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Happy Match Cafe Game Description & Overview

What is happy match cafe app? Like playing puzzle games? Like decorating the room? Happy Match Cafe is a classic game, in which you can finish tasks in the attractive mini-game, decorate and build your own style house while playing the game!

Happy Match Cafe can relax you in your free time, keep your brain intelligent and sharp, and improve your design creativity. More decoration areas are waiting for you to unlock.

How to play?
- Choose your favorite game and start a new journey!
- Look at the list of objects above, which is our collection target & your new friend!
- Find friends among a bunch of similar objects. They may be confusing but challenging.
- Or challenge the one-line drawing. More attempts will make it!
- Have fun and start new levels!

Game Features:
- Exercise your eye-hand coordination while trying to solve the puzzle.
-Unique gameplay: Classic one-touch drawing game, match game, and decoration game, both in one game!
- Stunning 3D visual effects and objects, every action of yours will give you a satisfying 3D effect, and every level will bring you endless fun~
- Special game props to help you pass the level!
- Varieties of festive events and challenging activities will always surprise your eyes!

The simple gameplay of Happy Match Cafe is suitable for any age. Download it and start the game!

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App Name Happy Match Cafe
Category Games
Updated 06 February 2024, Tuesday
File Size 535.95 MB

Happy Match Cafe Comments & Reviews 2024

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Mini Games Has Potential to be great. I give a 3 because asmr to play the mini games is no good, it’s not satisfying at all and shouldn’t that be the point? You can only watch what them using the tools to clean, pull, cut, etc… and only a couple times I got to use a tool to get a satisfactory response; otherwise no satisfaction, again, cuz you just sit and watch it. Too bad, because it’s great graphics and can be very satisfying if they allowed us to use the tools and feel it in action. Hopefully one day they will update it for more satisfying gameplay

Not like the ads, but SO FUN. Like everyone else, I got this game because of the satisfying ad. The ad is a very very small part of the game, but when I started playing the main game more and more I just became absolutely addicted and can’t stop. I see the other reviews saying the levels get too hard, which is true but I love that too because if it was too easy, I would get bored of the game. I also love the little town that I get to build along the way. Overall, this game currently is my new life!

Addicting. I love this game and play it all the time. I just wish we could do more of the mini games instead of every 10 levels and you only get to do a bit. Those games are my favorite part. When are we getting an update so we can play the mini games? Need another update I played all the mini games I can. Also, pretty upset because I had over 80 of the zapper and clocks earlier today. I just went back to play some more and I have 14 of each. I have spent a lot of money on this game and I always buy the ones with free boosters. What happened?

Fun game but needs updates!. First, this is not a drawing game, so I am confused about that. It’s a match game that has “pimple popper” type mini games (which is actually why I downloaded it). It also has different themed areas you need to build with stars earned by playing the game. However, I’ve done all the mini games and they haven’t added more in a VERY long time. Also, I’ve built all the areas so far, and they haven’t added new ones. Because there is nothing left to build, my stars are just sitting there. Just want to say that you do NOT need to spend money to advance. Some matching levels are just very hard. None are impossible. I’m on level 1637. But with nothing left to build and no new mini games, it’s like I’m playing for nothing now. It is relaxing for me though.

Fun but misleading. This app advertises for something it is not. You literally do have to complete 10 levels of another fun game before you get to continue on your pimple popping journey of fun. Yes, both games are fun but don’t lie and tell people that you don’t make folks go through an endless stream of games to get through to the one game you actually signed up for. For this reason I’m leaving three stars. Just be honest with folks. It’s not that hard.

Not true to the add and not really hand on either.. Me personally the game is very different from the add and many games use the same add so I wasn’t surprised. Also there were some things that disappointed me. Like in the game I would want more hands on levels like when they wipe off the axes I would want to wipe it off not press a button and it do it itself. Or when they take the black hears out you just press it. I would want to use the tool as well and press down myself on the black head. And when I pooped the Pinole and relied my hand to squees it more the puss kinda like cuts it so it just again from where I left of popping the pimple so that kinda bothered me a little. like its just not true to the ads and I get you try to keep it pg. but a lot of people like myself like the gory things and just more hands on. Like the wipe and the tools I would like to do that not press on the button and it just it itself. But that’s just my opinion.

The game is good , but …... You can only get so far without the matching levels becoming unbeatable, I played for 20 minutes got to level 11 now they’re making the match part impossible to beat so you cannot progress in the pimple popping, the hygiene cleaner , all the fun stuff . They try to make you buy little things to help you level up which I would at some point but not that early into a game . If I liked the game ,was able to play more than 20 minutes before having to buy things to advance into the next levels, this game would get a 5 star from me and an outright good rating but sadly they want you to buy stuff right off the bat to get further into the game 😢

Could be fun but ruined to make money. Game is fun and the matching game can be nice and relaxing. Except every few levels is a “Super Hard” level which is almost impossible to beat. So you have to use items and gold to beat it and eventually you have to spend money to get them. Then when you spend money for gold, you end up wasting it. When you run out of time on a level, you end up spending 100 gold to extend the timer because there is no 2nd prompt to confirm. You are actively trying to get matches and then the end screen pops up and before you even know what happened you already spent 100 gold. This is 100% done on purpose to make people spend more in the most unethical way possible. Game developers should be ashamed of themselves.

Forced to buy so bye. I joined for asmr/skin game which ended up being only a bonus part of the game. You get one bonus to play it every 10 games. It's just press button and they do most of the work. And the bonus/asmr games are nothing like the ones they show. Corny really. Ok so I really enjoyed the main matching game but you get to games that are impossible to win so they force you to buy. I fell for it once and would probably buy more if the packages were not so expensive. And the stuff that is cheaper won't help me. Maybe some kinda side game where I can earn things to help me get through hard levels. Deleting this game because I'm sick of being stuck and not buying stuff that expensive.

2⭐️ but there’s redemption!. So the main game is obviously what the title of the game is. You match items in like a claw machine pit and the rewards allow you to build a cafe and other shops. Then there’s also a mini game that has skin care. The most interactive skin care mini-games are the ear ones which are levels 1-5, then the belly button one you see in the ads. After that, the next two levels are less interactive and the quality is also less than the others. I stopped playing at this point because I mainly play for the skin care and the main game takes too much time for the minigame to be worth it. To get to level 9 you play 30 or 40 matching games and the skin care ends up needing you to just tap the screen 6 times to play the animation. Not so satisfying.. I will say though, all the skin care games reuse the same animations anyway, this game lets you achieve them faster than the other ones. +1 ⭐️ for that

This app essentially stole from me. * game was restored as were my purchases. I’ve been playing for months, spent a lot of money. Then suddenly today it completely bugged up and wouldn’t open, then wouldn’t play, then kept saying I was offline when I wasn’t. I uninstalled and reinstalled and all of my progress and all of the points I paid for? Gone. And messages to support keep giving me a “failed-try again” response.

Way too difficult. If you are interested in this because you get to pop pimples and deal with various gross things, it’s here. The problem is you only get to do those every 10 levels and that takes forever. When are these game developers going to realize certain people are ONLY interested in the gross stuff and make a game where you can actually do that, like in their ads. Anyhow, the main game - matching things is fun, but it gets REALLY hard. At a certain point it’s impossible to pass a level without boosters or more time, and those are difficult to acquire without buying them.I’m stuck on level 50 and I refuse to buy anything, so I’m going to remove the app. It could have been really good but it’s a big disappointment.

