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What is libby, by overdrive app? All over the world, local libraries offer millions of ebooks and audiobooks. You can borrow them — for free, instantly — with a library card and Libby: the award-winning, much-loved app for libraries.

• Browse your library’s digital catalog of books — from classics to NYT best-sellers
• Borrow and enjoy ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines
• Download titles for offline reading, or stream them to save space
• Send ebooks to your Kindle (U.S. libraries only)
• Listen to audiobooks via Apple CarPlay
• Use tags to create your must-read list and any other book lists you want
• Keep your reading position automatically synced on all your devices

In our beautiful, intuitive ebook reader:
• Adjust text size, background color, and book design
• Zoom into magazines and comic books
• Define and search for words and phrases
• Read and listen to read-alongs with your kids
• Add bookmarks, notes, and highlights

In our ground-breaking audio player:
• Slow down or speed up the audio (0.6 to 3.0x)
• Set a sleep timer
• Simply swipe to skip forward and backward
• Add bookmarks, notes, and highlights

Libby is built by the team at OverDrive, in support of local libraries everywhere.

Happy reading!

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Libby, by OverDrive Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Libby, by OverDrive Version 5.1.028 February 2022

Bug fixes, performance optimizations, accessibility improvements, and preparation for our next round of features. Thanks for supporting your local libraries!.

Libby, by OverDrive Version 5.0.502 August 2021

Bug fixes, performance optimizations, accessibility improvements, and preparation for our next round of features. Thanks for supporting your local libraries!.

Libby, by OverDrive Version 5.0.014 December 2020

Libby has a Home Screen widget! (iOS 14+).

Libby, by OverDrive Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great App, Great Service

Libby is an essential app for book lovers, particularly during this time when many libraries are closed to visitors. I have been using the app for several years and always been happy with it. Recently, updates to the app have made it even better—particularly the option to have a hold delivered later (useful when multiple holds come available at the same time). The app is easy to use for reading and listening on the go, but I also love the ease of sending ebooks to my Kindle when I want a larger screen. (One downside is not being able to send audiobooks to Audible, which would enable whispersync between ebook and audiobook for readers who are doing both, but I suspect that’s an issue with Amazon’s audiobook model rather than the library.) I like being able to track how long I will need to wait for a book (Libby often overestimates the wait time, which I appreciate because then I’m pleasantly surprised when the book becomes available early). I appreciate being able to link multiple library cards in one app and switch between them easily. When it comes to potential negatives for some readers (such as long wait times for popular books), it’s important to remember that those issues are just part of being a library reader rather than buying all your books—not an issue with the app itself. Go ahead and place the hold; high demand for a book often encourages public libraries to purchase additional copies (or digital licenses) for the book.

- Used for a year now—fantastic with some minor quibbles

Pros: My reading has skyrocketed since using this app—Libby makes books so accessible, especially since I have a busy schedule and hard time stopping by the library. I have saved SO much money by using Libby, and have tried out more genres than I normally do, since you don’t waste a trip to the library getting a new book: simply tap to download and tap to return if you don’t like it. The waitlist system is very clear, browsing is easy, and a sizable catalog make this very much worth it. Cons: Libby loses one star for some basic syncing and history issues. If I delete Libby off my device (sometimes I get rid of it when I’m busy and I don’t want to be tempted with a quick read!), when I redownload it, I lose all history of what books I’ve previously checked out and read. When you tag books, eg “To Read”, these tags are NOT synced across devices. I now have a motley “To Read” list spread across my phone and iPad. Likewise, these lists are lost if you remove the app off your local device. I’ve emailed Libby twice to request these be synced across devices and no luck yet. Overall still a wonderful app and love how it makes reading yet more accessible. A TIP for readers—if practical, try to get multiple library cards for nearby areas. It opens up a larger catalog of books for you to read, and a waitlisted book in one library may be immediately available in another. :)

- Love!

I think it's so cool how you can use this with your library card. This is my go to reading app! I just wish it was available for NOOK tablets. Kind of an old device, but it's sort of a drag to read a book on overdrive and it not be synced up with my libby app therefore it wasn't tracking my reading time. Other than that, love it. Some people are complaining on here that they have to wait 5 months for a book or so... can't you find a book that isn't super popular right now and put a hold on what you want? That's how you discover really good books. Patience and curiosity. I find it super annoying/entitled that people are saying this because eventually it will be your turn, just have patience and read something else. If you want it that bad, buy it 🙄. It's not libby's fault and I think it's also unfair to assume someone isn't reading a book because they're taking their time with it. There are plenty of books out there chill out. I however do think there should be a system though where it detects if a book has been opened frequently or not so then people who do need a book for school or something can get it because its much more needed by them obviously. The reason this is my favorite reading app is because of the synchronization aspect and that it can track your reading time. You can disable that, but personally, its why I love Libby the most. 💜

- Convert from OverDrive

Finally I have switched from OverDrive to Libby. I loved the simplicity of OverDrive but eventually Libby’s overall better usability won me over. Libby is a must-have app for any avid reader/audiobook listener. I loved the recent addition of the feature of delivering later, very convenient for those of us who place holds on multiple books since it is difficult to predict when a book will indeed be available. This likely will shorten the overall wait for everyone in the waiting list. I also very much appreciate the ability to view a history of my search terms and it seems to search across all my libraries (significantly improved over OverDrive), although Libby does not clearly indicate whether it does search across libraries. This could perhaps be improved. I would have given a 4.5 rating but there is option for half points. A few improvements are desired. For one, it is never clear to me which direction my finger should slide to forward/rewind, and I often do the opposite, hence taking more time due to the confusion. It would be much better to have clearly indicated rewind/forward direction, e.g., those 15 sec rewind/forward buttons in OverDrive. Another suggestion is to make it easier to access the book details for books on my shelf. Right now ”view title details” is buried several menu clicks deep. I still use OverDrive to recommend books that my libraries don’t have — would be great to be able to do this in Libby.

- Highly Recommend Libby to EVERYBODY!!

I absolutely love Libby! This app is a fantastic source of knowledge and literature and I’m grateful for finding it. With my library card I easily gain access to the plentiful selection of books in my local library! This is wonderful in moments, especially those we’re in now, facing corona virus, but also if you cannot get to a library for any reason other than that there after. The simple curtesy of lending goes far too unnoticed these days and this was such a creative idea to bring our library’s into our homes! I highly recommend this app to all who loves to read, and for those who intend to put the book back on the shelf when finished. I love that there are audiobook’s as well! This is highly appealing and makes it easier to get through books quickly but also for those with children AND for children— Essentially those that are too busy to read. I am able to play the audio and the book is read aloud to me making me able to do my work, housework, and even shower while listening! Thank you to the developers of Libby and the team who made this possible!! I am so happy that this app was made in an easy to use format and accessible to everyone!! From the simple appealing layout to the easy accessibility and attention put into detail, this app was clearly well thought out and I could tell!

- Fantastic interface

I’ve only browsed one ebook sample but have listened to several audiobooks and the interface is leaps and bounds better than Hoopla and OverDrive. Cons: I’d give it a 5th star if the sleep timer for audiobooks had more than the 30 minute option (custom timer would be best along with 15 minute intervals up to an hour, then 30 minute intervals thereafter), the UI colors could be customized (at the least a dark mode, but I’d also like to change the blurred background color for audiobooks while in landscape mode), and I could customize my library card color tags/icons? (a minor gripe but two of my cards are too similar in color). I’m also not a fan of the settings menu but I can’t put my finger on why right now... Pros: The book layout is great (Hoopla doesn’t even do landscape or two page mode🤬). As a whole, the Libby interface puts books at your fingertips quickly and offers a sleek & modern yet minimalist design that appeals to the eyes. The sort/refine/preferences works well although an ability to sort series by order in the series both ascending and descending is missing. The ability to sync Libby across multiple devices is FANTASTIC (again, looking at you Hoopla) and saves the hassle of logging in on each device and manually downloading each book (again, Hoopla, sup?). The audio/book sample feature (Hoopla comeon!) is conveniently placed, as is the book sample, review, and jacket information.

- Libby Rating as compared to Cloud Library

I give Libby a 5 star rating. It was so very easy to work with, so easy to figure out. I never had to request help from the library staff. I have read more than 60 audio books using Libby App. Search is easy. Returns are automatic or if you want to return early, no problem it is a simple procedure. Hold worked without a hitch. I cannot praise this App. Enough. Port Saint Lucie Libraries has now switched us to "Cloud Library"for all audio books. I have had one problem after another with this "Cloud Library". App. First of all I cannot seem to set my setting the way I would like. I accidentally requested an e-book on this app. And couldn't figure out how to return it. It was on the app. Showing overdue for awhile, may still,be,out there somewhere. I did go to the library and try to get help, however there seems to be only one person who can help, and she had not responded to my request for help and it has been 2 weeks. And, the gentleman with whom I spoke when I went to the library tried to convince me that it was NOT possible to borrow an ebook in Cloud Library even tho I have a photo of that book indicating that it is in an overdue status. I am looking forward to the day I am asked to review "Cloud Library", I will go into more depth re: my problems working with this App.

- Fantastic App! Actually free and everything that they advertise

I started using this app because it said that I could borrow for free if I had a library card. I didn’t have one, but after putting my address and email in I was given access through my local library. Since then I have finished 9 books and dont plan on stopping. The app is super easy to use, the loans are very easy to renew if I do go over the 21 day period, and I really enjoy the feature that gives definitions or translations to words and phrases that you highlight in the book. I dont have a Kindle but it offers the option to borrow the book on a Kindle device, I just read on my phone and have had zero issues. I tried an audiobook and they seem to work well, they are less available than the ebooks which is why i dont usually use them. The only complaint I have, and maybe this is just the series that I am reading, but the Books in Series search could be improved, it seems cluttered with a bunch of different versions of the same books and not always in order. To be fair, i am reading the Agatha Christie books and theyve been republished a hundred different ways so maybe im just working with a difficult series. Either way, fantastic app, happy as can be with it, if you want to read ebooks then this app is perfect for you.

