Stacky Dash

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Swipe your finger to dash your hero across the mazes, stack up the tiles higher and higher and reach for the skies!!!

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Stacky Dash Customer Service, Editor Notes:

. More sound effects . More animations on the characters

Stacky Dash Comments & Reviews

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- Super fun but too many ads!!

This is a super fun game but there are so many ads that you can’t even really enjoy playing the game.

- Issues

Whenever I try and run this app for more than ten minutes my phone literally blacks out. My home button won’t work when that happens and it takes forever to load back up again. on top of that it has 30 second unskippable ads. I usually finish a round of playing this around a minute, then to be greeted with the same 30 second ads over and over again gets repetitive and annoying for me. I know you that a game has to make money, but it feels as though the game is a cash grab. Gameplay however is fun and satisfying for me, and would recommend to someone that just needs a break for a few minutes.

- Fun Time Waster

I downloaded this app because of that stupid ad on TikTok. It’s turned out to be so fun. Yes, there are a TON of ads. There are ads before and after everything, but turn on airplane mode and they go away. Yeah, you won’t be able to reach the bonus levels, but those are just for coins for more skins, there’s nothing else to “buy”. Ultimately, it’s just a fun little time waster game, the levels aren’t too hard so I can kinda zone out and it helps with my anxiety.

- Why?

Honestly, this is such a good mindless game, like I play it when I feel a stressed and it’s just repetitive and that’s great. I don’t know how long I’ve had it now, but the game has crashed twice now when I hit level 490 and started me back over at level 1. That’s absolutely frustrating to me since I’ve thrown so many hours into this just to keep starting over! So annoying! Fix the bugs please!


This is a very easy puzzle game that might be good for beginners but for anyone with experience, you should stray away. The mechanics have enough variation that you’ll enjoy it up until level 40, when you start to notice that the levels are just reused. I played until level 55 just to see if there was more beyond that point but there was nothing that I hadn’t seen before.

- Love it!

I’ve had this game for 2 days and I love it. Yes there’s a lot of ads but other than that it’s a fun game. The levels aren’t hard at all and I like the way you don’t die, you can just go back for more.

- Nice time killer but poor design

Definitely helped kill 15 minutes of time. The game lags quite a bit for a game that just needs to animate sliding. The end goal of every round is impossible to attain because it is dependent on the amount of tiles you have by the end. Played through 15 levels and not once was close to reaching the end goal even after collecting all tiles.

- Too many ads

I wrote another review giving this game 4 out of 5 stars. I retract that review because there are now ads after every single round. I’m very disappointed by this because this game was therapeutic to me. Now it’s not. I understand ads are needed to keep the game going, but seriously... after every single round???? I will probably delete if this isn’t fixed.

- Fine

I mean... when i downloaded this game a played it for a few minutes and every level i get an add just why??? Why would you do adds on every level you pass it’s not fail so make it have less adds please.

- Reverts back to level 1

I just got this game within the past week and had gotten to level 20 almost immediately. I got bored and stopped playing for 2 or 3 days. I just played a level and thought it was a little too easy. Turns out I was put back to level 1 and lost everything I had worked for.

- Used to love it

I used to love this game as it was a nice mindless thing to play. My favorite part was you would only see an ad if you fell off the map and needed to be saved. Sadly, with the newest update there are ads after every round and that took away and enjoyment the game gave me

- Meh

It’s repetitive and for such a simple app it shouldn’t lag and crash so often. The character is irrelevant. The end where you get the chest or don’t doesn’t have anything to do with skill it’s only dependent on how many blocks the level has. Pointless

- Good game but

The game is fun but the issue is that the chests don’t give you anything also the game doesn’t freeze and that’s good

- Bugs fix’s pls

When I’m done the game the word behind the ad button it’s bugging me a lot.

- Nov 22 and name Daniel

I like the game but the issue is that I don’t like the Air rose

- Okay game

I’m pretty sure I spent more time waiting for the ads to go away than flying through the quick little levels.

- To many adds

I started I beat the round and it showed me a add I didn’t press and of the offers tho it happened every time so you need to fix that

- Good time waster but repetitive

A lot of repeat patterns from level to level. I’ve even seen the same pattern 2 or 3 times in a row on some levels. It’s also too easy. Can the levels above 100 get a spike in difficulty? Maybe even just a cosmetic option for the tiles?

- Too many ads

Right after each level there is is an ad which gets very annoying as you can go through each level very quickly. Wouldn’t recommend this to anyone tbh.

- level reuse.