Money Sucking Game!. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between being challenging and absolutely RIDICULOUS! I have been on the same level for nearly 2 weeks. At the really hard levels there are WAY TOO MANY pieces to find and not enough time. The only way to pass hard levels is to purchase boosters. The game does offer them but, as quickly as you get them you’re forced to use them to pass a really hard level that usually comes around every 5 rounds or so. Thus, depleting your boosters and leaving you with no other choice but to purchase them or stay stuck. And, the Extra Time Clock which is the booster really needed to beat hard levels is offered hardly at all as a freebie item. I have poured money into playing this game than I should have only to receive hardly nothing in return. I don’t mind paying to play games as long as the perks are worth it and you’re not paying every week. This game is not worth your time unless you love being stressed and spending money.

Too fast and sensitive or complete opposite. There have been many times playing the game where I click on something, and the touch is so sensitive that it chooses the wrong thing. Which fills up my bar, and I have to spend money to clear it. At the same time, on levels with things like lipstick or screwdrivers, I am tapping and pushing and trying, every which way to pick the item up in the time allowed. Also, I'm glad you got rid of the verses game. That was a pain. I got into that accidentally so many times just by trying to get to my next level. Other than that I love the game.

It’s okay but needs work. If you are looking for what the advertisement shows then you will get that but not in great quality and it’s not very interactive. You just tap and that’s about it. It’s a mini game. To play the mini game you have to do tile match and earn coins. If that is not what you are looking for then this is definitely not the game for you. The tile match is not hard but as levels go will get harder but makes the game boring to do all the work for a small short mini game. If you like the tile match games and then are happy with lower quality of what the advertisement shows then this is good game for you. But overall it’s not a fun game that you can do for hours.

Under developed. I gave this game 2 starts because it advertises as a skincare game but the main game is a match game and they have a story you can follow along with as you complete levels that helps make it interesting. That being said, the first skincare mini game is super interactive but the more mini games you unlock the less interactive and they become, also once you get to a certain level there aren’t anymore of the mini games. Another thing is once you hit a certain level in the real game the storyline they have you follow completely stops, nothing came to a close or was resolved. It’s almost like in the middle of the game the writers went on strike and they just went forward with lunching the game. I wouldn’t call this a high quality game.

Had been okay up till now. It’s fine. Like all these games it gets harder and harder until it stops being fun. However this game set a new standard for pathetic recently. After completing 10 levels or so of the matching games, the game unlocks a ASMR level for you to complete, which is the reason you download the game in the first place. When I first downloaded the game, you could access all the previously unlocked ASMR levels if you wanted to. Now, in order to replay them, you have to watch an ad. I’ll probably stop playing the game now. Nice job developers!

Problem! Sad!. I gave this game a 5 star rating before and I stand by it because the game itself is fantastic fun and challenging! The problem is I have been struggling with level 854 for almost 3 weeks. I even made the mistake of sinking money into this game for power ups to help me. Still struggling. I enjoy the game and the challenge but when a decent player and I believe I am a decent player cannot find 72 items in 3.5 minutes something is off kilter! There is way too much on the board and I realize y’all want people to spend money but this is ridiculous! Therefore, I’ll be removing the game app and I hate that because I’ve had a blast with it. Good luck to others, I hope your eyes and speed are equal to the level.

So fun. usually i never write reviews unless i REALLY like the game but this game is actually so fun. u dont have to do extremely hard things to do a level of pimple popping or anything satisfying. The levels r so easy to complete and actually equally as fun as the actual thing you came for. I thought it was fake like when you find a cool game but its nothing like the thing shown in the advertisement. This is exactly what i thought but gave it a try anyway and i got what i came for!

I wish it were a satisfying as the ads. Other users have mentioned this concern, and I echo their frustration. It’s disappointing to start a game for its main experience, only to be bombarded with unrelated "mini" games that ultimately seem to be designed to coax purchases. It's not even a straight forward purchase. The 'ask' is done after you fail your matches. So the initial claim of being free is misleading, as it leads down a path of unsatisfying and unrelated games, with the hope at getting back to the original ASMR game. After enduring this for a few cycles, I reached my limit and decided to remove the app from my phone.

Fun at first. I got this game because the ads said I get to pop stuff and do the dr stuff. For the first few you do but then you just watch an animation do it so you’re playing 20 levels to get 10 seconds of an animation doing what you came to do yourself. It’s not a side game if you don’t get to do anything. There are 5000 match games out there I came to this game for the side game you took away. If the developers don’t reach out to tell me they’re going to change this I’m just going to quit. Anyway I’m giving 2 stars instead of 1 because it was fun until it wasn’t.

Hypocritical!!!!. This game's ad explicitly criticizes games that have misleading ads. Then the ad claims that this app's gameplay is "exactly" what it's showing (ASMR popping pimples and getting gunk out of the bottom of a foot). The ad tricks people into downloading the game, thinking "finally a game that is candidly advertised!" but then you see it's just another match 3 game where the rewards for completing levels are the ASMR scenes. And of course, you can pay real money to get boosters to help with the levels!!! I never write app reviews but this is actually ridiculous! Some ads are misleading, but it's another thing to be ACTUALLY LYING in an ad. Why hasn't anyone done anything about this!? I'm SO tired of these scammy ads advertising games that turn out completely different. False advertising for apps on the App Store is out of control and I wish governments would come after these developers. These devs deserve to be shut down or at least penalized monetarily. As someone who loves mobile games and is always looking for the next great game to get attached to, it's a real disappointment to see unscrupulous devs and their marketers resorting to fraud to get people to install their app. How about making a game that people actually want to play? There could be in-app purchases for better extraction tools, better ASMR scenes, etc. Get creative and you might actually earn an honest dollar.

Nothing left to do?. We've been playing this game for MANY months...made multiple in-app purchases & everything...but now that we've finished decorating the 1st neighborhood, we can't move on to a new area. 89 stars & counting with nothing to spend them on. Why do we see locked areas when we click on the house icon, but none of them will unlock? I'm not playing this for nothing anymore. It's not enjoyable to earn stars just to stare at the total. WHEN WE FINISH DECORATING EVERY SINGLE THING IN THE 1ST NEIGHBORHOOD, WHY CAN'T WE MOVE TO A NEW NEIGHBORHOOD TO DECORATE?!?!?! I see other locations but..... 😡😡 Signed, 1 very disappointed game player

Great game. I see a lot of negative reviews and they’re somewhat unfair. The game is a match game, not an ASMR like it says. There are asmr mini games but 3D match is the main point. Yes some of the levels are very hard. But what fun is am east game you just breeze through?? Use your brain, I’ve never gotten stuck for more than like 10 tries, which isn’t bad for a level marked “very hard” I love this game and I play it all the time.

Good, almost great. The main game is a lot of fun, it’s just a mindless matching game where you get to race against the clock. I like to do it at the end of the day to unwind. Additionally, it’s really fun to make upgrades to the little buildings in the city as you earn stars. However, the mini games advertised as the ASMR experience are pretty lackluster. They were OK for the first few episodes, but they progressively got less interactive and less interesting. I wouldn’t call them ASMR at all at this point. I still keep playing because I enjoy the other aspects of the game, but, the ASMR animation and interactive games could be a lot better

More like Happy Greed Cafe. This is a really fun game… until you get to the “very hard” rounds within a level. It should be called “very impossible”, because there is NO WAY a person can advance without purchasing additional lives, time, or other bonuses. I checked my App Store purchases and found I had paid close to $30 in a day, just to get me through a few of the rounds that I continued to die kn. A couple bucks here and there, etc. Nope, I’m deleting the game. Which is too bad because it is a very enjoyable and relaxing game. And don’t get me started on the ads. When you first start the game, no ads really. But after a few dozen rounds, once you start getting good? Ads after every round. How to get rid of them? PAY UP!! I really dislike when developers and companies ruin a app by becoming greedy. If you’re considering playing this, don’t. It’s just going to leave a bitter taste in your mouth after getting nickeled and dime s to death.

