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Hollo Ball will keep you hooked for hours!
One finger control. Easy to play, hard to master.
Features unlimited gameplay.
Build your newest addiction!

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- changes i hope to see

i really hope that hollo ball can make a few changes as: 1.block colors, i wish that you could pick the colors of the blocks that you are “eating” and save them :) 2. holes & people, i hope that we could make holes and people (or balls) of course worth diamonds and as well can save them :D 3. own paths, i also would greatly live this game MORE if you could make you own “path” to share with friends and family! :)) —those are the only changes i would love to see form this grate game and i hope that y’all would consider my 3 ideas thank you for your time. ~stitch

- Ridiculously addictive, incredibly infuriating

A very good way to pass the time when waiting in a doctors office, during a lunch break or whenever you have downtime. This game is clean and fluid and doesn’t take an undergrad to learn. But if u have any sort of anger or control issues, be forewarned because this will test those limits. The early rounds (1-10) are straightforward and not very difficult. However these early rounds give you a taste of what you should expect going forward. But like most (if not all) games, you are absolutely bombarded with ads. A crazy amount of ads. In fact I believe the ratio to levels played is 1:1. But if you are lucky (extremely lucky)you may get 2 levels before u are subjected to the over abundance of ads. But don’t count on it. If u don’t want to deal with the ads, you do have the option of buying the “Ad free” version for $2.99

- Good game but... ADVERTISEMENTS!

The ads in this game are absolutely ridiculous. It is a fun game that had potential but it is basically an advertising watching application. You can forgot your “second chance” which requires you to watch an ad, and will STILL GET AN AD!!! That’s absolutely ridiculous and I recommend nobody getting this game, not because it isn’t fun, just because the ads are so frustrating. The effort to make this game fun with unlocking new stuff is ruined.. because anyone can get triple the diamonds by guess what? WATCHINGN AN AD! And almost all the characters do not even cost diamonds, YOU JUST HAVE TO WATCH AN AD! Maybe if they put more effort into making it fun to earn diamonds and unlock stuff, this game wouldn’t be an absolute failure. This deserves 0 stars, but 1 is the lowest Apple allows.

- Level 64 forces you to unavoidably die.

There’s a point at level 64 that is literally impossible to survive - the point where the balls come down. It isn’t possible to survive that without being supercharged at that point, but there’s no way to time your supercharge to happen then. So, it’s literally not possible to get past that level in one life; you HAVE to die at that point, watch a video, then continue from there. It absolutely is not possible to get though that point without dying, so you’re forced to watch the video. I won’t be watching the video, and if it continues I’ll simply rate the game as low as possible and delete. Unacceptable to force an unavoidable death just to force the player to watch a video.

- Smooth and Fun

Fun game that’s almost unplayable due to ads. You’ll want to (permanently) disable cellular data for this app and disconnect from WiFi while you’re playing. It’s a slick, good looking game that makes for a good time killer. The increase in difficulty is very gradual. I didn’t even notice it was getting harder until about level 1600. I’m a bit OCD, so I think there’s something about swiping the screen clean that activates some award system in my brain or something.

- Frustrated

This is a really fun game, but probabky one of the easiest games I’ve ever played. I am currently on level 500 and I’m pretty sure the levels are just repeating themselves, it is too easy and does not get more difficult as you continue playing. The amount of ads is ridiculous, i have to put my phone in airplane mode so that i don’t get an ad every single time i complete a level which takes 30 seconds. Overall it is a fun game, but it is way too easy and has way too many ads.

- Fun, but extremely easy

This game is entertaining for a bit, but this has to be the easiest game I’ve ever played. The developers might as well have been trying to make you win. I reached level 50 in 50 minutes, and only struggled with maybe 3 levels on the way there (“struggled” in the sense that it took me more than 3 tries to beat, but still only took about 5 attempts at most). This game is so easy that a baby could complete every level. You would have to have an iq of at least -20 to struggle with this game.

- Fun but causes new phone to over heat

So I love this game and another game made by the same company but both games cause my new phone to overheat. I have plenty of games on my iPhone and none of them cause this issue except for this and the other game by the same company. I have tried closing all other apps I have tried putting the backlight all the way down. After about five-ten mind of playing my phone gets so hot that I can barely hold it. Any other game does not cause this issue.

