Hoop Stack

Hoop Stack [Games] App Description & Overview

Hoop Stack will keep you hooked for hours!

Solve the game by sorting colorful hoops. Enjoy the mental challenge as you stack the colorful hoops. Think, strategize and predict every move.

It's a brand new addictive easy to play and hard to master game featuring unlimited gameplay. Filled with tons of mind juggling levels, color stack puzzle is everything you are looking for.

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Hoop Stack Customer Service, Editor Notes:

-Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Hoop Stack Comments & Reviews

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- Having fun

One of the only games that after two weeks Im still playing. Usually after that amount of time I get bored with game or annoyed with a game that you need to buy boosts or power ups to get past certain levels. It is a quick fun game . I do have one thing I wish they would do - that is add sound effects -as its nice to play a game with no sound it becomes jarring when commercials or ads just Blast in and disturb the peace -but they should either add sound effects or mute the ads!!!

- Decent but repetitive

Like most reviews already posted I was a little underwhelmed but this game. The levels never got harder. Only had to hit redo a few times and I made it to level 455. Once I hit 450 I thought the level would just repeat itself like another reviewer Had said, but it kept going. (You couldn’t convince me that there weren’t repeat levels throughout the 455 levels though) it felt very repetitive and got old after about 300 levels. I kept playing because I have a hard time not making it to the end, but I’m convinced there is no end and it just repeats previous levels. Plus there isn’t any point playing a game that doesn’t get more and more challenging. Soooo many ads though...definitely play this one on airplane mode. I would turn WiFi on every 10 levels so I could get the new skins, but after you get all 12(I think?) skins there is no point in watching any more ads. They just give you gems and gems are useless once you have the skins. Played all of it during down time across the last 3 days so it’s a quick play. Also yea, sound would be great. Not that fun playing such a repetitive game without sounds.

- Okay game, some major problems

I really enjoyed this game but there were some problems that really bothered me. For example, you would work towards earning a gift, and once you got the gift, you had to watch an ad to open it. I think this is annoying because it forced me to work towards this gift then denied me it. Another thing is that after completing each level, i was forced to watch a 30 second ad with no way of skipping. This form of advertising is really annoying and doesn’t serve them any justice because if anything it makes me want to download their app way less. Also, while playing the game, once you place a color onto a color that matches it, you can’t move it even if there’s a color underneath it that you need to get out. The game should let me position and move things how I want. The levels never get easier and it’s rather annoying to have easy levels all the time!!

- Could be better

Wish I could get my $ back. As others said too many long ads! I thought the game would become more challenging so I had some bucks to waste and thought if I paid, not only would I get rid of ads but I’d play the game that was advertised ( diff sized hoops) —nope! Same old. Ads were gone except when you have to watch one to get your reward. Then you tap on the “use” to actually use whatever reward you earn and nothing happens or changes. I really wanted to like this game and give it more stars. If the developers update it and make it more challenging— it will receive a higher rating. Plus $2.99 is a lot now, my fault for paying this. I thought it would at least get harder. Plus I should’ve read more reviews that suggested airplane mode to avoid ads then I could’ve saved $

- Fun

I’m having fun with this game. I do wish there was an undo option to just undo the move previous and maybe a hint option when you’re a little stuck. I’d like to have that the option as an added feature before you skip a whole level. I bought the ad free because the ads in between were annoying me. Also don’t like that I have to watch an ad to collect the “gift” even with the ad free version. These are little things that may make the game more appealing. It is really super fun even though I had a lot of little things that may make the game a little more fun.

- Major bug

This game seems like it has a fun concept, but there’s a major bug that keeps me from playing it. When trying to put the rings on, you 1, need to have it in a weird area for it to go on (and I need to look under the ring to see if it went on, which is also annoying), and 2, sometimes it just outright doesn’t work. I really wish I could give some kind of video on reviews. But, it seems like they only go in when it’s the typical pattern to complete the level. In a game like this with many possibilities of completing, and with testing being helpful, this was enough for me to undownload. If this does get resolved though, I would be willing to play again.

- Frustrated

Look, let me first start out by saying I really like your game. The reason for the low review is due to frustration. Why in the world would you have an option for unlocking random hoops if you CANNOT UNLOCK IT!!! I mean what then is the point of continuing to accumulate diamonds?? They’re pretty useless don’t you think?? Yes I’m venting and I have a right to. I know for a fact that you will take down this review, which totally defeats the purpose of even asking people to write a review. You have to accept the good, the bad and the highly frustrated. I hope this helps you in the future. For those thinking about downloading the app, I recommend this game. It’s great except for the issue addressed. Regards.

- Of course there has to be a ad

Idk why everybody is saying problems it’s about ads guys every game has ads don’t u understand but anyway let’s talk about the game very cool unbelievable game very nice I like it i wish there was ten stars if there I would rate this game ten or 💯💯💯or more i just love this game so much and I dont care about the ads cause every game has ads so ya and plz read this whoever made this game and ya that’s it hope you like my comment about ur game developer and sorry this very long and ya bye🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥰🥰😅😅✍🏻✍🏻

- bug with ads

this app has so many ads but i’ve been able to withstand them. however after a while of getting 100% and having a new hoop design to claim or a prize it would glitch and i’d be unable to click the option to watch a video to claim the prize wouldn't work at all, it would do nothing to the screen. the option to lose the prize would pop up and i would not want to click it but it was the only option that would allow for the screen to change, but when i do click to lose the prize IT MAKES ME WATCH AN AD AFTER. this is super frustrating.

- Interesting for 2.5 Seconds

I had high hopes for this game. It is satisfying to sort the colors onto their own sticks, so it starts off strong. But there are SO MANY ads; I know these games rely on ads but you can barely play a couple of levels without 3 ads popping up, and because it’s by level and not by amount of time playing if your good at it and moving fast it’s very frustrating. I also did not see an increase in difficulty as I went up the levels - I played all the way to 50 just to see if it ever got harder and not only did it not but I started to fee as if it was recycling levels. Probably a great game for younger kids but not challenging enough for adults.

- Flaws and recommendations

I saw this game pop up everywhere. So I downloaded it and quickly became obsessed with playing. When I was playing there was a lot of ads but I have learned with other games that if you go into your settings and turn off the cellular data when you are not connected to WiFi it removes ads. However, I played the game so much that I reached a very high level. After, I passed the level I wanted to continue playing but every time I go to the next level it is the same level. I don’t know if this is just a flaw in the game or I have beaten the whole game. I would recommend the game owner making an update to fix this problem.

- Underwhelming

I saw the game pop up as an ad on Instagram and thought it looked challenging and fun. The ads were absolutely ridiculous and took away from what little fun I was having. I continued to play because it was something mindless for me to do while I watched tv or listened to music. I noticed levels looked the same but thought maybe they changed where certain colors were until I got to level 450 (yes quite far) only for it to be the same level over and over with no changes for 5 levels straight. I finally stopped. But there is no way of knowing you are at the end or how you are doing on levels. Definitely could be better.