- The Best App

You know how every once in a while you think to yourself: “maybe all these podcasters are onto something and I should subscribe to audible after all” but then you google it and it’s money and you think “I don’t have money to spend on this I don’t even know if I will use it” so you just feel a little sad because you’re not even sure you like audiobooks but some part of you feels like your missing out? Have I got a solution for you! This app lets you listen to FREE AUDIOBOOKS! Good popular ones too! Libraries are amazing but sometimes inconvenient. This app makes your library’s content accessible! You can borrow books and read them on your kindle and you can put your kindle on airplane mode so the books stay there past the return date and you don’t even need to feel guilty about it because whoever is on hold still gets access to the book whether it is sneakily still on your device or not. I’m not a great review writer, I don’t write a lot of reviews, but this app is honestly the best thing in the world please do yourself a favor and use it. Free books, audio books, magazines (though I’ve never used it for magazines but theoretically you can), it’s life changing. You do need a library card, but you should probably get one of those anyways libraries are the bomb.

- This App Is My Favorite!

I am an avid reader, and I would much rather use the public library than buy the books myself. Too many books can get expensive. However, my life gets busy, and I often forget to return my books in a timely manner. Using Libby makes that a non-issue: if I decide I no longer want to read the books, I can easily return them early. Or if I have become distracted, the book is immediately returned on the due date. The convenience of always having my book with my without having to remember anything additional makes my life so much easier for those moments when I get stuck waiting somewhere unexpectedly. The app itself is simple enough to use and easily syncs between devices and the web reader. Genres, authors, and series are clearly cross referenced. The audiobooks connect to my home and car speakers with the same ease as streaming music. Audiobooks usually download to your device while you have them rented, so there is less issues of being out of service range or using up data when on mobile. All in all, Libby has made my live as an active reader better in all the ways. The accessibility means everything to me, and I would strongly encourage it to everyone. Support your local libraries!

- Irritating UI

My library just switched from RBDigital to Libby. First off, I was disappointed there was not a way to import my existing subscriptions / lists. Next, the browsing feature is maddening: books and single-issue publications are mixed in with periodicals. Making matters worse, after ~10 screens the entire list automatically “refreshes” for no reason — I was still reviewing results of my original search — and auto-scrolls back to the TOP of the list. Oh joy, now I get to try to remember which items I’ve already tagged as I scroll past them all again. Really annoying and error-prone. Then, when borrowing and beginning to read an item there are LONG delays when trying to flip past the first page. But don’t worry, the app “helpfully” remembers all your attempted page turns while it’s stalled... so when the new pages are FINALLY downloaded it rapidly executes ALL those page flips you thought it was missing...and you’re suddenly on page 13! Really dumb. And then if you happen to power off while zoomed in on a particular page... surprise! you’re on a completely different (random?)page when you power back on. Suffice to say, I see MUCH room for improvement, and much preferred RBDigital. But I must use what my library has chosen. And it does “work” (to a low standard) for reading periodicals from the comfort of my home... so I’m grateful for that. I hope the developers will improve the app. It can be so much better!

- Any book . . .

The way I use audiobooks is to acquire the book (via library or purchase) and then go to Libby or OverDrive and “borrow” the exact audiobook. Then, I read along in the book while listening to the audiobook. Advantage: I remain focused longer. Words or phrases in a foreign language are pronounced correctly and usually with appropriate accent. And most important, I move right along and finish the book much quicker than otherwise. This allows me to “read” many more books. Another advantage, if the book is read by the author, that’s an “extra.” You feel like you are sitting in their private library, next to their fireplace and having a private audience. It’s very personal. To me, this way of combining both the text and the audiobook book, I get the best of both worlds. When I listen to just the audiobook alone, I find myself drifting and losing my concentration. With the book in front of me and reading along, I remain enthusiastically involved. Say I want to hear or read a sentence or paragraph again - just hit the 15 second repeat button - Voila! Two examples: “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” series. EXCELLENT! All those Swedish addresses and names of places. Second example, any book with necessary minutia such as Ron Chernow’s, “Hamilton.” Both of these books are wonderful on audiobooks. Worked for me! Try it! You might like it . . .

- Really good

I’ve had this app for three years and it is the best, the only two things I have to complain about is that on some good or more grown up books (Since I guess that adults use this more than kids or teenagers) you have to wait for over six months or sometimes it even says unknown wait and that for a book series, the whole series may not be available. But it’s like a online library and for some books it has said that wait time is two weeks but then after a few days of putting a hold on it, I got to borrow them. You can adjust the text side and also change the background from white or black and it even suggests books for you, like sunshine state or books picked by librarians or best sellers. I don’t usually write reviews but this app deserves one, it may not have all books or you have to put a hold on a book but it is still pretty great. I can read books that I can’t get, like if I have the first book of a series but not the second then maybe I can search it up and read it on Libby. It’s even better during this time when we can’t go out that much, a phone or tablet is easier to clean than a hands on book (even though I do like those better). I’m a twelve year old bookworm and this is a great app.

- Quarantine

I really love this and I have found no problems with it yet. This allows me to go to the library during quarantine without leaving my house. I have just one problem...I wish it would let us download movie too for free. That would give it a thousand stars but also one other thing. I have put a hold on a book April 10th there were only two people ahead of me and you can only have it for a week. It is now May 14th. And I have moved up in line to one so I will get the book next. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR A MONTH and it keeps saying “wait time 2 weeks” I am getting so mad about it because either there is a glitch or they are allowing this person to just keep renewing it and renewing it and I’m sooooo mad because I really want to read this book and I placed a hold on something that was 26 weeks and that book is down to 4 weeks so I should have the other book by now but I still don’t have it. You really need to change this because it is not okay that some people can just have it for that long because my guess is they barley read it, they want to read it but they read like a page a day where I can get books done IN a day. So please please please get this fixed and stop letting that person renew it so many times. Once is okay but for me to have it on hold for this long when it just keeps saying 2 more weeks is NOT okay.

- I love this app- there are no real downsides

It is almost too perfect. A simple idea at first, just an online library. However, with so many apps where you pay large amounts of money just to get access to audio and digital books, this is the only one I have found that is actually free and amazingly easy to use. Because it is a library app, all you need for it to work is a library card and a library that has an online section. You can check out the audiobooks like a normal library. There are even considerate touches like a timer for sleep, and a manual bookmark. Unlike a physical book, these online one will automatically save your spot even if you have to turn it in, and so when/if you wanted to check it out again you will pickup where you left off! You do have a limit of 7 books checked out at a time, there are waitlists for popular titles, and it automatically returns the title after a certain amount of time (you have control over this) but I see these as minor things, and if you put a hold on a book it will automatically loan it and send you an email/notification. I love this app and would love to rant all day about why. If you are at all considering getting this I would deeply recommend.

- Horrible changes . Pls reevaluate. No longer will I or friends endorse Libby. Sorry to leave.

There seems to be a robust review which I will likely delete Libby as my choice to read and go back to Overdrive. It seems s constantly alerting me on on how many are waiting, yet I have supported my libraries substantially for years, and this is “ in your face” . I often return earlier but yet when I miss a book, I wait full length of time as I have observed very, very few return books early. I do not care for your recent changes at all. Sorry this app has gotten much too invasive. Can no longer enjoy a right to enjoy books after my donations and giving untold numbers of books to libraries. I ask for nothing but a pleasurable experience and “ Libby” has ruined that. Sorry you must do better as all of my friends are voicing same concerns. No one likes your overhaul. Why don’t you consider we pay taxes to fund libraries and many give above that amount. It is insult to see how many are reading books to rush us and I’ve even returned without even reading. I wait full time with no one returning earlier than 14 days, and I return promptly. It is over for me. Sorry. You gone opposite and donations will also be halting. Sorry but too much is too much in your face. I’m very kind but this last change has irritated me .

- Finally Reading Consistently Again

I found Libby through the App Stories and it’s been wonderful. Buying books can be costly and storage consuming (physical and in the cloud). I’m not one to browse the library and I have an incredible gift of procrastination that almost guarantees a rented physical book will not get returned on time. But insert Libby and it’s a game changer for me. The ability to rent ebook versions of some books is fantastic and I don’t have to worry about my rental being late because the ebook is automatically returned when my rental period has run out. Every year one of my resolutions is to read more and every year I don’t, until now! The app is compatible with Kindle so I can read books on my personal Kindle device or with the app. It tells you how many copies of a book are available, how many are in use, and an estimated time for how long you have to wait for your copy. I also like that there’s only 21 days to read a book. Having a specific window of time to read a book I’m interested in means that I now rarely put off finishing a book. Plus added bonus many books have audio books and they are free (goodbye Audible!). It’s been awesome to rediscover how enjoyable consuming books can be!

- UPDATE 6/6/20: new UI = argh /// (previous)Not very dependable

Update June 3, 2020: After finally fixing stability issues from my review below, the app worked fine. I use to listen to audio books mainly. But as of today, June 3, 2020, with their latest update, I’m left perplexed. The new UI is clunky and takes 2-3 taps to do what I could do on screen before. I don’t see any benefits?? It’s not just me getting used to it. It literally takes more steps to do common actions — the exact opposite of what an updated UI should do. Argh. I love the idea of this app but it seems one step forward, two steps back every few months. ===== I use this app during my daily commute and when it works, it works fine. But about 2 out of the 5 days, I get server errors. Whether trying to check out, resume or anything on the app. Extremely frustrating not knowing if I’ll be able to read my book or if I’m locked out. It must happen a lot because on the “report error” page they even have a special message about it. How about fixing it?? I’ve also had problems with audiobooks skipping ahead and making it impossible to scrub back to where it skipped. I updated to the latest version, hoping that helped with all of the above, but it all actually seems to be worse. I can’t open or read any books on my shelf right now, as an example, the third time this week and prompting me to write this review.

