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What is google play books app? All the books you love. On the page or out loud. Anywhere you are.

Meet Google Play Books for iOS: the one app to enjoy ebooks and audiobooks from Google Play.

Dive into a great book today with millions of titles from Google Play on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Download your book to read or listen on the go. When you’re finished, find your next favorite from recommendations personalized just for you.

●       No monthly subscription required
●       Navigate chapters with real chapter titles - not track lists
●       Pick up where you left off on all your devices, including in the car with CarPlay
●       Siri Shortcuts: Just say, Hey Siri, play my audiobook

●       Preview samples from our catalog of millions of books
●       Read your books, comics, and textbooks even when you’re offline
●       Tap the page and watch your favorite comic book or manga come to life with Bubble Zoom
●       Take notes that sync with your Google Drive and share them with a group for easy collaboration.

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Google Play Books Version 6.0.130 April 2022

A new discover tab to help you more easily find books to read..

Google Play Books Version 5.9.101 December 2021

* Feature improvements and fixes.

Google Play Books Version 5.8.018 May 2021

* New audiobook bookmarks: When you bookmark a section in an audiobook, you can now see the relevant text associated with the bookmark without having to listen to the section * New reading progress display: See how many pages you have left in a chapter and your book completion percentage at the bottom of each page * Feature improvements and fixes.

Google Play Books Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great stuff

There is no other app for reading old, obscure works (for free in most cases) but Google Play. With it, I've read Joseph Priestley's "Disquisitions relating to Matter and Spirit" and I'm partway through his "Corruptions of Christianity." Also, George Berkeley's "Alciphron." Now I've moved on to Sir Humphrey Davy's "Elements of Chemical Philosophy," books that no one in their right mind would spend time on, but still so much fun. This is only augmented by the ability to highlight in five colors and to make your own footnotes. You can define most words in the text or else search for them on the web. I highly recommend this for any fan of dead authors.

- Great app that is far more better than other apps but still more to do

I found this app great, still there are lot of things to improve to make it better. The great thing is that it has best 3d flipping animation while turning pages and it also syncs book to its drive, it can read both pdf and epub though it would better if it could read azw3, djvu, mobi, etc. it would also be better if i could put on some notes in it also it has some issues to be fixed while, i turn on voice for book it shuts off while going to another page simply it could read only a page at a time. i cant edit highlights i've previously made, to edit those highlight i should have to delete whole selected highlight and should be made again. To make this app better if user could make folders to separate different files. It would be great and i would be so thankful if the above issues and features would be upgraded. Thankyou for listening me.

- Can’t purchase books in an app for books

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Google Books over the years. I used it some years ago for school, but quickly switched to Books when I got my first iPad. A few months ago I went back to this app to purchase a book in another language. I love that there’s a specific button for translation, but that’s about it. Sometimes notes show up, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they move. And, being in the margin, they’re difficult to retrieve without turning the page, if it opens at all. Also. I don’t know what happened between when I purchased the book (summer 2020) and now (winter 2020), but now purchasing books in the app is disabled. The prices aren’t even listed. I’ve noticed that the Google/Android model involves needing different apps for functions that could be done by one app, but not being able to purchase books in an app designed for reading books seems overwhelmingly defeatist.

- Great Reader App

As a reader app it does the job solidly! I can easily read any book I have purchased through Google however the browsing abilities of the app are severely lacking. I don't want to peruse articles as much as I want to look for more books I might find an interest in. When opening the app there is a decent "recommended for you" list but with no way to change or extend the list, search a new list or simply refresh the list without going through a "build your interests" type form. Obviously, I can browse on a desktop or laptop but that isn't as convenient as being able to do it from the same device I just finished reading from. It could also benefit from manipulating the screen timer. It's quite frustrating to constantly have to unlock the phone because the screen times itself out on every page.

- Has great potential but is rather unpolished

Pros: The app is very good at syncing between all your devices. Also allows for multiple highlighting and annotations, though they are rather unattractive. Also, kudos to Google for being the only reader that allows you to choose between scanned and flowing editions. This is very helpful for the academic who really needs to see physical page numbers for citation purposes. Cons: The previous update allowed for highlighting of scanned pages, and that's a step in the right direction, but it didn't work very well at all and was quite frankly a mess on the scanned page I used it on. The new search function in PDFs is also a great idea, though, once again, it didn't work on some of the PDFs; it did, however, work on most of them. Lacks one common sense feature. For example, if I select a hyperlink and it takes me to another part of the book, it would be nice to have a "back" button. For endnotes, you can select the number of the endnote and get back to the place you were in the text, but endnotes are not the only hyperlinks, and there needs to be a "back" button in these instances (as there is in the desktop version). Currently there is none. Also, The method of selecting the text for annotation is clunky and needs to be improved like the other readers. Certainly not a replacement for Kindle or Apple Books at this point. Otherwise, a decent app.

- DONT PICK this if Other Option Exists

Been using this to read a bestseller technical book for the past 3 months. I've observed the following issues so far: 1. Highlight colors mismatch: I use both web browser version and iOS to read for convenience. When I highlight using blue or red in web browser, the highlights are displayed as green or yellow in iOS app. This is really annoying because I highlight a different category of things in green/yellow. This mixes them up. This is a really small but obvious and disturbing friction for users. 2. Images disappear: I paid $33 for the ebook, the same price as its paper copy. This I'm expecting the same content. However, certain images are not available in iOS app. 3. Highlight "wiggles": countless times when I highlighted, either a word or a sentence, the highlight would wiggle. For example, if a word appears in both the subtitle and the paragraph, when I highlight the one in the paragraph, the highlight would show up on the subtitle. When I highlight a sentence, the highlight will be displayed off by several words or even characters. 4. Highlight disappears: when the highlights don't wiggle, they would sometimes disappear. They'll still show up in the list of notes, but they stay invisible on the page. They GHOST you. 5. My thumbs are too tired to type more but I'm sure I observed more... I rarely rate apps, let alone writing a review this long, but 4.6/5 is beyond inconceivable.

