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What is sydney health app? Use the Sydney™ Health app to find care, share your digital ID card, and check your claims. You can understand your benefits, improve your health, and save money. Easily manage your benefits at your fingertips whenever you need them with your personalized health and wellness information all in one place. Through integration with HealthKit, you have the option to enable sharing information from your fitness devices with this app. This may include tracking your steps, calories, sleep data, and weight management.

- Digital ID card – Your digital ID works like a paper ID, enabling you to always have access to your current ID and easily share it with your care team in person or by email.
- Chat – Use our 24/7 chat to find what you are looking for, or find more in-depth answers by chatting with a Member Services representative.
- Plan details – Understand your share of the costs, including your deductible and copay. Find out what’s covered and check your claims.
- Find care – Search for care when and where you need it. Locate doctors, labs, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals in your plan’s network. See your estimated costs before you receive care.
- View claims – Easily track your claims including the status and your costs.
- Virtual care – Routine care, prescription refills, and urgent care right from your app, whenever it works for you.
- Refill your prescriptions – You can set up automatic refills and reminders for your medications.

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Sydney Health is offered through an arrangement with Carelon Digital Platforms, a separate company offering mobile application services on behalf of your health plan. ©2020-2023. The Virtual Primary Care experience is offered through an arrangement with Hydrogen Health.

Sydney Health options are based on each member’s plan, so some features may not be available to all members.

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App Name Sydney Health
Category Medical
Updated 25 May 2023, Thursday
File Size 252.05 MB

Sydney Health Comments & Reviews 2023

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Sydney Health-AVOID IF YOU CAN!!. IF I COULD GIVE ZERO STARS I WOULD!! Initially, app would not work. Then after hours on the phone with them it started to work but showed no insurance info not even a member number. Couldn’t get health care beause of this. Finally after spending literally all day on the phone I finally managed to get a hard copy of my card snail mailed to me. The “24/7” chat with a clinician is a farce. Took 3 hours for one of their cliniciams to get back to me to ultimately and incorrectly state that I had not completed their form and that anyway I wasn’t eligible for the program. Sydney’s “bot” is at best a giant pain in the ***! Gives unavailable solutions to your questions and problems. Totally without any value! Your better of sitting in a COVID infected emergency room that dealing with these idiots!!

Cannot do anything. I cannot send a message. I cannot submit a claim. I have been attempting to for a week, the “customer service” agent in the chat said to try later in the day, that was a week ago, I’ve tried every day for a week. I just want the app to work so I can get reimbursed what I am owed. What is the point of insurance if it cannot be used and what is the point of an app to make things more convenient if it just causes significantly more stress. Just acknowledge your system is down and give me other options and stop telling me to “try again later” or “submit via the message center” when your message center is broken too!

Dr is not worth seeing worst visit ever. I am 48 years old and this is not the first time I have ever been sick. This dr did not help me at all- I gave her my symptoms not all of them as she was too busy looking over text books. I know what I have going on with me and it is not Inner Ear. I will never use this service again unless it is the end of the world - when I get pneumonia it will be because this dr didn’t treat me. She never asked if I was wheezing — only if I. Had shortness of breath. I have been sick for over 2 weeks and have had fever and am getting worse and this was just a waste of time and money and a very poor service ! Worst teledoc experience of my life and I assure you if she had what I have she would take antibiotics which she refused to give me. Again worst experience ever and I don’t recommend!!!!!!

Video Visit Buggy. The video visit feature is buggy. When I initially clicked on it, it crashed. It finally allowed me to proceed on the third attempt. At that point. I was asked to enter my email address – it didn’t pass via API. When I entered my email address and clicked the button to proceed, I received a pop-up that asked me if I wanted to discard my data. It would only proceed if I clicked yes. When I finally advanced to the scheduling screen, it said it couldn’t verify my plan. Alright, lots of issues here, but this is what happens when you run a release without testing. Also, I later found out this is just LiveHealth framed into the Sydney app. It would be a MUCH better user experience to just use the LiveHealth app directly - especially if user information doesn’t pass via api and the user has to re-enter. Right now, it just feels like a broken system. Framing it in is obviously buggy. As a user, I’d much rather be told to just download the LiveHealth App. I get the branding angle here, but it’s not working.

Horrible App with Issues!. I am completely frustrated with the Sydney Health App. The app downloads to my Iphone and tries to open when I click in it;however it will not open so I can login to my account. I contacted Anthem and was advised to delete the app and reinstall it. I have installed, deleted and reinstalled the app several times and it still will not load or open. P.S. I do not have any type of issues with any other apps I download to my Iphone which is a clear indicator that there is a problem with the Sydney app not my Iphone! It would be nice if someone could fix this bug so I will be able to fully utilize all my Anthem benefits.

Won’t Show Provider’s. I like my privacy and don’t allow apps to have and share my location fully. So I typically will select ‘Allow Once’ when I open the app and am questioned about sharing my location. That being said the app crashes every time I look for providers. A basic function of the app is not afforded you unless you select allow the app to know your location at any time. It’s none of your business where I grocery shop or where I travel! Design an app that works on its basic function with all sensibilities of privacy! And before you say delete the app and reload it then it will work - try asking or caring about your user enough to find out if they’ve tried that. And it still doesn’t work. Heath app. Not a Health Care app. Useless as you have to use the website anyway. So the app is simply designed to gain sellable information from their unwitting clients. Use at your own risk.

Buggy, clunky, but works.. I’ve been using this app for a few checkups and chats. Login is a bit clunky. I don’t know where all these notifications are coming from. One chat will result in many notifications and I don’t know how to clear them. The app says you can chat with a primary care provider but then it connects you with a nurse practitioner which isn’t the PCP. Confusing. Then I wasn’t able to follow up with the nurse practitioner regarding something we talked about before because the chat window had closed? Maybe send me a message asking me to checkin or close out? App needs work but it’s cool to get care from a nurse practitioner pretty fast and other information.

Clunky. I give 1 ⭐️ for app being what it says it is. And I give 1 more ⭐️ for it offering a variety of ways to input and/or find information. But that’s it… the info I’m getting is mostly irrelevant to me. When asking for a PCP in general/family medicine, why would I (as a cis male) need the slew of OB/GYN referrals that come up, along with half a dozen other specialties? And why is it that the window for conducting searches (or for displaying options on a map) is so small, and the headings of that section of the search process takes up 80% or more of the phone screen? It looks like I’ll need to skip using this app and do all my searching on a desktop computer, which raises the final question: Why did I bother using this app? It’s extremely frustrating to try to navigate.

Never Works. I’ve had to use this app for a few years now as it’s what my health insurance company offers to access care, but this app never works. It always takes several tries to login while I’m inputting the exact same information each time. The function to find care always spins and spins and spins, at times with no results. Also beware that the app errors can cost you money. I’ve tried accessing the video care only for it to stop working as the provider was joining the call and still received a bill for care I never received. I’ve tried deleting and reloading the app, but nothing ever improves. It’s really unfortunate how bad this app is, as the concept has good potential. Avoid using if you can!!

App crashes when I attempt to download ID card. The app has been buggy since I switched over to it. Today, while in the ER, I couldn’t access the card (I couldn’t find my physical card - I’ve never lost a card ever (I’m 51)) and had to call a family member to scan and send a photo of their card. Update: just tried again and got an error message reference #NHMNYMCD, app version 1.012. I manage software development teams (Agile) in my company and I know the type of business/user testing required before an app or version is released. I’m assuming that an update in soon to be released. If not, this would be a hard fail.