- FREE ebooks & audiobooks w/a library card

If you don’t have a library card, go get one NOW! Find out where your closest public library is and go there pronto. OK, call first to ask what proof of residency they might need; they’ll probably say just 1-2 pieces of mail showing your name and address. Or maybe your library system has the application on their website. Download the Libby app and select your library from the list of library systems that appears, enter your library card barcode #, and you’re set! If you haven’t read an ebook before, go for it! You can modify background color, text size, font, and even HIGHLIGHT text or bookmark pages—then go to Reader Settings and scroll down to see all your bookmarks and highlighted passages. The app keeps your book settings so you can close and reopen the app as often as you want. (If you have any problems, just call the library helpdesk—that’s free, too!) Your library may have other ebook apps besides Libby. But Libby is hands-down the best of the two i’m familiar with. If you’re more of an audiobook fan, you can check those out, too, via the app. No more driving anywhere—you can check books out & return them in the app! All age groups, all genres. Mind blowing.

- Read or listen to books anywhere you are

While on vacation, on road trips, we find short and long books to listen to as a family. The books download easily, with cell service or WiFi, so that when we had no cell service or WiFi we could keep listening. I also listen to books on my daily walks. The selection of titles is good, and I’d give 5 stars if Libby had everything we wanted, when we wanted it. Still, we always find an enjoyable book to listen to. If we can’t finish in 7 days, the loan period, we try to renew. We get frustrated if someone is waiting for the title - which means we can’t renew it because it’s a popular title. Choose wisely if you want to hear the entire book in 7 days. When I walk and listen, if I have the print version & can’t renew the audio, I just finish the book by reading it. I can’t remember if you are limited to so many titles per month per library card, but that’s why everyone in the family has a card. Sometimes we all put a hold on the same book at the same time so that as one finishes it, the next one checks it out - if it’s his/her time to get it from the holds. Doesn’t always work, but when it does (for the really long audio books), it’s perfect!

- Book lovers will for sure enjoy

So, Libby is amazing all you have tk do is have a library card. Which does sometimes cause problems if you delete the app then reinstall it and forget your card number (me). I lost my library card for at least 6 months and wasn’t able to get back in. But it is very easy to find books, And you have access to all the books in your library (I think). You can place holds on books and loan books. Now because it’s only limited to one library (unless you get a new library card at a different library) meaning, the options aren't amazing, you might not get a completed series on Libby but then again that might just be my library. You CAN have several different library cards, and have access to a lot more books. However, it isn’t very convenient because then you have to keep track of said library cards. (Then again this might just be a me problem. Maybe take a picture of the card #? I don’t know, good luck). Overall great app, very aesthetically pleasing, oh and the customer service people veryyy nice, but don’t lose your library card. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk. No I’m not going to fix the grammar.

- User friendly, but MAJOR drawback

I work in a library, and borrow audiobooks and ebooks myself frequently. Former Overdrive user, now use Libby most of the time because it is more user friendly and streamlined. However, there are two big problems that mean I can’t get rid of Overdrive just yet (I switch between the two for searching). 1) Biggest problem: if you use more than one library account (if you belong to different library systems), and you place a title on hold through 1 library, Libby will not allow you to access that title through another library, EVEN IF THAT TITLE IS AVAILABLE through the other library. If you are using Libby, you must be very careful to NOT place a hold until you’ve checked all libraries you belong to. Otherwise you’ll be waiting weeks to read a book you could have accessed immediately. You also can only place a hold on a particular title through 1 library system. 2) Through Libby you can not recommend titles for your library to buy. Our library will automatically buy an item once a certain number of requests have been made. Too bad you can’t request a purchase through Libby! I do find Libby more user friendly and recommend it to library patrons who only use 1 library, and use it myself most of the time, but the above issues are major ones for me still.

- Could be great

So I love the convenience of the app. I don’t have lots of time so I like being able to access books through the app. The thing is there are more things I don’t like than what I do like which is why I rated it at 3 stars. First I don’t like how you can’t check out for as long as you would a regular book. Again I don’t have a lot of time so I don’t get to read as often as I would like too which leaves me always just a small portion of the way through when my time is up and I can’t recheck it out because someone else is usually waiting on it. So I have to wait weeks to continue reading it which is annoying. If I’m remembering to get on and recheck it out I should be able to, like how you would do in person. I’m also not sure how there’s such limitations to digital copies. It’s digital books should be more easily accessible. 2nd I don’t like that you can see the ratings on books but can’t read the reviews or rate the book yourself. There should also be tabs in your side bar for categories like favorite books or books you want to read etc. I get you can use the tags for that but I just feel it would be easier to have tabs. Maybe once I get a tags system of my own going I’ll feel a little differently about it. It’s a good app, a great idea but needs work.

- Crashes often

Works well for reading ebooks and listening to audiobooks, which unfortunately is only about 10-20% of what I want to do. I am mainly interested in the magazine availability. My library previously went through rb digital for this, which had issues of its own but was functional and useful. The transition to Libby was initially fine, the controls are intuitive and the borrowing process is not a major problem for me. The issue is that when actually reading a magazine, the app crashes repeatedly, even if the magazine is already completely downloaded. This totally interrupts reading/browsing and makes the app really unpleasant to use. Sometimes it is a minor inconvenience when it only crashes about 2-3 times in the approximately 20 minutes it takes me to read a magazine. Other times it will barely show me the cover page for 30 seconds before crashing. Again, this is when the thing I am trying to read is fully downloaded and the app is not in the process of downloading anything else. My best guess is that the page turning animation graphics are too much for my iPad to handle, but the previous service did that too and this same device was able to handle it. Really wish this would be fixed because the local libraries are not fully open so this is my only option currently.

- A great start

This is basically the same app as Overdrive, just prettier. One thing I love about this app that Overdrive doesn't do though, is that it lists all your loans on one page. I live in the Los Angeles area and actually have four library cards from surrounding library systems, so it's great to be able to view all those loans in one place. Which brings me to the thing that irritates me about both this app and the Overdrive one. And maybe it's just a technical issue, but I hate that neither app has a universal search function. You have to switch libraries every time you want to search for something at multiple systems. I'd love just one consolidated search that searches all the libraries that I have cards for. I realize most people probably won't have as many cards as I do, but it's seriously irritating to have to search multiple times for a book, and then if it's in multiple places, to remember which one had a shorter wait time, etc. If it was just one single search list, it'd make my life so much easier. And considering that they seem to understand that people might have multiple cards, since they included a combined bookshelf, it just seems like an odd omission to not have a combined search function.

- By far the best ebook app I’ve tried!

This app is great overall! I have used the overdrive app and the kindle app, but Libby has to be the best I’ve used by far! I love that it allows you to sign into multiple library accounts and lets you easily access them. Books appear right after they are checked out, and they are really easy to download and read! I only have a couple features that I think would make this app even better: 1.It would be great if you were able to access your account to manage your physical books you have checked out as well as your ebooks. Several times I’ve thought to check my books to see if their due, only to realize that I can’t do that with Libby. It would be amazing if you could add that feature. 2. Another feature that would be great, is if you could add the ability to listen to an audiobook while reading an ebook, like Kindle allows you to do. But this should only be available if you have both the ebook and the audio book checked out. It is sometimes nice to be able to listen and read along at the same time. Just a couple suggestions here. Hope you get a chance to check this out. Thanks for the great app!

- Great app with decent features

I’ve used this app for just over a year and have borrowed hundreds of books. I use it to listen to books while working, driving, getting stuff done, or just chilling. Like a regular library, if there are books that you would like to borrow, but are currently in use by someone else, you can place a hold on them. The app tells you approximately how long the wait will be, and can borrow the book automatically if there is space on your shelf. It keeps a record of what you’ve borrowed, but tags you place on books either don’t last for extended periods of time, or there’s a limit to how many you can have. Unfortunately, it doesn’t identify books that you’ve borrowed while browsing for something new. You have to review your history to see if you’ve borrowed a book previously. Also, the app will show all titles that they have on record, including those not available through the library card(s) you have on record. However, you can’t read the description of books that are not available to you to borrow. In general this is an easy to use app and fairly intuitive. When using an audio book, it will continue to play even while using another app or the screen is off.

- Fantastic! A few suggestions though...

After using OverDrive, I decided to try out Libby since the app looked so much more upgraded, if that's the right word. The interface is absolutely beautiful; borrowing books from the library is easy; and I love how my bookshelf looks more than I liked the one from OverDrive. I only have a couple of suggestions, however. 1) When I'm reading from the iBooks app, one feature I really like about it is the gray scale it uses, along with the day scale, sepia scale, and night mode. It would be absolutely awesome if Libby used this gray scale as well! And 2) I'm not sure if this was just a bug, but once when Libby froze, I had to force quit the app and re-launch it. However, I had to go through the entire "Welcome to Libby, please sign in" screen. For awhile it wasn't letting me sign in with my library card number until I had to start the app over again. It's just a tiny, minor thing, and it might have been just a bug, but I thought it was a bit odd. Nonetheless, I still think this app is awesome, and I'm so glad I downloaded it! You guys have done a fantastic job at designing this app, and it's helped me get back into reading again! So thanks! :)

- Good app, but could be improved

I read ebooks and listen to audiobooks all the time. I have more than one library card and like that Libby remembers the titles I’ve searched for, so finding a book is more efficient than in Overdrive. But, I’d love a universal search that would look through ALL of my libraries at once. I love that all my titles are on one shelf and I can see the due dates. Holds are also clearly manageable. But I need a Wish List like Overdrive. When I hear of a new title I want to read, I’m often not ready to borrow it or put a hold on it at that moment. Regarding audiobooks, I still use Overdrive because Libby does not have skip ahead, and more importantly skip back when I don’t catch something. I use that often in Overdrive and Libby needs to add that feature. For ebooks, I still read on the Kindle app because Libby does not have the means of highlighting and then exporting the highlighted passages. I am a member of a number of book clubs and love to highlight passages for future reference. So basically, as Libby stands, I only use it to search for, place holds, and borrow books. Please make these changes so I can completely move to Libby, instead of juggling 3 apps.

- Used to be great! Now declining.

