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Are you looking for a math homework answer scanner?
Need help to solve math problems with real math tutors for free?

Download Gauthmath – the #1 user-recommended math problem solver with no cost! Our mathematics app gives access to online real math tutors for algebra, graphing, calculus, even math word problems, and all other math problems!
Simply snap a photo of your question with our math homework solver app and get step-by-step answers instantly.

◉【WORD PROBLEM FULLY COVERED】Gauthmath is your free math word problem solver that can solve even the hardest math word problems. The real math tutors online on our mathematics solution app, give answers with step-by-step explanations to all your maths questions and math homework.

◉【FREE MATH PROBLEM SOLVER】As one of the best math apps that give you the answer, Gauthmath can help and solve all your math homework. It's like you have a photo math question solver camera. Just take a photo or scan your maths homework, the Gauthmath math scanner & math answer app will instantly get you the math problem answers to any math questions!

◉【MATH ANSWER IN SECONDS】Besides allowing you to easily scan math problems, Gauthmath maths homework solver app has thousands of helpers and math solution experts. Once they got your math problem photo, the dedicated math helper will answer instantly with a step-by-step solution. Get math answers anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

◉【EASY-TO-USE MATH SCANNER】Gauthmath math problem solver free app can help you solve all kinds of math problems! Even the hardest types of problems. It covers all kinds of math problems IB/ A Level/ SAT / ACT / AP / GCSE / HSC math and other advanced mathematics.

· 100% FREE!
· Solve math problems instantly with a math tutoring expert!
· LIVE Math experts available 24/7, FREE!
· Math solutions with step-by-step explanations!
· Gauthmath solves word problems even the hard ones!
· Snap a picture math question, and you will get the problem solved in seconds!

· Math Word problems
· Algebra (Real Number; Arithmetic; Set theory; Expression; Logarithm; Complex Number)
· Function (Linear; Quadratic; Polynomial; Exponential; Rational; Logarithmic; Inverse Function)
· Geometry (Plane & Solid Geometry; Algebra & lines; lines and planes in space; transformation)
· Trigonometry (Trigonometric Ratios; Law of Sines; Law of Cosines; Reciprocal Properties)
· Calculus (Derivatives; Integrals; Limits; the tangent/area problem)
· Statistics and Data Analysis (Probability; data representation; random variables; binomial theorem; Poisson distribution; normal distributions; confidence intervals)
· Matrix (matrix algebra; the system of linear equations and matrices)
· Logic (reasoning and proof; conditional statements; inductive reasoning; deductive reasoning)

Need help with assignments? Just snap a photo & instantly get answers from our math scanner answer and real tutors. Finally, you have math homework help that improves your learning efficiency! With Gauthmath, you will solve math problems like a piece of cake!

Leave your math problems to the best mathematics resolver problems app = > your reliable math helper will provide math answers for your math homework. Our math problem solver services will prepare high-quality math help for you and make your math homework and exams much easier!

► ► Download Gauthmath now for FREE and have a loyal math helper & problem-solving app!




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Ultra fast and ultra smart! The latest App version can solve your math problems in a flash. Check it out!

Gauthmath - Talk to tutors now Comments & Reviews

- convenient      ​   

Very helpful application you can find some questions and its answer here for all types of maths! it has images and written solutions and also clear some of my doubts I'm glad to have this app really its very helpful app particularly for those students who do self-study.       ​

- I think it's great ​​​ 

This is a great app to help you solve your doubts, your homework, and help you study for your exams. This app has helped to solve a lot of my doubts and a lot of other students. The best part of it is that the answers also come from students and teachers looking to help others out. ‌        

- I like​  ‍ 

This app is the best I get to get at least a few questions right, and even if I get a few questions wrong I'm not mad this app still helps me in math because I'm struggling a lot on that topic, fortunately it's not too late because brains are here to help make it happen.       ‌

- I really like the style  ​    ‌‌

This is a very good app that is really helpful when it comes to answering my modules and homework, I definitely recommend this app! If you have a hard time understanding your modules and your online class, you can ask your Gauthmath to help!    ‌  ‌

- recommended‍      

The app is really useful for students I personally love this app because it contains different types of questions and also very useful answers so I really recommend u to download this app that really allows you to learn new material.       ​  

- Function good‍‌  ‌  

I mean, I really!! Like this kind of program. So far, this excellent app has answered all my doubts. If someone is wondering which app I should download for my research, then this is my opinion that you should download Gauthmath. It's really really helpful. ‍    