- Hoop Stack

Hoop Stack is an awesome and super fun game. I do it for hours everyday and it relaxes me. This game is incredible and takes strategy and smarts to complete the levels. I have had it for a many months now and never regret that decision. I am picky about my games and usually uninstall games super fast because I do like them but Hoop Stack is different. If you like challenge, fun, and relaxation download Hoop Stack right now. Hoop Stack appeals to everybody and is kid friendly.

- Way too many ads

This game is littered with ads. Literally between every level there are ads that you can’t skip. If I get a level right the first time...ad. If it takes me awhile to beat the level....ad. If I mess up and have to redo the level...ad. Only reason I got as far as I did was when you close the app during the ad and start it back up you still keep your place, no ad. Which is the only way to play in my opinion without losing your sanity. The fact I have to sit through a 15-30 second ad for each level which only takes maybe 5 seconds to beat is ridiculous. It just means this app is a glorified ad. I would not recommend this game to anyone.


I have never deleted an app almost as quickly as I installed it. I don’t mind little ads at the bottom of the screen, but having to sit through 30 second ads is absurd. Since I’m just at the beginning levels, they truly take 5 seconds to complete and then have to sit through lengthy ads. It not only makes me despise the current app, but the advertised app as well. It is a shame, as the actual interface of the game seemed like it was done well. Do what some of the other games do- play a 2 second ad at the beginning of each session- not in between each level, and definitely not 30 full seconds!

- Dishonest ads and bypassed lack of permission

Saw an ad for the game but it was slightly different than what was advertised. Also, I turned off permission for the game to use data because it’s not a game that needs data to run and the ads were a bit excessive. I’m still seeing ads though, so it is still using my data without permission. I turned WiFi off also to make sure it wasn't using that and ads were still there. Who know what else the app is doing without my permission? If it doesn’t run without turning the permission on I’d understand and just delete it but it’s still running and still using data. Felt that should be reported.

- Annoying but addictive

First of all I prefer this to stacking games where you can stack any color on any color. This is more challenging and thus better. I don’t know what to use the gems for and find some of the graphics hard to see (distinguishing between the blues and also the one that looks like a donut with teeth marks is hard to see). I opted immediately to pay for “no ads “ which I have never done before but it was necessary as I often need to start over after one or two moves. That helped a lot. I would have deleted game if not for that but I still get so many ads!!! Paying for no ads should mean no ads period! Also higher levels are not necessarily harder as you progress and some levels are impossible and must be skipped which brings on more ads. Not sure how much more of this I’ll take. I guess I’ve gotten my $2.99 worth (for no ads)

- Don’t be fooled!

I decided to pay for the game to remove ads as my two kids enjoy the game as well. $2.99 and, while I get fewer adds, in order to “claim reward” after you complete each level, you still have to sit through a 30 second ad. The game itself is addicting and fun. My 10 and 6 year old enjoy it as well although they skip many levels if they don’t figure it out in a couple of turns. But I’m disappointed that even though I paid for no ads I still get them. Will be contacting Apple and asking for a refund on the game for false advertising of “no ads”.

- Ok but some problems

I want to start by saying that I really love the concept of this game, for I saw it on Instagram ads. I had trouble rating this between 3 and 4 stars but first of all there are way too many ads. There is an ad Every. Single. Level. Can you please put less ads? And second is a problem I just experienced. The game was letting me move the hoops, but sometimes it just won’t let me move a hoop to a certain stack. It does get better after I try again tho.

- Fun in the beginning...

It was fun in the beginning and at first it was cool to “earn” different types of pieces but the pieces are really just different versions of the same thing so I stopped caring (if you decline to earn your prize trying to avoid an ad, you still have to watch an ad to get to the next level) I’m on level 125 and the difficulty has not markedly change. The progression of difficulty is also odd and non-linear. You’ll go from trying to match 7 colors of 5 pieces to 5 colors of three pieces - also the ads are annoying as hell but I suppose that’s par for a free app these days.

- Gets repetitive and boring

I’m at level 160 and I have no idea how I survived playing that long! It literally takes 5 seconds to beat a round. The game never gets challenging. I can picture it being a game for a 6 year old, but I’m sure even they’ll get bored with it. It was relatively easy and quick to collect all of the hoops so in addition to there being no challenging part, there’s also no prize aspect any longer. I’m not gonna even get started on the ads since it seems everyone here has already beat me to it.

- So. Many. Ads.

It’s a really fun game, don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy the puzzling side of things. There are just way too many ads. Most of the time I just close the app and reopen it. It’s quicker than sitting through the ad, to be honest. Also, I wish there was some way we could have hints added. Not a restart (with an ad, like it is). Like, use your diamonds to give you hints on how to solve each puzzle, if needed. It’s really frustrating when you’re stuck and your only option is to skip (by watching an ad).

- Great game

It is an amazing game it has so many fun levels and it’s so fun I want to give you a description of how to play so what you do is you take all of the hoops that are the same color and you put them on one hoop holder but but everything on on that hoop has to match the color on that and Each level it’s a little harder but it’s really fun and relaxing

- Decent if you play it on airplane mode

There’s way too many ads but if you play it on airplane mode, they dont pop up. Can’t collect all the beads without ads though :/. Biggest issue I had with this game is it ends at level 105, it’s an impossible level. Like legit impossible, I went through every possible move and it just is not possible. You are unable to skip the level also? Could have easily had an end screen saying “You did it” instead of a fake level.

- Fun but could be better

I like organizing things and proving game advertisements wrong of how hard their game is. I found the ad for this game on insta, the first 150 levels were really fun, but I started to get bored and stacking them together in a flash. I had already gotten all the costumes unlocked at level 100. It’s shocking to me how in just 3 days I got to level 300 and I’m still bored. Almost all of the games I’ve downloaded have challenges so if this one has some type of challenge then I would stick with it.

- Could use a few more features

I like the game, however, I wish there there some different game options. For instance, when you are stuck you should be able to use your points for a hint. Also, make it so you can go back one move instead of starting all over. Just seems a little too basic a game without much programming. I have over 5000 diamonds and nothing to purchase with them.

- Not recommended

The concept of the game is fun and the rings move easily with your finger. The problem is, as most of the other reviewers have said, the ads. Sometimes multiple ads after every game, that you can’t skip. Then, there is no menu to go back to previous played levels. If you skip a level (after watching a 2 minute ad) you can never go back to try that level. Finally, the game was advertised as trying to stack different size hoops, but it’s only about stacking hoops of the same color. The sizes don’t matter.

- Levels Stop After 575

I too saw it on Instagram and downloaded it. I don’t mind the ads too much because this game can be quite addictive. My issue is I think I’ve reached the limit to their levels (575). I played a few more rounds and realized I was playing the same level over and over again. It’s a quick brain break so I’ll miss playing this game. Maybe I’ll delete it and redownload it to start over again.

- Too many ads!

