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Ultimate Draft Soccer Game Description & Overview

What is ultimate draft soccer app? Bring together the magic of building a team of FIFPRO™ players, with the excitement of real time, multiplayer action, with Ultimate Draft Soccer. Get ready for a fun, easy to play and high-action seasonal football game where your strategic choices and gameplay skills combine perfectly in stunning graphics.

Ultimate Draft Soccer, a new football game from the team at First Touch Games, award winning makers of other smash hit football games including Dream League Soccer, Score! Hero and Score! Match.

• Collect seasonally refreshed real players officially licensed from FIFPRO™.
• Visit different cities and destinations each season!
• Unique statistics and attributes assigned to each player based on true abilities and traits.
• Master team selection choices. Rotate your team and upgrade your players. Fine tune with strategic tactics and team harmony!
• Choose your formation and key roles. Then play!

• Kick-off an action-packed, adrenaline-filled 90 second real match.
• Choose players to make runs off the ball, craft beautiful passes and hit spectacular goals through simple finger-swiping controls, backed by sophisticated AI and detailed animations.
• Anticipate your defender movement and master tackle timing.
• Keep cool in penalties and shoot outs. Every match must have winner!

• Soar up through the ranks as you win.
• Achieve personal milestones, collect and celebrate your well-deserved rewards and trophies and show them off in personal and global leaderboards for everyone to see!

• Give your team real personality with your very own mascot. From Chase the Cheetah, to Trunky the Elephant!
• Collect exquisitely designed kits and unique crests. Dress to impress!
• Share reactions through fun emojis.

Please note: This game is free to play, but additional content and in-game items may be purchased for real money. Certain content items are offered in a randomised order based on displayed drop rates. To disable In-App Purchases, go to Settings/Screen Time/Content & Privacy Restrictions.

This game requires an internet connection and contains third party advertising.

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App Name Ultimate Draft Soccer
Category Games
Updated 12 October 2023, Thursday
File Size 644.55 MB

Ultimate Draft Soccer Comments & Reviews 2023

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Fix that pls. I really like the game and it’s fun to play but I don’t like the way you get players I bought diamonds to buy a pack to get players and I haven’t gotten any players so far I’ve only gotten upgrades for my current players.

Trash graphics. Right idea but wrong excecution. You would think with technology improving, so would the graphics of this game would, but no. You’re wrong! The players have 0 ball iq as if they were a bunch of oversized toddlers playing the game. Their reaction time is horrible and the controls are never correct. The shots are never at the end of the drawer line but goes simply towards we’re you free the line to. The players do not attack the ball and just let the defenders get the ball back. Please fix your players and your game. Try harder next time.

Way Better Than DLS. Great game just way too easy, all you have to do to win is get 2 corner kicks in a row which is easy when the keeper isn’t good

Great Concept, Awful Execution, lots of bugs. The biggest bug in this game is how all you have to do to score a goal is kick it from your keeper to the opposing keeper. Because of the auto clearance the keeper does, the ball goes straight to a defender, who can then score from half field on an empty net. The low level scummy cowards who use this trick, use it into oblivion and ruin a perfectly good idea of a game for the rest of us. Need to fix this asap

Horrible Fake Game. Make no mistake the game is fake, it creates the illusion as if you are giving direction to your tactics when in reality the algorithm does whatever it wants. The player stats are all fake. In many instances I have had faster players get caught by lower speed players, example my Messi with Speed 90 get caught by Tanganga Defender with speed 79, base not even upgraded, from behind even if Messi has advantage forward. The tackling and defending mechanism are also fake many times have had players close body to body with opponent players and never tackle or slide tackle just keep walking together with opponent moves easily. Corners are new Penalties. 90% of the chances on corners are goals. That’s how stupid the game is. Players spamming power shots just to get corners. The AI is not bad make no mistake is worst, it is manipulative the algorithm decided if you win or lose. Some matches it makes it really hard to move past opponent even if opponent has worst players. Reward mechanics get bad once you go higher leagues, and you run out of USD forcing you to either spend real money or watch ads every 2 min. Waste of time.

Good but could be Great. Not enough explanation of controls and settings. Major glitch in goalie to goalie play with long pass. No control of your own goalie and when he heads it to other team the goal is wide open. Nothing you can do to defend it. Also would be wonderful if it had a training/practice mode like DLS.

Almost unplayable beyond day 1. So like most games the startup is fun. Unfortunately after a day or two it Becomes unsustainable to keep you players and you will either need to pay to play or lost your best players. There are so many fouls (rarely called) and players just cheese the geometry. 30 yd headers are common place and any real soccer strategy or play is dismissed for pinball style play. It’s basically a cartoon kiddie game with more realistic looking players.

Score! Match but better. Fixed every complaint I had about score match. You have so much control now, and even have the option to dribble, but gameplay is still quick and simple.