MOVE DASHBOARD TO ITS OWN APP!. Update-took away a star considering the dashboard does NOT update like it should. I sent an email to the SydneyAnthem email. I have stayed at 5 days of 5k steps for an extra two days despite doing over 5k today & yesterday. I login each night to sync the information. The steps update but the badge info still shows the same number… Please…please…please…move the dashboard to its own app!! It’s a great app, but I think it would be nice to have the health dashboard part on its own app. I think having it combined with insurance claims/benefits information overloads it to a degree. Not sure if that has lead to an issue where paper EOBs have gone out despite the fact I have been set to paperless for several years…which unfortunately lead to a financial penalty for paper. There also is not an option on the login of remember my username/password which does not allow for touch ID to be used.

Totally inadequate. I guess this is useful for people who call for ultra basic questions. But that’s not me! For almost everything I’ve tried to ask it, it says the app doesn’t have that information and I have to get an agent on chat or phone call. Plus it loads slowly, not just on opening but everything I select. Yes I update- it actually forces you to, which means it takes even more time if you’re in a hurry. My iPhone isn’t the newest and best but neither is it nearing the end of a normal lifespan, and this was the case both before and after I got this phone. The only thing I use it for is to renew Ingenio prescriptions.

Irritated and going back to a paper card.. It’s nice that Anthem is trying new ideas, but this is one of the worst user interfaces I’ve ever seen, and it’s very frustrating to use or guess what to do next. First, I have no interest in having a conversation with an app. There are a strictly limited number of things this app needs to do: show me my ID card, show me my claims and pharmacy info, show me what I owe and give me a way to pay it without switching to another app, and request a callback to handle anything more complicated. KISS design needs 4 buttons to do the above. The ID card function needs to store the card locally so you don’t have to be constantly connected to show some office admin your current insurance info. This version makes me guess what a not very well trained AI is looking for and then have an extended discussion with the app to get any useful information while you’re standing at a window. Suggestion for developers: make a point to stand on one leg with crutches and no weight allowed on the other foot, or put your arm in a sling with nothing to hang onto while trying to find your ID card without assistance; you’ll get the picture quickly why that this app is not an improvement. Automatic fail if you fall or unbalance yourself - and then we’ll talk. The previous version was simple to operate and it worked far better. I’ll use this one since I’m forced to, but you need to rethink the design.

This app never works and always locks me out and you have to call a hotline to fix it.. Literally I’ve had to call their hotline so many times and get new passwords because even with two factor login I just get a “we encountered a problem” message and it usually only works for like one login after I wait on their hotline etc and then the next day it’s the same story. There is no explanation and I keep getting locked out. They always changed my password and even the correct one doesn’t work. How can I pay my bill because by the way their website is also garbage and just looks like an html error page from geo cities in 1997. At least there should be an online way to reset but no it’s just a phone number and you get to be on hold and then it never works anyway. I don’t even see how it’s possible for it to be this bad.

Fantastic & User Friendly. Sydney Health is an upgrade to the Anthem Anywhere App. It’s streamlined and interactive. It can be used at home or on-the-go and with the cute little Sydney interactive helper it makes the app kind of fun to use too. Anthem BCBS has definitely taken consumer feedback and improved their product. If your plan comes with pharmacy then the pharmacy is right there and you can order your scripts through the app as well as set up your auto refill/auto pay. You can save your payment information, view and print your ID card as well as fax or email a copy of your card to your doctor’s office BEFORE you arrive for your appointment. Finding a doctor is easy, searching claims is easy as well as keeping track of your deductible and out of pocket totals for the year. It’s got everything. I highly recommend the app.

BEYOND Annoying!!. You get 1 star for three reasons: 1) Why on God’s green earth are you called “Sydney Health” when we are Anthem members in Los Angeles?!?! To get the Anthem app loaded, I had to first figure out that you were called some random name that seems to have ZERO connection to your branding that I’ve ever heard of? Fire the person that decided that idiocy! 2) Fire the App Developer that FAILED to realize that a LOT of us use our iPad’s for dealing with these kinds of apps, as many of these apps require a LOT of typing - and it’s FAR easier to use the iPad connected to its keyboard. Instead, you idiots have created an app that will NOT change orientation, so it is UNUSABLE with an iPad. So you would get ZERO stars for that! 3) you offer virtual visits, great. BUT your app and your virtual “help” will NOT tell us what the pricing will be on scheduling a virtual visit. Nor does it have any clue what we are asking for when searching for any variation of “what is cost/copay for virtual doctor visit”. Ridiculous. Useless app. Fire the lot of you!

Trash app 90% of the time. Ok the idea of this app is great: all of your health insurance related stuff in one place. The execution is horrible though. It’s not even a confusing UI or convoluted menus, 9 times out of 10 when I open this app to try to do something it’s broken or there are bugs that prevent me from accessing most of the features. Right now I can’t even click a link to access pharmacy information, it just displays an error message. It’s also very slow to load and the find care search is confusing and finicky. High schoolers can build apps that work more smoothly than this piece of trash and I’m insulted that I have to pay $300+ a month for insurance and they can’t even build a basic app portal.

Just horrible. Tried using the chat with a doctor feature a few weeks back. The robot asks a bunch of questions, asks for your credit card information, then directs you into a meaningless void where nothing takes place or crashes, sometimes both. Then the process repeats. For maximum fun, it charged me for the privilege of being angry at a robot while trying to find healthcare. I called Anthem for support and I am now on call number 2, over an hour in, 2 ish hours combined between 4 people in 3 different departments and we have yet to agree on whether the Sydney app can charge patients in the first place. Does Anthem know they have an app? If so, the people answering the phone to help troubleshoot/refund for the app not working should: A: know how the app works, B: know how to handle customer service calls for the app, C: know they have an app called Sydney that can charge patients for “services”. I honestly would have chalked this up to “company started a tech initiative they can’t/don’t know how to support” thing all healthcare providers are up to these days if the customer service wasn’t sooooooooo baaaaad. Don’t use it if you can avoid it. Would probably be easier to communicate with Anthem via messenger pigeon or *insert outmoded communication method here*.

Horrible and useless. App Doesn’t provide the most basic info like nearby pharmacies in network (defaults to 50 miles - this is hardly nearby to anything. In my area I probably have 50 pharmacies within 3-5 miles but this app shows up with “doh we can’t find anything”) Hides basic usability items such as enter on login and has too much of their own pictures and content prioritized over the user’s basic questions. If you hit one of those screens you can’t get out and have to close and reopen and login again. Anyway tried using it two years ago and haven’t since but this latest update is, once again, a complete waste of my time - making any current symptoms worse. This app is not good for my health. Anthem’s online services are not good for my health. But obviously they are not a healthcare provider- they are an insurance company. That’s two different things

My impressions after first use of S/W on iPad... immature. Screen rotation - Not supported. Only portrait mode. Not good when using a keyboard. Login screen - I need to context switch to pick up name and password from my pwd manager. Tool prevents context switching from keyboard (cmd+tab). When context switching with home button, this app deletes anything typed into name and password fields. This forces me to type name and password, which is not at all secure, as people can see what you are typing if you are in public. Plan Usage Screen - Some silly little symbol (Sydney ?) on lower right corner of screen is covering the last entry under Claims. Plan Usage Screen - Claims Screen - Lack of useful information. There are $ amounts with no description. Context Switching away from the app for a couple seconds results in a forced-logged out. Buttons pop up in arbitrary and inconsistent places. For example, I had an error messages appear at bottom of screen. To cancel out of it and make any forward progress, I had to hit a little cancel button that appears at the top/center of the screen. What is this Whack-a-mole ? The web site works better.

