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Cinemark Theatres App Description & Overview

What is cinemark theatres app? Introducing the updated Cinemark Theatres app. Enjoy easy access to showtimes, movie tickets & info, and the Cinemark Movie Rewards program!

With the Cinemark app you can:
• Get tickets in advance
• Reserve your seats
• Access your Cinemark Movie Rewards account
• Browse your favorite theatres
• View your Gift Card balance
• View ticket purchase history

Cinemark Theatres offer additional amenities at select movie theatres including:
• Comfortable Luxury Loungers recliners
• More food and drink options, your favorite concession items, as well as dine-in options
• More ways to watch your favorite movies in Cinemark XD, RealD 3D, IMAX, and D-Box

Cinemark now presents Cinemark Movie Rewards: Your Path to Free Tickets & More! Become a Movie Fan for free and enjoy:
• Earn 1 point per $1 Spent
• Access member exclusives, advance screenings, and tickets
• Redeem points for rewards, tickets, concessions, and more

You can also upgrade to Cinemark Movie Club, the Movie-Lover’s Membership, and get more:
• One 2D ticket per month*
• Unused tickets roll over
• 20% off concessions
• Waived online fees
*Visit for details

If you experience app-related issues please click on More > Guest Services > Contact to report it.

Download the updated Cinemark app today!

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App Name Cinemark Theatres
Category Entertainment
Updated 20 September 2023, Wednesday
File Size 137 MB

Cinemark Theatres Comments & Reviews 2023

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Love. I am so happy that Waco has this Cinema. I am a mom with a toddler, I love the space between the rows. The have been keeping everything clean for the most part. The restrooms have been clean and we go as often as we are able. The staff is very friendly and all seam happy to be there. It’s so refreshing to be somewhere where the staff do not act as if something is owed to them. Please keep the cinema clean … we truly love coming !! ( As a mom the reclining seats are wonderful I am on my feet all the time . This is one of the o my times I truly get to relax. Oh, yes and I love that they are heated!!!)

Date Night. We are in our late 70s and have been married for 56 years. Friday night has been our date night for all these years except for when we could not be together (Navy deployments and Vietnam War). So we’ve been to a lot of theaters having lived in many different places including overseas. The Carolina is our favorite theater of all time! And being a member makes it even greater. We love being able to reserve our seats for NO FEE and the savings on concessions and free tickets we earn—we’ll you just can’t beat it! So thanks from two happy customers!

The app works fine, but you can’t put your Connections card or coupons into Apple Passbook/Wallet.. I use this app a lot and for what I use it for, it works well. Current and upcoming movies are easy to find, and showtimes are clearly laid out and default to the last theater I checked. It would be nice though if the Connections card and coupons were in the same place. When I’m at the register, I just want to quickly scan my rewards card, quickly scan the coupons, but these are on different screens. The clerks at the registers make me scan my Connections rewards card first, and from there, you then have to go through three other screens to get to the coupons in the My Rewards screen. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s annoying when you have to deal with children, the food you wanna buy, your wallet, and your phone. I’ve noticed that some theaters accept Apple Pay and a more seamless experience would be if I could use my watch to check in, redeem coupons, and pay for my tickets and food. Review update for 3.0 update: In the list of theaters, there's no way to toggle between nearest theaters and favorites. Very annoying.

Awesome!. Best thing ever!!! And it is so user friendly. Will never be without it I especially want to send a shout out to Ms. Soto and Ms. Hernandez at the Tinseltown Movies 20 in Pflugerville for the unbelievable service they gave to my family of 12. We purchased tickets on line and when we got to the theater there were some rude teenagers in our seats who acted like they had those seats. Finally after asking to see their tickets they were actually in the front row instead of the back row. From their body language I knew they were trying to pull a fast one. Because of the time it took to get it straight I missed a few min of the movie but and. Soto and Ms. Hernandez made it a wonderful experience. We were seeing Jumanji at Christmastime with my family. Thank you so much to these two ladies. I love Cinemark and the rewards program. Please let these two ladies know how much they meant to me.

Your software updates are TERRIBLE!!. I’m not sure what has recently happened with your software but it’s very frustrating! I applied for two of the last ‘special ticket giveaways’ (GEN V, can’t remember the other) and both times, half way through the process of applying, your system would not download/upload and kept giving me error messages. After at least ten attempts when the screen said I got the two tickets but had to click on “get tickets” again, the system would give error messages. The next day I logged in and it still offered me a chance to get the tickets, but when I selected the location, it was Sold Out, on BOTH giveaways. Which tells me you oversold the drawing to begin with and now you’re just wasting our time signing in and out to try to get free tickets. So either honor the tickets you said I was granted/won, by only giving enough tickets in the auditorium OR STOP SENDING ME OFFERS! Just now—I was making another ticket purchase and your system upgrade did NOT carryover my saved credit card information in my membership to make the purchase and had to re-enter the information. Fix the bugs!

Glitchy. It’s a great app, service, and theater company. However every time I’ve tried reserving tickets, if I leave the check out page within the app for any reason I lose my cart and yet can’t re-select my chosen seats for 10 min while they’re in limbo until the app cancels the previous purchase attempt since too much time has passed. But there’s no way to actually buy the tickets I’m reserving during that time. Part of leaving the check out page has been to add gift card info, or to re-select food/drink to be delivered thats not showing up on my order so I try to add it again and then lose the option to check out with the reserved tickets and have to wait. So that’s a glitch to be handled too please. Again, overall I’ll keep using the app cause the concept and design is great but please fix these issues.

Love this app, just a few suggestions. I’ve had the Cinemark app for about 2-3 years and I’ve easily saved over $200 in discounts. I am bummed that they raised the MovieClub price per month, but I can deal with it. The only frustrating thing about this app is THERE IS NO CART!!! You can’t find your cart anywhere. And when you go back to re-add your seats to the cart, the seats are grayed out like they’ve already been purchased, but they haven’t! It’s so frustrating and there really needs to be a more accessible and visible cart icon to access what you’ve already put in there. But otherwise, I love the app and MovieClub perks!

Glitches and seat purchasing malfunctions. This is second time the credit card scan option glitched while trying to purchase seats and when I restart the app the seats are gone and not because someone purchased them, but because they are still in the cart from my last attempt to but the tickets now it shows those seats are no longer available 😤 A bad problem to have when the seat purchasing requires customers to buy seats in advance but all the good seats are in someone’s cart that is no longer accessible 🤬

The best movie theatre. Pros: We love to support our local movie theatre. We love their service, the convenience of purchasing our tickets, being a club member for all the rewards and more, they keep it clean. I always ask for the freshest popcorn popping when I’m ordering. I love how they refund my money whenever one of our party doesn’t make the movies (note, you have to ask before your movie starts though) I love how they deliver our food to your seat. I take advantage of that service. We love the reclining and heated seats. 🤗🥰 Cons: Wished they brought back the free popcorn refill but I understand the cross contamination part due to Covid 19. Also wished they didn’t raise the price of the Tuesday rates but I understand there’s an inflation on everything nowadays..And a couple of times we visited they were completely out of napkins self help butter machines. They don’t put enough even when you ask to layer it. I love extra extra butter on my popcorn. We asked for some and they gave me some in a cup. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 We learned our lesson to bring our own napkins from home. And disinfectant wipes as we still wipe down the seats and hands before eating. Overall, we enjoy coming to Cinemark Renaissance Rialto. Just please bring back the popcorn refill. 🤞🤞

App Doesn’t Work. For the past several months this app hasn’t worked. I have attempted to delete and reinstall it multiple times without success. It was a great app and was working great until a couple months ago so I’ve revised my stars from 5 to 1. The app loads fine and I’m able to sign in to my account. However, when clicking in movie times I keep receiving an “Error loading page” screen. When I click try again nothing happens. The website seems to be working fine so it seems to be an issue with the app. Anyway, hope it gets fixed. I enjoyed the app before.