Playing with friends. I loved the whole entire game, but tbh the only thing missing is actually an option to play with the friends you added. I really wanted to play this game with a friend, but there wasn’t an option. So I hope that there will be a feature to play with friends

Great game not good tournaments. This game physics and idea is very interesting. I grew up playing both dream league and score hero, and always wanted this kind of game where you can play a match in a score hero style. Graphics are not very good and after few minutes of playing or even looking at the main menu you can tell the budget of this is game is very low. I hope you improve in the next versions of the game. As for season tournament, the season points are given no matter you lose or win, and based on SP it decides if you get gold or silver. So to win the season you don't have to be the best in your league but you have to play more and more, and in my opinion it is not fair for people who dont play the game as much but are better than the most. At least you should get the reward based on how many points you gathered, not by your place in the league.

Good game but needs improvement. I think having licensed players is what makes this game unique from others. Being able to play with recognizable players is a plus in my eyes. The problem stems from the fact that the camera zoom and angles never stay steady and move after every pass or dribble. But my main problem is the fact that contracts exist in this game. It is such an unnecessary feature that limits how much you can play and if they are to be kept in the game, they should have a one to one ratio with the cash (10 games for 10 bux). Overall it is a fun game, but some features will keep me away from playing this for a long time down the road.

Issues. The game is good but I think getting money in the game is hard I think that every match you win you should win a certain amount of money because since the players have contracts that finishes fast

Pack weight. The game is great I just think that we would get some players from our packs instead of getting a “better luck next time” just feel like the pack weight could be alittle better

AI?. I loved this game up until my AI controlled players decided to stop playing when I reached rank 4-5. I lost 4 games in a row because all of a sudden my players would just stand around and not even try to cover passing lanes or opposing players. It’s like a light switch went off in their head and all of them are suddenly dumber than dirt. Concept of the game is great though.

Love the game, but it is designed to be a pay to progress. Hope it changes.. Love the graphics and the fact that you feel you play with the “real” players. And I like the fact that a type of shot clock has been added to the game. But same to what I read from other players, when you reach around level 6 and have some 80 overall players it gets hard to keep your players. Because contracts are about 120 bucks and you can’t sustain this because you don’t earn any bucks by winning games, you can only win bucks by the briefcases and by buying bucks. So, after reaching level 6 I will be quitting the game, because the game is not designed in such a way that you can progress without paying. Not a fan of that at all. Hope it changes, but if they have sufficient players that are paying to play, I’m afraid it will stay like this. Thanks for the 6 levels of a beautiful game.

Great game just a few tweaks. Great game fun and always changing with new limited perks. My only thing is u can move offensive players with the arrows but it would be great if I could also do that while defending. Example to cut off obvious passing lanes and be able to do more on defense.

Please!. Don’t get me wrong this game is the best I’ve played from First Touch. But one thing is bad for me, before I tell you what it is I have something to tell you! I am currently first place in rank 6 London season! My name is Chelsea. So back to what I was saying, please make the player contract cost lower please or after the match, if you win, you get like 50-80 bucks, if you lose, you get 10-25 bucks. Love this game! Keep up the good work!

The game is amazing but contracts ruin it please help 😭. I quickly made my way up to rank six with an ok team however the higher the rank the more expensive the contract extension cost. Also since money is rare to get you are left a you full team out and stuck using the youth players. Now am stuck in rank 6 getting destroyed and can’t do anything cause I can’t win with only youth players and can’t make any money either 😭😭😭.

Great game with a few suggestions. This game is really fun but there are a few things I would change 1)When you win a header against the opponent you have no control over where the ball goes and it usually goes right back to the other team 2)On penalty kicks every time you shoot middle the goalies feet somehow kick the ball 3)Lastly it would be really fun if they added some tournaments and special events to the game Other than that though the game is great

A few add-ons would make this game next level. This game is compelling and captivating. Smooth gameplay with competitive play down to the wire each game. If some of these things were implemented then there is no doubt this game would be a five star: -The low ranking players (specifically goalies) make plays that are too good for their skill level. There should be a bigger disparity between a goalie ranked 78 vs one ranked 95. -ADD USER CELEBRATIONS AFTER GOALS! Allow the user to draw the path for the scorer to run, and then select a celebration! Maybe even allow different celebrations to be unlocked! This would be incredible. -adjust the play timer to allow the final shot to be taken instead of just ending mid play and saying “out of time” -allow the player to choose whether or not to take the advantage or play on. Sometimes the advantage is played and then immediately there is a turnover which nullifies the advantage instantly. If UDS implements any or all of these it will be great strides towards perfecting this game! Thank you

Fun but impossible to advance. The game is fun. A little frustrating when the players do something out of your control but that’s the game. My issue is with the boxes. It claims that there is a chance to get players from boxes. I’ve played 100 games and opened countless boxes and I’ve gotten maybe 1 player form boxes. The probabilities are set at 16% for a bronze box but you just can’t get new players. I’ve had the game for 5 days and my team is the same as it was when I first got the game