- You use it  ​​  

This app helps you find any doubts I have, and this is the most popular app I have. It's very helpful to us and to any child. I hope all the people, the person and any child who downloads this app like that, he or she thinks very grateful.​     

- This app is great ​     

Completing ur home work is so easy now... its the best learning and helping for students, basically u helping hand....and I believe this is the first study app that has no add or bug in this. This app is perfect for 5 starts, thanks to the developers​      ​

- Really strong feeling ‍  ​    

This app is best suited as an online study school. I'm asking a lot of questions about it, and I've got all the answers in a good way to explain to people. And I'm helping them, too. And a good app if you want to help someone study. ‌      ‌

- Really good          

It is really convenient for all students to have all sorts of questions here at any time. It can easily answer all questions in a clear and easy-to-use priyanka-12(student class) language.  ‌‍     

- Really good ​       

It's such a lovely app. Very helpful for students with a bunch of quarries. It contains a similar answer to your question that your teacher tells you or gives you notes that mean meaningful answers... Highly valued app at Loved it ​ ​  ‌

- It feels good‍ ‍  

This was a brilliant app I've been asking a lot of math questions because school doesn't open and we can't really understand it in online lectures so it helped me a lot in my mother's and tutor's absence thanks to Gauthmath.      ​   

- That's great      

Great app! Great app! Extremely useful, funny and informative. Thanks to the team that made it happen. Students get their homework done, parents get more relaxed, and teachers are thrilled to help anyone in need. It's an amazingly good win-win situation!     

- What a great    ‍ 

Amazing app! Peoople who gave this app 1 star they made a mistake and solve your scan is awesome I can get every and every answer I'm going to tell everyone to download this app This app is amazingly loved it (*^^^*) I'm very happy with this app   ‌ ​  

- Very awesome‌   ‌‍    

It's amazing! I'm doing last-minute work and it just helps me plow through it, whether you're using it to check answers, or for actual educational purposes, it works like a charm!  ​    ​ 

- Very true   ​‍

Most awesome app FOR ALL MATHS AND HOMEWORKS First You just need to login and search the question and some of the brainliest app Anwer Are the real answer that's so simple and fun to use plus This Make My grades Hingher Than Before From C+ to A+ Amazing app for All your homework anwers     ‍ 

- convenient     ​ ‌

This app answers all my questions about my classes so you can also scan the problem and not type it so easy sooo good and very helpful for all of us.      

- To use          

This app is very nice, really. Like this app, I can't solve math, but with the help of this app, I understand math. This is a very useful app. Greetings to the people who made this app. I want you to download this app, too, and understand it carefully.  ‍      

- recommended‌  ​‍  

This is a very useful app. Like it a lot, because I can help others by answering their questions, and it helps me learn something new. And also to my lessons, thanks Gauthmath!      

- Satisfied with the     ​ 

It's a perfect app for students that we can ask so many questions, and we'll get an instant response in 10 minutes.   ​   ‍‍

- The app likes it ‍   ‍    

This app is just too sweet... Whenever I need it, I have all the possible answers... Also the best answers can be found here... This app has helped me a lot in my studies     

- Very convenient       ‍  

This app is really awesome 😍😍 It has all the answers to all the tough questions It also recommends easy to understand the answers in a clear way. ​    ‌

- Simple and clear ​      

I downloaded the app. No words, super. It helped me solve all these problems that I could not immediately ask teachers about. Oh, thank you...​ ‌  ​

- sweet  ‍ ​  

This app also helps to make things fun when you scan questions that I really like so I recommend you try this app too! Trust me that's worth it  ‍   ​ 

- No problem, ‌   ‍   

This app is amazing, it really helps me a lot even in math is so hard but when I discovered this app, no more struggle So if you're looking for a learning app, I'm recommending this app.  ‍    ‍ 

- Good drops​     

The best app ever. To find answers and to study. I've found all the answers to my exam, and that's what I said in the exam. I've got 75 out of 80. Well, thank you Gauthmath. Probably the best app ever.     

- learning      

Now I can really call it the Best App! It's bought all the solution books I'm not supposed to say 'abt all,' it's all (vast) this app is getting better every update I get.  ​     

- Great support   ‌‍​ 

I'm super recommend this app because I'm always going to do my best because of this app, this app is always going to answer my module so thank you.  ‌ ‍ ​ ​

- Cow force than     ‌‌

It was really helpful, as a student I really enjoy this app because it allows me to do my homework, answering the module despite this pandemic, it gives me knowledge.     