- No Images

All my purchased books have no images. Anytime there is supposed to be an image, it just says “image not available”, including on all the covers and photo inserts. When I download a sample, it does display the image! Does not make sense to me, and this just started only two days ago. I will wait to purchase any more books on my list for google play books until this is fixed. Other than this, it is (was) the highest quality of all the ebook apps. UPDATE: I thought it was fixed as I was getting images there for awhile, tried downloading some more books and “image not available” is occurring again! Please fix so I can always see the images when I open the book, I wii wait until this is finally fixed before making amy more purchases. Other than this glitch, all is good.

- Broken - not a quality app

App will not download or display books comprised of images (comic books). The app will show the download is complete, but all pages will be “image not downloaded.” Until recently, deleting a bad download and trying again would sometimes fix this issue - but not anymore. Application has options “delete download” and “delete from library” right next to each other in the menu. If you accidentally delete from library, you lose the book - permanently. Google can’t restore the original purchase, they can only give you a refund - you have to contact support directly for this. Until the refund is processed, you cannot purchase the accidentally deleted book again, either. The app used to work for comics, but no longer. You are probably better off trying to purchase and read comics via the comic publishers own apps. Hopefully Google fixes this issue with either the content or the app soon.

- Good enough I guess

(TLDR: no page forward from left side of screen) Pros compared to native iBooks: - text size, font, spacing far more customizable - text fills to the edge of the screen (finally!) - navigation to the "bookstore" is hidden in the left toolbar (no more tapping 4 different bottom-row icons by accident when I just want to read books from my library) - interface just "feels" more updated/streamlined Cons: - NO OPTION TO PAGE FORWARD WHEN TAPPING THE LEFT SIDE OF THE SCREEN. This is my biggest issue with the app. If you don't mind, then you'll probably really like the app. It might make it almost unusable for me - no ability to sort books into folders (while convenient in iBooks, the fact that they force an "all books" main screen instead of just uncategorized books makes it worthless to me, so in that regards it's not a big issue that play books doesn't have it) I only use it to read uploaded epubs so I don't know how everything looks for purchased books. However, I would like the opportunity to customize the blank cover that shows up with uploaded books, with my own image or text. That alone would entice me to use this app even without the ability to page forward from the left of the screen.

- Eh...

I’m giving this four stars because in some cases it seems to work well. My biggest complaint is getting samples of books. I like the ability to view a sample... but once a sample, always a sample... in the app anyway. I purchased the full book and can read the entire book on the browser but as soon as I go back to the app it’s a sample again. I’ve tried deleting the download and even removing the title and then going back to the full book on the web browser and clicking “view in app”. Even if I’m in chapter one on the browser when I click to view in app, it goes back to the introduction and says none of the chapters are able to be viewed. Like it’s still a sample. So I’m annoyed with that but otherwise the app seems okay.

- I guess it works because you can read books

Other than that, forget it. Forget sorting your books, looking up word definitions or doing searches for words outside of the app. The search function used to work until Google ‘fixed’ it in an update. Now the search function just loads your web browser to the Google home page. Thanks Google! The bookmarks function is clunky at best. Translation rarely works as expected. Pages often get cut off at random, or the app sticks on a page and has to be rebooted. Google really should take a page from the Kindle app, which has far and away superior functionality on all of these fronts. I only use this app to read the books my partner has downloaded to it, otherwise I avoid it because it’s seriously frustrating.

- Do you want easy then this is the right one?

My daughter recommended this app because both of us were taking a course that required lots of reading, questions, & class participation. Extra research was required to complete the course. I used other books but I couldn’t under line or add notes to references attached to the original text. So I finally listened to her & switched to Google Play Books. WOW!!!!! Immediate results: my concentration was greatly improved & studying time was decrease drastically. Thanks So Much!!!!!

- Don’t Use for Audiobooks Yet

I gave Google’s new Audiobooks support a chance, because I own Google Home products. Playback constantly fails, and then it will not remember the last playback location, returning to the one before it failed. This happens when using voice commands with your Google Home or when casting from this app. The only way playback won’t fail is you either play it locally on your phone or use Bluetooth, which is what I was doing before (and will now return to doing) with Audible. So for ebooks? Sure, go ahead and get it. But if you’re looking to start using this for your new audiobooks purchases, I must suggest you hold off until Google works out all the kinks and it doesn’t feel like a beta feature anymore.

- ☹️ bad update

I love this app as depending on the system you use you can listen to your books which is a feature I love. I wish it read PDF books as well however, for some reason the latest update has every book regardless of form errors out. All I get is a message saying there was an error uploading the file. Just to be on the safe side I have tried to re-download one of my previously downloaded books from my IF app (Instafreebie) and I still get an upload error message. Outside of this first and only issue I have had with this app I would give it five stars however the fact that it’s not working for any new books I buy or books from the authors I review for I have to give it 1 star as I am now forced to use other reading apps rather than the one I want to use.

- Caveat emptor

Select titles stop opening or cut off text. Google tech support personnel untrained to resolve problems with google play books app on iPhones. Malfunctioning titles deleted from google play books library on iPhones are not replaceable. Requests emailed to google customer service to receive a functioning copy of a malfunctioning title are ignored. Google customer support drops calls. Google automated refund system rejects valid refund requests and requires manual override by customer support personnel. (To obtain my refund for a malfunctioning title, I had to call customer support three [3] times. Customer support had to call me back three [3] times.) Tone of service of google customer support personnel is very good; but google customer support personnel lack the training and tools to resolve problems after the sale. Buyer beware.

- No feature to keep audiobooks playing in background. Seriously?

