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What is summoners war: lost centuria app? The more the merrier! New content update complete!
Enjoy the new content with more Summoners!

Are you looking for a battle where you can enjoy both action and strategy? Start Summoners War: Lost Centuria now!
From the creators of the global hit game Summoners War: Skyarena comes an addicting real-time strategy RPG with all your favorite Summoners War monsters.

▶ You Against the World
- Fight with Summoners around the world in real-time battles.
- Breathtaking real-time battles with spectacular skill animations.
- Compete for the top rank against players worldwide.

▶ Experience a Deeper Level of Strategy
- Real-time strategic action with unpredictable counterattack mechanics
- Fast-paced dynamic battles that require a quick mind and a quicker finger.
- Claim victory with surprise counterattacks in epic 8v8 battles.
- Strategize for a variety of PvE and PvP content.

▶ Collect Unique Monsters
- Summon the iconic monsters that captured 100M summoners around the world from the popular RPG, Summoners War: Sky Arena.
- Earn a legendary monster through battle rewards.

▶ Create Your Dream Team
- Craft Runes and equip Skill Stones to upgrade your favorite monsters.
- Choose from 12 different Rune sets and 3 types of Skill Stones to find the ultimate combination.
- Come up with the best strategy to make the most of your team in fun, dynamic battles!

▶ Your Strategy Matters! More Fierce and Various Battle Systems
- Rank higher in the World Tournament and increase your chances of advancing to the next level tournament!
- Battle with randomly provided monster cards in Event Mode!
- Experience various unique battle systems and plentiful rewards in Lost Centuria!

▶ More Ways to Play with Your Friends!
- Invite friends and get progressively bigger rewards as your friends become stronger!
- Start your very own friendly contests! Don't miss out on this opportunity in Goodwill Contest!

▶ Call in the Squad!
- Form an Alliance with players around the world.
- Work together with Alliance members to upgrade your monsters with card sharing.
- Earn and redeem Alliance points for more summons and other amazing rewards.

▶ Let us hear from you!

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- Camera: This is the right to request when using the camera in the in-game profile.
- Photos: This is the right to request when uploading photos from your device to the in-game profile.
- Push Notification: This is the right to request when you want to receive push messages for the game.
- ID for Advertisers: This is the right to request the use of ID for Advertisers (IDFA) for promotion targeting and tracking analysis.

※ You'll be able to enjoy the service except features related to above authorities even if you don't give permission to the above.

▶ How to remove access permissions
After allowing the access permission, you can revoke or modify the access permissions as follows:
- Settings > Privacy > Select the corresponding app > Choose either to enable/disable access

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Items are available for purchase in this game.

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Summoners War: Lost Centuria Version 2.1.512 May 2022

YOU AGAINST THE WORLD! Summoners War: Lost Centuria - New Monster 'Tablo' added - New items added Got feedback? Leave a review or visit and drop us a line!".

Summoners War: Lost Centuria Version 1.11.024 February 2022

YOU AGAINST THE WORLD! Summoners War: Lost Centuria - New Co-op Battle boss - 2 new emojis - 1 new transmogrification Got feedback? Leave a review or visit and drop us a line!.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria Version 1.9.030 December 2021

YOU AGAINST THE WORLD! Summoners War: Lost Centuria - New feature: Recommended deck composition - New event: Dice Event - 2 new transmogs added - 4 new emojis added - New items added Got feedback? Leave a review or visit and drop us a line!.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria Comments & Reviews 2022

- If you want to play, do it now

I started playing because I’ve previously played summoners war. It’s mainly a pvp styled game with minimalistic single player. Matchmaking is fairly good in ranked matches since you only fight people near your current trophy count. I also have to give a 👍 to challenge modes, since all monsters are set to level 10, but it’s kind of daunting since you can get matched with any ranked player (I got frequently matched with diamond and gold players while I’m in bottom silver)🥶🥺. People are complaining it’s a cash grab 🤑🤑🤑 but I feel like it’s not that bad and is fair. There is a summon called “Glory Chests” and 1 chest can be opened after ~1-2 battles to receive a random card. This card is the equivalent to a normal summon as you can pull any rarity of card, even legendary ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. But this leaves you to the mercy of the RNG Gods, as the summon rate for a legendary is ~0.25%. I’ve got fairly good luck and pulled a few legendarys, but your experience will differ, so I can understand why people are frustrated with this game. Overall, a fun pvp mobile game that has a fairly throughout balancing system. Legendary rates are low but it’s fairly easy to do a summon. It didn't earn a 5 star because I’m worried that it will get harder to summon. Since the game is new, there’s a lot of generous events. But as time goes on, there might be less rewards and you’ll have to rely solely on the “Glory Chest” for easy summons.

- Great game but…

When I first started this game it was great I started collecting heroes it was really fun, did ranked battles, and siege battles but when I went to chapter 6 my first stage it was difficult that buff called “Ancient Armor”. It was so annoying I was confused at first when he put the buff and I couldn’t do any damage I thought that buff makes him invincible , but I searched how to beat chapter 6 you have to use that green fairy and witch then I used them but it was still difficult I have to use so much buffs and mana I couldn’t even attack that much cause I have to keep boosting my team up so I could do some damage but not enough to kill them all I only killed 2 people cause it was difficult but with 7 tries on stage 1 I got 3 stars , so I moved to stage with 4 tries I got 3 stars , so I moved on to stage 3 it was different then stage 1 and 2 it was hard cause of the brownie magician she kept switching my cards and I had to wait and I couldn’t get my boost so I had to waste mana to get the boost but if I have to wait and waste mana I will lose and maybe just a 1 star and they had that white angel who 2 shots me , then that fairy who I think does the same thing as brownie magician but he hits the whole team it was so annoying I was so frustrated so I decided to write a review so can you please nerf the ancient armor please it’s to hard and I’m still stuck on the stage and I didn’t even get a single star.

- My thoughts

I really love this game, truly. I’ve been playing it ever since it was released and I love how the game is played and the progression system is fantastic, I love games like these where it’s not a “you pay you win” because it’s not, playing it normally is good enough to earn more and more. My only complaint is the matchmaking system, I’ve never gotten to challenger level but for some reason I am being put against fighters that have way higher level cards than me. If they were 1 level higher than me I can understand that but it’s frustrating when the cards are almost maxed out or already maxed to where strategy isn’t even useful anymore. Not to mention that when I do lose a battle that I clearly had no chance of winning, when I que right back in it’ll put me against the person I just lost to again. Even though the negatives make it hard to admit there’s nothing wrong with the game, the positives overshadow it by a lot, yes the game can be annoying sometimes but I still have a ton of fun with the game and will always keep playing it. Thanks for a very good game!

- Too many and too heavily restricted

Changed my mind from earlier. The game is great by design and i understand your team is still figuring things out. The most notable thing that bothers me the most is the heavy restrictions put on you as the player. Things like not being able to level up Monster/Skill Cards without Mana and the game doesn’t provide enough mana as it is. As the RNG based progression system is bad. Me leveling up and getting better at PvP/PvE is entirely based on me being lucky enough to pull the same cards X amount of times then on top of that have the Mana to pay which increases per level. Your PvE content is restricted and locked behind PvP Ranking and PvP progression is based don you winning, but if you cannot get the cards you need or if your paired against people whos team out levels you then you progress slowly. The PvP system is unbalanced cause though you are paired with people of similar Ranking. They can have teams whos monsters severely out level yours thus you struggle to win if you even are able to. The Counter system is broken in some sense cause some monsters have very quick attacks before your prompted that they were used. Example being Sophia the wind Pierret. She comes out so Utica when attacking that before i can counter she’s almost always guaranteed to hit me at least 2-3 times before my counter prompt initiates. The fact some monsters have longer or shorter counter animations shouldn’t be a losing or winning factor.

