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PCGS CoinFacts Coin Collecting App Description & Overview

What is pcgs coinfacts coin collecting app? Coin collectors finally have the resource needed to make informed numismatic buying, selling and trading decisions, thanks to the PCGS CoinFacts mobile app. The world’s largest encyclopedia of U.S. coins now fits in your pocket and is 100% free to use. Download this coin collecting mobile app today to access coin values, coin populations, images, narratives, auction prices realized, and more for over 40,000 U.S. coins.

Features include:

* Barcode scanning for coins graded by PCGS and NGC provides instant coin look-up functionality
* Full PCGS Price Guide listings for all U.S. Coins
* Full PCGS population Report for all U.S. Coins
* Access PCGS Photograde with high resolution images by grade
* Millions of auction prices realized from PCGS & NGC graded coins, pulled from over 5,800 auctions, including Heritage, eBay, Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Bonham’s, Stack’s Bowers, Legend Rare Coin Auctions and others
* Complete numismatic specifications for all U.S. coin types
* Expert narratives on specific coins from leading industry professionals like David Hall, Ron Guth, Q. David Bowers and others
* Coin rarity and survival estimates by grade
* Coin condition census listings
* High resolution photography
* Detailed coin variety attribution with photographs

The PCGS CoinFacts application requires an active internet connection to operate.

* See the Collectors Universe (parent company of PCGS) Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: http://www.collectorsuniverse.com/privacy

** If you were previously a paid PCGS CoinFacts subscriber through the App Store, you may check on and/or cancel your subscription here: https://buy.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZFinance.woa/wa/manageSubscriptions

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App Name PCGS CoinFacts Coin Collecting
Category Reference
Updated 01 February 2022, Tuesday
File Size 39.71 MB

PCGS CoinFacts Coin Collecting Comments & Reviews 2023

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App Score: MS 70+. I like to reference my Redbook, but don’t always have it at the ready. This app is arguably more useful: Auction prices with EBay prices included or excluded at your discretion. High resolution grading examples. Scanner for coin slabs. Information, information, information. The best part about this app is the simple, and intuitive, user interface. UI importance cannot be overstated and PCGS has nailed it.

Pretty good. The does help a lot. The only thing I have against it is how hard it is to find the coin you’re looking for via search bar. The other way you can find coins is by the search by topic, for example, you could be looking for a barber dime, under the search bar, you would tap on half dimes and dimes. Great app and definitely recommend it.

Not really free trial. Says a free trial but they hold your money immediately. I have fallen into this trap before and it is nearly impossible to get your money back. I just want to check one coin that I accidentally received and I am not able to get to a numismatist easily. I feel that this type of advertising is false and I am not going to be a part of the statistics of people losing money on something that they want to use once.

1 issue. Love the app and I just have one issue with it. When I opened the app it no longer shows the homepage coin selections. It shows it is loading then is blank and all I can see is the search barn after opening the app. I tried deleting and reinstalling a few times but so far hasn’t worked.

Coins Value Information. The app is very simple and very useful to check for the value of the coins and to check in details about the coins you have. I would recommend for you to use this app to get full access of the coins you have or the coin you are looking for. Enjoy this useful app.!😊

Great information for a novice. I recently inherited a bunch of coins that my grandfather collected. When I was a child I would help him roll the coins he would get from the local bank and when he saw something he thought might be of value he collected it. Many of these coins have been locked away since he passed. This site has saved me much frustration, for one, finding out the coins shouldn’t be cleaned. I’m very excited to find out what I have. Keep the stories coming so I can become educated. Thank you.

It’s cool, but…. I’ve been using this app for years now (since ~2019) and I think the information on it is very interesting. However, when I switch my system theme from Light to Dark Mode, parts of the app (specifically the details section of a coin) will stay white but also switch over to using white text, causing it to become unreadable. Could you please update the app to fix this?

The app is almost unusable.. The images might load and lots of little spelling errors and inconsistencies in the coin listings. It has download images every time you lm click on a menu which slows down the whole app. Very clunky and slow to load. Might be better to have the images, or lower res images pre loaded with the app and have only the data that needs to be updated regularly download from the servers. Or update the app more regularly. Also, for photograde, would be nice to grade a little more accurately reflect the coin I’m referencing. For example; Seat liberty dimes have many different fronts and backs but photograde uses all the different coins together instead of breaking them down further. Hard to grade accurately between different coin types.

