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What is geocaching® app? Join the world’s largest treasure-hunting community with the official app for geocaching. Whether you are off to find your first geocache or your ten-thousandth, this app is your ultimate geocaching toolbox.

There are millions of clever containers called geocaches hidden in almost every country on Earth, just waiting to be found—there are probably even some near you right now.

Just getting started? This app walks you through the adventure of finding your first few geocaches. There are tips, hints, and instructions for geocaching as well as using the app.

Core Features:
● See details with description, recent activity, attributes, and hints for each geocache
● Navigate to the cache using map, compass, or driving directions
● Live Search continuously updates nearby geocaches as you move
● Find all easy Traditional geocaches and geocaching events
● Message other players for tips, hints, and more
● Learn about trackables: geocaching game pieces that travel from geocache to geocache
● Adjust your navigation and distance settings to your personal preference
● Access to GeoTour caches of all cache types and D/T ratings

Search and Sorting:
● Search for GC codes, locations, landmarks, and neighborhoods
● Search for GeoTours by GT code or see a directory of all GeoTours worldwide
● Sort by distance

● Search for trackables
● Log trackables - grab, retrieve, drop, dip, or discover
● View your trackable inventory

● Log a geocache now or save as a draft for later
● Add photos to share your adventure
● Improve cache quality by reporting geocaches that need maintenance

Map Options:
● Street
● Satellite
● Hybrid

Unlock even more adventure with Geocaching Premium:
● Find any geocache in the world, including Premium Member Only caches
● Filter geocaches by size, type, difficulty, terrain, and found/owned
● Sort lists of geocaches by distance, Favorite points, or geocache name
● Geocache anywhere, anytime with offline maps
● Take the road less traveled with Trails map
● Plan, add, or edit your next adventure with Lists
● Award Favorite points to geocaches you enjoy most
● Auto-sync Lists and Pocket Queries created on the Geocaching website
● Gain access to all Premium features on the Geocaching website

We are committed to building the best tools for geocachers to create, share, and play this game. By joining and maintaining your Premium membership, you are helping to shape the future of Geocaching. In addition to your support of the game, Premium members also get access to more features, more geocaches, and more adventure.

You can buy a Premium membership subscription through your iTunes account. Premium membership is available with a monthly or annual subscription. You can subscribe and pay through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.

Terms of use:

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Geocaching® Version 9.7.020 July 2022

Celebrate your milestones and special geocaching days with confetti! Premium members can turn on the Experimental feature 'Friends' to get an exclusive first look as new elements are added..

Geocaching® Version 9.2.005 May 2022

Improved VoiceOver accessibility for cache details summary, the navigate button, and line items that are clickable..

Geocaching® Version 8.69.028 February 2022

Ongoing maintenance. The latest app update includes small visual changes and bug fixes for a more consistent experience..

Geocaching® Comments & Reviews 2022

- The app Does what it says it will do

While I agree with Doris45, that operating the app under a basic membership has its limitations, the app still does what it says it will do. The features available with a premium membership are because those people pay for the service. Groundspeak / Geocaching is no different than any other service that has a free basic and a paying premium membership system. The bottom line is it does what it says it will do. That being said, I am giving it 4 stars (I would give it 4.5 or even 4.75 if I could, just not a full 5) because I still find little glitches and some limitations that annoy me (i.e. only being able to see /load caches if zoomed in under a certain level / limit on number of caches visible at one time). Where I am, caches are spread out and I would rather see a wide view rather than needing to scroll over and then load a new area. But given the option of the app on a phone or a GPS that I have to upload and its other limitations, I choose the app on a smart phone any day (where I still have cell service).

- Fun activity; questionable ethics

I started geocaching almost 10 years ago - hubby and I loved all aspects of it enough to fork over the $10 for the full app (pricey back then). But, then, the app stopped working because groundspeak required more money from users. This seemed unfair, as half of the community were happily volunteering time and supplies to create the caches in the first place. Then, the subscription model of $5/month! To access data that is uploaded by others on caches that are maintained by others! And, that the majority of users only access a few times per year, and usually as a fun and leisurely activity with kids or friends! I spend less than half that for hardcore business and productivity apps that I use DAILY, like several times a day! Sadly, I left geocaching for several years because I was so turned off by this. I just came back as several people have asked me about it and I find that there still have been no major developments to justify this cost. Just basic design tweaks here and there. This is so disappointing, as geocaching is a fantastic activity that once brought people from all over the world together and relied on the volunteer efforts of placers and maintainers. It still has those aspects but is definitely tainted by greed somewhere in the mix. 😢

- Suggestions

This app is amazing and did use it all the time! But there are a few things I think you should look into. Firstly, there is no way to edit a geocache desciption or add images one it has been created. This is a problem for me because there are certain things I hadn't mapped out about my cache that I really needed to add, and no matter what I did, nothing. Second, the fact that I have to may a 𝑚𝑜𝑛𝑡ℎ𝑙𝑦 fee is terrible. I wouldn't make my consumers pay 𝑎𝑛𝑦𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑔 to get access to all the geocaches on a 𝑔𝑒𝑜𝑐𝑎𝑐ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑔 app, no less, but if you're gonna make a payment, at least make it a one-time thing. This way more people will want to get the membership- because it's simpler, but also you will get more money this way. Everything is just less complex. The last thing isn't so bad, although sometimes it is a problem for me, not being able to "tag" someone else who helped you with the geocache. I think you should be able to link them as well. So to recap, editing a cache, the subscription payment, and others. Please fix these and this could be a 5-star rating. But other than that, this app is great!

- Fun while traveling

I’ve been geocaching for about 7years and not only do it at home but I really like doing it while on our family vacations. We travel to some pretty great places China, Belize, Thailand, Cambodia, Alaska,Panama, etc. and today we are in Rarotonga in The Cook Islands. If it wasn't for geocaching some of the most amazing places on our journeys we would hv never otherwise seen. We’ve gotten 2 here so far and expect to do more together here as this dysfunctional family needs bonding times desperately! My point is driven home by the cache we will go get later today... we need to rget on SUP boards and paddle to this uninhabitable island about a half mile away where there is yet another cache and island I would have otherwise never stepped foot on!! Geocaching is the answer... ENJOY!!

- Seems to work well, would like to be able edit comments

We like the app and decided to spring for the premium service. I’ve read complaints about that, but if you want a good app someone has to be putting time and/or money into it, so they have to pay for it somehow. It would be nice if they were all volunteers, but if you compare the price to some other entertainment options (a meal out, a movie or concessions at the movie, etc.) it’s not too bad. My main frustration with the app is that there is no way to edit a posting after you log a cache. Either because of a typo, or I realize I was not clear about something, or thought of something after the fact, I have many times wanted to go back and modify a post. Even if I could add a “Post script” so that the original post could not be modified, that would be fine. I just reread a post from two months ago and realized I was not clear with pronouns and probably raised concerns for the cache owner, and might confuse future people looking for the cache.

