Hoop Stack

Hoop Stack [Games] App Description & Overview

Hoop Stack will keep you hooked for hours!

Solve the game by sorting colorful hoops. Enjoy the mental challenge as you stack the colorful hoops. Think, strategize and predict every move.

It's a brand new addictive easy to play and hard to master game featuring unlimited gameplay. Filled with tons of mind juggling levels, color stack puzzle is everything you are looking for.

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Hoop Stack Customer Service, Editor Notes:

-Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Hoop Stack Comments & Reviews

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- How does this have such a high rating?!

I bought this by accident, but thought it could still be fun. I quickly learned that there is a 30 second ad after every couple of levels. I don’t ever plan to open it again. DON’T BUY IT.

- Horrible

The game was fun at first but then it kept messing up. After EVERY TWO LEVELS, it wouldn’t allow me to choose where the rings went. They wouldn’t even move. Do not recommend.

- Star over

A few time I was no able to go anywhere So the only way you can move in is to skip it Would like to see if I stared all over will have a better result? Is it a limit how many times you can skip?

- there are so many ads!!!!

this game is first of all 1. boring 2. money thirsty and 3. and its a COMPLETE rip of Sort It 3D, which is actually a pretty good game and the ads that i got for this game are very fake because i got an ad that said to sort the rings by the size not by color, but the actual game is just like the game that i said before, and the game actually gets harder instead of staying the same dificulty.

- I like

Iiiiiii like it!

- Too many adds

I like it but way too many adds could be better but everything else is great.

- Stupid

Stupid game and for 20 min ad you get 1 min to play

- Ads

To many ads. Makes it not worth the time.

- Do not recommend

I would not recommend this to anyone the ads are absolutely ridiculous and the game won’t let me place the hoops on the pole this game is horrible DO NOT RECOMMEND

- hervir


- So much fun!

Such a fun game!

- Almost there

Too many ads and nine times out of ten it won’t let me receive the reward after I’ve completed a level.


Less ads

- Too many ads

Seems you have to wait through other game ads to get to next level. Kind of frustrating.

- Lame

Generally doesn’t get much harder as you go. Also doesn’t really allow free play. If I was making a wrong move, it would just refuse to accept it. Takes all the challenge out

- The best game

The game is the BEST game EVER!!!!!! I know for sure when I get a phone I will download the game of SURE!!

- Worst app ever

By Level 5 ads do not let you play.

- Could be way better

Won’t let me place the hoops of the ring... wouldn’t suggest this game😫

- No directions

Love the game, but there are issues! No directions with the app. Most can be figured out, but no idea what the rewards are for and most of the time it freezes and you can’t get your reward anyway!

- It’s frustrating how many add

I’m deleting it because I can’t play a game too many ads

- Fun challenging game but...

Fun game but... ads are overboard. I understand ads to use the free version, however the length of time you’ve gotta wait to watch them is excessive and it’s after every single level you have to watch those. 😫

- Ads galore

Way too many long video ads of games that you can’t bypass

- Crashing

I just started playing the second level and it is crashing every few seconds. No way to enjoy it. Please fix!

- Could be fun

To many advertisements...

- Paid still have ads?

I like the game but I paid for no ads and I still have adds. Can I get my money back then???

- Disappointing

Waaaay too many ads

- Don’t pay to remove ads!

Don’t pay to remove ads! It changed absolutely nothing and the ads are so long it takes more time to watch them than it does to play the game!

- Misleading ads, too many/too long in game adds

I found the ad for this on Instagram, ad was for a logic puzzle hoop game. In reality it’s just stacking hoops and it’s very easy. I played till level ten, each level only taking a few seconds to do, and in that time got a little less than a minute of unskippable ads. I get it’s only a minute but I don’t think ads should last longer than actual game play. Not a fan and wish the marketing was more truthful.

