Build Roads

Build Roads [Games] App Description & Overview

The town is in huge trouble! Roads are terrible and traffic is unbearable. The mayor has contracted you to build and fix all the roads in the city! Use this opportunity to upgrade your company HQ and make big bucks!

The simplest road building simulator is here!

Features include:

- Pour rocks, spread them and crush them into asphalt. Put a finishing touch with a new coat of paint.

- Pour concrete and level it, then place the bricks and push those into place.

- Clean the dirt and garbage from parks, monuments and beaches.

- Build new infrastructure such as bridges, ports and train rails.

- Construct new power lines to buildings to bring them electricity.

- Upgrade and customize everything about your company including your HQ and vehicles.

Can you 100% the entire town?

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Build Roads Customer Service, Editor Notes:

bug fixes mechanic improvements

Build Roads Comments & Reviews

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- Oh

Oh and also you are developing the town as you do each task. It’s neat! Also it lets you earn more supplies by just watching an ad! Beats having to spend real money

- Game is incredibly boring

I saw this game as an ad, looked at it and decided to give it a shot. Now I know when it comes to games like this, I always turn off my cellular data for the app, because when you peel away the hours of ads that will eventually be watched, you can really see how lackluster they are. I got to level 10 in about 3 minutes. 66% of the game, you’re pressing one spot to do whatever, the other 33% is “action”. There is no real progression in the game. I don’t think it’s okay that these money grabs keep coming out and I’m tired of everyone pretending like it is. Quite frankly, these low effort games keep polluting my social media, it’s motivating me to get my major in game design and blow these kinds of games out of the water.

- Fun for a bit, but not for long...

I played this game, and the first few levels were fun and somewhat challenging. But once i got past Lvl 4 it got boring and laggy. I only got to Lvl 8, and I deleted it. When I did Lvl 8, it was one of the cement levels, and when i was smoothing it, it would take me across the sea so I recommend you fix that for other players. I’m personally not playing it again, but don’t let my criticism pull you down! You can make the game better, and these are my recommendations. Many other people are more picky, but I think the mechanics are great, just try to make the levels a little harder and try to fix the lag

- Easily the most boring and worst mobile game I’ve ever played.

This game is absolutely horrible and has nothing to offer in its incredibly lacking gameplay as in most levels I’ve played you literally can’t fail making the game extremely boring and it gets incredibly repetitive after a short amount of time. Basically every level In this game can be beaten by holding down on the screen as all your gear moves itself. I genuinely can’t recommend this game to anyone as everything it offers is experienced in the first five levels and every following one just feels like the last.

- I hate to be that person but the ads

This game is actually a really nice game but the ads are really annoying. There’s an ad after every game! Plus if you decline a reward when it asks you to watch an ad for the reward it will still give you a ad anyway. Very frustrating. Also the ad for the game is not like the actual game mostly the spray painting part doesn’t happen at all. Also I understand that’s how they get money but this is too much.

- Great game but too many ads

Way too many ads, also once you reach level 60 you start replaying jobs that you did on level one. So basically your starting over instead of growing the city and making it better. So if you get to level 60 you might as well delete the app because that’s as far as you can go. Also the upgrades on you company building are limited. I’d like to be able to upgrade it further but you can’t. Also all the money you make is useless by then.

- Easiest game ever.

This game is way too easy I would not recommend it to anyone older than four years old. All the skill that the game takes is putting your finger on the screen and it does the rest for you. It doesn’t give a very good description on what you’re supposed to do. And that makes sense because there’s nothing that you need to do. They might as well have put a button on a black screen and told you to press it!! Again I think it’s way too easy and no one should download it it is a waste of memory. Plus way too many ads.