Great Resource for beginners. I have only been collecting seriously for about a year. The information on pricing and grading is a tremendous help. Being able to see auction prices gives me a great baseline on how much my coins are worth.

Must Get if You are a Coin Collector. I use the PCGS App at least once a week! Never make a bad deal again... - - For newbies, keep practicing grading coins. Lastly, If the color looks too good, pass on it until you are an expert grader. People usually tone coins in order to hide other problems. Use sulfur based compounds on junk coins to better understand accelerated toning... Then please remove sulfur residue from coin.

App not working. Overall I love this app but for whatever reason the app is not working today. I checked for app updates and software updates (iPhone) which my software was updated two days ago... this app worked fine yesterday but isn’t working at all today

Frustrating app. I am not a coin collector but trying to sort a huge quantity of circulated coins collected by a deceased family member into those worth showing to an expert and those likely to be face value only. While the app started out as being very useful for my purpose, it started replacing information about specific coins with a PCGS ad that is so persistent it seems impossible to get back to the picture and information for a specific coin. I’ll now return to searching the internet and avoiding PCGS sites there as well.

Coin Fact. If you are interested in numismatic’s, being a Numismatist or would just like to know more about American coinage, you need this app. One of the best tools for anyone who loves coins or wants to know more about them.

CoinFacts app review. I use this app all of the time! It’s quick and always up to date. I missed out on purchasing coins when I had to wait to get home to check my price guides to see if a coin was priced appropriately and someone else put it in their cart by the time I had the info! Now I can find out in seconds!

New Looker. I appreciate being able to search for informative facts relating to coins I already have. Looking forward to getting coins graded and possibly putting them on the market to sale 🤔. Thank you for your app!.

Makes life easier. Being able to scan your slab, most of the time have your price guide price available…..and checking real time or last identical coins that have sold and for how much just simplifies the process…

Great App. I’ve used this app for many years now. There are some bugs that could use fixing but it is my go to guide when I’m buying coins for prices. It also provides pictures as well. If you’re new to the hobby, this is a must have app.

Invaluable!!. I am constantly on this app - so easy to navigate and filled with so much info. The individual commentary on each coin adds to the interest of the hobby. The buying trends and shop link are great - Glad I found this!

Good app to have. I haven’t had an issue once with this app. Everything, almost, is right there at my fingertips. The only thing I have found that I feel needs improved upon is this…. When I go to the glossary, I cannot always find definitions for abbreviations. Without knowing what the abbreviations actually stand for it is not easy to cross reference. That’s the ONLY downfall I have found. Otherwise this app has allowed me to go from novice coin collector to someone with enough knowledge to lose a lot of time when I go down the rabbit hole of coin inspection. Makes my beard longer.

Useful tool. I have been using your app for about 2 years now and I find it a very helpful tool. It gives me an idea of what I am looking at, and also gives me a lot of information. I am relatively new to coin collection, so I need all the help I can get. Thanks

Review. Love the app, I go on to check the values of my current collection and also for the value of my next purchase. The spot price is also very helpful I just click on the app.

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This is the best app for coins EVER!. I use this app at least once a day to calculate the average price of my collection and to make sure I don’t get a bad deal when I buy coins. I love to surf through all the different varieties as well and find new additions to my collection. I also love to learn about the history of each coin and the rarity. I also love the population estimate feature and the numismatic rarity feature. These add one are just life savers in knowing how rare my coin is. I also love the recommendations on where to purchase each coin. Normally, coins I thought were impossible to find, wouldn’t show up if I searched Safari; now I can see where they have past sold, and where they’re selling now. Overall, any collector who wants to get deeper into numismatics should download this app immediately.

This is amazing. The best app in the world for numismatics ever. You need all apps by PCGS but get this app first for best references and I am 12 and I have over a couple thousand dollars in coins and have had it since It came to the App Store great for new and old numismatist in the us but I wish it had some Central American coins but besides that it is the best app I have ever got if I could it would be a 1000*

Outstanding Information. The most comprehensive information and facts available with this fantastic app, I love this app and use it all the time and consult it anytime I am buying for my collection.

Good App. When you need to know values for purchasing or selling this is the app. Easy to use and has updates. Keep it on your phone for quick need to know values! Thank You for this app!!