- Too many ads

Even when you complete a stack you have to watch an ad. I can understand if you fail and need to start over but it doesn’t matter- won or lose, you go to an ad. For this reason I no longer play

- Paid for no ads

I paid $2.99 for the ad free version yet there’s still an occasional ad. Don’t waste your money!

- Is this a children’s game?

It does keep you hooked for hours. You spend hours waiting for it to get harder and it never does. You seem to “win” things but I never saw what they were. Your score rarely increases and you watch ad after ad after ad. This one is a thumbs down for me.

- Review of hoop stack

When the game starts different colors are stacked on top of each other but when you move one you have to stack on a like color and you can’t stack on a different color.

- Not recommended!!

Very nice game but a lot of ads you can’t go to step without ads very bad and sad to continue like that

- Long, audible ads on silent mode

The ads are really long, and they are loud even with my sound turned off. I’m deleting the app

- Fun

This is enjoyable and sometimes challenging!

- There’s better versions of the same game out there

And how are they gonna offer you in game stuff to watch an add and when you hit no you get an ad anyways

- NanaLiz

Very nice game. Intriguing.

- No

Many ad. Keep it. Thank


it charged me and didn’t tell me this is the stupidest game ever and i hope it gets taken down DONNOT BUY

- Too many ads

Game is fun but there are way too many advertisements and they are way too long.

- Glitch

I love the game, but there’s a glitch where I can’t move one of the stacks. This forces me to skip the whole level. There isn’t an option to go back to the level which is also frustrating.

- Too meny ads

Fun game play but waaay to meny ads

- Dishonest - don’t pay for ad free

I paid $2.99 for ad free, yet I’m still paying for ads to get the review. I have no choice but crept the reward... which happens to be different looking rings. It’s a fun puzzle game; but so many ads. Also I already own some of the games, but have to wait out all the ads. It’s becomes unenjoyable.

- So many ads

This is a fun game but the ads are insane. There is literally an ad at the end of every round. And not a short ad. 30 seconds. Deleting because of this.

- bug with ads

this app has so many ads but i’ve been able to withstand them. however after a while of getting 100% and having a new hoop design to claim or a prize it would glitch and i’d be unable to click the option to watch a video to claim the prize wouldn't work at all, it would do nothing to the screen. the option to lose the prize would pop up and i would not want to click it but it was the only option that would allow for the screen to change, but when i do click to lose the prize IT MAKES ME WATCH AN AD AFTER. this is super frustrating.

- No rewards after you pay the money

Wish I had read the reviews. I was annoyed with the ads and shelled out cash to get rid of them since they were so incredibly long and more than one between each game. Now like other people said you can’t get the rewards even when you finish a level. Really poor programming.

- Pretty cool game

Games pretty cool just sooo many ads it can make the game unenjoyable

- Bug glitches?

I like this game, but every time I play, it won’t let me move the hoop I want to. The hoop just drops back to where it was. I’ve tried deleting it and re-downloading it, but nothing works. I haven’t been able to get passed level 12 because of this. Very irritating.

- Good game

I love this game.

- Fun game

This is a fun game but I wish there were hints so when you get stuck you don’t have to start completely over. It would be nice to see how certain ones are solved

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fun game but the amount of adds ruin it

- Dont pay the $3.99 you still see ads!

I payed the game for a while expecting then decided to purchase because the ads were driving me crazy. I still see ads. WTH. False advertising as well as a scam. DONT PURCHASE

- Amazing

This game is AMAZING!!!!!!! It is so addictive I can’t stop playing. The only reason I went off the app is to write this awesome review. The game is helping stressful people.

- Dumb

A retarted chicken could figure this game out. The levels are so simple that my dead great grandpa came out of the grave just to give this a one star review. Nothing like the ads, I also got an and for the game while I was in the game!? My autistic best the game in 10min

- To many ads

I personally love this game. However there used to be ads every time you level up 3. After I hit level 55 there is a 30 second ad after every level or if I want to restart a level there add. To many ads. If it didn’t have 100 adds ever second it would be 5 stars. I’m now deleting the app! Horrible

- Way too many ads

Ads are long and there are just so many of them. Haven’t got the patience to see if i might want to buy the game. Lost a customer.

