Voilà AI Artist Cartoon Photo

Voilà AI Artist Cartoon Photo [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Oh hello there! Welcome to Voilà AI Artist, a special little app that turns your photos into stunning pieces of art such as Pixar Inspired Cartoon, Renaissance Painting, Hand Drawn Caricature by combining Human's creativity and Artificial Intelligence's capabilities.

Have limitless fun!
- Get yourself painted as 15th century, 18th century and 20th century paintings
- Turn your selfie into 3D Pixar Inspired Cartoon out of animated movies
- Get your very own Royalty Cartoon drawing , or maybe a Baby Cartoon version of yourself
- Have a little LOL-tastic moment, getting your photo drawn as a hilarious caricature
And many more to come :)

About Voilà AI Artist
Voilà AI Artist is the first product created with love by WEmagine.ai , a team of 2 founders, creative and technology enthusiasts who love to create something wonderful by combining the best of Human and AI 's best capabilities. 

We care about your privacy
We take your privacy seriously and will make sure to update you with transparent and clear updated TOS and Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy : https://www.wemagine.ai/privacypolicy

Be sure to check out our Terms of Use
Terms of use : https://www.wemagine.ai/terms-of-service

Voilà AI Artist Pro
For added functionality, try Voilà AI Artist Pro subscription service completely free for 3 days and enjoy no watermark and no ads. If you love it, keep it for as little as $2.99 per week. If you prefer a monthly subscription, our price is $5.99 per month and $29.99 per year for yearly subscription.

*These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

*Your Voilà AI Artist Pro subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can go to your Settings > iTunes Account & App Store > Apple ID > Subscriptions to manage your membership and turn auto-renew off. Your iTunes Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed.

Let's keep in touch ^^
Instagram : Instagram.com/VoilaAiArtist
Facebook : Facebook.com/VoilaAiArtist
Twitter : Twitter.com/VoilaAiArtist
Pinterest : Pinterest.com/VoilaAiArtist

Please enjoy Voilà AI Artist and share the masterpiece of you and your loved ones!

Created with love, Voilà AI Artist team at wemagine.ai

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Voilà AI Artist Cartoon Photo Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hello there :D We squashed some bugs and make experience smoother! Love, Team Voila AI Artist

Voilà AI Artist Cartoon Photo Comments & Reviews


This game is nothing like the other “cartoon yourself” kind of games! It actually works extremely well and if that’s not all u don’t need to pay a thing! A lot of the games I’ve tried always try to pull you into a subscription however this game doesn’t even suggest it! To conclude, this game is worth getting if you want to see your self with a cartoon face!

- this app is meh.

I like this app because it has unique filters but what’s annoying is the consistent adds. There’s just too many and their all just to long. it was like Every single picture I would put in, it would show a add every single time. It got annoying very quickly. I had fun with it a little bit but this app isn’t worth paying for, trust me. You get bored pretty fast with the consistent adds. And idk if this happens for everybody but, my pictures, when i put em in for the filter, weren’t really accurate. like idk I just looked weird as a cartoon character, my eyes were too big.. but other then that this app is okay but it gets old very fast.

- Waste of time

To be honest I thought the app would be really cool. And it was the first pic I tried. But then all of the different options looked so similar to the last one that it felt pointless to have the other options. Then I spent more time watching adds than I got to look at my photo options. Changed over 6 pics and it took a hot 10 minutes thanks to the adds. I wouldn’t even had minded paying $2.99 once but each week or $30 a year for an app that is silly basic seems a little silly to me. To those who like this app congrats but it was definitely not worth my time.

- Fun App!

Fun and easy to use! Great ad balance for free app use… Even still, I purchased a year to support continued development :-) I gave 4 stars as a paid user. It’s a pain to navigate one photo through the main categories. It make sense when considering a free user. There needs to be a way to take one picture and run through all the categories and sub filters, even if it were for just paying clients. It’s fun while it’s new, but it already making the app boring and tedious.

