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Private LLM App Description & Overview

What is private llm app? Discover the Ultimate Privacy-Focused AI Assistant on iOS: Private LLM

Unlock a new realm of productivity and creativity on your iPhone and iPad with Private LLM, the premier AI assistant designed with your privacy in mind. Available for a one-time purchase, it offers a range of AI capabilities without needing a subscription. Experience advanced on-device AI that keeps your interactions confidential and offline.

Why Private LLM is Your Go-To AI Companion:

- Exclusive AI Model Selection: Choose from a diverse set of open-source LLM models optimized for performance and perplexity on iOS with state of the art OmniQuant quantization: including models from StableLM 3B, StableLM 2 1.6B, Google Gemma 2B, Microsoft Phi-2, Mistral 7B, Llama 2 7B families. Whether you need help with creative brainstorming, coding, or daily questions, customize your AI experience to meet your unique needs.

- Integrated with Siri & Shortcuts: Enhance your AI interactions with Siri commands and customizable Shortcuts. Private LLM seamlessly fits within your Apple ecosystem, making your digital assistant more accessible.

- Customizable Interactions: Tailor your AI's responses and interactions with customizable system prompts to match your preferences and needs.

- Uncompromised Privacy and Security: With Private LLM, your conversations stay confidential and on your device. Our advanced on-device AI performs robust computing without risking data compromise or needing an internet connection.

- Family Sharing & Offline Capabilities: Benefit from a one-time purchase that includes Family Sharing. Download models as needed and enjoy the full functionality of your AI assistant, even without internet access.

Supported Models:
- Llama 3 8B Based Models
- Google Gemma Based Models
- Mistral 7B Based Models
- Yi 6B Based Models
- Llama 2 7B Based Models
- Phi 2 3B Based Models
- StableLM 3B Based Models
- TinyLlama 1.1B Based Models
- H2O Danube Based Models

For a full list of supported models, including detailed specifications, please visit our website.

Private LLM is not just a chatbot; it's a comprehensive AI companion designed to respect your privacy while providing versatile, on-demand assistance. Whether you're enhancing your creative writing, tackling complex programming challenges, or just seeking answers, Private LLM adapts to meet your needs while keeping your data secure. Start your journey with Private LLM today and elevate your productivity and creative projects with the most private AI assistant for iOS devices.

Leverage the power of state-of-the-art OmniQuant quantized models for superior text generation, swift performance, and deep integrations, distinguishing Private LLM from inferior mobile and also desktop apps relying on naive RTN quantized models. Embrace the future of privacy-conscious AI assistance on iOS with Private LLM.

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App Name Private LLM
Category Productivity
Updated 22 April 2024, Monday
File Size 1.06 GB

Private LLM Comments & Reviews 2024

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A great tool, with huge potential.. Obviously being an offline GPT limits the responses, but the fundamentals for something impressive in future less memory restricted devices eg iPhone 15 and beyond is really exciting. Offline and privacy focused are essential qualities of this app and it works quite well. A good bargain for the price with an active developer. One recommendation/piece of feedback would be to provide information on what the settings TOP-P and temperature do. If we come across an error or weird, reproducible response could you provide an option to email you a log so we can forward you the issue easily? This way you don’t need to embed any privacy violating analytics packages.

Disappointed with Inaccurate AI App - Seeking Refund. I bought Personal GPT hoping for accurate and reliable results. However, I've been let down by the app's highly inaccurate output. I know AI technology is complex and evolving, but I expected better.

Literally a Open Assistant knockoff. I’m not against a developer using open source work, but this is a very thin wrapper around someone else’s work with credit given. It’s just sad. I found out this was open assistant after letting the app chat with itself till it mentioned its name was open assistant. Ask it that question in the beginning and it will tell you it’s personal GPT.