- I’ll stick with the website, thank you

I first optimistically downloaded this app around a year ago. Finally! A quick, easy way to geocache without having to first figure out my route, add geocaches to my Garmin eTrek GPS by hand, and gather up a backpack full of supplies and a group of people for a long geocaching hike! However, I missed the part of the description where basic members (like me) could only see those few geocaches with a difficulty of 1.5 stars or less. I was severely disappointed. Not only was I unable to see any of the geocaches in my area, I couldn’t even see the caches I had placed! It took about 5 minutes for me to decide to return to the website permanently. I give this app 2 stars because it at least has some potential as a new, easy version of the geocaching I know and love, but in its current state, it is virtually unusable for those unwilling to pay a Premium subscription. No matter how many features you add, how simple and intuitive you make the geocaching process, and how detailed you make the maps, this is a geocaching app, and a geocaching app without the geocaches is pointless.

- Some features only available on website

Went ahead and got premium because my fiancé and I were enjoying caching and I like the mental challenge of the multi caches and the gadget caches. My one complaint is that I can’t award favorite points in the app. There’s an icon and it looks like you should be able to tap the heart but you can’t. I had to go to the website to award favorite points which was kind of a drag. I think it would be helpful if when a trackable is in a cache it would pop up as an option to log when you Mark the “found it” option. That way I wouldn’t have to search for it when someone else took the time to make sure it was marked as in that cache. Otherwise, pretty good app. Some things could be organized a little better, and I agree about the being zoomed in to load the caches—kinda annoying. Especially if looking for a particular trait. Please consider more challenges and things to check off as accomplishments. I’d love to see an interactive counties map where I try to find one in each county or state. Also, I’d like a search feature for newly published caches that DONT have a FTF (first to find) yet. Consider a Jargon terms section for muggles who just recently started caching! I scratched my head at the TFTF, TFTC, FTF, and especially P&G.

- Love the sport. The app... not so much

Let’s be honest, the only thing the app developers have to do is make a functional, intuitive app that stores and interacts with users’ data. Since the the app authors don’t regularly create any content, there’s no justification for recurring charges that a one-time charge wouldn’t cover. While the interface works well enough, the app is a serious battery killer. This alone makes the experience a bit miserable. I can go from 100% charge to absolutely drained in about an hour. This absolutely MUST be fixed before I’d even consider paying anything further. $6/mo or $30/yr just isn’t reasonable for an app that’s used only now and then. That kind of pricing demands a considerable amount more content and functionality than what we’re getting. But geocaching doesn’t need anything more than what we already had so there’s no need for such a relatively high subscription price. Please go back to a one-time fee or you’re going to lose a good percentage of the community.

- Pretty happy with it.

I'm pretty happy with the app. My primary lament from the previous version is the loss of being able to post directly to Facebook when I log a cache. I love the integration with the website, especially sharing lists. I can set up lists from the app and then load them directly to my Garmin from the website on my PC. My wife loves being able to flip directly into Waze for navigation to a cache. I'm not one of those people who believe everything in life should magically be free. I can see where my $30 per year goes in app and website development, website and database management and hosting, event planning and execution (such as "Where in the World is Signal" and "Lost Treasure of Mary Hyde")... We do most of our caching from the app on my iPad and actually find both the GPS locations and the satellite views to be very accurate.

- Trackables and Souvenirs

The app isn't as bad as I first thought it was. It does now offer driving directions that link to navigation which is pretty decent. However the biggest thing for me is that I enjoyed viewing my souvenirs and on the last app you could pull them up read about them and view the artwork, with this app you can't. Also with the last app you could track your trackables on the map and see where they have gone and which caches they have been placed in, once again that bothers me. Makes it difficult when I am out Caching and want to place a TB in a cache I have to pull up the website and figure it out from there, if they fix these two would be a 5 star app.

- Basic user, app is pointless

I’m like many others before, a non-premium user who finds little use in the app, currently. I paid for the app many years ago and was annoyed when they phased it out for this current one. But like the time before there was an app, I will happily find geocaches without it as well. I’ve posted in other places that I would probably do an in-app purchase to unlock all non-premium caches, but I’m NOT interested in paying $30 a year for a membership I would use maybe 10-15 times. I geocache when I’m on vacation and in new areas, otherwise, not something I do. So for their to only be one paid option seems like a huge miss by groundspeak. But I think groundspeak must find joy in their ability to ruin their own game. Time and time again they’ve done things that just leave their users scratching their heads, this app being one of them. Oh well, $30 I can spend elsewhere.

- If only I could give no stars...

I used to have the geocache classic app on my phone. That’s how I started geocaching and got pretty into it. It was fun and easy and got me to exercise outside. I haven’t had much of a chance to use spare time and walk around so I decided to start back up. First thing I found was that my old app didn’t work and I never got so much as an email telling me geocache was switching to a new system. So I downloaded the new app cause I was excited to start doing it again. Now I can’t access any geocaches hardly at all. Not even ones I’ve found in the past. There’s no way I would pay for a basic gps system to find things. Instead of getting people outside and making them want to geocache. You people are making it impossible. I’m a college student I barely have time to get outside. Much less the money to pay for a basic app that doesn’t really do anything. Unless the subscription part goes away, consider me not a returning customer

- Expensive - not long term friendly

I am very disappointed with the structure of this app … I bought the old one … the purpose of a one time buy is so I don’t have to subscribe … then the old app is discontinued, and prompts me to download this one, come to find out I can’t even see the geocaches that I already paid to see in the old app? That’s rotten… They should have ported over their old database for those that bought the other app. I only use it once every 6 months anyway … and today when I wanted to use it I found out that it’s been 12 months since I used it last. … That being said, they did a good job with the user interface of this app; but I’m still frustrated that they are ripping off so many people with something that is free for just using the browser with, the only difference being you need to copy the coordinates to put into a separate app to get where you want to go.

- Not as good as the old app

I stopped geocaching for about a year, simply because I hated the new version of the app. The screens are difficult to navigate back and forth through, the satellite map is awful (please bring back Google maps), and I can't see the artwork on my souvenirs. One thing that would be helpful is if you could make the coordinates of a cache clickable that would allow you to open the coordinates in Google Maps and obtain driving directions. Sometimes caches are far apart, especially in rural areas, so driving from one to another is necessary. I don't like how I have to look at the app's map navigation while I'm driving to a cache location. If not clickable directly into Maps, at lease allow the user to copy and paste the coordinates. And the fact that you are forcing users to pay for premium membership in order to view even basic difficulty caches is just awful.