Very addicting. I thoroughly enjoy this game albeit the primary game is not exactly what is advertised. The mini games are just a very small portion of the gameplay but are fun as well. My only issue with the game is when you get to a very hard match, unless you have extra time or additional funds to buy some time or lightning boosts to help, it’s very difficult to pass those levels. I wish there was a way to play some alternate levels in the meantime to possibly help acquire some extra boosts in order to pass the more difficult ones. Otherwise I enjoy the game and remodeling the town which no other matchup games have that set up.

You have to pay, not relaxing, not as advertised. First, it’s not as the game is advertised. The ASMR tasks are only side quests and you have to beat a certain amount of main levels to play them. I wasn’t too upset over it at first until I couldn’t beat certain levels Second, it’s not very relaxing. It can be pretty frustrating to try and beat main levels when you only have like a minute and 30 seconds Third, YOU HAVE TO PAY. There is no way to beat the harder levels without paying for things like extra time, or extra hearts, etc. I got past a few of the harder levels without paying, but it was very difficult and frustrating. I got stuck on level 57 before just deleting the app. I DID enjoy the main quests. I thoroughly enjoyed matching the items. It was pretty satisfying, and I would be happy just doing that, honestly. That’s why I gave 2 stars instead of 1.

Nothing to do after completing town. I recently finished all areas of the town, and now it feels like there’s no incentive to play anymore. What’s the point of saving up tons of stars just to be unable to use them? I figured a new town would become available so we could continue customizing and have a reason to use the stars. Can this possibly be fixed in a new update? I would have left a 5 star review but I was disappointed to see there’s just nothing left to do in game except continue acquiring stars.

Game suggestions…. Just when I’m about to delete this game, I make it to the next level. You eventually get to a point where you’re forced to purchase add-ons or give up. It wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t accidentally spend your coins down. I’ve wasted coins I’ve earned on useless time additions because the game doesn’t verify if you want to spend coins. This is actually what forces you to need to purchase helpers or just be stuck for a while. Add a verification for a player who wants to purchase more time (or a row clean). Also, add a way to earn coins by watching ads like other games do. Don’t get it for the ASMR. It’s a minimal part of the game. It’s a way to earn coins but there aren’t enough levels to supplement your resources. It’s well developed game but the forced pay-for-play is irritating. There are other match games that are just as enjoyable. I see myself eventually deleting the game because of this.

I’m done. Let me first say that when the odds aren’t stacked against you (which becomes obvious at some point), this is a great game. But inevitably, you’re going to hit a level which is designed to make you fail. And this starts happening with regularity after you get above level 900. Why? Because they want you to buy boosters. I’m at level 1040 and have been for a week, and I’m just done. It’s so incredibly obvious when they do this. They make the level so difficult (you end up leaving 30 or 40 items, no matter how many times you try) that it’s impossible to pass it. So now “the game” begins. You’ll try, and try, and try — for days if not weeks on end — and then lo and behold, on your next try, suddenly there’s a third less items to collect. I am just so sick and tired of playing “that game,” that I’m deleting the app, which is sad, because when every game is win-able, it’s very fun. I just don’t like being played the way they play you. Why not make it so it’s challenging, but doable? The more you try to make me buy boosters, the more determined I become to NEVER put money into this game. It’s a stupid way to run a business.

Getting out of control. I really enjoy the concept of this game. The time, the developers have invested are amazing to say the least. However, I cannot enjoy a game that's taking days to get through one level just to keep failing until you buy something to help you along. You don't give enough coins, help objects, or anything else comparable to the tune of the cost. The $9.99 I have spent, not once but many many, and even more than that, just to fail the level. I'd rather skip the level and lose a life, lol and move on. Please, not everyone has the funds to continue the game. If I cannot get through I will be leaving and find comparable games online.

Internet pop up? Scam likely… 😒. Level 639 is impossible to beat. New update has an annoying ad at the bottom of the screen now and it’s very distracting. Also with the new update, I get interrupted mid-game with a pop up that takes me to the internet saying I won some bogus prize. So it makes u leave the app and I have to close the window on the internet, go back the app and hit resume playing the game. It pauses the game, but it’s still annoying and makes me think that my phone is either getting a virus or I’m getting hacked. Trying not to delete this app but I’m very tempted. Like I said - level 639 is absolutely unbeatable…

Fun game addicting. I play this game all the time I only play the matching objects I wish they would make you confirm to use ur coins and boosters tho like wiping the row or using 100+#< coins for more time cuz i've accidentally hit them many times and wasted them and coins aren't the easiest to get. y'all should offer watching ads to get coins there's no other way unless u purchase them. I dont understand how to unlock all the new locked events? I really want to remodel more places I have 3k stars because I did the whole map and dont know how to get going ,

this game is garbage. tell me what the point of slamming me with ads is after level 50, you have to play so many awful matching games to even play the real games you’re tryna play like the pimple gross stuff and they bore you with this whole storyline and decorating some ugly town like you’re doing too much and there are like 6 promo icon boost upgrade gold tier whatever thumbnails all over the stupid place like come on. even dragging from the bottom of the screen to close the app is almost impossible. i could tolerate it up until you started slamming the double ads with junk about oh should she get plastic surgery or keep trying with her abusive bf who said he likes a natural girl or whatever like this is brain rotting material. i’ll just play some $5 indie game from the nintendo switch store instead. nothing about this game is asmr, also why did only one person even cry while you ripped literal maggots out of their skin like it’s just super inconsistent i can’t wait for the day all these kinda apps owe us compensation.

Not bad honestly, kind of addicting. okay, so the ads for this game are absolutely DISGUSTING and lw trigger my trypophobia, but luckily the "ASMR" part is only mini-games and not the main gameplay. It's literally just one of those matching games that gives u points and u use those points to build a town. The mini-games are unlocked with every 10 matching levels u achieve, and honestly? I haven't come across a mini-game yet that's as gross as the ads; most of them are kinda fun, but they only have about ~30 or so. The town building part is probably the most enjoyable part, it just takes awhile to do.

More levels and more city’s to build. I have been playing this game for a few months now. I am on level 1895 I have over 1200 stars the cities I have built are completed and they only have levels 35 in for the specials to level 12 for the mini games completed all of these. I wish you guys would open up the levels on the mini games more to where you can get up into the hundreds if possible also would love if you could open the special levels up as well. Maybe make it where there’s more cities that you can build. I enjoy playing this game as far as matching the three items together and getting up higher in the levels they get harder, but I love a challenge. Please add more levels on the mini games and the special game and more cities to build.

False & Very Misleading Ads!. I would get ads for this game all the time. I eventually gave in and tried to check it out because the cyst popping and ingrown hair removal looked satisfying. Well I go to open the game after downloading, and it opens and says "Happy Match Cafe" ! I was so confused I thought I had downloaded the wrong game. I downloaded this straight off of an ad so it was really quick and simple and I guess I didn't check it out. But now I find out the satisfying "asmr" popping games are the mini-games that you have to PAY for with COINS and the actual game is a cafe game?! This is SUCH FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! The ads show or say absolutely NOTHING about the cafe part! It's quite astonishing how false and misleading that advertising is. Pretty ridiculous. Screw this game. Deleted immediately.