- Decent

Pretty fun game. I liked it a lot at first and actually struggled with first 50 or so levels. However, once you figure out the strategy the game is quite easy and all of the levels are basically the same. Even though I’m basically doing the same thing, I like it to pass the time. I’m on level 950 and still can’t figure out why I keep playing. 🤨. Also, I wish they actually had good things you could do with the diamonds you earn. Overall, decent.

- Here is the problem with these types of games.

Most these games are fun. I’d probably stay playing them and invest a little money in them, but they all have the exact same problem. 5 to 10 second level. 30 second to 1 minute ad. 5 to 10 second level. 30 second to 1 minute ad. Which means you spend more time watching ads in fact 4 to 5 times as much watching ads as you do playing the game....never get far enough before deleting to spend any money on an in game purchase.

- Love it

Me: “this game gives me joy” My niece: “this game gives me anxiety” Both true statements. I’m not even sure that the new levels are even new. I could be playing the same 20 levels over and over again and it doesn’t really matter. Addicted to this game, love the satisfying feedback on the phone. I will play this to level infinity and beyond.

- Okay I guess

This game is pretty average. I got to level 18 and it was still way too easy. I was hoping that after level 10 it would get harder and maybe some strategy would involved, but nope. It’s pretty boring. Some would say it’s “satisfying”, but really it’s just dull. On quite a few levels, I didn’t even have to touch the screen! The screen is super cute, I like the idea of it, the skins are adorable, but the gameplay just needs to be harder.

- Very Addictive

I don’t ever review games but this one gets me. This darn thing is so addictive. I’ve had it for two weeks and i’m on level 501. I play it until my fingers hurt. For best usage turn your wifi and data off because the ads slow the game down.

- Mature Ads

I downloaded this game today and because my 11 year old daughter likes it and told me to download it. Long story short, I’m not even level 10 and I’m seeing sexually suggestive ads of two animated females caressing and about to kiss. The advert also shows a bubble that says “She is so HOT!!!” And presents an option to Kiss Her. It’s obvious that the developers are more focused on ad profit than their customers (and their children). Hopefully someone realizes how inappropriate these ads are with consideration to the mostly young crowd that downloads and plays this game. Very disappointing.

- The most obnoxious ad policy I’ve ever seen.

Each level seems to take about 5-10 seconds, followed by a non-skippable 30 second ad. You also get a 30 second ad if you fail a level before you can retry it. You can pay to remove ads, but I can’t even play enough of the game to decide if I want to pay for that. They should let you play the first 5-10 levels without ads to decide if you like the game. Three levels in, the ads were so obnoxious I uninstalled the game.

- Love the original game, hate the new update.

The original game was fantastic, I played it all the time, everyday. I had just hit level 3100 yesterday, and then all of the sudden this new update came out of nowhere. The update knocked me down to level 1018, and then to go up a level I have to complete that level three times, and it has obnoxiously larger text up top in my face that is annoying. I hope they fix this because the new update it absolutely awful and I miss the old game

- Could improve

The levels aren’t long enough and there are toooo many ads. & if the levels were longer & there were less ads, the game would be better. Add some difficulty to the levels practically the same every level. needs longer levels, needs to become more of a challenge, & less ads.

- Love the game, but...

I am seriously addicted to this game. I purchased the no ads months ago. However I am finding the game too easy. Also, I wish there were more skins and more holes to purchase with my almost 100,000 diamonds! Also I wish there were sound effects. I love to play this game as a way to pass the time or while up listening to audiobooks. I just wish it was a challenge anymore!

- Great until the update

I loved this game. I played so long everyday. I’ve been working for a couple weeks to get to level 10,000 if it even exists. I loved the beginning where you collect the balls saying the level. And now after the update it’s 3 courses to get to a new level, it dropped me from 3500 ish to 1000, and had big text during the whole game. It’s glitchy and I wasted my money getting the add free.

- Redundant

Paid for no ads because each round lasts 15 seconds followed by a 30 second ad. It’s fun at first, until you realize the levels don’t get any harder. I’m on level 104 right now and it doesn’t seem much harder than the first couple of levels. It gets boring after a while which made paying for no ads not worth it. Fun concept, just needs a little more.


Very fun game but there is way too many ads. You fail a level twice you get 2 ads to watch you, if you pass 2 levels you get 2 levels to watch. It’s faster to close the game and re open then to watch the ads.

