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Wake up feeling rested with Sleep Cycle. Track your sleep and get analysis that helps you get a good night's sleep.

Start your day feeling energized with our intelligent alarm clock that is designed to gently wake you up while you’re in your lightest sleep phase. Plus, you’ll get detailed analysis as Sleep Cycle monitors your sleep patterns from the moment your head hits the pillow.

3 reasons you’ll love Sleep Cycle:

1. Gently does it - Waking you up while you’re in a light sleep is the natural way to wake up.
2. Understand your sleep - Learn about your sleep patterns with detailed analyses.
3. Nothing under your pillow - Simply turn Sleep Cycle on before going to bed, and place your device on your nightstand or close by on the floor.

Understanding your sleep patterns mean you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day.

Download Sleep Cycle today for the easiest way to get a good night's sleep.

Free features

√ Sleep analysis with Sleep Cycle patented sound technology, or accelerometer

√ Sleep Cycle Apple Watch App integration with silent wake up

√ Detailed sleep statistics and daily sleep graphs

√ Fully integrated with Apple Health, exchanging sleep analysis and heart rate

√ Carefully selected alarm melodies

√ Snooze by shaking or double tapping the phone lightly

√ Customizable wake-up window. From instant (regular alarm clock), up to 90 minutes

Premium features

√ Longterm sleep trends

√ Compare your sleep data to world sleep statistics • Snore trends - view historical snore trends data

√ Weather - see how weather affects your sleep quality

√ Heart rate monitor - measure your heart rate (RHR) every morning using the built in camera in your device

√ Sleep aid - helps you fall asleep easier

√ Sleep notes - see how events such as drinking coffee, stress, working out, or eating late affect your sleep quality

√ Wake up mood - see how Sleep Cycle affects your wake up mood

√ Online backup - lets you secure your sleep data online

√ Export sleep data to Excel for detailed analysis

√ Philips HUE light bulb support - simulate a natural sunrise to give you an even softer wake up

Ability to charge your phone by the bed.
Ability to place your phone near the bed, such as on a nightstand table or on the floor.


The optional Premium subscription costs $29.99 per year.

It will be charged from your iTunes account after the purchase. The subscription will be auto-renewed 24 hours before the subscription period ends with the same kind of subscription you already bought to the same price. To avoid automatic renewal, you must cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before it expires. You can manage or cancel your auto-renewable subscription by entering the user settings in iTunes after the purchase. It's not possible to abort the subscription during the time it's active. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase the premium subscription. Terms and Privacy:

Sleep Cycle: smart alarm clock App Description & Overview

The applications Sleep Cycle: smart alarm clock was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2009-07-23 and was developed by Sleep Cycle AB. The file size is 139.49 MB. The current version is 5.7.4 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and improvements.

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Needs these “smart” features  PolloTec  4 star

Please add the ability to click a sleep hours preset button (e.g. 7, 8, 9 hours) on the sleep cycle wake up time activation screen to auto start a wake up timeframe. Additional capabilities would allow for the automatic wake up time based on sleep analysis / heart rate data and other factors to determine how much sleep the user needs based on all the given data (age, weight, gender, sleep quality, heart rate, etc...) and wake up the user when fully rested.

half of an egg

Very much enjoy this  half of an egg  5 star

Now I can wake up at 4:30 AM so I can be fully awake when I need to be.


Wakes me up at inappropriate times???  kenneth231  2 star

I set this app to wake me up between 8 and 8:30am today and the alarm went off at 6:15am. I used this app for 4 nights and it woke me up way before my specified wake up time on 2 of them. Uninstalling.

Pedro Prdko

Do not download!!!! 👹👹👹  Pedro Prdko  1 star

This will drain your battery !!!! 🤮🤮🤮


Help/Question Snoring  [email protected]  4 star

This app is wonderful. The only reason I rate it 4/5 stars is because it records my snoring but I can’t even listen to it unless I pay for the premium. Both my parents and grandparents (on both sides) have sleep apnea so it’s important for me to know if I snore. I am also a very poor college student so I can’t afford to pay for the premium subscription. Would it be possible in a future update to be able to listen to the snoring that the app recorded w/out the premium subscription?


Alarm didn’t go off  ascl4  4 star

I honestly love this app but seems like with this latest release the alarm doesn’t go off anymore? I missed two meetings this morning... and when I looked at my phone screen, the alarm had reset itself at some point.


Not reliable. Woke me up at 4:43 am the first night  agehaw  1 star

Deleted the app after one night. I set the wake up period to be between 6:30-7 am. Not sure how it concluded that waking me up at 4:43 am would give me a happy wakeup. It had totally ruined my night and I couldn’t go back to sleep for the rest of it. This app is not reliable and would add more stress to one’s sleep.