I played to level 50 before I had had enough of the ads, they came after every level except two! Click at them and try to close and it’s nearly impossible. I really like the game itself, it’s a mildly challenging diversion, but it got to be not worth it. Too bad! Ok so I splurged and paid for the game and now instead of a full blown ad after the levels, there is a terribly annoying rolling banner on the bottom of my screen for other games to purchase. Isn’t this what I paid money to NOT HAVE????? I either want the ad removed or my $2.99 refunded, hoop stack!!!!

- Could Be Better

I like the idea of the game & see how it could be challenging but the game constantly shuts down. If you realize that you’ve made the wrong move it’s quite the ordeal to restart the level due to the constant push of downloadable apps. It should give you at least one do-over before going to an ad. You don’t get to enjoy the challenges due to all of the other BS. It’s extremely frustrating & time consuming to play ... so I move on to another game.

- Not challenging enough

Out of the 450 levels I’ve played, about 10 of them really had me stumped and took time to figure out. This game should become more challenging the higher level you achieve. Instead, you occasionally are lucky enough to find a level that takes strategy, but 98% if the time you are wasting your time re-stacking or being bombarded with attempts to make you view an add even in the paid version. The app was entertaining for a few hours but quickly became quite disappointing.

- It’s pretty fun

This game is pretty fun and a way to waste time when you have nothing else to do. However, I noticed a slight glitch in the game. In a lot of levels when I want to place a hoop somewhere, it won’t always land. It’s a little hard to explain, but it basically doesn’t always work when you are trying to place the hoops. If that could be fixed, I say the game is without flaws otherwise

- More hoops

I like this game, it’s a fun challenge and I can spend a really long time advancing levels. However, I wish there were more hoop styles available because I’ve only been playing for a couple of days and I already unlocked them all. So, now I don’t have that much motivation to play because there’s no other rewards I can get. Will you be adding more hoops soon? Sincerely, an avid player

- Digital advertisement at its finest

Note to the developer/management: stop being greedy and you’ll make more money. Get this...I downloaded this app from a 3 second ad on another app...now, I played this for 5 minutes and 3 of those minutes were on full length ads...now, I’m done playing. If you had 5 second ads like other games, you’d keep your users and also your revenue stream, because soon enough no one will pay to advertise with you if you lose all your users. Ads being longer than the actual game? Poor Strategy! Come on, business 101.

- Fun but needs updates

The app is fun but I really don’t like a few things. First, the colors are extremely hard to tell a part (and I don’t have a vision impairment). Also, I find the stacking mechanic to be a little difficult. I don’t understand why there’s a shadow that seems to matter more for alignment than the hoop itself. Fix these two things and the game would be better. As of right now they are a little too annoying for me to enjoy the game.

- Wayyyyyyy too many ads.

So spammy! Thought I found a good brain dead game to help me get to sleep at night but it’s just ADS ADS ADS. And we’re talking in between EACH SINGLE LEVEL there’s 2 video ads that you must watch about 10-15 seconds of EACH ONE before being able to skip it. SO annoying! I get if you’re doing a free app alittle advertising is in order, but seriously it takes a whole minute in between levels and each level takes like 15-20 seconds to complete so more then half the time you’re playing is spend with spammy repetitive, inescapable ads. BIG MAD OVER HERE.

- Love the game but...

Love the game. I was obsessed with it honestly! I’ve reached level 3,800 and maybe 50, before it stopped working. 😩😭 Every time I open the game now it says level 17 but it’s a blank page it doesn’t show any hoops, nothing. The app needs to be updated ASAP with new levels or something. I took a star away because I can’t play anymore. This game is very addictive.🤦🏽‍♀️ It definitely help calm my nerves.

- Good game but..

It’s a really fun, addictive game. However, two things are not cool. One, no “undo” button if you make a mistake. You have to restart the entire puzzle over. And two, the ads are ridiculous! I understand ads are necessary for a free game, but these ads are wayyyy over the norm. **Turn off your WiFi if you wanna enjoy this game, otherwise the ads will drive you bonkers!

- Difference

I thought this would be a fun game but the levels don’t get as difficult as they did in the ad and thats not very.......good”?” But i mean to be fair ads are meant to be persuasive but i probably should have read the reviews then i wouldn’t have to be doing this but i just got it any way cause everyone’s opinions are different but anyway whoever reads this review i want you to know that if liked the ad or just want to test out the game go for it cause everyone’s opinion always differentiates. Good luck and choose wisely. Bye-bye

- Completely Unresponsive

Over the past month, I’ve written Bigger Games, the company that makes this game, and told them that I’ve reached a high level on Hoop Stack, but it seems stuck because it stopped giving any more rewards. I’m not sure if I should delete it and reinstall it, because that might cause all progress to be lost. It’s frustrating that the people at Bigger Games have been completely unresponsive, so I’ve stopped playing the game, until, or if, I do hear back from them.

- Semi fun Ad attack

Game itself is fun, and can be challenging. However the ratio for me ended up being 10 seconds of gameplay to every 30 seconds worth of ads. With 75% of the time in game being spent watching ads, I decided to delete. If I enjoyed it a bit more, I’d just shell the money to stop the ads, but with it being such a simple puzzle game, it didn’t compel me enough to do so. So if you truly enjoy the puzzle, spend the money, otherwise the game is not playable with the amount of ads.

- Just a minor thing

So it's a pretty fun game to waste time with but there is a little thing. You can only place hoops on top of hoops that are the same color which makes sense but you can't undo moves. Say you're in a level and you've gotten pretty far, if you make one wrong move you have to restart the level entirely which is very annoying.

- After level 1336 issues

After you break about level 1330 the game starts having issues. Like it can’t remember what level your on and it starts to glitch out. I have been playing this mindlessly while watching tv it gave my fingers something to do. But now it’s upsetting that I get glitched out of the game and have to restart it several times for it to work properly. Please fix!!! I really enjoy this game.

- Poor Coding

Very fun puzzle game, but I’ve been playing it for an hour and have had to reset twice, because the rings just won’t move. Unless there’s some rule I’m unaware of where certain rings can’t go on certain pegs, I’ll pick up a ring try to move it to a peg that definitely has space, and it won’t let me. The problem has persisted after several attempts, and while I really do like the game, I’m about to delete the app out of pure frustration. Guess that’s what I get for downloading something straight from the ad of another game.

- Mind numbingly easy

Fun at first but wish puzzles got more challenging as you moved up levels. Also would be fun if it kept track of how fast you solve a puzzle or how many moves. Would also like an undo button. Every now and again I accidentally make a wrong move but instead of being able to undo I have to start again (and sometimes even have to watch an ad before it starts again). Most puzzles can be solved in 30 secs or less.

- Ad free?

I enjoy the game. That said, I purchased the ad-free version for $2.99, and it at not punt was ever ad-free. I paid $2.99 for absolutely nothing. I don’t want to turn off my cellular data or put my phone in airplane mode in the hopes that the ads will go away. I want to be given the service I paid for. I have found no way to contact the creators of the game about this other than their “info” email. Those ads are enough to make me get rid of the game, but now I want a refund or I want it to be ad-free.

