Summoners War

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An action-packed fantasy RPG with over 100 million Summoners around the world!
Jump into the Sky Arena, a world under battle over the vital resource: Mana Crystals!

Summon over 1000 different types of monsters to compete for victory in the Sky Arena!
Assemble the greatest team of monsters for strategic victories!

Summoners War: Sky Arena

Summoners War Official Community:

[Strategic Gameplay]
Witness the dazzling display of each Monster's unique skills!
21 different Rune sets to pick and choose additional abilities for your monsters!
Come up with the best strategy to win battles!

[Endless Fun!]
Decorate your Village, battle other summoners, explore Dungeons, fight in PvP battles, expand your Collection, train Monsters, and more!

[Massive Collection]
Fire, Water, Wind, Light and Dark!
5 different attributes, and 1000 different monsters!
Collect as many monsters as you can and assemble the greatest team!

[Real-time Raid]
Battle as a team!
A real-time battle with 3 users!
Defeat the boss with your fellow Summoners using various tactics!

The Forbidden Summoning Magic has finally been revealed!
You can Evolve the skill of your choice with this special Monster!
Summon Homunculus and show off your strategy!

You can Craft more than 100 items at the new Craft Building!
Craft High Runes, special Buildings, Statues and more with the new Craft System and install them wherever you want!

[World Arena]
Enjoy a real-time battle with users worldwide!
Experience a breathtaking battle that starts from Pick&Ban!
Reveal your unique strategy to the world!

[Guild Content]
A sensational Guild PvP in the Isle of Conquest!
Explore the Tartarus' Labyrinth with Guild Members!
Make your Guild the greatest of all!

[Dimension Hole]
The closed Dimension Hole is now open!
Fight against the ancient power of different dimensions!
Defeat the Ancient Guardians and meet the powerful Monsters with new awakening power!

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Access permissions are requested in order for us to provide you with the following service when you use the app.


- Notifications: The permission is required to send you push notifications regarding the game.
- Camera: The permission is required to take profile pictures for HIVE members.
- Contacts: The permission is required to find friends registered to contacts for HIVE members.
- Photos: The permission is required to save/load game screens and change profile pictures for HIVE members.

※ Please note that you can still enjoy the service excluding features related to the above without giving access permissions.

▶ How to remove access permissions
You can always change access permission settings whenever you'd like.

- Device Settings> Select the corresponding app> Choose either to enable/disable access

Summoners War is available in 16 different languages!
English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Deutsch, Français, Português, Español, Русский, Bahasa Indonesia, Tiếng Việt, Türkçe, العربية, Italiano and ไทย!

Items are available for purchase in this game.
For Com2uS Mobile Game Terms of Service, visit
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Privacy Policy :
For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting

Summoners War App Description & Overview

The applications Summoners War was published in the category Games on 2014-06-12 and was developed by Com2uS Corp.. This application file size is 119.83 MB. Summoners War current version is 5.1.4 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

A global RPG that mesmerized users worldwide!
Win battles with unique decks!

- New Transmogrifications
- Homunculus Skill Balancing Modified
- In-game UIs Improved
- Other Errors Fixed

Got feedback? Leave a review or visit and drop us a line!

Summoners War App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Summoners War Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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mkapes   3 star

Fun but tedious. What the title says

For comments good or bad   3 star

Ok. This game is fun at times and stupid at time, what I mean stupid is the rng on skills and such, like how can you get stun lock from a skill that have a 18 % chance but you your monsters have a 22% chance to get a turn and never does plus 50% resistance

TheHonestOpinion119   1 star

Still Lame. Devs refuse to accept this game is nothing but a slot machine in PvP may the best additional turns win. Lame Game with no balancing whatsoever in PvP. Exaggerating? No, doesn’t take a genius to see all guild war and siege war defenses are copy/paste teams with vio runes to “spice up content”. Enjoy the summons because that’s the most fun you’ll get out of it, watch the SWC Tournaments, nothing but hoping for Rng to kick in your favor. Lame Game.

Beastly sparky   1 star

Account. Com2us is by far the worst company in existence. Someone hacked my account and I have all information. Legit my account. First purchases, date is was given. Literally everything yet apparently that’s not enough information to confirm account. They don’t care. Don’t spend your money because they are just a greedy company who doesn’t actually care about their players. Oh spend $1000s of dollars and spend 35 hours plus a week, yeah we don’t care if someone steals it. Shoulda been able to stop hackers somehow. Worst company ever.

LordZion20   5 star

Love this game. Had to make a second account cause I just can’t get enough!