- To short and easy

I think it is a great game but the levels are to short and to easy. You can pass the level very easily and there are only like three obstacles in each level. I personally think there should be like seven. The levels are super easy and super quick, but other then that it is a fun game.

- Need ways to spend diamonds

I have collected. A lot of diamonds and have nothing to spend them on! I suggest giving us more stuff to spend our diamonds on. Like maybe power ups or upgrade the hole a little bigger stuff like that!

- Level Card

The Level Cards (the level progression at the top of the screen) are honestly annoying and they get in the way of gameplay. It would be better if they were at the bottom. I’m not sure if you guys created Color Bump 3D but it’s the same issue for that game too. I’m not being sarcastic when I say that I actually love that this game is a mix of Radial and Color Bump. It’s like the best of both worlds. I really want the Progression thing to be at the bottom though. Or at least, give users the option to remove it? We get the level number at the beginning of each level anyway. Thank you!!

- Way too many ads

Having this many ads after every little thing makes people really not want to play this game. You spend more time watching ads than you actually do playing the game. I’m very close to deleting it because of the amount of ads there are.

- Need to fix

This game is fun to play but it keeps glitching needs fixed because when it glitches then you lose please fixed I don’t want to have to delete it because I’m on 9 hundred and something

- Love the concept, but not the game play.

I wasn’t going to leave a review. Alas, here I am. This game has an amazing concept and I truly love it. I have played 300 levels, and the difficulty has not gotten any more complex. It’s so easy that it is actually boring. If you could make the levels longer, or offer more challenges, the game would be 10x better and I’d change my review to a 5. :)

- Overheating

I love the game. I give it five stars, but it causes my phone to overheat every single time I play it and my battery runs out 3-4 times faster than when playing any other game. Does anyone else have this problem?

- Very cool game, just no point

I really like the game, it’s cool to just open and play. I just wish there was more of a point to it. It’s too easy. A leaderboard, a point system to beat a high score, longer level, just anything. I’m trying to get all of the diamonds and clear the board. I know I don’t have to, but it should be an incentive to do so. I like some sort of challenge

- Nice easy game

It easy but a tad hard at the same time. Easy to start with and build up your levels. The only thing I have a problem with is the info of try’s, jewels( no idea what they are for) that are top of the screen so you can’t really see what’s coming. But other then that it’s a fun game

- To easy

I find this game to easy, at least the 12 levels that I have played. Other than that I have no complaints, this game is very enjoyable and addicting.

- Ads

In game ads are extremely long and frequent. You watch more ads than play the games even when you do well. Second ads appear making you think it’s the game almost deceiving you to click on the sniper game. Everything is awesome in this game, but deleted the app after achieving 3rd stage and diamond collection but having to watch like 6 ads in less than 3 min. I hope this helps your game become a better game that aren’t gamers.

- Ads won’t go away

I bought this game and accidentally deleted it. I have downloaded it again but the ads will not stop showing up. I was on level 222!!! Now I don’t want to play it because the ads are really annoying. I have clicked on remove ads several times and it says I’m all set but ..... you guessed it! ADS STILL SHOW UP!! You are charging me for something that is not working!!! I would appreciate an email back as well!

- Review

Good game. Addictive. BUT it lags and when you watch the :30 video for your second attempt, it goes back to the screen sometimes and says “swipe” but doesn’t let you swipe. Then, it makes you start all over. Very frustrating. It’s been happening frequently since I’ve passed level 90.

- Fun game, but needs a few fixes

I really like this game, but the number of adds are absolutely ridiculous and take so much time, and after playing for awhile the game will start to glitch. It also drains my battery like no other game I’ve ever played! If these were all fixed I would definitely rate it higher but for these reasons, it’s hard to enjoy.

- Too many ads

I feel as though they make every level extremely easy and there are a ton of ads after you finish a level. The level is usually like 10 seconds then you have ads that are longer the level you just played. Not worth it to me. Also they’re constant I don’t think there was one time in between a level that I didn’t get a couple of annoying ads.

- Hollo ball

Well this game has been my favorite game to play! It was fun and super challenging sometimes! I got to lever 1,300 something and i updated the app. I went back to play it and now the ball/character walks slower. It’s not fun anymore because i win everytime now. It was a lot funnier when it was a challenge.

- Was fun but

Saw the app on Instagram. Was interested so I downloaded. Played the first level 5 seconds long. Played second level and did not pass 5 second Long. Watched and add for 30 seconds. Finished second level in 5 seconds. Then watched another 30 second add. I came to play not watch adds. Deleted the game.

