GuitarToolkit - tuner, metronome, chords & scales

GuitarToolkit - tuner, metronome, chords & scales download

Lighten your gig bag! GuitarToolkit delivers all your essential guitar tools—tuner, metronome, chords, scales & arpeggios.

Supports all your instruments! 6-, 7- and 12-string guitar, 4-, 5- and 6-string bass, ukulele, banjo and mandolin, each with standard & alternate tunings.

■ Tuner, chords, scales & arpeggios automatically adapt for the selected instrument & tuning.
■ Superb chromatic tuner, every bit as accurate as dedicated hardware tuners but far more flexible.
■ Massive library of over 2,000,000 chords, scales and arpeggios. Strum chords and tap notes to hear what they sound like.
■ Precision metronome can run in background while using other GuitarToolkit features or other apps.
■ Chord finder answers the question, "What chord is this?"
■ Universal: buy once and use on your iPhone, iPad & iPod touch
■ And so much more!

■ Chord Sheet Creation & Editing: Create chord progressions from GuitarToolkit's vast 2,000,000 chord library. Tap to add chords, easily email your Chord Sheets to bandmates or students. Interactive chord playback, just touch to hear your chords play.
■ Drum Pattern Creation & Editing: Create rich, exciting drum patterns for practice and jamming. Custom-build patterns with up to 32 tracks and 75 different drum sounds.
■ Custom Instruments: Create virtual instruments inside GuitarToolkit that look and sound like your real-life instruments!

■ NEW: Jump start your chord & rhythm skills! The Chord Sheet Store delivers professionally-crafted learning content based on GuitarToolkit's powerful interactive Chord Sheets.
■ The most comprehensive & highly-rated guitar tool in the App Store!
■ Best-of-breed tuner, huge chord / scale / arpeggio library, flexible metronome

GuitarToolkit - tuner, metronome, chords & scales App Description & Overview

The applications GuitarToolkit - tuner, metronome, chords & scales was published in the category Music on 2008-07-11 and was developed by Agile Partners. The file size is 77.73 MB. The current version is 2.6.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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GuitarToolkit - tuner, metronome, chords & scales Reviews

The Reluctant Critic

Tuner Highly Inaccurate  The Reluctant Critic  3 star

All these years I’ve had this app I didn’t realize how inaccurate it was until I took my guitars to a tech and he used a digital tuner. I had thought my intonation was off on all guitars, because this app rendered wild variations at the 12th fret. Still has scales and a chord library, but the tuner is now worthless to me. Too bad because I loved the alternate tunings feature. Now I do it all digitally. If you want to stick with apps, insTuner is very accurate, even at the 12th fret.


Severly outdated app.  Jarexx  1 star

App is outdated.

jack river

Quit Working  jack river  1 star

I don’t know what’s going on but after using this (paid) tuner app for a couple years, it now doesn’t work at all.


Probably needs an update as the tuner doesn’t react any longer  Stubbsz  2 star

Tuner broken. Doesn’t respond to...well sound which is probably important

Dr. Joe schmoe

Don’t recommend  Dr. Joe schmoe  1 star

I’ve had this app for years (paid like ten bucks). They came out with an update a while ago and it erased everything I had. Now the tuner only works some of the time. I’m now going to purchase another tuner app 👎🏾 Now they have my money and I don’t have a tuner. 🖕🏿

Left Handed Method

Bought the original  Left Handed Method  1 star

It was great. Now I have to pay more money to make ads go away.


4 Cents Sharp  conchero  3 star

I started using this App as my main guitar tuner several years ago because I always seem to have my iPhone with me, but apparently I never checked to verify how accurate it is, because just now, years later, I have discovered that this App is consistently tuning my lowest 3 guitar strings 4 cents sharp. The top 3 strings are spot on, compared to other tuners, but not the bottom 3. This happens both acoustically when tuning with the build-in iPhone microphone, and when I plug electrically directly into the iPhone. Any idea why this happens? I know I can shift the reference pitch, but that will only help me half the time. Why would it measure some strings right in tune, but others 4 cents sharp? I don't understand from a technical perspective how this is possible.

Further up and further on

Love this app!  Further up and further on  5 star

I have used this app for years. It always works and has all the functions I need. I upgraded as a thank you to the developer. I just really love this app.

Moab Mutha

Best guitar app!  Moab Mutha  5 star

Been using for years. Best app for finding chords where you need them on the neck. Really useful for extended chords for jazz.


How about Apple Watch compatibility?  Hoolypajooly  5 star

Super useful. I’ve been using this app for years, and it does the job, and then some. How cool would it be to have this on my Apple Watch as well, so I don’t have to hold the phone with one hand, pluck with the other and then have to put it down to adjust? It would make things so much easier!


Was good when the tuner worked...  Leeshy99  2 star

I purchased it for the tuner now the tuner function won’t work at all. Disappointing.


Scales are silly  AshleyManney91  2 star

It doesn't tell you to play the open string on first octave scales. This confuses beginners! Please fix this it's stupid.