- Better before the update

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game to kill time. Now with the recent update, every fifth game you are supposed to be earning new hoops, however at least 75% of the time when I am clicking on “claim” nothing happens. I click over and over again and nothing happens. Eventually I just give up and click on “lose gift” because that’s the only way to move on. I should have at least 25 hoops by now and I have maybe 6. Would be a cool update if it actually worked and players could benefit from it.

- Not good...

This is not a good game. Only played it for 2 minutes. The idea of a no tutorial is something I really enjoyed and I loved how your screen vibrates every time you pick a hoop but their is no challenge in the game and most levels are similar. The only way I see someone download this game is if they are some office employee who is a corporate slave and just needs to do something brain-dead to calm him down in the day. Also you have too many ads I’d reduce it if I were you (developers)

- Honestly a good game

I actually really like this game. It hardly has ads and it’s really fun. Sooner or later it gets boring and you want more of a thrill, but it’s a great car ride game and just lazy game. But to make it more fun I think it would be so fun to have a countdown going to see how fast you can go, and you can turn it on/off due to your liking. Anyways it’s a really fun game I would recommend it.

- Too many freaking ads!

Ok so the game itself is actually fun and interesting. However, there are too many ads. Seems like every time I finish a level an ad pops up. It’s really aggravating and I’m sure a lot of people agree with me. To the creators of this app: people are going to un download your game if you don’t tone it down with the ads. PLEASE and I’m begging you to put an APPROPRIATE amount of ads in this game. Not every time I level up. Thanks.

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- Fun app

Easy to use app. Pretty mindless and the puzzles don’t seem to increase in difficulty, but still a lot of fun. I can see a lot of reviews regarding the amount of ads within the game - you must watch an ad for every 10 games played, even if you pay for the ‘no ads’ version. My tip is to force close the app and reopen it to avoid watching the 30 second ad.

- Paid In-App for No Ads - Still get Ads

UPDATE: I got a refund from iTunes Support. Bigger Games did not respond to my emails. The purchase for “remove all ads and banners” is misleading, do not purchase, or, purchase then refund later because you will still receive some ads. This is the best resolution support could offer. July 25: I paid $5 for no ads, so I could catch up to my partners (we were racing through this game). But I still get ads! Specifically I get ads every 5 levels. I either have to tap to skip ad (delays game play) or watch the ad. This continues even after I’ve unlocked everything in the game. I also get ads if I skip a level. I don’t skip levels, but tested to see if there were still ads. In my opinion, it is deceptive to charge for no ads and continue to present some ads anyway. The way the purchase was presented to me, I thought it would be no ads. So I feel conned. I’ve contacted Bigger Games about this issue and will update this review if they resolve the issue.

- Too easy, scam made for ad revenue

Don’t bother downloading. Each puzzle takes about 10 seconds to complete & before progressing to the next puzzle you have to watch a 30 second ad. The ads are relentless and take up more time than the game. I don’t mind a few ads here and there or having to watch an ad to get more lives in other games, but this game takes it to a whole new level. After about level 5 the levels do not get harder. I played to 30 before I gave up. To other games who advertise on this game - I will make a point of not downloading them. Scams like this should be taken down from the App Store.

- Frustrated

Agree with the reviewer above I downloaded this from an add drop on another game so didn’t check the reviews but the adds are ridiculous and as with some adds you can tap the screen and by pass them 5 seconds in this you do actually have to watch the home 30 odd seconds of adds don’t mind the game the levels do get a bit harder and make you think a bit but not worth the length of time you have to wait to get past the adds after every level very disappointing and agree these ones should be removed or dealt with so they can have so many adds

- Great Game

Good one to pass the time. Were a few doosies in there. Nearly considered skipping a level but stuck at it. Got to level 950ish and the game seems to have started over. Hopefully some new levels are released soon.

- Its awful.

Each so called “puzzle” is so easy a baby could do it with its eyes closed. It doesn’t get harder each time, honestly just gets easier. But that wasn’t even the BIG problem. There are so many adds, you play for 5 seconds and than there is a 30 second long add. It asked me after I completed a few puzzles to watch an add to get a reward, but I clearly hate adds and didn't wanna watch nor cared about my reward. So I click “no thanks” but than I 30 second add pops up. WHYYYYY definitely deleting this. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAMEEE

- Scam game made for ad revenue

Do not download this game. It is not challenging at all and was basically made for the developers to get money from advertising revenue. You literally have a 30 sec as between each game and each game is so easy you finish it in less than 30 seconds. Honestly even my 3 year old can complete this in less than a minute it’s that easy. We are on high levels and it just never gets hard enough to justify the time wasted playing this game.

- No prizes!

I downloaded this app for free because I wanted to play something relaxing but I can’t get any prizes! After a few levels, you have you watch an ad for a prize. After that, you get a reward... When I got up to that, I never got anything. I even had my wifi on the whole time!!! I really hope this gets fixed, because I want to unlock all skins and become a master at this game.


I installed this as a fun relaxing app to play in my free time but it’s rubbish. It might be fun if it weren’t for the ads every 2 minutes!! I can stand a few ads but this is just too much. The moment I got the game, I received an ad! How frustrating?! I don’t recommend getting this game at all, too many ads and it’s a waste of time and space.

- Fun but glitches

Too many ads as mentioned by the other review like it’s all the time and makes me furious... also I got to about level 14 and the hops won’t more when I go to move them they just don’t I tried skipping the level restarting my phone and even uninstalled and then re installed the app and it still does it... waste of time is fun but these things ruin it

- Would’ve rated it 5 stars but there are a lot of ads

Which is reasonable because they need to make money

- It’s ok for the start

Was kind of addictive for the first 100 levels or so but apart from all the ads, I started noticing that the levels were all repeating and some of the higher levels were waaaay too easy!!! .... think they ran out of possibilities and just started repeating levels to increase the play time 🤷‍♀️ Kinda bored with it now.

- Ridiculously bad

Still not sure how it has a 4.4 out of 5 rating of the 2800 odd reviews only 2 have given it a 5 start review... anyway way too many ads, levels don’t get harder and just repeat, ads, pointless gems don’t actually do anything, ads, and did I mention ads? But like the game ads everywhere DONT DOWNLOAD would give zero if I could

- Ads borderline rediculous

It’s not just the number of ads. One every level or two at points (so an ad a minute). Some are difficult to exit or have a fake exit cross which is actually a hyperlink to buy something. You spend more time watching ads and dodging those trap links than actually playing the game. Deleted it.

- Paid for no ads but still see ads!

I paid for no ads, which stopped the ads between each level (which was clearly very annoying) however if I want to claim a ‘reward’ I still have to watch an ad. Does not make this clear as it claims you pay to remove ALL ads 😡

- Plan to watch adds

Played first 20 levels they were super easy and took less than 30 seconds each sometimes only 5 seconds. Then in between each one you have to watch a 30 second add. Now after the 30 second add they added another 15 second add. Deleting now.