So far so good!. Okay… THIS APP IS AMAZING. I am using this on my iPhone 12 Pro Max and wow, pretty fast reply. I am still playing around with this app but I am very impressed with it. I wonder if new models from huggingface could be downloaded, if that’s possible.

Simply Incredible!. I cannot believe that I can run a model similar to GPT 3.5 on my iPhone 12 mini! It is a bit slow, but really impressive. The purchase allowed me to install on my MacBook Pro M1 Max 32GB and it is faster than GPT 4. Really excited to see how this app continues to develop and the models get better.

Needs to be faster. Downloaded this for a flight and although it works, it’s very buggy and slow. I’m sure this can be fixed and improved on with time. Happy to pay the cost of this but wish it worked flawlessly. Hope my feedback helps

So much potential. I've been using this app for a couple of months at this point. When it was first released, it was a neat proof of concept, but it only supported 7B models and was overall just too simple to use effectively. With a recent update, a 13B model was released for all macs with 16GB of memory, and it makes such a huge difference! It's not quite at the same level as ChatGPT 3.5T, but it's close enough that I never use 3.5T anymore; this is my go-to. I greatly appreciate the on-device processing (hallelujah privacy!), and it doesn't even use too much power - my battery still lasts for hours and hours. The performance is also great; my base M1 Air powers right through the prompts. I only have two complaints about the app at this point. 1) The 13B model uses about 12GB of memory by itself, which does force the use of swap on a 16GB Air. Not much the dev can do about this, but it is something to keep in mind. You'll want to close out of other programs before launching this. 2) There still is no feature that has separate conversations. If you want to start a new conversation, you need to delete the existing conversation. I'd love it if we could get separate conversations in a future update; it would make this app so much easier to use. Overall, I love it and do not regret buying it at all. I can't wait to see what future updates bring :)

Helpful but not an end-all problem solver. Gives solid basic advice. Can handle smaller projects and concerns. Not 100% there. Not 100% stable. Can tell some creepy stories that are unsolicited. Definitely needs a safety team.

Love Being able to run a powerfull LLM locally. I cannot believe it is as easy as a few clicks to install an LLM like ChatGPT and it is running entirely on my Mac! No internet required, no monthly fee for a plus version. awesome!

Doesn’t work on iPhone 13 mini. No other apps open, this is what the app shows “Error: this iPhone does not have 3GB of free memory. Please try closing any memory intensive apps running in the background and restart Personal GPT.”

Great approach. Having option to load own models will be wonderful. Eg Llama 2 or others.

wait awhile for it to be improved. I've got some experience with local large language models such as this one. This app is intended to be a reasonably compact, private chatbot you can use on a Mac with 8 gb of ram. I purchased it, experimented with it, and in my opinion it's not ready for release. The developer provided a prompt and thoughtful response to my inquiry. It may be that this will work better in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I requested a refund.

Current model is pretty good 👍. The team was very responsive with a new model update that is a lot more coherent in the prompt replies. -Would like to have a history tap -Shortcuts integration -Document ingestions

Great app. This app is pretty great for when you don’t have internet, but want access to ChatGPT. It’s not as powerful as the online version, but the fact that this is a one-time price of $10 is awesome! The only issue I’ve encountered with it so far is that it reloads every time you leave the app even for a moment. I’d love to see a History feature to see previous conversations and maybe Shortcut support, but it’s overall a really great app!

Easy to use and truly private and offline.. Unlike almost every other offering on the App Store, Personal GPT was designed to provide a local, private GPT for you to use offline with no data being sent to third parties. It includes a limited LLM that works reasonably, given its size. The developer is clearly very passionate about this project and they are constantly updating and refining it. The more memory you have on your device the better this app performs.

Works well would be nice to integrate with iOS shortcuts. It works well and quick. Would be nice if it integrated into iOS shortcuts.

A good start. This app is fun, but being able to use other models and configure them would make this app 10 times more useful. I’m hoping the dev adds support for model selection (mistral, pls) and setting the role of the AI.