- Is strong enough     

Ove this app has almost all the answers to my questions, and the methods explained are so good. What else does anybody want? This app is amazing to keep up with.   ‍     

- The top one​       

This is a wonderful app for clear doubts that I'm very happy to have chosen this app. And I'm going to suggest this app to all my friends, and they were very happy, too.   ‌‌  

- nice  ​   ‍  

What a marvelous app! This is the one I was looking for. This is the best app for education so far. Definitely a 5-star ranking (I highly recommend this app for everyone)  ​  ‍ ‌  

- Okay, no comment ​ ‌​

This app is very useful for everyone We can scan a question, ask questions This app is great for everyone.‍      

- Great!  ‍ ‌     

Thanks to this app, I can complete all my activity sheets in time and there is always an exact answer when I ask a question.     ​ ​ 

- Essential cell phones     

It has been very helpful to students and parents who have taught their children/child.​ ​‌ ‍

- Disappointed

This app takes more than ten minutes to answer a question and the answer is still wrong.

- As you cow force  ‌     ​ 

My experience was really good, I'm usually looking for math questions, and only the answers are in front of me in one minute.  ‌     

- absolutely saved my life

this app has literally saved my GPA with in depth explanations and quick responses i quickly caught on with that their live tutors helped me understand PLEASE GET THIS APP IF YOURE STRUGGLING LIKE I WAS

- I like    ‌

I really like the app. It helps when I need an answer that I don't know about. Thank you so much for this app I like it  ‍‍  ​‍ 

- Terrible.

I waited a literal day and a half for an for an revised answer. It was still wrong. Most of the answers they give you are wrong. Then sometimes if you ask them to revise they’ll say that answer is 100% correct and they didn’t do anything wrong. I’d give it a higher rating but I really can’t.

- This app is good‌‌      

I must say that this is amazing app for students as well as teachers or parents for sharing their experience/ knowledge with the World ‍ ‍   ​‌ 

- To use   ​   ‍‍ 

This app is so useful to me. I'm inspired to learn something new in my brain. And I'm answering a question that makes me learn something. And this app is free, too! ‍       

- Very good    ‍  ‌

I like this app, but this app is very useful to students, so thank you for making this app for students and teachers.   ​ ​‌ 

- Beside the        ‌​

This app is useful for students who can't solve a few questions or problems, or who have some doubts.‌  ‍  ​ 

- Absolutely recommended      

It's a really good ap. My daughter is using this app to clear up doubts. It uses a simple way to understand concepts in math.    ‌ 

- Too good, ​   ‌    

This is so good app that all my questions are always answered, but you need to wait before someone replies that this is so good.        

- worry​ ‍ ‍     

A really nice app, it always helps me work with my school any time I'm stuck with a problem.    ​​  

- Takes wayyy toooo long

I did a 2+2 problem to see if the app was real and the dude still solving the problem after 5 minutes 😂 I mean 2+2 ain’t that hard I’ll change the rating once someone helps me fr fr

- Very powerful application‌ ‌  

Very good app to ask questions about an exam or to learn something new‍     ‌

- True enough    ‍‌ 

It's very useful and you can learn more about it before they teach you! ‌   

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- What a great‌     ‍

It's an app I like. This app will solve any question and all answers are correct. It is helpful to find answers to all questions. A REALLY NICE APP over all!! ‍‌  ‌ 

- So helpful!!

This app is amazing! I highly recommend it. The reason i gave four stars not five was because I had two tutors explain a year 11 advanced indices question which I was stuck on for ages to me way too vaguely so it wasn't helpful at all! But once the third tutor (I think his name was Ali) joined the chat to answer my question explained it, he did it in a detailed and direct way which did not leave any confusion whatsoever. Therefore I think that the only issue with this app is how well the tutor explains a question, but if you don't need a step by step explanation (like I needed) any one of the tutors can answer any question correctly. Ultimately this app is super helpful for solving both complex and more simple questions, however it should be made aware that depending on the complexity of a question the time it takes to get a response back can vary and take quite a long time, I think I waited roughly 20 minutes for a detailed explanation which was super understandable.

