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What is epic canto app? Canto provides authorized clinical users of Epic’s Electronic Health Record with secure access to clinic schedules, hospital patient lists, health summaries, test results and notes. Canto also supports dictation and In Basket access.

Your organization needs to license Canto and be on Epic’s 2012 version or greater and will determine the exact feature set and any applicable charges for your use of Canto. If you are unsure whether you can use Canto, please contact your administrative staff.

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How to contact Epic Canto (Epic)?
Find this site the customer service details of Epic Canto. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/395395172/epic-canto/contact

Epic Canto Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Epic Canto Version 10.2.225 July 2022

Fixes and improvements.

Epic Canto Version 10.217 May 2022

Fixes and improvements.

Epic Canto Version 10.1.110 March 2022

Fixes and improvements.

Epic Canto Comments & Reviews 2022

- Does not reach its potential

This app could be so useful but falls very short. All though you can view the handoffs for patients (unlike its counterpart haiku for your phone) you are unable to edit the handoffs. This is problematic if you are using the handoff as it is intended (to create a running to-do-list). Otherwise you would have to go to a computer between each patient you see which is particularly impractical when working as an inpatient physician. Also can’t order meds. And worst of all, you can’t view the “med hx” to view the administration history to confirm if and when patients have received their medications. Overall disappointed! More of a gimmick than a practical, time saving program.

- Beware. Don’t expect too much

Beware. Why, do you ask? If you are looking for a useful tablet app with more utility than Haiku (iPhone app), then you will not find it here. There is so much potential for this iPad app to be useful (especially on iPad Pro). Want to edit PMH, PSH, FH, and SH? Nope. Want to write orders? Many require you to complete them at a workstation. What about notes? That’s a no go. Want to find those final Microbiology results? Too bad, that’s too “old” for the app to display it. Unfortunately, this app falls short in all areas that matter. What could be a supreme utility that saves time in countless ways throughout your day is, instead, a glorified version of Haiku and with all too similar limitations. This could easily be the go to place for bedside and/or ward documentation, but for now, it’s just wishful thinking. It’s too bad because I can’t even use Epic via Citrix since last Epic update without it crashing within 5 minutes on my iPad Pro.

- Has potential but so far really limited

Canto has a much better interface than the Citrix app, but remains very limited and usable only to view notes, labs, and patient lists. You can dictate a note, but can’t use templates or dot phrases. Most critical for me is the message board. However, I cannot sort the incoming phone calls, MyChart messages, or refills (let alone respond). It’s less than useless with the hundreds of messages that populate each list. Unread messages should automatically be on top, but they are instead buried (same in Haiku). Frustrating! Please talk to users and fix this ASAP.

- Just checking off the box to say they have an app

So much potential for this to actually be clinically useful however has received minimal updates that areClinically meaningful over the past one year. There still is no way to see if a patient is currently on oxygen being a vital sign tab. No way to check MAR history. The Jott feature is useful but then Hass to be transcribed into the Handoff section via a desktop and not through the app.

- Good potential, but needs more features!

Rather well implemented, attention paid to designing for an iPad and touch devices. Needs to be able to enter orders and manage them. Also only allows clinic schedules for the provider that is logged in to the app. This is limiting for academic institutions and other systems where residents or advanced practitioners may rotate through an attending or specialist’s clinic. Good first start, needs more work but even in this form it is useful. Very nice that you can sign in with TouchID, makes that aspect very fast and convenient!!

- I do not understand

I do not understand how Epic can get away with this app. I cannot edit clinic notes. I cannot use dot phrases as dot phrases. I get an error message every single time I open it about how voice to text is not working. I’m surprised Apple has not stepped in and asked to help Epic make their app better since if it did, they would have huge revenue from clinicians buying iPad Pro for their work and telling their colleagues about how well it works with Epic! But we are not there. Do not use an iPad as your way to use Epic. Not functional.

- Lacks functions that you would want in a mobile EPIC platform

Important functions like searchable lab or imaging results, which should be straightforward features, are not present. Note entry is limited. God features include the ability to write some (not all) prescriptions, manage some in box notes, but the inability to message patients from within their chart is a frustration as well. This has such potential to be useful its like someone invented a car but left it without a steering wheel.

- Needs more functionality

I would love the ability to actually complete notes from this app, but it is just not possible. I hope they are able to upgrade this soon. It has so much potential, but is not there yet. Also, it would be nice to be able to edit problem list and see future appointments.

- Opportunities for improvement

Since I am a surgical pathologist, there are a few desirable features that would be nice to have on this Canto: 1. Surgery scheduled in the OR (so that I can prepare for possible frozen sections) 2. Patient census (lists) of different physician practice groups (so that I can anticipate possible surgeries) 3. Access to surgical pathology reports (so that I can review current and previous reports)

- Just downloaded - more features would be nice

Using at Vidant medical center. Need: Be able to update PMH and other histories Be able to update problem list Be able to fill out handoff section Be able to order staff messages by date as well as priority In clinic, be able to see result/trends on one half of screen while composing staff message (to nurse) on other half of screen. Would be great if in the future it were compatible with Apple Pencil for writing notes Like: Nice interface Like jot section - works with pencil - is their a jot summary where you can see all jots on all patients? i.e a “to-do” list.