I use Libby a lot. I really enjoy reading the books on Libby. The reason[s] that I gave it only 3 stars is because first of all in their latest update they made the reading tool far more confusing than it needs to be, I’ve used Libby since it was released by Overdrive and they used to be soooooo great until 3w ago. Libby’s new reading tool doesn’t even look more modern! It looks like it from being created in the 21st century to being created in the 90’s. I also don’t understand why their are a certain amount of ebooks for each title and why some books are listed for being placed on hold but no copies are in use and like 6 people have it in on hold! They say “Unknown Wait” but really they should say “Not Available” And not have an option to place it on hold! And back to my question about why their are only a certain amount of copies, I mean... if it’s online shouldn’t their be infinite copies! Libby always had this issue but so did overdrive and kindle so I had dismissed this issue but now with their horrible update they haven’t fixed anything and hopefully in another update they’ll rethink this update, change it back to the original, and fix the holds problems. Libby is a fairly good reading tool but needs a pretty big amount of fixes.

- By far my most used app

I’ve had this app for over 3 years but had forgotten about it until the pandemic. I’m an avid reader and buy a lot of books. I don’t remember what triggered it but I checked out a book while on vacation, then another and another. Id forgotten all about using the library to borrow books. So now instead of spending money, I’ve been borrowing. I have a list of books on hold and I read them as they become available. The longest wait was 7 weeks, but since I already had long list of books, I didn’t even notice the wait. A few times, too many books became available at the same time, so I chose for them to be scheduled for a later release date. I also discovered they have audiobooks. Of course they do, it’s the public library... but I’d forgotten. Now I find myself listening to one to two books a week as I go on my daily walks. I feel like a kid in a candy store that’s how much I love this app. I have the opportunity to read and listen to as many books as I like/have the time for. Easy to use and have not encountered any glitches... again, it’s by far my favorite and my most used app. 😊

- Fantastic but a little flawed

It’s so wonderful to be able to take out digital books and audio books for free! That said, the system is funky - so many books I wanted weren’t available, so I had to put holds on them. Then they ALL started coming in at the same time, so I couldn’t read them fast enough. There should be a way when a book appears on your shelf to say, I’m not ready, give it back to me in two weeks, and let it bump to the next person in line! So simple and would make everyone happy. I realized I could return it and then put a hold on it again, but it was annoying to have to find the work around. Even more frustrating, the book I was reading expired and I wasn’t able to renew it since people were waiting - now it’s gone! I’ll get it back in a couple weeks, but by then I’ll have started a new book and forgotten half the story! Finally, my dream would be to be able to switch between reading on the screen and listening to the audio, so I don’t need to have two books going at once - I start mixing them up and would much rather just absorb one at a time. All of these things seem super easy to do with a digital app, so I hope Libby will make some of these changes!

- Best free app ever!!

I never thought I’d be a fan of anything other than the written word. I am a die-hard fan of paper-and-ink-books, but due to chronic illness I am not always able to hold them to read. Audio books saved the day for me and Libby in particular. I didn’t know what I was going to do when I found myself no longer able to frequent my local library as I once had. I’m so glad a librarian gave me a pamphlet introducing me to Libby. I now have access to a library’s worth of books to borrow from the comfort of my own home, any time day or night. I love that I can: set my preference to “audiobooks”, check up on the books I’ve placed on hold, search by title, author or genre, and hear samples of a book before I borrow it. I can pause or mark chapters as needed and easily find my spot if I dose off while listening (which happens often because I use them to help me sleep too), so I never miss a moment of my story. There is always a list of books suggested by librarians too which I love to peruse when I am out of ideas. Some of my new favorites are books I once thought I’d never touch. My huge heartfelt THANKS to LIBBY and all who make her possible!!!

- Hate New Layout

I started reading with Libby March 2020 and have read nearly 350 books. I absolutely loved this app. However, I opened it today and the entire layout has changed and has many problems. I have my preferences set for newest mystery books to be listed first. Instead I’m getting recommendations for books published 3 or more years ago. I also hate that it no longer shows if I have already borrowed/read a book on that same list. I have to click on the title and only then can I see if I already read it. Before I could just quickly run down the list, skipping over any book that I’ve already read. I also do not like the way it’s set up on the other list showing what you borrowed and returned. You can’t see the title as it just shows a circle so small that you can’t see any information. You have to click on the circle to get the book name and author. I am so disappointed. I never thought I would read anything but an actual paper book, and over the past year have come to love the convenience of Libby. With the new changes, I’m not sure if I will continue to use this app as it does some of the same things as before, but with extra steps. Plus the lack of books listed in order of date published and then only given 70 titles is infuriating. Really disappointing.

- We’re going to need more wine.

Gabriel Union’s book of essays is a quick, easy, fun, relatable must read for every African American women trying to make it in this crazy world. Having now heard her story, I better understand how Ms. Union was able to bring my all time favorite TV character, Mary Jane Paul, to life so convincingly. I found it very satisfying the way the author touched on a wide range of weighty and painful topics, from trying to fit in at an all white school and enduring sexual assault, to the realization that preparation and accomplishment cannot overcome racial bias, with honesty, clarity, and humor. Every single chapter contains some truth that touched me deeply and made me want to call my daughter, my friend, my sister, or my white colleagues and say - read this, this is what I’ve been trying to tell you about how I feel and what I’ve experienced. I was moved by the unasked question she harbors for Prince, one that every accomplished and insecure being desires to be answered. Thank you Gabriel Union for using your own colorful language and personal experiences to express some of the fears, regrets, frustrations, and hopes shared by this 61 year old woman who is still rising up each day and chasing that joy.

- Free books and audiobooks without having to leave home!

Libby is an amazing app. As long as you have a public library card you can borrow numerous books and audiobooks and get others reserved. Even if you have to wait for some of the most popular books, they will eventually come to the top of your queue. My daughters and I have been sharing recommendations about our favorite reads after using this app. Our experiences have been great even though we all live in different cities and work through different public libraries. For me, the best part is having access to audiobooks. My work schedule keeps me very busy so I miss having enough time to read. But I can listen to audiobooks while I’m driving, walking, exercising, cooking or getting ready for bed. The audiobooks also often have a narrator with a specific accent or tone of voice that makes the book come alive even more. And if you happen to get the occasional book with a somewhat slow narrator (I’m talking to you, The Brothers Karamazov,) you can increase the speed slightly to make it work for you. If you enjoy reading at all you will love this app!

- New UI is painful

I have loved this app for years. They did a massive UI update recently and it has been a disappointment. I have waited a while to comment to see if using it would help me get used to it. No luck though, its just more difficult to do the things I used to do. The filtering and sorting functions when looking for a new book are duplicative and somehow make it harder to find new stuff. I regularly used my check out history that was available from the bookshelf to find the next book in a series. That’s now gone. The circular graphics for book titles on the new timeline are also a real head scratcher. Books are rectangular yet some design choice was made to force that into a circular mask. Was this tested and if so, was the focus group looking at a 50” monitor or their own mobile devices? I have made so many recommendations to friends and family because Libby really helped access great content. Someone there really loved the idea of creating a tagging system. I would be interested to see the testing on this feature. What percentage of your user base use tags, especially for books from a library that are following a well established library classification system. Too many clicks on the timeline to access the book info that was available with one click. I am bummed now as this app is so much harder to use.

- No improvement to Overdrive

I’ve been using Overdrive for a few years, and while it is clunky and a little awkward, it has been my primary novel reading interface for at least two years. I was excited when Libby was announced and finally downloaded and logged in. I was sorely disappointed to find that it’s essentially the same app with some poor design decisions layered on top. A huge header greats you on every page taking up almost half the screen real estate, there are large graphics around the card on library pages that seem to have no purpose. And the kicker is an always present footer with a huge circle image in the center. This footer is persistent throughout the app (well, not reading at least). It is *very* distracting. The footer provides three links, not enough to justify hogging screen space. Finally, the side menu, accessed by tapping on Libby’s face (why?) is a Library level navigation element, though it doesn’t seem like anyone described it as such during the discovery meeting because it’s a convoluted mess, just try switching Libraries when your card isn’t accepted at one. Overdrive was never a sleek modern app, but Libby just adds slick nonsense over the same essential functionality.

- I love this app but it also broke my heart

As a book lover, Libby is one of my favorite apps. I go on it pretty much every day to check on my holds or look for new books to read. It’s super intuitive and user friendly and just generally makes me really happy. I got it in 2017 and never really had any problems with it until yesterday, when my Libby app simply wouldn’t open. I followed the troubleshooting guide on the Libby website. I tried closing the Libby tab on my phone and reopening it, restarting my phone and trying to open it, updating the app and trying to open it then, but nothing worked. I eventually tried deleting the app and redone loading it. That worked, but I ended up losing ALL of my data. Libby no longer had my book history, and all the tags I’d spent years curating were gone. I’m not exaggerating when I say I was heartbroken. Aside from that one mishap though, Libby’s a great app! Am I disappointed that it doesn’t save my data based on my library card? Yes. Can I see why they don’t? Yes. Hopefully the bug fixes and I won’t have this problem again, but in the meantime I’ll definitely keep using Libby. It’s just that I’ll also probably be saving my tags on Goodreads too.

- Love the app, but needs more titles

Libby has been a great resource, especially during COVID. I’m a busy mom who loves to read, but can rarely indulge in sitting down to read a hard copy. Libby to the rescue! I have enjoyed being able to listen to audiobooks on my phone, in the car, and on Bluetooth speakers while folding clothes, weeding the garden, crafting, cooking, etc. I love the features such as 15-second rewind, bookmarks, and Reading Journey to keep track of when I start and finish the books. I also love being able to put books on hold, extend holds if I’m not ready to start a book, having the choice to resume where I left off, even if the book is returned and I check it out again. My only complaint is the lack of selection, especially for audiobooks. Typically, when searching for a specific book, it is not there 8 times out of 10. I suppose that this has more to do with the library collection than with the app. If that is certainly the case, then Libby gets 5 stars from me. I also use Hoopla when it has a title I’m looking for that Libby doesn’t, but I much prefer the Libby platform’s capabilities for audiobooks. Libby really is a very useful and user friendly app.