- More like 3.75

Fun game, nice events, and they are reacting and fixing the errors fairly fast. Beautiful graphics. I’m f2p and have 3 legendaries already and will probably get a few more with the events. That said some of my commons when they get thier special equip can beat the legendaries so you don’t need to spend at first just figure out the mechanics. That said, the 2 biggest complaints I’ve seen are definitely true. Content is limited and centered around pvp, the pve is extremely small and not very repeatable only the wanted part repeats and is on a very long cooldown so that complaint 2 is also true, resources other than from the event are very limited. You can make it to the top 10% with nothing spent but much further and you run up against those that do spend and they will beat you. So unless you are extremely lucky or willing to spend real money you will run up against a resource wall .

- This is a positive review.

I’ve read a good amount of negative reviews from people who started at launch. I started four days later when most of the initial bugs had been ironed out. My review is only of the game. I enjoy this game because of its unique approach to fighting mechanics, this is not an idle game and involves real time strategy. Usually in gacha games I hate pvp because the actual act of playing pvp is limited behind an energy mechanic, this game doesn’t have that at the time I’m writing this. The main focus is pvp. The reviews stating that the game is p2w are misleading. You can’t play any gacha and be in the top percentile without spending and especially not in under a week. The style of building characters is unique and every tier of character has value. There is no required spending and the ads are not invasive as compared to other titles under the genre. Please enjoy. I started four days late and on the sixth day I’m already in the top 20th percentile! Very technical review but these are just my thoughts.

- Great game!

Ive seen a lot of people saying that this game is impossible! Its impossible to progress! My question to you is, what is your team comp? While higher levels are important, they aren’t the most important thing in the game. Ive found an insanely good team comp, and I’m on a 15 win streak. I don’t think this game deserves all of the 1 star ratings purely because you weren’t as lucky as someone else. If you wait, or find a genuinely good team comp, you can progress. This is what the devs intended, not people complaining about levels. Please consider this and be reasonable. Not everything is perfect though. I do agree that the counter system can be extremely annoying at times, since it can cause stalemates at the start of the game where no one does anything and waits for the other to do something first. The other thing is matchmaking, ill sometimes get put up against someone who quite literally has twice the amount of trophies as me. Other than that, please keep up the great work!

- Some growing pains, but core game is fun

Has release and growing pains, but those will be patched and fixed in due time. The lag issue can be extremely real, but the important thing is that the underlying game is fun. There’s a lot of strategy in the monsters you pick for your team and the decisions you make in-game. I think the game currencies need to be better balanced, however. The mana stone drought is frustrating at times. I understand there’s a desire to push people toward monetization, but come on guys, the level up costs for monsters is barrier enough, don’t you think? People will pay to summon monsters because summoning monsters is fun. Paying for mana stones so you can level those monsters up isn’t. I’m sure there’s some credible data that states early adopters are more likely to pay for currency choke point bypasses, but man, even with the 1k reward for Wanted victories, it can be rough. Thanks for another fun game. Looking forward to new monsters and future features.

- Played at launch, uninstalled then, and now I know why

Let’s get the good out first, the art style is nice and looks clean with (generic) but good characters. Now it’s time for the issues. The matchmaking is not very good, and is heavily set against you. Most matches are either a blow out loss or resounding victory(usually a blowout loss). I reinstalled the game and played 6 matches, the first match I guarantee was a bot, so won soundly. The next 5 MATCHES IN A ROW I played all ended in getting crushed by players with better cards, better luck, but mostly it’s having better cards and being higher leveled than I am. I am a F2P player, and this game is a pretty P2W game. The alliance system isn’t great at all either. The only benefit is giving uncommon (4) and common (10) cards. You want the good cards of legendary and epic? That’s hilarious. Did I mention that the cards are drawn, and the rates are abysmally low to get anything good or useful. A good note is there are frequently events to give you ok stuff, but you have no control over what you get ever. Try this game at your own risk but I would just say away. Too much bad to outway the good

- Changes Needed

I downloaded this game due to the SW event. I really want to like this game but so far it is more frustration than anything else. As others have stated, the Counter system needs completely revamped. It is very frustrating to go against those (usually those that spend money) and have them just sit there and then counter EVERY move you make. And not being able to target? Really? Also, not being able to level up monsters unless you pull a duplicate card is a money grab. So happy I pulled an early legend. Yet even after days and days it sits at level 7 unable to be leveled up. How can you grind and a system be in place where no increase in leveling occurs. The rune system is imo not good. You have to use runes to level up runes? And once you level a rune once or twice it takes many runes to do this. I will stay with this game a little longer and see if changes occur. Otherwise it will be deleted. I gave it 2 stars because the graphics are amazing. It is great to see our favorite monsters visualized like they are. Com2Us please listen to what many reviewers are saying and revamp.

- Avoid this game. It’s a cash grab

Summary down below I have made it to bronze 3. Story mode is locked until you reach a certain tier in ranked pvp battles. The way you get more characters is to open what is a loot box. From the loot box you get a random characters. Now all the good monsters are purple and Orange rarity. Not to mention this isn’t like summoners war where you can grind exp for the monsters and level them up. You have to gain a duplicate of the same monster to level them up. only form of consistent chests early on is glory chest which costs 20 a chest. You gain glory through pvp fights which grant glory. After a while though the game immediately caps your glory gain from pvp fights to 1 per fight. Now on the other hand in pvp your outmatched by whales(players who spend money). The whales spend all their money and can open numerous crates to then gain duplicates of monsters and then level them up. Summary: game is a cash grab to get you to spend your money open up crates to gain duplicates of monsters to then level them up. Just to be able to compete to those who have spent money. The story mode is also locked behind a ranked pvp tier you have to reach.

- Fun times

Game has an interesting take on strategic combat. Live action idea is a great concept... Unfortunately, I am currently unable to progress any further than finishing the tutorial since the matchmaking seems to be broken at launch. I am unable to do anything else without participating in a battle, however, it wont match. I am also unable to cancel the matchmaking after it has started. I have also been unable to find any english support communities on any of the current major forums to discuss or acquire information. Micro transactions seem to work perfectly though, lol. Disappointing launch. Hopefully it gets sorted out. Updated after 3 days:: Avenues for support have expanded almost overnight. Many of the initial issues have been resolved and developers have been quick to resolve any glitches that have come up. Looking forward to the future of the game!

- What it’s like...

This game has a Clash Royale elixir and card cycle system(also collecting the monsters/upgrading them are just like the Clash Royale cards/upgrades)Raid Shadow Legends graphics and Summoners War’s arena PvP aspect with Summoners War’s monsters(also lots of events). Unlike most games the tutorial actually helped me understand how to play(uncommon for most mobile games). The main problem I have currently is that the loading time for PvP is extremely long(I had to wait for 10min for a single match), personally I decided to wait for another month until more players join (or they add bots to fill in the queue) to decrease the wait time. Besides that I can see lots of potential but at the same time I can see tons of limitations... either way it’s worth trying out since most popular mobile games are shooters and Hearthstone is not newbie friendly.

- The counter system is broken and ensures the P2W loss against money whales.

I personally hate the counter system in this game, the fact you can get countered after every single attack and you can’t do anything about it is terrible game design. If you want to win against anyone that isn’t paying money you have to sit on mana just to wait on your opponent to attack so you can counter it. In the beginning you will go against people that have no clue how to use the counter system which makes the battles seem easy. But as you rank up you go against money whales that only counter and when they counter they simply win because all of their characters are higher level. I’ve encountered this in the lowest rank even which is truly sad. The concept of the game is cool but the counter system has to go or get nerfed to have a small percentage chance to counter. Being able to get countered on every single skill use has ruined this game for me.

- I mean this in the nicest way....

