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Now, staying on top of your AT&T accounts is much easier with the myAT&T app.
• Check data usage: Want to keep tabs on your wireless or Internet data usage? Open the app to check usage on the overview screen. Or, use our today view widget to keep it constantly visible.
• Pay your bill: Never miss another payment. View/pay your bill in the app. Tell us how and when, and we'll let you know when your bill is ready.
• Upgrade your phone or plan: Pick it up in the store, or have it delivered to you. You can also make changes to your plan right from the app.

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The applications myAT&T was published in the category Utilities on 2009-05-01 and was developed by AT&T Services, Inc.. The file size is 115.94 MB. The current version is 6.3.1 and works well on 10.3 and high ios versions.

Updates are here. :
We heard about the AT&T PREPAID℠ crash problems, so we fixed the bug.

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Needs to do Setup for Galaxy Wear Watches  Legend45  3 star

AT&T should update this App or create a new one that will work with the Galaxy Wear App to complete the Number Sync setup for Galaxy Watches. Trying to finish the setup going to the AT&T Number Sync site page always fails. Granted the Watch could need a major Tizen update to fix this problem or maybe AT&T needs to update the Network settings on the Watch over WiFi so it can connect to the Network, or maybe Samsung should update the Wear App to do the complete setup like the Apple Watch App does, but AT&T should do what it can to help fix it. The App being just “OK” isn’t good enough.


Garbage  ATTisGARBAGE  1 star

Complete garbage!!!

nicknames are cheap

garbage totally rigged by provincial power abusers  nicknames are cheap  1 star

rigged and yall know it so clean up your cheating lying acts and behave like adults!


Disappointing App  jccgreekgirl  2 star

Makes you log in several times, freezes up, doesn’t save password so you have to log in each time even though you select “save password. You also got rid of showing if text is incoming or outgoing (this stuff is important with teenagers!) I’ve had several live chats about the issues above and they assure me they will be fixed soon. Another time customer service promised to send me an email log that shows whether text are incoming or outgoing. Did they do that? NOPE. So far, customer service and live chat have been all lip service. Disgraceful

Need a new provider

Chat is not readily available most times I log in  Need a new provider  1 star

The app does not work. Cannot work with a company that is so technically challenged


Service  Crash020202  1 star

I don’t get reception anywhere!!

Widget problem!  2 star

The widget will not update. FIX THIS!!!!!


Problems with recent versions  gkmess  2 star

The widget showing data remaining never updates anymore - it has been stuck at the beginning of January and we are now at the end of March. Login takes 20-30 seconds or more, and sometimes it’s an endless loop. This is usually worse on AT&T’s own network. Most elements of the app take a long time to load, making the app painful to use. Only reason it still has 2 stars is because the layout of the controls is somewhat intuitive and responsive. At least I can find things when they do work.


Not worth your time  bdf88881100  1 star

I have called customer service 8 times know to see why I can’t get on the app. Been told everything was fine. I still have not been able to get on the app. It’s a waste of time and not worth having.


Garbage, don’t waste space on your phone  at&teeteepoopoo  1 star

“We’re almost there!” Says the app who has yet to load my bill. I can’t pay through the app, load my usage or try to review tv coverage. Every single time I delete and reinstall the app, nothing changes. For such a large company, this is a very easy fix.

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