- Fun but annoying

The app idea is fun enough, but my phone got really hot after only a few minutes, and you can’t go thirty seconds without an ad. It’s to the point where I couldn’t do even a full level without being interrupted by the same ads over and over again. The controls are kinda wonky, too, and I don’t know if it’s just my phone, but it was laggy at times. Fun concept, kinda hard to play. :/

- Good game but lots of glitches

I love this game it feels good to play it but it’s very glitchy. Whenever I go to the game and start playing it starts to lag. When I noticed that it was lagging I thought it was because I had to many games on my phone so I got rid of some but it was still glitchy. All I wish to ask is that you fix the glitches plz. I will be deleting this game for now until you can fix it. Thank you 😊

- Horrible game

I literally don’t have my Xbox right now and when I come looking for a good game this is the crap I get! Way to many ads and the game was most likely mad by a toddler and the physics are terrible. Doesn’t make any sense. You go from building roads to putting in electrical lines and building wind mills. Nothing that has to do with roads. And you don’t have to Hoover to rename your company. It’s just Build Corp. I’m just goons go ahead and delete it. I wish I could put 0 stars because that’s what this deserves.

- I hate to rip on apps like this but.....

So i was super bored because it’s quarintine so I was downloading time wasters that were FUN I saw the reviews and a lot were bad but I decided to get this app DO NOT get this app it has adds every 25 seconds its not just a time waster but it’s boring so it doesn’t really pass time but it’s just not fun in general If they made different levels and no ads and made it so it took more than 3 seconds a level I’d love this game so moral of story don’t get this stupid game it’s a waste of time

- Please Read

(I only rated this 3 stars because my device is not letting me write a review without submitting some stars) Why do people submit reviews that say “too many ads. Dumb Game”? I almost didn’t get the game because of them! So, If you read this review know that if you write a review, think to yourself this: “do I have something HELPFUL to say about this app”

- Repeat Levels

Good game to pass time at first. I really like the graphics but after 60 levels or so you start doing things that you have already done (levels start repeating). I had everything unlock pretty quickly as well. Wish that you’ll add new levels rather than setting them to repeat.

- Boring and way to easy

Sorry if I was being a little bit negative about the title but this app way too easy and when I saw the ad I thought it would be fun now I think it was totally click bate and for my opinion I think it is only fun for about 10 minutes if you are under the age of 7 you might like this app.

- Good game but....

This game needs to be a little more hard, it’s very easy I saw the ad and it looked harder on the ad. So please, make a update where it is harder. 🙂

- Boring

Pretty much no challenge what so ever. Through the first 10 levels I played all of them are pretty much the exact same. All you have to do is press the screen and wait for the action to be done then do the same for the next. Then quickly swipe over the area with the flattening thing and that’s it.

- Ehh ...

I made it to level 100, fully upgraded everything, then map doesn’t grow anymore, it’s not very challenging, too many ads after every game, kinda repeats itself, I put three stars because it is a good game if it wasn’t for all the cons it has.

- For little kids

This game should have a huge disclaimer at the beginning of the description: NOT FOR ANYONE OVER 7 YEARS OF AGE. It's horribly repetitive and so simple that the person who thought it up could probably get to level 5 without before needing help. Anyone else under 7 would finish it with very little difficulty. Anyone over 7 will be bored within seconds. UNINSTALLED

- Boring and a super slow

Is it just me or does the app freeze every 2 seconds??? Any way it is super boring because mostly level is exactly the same and if not you just tap the screen the whole time it is NOT satisfying at all anyway DELETE

- Can’t even play

I was honestly looking forward to playing this game. I really like time consuming games and ads aren’t that bad to me. I can’t even open the game though. I click on it, the screen goes to the elephant on the beach ball and then crashes. I am really disappointed with this, I wanted to play and I can’t. I wish 0 stars were a thing...

- Super glitchy😩😩😩😩

Super glitchy. It’s great and all, but have less ads and glitches. Every time I go to play it either glitches or has an ad. Please fix this. It might make the game better.

- It’s too slow

When ever I play the Game and My phone will be at 30% and it’ll act like it’s 1% I Think maybe you guys should try to fix that Problem along with others over all besides that it’s a pretty good game

- The best game ever

Do not read the reviews they are just hating on the app but it is a lot if fun and I am looking forward to seeing more games frum them

- Level 24

It’s good and all, but on level 24, the screw on the bottom glitches out and I just end up drilling it through everything

- New game, new issues

I know new games need money to profit so that’s why you use ads and that it lags, because you need money to fix the problem so this is the rating I will give until it gets better.