- Bye bye Groundspeak!

While this app has an updated UI, I was saddened to see that they’ve now restricted all but the most entry level caches to those who pay for premium membership. We were quite active in the early days of geocaching, forming our own club and putting out a ton of local caches for people to find. We paid a pretty penny for all kinds of gear from Groundspeak. Then when they put out an iPhone app, we paid the $10 to support that too, to have something on hand to cache with newbies. Haven’t gone out in awhile, but took my brothers family out only to feel like we just got ripped off again by a money-grubbing company that we have put so much into. No thanks! We’ll go where the original spirit still lives on - we’ll try a few we’ve seen reviewed (Cachly seems like it has good reviews), just tired of being taken by the same people and are going to put a stop to it.

- Geocaching begins

2016: I am very new to all of this. Did my first cache with a friend Monday night and immediately loved it. Got the free app that night and went out on my own hunt Tuesday and very quickly paid the $30 for a years membership once I saw how many there were to find. Been caching every day (3days now) and have had no problem with the app. Can't wait to find some trackables and some more swag. Will update once I've been using for a while. Update: 2019 I have renewed my subscription every year because this is just so much fun. I don’t get to do as many anymore but it’s still worth it for me to have my subscription active when I am in a new place and want to find a quick (or not so quick) cache.

- Looks Like I Will Be Using The Website Like Old Times

I think it is outrageous that anything above a two star or something mildly different from a standard cache is locked behind the premium subscription. I fell out of Geocaching about the time Groundspeak made this call. I already paid into the $10 app way back when. I don’t have the funds nor do I want to be paying for subscriptions. I can go back to using the website and pulling up GPS calls on my phone. And as far as I can tell, I have no idea how to log or submit travel bugs on the app any more. Maybe that’s locked behind a subscription too... Love Geocaching, hate what they have done with it. TFTC... just not the app.

- Version “upgrade” last fall is terrible

We’ve been geocaching for several years and love it. The app has worked well over that time...until the “improvement “ last fall. It is now extremely difficult to navigate to the cache. For one thing it’s not possible to zoom in very far; the image just pops back out again. But even worse, the compass almost never points towards the cache! (This is not a problem with our compasses as they work perfectly in other applications.) The older version with the direction along the bottom with the mark showing the direction of travel actually got you going in the right direction. The compass now points in seemingly random directions. Now because we can’t depend on our compass, we have to use the number of feet away and maintain the direction where the number falls. We also have never had to depend on the hint as much as we do now. All this is extremely frustrating.

- Little Frustrations

I have been using this app for years (back in the day it would show a graphic of a dragon eating the satellites when it couldn’t get location data!) Overall the app is good but at times prone to frustrating bugs. Currently I have a list of 160 caches across the world, the app used to map it but now it just crashes whenever I try the map option for this list... that’s been happening for a month or two and I’ve finally decided to break the list up into smaller lists... I shouldn’t have to take steps like that to work around an app bug. Lists have been a problem in general for most of this year, the app will freeze when downloading and some lists never manage to download at all. I will continue to use the app because I haven’t found anything better.

- Compass problems

I got used to using the new app ever since it came out. I was very satisfied with it until this past February (2019). The compass kind of works. It will point to the correct heading, but it doesn’t align with true north. If, for instance, the cache is directly north, the arrow will point to the “N” on the compass, but the entire compass might be showing that north is actually to the south or some other direction. Very annoying. It’s still possible to find the cache if you know which way north is. You can also watch the distance get smaller and smaller. This isn’t the best way to get the job done. I’m hoping this compass problem can be fixed.

- All in all great app, I love geocaching, just a few opinions on the app

I used to go geocaching all the time with my family and just recently got back into it. I’ve found 10 caches over the past week or so. The only thing is that premium locks a lot of geocaches and I feel like it should only lock quality of life features like the lists (which it already does). Because I want to find more difficult caches and different types of caches but those are all locked and it’s kind of frustrating. The only thing I’m saying is it shouldn’t lock as many caches. Maybe just open it up a little like you can find all the difficulty types just not all the different kinds.

- Hope they can fix glaring issues

The reason I use this app is for messaging as no other app is allowed to do it, unfortunately. Even reading messages has bugs. Want to scroll? To bad! For some reason they decided to program to jump to the last message, so if you have someone that typed a couple messages and they are longer than the screen, you cannot read them. Have to use computer. Also, a huge annoying bug is that url links that I want to open in a browser get diverted to the app, but the app never opens the cache page. So all url links die. Would uninstall so I could open urls, but then I cannot reply to messages. Please fix the app or let 3rd party developers integrate with messaging. Also give us the option to choose if the app handles url links. I actually would rather it didn’t.

- It’s not white there yet

This app has a lot of potential, but here are my main issues with it: - A friends list you can edit and modify in the app; if this is such a great way to meet people, why do we have to go to a non-mobile-friendly website to try and add someone? - Lists weren’t working from the app, until I added one on the website. Weird. - we should be able to see our finds in the app - sharing lists between friends - again, if this is such a great way to meet people why is this not there? - slow to update when premium status is purchased - this should be instantaneous - should be a flashlight on/off button easily within the app - tag friends in a cache you find, similar to tagging people on Facebook - cover photo has to be set from website but not the app...?? - the app should be able to do everything the website can do. I’m a new cacher and finding it unnecessarily complicated to go back and forth between a non-mobile-optimized website to an app lacking in functionality. Update the app with many or all of the features I’d asked for and I’ll give it 5 stars!

- Not as horrible as others say, continues to improve.

As the title states, this app isn't the worst thing that's ever happened to geocaching. In fact, I'll go as far as to say that the free app USED to be the worst thing that ever happened to geocaching. There was an influx of people who had zero investment in the game, who did more damage than the dreaded "muggles," having zero concern for returning things as found or for not getting muggled themselves. So this app now basically requires paid membership, which is probably a good thing. The app continues to improve and add more features, and I believe this will all end as a win-win for those of us that love the game!

- Not Bad. There was a bug in the late few months of 2020

I have this and it is really nice. Late 2020 the app would not open and I had to use the website the whole time but it for some reason would open on my iPad. I’m kind of bored of the green logo and would LOVE to have a logo of the app on the home screen with it being the four colors that are on the geocaching pins. This app has things more sorted out and filtered but I can’t filter by hider, and filter by caches only found by _______. I like to log Travel Bugs in my possession as visited but I can only do that on the website. I have to do it separate or just log the caches on the website all the time to do this.

- Love the sport, and this app is great!

Best app ever! I really don’t mind paying for memberships... we go geocaching with this app whenever we can. We have found over 600 geocaches, which is so many hours of outdoor adventures! It takes us to great places for walks, and bike rides (even near our home) that we never knew were there! We have also hidden over 50 (using the website to submit for review). I much prefer this app over my gps. We used to have the old app, but this one is much better and I can see why they switched. If you are new to geocaching, buying the premium membership is well worth it!