This game... is kinda... boring. I downloaded for the sky arena even, and I am disappointed. There is nothing to do in the game but grind. Not to mention that you grind by fighting other players. So people who spend ANY amount of money wins, making the grind even more PAINFULLY slow. I mean, at least when you grind in sw you actually get something for it. There is also this weird lock for everything. You have to be a certain level for runes. You have to have a certain rank for what is basically scenario. The guilds don’t do anything. I mean the game is pretty, but that’s really it. It’s painfully slow and there’s nothing to do. I guess I may just be spoiled with SW but, so far, there is nothing this game offers that I can’t get from SW. I am most likely uninstalling the game once the event is over. Maybe keep it and log in to get any future rewards from SW... but honestly, I hate having to take up space like that on my device. Hopefully things get added? Just really disappointing for a game based off of one of my favorite mobile games.

- This is awesome game.

I love this game. The artwork is amazing. The game play is smooth. I started playing this game before I played summoners war. Which is basically the same characters. They are much better drawn is this game. And a little more sophisticated. I honestly felt like this game was a little too complicated for me. It goes a little fast at times. I think they do a very good job of explaining and training as you go. However, once I found out Summoners War existed, I liked that game a lot more. It’s a much simpler version of this game. I imagine that once I get competent In the other game, that this would be the natural progression. The other game has been around for 8 yrs. So, I imagine some older players were looking for a more advanced game. Not saying it is a bad first game. Just for me, it’s a little fast. I find myself having trouble following along with the battles. Every hero is constantly fighting at the same time, and you have 8 players to watch rather than four or five. Summoners War is turn based. One move at a time. Both games are made by the same company. They do an excellent job of updating both games. In other words you never feel abandoned. There’s always something fun to do and discover. Hope this helps. Have fun.

- New Summoners War spin off?

Love that Com2us is taking summoners war to a different level. I love the new designs for all the characters. I also love that the transmogs were included here too. PvP is very fun, a bit slow paced but nonetheless good. I wish there was a little more on the single player modes though. Siege is very brief and a bit challenging. I hope there will be plenty of more new monsters in the future. The new rune system is interesting as well. I wished the skill functionality would allow you to use more than one skill per monster but it’s nothing too devastating. I also think it would be more fair if the elixir started off with 4 or 5 at the beginning of games to avoid a slow startup and advantages to people with monsters who have cheaper skills. Overall, this has amazing potential!


Getting hella lag spikes... especially in live battles which drives me up the wall. I have many gripes so far, considering Sky Arena has been around so long and is pretty enjoyable. First off, the lag. Optimization is absolutely necessary for this to even function as a decent game, I can’t tell you how many times I sit and stare at my phone just waiting for it to respond. And no, it’s not an old model nor is it anywhere near full on memory. Second. The ranking system is heavily broken. I’ll either run into fresh accounts n get a free win, or the next match being a cashcow and walking through my sad excuse of a team that I can’t level any other way other than getting very poor RNG out of boxes that I also have to grind for. Wash rinse repeat. I’m only thankful that losses don’t derank me a crap ton like Overwatch. Why is Scenario locked behind PVP?? I wanna vibe not strugglebus my way through people’s lined wallet teams. I absolutely hate the rune tab, having to grind to level 5 just to get a semi ok rune MAYBE, I can’t progress at all if I’m stunted to this horrible cycle of win lose win lose get enough glory points, poor rng, level monsters that are meh, win lose win lose REPEAT. It’s almost infuriating! This is very clearly unfinished and more so very clearly not thought out as well as Sky Arena. I was SHOCKED to already see packs out to buy. ON RELEASE. Very clearly a cashgrab. I’m so far not too impressed.

- Addicted!

First of all ignore the first reviews of the game they were complaints about the first 1-3 hours of launch players could not find any matches which was fixed very quickly. Playing Summoners War Sky Arena since it first released and let me tell you this is something I needed. It feels like a mix of clash royale and summoners war and its right up my alley. I enjoy the constant battles to get your trophies higher and be on top. Getting access to legendary monsters are a lot easier in this game even though you can do without them because normal monsters are just as strong if you have the right team. Strategy is a big deal and im glad the game is not pay2win even though the game just started and I have spent a good 50$ already! 😂😂 Another amazing addictive game Com2us you sold me again

- Y i feel this game is great

Ive played sommoners war 6 years and loved it met my true love on it and ill be playing this one for a long time as well I love how they stepped up their game via arena battles Players now have more control over the turn base with their creatures makes playing in the arena much more fun and I feel it’s a more balanced system from the old Summoners War game you are automatically set up with people who are outrageously more powerful than you on an unfair level features are more easily accessible but still take time to build graphics are better and just like the last game I’m sure there will be new additions and updates in time but I find this game to be quite promising would be nice if I could bring some of my creatures over from my other acct i look forward to seeing how com2us progresses in this game

- great game!!

you should definitely get this game, it has pretty good graphics for a mobile game.i always hate when i get ads on a fun game because it just ruins it but not this one, this one has no ads, it’s a fairly new game so you can’t expect so much, but so far it’s amazing. the gameplay is super simple and easy to learn. i like how the monsters are cards sortve like the clash royale game. but it adds a twist to it. you can get ruins (from the first summoners war) and add it to your monsters which boosts their stats. I cannot wait til they add more monsters from the iconic first summoners war. you can have up to 8 cards in the playing field and choose where you put them. the game lags a little but it depends on what type of device you play on. I have a great time playing this game.

- Great game

I started playing in the early days and I loved it. It has a very easy progression that is unlike SW:SA because even the base monsters can take you to the top 10% (I did it) the main thing I see people complain about is the leveling system. While it can be annoying that you lost because your cards were lower level, just remember EVERYONE ELSE IS RANKING UNDER THE SAME CIRCUMSTANCES. It’s all about strategy and timing. You don’t need a single legendary to beat people with 8 you just need a good strategy and good ability timing. To the devs: this is an amazing game and I think you should do more things like this. It works very well for the players who like this style of game. I cannot think of a single improvement because you have covered it all. Keep up the good work👍👍👍

- Beautiful but...

Could use a little more content. The game is beautiful, reviving my childhood game I’ve played seven years ago. The graphics are gorgeous, the animation is stunning, if you Love strategy games this game is a blast. However One criticism I have for the game, is that needs a campaign mode. Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a campaign mode, I just unlocked the single mode, but you have to do like 10 battles to do it, which is a bit odd. It needs more of an interesting story to tell, to keep players interested, and wanting more. Right now it’s all about fighting, which is OK for a while. But after that it’s going to get a little boring. For now it’s a great start, can’t wait to see what they come out with next. I am myself in particular I can’t wait to see Shimitae my favorite unit in Summoners War!

- Great potential, but the counter system is extremely frustrating.

This game is a f2p game, and far from a money grab game like most other games of the genre. I enjoy the monsters you collect, and the different battle systems in the single player and multiplayer. But, the battle system needs a rework. The counter system specifically is very frustrating, and makes the game drop to 3 stars for me. When you fight in multiplayer, it ends up where one person just waits till the other attacks first, and then it just ends up either you lose for attacking first or no one attacks. This system needs to be reworked for this game to succeed. I don’t typically review games, but because I want this game to do well, I thought I would put out my two sense. I hope the developers see this and try to make a change. I’m sorry that I don’t have a solution to the problem. Good luck!


I came downloaded the game because of my love for these types of games and the fact that I play Summoners wars. The graphics are gorgeous and the game is fun but in order to really get me to go all in there needs to be more intuitive design behind creature growth, a lot more, I want to be connected to my units and right now I am just not getting it fully. I also absolutely need pve gameplay to both level up my progression, get stronger and be able to use what I learned and invested into the pvp portion of the game. There are far too few units and not being able to dress them up with bells and whistles hurts this game. We need more rune slots on units, and I’m talking a much bigger and enveloping pve expanse that isn’t connected to your pvp rating. If I see this, I’d gladly spend money and time. Good luck I hope this game really does well it’s super fun and kool, it just needs a few changes.

- Solid game, not a cash grab, looking forward to its future!