- Fun game but the ads

This game is fun but just the ads can you upgrade the ads to no ads


This game is fun but SUPER glitchy! When ever I play this game it kicks me out and glitches so I recommend to not play this game. It glitches so much. It’s not supposed to do that. 😠 That’s all I have to say but please just fix the glitches please. It would really make that game a lot better. Thank You

- Ads

The games great but there are so many ad placements and I didn’t enjoy this like after every level there’s a ad, maybe ads can be very 10 levels or 5 levels so they’re spread out

- Dumb

Not only are there too many ads, it’s incredibly boring. I’m not even sure if there’s a way to do better or worse, all you do is click on the screen and you build a road, then you watch an ad. I don’t even know if you could call this a game lol, there’s so little to actually do

- Too many ads

The game itself isn’t bad. But I literally can’t even play because it’s ad after ad!!! Literally two ads between games, each 30 seconds long. I played three rounds and deleted. I play games to play the game, not watch the same advertisements over and over!

- So many ads

The game is great! But there’s ads every 30 seconds. You don’t even have the option to buy the game and get rid of the ads. It’s pretty annoying and ruins the game for me.

- Absolute CRAP!!! Worst Game EVER!!! 😡😡😡

This is the worst game I ever played there are a lot of ads all you do is just sit there and build roads it’s not fun I don’t know why anyone would ever create this game it is nothing like the ads this game is terrible I think they should be removed from the App Store it’s so boring I hate it I hate it I hate it!!!

- After every level

After every level you can’t throw in some gel game or something like that in my face is kind of ridiculous and redundant makes me want to delete your app and never use your app or any app that you’re associated with ever again

- The game needs to be more complex

But also rating 5 stars for the 420 high street 😂😂

- Too many ads and impossible to fail

Too many ads and impossible to fail and because you can’t fail it’s boring and feels like i’m just there to watch the ads

- Fun Idea but, Terrible.

The game crashes for me all the time, can’t get past the second job due to bugs. It needs work to get rid of the bugs and fix the program. Its a fun idea but, it has problems and if they don’t get fixed, I don’t see this game being a hit.

- This game is trash!

I had to restart the game slam you times I even had to delete and it back so many glitches it’s horrible it’s trash 🗑 if I was you with this game I would have deleted it hecka quick witch is what I’m gonna do right now! Delete this game right now if you have it!

- To many ads

I get games want to make money but wow. An ad with pretty much every action you do that pop up when you are playing the game. Waste of time if I want to play the game for 10 minutes and have 5 minutes worth of ads that’s terrible.

- Kinda good not that bad

It’s nice but it has ads but Roblox has no ads but say peaple kinda like this and it’s kinda nice for me

- Another ads player

Ads players have different mechanics, but also have a common feature: you spend more time on watching ads than on using an app. I hope Apple will invent something to clean App Store from such garbage. People, please, spread the words!

- Lags bad

How is it a offline game and it lags more than my call of duty that ain’t right I opened the app and was pouring the cement and it lagged I tried spreading it the spreader went far away n idk how I just left already knew it was wack oh and there is ads

- Meh

To easy to simple to boring. Make the levels harder pls. In the add you make it seem so hard but it is so easy.

- The same

We have been

- Way too many ads

Hard to play the game when it keeps freezing up and then an ad pops up in the middle of “building a road”. Waste of time as far as I’m concerned. Deleting the game.

- Review

Really fun game but it needs a lot of work. Tons of bugs and lags and it takes about 2 hours to completely get all the gear skins

- Way to glitchy

I just got this game and I can’t get past the 1st level without it glitching me out of the games. Y’all need to fix the to make the game fun.

- Needs improvement

Good game but maybe make it more of a challenge and have less ads

- Boring and glitchy

The adds make it seem like “oh this game is so hard can’t beat this level” “so hard blah blah blah” it’s only hard because of the glitches the levels are easing and that’s what makes it super boring, I was really disappointed when I played this game

- To much Adds!!!

Too much adds. Good graphics but frequent adds are irritating. Uninstalled within 30 minutes after installing


So I got this game to try cuz the ad looked fun, but no! I hope this helps to say, that there are no resemblance between the ad and the game. Lowly recommend this game.