- Boring

This game leaves much to be desired, not sure what they could do to make this game any better but as it stands currently it is very boring just like many other games of similar nature I’m sure this company has many other games that are just plain boring like this. (Voodoo Games is a Great example of another corporation that doesn’t care what they make as long as they can me money off of the immense amount of advertisements)

- Too Many ads

If it wasn’t for the ads, it would deserve a higher rating. But there are so many ads that you are literally watching more ads in a 15 minute period than you are playing the game. Each round maybe lasts 15-20 seconds and the ads in between are 30 seconds and you can’t skip them. Games like that don’t deserve my cash to remove ads. This is just a bad tactic on their part!

- Fun & Simple. Lots of Ads

This game is entertaining and helps to pass the time. However, there are too many ads. It’s common to have an ad between each level, the most I had was 3 after a level. Sometimes it feels like you are watching ads more than playing the game.

- Buyer BEWARE of Hollo Ball App

I downloaded this for my 9 year old daughter to play and immediately uninstalled it when I heard an advertisement come up making fun of our President. “Hi! I am a great President and I don’t know how to read.” (In Donald Trump’s voice) Regardless of whether or not I voted for our current president, the complete disrespect to our democracy this advertisement encourages is ridiculous. These advertisements are reaching our children demonstrating this type of behavior is accepted.

- Ok

The game itself is alright but the thing that made me frustrated the most was that constant add would pop up in the middle of my game so while I'm trying to ex out of it my ball runs into a block and I have to start over. It's a decent game for wasteing time but that one issue just makes me not want to play it

- Terrible

I paid to remove ads for my son but after each level the first button to pop up big and blue is an ad watch but then you have to wait for the “No Thanks” to pop up before you can move on to the next level. I paid for commercials and occasionally my son can play the game. Do not download the un paid version is 100 times worse.

- Not worth it.

Downloaded this game and deleted it after only 2 minutes of playing. You will be bombarded with constant 30 second ads (sometimes one after another) after every single level. Each level only takes about 10-15 seconds. This game is simply made to pump as many ads into your face as they can as is the case with all of Bigger Games apps.

- Littered with long, unskipable ads

I had the app for less than 10 minutes and while I enjoyed the game itself I couldn’t sit through the forced 30 second ads after every level. The initial levels only last 10-15 seconds so you end up spending more time watching ads than anything else. This game was a firm reminder of why I don’t play mobile games.

- Ads

Okie so whenever i lose and it says wach a short video to continue and i dont choose it it shows me a video anyways and that means that i should get another try cuz it made me watch a video anyways. Thanks for fixing it or not

- Crazy addictive

I’m a sucker for iPhone games but I normally get bored within a few days but I’ve been on this one for weeks!! Let’s just say I’m on level 530 hehe

- Way way too many ads

The levels are only seconds long then there’s a 30-60 second ad between every level. Seriously more time watching ads than playing the game. If I had more play time vs ad time it would be 5 stars.

- Boring/ Too Many Ads

This game is so easy that it’s boring. All you have to do to win is go side to side the whole time. Along with how easy it is, there’s so many Ads in it that it isn’t even worth playing. You’ll spend as much time swiping left to right as you will watching an Ad for another poorly made game.

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- Bruh

all these people saying ‘too many ads this’ and ‘too many ads that’ bruh literally just turn your data/wifi off for a little while and BOOM look at that IT WORKS, NO ADS, dummy’s. anyway i love this game but i hate how it takes me back everytime i die but it doesn’t for like, everyone else? fix it please, i would have given 5 but that lowers my rating

- Good game. X rated ads!

It’s a great game. I hate that inappropriate ads pop up so I can’t let the kids play it. Also ad sound comes through even when mute is on. Super annoying, please fix.

- Gangster 🙏👑💯

It’s a gangster game but like the bro said 💯

- Game

Game is good and is a good time waster. Occasionally you get an add that covers the content but the game still continues which gets quite frustrating.

- My review

This game is absolutely amazing I love but if it had a few less ads it would make it even better. Xx

- Boring and easy

The game is very easy! All you have to do is put the hole in front of your character! For me this game is VERY boring and TOO easy. They could of made the game more challenging and if they did do this I would rate it more stars.