Great!. I really enjoy this game and I’ve put ALOT of time into it. Obviously they added some weird pimple popping part to bring in the customers. I never use that option. The game is actually a matching game. There are a bunch of items on the screen and you need to get three items to get a match! I play a lot of different apps like this. The reason this one is my favorite is because it isn’t a money grab like the others. Sure you can pay for no adds or for boosters. However, they are reasonable. I think I paid like $2 to get rid of adds. In other games they are asked for $10 to get rid of adds! Crazy! This game you don’t need to buy anything to progress which is amazing. You get a lot of rewards if you play a lot. I genuinely enjoy this game.

Re-can’t beat levels. I am on level 500 something and while it is not easy to beat them it is possible!! I have not bought any packages or antything because I agree with you to expensive but with time and patience you can do it!! It took me a week at 375 like you but I did beat it and now I’m stuck on 500 something but I have gotten it down now to one item left before time runs out! So what I do is let all the extras at the bottom to help you build up it helps! Keep going you can do it!!

This game is awesome!. First of all I love the color schemes of this game! You can be so creative as to what styles and structures you choose to customize your village! However you don’t get very many of the health related games as advertised; but you forget about that instantly because of how fun and addicting this game is. Another thing I would like to address is how many levels of the find and match game you have to play in order to get enough stars to achieve to add a additional add-on to your village. I love how you can give people lives/hearts and in return give you lives/hearts when you need them! Overall this is an awesome game; but please take into consideration what I have suggested! Thank you!

SCAM OF A GAME!! DONT DOWNLOAD. They have these “championships” for you to compete in and they make you use all your power ups and coins only to tell you that you lose in 30 seconds (not possible) or that you split the original prize because there’s OVER 15 WINNERS!!! The whole game scams and it’s ridiculously filled with ads. Not to mention every time you finish a level they put you through a 60 second add. I spend more time doing ads than playing the game sometimes. Don’t waste your time and definitely don’t put your money in. Oh! But watch out! They put the pop ups in such a way that if you don’t notice after a match YOU ARE GOING TO PRESS PAY AND BE CHARGED!!!

Game quality gets worse as you play. The first several skin care levels were kind of fun but after a while they got incredibly simple, short, and were lacking in the oddly satisfying department. Even the town improvement stuff, which I don’t really understand why it’s included in the first place, became less robust. Feels like the game was rushed and left unfinished. If you’re considering paying to have ads removed because you enjoy the first several levels of the game, it’s probably not worth it. It will get more disappointing from there.

It looks like a scan for playing games. The intention of this games is completely misleading!!!I like challenge outline game types. But that in this case comes with a trick attached and no way to go back unless one play silly games. Then there is no going back unless one play several unnecessary matching kids game. And the higher you go the higher the other games are offer, of course also by paying or playing games. Gaming could be an addition but there is no warning's, and this App has definitively no direct explanation about the need to play other games to advance on the Tracing Challenge. I thought the tracing was going to be only on the scope of challenging anyones mind not that by playing child's games or always paying one can advance.

Levels too hard after a certain point. I was really loving this game and addicted to playing it, but I’ve gotten to a point where I can’t get past a level where you need to gather 24 tiny lipsticks on a tiny screen that look to be the same color but aren’t. I even spent money to try and get past it and it ended up being a waste. Plus the mini skin care games are no longer available at the level I’m at which was one of the main reasons to play. I wish developers would realize that when a game gets too hard and makes you nearly sick trying to find tiny things in a sea of tiny things on a small phone screen, it’s no longer fun, but stressful.

Addicting Game - review of new music. I absolutely love this game and play it way too often. I love the hard levels, I can always seem to pass them after a bit of time. I love playing this game for the music and sounds, it’s calming to me. With that being said, I hate the new song that plays when you are in playing the actual game. It’s sounds like the song Drive by The Cars. Hopefully i’ll get used to it. I’ve definitely spent some money on this game, I’d hate to leave because of the music.

Great game, ruined by ads. I loved this game for so long, got to level 2,000 and then they added a banner of ads at the bottom of the playing screen. it shrunk the amount of playing space which made it more challenging in the worst way. even worse, as those ads shuffle to the next, it stops playing anything you’re listening to, even if you don’t hear the ad. you have to pause the game & restart your podcast/music/whatever 3-5 times for each 3 minute round, it’s absolutely ridiculous. i’d happily pay money to remove all ads from the game, but there’s no such option. went from my favorite game to one i hardly use anymore.

Way too many ads. I love this game the concept is wonderful however we can’t enjoy it long enough you beat a level gotta watch the same 5 ads over and over again I’m definitely deleting this because I can’t play it long enough to enjoy it. So I was sent an email stating that it helps them by us watching these same 5 ads over and over again we literally watch 2 minutes in ads to play 2 minutes I wouldn’t recommend anyone downloading this game unless you love repeatedly watching the exact same ads over and over again basically spending more time watching the ads then playing the game I don’t know how they can possibly think this helps it might be different if it were different ads but it’s definitely not I 1000% do not recommend!! Oh wait another response which is great for entertainment purposes so now you can remove the ads for a small price lol!! Ok please explain to us here online so everyone can see exactly how it helps with your development of the game that we are required to watch literally the exact same ads repeatedly and how it is required that spend more time watching the exact same ads then actually playing the game for a fraction of the time?

At some point, you lose. I love this game as far as the matching part goes and the skin thing is fun. What perplexes me with these games is that you eventually get to a level you can’t conquer. I don’t quit easily - I’ve played a few levels for a week or more to get through. I hit level 323 and I simply can’t win. The purpose behind this is to get the player to buy things to help them win. Maybe I would have gone for that except the packages offered weren’t really going to solve my problem and they are too expensive. And, I’m going to quit so there really isn’t a future possibility of getting my money. I know the designer has to get paid and the company deserves it! Maybe offer a “skip this game” option for a buck or two - I might have done that a few times!

So stressful. I love this game so much but have gotten to the point I don’t play it as much as I would love to because of the insane difficulty of some of the levels. One should not have to play the same level for weeks and not be able to pass it. Wait patiently day after day to receive daily bonuses to collect things that may help pass the level. THEN when you do pass it, you get maybe two simpler levels to enjoy and then right back to a super hard level that is next to impossible to beat. That is not enjoyable! I love challenging but being impossible to the point of taking weeks to pass is ridiculous.

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Adds are annoying.. Would enjoy the game more if there wasn’t an add after every play.

You should get it!. I honestly like the game, the ads don’t pop up for me much and it’s a great game to break your Bordem o.r stress with asmr and building.

Stupid not as advertised. It has only the asmr in the mini games. I deleted it

The game. Why’d they had two levels to complete 🥲

Sophia’s review. Honestly, it gets very boring over time. It has way too many ads and also I wish I could not make up to her. I like make her work and then redo her ears and also yeah it just has too many ads and it will never let me play the mini games

L. Too many adds. Won’t play this game for long.

This game is copied from the game, Happy Hospital. I don’t Like the game because of the ads and because I realised that throw game is copied from the game of happy hospital. This is unprofessional don’t get this game. It is a lie

The ads are exhausting. Too many adds they pop after every round you finish and you can’t skip them. There are many games which manage the ad amount better and are very similar - would suggest one of these.

Terrible ads. The advertisements for this game are deeply disgusting and definitely not ASMR. I like to not lose my lunch.

My review. I guess it’s okay but the advertisement was not the actual game just the mini game. Overall, it’s okay.