- Geocaching

So I do agree with previous reviews about how being a basic member you do have your limitations, so that would bring me down to 4.5 stars, but obviously there’s no way for me to do that on a iPhone, so yeah. But I’ve found as the app updates (which is about once every month) it gets better and better. Like, I’m writing this review while the app is updating. Locating things are getting easier, and just scrolling through the places you could find some is fun. All in all, the basic member stuff is fun and still functional.

- Good App. I like it.

I like the new app. It’s had great updates including auto-routing for your car, which is awesome. The app Works great. Found ten caches easily today with it. I'd like to see all caches while searching for one but that's about my only complaint at this point. It's disappointing to see people complain about paying instead of rating the app. The website is not free to maintain and create. Go tour groundspeak headquarters they pay commercial rent and employees. Not cheap. Support the game you love. 35 a year is nothing. Think of how much you pay for cable tv and that doesn't even get you outside.

- Disgusted by the cost.

Geocaching is a fun activity. I’ve been doing it off and on since 2001 back when their server was a P90 and you had to log on a 5am if you wanted to use the website without crashing. Back then, their mission statement included a section about how they wanted it to be free for all people to explore the world and discover new places. You needed to buy a GPS, but that was it. Volunteers manage the cashes, and they managed the database. It was obviously a labor of love and nerds the world over rejoiced. They operated just fine on donations and ads. Since then I’ve watched them chip away at that original mission to the disgusting perversion it is today. As it stands now it’s $30 a year. Real business software isn’t that much. The MS excel portion of the yearly 365 subscription isn’t that much. All groundspeak does is list what volunteers maintain. They use maps other people generated. The app itself isn’t an amazing feat of coding. This app is useless without the subscription. Geocaching is fun and introduces you to new places, but not that fun. Especially now that there is no new content due to the cost. Now it’s just a bunch of soggy boxes in the woods that haven’t been found in 6 months.

- App keeps improving...

First I am a premium member and I have to chuckle at the people who think that $30 per year for a hobby is too expensive! Just think about what we spend on those coffee joints, doughnut joints, etc. etc. I used the old app and the new one concurrently until the old one was phased out. The first iteration of the do you app wasn't that user-friendly. But the "new" app has improved greatly and hopefully will still continue to improve. I love the driving directions as I travel for work and sometimes go across an unfamiliar town to find a cache!

- Room for improvement...

This App is SLOWLY improving! I've been Geocaching for almost 10 years now and I'm very glad to see the capability migrate to a smart phone (maintaining a GPS device can be costly when not used regularly enough and the uploading of caches was a laborious process). I originally gave the App just one star because the launch was terribly cumbersome. Now it's much better to use. I like the "live" aspect of the cache data; ie the information is as up-to-date as the website so archived caches do not appear (something which was frustrating when you uploaded a list to your GPS once a month or so!). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a way in the App for me to log my trackables when I log a cache. A simple "visit all" like you have in the website is all I ask. Currently within the App you have to go to each trackable for every cache. Tedious. OR, from the cache page I select "open in browser" and write my "Found" logs from there so I can do "visit all" with my trackables. Come on. Trackables are a big part of geocaching. Please make it easier to log their journey.

- I deleted the app

I paid $10 for the app a few years ago, it was great to go out with my phone instead of downloading from the computer to the GPS, and planning a whole trip. I could just go out for the day find 2 or 3 I’m not a “hardcore” cacher, and maybe that’s what the business model is trying to do is weed out the weekend cacher... but it just seems greedy, they were already making good money with the premium subscriptions, then they decided to charge the weekend cacher? I had to delete the app because I knew I’d never use it again!

- Cancellation problems

I had subscribed for a few months and wanted to unsubscribe when my son lost interest (no reason to pay $6 a month for an app we no longer use.) Tried to unsubscribe but it said I had to personally contact the company through email, so I did. The employee said he would take me off the subscription, which I assumed he did, but stupid me didn’t think to double check my statement. So I ended up paying for an extra 3 months without knowing it. I finally did find out how to unsubscribe myself (not sure why they say you can’t.. even though the option isn’t available on the app itself you can still do it through your device.) All in all the app was alright.. I just wish customer service would be honest, now I’m out $20 because of it.

- What happened to navigation??

I’m a premium member, but haven’t been able to get out for several months. Used the app on my iPhone this morning, and found that the navigation had changed. In the past, I could hold my iPhone level and point it toward the cache, and the display would automatically show the cache at the “north” position on my screen. Today, that would not work. If I centered on myself, the cache was offscreen to the right, even though it was located due west of my position. Why has navigation changed? I hate the way it “works” now. 😫

- GeoCash

I kind of wish that you didn’t have to pay monthly to edit and so if I wanted to edit where I would have maybe put it than it would be a lot easier and I wouldn’t have to pay my money. (I feel that it’s too much money anyway) maybe it would have gotten a 5 star rating if there was more recent photos too beaus a lot of things have changed and it’s hard to understand the map that we are walking for. I also think that it is really fun to look for them and find hints and added on to my kids actually get out now during summer so it’s a great app but I give it 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Works well, could use some changes

The app continues to advance and change which is nice, but I do miss the old app that is not supported anymore. Maybe because I was so use using it. Overall the app works well and does what it should, but there are things I would like to see. Biggest right now, I would like the app to work with Apple Watch. Would like an easy place to see all photos without going through comments. I don’t know if it’s the phone or the app, but lately the GPS writhing the app has been off, but when using my separate GPS app, it works just fine. Not sure why it would matter.

- Fun

App lacks so much, you are losing long time users *and* those they would have hooked if app was better. Short: losing users exponentially! For some its not plausible to get a gpsr until they love the game through the app first. Somehow gamify unlocking higher d/t (and the types please?) by finding a certain amount of geocaches etc.? My workaround for when I'm in the field and I can't see a cache on the app, I just open my browser to the geocaching website. I don't use functions of the app when I'm caching! Please give me more functions on the app so I want to use it. Plus I am able to see more types than traditionals, like letterbox, and virtual. Virtuals and earthcaches don't have containers to be ruined, they're types to learn from. What's the reason for not displaying them on the app again? Summer 2017 update: Summer souvenir challenge was so fun when all d/t ratings were unlocked! Closer to where I would like to see this app!

- Fun and Addicting! A Good Time Killer

This game is fun to do wherever you are! Geocaches are all over the world. If you are out shopping, there could be a geocache in your parking lot. If you are walking around on a trail, there could be a geocache on that trail! It’s so fun even with basic membership and I found over 250 caches before I got geocaching premium! Even 3 while I was a basic member. Now, I have premium and now it’s even more fun! This is definitely something to download and you know what the cool thing is, this isn’t virtual! You can really find treasure outside your house!

