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Color Rope will keep you hooked for hours!

Puzzle game with one finger control. Easy to play, hard to master.
Features amazing colorful gameplay.
Build your newest addiction!

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Color Rope Customer Service, Editor Notes:

-Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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- Bad ads

Personally I love this game so much if you love puzzles and well ropes this game is definitely for you! Don’t believe the people saying it resets at level 95 because I’m on 104. The reason I gave this a four is because ads there’s a lot of ads. If you a parent this is a good fine to play while taking care of kids. Mostly because Toddlers need something like every two minutes and then just while the ad plays up can do whatever the little kid needed

- Turn off cellular data for this app and wifi

No ads! This game is stupid simple and just an ad platform. If you turn off the cellular data access for this app and then turn off wifi, you won’t have to deal with any ads. Once I did that I breezed through the levels and once I got to level 1, it reset and I had to do all the same “puzzles” again. Not worth your time unless you want to zone out and try to creat patterns with the puzzles. This is obviously nothing more than a platform for the devs to get paid through ads. Update: I just played their updates version...and it’s far worse. They tempt you with paying to avoid ads (again, just turn cell service and wifi off for this app specifically and no ads!). Then you build up points for a reward, but you have to watch a video in order to get the reward? Plus, if you don’t have cell or wifi on you can watch their ad to get the prize. This app is pure garbage and only exists as an ad machine. Uninstall and avoid this flaming pile of garbage.

- Repetitive, effortless scam.

Sure, this can get kind of addicting (only during quarantine though because there’s nothing else to do), but if you try to breeze through as many levels as you can all in a small amount of time, you start to notice: “Oh! I just did that level like five minutes ago!” It’s ridiculous. They didn’t even take the time to make over 75 levels. The only way that’s not going to be noticeable is if you have Alzheimer’s. Don’t even get me started on the ads. This whole game along with many other games entirely similar to this one are purely made for ads because it gets them money. (Yes, that’s fair, but at least try with the actual app). The ads for these type of games always look so much more appealing than the content actually is. When will someone make a mobile game where the ads are as good as the actual game?

- Do not waste your time.

The idea of this game is a pretty good idea, however the developer’s implementation of the idea is poorly executed. There are two main frustration from this app: Ads and Progression. Ads completely clutter this game. After 1-2 levels, a 30-60 second ad will pop up that cannot be skipped. Considering most levels can be as short as 15 seconds to finish, you are spending more time watching ads than playing the game. Apart from this, also after 5 levels, you can watch an add to get a ‘reward’ - a measly rope skin. Good thing you can skip the reward altogether, but wait, still got to wait an ad anyway! 😂 Second, difficulty progression in this game seems to be nonexistent. So far, I haven’t played a level that has taken more that half a minute to beat. I’m not for sure how many levels there are in total, but I doubt there is any motivation to get high in the rankings, considering how many ads is have to watch to get there. Overall, I’d hold off on this game for now. Maybe in the fire if the developers ramp up the difficulty and reduce the ad frequency, this would be a much more enjoyable game.

- How is this rated so high based on the reviews?

This game is so easy it’s boring. Really, really, really boring. Maybe it eventually gets better but there are so many ads at each level I can’t waste my time waiting to see. To skip easy levels, I have to watch an ad. And there are MANY easy levels. And apparently the game resets at level 95 (what the what?!). But of equal concern is that almost EVERY rating I read (unfortunately, I read them after downloading and playing awhile) was poor and complained about the ads and yet the game somehow has a 4+ rating. How is that even possible? If you like a game with even a slight challenge, do not bother with this. If you enjoy ads, this is the game for you!

- Great low stress relaxing game

Unfortunately I cannot award this any more than one star. There is an ad after EVERY LEVEL, when you go to close the ad it is set up to send you to the app/play store to download and you have to close that window to exit the ad-shame on you for using underhanded and snarky tactics to make money instead of being above board and providing a low stress game that people will watch the ads for occasionally or purchase a subscription! I enjoy the game itself but your underhanded revenue tactics I will not support and recommend no one else does either-there are other ways of making money from this app than being u ethics and underhanded !

- Is bad at what it’s supposed to do well: prizes for ads

My biggest complaint about the app is that whatever ad server it’s using is buggy and doesn’t always have an ad to play. These app developers did not take this into consideration and so one is constantly getting up to 100% on prize (while watching ads) and then unable to get the prize because either (1) a black page loads that never goes away until you kill the app or (2) tapping the claim button does absolutely nothing until you kill the app or tap lose gift. I can excuse every other complaint about this app, but the fact that it’s so buggy around ads is inexcusable.

- Too many ads

I like the brain teaser concept of this game and if there was an option to buy the app without ads I would keep playing. However, after each level or sometimes 2 levels (maybe 30 seconds?) there are 30 seconds to a minute of ads that you cannot close until the timer on them is up. More than 50% of your time on this game will just be watching ads and clicking out of them to get to the next 10 second level. It’s not worth the frustration compared to others of the same genre.

- Good game!

I have to say, it’s a good game! I don’t know why this has bad reviews. I’ve been playing for a few days now and I love it! There are a lot of ads but I have way to many games to say they this game has to many. I love how this game is a bit of a challenge but still remains simple. I love this feature because it’s my type of game. It’s a pretty fun game and I will continue to play it for a while from now on. Keep up the good work!

- Annoying Ads

Great game but ads take almost half the time you are playing and becomes annoying. I have nothing against ads but there is only such a certain degree that you can take them. Got impatient and uninstalled it. Kudos to the developers! Good job!

