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Top Hat helps professors make teaching more fun and effective by turning distracting mobile devices into learning tools and building comprehension with customizable, affordable textbooks and interactive homework.

Millions of students at 750 leading North American colleges and universities use Top Hat’s interactive engagement tools, course materials and homework.

“Students already have their phones in their hands, they are probably looking at them in class, so why not turn that into something useful.“ —Professor, Biology, California State University

• Experience your lecture like never before—with Top Hat, you can synchronously view slides on your mobile device, in real time, as your professor moves through them in class
• Get ready for an engaging classroom experience, where instructors embed multiple question types such as multiple choice, word answer, numeric response, sorting, and click-on-image to make lectures more interesting and fun
• Discussions and polling—provide instant feedback to your instructor on whether they need to cover that last concept once more before moving on
• Automated attendance, grading, and participation—check into class using a unique code on your mobile device to pick up easy participation marks
• Complete homework for grades or for review—students can access graded and nongraded homework or short quizzes that instructors use to test for gaps in understanding
• More affordable textbook options—with Top Hat's Marketplace, your instructor can choose to adopt online course materials that are more engaging, interactive and affordable than traditional textbooks. Interactive textbooks from Top Hat are embedded with images, videos, audio clips, moving timelines and embedded questions—all designed to engage students and help deepen understanding of course concepts

91% of Instructors believe that Top Hat makes a positive impact on their students' learning experience.

Top Hat Lecture App Description & Overview

The applications Top Hat Lecture was published in the category Education on 2013-07-23 and was developed by Top Hat Monocle. The file size is 104.61 MB. The current version is 5.60.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Thank you for using Top Hat! To make our app better for you, we bring regular updates to the App Store. Here are a couple of new updates to note:

• Made group questions more responsive
• Updated UI and timing of notification banner
• Fixed some bugs to improve app stability

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Top Hat Lecture Reviews


A scam.  sl4hunnid  1 star

Tophat is a scam. I don't care what you say, I don't see how it's fair taking money from already broke college students like this. Because I have to pay for this app, I went weeks without food. The worst part is that you don't even know what classes are going to need it so you don't know how much you should pay for. I hate this capitalist piece of crap so much if I ever take another class that requires that I'm eating the professor 1 star as well. It doesn't even work sometimes or it crashes in the middle of a question. We already have clickers I don't understand why we need to pay for this too. If this costed less maybe I'd understand but at this price are you kidding me??? Stop making education cost more than it should I'm already starving.🤬🤬🤬

Wow. So bad.

Overall great app  Wow. So bad.  4 star

Great app. Just an idea... I think when you open the app it should have the class that you’re in at the top of the list. I think if the instructors had to input the days of the week the class meets and the time their class is it would be an easy feature to add. I gave it 4 stars because I don’t like that to Mark attendance you have to allow the app to always use your location. I think in using your location while using the app would be sufficient.


Terrible UI  nonicknabrt  1 star

Terrible user interface and user experience.


Tophat  Qwertty332  1 star

Absolutely awful. Don’t get this unless you want it to take your money and not be able to access your course

Best breezy

Get what you pay for  Best breezy  5 star

It does its job


Update so you can view questions in grade book  passeenger  4 star

Please make an update so you can view previous questions and answers in grade book. Thanks.


Awful user interface  MumbleAccent  1 star

My professors use this app during lecture scrolling through PowerPoints but if you’re trying to take notes from slides, the app keeps switching slides automatically. Also, the PowerPoints are a third of your screen which makes it impossible to try and read of it, it’s super small and if you zoom in it won’t let you change slides unless you need to leave the lecture and enter it again. Just really awful app if you’re trying to follow the professors lecture and take the quizzes. It would be nice if you could have the whole PowerPoint already open for you to scroll around and make it the whole screen. Even on a computer I have to zoom in, it makes my eyes hurt!


Why  kaylesb  2 star

So glad that Top hat consistently bugs out on every single lecture I attend, and states I didn’t answer questions when I definitely did.


Keeps logging me out  Luke_Staebler  3 star

We use this for attendance for one of my classes so we have to use it everyday. The app works decently while using it but it fully logs me out every time. It doesn’t make the app unbearable but it seems like a super easy fix that would make this app much less annoying to use.

Photographer in need

How is this scam so popular  Photographer in need  1 star

Required by professor and had to pay $27 or something. Functionality is terrible. Cuts off the question half the time. No settings for notifications for questions. On top of that there appears to be fake reviews on iOS because the app has TERRIBLE rating on the Play Store. App would never be even close to 4 stars. P.S. I never write reviews so good job on inspiring me to be here top hat.

Maureen Lo

Top hap quaranteed failure!  Maureen Lo  1 star

I have tried 3 different browsers-all I get is a black screen with the picture of the question. Have to guess where on black screen where my the letters a, b, c, etc are. I clicker is a way better option. I hope I never have to see top hat again after this class.


Close, not quite there  Atlas_Atticus  3 star

The idea is awesome, and I prefer this over a lot of other engagement solutions in the classroom. The UI isn’t totally intuitive yet, though, and some features are missing. One in particular that bothers me is the lack of split screen mode on the iPad. Without it I can’t take notes and watch the lecture simultaneously.


UPDATE THE APP  MayaJastine33  1 star

I HATEEEEEE THIS APP!!! Every time I close the app it starts me all the over to the beginning of the chapter. EVERY TIME! There’s no bookmarking to start back where you left off. And then sometimes when you’ve scrolled back to where your spot is it’ll close out of the textbook again and then you’re back to scrolling and scrolling. Having an index helps none if I’m in the middle of 2 sections. UPDATE THIS APP!!! PLEASE!!


Won’t let me finish authentication  ojnsefojmseojfnsi  1 star

This app won’t let me finish the authentication process on my iPad, so it’s useless as an app. It’s supposed to return the user back to the app when it authenticates, but it does not allow me to do so after I sign in with my student account.


Nice support  areeamn1  5 star

Couldn’t figure out how to login Support was fantastic Solved my problem immediately

K pop obsessed

<3 tophat  K pop obsessed  5 star

<3 tophat

frustrated med student

Needs improvement  frustrated med student  3 star

I usually have issues logging into class about once a week. My teachers just mark me absent and it effects my grade, so that gets annoying. Also, you cannot split the screen with this app on the iPad. It would be extremely beneficial to be able to take notes on another app while I’m reviewing the slideshow on Top Hat. Please make adjustments.


Love top hat  jaz_frost  5 star

Great ! Love top hat , very easy and helpful . Wish more professor used it .


Horrible  Yomakeyao  1 star

Horrible app. Always messes up in class


Works Great Sometimes  Amanda.Prease  2 star

Works great when it actually authenticates your account. However, it’s been months since I have been able to access my account through the app on my phone or iPad because once I authenticate it never redirects me/let’s me go back to use the app. I’ve gone through multiple different resources, can’t find a way to use it other than on my computer.

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