- Fun but far too many ads

A fun game, but WAYYY too many ads. I get that games like this need ads, but 2 full ads almost (if not every) level is ridiculous. Such a let down to a great app

- Hollo ball

I just enjoy this game so much it’s super fun and I think everyone should play it👍

- Please update it to have no ads or less ads!!!

Don’t like it how there are so many ads in the game, it’s really annoying.

- Ehhh

It’s fun at the start but after the first 15 levels it gets a bit repetitive and boring. Plus there are way too many ads while I like to keep my data on to get messages from people. Not one a great game

- Annoying

This game is not as it is portrayed in the ad videos, why advertise a completely different game mode to how the game actually works and then not even have the advertised game mode available this is such a stupid and easy game

- Way too many ads

It plays a thirty second ad every second level. It’s fun but the ads ruin it. I’m not going to play it anymore.

- 95% ads, 5% game.

Had the game for only 2 minutes and have already watched an unskippable 1min 45seconds worth of ads. Don’t waste your time or better, just go watch some ads. Already deleted.

- To easy

Sense the last couple updates the game is so easy. With each level you go up the level of difficulty stays the same.

- Turn off data fir the app and not use wifi on device

By level 20 the games loses its thrills, there’s really no point of getting a new avatar or hole. No motive behind the whole idea.

- 20% Gameplay, 80% Ads

Good game but not worth paying for and not worth sitting through the amount of ads. Halve the amount of ads and I would play, but right now, I am deleting.

- Full of Ads

This game serves no other purpose other than to be a platform to bombard you with ads at every opportunity. Don’t waste your MBs.

- So many adds

There are so many adds on this game that you barely get to play it. Not worth your time.

- Too many ads!!!

I can’t even play 2 rounds without a heap of ads popping up 🤦🏻‍♀️ can’t stand it so honestly it’s not even worth a download

- Wow

This is an amazing app the have put mini games in between all the ads .... sarcasm .... even for a free game not worth it

- Heeeeee

It's probably the only game where you win by literally doing nothing 😂😂😂

- Hollo ball

Looks like an enjoyable game but am going to delete it because of the ads 🖕

- boring

every single level is the same. so easy. deleting it got so repetitive and boring.

- A review

Boring Not fun Bad game. Sorry not sorry

- Stupid

To much addddddsss

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- Simple game, complex gameplay.

You push a little black hole through a maze of obstacles sucking up all the blocks and little chunks before your avatar gets knocked over. How challenging could that possibly be? Answer...... Incredibly, amazingly, excruciatingly challenging and two tons of fun. This is a difficult game to put down. Each level is a different madcap marvel along with creative changes in available avatars. This game has quickly become my favorite time killer.

- Improvement needed

For me this app can be fun at times but before you know it there’s adds popping up every 15 seconds. These are adds that last from 30-45 seconds long. Due to the fact that each level is like 15 seconds long doesn’t make it worth the wait. This app has produced a fun game but it needs to remove all the adds it has and it has to work on being less laggy because I can’t play properly due to the fact my game is always lagging.

- Terrible

This is a great game to play but the fact that there’s an ad every dang level that’s like 40 seconds long kills the game

- Chill on the ads

U can even enjoy the game will tons of ads and even during game abs pop up....kills the point of a fun game

- Adds

Love the game. App sucks. Literally 3 seconds of game and 30 seconds of add. Terrible. Deleted

- Lame

Fix the crashes!! I play like 5 or 6 levels and then it crashes, it’s annoying

- 5 seconds of game 5 min of ads

This game seems really good. Great concept. It’s too bad there is an ad at the end of every level. The game is SO quick, maybe put an ad every 15-20 levels. I got over this game real quick just because of the ads. It’s a real shame. I liked the game.

- To meany adds

There are so meany adds but the game is fun I give it 3 stars

- Too many ads

Too many ads when connected to wifi or data on. Very annoying.

- Money Hungry

Fun game but seriously cut down on the ads

- Level 2253

I’m on level 2253 and it’s really fun!

- Strdef

Truthfhft Fhrurjdu Fghuu

- Not bad

The game is really not bad

- Stupid adds

Games alright but too many adds it’s hard to play. Makes you want to delete the game

- This game is a little sad

Game is boring and adds are annoying. Sorry to the devs.

- Inappropriate ads

It’s says 4+ to play and it’s a great game but my kids play this until I saw the ads that are inappropriate!!!! Take down the Chapter interactive stories ads !!!!