- Hope you like ads!

Played three levels ( the introductory, instructional, here’s how to type levels ) then boom ad video. Played another level then Boom! More ad videos. Way way way way way too many ads. I understand you want to make some money but if I can’t even play enough levels to get hooked on the game before I’m interrupted by ad videos. Well guess what I’m even interested in purchasing your app, as pretty much all I got to see was other apps thanks to all your ads. Hope the advertising pays well because after a few more level tries I deleted this game.

- Awful. Neither fun nor challenging.

No, seriously. In a single sitting, I got to level 50 without any challenge whatsoever. That’s not me bragging about being smart, the game is so easy a blind baby could play it and win every time. Because it’s such a breeze, it isn’t even fun to fly through the levels. Also, TURN ON AIRPLANE MODE! If you’re playing on airplane mode, the game can’t show you ads, and trust me, the game will throw you 30 second ads after two levels that on my take 15 seconds to finish combined. Another game that shows everything wrong with mobile gaming as a whole.

- Don’t Waste Your Time - Ad Central

This game is a waste of electrons for the download. It’s just an excuse to push Ads on you every other level, and even when you try to skip levels. It also has no options, which means that not only can you not pay to remove ads, you also can’t do basic operations, like I don’t know... DISABLE THOSE ANNOYING SOUNDS?!?! Like other reviewers, I wonder how this seems to be a common complaint, yet this game somehow has a 4+ star rating? I suspect they are paying people to write fake reviews to bump the numbers up. All in all, the whole thing is very shady.

- Dear programmers, you have some improving to do

So, I quit playing this game about five minutes in. In those five minutes, I saw 2 Pokémon ads, 3 ice breaker ads and another ad where I can’t even hit the X button when it appears — it just takes me to the App Store. When I hit the redo button twice, I got an ad. I had to watch ads in order to get rewards, which I never did. News flash developers: when a reward is earned, it’s earned. I should haven’t to watch a video to get it. I like the concept of this app, but unfortunately, the plethora of ads kinda ruined it for me.

- Just an epic scam and lots of adds

Through all of the bad and good ratings I’ve seen about this game, i pick bad, because all u do is just sit there and try and figure out where to drag the rope and each level I pass there HAS TO BE AN ADD! Every time I log into the game and try to find what level I left off at, the MOMENT I PRESS ON THE LEVEL AN ADD POPS UP, I downloaded this game because of an add, Why u ask? Well in the add it looked perfect and fun and each time they go to a new level in the add there were no adds for them, so I though “ Oh this game looks FUN!”, and so I download it and it’s NOTHING CLOSE TO WHAT THE ADD SHOWED ME!

- Not challenging, ads every 10 seconds

I played most of the game in one sitting, yet I was probably shown a week's worth of ads. I find games like this to be a cash grab for the developer--the concept perhaps was not deep enough to merit a real challenge, but it's addictive enough to keep you engaged and watching ads. I love the concept and the minimalist design, but I feel obligated to warn you that this is not for anyone who likes a moderate challenge. There are far better puzzle games out there--Flow Free or Hexic Link come to mind.

- Get to Level 95

After Level 95 the whole game starts all over from the beginning, the developer could have included a “to be continued” or possibly a “wait til you see this” type of level. I was sent right back to Level 1 once I passed Level 95, even though I noticed that past puzzles were just oriented in a different direction. Just like every other app such as these, they’re there to distract you until you get the jist... don’t be fooled, for real puzzle hunters like me, this is just a waste of a download...

- Ad tasting

This game play an add every two stages, they are full 30 sec ads. When going through the stages you earn “rewords” that you have to watch an ad to receive. You do have the option to skip or abandon the reward. But you have to watch the ad anyways, so if you just did a maze. Earn a reward. You have to watch an ad. And then after the next stage you have enough Ad. Also there is an ad banner at the bottom of the screen the entire time your playing. There are other games like this one out there, don’t download this one.

- Another ad filled game

I like puzzle games. I do. But the ads I could do without. The game seems fun enough and challenging enough. But what is more challenging about it. Is the wait for the ads to be over so you can continue playing. Give me an ad free experience and I may reinstall the game. But after this review, I’m getting rid of it.

- Why pay for ads? Dont! Do not buy the ad free version!

whatever you do DONT BUT THE AD FREE is not ad free, it only stops ads between levels ...when u reach a plateau after 5 rounds you are forces to sit though 1 minute commercial for another app, over and over and over. Shame, its a fun logic game with great graphics but false advertising is a cheap ploy, i imagine apple with remove this from the app store soon, even if they fix the issue, how many people have already had to ask for refunds? #everyone

- Got to level 44 before deleting

Such a promising concept, which is where the 2 stars comes from. Unfortunately, the game is laughably easy, at least for the first 44 levels. I was trying to keep playing to get to some more challenging levels, but there are soooooo many ads, and no remove ads option. Seriously. You can finish a level in 5-10 seconds usually. You’ll get thru one or two levels, then have 20-45 seconds of ads. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

- Too many ads

Play a (short) level, get a looong ad, and so on and so on!!! Too many ads ruins the game for me. I understand the need for money to pay for it, but at you are being greedy to the point of ruining the game. The amount of ads and how long the ads are equals to me that the ratio of playing is totally off. I should be able to play longer, but instead I am watching ads longer than I am playing. Nope, not for me. I might keep it for a little while to see if you change that, but if not it will be erased.