Does this app do anything helpful?. So I wanted to find a clinic near me. I type in “find a provider near me,” and I receive a message I do not have access to provider finder. I literally cannot find in and out of network providers in the app. I then clicked the “Care & Cost” finder option that it provided. That option, does nothing, and the option list came up again. I hit Care & Cost another three times with nothing changing. So finally, just for fun, I hit the COVID-19 banner at the top. Corona is typed into Sydney, and she replies, “Not sure I got that. Ask me again.” I’m really not the type to leave reviews, but when your health insurance app can’t tell me about something you made a banner at the top, that’s an issue that needs fixing NOW. (Also I should be able to find providers, but maybe that’s just a me issue.)

Doesn’t have all the info I need. I’m not really interested in talking to this app. Yes I can see my insurance card and my current medical claims but I cannot see anything about my dental plan at all. The old app used to have both my medical and dental information. It provides the plan benefits but not the actual claims. We used it for dental so I know it should show up there by now. Also, when I search for care and cost finder, my dentist doesn’t even show up. I was just trying to find her information and I found her before on the old app but now it’s no results found. Also, I have something like a stipend that my job gives me and the old app used to show this and this app doesn’t show it. I get a lot of contact the hotline messages over information I had access to with the old app. I’d prefer to use the old app. I might as well just use the actual card and call the number since that’s what it tells me anyway. I hope this app improves.

A sick joke. Opens to a lovely black screen to show off the OLED display. Doesn’t do anything else. I guess it’s good it’s free. Update: After multiple uninstalls and reinstalls and reboots, I was able to run the app. I log in using a text verification. I signed up with my account using my email. The app now tells me I can’t a receive text or email notifications because you don’t have me email of phone number and I have to contact my administrator to add it. How did I sign up and sign in with no email or phone number? So I tried to close the app and reopen it. Now it says there’s an error with my account and the “Sign in” button no longer works. What kind of sick joke is this app? After more attempts, I was able to sign in and add my phone number and email. Still leaving a 1 star because wow is this app broken.

Needs improvement. Finding a primary care physician should be easy, it hasn’t been with this app. I found one after struggling, she left her practice and I resorted to using the app again, with no luck. You can filter for telehealth, but you can’t filter out telehealth. And I just don’t believe that within a 100 mile radius there are no primary care physicians practicing medicine for adults. And I don’t think they verify contact numbers, because I called a psychiatry practitioner through a number listed in the app and the person who picked up responded to me asking if about mental health services with “no this is randy, but I get these calls all the time for the past few years.” No one experiencing psychiatric illness should have a phone interaction like that because the app isn’t verifying information, that’s the kind of experience that will make you doubt your whole reality depending on your mindset( I was luckily in a place to laugh it off)

Maybe or maybe not. When I first got my new insurance I logged into my insurance site and there was a big banner with a link to download Sydney Health. I clicked it and logged in about four times over the first week. Then all of a sudden this message “something went wrong” kept popping up. So I called the number from the message (just over 1hr on the phone) and they said they would look into it. They messaged me and said I shouldn’t have access based on what they found. Just on a whim I checked the login and lo and behold I had access again. Color me confused but I was happy because I had an upcoming dr appointment and needed the access because I misplaced my insurance card. Day of appointment came and I went to log in and again “something went wrong”. Why can’t I access something that I was directed to and understood was part of my insurance benefits/features. Such a headache.

No way the 5-star reviews are legit. Someone referred to this app’s 5-star reviews as “astroturfing.” I wasn’t familiar with the term, the definition seems very applicable to this app. There is no way this app could have received so many legitimate 5-star ratings right out of the gate (many of which were curiously grouped largely during the period from Aug 30 to Sept 3). Then the tone changes during Oct-Dec where 1-star ratings are much more common than any others. Was this app even beta-tested? The standard response from the developers is “we will continue to release upgrades frequently to provide users with an even more robust and enjoyable user experience” followed by “please provide us with specific examples of problems you experienced so that we can address them.” That really should not be necessary. Users should not be forced to serve as beta-testers; that should be done pre-release.

Very dissatisfied. I am very upset by the service I received from Sydney Health! I used the “text a doctor” service, because it seemed like a great option after my 2 sons were diagnosed with bronchitis by their pediatrician, and I had developed the same symptoms. It seemed like the perfect alternative to finding a babysitter for my sick babies so I could go to the doctor myself. It was not! It was a complete waste of time and money! I spoke with 2 different doctors that both ignored my concerns and gave generic, yet conflicting, answers. After I googled the doctors, I saw that many people had the same experiences! I was very disappointed by the arrogance of these doctors! In addition, I found it very difficult to express my complaint through my Sydney Health account, and was refused a refund even though the last doctor I spoke with told me to go to an urgent care and that she could not help me.

Have NEVER been able to log on successfully.. This is a VERY frustrating App. They claim that I have already accessed it, and yet it denies me access every time I try to log on. Says that my plan may not be valid and yet I know for certain that it is valid. My option is to call “customer service” but that is an ugly wait time and frustrating experience that I am not looking forward to. Frankly, I have gone without healthcare questions being answered, just so that I didn’t have to deal with this. What a great deal!

Poorly Concepted, Poorly Designed. Awful user experience start to finish. Information is unclear or nonexistent. In addition to the design looking a decade old, it isn't responsive either. Words run off the screen in many random places. The actual service flows to connect to doctors (in any of the ways offered) are terribly designed - severely prioritizing a company's myopic desire for maximum data at the expense of understanding the patient's need, sense of urgency, and where this attempt to connect with a doctor fits into their overall health situation. It's like you're interacting with a V1 wireframe that was concepted without any customer-centric thinking or understanding of standard UX practices in 2022. It's a joke this is supposed to be a trustworthy, legit and valuable health entity. Overall I'd say the fact this app is acceptable/publishable from the insurer's perspective is concerning enough that I'd prefer to switch insurers.

More information should be included in the app. The app it doesn't have details on coverage. You can't find out exactly what is it or is not covered, the amount of coinsurance and co-pays etc. You have to instead go to the full website to get that information. I wish the app had everything and I didn't have to visit the full website so frequently. Also, when searching for care through the app it does tell you who is in network but it does not tell you if they require a referral or a prior authorization. Again you have to go to the full website to get that information. I found this out the hard way when I found an acupuncturist through the app, after my appointment and she told me that her service was not covered by my insurance. I thought that was strange because I had found her through the app, but come to find out I need prior authorization to do acupuncture. I think this could be improved.