Awesome seamless app A+ Recommended!. Very easy to use it shows prices and photos of each individual grade for any coin. Try it and you’ll enjoy it. I’m not usually happy with most apps like this but this one is a keeper. I will continue to use this from now on! Thx!

Disappointed in Photograde section. I prefer the old standalone PCGS Photograde much better, even though it has the same photos as CoinFacts. Reason: the old version has the alphanumeric grade descriptors instead of just numeric ones in the CoinFacts version (G04, VF35, XF45 etc, versus 04, 35, 45). Were the letters too expensive to continue using? Geesh!

Difficult to understand. I inherited a box full of old coins from my grandfather. I know nothing about coins. I chose this site because it is highly rated and said it was easy to use. It is not. This website is very difficult to understand. I need to be able to take a picture on my phone and have the coin recognized by your site. I can’t find any where I can do this. I guess I will have to go somewhere else.

PCGS is like a hidden Gold mine. Even for us beginners, there are so many options, alternatives and things to do that teach you all you want and need to know about coins and currency value

Photos clearly and price list is better. iPhone user prefer using PCGS apps because old versions running slowly and photos show these coins not clearly , showing the Market Values

The best for coin info!. 100% recommend. Basically an incredible app for those interested in the treasures of coins. Pricing. Buying. Selling. Researching and learning. Overall an easy to use and great app. I would love to see a feature that provides an average price for coins based on their relative grade (ex. Very Fine, good, uncirculated, etc.). That would basically make this a perfect app.

Current Call Individual Coin Value. To whom it may concern: I was really hoping that your team could adjust your software, when your team states to the description of each coin a Daily Average Selling Price Low to High Range on Each Coin...

Truly educational fun and exciting!. I am currently an avid coin collector, I’ve been collective since I was 7 years old maybe a tad earlier, I stopped for a long time, and recently got back into it much more serious this time, I’ve never been one to get coins slabbed,pcgs brings so much to the table though in every aspect,knowledge reputation and an awesome free app which I can compare my coins to,heard nothing but positive things about pcgs except the pricing, we’ll this app is free and that shows they are not trying to just make a buck they are trying to educate and teach the younger generation the ins outs rights and wrong and it’s highly appealing to younger collectors especially ones who don’t believe these money hungry businesses,now that being said I would definitely spend my hard earned money getting my coin graded with the finest company for numismatic in the world ! I have a rather large collection I’m going to start sending them in because I believe I could potentially have some pop coins and if I turn out to be wrong it’s going to be super fun doing so as well ! Thanks for the app guys!

A must have if you collect coins!. This app is great! A must have if you collect coins. Something to remember, the prices listed are for PCGS slabbed problem free coins. As with all price guides, it is just that. A "guide". Quite a bit on the high side in most cases compared to "realized" prices in the real world from my experience. I understand though. They are placing a premium on coins that they graded and deemed to be genuine, and possibly attributed.

Emails. Very happy with this app, especially since rather new to coin collecting I have found it useful! Only problem I have is in past I have asked questions (and maybe stupid questions) but never a answer? At least tell me where to look on your site for answers? Otherwise I haven’t had a problem with it or PCGS!

Resources for the collector. While “the Red Book” is a good resource, PCGS Coinfacts App does so much more. Aside from accurate statistics on the coins the grading populations help to make an informed decision about grading as well as determine a fair price that is current to the numismatic community today. The Photo Grade database is an absolute must use when evaluating vintage or obsolete coins.

AI grading.. If you provided an AI grading that I could take a photo of the coin you gave me an estimate grading that would be a big help. Other coin apps out there offer this option. You could offer this option to anyone that are members and you would get more members signing up for a year membership. If you did this I could give you a 5 star rating for sure and maybe even a 6 star rating, lol

Can’t wait........ The reason I titled this review can’t wait is because it’s true I follow the silver and gold market diligently and I can’t wait every morning for the report to come out, I recently went to a coin show this past weekend and used my knowledge gained from this website, I follow the silver spot and that helps me when I go to purchase more coins, I think it’s a great website it goes over all the coins in the US spectrum from the penny to the $10 gold piece, I look forward every day to looking at it to see where I’m at with the silver pricing and gold pricing thank you so much for a great website.