- Paid for no ads, still ads but just less

I paid $2.99 for no ads. What that means is there are no ads during the game, but each time you beat a level you earn points towards a “reward”, and when you click “claim”, which you have to do to keep playing the next round, there is 20-30 seconds of ads, even though I paid for no ads. Going to be requesting a refund on this. Bait and switch.

- Too easy -me... the person who wrote this

This game is far too easy. It’s like all of the rounds are being mixed around but being labeled as different round numbers, with different colors. I think you should expand on how many strings there are, so it could be more complicated for players. Just a suggestion though. I went through the levels at a very fast pace because they kind of all had the same situation. Thank you for coming to my short Ted Talk. Catch you later. -me...the person who wrote this

- Good game ruined by ads

I really enjoyed Color Rope but the ads completely ruin it. There are way too many... an ad after you beat every couple levels, an ad before you can restart a level. Most of the ads appear fake too... for other ad-stuffed games that don’t even look like the ad. I would happily pay to remove ads but there doesn’t seem to be that option right now.

- Advertisements every second

Too many F’ing advertisements, seriously can’t you game developers make a game that doesn’t have to have an advertisement every single time a round is over. Geez so know you want to get paid but come on I and I’m sure I’m not alone on this but I refuse to play a game that requires me to watch an advertisement every couple of seconds it’s not worth my time, plus I’m not going to buy anything from them anyway. SO STOP ALREADY....Stop forcing us to watch advertisements just to play your stupid games.

- Advertisements

I just downloaded this app because I really liked a similar one that ran an ad after each level. Could not tolerate and will never do so. There are so many talented developers that will keep ads at a minimum. I really hoping your app is reasonable. Here’s mud in your eye friend

- Too easy - and glitchy

This game is annoyingly easy. Also - while playing I have to pick my finger off the screen and then redo it because it does not follow where my finger is moving. Don’t have this issue on any other games - so it isn’t my phone. Also, ads every 10 seconds? Dumb. And the levels just repeat. I gave it 2 stars because it did help pass the time - for a short while. It’s about to be uninstalled though. I’m over it.

- No adds until after they try to get a 5 star rating

First five levels super quick, then they ask you for a 5star review, if you click ok, then you get the obvious staged numbers of a great app. But the reality is after each level then you have to watch a 30 second video, usually of the same one you just watched 10 secs ago. Made to level ten and watched 4 adds, 3 were the exact same. So here is the review you ask for. Worthless, and boring. But if that’s you then go for the gold, dummy.

- Clever and kind of fun, but buggy and awful intrusive ads

I get it, add pay for free games. But do you need 30-second, unskippable ads every level? It’s half the time — worse than broadcast TV. Also, the game seems to lost track of where your fingers are periodically. It suddenly lags, and the object you’re moving trails behind your finger by a centimetre or so. This precise game doesn’t work with that kind of lag. (I’m using the latest iPhone at time of writing, and it’s not show. Any bugs like this anywhere else.)

- I would give it zero stars if it let me

When they play ads they put an X at the top of the screen for you to cancel out of the ad to go back to playing the game after having to watch an ad after only playing the game for two seconds but instead of taking you back into the game when you hit the X it brings you to the App Store to try to force you download another game so just for that I will be deleting this game and any other game that I have by this company

- Ads, Ads and More Ads!

The game itself is a lot of fun - it’s kind of one of those you don’t have to think about it type of games, which is great. The ads, though. Oh my God, the ads... one after every level and then an ad on the bottom of the screen while you’re playing. Just too much. I mean seriously, charge .99 cents for the game and knock off the ads. I would pay .99 cents for that game. I finally just deleted the game.

- Too easy and repetitive

Yes, it’s fun for a while. And you can easily work around the ads by closing and reopening the app at each ad. But it definitely does not get more challenging as you go. Some are easier than others, but it’s completely random. And you get the same exact puzzles over and over throughout. I played until level 330. I still was getting baby level puzzles. Not worth the download.

- Too easy, too many ads.

Easy levels can take literally 5-10 seconds to solve and they seem to put an ad every other level. If they made the levels significantly harder and only showed an ad at the end of the level if it’s been a certain amount of time since the last ad, it’d be better. But as it is, it’s not challenging and you end up watching more ads than actually playing.

- Ads

I don’t mind watching the ads to claim my reward, but I just downloaded and only lvl 14 and I’ve seen more than 14 ads. The solitaire ad freezes the phone. We are all just looking for something to pass the time until they let us out. I can watch commercials on TV. None of my match 3’s have ads, and I spend money on them. This one will get no money from me!

- Enough with the constant ads!

I would give it 5 stars if it weren’t for the ads all the time! I really like this game and want to play it more BUT the constant ads after every game or when you restart a game is VERY aggravating! Perhaps provide a version to buy and which doesn’t have ads all the time! I’d pay a decent price for this game to have no ads!

- Boring. Turn on airplane mode

As with all mobile games these days, this is riddled with an unacceptable number of ads, but if you turn on airplane mode they disappear. That would be forgivable if it was fun, but it fails that too. The most difficult level is the one in the ad and it takes 10 seconds to figure out. 99% is just drawing pretty pictures with the ropes. Has potential to be good, but devs clearly don't care.