- Pp

Ads are horrible

- To much ADDDDDDS

To much addddds

- Ads

Fun game but holy crap with the ads, they need to calm down a little.

- It’s good except...

It’s a really fun and simple game however the controller for the whirlwind fella is janky and doesn’t always respond to my touch movement.

- Implement faster speeds as you level up... very repetitive

Turn your wifi and data off to play without ads- you won’t have “do overs” but it’s much less annoying...

- Too many ads

Great game, I'd even consider buying the ad free version if I didn't want to uninstall out of spite due to too many ads in the free one. When a level is 15 seconds long, maybe don't constantly put 10 seconds of ads after every level or loss. It's annoying....

- Trash app

Trust me you will delete it few minutes after you download it

- Too many ads

30-45 second video ad for every level or every time you die which can be like 10-15 seconds of game play. Totally stupid.

- Played once and immediately deleted

Plagued with ads. Don’t bother downloading this garbage


Annoying ads

- Insane amount of ads

I can’t stand 30 second unskippable ads after every game. Good luck trying to have fun.

- Decent Game Too Many Ads

Game is pretty fun but the ads ruin it. It’s one thing to make me watch an ad when I lose but every time you beat a level I swear there is an ad. It’s just too much to have much fun imo.

- wig=snachted why? ADS

The ads are tooooo often. Main reason why I don’t like the app, the game is fine but after every level there’s an ad. I want my wig back, please fix this.

- Great game but....

Very fun game but I do not need a mandatory 30 sec ad after every level. Made me delete the game.

- Nah

Too much advertisement doesn’t let you play Peacefully

- Too many adds

Adds after every try drove me nuts. I’m deleting the game. Good luck

- battery life

my battery drains hella fast when playing this

- It needs work but oddly satisfying

It satisfies in odd ways, collecting all the bits on a level feels rewarding. I like that. Ads are way too often. when I say I don’t want to watch an ad for extra points or a skins for the hole or ball, it shows one anyways which, fair you need to make money, but it still sucks. Game also over heats my phone after a while so I can’t play for long. Levels are repetitive yet still fun though I wish there was at least some level of variety after like 100 levels. It’s easy to get gems to buy all the skins which really don’t interest me much. Galaxy hole is neat though. But it is just a matter of time before I get bored. There’s no challenge and no gain. Satisfying sure, but I’ll delete the app after a week probably. Hope it gets updated.

- Don’t like it

Sometimes I don’t even hit the blocks and I just die. That is not fair also it takes to much time to do one level

- Can’t find where to opt out of ads

When I go to settings there is only an option to disable vibration. I’ll pay the $2.79 but how?! Please help. Love the game but going a bit crazy :)

- Hollo ball

Game lags from moving ads on the bottom of the screen

- No bar for hyper cyclone

My friend has a ball instead of a man. And has a bar that turns his cyclone into a mega cyclone that mine doesn’t have. Why is that.

- Stuck with bad character

There is no way to switch the thing you have to protect. Everyone has a small easy character and I have a full log. This means I have to clear a whole area instead of making a path.

- Boring

This is sooooooooo boring. There is no challenge

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- Lora

Addictive game Meditation also Recommended for anyone has an issue thinking of, you’ll find the solution as you playing. Enjoy

- Too many adds

I don’t like how many adds I have to go threw just to go to the next level or to change my skin. I mean going threw adds to get a second chance I do get but I don’t get why I have to go threw adds to go to the next level or change my skin.

- Skip ads

Close the game and relaunch it. You can play the next level without having to watch ads every 45 seconds. Rinse and repeat every time an ad pops. No more seeing those ridiculous home scape ads anymore.

- Ads

Too many ads for a game like this. The levels are only a few seconds long and you spend as much time watching ads as you do playing. Two stars is being gracious. This game isn’t worth paying for so don’t waste your time trying it unless you like terrible ads

- Can't remove ads

The game is fun, and has the potential to be really addictive, if it weren't for all the ads that pop up at the end of every level, and throughout the screen. The "no ads" button doesn't seem to bring up anything at all. I assumed it would bring up an in-app purchase, but absolutely nothing happened.

- Too easy and kinda boring

I am a kid an I am playing this and only on level 12 after 7 min but the game is just too easy. And don’t even get me started on the pop up ads becuz not matter where u turn they will be there just another thing that bothers me. But the game is just too easy thought it would be good for when ur bored but I was sadly mistaken...