FalseKlng   5 star

Fun and easy. Easy game to get into and pretty enjoyable

ftrfufx   5 star

Best game ever. It’s the best game

PilltLady   4 star

Fun game but so many updates. I love this game and have been playing on and off for 4 years. However in the last few weeks I feel like every time I open the app, even in the same day, new updates need to be installed. This is mildly annoying as I’m looking to spend my break kicking monsters butts. Not spending 15 minutes waiting for an update to install. Please fix this 😩

killingyous   1 star

Account was hacked. My account was hacked and they are asking me for questions I have no way of getting answers too. The account I had was originally started on and android phone the very first year the game launched and I spent hundreds of dollars on this account and now it belongs to someone else and I can’t to anything to get it back because I don’t have a bunch of info nobody would hold on too. Don’t waste your time you’ll just end up with a broken heart

dkanodee   1 star

Unfair. This game is very much pay to play no luck about it some account are much luckier than others making the entire game unfair.

Abigail pree   4 star

Best game yet the secondary summon is wack. I reallyyyy wanna secondary awaken Belladeon but I can’t when my monsters can only kill the first boss and I only get 320exp pre match :((

unhappysmoner   3 star

Love the game but now won’t open. I love this game, i’ve played it for years and truly enjoy the gameplay, but a few months ago, I became unable to use the app. When i open the app, the game shows me the first screen and says “Checking for Updates!” with a loading symbol, but then reopens. This occurs even when the app version is up to date.

Simpsons11111   4 star

Not Bad. The game has its pros and cons. The chance ratio of winning higher valued monsters is rare so it's suggested that you boost that ratio. Another thing is to make more ways to win rainbowmons and gems. :) Otherwise its a great game.

Eudidhhsifieh   1 star

Com2us ruin what could be a good game. This game has a lot going for it, however the developers make it extremely bad by building in unfair mechanics and refusing to fix it despite everyone agreeing that this is broken. The most blatant example of this is violent runes that let the computer controlled units attack as many time as needed to kill your entire team without giving you a chance to do anything about it. Debuffs is an other example where a 25% stun will apply 75% of the time for the computer controlled units. This makes this game extremely frustrating to play. Given how much grind this game is, and the unfair mechanics, I can only recommend you stay away until the fix this very obvious problems (which they stated they will not address)

og_picklerick   1 star

Biggest money sink. If you don’t have money to spend don’t worry about playing you won’t pull the monsters that you need o be competitive in any sort of pvp and even if you do get LUCKY and pull them you won’t have the runes. But it’s a fun game if you can drop 1000 per month

Adri3lx   5 star

A lot of fun and grinding. Rewarding. This game has kept its keep up since launch. Consistently improving adding new monsters,Transmogs,events. This game by far in my opinion is top tier if you love turn based RPG games. I started playing right into launch and I love it. The only thing I would possibly change is the drop rate of highly rare monsters. Such as Dragon Knights, Chimeras, Oracles. These monsters are defiantly worth getting but the game relies on a lot of RNG. Other than that I love the game just some minor changes to monster drop rates. I’ve only been playing since launch and I don’t have many Nat 5’s not really good ones at that. Help us summoners war please we need our chances to keep up with the pay to win people. We want to be strong summoners as well. Don’t leave us behind C2U love the game but give us a chance as well.

ThouxanbanZo   3 star

Drop rate. I can’t express enough how the drop rate for 5star monsters is to low I think ALL veteran players should at least have the drop rate increased

service 8927494926272   3 star

Updates. Fun game but too many updates in less then a hour of signing it and out it’ll ask you to update for small resources and etc reasons. Then your unable to play game if you don’t download these updates every 2 secs stopped playing for a while and remembered why I stopped in the first place 🤬

Timmyb0y97!   2 star

Hacked game. It’s been a minute since I’ve played this game maybe only a month or so. I go to download it again and log in and it says my password was invalid. So I go to press “forgot password” and try to get my password back and my email has completely changed so I no longer have access to my account. So to the one who hacked my account I hope you enjoy the max storage full of maxed monsters

mollanna77!   5 star

Molanna77. Awesome

[lifewater]   2 star

Used to be great. Monetization options killed it for me. I was in love with summoners war for almost 3-4 years. But reappraisal stones changed things for me. I’m likely a minority here but the choice to monetize “Reappraisal stones” a long while back really killed my desire to play. I’m fine with the stones themselves but monetizing them has completely changed the game to the point where it feels like a requirement to move to the higher arena ranks. Summoners war used to carefully tread that pay 2 win line but now it seems that’s been thrown to the wind in favor of profit. Even removing the monetization options won’t work because the damage has been done already. It’s a shame. The game is fun, but monetization options over the last 2 years really killed it for me

Mommy2my2girls   3 star

Good Gameplay but too many downloads.. The game itself is great but every time I play I have to download ‘resource files’. Even when I stop playing and start playing again in less then an hour it downloads again. It takes about 20 minutes every time and makes it hard for me to play.