I recently decided to give Google audiobooks a try. I just downloaded a Google audibook. I started playing it, then navigated away from the app so that I could check email. Once I navigated away from the app, the audiobook stopped playing. Seriously? How far behind the times do you have to be? Audible, Kobo book audibooks, Nook audibooks. What do they all have in common? As long as you didn’t press the stop button, the audio continues playing after you navigate away from the app. Google Books needs to be update ASAP to allow for background audio for audiobooks; meaning, as long as you don’t hit the stop button, the audibook keeps playing even after you navigate away from the Google Books app.

- Thank God for Google

I'm so thankful that Google decided to digitize and preserve the writings that may have been lost in this digital era. Their work has been a treasure trove for people like me who feel that the only true way to have a complete picture of our past is to continue to read the writings of those who have preceded us. And if we don't know our history we are sure to repeat the worst parts of it. Thanks, Google. Now I can take thousands of interesting and thoughtful people with me in my relatively tiny purse.

- Highlights messed up

The book reader does fine, however the display often messes up. I do a lot of highlighting, in various colors. When reading a chapter I previously used some highlighting on, sometimes I’ll turn the page and the entire page is highlighted one color, turn the page the entire page is highlighted another color, turn the page and things are back to normal. If I click anywhere on the page that’s completely highlighted, and hit delete the entire page’s highlighting disappears, but I don’t know if what I wanted to be highlighted also disappears. I hope they fix this bug.

- Great for text books!!!

I am a college student and I just love how easy it is to upload PDF versions of textbooks to google play on my computer and then view the on my phone. Google play automatically compresses the textbooks and lets me download them for offline viewing on my phone. I can then access the textbook from any device with either the google play app or any computer through their website. The yellow (blue light removal) feature is also great for late night study sessions.

- Saisfied customer

Update: Still very happy with this App, glad that it has been kept simple and easy to use. Maybe a filing system would be useful for some. All told very good and recommended. Previous comment Apart from lacking a good filing system I am very satisfied with this App. Does most things Kindle, Kobo & iBooks do, you just need to look for them, every reading App is different. Pricing of books is very competitive and should also be considered, PlayBooks is way out in front in this respect.

- Problems with this ap

I have written and written to Google Play Books about my issue, to no avail. Nobody answers my questions or addresses my issue, which is a MAJOR one!!! Often, in the books I buy, the words from one page to another do not correlate!! There are missing sentences, missing words!! I have to try to DECIPHER the meaning of pages that don’t have all the sentences on them that the author writes!! You make it impossible to contact you, and you don’t care to fix your issues!! Also, bought a sample, but the book won’t download. REFUND ME!!! Disgusted and fed up, having spent too much money on books I cannot read for you! Respond, or I will keep giving you awful reviews, which you deserve.

- The Bane of My Existence

Let me start by saying that this is easily the worst reading app I’ve ever used. I’m amazed at its inability to perform even basic functions. It doesn’t recognize my pressing and dragging to highlight, so anything I’m reading as research takes 2-3 times as long. It randomly freezes and crashes, and pages take long seconds to turn. I’ve rage quit countless times and feel like a total idiot for buying 3 Google Books having not tried the apps. This app has now become the bane of my existence. Reading has become a giant source of frustration. Please do not make this mistake and buy their books if you rely heavily on reading apps!!! I honestly never write reviews but this product is so bad I had to say something.

- Speak screen app unresponsive

When I leverage the accessibility feature in iOS of “speak screen” the app reads the current page but then becomes unresponsive at the end of the page. The only way to revive the App is by killing it first and then restarting it. This needs to work like other e-book applications like Kindle and iBooks work to speak screen should be able to turn pages and continue reading. Play books used to be my favorite app but no more.

- Pages freeze when using speak screen.

When using speak screen once the page is finished reading the app freezes. It doesn’t turn to the next page and continue reading like in other apps. Really would like this fixed. Overall great app, just that minor issue I’ve come across. Update: turned off page animations then it started working fine.

- Wish there was more

I much prefer the Apple Books app. It has a section to put books that I want to read so I have an ongoing list. All of the available books & audio books to purchase are in that same app too. To use the google books app you have to go on google play (which is not an app) & go through movies & tv on there as well. The google books app would be much better if they at least had google play in an app instead of going on chrome & typing it in & ultimately if they just had the available books in the books app itself.

- Worst app ever

I have never ever ever once been able to read a book i’ve downloaded to Google Play. I downloaded a few free ones (just to make sure it works before I pay for any e-books). The app just spends and spends and spends and never loads. I go back to the app days later there is an image of the book I click on it and it spins and spins and spins and never opens. Each time there’s an app update I update the app in hopes then I can read in the book in Google play but no I click on a book and it spins and spins and spins and spins and never opens. You would think it being Google, you could trust it would be a top notch product, but this app has taken Google down a few notches in my estimation. 😡

- Background downloads hopefully includes Resume downloads

I was just about to give it one star, but then saw the latest update includes background downloads. I have ‘lost’ several nearly complete audio book downloads because of the lack of the app being able to resume downloads. This is highly annoying when you are on a slow and limited data connection. Download resuming is a basic function and should have been in the first version. Hope that background downloads includes this function, but it didn’t get a mention and I haven’t been able to try it yet.

- Google update ruined this for apple users.

I love this app, but after the last update a couple days so, I can't read any book. It try's to load and just spins and spins and spins. I have deleted play books and re downloaded twice. Still won't work. Help! UPDATE: Called support, they told me to do everything I already did. Even though there all numerous complaints on here since PlayBooks last update...they say it is an Apple problem. Looks like they don't care to resolve the problem with Apple users. Anyone have a suggestion of a replacement app for apple users?

- Annotation Features are limited and extremely buggy.

While highlighting text in a book on iOS app, I experience two symptoms repeatedly: when I attempt to highlight a sentence or 2, the highlight spontaneously highlighted the entire page when I didn’t want it to; and when I selected that (now) highlighted page to delete the highlight I didn’t want in the first place, the annotation controls do no appear so I can’t delete it. My only recourse is to keep rebooting the app and or my phone OS just to get this feature to work. After the most recent update for bug fixes, the ability to highlight/annotate has completely disappeared. Now, this app is essentially worthless.