Best mobile football/soccer game out there!. This game took the amazing scorematch and made it even cooler. All the thing i wish i could do in scorematch they seemly added. This game is a free fifa game with no added pay to play junk.

good, but... I came from score match and I found in this game the things that score match don't actully provide: better graphics, real player names, better gameplay, no Hammers nor Bulldozers 😅 But here are the points that bother me in UDS: - no enough bucks, poor rewards: you wait for 8h package to finally have around 50 bucks. I feel like this game is designed to be playable only in premium mode. so you need to pay to have more interesting rewards! - contracts.. aaah I hate this feature: having no enough bucks, you will run out of players. actually 90% of my MF are without contracts. - being designed by FTG, I don't expect that there will be improvements. Man, I've been playing score match for years with same gameplay.. I'm afraid that UDS will die soon..

Unreal. Even though the awesome graphics, playability and overall platform this game has, it’s just not close to what the sport is. There are only two ways to score in this game: with your center forward making an individual play or by getting a corner kick. There’s no chance than more than one player put their feet on the opponents box, and, if you review every goal repetition, they look ALL the same. It’s absurd that my center forward has 50 goals, all exactly the same, and my mid fielder (the tallest one) has 17 goals ALL OF THEM AS A HEADER AFTER A CORNER KICK. None of my other 9 players have scored, and every goal ive received its from opponents center forward from the same spot or by a header after a corner kick. It’s just an absurd game.

P2W - Fun till it’s not.. Game is fun (pay to win to the max obviously) but once you get good it’s just an exchange of people doing things you can’t defend while you do things they can’t defend. It’s less about skill and more about RNG once you get decent. Which ruins the entire game basically, so… Update: yeah don’t expect to have fun after the first 3 hours of playing. just delete it.

Gameplay Exploits ruin the experience. I can not count the amount of times someone has passed the ball back to their keeper, dribbled a little, slammed it up the field for my keeper to clear straight to an opponent (in the exact same place every time I might add), and score from nearly half field. Just faced someone who did it THREE TIMES IN ONE GAME. This is beyond unacceptable to have in the game. There’s a few other small things like the AI avoiding the ball when it’s passed to them sometimes and straight up dribbling much farther than where I tapped and getting tackled, but this exploit really needs to be fixed. I think you as the player should have control over where the keepers clear the ball, or at least have them try to hit it to a teammate, not have one single designated spot for the keeper to clear to on each side of the field. It’s very obvious this is the case, even when the keeper clears it in normal situations. It’s a very dumb thing to have in the game after several months and it’s an insanely cowardly thing to do as a player. Fixing this exploit will improve things greatly for me and countless others.

Good game but... I like this game first of all it’s easy to play and it’s fun. I feel like it would be better if you can play an offline version too, I also have another suggestion I feel like you should have the choice to edit how you want to play, like zooming in and out but also more width out so we can see the whole screen not just what’s in front of you.

Defensive Attributes. The game is fun until arena 8/9. That’s when the attacking players become extremely over powered and it’s impossible to make a tackle regardless of how good your positioning and that’s if your defender takes a good enough angle when tracking for a tackle. Please add some sort of defensive attribute like tackling or ball clearance and fix the tracking angles for players engaged in pressing and when going for a tackle. Also CPU players on our team allow opponents to just dribble right next to them with no effort to make a tackle. Corner kicks are almost always automatic goals with a header there’s no way to stop them unless the opponent kicks it too close towards the goalie. Please consider inputting some sort of timing mechanic for corner kicks that creates an even level of opportunity when both teams are in good position for the cross into the box.

Offsides are not accurate. i really like this game but the OFFSIDE rule is killing me. I like to make well timed runs but some of the replays for offside don’t match what happened in game and i can tell it’s different because of the grass lines. sometimes my player is behind the defense but in the replay he’s ahead. please fix this i am losing a lot recently due to this

Everything except for one thing. The game and everything about it is amazing but it’s terribly hard to get things unless you pay and you should make obtaining players a little easier

Please make setting to take off mascot. I don’t really like the mascots, because that kind of stuff doesn’t happen often in real life. I would also like to see player contract prices go down, because right now its painfully expensive to keep players. Thank you when you guys fix this issu

Progress. This game is much better than score hero, I like how you can actually dribble, make other players run and press, however the AI is still absolutely horrendous. There can be a ball in front of them and they don’t charge it, or they take an unnecessary extra dribble which ends up losing possession of the ball. The goalkeeper can somehow kick the ball 500 feet when there’s a slow roller coming right at him, and the paths they take to cut off a ball is basically nonexistent, you can have a player run horizontally and as soon as a ball is passed to them, they’ll change directions for absolutely no reason. Also the passing and tackling can be super inconsistent.

Great game. Great game but can’t figure out how to change formations other than the 2 default ones with 5 in the back. Surprised there is no way to have 4 defenders or 2 forwards, for example.

