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Air Navigation is a high quality flight planning and real time GPS navigation application for VFR pilots. With Air Navigation you plan your routes within a few seconds, track your flights and you have access to a database of worldwide airspaces and waypoints. Prepare your flight better than ever with Air Navigation!

Go to the add-ons section of our website too see the complete list of free and commercial maps and other available products. Register to get database updates and download add-on maps and data from within the application.

The following Add-ons can be obtained for the app:

- Interactive waypoints (more than 180000) and airspaces (more than 100 countries)
- Free maps (open source or from the public domain)
- Aeronautical charts (ICAO, Sectionals, etc.)
- Approach charts (check list of countries available)
- Free elevation data
- 3D Data for synthetic vision and terrain awareness feature
- Notams (requires a subscription)
- ATC Flight Plans
- Free METARSs & TAFs

Main features

- Interactive Moving Map with Airspaces and Waypoints
- Use official or in-official charts as background map
- Display approach charts over the background map
- Plan your routes on the moving map: Multilegs route editor with wind correction, speed, distance, headings and fuel computation.
- Map widgets (position in 2,5,10 minutes, bearing, extended runway, notams, etc)
- Elevation profile with terrain and airspaces in front of plane (free elevation data required)
- Terrain Awareness in 2D and 3D (3D data required)
- 3D synthetic vision with realistic view of the terrain. Support for internal gyros or external AHRS boxes. Displays speed, altitude, attitude, course. Support for external modules with static and dynamic pressure sensors.
- Live flight tracking, requires data connection and a free account on our website
- Direct to Function
- Weight and Balance computer
- Logbook, automatically record block and flight time.
- Instruments, HSI,VOR, ADF, Compas, Altimeter, groundspeed
- Custom waypoint editor
- Support for external modules such as: Levil, Flytec, Flynet2, etc
- Support for connecting to X-Plane and Flight Simulator X (free plugin available on our website)
- Synchronize routes from Air Navigation for OS X
- And much more…

Find all available features on our website:


An iPhone/iPod with a GPS is required to use realtime navigation modules. Internal GPS is disabled when the iPhone's "Airplane mode" is active. Works with external GPS kit for iPod touch and iPhone.

The accuracy of the navigation instruments is better when the iPhone has a clear view of the sky (near the front cockpit for ex.). It may take 1 to 3 minutes to acquire a good GPS signal.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Check out our Online User Manual at if you have any questions about how to use the application.

Satisfied with Air Navigation? Let us know by leaving us a rating and a review in the app store! This would mean a lot to us, thank you so much for your support.

Connect with us on Facebook: and Twitter: and stay up to date about any new updates, bugs or other news regarding Air Navigation.

* Please note that this software is not intended to replace a certified navigation device. You should always use official aeronautical documentation when preparing and performing a flight. You should always use certified navigation devices when performing a flight.

Air Navigation Pro App Description & Overview

The applications Air Navigation Pro was published in the category Navigation on 2009-01-06 and was developed by Xample Sarl. The file size is 309.42 MB. The current version is 6.4.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

New in Version 6.4

Thank you for flying with Air Navigation Pro. To make our app better for you, we regularly provide updates and upgrades into the App Store.

Sharing your flight with friends is now a breeze:
Share your flight directly from Air Navigation Pro via Social Media
Share your flight before takeoff, during your flight or after landing.
Share your flight path and also additional information like your planned route.

Air Navigation Cloud becomes Air Navigation Manager:

Create and manage your own group of pilots with Air Navigation Manager
Live Track an entire fleet on Air Navigation Manager with a new display
Track if your aircraft is flying, OnBlocks, or OffBlocks.

A flight recorder adapted for helicopters:

New buttons allowing to trigger the flight time events manually (OffBlocks/TakeOff/Landing/OnBlocks). Status also gets transmitted to the Live Tracking.

Minor user interface improvements on:

- Bug fixes on Flight time display.
- UI improvement for the Logbook Observations field.
- UI improvement for the Replay controls display.

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Air Navigation Pro Reviews


This company falsifies their claims  Hanson24  2 star

Out of the eight "new additions" to this app, NONE of them are new. This is an aviation developer that treats pilots like they are dealing with a used car salesman. My guess is they update their app on a daily basis to negate the negative reviews that they consistently receive.


Excellent option for worldwide users!  MaxMotoring  4 star

It works nicely, I use it on every flight, a powerful tool that well could be bolted to the panel!


Many bugs on this version makes it useless  Ricsmaal  1 star

It has been a great App since when I bought it but this new version is useless! Please fix a green line that appears over the map and the new feature that allows you to see the destination and departure info won't allow me to go back to the map! Please fix!


Great flying app but buggy version update  SaientzG  3 star

I've been using this app for more than 3 years and I love it. This last major update is still full of bugs and make it unusable (at least in my iPhone 6, didn't upgrade on my iPad yet). Please fix all the errors!