- Good but level too hard

I was obsessed with this game, I couldn’t put it down, but I have been stuck on level 105 for 2 weeks. I honestly don’t think it is completable and that’s just sad.

- Brain tester

I’m 60yrs although I still work in administration this game is really good testing your thinking outside the circle

- if it’s not good

it’s so easy u can do it it’s really good but u should definitely get this is the game for u if u don’t Like it it’s okay:3

- Too much Ad time

The beginning levels which you have to start on (no option to skip) are WAY too easy, you fly through them in a matter of seconds, but then after 2 or so you then have to wait a whole 30 seconds for an ad.

- I’m confused 🤷🏼‍♀️

I really don’t know what you guys are going on about, I have had no trouble whatsoever.

- It’s a fine game I guess.

It’s a little too easy but it’s also a little fun but kinda boring whenever I have time I just play this game but it’s a really good game so I hope you make more fun games

- Too easy

Got through 35 levels. Waited for it to get harder and it never did. Downloaded it because I saw an ad that showed a more complex level. Not a fan of wading through x number of easy levels until I get to the hard ones (if they exist at all)

- How good this game is

This game is so incredibly awesome I love it so much I am so glad you made this game thank you.

- Ads and more ads

Be prepared to sit through an inordinate amount of insipid ads for others games after every single game. The challenges are something even the most simple minds can breeze through. Uninstalled this in under two days.

- Buggy

So infuriating. It’s meant to be a puzzle game, yet, unless you do the exact order of moves that the game wants you to, it won’t let you move hoops!! Such a waste of time even if you’re able to sit through the relentless ads as you don’t even get a free thinking puzzle game

- Glitched game!

Got to level 10 and it stopped letting me place the coloured rings where I wanted them to go, just kept going back to where they were placed at the start. Even tried moving them anywhere and still nothing. Poorly made game. Don’t bother!

- Paid advertising

If you are interested in watching ads for lots of different unrelated apps make sure to download this one. Not sure if there was meant to be a challenging puzzle app behind all the clutter, I don’t really have the time to wait and find out.

- too easy

It’s an ok premise for a game but I think it’d be more engaging if it counted how many moves it takes you and also set a target (ie. top players completed this challenge in 8 moves)

- Pay for Ad free and still get Ads?????

Gets more challenging at level 90 but Ads become so frustrating. Paid for no Ads and still get them. RIPPED OFF

- Keeps freezing!

After a couple of levels and watching an ad, the game will freeze. I have to shut down the app and restart. So frustrating! Otherwise a quick fun game

- Deleted

I prefer to pay a fair price for a game rather than ads. I can handle a couple of ads, but like a lot of games these days, this feels like the game is a reward for watching the ads.....kinda like when the monkey puts the round peg in the round hole he gets a peanut science experiment.

- More adds than play time

Downloaded to play but found there is more adds than play time, like I know adds make if free but this was reductions, a 39 second add every probably 10 seconds. couldn’t even get a feel for the game, instant dekete

- Addictive and challenging

Great for keeping the mind sharp, gets harder as you advance.

- Lots of fun

Addictive with a good difficulty curve that keeps your brain ticking.

- Crashes too much 😵

This game is nice and all but every time I finish a level it crashes and also I turn off the internet so there are no ads so I recommend you don’t get this game.

- Way too many ads

As pop up every third level and it automatically open the app store even if you don’t click the ad. Also very long waiting period for each ad. Do Not recommend this game! Waste of time

- Don’t bother

Game is ok but the ads are just trashy relentless ads that you spend more time watching than playing the actual game. There’s plenty of other free games out there that don’t swamp you with so many ads and ruin your gaming experience

- Too many ads and too easy

This game has ads between every level, and the levels don’t seem to increase in difficulty. So I’m bored of it already.

- Don’t bother!!!

What a waste of time! After every level you play you have to endure 30-40 seconds of ads. You can’t progress more than one level at a time without stupid ads!! Don’t bother! Better games to play

- Too many ads

Plain refuse to pay, would rather just play on airplane mode but it’s aggravating at the unnecessary amount of ads. Ridiculous

- Sound

If a device is on silent than all advertisements should automatically have sound turned off. Very frustrating when this is not the case.

- Paid for no ads but still have ads

Hey! Love this game but I paid for the upgrade so as not to have ads but still get ads ????

- Too many adds and no hints

Too many ads popping up throughout the games and no hints when you are stuck, just the option to skip the level

- Extremely disappointed

Way too many adds. 30-45 second adds between each level, disgusting.

- Just pure awfulness

The game is not how it seems in the ads and can literally be completed by a 2 yr old. Don’t download this game for the creators obviously made this just to get money off of all the terrible ads they make.

- Airplane mode

It’s a fun game, it’s not the one Instagram shows it is though. If the ads annoy you so much put your phone on airplane mode obviously!

- Dont waste ur time here

Puzzles are not that hard as it say but the ads popped up every other games. Each ads takes 30 sec longer than each puzzle!! 🙄🙄

- Scam

Don’t bother downloading it they just made a easy game to make money it take 5 seconds to do a level and after 3 or so levels you have to watch a 30 second+ ad

- Yawn....most boring game ever

If you’re older than 4 years old, any idiot can do this. Downloaded as the advertised challenges looked interesting - moving 8 donuts is not challenging and 16 donuts doesn’t improve it. Boring, boring, boring

Payoneer 💰

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- Wazzzz up

So I saw this on an Instagram ad and though “why not” so there I am getting g this game and you know, I like it it’s good for like passing time, if you like straightening things out this is for you like if you gots some OCD I think you would like putting the hoops in the right places with the corresponding colours Ladies and gents this has been my review, have a good day

- Hoop stack

Too many ads in between games ,or suggestion of other games , Let us play at least a few shots instead of coming up with new stuff after every shots


The game is what you see on ads on insta but there are 30 second ads after you level up 3 times. It’s annoying and made me stop playing overall. Just too many ads

- False Advertising

When I see an ad, I expect the app to be what the ad shows.

- Crash...

Very frustrating crashes constantly have to restart Hopefully will get fixed soon or I’m out

- Glitch

The stacks won’t let me move them and it’s just a severely glitchy game honestly hated because the game seemed fun but wouldn’t work

- Too many ads and misleading

Poor controls, not very difficult, ads after every level and required for basic game functions. Horrible

- Deceiving

Definitely has nothing to do with the advertisements 😤😤

- why

there’s a game in your ads

- Don’t waste ur time

Ads after every single round makes it completely unplayable. At least for the first few rounds make them less frequent

- Stupid

Wont let you make the wrong move so you don’t even get a chance to figure out your mistakes. also too many adds it’s insane

- Easy

Too easy at the start

- Glitchy

Was performing fine initially. Then the app started glitching too much. Randomly freezes and the game closes.


