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UfYH: Terrifying motivation for lazy people with messy homes.

Please be advised that this app contains profanity. The word "filth," in-app, is replaced by the other f-word. There is a lot of swearing. Really so very much swearing. Please do not buy this app and then be shocked by the swearing, because there is a lot of it, and here we are, telling you about it right up front.

If traditional housekeeping isn’t really your style, but your living space needs a little attention, UfYH’s challenges and customizable features will help you get your place back in shape, a few minutes at a time. Rather than encourage marathon cleaning sessions, UfYH gives you the tools to clean up, a little at a time. Unf&%*ing your habitat turns dreaded chores into easy-to-complete tasks, with a hefty dose of “filthy” language to motivate you to clean up.

-Clean and simple easy-to-use interface.
-Select timed challenges in 5, 10, or 20 minute intervals and try to beat the clock to finish the challenge.
-Select challenges by room.
-Create a customized to-do list and reminders to keep you on schedule.
-Earn achievements for completing challenges or finishing your to-do list.
-Use the 20/10 timer to reward yourself with a 10-minute break for every 20 minutes of work. Shorter challenges count cumulatively toward your total time.
-Random motivators remind you that excuses are boring and use a combination of a little guilt, a little shame, and a little swearing to get you moving.

UfYH is especially useful for those who don’t have a lot of spare time to devote to cleaning: students, people with full-time jobs, people with roommates, anyone who can’t find the motivation to get up and just do something. Even if it’s just a little something! Our lives are complicated and messy, and we’re often overwhelmed and distracted, and sometimes a little lazy. Unf&%* things and see a remarkable difference in how you tackle cleaning.

UfYH uses frequent profanity and is for mature audiences. In-app, the word "filth" is replaced by its older, more foul-mouthed cousin. This app uses the "f-word." A lot. Please be aware of this before purchasing.

Unfilth Your Habitat App Description & Overview

The applications Unfilth Your Habitat was published in the category Productivity on 2012-07-20 and was developed by UfYH, LLC. The file size is 75.36 MB. The current version is 2.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

This version brings styling updates mainly for the iPad.

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Confused  Jadenstuff  1 star

Is there no way to contact someone for this app? I like the idea of it but if I try to use the camera which is a great idea, the app crashes. Also, can I customize the checklists?


No notifications  kRock0101  3 star

I really love this app, but unfortunately no matter how I adjust the settings, I cannot receive notifications. I recommended it to a friend, and they said they had the same problem with it. I’m not sure if there are others dealing with this issue as well. It really defeats the purpose of having the app when it doesn’t provide the push to be productive. If anyone has any potential fix for this problem, I am open to suggestions. All settings in the app and on my phone are enabled.


I love this app so much.  Bavvh  5 star

I have a pain thing, and it’s easy to accidentally over do it on my body. I love the broken up tasks. They’re just enough that I do t wear myself out too fast.


Horrible  Kaethie  1 star

What a waste. Great idea but I can’t add to the “to do” list so what’s the point of having one? Once you tap on “challenge” you can’t navigate back or forward if you don’t want to do a challenge. You literally have to shut the app down and reopen. I also can’t change the daily list.


Crashes and not very useful  Ineedmats  2 star

I have zero problem with cussing. App crashes which cancels the timer. You have to have a list to add. Just I can use my own timer or the one on the website for free and that’s all I use the app for. Use the website rather than the app.


Absolutely LOVE!  BAMF143  5 star

I love how simple and easy it is to use. It makes it easier for cleaning or just focusing on a task. I think that you should add some features that just enhance the overall app, such as being able to edit the daily/weekly/monthly/seasonal lists. Maybe also allow for music to turn off or pause after the “work”part of the timer is done. I also think it would be awesome if it would voice when it’s time to work or take a break.


Doesn’t work with newest update?  Paigeborak  1 star

I’m really frustrated. I can’t access any of the app! There’s 0 functionality as is.


Simple, useful, entertaining  Flamingjellyfish  4 star

The motivation function is hilarious. I think the app could be improved (I’d give it a 5 if I could add or remove items to the checklist) but hey, it’s 99 cents. The checklists are nice to have and the 20 minutes on/10 minutes off timer is vey practical. It’s very easy to use. (Note: I’m reviewing after 5 minutes of playing around with the app, I haven’t actually used it yet.)


Much better free versions out there  Demandra  1 star

This app is extremely limited in what it can do. I’ve used much better apps with more functionality that were free. Love the idea, but the execution is awful. Thank god it was only a buck!



This app Ufyh is a joke and the joke is on me and anyone else who buys this app. It serves no purpose. It’s functionality is minimal at best. It does not even have settings. The ability to ad or subtract from the checklist does not exist and most of the entries on the checklist do not apply. The only reason I gave it one star is because I had to in order to write this review. It deserves zero stars unless the stars are for scamming people. As if being scammed out of a dollar by someone I don’t know and can’t see isn’t bad enough, the language is actually surprisingly clean. There’s only one or two f bangers in the entire app. I’ve been scammed and I want my crappy little 99 cents back!


Handy and humorous app  ~~Kylie~~  5 star

I’m so thrilled to see this app updated for iOS 11! I had feared it was lost for good. Looking forward to using the app to get me motivated to clean again. Thanks!


Great app  Essellegee  2 star

Great motivational app however no longer supported by new software


Wonderful  Sooozi48  5 star

I have been using this for some years and has totally turned my housekeeping around. Please update to new requirements for Apple.


Amusing and productive!  Mish84  5 star

UfYH is a great motivational app for those who don't mind profanity (seriously, some people seem to miss the warning about the language and then complain after they download... good job guys). It is sadly in need of an update to support the resolution of newer model iPhones so I hope the developer can find time to revive their old app to current standards. 😁


Unhappy  Nikkirl  1 star

I purchased this unfilth your Habit app for house cleaning. On down loading they changed the word filth to an expletive **** an acronym that speaks of raping children. This is a word I don't like hearing. I will not say and do not wish to view when attending my house work accitivities. How a legal acronym that explains such a heinous crime performed by people if depraved mind against children from 0-16 has become a "cool" word is beyond comprehension. What a great app it could have been otherwise for the busy working person. Disappointed. Very disappointed that these app creators have disrespected there customer by using this disgusting term.


Brilliant!  Gwynydd  5 star

My house looks so much better after using this app! If I'm on the phone or waiting for the hot water to boil for a cup of tea, I can quickly get some five minute jobs done. If I'm overwhelmed by so much cleaning to do, I'll do a bunch of 20 minute challenges. With this app, I can get a lot done quickly! My partner has a severe mental illness, and the app is really helping him to focus and get lots done, too! We both compete against each other to see who can earn more stars.

Born Canadian

One change please  Born Canadian  4 star

Excellent app. A fun way of getting me going. I would like, though, the ability to randomize my own [email protected]&$ list the same way you can randomize the built-in list.


It just works  nudders  5 star

For anyone struggling to keep their housework (or actually any ongoing chore) under control, this app, together with the advice, motivation and inspiration on the tumblr blog, will change your life. The combination of humour, understanding and psychological insight is like sorcery. Highly recommended.


Fantastic  EuphoniousPenelope  5 star

I love using this, it's really motivating


20/10 break glitch?  castrostreet  2 star

I keep getting double notifications for break times and break's up. Anyone else? Please fix this!!


Epic epic epic.  Reowphst  5 star

Anything that makes me laugh, swears and makes me want to clean is nothing short of genius! Dare I say [email protected]$ing genius??! Yes!


Great! I just wish for a little more.  Jentropy  3 star

Back in the day, I was big into FLY Lady. I hated the saccharine of it, but loved the idea and the reminders. Eventually the saccharine got to me and there seemed to be a push to spend money, particularly once mobile stuff caught on. UFYH is way more my speed. Nothing wrong with an F-bomb now and then. And it's about doing what you can, not achieving perfection. I wish I could set up recurring reminders (daily, weekly, monthly) for certain chores. Even a push notification just reminding me to open the app once a day would be a good next step. I'm disabled and it's hard to have a routine. I use reminders for everything... I wish UFYH would remind me I've got some chores that'll make my life easier if I remember them sooner than later. For now, I use phone alarms and reminders, but I do love this app a lot.


Great idea, but no features  LizCreek  2 star

I love the idea of this app but it's not user friendly nor does it have many features. It definitely needs a comprehensive, deep clean your whole house type list then a daily maintenance kinda list. It needs a 'company's coming in 30 minutes/2 hours/ tomorrow' type of list too. I wanted help to know how to get the house ready for guests without getting add/ tangled up in unnecessary cleaning tasks.


GREAT idea. Doesn't work.  Ping23  1 star

I am quite tech savvy. This is not a user error. Something went wrong with this app right away. But, they got my 99 cents! I was able to add a task, but customizing was cumbersome. Now I can't customize the 2nd task. Buttons don't respond. Enjoy my dollar! Hope you un-filth your Apple customers someday. This felt like a compatibility problem.


Get stuff done!  Atrnm  5 star

This is a great app. It is as simple or complex as you want it to be. I like the timer and random tasks. It motivates me to get off my butt and get things done.

Anna Bessesen

All the difference in the world!  Anna Bessesen  5 star

This app made me change the way I think about cleaning, and that has made all the difference between a livable apartment and an uninhabitable one. Yes, there's profanity, but darned if it it doesn't make me grin throughout an extremely unfun activity like cleaning!


Edgelords of the world unite.  einexile  1 star

The potty mouth was less important to you than a little money; it should be less important to you than your customers who have a problem with it. Forget that it ceases to be funny after a few minutes - what if those of us who are okay with profanity don't want to inflict it on others in our household? Oh wait, there aren't any household collaboration features anyway. In fact there aren't any features that warrant a mobile app at all. Bonus star for all the effort you put into mocking your own customers.


Reformed Filth Pig!!  Staceeeeeeee  5 star

This app and blog totally changed my life for the better! Ignore the squares and their whining about profanity. Having their delicate sensibilities offended could have been easily avoided had these people bothered to read the description. If you're a big girl or boy who isn't going to break down in a puddle of tears at the mention of swear words, this app might just give you the motivation to embrace your inner domestic deity!

Andreas H M

Excellent program  Andreas H M  5 star

I love this app!

Haley Jay

Wow...just wow...  Haley Jay  5 star

I'm a single mom with (I thought) no time to clean, but with the 5/10/15 minute challenges I find that I do indeed have time. This app is a game changer for me. I've only used it one day and my level of motivation has gone up noticeably. And the filth is beginning to clear already. Thank you for this app!

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