Fun idea, poor interface. Loved this company’s games before, and this one is fun too! Being able to make your team is fun and incorporates this previous developer’s gameplay style, however there are things that stop the game from being very enjoyable: •camera angles: it is so difficult to see all the players available for a pass, and just spending time adjusting the view will take away from your turn •player pods: it is way too incredibly difficult and long to get any player, even at the bronze level •visuals: everything during the game looks dull, some colors could be brightened up •poor direction: the game does not tell you anything about what any player stat means or the bonus of having multiple players from the same nationality This game needed to be much more polished before release - asking $8-9 for a season pass is way too much for a game that feels like it’s in early beta/late alpha

Defense is laughable. Offensively you can tell players to make runs. Defensively you cannot tell players who to mark. You can select a player to press, and a player to make a tackle when they are in range. HOWEVER, the players will not press if the ball is out of their UDS determined zone. Most users have a set kickoff routine that results in an easy goal. There is nothing you can do on defense to stop an attacker running across the box. Even if you select the defender nearest to the runner to press, they won’t move towards the ball to get into a defensive position.

Solid structure but needs major tweaks. Game is great on the surface. As a score match and hero player, it’s nice to get control over the dribbling for once. Some major improvements needed: 1) Give us more formations. I don’t understand why I can’t play a FW on the wing in a 5-2-3… this is way different than reality. I have my 2nd best player sitting on my bench because my best player is also a FW. 2) FIX CORNERS. Corners are pretty much unstoppable. Everybody does the exact same corner routine and it works every time. 3) Allow us to control where our defensive players go like we can with runs offensively. I think this would help fix corners, as well as stop people from being able to dribble until they have the perfect angle every time. 4) Friends matches. Let us play our friends. Fix these things and you have a 5 star game. UPDATE: 1STAR UNTIL YOU FIX THE GOALKEEPER HEADER GLITCH.

Wow 🔥. This game might be the best game that FTG has released. It gives the same idea of R2G of a team like Dream League soccer, yet all you have to do is drag and tap, sort of like Score Hero or Score Match. This is one of my favourite games to play on my phone, because it’s getting both of my favourite games (Dream League and Score Hero) into one game. Props to FTG for this!

The game. It is a very interesting game but it has a huge problem when I try to start a match that is when the bugs come and the game completely stops then kicks me out of the game and when I comeback to game It makes me the loser so I am losing a lot of a matches like that and I still start another one because I have hope to play just a match

It’s a good start. Pretty fun game honestly would like to see a system where you can have a second box in a queue. I spent like 8 bucks on a vip pass and didn’t really get much value out of it would not recommend buying it

This game is unplayable developers fix the freezing problem!!. Whenever I try to play the game it refuses to function properly, and keeps freezing on me while the match is still playing this is ridiculous. This is a terrible game that is unplayable. I can’t even try the game. Whenever I do I pray that it doesn’t freeze. Please fix this terrible problem.

One MAJOR problem. This game is great don’t get me wrong, but there is one major problem that can make this game go from great to average. After every game you get a package with around a 20-25% chance to get a new player. The only problem is, is that I have opened around 30 of these packages and have gotten only one bronze player. This is a big problem because ive had the same team since I’ve started the game and it’s getting stale with the same players and no other way to get new players. It seems impossible to get any new players and it makes me think that the 20-25% chance to get a new player is just a made up number. Really unfortunate because the game is a lot of fun.

Good game. Its a good game but yall need to make the time limit of when i have possession longer because it finishes fast, and also i sometimes try to dribble but the player’s name that has the ball be blocking me from pressing to where i want to dribble sometimes

Good game but needs major update. I played it for 1 month and i have a 83 rated team. The game is fun and everything but when it comes to AI, it’s absolutely horrendous. The defenders can’t defend. I had 85 rated Varane and 85 rated Coates, but all they could do is walk around the pitch. Major updates needs to be done to make the defense better. The easiest thing in this game is to score goals. But you will concede much easier. I ended up deleting it because it’s not fun to play anymore.

Good But. Good game but can we be able to change nimber on players and also change the cleat color on them? That would make it a bit better instead of having 2 #7 on the field at the same time

Didn’t get rewards from london season. Finished in 4th place and got no rewards for it even though it showed I would earn rewards. Game needs more options. It’s stupid to only have 2 formations to choose from when it means you can’t play some of your best players. Should at least be able to play them out of position for an overall decrease. Tired of all the PK shootouts there should be draws or longer game timer

Give us more players. Every time I get a chance to get a new player it’s always “better luck next time” why is it so hard to draw new players. There no other way to get them besides these draws so make it easier!!!!