First of all this game is not a cash grab game as it does not need to be played with money for you to climb the ranks. I’m in the top 5% and my characters are around half way to max and while I can’t compete with the very top spenders (they also have created a good meta and smarts strategies so they deserve to be there) I can very much compete in silver and gold. The mechanics of the game are very fluid and it is a game that is less up to chance and more up to how you take control of the field through the many play styles. There have been 2 events so far and they have both been a good difficulty to receive the rewards and I look forward to more game modes and future events that twist the game in new ways!

- Quality over quantity doesn’t always work

This game looks great and has wonderful animations. The artwork and character design is also top notch. The battle system is pretty engaging and fun for an auto battle game too (and I don’t really like auto battlers). All of the quality in the world, however, does not make make up for a lack of content. It’s just PvP... that’s it. There is nothing else to do. You can’t consistently upgrade your summons without spending money which I expected from an F2P game but usually you can farm materials. Not in this game. It’s just battle after battle. If you are looking for a PvP only game then this is for you. But if you want to do something other than auto battle after auto battle with other people then I would look elsewhere. This game could have really benefitted from a campaign to go along with the PvP but no dice.

- Unfinished game, massive cash grab, boring

I played summoners war as a whale who spent $5000 over the course of 2 years back in the day. I played this game with $20 spent and quit after 1 day. Boring. Not enough content and the Play Auto Battle feature is missing! You can no longer grind in story mode on auto play because well, there is no grind-able story mode per say and even if there was, there is no auto play. Like, WHAT?!? Early content is behind a play arena PVP and get a certain rank there to unlock a few other boring and limited features, again no auto play in arena or any of the unlocked content. As a former whale, i can tell you the cash shop is expensive and too few of the cash currency is given to F2P. Even if you whale a bit, $20 gets you like 10 summons and no guarantee of even a rare! I mean you can literally do a 10 summon and get 10x normal cards, like what! I got lucky and got 1 legendary but it wasn’t even OP, came at a high lvl 7 when most of my team was lvl 5-6 and still wasn’t better than some of my other units - lol. Super disappointing Clan content is non existent. The game is basically an endless arena manual pvp grinder, not fun at all. You have to manually launch all the unit skills once in a while. Gets super boring and tedious after a while. TLDR Unfinished game, no auto play, not F2P friendly, IAP expensive, endless manual grinder boring pvp arena game. Hard Pass!

- For real!!

I have only written a review once, so this is my second time. I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks now and I purposely did not write anything until now. I wanted to be truthful and the only way to do that is to play it for a while. The graphics in my opinion are phenomenal! Love the battles and mostly I love when you receive gifts they’re not just there for seconds and then disappear there there for days. I have never taken that long because I login daily because of how much I like this game. If there was any critique I would put,…. it Would be a button or something that would make it easier to recruit into alliances. But that should not deter anyone from playing this game it truly is remarkable.

- I hate it but it's actually fun

I really like summoners war, the sky arena one. And funny enough I do zero pvp there, bc I'm still farming in pve. Complaints: character design is gross, and the new title page for summer is just unsettling. Pve is extremely limited. There aren't that many mons available to summon. The summoning and leveling animation is SO SLOW. There is little to no point in building a friends list. The alliance system is very different from the SW guild system and you don't understand its purpose until you've joined one. Soha shouldn't look like Ahri from League... Now all that being said the gameplay is REALLY fun, especially when you find a team that works. It's popular enough for matchmaking to be really quick. I like the rune system too. I'd like more stickers and avatars.

- All I ever wanted from summoners war!

I honestly have become addicted to this game! I’ve been a huge fan of summoners war since it first came out. This branch off game has really given such a refreshing twist to one of my favorite games. With that being said.... I feel like it is very hard to advance without spending a lot of real money. Resources are hard to come by outside of events which I am disappointed about and a few lag issues have cost me major in PVP battles. I’m sure this will be temporary because summoners war has always been super wonderful to their customers on their other platform and extremely quick to fix issues. This game is definitely worth the geek out and I am happy to go on another exciting journey with Summoners War!

- Fun collecting and leveling, poor gameplay

Pros: Com2uS made another game where it is quite satisfying to collect cards/summon monsters. The leveling system of gaining duplicates or card parts is reasonable. The gameplay is fun against the AI, since you actually need to strategize. Cons: However, there are so few monsters available at launch, that there aren’t many viable teams to fight at a high level. There is not much single player content. Much of what is available is gated behind leveling up through the poorly implemented multiplayer content. This review may change as the game undergoes further development. SW: Lost Centuria is meant to be a real-time-strategy game. This RTS was poorly implemented. There is only one strategy. All one needs to do is to wait until just after your opponent moves and then move/revenge. You essentially interrupt your opponent and move first, even though your opponent played a card first. If you stun/sleep the monster that was supposed to move, the opponent loses mana, doesn’t go, and loses their card. There is no purpose to move first, unless you use a spell instead of a monster. ——————————————————————— Overall, this game had potential, but it feels like it was released in an incomplete, untested state. The collection aspects are fun, but the main gameplay is flawed and deeply unsatisfying.

- Skill stone unfair

I have 49 of the monsters available, and I have 10 or 11 skill stones, I might have missed one, and I just used 2700 gems to get 10 books, and I obtained Shannon’s beneficial effect one, which I already had. That sucked but I was ok with it, but then I battled a couple times and reached 1500 trophies and so I obtained a skill stone from the trophy road, and I got another Shannon beneficial effect one, and I wouldn’t mind honestly if you got more from it but 10 of those gem things isn’t really fair since a skill stone is so much more valuable, and I only have 10 of them out of almost 50 monsters, so I’m just hoping that’s something that you improve, please and thank you, but honestly I love this game.

- Awful Customer Support

I’ve been playing this game since it’s release and I have to say, beyond the broken game, supposed rng that definitely favors the developers country, and lack of resources necessary to level up, the customer support has to be the worst part of this game. I have had several issues regarding this game and every time I open a ticket, I’m given the same lack luster response that seems to come from this company. I’ve definitely contributed to the development by making a few purchases in this game only to find the “rng” is complete bull**it. After notifying them of the problem I received a response of “we will notify our team” and nothing else. Definitely not worth the hassle of getting into which is the reason the game is losing so much player base that they had to implement computer generated foes to battle for real time battles.

- Do not play this game

I would give it 0 stars if I could! I have played this game since the day it came out. I have sunk a lot of money into it. I have had nothing but issues with d/c and lag and the game freezing and the counter system not working since day one. I tried requesting a partial refund. But they just sent me an automated message telling me to Troubleshoot the game. I resent a partial refund request with more information and that I tried all the troubleshooting and got the same automated message. They don’t read the comments or request they just send an automated message based on keywords that you wrote. They do not care about the player base or that people are struggling with the game not working properly. Do not play this game ever. You will just be frustrated. Edit: I messaged y’all again like you sis and got the same exact automated response. Worst company I’ve ever had the displeasure of playing a game for

- So far so goodish

I normally don’t write reviews but based on them asking for one on launch day I shall. Pros and cons: Good graphics was expecting more though since you made a 2.5D game to be 3D and instead it’s 3D animations in a 2.5D. I rather enjoy the battle system and like how you can change the tide with certain skills, the other side of this is if someone gets out their credit card and you don’t; A lot of content is locked behind your fuel tank against other players. That pay wall to get top units and such definitely hinders anyone who isn’t willing to spend money on this game. To progress the solo game you have to duel to certain ranks to unlock more which in turn is just a cash grab move. I love the summoners war but this is too much a cash grab over an earn system. I feel the guilt of not paying for more as in the higher ranks you can see the difference and stubs you for moving on in the game. So far that’s all I got - haven’t got to far as I am struggling to skill, rune, and level my characters due to payment walls I refuse to sink into on day one.

- What were they thinking?