- So easy to use, with so many functions

I'm truly impressed with this app. I previously used overdrive on my desktop to check out e-books but Libby far outdoes the desktop experience. Navigating the catalog is easy. So too is the process for making holds. One of my favorite functions: you can "suspend" a hold, meaning that the book will not automatically be checked out to you, so you can advance in the line while reading other stuff, and reactivate the hold when you're ready. It really helps me plan when I'm going to read certain popular books that have long waits. I prefer to send the books to my Kindle, though the Libby app is good for reading as well. And though I am not a frequent audiobook user, it appears that the functionality for those works well. It supports multiple library cards, so you can browse various systems. For example, I check the LA city and county libraries, which each have their own catalog, to find the shortest waits for what I want. Libby has helped me rekindle a love for reading (plus saved me a ton of money) and I recommend anyone interested in digital books use it.

- Not as good as overdrive

I use overdrive a lot, it's my most used app, so I'm pretty familiar with it. This is definitely a comparison review between overdrive and Libby. Overdrive wins. In overdrive, you can choose the margins as well as number of columns per page. These are not options in Libby and I noticed a huge difference. I couldn't get past the fact that almost a quarter of my screen wasn't being used. Overdrive also has more font options to choose from. The one thing I could not get past was the page animations, or lack there of, in Libby. Maybe it was too smooth? idk, but I didn't like it. Overdrive keeps the time and page and chapter counts at the bottom of the screen. You have to interrupt your reading to know what time it is or where you are in the book with Libby. I do like having the library and shelf buttons easily accessible, and it is cool that as soon as you borrow the book is in your shelf and you don't have to actually select download. I can definitely get behind the library and interface portion of Libby, but as a reader, it could do better, even if it just copied overdrive. If I had a choice, I'd just stick with overdrive since I spend more time using it as a reader than as a library or bookshelf.

- I love Libby!!

Old Review: The first time I downloaded this app, it wouldn’t let me use it because I use an iPod touch and don’t have data. I re-downloaded the app a few months later and works fine. I loved Overdrive a lot but the new layout of Libby is very nice. However, after I entered my library card number it said I am barred from borrowing. I will go to the library and see if I need to pay fines or return books but if that’s not the problem then I will have to re-rate the app 1 star. (Overdrive will not let me borrow books because of this either) Update: I love Libby! Both of the problems I mentioned in my previous review were fixed when I re-downloaded the app. It works amazingly well, the layout is so smooth and simple to use, and I have found a lot of fun books to read! I absolutely love Libby and I will recommend it to others! My one suggestion is that they add more books! :) But that’s true of every reading app and library. This app’s layout and book options are so much better than any other reading app I have ever had! Thanks so much for this awesome app and great reading resource!

- Love Libby!

I don’t usually write reviews, but I really love this app! It’s so easy to use and intuitive; not to mention super cute! I particularly like the fact that once I return a book in Libby, it automatically disappears from my library. I don’t have to spend a ton of time trying to figure out what books I still have checked out or what books I already own, like other ebook apps. I’ve recommended Libby to several others, including my mom, who is somewhat technologically challenged. I believe it will be an easy app for her to figure out, especially since it ties directly into the library and there aren’t a ton of steps to check out a digital book. The only thing I wish for is the ability to sync across my devices, as I like to read on my iPad but usually use my phone to read when I have just a few minutes of downtime. And I haven’t quite figured out how to best use the Tags feature yet, nor have I attempted an audiobook (though I’m looking forward to it on my next road trip). Thanks for the great app! I’ve been using it for my library reading exclusively for the past few months and will continue!

- I love this app, this app is a miracle

This app is wonderful because if you don’t have time to go to the library you just have to turn on the Libby app and you can hold and borrow any book. This app is also very easy to set up, just put in your library cards numbers under the barcode and the library you go to then every book in the library is right on your device a tap away! When you hold a book there is information on how many copies of the specific book are in use, what number you are in line waiting for that book, and an estimated answer on when you will get the book. If you borrow a book you have two weeks to read the book. If you don’t have room in a bag for books then you can bring your device anywhere and get to any book in the library. When reading a book you can see what page you are on and you can even define words by clicking on the word and hitting define, definitely easier then going on google while trying to read a book and looking up the definition of a word! So this app is awesome and it’s a miracle to have such a good app! DOWNLOAD THIS APP NOW!!! 😇

- Terrible to terrific - Because of LIBBY

The prior public library loan system was , frankly, much so that I rarely used it because if you could figure out how to borrow a title it was near impossible to find the digital loan and more challenging to find out where to read the book. When “ Libby” announced, we’ll, I was skeptical. And oh was I surprised. Libby is an easy to use, system to find, borrow, read and use all of the digital materials available at a world class library here in Hamilton County. You can now use Libby to borrow up to three current magazine issues from a huge selection- from biking to Wired to interior design and fashion. Then there is an easy to use search function to find titles or authors even with just one or two pieces of information. Holds can be placed, audio books played and a bookshelf full of borrowed material effortless manageable from within the app. Libby alerts you when your loan is available and when items are about to expire. All in a free app that adds quality to your life and entertainment along with learning and education. What a win-win with something in it for everyone.

- So much better than its predecessor, Overdrive.

The Libby app has saved me from boredom for over a year now, while becoming a homebody during Covid! This app has made many improvements since my library switched from Overdrive to Libby. I can listen to audiobooks on my phone or computer/tablet, and I can borrow e-books to read on my Kindle or from my phone, tablet or computer... and just like the Kindle app, it saves my place across devices. Because of Libby, I have been able to get rid of my Kindle Unlimited membership which cost $9.99 per month. However, I do keep my Audible membership, because I find that my local library system, though large, is often missing one or more books from a series. But this is not the fault of Libby. I have tried other apps for books and audiobooks, but Libby is by far the most user-friendly and consistent book/audiobook application that I have found. For someone that goes through 10 to 12 books per month, be it audio or e-books, this app is fairly seamless and has saved me tons of money! I would pay a small monthly fee but… Shhhh!

- Latest Update - almost

Update- this version is much better as to the search and title details function. However the due date filter in the Loans section does not work to sort all the books on the shelf in due date order. It puts books with holds on them before a book due much earlier. While I see some reasoning for this, I would think that the filer should just put them in order. If it is important for people to know which books on their shelf are on hold by other people, then create another filer. Original: I love using Libby and the ease of getting books from my library. However the newest big update makes it a pain to get to the Title details and to return books. Why did they move these items? I used to be able to do everything from the shelf. I now have to go into the book, click on the upper right corner, and then find Title Details or Return book in the lower right corner to get there. I love reading mysteries, especially series or other books from the same author. Therefore I am constantly accessing the Title details makes finding the next book in the series or other books from the same author easy.

- Libby makes me love the library again

I have an English degree but have struggled with getting back into the library habit in the 10+ years since college. I discovered Libby and got a digital library card from the Nashville library and now I’m reading again! I love it so much! Hard to believe it’s all free. (FYI: You guys who are complaining about which books are available... haha. That’s not the app. That all depends on the library you use. Essentially... libraries only have a certain number of digital copies licensed to them. They can’t just issue unlimited “copies” of the digital file because they pay for each one.) I use the Send to Kindle feature which works perfectly, and I also use the audiobook mode within Libby itself. One thing confuses me a little—there’s a “skip 15 seconds” button when I’m accessing audio controls from my iPhone lock screen or from my Apple Watch, but there isn’t a quick 15 second skip option on the app’s control screen itself. You have to do a little dragging motion on the screen to skip back or forward, which is a little fiddly to me, but it works okay.

- Love the latest ux update!!

A new layout dropped this morning and I am loving it! Especially the fact that within my loans, I can select category (like audiobooks) rather than having to scroll through all 27 books I have checked out to find my current audiobook. Yes. You read that number correctly. I check out a lot of books! I am a hardcore Libby user, especially since COVID hit. I’m in the app at least twice a day, every single day. So these updates are AWESOME. Many other awesome tweaks as well. So many new ways to easily see what you’ve checked out in the past. No more scrolling for a million years to try to find that one non-fiction book you checked out back in the spring of last year. A new function to find a “random” book in the library catalogue (the browser in me is already obsessed with helps recreate what’s so great about wandering the physical aisles of the library). So much more I’m sure I haven’t even discovered yet. I can tell a lot of love and hard work went into this by people who use the app themselves. Thank you Libby devs! Keep up the awesome work!

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- Fabulous app

Can’t sleep? Want to borrow a book in the middle of the night? Download Libby, attach your public library card number, and you have access to all the reading material your library has on offer. Of course it’s also perfect for downloading items during daylight. Libby is easy to navigate, and comes with simple tutorials if something isn’t clear, but really it’s quite straightforward. Browse or search for a title, and click on download. There are several ways to search, plenty of inspiration, and you can place a hold on an item if it’s not currently available and it will be immediately downloaded for you when it becomes so. Return your item with a single click and repeat the process as often as you like. The reading experience is excellent, with a choice of font styles and sizes and background colours to optimise your reading comfort. You can easily see how far you are along in a chapter, with estimated reading times. Highlight passages, keep notes, lookup word definitions on the fly. Audiobook speed can be adjusted up to 2x normal speed should you prefer chipmunk to human voice. Can’t recommend public libraries and this app enough. Also check out Kanopy for movies, and Press Reader for magazines and periodicals, which can also be accessed from your library card.

- Libby the avid reader’s App

A big jump from the earlier Overdrive, reliable & intuitive. I love the way one can manage a list of books read, personally rate ie Tag. This is a good way to manage ‘holds’ too when too many arrive together - just give them the right Tag and Return to the library for other readers and place a hold again. The Activity list is simple and can be edited down as chosen with Tags showing. This is a great way to navigate a series. Audio books are great too. There’s only one bump in this & that is that occasionally the book marks drop off~ so one needs to be aware of this. I’ve used the Help Support for Libby and that too was very prompt and efficient.

- User-friendly reading app

Libby is fairly user friendly for readers who have a high turnover of books but find it difficult to get to a physical library in their limited opening hours. A lockdown friend! Positive aspects are that it contains a good range of books and you can adjust the length of your loan. If you are not ready to borrow a book you have on hold, you can postpone borrowing it until you are ready but still somehow stay at the front of the queue. I like that I can tag books that I don’t have time to read now but I want to remember when I’m looking for something later. I have an ongoing list I can refer to when choosing a new read. Negative aspects is that they have some glaring holes in the collection (no Robert Galbraith? What is that about?). If you want to make changes to Libby's settings, it isn’t intuitive, you have to be very motivated to keep looking. Biggest negative: Libby is not available on kindle in Australia. Inside the app, it says it is but when you dig deeper, it turns out that is only in America. I will keep using Libby as it seems the best available option but it can still do with some work.

