Join the world’s largest treasure-hunting community with the official app for geocaching. Whether you are off to find your first geocache or your ten-thousandth, this app is your ultimate geocaching toolbox.

There are millions of clever containers called geocaches hidden in almost every country on Earth, just waiting to be found—there are probably even some near you right now.

Just getting started? This app walks you through the adventure of finding your first few geocaches. There are tips, hints, and instructions for geocaching as well as using the app.

Core Features:
● See details with description, recent activity, attributes, and hints for each geocache
● Navigate to the cache using map, compass, or driving directions
● Live Search continuously updates nearby geocaches as you move
● Find all easy Traditional geocaches and geocaching events
● Message other players for tips, hints, and more
● Learn about trackables: geocaching game pieces that travel from geocache to geocache
● Adjust your navigation and distance settings to your personal preference
● Access to GeoTour caches of all cache types and D/T ratings

Search and Sorting:
● Search for GC codes, locations, landmarks, and neighborhoods
● Search for GeoTours by GT code or see a directory of all GeoTours worldwide
● Sort by distance

● Search for trackables
● Log trackables - grab, retrieve, drop, dip, or discover
● View your trackable inventory

● Log a geocache now or save as a draft for later
● Add photos to share your adventure
● Improve cache quality by reporting geocaches that need maintenance

Map Options:
● Street
● Satellite
● Hybrid

Unlock even more adventure with Geocaching Premium:
● Find any geocache in the world, including Premium Member Only caches
● Filter geocaches by size, type, difficulty, terrain, and found/owned
● Sort lists of geocaches by distance, Favorite points, or geocache name
● Geocache anywhere, anytime with offline maps
● Take the road less traveled with Trails map
● Plan, add, or edit your next adventure with Lists
● Award Favorite points to geocaches you enjoy most
● Auto-sync Lists and Pocket Queries created on the Geocaching website
● Gain access to all Premium features on the Geocaching website

We are committed to building the best tools for geocachers to create, share, and play this game. By joining and maintaining your Premium membership, you are helping to shape the future of Geocaching. In addition to your support of the game, Premium members also get access to more features, more geocaches, and more adventure.

You can buy a Premium membership subscription through your iTunes account. Premium membership is available with a monthly or annual subscription. You can subscribe and pay through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.

Terms of use:

Geocaching® App Description & Overview

The applications Geocaching® was published in the category Navigation on 2009-09-16 and was developed by Groundspeak Inc.. The file size is 89.31 MB. The current version is 5.6.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

In this release, we squashed a bunch of bugs and made several performance improvements. Most importantly, we fixed a bug that was causing the app to crash on startup for some users immediately after updating to a new version.

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What happened!?  Pembsey  1 star

So when I originally paid 10$ for the full app it was under the impression (just like every other app) that I would enjoy the privileges that I purchased... BUT not only have you revoked what I paid for you want me to buy a monthly subscription... I've always loved this app and I've told all of my friend and family that geocaching is a great way to get out and spend some quality time with your family, but seriously who is going to give it a try with these BS subscriptions. Shame on y'all!


Why pay?  Happyplayer123  2 star

This app used to be the greatest thing around. Not anymore. And since the new update causes it to crash frequently...... thanks, but no.


You stole $10 from me.  Howdee!  1 star

You stole $10 from me.


Less capabilities  Blended8  4 star

I’m not here to complain about the membership fees. I understand the fees and are happy to pay them. It does bug me that I spent $10 on an app that had more capabilities and I’m now pay $30 a year with less capabilities. Please bring them back.

'enery the Horse

App is totally unstable  'enery the Horse  1 star

I've been geocaching for well more than a decade. I love geocaching. And I've used this app for several years. But over he last few updates, it has done nothing but crash. It crashes before it can even fully open. I'm saddened at how bad it is at the moment.


Used to be great  Shebsigjsbajfjdnsj  1 star

Updated and still crashes upon startup

pioneer life

Stupid change  pioneer life  1 star

My family and I have been premium members for over 2 years now and have enjoyed it so much. Also the app was amazing easy to use and fun. We take lots of road trips and love getting souvenirs in the states we visit. Now you can see your souvenir on the app and we hate that. We don’t want to have to take the time to log into the website when we are right there in the app. Since we are traveling often we don’t want to have to look at the website and we don’t have the best reception so it would be pointless. Just let me see the souvenir in the app!!


Poor effort on Groundspeak's part  Zeke_A  2 star

There are numerous apps that offer significantly greater functionality than this one. Incredibly difficult to log trackables when logging a cache. Can one even do projections? Groundspeak's web implementations have always been poor, so my expectations were low for their attempt at an application; they were met.