- Okay app

I use the app on my iPhone and normally don’t have issues.... except about every other time there is an update. Then I have to delete the app and reinstall so that the app will open! This gets old and tiresome — especially the fact that I have to re-download all of my lists! We live in an area that we must cache from lists a lot due to spotty cell service! It’s disgusting to have to re-download everything all of the time! Especially tiresome on limited data or limited internet access! It’s ridiculous that every couple of times there is an update, the “old” version completely quits!

- Great but Needs more work

If you are new to geocaching this app has tutorials to get you through your first few caches and show you the etiquette of the game. I like the marriage between the compass and map, though for some reason the previous app. map shows more accurately I really like being able to drop a line to the cache owner and other cacher's. Thank you for finding a way to turn off the alert when you get close to GZ and add a list view. I have a premium membership and didn't realize how limited this is till I tried to find a cache with my grandsons phone While I see some improvements being made in the app. after using the old version I really don't think I would have stuck with geocaching if I had used this one when I started out. I needed the step from buying the app for the improvements to becoming a premium member and it wouldn't have happened with this app.

- Formerly Free Family Fun

I loved geocaching, and introducing friends & family to it. Activity itself is great but over the last few years this app went from a free service to a pricey subscription model built on the efforts of volunteers who made geocaches for people to find. Bait and switch to its users over the years. Very disappointed. There are some free options that are harder to get to and less family friendly. Wish we had the app of 10 years ago. Shame on you guys.

- Love it

This a a perfect game if you have nowhere to go or nothing to do. It can help get you out of where you live and explore new places. If I had to there are two problems to talk about, one is that the caches are sometimes wet or have bugs near them but that is not a problem with the app, the other problem is that the gps is off. Sometimes you are like two feet away and it could say you are like twelve feet away. Other then those one or two problems the app is great.

- I'd give it zero stars if I could.

It's been a year or so since I geocached, but I thought yesterday was a good time to resume. I had the $10 app on my phone from before, but "upgraded" yesterday thinking I could quickly locate a cache I'd found last year so I could leave some items in it. This app is SO BAD. I never found the cache, but the worst part is that they charged me to get to information I'd already paid to get - then didn't deliver that information as well as the version I had bought before. - Also, it's impossible to end the $6.54 monthly charge using your phone. You have to dig deep into iTunes subscription preferences on a computer to end it. I could have literally paid a guide to take me to caches for the time, trouble and expense this app caused.

- Almost Quit!

The first couple of times I tried to find a cachet with my then husband and toddler we never found anything and I put it aside. A couple years after the divorce I tried once again with my much older child and by golly we found it! As soon as we started learning about all there is to geocaching the better we got. Not only is it entertaining and fun for the family, but it gets you to explore places you never knew existed

- Almost useless

I’ve been a member of Geocaching since 2002 and have had this app for about 10 years. It seems that as time goes by, there is less and less I can do with it. Today I’ve tried for an hour to access my own Finds and caches, but can’t do it anymore. Groundspeak has apparently decided to charge for even the most basic features. I paid $10 for this app, which is now useless unless I want to pay an additional monthly fee. There are other hobbies out there, I don’t need this one anymore. Note to developer response: No, I won’t reach out to your community support team. A $10 app should continue to provide the basic features I paid for or you should refund my money.

- Wish I never paid.

Paid $10 for the pro version. Haven’t used it in a while and came back due to pandemic - good activity during these times. So - other people do all the work of making the cache, placing it, posting it. Then others find it and comment and provide hints. I paid to upgrade - which was a one-time fee. And now this app developer discontinued that app - can’t even sign in -Had to download this one and now they are charging $6 a month?!!!! For what?! I look forward to someone building a new app to replace this ridiculous money grab. So disappointing. It’s like they used the $10 so many of us paid so they could create a subscription system and price gouge. Ugh.

- Latest Update Crashes All the Time

Admittedly, I have an older phone, 6+. I can’t update to iOS 13. Other than that, the phone is up to date. Earlier today I was able to open it and I was working on downloading offline info. Finally got it to work after multiple tries. The app would crash very often in the process. It would go black and eventually close. Now, it just does that while finding initial caches around me. It just doesn’t work. After further experimenting, apparently downloaded data was causing the problem. I deleted the app and reinstalled. No downloaded data and app has not crashed yet.

- Groundspeak stole my money

I paid $10 for the geocaching app and then a couple years later they disabled the app and released this one for free but it only works for premium members. The old app cost $10!!!!!!!!! That’s the most expensive thing in the App Store and now they take away what I paid for, and the new free app only works if you’re paying for a subscription. I don’t geocache enough to pay for the premium membership, but I would like to go geocaching sometimes with the app. When I had the old app I used it all the time instead of a gps. I already was excluded from premium member only caches but now all caches above a 1.5 difficultly or terrain rating are only for premium members. We need to boycott this company until they change things back.

- Works great with reception

I am a premium member and find this app to work fine when you have reception. I don't always have my handheld GPS with me or didn't download any caches before I left on my travels and this app finds the caches in my area. I also use this app in conjunction with my GPS. The maps work fine and are accurate. It does not have all the information that the full Geocaching website has, but it is handy to have on your phone for spur of the moment caches. I recommend this application.

- The name game

The name game Judy Judy booty banana Fanna foe foodie fee fie Mahmoudi Judy Lana Lana Lana Bobanna banana Fanna foe Fanna fee fi fo fum Anna Lee Anna come on everybody to do I say no let’s play a game you too I said let’s make a rhyme out of anybody’s name the first letter of her name to treat it like it wasn’t there to put a P or an F or an MO will appear and then I say bowl out of you then I say the name of the banana Fanna NFL and then I see your name again with an M very plain and I feel fine animal and then I see your name again with the name this time and there is another name that I can’t geocaching

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- Year by Year Filters

I’m well into Geocaching and am really loving the opportunity that this gives to get out and about exercising and visiting some places that I would never had thought to go to. I would love to see a filter that allows the Geocacher to view the year that the cache was placed by the Cache Owner. I am really wanting to find some old caches and having the ability to filter out the search area for these older caches and see how well that they have faired and been maintained over the years. Please bring in a “year hidden filter”....!

- Great app, one main winge of mine

Amazing! I love geocaching with my family and friends. It’s so fun to see and find all the new things. Today, we found a travel thing that went all the way from Idaho in U.S.A, to the geocache in Hervey Bay Australia. We were on holiday (we live in Australia, f.y.i), so we’re taking it back to around where we live. We also found one in the bush that hasn’t been found since October 2019!! It was very dirty, though. And, we also found one inside a tree and right on top of an ants nest, I got 1 or 2 ant bites from that! There was another in a gap of a tree hanging from a wire! These were super fun to find! My friend and I have a long distance friendship, so we’re trying to see who can find the most geocaches before we see each other again, and I’m getting ready for victory!! Something I do want to add is maybe a bit more to find without premium! Anyway, I definitely recommend, it’s a blast to go geocaching!