Heyheyheyheyheyhehehehehehe   5 star

Summoners. Very great game brings back nostalgic feeling of pokemon when i was younger and dragonville

slayfox5153   5 star

This game is lit. The best of all my games I have

jaceweeks   5 star

Help. It won’t update

seapicklegod   5 star

Good. Good

Nokai09   5 star

LOL. I love this game before EVERYONE was way better than me but now I feel luckier bc I have way more monsters and better ones too this is a great game but it needs some minor improvements

Dutois   2 star

Amazing game, poorly run.. The game itself is a grind but still fun. But the game has major issues that will never be fixed. Rune upgrading is a joke, it takes forever and there is no point. Just wastes time, should be instant power ups. Rune farming, there needs to be a 10x button or something. When you get fast enough runs hitting your phone or tablet every 20-30 seconds just makes the game not fun. Violent runes. What a joke. Watching the recent championship shows you that there is no skill in the game, whoever procs more wins. Was really boring to watch. Balance patches are far and few between and often don’t address real issues. Not enough new content. Should be new mons often, we get very little, never new runes. New content that does come out isn’t creative or thought out. Com2us badly needs to hire someone who is in tune with the game. Heck send me an invite, I’ll come fix all the issues no problem.

AlphaLegend222   5 star

Download this Game!. The game summoners war is like your inside the game trying to fight towards freedom but there are some obstacles in the way that you fight with virtual effects and noises! I love this game and you should download it you’ll love it trust me! If you would like a friend my name is Legend9879. Download this game and I’ll see y’all in Summoners War!

oiuy6hjjhfdsxcvhjjnbvgh   1 star

Not a good game. Am being really honest with my comment. This game is good but not good at the same time in order for you to enjoy this game and compete at a goos g1 level you will have to spend thousands of dollars in this game is so unfair for every other player out there this game is not designed for free to play players you will get bored of it in less than a year plus this stupid rng to get new monsters you need to spend 3000 thousand dollars to get one nat 5 light or dark monster and if you get lucky you maybe get a good game changing monster or it could be trash trust me don’t waist your time with this game play Epic 7 much better than this crappy game I wish I never downloaded this game

Advertorial    5 star

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Cuckmaster420   5 star

Nice. Actually pre fun to get into

kazeehvh   1 star

Good game. Have been playing this game for 4 yrs. Very good rng game with awesome fighting system. But 1 star because i just summoned 1 premium pack with no lighting.

golosseeker   4 star

Amazing Game. Highly addictive Best Mobile Game on my phone.

Dabs the human   4 star

Fun so far. So far so good. Lil pushy with micro transactions but most games are so what ya gonna do.

Mathieubelanger1990   5 star

Super jeu. Ce jeu est vraiment super! Les monstres sont bien faits et les événements sont variés. Bravo !!!

Qupde   5 star

Honest review. Honestly this is my favourite mobile game in years I’ve been playing for over 4 years now and I can’t stop😂

SuperSlimey45   1 star

Got hacked. I got my account stolen by Chinese hackers and have yet to hear back for support, feels horrible to have hundreds of days taken away because the app’s security is so weak. Slow service that has yet to help.

pls help me out   3 star

Weird download. Really fun game not gonna lie but every time i open the game after a couple hours of not using it, i have to redownload everything of the game and it takes an hour to do so, i dont think this is supposed to happen

awhshet   4 star

Awhshet. Very fun , pretty neat forr an iPad game since I’m used to pc tthhis is sick

j.i.g.d   1 star

Trash. Abysmal summon rates. Extremely p2w. Awful time sink.

pierluc09   5 star

J’adore !. J’ai essayé plusieurs jeux et celui ci est vraiment complet et évolutif

kylaforever   5 star

Great community. Very well put together game! Great community!

datbabygravy   5 star

Just keep pulling pulling pulling. Just keep pulling pulling pulling Grind baby grind

aidenyoungaming   5 star

Nice job. Is a great game enjoy it so much hope you enjoy it as much as me

Etheriose   5 star

Great game.. A lot of hour spent with zero regrets!!! Been playing for 3 years now.

bononobon   5 star

Good game. Excellent

fix it3   1 star

Banded?. It says whenever I login that I’m banned but I didn’t do anything to get banned.

Jan Ryan   1 star

Buggy. Wouldn't let me connect or make an account first and foremost. Now I bought the starter pack and next thing you know it always freezes in the start up screen. Keeps saying looking for update even though I'm connected to WiFi or data. Tried reinstalling the app and now all my progress is lost. Sweet

damienlip   5 star

Can I get a refund for the daily pack || I want the welcome back pack. Can you guys plz make it happen because I have Been playing this game for 6 and a half years And I haven’t stoped having fun with it

gtr6666   5 star

Best game. This is the best game I’ve ever played

MolsonJ   4 star

Not too shabby. Fun to play but takes forever to level up and get to actual gameplay

Sumoner man   4 star

Bon jeux mais il y a un problème.. Le problème c’est que je veux changer de guilde mais cela ne marche pas.Si vous pouvez régler le problème j’en serait reconnaissant.