- This App is a Sick Joke

I don’t know what made my experience with this app so much different than everyone else’s, but I’m over it. I rented a textbook for school on this app, and I was excited that, if this worked out, I could start doing this for all my texts! No. I will never do this again. I’ll never put anyone I know through using this app. The table of contents and page numbers are totally messed up, and I often find myself flipping through the same pages over and over? In addition, I can’t get past page 32 using this app on my iPad. I wish I could get back the money I paid to rent this book on here, as well as the hours of my life I’ve spent sorting through this garbage.

- Good but could be better

The app is fine, and while I do like it over the one I had before I still prefer this one over it. While I say that, I can't discount it's mistakes. The epubs that I mainly use Google play books for doesn't have a cover page to it, and I have to go by the names instead. There isn't any shelves to organize your stories by, at least not in the iPhone version which is something that the iBooks (apple's version) has over them, and I plead that they will change it in the near future. You also can't rename any of the epubs, another thing that iBooks let's you do.

- Downloaded books get deleted after switching to another account.

Downloaded books get deleted after switching to another account. I have been using play books for years and personally it’s my favorite book reading aap . On previous versions of this aap the user could download books on different accounts and the books won’t get deleted after switching the accounts but this update deletes books after switching account . I will give 5 stars once this issue is fixed.

- Download Issues unable to Contact Support easily

The app has been great for me up until the most recent update. For some reason I am only able to read the sample and it will no longer allow me to purchase the entire e-book. Instead I am getting an error stating “books already purchased are available to read in this app.” I have not purchased the e-book at this point, what is the meaning of this? I have tried reinstalling and using the troubleshooting info, however, nothing has worked and it is extremely difficult finding an alternate way to get support.

- Poor highlighting

I read a fair amount of technical books and like to highlight passages, etc. This is the first Google Playbook I’ve purchased, and highlighting is a nightmare. The actual act of highlighting is not difficult. However, if you highlight a line on the left page, you can not highlight anything on the same line on the right hand page. Worse still, after highlighting, then returning to previous pages, the highlighting is all over the place. Words highlighted that were not originally, passages “double” highlighted - a REAL MESS. Also, there is no way to write notes in the margins. If you intend to read and highlight, don’t buy a Google Playbook!!!

- Highlight suggestion

I’m using an iPad and I wish I can highlight certain parts of the reading easier and smoother. There is not much freedom in terms of highlighting, side-noting, or even just writing on the pages. For example, I need to hold and drag the lines to highlight but sometimes it does not register or sometimes it just flips the page in the middle or dragging. I think having a highlighter option separately might solve the issue. Other than that, I’m fairly satisfied with the app.

- Fixed!

Nice app. The newest update fixed my unreadable books. Old review: The app doesn't make it clear how to purchase books on Apple devices. You have to buy the books on the website, then read the books in the app. I like the night reading function. I can't view any of my purchased books in the app. It freezes whenever I attempt to open them. I have an iPhone 6. Ripoff.

- Deleting content

The catalog is great and the fact that they offer audiobooks is also great but the app has two major problems (for a while now): I lost the count on the Number of times I have made all my purchases available off-line and then when I switched to my other account the app simply DELETES ALL MY CONTENT!!! And the second issue is that on lower speed internet connections the app simply won’t download content. It keeps informing the same error that it wasn’t possible to download the files. Sometimes I have to try for hours to download some of my purchases.

- A book worth multiple reads

Got this book originally for free was so hooked I’ve paid for each of the remaining series, plus joined the Facebook fan club. Best books I’ve read in years. Jodi doesn’t use “fillers” aka retale the story in each next book to the point your eyes go crossed like some authors do now. The story is for females and males and young and old. Something for everyone!

- Please restore the old page animation

Small detail but it makes a big difference. The old page flip animation in landscape mimicked turning a page in a real book. The new animation is like you have a xerox copy of a book (2 scanned pages per piece of paper). It is really distracting while reading because the page animation is too long. Please return to the old page flip animation style. If you are going through the effort to mimic a real page turn make it look like turning a page in a real book!

- Lacking

I love the app. And I love having all the abilities it does have BUT I do not love not being able to tell which books I’ve read, which I have not and other things. Having the ability to move them between folders would be pretty amazing. It would help out in so many ways that you can keep track of things. I use this app for my books, children’s books I read to my girls. And having to ability to sorta through them instead of having to browse SLOWLY would be very welcome.

- Disappointed

The whole reason I enjoy audio books is because I travel A LOT! They keep me awake. Most apps allow you to download the book and play it at your convenience. With this app, you purchase the book but can't download. You have to stream it. That works fine if you are driving around town, except I don't need it then. Most of the time, I am driving in the middle of nowhere with no cell service. There are gaps of 30 - 45 minutes where I can't listen to my book. Quite frustrating. Will not buy anymore books from here.

- Zero help from customer support

The 2 stars are just for the various choices for books - I just can’t get at them. Despite “buying” the latest book from there, and the app being on my phone, I cannot “load” the book to read it. I tried all their troubleshooting tips to no avail. I finally asked for my money back (what’s the point of havjng purchased a book I can’t read?), but the form emails I got back just said no. I guess they are punishing those of us who now have iPhones?! Anyway, I will never spend another dime buying books with this app.

- Warning: books disappear from library.

Warning. Unlike the competitor, books disappear from your library and it is up to you to not only figure out why but do all the work yourself to get them back. Sometimes you succeed, but I’ve ,ost two completely. The company suggests that I deleted them despite a warning but my proof against that is that I cannot repurchase them since they’re still listed as being in my library. The absolute worst suggestion from Google Play was that I should return my device to "factory settings"! I’m not going to do that, so I’m waving goodbye to the $22 I spent on those two books.