25% theater capacity limits.... ...make me want to hurl this app sometimes. I make a theater selection, it shows a bunch of available seats. I choose the number I want. Then when I check out, it says it’s sold out. Even if I go back in and unselect the seats, it won’t “forget” that I chose them for five minutes. I have to count the number of seats in the theater, divide by four, and count the number of seats taken to see if there’s enough for us. I’m a programmer and I know there’s a couple of things you can do to make it better. 1. Show the dang theater capacity and how many seats I can choose. Don’t let me choose more than I can. 2. Have a button where I can clear all of my previous selections. Simple ways to avoid customer aggravation. Do you guys even use this app to see how it works under these conditions??

Excellent Deals w/ this App. If you go to 2 or movies per month this is an incredible deal, especially if you buy for 2 or more people. You break even after the first movie and save big after that. This is also the easiest (only?) way to get a refund if you can't use your ticket. The app works perfectly every time. Might take awhile to get used to maneuvering within it, but that's ok for me. Hint: Be sure to highlight the star next to your favorite theaters. Makes life easier. Hint #2: always move your tickets to your phone's "wallet", in case phone reception is bad at the theater, which seems to happen a lot.

Notifications on now playing. Is it possible to some how notify me of changes to the current list of movies being played? For instance if the movie theater let’s say in this case Cinemark Legacy and XD (TX) is in my favorite theaters. Then when a new movie is set to play at the theater send a notification to either through email or the app. The movie not necessarily need to be new in terms of release date but new in terms of movies being played at that theater. Like when the movie “The Thing” was set to play again, getting notified would be extremely useful and could potentially earn much more business.

FROM THE EVERY MANS REVIEWER. Just bought the movie club monthly subscription and went to see the early premier of TOP GUN:MAVERICK I only paid for the $2.50 upgrade for the brand new movie. NOT ONLY DID TOPGUN MEET BUT IT EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS AND I HAVE TO ADMIT IT BUT IT WAS EVEN BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL. DONT GO FURTHER IF YOU DONT WANT ANY SPOILERS. Sorry original TG enthusiasts (me included). I am so grateful they used the original theme song here and the reminiscent photos and some other classic shots (new action of course). THE TRAILERS DONT SPOIL THE MOVIE, in many cases the trailers are the only great parts of the movie. DONT WORRY HERE TOM AND CREW GIVE AMAZINGLY FREAKING AWESOME PERFORMANCES. In some cases you can see the new faces that are simulate between ICEMAN AND MAVERICK but they don’t try and copy the original. The similar character traits between the original and new cast was done exceptionally well and in no way took anything away from the movie. THIS IS A MOVIE YOU NEED TO SEE IN THE THEATRE IM NOT EXAGGERATING HERE YOU NEED TO SEE IT ON BIG SCREEN IMAX!!!!! I will be seeing it again as often as I can in the theatre before it leaves. NOW IM JUST GETTING IN MY ADHD TEMPERAMENT BECAUSE I WANT IT NOW IN MY MOVIE BLUERAY COLLECTION.

Download the app. It’s a good app. I say this because the process of purchasing a ticket is easy and I haven’t had an errors with the app which is a plus! Once you purchase your movie tickets your skipping the lines to purchase because you already downloaded them to your phone which is a plus! Picking your seats are easy as well when purchasing your tickets the only down fall about that is that when you click on the seating area it don’t pop up like ticket master to share where your sitting until you pick the seats and go about securing them which isn’t a big deal if you know where you like to sit. Other than that the app is great download it and explore this free app.

Like the rewards but don’t like the recent update. I like being able to get rewarded for going to the movies. However, I have 2 big issues with the app. First off, if I forget to scan the QR for points at the movies, there is not any missed transaction section to put those points in later or at least from what I can tell there’s not. The other thing is the updated rewards scale/points system & options of rewards. The points scale use to 25, 75, and I think 250. However, there is less points thresholds now. So it makes it a lot more difficult to get reward because now you have to have more points to even get anything. Also, I don’t even see the $1 or $3 off concessions anymore. So that is a little bit of a letdown.

Seating chart. I had difficult time viewing the seats available. Seating chart show only one line so I have to enlarge repeatedly. Once enlarge I still could not see the whole chart. Took several times to finally see the whole chart displayed because I wanted 2 seats in a row. I ended up waiting for 5 mins by going backward from the showtime screen to restart the seats selection. So frustrated. I have been members for several years. When can I obtain a free member ticket? It was usually granted once a month in the past before the pandemic. It would be nice to receive some kind of news to members through your app or email would be nice.

Where’s the cart?. Everything on this app is easy and functional except the cart. When adding food for pickup, if you go back to look at something else, there is no easy way to return to the cart. I spent 20 minutes looking in the various menus for the cart. Eventually, I tried to add another ticket and it told me I had to finish the food purchase before I could get the tickets. I was able to edit the cart from there. My sister gave up and went back in this morning. Overnight it cleared out and she was able to order like normal. Users are essentially shopping in this app. Please make the cart accessible.

Ok, but…. This is a pretty good app, overall. It does what I need it to do, although it can be a bit glitchy at times. Mostly when trying to checkout. My biggest problem with it is that there are no options to checkout without entering in a card number other than the express pay option. Why do we not have the option to use Apple/Samsung pay? Or at the very least, PayPal??? It would make the experience so much better. And a note about express pay option, it doesn’t work. I tried using it 4 times in a row. It does nothing after selecting your card information and authorizing to proceed with purchase. Please give us more payment options. I will hate this app if I have to type a card number in every time I want to make a purchase and I do NOT like saving my card information.

Fees for online purchasing.. Although I find the online ordering system somewhat convenient it confuses me and rather upsets me that using it costs in my case almost $10 in fees. It is as much if not more of a convenience for the business than the customer. This system prevents long lines, messy lobbies which both cause chaos and liabilities as well as cuts down the amount of workers needed to run the theatre. The fact that it is a per ticket instead of a per order charge almost makes it feel like I am being robbed. This is the first and last time I will use the system due to the charges. I will just bring my crazy crew in and have them cause chaos in the lobby and drop their soda and popcorn all over the place.

Best App Ever!. For about 3 years I had Fandango, I thought I was saving money but in reality all I got was a chance to get a free poster with $5.99 shipping charge. One day my wife ordered tickets off Fandango but we were unable to make the show time because my son was not feeling well. We tried to change show times and get a credit but we were unable to get ahold of FANDANGO AND WHEN WE DID they refused to give us a refund because the time of the showing had passed. My wife was on the phone for 30 minutes!!! She had called before the show time but it took them that long to answer so we got the short end of the stick! I was upset and disappointed that me being a loyal customer for so long Fandango treated me and my wife as just another transaction. As we arrived at the Rave theater at NorthEast mall ( Our Favorite spot) I spoke with the manager and told him my frustration. Even though he did not have anything to do with the situation he gave me and my family free tickets to accommodate my loss. That day I deleted My Fandango app and downloaded Cinemark. There is so much more savings with Cinemark no middle man involved, rewarded with free tickets constantly, discounts on drink and beverages! My only regret is not switching over soon enough. As a huge Movie fan My family and I thank you Cinemark for putting customer satisfaction first.