Cafe. Excellent game 10/10

Impossible. First it was really fun to play. But once level goes up they put super hard levels which is literally impossible to do it. Game getting hard is understandable but still need to make it doable but what this game wants is people to buy icons and lives.

Game froze. Hi the game froze on the last level to win a share of the jackpot and obviously I lost the chance to complete the challenge. Please fix this issue.

Fake. This app isn’t even what I downloaded. I though I was downloading a hospital game but it was really just some cafe match game. Don’t get all fake

Nothing like the ads. Just another match game with a mini game of pus removal every 10 levels.

Uninstalling!. Don’t except to be able to pass hard levels without spending money. Very disappointing:(

Disappointing. I like the game but that is not why I downloaded it. I was interested in the asmr bit which u what is advertised but in the last many weeks, that haven’t come up even once. Disappointing

Hospital. Not interesting as the advertisement was showing

Too many ads. Very ad intrusive pushing their other games, unless you pay to upgrade.

New update- advertising too big. Since the recent update of the app it has gotten worse! The advertising is bigger at the bottom, the main matchup game smaller and now harder to complete. I have been stuck on this level for a week and now the new update has made it impossible!!!

Scratch my head. All the pimple popping and surgical tasks were at the start and the more you play the games the less pimple popping action you have. Some levels are impossible unless you spend some coin to advance further. Teamwork used to be good but not much anymore. Perhaps not many playing the game anymore due to frustration

Best game ever invented!. I love this 100/10 awesome work !!!!

Happy as can be. I’m super impressed with this game and love to play it now.Idk what bad reviews it has as long as I get the asmr mini games

Didn’t enjoy. Was like playing in tutorial mode the whole time. I dislike tutorial mode in any game but tutorial mode is generally over pretty quickly, every mini game was basically tutorial it wasn’t enjoyable. I can see what steps need to be completed I didn’t need it to highlight it for me. I don’t even want to give stars

Not as Good as Expected. An exhausting number of Advertisements that go for ages interrupting the game. Can not pass some levels for so long you just get put off playing full stop, exceedingly expensive to purchase minimal objects to help you pass a level. Beyond frustrating. Which is sad as is actually a good game, just not very player friendly

Game. Way to many adverts!

Too many ads. Too many ads way too many. Compared to other games …

I don’t really like it. It’s actually only in the mini games and u have to merge them it’s not the actual game also there are ads every single 3 minutes like ur just trying to play a game

Two thumb’s down. Game is misleading and ends your game stating you have ‘Failed’ when in fact you haven’t. Two thumb downs from me .

Not as advertised. Not the game that is advertised and not the game I downloaded What you download you play a couple of times the rest is nothing even remotely what it was advertised. Will delete immediately

Not the truth. This advertisement does not show what the actual game is. The things you see in the advertisement is only the mini games. This game reminds me of the game gardenscapes. A game where the adds only show the minigames which you only get once u pass every 5 levels or so and the main game is completely different. 3/10 would not recommend.

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Not much of the good part of the game. I didn’t realize you had to play 10 games to be able to play the part of the game advertised. Disappointing so probably won’t continue for long

0. Wish I could give it 0 stars. There are waaaaay too many ads. The game itself is good & helps pass time, but the amount of ads there are are makes it not worth it

Typical Advertisement Game. The game is designed to force advertisement and eventually force you to pay money, in order to progress. Whoever produced this game is not a video game lover; they are a greedy, manipulative, money lover.

Surprisingly Good!. Personally, I normally don't like this kinds of games, as they usually gross me out too much lol. But this one is awesome and really like it. I like how it's got everything in one game between the cosmetic/medical, matching, and especially the designing! Pretty impressed:).

Muitas propagandas. Propagandas no meio do jogo, horrível isso

Waste of thought. This is a ridiculously stupid app. Do not download as it’s a waste of time

Why??. Why do you post these photos. I’ve been playing this game for a long time and not one part of the game has any of that.

Great game.. I personally love this game minus its slightly addicting. There are some levels harder than other though! That’s my only tip

Levels get boring over time. On the first levels you get to do a little bit, maybe pull something at least. Im level 90 and you just clic, and there s an animation. Do this 2-3 times and the level is over… And this is actually just a mini game in the game. The real game is to sort out items. It’s boring but at this point I have more fun doing that.

Don’t install this game. So Boringggg . You can not clean the stuff by yourself .

Great game. Just wish the mini games worked I have 110 coins can’t even use them

Coins. Fun game but the placement of the button to pay coins to swipe the bar clean is shady! Wasted hard earned coins to swipe a bar clean with only seconds left on the timer. Would be more fun if the developers were less greedy!

Not as advertised. Not what advertised as what the game actually is. You match things. You don’t pop pimple, clean teeth or shave legs. No asmr either.

Je suis. I recently stumbled upon a game that left me with an overwhelming sense of unease. It all began when I saw an advertisement for this game while playing another. Little did I know that it would make me delete the original game altogether. This game, which I won't name, should come with a warning label. Not everyone enjoys the spine-tingling, anxiety-inducing experience it offers. The ominous atmosphere and eerie visuals it presents can give you goosebumps just thinking about it. I couldn't help but wonder if there should be some regulation on the types of games advertised, especially ones that can potentially affect people's mental well-being. Apple, please consider taking steps to ensure that games like these don't harm the minds of unsuspecting players.

Alora corriveaus review. Okay I just love this because it’s really fun and helpful for if this bend and I just love the way that this is so fun is this happened is I would buy fairway yesterday and this app help me so I would love to play this more often and I will never not play it

Good!. I really like this game, I just hate the huge amount off videos popping up every second! I know, I can always pay for 0 videos but hey, I don’t want to pay for it.

Player Warning - Illegal Advertisement and Marketing Practices. Player Warning - Illegal Advertisement and Marketing Practices Good day, Regarding: False Advertising - Content and Gameplay. Lack of Appropriate Content Warning(s) Advertisement content might be disturbing to some viewers. Advertisement content is Misleading and Inappropriate. Content Warning(s) are a requirement for this genre. “Auto-Playing” of Advertisements for this genre are disallowed due to content and requirement to provide ample content warning prior to the Advertisement proceeding. The viewer must be presented with a warning similar to the below: “Some images and/or depictions may be considered disturbing to some audiences. Depending on the age of the viewer, and the local laws of the viewing country, viewer and/or parental discretion is strongly advised.” In addition, the option to opt out of viewing the advertisement must be clearly presented after the warning has been clearly displayed. It will be made clear that “opting out” equates to forfeiting any promised “reward” or “benefit”, for watching the advertisement. If consent is received, then the advertisement, depicting, accurate gameplay, may resume. If consent is not received; instead the option to “opt out“ being chosen; the potential viewer will be return to whatever screen appeared prior to the opening of the advertisement. Regarding gameplay: After investigating and reviewing actual gameplay it has been determined that the advertisements do not meet the criteria to be considered accurate. This is now considered a case of “False Advertising“ and “Bait and Switch“. Both being illegal marketing practises as per Canadian Law. You are required to familiarize yourself with the marketing and advertising laws of the local countries in which your advertisements are viewed. It has been determined that the content within the ad does not make up a sufficient percentage of the actual gameplay. Further to this, the linked content directing to the download option on the Apple App Store, continues to display the same illegal, marketing practise(s) listed above. Summation: Your Advertisements are not Apple Community Friendly. - You are accused of false advertisement. -you are accused of using the illegal marketing practices; “Bait and Switch“, and “False Advertising”. - You are accused of displaying inappropriate content. - You are accused of being noncompliant in regards to required warnings. This applies to your advertisements, as one must agree to the terms and conditions before playing your game. This being so, in game content is temporarily not under investigation. Your Rights: You have the right to bring the above complaints, accusations, and allegations before Apple Inc. for arbitration. Each accusation will be treated separately and according to the regulations and laws of country or countries applicable to this case. Reporting to Apple.