Too many ads on every level for basic controls of the game. Then after you get a 30 second add for making one move in the game🙄

- Paid for no Ads, still getting Ads

Argh. I like the game play so paid the money to remove the ads but I still get an add every time I get a “bonus”. Feels like a rip off.

- Hoop Stack

Bébelle a annonce

- For everyone complaining about advertisements:

To get rid of all of those advertisements, simply turn on Airplane Mode. Its simple and gets rid of the advertisements. Enjoy! 👍

- Ads, Ads, Ads!!!

Sooooo many annoying ads!! So switch off the ads, set the app not to use cell data (it’s set on by default) and go off Wi-Fi. You’re welcome.

- How to get rid of ads

U turn off ur wifi and play offline lol. this game is chill nothing bad or anything

- Good game but too many ads

I love the this game but too many ads 🥱

- Ads

Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads

- Chill + relax

More cool games like this, thanks 👍🏼


Really fun game but every level the is a 30 second ad to the point I just close the app.

- Ads

Too many ads. I don’t recommend the game. Not worth it.

- Too many issues

Too many adds, sure you collect alot of diamonds but the game won’t let you buy different hoops, the game freezes alot so frustrating!!!!

- Horrible

False advertising, very glitchy, and too many ads. Overall would not recommend. I literally had to delete it 5 min after it was installed. >:(

- Too many ads, no new levels

Even after paying for the “ad-free version”, there are still ads. The levels after level 100 are all the same, and there are no “new hoops” to claim after about about a day of playing. It’s a good time consuming game, but after a while it’s very disappointing.

- Too easy and too many ads

The levels are a cake walk and there is an ad every level you spend more time watching ads than playing the game

- Ads

I like the game but ads are irritating. Not interested to play because of ads.

- Way too many ads!!!

Nice game. Keeps the brain active. But an ad after every stage, not worth my time at least.

- Could be fun but way to many adds

Way to many adds. That’s the first problem there’s an add after every level, every freaking one! Besides that this game could be fun, but it’s really easy maybe if they had the levels timed it might be a bit of a challenge. I’m deleting this game.

- Don’t do it!

Ads every 10 second! Painful.

- How do I report this app (1 star)

DONT INSTALL THIS APP I installed the app after seeing it on instagram. Its not the same app as advertised. After install my phone started acting really strange. It would just go to a black screen and the lock screen would come up. I uninstalled the app and it has gotten any better if not its worse. Im going to try wiping my phone an see what happens.

- 😑

This game asked me to write a review within a minute of me playing it which is kinda annoying but it wanted me to do here I am. I got this game after seeing it on insta and it’s not really like what you see in the ads it’s less satisfying and there are way to many ads guess I’ll play offline🤷🏽‍♀️

- From me to you

Yo this game actually screws with my dome. i can’t think straight anymore, it’s so hard to use my brain properly anymore. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone that wants to use their brain in the future. still five stars tho. respects 🍒💨

- No fun playing games on iPhone anymore

The concept in the game is great, but it’s frustrating that after every single level there is an ad. It’s the capitalism! And it’s funny that the duration of the commercial is longer that the duration of the play. I deleted the game

- Perfectly formed

Cannot put this game down! Simple and difficult all in one pleasing hoop stack.😊

- False ad

The ad on insta shows a hole different game

- Don’t get it

I would give this -1 million stars if I could. Litter ads after ever effing round

- Don’t pay to remove ads!

I paid $3.99 to remove the ads from the game, and an ad still appears at the bottom while I am playing. Also have to watch ads in between certain levels of the game for their other apps. Not impressed.

- Ads

Ads ads ads Watch ad to get gift? Presses lose gift. Gets an ad anyways. Fuuuuuuuck youuuuuuu

- Way too many ads

I had an ad show up after almost every play. 30 seconds of play for a 1 minute ad. DELETE!

- 😋😋😋😋

Reminds me of fruit loops and it’s pretty fun

- Fine game but not worth playing

For every one minute of game play there is 30 seconds of adds.

- Loaded with ads

Every time to do anything in this app, it plays an ad. I deleted it after the first few levels. Mindless game, not as advertised.

- Great game, could use fewer ads

I saw an ad for this app on Instagram, and thought it sounded fun. I downloaded it. You get through the first five levels and then you get shafted with a 30-60 minute ad every time you finish a level or make an error and have to start over. If you want the reward you earn, it’s ANOTHER AD. I will be removing this app from my phone. It’s not relaxing or enjoyable when you get to play for less time than you are given ads.

- Intrusive Ads

Game wasnt as advertised (ball puzzle game). No ads until after they ask you to rate the game 5 stars. Then you get ad after ad everytime you do another level or try to replay a level.

- Way too many ads

Tone it down.

- Way to many ads

There are ads every 2 levels and you have to watch and ad to collect something

- Waste of time

Advertisement every 20 seconds. Not even worth getting for free.

Libertex 📈

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- Love This Game

I have never played a game I like. I am not a gamer. For some reason, this game has me hooked. It’s a total stress reliever and it’s like playing chess. Not sure if it is mental exercise but moving the circles around and having to premeditate your move is a thriller. It gets harder as you move up in levels. I am a Doctor of Psychology.

- Too many ads and are very long

The game is fun but each time you complete a level you have to sit through every ad. It does not give you an option to skip it either. I have other games that has ads but it’s not every single time I complete a level nor do I have to watch the whole entire minute or minute and a half of it. If you get easily aggravated by long, non-skipable ads do not get this game!

- Boring after awhile

I was hoping to get more rows as the levels got higher, but it stops at two rows unlike the advertisement. Plus, I purchased the ads free version but still have to sit through ads in order to get my rewards. I’m on level 739, and it’s no longer challenging at this point. I wish it had more rows to make it more interesting.

- Surprisingly challenging

I saw this ad and usually I don’t like to fall for app promotions but was Intrigued to try it out, overall entertaining when u’ve got nothing else to do and want to work out your mind, I’ve reached level 170 and for three days trying to pass it and feel like it’s impossible trying different methods! Anyone know the steps to it?

- Pass this game honey.

Of course. It’s a low game with barely any thought, but still enough to lure people in with its simple idea. I tried playing and within only a few levels I already have an annoying ad in my face. I turn my internet off to avoid ads, and suddenly, the game won’t let me make certain moves. Want to place this color there? Too bad, it’s gonna stay here. If I can’t play this dumb waste of space game, fine by me. There are plenty of more worth while games out there, even cheap ones. Pass this garbage up

- No Ads For Gifts

I want to complain about having to see ads to claim gifts earned within the game. Gifts are supposed to be earned through gameplay as the meter between rounds would imply. To make somebody watch an ad to claim a gift already earned is not right. Please take that part off or quit teasing people about gifts they were supposed to have won during the game.