App coders clearly do not have to use the app. Kudos to the insurance co for making an app to try and figure out what they’re doing. The insurance co is great - this review is about the clunky app. Two examples: Every time I log in, I have to use their MFA. During that process, I check the box to remember this device so I don’t have to it again next time. Every time I log in I have to do it again. I have a red “balloon” on the app icon indicating there are three things which require my attention. When I open the app (MFA yet again) the ballon is over the “…” option. So I click on that, and then there is nothing to indicate which of the numerous options contains something the requires my attention. So, annoyingly, I have click on each and every menu item to see which one it is. Except it’s none of them, because there are no active items there for me and when I have completed this task the red balloon with the three in it is still there. so I go around the app and click on every possible thing I can find, and still, the notification is there.

EDIT: Very handy app that works well most of the time. I have used this app ever since its launch, and on the whole it’s very handy. Having a digital ID on hand and quick access to my HSA details are really appreciated, and while it occasionally has some server hiccups that manifest in blank screens and errors, most of the time it has suited my needs and gotten the job done. The developers are actively improving the app regularly, as well — my original review was pretty scathing, but they reached out to me shortly after and informed me that the technical issues I had faced had been solved, and indeed they have been. If you have Anthem coverage, this is a nice utility to have on your phone.

Super easy to use. I am so impressed using this nutrition tracker. It’s doing a great job recognizing food and keeping a log of my data without tedious typing or hunting through lists. I don’t even have to weigh the foods I eat, it does it for me. It also tells me the percentage of protein, carbs, & other nutrients I eat and is intuitive to use. I am loving it. I would recommend all Anthem insured users take a look, particularly each of my family members on the same plan. Thank you Sydney health for an amazing app.

Not user-friendly. Updating. Still one star. App isn’t functioning properly and help in ineffective. Trying to take a picture of my vaccine card because my first two doses are missing from the record. Which is slightly absurd because they were provided by my employer so I have no clue why there is not a record in the system. However it won’t take a picture and help just sends me to the endless stream of phone tag of who’s responsibility this is not. Everything on this app takes 10 times longer than it did on the old one. So disappointed. And forget tracking your reward points… I can’t even track that she logged on for the day, much less keep up with all of the other ways of earning the points. I wish we had a choice about which app to use, because this one really isn’t cutting it.

Pretty handy. This app is pretty handy and intuitive. One thing that was quite confusing early on however was we downloaded the app as soon as we received our insurance cards in the mail (a few weeks prior to our coverage starting). It showed our insurance card in the app and it seemed normal, however whenever I would search for ANY type of provider it showed there were none in my network. After a considerable effort spent by myself and my coworkers, we discovered that the search worked fine if we did it from the website. Ultimately it turned out that the app would not work prior to our coverage starting. It was quite frustrating and wish either the app would be updated or, at a minimum, the paperwork would’ve told us not to use the app until the first day of coverage.

Worst app ever!!. We tried to use a live health option through this app. We were charged twice, but never got to consult with a health professional. They claim there is a technical issue with their system so they submitted an IT ticket for us. There is no way to get a refund as “Sydney” says it’s an anthem issue and anthem says it’s a Live Health issue but it is clear that none of these three will refund my money. Worst part is that for the past week I get a notification every night at midnight from the app saying I have a message from my doctor. The message always says the same thing: we are having technical issues please try again. I’m sure they’d love to charge me again to tell me the same issue.

It seems nice BUT…. The app seems nice BUT I am having a great deal of difficulty with figuring out how to deposit money into the HSA account. I added my bank account to the app several days ago. I have not been able to figure out how to validate the bank account from within the app. I gave up and verified my bank account by going to the actual website. Unfortunately, that still didn’t help inside the app. The app keeps telling me that I need to add an account however it won’t let me use the same account (because I have already added it). The only thing the cute little seal (Sidney) does is put me back on the same app page. It does not give me any additional information or help and apparently no people are available to chat with except during business hours when I have to work. This is not helpful!!

Absolute scam. I tried doing a virtual visit for an ear infection. Instead of getting any actual treatment I was told that there was nothing that could be done as I did not have an otoscope at home nor did I have the ability to provide photos of the inside of my ear. I paid to have a doctor tell me in under 5 minutes they can't do anything, and there was no indication that I'd need any kind of medical equipment or ridiculous prerequisites during the symptom check. If there is even the slightest indication that you'd need anything of the sort I'd prefer to be told before paying, only to essentially have money stolen from me as there was no service provided. I had to sit in the parking lot of an actual urgent care on the phone with whoever I was passed along to next for over an hour just to get to someone who had an inkling of how to respond. Really pathetic. They take your money and give you the runaround about how to get a refund. I'll dispute the transaction with my bank but these bloodsuckers will keep at it I'm sure.

Remote appointments haven’t worked. I’ve tried to conduct three online video appointments so far and have had three fails. The first time I was attempting to connect to the video visit, tried several times, thankfully the doctor just called me. I was at home with a strong stable connection. Second time the audio would not work on my phone though I had my settings as instructed, on my home Wi-Fi. The doctor called me, again, thankfully. The third time I was trying and trying to join the visit, and it never did connect. No phone call this time. It is very frustrating because a virtual visit does save drive and waiting time, but if only the app would work as it is supposed to that would be great. But my time was wasted and I am still dealing with a health issue that I missed care for today because the application does not work as intended. I can see my test results however, so a star for that.

Sleep and step tracking doesn’t always sync. Overall app is lacking, coming from the Engage app which was much more intuitive and user friendly. Sydney Health app doesn’t always sync with my Apple Health data (steps and Sleep time). It always misses 2 days of a seven day week. Yes, I do log in every day to the app and it will show “no data” for my steps and sleep, even thought my Apple Health data has my steps and sleep time. I always click on the refresh button but that doesn’t change the result, it remains “no data”. Must be bad coding. This issue has been happening since I started using the app months ago. Since this seems to be a syncing issue with the app, maybe let users manually input their daily steps and sleep time since your app doesn’t seem to work/sync consistently with Apple Health.

Telehealth fails 90% of the time. The app doesn’t refresh accurately on iPhone or iPad. I waited one night and With 8 people ahead of me according to the app. Waited and got a text that said return to the app I’m next in line or they’re reviewing my information. And nothing happened. For an hour. So I was also logged out several times “for my security” I tried again. Now there’s 12 ahead of me. Fine. I commit. Then I notice the same thing happening as before. So, I navigate away and come back to the request an appointment page. Which then goes straight to the virtual waiting room and, lo and behold, there’s 4 ahead of me. So I start navigating away and returning back periodically, about every three minutes. This is the ONLY WAY I can make the app refresh. It it doesn’t end there. No. What do you think happened when I was texted to return to app? The same thing. No refresh. I’d try a few times and severely times I had to get back at the end of the line. Until finally, five hours later, I get into a virtual visit. The dr said my information shows up several times. But when they try to connect, “no one ever shows up”. I guarantee you, I was sitting there staring at the screen. I was struggling from Covid and needed someone to help. This app is terrible for that function. Terrible.

HSA Glitches All Day. I loved the Anthem website and used it all the time for Bill Pay with my HSA account. I downloaded this app and now it has taken 3 calls to Customer Service to get this basic task done. I needed to ‘pay myself’ with my HSA to resolve a balance this week with a provider so I can have a procedure done. I went through the normal steps on Friday January 10th. I log in yesterday and it says it was denied although I had more than enough in there. I tried it again, same transaction. Got all the way to the end screen saying “submitted”. Checked back about an hour later (typically when I do this, it takes the funds out of my balance within seconds), funds were all still there. I look in pending transactions and my recent bill pay submission isn’t there. I waited and checked back today- it’s like it never happened. This app allows you to go all the way to the submit screen, submit it, tells you you’re all set, but meanwhile is doing absolutely nothing. I called customer service and they were dumbfounded, telling me “oh if it said you submitted it then you did but I don’t see it here. Can you do it on the phone with me now? It should show up in real time.” I go through all of the steps for a third time, nothing shows up. No pending transaction. I have no HSA card or time to wait for one to be sent so I may have to move my procedure because of this weird glitch where it won’t let me do a basic task.