Newbie!. I’m new to collecting & new to this site! What’s not to like! Excellent in every way! Thank You...Such a great help in pricing coins, along with the fact that you can check/scan the labels immediately, for us buyers & sellers of coins! Thank You again very much 5***** 😊🐾

Advertises for its great facts- but does Not do this then. Advertises for its great facts in the app,... but does Not do this at all: there are absolutely no facts whatsoever mentioned that could help in distinguishing to differentiate coins. Facts , which are, for example , mechanical flaws in letters of the coin, differentiations which are crucial to evaluate and place a coin in a timeline, but which cannot be found anywhere in this app. This being only one of very many mechanical recognition factors to evaluate and distinguish and place a coin. Since these real world actually only relevant “facts” are utterly all missing, this app becomes absolutely useless.

Duel Usage. I use my iPhone app with my Lap Top to review my prior submissions that are on the PCGS web site and then with that photo in front of me I check out the images and values on my phone app. That way I can save money by not submitting poor quality coins for grading.

Facts. As we evolved on this place of refuge, one thing that will stay the same and that is “THE DACTS” Coin Facts. I have never seen such a precise and rapid response to a grading app as yours. Thank you for being there, HERE. keep doing what you do cause it’s there for the ones that “REALLY WANT TO KNOW THE FACTS”. Coin Facts

Wasn’t what I was expecting.... I have a very large coin collection and sometimes it’s hard to recognize my coins so I thought that this app would tell me what coin I had but instead I didn't get that. To justify this is that on the App Store I searched up “coin identifier” and I got this so I downloaded it and it didn’t give me what I wanted so I was wondering if they could maybe add that or if they could recommend/direct me to a better app for my preferences. Thank you! Lululoveslife

A Excellent informative Guide for any Coin collector aka Numismatics. For Numismatics aka collectors of Coins, Paper money, and Stamps. I simply am a silver, then paper, then regular Circulation of old coins what ever o can afford at the time on a disabled Vets Salary. This guide can tell you that a “wheat penny” along with their copper, zink, alloy is worth more material wise vs say those dollar coins( Sacajawea or other president dollar coins) these coins may say face value ($1) but in actuality their worth 0.01 cents because of its metal value. It will show then after the wheat came the pennys with the Lincoln Memorial still hi in value in copper etc. It was only until 2010 the penny’s with shield they really stripped the penny to nothing. .01 cents and that’s just a penny. Theirs a lot of coins and etc for New and Old alike to learn. Great app.

app. using this app on my ipad i will only get to view a coin one time if i leave and come back to that coin there is photo of a camera and will say no information on this coin when i know not true. If only allowed to view a coin one time then this needs to be mentioned in the information section of app or fixed.

PCGS ruined their CoinFacts website. Now it's a watered down mess, like this app. It used to let you view multiple examples of each denomination and date in various grades, now you get only the three highest graded of each that have TrueViews. Yes, I know about Photograde, this is different. Tempted to crack my PCGS-slabbed coins and send them off to NGC. I certainly won't purchase anything in a PCGS slab again. What were they thinking when they crippled such a great resource? 👎

I like the app, navigation with varieties are a challenge. Navigation between regular and various varieties could use an upgrade. It’s not always clear what you’re looking at because the font is large and doesn’t show up on mobile devices.

Rare coin value. You never know when you look down on the ground at all of the riches you could possibly find!!! Total awesome sauce!!! Great job on your app!! And by the way folks, “ It’s free “ Thank you for allowing me to access this fortune of knowledge.

Not too bad.. Why are the only errors in this app that you show our double dies and re-punched mint marks? This should’ve been an app for many other types of errors. But other than that this app is great. Just found out a little mistake in the app. So with the 1909 S vdb for the mint state 66+, you guys accidentally put a 1924 buffalo nickel in there.

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Great app. Here are some suggestions to make it greater.. 1. Include worldwide coins, such as Australian and British coins into it, making different sections for each country. 2. Combine CoinFacts and PhotoGrade together. This would be amazing because it would let people check the grade on their coin, and then check it’s value. 3. Have a Quora-like section where people can ask and answer questions about coins. That’s all. Amazing app. Use it regularly. Well designed and easy to use.

Amazing App. A great app for USA coins, but I feel like it needs information for Australian coins. That would be the only thing in my opinion that would make this app better.

Review. Great app gives me a idea what I have.

PCGS FACTS. Very interesting articles with current values. Keep up the good work.