Better than DLS?. There are many draft soccer games, but none before made by the creators of Dream League. I’m happy for this game and I hope it gets publicity, as I’d love to become a top-leaderboard player in a prestigious game. The gameplay needs some polishing, but I enjoy shooting, etc… the draft system is alright too, but it could be even better/addicting! Keep working at it! There are two types of mobile soccer games, and now we have both. Still more polish to come, and I’m sure seasons will be fun, and the short length is unique. We’ll see.. as long as the game won’t necessarily become P2W. I’ll have to binge the game a little more to see what its all about, but this is my first impression so far. Could be some changes! I’m glad gems are easier to obtain than in Dream League. Just saying. But the biggest thing is: defending and the players need work. Its hard to make this kind of gameplay effective, and its just not yet. I also think its impossible to upgrade players and pay for contract renewals at the same time, which shouldn’t be the case. I’m not sure about the contracts. But I’m having fun playing! More updates should ensue.

Great game but needs adjustments. Mainly need to be able to get contracts easier. I can’t even play the game because all my players are out of contracts even my bronze players. I have to wait until every crate is unlocked in order to keep playing. Also I wish there was two lineup options so I can have a starting team for when I get contract freezes.

Worst soccer game out there... When you first start off the game, it’s easy, but when you progress further the bots become impossible they will block every single shot that you take. Another thing I would like mention is that, the fouls are off on the game, it fouls me when I did a slight tackle but it wouldn’t flag the bot when they obviously do a foul. Worst soccer game out there.

First success, then loss after loss. The game is beautifully made, but unfortunately you probably won’t be happy with it. The game allows you to win several matches after it’s installed, but at some point things magically change, and your players no longer perform no matter what their rating is. Each and every clash with opponent’s player will be won by the opponent, and one opponent’s player will have no problem to outperform 3 of your players, and you will start losing game after game. The only recourse is to reinstall the game and start from scratch. I don’t know if another recourse would be to start paying, but the drastic change for the worse after several successful matches is very obvious.

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Why my grade 11 turns to 5 ?. I was on 11 but suddenly turned to 5 after update

Where is my money going. This game is meh DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY!!! Because there is no transfer market the only way to get the players you want is through packs and unfortunately to get players that are even remotely desirable you need to open legendary and epic packs and those cost gems… a lot of gems so after spending around 100 AUD I expected to get around 30% gold players and 10% legendary as per the advertised pack odds however this is fraudulent as it is really around 5% gold and 0% legendary. Gameplay is okay but you need higher rated players to truly enjoy it (standard and even upgraded players miss even the most simple of passes and shots) and it lacks diversity only having 1 game mode per week. Overall it has potential but the game right now is a financial hole and hence a hole for good vibes and gameplay. You cannot possibly make a good team even by grinding the game

glitch. the opposition had a penalty last min of the game and I saved it. The ball rolled to the corner line and then it rebound off one of our players no where near the goal and it counted as a goal. My club names called RAT JUICE FC and I’ve been playing the game for a while. I can send clips of what happened if u want me to.

Ok. The concept is good but no body plays the game so you can’t play a lot. There’s also no AI so play time is limited.


Abandoning Players. I am sick of this game. 9/10 games played are filled with people who abandon the game just before kick off. This doesn’t affect you in any way, but does annoy people who want to just play. Please fix this issue for people who simply want to play the game. I suggest implementing a time ban for people who abandon games (5minute bans). I suggest some sort of reward to the user who had to cancel their game because of their opposition abandoning the game

Good but needs improvement. Should implement a tournament system or different game mode to mix up the type of play - better rewards too. For the amount of effort and time you put into a season, you aren’t rewarded fairly and forced to spend real money to improve your team.

So good. Yes it’s good and better

New players are hard to get. This game is fun but once you start to play a lot your players run out of contracts and then when you open packs the chance to get a new player is a 15% chance in basically all packs even if it doesn’t say and now I have to spend money to get more players because the packs are scams

rip off. gives u bad pack luck so u spend money, once u get to div 10 u play against div 18 players with super teams that have never been outside in their life.

Great game. Perfection

Multiplayer. Multiplayer , please

Graphics setting. I want a graphics setting add to the game, because I cannot run this game at an automatic high setting.

Connection Issues. When the game works it is good. But it rarely doesn’t. Often disconnects from matches

Very good but needs major improvements in some aspects. Very well designed game and concept although once getting to division 10 it’s impossible to make any sort of progress when you get matched up against people from division 15 with no sort of compensation for the skill and team level difference. i understand i’m mostly likely matching up with these people due to lack of people on the servers but it seems really unfair watching my team get destroyed by someone 5 divisions above me. great game though

Won’t let me load. I’m trying to get in, but it only goes 85%. When I try to play, it freezes on a player and my wifi is fine. So bad!

Great fun especially if I’m actually vsing real people. Cracker game , as title says

Vs friends. What’s the point in being able to add friends if you can’t vs them!??! Spent ages trying to add a mate to find out we can’t even play together. Please add this feature, 5 stars otherwise.

Add ronaldo. Great game and all but where is the goat? Bring Ronaldo

Fix your corners. Having a corner kick is easier chance to score than a penalty kick

Very glitchy. I HAVN’T EVEN MADE IT PAST THE TUTORIAL!!!!! this game is very good, its made by the owners of DLS23 u know its good, but i downloadee this and it froze 24/7 the furthest i got was up to the crossing scenario.