- Started out fun and fairly easy but

This game is really fun and it starts out pretty easy but then it didn’t seem to get much harder. Then I got to level 501 and it was just like an entirely new game, the levels are near impossible and it takes all the fun away from it. I’m extremely disappointed because it was so fun and relaxing to play before it became ridiculous.


Gameplay is great. It’s fun and relaxing and challenging all at the same time. However levels are 15 seconds each and there is an ad EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. Each time you die or pass a level there is an ad. Loved the game but the amount of ads is too much and too frustrating to be worth my time.

- Hi:)

I love this game I have had it for like a year and it’s cool to see how far you can get but I would like to maybe see a worldwide leaderboard maybe idk but that would be cool 😎🤩🤩🤩

- Too many ads

Too many ads during gameplay really gets annoying. Don’t mind the ad banners at the bottom tho but the other ads that take up the whole screen have to go.

- Eh.

Pretty decent. There’s a lot of ads but that’s what playing in airplane mode is for. One thing I really hate is when the game starts and then I get an ad and I can feel the game through my phone vibrating while the ad is still blocking my screen.

- Loved it but

After level 200 it gets boring😭it’s just the same thing over and over maybe some people like that idk

- Too many ads!

A lot of fun, it really is, but a 30 second ad every 2 lives is ridiculous. On top of it taking too long, it completely drains the battery, making it unplayable.

- More fun...

It is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. I have been having so much fun playing this game. I think that it may be my favorite game to keep me occupied. Thanks a million.

- Long ads

This app has extremely long ads very annoying I can only play a few times then there’s these long 15 second ads, most times 2 of them , right in a row😖but I love the game

- So Many Adds

This game is fun, but you spend 90% of the time watching adds and trying to get back onto the app after missing the center of the “x” in the top corner by .01 millimeters and there’s no way I’m paying to not have adds becuz thats cr*p and i shouldn’t have to pay to enjoy a free game

- 🤷‍♀️

Glitches and too many pop up ads but other then that good game

- Pretty Addictive Except

I love the game, I just don’t get why people complain about so many ads when you can turn off data/WiFi

- Add add add!!Glitches, freezes, causes phone to overheat!!!

After each game starts the game completely freezes and won’t work sometimes and it causes me to close the app and re open it but sometimes even after I close it and reopen it it’s still frozen and won’t work, and also my phone over heats way too much! AND WAYYYYY TO MANY ADDS!!!!

- Level 2353 and still easy😂

I’m on level 2353 and it’s the same as first 50 levels. Waste of time but addictive. However this game gives me anxiety too. I don’t recommend it to people with anger issues.

- Great game too many ads

It would be a fun game to play if I didn’t get an ad after every level I beat. It took me 5 seconds to beat a level then have to sit through a 30 second ad. I’m spending more time watching ads than I am playing the game.

- Oh another ad

You know what will ruin an otherwise fun game ?? Anybody??? Ads every time you touch the screen, not a normal ad but a full 30 sec ad between every game move . But sure if like to play ads go a head and download because that’s what you will be playing , not the game you downloaded and wanted to play. Thanks

- Pretty well

It’s a good game. The only problem is, it has too many ads and it won’t let me skip them. Overall the game is ok but they need to cut down on the ad problem it gets annoying.

- Good but misleading practice

Great design! Addicting. One major flaw: I paid to remove ads but still get prompted to watch a video for bonuses. Not cool. I paid to remove the ads! No exceptions. Plus, that knocks this game out of the running for putting it on my kids’ devices. :( Otherwise, its a promising game.

- This game is so much fun!

I love playing this to pass by time. It is perfect for me. I don’t really play many games but this caught my attention.

- Chicken

can someone send me chicken? It would be very appreciated from me and my rest of my class mates because I need food and I am hangry!!!

- This game is so good

I have been playing this game for a couple months and It’s fun but sometimes it can be Dumn but it’s still fun

- Too many ads, even when you pay for it.

Be prepared to navigate through ad after ad, even when you purchase the game with the promise of an ad-free experience. What’s worse, some of these ads even appear to be part of the game.

- Fun at first

The game wasn’t bad for the first 50 levels, but as I began to get further along it began to glitch. The game would close, it was randomly stop half way through and there are so many ads.

- Why the adds?

Every 2 levels it shows a add that you can’t really skip or press a X button I only gave it three stars because it’s fun but please do something about the adds

- Interesting concept, but...