Not User Friendly - Even for Millennials. This app is cumbersome to use. It is not user friendly, in that I’m a millennial, and I have to spend an excessive amount of time searching for simple tasks/items I want to use on a regular basis. When looking to redeem points, dumb stuff like free T-shirt’s is first, when what should be viewable is drinks and popcorn. Using Cinemode to get the largest rewards is becoming less and less attractive as apps like RunPee are insanely popular and easy to use during movies, while being discrete, not causing sound or light disturbance. Possibly expand to something like that? Your app has not improved AT ALL in the past 1.5 years I’ve been using it. And few employees on the ground can answer any questions about it. Over all, not a good app at all.

Not allowed to watch because he’s not old enough?. So the title might be misleading, but On October 13th. Me(20M) and my younger brother(13M) wanted to go watch Halloween Ends, you know the continuation of the Halloween movie from last year. I was completely aware that he could not attend the movie by himself due to being under age but when purchasing the tickets it specifically said that the minor had to be accompanied by a PARENT/GUARDIAN that was over the age of 18. When coming to the podium and showing them my ID proving I was of age, they asked the ID for my younger brother, but I tried to explain that I was going to be watching with him as his guardian. Unfortunately they told us that was not allowed and that a legal parent had to attend with him or else we were not allowed inside. I was pretty disappointed by the fact that his older biological and of age brother could not be consider his guardian. As if Michael was actually going to pop out. I know rules are rules, but could they at least be specific when it comes them? Your telling me if one were to attend a rated R movie with their adult older sibling they would not be allowed in because they aren’t parent and child? The best they could do to consolidate us with a refund but they said they would gives us in store credit for another movie or in store cash for that specific Cinemark. Come on. Really?

Excellent customer service. They really listen to feedback and work to resolve problems on the spot. I let them know one time their butter dispensers weren’t working and the manager immediately went over and unclogged them. Another time, there was sound but no picture at the beginning of the Oppenheimer movie. They fixed the problem and started the movie from the beginning again. When we exited the theater, they passed out complimentary tickets. They really go out of their way for the customer.

Good Program Bad App. We love the program, love buying our tickets in advance, discounted tickets and food. We love picking our seats. The app, however isn’t great. It’s hard to find the movie you want and buying tickets works great unless you need to change something during the purchase. The buttons are small and I started to buy senior tickets for my 14 year old. It doesn’t show that clearly until you are about to buy. I backed out of the transaction okay, but all 7 seats I had selected are now blocked. The good news is that there were other good seats.

Super convenient!!. Love the app. Love being in the movie club. The app makes everything super convenient to buy tickets in advance. I love the discounts and the points. I love that the tickets roll over if we don’t use them. There is absolutely nothing negative to say about subscribing to the movie club. The discounts at the concession stand are great. The points you earn accumulate to money off food and drinks once you earn so many. When buying tickets on the app you can skip lines and go straight to walking into your theater location. I’ve not experienced one drawback from using the app or paying for the movie club subscription.

In construction phase. Great prices, great food and drink. Popcorn is more consistent than a year ago. Use to be a different popcorn/butter taste every other time I went. Right now there is limited movies to choose from. Foreign language films are more plentiful this year than before, it seems like. Very clean theater, including bathrooms. Cleanup crew does an excellent job in between showings in each theater. I gave them 3 stars because of their revamping 1/2 the theaters. I anticipate that when they get done modernizing the 1st 1/2 of the theaters; they will jump over to the other 1/2. Which in the long run probably means higher prices, just like the rest of the country.

Roll Right On In!!!. With your cell phone as the movie ticket! You scan your cell phone at theater entry booth, and “TADA” they give you your tickets so U can Roll right in with ease! No long lines ever again! And you don’t have to pay the online fees with the movie club card! The only downside is, the reward system. WoW, $0.25 hole cents off something you don’t want to buy in the first place! I wish loyal customers would actually get real rewards without having all your points disappear at the end of the year, for this they get a massive F-

Convenient app. user friendly app. Sometimes if you select seats, proceed to checkout and then have a need to go back and either update seats or guest type, you get locked out of the cart and unable to go back and purchase. I usually have to wait the 5-7 mins for the seat selection timer to run out before I go back and start all over. I’ve lost seats due to this faulty area of the app. Hope this can be fixed soon. Also if chair recliner in theaters are broken, take them offline so we don’t have to select them then go to theater and realize chair malfunction. It’s very upsetting. In this Covid-19 era, we can’t be moving around like before because seats are assigned and 6 feet distance has to be observed. Anyways, I’m COVID-19 vaccinated so I’m not too paranoid anymore.

Password reset. As an update been well over 24 hours and still have yet to receive a single email. Who sending automated emails was so hard. So have tried 3 times to get password reset email but can’t seem to get it. I don’t know how hard it is or what exactly goes into getting those emails out. So tried twice on the email I know is the right one the first try it’s been about half the day the second try on the right email has been about 5 mins. I even tried on an email I know is not my right email but wanted to see if I would get an email there as well but didn’t. I have checked my emails and even spam and nothing. Stuff like this that seems like an easy thing is making it real easy to never be a premium member again like I was when the program first rolled out. If this is how easy tasks are handled I don’t want to know what a difficult task is handled like.

Loves Cinemark. I love love this app! Its easy to browse the different times for movies in different theaters that are close. Also super great to be able to purchase tickets ahead of time. While I have not gotten a whole lot of points I was able to redeem a few merchandise items so that was so cool to do. I’m also bought in to be a Cinemark member so I get great discounts for movies even premier events which brings ticket prices down and as an older sister of 3 I’m always buying 2 or more tickets so discounts are great! My only complaints is the cinemode feature which when you turn it on during a movie and then turn it off when it ends, it should give you a discount or coupon (I’m all about discount though these aren’t that great) but often mine keeps crashing in the theater. As well as looking for a more convenient way to look up seat arrangements it’s hassling to have to press the amount of ticket that are going to be purchased then the thumb print (iOS) while trying to quickly get a check on what’s available. Nothing that is a deal breaker but would love to have easier navigation.

Support is lacking when help requested. Contacted this developer due to not being able to access the app after I had changed iPhones. The app appears stuck in a login loop, and just shows “something went wrong, try again” when attempting to refresh and log in. Provided all the info that was requested, to include screenshots of the app version, the error messages, and device info (make/model/iOS), and haven’t received any reply, after inquiring a few times. I deleted and reinstalled the app, along with installing a fresh iOS on said device, without resolution, which is why I reached out for assistance. No point in an account if I am not able to access it. I still see the same errors after updating to the current version, and app developer support has ghosted me, as I have sent two emails requesting updates over the last 72 hours with zero response. You lost a customer here.