- Major limitations

A useful app, but has major limitations. Does not allow for full note or order entry. Also allows no use of templates in notes. This app could replace Hyperspace on the desktop with some crucial updates for my usage. This app has also not yet been updated for the new iPad with an 11” display, which should be done ASAP.

- So close

We edit our notes via a problem list. The problem list has 2 sections, the overview and the assessment and plan. You can edit the overview, but not the assessment and plan. Why would you limit the program at this point?

- Great Idea Needs Work

It’s great to have for info and some orders. If you want to be able to prescribe meds it doesn’t let you change dosing or frequency. This should be easy to add. This change would make this easily a 4 star app.

- Needs consent form availability

The biggest problem we have seeing consults and preparing patients for procedures is finding an active computer with a working script pad for e-consent. It would be highly advantageous and make this app worthwhile if we could gather consent with the iPad touchscreen

- Incomplete.

I wish I had the option just to view smart phrases even before being able to writing them. The app is too different from desktop version. It is almost a separate program not linked much to the original design.

- Lots of Improvements

1. You can place orders! 2. You can update the handoff! 3. Very nice overview of patient. 4. Very nice view of vitals and lab results. 5. Very good for quick presentations and updates in the AM. Negatives: 1. Still can’t write progress notes etc. 2. No MAR function, can see what drugs they are on but not if it was given. 3. No way to view imaging.

- Frustrating limitations

As others have said, this app has a lot of potential but falls short. Most frustrating is the limited number and seemingly random assortment of notes displayed. This should be an easy fix but has remained a problem for years. Very disappointing

- Severely limited functionality

This app is a shadow of what epic is on the desktop. You need to be able to place all types of orders and write notes plus review results. This app falls short in all three departments. All three need to be vastly improved before this app can be considered something useful on the floor.

- Add a vitals tab

It takes 5 minutes to find vitals on this app. How absurd, this is a epic’s mobile version and you cant even find vitals. Nevertheless to say you cant put orders or write notes..amazing app

- Useless, no more helpful than Haiku on your phone

Really disappointed with this app. It could be so much more, but has only minimal increase functionality over Haiku counterpart. Please fix and make this app useful.

- Got to agree - so much potential - so little follow-through

I’ve been to Wisconsin and seen the amazing organization that is Epic. With their incredible resources, there is no reason for them to not make this a fully functional application.

- Crashes on new iPad Pros with Face ID if Touch ID enabled

The app needs to be updated to work with the new Face ID enabled iPad Pro models

- Doesn’t work with ipad case

Got the newest generation iPad Pro with the magic case. Can’t log in using the ipad keyboard so super annoying that I have to remove from case and type in password every time on the ipad keyboard.

- Most poorly designed app

This is the most poorly designed app I have ever seen. It never works. It never let me access the info I need. This app should be decommissioned.

- Embarrassing

The engineers in Madison should be ashamed of themselves for producing an entirely useless app given the share of the market that epic has. Judy, you are a billionaire and very impressive, and epic has been great for healthcare around the world. Now please produce a useful iPad app. Thank you

- For viewing only

Unfortunately, I cannot respond to results via mychart nor can I edit a note that was opened in clinic. Oh well, I guess there's no perfect EMR.

- Not working at all

Needing this app to do video visits with patients, and it wont even let me sign in. Completely useless.

- No snap board or OR BOARD

Has no way to view OR board.

- A good start...

This app is a good start for having access to Epic remotely with the iPad. The user interface is good. However, the function of the app is too limited. You are limited to only the next few days for your schedule. You cannot look at any date before the current day or past 1 week or so. You cannot read telephone notes. You can mark a lab result as reviewed but cannot make any result notes or add to the visit note for when that lab was ordered. Basically, there is no editing of any chart notes. It would be a great app if it was a lot more functional and I could actually work on visit notes or lab results. Until then it has very limited functionality - basically only for reviewing a chart when not in my office.

- Could be so much more

The low rating is because this app could be so much more useful than it is. It’s stable and faster to get into than remoting in through Citrix, its interface is touch-oriented, and it won’t drain your battery like Citrix… but that’s where the positives end. You can’t time mark anything, There’s no way to view all lab results at once; you’re stuck selecting from a drop-down box that doesn’t even utilize the entire height of the screen. On my iPad mini, it doesn’t even use half of the screen. Reviewing vitals is limited to the last few entries, with no way to go farther back in time. You can’t manage orders. You can’t write any documentation. I use Canto for quickly referencing my notes during rounds, but that’s about it. With the release of the iPad Pro it seems as if Canto could easily be a mobile clinician’s most-used app, but the above limitations and the lack of split-screen support make Canto little more than a tease of what could be.

- Good app- needs bug fix

Has a lot of potential. I use it mostly for checking my patient census, reading notes, and checking labs or vitals and it shows all these things in an easy to view format. I agree with some other users that it could do more. My biggest complaint right now is that the current version has a bug that requires you to completely quit the app (by swiping it to clear it) before you can log back in again. If you don't quit the app it will give you an error message. Previously when you stopped using the app and went to the home screen or another app, you would automatically get logged out and you just needed to log back in again.