- update broken

Google Play now only works (doesn't freeze completely) in airplane mode. Iphone and two ipads with different ios versions. This happened at the same time for all three devices. Clearly Google is at fault here, but they refuse to provide support. Use Kindle, Audible, Nook over this failed app. Should be Zero stars. There is no need to go through a long updating books every time you start this app. It should open up in my library instead of trying to sell books. No more Google book purchases until they get back to the previous level of functionality.

- Not good for text books.

After purchasing two text books on Google Play Books for the current semester, I’ve come to realize that this is not a good app for students. There are good things: the search is powerful, as one would expect from a Google product, and the navigation is easy. Unfortunately, problems make the app unusable. The syncing of those highlights from the web version shifted by a word or two. The highlighting process is slow and resets the view to the top of the page after each highlight. But most frustratingly, the app regularly freezes and shuts down when navigating notes and highlights. This particularly frustrating when attempting to reference notes that have already been taken. This is a well-reviewed app, and I’m sure it’s great for casual reading, but if you would like to have your textbooks on your iPad, don’t rely on it. You’ll only be left angry and wanting to throw your iPad out the window.

- Terrible experience.

The biggest problem with this app is that it doesn’t keep your place when it crashes. The words “network error” might not be the apps fault, but the fact that I can’t go back to where it left off is. Also, I cannot seem to get it to download the audiobook. The network error, I’m sure, would be resolved if it would just download the book, but it won’t. Even on my Wi-Fi doesn’t seem to want to download the book in the background, and gets continues network errors. Once these issues are solved, it’s a very nice looking app. But, it is currently barely functional.

- Even with Apple, I can't switch

I started using this app 4 years ago, and I switched to Apple 2 years ago. I kept using Google Play because 1) I already purchased books 2) They have ebooks great for school and 3) it's a good app. I give it a 4 because the books are sometimes wacko or the free books don't have all the content so you have download another free version of the book. But the app never crashes, and it's easy to use.

- Buggy implementation of a good idea

I like the app in theory: Syncing notes automatically to Google Docs is awesome, a really killer feature. And the ability to upload and sync hundreds of epubs between devices for free is great. The problem is that the app is simply too buggy to be usable. Lots of rendering problems. Images and sometimes whole pages just won't display. Memory leaks cause the app to use hundreds and hundreds of MBs while constantly losing my downloaded books. You'd think displaying some HTML in an app would be easier for Google.

- Feature request 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Google Play Books for iOS has basic reading functionality but there’s still room for improvement. Below are some features that will help: ✅ Instant lookup: Please allow users to download offline dictionaries and display definitions instantly when they select a word or phrase (no need to hit the Translate button) ✅ Text-to-speech: Read selected text/paragraphs (or the whole book) out loud with iOS’s built-in TTS voices. ✅ Better popup window for Translated text (it’s quite small currently) ✅ More annotation options: underline, edit bookmark titles, etc. ❕Overall I prefer the reading experience on the iOS Kindle app for now. However the book selection on Google Play Books is better (I like foreign-language books). Hopefully the app will improve with future updates. Thank you for your hard work ❤️ // I’ll change the rating to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ as soon as there’s a feature upgrade


The app keeps freezing, I can only read one page after opening a book cause it freezes and I can't turn the page. I can't exit the book, bring up the chapters menu, the book settings, nothing. I force close and reopen the app, but it keeps on freezing. Also, something that REALLY bothers me is that I haven't been able to upload the epub books I buy for about a year now. I've contacted the developer about this and posted it in a review, to both of which I've received NO RESPONSE. I've been VERY DISAPPOINTED in Google about the production of this app for a long time now.

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- Highlighting seems to be buggy

Love having access to Ebooks on my iphone 5. But I like to highlight as I read and after a while the highlights stop showing up. Restarting the app makes new highlights appear as they should, but quite disruptive to reading experience to be restarting the app every few pages. The control over where the highlight starts and ends is also very temperamental, sometimes doesn’t let you select some words and doesn’t allow you to highlight over a page break. Kindle’s highlight feature selects whole words and goes over the page when you slide to the bottom right — seemed to be much easier to control. Would love to see a bug fix on this, thanks!

- Could use a few adjustments

Love having cheap ebooks! Certainly makes it easy to acquire good books! My only issue with the app at the moment is there isn’t a scrolling mode for reading. I usually download my spins from the play store and use the iBooks app to read them for the scrolling function. Honestly that is the only reason tho would love to see that put into the app!

- A dogs breakfast

In the latest version the list of bookmarks selectable from the menu gives no indication where they are and clicking on them does nothing. If text is highlighted it is invisible in the text but appears listed in the notes tab in the menu. Clicking on highlights in the list of notes tab sometimes takes you to that page, at other times it takes you to a different page. Likewise after adding a note to a section of text it is invisible and only appears in the list of notes selectable from the menu. Thus reading through text you have annotated heavily you have no indication where you have made notes and have to engage in guesswork by selecting the note list from the menu.

- Star rating

I love the shelf concept, but i feel like you guys really need star ratings visible when browsing books. It makes it way easier to do a quick scan of something to read. Dates would be sweet for tech books but I can see how that’s not relevant to all categories. That’s all!

- Dreadful

I have never had an easy purchase. Latest purchase hasn’t appeared in my library and have spent 3+ hours trying to get it. NO button to download and no phone number to check. Internet help useless - keeps going round and round and then sent to a website that required me to pay to sort out the problem - which I refuse to do as it will cost more than the book. Has been suggested that I sign out of the app but no where to do this even in settings Even tried to remove and reinstall app without success.

- Great for ios users

i was given a google play voucher and was wrapped that play books was available for us apple users. Books are easy to find and read but it would be better if the read books are easier to distinguish from the not read ones yet

- Sample to purchase doesn’t work

For too long now it’s been necessary to re-find a book that you’ve read the sample for in order to purchase it. The “would you like to read more” is meaningless and irritating when it doesn’t do anything useful. It is way past time that this was fixed.