I tried to give this game a chance. The only reason I played was for the rewards. After giving it a chance I have come to conclusion this is by far the worst game that will be released at least for the next 10 years. The game is exactly like uno if you take every card away from the deck besides the reverse cards. You just throw reverse cards back and forth. It’s not fun or entertaining. This game is mildly frustrating. There is no skill involved and it’s very clear the game is a cash grab at this point it may be up there with how much I hate raids....if I could rate the game negative 5 stars I would. I’ve been a long time fan of summoners war and have spent a crap ton of money on it. This game I will not spend a dime. I’m really disappointed that someone at com2us even approved of this. Even after beta testing and getting really bad feedback from the community. Really really disappointed.

- Great game but ugh.

Don’t know if my review posted or not because my phone had glitched when I was writing my review early. It’s a great game, awesome visuals and amazing characters. I hope that more characters from the original summoners war get added. Some few things the leveling up system could be better instead of having to constantly pray you get another card from the chest to level your character up. Maybe adding another move for the characters would be cool. Also the matchmaking isn’t the best cause I sometimes end up playing people who are levels higher than me or clearly paid to get higher levels and better characters. I wouldn’t say this game is a cash grab but I really did have to put some time in to get some of the characters I liked the most.

- Could have been better

Played first two days after came out. The idea behind is good, the graphic however is a bit blurry and low definition at times and the “counter” method mainly makes more useful to always waiting for your opponent to move first, which is not a nice mechanism, since you can't also counter a counter even if you have mana and cards to do it. Drop rate is abysmal, but that is normal in gatcha games, so that shouldn't be to big of an issue, but having the feeling that you need to farm heavily since already the first day you start the game will not make you want to play more. Usually, at least for the first week, the player should have a more easier way to progress and not hit a pay-wall immediately after less than an hour of playing.

- Needs an event

This is one of the best games ever but... IT NEEDS A WELCOMING EVENT. I was thinking that if you got the game within the first week of the launch you could get a free legendary summon card, 3 ancient books, and 10 mythical books. My in-game name is Cls8Titan and this would be a great event if you launched it you would also get lots of new players cause a lot of gamers like to get free stuff early on in the game. I also think that If you added a campaign that has rewards as you progress would be great. I’m getting some of these ideas off of y’all’s other game Summoners War that I love if you added some of the stuff I left in this review it would make for an even better game.

- Uninstall never again playing any com2us

You guys banned an account for purchase reason which I tried fixing and having you guys re charge me or let me pay it before doing this which after it was fixed every purchase was fine after that and no I’m not going to get a hold of customer service to fix my account because you guys couldn’t just fix it right away simply and making it very difficult and me jump through hoops just to fix what should never have happened..... perhaps if you guys fix everything without me doing anything else I’ll change my review and keep play summoners war and lost cent my SW account perfectly fine and played for almost 7 years now this was the last straw..... shows how much you guys value us. at least you guys won’t be getting anymore of my money unless you guys fix this ASAP till than buh bye perhaps forever

- People who say counters ruin game are wrong

When I first started playing I thought the counter system was unbalanced and needed major tweaking. I still continued to play and I figured out that it isn’t as bad as most people say it is. As you get further into the game you realize that it isn’t as simple as countering every turn to win. You can let your opponents counter you and still win. There is a lot more that goes into it. You do not need to pay to progress through the rankings. I managed to hit master rank without spending a dime. It is not hard to obtain 5 stars/ legendary units, especially now that you can get them from glory chests.

- Dear com2us

The game doesn’t work as you intended it to. When I counter an attack sometimes the counter goes through and sometimes it doesn’t. For example if I use monster A’s move to counter monster B’s move 10 times clicking on the move at the exact same time, each try about half of them will stop their attack and force a counter the other half (sometimes clicking much sooner it doesn’t matter) still makes my card disappear but the counter never happens it just goes away or spins like it’s going to active then just goes back in the slot (monster a is still alive so that’s not the issue). Who wants to play a game where if you win or lose is decided by the randomness of if the games server can respond to your request in time or not? Dear com2us please let me know when you’ve fixed this issue so I can try to enjoy this game again.

- Issue with setup

Another problem I see with this game is there is no match prep. Like you go into every match blind and could be left hung out to dry from the start. Should be a premature set where you can see what monsters your opponents have so you can both adjust to make a more fair battle. It’s kinda like RNG for if you’re gonna get a favorable match or one where you should just quit from the start. Also at that point winning a season is more about how often you tap the que than it is about real strategy and skill. Simply having better monsters puts you on the fast track which is why it’s Pay To Win. At least having a prep faze would make the matches more even and give the weaker team a chance if they could strategize some.

- I wanna give it 5 stars, but....

Ok first off, I absolutely love this game. In no other game have I ever even been in the top 1% of players (currently between 3-4% now) as a f2p player, but there are 2 issues I have, one is a preference and the other needs resolving ASAP. First, the connectivity in a lot of matches makes them unplayable. You can’t try to make counterplays if you click on a card to play as a counter, and it doesn’t get played until the opponent can use another card to counter. This has happened to me too much already and it basically forces a loss in progress toward my next rank that I have no control over. Secondly, I think the blue crystals either need to be obtainable in larger quantities, or the cost cut for ranking up monsters.

- So much potential

This game is sadly much more pay to win than the original. You cannot farm mats, basically you have to win pvp matches to get anything and the new book system is absurd. The runestone system is a generic watered down version of the real game. I am still giving it a shot but so far after a few weeks I am not impressed and do not even want to spend any money on it. None of the packs are worth the cost given the way the books work. I have bought packs on every game I play to support the game but I cannot convince myself that even the 5$ pack is worth it. There is nothing really to do but a few pvp match’s a day. Sad because I was so excited for a new summoners war game to be epically let down.

- My one and only request

I have been a summoners war player for 5 years. I love werewolves and honestly it is what bought me. The fact that you are one of few franchises that has a werewolf sold me all the way. Thank you for creating 2nd awakening on the werewolf to make him more usable. This all being said, here is my ultimate request for SWLC: please, when you bring the werewolf over, make him at least a purple hero, if not, legendary. His art and abilities could be so sought after and appreciated as a main monster. I would honestly be heartbroken if he was less than Hero. Thanks for your consideration!!!!

- Stuns

it would be a great game execpt for the fact that with all other PVP type games that have a stun mechanic is broken with certain characters. Doomsday being the worst considering he can stun up to 5 of your char at once and if you have less than 4 you auto lose if you are going against him. including on the seige mode where the computer some how has a larger mana pool than the player. other than the absolute nightmare that is broze league its a fantastic game. just the few problems that it has seem to be bigger than they should be in my opinion. i enjoy playing the game and grinding out the quests. just wish there was a bit more balance when it comes to some aspects.

- 2-Dimensional Game Play and Redundant

I was really excited to see some of my favorite SW monsters in a new light and I wasn’t disappointed. However, the game play is very 2-dimensional and redundant. After a while it becomes very predictable. I have reached a point where I do not generate enough resources to compete with other players and I know the concept is to drive people to spend money to advance and keep up, but the game doesn’t have enough variety for me to justify investing money into it. I like the original SW because the characters have different skills to choose from and I’m able to evolve my teams in so many different ways. I’m choosing to uninstall for the time being and will keep my fingers crossed that it will evolve more later in the future.

- Broken forced PVP and This game is capitalizing on loot boxes

You get a pop up for “power ups.” Who spends 49-99$ on a mobile game? And if you do buy them it is for a possibility for something for a mobile game. That aside the game forces you to do repeated pvp, which is not balanced in anyway and not fun. I wanted to like this game and powered through the beginner pvp and the game tells you to join a guild. But the kicker is there are no guilds or if they are they are high level. Which how does that even happen with the game that is brand new people at level 15? I really wanted to like this game, but you can’t play the story until you unlock pvp, which is repeated battles and hope you get another newbie or maybe a bot who knows. You get a win and move forward. It’s just not fun. Maybe I will try this game in a few months, but I know I won’t.