- needs work

It's a good idea but underdeveloped. You can't read inpatient progress notes so it's not useful for rounding other than as a directory of where your patients are and maybe to alert you to critical labs. For any other hospital work you're going to need to log into a workstation anyway. As noted by others, no real way to annotate labs or send results to your patients, plus you don't see everything in your in basket so you need to get back to a real computer. As for clinic use, it would be nice to have a list of progress notes available for review prior to going into a room. For use off site, you can't order meds or message patients so you're going to be tied to a telephone anyway. Great start, would like to see epic put some effort into this. Until then, I'm not throwing away my laptop.

- A good start

It is a clean uncluttered interface. However it is limited. You do, have however the ability to look at hospital notes. So the previous reviewer may not have that functionality implemented at his hospital. Or seen the nonobvious way to get to them. I agree that the ability to interact in some way, especially order writing and writing progress notes would make this a truly useful app.

- Good potential, mediocre execution

Great for checking the latest notes or labs, but useless for switching between facilities, actually charting meaningful notes, looking at X-ray images, looking through older chart notes, writing orders, or really anything else that requires more than a cursory look. You can't even use templates or dot phrases. It could be the answer to a huge unmet need for portable documentation and efficient rounding, but unfortunately this version does not provide that function. Hope they keep working on it.

- Limited features

This app allows review of email and results. The schedule feature is too restrictive, with no ability to look at future days. This is limited when one has an iOS device on the weekend and is trying to plan for the week ahead. One can't organize email by unread, so the order is jumbled. Clearly room to improve

- Pretty but not functional

It does some things well, but it falls way short in clinical application. I care for inpatients with surgical problems. Any application that aims to be useful to me should have the following (which canto does not): - the ability to write orders - the ability to look at more than just the most recent set of vitals (24 hours at least), perhaps graphed as is done with labs - access to ins and outs - access to all the notes written during the selected encounter, not just the most recent 3 An update would be much appreciated, as I think the concept has the potential to radically change the way - and the efficiency with which - I practice.

- Nice app

This app compliments the EPIC system well. It is easy to navigate and quickly access information. As I use the iPad app primarily while I am on call two additional features would make it 5 stars. One is the ability to place and route telephone notes and second to have the ability to e-scribe.

- Work in progress

Overall this is a very helpful app to briefly review a patient's chart or go through your Epic inbox. Certain features are missing, making an addendum to house staff results and pathology results are not available. Also viewing labs is a bit tedious. For these reasons I'm giving this 2 stars.

- Works great

This app works great. Not alot of input options, but very useful for chart review. How can anyone even complain about it not working on a beta IOS version? This should not be expected.

- Used to work but not after recent update

This is a good application, however after the most recent update it always tells me to update the application to the most recent version which is what I have and it is impossible to log in. Hopefully this bug will be fixed. The iPhone version seems to continue working well.

- RN

The In basket function should allow you to access patient calls. The fact that it doesn't makes this useless to most EPIC users. Good idea, but this app is an empty promise. What little it is able to do it does seem to do well, hence the second star

- The current version has broken Dragon dictation

Dragon dictation into the patient note has worked wonderfully before. Now the cursor randomly bounce around. Please fix this as soon as possible as Dragon dictation is almost unusable at the present time

- Limited feature

Why can't I use Touch ID to login to my epic? I can't write any notes either

- Please Make Results Review More Like Epic

Good start, but needs attention to fixing the following issues: -can't write orders -can't see all results at a glance like on desktop -needs touchID support

- Good but a little lacking

Good and easy to use but would be better if we could access and edit medical student notes.

- Dr. Popeye

I was happily using Epic Canto until 2 days ago when I accepted the suggestion to update the app. I wish I had not. I agree with the other reviewer that the new version is a bomb!! Do NOT upgrade--- it won't work. It lets you sign in and looks like it will open and then jumps you out of the application. It gets negative stars from me but I can't submit with less than one star..... I would love to submit a review to let other slow about this but I cannot b/c there is a bug in the nickname field

- Epic failure

Major flaw with this app is that I can not place orders. It appears that it is only for reviewing a chart (with ability to look at a schedule and work on your inbasket). The whole idea of having an app native to iOS is to take care of patients using an iPad. This is an Epic failure.

- New version bombs

I downloaded the new canto this morning and it doesn't work. Immediately after signing in, it dies. I haven't been able to find where to report the problem. How can I get the old version back?

- Doesn't work with iOS 5 beta 2

Application starts and closes. Doesn't work with iOS 5 beta 2 I will change my review after the program has been updated

- EPIC disappointment

Very disappointing. What you can do is look up lab results and written progress notes. So so many things you can't see or do.

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The applications Epic Canto was published in the category Medical on 2010-11-19 and was developed by Epic [Developer ID: 348308666]. This application file size is 229.86 MB. Epic Canto - Medical app posted on 2022-07-25 current version is 10.2.2 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.epic.canto