Punkbobplaidpants   3 star

Updates.. Have had this game for about a month or so. It is quite fun...however, the updates, the constant massive downloads every time I open the game. I have to spend 5-10 mins just waiting for the game to update, whether It’s been half a day or a full day, it seems I have to update every time I open it. I’ve never had this problem with a game before, I’m stuck on this loading screen, it’s unfortunate, but I will most likely have to delete the game.

gam3rwolf   5 star

love it. can't stop playing this game!!! you become easily addicted to this game!!!

lol cmonbruh   5 star

good game but bugs. game disconnects when i click chat when i go into scenario please fix

MajorazzDeku   1 star

SCAMED?. I order some crystals and what not and I don’t know what happened YOU GUYS BILLED ME for double of everything I took and emptied my bank account Out i would like to receive an email on what this isssue is cause I need my money I have screenshots of the purchase history and the bills and what not, I can send you guys via Email and too top it all off I DIDNT RECEIVE the stuff you guys billed me double for 39,99$ x3, 14,72$ x2 6,99$ x2 please answer me ASAP I’d be very grateful thank you

Beardgoat   5 star

Great game only getting better. Love this game been keeping me hooked for about 4 years doesn’t make you spend either like others like it. 2nd awakenings also great new content letting you use your less used monsters 👍

Avieric   1 star

Good But. Bring back Shaina’s Atb Reduction. Might as well nerf Lushen. People use him a lot on arena for rush hour. And you guys have done nothing about it. Why nerf twins? So stupid. I don’t see them getting banned or pre banned during tourney. So people. If u play this game. Be prepared to be furious once in a while. ✌️

ionlyratebadgames   5 star

GREAT GAME. I love this game so much it’s fun to play with friends or just grind by yourself and if you need help you just have to ask in the chat

? are bettre than .   4 star

Keeps updating. The game is amazing, but about everyday there is an update about 30-40 minutes long, I don’t know if I’m the only one experiencing this or if it’s intentional, but if it is intentional, please update less often and let the player continue playing until he or she decides to update.

Advertorial    5 star

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kayohh   2 star

Keeps crashing. Just did a recent update and keeps crashing ever since. I wasted at least 70 energy on incompleted runs from the crash. This is sad.

Writeareviewww   2 star

Great game, customer service not. Had account for over 1050 days, spent over $500-600, got hacked, sufficient evidence accepted by account rep., com2us takes almost a week, sometimes more, to respond to any ticket, case changed account rep. 4 times, each of them ctrl+c, v several times. Now after more than 2 months, and having more than enough evidence which is supposedly ‘irrelevant’ and ignored by account reps., i am again, back at square 1. Every time, needing to put same details into a ticket. (No direct contact to anyone even when case gets accepted, very fkn frustrating) Tl:dr Got hacked, com2us doesnt make any effort, 2 months gone, still nothing.

Hellwind908   5 star

Amazing. Fantastic Game

Xtiangjsdicj   1 star

Ios13 bug. The app keeps on unloading the 1.75gb of downloaded content everytime I update any apps on my phone with updated ios13. Please advise at it is annoying to download the patch every time!

real lipsync   5 star

Good. Good game I'm here for the crystals lol bye

Powspike123   3 star

Just giving this game what it always gives me. Title

mytchook   3 star

To much in game updates every day. I go on the app and there is an update I let it update and in like 4 hours Another update why is that a thing

SasSaxLee   1 star

Summoning Monsters. Both times I’ve used a Legendary Scroll you’ve given me a monster I’ve had before. I continue to get the same level 4 monsters. What kind of algorithm is that. Terrible.

Dwi rambo   1 star

Red crystal gifts !!!!!. Where is our red crystal gift on events when we completed the mission ?

jayx81   5 star

Great strategy game/farming/addictive pvp. Great game. Easy to play your way into endgame. Ive been through my share of problems in the years ive played. Had my account hacked and stolen but returned to me in time by the good people at com2us. Had a time of poor summoning luck but the thing with luck is it changes and so did my personal summoning rates in due time. The game got buggy for me but through updates which are frequent the problem was resolved by com2us I really do recomend this game to anyone. My kids play my wife plays. Its family fun and addictive.

AusReilly   5 star

Strange addiction. Been playing for 4 year and still in love with this game. Just a warning that it's like having a second wife and requires you to dedicate a lot of your time to the game. From the graphics to the strategy required to destroy strong opponents in arena to a story that will keep you engaged this game has it all. Recent additions to the game have also made it easier for new players. Yes this game of course has in-game purchases but what game doesn't. I'm proud to say that I have not spent a cent of them and can keep up with the people that have sent. Love your work Com2us keep up the great work.