- So cool

This app is so cool so my phone is technically connected to my moms phone so I don’t know who downloaded this but whoever did awesome I went on the app to see what it was before I deleted it and then I saw that they turned you into a cartoon picture I took a picture and I did it I did it I love this app so far I just got it today but is so far so good I’ll post you on the app

- Cool but…

Love the simplicity and it works really well. You have lots of options to choose from and save, however if there is one thing missing, an option to just buy it instead of subscribing! More and more companies are realizing that everyone can’t subscribe to everything and are offering a ‘buy it’ option. Wish this App had that option. I’m maxed out on subscriptions…

- Fun!!

Yeah, the ads for the fee version are annoying, but still! Even if it’s a terrible picture, you’ll still look good. The subscription model for this app doesn’t really make sense. However, paying a price for a certain number of pictures, I could understand.

- Was awesome while it lasted

I downloaded this app onto my iPhone 6s and used it for approximately one hour. The effects were awesome and I was really planning on purchasing the full edition. But then after an hour or so just kept giving me an error message saying that there was no Internet connection. I had it connected to my Wi-Fi the entire time and all of my other apps were having no problems. Do you list to say I will not be purchasing the app at this time.

- Cute App!

I love seeing the cartoon version of myself. I saw a few people use it and immediately downloaded it. Not disappointed at all! Make sure to use your best photos that don’t already have some sort of filter or it will be blurry


Ok so this app is so cute and artistic. The pictures are cute but I have one little problem. There are a lot of adds and I know they need to make money but I think there should be a little less adds. But that’s all. If you read this have a amazing day! 🤍

- Love it

Love this app. It’s so fun and the images come out so cute. Just wish I did the whole image not just the face. It would also be nice if it could do more then one person in a picture.

- Awesome but...

Developers if you added a option to allow us to select what portion of the face including hair, we want to use and then have our selection be the results then I would most definitely change this review to five stars I hope you understand what are mean thank you

- Not bad

Love the app but not enough to pay 30$ a year for just making you a cartoon. I’m amazed at how amazing the photos look. Only thing I hate is after each time you do a pict there is this long add and gets very annoying very quick.

- Max capacity concern

I love the app but after some pictures it keeps telling me that the servers are at full capacity and to try back later. I subscribed to it and paid for it and it still tells me the same thing over and over this is definitely a concern and needs to be fixed right away. Besides that it’s a cool app but my concerns is that this part of the app will not be fixed.

- Super cute

For a free app there are lots of options to upgrade. Still figuring out how to use the app. But love the options to make characters for our family.

- Removes darker features

I think this app has a lot of potential, but it converts my darker skin into a much lighter shade, it turns dark brown eyes blue or green, and also modifies our noses to be slimmer and more European. I am disappointed that this app uses traditional European features as their default. I will be asking for a refund and I hope the developers fix this in the future

- Great pic but I feel forced to review

This is one of the better “toon yourself”’apps but I’d like to use it mire than 2 times before I’m asked to review the App after each photo I’ve finished. Would have been 5 stars if you could have been patient.

- Does free trial period limit # of pictures? Server down?

Does the free trial period limit the # of pictures? After having fun with 4 or 5 pictures, I get a message the servers are at full capacity (since yesterday). Even worse, if I decide to eventually subscribe and pay, is the server issue prevalent???? Right now I can’t use an otherwise very good app. If there are no server issues this is a 5 star review.

- Very Accurate!

This is a very accurate cartoon generator. I may upgrade to the Pro version because it will offer more features. This is worth a peak!

- this is actually accurate for once.

Definitely an app you want to get. You won’t be disappointed.

- Excelente and easy!

Finally something easy enough and older person with limited abilities can use.

- Love!

Saw a friend post one of their pics from this app on fb and HAD to try it! So glad I did. Much more accurate than other apps I’ve tried. Love the style and authentic look of the final images!

- Cute idea

Fun to play with. Wait until I’ve figured it out, not two minutes into using it, to ask for a review.