I highly recommend. This is a great game for kids. Maybe even adults.

Worst soccer game. Horrible game, horrible controls

PAY TO WIN. this game is 100% pay to win, you have no choice but to open packs for good players and opening rare or legendary packs still doesnt guarantee a player at all, dont bother wasting your time grinding in this game it will get you no where especially since you have to pay for contracts too

L. Needs transfer market

More interesting pls. I’m playing with 3 recognisable players. It starts to get boring. Where’s the transfer market I want to get the best players on my team :(

Very fun. I like that u can dribble and the shots aren't always perfect tho I would a option to play a longer match like 2 mins maybe. Much better than it’s predecessors would recommend

Booooring!! 🥱🥱 and veeeery expensive!! 💰💰. Good attempt to improve Score! Match, but miserably failed unfortunately. I played Score! March a lot and it was an easy win when you used the right tricks: get 3-5-2 formation, pass the ball to the wings (always unmarked) cross in the middle for the hammer or bulldozer and easy goal by head while goalkeeper and defender are staring like idiots. UDS has no hammer or bulldozer, but give the ball to Messi or Mbappe and they will dribble everything and everyone (several times) and score from any position and distance. Like in Score! Match, pass a through ball to a fast wing, cross in the middle and easy goal, while defenders run around like idiots and (almost) never stop or even reach the fast opponent. Pretty much this is UDS: … ball through for fast wing, cross, score and repeat… … ball through for fast wing, cross, score and repeat… … ball through for fast wing, cross, score and repeat… … ball through for fast wing, cross, score and repeat… 🥱🥱😪😴😴 Plus, UDS is very expensive. Costly 2 weeks packages, costly gadgets and costly legendary chests, which only have 10% chance to get a player!! 😱😱 Frustration will take over eventually and you will be sick and tired of seeing defenders running in vain, until you stop playing and spending (a lot of) money to see the same tricks in replay: … ball through for fast wing, cross, score and repeat… … ball through for fast wing, cross, score and repeat… … ball through for fast wing, cross, score and repeat… Keep trying First Touch Games, but stop creating games full of miserable tricks and cheats!

Terrible.. 90% of games you play go to a penalty shootout where the shots are too easy to save, scripting is so obvious you can tell when it’s in your favour and the game is a carbon copy of their older game score match, same mechanics and everything

Scams you. guys LISTEN: when ever you win a game each they take your real money your parents or yours so you could be homeless whenever they earn money they’ll just take it away I just found out so please stop playing it🙁😕☹️🥺

Cooper. Stupid

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Highly recommended. Best game ever, pls try to make it a bit easier to get legendary players

Fixed.. Funny how the commentator told me that the shot was right on before the opponent had even made the cross in front of my net. And then low and behold it happened just like he said. Lots of other bugs and glitches. I love it when the commentator gets caught in a loop. This game is Rigged and will cause you frustration for no reason. If you don’t pay then expect to loose. Limited and lame formations. There are better games out there.

Great Game.. needs a few tweaks. The game is fun and engaging. Love the mechanics. Attacking play is versatile. But we need more control over defensive play. at least let us control where the defender is running. Other than that, fun times!

Great game. Really good game, the mechanics are simple and the fast paced matches make it very enjoyable. Only thing I am unsatisfied with is the fact that this game is too attack focused. The defense is very weak and can be rendered completely useless if the opponent is a good player and can send effective passes.

Great game. I played it for 12 hours a day once and I have work

Amazing. Only problem Ive had is the camera can get stuck when you click on your player and the other team gets possession at the same time, other than that its been perfect

PvBugs. New concept of gameplay: Player vs Bugs. Be aware of this condition if you want to play. Other reviews describe the issues with this game making it so frustrating. No matter how good you play, the AI will make mistakes constantly giving the ball away “coincidentally” to other players who paid for Messi card

Great game but 1 complaint. I love UDS but I wish you could play against your friends in this game. Would make the 1000x better and give it some more longevity.

Not bad so far. Alot better then score match

Extremely fun, can’t wait to see how this develops. Very fun and casual game, it’s like soccer hero but you get to play out a full match. I really hope they add an option to play against friends, and maybe create “clans” like in clash royale.

To the inventor of this game:. Please, please, please get rid of the snow season, the ball is very very hard to see, and also when you play against players that wears white jerseys it’s impossible to play against them. Maybe replace it with a nice night event scenes. Thank you!! (Only then I will give you a 5 stars review 😉)

Great game, but camera!!!!!!!. Amm

Great, but…. Game is great. Fun way to kill time and have a blast playing football. However, the AI and majority of mechanics are lacklustre and infuriating. Defending is luck based at BEST. Press system NEEDS work. Sending players on runs will more often than not result in the player stopping halfway through their run or overlapping the ball rendering the play redundant. A few overhauls and it could be a great mobile experience!