KHB No Skill   5 star

Great game. Awesome game but I feel kinda scammed since my last something like 10 legendary scrolls had been either the water or wind mermaid but other it’s great

BackieLee   5 star

Best game ever. Honesty never thought I’d find a game for mobile this great,but I did and now I’m addicted! 10/10

bipan8888   5 star

Bipan8888. This game is cool

Mass Arms   2 star

not bad but.... why u guys have so many updates so often?! and takes fkn forever to be done. can’t even start playing

dohehei   2 star

Good and Bad. Been playing for 500 days. This game is gambling but for kids and the prizes aren’t money. It’s a good game but heavy on the pay to win, be prepared to invest a huge amount of time to get anywhere. I been playing for almost 2 years and am not what you’d call endgame yet. Worst thing is the drop rates. You can literally work for months, at it every day only to get a low chance at getting a good monster. The drop rate of a 4 star mon is 8% and a 5 star is .5%. Imagine working everyday for a month to get 100 scrolls that have a .5% chance of getting something good. Then getting trash which is more than likely. Welcome to sw

ByeSw   1 star

Greedy company only after money. I’ve been a loyal pay to play customer since first month of release, but recently they have offered a skin to 2 monsters that were nerfed completely to no use as soon as the sale period ended. Monster balancing is an essential part of a game, but the way that this company goes about it is absolutely disgusting. Why sell a skin (cost me $90 aud to get both) whilst knowing that they will nerf it in the next month? There should be refunds for monsters nerfed majorly that required monetary purchase. It doesn’t even have to be money back-perhaps ingame crystal or transmogrification Stones...ANYTHING. But no, they’re too desperate for money and they wonder why their game is dying. Perhaps a rethink of the company etc is required more than rethinking monster skills or try listening to the customer base/ forums abit more. There’s a reason why MANY people quit summoners to move to epic7 etc, perhaps com2 should take a leaf out of their book. Do not spend in this game-they will simply laugh as they watch it go down the drain.

bajsjdkkd   2 star

Skskks. I’m not too happy with this game :( I just started playing this game, all was perfectly fine and when the next the day I logged in, I was banned permanently :( I really do love this game but they should really put the reason why they permanently banned me.

jtdhFFX1234   5 star

The best game. Is pretty fun to play on Mobil you should play it Sumer war

Koski 500   1 star

Terrible game. Someone stole my account and wont even let me make a new one. Terrible

A1高闪   5 star

好玩. 推荐试一试

Snazzy wallpaper   1 star

Stop. I love this game it’s amazing. But I can’t play it anymore because it requires ANOTHER download that if I don’t do I can’t access my login server. I got one of these updates at least once every 2 days and I’ve had to delete the game now. It’s excessive and I want my game back. You need to STOP for Christ’s sake it’s a mobile game.

Qubear   5 star

Just keeps going. Great game, simple to get going. The further you go the more complex it becomes. Fair bit of grinding at times but helped by active guild content. Lots of events to also help grow. Thx

Zukomoko   5 star

Great game. A plus game so fun

Moo-moo1993   5 star

5 star. Awesome fun

Portuga83   3 star

Jogo. O jogo é legal, mas é viciado . Isso é uma pena

XJUMP3RX   5 star

Great game !. I like your work COM2US.

Nerdbuddha   5 star

Enough said. The game has a really good F2P route you can run and with the exclusive events it’s better than most mobile games out there

=Link91=   2 star

Gets bad. Dont play, it will waste ur life

king_Auzzie   5 star

Summoners war. I love this game

JMFeely   1 star

Refund. I spent money on this app, while I was enjoying the game. The app crashed during my attempt to make a hive account. Now I’m unable to access my original profile. I would like a refund

braejkenn   1 star

Scrolls. Rates are trash I saved up over 50 and got 2 Lightning’s

4reesb   1 star

Lost my profile and progress when I made an account with hive.. I really love this game however I haven’t received any support since I’ve created an account with hive for the purpose of saving my profile. In turn I’ve lost all my progress.

an old chum   3 star

Keeps updating. I don’t know if it’s just me, but every time I enter the game it asks for me to download 1142.57 mb of data into the game which I would give the game 5 stars if it weren’t for this

Vengeful Riku   3 star

Help.... I’m new to the game, yet now when I try to enter, the startup screen animation will repeat itself endlessly. Can this be fixed? I’m fully blocked out of the game because of this.

pillpusher22   4 star

Fun pass time. I usually don’t write reviews so I thought I give this one a shot. Love the game been playing over a year now. The battles are great but now I seem to be summoning the same monsters over and over and the new DH level and Tartarus levels are super hard to beat. I have decent mons to fight but it’s like 2 hits and I’m out. I feel like for beginners and people who may not have or want to spend money need a fighting chance to move to move up and the next levels

Taterpots   1 star

Accounts get hacked left and right. The company will not care if you get hacked they will ignore your tickets and leave u in the dust

my pointless nickname   5 star

Great game. Great game,tons to may be overwhelming at first but you learn quickly.