- Love it

Even now I just started I love it hoop stack is the best thing in the world and I even know that because guess what I had to delete my favorite apps just to get this and I just started in this is so fun I love it and I want to get it I want to get to the highest level ever since this is so easy and I love it

- Decent game... way too many ads

It’s a decent game. Would give 5 stars if it wasn’t for so many ads. There is an ad for every change that occurs in the game (getting to a new level, restarting a level, upgrading the rings, etc.) There are so many ads that I am brought to the point of deleting this app. It ruins the fun of it and prevents me from experiencing the full potential of the game through the free version. I might have upgraded to the no ad version if I wasn’t overly bombarded with advertisements. Pretty annoying...

- Not extremely hard but fun.

Through level 130 and have collected all the hoops. Rewards don’t seem ton mean much after you collect all the hoops. Still fun though and a challenge at times, all games don’t have to be impossible to be worthwhile. Note I purchased the no ads option but you still have to watch ads to get the hoops.

- Stupid

The game gets boring almost instantly. The only varying feature is how sometimes levels will just get longer, not harder, and even still only a handful of all the levels from 1-50 take longer than 15 seconds to beat, and only 2 or 3 take longer than a minute or two. No music, no background, no nothing but the boring game. Also the ad that led me to this game was misleading and it has in game ads every freaking second so its basically just a cheap, low effort money grab of an app. Not worth it

- Half and half

The game was fun, but you could barely play it for the amount of commercials that were in it. I understand the reason for commercials, I get it. But if there’s way more time spent watching commercials than actually playing the game, there is no point. So, it gets a half-and-half for me, because the game itself is fun but you don’t get to really play it.I deleted the app after one session.

- Where are the directions?

Started off fun. Once it got to the part where it won’t let you move certain ones to open cones.... what?! Why?! Why can’t you move it there? Let me check the directions.... oh... so no rhyme or reason why you can’t use open slots? Sure you can skip... and sit through a stupid long repetitive ad....and STILL run into the same thing? What’s the challenge in hitting skip? I’m on level 25 and skipped a good 11 levels because I don’t know what’s happening. Delete. Don’t waste your time.

- Do not download

This game is probably one of the worst apps that I’ve ever downloaded. There is no interface or menu. The levels are either mind numbingly easy or you make one mistake and have to restart but you won’t know til 6 moves later. The aids also ruin this app by coming after every single level. After playing for 15 minutes I noticed accidental game breaking glitches that if you went to restart the level would give you aids. Do yourself a favor and download something better.

- More Commercials than Play

It is hard to get into a zone with this game because at every level, you’re interrupted with at least one commercial, which are at least 15 seconds each, some are 30 seconds. Worse, the game levels are short so you end up watching more ads than game playing. They should let you get hooked before shoving the ads at you, but at least I know before I wasted too much time.

- Highly recommend

I am really enjoying this app. Its SO engaging. Sometimes the levels are very challenging, for me at least, and then you get a relatively easy one. I would have given it a five, but why do you have to have an ad basically after every level. I still would highly recommend this game. Good for the thinking dome.

- Repetitive, but fun.

The game is actually really fun if a bit repetitive. Even after 500 levels I still find myself playing. One really good thing about this app is I’m not spammed with ads. Ads come every after every two or three levels. The only down side to this game is the repetition. I’d like some levels to be harder.

- An overhaul wouldn’t hurt.

It’s a decent game and is challenging at first, but some aspects of it are glitchy. For example, you complete levels to unlock different shapes, no problem, but then after you’ve unlocked them the game continues to award you “diamonds” that serve no purpose? Also feels like the levels are being repeated over and over again as you advance through the game.

- Waste of time.

Play Sort It 3D instead. In this game there’s only “one way” to solve each level. There’s other solutions, but this game will not accept anything except what was made. In Sort It 3D there’s multiple ways to solve it. Another way to explain this, is that you have total freedom to move the pieces. This game doesn’t allow it. If it doesn’t show the shadow when you move an object then you can’t. (Hence the only one solution). If this style of games is something you want, highly recommend Sort It 3D.


If you turn on airplane mode while you play this game, you will not recieve a single ad. I got this game a week ago and have completed 158 levels without a single ad. If I decide I want to play, I turn on airplane mode or just turn off my wifi and that solves the problems completely. I’m surprised no one else has done this yet.


Almost unplayable!! Game has 30-45 second ads every two tries you play with each try lasting 15-20 seconds. You end up spending 2-3 times as much time watching ads as you do actually playing the game. Not worth it at all!!

- So. Many. Ads.

I really enjoy this game, however there are so many ads. I would play this game a lot more if I didn’t have to watch an ad for the same game every single time I finish a level or restart one. I would pay a nominal fee to just makes the ads stop. Please. This is also a battery drainer. My phone gets hot and my battery drops like a stone when I play this game.

- Needs work

The game itself is fun to play but there’s too major things that keep me from playing too long. First off way too many ads. The levels are pretty easy so you beat them in seconds and after every level you watch a 30 second ad basically you’re watching more ads than you are playing the game. The second thing is the app is a bit buggy. It freezes up a lot.

- Decent but repeated levels and crazy ads

The game itself is fun but the levels repeat themselves (very frequently in higher levels) and with few exceptions they aren't challenging so play onky if you want something mindless to keep you busy. Also, the ads are over the top like 30 sec game video ads after every level unless you pay to remove them (which I did but then disappointed per my first comments)

- Never Gets Difficult

I quickly learned that airplane mode stops the ads. or you can crash the game and start it back up.. I powered through to level 300 and there were maybe 10 levels or so that i would say that took a little bit of thought. other than that i literally flew through the levels with no trouble at all. would recommend for a young child. no adults will find this challenging

- Improvements can be made

The game over all is really fun for a while. The reason I am saying for a while is because I think somebody already wrote this but the levels never got harder. Their were also way too many ads and maybe they should have a thing we’re you have to watch a video to claim your prize. Atleast make the prize non video claim. Overall I like the idea of it but please make it harder and less ads.

- Love hate

I love this game. It’s fun & it really got me to think at the beginning. Once I got to leave 968 till now 981 it basically started all over again. It gave me one color, then two. You would think since I’m that high up in the game it would be more challenging. It’s not. It’s basically like I’m back at the beginning again. I don’t like that. I want this game to challenge me & bring in more colors. Something. Debating if I should delete it at this moment

- Lots of ads good game

It’s is a game that’s very addicting but what makes me not want to play the game is how many ads are in this game if you want to retry the level again it will but the next time you retry the level again you get an ad. Next level up. Ad. Collecting your gift. Ad. It gets very annoying and I would like not having to put my phone on airplane mode just to play it.

- Don’t believe the advertisement for this game!!

So game developers, WHEN do I get to play with different sized hoops?? Your advertisement depicted different sized hoops and THAT is why I downloaded the game!! I’m on level 20 and all the hoops have been the same size.. the only thing I know about your game is that you can’t place a green disc on a blue disc you may only place a green disc on a green disc and blue on blue, etc. etc. which is neither challenging nor fun.. I think I’m gonna delete this game, it’s not worth the space it takes up on my tablet...