This game was fun at the beginning but after like level 20 you notice they just reuse the board. I was enjoying the game until I noticed them reusing the levels. The game is very boring now and would be more fun if it had different styles in the game.

- Adds.....

To here is to many adds to very time you beat a level there is a add and when you unlock a person there’s a ad please lower the ads or I’m deleting this app and never getting it again😡😡😡😡!!!!

- Not impressed

Not that impressed with the game. I don’t understand how to reach the highest score for each stage if they don’t give you enough squares to do it.

- Fun

But not challenging enough. I’m on level 106, and a lot of the levels start the same way, bored with it now.

- Coins and adds

This app is fun but I don’t know what to do with coins 💰and when I click no thanks for extra coins or an extra level I still get an add. 😡 🤨🤨

- Meh

This game was fun till about level 50 then by that point it seems like you are replaying the same lever over and over again..

- Poor game advertising and too easy

Another poor game nothing like the ad for the game.. no matter if I stack all the tiles I never make it to the treasure chest or past 40.. Tiles are squares and levels look nothing like the ads for the game.

- What?

I’m just confused. You can never reach the chest even getting all the tiles. Why even put them in? Ads pop up every other level. Super annoying. Waste of phone space

- To Easy!

Game is to easy I wish it was little more difficult.

- Glitchy

It’s a good mindless game, but it constantly glitches out. It gets so bad that it actually shuts down my whole phone would not recommend getting this game.

- It stops working

I cant even get past the first level because in then end it freezes when i get to 600

- Was fun until new update

Loved the game and played it all the time until the new update that just came out now it won’t even open

- Pointless

There’s a goal at the end of each level. You can collect every tile and there’s no coming close to reaching it. Just skip this one.


The ads are unbelievable they take place after every level and one levels ad was a pornhub live ad so we need to fix this cause of the kids on this app

- Freezes too much

Freezes too much. Can’t get pass the first level. Won’t reinstall this again

- Ads, Ads, Ads

Might be fun if not for the fact that it’s wall to wall ads for other crappy games that are also wall to wall ads.

- Amazing game🔥

I love it a lot. Good combination of stack, puzzle and runner.

- Freezes

Can’t even get pass the the first stage. The game freezes right before it’s almost done and ready to move on.

- Terrible

You get all the tiles but can’t make it to the end of the reward stage. Why when have it if it’s impossible to reach?

- Buggy game, clip through walls sometimes

Repetitive maps and sometimes I’ll clip through the wall and lose...

- Really, really bad

The game is so laggy and crashes every couple of levels. I would avoid this one.

- This game is for you if you love ads

After every level there is an ad and I find this not so great

- Keeps freezing

Downloaded the game. It’s fun, but keeps freezing on the first level. Annoying.

- Nice game

Nice game! Good little challenges!

- SO easy.

It’s way too easy please make it harder, and the ads for this game make it look so hard but it’s really not.

- .

In certain levels I stack too high I can’t see the ground.

- What

You spend most of the time watchin ads, than playing.

- AD: The Game

This is basically AD: The Game. It’s soo annoying you have to have to watch an ad just to complete a level smh

- To easy and the levels are all the same. 🤮 that is the emoji I would use to describe the game

Do not download . Is very veryyyy boring

- Fun game but impossible

Game is fun to kill time but it’s impossible to reach chest in every level. Makes it very lame

- Not a fan

It won’t even let me finish the first level.

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- Adds

It is good except for the adds

- To Much Ads

This game is fun to play but when you beat the level you are on an ads always pop up when you beat the level but Overall this game is good game but it’s just too much ads. TO MUCH ADS!!!

- To many ads - Cash Grab

After every level there is a 30 second ad, the graphics in this game is poor and the levels are all similar

- Just as expected

Got advertised this on Snapchat and decided to finally download one of these dumb games and of course, it lived up to my very low expectations. This is another of those low effort, time wasting games that have flooded the AppStore in the last few years. You know the ones. They have lacklustre “puzzle” gameplay that are the least stimulating and shallowest concepts ever. Their main goal is to release these games on the AppStore, and advertise the hell out of them on other apps so that you download them, only for the game itself to be filled with ads that show up every time you do something meaningful. I kid you not, the hardest part of this game was tapping the close button on the repeating ads. There is no thinking in this game. It advertises it as a puzzle that is near impossible to beat, yet I managed to expunge the game of all its content in about half an hour. There’s no stakes, barely an ability to lose and nothing to lose, and no incentive to win. You get coins from beating levels that can unlock character skins and that’s it. These to nothing to the gameplay, no perks, nothing. The only reason to keep playing the game is because you’re addicted to the “satisfying” sounds and constant progression. The game’s targeted for kids, but please, don’t buy this for your kids. In fact, don’t buy any of these types of games for your kids. They are mind numbing. I actually felt dumber after playing the game it’s that bad. This is just another filler app from a corporation trying to squeeze every last drop of money from advertisements. It’s my guess that all these games are made in smaller companies that all belong to one parent company. I hope people finally realise the poor quality of these games and stop downloading them, so that much more creative and talented individuals can use the AppStore without these games ruining any chance that their work’ll be seen.