Great savings. With this app I get to save constantly with rewards. Yes I admit in the beginning I never used it when I bought tickets or anything but when I did start using it and got $3 off and $5 off basically every time I went it was nice. Yes I’d save by just sneaking something in 😂but that’s against the rules and the high prices at movie theaters around the world is just apart of the experience. The workers are nice and honest. I asked a worker named wesel or something like that about what he thought of the movie black Adam and he was honest when he said it was a movie he’d rather watch at home than the theaters. Anyway the workers are great and fast and give you everything you need. Don’t be afraid to ask to turn down the temperature or something because they’ll do it!. They put customers first and make sure everything is a-ok with you.

Stay Away!. I was excited to download this app. We go to 1 of 3 CineMark theaters in our area at least 3 times a month. Plus we’d just gotten a $100 CineMark gift card. So I thought it would be easier to just use the CineMark app versus Fandango. I tried to purchase 4 tickets through the app and the transaction never completed on my end. I never received a confirmation and my app doesn’t show any transactions in my purchase history, but the amount was deducted from the gift card. I called guest services and Jason was able to see a completed transaction on his end. I told him I never got confirmation and if I would’ve gotten tickets, I would not have purchased the tickets through Fandango for another theater. He sounded perturbed, but he said he would refund the price of the tickets. I went back in to check my gift card balance, and instead of a refund, an additional $14 was deducted from the card. I guess I’ll be using Fandango from now on. I hate that $78 of our friends’ money was wasted and I’m glad I didn’t save my credit or bank card in my profile.

Makes me not want to go to the Movies. Conceptually the app is laid out nicely and is intuitive. It allows the user to select many options and load up a shopping cart like many other similar apps. The reason for 2 stars is that it doesn’t work and will not allow you to make a purchase. You go through all of the steps, go to checkout, and it says you need to select seats but won’t let you update anything. Very frustrating! If they are trying to make it easy to go to the movies they aren’t doing a very good job of it. Maybe there just happened to be an issue with it when I downloaded and tried to use it. Either way I think I’ll just stay home and stream something.

Always a Great Theater Experience!. My husband and I retired and moved to Myrtle Beach about a year ago. We thought we’d occasionally take advantage of the Senior Movie Day since the Cinemark theater is conveniently located right at the main entrance at the Grand Coastal Mall which is very close to our house (We also really like supporting the mall), and right at the Food Court. That allows us to eat there and shop in the mall either before or after the movie. We were so impressed from the start at how comfortable the theater seats, and love that we can reserve our seats in advance. The folks at the theater are always so friendly and accommodating, and our “occasional” movie has turned into a weekly event that we always look forward to! Tracy and Cherrie Welch

Game-Changer. Check this out! I recently downloaded the Cinemark app and I have to say, it's been a game-changer for my movie-going experience. The app is incredibly easy to use and allows me to conveniently book tickets, browse showtimes, and even select my favorite seats in advance. One of my favorite features of the Cinemark app is the ability to purchase concessions ahead of time. This means no more waiting in long lines during peak movie times. I simply order my snacks and drinks through the app, and they're ready for me to pick up when I arrive at the theater. Talk about convenience! Not only does the app make the entire movie-watching process smoother and more efficient, but it also offers exclusive deals and promotions that are only available to app users. I've scored some great discounts on tickets and concessions, which is an added bonus. Overall, I highly recommend the Cinemark app to any movie lover. It's easy to use, convenient, and enhances the entire movie-going experience. Whether you're booking tickets, browsing showtimes, or pre-ordering concessions, this app has got you covered. Say goodbye to long lines and hello to a seamless movie experience. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!" I hope this review captures your thoughts about the Cinemark app! Yours truly, Cinemagoer JS

Cinemark Theater: Temple Tx. I love the idea of another Theater in Temple Texas other than Premier. I enjoy these Seats that is basically a Comfortable Recliner (Like Home) to see a Movie, with friends, food, & Fun. What I enjoy most is Lounging to see a Movie & Even though I may go alone, I am surrounded by Others that Laugh, Cry, & Enjoy the Movie with me, that I don’t know, Who love to do the same! I Encourage all who enjoy watching Movies, yrt are tired of watching alone at home, OR Cleaning up after inviting others to come over to watch Movies In your home…Come to the Cinema!! You’re Not alone!! Enjoy a recliner, a Meal, & Good Movie, as we all enjoy it together!! Sabrina of Temple Tx

Works well but big bug on new iPhone XR. This app does a lot. I really like it. But for some reason the app doesn’t seem to know that the XR is a FaceID device. I already had the app installed and was using TouchID on my old device. I upgraded to the new XR and then every time I tried to purchase tickets, the app would crash at the point it was trying to display the TouchID prompt. I deleted and reinstalled the app and when signing in, there is a “use TouchID” option even though this is a FaceID device. If I sign in with the TouchID option marked, the app immediately crashes. On an iPhone X and an iPhone XS, that TouchID option isn’t even available. So it appears the developers don’t know anything about the XR. Hope they fix this soon because I prefer using biometrics when purchasing tickets.

Awesome App. Just great. Especially if you have the movie club. Worth the monthly fee. You get the monthly fee back, and more, if you’re an avid movie goer. Very convenient - no need to stay in line for tickets. Convenience fee is waived - that’s a $1.50 extra a ticket if you don’t have the movie club - it adds up, trust me. You’re free movie rolls over - we usually go to the movies on matinee days so we just pay for the movies and save the free movie tickets for regular movie days - which are a lot of expensive obviously. I’d recommend this app to anyone. Especially if you’re looking to save some $$$. Who wouldn’t, right?

Food selection when ordering tickets. Cinemark need to update the app. After purchasing tickets it give you the option to order food and drinks ahead of time. So you either can have it delivered to your seat or pick it up at the time you choose. My only complaint is it don’t give you all the option for food products you can choose. It say do to food supply or something like that. But when I get to the theater they have the pizza that I would have rather ordered than a hot dog. They have nachos but that isn’t an option in the app neither. Cinemark need to change this in the app. All options of food should be available.

Painfully basic. Not sure why this app has such high ratings, it’s an incredibly simple app... The “movies” tab should have all movies that are currently out and also have like six months worth of UPCOMING movies. They got five... the movies tab should be like a mini IMDb or something. Anyway I’m trying to buy a ticket for Spiral that THEY ARE advertising on their app, and you can’t even do it through their poopy simple child app. Unbelievably irritating. The app is just so embarrassing, zero depth, almost no thought put into it, the design is as basic as humanly possible, red and white COOL, maybe you could make a more advanced design seeing as there’s only TWO colors to this apps design. I’m sure Cinemark isn’t paying the developers enough money, and this was the best they could make, so this message goes to Cinemark... Y’all are cheapskates, pay them more for a better app. Anyway it makes me wanna puke 2 stars 🤢🤮

Fix the iPad tablet bug!!. I agree with other posts that since update offering monthly subscription I can’t get to the movies! No way to click on “don’t show again”. If I couldn’t get it to work on my iPhone I wouldn’t be able to book tickets on a mobile device on this site. It’s Shameful the way app versions are released these days and not tested in the real world. Tried deleting and signing in again, when trying to access the local Theatres it takes you to a map where you are locked into the screen. If I could give this app a ZERO I would, plus fire all the app developers.

