

You should be able to send a quick note to all your friends, or some at least without having to enter the same thing for a few. Like asking for a specific assembler or something you need.

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- Fun at first but grows frustrating

The game is fun and the graphics are beautiful. You can play for free, though it will take longer to advance and you might not get through all the event assignments if you don’t buy stuff. Also, there aren’t a lot of tasks at one time and often they are monster challenges which can take weeks/months to get w/o spending $$-which makes it even slower to advance. If you’re a patient person just looking for a fun hidden picture game and don’t care about advancing quickly, this is your game. Recent updates causing it to crash more often (usually as you’ve just gotten something you need, which will be gone when you reboot) is getting irritating though.

- Why do you hate your user base?

Really enjoyed the game but stopped playing it for some time. Recently tried to return and start over, but it’s impossible unless I play on another device. Cannot make a new account on current device either. Not even a way to make an account on the G5 website? Good job guys.

- Nice

Good game

- My review

I’m figuring out that the reason I can’t finish an event is because it takes a long time to get my updates on the game. Some of my friends got theirs yesterday

- Review

Game is very engaging. The music puts me to sleep almost. lol

- Disappointing, impossible events

After waiting almost a week for the latest update, it finally gets released, only to have the event be shortened by a week! These events have already become impossible to win in the new 4 week time frame. You have now taken away 6 days because you delayed the release?! This is beyond frustrating. The only reason for the 2 stars instead of just 1, is that it used to be fun and I’m hoping it will return to the fun and achievable events/collections that we used to have. If this poor experience continues, I will look for a different game.

- Updates

It’s a fun game, but the new update has not happened and it’s been several days. Not good customer service.

- Ok

I can’t access the fog scenes

- Review

The game is very fun to play !

- Awesome fun

I love it

- Extremely Disappointed

I have been playing this game for quite a few years and have spent quite a bit of money also. After this last issue with the “update delay”, I can guarantee I won’t spend another dime on this game, if I play it at all. The update has so far been released on everything but Apple.. This is beyond ridiculous. No explanation, no other notifications of time frame on how long the rest of us have to wait...I expected better but apparently G5 games doesn’t care too much about customer service..

- Updates

Fun game, updates are too long and quest can be difficult to finish u less you spend money which I won’t. Higher level players need better rewards.

- Entertaining with a few issues

After playing for some time, I’ve run out of spare cash to use due to covid-19 and I have to find 14-16 items in a couple of minutes—just impossible or near so for me. I’d like to continue to play for free right now but I’ve reached a point where I can’t go on without buying something.

- Fun and challenging game.

I keep trying to upload the new version. Is there a time when it will be available. Thank you

- When

When will the new game be on It’s been three days

- Update

Come on now! It’s been over a week since the last event! I’ve been waiting on the event.

- Update

Where’s the knew update... getting inpatient !!!! Just give it already.

- Me encanta

Me encanta el juego es muy divertido

- Fun Game

I love hidden treasure/object games so this one is right up my alley with a great story line.

- Ugh. Unneccesarily complicated.

Just give me the “search” screens without all the baloney. I don’t play these games to follow some developing story whose rules and story line are complicated. Just let me play the hidden object game. Deleting app....bye-bye...

- Great game

Keep me busy and I want to explore more and more

- get moving!.

This update for our new game is too hard!

- fun

i like it

- Remember Us

Please remember us with declining eyesight, dark scenes make it difficult to find hidden objects easily. Secondly I wish there was a scale of effort from easy ,moderate and difficult that we could choose from. So many times those of us with disabilities get overlooked .I love playing hidden object games and yours are my all best favorite . So in conclusion please consider my requests and show equality for the millions of Americans with disabilities. Thank You for your time and again I love your games and beautiful graphics.

- Just a comment

I am an old player and enjoy your game very much; but sometimes you make it very difficult to advance or win a challenge which is frustrating. I am at a very lower level it shouldn't be so dofficult. Thank for listening.

- Fun

Really fun game , keeps me busy. Love it. New and exciting

- Wish

Gorgeous Wish there were in game activities that upped coins and gems rather than purchasing.