Coalsauce   1 star

Horrible customer service!. Being a game connoisseur over my lifetime I played this for free many years ago and it had some appeal...Although It took months to eventually get a good monster to actually compete in PvE and the Arena without spending a dime. Now I feel tricked and frustrated... Playing “Raid Shadow Legends” instead and very satisfied! Returning to this game many years later I decided to give it a shot again and actually spent $30 on the starter pack (Gives gems, summoning scrolls, and additional goods for logging in daily over the period of a week or so). I was excited to get a great 4 star monster that could carry my team out of the random summoning scrolls. But my excitement was short lived as I upgraded and changed devices... I took all the precautionary steps to insure my data was safe so I could transfer over to the new device, including registering with Hive. After several hours of frustration not being able to log into my Hive account (Jumping through all the hoops) I submitted a few tickets to customer service and looked up the issue on forums. To this day they have not responded (Submitted October 29th) to any of my requests to resolve this issue but happily kept my money as days passed and I missed out on the items I had paid for.

i dont know whats not taken   5 star

Hey. Great game been playing it for almost 4years I just reset my account again let’s see how it works.

kayla0283   3 star

Please read, Com2us. The game overall is great! It’s fun and you get to interact and talk with people all around the world. One thing though that unmotivates me to play this game is the downloading time. Whenever I close out of the game for awhile and reopen it (after like 3 hours), it tells me to redownload the game. It takes around 2 hours, and that’s just way too long for me to wait another 2 hours after I close out of the game. It’s very inconvenient and I’ve tried fixing it, but nothing has worked. Please look into this problem, are my data downloads not saving ?? I really want to play this game more but I just can’t.

Paulios from Houston   5 star

Good. Revisiting old games, one of the best

teodora_cc   3 star

Stupid. I can’t get into the fricking game.

Alexandria2006   5 star

This is very fun. ❤️❤️❤️

herbst0603   5 star

Summoners war. Amazing😀

Daniel999963637   5 star

Cool game. Been playing for a few years on and off now and I just can’t seem to stop completely lol it’s definitely worth trying.

cclee_cclee   4 star

Don’t make a hive account with iOS. Love the game but after I made a HIVE account I couldn’t startup the game on iOS because it needed me to log in which I could not do

Dhodge19   5 star

Awesome. This game is awesome love it been playing for awhile now the thing I don’t like is having to download the files every time I just got off it and got back on and I have to redue it all over again but other than that great game keep it up 😁

Titeoteo   1 star

I hate it. I always have to restart and I made a hive account When I made it it made me restart the game🤬🤬

Hellomello1234221   5 star

For rpg gameplayers. Great rpg must play!

RPGenie   1 star

Over monetized and unusually poor rates. The monetization is so bad it actually makes me NOT want to give them anything. You get little value per dollar. They need a sub that gives you more then I’ll give them money. The rune upgrade system is maddening and there is no repeat battle option. They really need a good QoL pass in this game. Aside from that they have nice event rewards (though extremely grindy), and good character models.

mightymike6   5 star

Summoners war great game. Great game

리이움   5 star

ㅎ. Good

Akle1391   4 star

Great game. Don’t know why every time I login it makes me update the same thing every time. Could this be fixed please!

Riktifur   5 star

Can’t stop playing this. Best game ever. So much going on all the time.

DJ TRISTAN   5 star

Awesome Game. I’ve been playing this game since what seems like forever. I’m a gamer that likes to collect items and strategize. That’s why I love this game so much. I love the the events the most because, they are what really keeps me playing. Achievement hunting is my goal and the events are just plain fun. So just two thumbs up, with an Awesome shoutout!

Ferkleee   4 star

Great. Great game, just takes VERY long to progress significantly

Pro gamer ash   5 star

Best game. I love the game if you get tired of beating a boss and getting the same reward this is a game for you beating a boss has chances to give you stuff and this game is really addictive

Dusting101   1 star

PVP=pay to win. If you’re looking to have fun in real time arena or be anywhere close to competitive expect to play for the next 5 years or spend thousands upon thousands of dollars and still get destroyed by top level players farming you in the lowest rank. This game is not new player friendly

beuh at this point this is bad   2 star

Help. My game will not update and the one time it did it made me restart the updating process I play pretty constantly

Cardozoy   1 star

Customer service is not helpful. I found dealing with their customer service on matters (despite having made purchases) to be frustrating and my submissions were outright ignored.

Rksidjsnma   5 star

Addictif. Nice game

Mauric107   5 star

Best game on iOs. Good game

we write reviews   1 star

I get kicked out. When I go play this app I get kicked out I don’t know why I deleted some of my apps but I still get kicked out

Upinflames98   5 star

Lots of fun.. My son had me try this game and it has been a lot of fun!

kaybosh2   5 star

great game. 👍👍👍👍👍

romeo1995   5 star

SW. Playing this game for years and love every new update!