Definite improvement over the last app. This improved app is MUCH smoother, snappier, and native feeling over the previous app. The colors are nice and the new chat feature is actually kind of awesome. I imagine new learning capabilities and responses will come from that AI in the releases to come. Now I can just type what I want to do in the chat rather than pressing buttons, looking everywhere to find it. Really cool. The development team at anthem has stepped it up BIG time. Great job! I’ll admit I’m looking forward to all of the new features and integrations that will be coming in the future. Again. Great job Anthem.

Always requires one-time password, search filters aren’t consistent or correct. Healthcare is hard enough to navigate when you actually have a doctor- this app certainly doesn’t make things easier in finding one. Even when I’m actively using the app, but switching between other apps, it’ll log me out every 5 minutes or so & never “remembers” my device, always requiring a one-time password when using face recognition to log back in. And my search is reset & I can’t revisit previous searches. Sometimes there isn’t a gender filter or accepting-new-patients filter which are both pretty standard & important. I can rarely narrow down what kind of specialty I want & get almost no valuable information on providers from their profiles, always have to google search in addition. And their pcp filter just plain doesn’t help at all, I’ve had multiple doctors come up only to find they definitely don’t act as pcps when calling their office.

I love this app!. I just showed my colleagues that I can see my insurance card AND COVID-19 Vaccination card right in the app and they were amazed and thrilled and went to download the app for themselves. I order my prescriptions on this app AND it includes coupons for various prescriptions (when available) so I can save money. I have also used the chat feature to talk with a representative quickly rather than wait on the phone. I love that my benefits are clearly listed too. This is such a help for someone like me who seems to lose everything. Thank You Sydney!

Not quite there yet.... Seems buggy! Hope someone reads this. 1) the annoying robot assistant at bottom of screen and feedback tab on the right side takes away precious space needed to see more data on smartphone screen 2) When checking rx mail order claims, you can click USPS tracking number to view status. However, theres no way to return to the rx screen you had been on. You cannot click PHARMACY at bottom, have to go to main screen, then back to rx and apply filters. 3) if you have several claims, sometimes claims load times out and you have to try again. 4) no need to show dob for patient when viewing medical claims. I know who’s insured on my policy and their listed name suffices; show PROCESS date or direct link to launch eob pdf (in safari or preserve session if with app to prevent bullet#2 5) the ID card saved to apple wallet isn’t a replica of the ID card, just abbreviated details 6) I should be able to see an ID card for every insured member under my policy in the wallet

Seems Fine. I saw a lot of 1 star reviews with some serious hate for this app which made me nervous. The old app I was using is gone and a message popped up saying I had to switch to this one, which is the only issue I had at all. Once I downloaded it, things worked at least as good as before and I was able to do all of my normal tasks in the app. It didn’t crash. It was pretty quick. Nothing seemed off. So either the app was fixed or the negative reviews have some grudge. I am a college professor and don’t work for the company and I have zero invested in the app. I just want to make sure an honest review gets posted.

Good app. So far it’s a pretty decent app. It’s nice using the health dashboard and getting little tips on health and fitness. And being rewarded for being active and healthy as well. The reason I gave it 4 starts is because there is a feature where you can speak with a doctor over video chat, but every time I tried using the link to connect to one it would not work. Luckily I was able to see a doctor the next day, but with kids and the longer waiting time it takes to see doctors lately, it would have been very nice to have had access to video chatting with a doctor online. So hopefully in the future that feature of the app with be fixed and able for me to use if needed.

Piece of crap. The app doesn’t let me log in, says the username/password are wrong OR the account is locked. Even though the exact same credentials work on the website & I can log in from there successfully. Spent an hour this morning with the support folks, trying to delete, reinstall the app, reset my password etc. and finally it worked - ONCE. Few minutes later, I try again and it gave the same stupid message that the account is locked/password incorrect. Called phone support again and they say my iPhone maybe suspect. Not true…, I have one of the newer iPhone models. And there is no issue with any other app. Secondly, even when the app worked, it often does not show my prescriptions (“we are unable to show, there is an issue right now. Please use the website”). What’s the point of the app then? Jesus Christ! I’ve deleted the app now and at peace now. Thanks for wasting my time Anthem.

Easiest way to find in-network care. This app is easy to navigate. I haven’t tried calling any offices to confirm they are in fact in-network; when I do, if there are inaccuracies I’ll revisit this review. One helpful category I wish the app listed is the medical center for which each doctor works. For example, my group of doctors are all under Sutter Health; my records, appoints, after-care summaries, medications, etc. are kept in MyHealth app making it easy for me and my different doctors to see and review. It would be a dream if, when looking for a new doctor, this app listed whether they were in-network and Sutter Health providers. I really appreciate this list of care providers in my network, though, especially therapists, which have tedious to find in my experience.

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Crashing. I used to use the app regularly, and while it’s not perfect, I did find it very useful. But now, whenever I try to open it, it crashes. I’ve even tried uninstalling it and reinstalling, and restarting the phone, but when I go to the App Store, it just gives me the option of opening it, even though I cannot find the app anywhere on my phone. HELP!! UPDATE - The new update fixed everything! I only gave it 4 stars because nothing is perfect!!! THANK YOU for listening to the reviews!

Poor experience with virtual care, no chat support. I did a virtual care visit with a physician for a sinus infection. After the visit, I asked if they needed my pharmacy info to which the provided said "oh you need to close this out then enter it, but I already sent it." Then hung up. I tried to find a place to enter my information, and to find record of my visit, and there is no record of each. I used the chat feature to try and get help and was met with very short, snarky responses and zero help. Safe to say I won't be using this for virtual care ever again.

Time out too quickly. This app has always given me problems logging in and staying logged in. When logging in, often it takes so long that the network times out prior to logging a person in. Once logged in, after several attempts, it will only leave you logged in for a few minutes of inactivity. So if you pull up your ID card for your doctor in the waiting room, once they ask you for it, you will discover that you have timed out and need to start over. Please fix these chronic issues. Thanks.

Terrible, Broken App. I don’t understand how a Multi-billion dollar Insurance corp can have such a poorly working app. It’s frustrating and shameful. When I first started using the app several years ago it worked well, but for the past year I have not been able to use it. I’ve tried reinstalling and relogging in, but with no change. I can get into the app, but nothing loads… Support for the app is so difficult to get to. I pay so much for healthcare only to be restricted from using it because of a terrible app. Seems to sum up the state of US health insurance.

Awesome AI nutrition tracker. I’m a bit more health conscious than the average person when it comes to what do and don’t eat, and try to pay close attention to what enters my mouth. The AI nutrition tracking feature makes it really quick and easy to log my meals, and it’s nice to learn more about other healthy options. Kudos to the developers for adding this much needed feature. Can’t wait to see what features you add next!