- Slow

The game is slow to develop & requires $$ to quicken it up. Also, the new “quests” take days to get the game updated (I’m on day 2 & counting). It can be frustrating but I do like how mindless the game can be & as such makes it a nice escape.

- Great game great graphics.

Warning, it does cause eye strain!

- My favorite game!

I’ve been playing this game over a year now and love it! Graphics are great, events and story lines are entertaining. Don’t listen to anyone who says it’s “expensive”, you don’t HAVE to buy anything. Sometimes you just need to keep trying a level if you run out of tools, no need to purchase. I look forward to each new event, they do a great job with them and keeps things exciting and new.

- Review

Awesome game

- Love it

Loving this game so far!!

- Pretty Good So Far

This game is pretty good, so far.

- Boring!

Even as I progressed through six levels and downloaded “new scene!”, found the same few objects in the same four places, and as another commenter mentioned, not all objects are easy to spot, putting a strain on the eyes. I’d give it less than one star if that were possible.

- Help, give me an option

Can I please trade my lighters for magnifying glasses? Thank you Silverfish 526 I’m still not getting magnifying glasses for my games, what’s the problem?

- Fun game

Love the graphics; challenging for me!

- Annoyed with Duration of Events

I have played this game for years. I’ve noticed in recent months that the duration of events is very short. I am always surprise by the ending of each event. Worse is the time it takes for the new event to appear and even longer to load. It seems the objective is for the player to buy items to get through the events quick before it’s over. It’s annoying. #waitingfornextevent

- G5 Needs To Revamp Their Marketing

I am totally hooked on Hidden Cities and have been playing it for over three years now. However, I am getting frustrated and annoyed with G5’s increasingly aggressive attempts to push their new games on active players. They position their marketing of new products as “invitations to play” from other players, who universally deny sending any such invitations. Then it is a two-step process to delete each invitation, which doesn’t always work. G5 needs to recognize that this bullying marketing tactic pulls players away from spending time actually playing the game and potentially making in-game purchases to do so. It also leads to player frustration and ultimately may cause players to drop play altogether.

- Fun game

This is fun play it with my son.

- Nice game!

I really like how the storyline is structured and I’m actually really addicted to this game! It’s really fun looking forward to all the new things you can unlock. Great game!

- Fun


- Issues

Graphics are awesome but the game cannot be played continually. Here are the problems- 1. While graphics in old game locations were good the new ones, at the upper city, are way too tiny to see and are blinding. 2. It takes too much energy to enter locations. 3. The rewards don’t give much energy or tools. After playing two locations the energy runs out and we cannot play a location anymore. 3. Even after playing a location for more than 100 times, it does not yield items for buying assemblers.

- Great Game

To me the game is very good. I have to REALLY use my brain in finding some of the objects. I enjoy the story behind the game with all the different characters.

- Did not get 15 rubies

Completed secret society came back to hidden object game Still haven’t received my 15 rubies .

- Fun game

Love this game, beautiful graphics! Only one thing, it’s keep crashing on my while I am playing. And lots of time when I found something , it’s crushing right at the moment and I lose everything I found plus energy I used for that and have to start all over again.

- Review

Love the game love hidden search games and this one adds a little extra to the table fun and enjoyable for all

- Hidden City

Super cool game

- Where are my rubies

My rubies keep disappearing. I’ve enjoyed this game for many years but this is so frustrating. I’m not getting a number to report. I’ve submitted 3 emails

- G5

Great game sometimes it will stall or just go out in the middle of the game

- Fun for a bit

Once you hit a certain level, you can not win without spending money. And for me that came in the first day. Early level.

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- Beautiful scenes

I like the beautiful scenes and graphics and the regular challenges, but if you want to finish the challenges you really need to purchase rubies to buy extra help and it becomes expensive as the scenes get harder. I think there should be a way to collect extra bonuses through the game

- Good game

This game what I like.