FIX IT!!!  rvm80  5 star

I did The software update 8.3 on my ipad and now I can't get any satellite signal. I use The bad elf antena, in The bad elf app it works ok, but when I use it in The air Nav Pro it does not work. The antena link stay in yellow and never turn in green I know many people having The same problem


Bad Start  CaptEdmo  1 star

I've been using the standard for a while. I finally decided to "invest" in the PRO version for local flights. So far...worthless. The account has me locked out after purchase and FIRST log in. They sell you 3D data through app but not USA sectionals. Go figure. Attempt to contact has ZERO email for assistance...only lists of other people's issues. DO NOT BUY until you can communicate with ANYONE on these apps.


Very lovely app but recently......  Chub2y  5 star

Immediately after updating my iPad mini to the latest IOS 8.2 version I could no longer use the Airnav Pro app on my ipad, it doesn't just respond anymore. I think there has to be an update of the app for the new IOS 8.2 version. Will be grateful if you guys could work on that as soon as possible to enable users like me continue to enjoy the benefits of the app. Thank you.


Mr  Mr DWD  5 star

This is truly an amazing product and well worth having in the cockpit for situational awareness. What would be a nice enhancement would be holding patterns that one could select either over a beacon or any point on the map and using the current aircraft position, show the entry and the pattern either standard or non standard. Also using the speed, plot the course.

Flying Patrick

The best  Flying Patrick  5 star

This app is every pilots dream! Adds tremendous value in every aspect. No brainer, buy it. Also, staff is very friendly if you encounter problems. And no, I am not an employee but really love this product and highly recommend it.


Cool app with a few issues  TrikeCI  3 star

Really great VFR app with a few issues I discovered once I took it flying. The lack of good weather info is the biggest one. I am using the app in the US and the QNH is given in hPA, which cannot be used to set the altimeter. TAF is typically missing and the weather info remarks are often formatted in a rather difficult to read way. A weather overlay is needed with different parameters such as wind and precipitation. Radar would be good and the app eventually needs to support ADSB. For now I’d like to load this weather info while still on the ground and then use it offline during flight. Also there is a lot of info missing from the A/FD. I’d like this app to provide all the info including an aerial picture of the airport. The route display using custom waypoints should show more info on distance, estimated fuel, etc. in the regular view and not just in edit view. And finally I’d like to easily measure distances while en-route. One of the great features available is the easy scratch pad. It also seems that while this app is cheaper to start, it adds up quickly with a high granularity of chargeable items as opposed to a bundled subscription.


50대, 인생을 잘 정리하자 privateflightkr 3 star

@AirNavPro: Air Navigation Pro iOS 6.4 - AVIATION APPLICATION FOR PILOT: vía @YouTube


Air Navigation Pro AirNavPro 3 star

Air Navigation Pro iOS 6.4 - AVIATION APPLICATION FOR PILOT: vía @YouTube


DicasdePilotagem Dicas_Pilotagem 3 star

Curso de navegação aérea Curso de GPS Curso de APP Air Navigation Pro (iOS e Android) Atualização de GPS Garmin...


Better than an expensive hand-held GPS  gwbburg  5 star

I recently decided to try ANP as a replacement for my AirMap 500 when it died (instead of buying a new handheld costing at least $800). I had already learned that the built-in iPhone GPS reception is not adequate for use inside the cockpit of my Piper Warrior. However, following the advice of the ANP author, I purchased a TomTom iPhone mount. This resulted in excellent GPS reception with the iPhone mounted on the yoke (I kludged my old AirMap mounting bracket to hold the TomTom mount). But the really good news is that ANP is very well designed and well supported. Even with the need to buy the TomTom mount (about $90), it is a bargain. In my past GPS experience I have always preferred to use map mode, so I won't comment on the simulated instruments. Using ANP I tried map mode both with free downloaded background maps and with a sectional map, which cost only $.99. Although I thought I would like the sectional best, I actually found that it was too cluttered and busy for the background on a small device. However, with the free background map installed, and ANP's airport and airspace markings enabled, I find the screen much more readable, especially when you only have time to glance at it. In this mode the airplane mark and the airports and airspace markings stand out nicely over a muted background with towns, roads, shorelines, etc. I like the map scale marker that is displayed in the upper right, and it is very useful to be able to zoom in and out either by the usual two fingered pinching, or by stretching or shrinking the scale marker. I tried ANP in both North up and Course up modes. North up mode has the advantage that the background map legends are horizontal if you are looking for a landmark. But I prefer Course up mode, so that keeping the route vertical is a good visual indicator for being on course. The airport and airspace labels are nicely rotated in Course mode so you can read them as well. With the TomTom mount the reception is good enough that the map rotation is very smooth during turns. The only minor disappointment is that there is no N arrow on the map, so you need to look at the numerical course indicator to find out the actual direction you are heading. I found ANP to be a very worthy successor to my departed AirMap. It is easy to setup, easy to use, and the hi-res color display is a big improvement. I was also pleased that I had problem with glare or too much sunlight (probably helped by the anti-glare sheet stuck on my iPhone screen). ANP is perfect for VFR flying, and would also work for IFR routing. And the fact that it is installed on my iPhone and always in my pocket is very handy!