Perfect except removal of tickets to apple wallet. I have been using the app for years now and cannot remember a single real issue since I started using it. However, they recently removed one of the most convenient features. You can no longer add tickets to the apple wallet. This is a bizarre step backwards. They had the best theater experience possible and then just made it worse. I could previously get through the concession stand and ticket booth without ever having to open my phone and get into an app. I could double click my lock button and access my tickets, my movie club membership, and pay for snacks all without having to navigate anything. Please please please bring back the ability to add movie tickets to apple wallet. Other than that, everything else works wonderfully.

Glitchy app. The mobile app is glitchy. The app wants you to select your favorite theater but, even if you’ve done that, it still makes you scroll through all of the other showtimes for all of the other theaters in the area. And the app HATES scrolling. When scrolling, the app jumps back and forth between theaters, sometimes obscuring the time that you want to see if you’re lucky enough to eventually get to the theater that you wanted. If you need to change your payment method, DON’T do it on the app. It’s a hot mess. It didn’t save and seemed to time out. I fought with the app for 30 minutes and finally gave up on it and had to do the transaction on the laptop. Also, when I tried to purchase snacks after buying tickets, the app wouldn’t let me unless I also bought a movie ticket. It was too stressful. I’d like to be able to use the app more because I prefer our local Cinemark theater but this app doesn’t make being a member any fun. Hope you can improve the app.

LOVE MY CINEMARK!. We love our local Cinemark - West Plano! That we can drive to it in under 5 minutes and see all of the best new releases, in the comfort of roomy luxury recliners, is awesome. To see so many great action adventure and sci-fi films in the 3-D D-Box seats is akin to being in the actual movie and experiencing all of the movements and vibrations while in a realistic 3-D visual concept. The Kettle Corn at our CINEMARK is it’s own food group, the staff are always friendly and accommodating and the theaters are always clean and enjoyable...not too hot and not too cold! It’s the most reasonably priced entertainment in town! We joined the CINEMARK Movie Club when it was first introduced, and have really gotten our money’s worth many times over! Thank you for that. 🇺🇸😉👍🏼

Good App. I like it because it’s just like Fandango, I used to buy more tickets on there but I usually go to Cinemark theaters more often. So I thought this app was a no brainer. You can buy a $10 subscription which comes with a free ticket and others benefits, of course the free ticket is the $10 spent on the subscription. Which sounds stupid, but you get 20 percent off food and snacks, no online fees, and it comes in handy when you have multiple people, even if you do go to the movies yourself it’s still useful as the 20 percent off it awesome and not having to pay the online fees is cool as well, there is a llantium benefit if you do go to the movies more often than usual but all in all a good app with good benefits.

The best movie place! Just needs two more upgrades... The membership is rewarding. Discounts on everything! Free tickets every month plus member prices to buy tickets for friends. Tuesday are $5 days and there’s more showings then AMC ! The ultimate date night for people that don’t want to waste money every week. Love love love the app. Just skip to the ticket collector and he scans your phone, so fast and easy. Buying them online is so easy as well and you can even add seat delivery or pickup food and drinks. I just wish they added Apple Pay and kids “snack packs” on the mobile app. Then this place would be a 5/5.

Modernize Already!!!. This app is the most ancient of apps when it comes to user friendliness, which means it wasn’t designed to make your life easy. You can’t purchase tickets within the app. You’re rerouted to the online site which doesn’t remember you despite you choosing that option. Once you finally get signed on, you don’t have the option to use ApplePay which is a headache of headaches because you have to input your credit info—such a waste of time. There’s nothing convenient about a movie ticketing app that doesn’t let you use it for the entire buying process, from your movie choices to the ticket purchase. Fandango is so much better but I can’t get discounts for this theatre through them anymore. I’m not sure where the 5 star ratings are coming from but this app isn’t iPhone user friendly and it deserves 0 stars.

Current version needs to be fixed. The current release of this app saw the removal of your saved gift cards from the home screen. It used to be so easy to access the gift card bar codes to scan come payment time. Not only was easy access to your gift cards removed, there was no way to access the gift card barcodes at all in the app anymore. This caught me off guard at the movie theater today and after spending several minutes trying to figure out how to access my saved gift cards in the app, I had no choice but to pay with a credit card. Another flaw of the Cinemark app and the Cinemark website overall is the overly complicated and convoluted process of adding gift cards to your account on the app. I literally had to read the instructions word by word, several times before I was able to figure out how to add gift cards to my account. For some reason they don’t allow you to do it directly from your account on the app. You first have to go to your account on ther website, and then manually register your gift cards—they really made the process of adding gift cards to your account as difficult and complicated as possible.

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Booking tickets. Online line booking fees much too high.

Buggy. Repeatedly freezes and crashes when I attempt to scan a credit card.

App is garbage. Have been trying to buy tickets for the past hour with no success. It’s ridiculous that this company doesn’t have a basic app nor website UX design for me to PAY! I’m currently in Bogota, Colombia and company’s first impression has been terrible. Website is useless to process membership payments and ticket payments, and the app didn’t even recognize I was in Colombia. They are huge here, and you have a $1 UX design for customers. Unbelievable. Go somewhere else, it looks like they don’t want your money.

Best app for movie tickets. I wouldn't buy movie tickets anywhere else. Way to go Cinemark. This app rocks!

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Easy and convenient. The app takes forever to load, and you have to wait for it load ads and other nonsense that should come later. but once you get through with that, it works fine. It only offers deal and perks on food, pop corn, soda, candy, etc, which the worst things to eat anytime, especially when sitting in the dark with a movie to take your mind off wanting to eat. But that’s just me, who’s never found a healthy thing to eat in a movie theater

Easy to use app. The Cinemark app is very easy to navigate, and use. I am happy with the comeback classics currently being played in the Cinemark theatres. The app allows me to find which theatre is playing specific movies, and what time. I can only suggest that Cinemark could please us, their loyal customers, by showing “Aliens” and the original “Predator” on the big screen. Trust me, those will help bring back some customers. Keep up the good work.

South Point Cinemark. Just a few words for the staff at Cinemark. I do appreciate the friendliness of the staff from when you purchase your ticket and especially that nice man that collects your tickets when you enter , always helpful and ALWAYS SOMETHING NICE TO SAY. Friendly concession staff from concession stand employees to cashiers I have nothing negative to say except THANK YOU. If there is anything that is not positive to say is that concession stand prices are a little high but I do appreciate the senior citizens prices. Every movie I have ever seen has been a positive experience for me. Thank you and keep up the good work!!!!!!👍🏽

App is good but $8.99 for this pass thing.... Have you guys heard of MoviePass?!?! For $9.99 we get 1 2D movie per day!!!! Rather than 1 per month. I realize with MoviePass, Cinemark still gets their money per ticket but I’d imagine if the actual movie companies came out with a subscription service like this rather than charging so much per ticket, they’d be doing a lot better and would attract a lot more business. I feel like MoviePass is how it should be and is going to be in the future when it comes to the moviegoing experience. Basically, don’t give Cinemark that $8.99 a month, give it to MoviePass because they’re not money grubbing butts. And no, I don’t work for them!

