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Hue Disco does it all with your Philips Hue setup. The Mood function changes your Hue Lights within a themed colorset at your chosen time interval over and over again. Perfect for warming up your party or any other occasion.
Just perfect.

Hue Disco is the best in recognizing your favorite music through the microphone. Even at low volume levels changes are accurately detected and transformed into a lightshow. It's the only Hue App with a real fast Stroboscope! (Strobe)

Checkout the youtube video:

Some detailed features:

****Audio options****
- Microphone sensitivity sliders let you control how often music is turned into light (change) and control silence detection. (dB)
- Brightness control sliders manage the maximum and minimum brightness of your disco setup
- Indicators to show when your thresholds are being 'hit' by the music.
- LED indicator for TEMPO tap button indicating current BPM.
-> Auto Disco (strobe, transition style)

****Color Control and Custom Color Themes****
- User configurable color themes.
- Color control slider helps you set the saturation of bulbs.
- Color range control
- Transform any image from your library or Camera in a color theme.

- New Color Strobe.
- Rainbow Strobe.
- Classic White Strobe
- Custom Color Strobe
- Strobe your own Custom Color theme

-> Smooth, Snap or Mix Transition. For selecting soft or crazy wild fast transition. Warning for the epileptic!

- Mood Tab. Control any mood with these new great features:
-> Select transition/cycle time between selected lights from 1 second to 10 minutes!
-> Choose a theme or select a color range
-> Create your own color theme
-> Choose to change all bulbs to the same color
-> Or never change to the same color
-> Or sometimes
-> Or Frequent
-> Shake for random setting within current theme (option)
-> Overall Mood Brightness Control
-> Overall Mood Color Intensity Control
-> Sleeptimer for Mood mode

Hue Disco listens to an external sound source. It supports running in the background!
- It’s possible to use hue disco while playing audio with any other app through:
- Bluetooth
- Airplay
- the internal speaker
- a connected dock with audio features
- a device connected through the headphone jack

Warning: To use Hue Disco you must own or have access to a Philips Hue Controller with at least one controlled bulb. Don't buy this App if you do not know what Philips Hue is. See for more information.

Hue Disco App Description & Overview

The applications Hue Disco was published in the category Entertainment on 2012-12-14 and was developed by iMakeStuff. The file size is 91.92 MB. The current version is 3.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

+ Fresh updated UI.
+ Dark mode! Enable it in settings in the drawer menu. Perfect for saving battery and night usage.
+ Selected lights are restored to their original state when the app is stopped.
+ All lights on will also turn selected lights to their state when started the app.
+ Beat Mode now uses current Disco Theme

* Fixed crash on Find New Bridge
* New light icons.
* Last used theme's are saved between sessions for Disco and Mood.

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Hue Disco Reviews


Dated  Romangz  1 star

Stupid app only wants to “discover” and old Hue bridge that no longer exists.



I’ve launched this app twice in the last month and both times it failed ... again! Tried to show lights off to friends, but HUE DISCO was a “no show.” HUgE DISAPPOINTMENT !!!


Not good  yaz324  1 star

Tbh not that good it didn’t really work and all it did was flag white and black most of the time and then after I get out of the app the lights just teen off i am actually trying to get my money back right now


Connectivity problems  Stephiemarie5233  3 star

This app is very fun to use but like others said, the lights don’t change with bass drops which is disappointing. The main reason for only 3 stars is because I have a perfect WiFi connection and the app is ALWAYS showing me “false WiFi” and that I need to go hit the button on the bridge to reconnect..


Never has worked  beauwally  1 star

Had this app for years. Through all the updates of equipment and abs, it has never worked for the timeable morph, the feature I got it for. Back into the junk app drawer.


Doesn’t work  codemancer  1 star

I can’t get it to synchronize to music at all. I tried boosting the mic volume and putting it right next to the speaker. No dice.


Wow  DMBatCOFC  5 star

Philips should take some lessons away from this app


Getting worse, still decent.  levi1922  2 star

I do like this app, I like the options it has. It is reactive to music, so it it always a bit behind beat drops. Recently it has been strobing the light, even when you choose a color pallet that doesn’t include white and it’s on “smooth”. It will seamlessly transition and then randomly FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH at full brightness white. It makes it unusable on the patio as it is too distracting (don’t get me wrong, i like strobes and use that feature too, but a nice warm yellow to red spectrum is relaxing on a warm summer night).

Sir Cook

They just blink  Sir Cook  1 star

It doesn’t sync to the music, stop the music and the lights keep going just the same. Lights are not coordinated with the beat or vocals?? What is this app??


Broke my lights  discohater101  2 star

I was using this on the music mode and one moment the lights were strobing and next thing I know, they weren’t doing anything.


Please fix.  Pom8382  1 star

Loved this app but since it's been updated I cannot sync it to the light system. Even the old version needed to be fixed as it didn't work unless the app was kept open which caused the battery to drain very quickly or keep the phone on charge and over heat. Please bring back about 4 versions ago which actually worked.


Goes well with Hue  Coolcaper  4 star

Hue disco is an awesome app that has been updated with a great and easy to understand UI and flows with your beats! Worthy addition to the Philips hue lights!! Waiting for the OS X version!!!


Doesn't work with Bluetooth but devs respond quickly  aeviar  4 star

Found out this doesn't work whilst streaming music to Bluetooth speakers, but devs quickly responded and said it was because of Apple, so not much they can do for the moment. The app itself looks a lot better than other version around, so far pretty happy apart from the Bluetooth :/


Great app, great support.  PP55665  4 star

Had a problem setting this up - contacted the support team via the app - they responded and fixed the issue within 30 mins. Currently using this app with 15 Hue bulbs, seems to work well.


Not sure why low stars  Jlouki01  5 star

This app is freaking perfect for when you want to chill and have your lights blink. Pretty simple really.


Bluetooth speaker  LLSA12354  2 star

Need 2 phones to use Bluetooth speaker. One play music to speaker. One run this app. Dumb app.


Does what it is supposed to do  LedPinkWho  4 star

I have no complaints. I like the strobe light mode. Quite triply.


Frustrating  Tillman15  2 star

DOESNT WORK WHILE PLAYING MUSIC VIA BLUETOOTH! I probably wouldn't have bought this (expensive) app if I knew this. Prepare to have soft music in your home during the disco.


Still the best party Hue app  Dellcom  5 star

One feature that would be great is light groups. I have 3 rooms all Hue, however the intensity of Hue Disco gets lost over such a large set of lights in separate rooms. It would be great to treat each group independently (I know there are limits with the API). Designating lights or groups to certain frequency ranges would be useful as well :). Great work this far, hope development continues.


AirPlay  roastedrocker  2 star

Doesn't work with Apple airplay. When you launch the app it quits the airplay connection and switches to the phone speaker. iOS 10.0.2. I would rate it good if not for that glitch.


Used to work  Jimbxxxx  1 star

No longer connects


One major flaw. Bluetooth speaker  Got-Mike  1 star

When I'm playing music via my Bluetooth speaker(which has its own microphone) the app switches to my phone speakers! I would have NOT purchased this app had I known I cannot airplay with my jam box! Please fix this issue!!


Please fix connectivity issues…  Dolgine  1 star

The older versions worked flawlessly but since the last 2 update I cannot connect to the bridge. Other Hue apps connect just fine so please fix the glitch soon…


Can I return this?  Sjfkledm  2 star

There are cheaper and better options available.

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