Dishonest Billing  K$€£¥  1 star

I was interested in trying out the app. I downloaded it and used it once. 1 month later I see an unexpected charge on my credit card. They had automatically renewed me for a whole year. Clearly a trap to get $$ out of me. Very disappointed in their approach.


Love it!  okbyeeeeeee  4 star

Works great but is probably less accurate because I share a room

Wrigley dog

Best app to sleep  Wrigley dog  5 star

I use it all the time in college and it is super helpful to know how many hours I will get after having a long night of homework


Device changes - lost data  Miss___Natalie  1 star

I’ve used sleep cycle for over 4 years, I needed to update my device and lost all the sleep data. I have premium and very disappointed my history is not available.

Jo the animal lover

Good app but very dangerous  Jo the animal lover  3 star

So I really like this app but I'm not lying about this but if you sleep with your phone or iPad on your bed for a long time you can get radiation cancer! It's because the radiation from the phone can go like through your body so I don't recommend sleeping with this on your mattress


No longer working  Myrrhine  1 star

I’ve used this app for years, but in the past month or so it has stopped recording any movement overnight. Nothing has changed in my setup, but it’s now useless and I’ll be looking for an alternative.


Great app.  ecdowd33  4 star

Great app but needs a section where you can free write for memories when you flick back. Can help you understand what happened that day/night and why it was particularly good/bad.


“Do you enjoy using Sleep Cycle?”  MattB679961783  1 star

The answer is, “less and less every time I see that alert box“. Nagging users for reviews is against the App Store rules and very irritating, so knock it off. Update in response to developer’s response: I _do_ have that setting turned off; the alert has appeared multiple times anyway.


Wakes me up in the middle of the night  Lach'n'Load  1 star

The handling when the phone runs out of battery is atrocious and this app is extremely battery hungry! It will wake you up in the middle of the night or just straight up let your phone run out of battery. The app can detect the phone running out of battery so I don’t understand why it doesn’t just switch off the sleep tracking algorithm and stop consuming so much battery life but leave the alarm on so it still works... I also don’t have the option to always plug my phone in when I’m sleeping so that is not a solution. I use this app regularly now but a few times recently it has done this so I am considering not using.


Battery won’t charge after latest update  Luckydragonfish  1 star

After updating to latest version and updated iOS version, my battery won’t charge overnight while using the app.


Fantastic app. Just hoping maintenance keeps up.  Mattymatt35  5 star

Great app but I’ve noticed recently that it seems to constantly tell me that there are little to no movements recorded. And furthermore it doesn’t seem to mute my notifications like it used to and I am often awoken to the sound of a text or other notification during the night. Hoping this can be fixed as it’s the best app of its type and I’ve been using it nightly for 3 years.


Seriously flawed  mark_muldoon  2 star

I have had my doubts about this app for some weeks now but now am seriously sceptical at the whole concept. Lying in bed for an hour coughing repeatedly with the dog next door barking continuously is shown as asleep? Even when I get up cursing to take medicine? Not the first time it’s been rubbishy either. Don’t go for the subscription unless you really sure it’s helping you.


Poor Accuracy  tabbenlachsue  2 star

This app has recorded me as sleeping while awake. I wake every night, and am often awake for an hour or so. During this time the app is recording me as sleeping and snoring.


This app is great but...  SoccerB3  5 star

I got this app about a month ago and I love it! It helps me get up in the mornings by waking me up when I’m in a light sleep. As much as I love this app there is one thing I would like to fix, 1. I wish you did not have to pay for premium membership. Without a membership the only thing you can really do is set an alarm clock and track your sleep, but if you had a membership you can set your sleep mood, listen to your snoring, etc. I also wish the membership was cheaper, $29.99 is expensive for an app. But if you are not picky and just want a quality sleeping app then I would recommend Sleep Cycle (this app)


Don’t get stuck - a better app  Creston45  1 star

I downloaded this app a couple years ago and upgraded to premium. It was not meeting my expectations so I stopped using it. Last year it auto renewed without warning. I just got a notice this time about renewal pending. I have just spent over an hour trying to cancel the subscription using every method I could find with google and the only option I have been given is to authorize the renewal, no option to cancel. Don’t get stuck like I am with an annual $1.95 charge. Download PILLOW. It’s a VASTLY SUPERIOR app with a one time charge for premium FEATURES.