Nice app  Ksp_530  4 star

Great app, but crashes sometimes on ios4.


The only serious aviation moving map app for the iPad and iPhone with worldwide support  michakaufman  5 star

I'm not sure what's better, the app or the ultra-fast support this developer is offering. Updates very frequently and offers great value for VFR pilots. Worth every dollar. Recommended!


Great app!  beachlovertb  5 star

I'm simply amazed by this and other apps like it. Does anyone remember dead reckoning? I look forward to any updates. How can anyone not find this amazing?


Not ready for primetime  Westcoastflyer  1 star

This program is incredibly buggy. You can not rely on it to operate when you need it, therefore it falls into the realm of junk ware,and definitely not worth the hefty price tag. The software coding is extremely poor and everything runs very laggy compared to other gps mapping program. Something is wrong in the way it handles GPS tracking. Without a waypoint database his program is useless for flight planning. It's worth $1.99 and that's all until they get it working right. The map store is a great feature though, but everything else is bad. Save your money and skip this program until they revise it.


THE aviation GPS navigator to beat  C208AV8R  5 star

I don't write reviews often but I felt compelled to write about this app. When I first tried the app at home I was already quite impressed with the feature set. However, there were a few little bugs, but nothing that would prevent use of the app. I actually contacted the developers thru email and they answered my concerns within a hour. They said that they knew of the issues and that a new version was already submitted for review by Apple. This app really came to life once I took it flying. I fly professionally and wanted a backup system in case of an electrical failure. I have been waiting for a dev to come out with an iPad offering just like this one. First of all, the pros: Very intuitive app. Menus are all very easy to access and set in a logical manner. I used to use a tablet pc before the iPad and let me tell you how frustrating that was. The interface is beautiful and I love the HSI presentation on the main screen. You can actually set two navigation modes in the same session. What I mean is that you can have the HSI set to one waypoint and the VOR of ADF to another. Very neat. Airports and navaids are selectable by tapping directly on them on the map. A menu pops up to give you the info on that particular item and then you can select DIRECT TO right from that menu. No typing, which make it super fast and easy to change destination or waypoint. You can modify the main screen to your taste. Nice touch. You can select north up or track up. Believe it or not that is a feature that is not always offered in apps like these. Flight time logging is a feature I though was a gimmick. The devs say that it will log your flight time automatically when you start moving and will sense when you are taking off, thus providing a block time and a flight time record. In the professional flying world, this is what we use. Not only did this feature work, but it worked flawlessly. What would be great though is if we could store tail numbers so that wee don't always have to type it in every flight. Sectional charts are of very good quality and are a steal at .99c. You can actually select and track radials by using the OBS on the HSI and VOR. Very nice feature for a GPS navigator. GPS reception is flawless on the iPad. I had this thing on my knee the entire time and even put it on the floor away from the windows to test it. Still had reception! So signal is no issue here. This app tracked accurately and precisely during the entire flight. I tested accuracy against a Garmin 530W. Cons: Database for fixes or intersections is non existent. This seriously limits what you can do as far as flight planning along airways. However, I am under the impression this is coming sometime soon. IFR enroute charts would be killer on this app. And a miracle would be approach chart support. Also, a "scratch pad" feature like in the FOREFLIGHT app would be nice for note taking. The search feature for airports and navaids is a bit weird. Sometimes you have to type the full 4 letter identifier and sometimes it will take 3 letters. And the search feature doesn't always seem to find what you are looking for. Perhaps I'm not doing something right. I'm not sure just yet. All in all this is a very well made GPS navigator. It's reliable and makes a great secondary nav option or as an emergency backup. Plus, you can get the iPhone version at no extra cost. I highly recommend this app and I am looking forward to the updates and I am excited about it's potential.


Great Application  shrekthemp  4 star

Add this to your pilot toolbox. With this app I have the same tools that my friend has on his Garmin. The only thing I haven't found yet is updated weather overlays.

b206 pilot

Incredible  b206 pilot  5 star

Great app with all kinds navigation functions/instruments. Very professional and comprehensive software.


Great start  Blc131  5 star

This application is impressive considering it is using gps for the direction ind, alt, VORs, and speed indicator. GPS on the iPhone isn't going to respond as smooth as your garmin but it works. Although it may be difficult to use true compus data for this app due to the fact that you would then have to mount the iphone perfectly in the plane, it would still be a great option. One other suggestion is to add an email option for exporting the flight plan and add frequencies to the airport info when you click on the airport icon on the GPS map. Also would be good to show radial in digital representation instead of just analog. Nice job. I like it. Hope to see some additional features soon.


Air Nav Pro  Cosimgood  3 star

Used this week in the Piper worked OK. Need to add Airspace to the maps and get rid of the Turn Indicator on main page and add larger font for Tracking , Speed, and ETA. Would be a nice feature if you could turn off NDB's and VOR's on display, also, quick way to pick recent waypoints would a benefit. For the price makes handy backup or with added features would great for rented aircraft that doe not have GPS installled.

Air Navigation Pro Comments

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