Awful gameplay - favours those who pay more. This game is so confusing. I’ve played over a 100 matches so I’ve experienced this game a good amount. Here are its failures: Defense in orange does nothing. You can never get the ball away from the opponent unless you make your guy red. The shots do not match the path Terrible movement, way too confusing If you accidentally click on the wrong player or make an arrow, no way to erase it. Sometimes you click to make a run, instead he just kicks the ball and leaves it for the opponent like a dummy. The game matches you with way stronger opponents. You have no chance. Sometimes I’m literally in front of the net and the kick is easily caught by the goalie. The Contracts are soooo stupid The crest are so dumb. What a waste of a feature… NO ONE CARES about crests. The game favors those who pay a lot of money and those people continually make fun of you when they win. The game and company behind it intentionally cheats for those people. Save yourself the headache, avoid this game like the plague.

Puke. Can’t win a game since last update. Garage game, all defense is garbage all forwards are garbage. Horrible game. Don’t download

Fun!!. Very fun game really enjoy it!!

Do not think. Literally the more thought I put into playing the worse it is. Consistently the opponent will dribble into my player then just go straight through. If you have not tapped on a player even if the opponent passes to them sometimes they just let the ball go. Also your player will lose interest in a pass to them Consistently.

Love this game!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️. What a game

Pay to play. The games contract system is shambolic. I end up having a full team of bronze because I can’t afford new contracts for my better players. 500 bux for 20 games is criminal and on top of that for multiple players. The game is good otherwise but just makes me want to put it down after running out of contract. I bought season pass any everything and even with those awards you can barely play

Could be better. I love the idea of this game, definitely needs more like tournaments, cups , etc . Gameplay needs to improve a lot like many users said , the defense is really useless you should be able to send your players where you want when not in control of the ball at least. There’s so many stupid goals conceded that is frustrating! We should be able to control the goalkeeper to have a chance to save a one on one,etc . In reality it needs better controls . Free kicks are like a 80% sure goal. Way to easy to score . I could go on and on..

Cannot play with friends. Overall good game, very well made. One big issue, it’s impossible to play against my friends!! And there is no tournaments

Multiplayer. This game needs to be online multiplayer

Relaxed1. If this game came out and it was mixture of DLS 17 and what you have presented here then maybe it would have been a decent game. But instead all I am playing is Soccer Hero updated. Too bad.

Terrible. Absolutely terrible DO NOT DOWNLOAD very unrealistic bad programming for example you can’t run or get the ball on the attack when you do a through ball

Bad game.. Dumb controls, and game system. Got bored very quick and uninstalled. Dls is better

Can’t play without spending money. They just forced you to spend money to be able to compete with some kids who have Haaland and Messi since game one, lol! If you just wanna enjoy this is not the game for you.

Bad Game. Has ads whilst not asking for em’

High cost of contracts/ Facebook connect. Its extremely difficult to manage contracts as they are so expensive, we only get money if we watch the ads but i have a suggestion, we should be rewarded money/coin after every win so that we can upgrade and extend our player's contract. At the moment i have 6 players waiting for upgrading and contract extension. I would also suggest that we should be able to connect with facebook and be able to play with our friends also. In this way we can invite more people to play this beautiful game. Thanks

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Score! Match > UDS. Defence is kinda wacky, a lot more random than Score! Match, overall not a bad game. For me, though, Score! Match is tons better. It needs an update desperately, but it is still much better than UDS.

Inconsistent. One of the most absolute inconsistent games you’ll ever play. Different game from one day to the next. There are days you will play one game and just know it’s a day you will go maybe 3 for 20 in the sun column. Big disappointment because there is alot of potential here

Update all the time. Did we have to update this game every season or what is the problem all the time I enter the game it’s says update it which cost a lot of data

Worse football game. The game play is very stupid, when you want to send a player forward or want to make a pass, end up moving the camera instead, there’s no dribbling, wouldn’t recommend to even spend money on it, I’m glad I haven’t, better stick to FIFA games in consoles/PC, 0/5 stars

Let me play with my friends. This game would be so much better if you could play against your friends.

Better time playing solitaire. Only thing that works is the emotes. Rewards people for spending money. If you don’t the game doesn’t help you at all. Insane

awesome.. this game is so great this is the best soccer game currently besides fifa mobile and pes2023 but this is more for like just for fun game nothing to take competitive it’s so fun 10/10 keeping me happy at least

Amazing. Great game , need to add multiplayer soon so I can play against friends!!

Online multiplayer bet. We people waiting for online multiplayer betting with our coin to redeem to money there are a lot of people expecting this from dream league soccer, we want to bet with our best team online

Pls add where you can play with friends !!. Pls

Need MULTIPLAYER!. would be 5 starts if it was multiplayer , very addicting game

Game Rating. I love the game it is easy to play.