- Love Libby but Audiobooks?

Now I love Libby. It's an easy to access amazing online selection of books and audiobooks with an amazing range from horror to romance to non-fiction. I love it all. Well mostly... So I've been using Libby for two years or so now but I've only just began to be interested in the audiobooks. So I was on hold for two weeks to get my first but as I began listening it wasnt narrated by the author or anyone with expression - no offence. I'm not completely sure if this is the case with all audiobooks but the five I borrowed were all the same so I returned them... Thats really my only downside and dissatisfaction with Libby. I love it. It's an easy to access mobile library you can access online and just sign in with your own library card! Over all, I love it and use it everyday as my go to.

- Libby A library to carry with you.

Although I’ve always loved libraries and hard copies, to be able to read into the night in dark mode without need for a bed lamp Or/ head lamp😁disturbing the other half; to be able to carry a big thick book around with me, but weightlessly, in my handbag/iPad; and then have the book sync to my phone screen for waiting rooms etc. what more could I want?. I’m NEVER without a book.! Plus anytime access to my State’s libraries. And there’s the audiobooks!!! No more skipping CDs when travelling hours on gravel roads. Or when your hands are working, back is aching, a mind can be way way away. Libby best innovation in my life.

- Great e-reader - but no landscape mode

I’ve only just switched from Overdrive and am still in the exploratory phase, but from day 1 I realised that Libby’s extensive features really enhance the experience. Only one disappointment so far - I prefer to read library books on my iPhone in landscape mode, which Overdrive allows, but Libby does not support this function. Hopefully it will be introduced soon, and I’ll be able to change my rating to 5 stars. Edit: Now that I’ve been using Libby for a couple of weeks I’ve noticed that I really don’t miss landscape mode after all. So I’ve added another star - well done, developers!

- Tali

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- Really good but one thing I really don’t get

This is a really good app because there are so many books that you can read for free, without even having to get up and do anything. But I really don’t understand why only ONE person can read an ebook at a time. It’s an EBOOK. Maybe it’s for some sort of copyright reason, I don’t know. But it’s not like it’s a physical book and it’s passed down to every person that needs it. Please make it so that more than one person can read it at a time, so I don’t have to wait for a month to read the book. But other than that problem, this is a really good app and I recommend it. BUT PLEASE MAKE IT SO MORE THAN ONE PERSON CAN READ THE EBOOK AT A TIME.

- Amazing app

This is one of the best library apps I have downloaded as every book I have searched for has turned up. This has not been the case for many other apps of this caliber. My one improvement if I am being really fussy would be that I would prefer it if we were able to extend the amount of time you have to read the book if the borrower is unable to finish it within the two weeks provided. Obviously this would reduce the availability of the books but that was the only inconvenience I have encountered while using this app.

- Fantastic reading experience

I feel thankful I found Libby during the pandemic. My book collection is already out of hand. With Libby I have access to a wide range of books which has been great. The reading of those books works exceptionally well on Libby - other similar apps have glitches in them - the pages aren’t counted properly: sometimes you can’t turn the pages etc - but never with Libby. I highly recommend it. I was someone who was somewhat ‘anti’ electronic book but since finding Libby, this has definitely changed.

- Irritating

For a novice user the app is irritatingly complicated. Finding out what to do and how to use it is time consuming & for those without patience and digital expertise very taxing. The icon was enough to put me off from using until my phone would no longer download audiobooks previously done on overdrive. But I admit to a prejudice against all those new emoji look alikes. Now having the frustration of trying to navigate its download and set up on my iPad. Thank god overdrive still working on that device so not so critical and can presumably go to the library eventually for help. Just as well I’m still mobile. Having vented that will do.

- Excellent library access

Libby gives you access to whatever electronic resources your local library offers, in an easy and pretty format. It's well-suited to browsing, with interesting groupings, so you don't have to already know what you want. That's a big deal! Syncing between devices seems to work well too. The improvement I'd suggest is letting the user decide if they want to pick up a hold or reject it for now. I'm in hospital with very thin wifi, and the loan on the audio book I've just get from hold is ticking away, but I can't access it right now.

- Love Libby

Libby is user friendly and convenient. I enjoy reading and especially like listening to audio books - great when doing housework and gardening. Can’t really fault the app. Only thing I would like is if I could put it on timer for longer than 30mins. Can you give us a choice eg 30, 45, 60 minutes...I like to listen as I go to sleep, and 30 mins is just too short. Also more of the series in books. Often I can access only a few books of a series eg Micheal Connolly’s Bosch series. It would be awesome to read/ listen to these in chronological order. However these are minor issues. Otherwise LOVE Libby.

- Read this review!

This is an awesome app for someone that can’t get up and go to the local libraries for reasons like disabilities or sickness. Say if you are addicted to an iPad, iPhone, or other devices this is awesome to get you reading. If the library doesn’t have a book in stock, get it on Libby! Mi sister and I have been using this for years! I wish you all I happy long life! Now, this bit is for the creator. Can you get all of the books in plz? I can find a new book and horse books that I would like. Thank you a lot. I wish you a happy long life!

- Great app and great range of books

I have added so many books to my favourites list that I don’t know when I will ever find time to read or listen to them. What an amazing service. The range of books should keep even the most avid reader happy for a very long time. My only complaint, small as it is, is that books can end up under categories that seem to have no relation to the genres they are listed under. However this is not a problem if you search for a favourite author.

- Not good for magazines

My library has moved from RBDigital to Libby and it loses so much! It seems you can’t subscribe to a magazine so that you can see new issues each month. And there is no alert to let you know that a new issue is available. So every so often you have to launch the app, use the search to find your magazine (if you can remember the titles of those ones you like to follow) then download it. RBDigital did all that for you so that you just launched the app and saw all the latest mags sitting there waiting for you to read. It even emailed you to tell you of new issues. Libby need to add these features. Reading books is fine.

- Love it.

I rarely make it to the library so having this app is very convenient. I enjoy listening to the audio books. Great for listening to at night in bed. It has a sleep option so it doesn’t play all night. No more dropping the book on my face when I fall asleep! I also really appreciate the speed control which has smaller increments than the Borrow Box app. Only improvement would be to be able to access the rest of the series I have been listening to.

- The Libby pill ya had to swallow

The app overdrive forced you to swallow. Ok it works pretty well when it’s not glitching which is often. The load time is far slower than overdrive was, that is when it opens or doesn’t experience “ technical difficulties “. On the positive a better layout and it gets the extra star ( or two)for displaying the books in the series which is a fantastic addition. The library card view is better and ease of swapping between multiple accounts is another great addition. Hopefully after a few bug fixes this app will work seamlessly.

- Book World:Libby

Libby is a wonderful app where you can read books from library’s across South Australia. I have very much enjoyed reading books on Libby. It has been amazing to use Libby in lock down. I have been reading some of my favourite books “The Babysitters Club”. The app Libby is a quick and easy plus fun way to read books while library’s are closed. My favourite thing about Libby is that you can read samples of the book if someone else has borrowed the book you wanted to borrow. From book fan Amber Schultz

- Could be better

It’s a good app that lets you read books on a tablet as well as desktop but the unknown wait is very inconvenient and there is no way to actually contact anyone for that. Some of the book series have books missing from the series, so if a book #3 is missing from that series, how can I read the next one in that? There are a lot of series with missing books in between. Most of my holds have unknown wait so I obviously can’t place ok hold anything else but that unknown wait is still there even after couple of months so I don’t know whether to cancel or keep waiting for unknown wait items to be available. Very very unreliable.

- Fantastic

A brilliant app for accessing library resources. The search features are great. Reader views and options are clear and intuitive. The switch libraries option is great. It would be great if it had push notifications linked to the activity tab - notifications for when a book on your shelf is due/ about to expire, and a notification when a book you placed a hold on becomes available. It would also be great to have Good Reads integration. And even greater if it had Spritz integration. I love this app.

- Fantastic for time poor book lovers

It’s great as I don’t have time to go to town library and there is no problem with overdue library books. My grandkids love it too and read books before school from my app. It’s online free brilliance and free access to 1000s of books from all genres. I think it’s a superb combination of supporting literacy through a safe medium with the absolutely positive side internet technology we can enjoy in our homes. Thank you to everyone who makes online libraries and Libby possible.

- Screen Time has gone through the roof since Libby

I can’t put my phone down - I’m obsessed with Libby 💃🏼 Free, convenient, customisable ... Libby has everything that traditional books have plus a lot more. I’m no longer “waiting” all the time - no longer waiting for my Pilates class to start, or for my friends to arrive, or for the barista to make my coffee ... all those many minutes of the day I used to be idling around / waiting impatiently / twiddling my thumbs I’m now spending reading! 📖 = a much more relaxed me 😌

- Best audiobook app ever

I am a student and I love books. I love reading but sometimes it’s just easier to listen to an audiobook so I can do chores or whatever while fully absorbed in my newest obsession. They have most of the books you need too which means I don’t have to buy it on my kindle. My only issue with it is that I can’t control it from my Apple Watch. I would love if they put some effort into an app or something for an already great app. I don’t usually rate apps but I have been using Libby for so long that it’s basically a crime for me to not rate it.

- Libby - wow

I used RB digital for my reading of magazines until I was forced to migrate to Libby. I considered a carefully worded letter of complaint, a not some carefully worded letter of feeling and finally I just thought , “stuff it technology always changes”, and just converted. What’s glorious program Libby is. Not only can I read my magazines but I have been introduced to the world of audio books. I normally always get digital books but being able to borrow the latest Ken Follet book was a wonderful experience. Well done Libby!

- Good, but glitches!

I love this app, it’s been my life source during isolation, but just one thing... It constantly glitches. And no, it’s not my device, my device is new. And I keep checking to see if it needs to be updated, and it doesn’t! It gets stuck on the same screen for ages, so I can’t get into the book. Other times, when I’m on the “Shelf” page, it will glitch so I can’t move the screen. This is recent, the glitches, but still ruining my experience. Overall, I do rlly love this app, but the glitches desperately need to be fixed.