- Great game, to many adds

Finally found a game I really love! It gets my brain clicking, not to hard, not to easy! However, having to watch an add after each successful move is tooooo challenging for my paitience! More adds then play time by a long shot. I don't have time on my 15 minute breaks to watch all these adds and play twice. No thanks. Bummer. Really good game. I'm sadly deleting it :(

- Boring

I download it since I saw an ad for it online. It seemed like it would be fun and challenging. It was neither of those things. I got bored after 10 minutes of playing it as the levels never got any harder. I am guessing this game is used to sell ads and nothing else? I would have paid for the ad-free version if the game had gotten harder and more interesting but 10 minutes of the same just seems like the developers have no imagination.

- So many ads!

How does this app have a 4.5 star rating? Every review is a 1 star, talking about the same thing. Long ads, interspersed with a few seconds of puzzle game. And they are all fairly easy levels at the start. didn’t even get to anything challenging because the ads are so long and frequent. It took more mental capacity to find the close button on the ads or interact with the ads to make them go away, than the actual puzzles.

- Simply way, way, too many ads

Cute game but it feels more like a money grab from advertisers. I’ve had a minimum of 3 ads whenever I open the app, then 1-3 ads when you complete each level, and some of them are long, and then take you directly to the App Store to purchase, which then you have to decline. AND you have to turn the sound off for each and every ad.

- Too many ads

I like this game. It challenging yet relaxing at the same time. That being said, the ads are absolutely ridiculous. 30 second ads after each game? I’m totally fine with one every few games but not after each level. I spend more time waiting for the ads to finish than I do playing the levels. Unfortunately it’s not worth my time.

- Very Simple and Repetitive

I have been playing for 20 minutes and I am already on level 65 and I started to notice I was playing levels I had already completed but labeled as new levels. As well, it is extremely simple and easy levels to complete. I would not call this a puzzle game because it is not difficult enough to ‘puzzle’ me. I think it is a cool concept but i’d like to see more level designs and hard difficulty.

- Boring and Too Many Ads

This game has way to many ads. After every level it shows an ad. Levels are not anymore difficult as you progress, oh and did I mention all the ads?!?! Developers are becoming lazy. Please create a game we can continue to replay without excessive ads and people will stick around longer and possibly even spend money. I spend hundreds of dollars a year supporting fun apps and this one is not one.

- Never does become challenging

The adds are oppressive! So paid a few bucks to go add free only to find that the puzzles never do get challenging. In fact, they start over with old puzzles at a certain point! Plus even after paying to go add free, you still have to watch an add to claim rewards. Not that you need the rewarded game boosts because the puzzles are too easy!

- Horrible Ads!!!

I love the game. It is challenging and you get to use some critical thinking skills. However, the ads are very frequent and sometimes you can’t even click beyond them without going to the App Store and viewing the actual app. This generally happens every other round. For that reason, you spend almost 60% of the gameplay watching ads. I deleted until they improve the experience.

- Nice, but I’ll pass

Game itself is a nice time-passer. Pleasant colors, satisfying to play. It would be kind of relaxing and nice if it wasn’t so infuriating due to the amount of ads. Every one or 2 games you have to watch a video. Then after you’re ready to hit the next leve, play an ad to claim reward? If you choose to skip, they show you an ad anyway. Uninstalling due to the aggravation.

- So simple it’s boring. Mere ad generator.

This game has all of the challenge of pouring a glass of water with none of the refreshment. Each level is followed by ads. It’s not even a mindless game one could distract themselves with. I suggest buying real rope and coiling it around chair legs and a dog’s leg. That would at least present a challenge and you’d have the benefit of having rope on hand to climb out a window should the developer of this app ever trap you in conversation sure to be as boring as the game.

- Not harder than I think

This is actually easier then I thought, I knew your ad to get it was a sham but I did it anyways just to rate you a 1 star. You make these ads so stupid to give yourself poor reviews, try consider this. Showing harder boards that can be completed this way we are more intrigued to get it. Show puzzles being completed. Having 30,000 downloads and being 3.2 stars is a bad rating.

- Mindless game; insane amount of ads

This game is not at all challenging. It’s just an excuse to mindlessly tap at your phone screen. The ads are TERRIBLE and occur at the end of each level. At least 10 of the fifteen minutes I spent playing this before deleting it was just ads for other games with multiple fake “x” buttons; I was taken to the App Store 6 times while trying to continue playing. Not worth it at all.

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- Too easy, too many ads, but fun idea

Ads appear after 1-2 levels. Ads last longer than it takes to complete 2 levels. Fun, but would be better if it were more challenging and the ads were spaced out more. Not a game worth paying for right now.

- Utterly boring and repeating trash

After playing through this “game” if you can even call it that, I’m left wondering why did I think it was a good idea to waste so much time. This game has left me feeling like an idiot, it’s mechanic is just so stupid, ads last longer than the time it takes to complete levels, the feeling of holding the ball for too long gets unresponsive and feels so wrong, the stuff you unlock are uninspired just like the levels to a certain point and like I was saying uninspired, the levels are literally repeats after a certain amount like really? There really isn’t any meat to this game. I’d honestly say never play it!!!

- Loving it

Seriously you bunch of tight arses pay to remove the ads! It cost less than $5 to take remove the ads and I can enjoy the game. People have to make money to develop apps so either pay or watch the ads, cost less than a cup of coffee

- This game is good

My son loves this game and it gets harder as ti goes I do not think older kids will like but that is my opinion try it and see if you like it 👍👎🙀

- Not challenging and too any ads

I thought the concept was interesting but after completing over 50 levels in around 10-15 mins. It really lacks any challenge and after every simple level there is an advert. I’m not against this form of monetising, but seriously I spend more time watching these ads then playing the game. I think the developer is just trying to cash grab without any real thought into making this a challenging and interesting game.