I like it a lot. As in it meets , maybe exceeds, my privacy expectations, works on all my ios devices WHEN OFF LINE. Emphasis mine, country internet is unreliable. ;-( Developer seems commited, saw this with the guy from the Applo app, hoping for good things, 10 bucks aint bad for what I see so far

Missing some key features.. Would love to have the ability to include default custom instructions like ChatGPT has. Would also like the option to redo the ai’s chat. Otherwise it’s nice to see this working on a phone.

Please allow LLM choice. Please allow us to pick our LLM the same way we do in text-generation-ui by providing hugging face name. I realize not all models can run on iOS, but I was hoping to mostly use this for CodeLlama.

There should be an option to use 13B model. (feature request). UI is great and all but 7B model is not that powerful for any useful work, adding an option for Mac users to choose a bigger model will be useful.

Works well but needs some improvement. The 7B model constantly crashes on 14 Pro even though the prompt says that the phone can handle it. Downgrading to the 3B seems to work much better.

7b crashes, 3b is trash. 7b crashes on iPhone 14 pro. 3b isn’t worth using, can’t list the presidents.

Getting there!. UPDATE: app is much faster now. Still waiting on a prompt library which would be awesome, but the speed and quality is increasing seemingly by the day. There was a small period of time where it didn’t work on the 13 mini but that has been fixed. I’m happy with the amount of work the devs are putting in and I’m hopeful for more features in the future. MLC chat is comparable in speed and quality but this app is looking to widen the gap by adding more features in the (hopefully near) future. Old review: In comparison to MLC chat (free and open source) this app is lacking. MLC chat offers the ability to install additional models, and the default is on par or better than this apps responses (like gpt 3 level, lots of incorrect information and it kinda goes wild when explaining things). Additionally, performance is abysmal comparatively for better quality responses on MLC chat. It’s a great idea but lacks the ability to fine tune. Being able to change the temperature and other settings for the model would be great. Would also be cool if we could create a starting prompt (or a library to choose from) for the AI so it can be used for things like role playing or DND. Kinda bummed that it’s $5 since I was expecting a lot more than MLC AIs app for the pricing. Instead I’ll be uninstalling and checking back later for new features and possible performance increases. If you’re reading this and thinking about buying it, you should probably check out MLC chat for now and just wait for more features and performance updates.

wish there will be a local api compatible to openai, and different chatboxes. great app

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Your sanity is worth more than this. Don't buy this POS. I can only parallel my time conversing with this voice activated dumpster fire to that one time I drove the short bus. No, wait, it's like when you see your dog chewing on something that you know you didn't give it. It's rarely worth the stress it causes trying to get it back and yet you wrestle with the little fur-wit to see what it's going to cough up. Even though you suspect it's very likely going to be mangled already or garbage or some combination of both. Regardless you do it because you invested in it and you'd be kicking yourself if whatever masticated nonsense they spit out for you to inspect is that thing you thought it had at the beginning.

Amazing!. I'm astounded that I can run such capable models on my laptop. The developer is very active and constantly improving the app. It makes running local private models extremely easy and as of the latest update has a great range of different models to chose from. I have replaced a decent portion of my Open AI usage with this App

no correct answers on language. asked it english word meanings and it failed

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Better and Better. The developer is doing a wonderful job at updating the models the app uses, and it’s really noticeable.

Cool but not useful, yet.. Very cool that it is an off-line LLM, that is an accomplishment on it’s own. Unfortunately, it often produces nonsensical or inaccurate answers making it not very useful. I was using the 7B model and found a lot of hallucination in the answers and in longer responses it would often contradict or change things it had just stated. I am hoping this improves as it would be awesome to have a useful offline LLM.

ChatGPT Provides much better answers. I have ChatGPT on my phone. The answers from Personal GPT sound like they're written by a teenager, and the ones I recieve from ChatGPT are very professional and much more informative. ChatGPT was free, so you may understand my frustration when having paid for a service that is far underperforming what I can get out of a free applicaiton on my cellphone.