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- PvP Focused

It’s a 3.5/5 (at least currently) for me, the grind isn’t as hard as the original game. Personally, I like the method in which runes are obtained now as it’s less tiring and less effort. My main issue with the game is that everything is based on PvP matches - even the single-player mode can only be unlocked and advanced by winning PvP matches! And as a player who enjoyed PvE as well, it’s a little disheartening. Also, you can only level up your units by obtaining duplicates which is a little annoying. It’s a good game with a lot of favourite monsters now with new and quite spectacular models. Overall, the game isn’t bad and you can still win PvP battles even without a ton of legendary or hero monsters.

- Laggy

Game has potential, and looks good. But for a new release, using SW as a easy to grab player base the release has been pretty average. The game has constant freezing, making the game unplayable at times. Rune crafting is a good idea, but using runes to power up makes grinding at an early stage pretty hard, as you need runes but are constantly feeding them to power up. This wouldn't be an issue if the crafting essence missions were able to be played back to back, rather than waiting (6-7hrs I think?) To enter the battle again. Game play is kinda fun, but the whole counter part just seems to be an easy win if played right. Please give us some bug fixes, make the game playable and then you might get a player base that will stick around for more than just the SW rewards. I will most likely delete the game once I hit max rewards for SW. C2U are clearly using SW for a easy download bump, but we won't take another sloppy start. You already know what we want in a game, so don't wait too long because you might lose the game before it even starts.

- Most unfriendly ftp game I have ever played

Literally 3 battles into the duel mode and I match up with someone with 3 legendaries. The guy hadn’t even unlocked alliances yet.... The amount of crystals you get is a pathetic amount unless you pay. Most gatcha games nowadays offer you a reroll system for first 10 summon or offer you multiple 10 rolls so you can atleast get one good hero to start with. Not this game, you get 1 go at it and if your lucky you may get one hero(epic) out of 10 surrounded by mostly common and maybe a rare or 2. Due to the lack of free crystals the gap between ptw and ftp is simply absurd. No amount of tactics can help you when you match up with someone with a stacked team. Yes at first you get some crystals from all the easy objectives but in comparison to every other gacha game I’ve played it’s a pathetic amount. Avoid this game unless you got a hella deep wallet.

- Honest Opinion.

Character Design. Character Design is honestly not bad, but not great. Couple of units have great designs, better yet some better than the original (From Sky Arena, personally like the golem, Baretta, etc...) and some worse than the original (lushen, Shannon, etc...). Gameplay. One major part that’s really bothersome for not only me but majority of the people who have had played this is the counter system. I get it’s purpose, it’s not that it’s a bad mechanic, however I do believe it needs to be tweaked. Another part are runes and scrolls to enchant them. Getting runes and scrolls are so slow to obtain that it makes f2p really far behind because of the huge difference that paying to win will get you. I get that paying so much should be rewarding, but this game really needs to have more free-to-play friendly content that can help them grind. If this part is dealt with, I wouldn’t mind this game being a generic “Gatcha Card” game where rare things are hard to level up, at least we could rely on runes to be in level with legendary abusing players.

- Hitting the free to play wall hard

The wall comes much sooner than i thought. the challenges and milestones can only be completed once so after that you are going to be very dry on crystals and summons which means your cards are stuck at whatever level they are so forget about using your legendaries and heroics and prepare to wait days to get 1 level on your rares (assuming your alliance is generous). overall this game has so much potential but if you are free to play or cheap to play it will only be fun for about a few days to a week. com2us need to implement a way to grind for legendary dupes or summons or crystals that isn’t tied to challenges and events otherwise people will just go back to sky arena where they can actually play the game.

- Much better then SW for a FTP

I downloaded 3 weeks in and have found it to be Loads of fun. The game works. It has good balance. The top players use commons and rares (which they have absurd amount of cards for), not the upper echelon hero’s and mythical. Even heard someone whingeing that paying doesn’t guarantee victories. Has a few things to improve on, but excellent for early on game release. Would like some more PvE

- Lags, leveling, pvp, design

The game lags, freezes and crashes, this could be because it just came out but it’s just too unstable I feel like I’m wasting a lot of time that even the rewards for sky arena doesn’t feel worth it. The summoning is not as satisfying as sky arena. The runes are a joke. Leveling up characters seems too randomised, so sometimes characters you don’t want to use could get leveled up so much while the ones you rely on are stuck on lower levels. Matching with random players means you could match with someone way too op or someone who’s just a beginner depending on your progress. Overall dissatisfying gameplay. Only positive I can give is that the graphics do look good but the overall experience is just exhausting. So I’m really just in it to get rewards to finish the crossover event, but even then, it feels too tedious.

- Please fix crashing

Hi Com2uS, I am having this serious crashing problem and I can’t seem to fix it. I can’t even play the game because it always crashes before I can get to the lobby screen. It always just stops everything that is happening in the game so I can’t do anything. Please help me fix this.

- Game just needs some optimisations and feedback

All these 1 star reviews are temporary, they were all from the day of release so servers are gonna be unstable while they let in many new players into the server for the first time. Gameplay wise, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but, the game has potential

- So far so good but…

Apart from the rough launch with the servers I really like the game, combat and art style it’s a different pace from sky arena and feels different but yet feels familiar, look forward to where this goes and how the state of the game ends up and the content that will be added

- Well balanced

Very balanced gameplay no one hero is a must have from what I’ve seen so far. If I could suggest anything maybe something like a guild boss raid to add some more interactions with people

- It could be good

I’m not sure yet but I’ve not spent much and I’m doing ok I’m worried about f2p or low spending potential but I’ve been playing it for a day solid trying to work out if I like it yet and it’s certainly got that one more turn vibe

- Still not worthy

The whole game is currently exactly the same nothing to get excited about, Match ups are terrible in game play is garbage not fun at all Recommend you only download it to get rewards They have no idea about fun game play never replies to this message shame could be much better The only 5 star reviews are from developers of this game

- long build

Wow this game took a long time to build and make but the final product is absolutely amazing! the art, everything it looks so good! Good job on making this incredible game.

- Nicknames

I know we already have nicknames and it’s not a big deal but is it okay if we get to choose our nicknames?

- Great but buggy.

Great game. I love it. But there are a lot of bugs. The game crashes and sometimes just freezes. Please fix.

- Starting scene

Hello I was really excited to play this game only to when I had just download Lost Centuria, for some reason the starting cutscene was incredibly slow and the sound was distorted. I don’t know how else to describe it but I hope that you fix this soon

- Money talk

If u r gonna play without spending money or just spent a little , i suggest u guys should try the other games . In the original summoner war I spent $8000 dollars on it and $8000 is still nothing ! So if u dont wanna spend , just stop playing and don’t waste your time ! Use that money on some helpful things ! Trust me !!! Im out !

- Great game but can be better

The game is great but can be laggy when scrolling thru the UI

- Lag city

Horrible pay to win game, they don’t respect there customers and put out a game where the premise is to have timed counters, but because the game servers are so bad it doesn’t register the cards you use. So disappointing this company is. Too bad can’t give zero stars!

- Not F2P friendly

I played sky summoners war, got bored with it and then I found this. Tried it but the process of getting things as free to play is very hard. It takes forever to grind anything. Game deleted after a few days.

- Great game

10/10 would recommend

- To Com2Us..

Needs more Single player content, offline farm or grind. Some people don’t have to play ranked all day. Also need grinding levels like dungeons and more cards in the Magic shop. More frequent rewards and less cooldown Wanted, and missions. PLEASE!

- Good

Fun to play with lots of choice of characters The game play is okay. Would love more pvp play

- Ok

It needs work, but as of now it’s pretty good.

- Not really with the times

I am unsure what to think of this game. The coiners are already at it and most people just counter. What kind of skill is that?

- Unstable Game

Unstable game and buggy. Could have done more testing before this comes out. It’s also a kind of PvP wherein you need to spend more to enjoy the game.

- Unstable sever

The server is very unstable and cannot play. also it take too long to collect item and there is no pve till you unlock certain rank

- Lag in middle game

Good but so lag when i playing pvp, no atk just keep lag, after lag my monster die :v give 2*

- Not good for your mental health

That’s all. There are other games to better invest your time and emotions in. Deleted today and its one of the best decisions I made this year.