Movie 🎥 Club Member. I must say that I am a Cinemark movie club member. And I am very happy that I am. I was a little reluctant in the beginning to join but now that I see that the benefits outweigh any of my doubts that I might have had. This is an amazing program that Cinemark movie theater has come up with. I do recommend this to anyone that Frequence this particular movie chain is a great deal. Especially when I take my daughter and my grandchildren out to the movies and they buy pizzas and pop corn 🌽 and drinks and candy 🍬 and I can get 20% off at the concession stand that’s an awesome deal dude 😀

Gap between seats.. Had to do 2 purchases. One for 5 seats and one for 3 seats. I wanted to purchase 8 total seats. The row had 11 available seats and the app wouldn't let me select the 8 all together because it would leave a 1 seat gap at either end. So I had to do 2 different purchases. This needs to be looked into. Wow, one other complaint - when I tried sending this message it wanted me to add a nickname. I have tried 6 different variations and it says that the nickname is taken. I made one up with letters and numbers (assffghjkl) and it said it was taken. Highly unlikely. This needs to be fixed as well. It's preventing me from leaving a negative review.

Club membership. This club membership is great for families who attend the movies quite often. I have a family of 5 and the membership helps when we are on a budget and all of us want to go to the movies. Every month you redeem a free ticket and if you attend the movies every 3-5 months you can redeem your free tickets so I can take everyone to the movies for free when I redeem 5. Also snacks are 20% off and I use the money I saved for the tickets on snacks. It’s great I love it!

Cannot order correct food. Can no longer order fountain drinks other than Coke products. I only drink diet Dr Pepper. And when I take my kids I would order them Rootbeer. Can no longer do that. And only size popcorn available is Jumbo size. I usually go to movies by myself and all I want is a small or medium size popcorn. What is the purpose of being able to preorder concessions when you can’t order the sizes or beverages you want. Strongly considering not renewing my Movie Fan club membership. I have called corporate several times to only hear different versions of why it’s that way but no one seems to want to relay the issue on so it can be corrected. Not at all pleased with Cinemark.

New update is awful. Why would Cinemark change their app? It was easy to use. Now it's just a poorly designed webpage that's outdated and harder to use. I'm deleting the app. I can just go to the browser to see the website. Who calls theaters anymore or cares what they look like when using their app? They also added a way to email the Cinema. Who does that? Then they make you scroll through movies and showtimes... People open so app because they are looking for either a particular movie or to see what's playing (the way you guys had it before) them they decide to check showtimes. Also the pictures of the d-box, kiosk, seating etc they used is like 6 years old dated pics that doesn't reflect the current seating and kiosk that are much improved. They stepped back in time. They either fired and Junior designer or am old designer that didn't understand native mobile apps and how to design for them. Heck maybe a developer designed this... Cinemark you missed the mark. You're competition is now way a head of you. Apps should be easy and fast to use.

Great family place/date night. My family of five we always go at least three times a month. we have the Cinemark rewards app we’re members and we just love going here. Also when my husband and I need a time to escape we go to the movies. Now that the Pandemic happened, my rewards always stayed active, and now a family movie night is legit under $50. That includes each kid (3) their own kid pack, and hubby and I share a LG popcorn, with two LG. Icee’s. #momwin#

Not bad compared to others. On its own, this app is decent. It’s easy to purchase tickets and send them to Apple Wallet. Interface is clean. However, here is what I would like to see implemented for me to rate this app five stars: The Cinemark Movie Club - of all the competition available, AMC has the best deal at $20/month for unlimited movies (one per day). AMC also has Dolby Cinema (Vision/Atmos) that utilizes two Christie 4K laser projectors, each costing over $100,000. XD isn’t even in the same league as Dolby Cinema. So, why am I paying $9/month to get one free ticket per month with Cinemark Movie Club? Because we don’t have AMC theaters in my city. Please offer a better deal.

Buggy, surcharges, points expirations, dishonest. The people who run this theater chain run it in a dishonest and moronic fashion and are in fact running it into the ground. No customer service of note. They recently expired thousands of my points presumably because I haven’t been in the theater because of Covid. Wow, unbelievably insensitive. They really upset me. I bought so many tickets in the past to movie parties.. this will stop once I use up my credits and leave the program. Plus they are back to the habit of charging surcharges for inexplicable reasons.. total bait and switch and abandonment of the exact promise of the movie program.. to boot the app is garbage. You can’t pick a theater. The program times keep changing, etc..

Good overall, some needed improvements. I wish they would add a “watchlist” to add movies that are now showing or coming up. This would alleviate scrolling through the entire list of movies every time and allow users to easier check on movies that I want to keep an eye on as the dates get closer. I’ve also found myself wishing there was more detail around the history of transactions, movie credits and points accumulated. Overall a really good app though! Minor complaints, just things that would improve day-to-day experience for long-time/frequent app users

Love this app. Love how easy this app is to use for basically everything. Now with concessions being open it allows you to not only order concessions from the app (no combos and limited menu somewhat but that could be location based so not taking away stars) but it allows you to have them delivered to your seat. It may seem extra and “if you’re going to the movies during Covid why do you care” but it’s a nice touch for those who want to stay safe but attempt to return to a bit of normalcy.

App not processing transaction. Over the last month, I’ve noticed the Cinemark app is unable to process seat requests and payment information for ticket purchases. I have to resort to using my laptop to complete the transaction. Even the website is slightly problematic, but at least I can purchase the tickets. Whenever I attempt to make a request through the app, the screen shows the "processing request wheel" or "status wheel," but there is no progress. The request remains stuck in the processing stage. When I close the app, the tickets I wanted are displayed in a grayed-out state, indicating their unavailability for purchase. As suggested by customer support, I’ve waited 15-20 minutes for the spinning wheel to complete its process. It’s still not processing. It takes five minutes for the seats I desire to become available again after closing the app. Due to the longevity of the problem, I don’t think it’s my devices.

Having Some Problems. I've been a member of the club for almost a year and up until now everything has worked great. The last 3 movies I've bought tickets for I've had technical issues in bringing up the tickets. When I go to my tickets in the menu and choose the movie I bought tickets for, the app turns itself off and I can't get to the barcode. Luckily I was able to bring up the email and use that but I've printed it out the last two times to make sure I had it. Any thoughts?

I love this theater!. This theater is so comfortable, with reclining seats and tables. They even have a service where they bring your concessions to you during the previews if you pre-order online with your tickets. Just when you think they can’t improve the movie going experience when they updated theaters with auditorium seating, then reclining seats, then tables, now they bring concessions to you so you can skip the line. Nice job, Greenback Cinemark!

Old version was so much better.. The seat legend to reserve seating is difficult to use. Expanding the screen to select a seat is not easily responsive to touch, difficult to maneuver and is really blurry. Also once you highlight the seats you want you still have to select the number of seats under the legend where on the old version selecting the seat did that for you. I loved the previous version of the app. Bring it back!! This is only a review of the app functionality not Cinemark!

Best Deal in Town. I’ve been a Century Theatre patron for as long as I can remember, but when I left the Bay Area and moved to Southern California I was disappointed because there is only one Cinemark Theate in the San Fernando Valley. I’ve been going to the Century theater in North Hollywood for over 20 years and it was getting a little rundown, but after the remodel it’s now the best deal in town with its recliner seats, discounts and reasonable ticket prices. I only wish there were more Cinemark theatres in the LA area. Hey Cinemark!!!!! There’s a new mall being built called NoHo West. How about adding a theater there? Don’t let the other guys move in.....