- Enjoying the app

So many apps say they will make a cartoon out of your picture and they aren’t even close. This app really does it!

- An amusing app

Fun to use and changes the mood of profile pictures to suit the post. Easy to use and may have use beyond amusement.

- App is cool. Commercials are not.

Having a 30 second commercial every picture choice is excessive. I won’t keep this app because of too many commercials. The pics are so cute.

- Spot on!

I have downloaded 3 apps trying to get cartoon pictures of my girls and this app is the only one that could accurately create this image for me!

- So much fun!

There are so many fake cartoon apps out there! This is the real deal! I have been having a blast! You can have hours of fun!!! 💙

- Awesome app but buggy

The app itself is awesome when its working, but I can barely use it because I keep getting an error message saying “our servers are at full capacity, try again later”. Frustrating considering I just spent $20 on the app.

- Voila Review

This app is super fun with my kiddos, they love using it for themselves and friends. It’s great for a rainy day and also fun to make stories with characters that look like them!

- Love

I love this app it is soooooo fun the only thing I would change is that is has an add after the process of photo understand hast to have ads but I feel like it’s too many.

- Horrible

You guys didn’t try your app with people of color, did you? Because if I choose myself to cartoonist, it only shows the brightest part of my face, unless I use B&W. Or if my face is close to a white person’s face, the apps does the white person. Y’all probably need to fix this before it gets out you have a racist app.

- Great app

I love this app and the fact that it gives you three choices to pick from! I will have so much fun using this!

- So easy!

This app is so easy to use, quick, and provides many options.

- Really realistic images

Love this app. The cartoon character looks really close to actual person.

- Very cool

Just downloaded the app and started using it and it is amazing! Quick to convert photos and the final product is spot on.

- These turn out super cute

I love this app everything always turns out so cute and looking like real cartoon characters!!

- I love this app!

This is so great! It’s very accurate and the entire family loves seeing what they look like as characters.

- Just Trying It

This seems pretty cool so far. I’ve only been able to try to use one photo and this popped up for me to rate.... I will update completely later.

- Beautiful

Awesome!! Incredible nothing else , this app rocks, is fast can’t wait to show it to my friends absolutely love it.

- So fun!

I love this app because it is just so fun to play with I can’t stop taking pictures to revert. The little kids are the most fun.

- Fun, but key issues

This is a fun app but it has the MOST obnoxious ads. I get it, you need ads. But they constant and soooo long in duration. I would uninstall the app before I bought something advertised here. Also, all my photos are coming out with fuzzy blurred edges. It’s annoying.

- Actually worked

I can’t believe it! This actually worked!

- Good app

Looks good so far, asked for a review before I could really do anything. But the picture look like me at least

- Unsure yet. Just installed

Forced to review before even given a chance to try things out.

- Some Sunday fun!

This was fun to do with the family! I did my nephew and my husband walked over and said, “That looks like B” not realizing how this works. So keeps a good resemblance.

- Best app ever!!

This is the best app I have ever downloaded and I don’t have many. I only downloaded the very best or at least what I think is the best!!

- It is ok

Had a had time finding something that looked like me, eyes were always wrong. Or when I was smiling it put me with lips together. I found theRenaissance was the best.

- Not working for me

When I click on a picture to use, it says “Download 100% complete” but never opens the photo to be able to cartoon it. I have given complete photo access and reinstalled it 3 times and have the same issue every time. Anyone else have this issue? 😬🤷‍♀️

- Nice photo

Hope this keeps working as seamlessly as it did today!

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- Fun apps

Love the apps 👍. The only thing is this is the 2nd day I used it and it already gave me error and I cannot use again. Hopefully they can fix it. And not sure How to report error 😅

- Younger me!


- No problems

This is a great app You don’t have that many adds, and it’s super easy to use Fun and effective, DEFINETELY get this app

- Cute!

Finally an app that gives cool cartoon faces of your photos. Love it! Everyone’s a cartoon face now - lol

- Great app!

Quick n easy to use! Fantastic results!