Dissatisfied  Scrubplane  1 star

Can't recognize a note!


Tuner needs to be able to be calibrated  hh1001hh  2 star

iPad and iPhone show different states of tune. Unable to contact developers via their feedback link in app. Calibration required.


Tuner broken  beyondtool  1 star

I used to love this app but sadly the inbuilt tuner doesn't work correctly any more it's several notes off an accurate tune. I'm also sick of the in app advertising all the time, I just want to tune my guitar and move on with my life...looking for an alternative app.

Hogg kill

Crashes after paying for upgrade  Hogg kill  1 star

I have used this app for years with no issues then after purchasing an upgrade "One time offer" it crashes on startup. Don't download until the issue is fixed. I'm feeling cheated and ripped off.

Leon LeFonque

Don't  Leon LeFonque  1 star

Terrible update app rendered useless.


Useless  maxlew  1 star

Used to be amazing, now it won't even open. So sad to see a great app ruined.


Crashes after in app purchase!  sitoyne  1 star

Exactly the same as all other reviewers, I bought the upgrade and now the app crashes every time you open it. Absolute rubbish! You've destroyed a near perfect app!!


Do not buy this until it has been fixed and actually opens on iPhones. Currently it dies not run.  Garyhumf  1 star

Do not buy this.


My go to guitar app  Aaron59  5 star

Whoa, I don't understand all the negative reviews- with everything this app does I think dismissing an ad is trivial. I have no affiliation with the developers by the way. Wonderful app!


Hunk of junk  Ivegotfleas  1 star

was once a good app. But now is not even worth free. and definitely not worth upgrading. i had paid for it and it wants to ask me to upgrade again. ill just go get a real tuner from the music store that wont ask for money every year.


forget it  lib747  1 star

..I originally paid about $10 for this app. The newest update is spamming me to upgrade. Seriously? This review is polite because I want it to get posted, ..the only reason why?

News Hound

No 70% off as advertised!  News Hound  2 star

I downloaded this app and tried to upgrade at the advertised special offer of 70% off. I had to pay a higher cost of 50% off for the upgrade. Also not able to restore purchases on the iPhone version.


Nagware!  pqqa  1 star

This app nags me to buy more crap from them almost every time I open it - really annoying! I could understand such annoyances if this app had been free, but it was one of the most expensive apps I've purchased.


Can't recommend anymore  backporchphilosophy  1 star

I used to love this app. Then, they updated it so I constantly get asked if I want to upgrade. No, I don't want to upgrade. I only use the app for the tuner, which is great. It's really like they refuse to stop asking if I want to upgrade to annoy me into doing it. It's a laughable "extortion."


Spammed by new version  SurfGreen22  1 star

The app itself is great and I've been using it for several years paying $10 I believe when I bought it. However after downloading the new version of this app every time I open it it confronts me with an advertisement to "upgrade". Super annoying and quite disrespectful to paying customers.


Upgrade Pricing is Glitched  fretdevil  2 star

The in app ad stated the upgrade price was 70% off for a total of $2.99. Upon upgrade I was charged $5.99 and do not see any new content. Apple is issuing a refund!!!


Spam  Southtown121  1 star

Ads in paid version. Wow. 👎


Wow, amazingly better and better¡  S3Rji  5 star

I can hardly believe that when I checked reviews for this app, that there had only been 5..... I've had this app for soooo long and it's always been so nice for me it's nuts. The upgrade is worth it and should have just came priced with it, the features are more than most knock off type tuner programs. I hope it keeps getting better as I upgrade with it, keep it up!


Perfect Guitar App  SheaStudios79  5 star

I use this app every day. You really couldn't ask for much more. Tuner is highly accurate, chord/scale library is vast, and loads of other options built in. I also emailed their customer service with a question, they responded the same day. Love this app!


Best guitar app ever...  Skooal1  5 star

I play in open D and C... This is the only guitar app that gives me tuner, chords, scales... For any open/alternate tuning out there... Thank you!!!


Best guitar app!  Av_ireland  5 star

Bought it almost year ago and it is always on my first screen. Great app! Absolutely love it!

David dutton...

Does wat it says on the tin...  David dutton...  5 star

No need for chord books or scale books.... Hear every note on a 6-12 string - bass- mandolin.... And tune the lot... Serious app...


One of the best  Narcoleptoc  5 star

Quite simply one of the most complete, most useful apps I've bought


Brilliant  fitzy72  5 star

It's fantastic to have a guitar tuner on you all the time ya never know when it's gonna come in handy.... but it does believe me.€7.99 for an accurate tuner it's a no brainer

Jack Daniels is james's son

Unreal!  Jack Daniels is james's son  5 star

Best thing ever!


I use it every day  ElephantChowder  5 star

Brilliant app. Worth it for the tuner alone. Scales and chords too.

Marco Srang

Super App.  Marco Srang  5 star

Everthing works really well. If you play guitar this is for you. Possibly even more useful for experienced players than beginners.


Music  Nanorreham  5 star

This is a must have for every guitarist..

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