Happy match café. Beaucoup de bug bcp de pub c’est sur faire de l’argent le fun mais avec les bugs les pub dans mon cas fait 2 ou 3 jours je joue et je croit pas me rendre à 1 mois a jouer ma me tanner j attribue 2 juste pour côté pub ect bugs 4 pour être amusant sens les problèmes énormément négatif en pleine parti gèle oubliger reparti l’application

Rip off!. I hope people read these reviews. I love the game itself, but absolutely no way to keep playing without spending ALOT of $$

Publicité trop longue. Beaucoup trop de publicité et énormément trop longue, c’est désagréable.

Horrible. The ad’s don’t match the gameplay, everything is overpriced, a lot of the material depicted is really graphic and the general audience is not given the option to not view/not view the graphic ad’s What is being done is illegal

Série de troi. J’aime bien le jeu

What is the next area to build?. After the train, area what is the next one to build? Nothing comes up! I have 7 areas built! Is this a bug or game is over?

It’s no the same as the publicity. It’s no the same as the publicity

It’s OK. Not the best but I recommend. It

Ads, misinformation. Way too many ads, and the game is boring because it is actually a matching game but it trick you into thinking it is something else.

Matching, fixing up people and choosing your furniture!!. I love this game. It has everything in it you want. The only thing I wish was different was that you can’t fix people yourself. Maybe that will come in time. Can’t wait to play. Gotta go!

Stop showing your nasty adds plz. I’m sure the game itself is alright, but I hate looking at your adds. It’s horrifying and disgusting 🤢

🙄. Honestly, when I download the game I thought it was gonna be nice and satisfying but now I’m realizing that the game just does it for you and you have to play games to get onto the next level? I don’t really get it. but they make their levels very hard and honestly just don’t download this game. It’s a waste of your time and there’s a tons of ads. And I was reading other reviews. and I was disgusted, so please don’t download this game.

Disgusting. I only downloaded this game to write this review. I have trypophobia and most of the time it doesn’t bug me that much but the add for this game is absolutely horrible. I don’t know why anyone would want this awful game it haunts me and I have actually peeled my skin of because seeing this add make me so crazy. Keep the game on the App Store like whatever but it ruins my other games when this add pops up. And yeah no one likes adds but like I can live with other adds but this add make me feel so sick and it makes my skin crawl. I know I sound dramatic but it’s the truth. STOP PLAYING THIS ADD.

Too many ads. I didn’t even reach level 4 before I deleted the game. An ad after each level??? WAY TOO MANY.

It’s ok…. I don’t mind the sorting and building your town part of the game but it advertises the ASMR like it’s a major component. As the game progresses it takes longer to play the ASMR mini games and it’s less active. You’re not really playing, you’re pressing a button and watching. The first few had like 7 steps and now I’m on lvl 70 and it’s like push this one part and it’s done. It’s disappointing but I’m still playing so I guess they were successful?

Nasty. The ads for this game are nasty. Some people play mobile games on their lunch break and these are absolutely disgusting. Zero stars if I could.

Very Enjoyable. Great Graphics. Super game BUT ran out of levels for the aesthetics and still waiting, ran out of areas to “rebuild” and still waiting. The higher levels are almost impossible to complete without spending coins. The constant offers to buy coins to complete a game is annoying. You may lose this player if the upgrades take much longer.

Fun game. But honestly it’s a dumb game! it just gets very addicting and I can’t stop playing now lol 😂

Happy Match Cafe Review. This is a good game that is fun but certain aspects of this game makes it difficult to move forward. For example, it when making matches and you realize you made a mistake you can’t just reverse your decision and you have to use the broom to clear everything out. The game should allow at least 3 chances to reverse a decision before using the broom. Plus more time should be given to make matches.

Zaara’s review. This is a great game

It’s not the game you see. It’s not the game you see

misleading. when you advertise a game and somebody downloads the app from THAT ad they should be led to that EXACT same game when they download, not 12 different completely unrelated games it's not what I came here for I came here to find some GD turtles 😅😅😅

Not as advertised. Do not get this game you will be disappointed . Have to play match games with ridiculous times just to get to the point where you can do anything in game need to beat several locales as well as you move on to play next clean up/removal . What a stupid game .

Review. Too many ads

Disturbing advertisement.. Do not download the advertisement that my niece saw left her screaming I ran into the room to see what was wrong And to my horror I see a hand with blood bugs and scissors right through the hand?! It was very disturbing to see do not download this app. Now i have to go confront my niece as you SCARED her with your advertisement.

Happy Match. The only thing I would change is when the app sees that it has taken a long time to finish a level, make it a little easier to pass it. I play another match game and it does that if I’ve taken a long time to try to complete it, it makes it an easier level by removing some items from the board.

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Addicting but Adds are excessive. I’d never pay money for a game but the adds are after every. Single. Thing. Complete a level-add. Lose a level-add. Go to the menu-add. Build a block-add. Like dam dude. But I’m loving my little town so 🤷🏻‍♀️. I really downloaded it for the lines but those are only like every 10 levels so that’s disappointing.

Too many ads. I think this game is enjoyable but it gets very frustrating that there is an ad after every single level it definitely gets old after awhile then I quit playing the game because the ads are overwhelming if there were less ads then I would have rated this game higher I understand that the ads keeps the game free but jeez not this excessive

It’s a fun game but…. I really have had fun with this game, up until the Chinese Restaurant! Then the star value goes way up per item you win to decorate. It starts being frustrating and boring when you get to level 807. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be playing the game. You really need to make the levels possible to win.

Greedy Developers. Instead of making updates that only require we spend more money, why don’t you develop the game you actually advertise? Don’t download unless you want to spend a fortune playing! And if you’re downloading because of the pimple popping, don’t waste your time. There aren’t that many levels of that, and they never update that part of the game. The only thing they update is making the levels harder to pass so you have to spend money in order to win or spend weeks on the same level. And they update new things that ALL cost money.

Never seen so many ads. I got this because of the line draw factor. The fact that you have to earn the ability to do those puzzles by playing an entirely different game is annoying, but has become typical. In fact, over the past week I’ve enjoyed playing. But the ads have become TOO MUCH. No exaggeration, you have to sit through a 60 second ad after every single level. Enough already!

Fun but wish more games were as the initial come-on. Enjoyable but not at all as advertised. The hard and super hard games rarely are solvable in the time allotted. I’ve spent too much money on just getting to the next level. Be aware this is NOT about cosmetic procedures except for minor tries. Still fun but not as advertised.

What the heck. I have been playing this game pretty non stop since I downloaded it a couple days ago. No ads, they run along the bottom the entire time, so they’re not intrusive at all. Loved that fact… But for some reason, at level 50 in pops this no ad symbol, and here come the freaking ads. I mean every freaking 20 seconds there’s an ad. So now it wants me to pay money to stop the “intrusive” ads. The ones along the bottom will still run, but these ads will pop up in your game. It’s absolutely ridiculous to do that to someone. Just find anyway you can to make money. It doesn’t matter that the entire time there’s ads constantly running on the bottom of the screen as is. Noooo it has to have intrusive ads so you pay for something. Just asinine. Absolutely ridiculous. Uninstalled.