- Boring

Not only are the levels super easy and repetitive, it won’t let me move the hoops which I choose! For example: I try to move the green hoop but it won’t let me. I try a different color it doesn’t let me. The game is designed so that you can only move the color which it chooses. They have made it impossible to loose

- Ads galore

Best game to keep you occupied and thinking but the ads are ridiculous!! They’re every 2 games and 25 seconds long with pop ups of downloading other apps. Not worth the time. Extremely annoying. I played it for 5 mins and ended up deleting it.

- To many ads But great game 🙂

Even when me and my mom turn off the wi-Fi it had soooo many ads 😒😒😐😐😐😒😐😒

- Too Bad

This game would be fun if you spent more time able to play than watching adds. Literally more adds than game play.

- Ad

For anyone complaining about ads you can just turn your internet off...

- Terrible.

If you love watching 30 second ads after you level up 3 times (which takes about 25 seconds) then you will love this game. About as much fun as The Great Quarantine of 2020.

- Very Good game

Excellent game, interesting

- Rate

Eye hand coordination skills

- Too many ads

30 seconds ad and another 5 seconds ad after 1 round

- Obnoxious ads

I don’t mind a game that has ads, but those ads should not be opening the App Store on their own, and they *should* be respecting my volume settings; if my phone is on mute, that’s because I want it to stay that way. Can’t delete this fast enough.

- Good. But too many ads. Don’t waste your time

Don’t waste your time, before u can even begin to like it, the add take forever before they pitch u more games... before u have even finish evaluating this game. Don’t bother strong pass

- Stupid game

Stupid ducking game.

- False advertising

This is just so bad

- Played it for 5 seconds

Almost instantly got a 30 second add, then another 5 seconds later. Trash rate this 1 star in hopes of this abomination getting taken off the App Store

- Too easy

The game is incredibly simple. It take 10 seconds to finish a level and then 30 sec adds after each. I quit after level 12 .. deleted

- Bruh

This game is really hard... can’t beat the first level 😩😤

- Don’t download, don’t waste your time.

Neat game, if you like ads, ads,ads,ads. So I decided to spent the $3.99 to remove ads, but the ads stayed on so i better not be getting changed for it because i think im getting more ads now. Don’t download, there are much easy more enjoyable games that are very reasonable on the ads unlike this ads riddled app(not a game).

- Way too many ads for what you get

Ridiculous amount and length of ads for what it offers.

- Crash...

Very frustrating crashes constantly have to restart Hopefully will get fixed soon or I’m out

- Too many ads

Ads are overwhelming

- Too many ads

Super annoying

- Garbage

Whoever wasted their time to build this app couldn’t have done any better. It’s literally like a fisher price toy but with 80 advertisements. I’d give it 0 stars if it were a possibility.

- RIDICULOUS amount of advertisements!

The amount of advertisements is RIDICULOUS. Give a 5 second ad here and there not full 30 second ads between nearly every single level! It’s a fun game but the amount of ads is SO annoying.

- Too Many Ads

Constant ads that make it so annoying that I deleted it quickly. Don’t bother with this one.

- Glitch

The stacks won’t let me move them and it’s just a severely glitchy game honestly hated because the game seemed fun but wouldn’t work


The game is what you see on ads on insta but there are 30 second ads after you level up 3 times. It’s annoying and made me stop playing overall. Just too many ads

- Please don’t download

I couldn’t get through the tutorial without ads. It’s not worth your time and the game is nothing like what the ads showed you. Save yourself the time.

- Addictive, too many ads.

Great game, I love puzzles. There’s a good balance between easy and hard levels. WAY TOO MANY ADS.

- Way too easy

This game just repeats the same thing for ever level and only adds 2 or 3 more rings to fill up there is no challenge to it and once you do the first one you’ve done them all

- Sucks donkey balls

Super easy and holy dog poo the ads never stop and so long

- Absolutely awful

Just the same thing over and over and over terrible.