- Good application      

I learned several chapters in a few days to solve math sums with the help of this great app. ‌   ​ 

- False Advertising

This app doesn’t even work! like yeah it says it’s gonna solve your problem and it doesn’t. i’ve waited days for one problem to be completed and it haven’t been given a solution.

- Idk

The tutors spent 20 + minutes trying to solve the problem then left the chat without finishing it.


gave me the wrong answers every time and couldn’t read my handwriting at all.

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- Cow force than    ‍   

This is one of the best mathematics applications I've ever cm across I highly recommend u to download this if ur has math problems....‍​ ​  ​ 

- Bad

I sent in a easy question to try this out and after 10 minutes of waiting I had enough

- Disconnect

Knock off version of “Mathway” unlike Mathway this app has sloppy answers looks like chicken searches.. no diagrams on how to get the answer or information. It’s okay but could be milestones better.

- sweet ‍  ‌​  

It helped me very much with my mathematics. Honestly, I've studied more than a textbook. I love this app a lot.    ‍     

- Very high praise    ‌  ‍ 

This app could fix everything, it helped me complete all my math homework left over in time, what a legend. ​ ​‌  

- Go up  ​   

Honestly, it's very helpful for my math class and it offers me various choices that are pretty cool.    ‌

- worry‍ ​ ​ ‌  

When you need it, it truly helps a lot. I know, there are others that are great at applications, but on your mobile, this 1 is nice to have.‌   ‌   ‍ 

- recommended ​    

Extremely helpful! AI acknowledgement is exceptional and the estimates never go wrong. Functions all the time!      ‌ 

- convenient     ‍‌   

This app is awesome, not only is the functionality of the camera fantastic, it also functions very well as a calculator and shows how the problem was solved step by step. This app has helped me to understand why a dilemma has been solved so many times the way it has been.  ‌  ​  ​

- Is strong enough‌‍  ‌ ‌

I love this app that helped me with homework and it works on a computer to take pictures.‍       

- Simple and clear ‌       

Terrific App!! He never gave me a wrong answer, and it's awesome to describe the steps! ​  ‍

- This app is great    ‍​​

I always support and I LOVE the way each "problem" is clarified by them. Recommend entirely          

- What a great ‍​  ​ 

Due to the fact that it shows you the steps for solving your questions, this really helps with online school.      ‌

- It feels good        ​

This app is flawless. I like that. You can quickly grasp math problems and solve them. This is really helpful.       

- To force​‌ ‌ 

I love it, this app is perfect. I like it    ‌  ​

- That's great ‍​  

It's actually the best app I've ever used, and it solves math problems well. Thank you for your outstanding app.     ‍    

- To use    ‍

This really simplifies the issue so that the user can understand what they are doing and receiving the answer at the same time.  ​​   

- To use  ​   ​  

The most precise math solver with a solution. The scan method is also working as planned. Terrific app. ‍    

- I really like the style  ​ ​   

It's a really nice app that gets every issue right and it also shows you how to do that issue step by step.        

- Good drops  ​ ​     

Man, this app is wonderful. I didn't know how to solve equations, and it helped me a lot with tests and studies.  ‌‍ ‍   

- Great support    ‍‌    

App for the perfect math solution. Scan some math it responds to you. And the answers really are correct. This app I really like. Thanks to the designers. ​     

- Very powerful application ​   ​‌  ‍

Very good at showing steps and it shows the 2 ways u can solve it if the equation is done 2 ways... I'd suggest this app to others,  ‍ ‌    

- praise​‍      ​ 

Amazing experience.. Without it, I wouldn't know what to do. Good for using examples when you do not understand the methodology.          

- Very good  ‌   

I don't cheat it's not nice, but I check my work and benefit from this 5/5. This is very helpful for me to check my work. The one thing I don't like is to wonder why it doesn't work, how you have to buy plus. ‍        

- The top one  ‍    

This is just a flawless program. I really hate math, but this app makes it easier for my math class. BC also doesn't clarify anything to my math teacher, so I really like this app.  ​ ‌    ‌

- worry ‍​‌‌

It helps me to research the entire time. If you are doing polynomials, that is very helpful. Gives you what you need to know with a rapid scan       

- Really strong feeling‌     

I recommend this app to anyone who really loves this app that you can think of as a mathematical answer. I used to have a F in my math class, but I got a B because of this, so I recommend this app a lot.     