Be careful of automatic renewals  S_L_S  1 star

My daughter and I thought we would try this and do some geocaching. We bought the premium membership and I did not realize it until a year later that I've been paying every month. Terrific! The app itself does not seem that accurate. I am using a free app now that seems just as good and I don't have to pay $6 a month on automatic renewal's.


Money grabbing pure and simple!!!!!!!!!!  ItsMyNickname  1 star

Updating your app will only make people resubmit their 1 star ratings over and over and over......... Most caches are behind a paywall now. I already bought the "classic" app. Why did you get rid of it? Do the right thing and reinstate it! In the meantime I've changed all my hidden caches to be 1.5 or less so everyone can see them. Everyone else should do the same thing!!!!!!!

Another Lonely Driver

Great but Needs more work  Another Lonely Driver  4 star

If you are new to geocaching this app has tutorials to get you through your first few caches and show you the etiquette of the game. I like the marriage between the compass and map, though for some reason the previous app. map shows more accurately I really like being able to drop a line to the cache owner and other cacher's. Thank you for finding a way to turn off the alert when you get close to GZ and add a list view. I have a premium membership and didn't realize how limited this is till I tried to find a cache with my grandsons phone While I see some improvements being made in the app. after using the old version I really don't think I would have stuck with geocaching if I had used this one when I started out. I needed the step from buying the app for the improvements to becoming a premium member and it wouldn't have happened with this app.


Subscription?  Minnie0905  1 star

I used to LOVE caching. It's something I would do on my own and with my bf. Life got a little busy so I let it go for about a year. Come back and found the old app retired and this new app has most caches greyed out because it now has a paid subscription? That's bogus. I actually really enjoyed caching but I don't have enough time on my hands to maintain a paid subscription. Please reinstate the original app and nix the subscription! Stop being money hungry.


Paid $10 for old app  Oogba  1 star

Groundspeak retired the old app so they can move to a pricey subscription model. Good luck with that.


Disappointed  sdcnine  1 star

I purchased the app a year a few years ago and it was a great family activity with the kids. I thought $10 was steep for an app but I did it anyway. Opened it up last week and it had been a few months since we last used it. When I tried to locate local caches I found out that very few were available to me, all of which were available before. How could this be? Apparently there is now a "premium" annual subscription fee. At a one time $10 fee for the app it was worth it. For an annual $30 fee? Not a chance. I'll be deleting the app and pulling the cache I have placed in the field.


Crashes before opening  paelgorf  1 star

Loved this app. Hope it gets updated soon. Crashes before it opens.


Works great with reception  Mainezonie  5 star

I am a premium member and find this app to work fine when you have reception. I don't always have my handheld GPS with me or didn't download any caches before I left on my travels and this app finds the caches in my area. I also use this app in conjunction with my GPS. The maps work fine and are accurate. It does not have all the information that the full Geocaching website has, but it is handy to have on your phone for spur of the moment caches. I recommend this application.


Automatic renewal??  Kubsssss  3 star

No where did I see anything about automatic renewal (and I'll admit it's possible I missed it when I purchased a month of usage). But even then there is no way to cancel renewal on the app. I love geocaching but they've made the interface so not user friendly.

melisaa 1234

Free version a waste- paying- also a waste  melisaa 1234  1 star

They make it incredibly hard to cancel account!!! Took me 2 months on and off being a somewhat new iPhone user, and for $6 a month not worth it unless you use daily!!!! Bull crap money hungry trash. Free version you can barely use these days!

Joe L87

You are in violation.  Joe L87  1 star

This app is in violation of the App Store policies. Section: business: 3.1.2(a) Permissible uses: If you offer an auto-renewing subscription, you must provide ongoing value to the customer, and the subscription period must last at least seven days and be available across all of the user’s devices. While the following list is not exhaustive, examples of appropriate subscriptions include: new game levels; episodic content; multi-player support; apps that offer consistent, substantive updates. If you are changing your existing app to a subscription-based business model, "you should not take away the primary functionality existing users have already paid for". For example, let customers who have already purchased a “full game unlock” continue to access the full game after you introduce a subscription model for new customers.

The Banana App Reviewer

Greed is killing the app!  The Banana App Reviewer  1 star

Geocaching used to be a fun experience it was free for everyone. Ground speak became greedy they started charing us they removed and app we paid $10 for and gave us nothing back in return. Geocaching will die soon if ground speak doesn't fix the damage they have done. The app is also extremely buggy the classic app was much better!

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