- Avoid

Played it for five minutes and couldn’t get rid of the ad and get back the game. Stupid don’t bother!

- Amazing game

I absolutely love the game. A lot of adds but if you turn aeroplane mode on the adds are gone.

- Too many ads!

Way too many ads. Two ads after every second level is horrible. Game play was ok but didn’t play more than ten levels as the 30 seconds of ads drove me nuts!

- Like ads or boring content?

If you like ads you like this game. This game should be renamed the ad game. Seriously. So many ads. Ninety nine percent of the time I’m playing this game I’m watching ads. And all to play a little game! It doesn’t even have good content! Do not download this game unless you adore ads and boring content

- Boring

This. Game, apart from all the ads is just boring, half the level are the same as other levels, after a while you are just repeating levels you have already done. Don’t bother

- Too many ads

Fun game but too many ads and they are too long.

- Too many ads

The app asks for a review at level 4, from level 5 the advertisements start. 10 seconds of play followed by 30 seconds of ads after every level. A real shame that the advertisements couldn’t have been handled better.

- Lasted less than with my girlfriend, 3 minutes

The ads are so annoying I gave up 3 minutes into the game play. Same as every other comment. Must have used up a ton of money to advertise on Instagram only lose everyone within 3 minutes of play.

- Just another Ad delivery system.

The levels are made as easy as possible so you can complete them quickly, which in turn means you get to see more ads. Don’t waste your time on this “game”.

- Over the top advertising

This will definitely not keep you hooked despite the almost certain marketing planted reviews. I get the need for adds if you are free to play but this is beyond a joke. Removes all possibility of paying them money.


Ads every two levels that last 30seconds and try to con you into other apps. Instagram should stop this scam from being advertised. I would give half a star if I could for the actual game but -4 stars for the amount of ads.

- Why so many ads

The idea of the game absolutely amazing It’s nice It’s simple It’s easy to use What’s not to love The ads The ads are what not to love Not only does it pause all music but they play after every second round Gameplay to ad ratio is absolutely terrible I get 10 seconds on each level They’re easy but a 10 - 20 second ad with extra waiting time after pressing skip makes the game not worth playing

- Too many ads

There’s practically an ad after each level, too much and too annoying to play like that. Otherwise a good concept

- Annoyed

Annoying stuff ads after each game for 30 seconds . Played 8 level deleted now if u have lots of time and have patience go on try it

- To many adds

I love the game but I hate that there to many adds

- Too many ads

Not sure if gets more interesting or not, but so many ads I gave up

- More ads than gameplay

More ads than gameplay

- Too many ads

Deleted after 2 minutes. There’s an ad after like every second round.

- Ads !!!

If you enjoy watching ads for other games this ones for u !!! Excessive to say the least . Beware , suggest you move on to something else ...


Love the game but my god you can’t do anything without a 30second add to ruin it FFS honestly it’s shit

- Advertising Central!

Looks like a great game but the amount of advertising is pathetic. I’m embarrassed for the creators at how money hungry they are, take note that greed never gets you anywhere. Avoid this game at all costs.

- Too many ads

You spend more time watching ads then playing the game.

- Glitchy!

Screen freezes and can’t complete a game without a glitch.

- Too many adds

Removed as too many adds

- Too many ads

Great game. Unplayable due to ads. Downloaded and deleted 5 minutes later.

- Too many ads

Complete waste of time, immediately uninstalled.

- Bad experience

Way too many ads to get much of any enjoyment out of this game. Deleting!

- Colour ads more like it.

There’s more ads in this than the Sunday paper. It could have been a fun little game to play whilst bored on the couch.. but nope.. I became even more bored from watching ads. It would have to be 50% of the time that you’re watching an ad. No thanks.. game deleted.

- Too many Ads

10 second game, 40 second Ad. Don't event waste your time. I'm deleting it 😠

- Too many ads

Too many ads

- Apple is killing the golden goose.

30 seconds in and an ad pops up.

- Color Rope

Too many adds🥴

- Bad

It is worst than my dead grandma

- Colour rope

Waaayyy too many ads

- colour rope

way too many ads!!!!

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- Fun game, waaaay too many annoying ads

The game concept is really good and fun, but the annoying un-skippable video ads (including back to back ads) with shady clickbait close options are frustrating and ruin the game. Not playing again until ads are ethical and / or reduced.

- Tooooo many ads

One or two is okay but this game has way tooo many.

- It could be fun, but...

This game has potential, except for two aspects, 1. excessive ads and 2. The “reward” system for advancing through never once allowed me to “claim” my reward, as I had to tap lose reward every time to keep playing. After that happened 4 times on the same day I downloaded the title I promptly deleted it.

- Way to many ads

I would give this game a higher rating if it wasn’t for all the ads or I they offered a paid version so I could get rid of the ads. Takes you 10 seconds to complete a level and then you have to watch a 30 second ads. While I understand ads paid the developers, how much money are they going to make from ads when people stop playing the game because they are ANNOYED ?