The app is a good app for adults and kids but it does not have a restriction range of what books you are aloud to read say you were 12 and you thought a book for 21 year old was appropriate because it had a picture of and angel and a devil classic kids books and you pick it up and start reading it and you learn things your not meant to.... that could change someone’s life but overall other than that it has a selection of books.

- Couldn’t Do Without Libby!

Libby is so easy to use, easy to navigate and has. many great features. I have been a reader all my life and enjoy a variety of books and I have always been grateful for being able to access my local library. Unfortunately, these days I don’t have the luxury of time that I once did. Libby allows me to easily access and download a huge variety of books no matter the time or day. What a joy! PS still love “real” books!

- Great app, some flaws.

Libby is an amazing app, and I use it all the time to read my favourite books. One of the great things about it is that it's free, so that I don't have to pay $10 for a book I'm only going to read once. However, there are some glitches. About 50% of the time, my book won't load. I don't know if its an internet problem, or something else. A lot of the time my book just won't load! When the app is running smoothly, it's a great app, and I love it. But I really need those glitches fixed.

- libby

-excellent app-for travel and bedtime or when chopping veg. The selection of audiobooks depends very much on your local library- I think. It’s heavy on romance and detective fiction – if that’s your thing! But I would like to see more of the worlds great literature on audio, read by a trained voice. The main thing about audio books is to have a trained voice actor, reading the book. Otherwise, you will listen for half a minute, and then return the book to your library. And think- what a pity- as it’s a good story. also, it’s not doing the best by the author of the work- to choose untrained voice to read the book. In general, avoid books read by their own author, as generally, they do not have a good reading voice for the work. That said , is the most wonderful thing to be able to listen to good literature or a yarn, well told with a good voice.

- Libby - A virtual library experience

I have just become an audiobook fan, but I had no idea that I could join my local library and borrow from an incredibly wide range of audiobooks, until a friend told me. I have just finished Bill Bryson’s ‘The Road to Dribbling’. It was narrated by an American male reader who had an excellent voice and it didn’t grate at all. Voices are really important for audiobooks as they can influence the enjoyment of the listening experience. It’s a brilliant App.

- The Reading World is Your Oyster

I’ve belonged to Libby for just over a year and have read, and listened to more books than I’d ever have been able to if I’d had to keep buying them. There’s a huge selection, and if the book you want is unavailable, it’s only a short wait before you can borrow it. I’ve read books that I aren’t usually from my preferred genre, and loved them. I highly recommend the service.

- Good app but has downloading problems

I really like Libby. It's a good app I just have a few problems. Whenever I borrow something using my library's website I then have to borrow it again on Libby. Also it takes a long time to download and when I was recently reading it had the entire book except chapter fourteen that wouldn't load, even with internet. Though I do recommend this over the original overdrive app. And developers I hope you will read and understand the information I have given you and please do something with it.

- Why is there more books on Libby?

Can someone please explain to me why some books and authors show up when searched in the Libby app but not when I try to search them up on the overdrive website. However, If I borrow it in the app it does show up on the website. It’s just a little bit annoying because I always have to double check on the Libby app even when I use the overdrive website more.

- Childhood wish come true

Growing up in the 80s there was never enough books in my library to read. Now i can read as many books as I like, anywhere, even in the dark without a torch! A child wish come true. Libby is easy to use, easy to read and easy to take anywhere on your tablet or phone. You can download titles to read offline too. Enjoy

- Kookaburra Creek Cafe

Loved the book. A bit difficult to get into at first then you just wanted to keep reading to find out what came next as the story unfolded. Sometimes hard when just as you got to a good part, it would jump back or forth in time. You just wanted to keep one story line going but it teased you to keep going. Loved that she didn’t rush the ending and all the story lines were tied up but not too abruptly.

- Fer-de-lance & League of Frightened Men

Could hardly put this down - a page-turner ‘til the end. Fabulous read - great for the mind (and brilliant to be able to highlight words and look them up on the spot without having to get up and go for the Dictionary/Thesaurus!) Looking forward to the next installment - however will have to do a few jobs first as I may not emerge for some time once I ‘open’ the first page!

- App keeps crashing, takes forever to download magazines

I’m so disappointed our library is moving to overdrive. RB digital and Zinio were flawless. I borrowed six magazines yesterday and only two of them have downloaded 24 hours later. If you try to turn the pages too quickly the app crashes. I usually stock up when going on holidays but now the magazines have a 2 week loan period, and there’s a limit to the number of people who can borrow a magazine at once as one of the magazines I wanted was not available. A poor magazine reading experience with less functionality than before.

- New Kobo Clara owner

Love the Libby app. It’s simply brilliant. I wish more libraries used it - I find it so much more user friendly than BorrowBox Would love to be able to search more easily by genre. The search categories offered seem oriented to stock control within the library system (date published, format etc). Reader focussed search criteria would unlock the catalogue for users - that would make it a 5 star app.

- Good for Bookworms, not good for fans of Stan Lee

It’s really good when it comes down to chapter books and quirky graphic novels like Big Nate, but when your looking for some action comics, you just can’t find one. I have searched up Spider-Man countless times but what came up was no where near related to Spider-Man. The librarian told me any book in their library would be on there, but I have read those comics, before and when I wanted to see if they were also online, they weren’t. Massive letdown especially because when you’re partially typing up the name of the comic, it suggests some comic NAMES for you, but they don’t actually show those comics. MASSIVE DISAPPOINTMENT PLS FIX!

- Libby

This is absolutely brilliant! I love learning from books, as I have many hobbies being an artist. However buying all those books and not knowing if they are great can be expensive for an Artist who likes to make a range of artworks. This allows me to not only save money and learn, but study as a student I don’t have to lug heavy books to class! Absolutely a must have for anyone who likes to learn!

- Aparthate always a good topic

Very much enjoyed Shadow Sisters, a white family in the midst of Apartheid ( aparthate ) who, almost naively, allow black people to live equally with them with some devastating consequences Very well written, in fact I couldn’t put it down - thank you Shelley Davidow for sharing your life with me and glad you ended up in Oz, which despite its obvious way too conservative government is still a safe country of much beauty! WikiToria

- Wish I’d found Libby sooner!

I’ve been able to read and enjoy so many books using this free app, without even having to leave the comfort of my home. It’s a brilliant concept! Highly recommend to all ages, I’ve got so many books on the go and when you place a hold on an item, you’re never waiting long. There’s no shortage of great titles to choose from either. Love it!

- Really recommend

I would really recommend anyone that loves reading. I have used the overdrive on my other devices but it was hard to use. Libby lets you go to your libraries in your area which is a good thing if you can’t get to the library in person. It has heaps of books from the good old fashion classics to kids books and everything in between.

- Amazing app super helpful

This is a great app for if you can’t access library’s or if they are all closed. There is only one problem there is not a super large amount of books to chose from. I would suggest adding more options from older books and more authors also new books. But overall I would definitely use this app for reading. Thanks

- Dear Libby

Libby is great but there is one thing that is annoying and that’s that some of the words are placed in a crazy order. ( and I mean that by the author did it) And something happens to the words that’s not meant to be there like it goes diagonal when it’s not meant to or it goes through words when it’s not meant to. So this is just a favor but can you please fix it up. Regards your Libby using friend

- Very Excited About Libby!

Although I’ve been a Library member for a long time, I’ve only just discovered Libby! I always thought borrowing Audiobooks from my library was too complicated and was using a pay service, but now with Libby it’s easier and I’m learning more about how to get the best out of it all the time. Thank you Libby for making my life more interesting and enjoyable!

- Love Libby except for latest design

Great Library app and would have been 5 stars but the latest layout changes are not as good as previous setup. Before, I could click on a book in my library and see what number it is in the series, now I have to go to main library page to bring up the series, to find which is next in line to be read. Other than that it is a very good app. Thanks

- Great app but can’t sync with Kindle in Australia

Absolutely love the app but I’m disappointed that I can’t sync the books on to my Kindle :( I know this function is available in the US and I really want to do the same as an Australian user. Being on my phone can be distracting and sometimes I just want to fully focus on the book - the reason why I purchased a kindle! Please let me know once this function is available in Australia.

- Fantastic service that could be inpromved

I love this app and service but the tagging system bugs me immensely. I rely on tags to keep track of titles I’m interested in. They should make choosing my next read easier. However, the tags don’t sync across your devices so the titles don’t match up between my iPad, phone and computer. It’s so frustrating. I would appreciate being able to filter tags by availability too, and having OverDrive’s recommendation and rating systems returned as well.

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- Great app for free library audiobooks.

Easy to use.

- Thank you for providing Libby as an option

I have been enjoying the books provided by Libby. It’s an easy assessable opportunity to read books. 👍💕

- Useless for MacBook

It’s not compatible with my MacBook so I’d have to read books on my phone... super disappointed.

- Works good, wish it could be dimmed

I use this in night mode a lot, but it’s bright in the dark of night, even with the black background. IBooks can be dimmed in this situation, would sure love it if that feature could be added. That’s the only thing holding back my fifth star. Thanks for a great app.

- Your formatt

I am vision impaired and can no longer reas regular print. I have my iPad greatly enlarged, with bold print and spaces between the lines. The books I donladd are easy for me to read. However, since the list of books cannot be enlarged, I never know which books am getting until I open complaint- why can the list of books not be able to be to be enlarged also? Icannot even read what I have just written, because this page can also not be enlarged! Getting a book to read can be a frustrating experience. Joan Cameron

- Get scrolling view please!

Great app but please please get scrolling view.

- Good reading experience. Requires network connection.

The Libby app is good for reading library books when the app can find an internet connection. Fine. That gets it a 2. Many of us want to read on our devices on public transportation, where there is often no net connection to be found. Attempting to read a title that has already been downloaded to my phone, on a subway train where there is no internet - Libby fails to load the book. Look, I get it - Overdrive wants to track me, but does that mean you cripple the app for cases where you can't. Bulls!@t. This 'bug; has been persistent since the beta. Then it appeared to be fixed. Now its back. Because of the BS with loading fails, I'm tempted to rate the app 1 star, but the reading experience really is good, once you get a book loaded.