Incomplete App. It’s lame. You download the app to satisfy the cleaning up of skin blemishes but in order to do that you have to conquer levels of matching objects which is fun but it it stops at level 38 of clearing the skin. However, I’ve never had to pay to complete a level like some of the ratings claim. My app has been telling me for weeks that it’s “coming soon” but it’s not and I’m well past the point of being able to complete several more levels. The creators gave up on this one.

Happy Match Cafe. While this game is really fun and addictive it is too expensive. It gets you hooked and then has levels that you cannot pass without spending money. There are levels that I would play for several days without being ble to pass to next level. It has become a problem in my relationship so I guess I’m going to have to stop playing.

Jazelle🌟🌎💗. I love this game it is very fun but the only thing I really dislike about this is that .we have to collect the items and when we do that we can’t move the stuff around it . the three items because we have to move it but other than I love this game I think it’s really fun for kids it is entertaining to play.🤗

Who Thought This Up?🤦🏻‍♀️. The only reason I downloaded this game was to write a review. I have not played it, nor will I ever play it. The ads for this game are disgusting and make me physically sick - and I work in an Operating Room. How many brain cells did it take to make up such a stupid game? The idea that anyone would want to spend time popping pus from pimples on a computer is mind boggling. And yet I’m seeing 4 and 5 star reviews. Seriously, you people need to get a life. If this is how you want to spend your free time, you need to be in therapy. Do something productive - read a book.

Great except the hard level- almost have to pay to get passed it!. Love the game and addicted to it, but found the very hard levels are beyond reasonable. I love a challenge but I feel those games are rigged to make you pay money for an up package to be able to get passed it. And they are to close together so you don’t have the opportunity to earn coins and tools between. This needs to be dialed back some!

Where is this line draw things supposed to be?. I don’t see any tracing game at all. I see the three match game and I haven’t seen any updates in a very long time to the medical part of the game. The app appears to be saying there is a tracing game but I see no sign of this. What’s the deal?

Game no longer fun. A change was made recently that eliminated watching ads for coins or more time and only occasionally do you get coins as the daily gift. Some of the levels are impossible to pass without using several power ups or purchasing more time, and while I don’t mind spending money on a game I enjoy, (I have spent a lot of money on this one) it is not worth the vast sum one would need to spend to play consistently. I am at level 1100, so it’s definitely enjoyable and has great graphics, it has just become way too expensive.

It’s fun. I downloaded this not intending to keep it long but I actually really like it. Getting to design stuff, getting to play a fun matching game and getting to do the gross fixing up like promised in the ad is very fun, I highly recommend to others looking for a nice game to play when you have a bit of downtime.

Have I finished the game?. I enjoy this game (although some of the super hard levels should be called basically impossible unless you spend money) but I think I must have reached the end? I just finished the train and there’s no new areas to download. Is that it? Will there be an update? I have almost 200 decorating stars and nothing to use them on. I’ve even unlocked the special decorations for each area.

Fun, but Frustrating. Some levels are so difficult that it’ll take days and days to finally pass. It seems set up that way to encourage players to make in-app purchases that’ll help them through. But these in-app purchases are ridiculously expensive. I’m not above paying an extra dollar or two for an extra boost from time to time, but these are way overpriced. Won’t do it.

False advertising. Downloaded this game from an ad, the game is completely different from what was advertised. This is such a scam and I am surprised they’re allowed to continue to do this as I see many other reviews saying the exact same thing. The developer’s response to these reviews also just completely ignores the complaints and they suggest for us to continue to play the game. Deleting this app immediately and going to find a way to report this up. Would give this 0 stars if I could.

This game is satisfying but at the same gross. I love this game it is so satisfying but gross but it super fun and satisfying the other game I had was the same but I just kept saying SORRY BUT YOU CANT MOVE ON and I so angry so then I found this game then I am like OMG THIS GAME IS SO FUN THEN MY LAST ONE so yeah I love this game and if you see this game and download it I think you like it as much as I do so …………. DOWNLOAD TODAY FOR FREE AND HAVE FUN 🫶❤️✌️👋 WRITTEN by : This is the best game ever FAN

These game is stupid. The game seems fun untill you get to higher levels then you have to pay money for everything and that's dumb if it's supposed to be a kids or a game to make you relax why are you asking for money for people would get the app and play it and recommend it to people to make them relaxed but these game just stresses me out cuz I just want to relax in bed and play a game that is stressful but I can't with all the ads I see of this game it looks fun but it's not cause then it gets annoying and people want to uninstall it cuz how hard the making levels are and you don't even give enough time

Must spend $ to advance. The “super hard” levels should be called levels “impossible to beat without spending money on power-ups”. I like the matching component of this game as much as the skincare component. What I don’t appreciate is not being able to advance regardless of skill because you literally cannot get past a level without purchasing something to assist you. I’ll end up deleting this game soon. I’m not going to drop money weekly on a game. Disappointed.

the mini game is sooooo hard. This is a really fun game but you have to play the mini game to unlock more levels, and it’s fun and all but IT IS SO HARD. Plus you only have like 3 minutes to do it. Its one of those type of games that you need to find the the tings in like the pile. There’s not so many ads luckily.

No WiFi No internet. I love it! I work in a factory with no reception, so this passes the time great! Yea it takes some over and overs to get through some hard boards and I dont like running out of lives but it passes the time like I like. I love making things look new too or building a town. Thanks

Great game. I must say I’ve had a few problems with the game BUT I willl say despite it this is still my favorite game my go to game if you will lol I’m already on 480 and I will say it hasn’t been easy getting this far but that’s the fun of it. I’ve been stuck on levels for weeks at a time but if you keep trying you will eventually pass it. Keep up the good work!!!! 🥰🥰🥰

Addictive. While I love this app, I only gave 3 stars. This is because there are many levels that’s are very difficult and short on time. The only way to pass the level is to spend money. I always try to support the developers, but this is ridiculous. How about an option to skip levels? Or a way to gain more coins or power ups so you don’t have to break the bank.

Don’t waste your time. If you want to play yet another matching game, then this app is for you. If you downloaded it to play the one-line drawing game, you’re out of luck. You get 2 simple drawings, then have to play several matching games to move on to two more simple drawings, followed by more matching games. You also have to deal with an uncalibrated “pen” that isn’t inline with your finger tip, causing you to “fail” because it’s not lined up properly, even though you did the drawing properly. I wanted to do the 1-line drawings, not play endless matching games. I already have that game, I don’t need another.

This game is no longer good. They have not updated their mini games in quite a while so the only thing that is available to do is play the match game which I already have a handful of apps that are free that do the match game plus their match game is systematic and about every fifth one is absolutely impossible unless you pay for extra enhancement tools in order to complete the impossible match games oh and now they’ve went from the ASMR makeover tasks in the mini games to what now appears to be trace the outline without lifting your finger, which is not the game I downloaded I’m the verge of deleting the app

My ADHD brain really likes this game. So this game is pretty cool. I like the matching stuff and the fact you can decorate things. The skin ASMR stuff isn’t the best and is kinda tacky at some points but that’s cool. There are a lot of ads (and most are playable) but for $5 you can get rid of them. Some of the matching levels are challenging which I like.

Hard game, not much rewards. I have enjoyed playing this game but I find your rewards for passing a level is much less than other match games. The mini games are good but not very many of them. Again, the levels are difficult and the rewards for passing them are not enough. Other match games encourage your progress, but yours seems to encourage purchases to continue. For that reason, I probably won’t be playing this game very often.