A joke of an app. If you want to look up your ID card you can, but you can’t save it to your Apple Wallet or to your camera roll. Signing into the app requires internet and SMS but good luck getting that to work when there is no cell signal or WiFi at the doctor. No option to go paperless even though the poor chat bot tells you you can. Contact Us says “Phone and Mail” but there is no mail it address nor email. Not helpful since this company doesn’t work weekends or evenings. Why would anyone want to call their health insurance at those times?

Withholding doctor information. This app refuses to give you any information about your virtual doctor. You are not being given a phone number to reach your doctor, to get a refill on a prescription, or ANYTHING else that might come up. You cannot look up your doctor either because guess what? The app refuses to give you the location of the doctor’s office. And then the customer service is also unable to figure it out. What the heck is this? You limited minded app makers have to provide information about one’s doctor, shouldn’t that be obvious?! Is this even legal to withhold this information? So incredibly frustrating.

Garbage search. The search functionality on this app is complete garbage. After searching for pediatric endocrinology, I received a list of spinal rehabilitation facilities, and clicking on the definition of Advanced Care Midwife gave me a family practice doctor definition—useless. The primarily recommended physicians listed are always the ones with no ratings/reviews, and I to find a provider I knew was in network and close to me, I had to dig through dozens that were 20 miles away. The app says you can search with a specific provider’s name, but all it yields are categories.

To Anthem: Please keep Anthem app until Sydney works in iPads. Opened my Anthem app today and got a message that “Anthem Anywhere is closing down”. To continue accessing your account download Sydney Health. There was even a link to download. BUT, it took me to the Apple App Store where there is no iPad version. So, if I understand what they’re saying, we are discontinuing access to your account via our old app that works on the iPad while at the same time not making it available via the new app. WHAT? Who’s the brainchild behind this plan? I’ve read a couple reviews about this issue but I’ve not yet seen a reply saying if or when an iPad version will be available. Instead of a straight answer it goes something like this, Q Are you going to release an iPad version? A Thanks for your comment. We plan to update app frequently and continue to add new features and robust experience. We appreciate you feedback. THAT’S NOT AN ANSWER TO THE QUESTION! ONE MORE TIME: Are you going to release an iPad version and when?

Can’t paste password. My passwords are unique, 20+ characters mixed upper, lower, number and symbol. I have no idea what they are and I just have them in a password manager from which sensible apps allow me to copy and paste. This app doesn’t allow pasting passwords. What are they trying to accomplish? Am I supposed to have a simple password that I can remember and use everywhere? This seemingly good security feature actually results in people using bad password practices and results in worse security. Devs: FIX THIS BUG!!!

I have had nothing but issues with this app. No matter how hard I cross my fingers, I’m doomed when it comes to the Sydney app. I can go online and log into Anthem, and everything is perfect and I may have been naïve to think this would be just as easy. I have deleted and downloaded this app several times to no avail. IF - and that’s a big one - I’m even allowed to log in, I don’t get more than a few short minutes into it before it crashes. Before anyone asks, I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max with plenty of room!!! This is incredibly frustrating when Anthem now wants us to carry digital versions of our insurance card and store it in Sydney. I have a feeling I may never be friends with “her”.

Slow and Cumbersome. So far all I’ve used this new Sydney app for is the Price a Medication feature and I’m not impressed. Much of the time it doesn’t work, and when it does work it only loads a couple of pharmacies in the results. To add more pharmacies to the list to compare them, you have to search, which takes a very long time to load, and then you can only add a single pharmacy to the comparison list at a time, which requires you to search again before you can add another pharmacy to the comparison list. This is a poorly designed feature that I find completely unhelpful.

Worst app ever. Doesn’t let me price a medication or find a pharmacy. Called tech support and had a 25 minute conversation and he was unable to help. Said he would inform whoever fixes the app and assured me it would be fixed within a few days. It’s been weeks and nothing has changed. I wish someone would actually read all these terrible reviews and fix what’s broken (or at least acknowledge the problems and let us know what they’re doing about them). It’s hard to believe a huge company like Blue cross would have such a useless app.

Terrible functionality. I honestly hate this app. It seems to have an update every time I open it, and every time I do an update I don’t see any improvements. The care finder is awful. Once you select a doctor to view more details you can’t navigate back to the list to choose someone else. You have to start over. The phone numbers should be click to call but instead you have to key them in which requires going in and out of the app. I also just called a dr listed under a speciality to find out that dr isn’t actually that particular type of specialist. Thanks Anthem and developers for a very subpar app.

First Impression bad. Poor app with poor support. Downloaded the app, entered my membership info successfully and then it asked for my vaccination card. The app has an inbuilt camera capability, however, despite many attempts, it “can’t read” my card. So I tried asking the in-app chat and it thought I was asking for my Anthem card, and duly sent me an image of that card! What! Next I tried chatting with a live agent called “Alexander” who was very slow and finally, after maybe half an hour, said he could only help with policy issues and gave me an 800 number to call. The 800 number had a recorded message saying the wait time would be over 30 minutes. So I went back to the App Store entry and touched App Support. Well, that provides only policy support and not app support. Based on this experience, I can’t recommend this app. It’s an unsupported time-waster, not a time-saver.

Terrible Change. The app has many issues. No done or back or share or the like buttons are visible. You click in the spots where they might be and they are there, but again not visible. I click the show EOB link and it takes me to a year summary not an EOB for that claim. That’s as far as I got before I tossed this useless app. Also, why change the name from Anthem to Sydney when my insurance is Anthem. Why don’t car repair shops and restaurants just change the names of car part and food to find exciting names that no relationship to the parts or foods the names represent. Very silly modification.

Cannot use app. I tried to log in this morning and a message popped up that an update was available. My only choice was to install the update or look at the app offline. I installed the update. Now it is stuck in a loop. Every time I try to open the app, it states an update is available. I click to install the update, and then it goes right back to the message that an update is available. I cannot open the app. Honestly, I have had nothing but trouble with this app. Every time I try to use it, I am forced to change my password because it always states that it is incorrect.

Worthless. This app is completely worthless for finding primary care. It will show you endless lists of doctors all at the same hospital who do not accept new patients and instead of clicking ahead a few pages you have to go through them one by one. There is no way to filter out certain hospitals or skip ahead in search results. Very poorly designed user interface. Update: they replied and didn’t try and help instead just asked for my info. How about fix the app based on what people are saying. The developers here aren’t worth a dime.

Good info source, but not the best UI. This is a great tool for my health insurance and having the FSA spending info in there is better than other insurance I’ve had in the past. I can do most of the things I need to do most like search for providers and get quick access to my ID card. Sometimes the app takes a while to load during searches which is the only real drawback for me right now.

App is solid, Needs a back button on different pages. App is very convenient. Just noticed that whenever I am in looking at the spending accounts section and investments section there is no back button to go back to previous page before. It forces you to go all the way back to the homepage and restart your browse.

Okay-ish app. This app is fine, works for me. My only gripe is that it FORCES you to download any new updates before even letting you into the app if you haven't logged into it in a while. NO other apps I know of do this. What if I'm in the hospital with barely any service and have to show my insurance card on the app? But then I CAN'T because the app won't let me get past the pop-up to update?? That is some dangerous stuff. This app is the last app that should be forcing this kind of stuff. I know darn well I can see my card and claims just fine regardless of any new updates needed. Please fix that BS.