- Game

Game freezes too much

- bad


- Boring

The game doesn’t get any harder!! I’m on level 110 and it’s the same stuff as level 20. It’s satisfying to sort, but so boring when it doesn’t get harder. AND it’s NOTHING like the ads >:( extremely disappointing

- Pedo

Whoever made this app/ads is a registered s*x offender

- To easy

For baby’s

- Cash Grab

Cash Grab. That’s all there is to it. Ads and ads and ads.....

- So bad

Took 5 minutes to make and is so bad with so many ads

- bad

the game is really bad. don’t download it.

- Fraud

The game and the ad are nothing alike?! Why would you lie in the damn ad about a game you created?!?!?!

- Poo poo

Nothing like the ad and way to many ads you do like two levels and there’s a 30 second ad each time

- No, just no

Not even close to what is advertised, very repetitive and is perceived as a totally different game

- Terrible game

Doesn’t even work

- Boring

Way too simple and repetitive

- Crashes too much 😵

This game is nice and all but every time I finish a level it crashes and also I turn off the internet so there are no ads so I recommend you don’t get this game.

- What are you people expecting

Every mobile game is like this how are you surprised that it is terrible and full of ads

- Too many ads

Too many ads

- Too many adds and no hints

Too many ads popping up throughout the games and no hints when you are stuck, just the option to skip the level

- Great


- Adds

To many adds makes it hard to enjoy

- Don’t waste your time

Mind numbingly boring, mostly ads, there’s five minutes of my life I won’t get back.

- Dont waste ur time

Low quality game filled with more ads than anyone could bare. Good luck to them.

- Way too many ads

As pop up every third level and it automatically open the app store even if you don’t click the ad. Also very long waiting period for each ad. Do Not recommend this game! Waste of time

- Scam game made for ad revenue

Do not download this game. It is not challenging at all and was basically made for the developers to get money from advertising revenue. You literally have a 30 sec as between each game and each game is so easy you finish it in less than 30 seconds. Honestly even my 3 year old can complete this in less than a minute it’s that easy. We are on high levels and it just never gets hard enough to justify the time wasted playing this game.

- Keeps freezing!

After a couple of levels and watching an ad, the game will freeze. I have to shut down the app and restart. So frustrating! Otherwise a quick fun game

- Fayetteville

Great game keeps you going

- Fix your app

Bro this app dose not work

- Airplane mode

It’s a fun game, it’s not the one Instagram shows it is though. If the ads annoy you so much put your phone on airplane mode obviously!

- It was a fun game. Now it’s too bloated

Can you release a ‘classic’ edition without the bloat? It used to be and enjoyable game.

- Great Game

Good one to pass the time. Were a few doosies in there. Nearly considered skipping a level but stuck at it. Got to level 950ish and the game seems to have started over. Hopefully some new levels are released soon.

- Ads borderline rediculous

It’s not just the number of ads. One every level or two at points (so an ad a minute). Some are difficult to exit or have a fake exit cross which is actually a hyperlink to buy something. You spend more time watching ads and dodging those trap links than actually playing the game. Deleted it.

- Ads are OFF the chart !!!

If you like watching adverts this games for you !!! Save your precious space a give this a miss !!

- It’s ok for the start

Was kind of addictive for the first 100 levels or so but apart from all the ads, I started noticing that the levels were all repeating and some of the higher levels were waaaay too easy!!! .... think they ran out of possibilities and just started repeating levels to increase the play time 🤷‍♀️ Kinda bored with it now.

- Too many ads and too easy

This game has ads between every level, and the levels don’t seem to increase in difficulty. So I’m bored of it already.

- Hoop stack cost me my relationship

This game is so trash my girlfriend broke up with me. No cap. Do not download.

- Misleading Instagram ad

The ad on Instagram isn’t the actual game play

- Terrible

Super long ads after every round

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- Love this game

Really fun and relaxing game

- Disappointing

30 minutes of coding, is not worth the amount of ads I have to deal with on this game. I’m glad I didn’t spend any money and only took me 20 seconds of play time until I stumbled into a 30 second ad. Their business model goes something like this, step 1, create a decently interesting game that will hold someone’s attention for 20 minutes. Step 2 shove ads down their throat. Step 3, spend all the money we get from ad revenue on our own ads on Instagram. Rinse and repeat.

- @cullos95

You realize you can just turn off your WiFi to get no ads

- Won’t allow me to claim prize😨

Won’t allow me to claim prize so I end up losing it.

- Hoop Stack.p

There are toooooo many advertisements. You can’t enjoy the game because of interruptions.

- Too many ads

There’s an ad literally everytime you click a new level pointless game. If I wanted to watch ads I’d just watch TV. Lame ads too. They advertise sorry games that have no potential UNLESS they get shoved in your face lol. Do better

- Golrp


- Best game

This is the best game ever.You should get it.👌

- Just started fun

Fun so far

- Rip off

I paid to remove ads but nope ads still continued and Long ones at that :/

- Don’t Buy

Paid to get rid of ads but still sees them. Game doesn’t get harder, it’s the same level forever.

- Ads make this game unbearable

For every 15 seconds of playing time you get 30 seconds of ads. It’s almost like the developers are bullying you into purchasing the game. No thanks. There’s other games that are similar without the overload of adds.

- Too many f’ing ads

Two uninterrupted games lasting 5 seconds followed by 25 seconds of ads....lames

- Fun puzzles, in between the marathon ads🙄

Ads are ads. I know they’re needed in free games. But when you feel like you’re waiting for ads to finish longer than you’ve played in between? I’ve got other stuff to do, thanks.

- Fun

But way to many ads

- Too many ads!!

You are forced to watch ad videos after every couple of levels! It also has a lot of pop ups. Makes it hard to enjoy the game!

- Interesting game

Interesting game

- Hoop stack

I can’t stop playing it and it helps me focus on different types of things and it helps me stay relaxed

- Too Many Ads and Too Repetitive

Saw an ad for this on Instagram. Went ahead and got it. I thought the game would progressively get harder by each level, yet each level seems to be virtually the same. I played through many levels and this gave me no entertainment whatsoever. Not to mention the constant bombardments from ads that I get every few levels. There are around an average of two ads every three boring similar levels, which is a lot, let alone the ads on the edges of the screen that pop up frequently. I would need to be really, really bored to ever install this game again.

- Ads

They have so many ads between sets. Then they have more ads. Then they offer a gift and say select an option; collect gift (by watching ad) or lose gift and if you select lose gift they still make you watch an ad.

- It’s chill

Just needs to get more challenging and maybe different backgrounds cause when you get all the ball types it’s boring

- Could Be Better

I like the idea of the game & see how it could be challenging but the game constantly shuts down. If you realize that you’ve made the wrong move it’s quite the ordeal to restart the level due to the constant push of downloadable apps. It should give you at least one do-over before going to an ad. You don’t get to enjoy the challenges due to all of the other BS. It’s extremely frustrating & time consuming to play ... so I move on to another game.

- Can’t claim rewards

I can’t claim rewards, there’s too many ads .

- Lame

I thought the levels would get challenging.. I was wrong. I’m pretty certain the levels hardly changed. I only made it to level 10 because you have to watch a freakin ad (or TWO) in between each level. Skip it. I spent more time watching ads than playing the game.

- So. Many. Ads.

I cannot stress this enough. 30 second long ads. Not worth the play time.

- Too many ads

Way too many adds and no option to get rid of them

- The graphics are not that good but other than that it’s a good game.

Graphics aren’t good

- Aggravating

I really like the game. It is fun to play. But, for some reason it won’t let you put some of the donut shapes on certain rods. Which makes it hard to pass the level.

- 👎

Way too many ads

- Too many advertisements

I’d give it 5 stars. I love the game. But too many ads!!

- Ads

So many long ads it just makes the game boring and just gives you anxiety

- Fun but too many ads.

Fun puzzle game but there is an ad between almost every level.

- Ok


- Time killer

This game is a great time killer. Also follow me on ig@ p1ayboii.x

- Way too many freaking ads!

Ads take away from the fun of the game.

- Good game not enough play time

Too many adds

- To manny adds

Way too many adds. Can’t go one level without watching an add you can’t skip

- Just a waste

Now I want my money back. I bought the game thinking it was going to be the one I could go on and on and level 224 & 225 keep glitching. I don’t want to skip. Makes me want to just delete.

- good 5


- Too Many Ads

This is my first time writing a review for an app. As much as I love the game, I won’t be continuing playing it because of the insane number of ads.

- Dumb

Won’t let me move the rings the way I want to move them if you don’t do it exactly the way it want it just won’t let you

- annoying.

it was a little fun until i reached level 16 then it wouldn’t even let me move the hoops or circles whatever you wanna call them🙄 so then I tried closing out the app and trying again and it does the same exact thing.

- Please remove Ads

Could be an awesome game of the ads weren’t there. I hate it.

- Glitch at level 125

Level 125 has a glitch the won’t let you beat the level. It recognizes one of the pieces as the wrong color locking the stack so that you can’t continue. I’m glad I am using the free version. I certainly wouldn’t recommend you spend money on this app that has defects as well as too many ads. Very unfortunate.

- Too many ads

There’s a ad after each round, annoying

- Wanted to like this but.....

I could get over the crazy number of ads but the ads play twice, bounce you to App Store to download then repeats. Game crashed twice on each level.

- Hoop stackk

Best game ever

- Never Gets Difficult

I quickly learned that airplane mode stops the ads. or you can crash the game and start it back up.. I powered through to level 300 and there were maybe 10 levels or so that i would say that took a little bit of thought. other than that i literally flew through the levels with no trouble at all. would recommend for a young child. no adults will find this challenging

- Too many ads

The game is good for passing the time, but way too many ads. Not worth sitting through so many ads that don’t even actually depict how the game being advertised is played.

- Don’t waste your money

I too thought if I paid for an app free game it would be just that no ads. Well you still get 30 or 45 seconds ads at the end of each round! I feel cheated!! Don’t support this company!!

- Awful, nothing like the ad

it sucks and is nothing like the advertisement they showed in which i was interested and made me actually want to downlowd the app this is extremely repetive,unamusing and honestly way to simple

- It’s so dam buggy

I can’t even play a level without restarting bc it glitches like 3 times in a row

- Deceiving

Not at all like it’s advertisements, far too easy and repetitive, only one layer to its GUI (no menu or anything) and the ad pop ups are frequent and long. I’d give it 0 stars if I could. I’ve made better games alone in less than a month

- Horrible!!

Horrible, nothing like the ad than made me download it, this was different and not worth the time

- Sucks

I tried playing it and level 12 doesn’t even work. I’m uninstalling

- full of non stop AD’s!!!

Just don’t, it’s a waste of time. More Ad’s then play time

- Remove ur game

Obviously no one likes your simple minded game that a toddler can beat so just take it down. And do yourself a favour and don’t waste your money making another one :)

- Nope

Not at all like the ads. Much simpler and not nearly as tough or mind teasing. Waste of time after the first level. What a stupid app.

- Best game EVER

This game is LIFE changing I have NEVER in my entire 6 years of living have ever played a game this amusing and fun 8/10

- Deceiving

Definitely has nothing to do with the advertisements 😤😤

- False Advertising

When I see an ad, I expect the app to be what the ad shows.

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- Ads ads ads !

Just another pointless game constant adverts unless you opt out for a fee! When you get so far the levels stick making you skip the level and get another ad !

- Good but limited levels

Great game for passing time in between matches on PC. Only issue I have is I’ve maxed out the levels. Currently level 526 and the same level is just being repeated over and over again. Besides that, game is great fun whenever you’ve got downtime and not much else to do!

- Ads

Too many of them and 30 seconds each so... deleted.

- Awful

Too many advertisements and very boring

- Looooooooots of adverts.

If you like games where you watch a 30 second advert between EVERY level, then this game is the game for you. Other than that some easy levels, some a little more difficult. Entertaining but just a very obvious ‘make money making from adverts’ game.

- Ads

I just paid to remove the ads, but I am still getting them why is that? If, as other reviews seem to say, the purchase is to get less ads, then the purchase is misrepresented and I want my money back.

- Advert invasion

Good game just full of bloody interruptions and adverts 🤬

- Good concept but badly designed

Look. The game would be fun if it was more responsive and had instructions and more eye catching stuff while at the moment it is boring and could do with major improvements. And the ads. Omg the ads are so annoying for every 2 levels so basically 1 30 second ad ever 2 mins or so like it’s not good enough. There are major improve ya that are needed but it could be a great app if it is worked on a lot

- Complete ad fest

Complete a 10 second level and earn a 30 second ad. AVOID THIS GAME

- Clevr

This game is very good because it can help your child with maths

- Too many ads

Great game and I paid for ad free so really annoyed that I still get ads if I want to win a prize within the game. You have to forfeit it not to watch the ads. Impossible to play if not ad free and still subjected to ads even if you pay not to have them

- Just some ads with a bit of a game added in

Infuriatingly frequent adverts from the very start.

- Boring

Completely boring and riddled with adverts.

- Not what i thought

I saw an ad for this game on instagram and it was about only letting the smaller hoops go on top of the bigger ones so when i downloaded the game I was surprised to find its only about colour. Do I just need to get to a higher level? But a good game overall.

- Ugh.

Good game but there was literally no point in playing with the sheer amount of ads. I spent MORE time watching the ads then actually playing the game!!

- Bore off

30 second ads every few levels unplayable.

- Freedom?

There’s a set pattern you have to follow, there is no freedom to your movements. This is very annoying as people generally download puzzle games to work it out themselves.

- Don’t bother paying to remove ads

I HATE ads. No, I really really hate ad. Started to play and was enjoying it, but I have never played a game with quite so many ads. You can finish a level in seconds, and the have to sit through yet another ad. As I was enjoying the game, I figured I might as well pay the £2.99 and have no ads at all. imagine my intense disappointment to find that despite paying to get rid of them, you are paying for fewer ads. 😡 So instead of ads after every game, you are still subjected to them at the end of every level. Not happy at all.

- Ads

Why are the ads still coming up for other games even though I’ve paid to stop them?

- Too many adverts

Great game however whenever you complete a level you have to watch a 30 second advert. Gets so annoying so deleted the game

- Mind numbingly addictive.

I am now on level 606. This game is, as I have titled it, mind numbingly addictive. Should be listed as a bathroom break game but that would be doing a disservice to other more challenging games. It has many flaws. It starts really easy and nicely gets you thinking by level 100. Certainly by level 300 it has run out of steam and you are just repeating previous levels. I hated the adds so spent £2.99 getting rid of them only to find that once you have collected all the available option for hoops size and colour you gain points by watching an add. No add no points. The points are pointless- nothing to redeem. The developers either got bored or are in it for a quick buck. There is potential in the idea to genuinely make it progressively more difficult. Btw YouTube has all the answers if you get stuck.

- Too many ads!!!

I paid extra to have the ads removed and they STILL pop up after every level! Not impressed

- 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎

𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎 𝚒𝚜 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝚗𝚒𝚌𝚎 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝙸 𝚍𝚘𝚗'𝚝 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚊𝚋𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎 𝚒𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚒𝚝 𝚒𝚜 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚢!! 😀

- Adverts

Too many adverts. The whole thing just becomes boring!!

- Fun game

This game is really fun and quite satisfying when you complete a level. The ads are incredibly annoying though, they appear like every 2 games and it really drains your battery. Game can get a bit frustrating as some levels are tricky but otherwise I like it

- Not impressed

Way too many ads!!!

- Great app but.....

This game is quite addictive but there are far to many adverts for my liking. After every game there is an advert and after claiming every reward there is an advert. At first I thought yes what a game but the amount of adverts is putting me off and on occasion i have considered deleting the game. Forcing this many ads on us will only lose players and will probably delete the game. You need to drastically reduce them otherwise I will delete it too.

- Meh (needs to be harder)

Too many unchallenging levels with too many ads. Quickly begins to feel mundane, mindless and pointless and you quickly become too aware that they’re just keeping you occupied (with a very low difficulty) to show you more and more adds. Would be more tolerable if the levels were actually challenging/interesting earlier on.

- Addictive

Perfect for quarantine 😔

- Not that hard

Not bad but repetitive. Only a few levels are challenging - most are straightforward.

- No challenge yet rewarding

There’s nothing challenging about this game but it is incredibly satisfying to play.

- False

Game advertised as challenging. Really easy and long adverts at the end of every level. It’s just a game made to make you watch adverts that’s incredibly easy to complete. Don’t waste your time.

- Fun but too many forced adverts

Fun and simple game but too many adverts. Kills the enjoyment

- More adverts than gameplay

After about 30 seconds of gameplay you have to sit through about 30 seconds of ads. Could have been a fun game to pass the time but it’s now deleted from my phone.

- Hoop ring

Good game

- Bored

Played for about 10 mins, to many adverts, just got really boring!! Uninstalled now

- Size

!!!!!Turn WiFi off for no adds!!!!!! Seen adverts about moving hoops but not placing a bigger one on top of the other but it’s just to do with colour?

- To many Adverts

I would of enjoyed this game and I understand games have to have adverts on but I’m getting 30 seconds adverts after every level so unfortunately it’s now deleted

- Ads and too easy


- Too many adverts

A fun game but there are way too many pop up adverts for other games. Ruins the fun.

- Adverts!!!!

FAR TO MANY ADVERTS!! One free every level, no way to skip and all last 30 seconds each. Uninstalled right away.

- False advertising

Watched an advert saying you have to move the hoops from one stick to another but you can’t put bigger on smaller hoops, thought it looked good then downloaded it. You have to move them by colours which made it boring, nothing like how the advert described.

- Hi

Ur weird


I am addicted already

- annoying

the actual game its self is good but annoying ads all the time i had to delete it after five mins

- Ad spam

False advertisement, an ad every 4 levels that are all 30seconds long, also mind numbingly boring.

- Yes

Great addictive game but the ads make you not want to play and are very off putting

- accessibility

i’m colour-blind.

- Too many adverts!!

I want to play a game not do a 10 second puzzle and then watch a 30 second advert.

- Unchallenging and a barrage of adverts

This game is extremely easy to the point where it is boring, the Colorado of the rings are obnoxious and childish and most horrifically after every level I completed I got a scummy advert that lasted at least 10 seconds all of which attempted to trick me into downloading it- any positive reviews you see of this game are either false or paid for and avoid this awful game, there is no reason to play it and the studio should be ashamed of the pitiful work they have released here.

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Hoop, write, work out , class 4 the next 30 days, stack 💰💰

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Hoop Stack 0.5.1 Screenshots & Images

Hoop Stack iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hoop Stack iphone images
Hoop Stack iphone images
Hoop Stack iphone images
Hoop Stack iphone images
Hoop Stack iphone images
Hoop Stack ipad images
Hoop Stack ipad images
Hoop Stack ipad images
Hoop Stack ipad images
Hoop Stack ipad images
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Hoop Stack (Version 0.5.1) Install & Download

The applications Hoop Stack was published in the category Games on 2020-01-11 and was developed by Bigger Games [Developer ID: 1459990966]. This application file size is 177.38 MB. Hoop Stack - Games posted on 2020-03-19 current version is 0.5.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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