- Don’t pay for the turbo speed upgrade

Paid $4.49 for ‘turbo speed’ and it takes AGES to load. Have restarted app thrice and it still hasn’t gotten to a point where it displays a finished image.

- Wow!

The best and most fun app I’ve used recently!

- Amazing Work!!

Thank you guys to share this amazing app for free!!! I love it!!

- McCarrison

Very interesting I just downloaded this app so I can't give a rating yet.

- 3D

It’s really nice and fun!! Keep up the good work 👍🏾

- Fun

Great fun and easy to use

- Always having errors

Never working. So bad

- Great app

Great app

- Fun!

It’s a fun app

- Fun

Great fun


Loved it!

- Awesome


- Inspired to create cartoons ❤️

love it

- Very good

Very good apps

- Good fun


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- Super

Beaucoup de plaisir et facile a utiliser

- A cool fun app

A cool fun app.

- Voila app

This is totallyawesome

- Wow!

Awesome app!

- Great

Great app

- Cute App!

I do so the likeness compared to an actual photo. 👍🏽

- Tite_mercier


- Cute

Very cute app

- Quality

Very nice

- Love this

Fun app ..

- Gh2021


- Voila

Love this app and would recommend it highly.

- Super fun

Always fun to visualize yourself in an animated movie...

- Awesome

Such fun!

- Looks good so far

Still trying it but seems fun

- Mot quite

Of 3 options, the 3D and 2D were not good émouchet. The caricature however, was quite good in Ha mode!

- Wow

Super cute!

- Voilà!

Canon! Comme appli.

- Amusant! Intéressant!


- Good

It’s awesome app, I like it

- Fun

Now I just want to place my cartoon face everywhere. Nice cute app:)

- Awesome app

Looks great

- Pretty cool

Take the wrinkles out and refresh your face

- So fun

Loved it

- So much fun!

I am having so much fun with this app I’m actually going to buy the full program! Love it!!

- Awesome

It’s awesome and easy to use!

- Voilà!

Trop cool!

- Vraiment génial

Facile, bien fait et rapide.

- Good app

I really like that app because it gives you like a lot of cute cartoon pictures I give this a 10 out of 10 app

- Fun App!

I wondering what I’d look like if I were a cartoon character; nice 👍

- Je voudrais canceller cette application svp

Annulation de cette application svp

- Super!


- Parfait

Gratuite! Application amusante et très bien réalisée! Le seul bémol serait que l’on ne peut pas faire plusieurs visages mêmes temps ;)

- 1 commentaire

Pas trop d’instruction pour moi, qui n’a pas grandi avec la technologie, mais le résultat est WoW j’adore

- Very Cool!

Love this app! Lots of fun!

- Love!!

This is such a great app! Love it!! So fun!!!

- Jolie


- Coccinelleverte


- Ta elle

Très bon

- Cool

Vraiment top comme appli

- Fun!

Lots of fun

- Awesome!

So fun!

- Love it

Very entertaining app.

- CARtoon painter

Nice and easy. Perfect for my vlogging thank’s

- Family fun

Fun to do with your kids

- Yaaman

Juste Wow!

- Commentaire


- So good


- Transformation

Surprenant d’efficacité!

- So fun!

Love it!

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Voilà AI Artist Cartoon Photo 1.2.1 Screenshots & Images

Voilà AI Artist Cartoon Photo iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Voilà AI Artist Cartoon Photo iphone images
Voilà AI Artist Cartoon Photo iphone images
Voilà AI Artist Cartoon Photo iphone images

Voilà AI Artist Cartoon Photo (Version 1.2.1) Install & Download

The applications Voilà AI Artist Cartoon Photo was published in the category Photo & Video on 2021-03-18 and was developed by Wemagine.ai LLP [Developer ID: 1569375529]. This application file size is 222.18 MB. Voilà AI Artist Cartoon Photo - Photo & Video app posted on 2021-06-08 current version is 1.2.1 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.wemagineai.voilaaiartist