- This kind of application of conscience       

For me, this math app is very, very useful. I will have 5 star reviews for this app. This app answers all manner of mathematical problems I like the app a lot & thank you so much.   ​   

- I think it's great‌      

I love the app here! If this app needs to pay sometime, I gotta say your money is totally worth it. This is a complete changer of a game!     

- Beside the ‌  ‌

This app has been amazing so far to help me solve equations I get stuck on and they show you how it has been solved step by step.  ​ ‍   ‍ 

- Recommend to see    ​     

It's a very good app... Today I download it because I have a lot of homework and I'm overwhelming, but I'm clear after I use this... Very good app... Love it... Great... Clear measures... If we don't know how to do this, it's asking us how to do it...  ‌     ‌ 

- Okay, no comment ‌  ‍     

Cheating is made simple by this app... I LOVE that. I can also check how they fixed it. Since this math is not familiar to my family, it helps a lot.   ‍  

- True enough ‌     ​  

Amazing app, it captures the question really good also you can edit it manually          

- learning      ‌  

Really helpful, that's all I really can say. I simply use this app whenever I struggle and it gets the job done most of the time.    ‍ ‌

- No problem,​  ‌ 

Let me say the reason I understand classroom algebra 2 is because of this app!! Better than any app I've used for math! ‍​ ​  

- Essential cell phones         

This app is much better than photomath. The response given for free is clarified, so I understand what's going on. Recommend 10/10!  ‍   ‍  ​

- You use it  ‍‌‌ 

I absolutely love this app and it really helps me out when I'm stumped on work and I'm being honest. This app is a lucky charm.  ‍  

- Really good  ‍   ‌ 

I have no problem with this app when it comes to problem solving, the best app, all I can conclude is fantastic, the best to keep up the good work.   ‌ 

- Absolutely recommended         ‌

I didn't think this would work at first until I tried it out. It's one of my favorite apps out there. It makes it simpler and quicker for me to solve and understand math,      ‍  

- interface‌        

All who built this app is my personal savior. It works well and demonstrates it even more clearly than my teachers do. Possibly the only reason I didn't flunk algebra.  ‌  ‌  

- Is their a app where it dose the English hw instead

Is their a app where it dose the English hw instead . Cause I absolutely love this app but I want one that dose English hw

- Hi

It’s good but you guys take forever to answer the question can you guys answer the questions faster please fix this issue

- Best app

I never write reviews but this app is insane, it helped me pass math with a higher mark then i would have got.

- Great app

This app has got me through a lot of my homework’s and I’m pretty sure I’ll be passing because of it!

- Disappointed

I read all these reviews saying this app was amazing, however I tired upwards of 5 times and each time I got a response claiming my question wasn’t written in English, which it was, or it was incomplete. I had very high hopes but unfortunately it did not deliver.

- Amazing just wish they could answer more complicated questions

This app is good, but when ever I ask a linear or something related to geometry it says it can’t figure it out, plz fix

- This is not a good app

This app always gives the wrong answer, and the tutor are not explain things well! Also anytime they can’t solve, they keep said is wrong question!

- Brilliant APP!  ‌   

This was a brilliant app I've been asking a lot of math questions because school doesn't open and we can't really understand it in online lectures so it helped me a lot in my mother's and tutor's absence thanks to Gauthmath.​ ​  ‍ 

- Can Solve Tons of Problems      ​

Very good app this app solves tons of problems! I love this app.    ‍ ​

- Isn’t that good

The “live tutors” aren’t real. The answer is always not related to the question. Like I asked to find the equation form a given graph. I found the answer myself in 15 minutes and it took 1 hour for them to complete it. And they didn’t even give an equation but they found the vertex 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

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Gauthmath - Talk to tutors now 1.5.3 Screenshots & Images

Gauthmath - Talk to tutors now iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Gauthmath - Talk to tutors now iphone images
Gauthmath - Talk to tutors now iphone images
Gauthmath - Talk to tutors now iphone images
Gauthmath - Talk to tutors now iphone images
Gauthmath - Talk to tutors now iphone images
Gauthmath - Talk to tutors now iphone images

Gauthmath - Talk to tutors now (Version 1.5.3) Install & Download

The applications Gauthmath - Talk to tutors now was published in the category Education on 2021-03-31 and was developed by GAUTHTECH PTE. LTD. [Developer ID: 1542306983]. This application file size is 119.15 MB. Gauthmath - Talk to tutors now - Education app posted on 2021-10-27 current version is 1.5.3 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.gauthmath.intelligence