- Gorgeous graphics

Beautiful game which is fun to play but the in-game prompts to purchase are boring and way too plentiful. I’m disappointed that I can’t get very far because I refuse to pay for things to help me and there are few opportunities to win these items. The gold coins which you accrue in the game don’t buy very much. You need rubies which you have to pay for if you want quantity.

- Hidden city

Koochie Koo23 great game

- Enjoyable

Great way to pass time

- Hidden city

I love this version of hidden city so much more fun than the other one ,especially being close to Christmas my 4 yr old granddaughter loves helping me play l haven’t had to spend any money yet , haven’t frozen yet like the other version did love it so much fun

- Ads

Far too, too many ads! Turned me off the game.

- In app spending

I really enjoy the game but don’t get why you are awarded coins but there is very little use for them, when you are made to get more rubies with real money as a posed to the coins that you receive in the game

- Copy and paste

Although the graphics are good, I’m getting bored when different scenes have just copied and pasted images from other scenes That’s cheap! Some scenes don’t have equal quality of graphics. I’m over the Halloween graphics and too much christmassy stuff esp as not everyone in the world cares about Christmas. Some ideas for challenges I like the challenges like mirror images 1 Why not create a picture with silhouettes in it and you place the items into the silhouettes rather than find the images 2. Another is an idea where you have to find a particular object then when you find it the objects change position and you have to find the next object 3. You must find objects in a certain order ( that’s a hard level) and as you find them they transform into something else eg special prize 4 You must find objects in a certain order and as you find them something happens in the scene eg a drawer opens or a door closes or the room becomes lighter 5. You must find objects and all are hidden in drawers, boxes, behind doors , behind curtains. And you have to click on things to locate them. But you can only get them in a certain order and they are covered up if they are the wrong item I wish the game would have more side challenges. The games remain the same. We’re just hunting for stars or chickens but it’s the same. And yes I agree with others. It gets impossible to progress without paying money / which of course is your aim to fund the game. But it’s frustrating for long term players Thanks Debbie. Can I get a job with your company ?

- Please

Update thank you.

- It’s OK

Enjoying so far but it is a bit repetitive

- Rating

It’s okay,not the best I’ve played

- Addictive

Totally addictive. Just wish there were more ways to get free energy and tokens to enter quest locations...then I could play more.

- Hidden City

Great game play for hours!! 👍👍😁😁

- It's a shame that there are so many glitches.

Don't even think of downloading this game Yes it's a good game but it comes with so many glitches that it will do your head in . Try reporting the problems and nothing is ever fixed . The game constantly freezes and drops out its quite time consuming having to reload all of the time .

- Great game

But costs to much

- So predictable!

What has been a good game is now so very predictable and repetitive!!

- Hidden city

I just love this game😊 one thing that I feel would improve playing is being able to gift more than once a day!

- Love the game, but currently crashing.

I love the variety in this game. Sadly, since the last update, the game keeps crashing. Please, fix this.

- Can’t finish the quests

Hi I really enjoy this game but I can never get pass 25 in the quests is there a way you can progress quicker without having to stop from eye headaches

- Awesome

So addictive

- Sticker Exchange

G5, it’s not any good telling people they can exchange stickers if you don’t give instructions on how to do it.

- Addictive

I play this game every night and have for about two years now. Lovely graphics and I look forward to the updates with the new rooms. However, it would be nice if it weren’t so rigged ie you end up with a tonne of some objects but never manage to find the crucial ones, no matter how many times you play.

- Great game

I love this game it has kept me entertained

- The Scariest Fairy tail

Tried for 2 and a half weeks to get Wolf Blades. To late now. Not good enough.

- Too much info not enough objects to search

It’s just too much reading and too many things to go through. I just wanna play and when I do get to play there’s only about 5 objects to find. Too boring

- Playing review.

I have been playing this game a long time and refuse to pay to keep. Going. This makes me slower than most but I like that there are so many sites in the game.

- Great time waster

Makes my day

- Hidden City

Enjoy the game but requires you spend real money which I won’t you have thousands of game dollars for what?

- Complicated

I find that to give people what the requested you have to scroll down for days and days.