Reservations. The App does not really log you in to use your credits. Even though the only option is to ‘log off’. Therefore you select a movie time and reserve a seat but it shows you have to pay. You have to re-login and then the seat you chose is ‘not available’ because the system thinks someone reserved it when you haven’t even completed the reservation and thus you can’t reselect the seat. You have to close the app, wait and try again and hope no one else has jumped in and took the seat you wanted. Sometimes it becomes available again and sometimes it doesn’t.

Love but wish…... I love Cinemark, they are my favorite theater. I am a movie club member. However, I don’t like that they won’t let me get more than 2 tickets at the member rate of $9.99, and they no longer refill harkins cups. That is a real incentive for people to change theaters. If you are not going to except harkins cups, then at least have your own discount refill cups. I know people that will literally go to the theater that they have a discount cup to. In these trying times, every dollar matters

Monthly ticket. It’s nice to know that you have a ticket credit to use when you are ready to watch a movie, however, I wish the program would allow me to NOT use my credit if I don’t want to. For example, because I have children, I often go to matinees..... where the cost of a ticket is less than the $8.99 I pay monthly for the service...... well I’m paying more per month for the service than I am getting credit for on the movie. I wish I was NOT forced to use the credit when I watch a matinee,

Worst theater I have ever been too.. I love movies and have lived in many states. Cinemark is the worst. No free refill after you spend way too much on a large popcorn. Take 1/2 of it home then return for the refill and they say. Only option is to buy a new one. For health reasons? Really popcorn with fake butter is healthy? A large water is 4.50. They are the only franchise in town. So they take advantage of their guests. I still love movies but hate Cinemark. Tinsel town at least has nice seats. I have stopped going to the one in White City just bad food and bad service.

App Experience. I absolutely love using my app it is very convenient and easy to use. It allows me to purchase my tickets while laying in bed. Lol or at work. Even as early as on a Wednesday! When you arrive at the movie theater, it’s so easy just have your app open to scan your barcode, when scanned your tickets print out right away! After that just grab your popcorn or schedule ti have it brought to your seat and enjoy the movie! I love it!!

It used to be a 5 star app, but now.... that I updated to the latest iOS software, whenever I go to try to use the app to order movie tickets, all that comes up is the Cinemark splash screen. We love movies and will continue to go to Tinseltown to watch movies, but it’s not as convenient to pull up the purchased movie tickets or movie discounts as it used to. I can’t even use my movie club discount at the concession stand because the app doesn’t work.

Love this app.. I love this app. I’ve been going to my local theater since I was 15. I’m 33 now, and now enjoy taking my own children. I’m a loyal customer, and only go to my local Cinemark Tinseltown for movies any time! We go so often every year, I always make it to Platinum membership! Worth it too with 20% off concessions and no extra charges or fees when you order your tickets online! Monthly subscription is a great option!

Bring back the time option please. Wish they would bring the option to see what movies are playing at a specific time. It is so much easier to see what’s playing that way instead of having to scroll through all the titles and then try to remember what plays at what time when I can only go at a certain time. Also the “rewards” for the connections is a joke. Like a T-shirt that you don’t even get to pick what size you get. Why would anyone waste points on something they most likely won’t be able to fit into. And most of the options for rewards aren’t even good and require a lot of points.

Reward perkies. I always doubted about signing up for the rewards Cinemark. But one day I was like why not I come every week with my family, get to reserve seats online, buy tickets, don’t have to wait the line. Go strait to the ticket booth and scan my barcode for my tickets. What more can I ask for. The sweet deal doesn’t even end there, you get 20% off the concession stand!! All you’re purchases. And on top of that every month you get a free movie ticket, What more can you ask for. I don’t know why people don’t hop on the app. Best decision ever if you’re a movie go-er.

Great, but needs to offer payment options.. I’m a member of movie club and this app works great for getting tickets in advance without paying additional fees. The concession discounts that come with this membership is great. The only complaint I have is it doesn’t allow me to pay by credit card instead of using my ticket credit. For instance if I’m going to an early bird showing, I don’t want to use my ticket credit when I can pay just $9 for the show. Five stars if they start to offer this feature!

Quick & Happy App!. This app is fast and efficient. Takes only seconds to make the purchase if you know what you want. I also recommend joining the monthly movie club, even if it's just to avoid the online booking fees. One thing to pay attention to, though, is that the app automatically applies your movie club credits to every purchase. So if you don't want your credits applied to a particular movie, say it's a matinee or Tuesday special (which are cheaper than a regular price movie) you have to remember to uncheck the box before you check out.

Frustrated!!!!. I TRIED to purchase tickets online. I had 3 credits (that I previously PAID FOR) that I wanted to use. So my total purchase should have been $12 including tax but instead I was charged ANOTHER $11 for “up charges”. Seriously? This is a regular movie not 3D - Max - or even lounge seating!!!!!!! I chose crappy seats in a crappy theater because that’s all there was and I’m being charged MORE than the full price of a ticket!!! Cinemark just lost my business!

5 star review. I can only say that I have enjoyed the privilege of leveraging being able to walk up and know I have a confirmed seat including being disabled l, which fortunately I haven’t had to use but once, removing someone who took the chance that they would be removed. Ironically, someone was wheelchair bound and my seat had to be vacated by me. (They had a companion) Once a month I’m given one free ticket which I’m using tonight to watch the new, and last Star Wars saga. You can’t go wrong and I’m a strict consumer that believes in good business and fair play.

LOVE!. We go to the movies very often and we always spend over $60 every time. Once we became club members we have saved so much money and time! Our popcorn and drinks used to be over $30 now they are $14 for a combo and pickle! We have been so loyal and building up our points and it’s so good when you have family and friends that you buy for because you enjoy the rewards!!!! We love being members! Our tickets always come out so much cheaper as well! It’s worth the $9 a month!

Bad U.I.. It’s simple to navigate and easy to use which is a good thing but the U.I. Is very bland and uninspiring compared to other movie ticketing apps. It’s basically the websites U.I. But worse. It somehow loads slower, every time I open the app I’m signed out of my account. Most of the time the app won’t even load so I have to force close it, I’m unable to see what the upstairs bar at my selected Cinemark offers through the app even though it’s advertised on the app, upstairs tickets don’t display the free popcorn you get with being upstairs, and you can’t see showtimes without clicking into the movie itself. A few simple fixes that can bring this app to the next level.

The rewards program isn’t that good. This is crazy they charge you 10 point to register for a drawing. They make you use your point or you loose them. So there is no saving up points for the really cool movie stuff, the points needed for the stuff are always just out of reach. The only benefit for the movie club is the 20% off. Since Jan 2019 I’ve saved almost 200 dollars. So you know I got to the movie but I’ve only saved up 250 points. 😕it just feels like a scam when it comes to getting the movie swag! Very disappointed

Needs A Few More Concession Options. I enjoy the Cinemark theaters, they’re always clean. I enjoy Cinemark app, it’s always easy to check out & apply my credits. But the concession options offered are light, & some are not even available at all locations. So when you hit that “reorder” button (when it’s available) the theater may not be able to fill your order. They should have kid packs (small popcorn, a candy & small drink, for example) to order for little ones.

We love Cinemark and the movie club!. I wish they lasted more non-mainstream movies but no one does anymore. That said, we can often find something we like every other month. This works out well for us since we are in their movie club, which gives us a substantial saving on tickets, and rolls over into the next month if we don’t use one. If we DO decide to go, we can purchase a second ticket for the discount price. So now we don’t have to go on a matinee just to see a movie. The theaters are clean, the seats are comfortable, and we get a discount on the snacks.