- Love the app hate being charged twice

This app is great, the game is awesome & it’s a fun family game outdoors however as someone who bought the app years ago for one set price outright then be made to pay annual fees after the makers decided to change their minds on the payment side of things, I got a little annoyed and stopped using it. Like all big companies, they know you will come back as they own the market so they may take profit over their customers but with their monopoly on the market like many companies, there is no other choice than to join the ranks of minions with the annual fees. I wouldn’t have minded if the fees were annual from the beginning. It’s a great game so no issues on that side of it.

- Great, makes geocaching Quick and easy. But we want to make caches as well!!

Love geocaching, and love that I can now do it from my phone. Easy to quickly open and see if anything is close by for a quick find. The only thing I would love to see is to be able to create a cache in the app.

- Great, stupid pricing for premium

The app is great, I’ve been have an awesome time finding all these local spots with the app. However a large amount of the caches are locked off unless you have the premium subscription. I’d happily play $10 as a one off, but the asking price is $10 per month which is a price similar to a Netflix subscription. This app’s premium has nothing extra to offer from the normal version as far as I can tell. The caches are locked off based off the difficulty they have been ranked there is nothing special about the locked off ones specifically so why charge a monthly subscription for them??

- Could be much better

Very little option settings compared to an app I had been previously using. Hard to add personal note (if it’s possible at all) and can’t see added wpts of a multi or mystery caches on the map screen, meaning you drive straight past unless you solely concentrated on that one cache, and miss all others in the area or look at the map to see all the other caches as you drive around and have to remember to open the multi you started kilometres ago to navigate to the next wpt. Would be 5 star app if could see all child wpts of caches on map and easy personal notes for jotting down clues on the go.

- Geocaching

Geocaching is so fun you find things you have to log you’re name’s in the geocache but the geocache that you found it on this app press log then if you found it you press found it and if you didn’t find it press DNF and if you want to make a note press write note.I forgot that you sign up on this app

- Get some exercise while searching

I had just started walking for exercise again when someone showed me the geocaching app. Now I walk twice as far and find it fun and sometimes challenging to find some of these objects. Thanks 😊

- Caching

I really love caching it has taken my husband and myself to places we would not have otherwise gone and we have seen things that we would have otherwise missed including several historical sites Thanks

- Where has the trackable count gone?

I’m loving geocaching. But am unhappy with one failure of the newest update. You cannot see at first glance anymore if a cache contains trackables. You have to navigate to the trackable page of every cache.. It’s a nuisance. Please bring that feature back.

- Not an improvement

Geocaching Classic is a considerably better app than this. I have used this app for several weeks and will now revert to the old app +12 months: it's now a much better app. I like most of the features, particularly the mapping

- Amazingly great fun and fantastic app

Every parent should take their kids Geocaching to get them out in the fresh air exploring new place in a fun way. But not just for the kids, adults too enjoy the outside with a challenge or two of finding the harder caches.

- Handy and essential

This app is easy to use and an essential for all cachers! I love the Download Offline Data option, so we can still grab those elusive caches, in the more remote areas, when the signal gives out on us. TFT... App! 😊👍🏽

- Great app

Geocaching is great but I can't get most of the geocaches because of geocaching premium which you have to pay every month or year. If there was a fixed fee (I only have to pay once) I would be able to convince my parents to pay for it. Please change it.

- Okay

I liked it at first and payed for premium, after 2 weeks finding got boring. Really wanted to start hiding, but when submitting them, they were being denied constantly for reasons hypocritical of others locations. Forgot about this app until I noticed I was still subbed to them and had $10 a month siphoned for 4 months.

- Love it!

Can't recommend this app enough! My 6yr old son and I love it! We're having a lot of fun looking for the caches and it's getting us out of the house when normally we would just hang about at home on our free days.

- I love geocaching

This app and adventure has taken not only my husband and I to some magnificent places but we’ve involved our whole family. I love geocaching 💕

- Good app, too expensive.

This app is great and has everything it needs. However, I believe that the company who runs this is capitalising on the public’s hard work. $10 a month is a bit steep. I’d rather a bigger one time payment, but all you have is a subscription service. However, I’ll keep using this app until a better one comes along.

- Favourite geocaches

I went geocaching recently and I found the best geocache (by my standards). I wanted to favourite it but I forgot to. When I realised that, I tried to go back and favourite it and I couldn’t. Please update this so that if you change your mind and forget you can go back and favourite it. Tnx

- Great fun

Amazing game that is always taking me to new locations I never would have found otherwise

- Make my own cache

I’ve only had this app for less than a week and I’m in love with it. The only thing is I wish I could make my own caches, so I can make new hiding spots and expand the geocaching world, without having to pay $50 for premium.

- Information misleading via app

Always trust information for a cache listing via website browser over this app. Example, cache recently transferred to new owner, however this app now showing it “Placed by” the new owner, rather than original.

- Trackable problem please fix

Great app but you can dip trackable anywhere in the world even if you haven’t really been there causing fake miles

- Just a push to buy premium

Why are there now ridiculous restrictions for non premium members on the app? There isn't on your website... Paid $12 for the original app when it first came out and love it. There was little restrictions on that, but now forced to use the new app which only allows you to find caches 2 stars or below for terrain or difficulty. What a joke!

- Happy

Hi haven’t been out much in the last 12months but really enjoy caching and the places it takes you. Hope to get back into it this year 2020.

- Good and bad

I haven’t gone out to try the app but there is so many geochashes you can’t do because of having to pay for premium. And it constantly spams you that you need to upgrade to premium.

- Missing vital items

This app needs a coordinate converter and a page that shows your Lat and Long location

- Geocaching

I find the experience really rewarding as you go to places u would never go to or see through out the world

- 5 out of 5 stars

This app really takes you to amazing locations, lets you get back to nature, gets your hands dirty and it is lots of fun.

- Good but...

Great app however ruined by today’s greed of subscriptions. If this app was a single purchase, even for $100 it’d still be better than what is currently offered. I’d buy it immediately for a price and give it 5 stars.

- Super fun

Having a blast finding caches! It’s a great excuse to get out and about, finding new places, seeing new sights. Highly recommend!

- update

It definitely needs an update in kincumber because it’s so outdated

- Warning

This is so fun you will have a mighty distraction on your hands. What a fantastic use of technology. New places, new knowledge and new challenges!