- To many ads

I agree with some of the other reviews. As soon as you finish a level an ad would come up. It’s really annoying. But if you take the ads then the game is actually really fun!

- Too many ads

You get an ad for every level. Basically you spend more time watching ads than playing.

- Tooo much adds

The game is pretty good but there s a lot of adds and I keep getting annoyed by these adds can u please fix it?

- Better than I thought it would be

The game it’s self isn’t too hard but it’s fun to play to pass time. Overall it’s a good game.

- So many adds.

Over it

- Too much ads

This game is so easy and a lot of ads.Every level is an ad like a lot of ads .THIS IS THE MOST TERRIBLE GAME I’VE EVER PLAYED. IDIOT

- Alright

To many ads but it’s addicting

- Tedious easy puzzles

You only have to think a little bit once every three or four slow levels, and you don’t have to think very hard.

- There’s an add every stage

Way too many adds

- Eh

Honestly I saw this on snap chat a couple times and I thought it looked cool So I download it and I read the reviews I have to admit the others are right Ads constantly play and it’s also just really boring, like most of the time it does the movements for you

- Impossible

When I was on level 3 it was impossible for me to get past the finish line. Waste of time and battery

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- It’s ok. And fun I recommend

I recommend it trust me it’s really fun. But Adds. Way 2 much adds but just put your phone on air plain mode. It’s really fun.

- Yikes

Gameplay is sorta similar to that in the adds however there’s no platforms and it gets boring very quick. Also just PACKED with adds

- Fun

Fun game


The game is fun at the start but once u play it for a bit it gets boring. There was quite a few ads but that can be fixed by turning off your wifi. Overall it’s an ok game, but it’s definitely not my fav but it’s not the worst game I’ve played.

- Too many ads

Y’all need to calm down with the ads. EVERY DAMN TIME I BEAT A LEVEL, I GET 30 SECOND ADS. “Play without internet!” Ain’t gonna work for me. I need my music and the ads ain’t letting that happen.

- It’s ok😒

Tons and tons of adds it’s like packed with em

- It’s not good


- Staky Dash

It is so fun and I enjoy playing it

- The Game

Tbh this game is ok so I’ll give it a 5 star.

- NO

Too many ads, gets too boring after 2 rounds 0/10 would NOT download again

- I love this game!

This game is soo creative and fun! I definitely recommend it:)

- 😝

This game is so awesome 😃 I recommend it

- My review

This game sucked I mean there’s a bunch of ads and when I got the ad for it the guy/girl couldn’t make it past level 1

- Eh it’s alright

Its okay, I only made it to level eight before I got bored. I don’t really recommend this app but definitely try it out. Ya ima delete it now......

- It’s ok

No bad for for the first 10 minutes after that ads killed the game

- I like roblox better

Roblox way more fun

- too many tiles

I just started and for lv1 there was 129 tiles it’s insane don’t try it

- Aight

Fun game but get super repetitive. The levels barley get harder and they are all similar. Also had a ton of glitches and issues with my phone ever since downloading and whenever I play.

- Poor Quality

This game could be a good, free to play, easy game but it simply lacks quality. After playing the first five levels I noticed you get an ad between each level you attempt, whoosh is vey annoying and already ruins the game. Second, I found the swipe controls at times, unresponsive. I would swipe to the left or right and have no response, proceed to try 3 more times until my character finally moved. Finally, if you are going to make a good quality game put some time and effort into it and make a game people will enjoy to play. Also don’t waste your time and money with ads on snapchat, instagram and other social media platforms. Overall would not recommend it and I would highly suggest saving $10 for minecraft or another quality game that people put the hours into making.

- How I love it

It is so much fun to enjoy

- 😎good game

😎good game

- Ad overload

Way too many ads. A level lasts 10-15 seconds with a 30 second ad between EVERY level. Crazy. Don’t waste your time.

- 😎😎

It’s cool and fun!! If you don’t want ads turn off your wifi. DUH.! But overall great game

- Meh

Fun for a couple hours but the levels start to repeat themselves. Also full of ads.