- Update

I really enjoy playing hoop stack. As a matter of fact, I play it so much my friends joke that I'm addicted. I played it so much that got to level 4134 in a matter of days. But I hate the new updaye. It's so typical and makes it like every game like that ever. I hate it I wish there was a way to go back and change it so I have my normal version that I love

- Challenging.

Strengthens the problem solving process. Requires you to think through the process. Some levels are easier and then when you think you got it, you find yourself stuck. Great fun!! Also helps you to focus.

- More ads than game.

I understand that an app needs ads to function, but the ads this game uses are too long and too frequent. I spend about 2/3 of my time in this app watching ads rather than actually playing the game. And it doesn’t make me want to purchase the ad free version, because I feel like I’ve barely played enough of the game to be worth it. Instead it just makes me want to delete the app entirely.

- Ads are way too much

I paid the “extra” to have ads and banners stop because they were constant! I still get them. They are less frequent but when you say they will disappear if you pay then that’s what it should be. Otherwise the game is a good way to zone out. Does not have “lives” so you can play until you want to stop

- Bugs.

The app is actually super fun. And yes, the ads are obnoxious but tolerable. What isn’t tolerable is that the game no longer allows me to watch a video to get my prize, it will only let me lose the prize. I haven’t been able to claim any prizes nor have I been able to skip a round. It won’t let me. I just updated the app and it’s still doing the same thing. I considered buying it because I genuinely enjoy it. But oh my gosh please fix this bug.

- Hoop stacks

I’m hooked! This game is so entertaining!! I actually have to tell myself to stop playing it because I have other things I must do. Sometimes I want to reach out and play it first thing in the morning when I reach out to get my phone, but I fight the urge!!

- Hoop Stack

I really like this game. I have just one complaint: I got up to level 1367 and the game locked up. It put me on level 17 but it wouldn’t allow me to play. I just deleted and then reinstalled. I play on an iPhone 7 Plus with the most up to date operating system.

- Star over

A few time I was no able to go anywhere So the only way you can move in is to skip it Would like to see if I stared all over will have a better result? Is it a limit how many times you can skip?

- Disappointing

30 minutes of coding, is not worth the amount of ads I have to deal with on this game. I’m glad I didn’t spend any money and only took me 20 seconds of play time until I stumbled into a 30 second ad. Their business model goes something like this, step 1, create a decently interesting game that will hold someone’s attention for 20 minutes. Step 2 shove ads down their throat. Step 3, spend all the money we get from ad revenue on our own ads on Instagram. Rinse and repeat.

- Haven’t played for long but..

To many ads. Downloaded this game but like most games in a similar genre to this there are ads so frequently. I understand the need to make money to keep the game and to get profit for themselves and future projects but this is a bit much. Plus they are video ads that you sit through. Or at least that’s what I’ve seen so far.

- Hoop Stack

This game actually is really fun, but what is so annoying is that whenever I press to go to the next level there is an ad. I would understand if there was an add every 5 or so levels but after ever ad it gets annoying. Besides that I would really suggest this app. But to get more reviews and 5 star rating I really think you guys should change that.

- Pretty nice!

I love this game but usually when I try to put hoops on a different stack, then don’t go on and they just pop back at me. You may think this is happening because I already have 3 hoops on one stack but that isn’t the case. I’m hoping as I continue to play I will get used to it. Overall, this app is very good!

- Addicted To Hoop Stack!

I can not stop playing this game! I’m on level 3760 and just waiting till I can claim my rewards! I love all the different colorful objects that it shows you will get later on in the game! Some of the levels are very challenging but I keep at it, trying different maneuvers and I finally figure it out! I did pay the $2.99 to remove the ads because it was so frustrating! It made you watch the ad before getting an x to remove it so that you can continue playing! I can’t wait to see how far I can go with this game!

- Fun!

It’s easy but challenging at the same time. It’s so satisfying! Even the fact that there are a little too much ads doesn’t bother me, because that’s what the game relies on to make money, and besides, you can X out of them. Definitely one of my new favorite games!

- Great game!

I am currently studying neuroscience for a master degree and I love this game because if it’s direct correlation to psychology. On top of that, I am a quadriplegic with limited hand function. That makes it very difficult for me to play games. However this game is one that has kept me stimulated

- Terrible app

It only worked to level 5 and stopped working. Deleted app. Not worth wasting time. I gave it 5 stars only because when I give it one star it tells me that every nickname I try to use is already taken. What a joke!

- Frustrating but fun

I like the challenge but I hate that I can kind of see the algorithm— but can’t figure it out. It’s seeing the edge of your intelligence but not being able to jump the gap. It is kind of a sad game to play, now that I write this all out.

- To many ADS!!!!!!!

You need to work on the game like get rid of the ads and make it a little harder but besides that it’s an really addictive game to play and probably if I showed it to my friends they would say the same about it but that’s all just improve it more and you would have an lot of comments that are saying it’s so addictive and good.

- Super good game but tooo many ads

I love this game so much! It is very challenging and fun. All though when I hit continue it always takes me to an ad. It gets annoying after a while. But I really recommend this game if you like challenging, fun games!

- Addicting but disappointed

I love this game. I got hooked straight away. Great mind bubble gum. I liked it so much I paid to stop getting advertisements. To my huge disappointment, the game still has adds. Not as many but if I’d known I would never of paid money for it. I don’t think this is a fair approach.

- Frustrating

It was entertaining for the first few levels, but it just became confusing. It doesn’t allow you to freely move the hoops around. It seems you have to follow an invisible order of which one can be moved. The frustrating part for me was some of the “available” stands to place the hoops in didn’t accept any hoops or moves. So you were just stuck with no moves. I just deleted the app. It would be more fun if we could move the hoops freely.


I bought this app a while ago, and ever since, I’VED LOVED IT! It’s very entertaining, and gets your brain thinking! I definitely recommend it to anyone who is thinking about getting it. Btw: If you decide to get it, be aware that there are many ads. 😔 hopefully they remove some ads so there aren’t many. 😉

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Dude I just downloaded this new game Hoop Stack on my phone and this is the best time I’ve ever had in my entire life.

Jason Perez

@DanChulakovski @stephenasmith AAU basketball. All these players now are a product of it. You stack the deck every weekend hoop with your homies and try bring home the hardware. This basketball is here to stay.

Bemba with an accent💕

New addiction, hoop stack

Hoop Stack 0.7.1 Screenshots & Images

Hoop Stack iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hoop Stack iphone images
Hoop Stack iphone images
Hoop Stack iphone images
Hoop Stack iphone images
Hoop Stack iphone images

Hoop Stack (Version 0.7.1) Install & Download

The applications Hoop Stack was published in the category Games on 2020-01-11 and was developed by Bigger Games [Developer ID: 1459990966]. This application file size is 183.35 MB. Hoop Stack - Games app posted on 2020-08-05 current version is 0.7.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.hoopstack.game

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