- Game freezes

Game freezes constantly when loading and in game.

- Cum2ass

What a stupid game. It’s not a gacha not a moba not a strategy- just mix with different types of games. Didn’t recommend.

- Can only get better......

Not too bad

- Add more player avatars

Good game.

- Lag

One trick pony with massive lag issues. Could be a good game otherwise.

- Would be a better game if it was less pvp focused

Yes it would

- Good Gacha game

Seriously this game is legendary. Absolutely love it

- It’s a game solely focusing on PVP

Although the game itself is ok, there are few issues. 1. As a result of solely focusing on PVP, the demand of paying the company to get stronger cards is higher. A legendary card costs around 77 dollars. Although you can summon them and the rate is actually very high (3%), I think you need around 30+ of the same type of legendary cards to max them out. Looking at the number of legendary cards, the chance of you maxing out a legendary card is impossible. So, you need to pay a lot of money (here I mean at least 4000+) to get to somewhere. 2. Some of the legendary cards are just way too powerful. For example, Nikki and Poseidon. 3. Sever is extremely laggy 4. Skill stones. I am not sure about the skill stones, but I am sure it will cost way more than the legendary. If legendary is about paying a handful of money, skill stone system is just a COM2US brand new “Casino”. The game itself I wouldn’t say is bad, but for me the way to play is a little bit outdated and repetitive. I would honestly play Clash Royale instead of this game. As a sky arena player since the summoner’s war series began, I would say lost centurion definitely cost way more money than sky arena. The game almost has no PVE mode, (there is a single mode but it servers for the sake of PVP). So if you are a PVE person or has little money to spend (>1000 dollars), I wouldn’t suggest you to play it. Overall, I admit that there are strong Hero, rare and normal cards, but some of the legendary cards are just broke. Also, I would say the counter system is a brilliant idea and lost centurion is an above average game (sitting around 80-85 percentile). The fact that you need to pay tones of money to reach the top and force you to pvp, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Here is why a 2 star: 1 star is for the character design and love for summoner war series 1 star is for the COM2US effort to make it different from the “clash royal style” games which you can find anywhere on the internet. 1 star is taken because the room for F2P player is extremely small. Also because the game is really only focusing on a narrow group of players— hardcore PvP fans with a lot of money to spend 1 star is taken because the repetitiveness of the game 1 star is taken because the “game progression system” is way too luck based, leaving almost no room for player like me (a person who is not very lucky) XD. This is just my personal opinion. The game itself is definitely worth trying. Also, developer please continue with the summoner war MMORPG.

- Horrible Matchmaking

been stuck in matchmaking for one hour. Client super buggy. Massive disappointment, this game and com2us is a joke.

- Nice game


- the game crush very min I mean it every mins

Game crush every mins

- Boring

Just put your time and effort into summoners war any arena

- not the best experience

Full of bugs.....

- It’s ok

Gets boring fast

- Typical com2us cash grab

Just another terrible paytowin game to add to the collection.

- Discount Summoners War

Trash game. Only downloading this for the free legendary scroll in summoners war

- cant believe this is a 2021 game

outdated gameplay, ugly modeling, forced pvp. Plz don't destroy summoners war ip.

- Trash

Just another P2W game and it’s boring as hell.

- Good game

Lối chơi hay

- Suggestion and use your brain to design

why yu-gi-oh heartstone or maybe clash royal was so successful and your game is bad? its because of diversity they can creat their own strategy. 1. If you only focus 1v1 game why not just play hearthstone instead? More diversity. play-style creation, guessing enemy cards in their hand. And your game? Yea everyone holding their skills to counter attack. If my Monster has higher attack I don’t even need to use my spells I’m just waiting for counter attack such a very strategy game. So don’t make it 1v1 your game won’t last long if you can not play with friends together what about if you make your game became 2v2 and each player pick 5 monster and each player ban 1 monster in fields and each team design their order of monster, and guess what you just created a strategy game! And more spells would be good. 2. If you have counter attack why don’t we have anti counter attack spells or counter counter attacks? Which mean if a person use 1 first skills another person use 2 skills to counter attack why don’t we have counter his counter attack so the 3rd skills. The skills order would be 3>2>1. And even you can use more counter counter attack if you have enough mana, making sure each mana is important and someone you can use your 1 mana cost first skills to bait enemies to use counter attack so you can have enough mana to counter counter enemies counter attack. Sorry for my explanation. 3. Think about what unique about other famous successful game. For example I play yu-gi-oh league of legend, summoner war. Diversity playing style like Yu-gi-oh setting up spells to trick up enemies , team up strategy like league of legends, you must make good decisions with your team together, many different skills of each monster in summoner war, you can make it many different spells in game. You know my point right? 4. You think people love your game summoner legendary cards and holding skills for counter attack? Fun? It’s brainless strategy game because everyone are literally holding their skills for counter attack everyone use same strategy or even freaking same monster. Due to lack of monster in game. oberiously your design of your company doesnt love his job or doesnt love playing game.

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- Not as bad as some say…

I’m seeing a lot of negative reviews on here saying the game is P2W… maybe it was earlier in its life but I know that when I downloaded it I was able to get over half of the legendary units within my first couple days playing and get to top 70-60% in multiplayer. And you don’t need a bunch of legendary cards anyway. Your team will do better if you have synergy with lower ranking cards (that can be equally good) rather than throwing in a bunch of legendaries. This game gets hate because it’s Com2Us not because it’s actually bad.

- Pay to win

Great concept. Completely ruined by account that spend thousands of dollars opening day. Good luck competing your lvl 6 monsters against their level 10s. Please make a more fair system.

- Pay2win

This game is the definition of pay2win, it’s unfun and basically only online battle for the most part, you can’t even play the small offline campaign map until you rank up through multiplayer, this game only favours and rewards people who spent money on it and in turn that gives them the edge in battle 99% of the time, the micro transactions are a joke.... don’t play this trash

- Unbalanced, glitchy, pay2win.

It’s another extremely p2w game from com2us that’s super unbalanced.

- Brutal

Fix your lag issue, no one wants 1000 crystals cause the game is unplayable. Lost 4 matches in a row I had no business losing due to not even being able to attack. I’m sure everything in the store works fine, fix your battles and the actual playing of the game. Absolutely brutal

- Bug

The game keeps crashing and needs to be minimized also haven’t even made it past the opening level.

- Stay away from this game. Wost experience.

Game is terribly laggy, causing very bad experience during fights. Deleted

- Matchmaking needs work

My cards are Level 7-9 and matched against players that have Level 10-14 cards. This is EVERY single game.. mind boggling. No wonder new players aren’t sticking around. You have no chance and there’s no point in even trying. How is this fair or fun?

- Pay 2 win

Game isn’t balanced can’t really grind when it’s p2p n p2w, whales with fire anubis wins 100% not balanced and feels empty when 5% of original SW characters aren’t in the game

- 70% RNG Based 30% Lag 100% Awful

Just as it’s counter part Summoners war Lost Centuria is just as poorly made, the game has constant delay issues that cause counters to be delayed making them be used at incorrect times losing you matches for a game that is meant to be a real time strategy game this is terrible as you are unable to counter opponents moves if you always have a slight delay allow your opponent to get their skill off before your counter even registers. On top of that the game suffers from heavy Random number generation where you could perfectly counter your opponents every move but still lose because you were just a little to unlucky. In my opinion the game is unplayable at the moment the graphics are nice and the gameplay when it works properly is fun but the RNG and more importantly the Lag/Delay issues make every match a coin toss. I do not recommend playing Summoners war lost Centuria until the delay issues are atleast fixed.

- Would be fun but unbalanced

At first I was super excited to play this but after a few days I can say this game needs a lot of improvement. The matchmaking is heavily unbalanced and summoning decent monsters is really hard. All I draw are upgrades no matter how many times I summon. Also this is too heavy focused on pvp, where you can’t do much unless you reach a certain rank. But the unbalanced matchmaking will prove it quite difficult. I can already tell when I lost just by seeing the team. Runes also don’t do much. I think this needs to be reviewed and improved, otherwise it’s pay to win. Maybe will check it out again in a few months or so.