YEAH Please make Australia coin as well. Good but need aus

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Enjoying. Good job

The app. So far I have found the app most informative. All the info is quite illuminating but I would like to see a definition chart for the abbreviations and possibly definitions for “ Bugs Bunny” 50 cent Benjamin Franklin . I will be using this app quite a lot thank you for developing it and making it available 😁

Coins. So much to learn finding this very interesting, and very helpful.

So so. It is very good for identifying coins but I wish there were other coins besides American coins.

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Easy and accurate. Hi my name is Elma, I’ve always like coins since I was a kid. Now I’m 57 and IJust got back into coins. I’m really not good with the computer, picture app is so easy to use and stuff so vivid.

Coin Reference for Buyers & Sellers. Prices, information and grade details at your fingertips and in your pocket. Follows current eBay sales, subjective based on photos only.

Review. Anyone who has any kind of coin collection or stack no matter how big or small should definitely have this app.

Steve’s money. I finally found this amazing app that outlines exactly what I have been trying to find for way too long... Thank You PCGS for providing this valuable information

Best coin app. Very good 👍! The only thing that would be helpful is if u could scan the front and back of the coin and it would tell u the value. Otherwise this app is perfect.

Excellent app!. I’m new to the coin collecting thing and this app is an amazing source of information and knowledge really helps me out on my new found journey

Best info site. You can find whatever you’re looking for coin wise on this site. Photos info prices mintage rarity

Love it. This app is so helpful it really helped me coin collection out when I find an interesting coin out it is easy to figure out what it is.

Great Platform!. Other than the updates of new coins I don’t think the app needs anything else to be one of the best or the best. Love the information given on the coins.

Great App. This app is indispensable for a modern collector. Vast resources and information all compiled in one place. Plus when I had a small issue that was easily resolved, I was greatly impressed how quickly the IT people got back to me. Great product! Thanks

Accurate. The actual features of the coin

Very Impressive App. I use this app to look up, date, appx grade & price on coins that I find metal detecting. I never sell my finds but it is really neat knowing approximate grades and pricing. Its essentially a free coin encyclopedia in you pocket! Very happy with this app so far.

Just use the website. This doesn't let you take pictures of your coins to easily figure out if they are worth anything. You have to look up each coin, year, mint, etc. would be easier to do this with your computer. This app is a waste.

PCGS coin facts. Just wanted to take the time to say thank you for all the info you guys and gals put here that I am constantly referencing and looking to when I need to look up coin info. Thank you!

Must have for any US coin collector!. With a few clicks you can view a narrative and PCGS price guide on a particular date/mint of any US coin in seconds! App is very well organized too.

Error list. Missing full list of errors+markers that PCGS recognizes, other than that-easy to navigate, no errors and crashes. It’s a 5 stars application.

This is great!. The PCGS coin facts app is great! It gives me all the information I need about my silver and non silver coins, along with background details That are crucial for me. Only complaint is that it seems to not have a section dedicated to error coins. Please add this, as I have 3 error coins I would love to identify.

Expand to include world coins. Great app! I wish you would expand it to include world coins. I collect coins from Great Britain prior to 1860 and would love to have this as a resource!

Info at your fingertips. Easy to use and quick to find the info your looking for.

Love it!. This app is amazing! It’s user friendly and easy to navigate. It makes bidding on coins so much easier.

I love this app. This app helps me with all my coin collecting and is very useful I can search anything and find it automatically its so easy to use and very helpful definitely recommen

Really good. I would recommend this app if your just starting to collect coins

Amazing. Everything is great I use it when I don’t have the red book at hand

Joe. Coin facts is a great site, it tells me everything I want to know about any coin, the makers of Coin Facts had to go to a great deal of trouble assembling it and I would like to say THANK YOU to all who put the time and effort into developing it, JOE

Coins. All of your coins are beautiful I wish I had money to buy one of each

Great APP.. I’ve used this APP when shopping for Coins and it’s been right on. It saved me from overpaying a few times. I highly recommend it.

Great Reference. A great easy and quick go-to if your out and about or just sitting at home. Highly recommend

Great app for coin collectors!. This app really helps me determine values on my coins and shows recent auction prices. Overall a nice, easy to use app! I recommend this app to all numismatists, new or experienced!

There is no place like home. This is one of the most informative coin apps ever. I find everything about us coins like history mintage value etc. thank you for a great app.