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- Great game

When I read these reviews I didn’t know what people were talking because the game is not glitchy and is very fun

- 1 STAR

Your game is so glitchy and laggy I keep having to do level 1 over and over again and I can’t progress I got up to level 4 or 5 but got stuck on the new tool screen, I then refreshed the app was sent back to level 1 beat level 1 then got stuck on the new tool screen AGAIN! Then I refreshed again beat level 1 again and got stuck on the new tool screen!!

- Fantastic game

This game is super satisfying😍love the sound and over all it’s really no glitches and barely any ads!

- Cool game

It is so much fun but it glitches out of 9/10 & don’t listen to other people 😜🙏🥺

- Love this game

This game is really good game but the only thing is that the add that wanted me to get it is nothing like the game but I love this game and it’s awesome😃❤️.

- I like it

I like this game because it is so fun even no I just got it but I love this game.

- Best game ever

I love this game it’s the best and don’t listen to the other people

- Kicks me out

Good game, but it constantly makes my phone restart. Really annoying.

- Wouldn’t open/ glitch

I couldn’t even open the app without it freezing on the purple screen. No it is not my device as I have tried it with many devices.

- Cool

No glitch everyone else is lying it is amazing

- too easy

i love this game it’s smooth and not at all glitchy, i just think you unlock everything too quickly and it should be harder

- Bad game!

This game is very glitchy and didn’t even Get to complete the second level of the game that it’s so glitchy plus it also I very boring and has no use in the game

- Glitch

I would have liked this game but all it does is glitch it’s frustrating. I didn’t even get threw the first level without getting annoyed. PLEASE FIX IT!!!!

- Roads

Soo much fun it’s like you are marking roads

- Always kicks me out

I always get to spreading it out and then it kicks me off the app. It might work for some people but not for me.

- Soo glitchy

Keeps glitching, cant even finish the first level without being kicked out if the game.

- Glitch

It is so glitchy I try to use every devise I have STILL GLITCHY delete app now to glitchy if it wasn’t glitchy I would keep the app

- Add

Too many adds but very fun

- Glitch

I just got the app and wow it was glitchy. I wouldn’t recommend you get this app. Really not a good first impression. 😑😑

- If it was not laggy I would of liked it.

FIX GAME OR DELETE IT! 😡 Very very very very very very Laggy and I couldn’t even get through level 2

- Too much advertising. Deleted app!

Too much advertising. Deleted app!

- Don’t know how this is considered a game

This game consists of: -hold your finger down till step 1 complete. -hold your finger down till step 2 complete. -move finger around till step 3 complete. -get paid. -watch ad. -rinse and repeat. Absolute garbage.

- Sosnsbdjdhb

Very very glitchy very disappointing


When I downloaded this game it glitched while I was building my road and next level it glitched me out of the game and i really just want to enjoy the game 😐 at night almost all night I played it and tryed 10094 times and it glitched me out! Developers request: I’m sorry about that guys but I’ll try to fix it up-love you 😘

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- Best game

It’s sooo satisfying and great music i loveee this game soooo much thanks for making this game BEST GAME OH BUT RO MANY ADS turn Wi-Fi off and it would be good ok GET IT NOW OR I WILL KILL YOU

- Closing

Every time I go to play the game it closes the app all by itself

- Boring

Super boring. Don’t even have to take thumb off phone to win the game.

- Adds

To many adds

- It’s so boring

it’s glitchy and boring.

- Why is it called build roads?

I don’t get it why tf is it called build roads when half the I’m building infrastructure and I find that I barely get the chance to build roads. 1/10 would not recommend

- This sux

To much lag

- Glitchy

Super glitchy app


Whenever the game gets interesting, the game inexplicably crashes! Fix the problem or risk losing DOZENS of potential gamers.

- 😭it almost broke my phone😭

When I go into the game it just closes but when I was able to get in I had to press on the screen so hard I almost crack my screen and it was so boring it look fun on the add but don’t trust adds

- Awesome


- Awful

Do not download this app it is horrible you can win by not taking your thumb off the screen. You just waste your storage by downloading this app


Fun... but way too many ads

- Trash

Ads all over the place as well as an absolute ridiculous amount of lag for a game that looks like it was developed by kindergarteners.