The game seems cool at first, until you realize that for the most part you don’t have to do anything to beat the level. You can literally let the hole stay in front of you and it will all the work.

- The ball

How do you change the look of the ball? It went from white with small stripes to black, white, and red. Also I could do with less ads

- Addictive

This game is so addictive but also relaxing! A bit like a fidget toy but on a screen! I’m on level 165 and still going!

- Good idea not the best execution

The game is really fun and a great way to kill time but there are so many ads that it takes away from how fun the game is. Also the game lags a lot making it very frustrating at times

- Just an Ad disguised as a game

Like so many of these games you see, often time in ads themselves. All this is, is an advertisement disguised as a game. You have to watch an ad after every level 30secs or more. What’s unfortunate is some of these games could really be fun and entertaining but they are wasted on ad based platforms.

- I hate it

I hate when games do this! When u try to play in to try it out as a commercial and it brings u to the App Store! And it goes to fast and I’ve been stuck on the same level!!!!! But that is my perspective and there is so much that u have to do and u miss one ur OUT....but if u think u can handle it be my guessed in stuck in 29😒😤😫

- Play ad free

Just put your phone in airplane mode and no more annoying ads!

- God then bad

So when I first started playing it seemed like a cool concept, but later in I realized that the amount of ads I was getting was ridiculous, and yes I understand that you guys need to make money but sheesh it’s a little excessive, and I’m sorry but I’m not gonna pay you even more money to make the ads go away.

- Need more levels

I got to level 500 in 2 days.. addicting. Need more levels

- Ads ads ads ads ads

Another ads engine. I get that you need to make money but an ad every other level is garbage. Avoid, you’ll spend more time watching ads every other level than it takes to complete the levels. Get out of here with that crap.


I saw an add for this app on Instagram and it looked so much fun but it is awful and atrocious. It is so glitchy and annoying. So I kept trying but then it turnt my screen black and exited me off the app 🙄🙄. I hate IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The videos are so misleading and look so much better if there was a -50 rating for apps this one would have it.

- Too many ads🙄

It’s a really fun game! Nice to kill some time, but why so many ads. Like every other time I’ll get an ad. It’s really annoying! Plz fix

- Good

Didn’t get challenging until level 170 -ish. Kind of died down again, need more difficulty. Addicted so far, been playing for hours

- Too easy

If you just have the hole in front of the person your suppose to keep safe your gonna win 99% of the time. No need to move at all. Other than that it’s pretty fun.

- Ads

There’s an ad after every level; there’s an ad anytime you die. The levels are short and easy. The ads are long and boring. I’m deleting this game because I can’t stand the amount of ads that I have to watch. I spend more time watching the ads than I am playing the game.

- my opinion

I really like the game but it has too many ads! they definitely need to get rid of all those ads i want to play the game not sit and look at ads every time

- Addicting

You can’t just play one .... never been this hooked on a stupid game

- Ruined because of ads

this game could be a hit. it’s addictive and frustrating at the same time. but the ads. the ads are absolutely ridiculous. playing every single time you pass or fail and level. i had to delete the app it was so bad.

- One of those fun games with too many ads

It would be a great game but you spend more time watching ads then you actually do playing the game. Play a short level watch a 2 min ad then wait for the demo of that game to time out to let you play the next level

- I’m usually ok with ads, but oh my god...

This is absolutely ridiculous. If they didn’t play ads in the MIDDLE OF THE LEVEL, this would have tons of potential. Ads are understandable, but being absolutely ridiculous about it is just poor taste. Fix this, and you’d have better business.

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Hollo Ball 1.4.1 Screenshots & Images

Hollo Ball iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hollo Ball iphone images
Hollo Ball iphone images
Hollo Ball iphone images
Hollo Ball iphone images
Hollo Ball iphone images
Hollo Ball iphone images
Hollo Ball ipad images
Hollo Ball ipad images
Hollo Ball ipad images
Hollo Ball ipad images
Hollo Ball Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Hollo Ball Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Hollo Ball (Version 1.4.1) Install & Download

The applications Hollo Ball was published in the category Games on 2019-03-11 and was developed by Bigger Games [Developer ID: 1459990966]. This application file size is 205.78 MB. Hollo Ball - Games posted on 2020-04-15 current version is 1.4.1 and works well on IOS 10.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.russellraymond.holloball

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