First time. I’ve been in the site all of ten minutes. So I’m just learning. But from what I’ve found so far. I like it. A lot.

I’m a new collector. I’m thankful to have this app because it really help out for informations that I need to know and want to know about the coins that I’ve with me and what to look for on the coins.

Extremely thorough. I had not realized that many coins had between 20-50% silver content! I listened to the local coin “expert” who was either not skilled in nuances of coin variations or hoped we weren’t. Get your copy of this and study it. You will be happy you did!

Good App. This app is well organized. The daily coin value report is very nice. Easy to use and understand. I would definitely recommend this app.

Penny-pincher. I don’t know wat to say all I could say rtheuy tell u everything u want to hear except I never have the correct ms

My coin. I have an 1892 s Morgan Dollars that I think is proof like. Who can I send pictures of the coin to determine if the coin is worth sending to pcgs or NGC for varication

Great Site. I am overwhelmed with all the pictures and information available on the site!

So valuable. So easy to use and full of valuable info..makes coin collecting easy..could not do without

Coin experts. All reviews are consistent and seems to be fare offers Thanks to y'all's commitment and everything being consistent thanks Jett

The real deal.. I’ve only been collecting coins for about 2 years now and this is the best app ever. It has helped me so much it’s unbelievable. Thanks for the invaluable help. Keep it up. Marv.

PCGS CoinFacts. Great way to keep up with top end coin values and keep track of my registry set 👍 Use this app every day my go to app for keeping up with my registry set coins

Blasko Farms. I think this is a fantastic tool for all coin collectors. From novice to professional collectors. I gotten a few people to start coin collections and they are quite pleased with this as well.

Good app. The app is great but it didn’t do what I thought it would. I thought it would identify coins. I will still give it five stars though because it is a great app just not what I was looking for

Excellent Tool. I use the app on a daily basis. The summary notes on each coin is a true education. Really appreciate access! Tim

Valuable Information (pun intended). Highly recommended! I go here often as it is a valued source of quick references and monetary updates. It’s beneficial to have an immediate reference when considering buying or selling. 5 Stars all the way! Thank you. LR

Great Source of Knowledge for US Coins. Detailed information on virtually all US coins from the late 1700’s on. Very high detailed photos of every specimen. Great “go to” online site for numismatics and bullion information.

Good page. enjoyed the information from you.

A Go-to Reference for U.S. coinage!. From Obverse and Reverse photos for U.S. coinage to mintage information to Major Varieties and Historical notes this is THE Go-to Reference for beginning to experienced collectors!

Newbie. But loving it so far very helpful! So much information, thanks!. All the information I’ve spent searching online for hours for in one app and it’s categorized beautifully !

Excellent. Wow! It’s like looking up something in an encyclopedia! I’m giving my age away! Packed with many facts and information. Excellent app👍

Coin Review. This site has loads of information about your coins, and is easy to use

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.2.3
Play Store com.collectors.pcgs.coinfacts
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

PCGS CoinFacts Coin Collecting (Versiyon 3.2.3) Install & Download

The application PCGS CoinFacts Coin Collecting was published in the category Reference on 27 September 2013, Friday and was developed by PCGS [Developer ID: 347349342]. This program file size is 39.71 MB. This app has been rated by 34,657 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. PCGS CoinFacts Coin Collecting - Reference app posted on 01 February 2022, Tuesday current version is 3.2.3 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.collectors.pcgs.coinfacts. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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PCGS CoinFacts Coin Collecting App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

v3.2.3 - Minor improvements ** If you love this app please leave a review! If you run into any issues email app@pcgs.com and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

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Best Paid Reference Apps List
App Name Released
Sibley Birds 2nd Edition 15 November 2018
1828 Webster Dictionary 19 December 2015
Bimma EWD - Wiring Diagrams 12 July 2023
CA Vehicle Code 2023 02 January 2014
Solar Eclipse by Redshift 04 July 2017

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Top Free App List
App Name Released
Google Chrome 28 June 2012
Amazon Prime Video 31 July 2012
ESPN BET 14 November 2023
Snapchat 13 July 2011
Amazon Shopping 03 December 2008

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Top Paid App List
App Name Released
SpongeBob SquarePants 21 January 2021
Purple Place - Classic Games 17 May 2019
Goblin Tools 31 May 2023
Plague Inc. 25 May 2012
The Last Game 14 September 2023

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