- Everything

The add need more improvement so of the game. Way to many adds

- Could be good

There are so many ads, I turn off my internet just so I can play the game in peace, and at a certain point, level, the levels restart, so like around level 120 it’s the same as level 17,

- Bruh

This game is fun but I put my head to the speaker and hear static so it’s probably recording something

- Ridiculous ads

Ads after every single game, sometimes 2 or 3 at a time before you can get back to game!! STOP

- Bad

I don’t like this game it’s too slow

- Don’t waste your money. Adds aren’t fully removed!

I purchased this app so the excessive adds would go away. Guess what, they don’t! Who wants to claim a reward by watching an add after they have paid to have the adds removed?! Very dissatisfied! Don’t waste your money!

- Abusive ads

Can’t play 1 min without an ad... deleted

- not challenging enough

This has potential but I am at level 146 and it has barely progressed to be more challenging. I am bored already. Possible challenges might be using limited rope (efficiency), more complex puzzles, time (although I hate timed puzzles as they are not relaxing).

- More ad time than play time

I’m going to try playing in airplane mode and I’ll change my review if that helps, but for now, I’ve only played a few levels but I’ve had to watch the same long ad 10 freaking times! It also freezes my phone if I hit the X on an ad. I only downloaded this today and I may be deleting it today. UPDATE: yup....deleted it. Playing on airplane mode stopped the constant ads but also prevented me from gathering the lame “prizes”. Even without the ads, it was boring as F#%^ (and I LOVE puzzle games!) Levels take 1-3 seconds to solve, ads are 1-2 MINUTES.

- This is an ad panel, not a game

The “game” is only an excuse to show many ads and force the user to watch content. There is no challenge, just a way to keep the user looking at the screen

- Too many Adds

I liked the idea. I know if we want free games we have to suffer ads. But one ad every 2 levels is too much. I got to level 10 before I removed

- Hard no

Waaaaaay too many ads. I can deal with a few, or even pay to have them not there, but the game is essentially not playable unless you pay. Obnoxious. Pass.

- Ads frequency is way too aggressive

Apple should not allow this type of app to pass their review. The game is fun, but I can't justify sitting through 10 ads within 5 mins of playing. Don't reward this behaviour and just don't install the app.

- Lol if there is too many ads just turn wifi off


- Too many ads. Play 5 sec have 30’sec ads

Too bad

- The add was better

I want to get to the harder part as seen in the add. I would have played if it started with them. Would of even clicked some adds for ya.

- Ads

There are too many ads, I would recommend putting your device on airplane mode

- Way too many adds that are long

And you can’t skip them! Super annoying.

- Color Rope

I paid for app and still have to watch adds ???? i want my money back

- Too many adds

Deleted this game after 10 minutes. I had to sit through no less than 5 adds. Game was okay but to sit through 20-30 adds that you can’t skip was too much

- Way too many ads

It's insane how many ads you'll have to watch while you're playing...! Almost every levels. Quite annoying!

- Having advert after paying

Paid to have adverts taken out, less than 24 hours, I am getting advert again....

- Play if you want something easy.

Way too many advertisements, literally after every level. The game is also way too easy. Play it if you want to just kill time. Honestly I deleted it because the ads just started giving me anxiety and the level were just not challenging at all.

- WAY too many ads.

Nearly one ad per level and most over 30 seconds. This game could be fun but the advertisements ruin it. Don’t waste your time.

- Don’t waste your time!

Too many pop up ads to make it worth while. Terrible management of a not bad game.

- Not worth your time

You watch a lot of ads and the levels repeat themselves often.

- Full of ads

You watch more ads then playing the actual game. No game sound no attention to detail this is not good at all. I do not recommend.

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- Better without cellular data

The ads in this game are insanely long and there are so many! Turned off cell data like was suggested by someone else and much better. Fun little game.

- Way too easy and not enough levels

Each level takes less than 20 seconds followed by an ad of equal length. After an hour you will notice the levels start repeating. This game is fun for maybe 10 minutes before you realize it’s one giant ad. Add more levels and make them more challenging and maybe I will change my mind.

- Too many ads and matured ads

This a good time pass game for kids. But you get ads for every two levels which is annoying. More annoying is some ads are related to teen or matured content which is not recommended for small kids. Please be watchful about these ads.

- Too many ads

I played this game for less than 3 minutes and got two 30 second ads. It was fun but way too many long interruptions. I wasn’t even losing it was happening after completing a level. Good concept and good haptic feedback but you pushed me away with the ads. Best of luck.

- Levels just keep repeating

There aren’t enough levels. Once you get past level 20 or so, you just repeat the same levels over and over. It should include a score for time and length of rope used. Another addition that would be fun would be a head to head were you could play other users online. Mostly it needs many more levels, you can finish all the levels in 10 minutes.

- Waste

This game is so repetitive. It was not challenging and I thought as I moved higher in the levels it would become more so. However, the puzzles just continued to repeat after a while. The ads are absolutely ridiculous! After every 2-3 puzzles an ad played. For what you get, few puzzles and lots of ads time, this is not worth a download. I don’t usually give poor reviews but this was a good idea very, very poorly executed.

- Purchase is a scam, don’t buy you still get tricked into ads!

Even when I paid the $2.99 for ad free I got stuck with ads, they trick you into opening them. Once opened you can’t get back to the rope game unless you wait it out or close out of the game completely. It takes too long to wait it out. Don’t accept a “gift” when you complete a level, your gift is another game you can’t get out of.

- An ad every other level

Played about 10 levels because it looked fun and challenging. It might have gotten challenging eventually but it was playing 30 second ad every other level. The levels so far were taking me 5-30 seconds so basically more ads than playing time in the first 5 mins I had it. Uninstalled

- Cash cow trap

Thirty minutes of gameplay. Two hours of ads. This game was developed strictly to keep your attention through meaningless gameplay long enough to serve you ads which make the developer money. There is zero quality to this product. It’s nothing more than a cash grab and anyone that plays it just becomes a cash cow for the developer. Stay far away from this insult to gaming. The developer should be ashamed.

- Homosexuality Ads! 😡

This is rated for age 4+. Yet they have an ad for a homosexual game where there’s two girls shown face to face about to kiss and it says “she’s cute” and give you two options “kiss her” or “push her in the pool.” This is a game for very young children. This is disgusting!! Shame in you for trying to influence young minds to be more like you so that you felt more comfortable with something you’re doing that’s not natural. Preying on 4 year olds. Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡

- Click bait game

This game looks interesting and that’s all it is, deceptive. Why? It’s a click bait. Noticed you can’t buy this game or get rid of ads? Because it makes money off of endless ads. The whole purpose of this game is to make you go through game ads. The game is never challenging to be worth playing. It just makes you think you are smart so you keep on playing... thus going through more ads...

- Laaaaaaaaaaaaaame

This game is free to play and pushes ads between every other level completed. I hate writing reviews or publicly offering my opinion but have to warn others. It’s adware, don’t download it. How do you report this game/ developer to Apple? This game is also designed to capture your email address if you connect your device to Facebook (read privacy terms). Ad delivery and data mining is the developers purpose.

- Start to end

When you start it it is easy but when you get higher and higher in the game it gets harder and harder and that is what I like about this game.

- Needs Work

Soothing Puzzle Game - However no scoring or ranking available - Just levels with adds every two lebels played. Really this is an add delivery game with puzzles that start repeating after level 30. Not very challenging to those looking for something truly strategy based. I would at least add some truly new levels and push the needle on complexity.

- Not fun

Absolutely zero challenge, no music or sounds, just an ad machine. You spend 8 seconds (if that) on a level, then you’re forced to wait 45 seconds to be able to get through an ad. I turned off WiFi and turned in airplane mode to prevent the ads. Even then, I made it to level 85 in like, 10 minutes because the levels are insanely easy. This is not a puzzle game whatsoever.


It’s like the same 15 puzzles on shuffle... it was originally very easy and relaxing, I loved the colors and the style of everything ...but now it’s like I’m just playing to see if anything new will even happen??? I’m on level 140soemthing and it’s been the SAME PUZZLES over and over. Just different directions. And ads WAY too often. I’m very disappointed

- Too many ads

I’ve played may free games that have ads but this is one of the worst. After every attempt a level there is a 30+ second ad and then once you get your prize you have to watch another 30+ second ad in order to get something that is useless. It’s just not worth the wait on all the ads that are all the same and really irrelevant.

- Way too many ads!

This game is fun and I would actually enjoy it but there are too many ads. You play 1-2 levels (they go by quickly) and then you have to sit through 30 seconds of ads. It’s ridiculous. I would pay for this app if it meant not sitting through so many ads. I’m deleting it specifically because there are too many ads.

- Love this game

This game is a great way to pass time. However there needs to be a way to play it across devices. I play it on my phone. I would like to play it on my iPad too.

- Too many ads

I love the game concept. It is ridiculous to make users watch double ads after every level. It wouldn’t be so bad if the ads weren’t so long with no skip, repetitive, and they show games that don’t even have the play advertised. Greedy


There are WAY too many ads. I get that there need to be ads within the game, but after every other level? Too many.

- Kinda good

I know there are a lot of ads but turn wifi or data off. There no ads! But at like around level 100 the levels reset I’m around level 150 and I’ve realized that I was playing the same levels over again

- Very deceptive

The levels are randomly generated, I’ve played through the same level 4 times at this point. The game is ridiculously easy and has an ad play after each level. I also suspect that the reason this game is so highly rated is because of bots as I have yet to see a positive review and find it difficult to imagine anyone enjoying this.

- Color Rope

Too many lengthy advertisements. Multiple interruptions that extend past the normal length of normal advertisements and repetitive. Long drawn out, too many to count of the same advertisement over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Get the point. Removing it from phone.

- Wow the Ads are brutal

In the first 5 minutes playing the game I spent more time waiting for the ads to finish than I was playing the game. It took more than 10 times longer to suffer through the ads to move forward to the next screen than to complete the puzzles. Deleted this game just 5 minutes after downloading it. Giant waste of time.

- Not really worth it.

Levels just constantly repeat themselves. I was hoping it’d get more challenging the more levels completed. I did manage to skip all the ads by turning my cellular data off on the game so that was helpful. But it’s boring with the same levels over and over and over again...

- Too simple, too many ads

Take the good advice of others - if you want to play this game (it was fun for about 5 min), turns off cellular and WiFi connection BEFORE opening the game (it downloads a bunch of ads as soon as it opens). I breezed through the first 50 levels in ~5 minutes. That’s enough. Deleted.

- Too many ads

There is not one but two ads after every two rounds. I like the game, although easy and I’m on level 65, the game isn’t worth my time if I have to waste more time watching ads every two levels then I do playing the game when each level only lasts about a second.

- Is it going to get harder?

Feeling as though the difficulty does not increase. It’s like scramble for your iPod. Levels at 90 easier than some of the first ones. Starting to think this game exists solely to sell advertisements slots. Just got to level 100 in an insanely short period and was hoping to be challenged by now..