- Raid lite

This is a watered down version of raid shadow legends. The first summoners war was better.

- Lagging hard

No reason why this game should lag.

- I was so excited for this

But every time I try to open the game I can’t get past the loading screen why would release a game that clearly isn’t ready

- Cancer

People only play this game for summoners war reward. Inflated user base, clueless gameplay, laggy UI. I wouldn’t play this if it wasn’t for the rewards in my other game.

- Crash crash crash

This is so fckin annoying, crash after crash. When I launch the game, it crash 1/2. Now it just crashed before the end of a fight. I am done. Cum2us, test your games before launching it, money isnt an issue to hire competent staff, RIGHT???

- Boring Playstyle

Only played to get the summoners war sky arena resources. I think they missed the mark on this one. Play style is boring and repetitive. Play clash of clans instead. Unfortunate from an good IP.

- Freeze

Constantly freezing on ios. Needs to be upgraded.

- Terrible

This game is nothing but trash

- Error

Bought the pack for 500 glory medals and after I collected them from my inbox, I never received them.

- Laggy not great

Good luck downloading the game let alone running it. If you’re downloading it, I’m sure you have Summoners war and hot damn both games need so much room to download and run. This game however, is super laggy and glitchy...

- graphics/character designs are NOT cute

It’s really hard to like the game with this graphics.

- Unplayable

Can’t even play the game cause the network connecting isn’t working and you can’t play single player until you get to a higher pvp rating. Why release the game and force people to pvp if you can’t even establish a proper connection?

- Boring P2W

Just another wallet contest game

- Unplayable

First time I’m writing a review but this game continues to crash over and over again. When it doesn’t crash, it lags so much that it freezes for 10 seconds then I have to wait another 10 seconds for the animations I missed to play out.

- Gameplay

Very bad connection and also this game heavily rely on the timing to use counter, so you can see why you will not like this game. Graphics and art wise, so-so and nothing can be compared with genshin impact of course.

- Kinda hate to say this huge sw fan but

Hugely pay to win!!

- Giving this a Shot

All the reviews says it’s pay to win They said that about seven knights but ultimately it played out well in the end. Seven knights still needs some balancing but you can get any hero you want but it takes skill and time. I’m not sure if it’s that bad with this game, but we will see. I used to play the original summoners war and that was a great game, just needed an update in the graphics department. I really hope Com2Us didn’t do anything that stupid with this game, they already have a bad rep with a lot of mobile games they screwed over Giving this a 3/5 until I have a final verdict. See you guys til then

- Almost broke my phone

This game made my brand new iphone 12 pro max freeze i could not use it until the battery ran out the next day. Could not hard reset or control anything.

- Match up

Love it but sadly when compared to battle with others I get matched with the same guy 3 times in row so I can’t get any wins

- Don’t Listen To These Freaks!

Stop with the p2w excuses only to rate this game 1 star! This game is great, and idk why it’s p2w. I experienced the game myself and would say it’s very addicting. It’s not a p2w game, what are these kids thinking? Oh well, I hope you enjoyed reading my review, Bye Bye!!!

- Why?

Probably the worst combat system I have ever seen. If you’re free to play you will never get anywhere. Clearly pandering towards whales, as all of Com2Us’ games do. I would rate 0 stars if I could. This game is atrocious and should’ve been scrapped.

- Horrible

Devs put spam in game so no one can chat at all. Horrible. No pm available and spam in general and guild chat. How is anyone supposed to chat at all? Do u guys even care?

- Should be luck to get a star

Honestly I look forward to playing this game, but every time I complete one trial and try to except my prize the game crashes every time! How are we supposed to play if a game keeps crashing every five seconds. All the hype and nothing to show.

- Boring..... deleted!

Wth ? Im obligated to pvp if i want to pve wow get lost with your stupid game. I dont want to pvp so buy i lost me.

- Terrible!

Waste of time. Not fun . Pay to win ! I thought summonerswar was bad ! This is ten times worse !!!!

- Don’t download

Game is crap now not fun anymore crashes and lost every game after the update so long

- Newer accounts

Could you please implement a system where you can choose the range in which you battle. For instance, if I am say 1000 rating and in barrier battles I’m pitted against 4000+ every time it’s a bit unfair. Can you create a search system that you can set the parameters in which you battle? Like if I choose 1000 - 2000 I don’t mind the extra wait if there is a fair chance. Thank you.

- Top graphics

Great gameplay! This game has high quality graphics. The only thing I have to ask is more monsters.

- poopoo

my won’t let me back after it update dumb

- Ugh p2w

Bring back the concept of fair play like the original summoners war. I used to play that game for hours and with this one, you get stuck because you aren’t strong enough unless you spend lots of money. Hence, you get destroyed by other players who spend a lot and bosses. Hard to progress and move up. I abandoned the game and only log on when my notifications tells me there’s free crystals and summon books - I log on for 5 minutes just to watch what I get summoned, then exit out. No motivation to play nor spend

- Garbage game I’m forced to play for the SW event

Forced to play this trash game for a Summoners War event. Gaaaah. This game is so basic.

- Game broken

New event and didn’t get the 5 books to summon or haven’t received anything fix it

- Garbage

Garbo Edit: worse than garbage by this dumb company to try to prop up a dead game using another game

- Great game - Counter is..counter intuitive

Visuals are great, and overall concept is really neat! The counter mechanic is abusable and kind of promotes a passive playstyle as your countering opponent will wait for you to activate and then use a counter to always get a stronger attack. It’s not a “fun” mechanic when it’s used non-stop. Maybe putting a limit on it, or some form of pre-req to trigger it would help.

- Too much lag and balancing issues

Way too much lag, sometimes your opponent attacks twice before you can even move. Both on wifi and 4g. Also fix konamiya. It’s way too powerful when combined with lushen

- Super addicting

I wasn’t too sure why there were so many bad reviews but I had an extremely fun time with this game. Very addicting. I haven’t spent a single dime on this game and I have almost all the 5 stars in the game. However, even with all the 5 stars, I don’t even use most of them. I use a very basic team with only one 5 star and that team alone got me to diamond 5. I think it depends heavily on how you create your team and make your runes. Very fun strategy game. The only downfall is if you don’t have good internet connection, it can be frustrating. Good luck and have fun everyone!

- Don’t listen to the cry baby’s

All you saying it’s a pay to win, maybe put some time and effort in learning the game and actually grind also who cares if u get a head start for spending some real life money, I’m pretty sure that’s the same in any game and in fact that’s the same with real life situations.. cash is king. If you

- Using a bug to cheat

People are freezing the game, pausing your spells to win. Ruining it for me.

- Gameplay and bad connection

I just started playing this game for less than 2 weeks. Haven’t been playing this type of game for a while and it’s quite addictive. However there is glitch in this game and also the connection has been bad,especially for the past 3-5 days. There were always times that it lagged and did not respond until much later. As other reviews say this is a game of timing, the connection is bad that it sometimes lagged a couple seconds before it gave a counter or mana attack. But by that time your character might have already stunned or run out of HP. Furthermore, from my experience, sometimes players or comp can give multiple mana attacks in a short span of time which is weird and those mana attacks cost 4-6 manas each…. I hope there will be some improvement in this game soon

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Summoners War: Lost Centuria 2.1.5 Screenshots & Images

Summoners War: Lost Centuria iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

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Summoners War: Lost Centuria (Version 2.1.5) Install & Download

The applications Summoners War: Lost Centuria was published in the category Games on 2021-04-27 and was developed by Com2uS Corp. [Developer ID: 299175870]. This application file size is 2.32 GB. Summoners War: Lost Centuria - Games app posted on 2022-05-12 current version is 2.1.5 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: