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Voice Synth is a professional live voice processor and music synthesizer played by your voice. With the vast set of integrated tools including Vocoders, Auto Pitch, Harmonizing Pitch Shift and Speed-Shift Sampling, you can

• Sing in Tune like P-Tain & vocoded like Duft-Pank
• Speak with Hollywood-quality Robot voices like 1978 Cylons
• Play by Voice, no fingers needed: scream to play rock guitar, hum a church organ

• Make professional funny voices: animal, evil, weird & much more
• Create unique organic and rhythmic soundscapes
• Sing multiple voices in harmony within any musical scale
• Sample, speed shift and dress up your beatboxing to create the strangest rhythms inspiring new compositions
• Live-pause and stroboscope your voice

• Save and share your creations as presets and audio files
• Use all of the above in your DAW and audio setup via Inter-App Audio (iOS), Audio Units & MIDI

On Voice Synth you will find no conventional ADSR, LFOs or filters. Even the keyboard is optional. Instead, Voice Synth uses the most expressive all-in-one tool you were born with: your voice! It's unique so be ready for a jump in voice creativity, sound design and rhythmic inspiration.

To give you an easy start in this adventure, we included over 250 factory presets! Speak, sing, hum and scream live into the mic, and start exploring the unconventional controls: 24-band vintage analog modeling vocoders, Auto Pitch Tracking, live-voice-pause, speed-shift sampler, multiple voice harmony arranger, spectrum stroboscope, pitch and formant shifter, 24-band equalizer, classic FX as distortion/delay/chorus/reverb, and an extensive vocoder designer with oscilloscope. We included a manual for in-depth use.

Musicians, DJs, sound designers, voice artists: Voice Synth is a must-have in your audio toolbox! Voice Synth is available on the iOS and Mac App Store, and has a dedicated interface designed for iPad/Mac, and a compact interface for iPhone/iPod Touch that includes all features so you can create anywhere you go. Voice Synth Modular provides a free try-out and full functionality via in-app purchases.


• Engine 2x32 bit 44.1 kHz poly x24
• All effects fully integrated, simultaneous, live, realtime, low-latency
• Background audio
• VoiceOver (iOS)
• Manual
• Audio Unit V3, instrument & effect, parameter automation
• Inter-App Audio (iOS), instrument & effect
• Audio routing
• Midi
• Repeater, anti-audio-feedback
• Noise gate manual/auto
• Keyboard 1.5-2.5 oct (midi 10), hold/mono/poly
• Tapes to record/export your performance
• 250+ factory presets, unlimited user presets, import/export

• 4 vintage analog modeling vocoders 24 bands 5th order filters (Natural Robot Breath Designer)
• Auto Pitch, track/fix/double/inverse pitch
• Multiple Voice Harmonizer, any musical scale (choirs, rich 70's vocoder sounds)
• Speed-Shift Sampler ±800%, pause/zoom/loop/hold
• Live-pause & strobo voice
• Pitch Shifter 8 octaves (e.g. lion/gender/child/baby/duck)
• Formant Shifter adapt spectrum ±1 octave (child to giant)
• Registers 4 octaves (add brilliance, chords)
• Arpeggiator pattern/gate/speed/grouping
• Equalizer 24 bands, 10 presets (loudness, low-pass, telecom, etc)
• Autogain/Compressor, Clip/Distortion, Stereo Panning, Delay, Chorus, Reverb
• Slew rate: special vocoder reverb (plucked strings, wind, thunder, storms)
• Mic thru and Vocoder mix to add-in your unprocessed voice (e.g. for beat-boxing)
• Sync rhythmic effect timing

• Realtime oscilloscope
• Sine/square/triangle/sawtooth, adjustable frequency/harmonics/clip/width/skew/slope
• Noise white/voiced, adjustable filter/clipping
• Mix additive/maximum/multiplicative synthesis
• Test mode, design/play without voice

Voice Synth App Description & Overview

The applications Voice Synth was published in the category Music on 2012-01-04 and was developed by Qneo. The file size is 70.84 MB. The current version is 5.1.1 and works well on 10.3 and high ios versions.

Fixes issue with VoiceOver

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Voice Synth Reviews


Not easy to use  Absintheur6  1 star

I really wish there was a good tutorial for this program. It’s not very user friendly. I have used many programs. This is not the easiest


This app USED to work with Garage Band  Fly.For.Fun  2 star

I’ve had this app for about a year now, and it has always worked with Garage Band. Now, when I go to use it, it no longer shows up in the Inter-app Audio section. I checked the effects section like the developer said to when replying to another review, but it isn’t there. It only appears in the AudioUnit section, which will only work as a sampler, not for live performance. Fix your app, please


No documentation  witzed  1 star

No help from developer—you’re on your own.


Does well.  andy_marks  4 star

It might take some time to get familiar to Voice Synth but otherwise job well done.


Audiobus  Smulekings  3 star

Please bring back the audiobus input .. can’t make my music like I use to 😡.. the inter app audio doesn’t support input on iOS .. please bring that back PLEASE

alldy talladega

App don’t work with Bluetooth microphone anymore  alldy talladega  1 star

These last updates got rid of Bluetooth microphone input. Input only works with wired microphone and iPhone microphone.


No longer work on garageband  Kgb2002123  2 star

I loved this app but no longer records on iPad GarageBand error sync unable to go live in instr. audio unit so sad


Near Perfect  Lorenzo:0  5 star

I use Voice Synth inside of Xewton Music Studio, using IAA. From the first moment that I tried Voice Synth. I knew that it was the perfect vocal processor. There's a great flow to it, so there will only be a small learning curve. Voice Synth is miles ahead of other vocal processors. Thanks for the AU3. The best vocal app, just got better.

I Tunes listener

Thanks for listening  I Tunes listener  5 star

We made a request to make this an Audio Unit and you did it, thank you.


Still a Contender  ZenLizard  5 star

Excellent app suitable for professional use and still a blast for the hobbyist or the merely curious.


We'll written app  RampantApe  4 star

Flawless design, well written app. Creates amazing effects. Love the many presets which make life easier. However, while it has audio copy and paste as essential features I am puzzled by lack of audiobus support.

Dan Hope

Great  Dan Hope  5 star

To anyone who does work with ios synthesisers and DAWs, don't hesitate to buy this wonderful program! It's so much fun just playing with sound effects!


Cool app but...  Sevrink  4 star

This is a really good and powerful app. Just waiting for Audiobus support! That will make it five str!

Luke Baji Brown

Excellent  Luke Baji Brown  5 star

I downloaded this app looking to bring some Daft Punk styles to my covers band. Within ten minutes I had tweaked the settings to recreate exactly what I was looking for. I used the feedback button to ask a question and the support team responded quickly with a comprehensive response. I really wasn't hopeful of getting a reply but was blown away with the service. There's a huge number of presets and the capacity to customise and shape your own sound. I have no hesitation in recommending this app.

Ivan Smith Romero

One The Best Synth Apps!  Ivan Smith Romero  5 star

One of the best synth apps I've tried so far and that's including Animoog and Korg's MS-20. It is up there with the best, due to its simple and intuitive editing of samples you can record at a touch of a button and a scroll of the input and output points. Well done!

Pulcinella Naples

Audiobus???  Pulcinella Naples  4 star

Great app. 5 stars. Thank you! Will it have audiobus support in the next update??


Brilliant app with exceptional service!  jadmorffier  5 star

This is one loaded app full of goodies, a beautiful layout and to top it off great service. I emailed a question and got a prompt reply. I then asked another question and in hours I got a wonderfully detailed and easy to follow explanation of what it was I was trying to do in the app. Thank you so much for this app and the awesome service you provide with it.


Bravo! Amazing app  Temporary5000  5 star

It took a couple of goes before I found the cool features, but now this is one of my favourite apps. The sampler is very cool how you can adjust the trim for a good sample to play. Also love the interface design and the reverb and delay and preset banks and all the rest. I just wish I could use AirPlay with this app, is this not possible?


A.W.E.S.O.M.E  Dr.Adrian  5 star

Best vocoder on the iPhone. And v2 makes it play nice with other audio software! Sweet!


The best  krenshaw  5 star

Love the vocoder it robot rocks !

Sean Garland

Removal of Audiobus support is disappointing  Sean Garland  1 star

This app was a great app, until the developers decided to remove Audiobus support. Poor decision to separate this app from the primary tool of iOS musicians. Will no longer be useful in my workflow.


Great app but!!!  Supermanisaiah  2 star

It's a great app but it just won't work in my audiobus app...it says it does and I put all the money Into buying it but it won't work...I feel like it's a waste because I won't use it for anything else


Really powerful tool but...  RiversideReviewer  4 star

...it really could use a written, printable manual. The instructional video is good but with all the filtering it's hard to understand his instructions. Other than that it is great.

Steve Savage 3901

Awesome Sound Quality  Steve Savage 3901  5 star

I use this app for making dark vocal fx to use in my music tracks. Sounds awesome!


Superior vocoder!  J-Nastiest  4 star

This is an excellent vocoder, probably the best one in the entire App Store. That said, for 10 bucks it is pretty weak that it is not a universal app. You can't seriously expect people to spend 10 bucks again to have the same app on their iPhone after they already purchased it for their iPad. You will develop a stronger fan base if you fix this and show a little generosity. Also, if it becomes a universal app, I will come back here and change my review from 4 to 5 stars.


WOW!!!  Misphus  5 star

This is by far the coolest and most versatile voice FX app available! With sound quality rivaling pro studios, this is a must-buy for any serious performing/recording artist. Voice Synth by Qneo is truly awesome!

Bildo Baggotts

A "Must Have" App  Bildo Baggotts  5 star

I have been fascinated with vocoders since I heard the intro of Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade when I was younger. This app nails it. I plan on making samples for my Roland SPD-S. Get this app. You won't regret it.


Excellent.  a22134a  5 star

Great functionality, user interface and great sound.

karl devine

Super Cool App  karl devine  5 star

I don't have much experience with vocoders but I had this thing make beautiful soundscapes in minutes. Totally worth the purchase price!

WarMaster Photos

Essential App  WarMaster Photos  5 star

This is the best and most versatile vocoder on iOS. It's well-designed, has tons of options, and sounds totally amazing if you know what you're doing. All the reviews on here saying this app sounds bad, well, I hate to break it to you guys, but you probably aren't very good musicians. I can't recommend this app highly enough.


Waste of money  Carmobot  1 star

This isn't great and is difficult to operate. Results are cheesy and metallic

Voice Synth Comments

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