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Comprehensive preparation, study and test tool for the General, Airframe, and Powerplant FAA Knowledge Exams. More than 1,000 questions, answers and explanations included for you to study with a true-to-form practice test.

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The applications Prepware Aviation Maintenance was published in the category Education on 2009-11-24 and was developed by ASA. The file size is 15.28 MB. The current version is 1.46 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

The questions, answers, and explanations have been updated to reflect the most current information available to prepare for your FAA Knowledge Exam.

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Current student MIAT college of technology  Bricamp810  4 star

This app is very helpful and has really helped me prepare for my exams. My only suggestion is to be able to select which categories you can test. Right now if you want to test, it's the entire section. I have 5 categories down, and it would be nice to test out just them, and add more as I get them down. Otherwise it's a 5 star


You should separate nonmetallic and metallic sections  Firetruckman1  4 star

Some a&up school teach these two section separately, it will be nice if they are separated.


Missing information  DDFW93  4 star

Needs a section on Human factors.


Mac Book  Andre2kool  3 star

I wish this app could be downloaded on my macbook pro. other than just iphone and iPad


Great Tool  Kaz412  5 star

If you are studying for your A&P and you are not taking advantage of ASA Prepware I feel bad for you come test time!


Well worth it  Bh8640  5 star

Helped me pass all three tests. Used this along with the books but used this 90% of the time. Definitely worth the purchase. All questions are from the ASA books word for word. Lowest score on my written tests was an 86. Just buy it. You'll be happy with the app and your results.


Very useful app!  Damz227  5 star

It's a great app but you have to add a feature where you can go through the test and mark questions so it will only show those questions

Laughing at personals

Great app!  Laughing at personals  5 star

I just passed my general and power plant written tests thanks in large part to this app! Well worth the money. The only thing I'd like to see added is that I wish it had oral questions from the Asa study guide.


Good but could be better  Butthashjones  3 star

Could really use a color adjustment or some other way to indicate right and wrong answers, as the current colors are impossible to distinguish for my colorblind eyes.


Saved tests  RMJMYH  5 star

Where do they go? Lol


Supercharging  Dsmit234  3 star

Would be good if it had supercharging


Great app for reviewing  Titan4285  3 star

Please fix the app ASAP!! Lots of missing words, lots of students use this app and we can't review without the proper questions!!!


Needs fixing!!  Manguler  1 star

Cannot read all of the answer sometimes. Even when I turn the phone sideways. Please fix this I am studying for the faa tests!!!!!!


Should've never updated  Hello-there!  1 star

This app was good until they updated it now I can't see the freaking answers or questions


Do not update until fixed  Josepe09  1 star

Fix the app. Some questions aren't displayed fully and it prevents effective studying. Fix ASAP.

Larry Kester

Testing for amt writtens in two weeks 😱  Larry Kester  1 star

Loved the app until the most recent update, questions and answers are cut off! Was really relying on this app to help me with studying on the go and when not at home, rotating phone to landscape sometimes helps but it is all still messed up! Please fix asap


Update  Bdbobc  1 star

This app is now useless

King man of Africa

Bad after the update  King man of Africa  1 star

Why the question and answer are cut off sometime 😣


Great study tool  Adach1  4 star

This app is a great study tool, but the questions and answers need to be reviewed. Many are either incomplete or not a question at all. Other than that it is useful. I hope a new update fixes the issue soon.


needs fixing!  scmany  1 star

You often can't view the whole question, even after rotating your screen.


New update stinks  Mooseknucle  3 star

Cuts off answers, needs fixing immediately. Other than that very useful app

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