Gabrielb06   5 star

Mon avis. Summoners war c’est mon meilleur jeux sur portable pour toujours félicitations .👏🏼

gobacktoconsolegames   1 star

Money makes a Difference. Like most “freemium games” if you want to be a top player go spend $20,000 minimum.

junijang   5 star

Best mobile game. Seriously the best mobile game ! So much fun and free to play as long as you dont want to be competitive!

bdbenebsn   5 star

Great game!!!. Love it!!! It’s very f2p I love that!!!

Charloupoupou   5 star

Great game. It’s an awesome game even for those who are f2p. With all the rewards and events you wont have any problem making crystals.

2xLushen   1 star

Garbage rate. No nat 5, no 5 star😡

Inceptos13   5 star

It’s really fun, not sure what else to say.. It’s just a great game, with an active community and development team.

MontyCarlo_   5 star

So far not bad edit : love it. But just started, looks like it could cost a lot of real $$$$ Edit: it CAN cost a ton but if you just get the beginner packs it good

CePseudoEstDéjaUtilisé   4 star

Très bon jeux. Le jeux propose plein de choses géniales et différentes

D34D_ANoNiMouS3212   5 star

Best game. Addictive

TheyCallMeOD   3 star

Fix vio on defence. “22%” *unit procs 5 times a turn to wipe your team.

renz1121   5 star

P2P. Gz , just want an artamiel :/

Tootallmcg   5 star

Engaging game. Very in depth with monster summoning and fusion. Tuning is a task but well worth it in the end. The unique selection is incredible

Fallion1032   5 star

Excellent. Game is very in depth. Constant updates and events that allows for players to get new items and monsters that would normally not be available until later in the game. A game where spending money is not needed to enjoy the full experience of the game. Awesome job, keep it up!!!

fthhftjbfsetuiv   3 star

Love the game but it frustrates me. The entire size of the game should be the initial download. For whatever stupid reason my iPhone constantly “cleans” the app, forcing me to re-download the content almost every time I open the game. At 1317Mb, I sure as hell ain’t playing off wifi. And I’m not putting money into a game that will frustrate me into not playing anymore.

solgeleo   3 star

Good. This game good but it take to long to load

JaySeasonn   5 star

Awesomely. Awesome

lepseudonukachiersamere   5 star

Summoners war. Très bon jeux

Stugatz514   5 star

Best mobile game out there!. Com2US keeps the game consistently updated, making it one of the most progressive rpgs out there.

KrosisKnight   5 star

5 star rating for 5 star summon?. I won’t tell

setuna56   5 star

難しく楽し. 不思議に思うの相性と知識があれば弱いルーンでもかてる。 面しろい!

New player 69   5 star

Love the content. Doesn’t matter f2p or p2p both players can find enjoyment in the game it is a grind

Prince of Montreal   5 star

Very good and addicting game. Very well made Still going after 5 years because it is best in class Somewhat f2p friendly Be careful as you can end up spending a lot

Cuble guns   5 star

Good game. It’s a good game

SmexyLissy   5 star

Awesome :). I have always loved this game, it’s great and if you put little effort in worth it

Dcdmsmdnd   5 star

BEST GAME EVER. The drop rate is fine, if everybody gets ‘rare monsters’ than what’s the point in playing? It’s about finding strategy’s with monsters you already have and continuing to improve your runes The artwork is the best I have seen in any mobile game with multiple skills and combos available to be discovered, not to mention the new monster skins which comes out periodically With the continuous update patches to balance monsters and in-game events, the game is never to be boring for long Guild and team-based activities are always fun to do as you are able to make new friends and chat about in-game stuff while not playing summoners war via applications such as line and discord With the addition of active channels who offer realistic and beneficial in-game help for beginners this is definitely the game you should be playing!

Alphamingo   5 star

Awesome I love it!. Great game! Thank you for fixing all the bugs, that caused a lot of crashing in my recent game time! And I love how you add new monsters too!

kalibydiblit   5 star

Update required but I can’t update it in the App Store. When I play summoners war it says “recommended update” so I go on the App Store and don’t find it in the update section!!!!!!!!!🙁🙁🙁

DEMONICSTAR97   5 star

Drop rates. I love your game been playing it since it came out the only problem I have with it is the drop rates I get more 3 start then what I do 4-5 star monsters I want to be good at the game but I honestly believe the only way to get any better is to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars so can you please make it easier to get higher tier monster without going through dept just do that please put this in consideration other then that I have no problems

apwirifj   5 star

Qxqxkqje. Weak

vccfhh   5 star

Fcxgx. Chbjccx

XxderpyduckXx   5 star

We need a better chance of getting dark. I’m level 26 and I have never gotten a dark I would like to get a better chance at getting dark so please can you increase the chance of a dark and this game is awesome thank you

ffcvgtyhhggy   5 star

🤩. 🥳❤️💫

Ghost Snow Man   5 star

Very interesting with many things to do!. Very fun game to play if you are into those kinda games that you have to summon monsters and building them up. I’ve just start playing so haven’t seen any flaws yet but will keep up to date soon!