- Love the new update

Loving the new update. The kids find it much easier to use. Thanks for the great work.

- Geocaching is awesome

This is honestly worth every cent for premium and fun for all ages! Perfect way to break up long road trips

- So much fun

Feel like real life treasure hunters loving this family activity to get outside and walking around

- Fantastic Family Fun

Have been geocaching for ten years. It’s a great way to find amazing places near your home! It’s such an exciting activity. Premium membership well worth it. If, like me, you want to cancel go to your phone settings>subscriptions>geocaching TOO EASY!

- Just a less useful version of the classic app

Tried downloading this to get back into geocaching and realised so many features from the old app I paid for are now locked behind premium. Going to delete it and find an alternative that doesn’t feel like a downgrade.

- Awesome hobby

Nice hobby and app has good interface easy to use no complaints here

- Great way to get out and about

I use this every day

- Making travelling fun.

Learnt lots about areas and discover places you wouldn’t normally go to!

- Update

Due to the latest update my compass isn’t automatically pointing north.

- Premium price

Premium is much too expensive and should be lowered with another option for one-time-payment. There is also not enough options for the free version

- Free exercise, fresh air & follow clues

Enjoy this activity it takes you to new places & meet new people!

- It's good but..

I love this app so much fun but I just went on to log a geocache I found the other day and was very mad to see now you have to be a member to unlock 1.5 terriain places, and all around where I live is over 1.5 terrain, very mad about new update!!

- Terrible

It is a terrible app doesn’t work been to 14 different locations. Not a single one has been there location services are terrible, waste of my time. False advertisement it is terrible don’t get the app useless

- Great App

App works great, can’t fault it. But would like to see a menu where you can access your friends.

- Great Outdoor Fun!

We have young children and it’s a great way to get amongst it outdoors enjoying quality time together!

- Failed premium.

I love the app. It’s great fun. But I’ve paid $47 to get premium and my account won’t even upgrade. Just hope it’s a bug but it’s irritating.

- Good but way to expensive

I remember when it was only 7 or 8 dollars for premium and it lasted for ever. Now it's terrible 10 a month is just ridiculous and stupid Please change

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- Not disappointed any longer

Updated: Aug 2017: I must say this app has improved big time! Below is my previous review from last year which indicated how bad the app was. Not any longer. In fact it is very much better than the old one that we had to pay for. Now I'm not using my hand held GPS because this app has become so much easier to use. I like: ~ how lists work. Much easier than creating a pocket query. ~ the ability to turn off the "Close to cache warning." ~ the ability to rotate maps to the direction I am walking. ~ how the caches show as I move the map to another area. ~ that it now shows those pesky DNF's that I have to return to. Keep up the great work. ~~~~~~ (2 Stars) Need I say more. I too am frustrated. Please support the old app until the new one is as good. This is NOT a good app yet. Full of bugs and poorly laid out. It crashes when using pocket queries, and is jerky when using it. Groundspeak, don't turn your backs on us. Keep the old app available. I'd hate to show a newbie this new app as the only alternative. Groundspeak, I thought you were better than this. Please reconsider.

- Amazing app

So much fun. It brought me to amazing places. Great prices!! Encourage everyone to try! When you go on vacation you can find amazing items and places!! It gets people out of there house and into the forest for a hike and amazing spots, I encourage everyone to do it!! I wish it didn't require wifi or data, but it is so worth it. It takes you places where you wouldn't think of going. It shows you God's wonderful nature!!

- Free Version Features Removed :(

Access to high level caches have been removed. Requires you to pay to see them. So lame 👎🏻 App is good but I don’t cache enough to warrant 40 bucks a year.

- Love caching - app is decent

I cache every day and use the app frequently. It’s totally decent and does what I need it to. However, Groundspeak is not open to feedback from premium members like me, even when changes they make are undesirable. I do not even get responses. That does not sit well with me. I’m glad I can cache by phone, but honestly feel they could do better in regards to listening to those that pay their salaries and support the hobby.

- Wait...what happened???

So the weather in Southern Ontario is finally nice. I decided to open this app up for the first time this year and do some neighbourhood geocaching and lo and behold...I’m behind a paywall now. That’s strange because I paid $10 for this app years ago. Is it even worth your time now? I open up my map and I’m surrounded by caches that can only be accessed with a premium account...all year round (like I’m going to go geocaching in f-cking February or between November to April for that matter...was any thought put into this?). This is beyond poor decision making...deleted the app after this discovery.

- Why block out some caches?

For some reason they block out some caches so you need to be. Paid member now

- Is this even legal???

I purchased the premium app years ago, and it was worth paying the money back then. Now I’m back to geocaching and find out I have to pay another subscription fee to see most of the caches! Absolutely ridiculous! Can a company just break the business contract without users’ consent or without any legal consequences? What’s the point of changing the past business model when it work? After all, the geocaching is just a digital platform. Have you seen any other online listing platforms charge their users to see the listings?? Stupid move!

- Not free for long

App quickly turns into a pay if you want the information type.

- Too Expensive

This kind of app should have a free trial, ain’t nobody paying $10 a month for this. It’s fun and all but the cost is not realistic. No one wants to pay that kind of price for an app they’ll only use a few times.

- Rip off

Bought the app some years ago. Paid the lifetime fee. Now the lifetime fee is cancelled and I have to pay every month? Not going to get sucked in again.

- It’s not that fun!

It used to be fun until they started asking to pay for more caches. It’s supposed to be a way to have fun and get cool things for free (as you leave something for the next person). Not the same anymore.

- Fun

I love geocaching, been doing it for 10+ years. I find it really frustrating that you need to pay to get any caches over a 2.0 difficulty.

- Could have been a good thing

I love this idea, so cool and I’ve heard lots of friend who loved the adventure, and hey I’d pay a one time fee for this but 8/9 monthly ?? Way to much sorry can’t justify that

- you shouldn’t have to pay for it

I think that you shouldn’t have to pay for geocaching. I think that it should be free. i like it enough to pay for it but 40 bucks!

- Poor

No worth it. Tons of ads and the premium is far to expensive. Not worth it. Delete app.

- The app you buy still doesn’t give you access to the premium features which are pay-by-the-month

For $8 I would expect a stand-alone app that is fairly complete. Instead, a bunch of the features and even the caches themselves are actually inaccessible unless you pay additional monthly fees. The fees are fairly steep given the service that’s actually being provided. You can find this information elsewhere and it’s hard to justify the high monthly cost just for a very average UI to access it.

- Nope, I ain’t paying for it !

I am fed up of loading apps for free then having to “unlock” special features at a cost. Deleted this app soon after won’t come back

- Sucks for people in Canada

We have such a small time frame to geocache comfortably (not cold or any mosquitoes), the subscription has ruined this past time. I was in an area that has hundreds of geocaches and could only do about 3 due to these stupid restrictions. Also, I paid $10 for this app initially and ignoring the support for us early adopters is very counter productive.