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- I like the game

I like the game but it has a lot of ads after your done playing 1 game

- .

Got to 150 game crashed and started me from level 1

- ADS?

Why make a game when are too many ads? Might as well delete it.. IF YOU GET APP BY VOODOO! Delete as SOON AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE ITS NOT WORTH KEEPING IT

- Game not right

There are too manny add and the game not the same as is show on App Store

- Bruh

I get literal every tile and still can’t get to the chest thing

- way to much ads

all the ads are annoying and retarded

- Boring

Too simple

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

It the best game ever!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Too Many Ads.

There is too many ads,they come out of nowhere and for free people?! This stands 1 star until you fix this.And Im not trying to be nice.

- It’s alright while I poop

Tame wasting game. The levels repeat the “treasure chest” at the end is unachievable unless you’re lucky enough to have a lvl with enough tiles. The score seems to make no difference at all. And you gotta watch a 30 second ad after every level.

- This game is coo!

Fun game if u got time...

- It’s a great game and it’s a fun game to play with friends and family and bffs

I just got to have to this game or is not going to be fun to play on my phone

- It’s a great game ,

I recommend

- Good but..

I downloaded this app since there was a lot of ads on it but, it wasn’t as interesting to me. When I played it and it was hard to control for me. I think the ads waste a bit of time as well.

- I like it?

I love playing this game but it crashes and it won’t let me play a lot and I sucks😞😕

- Too many adds

This game is kind of fun, but there is wayyy to many adds. If you say you don’t want to watch the ads for the extra coins. They still give you an ad.

- Awesome

When I first got it I thought it was boring until I played it and now I’m playing it a lot about 3 times a day and I hope more people start playing it

- Way to many adds.

There are way to many adds and all the adds are not related to the game and they dont make sence. I dont recommend time waster.

- This game though

This game is so fun it can let out so much stress i totally recommend 😍😍

- Why?

This is a great game and all but if keeps being A butt

- Kadance

It’s a fun app to play if your bored and need something to do quickly, but there are WAY to many ads! You play one little round and you have to watch an ad, and then you have to wait for it to load again and then the same thing happens after another round! All I’m saying is, I need you to get rid of some of the ads or shows please!!❤️🙏

- Cannot Claim Rewards

I would give 5 stars but for some reason even after playing the required amount of levels to unlock a skin I cannot claim it. I try to click to watch the video to claim my prize but it doesn’t do anything and won’t let me watch a video. The same thing happens when I try to do the x2 or anything to multiply my score as well. It shows the ads in between levels just fine but won’t let me watch an ad for anything else.

- Super fun 🤣

When I am bored I play this game. That's every single day. The makers of this... I love you ❤. Thanks for being awesome and making this game 🎮


It would have been a perfectly fun game, BUT there are a LOT of ads. And when i say that i don’t mean a regular amount. There are ads in between every. single. round. other than that the game is good

- sigh

just too many ads. like normal. other than that it’s enjoyable

- Fun

It is fun when you are bored but when you are not bored you forget that the game ever existed

- No

Ads every time I win I am done with the ads and this game is trash and it is dumb so here is my review

- Too many ads

I do t mind ads on free games but after every level is excessive

- Hello ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

I only just played, and this game is amazing. There are almost no ads AT ALL! I love this game.

- Lame

This game is kind boring and way to many ads

- Way too many ads

Makes the game almost unplayable

- Cause an ad

I downladed this because an ad I like it it’s really fun download it pls lol don’t download talking Angela is a hacker pls don’t download this

- Rate

This is a pretty fun app it kills time but it glitches and lags a LOT and it gets kind of annoying and the character moves very slow but other than that I would recommend it.

- Ummmm wellll

This game is fun in all ‘ but there are ads like crazy so please fix that . After all great game and in the games that I play you always die if you make a mistake but in this game if you run out of squares the you can go back and get more so I rate this game a 4

- Too many ads!

So the game is a solid 4, but there is just way too many ads. Like there is no need to have an ad after every round, then charge like $4.99 to have them removed, it’s ridiculous

- Hi mommy


- Fun😝

This game is so fun I play it everyday you get a bunch of fun. And when I have free time this game is my go to.

- More Ads than game

I get that ad revenue is important, and I get all games have them. But this game is more ad than it is game. You spend 15 seconds solving a puzzle, it asks if you want to watch an ad to boost your points, you say no thanks, and a 20-30 second ad plays anyway. EVERY TIME. I don’t mind ads, but when you spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game, there’s a problem. It’s just a cash grab.