- Great app, just one thing to fix.

I love using this app to read books, it is my go to. Easy to use and quite an excellent selection of titles. My only issue is that when searching through a list of results and you tap on one book to see a more detailed view and then go back to the search results you are forced to scroll through the results again just to get to that same book. Would be nice if the search results held your place so you don’t have to scroll through pages of results multiple times.

- Love the app but

Can u guys please put how many pages r in a book plz

- Libby My New Best Friend

The app is so easy to use and it helps me to develop my reading habits and keep me knowledgeable on all new and must read books. My LIBBY, my new best friend.

- Great app to have

I very much enjoy this app. I love to be able to listen to a book while working out, walking alone or just want to listen to it on my own time.

- I love Libby!

This is so great for on the go reading and when I don’t have space for a book in my bag (or don’t feel like carrying one). It’s so much easier for someone commuting and who wants to read anywhere. I finish books so fast on it and it’s so easy to request a book too. I appreciate it because it’s what got me back into reading so often.

- There are some nice things about this app but why doesn’t it allow the screen to rotate? Very odd

Very disappointed. I read in bed on my phone. Phones are big and heavy now. This app doesn’t allow the text to rotate making it awkward the hold and read on your side. Can someone please fix this issue

- Best app ever

Best way to listen to things free and work at same time.

- Libby is a wonderful app

I used to be a reader who always preferred to hold a book and enjoy reading. Between business and leisure travel, the app has been a godsend. I travel with as many books as I want without the weight and the clutter. The selection of books is amazing depending upon the library. Also much more user friendly than ebooks. Thanks Libby!

- Needs brightness control but good otherwise

Only needs a brightness scale to make better.

- Nice app, but please increase icon or font size

Love this new app. Nice features for easy checkouts. I use the former overdrive app as well as this one. But - At night when in bed, I can’t read a darn thing on the screen on the new app. Font or icons are too small or faint and or the colours chosen are poor. I can find things just fine on other app at night, half asleep!

- Great app!

Love the app, and it’s easy to use! Just wish there was a continuous scroll option instead of having to flip the pages.

- If You Like To Read - Get This App!

It’s free! It’s books! Read OR listen! Easy to use! Works great!

- Ok but

Can’t find a brightness button like on overdrive. You could control the background colour and the brightness before now just background colour?

- Libby

It would be nice to have more control over the brightness of the screen. Plus I would like to see a history of borrowed books, rather than the activity list. To bad it didn't get the complete history from my Overdrive account.

- Screen

Auto darkness would be a bonus and if you could mark the books each account has read that would be fantastic

- Good but missing

It would be a perfect application if we had the ability to enlarge the text.

- Prefect reading app

This is an amazing app. Clear and easy to navigate, with a smooth reading experience. What more could you want?

- Rotation

Screen won’t rotate

- Register The south flechter’s sportsplex as a library

How am I supposed to read with no local library

- Why!?

Why!? Why do you have to wait for eBooks!? It’s different from actual books! You should not have to wait at all and just download them at anytime! The app works great but the books work just like a library, but you shoudn’t.

- Missing features

It would be helpful if these options are added: 1. Request a book/audiobook from the library through Libby 2. Rate books as well Update: after this new update, many books and audiobooks from my library have suddenly disappeared.

- Limited

A the app lets you download both audiobooks and Ebooks, but I haven’t seen any mechanism for ordering or requesting books the library doesn’t have.

- Excellent and Easy Except...

I lament the loss of the easy to access History section. Now, trying to get back to multiple lost/slipped places is hard and unpredictable, as well as time consuming. Please please restore that wonderful function.

- Not an app to read at night

I mostly read at night with very little light this app can not do this it only has 3 settings for background and letters colours. In dark mode the lettres are so bright that you can not read for long. Aldiko gives much more possibilities for background and letter colours to suit every needs. Please improve this app.

- Libby is fantastic!

This is awesome!

- Awesome but terrible.

I love the app it's great you should totally get it. But it's always glitching and it takes so long just to turn the dumb page. Thought you should know before you go and get the app. Love, DoveCameronsbiggestfan

- Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run

5 stars or 10 if it goes that high. TEN stars - I loved this booksomething isn’t working here I left this review ages ago - I asked last week for a lesson at the ref library - how do I get that? Every book about 20 has been fabulous and well handled I love this app I JUST GAVE ANOTHER RAVE

- Fantastic & so simple to navigate

I love!!!!! The Libby app, I’ve never had a single glitch or difficult time with searching, holding, borrowing or reading while using the app-And I certainly can’t say that for others that I’ve used. If you were at all inclined to borrow from your local library you must try Libby.

- Spy Ski School

The best book EVER are the only words to describe that book

- Great

Great way to read your books from the library.

- Slow and confusing

Although the app works well for reading, the navigation is confusing - I'm never sure where I am exactly in the app. Also, lots of links that look like non-clickable plain text when most of them should actually be buttons. Downloading is slow despite a good connection.

- Amazing!

Libby is a wonderful app. Sure... maybe it kicks me out once in a while but the diversity of the books is amazing. One suggestion: the books that are viewed most by people, you know the ones, maybe try adding all (and I mean all) of the sequels and prequels? But really. This app is amazing. Love it. I recommend it to anyone who will listen to my ranting. Thank you so much for this incredible app!

- Fantastic

This app is fantastic!

- Love Libby

I can always find something available to read or listen to! I love that if I’m listening to an audiobook and I like the voice, I can find some of their other work! It’s a different way to pick random books. Thanks Libby! You make Covid lockdowns much easier!

- The new App

I do not enjoy the new App. It has lost all the user friendliness of the previous version

- Humankind

Excellent read. Like Malcolm Gladwell book length on one topic.

- Great App

My constant search companion looking for the next great read!

- Perfect

Itssss amazing

- Never Leave Home Without It

Love this user-friendly app. Easy to navigate and to download your favourite titles anywhere, anytime!

- Terrific way to get books and magazines!

Nice to have someone read an audiobook to me while I do something else.

- Love Libby

Listen every day. It’s amazing. Easy to find books and keep track of favorites.

- Great BookResource

This app makes it easy to have a book ready to read at any time. Pretty simple to use, you have the ease of accessing your read without the bulk or weight of a real book. I like that I can change the size of the text too!

- Frustrating site

Your new changes are not at all user friendly. The way it was before, was easy convenient and had access to our history of searches. Now it’s all gone. So unknowingly we end up selecting the same book which was selected and returned long ago. Plus you are not adding new titles. It’s the same old titles.

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Rick Breidenstein

@rothgar Does this count? "The Libby App by OverDrive: Free ebooks & audiobooks from the library"

Miami-Dade Libraries

Start a great book today! Check out an eBook or audiobook through the Libby by OverDrive app for free with your #MDPLS library card. Don’t have a card yet? Apply for an eCard online at and get access to our digital resources immediately.

Richland Public Library

It's been a crazy year and the holidays are always stressful. So take some downtime for yourself to recuperate with a good book and a cup of coffee! 📚☕️ Libby by Overdrive has an excellent collection of self-care and inspirational titles to help you out.

Vigo County Public Library

Inspired by 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘘𝘶𝘦𝘦𝘯'𝘴 𝘎𝘢𝘮𝘣𝘪𝘵? Learn to play chess! These resources are available on the Libby app by OverDrive for Libraries! ⤵️ ♟️ ♟️

South Tyneside Libraries

Detective Kimmo Joentaa always prepares for Christmas with a glass of milk & a bottle of vodka but a damaged young woman & murder change that! Download The Winter of the Lions by Jan Costin Wagner on our #Libby app or at #LibrariesfromHome #FestiveReads

Port Hope PL

E-books & audiobooks available 24/7 for free online with Libby by OverDrive app! #downtownporthope

Port Hope PL

New to e-Books and digital audiobooks? Downloading the Libby by OverDrive app? Check out this short video for tips and tricks on starting to download free e-Books, digital audiobooks, + much more! #downtownporthope

Wichita Public Library

One thing is for certain: reading is NOT canceled. Read today and every day on the Libby by OverDrive app. Learn more at .

Alex Shchedrin

With Plano Public Library (@planolibrary) I get access to Libby by Overdrive (@LibbyApp) , through which I can borrow thousands of digital books and audiobooks, for free. Here is a link to the web app —

(((Miriasha))) 🌈

@_emnays Peter Darling by SA Chant (published as Austin Chant) is out of print but can be found at some libraries both physically and as an ebook through Libby/overdrive! Also, Once & Future by AR Capetta and Cory McCarthy has mlm (teenage) Merlin and Last Bus to Everland is sort of this?

🎄Jolly Jaybug🐛

This app is the one!

Valerie Hawkins

Top #LibrariesTransform story: The Libby App by OverDrive: Free ebooks & audiobooks from the library , see more

Clark Public Library

Borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines to read on your phone or tablet using the Libby app by OverDrive.

St. Albert Library

Now is a great time to curl up and read all your holiday favourites. Access eBooks and audiobooks on Libby by OverDrive right from the comfort of your home. #stalbert #library #DigitalLibrary

Port Hope PL

Happy Kwanzaa! Visit our website to download the e-Books or download the e-Books with the Libby by OverDrive app! #downtownporthope #porthope

Libby, by OverDrive 5.1.0 Screenshots & Images

Libby, by OverDrive iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Libby, by OverDrive iphone images
Libby, by OverDrive iphone images
Libby, by OverDrive iphone images
Libby, by OverDrive iphone images
Libby, by OverDrive iphone images
Libby, by OverDrive iphone images
Libby, by OverDrive iphone images
Libby, by OverDrive iphone images
Libby, by OverDrive iphone images
Libby, by OverDrive iphone images

Libby, by OverDrive (Version 5.1.0) Install & Download

The applications Libby, by OverDrive was published in the category Book on 2016-12-12 and was developed by OverDrive, Inc. [Developer ID: 366869255]. This application file size is 18.53 MB. Libby, by OverDrive - Book app posted on 2022-02-28 current version is 5.1.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.overdrive.dewey