- 5 second level, then a 30 second ad.

Fun concept, but completely ruined by the heavy handed ads. 5 seconds to complete a level, then forced to sit through a 30 second ad. I understand the importance of ads to developers, but an ad after ever single level ruins the gameplay. Wound up deleting the app from my device rather quickly.

- Too much repetition

Fun and kind of addictive, but after a while you realize it’s just feeding you the same puzzles over and over again. Some previews I’ve seen hint at more puzzle variety, but no matter how long you play, it’s just the same puzzles over and over again. Kill me now

- Too many ads

After almost every level you get an ad. You earn up points for a prize but you have to watch an ad for it. If you press “lose gift” you would think you wouldn’t get an ad but no you get another ad.! If you want a good puzzle game don’t get this game. It’s just an platform wanting to make money of if ads. Don’t waste time on this game!!!

- Game ad

Fun to play but it is just a prompt for games. It gave me the option to pay to not have ads. I paid, the ads are still there. Annoying

- Great game

I love this gamethis game just something to do when you are bored and when you want to play something it’s just really run to play

- Fun game ruined by ads

Look, I understand ads, I’m a YouTuber. However, this game goes beyond ANY free game I’ve ever played. The levels typically take me anywhere from 5-30 seconds and then you have 30+ seconds of ads. I’ve just downloaded it 10 minutes ago, played the whole 10 minutes and more than 2/3rds of it was spent watching horrible ads.

- Too Easyy

I played through the first 50 levels and never spent more than 5 seconds on a level. It was boring, repetitive and easy. The ad that got me in on Facebook looked much more challenging where there was no color matching and any tips could go around any pole. With this game of you go around the wrong or it immediately told you that you were wrong.


It makes this game impossible to play. I get that they want to make money but you have to let us enjoy the game a little bit. If you have to sit through a 30 second commercial between each very short level you’re watching more ads than playing game. No thanks, I have better things to do with my time.

- Too many ads

I stopped at level 20 because there is an ad after every level and no way to pay or something to stop them. Annoying. Too bad because I actually like the game.

- Too many ads

There are many too many ads. It takes longer to wait for the ads than to play.

- Pointless... just watching ads.

Pointless game. It isn’t even a challenge. It is just a way for you to continually watch ads. Utter rubbish. I would give it zero stars were that possible. Even if you got rid of the ads the game is pointless. The gifts are pointless, the rewards are as well. This app is a literal waste of space on your device.

- Ads

One star makes me feel generous. The levels are so easy and ads are so frequent, you spend more time watching ads than playing the game itself. Maybe create a legitimately fun game that people want to play rather than taking advantage of the ad revenue you receive from the 5 minutes people play the game before deleting it.

- Well it’s pretty fun

This is a free game and it is pretty cool and fun and in this game you save things to get it completed so you should get this free game it could be better then other puzzles well not really but yea you should get this free game

- Ads

You literally can’t pass a level without being subjected to ads after ads after ads. It’s 30 second ads. I will not waste my time on a game that I play 3 seconds and subjected to 30-60 seconds in ads before another 3 second game. Don’t waste your time. It’s more valuable then spending it on game that just wants money.

- Too many ads

Game looks fun, but has too many, very frequent ads, and those ads are longer than they should be. Recommend you don’t waste your time if that sort of thing frustrates you.

- Repetitive

It only are there constant, constant, ads, but after level 90 some the puzzles are repeats

- Get Free Flow App Instead

Free Flow is similar and much better and more challenging. I paid to get rid of the constant ads thinking this would turn into a head scratcher type challenge but it doesn’t. After level 100 I’m still barely having to think about my moves.

- Way too many ads

I downloaded the game and out of the three minutes I played it, over two minutes were ads. This game doesn’t give you a chance to decide if you want to buy the full version. Disappointed.

- Meh

Played with a VPN, so thankfully no ads, like everyone else complains about. This app is good for shutting your brain off and just whirling strings around a screen. The game itself is only like 80 puzzles that just get rotated around to make it look like a new puzzle. No points or scoring or achievements or goals. Just mindless doodling.

- Ads Galore

Look, the game itself is pretty, and a sotthing concept. But there's no difficulty at all and you spend more time watching ads than you get to spend time playing. There's an ad after every single puzzle! Like one reviewer days, it quickly becomes obvious that this so is simply a money grab through ads.

- Repeating Levels

This game is fun at first until you get to the point where they’ve run out of puzzles and just keep repeating the same ones over and over again. None of them were challenging. They didn’t increase in difficultly. The ads are every 2-3 puzzles and so annoying. I got past all new puzzles in a day and deleted it. So LAME.

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@BigMookie2 @deejay90192 I recently had to tell my dearest buddy ( #Cult45 wacko) to go fucking piss up a rope! I was kind enough to tell him my shit was only going to get more mean a crewel cause you ain't better than me! Judge peeps by the stink of their shit and not skin color! Science! #vote

Color Rope 0.9.0 Screenshots & Images

Color Rope iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Color Rope iphone images
Color Rope iphone images
Color Rope iphone images
Color Rope iphone images
Color Rope iphone images

Color Rope (Version 0.9.0) Install & Download

The applications Color Rope was published in the category Games on 2020-02-01 and was developed by Bigger Games [Developer ID: 1459990966]. This application file size is 160.53 MB. Color Rope - Games app posted on 2020-05-04 current version is 0.9.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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