- #1?

How did this app become #1? There are more ads then game play time.

- I can’t stop playing it


- Love it

LOVE IT it may be glitchy but LOVE IT!

- Nul

Le jeux se ferme chaque fois que j’essaye jouer


it kicks you out and it is very glitchy you don’t even get to play ONE round

- Hate It

The game is always crashing and I can’t even dump the cement because it crashes before I get the chance. I hate and and don’t download it. IT SUCKS!!!! It looks fun but don’t let the ads fool you

- Not fun

It kicked me off the app the first 10seconds I played it. It is so glitchy that you can’t even play it anyways.

- Useless

Game constantly crashes and resets.

- I can’t even play

I don’t know how this game has a 4.4 if it were wi to me this game would have a 0.5 at best

- ;-;

Way too many ads

- Boring

Just boring

- ❗️❗️❗️bo not buy❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

The game lags and kick you off after 10 seconds you can not even get bye the first level

- Glitchy

Very glitchy it’s hard to even move around

- To many ads

If you wanna watch ads, this is the game for you..

- Can’t play the game

The app won’t even open for me to play the game. Just glitches out in the start up screen then closes on its own.

- Game is super glitchy

I can’t get past the first level it’s so glitchy

- No good

Really lags. Kicks me out before I can even make a road. Every single time Don’t matter if on or not connected Please fix. Gotta delete until fixed. Sorry for the bad review. But I have to speak the truth. The good reviews are faked

- Piece of crap

How does this game have 4.4 rating? I guess you can buy anything. Just crashes or freezes up, total crap.

- I love it

I love it so much it is so fun 😍🥰😘❤️🧡💛💜💙💚🖤🤍🤎❣️💕💗💓💞💖💘💝☮️

- This game sucks

The wrost

- Omg

I don’t like this game to glitchy! Also a lot of adds

- It’s too glitchy

It’s a little too glitchy I don’t like it😤

- Love it but one problem

I live the game it’s fun great to get time to pass but why ads every end of game like just why

- Warning

Do not, I repeat do not download this game. Not worth the head ache. It extremely leggs and it shuts down after 10 seconds. Can’t even get passed the first level

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- Not bad. Pretty dank, actually

I like it. A little choppy at times. But it’s cute. A great game to pass the time with.

- Great app

A lot of ads but otherwise it’s amazing

- Game is trash because of the ads

This is fun to play but that ads are really annoying a ad pops up every time u finish a game and even tho u decline a reward it still give u an ad and it still gives u the rewa Reward

- Too many ads

The idea of this game is so fun and could be really addicting! Unfortunately there’s an ad every level and more ads to claim your prizes. Not worth the time of watching ads and barely playing.

- Wayyyy too many ads

You can’t play barely 10 seconds in between ads and there is no clear ad free option I’d gladly have paid a couple bucks to enjoy this game without ads. Unfortunate.

- The game is just horrible

It’s so laggy and there so many ads When they mad this game they didn’t even try to make it good they need to get better at making games it could be better game if they tried!!

- Trash

Labeled a puzzle game but basically does everything for you only to spam you with advertisements and trying to get you to rate it after the first level. Only got it cuz it was spam advertised on Facebook. Trash

- Ads

The amount of ads is over the top. Would/could be fun but the ads ruin it.

- Lags soooooo much

It’s a pretty good game but it kicked me of the game once it glitches soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much please fix this it will will make it a better game

- No more adds

There is too much adds

- Good game

It’s not to many ads just like the they describe it 👍🏽👍🏽

- Heat

When ever I’m playing this game for 10 minutes my phone starts to drain really fast and heats up really fast

- Another crasher

Couldn’t even get one road done you may want to look into that and lose the ads I never got a chance see one but seeing the reviews I’m not going back to junked game I hate those.

- Don’t Bother Downloading

Game always crashes the moment I try to even open the app. And from what I’ve read from other reviews, the game isn’t that great to begin with. I wish I could give it a Zero star rating.

- Too many ads

I love the app. Very creative, and I love the elephant on the logo but you can hardly go a minute without an ad.