Over the years.....  Dj0soul0ja  2 star

I have been using the app for years now. I think my body is used to it. I find it hard to wake up again. But it's a lovely app and the only wake one I use! Update edit: app wont update 5/8/2019


Apple Watch battery issues fixed. Thank you!  JoeXGray  5 star

Over the last two mornings I’ve been woken by taps on my wrist instead of my phone’s speaker. Previously using this feature came at the great cost of some 60% of Apple Watch battery life. Previously to use this you also had to manually open the sleep cycle app on watch. Not so anymore, I never opened it, that happened on its own. Now it takes only as much battery as it already took to sleep with the watch on. Now my mornings are more gentle. Those of you who share a bed with someone on a different alarm schedule who have an Apple Watch will LOVE this feature, and your partner will love it too! Unrelated suggestion below. Sometimes I put my sleep notes in, tap start, and then want to change them. Or maybe I don’t fall asleep right away and need to change the sleep notes. I have to end the sleep session to do this, or wait until morning when I won’t remember. I’d like to be able to edit the sleep notes without ending the sleep session. Oh, and support LIFX lights already, I mean, come on...


Turns itself off?  Ozzpen  1 star

I’ve been using this app for a long time now, & love how it gently wakes me up. Lately it has been turning itself off after I fall asleep, which means that I don’t wake up on time. Why has it stopped working?


Doesn’t Work For Me  Mâkëñżįë  3 star

Although this app doesn’t work for me, many friends and family members have tried it and loved it.

Gamer Lilly89

GET. THIS. APP. NOW  Gamer Lilly89  5 star

This app makes it so much easier to track my sleep time and even though I don’t pay for premium, it’s still a really good app. I’ve even set goals for myself to see how long I’ll be able to sleep for, it also helps me deal with my sleep patterns. I can honestly say that this app is definitely worth getting.


App broken after last update  forest_3737  3 star

App continuously crashes on iPhone 5, after last update


New version crashes on iOS 10.3.3  AsleepT  1 star

App tries to open but crashes over and over again. Please fix this wonderful app so I can give it 5 stars again.


Amazing App. Would Recommend!  Eragon93  5 star

This app is great. Especially with premium. You don’t need premium for it to work well I just like the extra sounds and viewing all the data. It really helps me get enough sleep because I can see all my data. Would highly recommend.

✌️m o l l y 😊

Great, helpful app 👏  ✌️m o l l y 😊  5 star

I have never really thought much about my sleep quality until I discovered Sleep Cycle. The app helped me to track the quality (and quantity) of my sleep. It even showed times when I randomly woke up during the night that I didn’t usually remember! Also, can I just say that the morning alarm is so helpful too! My dad used to wake me up and he would just sort of nudge me and I would usually just groan and roll back over to sleep but the alarm always woke me up quickly but gently and I would never snooze on it. It always wakes me up happy with its gentle, soothing tune. I would love to have enough money to pay for the premium version because it’s an amazing and very helpful app and has really helped show me what really goes on in my sleep. Ps. I got life cycle too and it’s great 😉

Crimson mika

Can’t purchase it in full  Crimson mika  3 star

I love this app, however I just don’t do subscription anymore. I have way too many apps I realise I am not using after about a year or so and end up paying for a year for nothing. I would buy this as a full version, even with limited updates.


Doesn’t wake me up  loklojllojllojlojloj  1 star

For the first night it worked really well but since then it hasnt been working at all and I amnt being woken up


Good  Ddddaaaaavvvvvveeeee  3 star

Would like to see how many hours til alarm when setting it and be able to turn off the alarm directly from the lock screen. Otherwise it’s great.


great app  natmags3  5 star

excellent way to get your sleep cycle under control. I aim for 100% sleep quality every night !


Fantabolous  bajebss  5 star

It wakes me up at just the right time when I’m sleeping lightly. I’m not a morning person and the app makes waking up more bareable


Too expensive €€€  Timberbaby  4 star

Interesting stats and facts. Pity you have to pay such a high price to get the full app. It’s way too expensive for what the premium package offers, which is why I haven’t paid it. For just monitoring your sleep and waking you up gently, yeah it’s grand. 4 stars, as 5 stars is just too much money.


Good  eadireland  4 star

It’s a really good app butttt the only thing is that it’s really annoying how it uses all you’re battery. I can’t have a charger by my bed so if I have my phone on like say 90% I’ll wake up and it’ll be on 26% 😕


App doesn’t work when using audio apps  Goeddiegogogo  2 star

Apps such as podcasts do not interact well with this app and prevent it from working. This is very frustrating if you listen to podcasts when falling asleep.


Review  Ellen.G.M  5 star

I have been using your amazing app for over a year now and I absolutely love it. I love the alarm clock feature which help me to get up on time. I have currently been using the free version for the last year and might consider to get premium this year. Ellen.G.M

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