Something the family all enjoys. My two youngest children (the older ones are adults) and I enjoy going to the movies, and this app makes it easy. A last minute decision to go see a film, choose our seats, pay for the tickets, skip the line! We watch at least one movie a month, and the combination of the monthly movie credit and discounts at the concession stand, the monthly subscription is covered.

Pointless. I got this app because of Connections. Let me tell you, that is the biggest joke of a point system I’ve ever seen. A ticket is worth 10 points. Seems fair. But, then a medium popcorn is 75 points. That’s over 7 tickets. Which, if buying tickets on the weekends only, is over $70. That is the most expensive medium popcorn I’ve ever heard of! If you’re into stuffed teddy bears, you came to the right place. Because for the small amount of just 990 points, you can have one! If you go to the movies a lot as a die hard movie fan, you can get some sick mini posters for over 400 points. For a broke college student trying to have fun and make ends meet as much as possible while still enjoying simple luxuries like going to the movies, the point system in this app is pointless.

Stay Away from Movie Club. Part of the incentive to get the Cinemark app is the Cinemark Movie Club. They bill you monthly for at least one ticket ($9.99 plus tax). The upside there is that you don’t have to pay for online reservation fees. You can suspend the monthly charges, but if you do they revert to charging online ordering fees - even when you’re using the credits you acquired through Movie Club. And you can’t use your Movie Club credits at the kiosk at the theatre. You have to order them through the app. Which means…you end up paying online ordering fees at the theatre even though the very reason you signed up for Movie Club was to avoid the online “convenience fee.” Definitely not worth the hassle.

Reservation Fee Ridiculouslessness!. Why is it that when I'm in my home doing all the work, ahead of time, to buy tickets for my family must I be charged a convenience fee on top of the ticket price. I fully understand paying taxes but this other fee makes any savings of going to the matinee a moot point. It's ridiculous and they force you to do it by showing that there are only about six seats, aside from those in the nose bleed section left. It's a frigging rip off and it's just one more way to gouge you in the pocketbook!

Clunky compared to Fandango. I’ve been using fandango for years, but decided to try this app for the points because my two closest theaters are cinemark. It’s nice getting the (pretty meager) rewards and paying a lower ticket purchase fee, but the experience of using this app isn’t anywhere near as good as fandango. Specifically selecting seats it’s difficult because the seat map images are nearly microscopic! Cinemark has some good ideas, but just slightly better rewards and much better technical execution for using their app—and thus sharing tons of useful information with them—seems like the least they could do. Not sure I can recommend the app over Fandsngo and I may go back to it even though I see most of my movies at Cinemark theaters.

Suggestion. I’ve been with with the Rio 24 since it first opened in May 1997. It was and is the finest movie theater complex ever built in the state of New Mexico. Since taking it over, Cinemark has continuously improved and upgraded the facility starting with the first XD auditorium in 2009. Rumor has it the Regal Cinema chain has fallen on hard times and may be liquidated. If that is the case, I suggest Cinemark look into acquiring the Winrock Regal 16 in Albuquerque. The 16 has been open only 9 years, but has never come up to the quality standards set by the Rio 24. The IMAX auditorium in particular has always suffered from benign neglect. It should be the finest venue in the state. It is not. If Cinemark owned it, could be brought up to the level of the XDs at the Rio. Well, just some thoughts from an avid movie goer. You are the best. Keep up the good work. Bob Sunde Rio Rancho, NM

I love it!. I really love this because i have a large family and its so expensive to do just about anything even go to the movies but with having my Cinemark account it allows me to save points to purchase tickets so when i want to do something fun with my children its easy to say lets fo to the movies with out having to spend all the money i have. We’re able to buy snakes for 20% off everything. This is awesome and i would highly recommend it to anyone! Thank you Cinemark for being so convenient🥰😘

Latest version much harder to use. Latest revision made it much harder to find tickets to a movie you already know you want to see. Have to scroll sideways for a thousand years to find the movie, then go to the next page. Works as before from there. Alternately, you can scroll down for ten thousand years to sift through videos and showtimes for each movie until you find the one you want. It’s nice if you have no idea what’s on or what you want to see, but otherwise...Was there a problem with the simple tiled interface where I could scroll up for a couple of screens and see every film showing? Please bring it back! Search is buggy...duplicate results, some links don’t work...needs some work.

Customers are their priority!. Their management team is trained to listen to your concerns, and if logical, reasonable, and they can make you happy, they will 😊 I go to many movies! I often pre purchase them. One instance when I did, my wife and I came late for our selected film! I approached the manager, stating our blunder. He asked if we were able to go to a later show, same movie! We said of course. He credited our late movie tickets and went on time to that later viewing! Perfect!

Horrible app, should fire whoever they paid to make it.. Cinemark is the local chain by my parents house (we have AMC locally, no issues with their app). The app is fine for checking playing times, but literally took 20 minutes and 6 or 7 tries to purchase tickets as the app would constant crash during the checkout process. Even when the purchase was finally made the app crashed before confirming. Only saving Grace is that I got the confirmation email/receipt. Also the app freezes the seats chosen for 5 minutes, which is typical for apps/sites that sell reserved seating. But since the app kept crashing, all the seats I selected each time were now being held in Limbo, so I ended up with getting worse seats at the back of the theater.

Horrible app, bugs never get fixed. I wish I could give this app zero stars because that’s really what it deserves. My friends and I are avid moviegoers. We go at least once a week and buy concessions on a regular basis. So we were all excited when Cinemark started their Connections rewards program. However, the program has never lived up to expectations and the app just makes it worse. The showtimes are only correct half the time and the rewards never update on my app. I get emails saying that there are new rewards but when I open up the app I always see the same old rewards. Unfortunately we are stuck with Cinemark because we don’t have any other major theater chains in the area. Hopefully they can fix the app, but I’m not gonna hold my breath.

Awesome Place. This place has awesome staff members, fantastic food. It’s always clean. I would totally recommend this place everyone, family oriented. The quality of the movies are amazing. Love this place!! I just kinda wished they had more movie or food discounts. Having the app works wonders, that helps with movie tickets, food discounts. Sometimes you can get free movie tickets. I also recommend ya to get the Cinemark VIP paying like $9 a month for awesome services.

Love the club. I have no complaints and we see lots of movies. I will say I was I was quite surprised at the new theater in Plano. We always order a large hot dog, and our large dogs here were in the small bun and not wrapped in foil as usual. When I asked the woman serving what was up she said the bun doesn’t determine the size of the dog, the wiener does. My wife and I looked at each other and were very surprised to hear that there was even an answer for this developed, like it was normal. I certainly hope that it is just a training issue at a new theater. Never have we heard such nonsense.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 3.41.0
Play Store com.cinemark.cinemarkapp
Compatibility iOS 10.0 or later

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The application Cinemark Theatres was published in the category Entertainment on 11 May 2011, Wednesday and was developed by Cinemark USA [Developer ID: 435965839]. This program file size is 137 MB. This app has been rated by 619,497 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Cinemark Theatres - Entertainment app posted on 20 September 2023, Wednesday current version is 3.41.0 and works well on iOS 10.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.cinemark.cinemarkapp. Languages supported by the app:

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In this update: • Performance improvements and bug fixes See you at the movies!

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