- Not worth it

Too many ads and when you receive a reward you have to watch an ad to get it. Like seriously? what’s the point of completing the tasks then. Delete

- Ads

The game is fine but y’all have so many ads without a way of turning them off or paying to have them removed the game is no longer fun. Hate the ads with a passion.

- Slow

This game is really slow and acts like there are so many internet problems and a lot of bugs

- It’s boring.

Ads everywhere. Really slow. Takes all my power. And fake 5 star reviews. Overall kinda bad. Make a mobile game like roblox or Minecraft!

- Couldn’t even play

The whole time it would lag out and shut the app down couldn’t even get through the first level

- Ads everywhere

There are ads every single time you get done with a level and most of the time you can’t skip them

- Lag

A fun game but it’s laggy because when you dump the stuff it lags

- Just read it

Way too many adds I couldn’t even get through 3 levels without and add

- fun but needs more

the game is really fun to play, but it was too easy to complete. i wish the game was longer. i also wish you could spend the money you make on more things around the world

- Sort of fun

It was fun at first but then it was repeating the jobs over and over again so it got really boring.

- Read this.

WAY to many ads and way too easy would not recommend


Best game ever it was so nice and pretty fun I cant stop playing get it now it’s the best game I like it (*´∇`*)

- Meh

I’m giving it 2 stars because it has good graphics and pays well on my iPhone 8 Plus. Beyond that, it’s probably one of the most boring games I’d ever tried.

- Ok gameplay ads every 30 seconds

There are ads literally every 30 seconds. The ads take up more time than the game play. Waste of time.

- Would load

It took 3 times to just open the app and I never even got through half of the first level it just kept glitching

- Ad over load

To many ads

- Ads make it unplayable.

At least 30 seconds of ads after each 15 second level.

- Glitch issues

The game is incredibly glitchy. I can’t move anything without it doing something completely different

- Too many adds

Too many adds between rounds, not worth it

- Way too many ads

Fun game but too many ads app has now been deleted. Have a wonderful day!

- Don’t waste your time

I can tell you the entire game. You tap and hold to pour the asphalt, then tap and hold to level it, then use a finisher to smooth it all out. Over and over. It’s boring AF.

- 👍🏻

It’s a good game my brother and my sister are gonna 😊

- Pay for ads to go away??

I enjoy this game. Love the concept and would gladly pay a few dollars FOR THE ADS TO GO AWAY EVERY 45 secs IS RIDICULOUS

- Fun and easy

It’s fun and easy but the ads are annoying.

- Doesn’t work

Every time I try to open the app it just goes to the loading screen and then it just shuts off

- Nothing special

It’s your typical time waster with plenty of ads between levels. The tasks are repetitive with no real increase in difficulty.

- Too many ads

The controls are too simple. There are ads after every simple game. This is a cash grab.

- Too many glitches

There are so many glitches that I can't play the game and enjoy it. It also constantly feels like an ad is coming.

- It’s terrible

The ads are super consistent, it kicks me out 1 minute after I start, and it’s to easy. Overall a bad game. It’s just not even entertaining anyways.

- Game is messed up

I downloaded the game and load it in and spread the cement for a few seconds and it closes the app and go to my home screen over and over again. THE GAME NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!!

- Not like the ad at all

It was boring and not even like the add you have to do the same thing everytime you can’t even mess up so yea no stars 😤

- Why?

Ok out of all this things you could of done with your life DON’T choose this! Here are three reasons why. (please read them before you download this!) 1. TO...... MANY........ ADDS!!!!!????? 2. To easy to play (way to easy) 3. Just don’t! That’s all I ask! Please don’t say I am raging out over how bad this game is because I am not raging I am simply stating true facts! Thanks for reading! 😁

- Glitchy

It glitches every other second and i left the game and it got rid of all my progress ☹️the game is trash don’t recommend 😤💀🖕👿whoever made this game is a 🤡

- It crashed

It crashed 10 times in one minute Not impressed Plus when I play my phone gets hot really fast and it drains my phone Ps. There are adds

- Bs ads

Too many bloody Ads. You spend more time watching ads than playing it’s just literally a waste of bloody time.