Very addictive! Wish it had more time to find the pieces needed.. I feel so addicted but at the same time I feel we are set up for failure. Need more time. Make it longer, it’s too short and also not enough lives. If it was longer it would be outrageous! *More time *More lives So challenging! Can’t stay away and then have to go play another game until the lives are topped out again.

Fun little game. The game is not as advertised but most games aren’t. I do wish that the mini games were more interactive and that there were more of them without having to buy the specials. I really like the matching game and the building of the town. It’s a very easy and relaxing game. I’m not sure why people are saying that it costs too much to beat levels or that the levels are too hard. I have had this game for less than a week and have already made it past 200 levels without spending a single cent. The adds are a bit much but at least they only last a few seconds before you can skip them.

Unsatisfying. Too many hard levels. Not enough opportunities to earn a decent amount of coins to help get past hard levels. The mini game shouldn’t even be advertised because they are so limited. Just a draw upon which the dev’s dropped the ball. I like rebuilding the town, but that’s kinda hard to do if you’re stuck on the same level for a week or more. Considering deleting this.

It’s fun but…. You get a mini game for about every 1000 games played after the first 5 or so. And when the game updater, it showed I’d lost ground on getting to my next one. It said 95% before the update and now says 79%. Not sure what that’s all about. The super hard levels are just that. It takes days to get past them unless you want to spend $$ which is the idea of course.

Really fun. It’s a really fun matching game different from the usual ones. However, after 900 levels it becomes more difficult. It seems every other level is super hard. It makes me want to stop playing because I’m not willing to spend the money to buy coins/helpful things to beat levels. Also, the “ASMR” mini games are a very very small part of the game. I was only offered a handful of them and they completely stopped showing up after a couple hundred levels.

Crappy. So like most of these games there’s a few good asmr in the beginning then as you finish them they are less appealing and the match games become impossible to get pushing you to buy more time stops and whatnot. I finished all of the asmr items then deleted this garbage app. It definitely was not relaxing as I wanted to throw my phone across the room. I have learned to delete and leave reviews on apps that promise one thing but deliver something else. Do not download!!

LOVE this game. I love this game! It’s so addicting! If I were to change anything about it though it would be the mini games being more interactive rather than tapping it to play the animation. Although I’m on level 811 and I haven’t been able to play a mini game in quite a while because I’ve played them all.

Fun and addicting just wish the mini games were more interactive. I love playing the regular game and getting points to make the restaurant nice. That’s all good but the mini games need to be more interactive. Instead of my pushing a button I actually want to be what’s moving the object. Maybe they will change it. But addicting none the less

Really like it but…. After you get to a certain level in the mini games they turn into just click instead of ‘doing the action’ I liked when it made it seem like I was waxing or pulling something out of the skin… that sounds odd. But they stopped doing that and it leaves it boring.

Hard to pass level w/o spending money on boosters. This game has me in an absolute chokehold! That said when u reach a certain level it becomes next to impossible to pass on to the next WITHOUT spending money! I’ve been stuck for over a week on this level and wish there were some kind of bonus or way to earn coins to help without buying them! Overall best match three game I’ve ever played!

Don’t play this game unless you want to go broke!. Whomever came up with this game was pretty smart. It hooks you and you start dropping money right and left to advance. It took me a little while but I figured out the game cheats, so you will spend money! I’d give it a 5 star if they didn’t cheat. You can wipe the board clean looking for the last match and then it pops up in front of you with seconds left. Very ingenious on somebody’s part! I refuse to give them anymore of my money!

Review 🤩🤩🤩. i love this game and am addicted. i only have one suggestion. i was kinda disappointed when the mini games went from being every other level and having like ten tasks, to being every 10 levels and only doing one thing. If you could PLS have mint games available more often or put more tasks on the mini games, i would be very appreciative. but over all GREAT game.

Happy Match. Really enjoy this game, lots of fun! I am having a problem with level 73. Can’t beat it, I’ve been playing the same level for over a month now!!! I think I’m pretty fast, but it just doesn’t seem like enough time to complete it!! Any clues how I can beat it????!!! Thanks

Challenging but fun. Like the title says: some levels are super challenging. My biggest complaint is related to awarding lives. If you’re awarded a life, it will reduce your current number of lives by the amount you’re awarded, so you’re not gaining any! It’s messed up. Plus, if you’re awarded a life and you’re at your max (5), you will not get more than the max. The award becomes useless.

LOVE IT🦄🤩❤️. THIS GAME. It slays so hard!!! I mean it is Versace with the sauce. U get like a mystery moment while you build up ur cafe and play like the best puzzles! And like I am not even a puzzle girly like…. And I don’t know how these humans get so crusty but squeezing that puss out of them just HITS DIFFERENT! Like this whole game makes me want to go, “ ooooo gurl u ate that scrum didly yum yum mmmmh pur pur. So anywho hon, u would tots get this because I am in loveee😍

The sound is not working. I love the game I really do!it’s just that when ever I play the sound goes off plays for a quick second, and I don’t get to experience the sound of the cleaning and after while of not hearing anything it gets boring after while so if its anyone else if this is happening to them ,in my opinion I think you should at least try to fix that I’m sure it will really help!

Fun but not as advertised. The real let down was the advertisement said it would actually be the game you thought you were getting. Well while the “mini games” are what I thought I would be doing it’s not what was advertised. You have to go through many levels just to get a mini game. Hours of matching for 2 minutes of mini game. I like the matching it’s way better than most games, but stop saying one thing and giving another.

Updated app as requested-no event. So yesterday, this game prompted me to update it in order to get some puppy event where finding food would prompt the puppy to give boosters and coins. Updated the game as indicated, NO EVENT. I tried to reach out in the app for help, and it is some automated girl and I can choose from 3 questions-none of which is helpful. If you are going to make me update the app for a promised event, then it should be available.

Fun game BUT….. How are you gonna charge so much to add more time when you only offer 5 coins if you win? It takes forever to even make 100 coins yet you wanna charge that if we need more time to the level to pass the level. I don’t see this game lasting long on my phone. The point is to play the game. I had 2 hours of unlimited lives last night and I STILL don’t have 100 coins. Do better.. I’m not spending my real money on this game y’all make enough with the adds/ downloads you don’t need to rig the game where we are forced to spend money.

Great game till it turns ridiculously hard. I like a challenge, but once you get to higher levels, you get impossibly difficult puzzles that will take you days to finish. I’m a decent player, don’t mind buying a booster now and then, but some of these “Super Hard” levels are rigged so that the only way out is to buy a ton of coins and buy time/tools. The game can be frustrating and expensive.

I actually like this game. I saw this as an ad on TikTok and y’all know how those go. They’re NEVER like how the ad says it is, but this one is different. It’s exactly like the ad. Yeah you gotta do 10 levels to do a mini game, but unless you’re a rhesus monkey you can complete the 10 levels in like 5 minutes max.

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Happy Match Cafe 1.0.30 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.0.30
Play Store com.kingsfortune.happymatchcafe
Compatibility iOS 12.5 or later

Happy Match Cafe (Versiyon 1.0.30) Install & Download

The application Happy Match Cafe was published in the category Games on 14 January 2023, Saturday and was developed by KINGS FORTUNE PTE.LTD. [Developer ID: 1651974034]. This program file size is 535.95 MB. This app has been rated by 53,170 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Happy Match Cafe - Games app posted on 06 February 2024, Tuesday current version is 1.0.30 and works well on iOS 12.5 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.kingsfortune.happymatchcafe. Languages supported by the app:

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What's New: - The Card Collection is online! Get a series of cards and win prizes! - Added more levels of the Mini-Game. - New events are available in this version. - Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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