3B model is great!. Nice at coding too

Good start. While I purchased the app out of curiosity, I am reasonably happy with the app so far. The reason I only gave 3 stars for now is due to its occasional inaccuracy and less-than-stellar performance when compared to other online GPTs out there. I hope that the developer improves the app’s UI and provides an option to view and select downloaded models. Right now, downloading and applying the new language model is pretty unstable.

Reasonable Expectations. The developer has given easy access to a usable information source, disconnected from the tentacles of big tech. This is to be applauded. But expectations are important here. You can't compare a solo effort with that of an organization with billion-dollar funding. Just contextualize this with pre-ChatGPT tech and you may find this a tool to have (in situations where yes.. you are disconnected from the internet or you don't want big tech operators to hoover your brain for free). Docs on if or how to do do supervised instruction of the model would be welcome or how to tweak this. Read the vendor warnings. These are known industry limitations of this type of offering.

Basically a scam. I don't usually give 1 star reviews. A simple "hi" will give you a response that tells you it doesn't know what it's talking about. Tell it to be more concise it'll tell you it doesn't know what you're talking about. It will get very simple things just blatantly wrong, and overall will sound like a word salad being vomitted all over your screen. I saw the Reddit advertisement and this seemed promising, but honestly this is borderline insulting to install on my computer.

Don’t waste your money. Although the software calls itself, an LLM, it’s pretty useless since it hallucinates, and provides a ton of inaccurate information. It has no access to real time information, even when connected to the Internet. it pretends to have capabilities (booking calendar entries), but it can’t do any of it. not sure where somebody would find the suffer useful.

Great app.. Would love to be able to download different models. If not from an in app catalogue, perhaps putting in a url from hugging face? Otherwise pretty neat.

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If only I could send a message. Pressing “send” acts as enter and just makes the typing input go down a line and doesn’t send the message - rending the whole app useless

Remarkably good app, very active developer. Possibly the single best app purchase I've ever made. The developer is constantly improving it and talking with users on Discord and elsewhere. One price includes Mac, iPhone, and iPad versions (with family sharing). Mac shortcuts can be used to create what amount to custom GPTs. (There's even a user-contributed, quite clever bedtime story generator on the website.) The 10.7B-parameter SOLAR LLM (one of many included) running on my 16 GB M1 MacBook Air gives me fast responses that are subjectively almost on the level of GPT-3.5. For something running completely locally with full privacy, it's remarkable. More RAM allows an even larger choice of language models. But the tiniest model running on my iPhone 12 Pro is usable. (Tip: Experiment with changing the system prompt to fine-tune it for your purposes.)

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Private LLM 1.8.0 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Private LLM app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Numen Technologies Limited and other users?

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Language English
Price $9.99
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 1.8.0
Play Store ie.numen.personalgpt
Compatibility iOS 17.0 or later

Private LLM (Versiyon 1.8.0) Install & Download

The application Private LLM was published in the category Productivity on 05 June 2023, Monday and was developed by Numen Technologies Limited [Developer ID: 1683507194]. This program file size is 1.06 GB. This app has been rated by 124 users and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5. Private LLM - Productivity app posted on 22 April 2024, Monday current version is 1.8.0 and works well on iOS 17.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: ie.numen.personalgpt. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
Other Apps from Numen Technologies Limited Developer
App Name Score Comments Price
Private LLM - Local AI Chatbot Reviews 4.2 121 $9.99
Private LLM App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Support for downloading the new Dolphin 2.9 Llama 3 8b model. If you have any feedback or questions, we would love to hear from you! Numen Technologies offers free tech support; you can email us at, message us on Discord, or tweet at us @private_llm. If you find Private LLM useful, we would appreciate a review on the App Store. Your review will help others discover Private LLM.

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