- Rip-off Advertisements / Repetitive Levels

I’m fine with all kinds of advertisements except for the bad kinds of advertisements. I was playing when an advertisement came on for a rip-off Among Us game. This is not okay. The advertisements shouldn’t be knock-off games of good games that already exist. But that is not my only issue. I only got to level three when I noticed it was just like level two. I barely started the game and you ran out of level ideas??? Seems to me that you made this game under five minutes. Sad. It doesn’t end there. It’s not only the kinds of advertisements shown because it’s also the amount. Quit shoving advertisements in my face after every single level. More advertisements than gameplay, I say. After every level it asks you if you want to watch an advertisement to earn a prize. I always click no because I don’t care about the prizes and I don’t want to watch an advertisement. But it still gives you an advertisement! So I have to close down the app to avoid advertisements. To me it feels like they spent five minutes on creating the game but spent hours adding in advertisements to purposely annoy you. If I wanted to watch TV I’d do so. The amount of advertisements I’ve seen is totally ridiculous. It was like I’ve watched a two hour movie and I’m only on level three. It’s deleting and now it’s officially deleted. What a wonderful waste of my time. Since that whole experience was totally ridiculous, I definitely won’t be seen playing this game ever again. One more thing. Don’t believe the bot reviews. I can tell you that those reviews were either paid for or written by bots, especially the perfect grammar and everything. If you are looking for great games to play, take my suggestions. 1. Among Us 2. Color Fill 3D 3. Subway Surfers This review is for the people who are thinking of downloading this game or for the developers who have no idea what they are doing. I want to speak with a developer and I don’t want a bot response. Sorry if my review was too long or too harsh but I definitely wouldn’t need to do this if you all did your job. Anyways later today I’m gonna watch Victorious and play Among Us. Just felt like saying. - Sarah, a game reviewer and a pro gamer

- It scammed out of coins

I got scammed out of the amount of coins I was supposed to be given

- Stacky dash

This is obviously a good game it is just one of you said in airplane mode there is no ads there is obviously yes ads and I could see them

- FUN!!!!

This is a really fun game unlike the talking Tom and talking Angela apps.

- Great

I love this app. It is so fun and it is very stress relieving

- I love the game

I love this game is so amazing creator of this just to say thanks


it’s a fun game overall but everytime you when a new level you have to watch the ads

- Good game 🤗

Good game I guess lol

- 😔

I don’t like this game at all there’s not much to say

- Sick of Ads

I miss the old days of no ads. And yes they are trying to make money but there is an ad after every sub level of the main level. It’s just tiring trying to find fun games that doesn’t make you sit around and watch ads that you didn’t ask for.

- Ok

I love this game that’s all I can say

- They Tried....

When you write a review for something, your job is to let the customer know what they’re in for, so, that’s what I’m going to do. Everything I say here is the solid truth, and I apologize if anything I say sounds a little too harsh. There’s so many problems with this game, so expect a long review. Starting off with the graphics and character, it’s pretty terrible. Certain things look pixelated and other things look smooth, yet the 3D model looks rounded. I don’t really know what they were going for. The textures are also all over the place. As for the customization, there’s a good 10 of the character skins that require an ad to unlock. Speaking of ads, that leads me onto the next problem. It’s about 50% ads and 50% of actual gameplay. Not only are there assets in the game that require ads, but after every other level, you get an ad that you have to wait 10 seconds to skip. The next problem is the sound effects and functions. So, I usually don’t play games like this with sound, but I decided to turn my volume up just because I was interested to hear the sound effects. And, oh my goodness. They’re one of the most annoying sound effects I’ve ever heard. Every time you get more square thingy’s, it makes a “boop, boop, boop,” sound. It’s really high pitched and quite frankly, annoying. Now, time to discuss the functions. I mean, it works. It all moves smoothly. But, sometimes it’ll make you swipe the wrong way, and other times it just lags for no reason. Well, I think that wraps it up. My overall opinion is to not download this unless if the developers hear me out on this and fix it.

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Stacky Dash 1.9 Screenshots & Images

Stacky Dash iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Stacky Dash iphone images
Stacky Dash iphone images
Stacky Dash iphone images
Stacky Dash iphone images
Stacky Dash iphone images

Stacky Dash (Version 1.9) Install & Download

The applications Stacky Dash was published in the category Games on 2020-06-01 and was developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD [Developer ID: 1499845738]. This application file size is 210.49 MB. Stacky Dash - Games app posted on 2020-12-18 current version is 1.9 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.b2p.stackydash

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