One piece fan ❤❤   1 star

So unfair. This game is really good and fun to play but the drop rate for monster is so unfair, I’ve used the 3-5 summoner scroll over a hundred times now since I played and never got anything higher then 3 start monster. This games is really unfair on those who play this game who don’t spend real money on this.

CoolDude McShades   4 star

iPhone keeps redownloading. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this game. I have an amazing guild and great moms as a f2p player but every couple of days my iPhone6 will completely re download the app, all 1.something GB of the game. I don’t know if it’s a glitch with the game or not since the last couple of updates but PLEASE FIX THIS!!! It’s annoying and it’s causing some resent toward the game :(

Wat up cool guy   2 star

It says I need to do a 1gb update twice a day.... I love the game an all, but the problem is that when i open the game, the game tells me to do a 1108mb update like twice a day. I asked other people and they said it doesnt happen to them. This has been going on for the past few days and because I dont have the best internet it can take up to an hour to update this. Com2us please fix thus bug thankyou.

Voltie   1 star

Garbage game. Don't play this paytowin garbage game, can barely progress without dropping thousands on the game.

aidghjk   5 star

Yesss. I love it

昆仑天光   4 star

Good game! Nice to have.. Thanks for the good game

joshhzzz   5 star

Game. Good

IncineratingAHoleInMyPocket   1 star

No welcome pack bug. Began playing and got 4 star wind knight, 4 star chasun and a bisalt so was pumped. Ready to blow my pay on this bad boy and I noticed that my newly acquired kicka** account had no starter packs at all! I mean I was seriously ready to go hard money wise on such an opener!!! But no packs! So I messaged supppoet n of course I hear nothing back. So I quit haha never will I see such luck nor be so eager as I was! Am I happy? No way but my wallet probably is lol. Still salty though, what a start n I was gonna buy out that shop.. anyway com2us support by the way is terrible. A finetooth comb away from lawsuits so be warned.

David Phuc   5 star

summoners war. awesome

((((Hades))))   5 star

Panda’s. I love all those pandas they are so cute!

taga71   5 star

Good. This Good Game but new this kind of Games Good video for beginners how do things

Jefferson Anderson   5 star

Drop Rate. Com2us if you guys are doing something shady with drop rates behind our backs stop it. It might be the rate changes every time you summon a 4 - 5 star but lately I’ve been frustrated with the game. I need a game changing monster and out of 5 premium packs I got 1, 4 star. Most of this is just speculation so if your way of making money is doing something to the summoning rates every time you summon please stop. Although I love playing your game can you make the game easier for free to play players. You see all the top guys in the community but they could only make it there by spending hundreds of dollars. This game is good with the biggest flaw that stops players from playing your games. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE GOOD AND FREE TO PLAY AND MOST OF THE FREE TO PLAY PLAYERS CANT DEVOTE THERE TIME SO IN THE END THEY DELETE YOUR GAME. Upon downloading your game I can already see that it’s full of rotting and dead accounts who have no time or money for your game it’s just boring now trying to complete they game with weak monsters it ******* impossible So either stop pulling strings make ur game easier or just lose your players. It’s only time before you’ll have to delete your game

UprisingChaos   5 star

Love it. I have a few accounts that I have played over the years and years love love love this gameeeee

Great But…(silence). I love your work however their are many people that are complaining about updates (including me) and it some time mess up our summoning phases since I summoned a Nat 4 sky dancer(cha sun) then it said it need an update and when I summoned a again it came out as a war bear(fire) plz fix but love your work :) Cominpoco

Nickits   4 star

Great game but. Despite this game being very pay to win, you can still be a free to play player, it’ll just take you longer to get to the end game.

Meebuh   5 star

AWWEESSSOOMMNNEE. Game is that good I can't spell lol

Me octagon triangle   1 star

👎🏻. Unfortunately you rarely get any good summons and the wish fountain needs a serious rework

hehwhwjhdhd   5 star

Review. Good game

Random Netflix User 2091   5 star

Great Game but improvements needed.. Hello Com2uS, Summoners War is my favourite game, and all the time I have played it, I have found an area that needs improvement. First of all, increase the chance of summoning a 5 star monster because in all the years I have played, (approximately 1.5) I have never summoned a 5 star monster, and this is probably the same problem with loads of other people. And also, please add a trading system because this would make it easier to get certain monsters. E.g. If I wanted a monster my friend had and he wanted one I have. The trading system would then come in handy. Those are the only improvements I can see, so please, as soon as you can, fix this problem.

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