Avoid unless you don’t have a choice.. Unless your insurance makes you use Sydney for telehealth, avoid it. If there is any problem with your visit (like a presciption not going through) expect to spend a solid hour on the phone/chat to get it figured out. Additionally, the provider we saw sent in not one, but two medications that weren’t even on the market anymore. When questioned, she told the pharmacy support line that she had spoken with the pharmacy, which was a bald faced lie considering that I had just gotten off the phone with the pharmacy who had been trying to reach someone in pharmacy support for over an hour. Next time, I’ll stick to urgent care.

Bad Customer Experience / not functional. This isn’t a good app. I’m not sure how it can have so many good reviews. Internal customers? I can’t even reset my password. Also, Where it asks for member ID, the iPhone is inserting a strong password suggestion. Then, authentication doesn’t work properly with Touch ID. The info in the app is not sufficient for basics such as looking up doctors or checking benefit and eligibility. What a shame because the phone customer service is absolutely horrid. Calls drop, phone quality is bad, it takes so long to get to the precise person who can help and they ask twenty questions before you can get to what you want. I was on the phone 5 times today just so I could get a very very basic piece of information. The last person kept me on hold for 20 minutes checking on something. Then the line dropped. Before that, The line was bad, and rep promised to call back and never did. Wasted a whole morning. But the worst part of it is I couldn’t get this information from the app even if it were working properly.

This App is the WORST. I am new to Anthem BCBS and very unhappy with everything about it and this App seals it. It has NOT worked properly since day one. It never had the right plan displayed, the proper deductible or out of pocket and would constantly show my care folks out of network when they were in network. Finally, it won’t let me log in. After two representatives (one of whom hung up), deleting and reinstalling the App, and changing passwords I give up. I can only pray our company goes back to my favorite insurance company at some point. This app is absolutely USELESS.

Cannot even login. After Anthem updated their website for two-factor authentication, I cannot even login to the Sydney app. There is an error message popping up that “a threat has been identified” and I need to call their phone number. I can login to the website without any problems, but the Sidney app is utterly useless. I called their phone number and the technic person tried to find out what happening but could not identify the problem. They entered a ticket telling me that I would get an email to resolve this issue. Nothing happened. Under these circumstances, Sydney Health is completely useless. Zero stars.

App Simply isn’t Functional. Currently ripping my throat out trying to get a video appointment with a doctor so I can get a visual diagnosis on my strep throat and get the ball rolling on some antibiotics- though the app simply does not allow me to use this feature. 1) upon selecting Video Visit I am asked to enter a number 2) enter number, get into infinite loop of “something went wrong.” leave app and try again. 3) now on the “Enter Email” prompt. I enter my email and am met with one of 3 errors: to leave the page and discard; to use another email (??); and to try again. 4) farthest I’ve gone is a drop down for my location and “Dependents.” This page never loads. I’m beginning to think this feature simply isn’t implemented. Even the prompts/errors foretell a bit of laziness on the dev’s part in terms of error handling. There’s nothing specific and the grammar is off.

Poor UX. I was required to update the app and after doing so, when utilizing the find care tab, the display is not sized correctly or responsive to portrait/landscape mode. The first q opens up my keyboard yet also seems to show dropdown menus that I cannot read because they are so far left on my screen. I looked in the settings tab to try to submit my screenshots and feedback, but there is nowhere to submit feedback. I used their Sydney chatbot to ask “feedback” and it couldn’t understand. Surprised this viewing size/display got past QA phase. A key feature of this app is now rendered useless due to this UX error.

Spotty at best…. When I use the prescription portion of the app there are annoying pop ups for its home delivery service. I have to close these every time I use the app. It would be fine if they popped up as a ‘here is something new’ but no, every time. I don’t use the home delivery service because the meds come late and the service doesn’t contact my doctor for refills unless I ask them to, so much for auto refills. I end up paying a little more to my local pharmacy for better support as well as supporting local jobs. The price comparison tool would seem helpful but it compares home delivery with a 90 day supply with local pharmacies 30 day supply. Not much of a comparison. About 70% of the time the app will tell me that pharmacy comparison access isn’t currently available. So what’s the point? At the end of the day, unless my insurance covers the prescription 100%, I just use GoodRX. Much cheaper.

horrible. The UX on this app is not intuitive. Imagine you fall sick on a work trip. so sick you can’t get out of bed — yet you have to use this app. I tried in the morning, finally got appt for 3 pm bc of a shortage of clinicians. Then at 3pm— nobody showed. They lost the appt. i go back in the queque. 1.5 hrs later someone appears — they have to call my phone to verify it’s me. They tried, but my phone didn’t ring nor register the call. now i lost my appt again. frustrating anyway but dealing with it while ill is awful. The ppl on the phone are helpful and nice but the app itself is full of stupid hurdles and obstacles and it’s not at all easy to figure out. Still waiting to talk to doc 7 hrs later…

Sydney - User Friendly. Sydney is the most user friendly health carrier application I have ever used. It is easy to navigate through the different departments for whatever you need. I like the buttons at the bottom for quick access and the pharmacy mail order section always has my Rx refills ready and sent to me on Auto Refill. Definitely an A+ rating from me!! 😃

Worst I have used so far. I’ve never had this much of an issue with an app. I haven’t signed in for about a month and now it tell me I’m registered, but will not let me sign in. Had them send me a reset for my password, which was the biggest ordeal I’ve ever had. Once I received the link that ended up being blank. So now, needing to access it, I can’t get in at all, and my account is locked until I am able to call support, which is only on week days no weekends.

Terrible app and terrible support. Technical support closed my ticket with no resolution blaming my insurance benefits eligibility issue and my benefits provider said it’s a technical issue and I need to contact technical support. Can’t get a real person that can do anything to support my issue despite reopening my ticket and chat function has limited menu of availability. Making me do homework for an issue I didn’t cause-inexcusable. Health dashboard is a blank screen and I receive conflicting notification messages to click here to go to health dashboard only to see…you guessed it…a blank screen. Terrible UI that is NOT intuitive.

Hot Garbage. I’m a software developer myself so many of the glaring issues speak volumes. Frequent crashing. Frequently locked out of accessing spending accounts due to vague “can’t be reached errors”. UI errors. Slow load times. Very unintuitive design. Frequently kicked back to the start of the process when hitting the back button and randomly as an error. Pretty terrible experience. I’d give it one star but after thirty or forty minutes of screwing around I guess I can see some data.

Locks out account after one failed attempt. Ok you guys are not CIA or NSA. Why would you lock my account after one failed attempt and direct me to call your help desk? Apple (like always) sends useless “updates”, knocking out saved passwords and credentials, having users scrambling to retrieve the right password that may result in a few failed attempts— and you guys exacerbate the situation with a “single-fail-lockdown” policy. Even US govt websites like Social Security and DHS allows upto three attempts and so do a lot of secure banking apps. Please change this extremely annoying feature. And Apple — please TEST before RELEASE. It’s not ok to kick out saved credentials on the phone!

App is not helpful. This app is only useful for having your ID cards on your phone. It always tells you to call customer service and anthem in general has been a train wreck since I have been with them since last year. They have outsourced their representatives who have no idea what they are doing. I have never had this much of an issue with any insurance. I’m a provider myself and there were issues with my patients insurance and not getting paid or being told they had met their deductible when they had not. They seriously need to get it together or they are going to lose a lot of members.

Chat Times Out. Every time I use this app, I always come across some bug. Today I was in the middle of a chat and the app timed out and took me back to the login screen. Of course did “Seth” call me to finish addressing my problem? Of course not. It is clear they don’t test. Addendum: So I had my doctor’s office call to find out why my RX is showing not shipped because Anthem/InGenioRx says I needed doctor’s approval. My doctor called me back and said they did ship it this morning and there were three refills left so no approval was needed, so the data reflected in the app is bogus and not up to date and their useless chat agents are referencing the same wrong data!!

Telehealth trash system. Used Telehealth system through the application twice, the first time the doctor didn’t send the prescription over to the pharmacy but of course they still charged my account, second time I used it for a separate issue they messaged me saying they couldn’t do anything and said I need to speak to a primary care provider, and of course still charged my account for absolutely nothing, d not under any circumstances use the application for a doctors visit, huge problem when I called to inquire they claim they can’t do anything about

There is not really app for iPad.... There is not really app for iPad and the app for the iPhone doesn’t work at all. I had to change this year my health insurance, so I set my new account before December 31, 2020. All looked good but when I attempt to log in again it said that it was required to wait until January 1, 2021. I wait, I tried again to log in but all the time rejected the data I sent. I had to reset the data and create a new password... it looks like I’m already in the account but it just gives a blank screen with only home tab active, it does nothing and suddenly close the app so I have to repeat the whole process all over again, and again and.... so 1 star just because I know the insurance company and I know they are good!

Useless App!. They tried to make this App into some hybrid virtual format but it can’t find what I need. I typed “medical claims in 2019” and it couldn’t recognize the question. Tried searching through the actual functions and it kept telling me to reference the website...on all most everything! Also no reference of what website to use or even a quick link to it. Logged into Anthems website and it can’t find my claims in 2019 and I had some high dollar ones. I saw other reviews had some high ratings. Unless I am using the wrong App, but this one is awful. Only positive is that it has kind of a cool format...

Please fix!!. I have used this app for a few months now. When I first tried it the app was great and everything worked smoothly (virtual visits, checking claims and everything else) But in the last few weeks or so it has been nothing but problems. It constantly crashes. I can never use the virtual visit function because it always says “sorry, looks like something went wrong!!”. I previously had used the virtual visit 6-7 times with no issues and now it never works. App could really use some fixes and updates asap…

Terrible on Phone. I got this app for my college-aged daughter so that she could find care in her college town. But, whenever I or she visits the “find care” spyglass at the bottom of the page, it brings up a screen that is clearly meant for a web browser, not this app. Worse, the screen doesn’t scale to fit the screen of an iPhone 8 or 11, so you cannot read the choices you are selecting. It is useless for finding care. It does a decent job viewing claims, viewing your insurance card, etc. (although my phone won’t fit into the card scanner at my physician’s office, so I still need the physical card), but until the find care option is fixed, the app doesn’t work.

Full of Problems. I love the idea of the apps convenience, but I always seem to face a problem. Sometimes the app does not load, other times I am kicked out of a conversation with my doctor. I try to go back to the conversation and it’s as if it doesn’t exist. It truly is frustrating. All I want to do is talk to my doctor and get a prescription. The live agents are not helpful either. I had a problem with my card and they had no idea what they were talking about. I had to figure it out myself.

TouchID currently disabled Scan could not be done!. This app is not only unreliable but it’s also very dangerous. I was rushed to a local emergency department in need of urgent imaging. I no longer carry paper cards with me. When the nurse asked for my insurance information I tried to login using TouchID and received a box “TouchID is currently disabled. Please login with your user name and password.” Using a complex password I could not remember the user name or password. I offered to provide the information at a later time and was turned away. I will not go into further details of what happened due to HIPAA regulations but don’t trust this app with your life.

Fantastic app. But badges are confusing. This is a fantastic app and very easy to use. The only feedback I have is that the badges in the health dashboard are confusing there are only six action plans, but for the badges you can earn by completing up to 24 action plans. Seems like the wrong word was used, like it should say steps or something

So much better!!!. Really great job! This is WAY better than the old Empire BCBS app! Consolidating the BCBSs under one app is a great move - easier for patients, and it's easier and more efficient for you to provide a unified user experience! It's snappy, visually appealing, easy to use and to navigate. Sydney is still a little limited in dialog options - she doesn't recognize/ know how to respond to things like "thanks" yet, but I'm sure she'll get there eventually 😉

Missing one key item. The app has really great functionality. One thing that’s completely missing however is the ability to add our insurance ID cards to Apple Wallet. I appreciate that we can add our vaccination records to it (even if it has a “turn over to see more info” but there’s no way to turn it over) but would be great if that same card could have our insurance info as well

Two issues. 1. Wanted to text with a doctor. Put in my info, paid for the visit and I wait and I wait and I wait. When I go to frequently asked questions, I see doctors are available 11 am to 11 pm ET. I logged the visit at 9:20 am. It would be nice instead of saying the doctor will be with you shortly to let my know the hours BEFORE I pay! 2. Wanted to provide feedback via the app but when I select the topic/department for my topic, the select button isn’t on that screen and I can’t scroll down to click it.

Could be better. I like the concept of this app and what it offers. However, scrolling through to get where you need to be is a tiresome and tedious process. Then when you get to, for example, manually logging say the hours slept, you can’t just go to logging you fitness activity but you are sent all the way back to the Home Screen to scroll from fresh again. This could be so much improved with the right technology

Non functional. I can tell you right from the start that your iPhone app is TERRIBLE! It won’t let me paste, type, or use my device’s saved password to log in. The password field doesn’t respond at all. And during setup you can’t see what the security questions are on the second choice PLUS if the person’s name you chose is only 3 letters long it won’t allow you to use it as your security answer. SERIOUSLY! Am I supposed to trust you with my info????? Oh, and when signing up trying to allow the device to suggest a strong password and then confirm that password in the second field it just gives you two completely different passwords no matter what. I’m going to have a stress attack just signing up. And on top of it I can’t even sign in and use this account because the password field is UNRESPONSIVE. I’m doubting this is a legitimate app.

Worst customer service. I tried to use the telehealth with Sydney Health and it is a joke! I was charged for a visit I never had and no one will refund my credit card. I can’t get anyone competent on the phone or to respond to email. Calls drop and no one calls you back! I have been trying for over a week, spending hours on this issue. Also, spent more time trying to get a school excuse for my child’s diagnosis. Apparently, Sydney Health runs telechats and LiveHealth runs teleconference and KHealth also refund live video conference and none of them are responsible for my refund or the school excuse. Don’t waste your time here!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 6.7.1
Play Store com.anthem.sydneyhealth
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Sydney Health (Versiyon 6.7.1) Install & Download

The applications Sydney Health was published in the category Medical on 2019-08-30 and was developed by Elevance Health, Inc [Developer ID: 589441256]. This program file size is 252.05 MB. This app has been rated by 174,236 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Sydney Health - Medical app posted on 2023-05-25 current version is 6.7.1 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.anthem.sydneyhealth. Languages supported by the app:

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Sydney Health App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Along with our general bug fixes and improvements, we have updated several features within the application to help with ease of use. Don’t forget to rate us! Your feedback helps us make it better. If you have questions about the app, please email

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