- Mixed

Quite interesting and fun in the early stages but quickly progresses into insanely impossible levels. The whole idea is to extort you into buying aids to help with your search. Like so much these days, just after our money! Come on guys, lighten up a bit and make the mid levels a bit easier.

- Special quests

Always like the special quests and new features

- Playing for years

I really like this game, the developers add new areas all the time to keep me interested. Enough energy per day to keep me playing, great graphics and a good story line.

- Well done

Great game, plenty of variety

- Ogram

Used to enjoy this game but have to buy too many times so thinking to delete. Good game if it was not for the constant waiting .

- Good fun

Well developed game, good graphics. Challenging but not impossible to achieve the challenges without having to speed $

- Invitations and crashes

Glad that invitations are easier to get rid of but would prefer to be able to have a setting that doesn’t allow them. Gets frustrating when you finish a search and then crashes and you are left to do it all again. I think you should lower your prices or offer more for your purchases. Enjoy the game thoroughly, keeps my mind focussed.

- Costs too much to progress

I enjoy the game but find it frustrating that you have to spend a good bit of real money to make any progress. Can’t find where to go for game help either. I can’t afford to keep spending money so will probably give up sooner rather than later!

- My favourite game

Always liked the series, from the secret society to hidden city, it just never gets old + keeps getting better. Love the UI and art

- Love this game

A lot of fun -

- Hidden City

Good game. You are able to complete tasks without the in game purchases, it just takes a little longer

- Hidden City

Love this game!

- Distraction

I enjoy the distraction to take me away from the daily grind

- Crashes every time I play

I've been playing this game on my iPad for a very long time and love it but over the last few months, every time I play one challenge, the app completely crashes and I lose anything I have collected. In the last couple of weeks, I can't even play any level or collect any items as it crashes immediately. I've contemplated deleting the game altogether as I'm fed up with it crashing and freezing as I can't even play the game. Please fix it so I can enjoy playing it again

- Rigged!

I really like this game and enjoy playing it. However, I’m getting really sick of each event and update containing programming that rigs the game to make you spend money. For example in the treasures of the Sands events which is currently on to get five stars you need to play games with the illusion anomaly. Normally my city map is covered in locations with the illusions anomaly active. This time round it’s nowhere to be seen. I’m not going to buy things to summon the anomaly at 20 gems per item, it’s just not gonna happen!! Please don’t do this.

- Good game

It's a good game just a pity they keep asking for money to speed the collection process, (not as bad as some).

- Enjoy and recommend

Love it but need more ways to get rubies

- Hidden City

I just love this game. It keeps my brain active. Highly recommend it.

- Cool


- Thanks for Listening

I was among the many complaints re the new format. While the enhanced graphics were lovely, the list covering the bottom, with only 4 items & split tools had made it difficult to use or enjoy. Thanks for reverting to the more (Tablet use) friendly format. Also enjoying the new favourites star (though think people r a bit confused by how it works still). Back to being my favourite game. 😇

- Nice

I love this game, it takes the whole of my attention

- Love every inch of it

I love this game. I can't remember how many devices I have downloaded this game onto. Keeps me awake at night to play. Highly recommended

- Fine

Very good

- Wow

I love this game

- Very nice game

I have a lot of games but I just love this one. It's quite addictive

- King


- Great.

Sharpens the mind and heightens it to quicker and alert observations of any surroundings. I love playing it. I can't purchase offers with my Visa card. Why?

- Great


- Great game

Love it!!

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Hidden City 1.35.3501 Screenshots & Images

Hidden City iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hidden City iphone images
Hidden City iphone images
Hidden City iphone images
Hidden City iphone images
Hidden City iphone images
Hidden City iphone images
Hidden City ipad images
Hidden City ipad images
Hidden City ipad images
Hidden City ipad images
Hidden City ipad images
Hidden City ipad images
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Hidden City (Version 1.35.3501) Install & Download

The applications Hidden City was published in the category Games on 2014-02-20 and was developed by G5 Entertainment AB [Developer ID: 305426797]. This application file size is 183.43 MB. Hidden City - Games posted on 2020-05-30 current version is 1.35.3501 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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