Good. This game is so good it would be cool if you can make your own characters but overall this game is a 9/10

game is good but. 1: you need make net more realistic 2: make the shoot first then keeping ( in pentlies ) 3: the players rate and thier Price 4: Game will be perfect

There is no balance. It's not fair at all, a player like Messi in the American League sometimes loses one-on-one, but in this game you don't need to be a professional, it's enough to have Messi and there is no balance and fairness in the whole game.

Goalkeepers are a joke. I think I will uninstall this game the way you make goalkeepers cost me a wins over and over, how could a goalie just stand and not attempt to save a cheap shots from long way out, I wish I could post a video of those, it’s pure nonsense, the goalie will stand still and only raise their arms and the ball will still score? Pure jargons

Buggy. The offsides part is glitched sometimes saying that the passer is offside and not the receiver, also 71 ovr forwards shouldn’t be able to score screamers from just past the halfway line.

Add go against friends!. Please add you can go against friends it’ll be so much fun

run slowly. At the beginning of the game, it was very stuck, and it was stuck in the kick-off stage. I couldn't play at all, so I had to quit and restart, so the points were deducted all the time, and other aspects were very good.

Wooooooooow!. 5x better that dls 50x better that score hero just 1 request that would make this game 100x better. An offline mode

Friend match. Love the game but if there was a friend match option like Score! Match it would be better!!!

opinion. Ohh yeah and it would be better if u could have any formation u want

Very good. This game gives u fun and experience better than dls and score hero score hero had some simple mistakes like pass the ball dribble some and it get interrupted alone

Fun and unique. Probably one of the best mobile soccer games out there. Really fun gameplay. I just wish that there were no pk shootouts after the draws

Make Ai's smarter. The amount of times the goalkeeper or defender ai are absolutely awful and you lose games because of that. Especially positioning wise and have this game actually skill base

Worst game ever. Without paying real money you can’t get good players. I spend 600 gems to buy legendary pack and I get a 70 player I think I will get at least over 80.

The formation. I feel like there should be more formations and; there should be kinda of auction so other players can bud for players you want to sell

Buggy game play!. I was on season leaderboard on rank 2 an hour before season closes. I go to sleep wake up in morning hoping to claim the rewards, saw app updates required, updated app, and they never gave season leaderboard reward due to app update. Just totally unacceptable. :)

It mid. I like it when it was the a b c buttons but not line not really feeling it though. It’s an OK game but still.

Free Packs. It’ s a good game but for some reason the free crate that you can get every 4 hours disappeared from my item shop which I’m unhappy about

It’s not good. Man it’s just trash. Even DLS23 is better. Probably the WORST SOCCER GAME EVER! Plz don’t listen to the 5 stars there just scamming you this game is a scam. There’s other soccer games like FIFA Mobile and DLS and Soccer Super Stars. But just don’t pick this one.

Good game. Good game but I only see two formations available, there should be more to choose from to make game play even better

Ridiculous. We should be able to swap players regardless of their position.

Decent game but needs fixing.. The game can be good if we were allowed to control defense and keeper kicks. At the start of a game, the opponent can kick directly to their keeper, then kick your keeper. Your keeper will rush out, clear the ball to the opponent, leaving your net wide open for a half field shot. It’s really annoying and ruins the game.

Terrible AI. If you like watching your players avoid the ball when it is passed to them or helping the other team be just running out of the way or to actually be helpless in set pieces or in the air as you have no control then yes enjoy

Good game but error. This game is great but I can’t get into a game. Every time a game starts it gets abandoned because of a “Checksum” error and the game ends. I can’t get into a game.

Football maniac 😎👊🔥⚽️. I love this game ever since I first played it. It’s so fun and addicting. I can’t stop playing it.😎👊

Fun but not. Fun gameplay and concepts but the penalty system is unfair. Should be an overtime feature instead for normal games and pens for tournaments. Also please fix the contracts system with the better my team gets the more I am unable to keep up with their cost. Which eventually leads to the game being pay to win.

Claim box. Hello, I’m having issues of claiming free box

Very good. The games great but I just don’t know if this is online game? Is it?

Good game at first but pay to win. Typical game. Win at first but if you don’t spend some money you start to lose every match. Good concept and had fun playing it but when it puts me against teams with every player in the 90s and I lose 20 games in a row, it loses the fair concept. 1 star for being a pay to win

Great football game. I was expecting a remake of Score Match but this game is far better. The only thing I don’t like are the contracts, but that might just be me.

Friendly Battles. GREAT GAME!!!! However you should add an option that you can play against friends. I promise you it will make the game explode in popularity!

Good review. Really really good amusing I play this everyday instead of FIFA mobile this game is great anyone should download it

Should be fun and not all about money. Change the season and simply u cannot win a game unless u spend money! Wont recommend to anyone!!!

??. How do you 1v1 your friends m?

Wow. I’m the first to review the game and I have to say is it’s now one of my favorite phone games big ups to the people who made it

5 stars. A good game but a question can we link are dreamleague soccer team to

Friend cannot play each other. Please allow friends match

Amazing. Really amazing game that emproved and evolved everything that needed to be done

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