- Issues loading new books

Basically, if nothing is loading and reinstalling doesn’t help you need to go into your phone settings and enable mobile data. Bruh, this took me way too long to figure out. Will make it 5 stars once a warning for disabled mobile data is added!

- An enjoyable app

I do like this app and enjoy using it. I just would prefer if every book was available to be read as it is presented in it is original form, with the original page numbers included. That's my preferred way of presentation of the books. All-in-all this app is easy to use.

- Great app

It would be incredible to be able to hide the progress (the pages left/percentage complete), or have it on the lower bar so it disappears after some time. Every time I see it, it pulls me out of what I’m reading, cause I never think of reading like this.

- Great, but always crashes

I love that I can read my books on both my iPhone and my PC with this app, but one thing that's really annoying me is that this app keeps crashing whenever I try to download or open a book on it.

- Happy with Play Books

I am happy with Google Play Books, especially now that it is more fully featured. Have had no problems reading ebooks bought and the range of books and prices are good. Still the same 4 years on from original post.

- Good working with this App!

I will give it 4 stars as it works for those books and articles I need to read. A little annoying all the other books included I am mostly not interested in. I know this is part of their commercial brainwashing I find it a pain.

- Who said change is not good? If you don’t change I guarantee you will be left behind

Read this book until you know it word for word. It will improve your life. Thanks Ryan Tuckwood for giving me this book.

- Google play book

Hi, I enjoyed the app very much,although I feel it misses a function (or I can't find). I can't differentiate the book have read with not read yet. Some kind of archive function would be great.

- Page numbers

I have problems with page numbers constantly changing. It’s very difficult to navigate and find where I was up to because the chapter links don’t go where they are supposed to, and the same page shows up as a different page number every time I open play books. It takes me at least 2 minutes every time I open it to find where I was up to.

- Play Books

Excellent app.i enjoy Google play books but lately it is not working on my IPad, freezes all the time,very frustrating, trying to decide whether to uninstall

- Terrible App - with NO Technical support!

What a terrible app! I listened to a sample of an audio book by David Sedaris. I decided to purchase the book. I paid the amount. It was debited from my bank account, but the book has not appeared in my library. I have tried everything. Wish I NEVER tried Google Play. They take your money, but don’t deliver the goods! Anyone considering using this app, beware and be prepared for an exhausting and frustrating experience!!!

- Excellent

Links all your books. Only down side is that this app doesn't link to the store. If you buy on your pc anyway, it's fine, but otherwise is pretty frustrating - especially when the store tries to open samples instead of adding them to your library.

- Not Great

Dull highlighter that doesn’t show up at all in night mode and only works sometimes. Relatively few settings. Kindle, it ain’t. I’d forgotten why I rarely bother with Google books- this would be why. I’m only using it now because Google was the only vendor offering the ebook I wanted.

- Currently struggling

I have loved the play books app in the past, but this one keeps freezing and doesn't sync up between devices and won't even let me read on my computer.... this is actually a really big issue because I have my uni textbooks on google play books and I need to be accessing them for class. Really not happy right now

- Just a really great app

Nothing less than what you would expect from Google. Upload books you own in .epub format and read anywhere and on anything.

- Text missing from the bottom of the page

Text missing from some pages, because the page size don't fit on the screen, someone is see half of the line at the bottom. On the front page doesn't show the cover photo of the downloaded books. The previous version was awesome this current one have poor quality.

- Disappointing

Crashes repeatedly, absolute junk of a product. I am truly underwhelmed and horrified that Google are proud to slap their brand onto this piece of trash. All I require is a sleek, seamless experience but I couldn’t even get past the first page without the screen blacking out. The absolute worst and most dysfunctional app I have ever used, definitely does not set to do what it claims. Not sure if actual reader or frustration simulator...

- Books not displaying

Just bought a book to read but it’s not loading up. Was reading the sample pages just fine before deciding to buy. Can you fix this?

- Great for existing books

Works great and it's existing books in your library and syncs well Shame you can't buy new books in the I version

- Tiffany DD

Very convenient. Just a problem with the last few lines not shown with some pages. Have to shift the screen from horizontal to vertical to try see the bottom lines of words.

- Good app

Can access all my books on iOS. Good options for reading. Changing between black and white backgrounds, text size, dictionary lookup etc.

- Frequent problems

Works along much the same lines as other e-book apps except there are frequent problems when logging in to read a book and it wont load the book. Frustrating.

- The Shepherds Hut by Tim Winton

Winton is a master storyteller and this book is beautifully written in the vernacular and the plot is strong As the stories unfold from the two lead characters, you get an insight into the imaginative richness of Winton's mind. Highly recommended.

- Good app

Only downside is not being able to purchase books via the app, but still definitely recommended

- Good app.

Great for 100 nights of reading with my son, all the books in one place for many more nights to come. Would be good to get a freebie every now an then.

- Excellent cross platform app

App is really easy to use and is able to sync my books to any device unlike iBooks.

- Love it

There has been problems with upload ePub files to the cloud as well as the power consumption quite high. Other than that, I totally love it!

- Excellent App

Excellent App and so easy to use. Great selection of books to choose to buy and read, a book lovers paradise.

- iBooks

I've only been a member for a short while but so far I have been happy with the books 📚 on offer. 🌻🌻🤠

- Throw away your money

Just bought my first audio book, received the receipt and account debited but cannot access the book on the app. Should have stuck with Apple books and Audible. Feel ripped off. No support or answers to my queries.

- Why????

When this app updates it kills all the books you have, you then have to download them again and again. What is most annoying is that the art work from most of the books I have paid for has now gone. Stop it Google make apps properly please.

- Darrin Rogers

Great app for keeping and reading my digital library. Easy to use and has every thing one might need. Love It. 5 Stars

- Please add a scrolling function

And maybe how many pages until the end of the chapter

- no purchase button

There is no option to buy and download book, only button”How to read this book”, and when I press it it’s says “ in this app you can read book which you purchase in google play” , that’s it, no purchase button

- Read-a-loud not working on iOS.

My read along Disney stories that work on my Pixel do not have a play option when on the iPad.

- It just like reading a normal book

It is a book

- Awful app

I cannot play anything or view anything on this app whatsoever. I’ve tried troubleshooting and have had to give up. Listening shouldn’t be such a bore! The app seems to stall/freeze on me. Not at all happy. Have also uninstalled and reinstalled. Still the same issue. I give up

- Loved it till it broke 😭

I love this app but for the last two weeks it opens up and completely freezes after about 5 seconds. I have lost access to all of the books ive paid for - heartbroken!

- Storage hog

I like the app, but it takes 2GB of storage. I only have 9 books downloaded, some of them are samples. Please fix the storage issue.

- Love play books

The range of books available is awesome!!

- Good integrated services

The app works well. Ease of access and browsing

- 😒

The new update is absolutely rubbish. I can’t purchase books straight from the sample & I can’t find where to buy them now at all. I don’t like the new format or how complicated it is to use now. Rather go all the way to town to buy the flipping book at this rate.

- App crashed on padOs 13.1

I have lots of books and half of them have to be downloaded again and again. At least 15 books. One book in particular had issue and sent 2 emails to support with no answers.

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- Good but could be better

Good customizable reading options for font, size etc however I wish the background/page colour selection could be further modified especially when viewing on a desktop, the computer white background is a little too bright for me.

- Why????

Why take away the ability to buy books through the app? If I have to use my computer to buy books I won’t be using this one to read or buy a book when I can use amazon, the app or on a computer to buy books. Same reason I quit using iBooks except I can only use the app for that one now, not the computer.

- Does not Keep my Place Across Devices

Other than that Mrs Lincoln... When I go from one device it does not show my place on another device! Perhaps this is because I use Apple or perhaps because it's a preview but frankly that would not change my rating, Google has no excuse for that feature not working perfectly alll the time.

- Definitely need to have

Works great!! :)

- Informative book

This book is very informative on the process of qualifying for a mortgage. Great real investment plan for Canadians without all the motivational hype. There is also a link to the author’s brokerage team I highly recommend it for all Canadian real estate investors.

- Question is: why don’t they fix it??

The complaints about this app have not changed. Dinosaur, buggy, constantly freezes, not customizable even in humblest most technologically insignificant ways. They ask for feedback. I’ll wager the feedback hasn’t changed in a decade, because people keep reporting/asking for the same things that are never improved. I use this only when there is no other option for an ebook, and without fail, it is an unpleasant experience every time. Why don’t they fix this monstrosity?

- Ripped me off, non negotiable, just use Amazon

The book I purchased was formatted to look like a novel, but it was just a reader’s guide, and Google was unwilling to refund or exchange the item for me. It was foolish for me to stop using Amazon, I just liked the way Google formatted its pages. But if you read covers very carefully, this won’t happen to you.

- DRM Enabled Copy

Play books is DRM enabled. I have a major concern. At the rate at which many of the Google services are shuttering how would we have offline access to the books that we have purchased. Even if we have access to a copy we would not be able to read it on another software or device unless the DRM protection is lifted from our copy. This becomes a major hassle for those of us who would like to future proof our purchased copy so that we can read them in the future as well, in any case that the company shuts down. Please respond to urgent concern. Thanks.

- Glitching issues

I purchased a text book for this app and every time I highlight a sentence or a paragraph it automatically jumps to a different sentence that i did not highlight. Same with the page turning it skips pages It’s very frustrating! Pls fix this!

- Awful

Never had an app so frustrating and awful to work with

- Technical issue

The app has worked great until a couple weeks ago now when I open an ebook the app kind of blinks or flashes when I touch the screen. All my other apps work great and the app works great for my iPad the issue is on my iPhone only. I’ve also done all available updates for the app and phone as well

- Mediocre for comics

First off I’ll say that I’ve only used this app for comics, so if you want to read books this review isn’t for you. As a comic reader it is serviceable but not great. The biggest issue is a complete lack of a zoom function. On my 12.9” iPad that isn’t a dealbreaker, but on something smaller that would be a pain. They try and make up for it by having a feature that makes the bubbles of text pop big in the order you should read them, which makes the small text easier to read. This works ok, but I found that too often it covered art I wanted to see, and toggling back and forth never felt super comfortable. It’s a neat option, but it does a poor job of replacing pinch zoom. Really, if you want to read comics, you’re better off using Apple Books, Madefire, or ComiXology. This is only worth using if you get a good price or the comic isn’t available elsewhere.

- The app is not compatible with my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

I use google playbook on my iPhone 11 Pro max. I bought the NIV devotional men's bible a while ago. The app on this phone will not let me highlight bible verses or make note on specific pages. It is very frustrating and disappointing. Can you guys fix this ? It was working perfectly on my previous iPhone 8 Plus until I swapped phones in October.

- Bugs

The bugs in this app are insane. Come on Google please give us a good app. You can do better: Pages are slow to flip Books take forever to open Highlighting is a nerve racking experience Forget about taking notes I am using an iPad Pro.

- page doesn’t load

sometimes i turn the page and it’s just black!!

- Highlight feature doesn’t work.

I’m so disappointed, I was so excited when I first downloaded the app. Everything worked fine for a minute but now I can’t highlight anything. I even tried deleting and redownloading the app and reinstalling my e-book but it won’t work. Please fix the highlighting issue.

- Constant glitches

This app worked great on my galaxy S8 but switch to the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the highlight feature works 3/10 times. Even after closing the app and reopening it, it happens as well.

- Getting error frequently

Cannot highlight

- Log in failure

I tried logging in and since I forgot my password I had a code sent to my email. I used it and wasn’t able to change my password and log in and I tried three times. Deleting the app now

- Google services is dying?