- App sucks

I opened the app and the only caches I could find were basic ones the premium version is way too expensive not worth it

- Geocaching

Great time geocaching.

- Where's the discount?

I paid for the premium version of the previous app. It was a one time fee. Now they retire that app and give us one that's $9 a month?? Where's the discount for purchasers of the previous? And $40 for a year???? Should be $40 for lifetime. Maybe then I would bite. What a rip off....

- Baaaaad 👎👎👎

I went to one of the geocaches and I searched for ever and nothing was there

- Geocache

Amazing app!!!

- Not letting me log in

I’ve made 3 accounts, changed the passwords, saved the passwords to my phone even and it still doesn’t let me log in and is saying it’s not the correct password and I can’t use the app unless I log in please fix whatever issue this is cause I’m debating on just deleting the app. It also won’t let me log in on the website

- boo

premium feature sucks. i dont want to pay to find stuff

- Too expensive.

I’ve had this app for years but now you have to pay to see caches. So disappointing.

- Good, but here’s a recommendation

I love this app, it’s really good for getting outside. I would love it if you could make it so you can hide caches from your phone. It would be a lot easier to hide them like that. Thumbs up!

- Pay wall needs to be less

I like the app but 40 a year for premium if it was 10 a year totally would do it but 40 hell no. May still keep trying the free part of stuff tho.

- So fun so challenging

I love the way geocaches leads me to all the great locations in town and out of town

- Bait and switch, plain and simple…

So you get me excited to actually start doing this and then you have to pay to actually find anything? Really? Must now delete app and give up on the concept of geocaching… delete delete delete!!

- Expenses

Only getting a single kind of geocache blows, premium is extremely pricey, and I am not paying that, geocaching is a lot of fun, but this aspect of it has to change, it’s a scavenger hunt, not a pyramid scheme

- Maps are not loading up.

With the latest update Satellite maps do not load when zooming in.

- Disappointed

As a veteran Geocacher with fond memories of the “old” app, I will say I’m a bit disappointed. I decided to re-download the app after a long time of not having it, just for old times sake. My honest review is that I don’t like the new “premium” feature. For people to have the most fun and best experiences, why not just let them have all the perks? I’m disappointed…

- Lots of fun.

A bit of a « game-changer » for a professional lady over 60!

- The Perfect Game

Geocaching is the perfect activity for people of all ages and abilities. It is the perfect COVID-19 activity as you can spend your time inside solving puzzles or go outside to find caches socially distanced. Cachewalker.

- Geocaching fun!

So much fun!

- Cancelled

I cancelled my annual membership but still got charged Why??!

- Latest version fail

Love this app but latest version will not open, just get a smile like a DNF and bar saying “opening” which just sits there doing nothing. I’m sure you’ll fix in no time.

- App is wonderful

After nor geocaching for several years ( where we had to log when we got home to the computer) this app is amazing

- Want to plant our own

Very fun but would like if you didn’t have to pay to plant a cache - maybe after you find 10 you could plant one for free?

- Attributs négatifs

Ce serait intéressant de pouvoir sélectionner une recherche avec les attributs négatifs.

- 😎😎😎😎

Very fun! Love doing it with my family.

- Hate needing subscription

This did not used to require a subscription and I was able to access all sorts of geocaches and now most of them are hidden and unavailable because I haven’t paid for a membership. Dislike that a lot and makes the app not worth it

- Great app, but the subscription is way too expensive

It’s a pretty good app for geaocaching, but wow, $9 a month or $40 a year?? Way too much!!

- Greedy

Come on. I paid $10 or $20 for this and now it continually nags for an extra $3/month subscription.

- Amazing and fun to do!

Geocaching is a nice way to spend time in the, especially in the summer! I sometimes go geocaching with friends, and we have no problems! I recommend this app to everyone!


The list for offline cashing is bugged “something is wrong with the action” ya right 1star for this waste of time

- This is the best activity for getting kids outside

Geocaching is absolutely fantastic and fabulous for getting kids out of the house to explore and find treasures around any town. I wholeheartedly recommend this as a parent, a hiker and anybody who likes to have a little bit more adventure in their life!!!This is so much fun for a vacation and adds a lot more meaning to any walk you can go on!

- Good job guys

Love the App So

- Featureless App

I’ve Geocaching since 2009 using C:Geo so I’ve been spoiled by an App filled with many easy to use features. This Groundspeak native App is great for basic cache finding, but lacks map choices, post editing, stat access, etc. If you what to manage anything, you need to log into the website.

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Dad Bod Champion Runner Up (he/him)

I found Indian River Inlet (). #cgeo #geocaching

Dad Bod Champion Runner Up (he/him)

I found A Beachcomber's Paradise (). #cgeo #geocaching

Dad Bod Champion Runner Up (he/him)

I found Watch Out for the Rip Currents! 🌊 (). #cgeo #geocaching

joey/buckle (derogatory)

i hate using the word normie but i WILL use it when talking about geocaching because my only other option is muggle, and fuck that

Dora Mor

Took a while to spot this one, but once I did I couldn't un-see it. I like how #geocaching slows me down and makes me really *see* things.


@nnofreckles Geocaching is amazingly fun!

Eric Fidler

Dean Wilhelm Memorial Park. I'm not sure the history of this, but it's popular among the geocachers.

Joey DeLozier


Joey DeLozier

Great hike and geocaching today!! So many pics. Stand by 😁😁

Photographed by John

#sunday #walk #walkingaround #porec #searching and #geocaching #beatifulday #sunshine and #cold. #healtyliving in this #cleanair

Brad Bishop

We found SO2 Ronald Tyler Woodle Memorial Cache (). #cgeo #geocaching

kelsey (she/her)

late to the party but #merrychrysler 🎄 we out here going from surviving to thriving ft a #geocaching find wearing a homemade polymer clay santa hat. i literally love being gay btw.

Dad Bod Champion Runner Up (he/him)

I found Bowling in Bethany Beach? (). #cgeo #geocaching

American Road Mag

Explore AL's Coastal Connection; hunt via geocaching, go fishing or dine UR way along the coast!

Naked Huntress's

@craigpearce81 Probably geocaching

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Geocaching® iphone images
Geocaching® iphone images
Geocaching® iphone images
Geocaching® iphone images
Geocaching® iphone images
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The applications Geocaching® was published in the category Navigation on 2009-09-16 and was developed by Groundspeak Inc. [Developer ID: 292242506]. This application file size is 98.05 MB. Geocaching® - Navigation app posted on 2022-07-20 current version is 9.7.0 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.groundspeak.GeocachingIntro