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@MadhavaVangara @SwethaAjeeth @BJP4India @ModiBrigade_Ind @Ramesh_BJP @vanitajain21 @mgnayak5 @ParasKGhelani @Sowmiya07939778 @ArunDeshpande20 @RameshPShah5 @Ramesh57574373 @JoyKarmaker75 @Ashtalakshmi8 Modi govt build most of long due imp project near china boarder Before 2014 there no such infrastructure development no roads no parmanent residential colonies nd in winter boarders security main problem Now it's likevHoneymoon place any one can go and loudly say #CKMKB


@_RebaS Did it had that Dynamic Ride Control suspension build in? Its an option in Europe. Am sorta not a fan of it.. was a bit harsh but our roads are bad. But the thing is very swift. Good car for the money.

Clean Cooking

You have awesome first-class roads in Narok County. No wonder you deny densely populated County's funds to build their roads to the same standard to take their produce to the market. Lucky you


@KhwereliwaPHIRI Let's not forget he build Chanco, COM, Lilongwe City, Secondary Schools, Hospitals, Roads, MHC Houses and pretty much everything we call Malawi. I am not condoning the act but this guy did a lot for this country than what the past 4 presidents have done combined.


Build him let with roads a animal status in strategy songs developed under the military role pyongyang jong Il!

Sheriff Russell L. Martin

Here’s to those who build & have built the cars we drive To those who build & have built the tires on those cars To the construction 🚧 workers who build & built the roads those cars travel The Appliance Builder The Home Builder And On & On To the REAL Laborers #LaborDay 👏🏼

DingZhaoJie 丁肇潔

If you want to be rich, build roads firstly. A Chinese saying.

Daniel Rayner

@IcelandFoods hi I have recently moved house and I am unable to book a delivery as you don't deliver to the road yet... It's a relatively new build (2 years) and you deliver to all the surrounding roads. Are you able to look at adding my postcode to the system?

Johnson 2

@arnabofficial7 @kangnaRanaut76 Achha BMC CANNOT BUILD ROADS PROPERLY ONE CALL REACHED 😂😂

Ian Patterson, Socially Distant

Or perhaps HS2 is built as planned, and its roads that stop being used as much, helping our carbon footprint etc more than ever. Don’t build HS2 and that capacity will stay on roads.


Agree wholeheartedly with you. Those billions we need as you say to build our own infrastructure. Hospitals housing roads police schools and our NHS. If a deal can’t be agreed the UK should walk away. The world is waiting to do business with UK 🇬🇧.

Moses munanura

@Akeda4 @UNRA_UG @Pedyau @UNRA_ED @assempebwa @MarkSsali Water transport is cheaper. You don't have to build roads.


@GerHerbert1 @Sinabhfuil @IBIKEDublin i.e. build safe infrastructure on rural roads, walking and cycling, end priority of motoring.

Steffi Merkel

YES, India has right to build roads and rail on it's side of border the #Chinese have been doing this since long. India must know it can't buy peace by being "NICE" and with their previous appeasement policy to #evilCCP. #IndiaChinaFaceOff @BoycottHegemony

Melanie Cycles

@em_luxton @vickyinglis13 @orcadianabroad How often do you pull over for a build up of traffic behind you to let them pass? And if you are an anxious driver I expect on some roads you drive under the limit (as is the correct thing to do) and those others wouldn't, but you don't pull over do you? Just think it through

Build Roads 2.0.0 Screenshots & Images

Build Roads iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Build Roads iphone images
Build Roads iphone images
Build Roads iphone images
Build Roads iphone images
Build Roads iphone images
Build Roads iphone images
Build Roads iphone images
Build Roads iphone images
Build Roads iphone images
Build Roads ipad images
Build Roads ipad images
Build Roads ipad images
Build Roads ipad images
Build Roads ipad images
Build Roads ipad images
Build Roads ipad images
Build Roads ipad images
Build Roads Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Build Roads Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Build Roads (Version 2.0.0) Install & Download

The applications Build Roads was published in the category Games on 2020-03-16 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 362.75 MB. Build Roads - Games posted on 2020-09-05 current version is 2.0.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.reboot.buildroads

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