All is now just video right ads and ads revenue right. The eBook App is sluggish page turn on ePub files struggles and freezes every 3rd page turn. Besides that the app now pushes buy content and folders for my own content no longer allowed, it’s all PDFs and ePub files now together. Have 1000 files and quite impossible to manage. They ending the audio app so wonder how long will keep this alive.

- My favourite reading app

No lag, always saves page where left

- Sucks that purchases don’t show up

Wasting my time troubleshooting why this crappy app doesn’t sync purchases with my play books purchases.

- Great app

Enjoy to read whenever and wherever I want to

- Highlights issue

Highlights not slowing up right away. Huge delay and inconsistent.

- Shelves

Shelves should allow you to add books from within the shelf instead of one by one.... classic google, taking ages to put out features and doing them halfassed. Thank you for adding shelves to the app. This was a long asked for feature!

- It’s not bad but...

I like it but I usually read for 1-2 hour at a time and with this it would only hurt my eyes bu no less work a this a bad app I really enjoy it but please let people on apple but books from the phone or ipad

- Always many months late

Always many many months late on releasing the newer entries of the book series that I am following where as amazon is almost always on time. Kepp this up and I’m leaving for amazon for good.

- Shelves??

The app is great, but why can't I access the shelves I make on the desktop app?? It would be great to organise books the way I would like to.

- Horrible highlighting tool

This is the app with the worst highlighting ever. It’s impossible trying to highlight something without turning to the next page. A disgrace!

- Awful app

In comparison to ibooks this app is ridiculous!

- Terrible for study

I had expected something ease and straightforward- but I can highlight only one word at a time and when I get back the highlighted words are gone!!!!!! Complete waste of time studying on it. Really? What is the purpose?

- cannot purchase

Why would I even use the app to GAIN NEW KNOWLEDGE if the option of NEW books is not avaliable?

- Not free

You have to pay money to actually read the book

- No Shelf Support

The web client support shelf for organizing books. But feature is not available on iOS yet

- 🤧😋

It was okay enjoy it for free

- Cant buy books in the app

Terrible user experience

- Crashing

App crashes when connected to wifi. If I turn off wifi, it works fine but if I want to download books I can’t because app doesn’t stay open with wifi enabled.

- Some books are black

Some books are just black or partially black... I can’t read a thing..

- Need improvements

App renders graphics poorly and they don’t scale very well. App crashes frequently when skimming through book both on IPad and IPhone XS Max.

- Too much leaving app

Want a new book? Go to a webpage (not directly linked for you) and sign in all over again, search all over again. No sorting what so ever. You can’t download in the app itself anymore.

- Review for Google Play Books

I have enjoyed the app for the limited time I have used it. Sorry, but my 1st love will forever remain with a real book! Aside from the physical aspect of a good book, I frequently flip back in the book to check a fact. The time required to flip backward to check something is minimal. Narrowing the search forward & back, rapidly locating the page I am searching for in moments. I am unaware of a way to skip forward & back by more than a single page at a time. This not only makes the search cumbersome but also often fruitless & I abandon the task hoping the point will be clarified in future pages. I would also applaud the addition of a note section to have a place to jot facts I need to keep straight. Something that would be simple to add to the program & add a huge positive feature. Otherwise for reading a book on a tablet or cellphone it is workable, but will never replace the "Real Thing"!

- Needs baseline functionality

Really needs baseline functionality. It’s pathetic that you can’t buy books through the app. Telling users to go to the website and then come back is a laughable cop out.

- Text highlighting still not working in iOS version.

I can’t believe this function does not work for the iOS version. As such this app is useless to me.

- Please improve the horizontal view page turning animation

I am on the iPad and when I read its usually in a horizontal or landscape mode. I have noticed when I turn the pages it will turn over both pages instead of flap hinging on the centre animation it hinges on left side of the book, taking out some the realism from turning pages and making it feel like a book.

- 12 Rules For Life

Everyone should read this book. Jordon Peterson is an EXCELLENT teacher and oozing common sense!!

- Play books

Great reader app, across platforms it syncs.

- Works great

Great for reading PDFs and keeping my content up to where I am on multiple devices.

- No longer can purchase ebooks through app

I find it disappointing that I am now supposed to go open my browser, and go to the play website to purchase anything! Why not directly from play books as before?

- Awesome

This is a very good app. I enjoy reading digital books. I also listen to audio books. Highly recommended

- Disappointing, to say the least

Unable to buy books from the app. Also, when I try to download a book (especially a graphic novel, or comic or manga), it’ll usually download to (let’s say) 20%, then give an error saying it can’t finish downloading. Pressing the download button again will get it to reach (let’s say) 30%, then give the same error. I have to spam the button multiple times in order to finish downloading a book, which is pretty frustrating. Did it while I was on vacation from Japan, does it in Canada (including on my 400mbps Internet). Does it on both my iPhone and iPad running the latest OS version. Problem occuring since at least beginning of May 2019. PLEASE FIX THIS, IT’S MAKING IT VERY FRUSTRATING. Thinking of switching to buying books on Amazon’s service (or Apple’s) because of the above issue, although I do like GooglePlay more. Please fix this very blatant issue before I switch!

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Ashley Literski

@RichieTSteadman Other than your public library, I like buying books off Google Play. It’s often less expensive if you aren’t subscribed to audible.

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Google Play Books 6.0.1 Screenshots & Images

Google Play Books iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Play Books iphone images
Google Play Books iphone images
Google Play Books iphone images
Google Play Books iphone images
Google Play Books iphone images
Google Play Books iphone images
Google Play Books iphone images
Google Play Books iphone images

Google Play Books (Version 6.0.1) Install & Download

The applications Google Play Books was published in the category Book on 2010-12-06 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 80.16 MB. Google Play Books - Book app posted on 2022-04-30 current version is 6.0.1 and works well on IOS 14.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: