Dentist Bling

Dentist Bling [Games] App Description & Overview

Being a dentist has never been so fun... and relaxing!

Treat your patients, fill their cavities, remove that plaque.
Pull out decaying teeth and replace them with shiny new ones.
Kill pesky germs and apply braces.
Don’t forget your special BLING diamond treatment.

Whatever you do, make them smile!

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Dentist Bling Customer Service, Editor Notes:

New update. Smoother game. Lots of fun!

Dentist Bling Comments & Reviews

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ITS SO AMAZING!!! I can’t stop playing it and I just bout this game!!! It’s so fun and exciting for me who wouldn’t like it?!


This game is so amazing because I want to be a dentist when I grow up That why I like this game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- This game is bomb

I love it so much it’s fun and has great quality! I would recommend this game to many! I recommended this game to my friend and she loves it now she is addicted! ❤️

- Fix it

This game should use improvement.when you put on jewels I’m so inaccurate because wit keeps going.also after a hundred levels it’s the same girl all the time. It disgust me because her teeth are horrible and I can’t fix it. I have ocd and her teeth are misplaced i wish I could just fix already. Also if they can add harder levels and realistic pain tollorence that would be more they also should add more tools and teeth pulls and braces that are realistic pls fix thanks.

- This game is so fun and I love it so much

I just want to say that I’m the only person that has this app

- I hate this game

Bro this game is so stupid and glitchy it would kick me out every single time I joined in and it's the same thing every single level but different colored teeth and it's so annoying 😡

- Dentist bling

It is so fun too help the people get better

- 3.29.2020

Great game I’m addictived to it

- Boring Game

It’s boring each level is the same the ad made it seem more fun.

- Fun game!

It is a fun game I would recommend it but, in the adds it says you can hurt them and they go ow. But they no go ow and that make me sad please make say ow!

- Satisfying

It’s not very fun, but the vibrations are satisfying, so I love using it.

- To many adds

I can not get though 1level with out a add

- Fun and real exciting

Now this will be a short review so don’t expect a lot from me,I have played this game dentist bling and love it this game doesn’t have a lot of adds and gives you ten bucks for every tooth you fix.And especially patients our happy and you can learn how to be a dentist.thank you for reading this review I’m Peyton Elisabeth Wilson.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- It’s glitchy and boring but satisfying it’s not worth it

It’s glitchy and it’s not that interesting and I’m going to delete it but it’s satisfying but it’s really really glitchy and I just don’t know so it’s really boring to

- Ads

Good game too much ads

- Best Ever!

It has 1 ad for 9 seconds after every 4 games and it’s pretty satisfying! Great Job with the graphics too! Ps, Great game!

- It looked nothing how it did on the ad

The ad for actually looked fun because of all the crazy stuff but the game has barley anything that the ad showed


5 star

- Boring

It’s not that good of a game, I played at least 5 minutes of it and it’s not really interesting or any thing, it was really a wast of time I don’t recommend it 🙄🙄🙄

- What I really think

I like this game it’s just....every time I get an ad (which I personally think I get wayyy to many of them) it freezes up. I know it’s not my phone because every time I go on a different game it doesn’t happen. So I end up having to close out of the tab and never get my points from what I should have just received. Again, this game is fun just can be a little annoying.

- Super good

I love The playing for 2417

- I like it a little

I really like this game but the graphics are really bad and I don’t like how you can not fix their teeth with time and having to take the tool off of the tooth because they mad or something

- Great game

I love this game it is sooo satisfying but the only thing is I saw someone else wright this too but its true that the pain tolerence is so unrealistic. I still love this game and recommend it! Please send me feedback!

- dentist bling

its really amazing. but i think it would be better if younger kids would use it like 4-9 cause older kids would not like it.

- Too gross

The game is too gross

- Good game

This game is really fun but it’s kinda boreing

- Dentist bling

This app is not so fun because all you got to do is clean the green off there teeth and put White flings on their teeth and you put gold on teeth and It is not fun! Thank you

- Boring

Very boring, too many ads

- It’s all right

In my opinion this game is very boring I thought you get to hurt The people and that’s really only reason why l downloaded this game

- 😒🤬😳😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Same thing over and over

- It’s a little boring

This game is okay, but when I got it I expected I was able to choose what I’m doing to the patients. Also it’s the same thing every time, clean the teeth fix the cavity’s, pull out teeth, turn teeth gold. There’s nothing new that happens. The last thing is the ads. There are too many ads. I’ll be in the middle of filling a cavity and an ad will pop up and making me restart. And I get the ads after I finish on a patient. And during fixing like a cavity. This game could be so awesome and addicting if you add new things, and a lot less ads.

- Read this!

This was an okay game, but i think a huge thing that would have made it better is if players could have more freedom. They’re just given a tool, fill in some cavities, given another tool, give patients a gold tooth or 2. The game would have been a lot more fun for me if there was a tray of tools and i got to pick which ones i got to use, and i got to experiment with what they did. Overall i deleted the game very quickly after i got it and it was not a great game. Please take into consideration my suggestions, i think it would greatly improve this game.

- 👏👏👏👏👏👏

I love this game soooooo much

- Great but better with these additions

This is a great game but somethings that would bring this game to the next level would be a numbing shot before fill cavities and the teeth extractions, and also, for a cavity the dentist would drill around the area before filling it in.👍😊

- Great game but curses

The game is great overall but when you get to level 80 or somewhere around there but when you put the gems on the teeth it makes you spell bad things just get rid of that and I would give it a five star review

- Lit

Good game

- I hate adds

No ads 🚫❌ ads ❗️

- After a few levels, app freezes on an advertisement that won’t close!

Nothing like a mediocre app that freezes on an advertisement about unboxing some kind of costly implant device only a dentist would purchase! What a weird place to advertise this equipment... as if dentists want to come home and play this kind of game... Deleted the app after it refused to reload.

- Fsfssr

Tatar’s ca xzdsfsfsfsd

- I love this game but......... 💜

I love this game it's so much fun for me and I find it really cool but there is one thing I want to just say. I would love this game even more if you can pick where you want to pull the tooth and which tooth needs cleaning but overall I think this is a awesome game! ~thank you, please respond if you can add these changes or what you can do to improve the game in the best way.

- I would add more features

This game is generally fun. I have been playing for a few days and I like it, except it does get really repetitive. I have passed level 100 and I found multiple things that you guys could add to this game to make it much more entertaining. For example, you could floss the patients teeth, or you could take off braces as well, and you could even add a feature where you can spray the teeth with water like they do at the dentist. These are just some thoughts that could make this game better but overall it is a good game.

- It teaches you how to be a dentist

It soo fun that it’s Learning you to help dentist if you went to be that when you grow up

- Hello I wanna say that this game is a good game but it really needs to stop having too much adds.


- Able to do

If u won’t to be a dentist this is perfect fo u and it’s a cool game to keep u occupied on car trips mostly anything I give this app a 5star rating how about u??

- so boring

the game is just boring the only fun part is pulling out decade teeth and getting different blings for teeth


It’s a great game, but after EVERY EASY LEVEL THERES AN ADD. Way too many adds, Remove some of it atleast

- Okay

It was good at first but when I got to the holes in there teeth and you were supposed to fill it it wouldn’t let me fill it

- It looked fun but

It wouldn’t load pass the front screen! I waited for about 20 mins And it still wouldn’t let me play the FIRST level. It looked fun but it just glitched out and wouldn’t load for me.

- it’s okay

it’s not the best . you do the same thing over and over again . nothing new . their selection of stuff you can buy is horrible . it’s new bling and seating . i would not get this game because you just do the same thing over and over . even when you are cleaning the patients teeth , they still have pain . and your just cleaning plaque off . i would not recommend this game . thanks -madison

- Boring and too many ads

Not enough challenges or other game modes. Ads plays every time I complete a 1 section and just makes it repulsive

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- I love this game!

Play this game so make ours I can’t stop so anti-stress releasing

- Repetitive

It’s really repetitive but other than that it’s really fun

- This is a good app, but annoying

A few weeks ago or maybe a month ago, i deleted this game because i needed space (this game is fun but i needed space and this app wasn't the biggest thing i had too keep). But now every time my iPad dies or i restart it, the app pops up with a very odd image (its not the one you put, it is a white background with black/dark grey lines going in a certain shape. And every time i delete this unknown app, it keeps downloading back on my iPad. I've tried to delete it from mulitiple places but it wont work. I'm gonna try updating the app and deleting it again but not now because i still don't have space (its 64/64). Any suggestions on how to get rid of the unknown version of this app? It would be much appreciated!

- Ads

There is a lot of ads

- Ads

At least 1 add every level (You move up a level every time, so 1 add every time)


Why is there so much ads?!? I just complete ONE patient and then you pop up a fuqing app! FIX IT PLSSSS I BEF YOUUUU

- It could be better.

This COULD be a fun game. Keyword: COULD. The inventer of this game has some great ideas, but he/she didn’t express them well. This game is creative but a failure. Here are my ideas to improve the game: 1) The ads. Don’t even get me started on the ads. There are WAY too many ads. I would do some ads every 10 people you help fix up, not every 10 seconds. 2) The tools. I would let the players use all the tools right from the beginning, so it makes it a bit more interactive and fun right from the start. 3) Something that bothers me is that once you “fix” the teeth, they’re not even straight and even. They should be nice and straight, or at least let us make them straight! I don’t want anyone to take any of this offensively. I’m not trying to be mean. People should definitely play this game, but the inventer should improve in a few places. Thank you for reading! I hope my review is helpful to everyone. I know I always read the reviews before purchasing an app and they are usually very helpful. I hope I helped! Thank you!

- Margret

There is an old lady with pink hair I call her margret

- Tools

I wish it would use all the tools from the start

- I love this game but....

I love this game but I wish that you would stop the adds because My mom listens to music and then adds start shouting and I get told to turn it down so you better fix this thank you 😍

- SHOW!!!pls

You guys should show the design on the teeth so it would be cool

- #no ads

Remove ads


It is so awesome

- Music lover

Okay. I like to listen to music while I play. That means I can’t turn off wifi. I don’t like how ads cut off my music AND COME ON EVERY 15 SECONDS! Fix this now crazy labs or you are gonna have a problem with me.

- Commercial overload

To many advertisement after ever Little thing

- Too many ads

1 second of play time before an ad pops up dont waste ur time

- I wish I had my own teeth set in the game that I could buy stuff for and customize


- Amazing app

This app was very good

- It’s fun........ but.....

I can’t pass level 38!!! HOW DO I DO THIS?

- Band

C’est plate

- Way too many ads

This game has an add every 10 second. Other than that, it’s pretty good.

- lol

where do I hit da person?

- Ads

Too many ads it’s so hard to even play the game and some ads don’t let you turn it off

- Advertisements

There are way to many adds...every patient i get, when im cleaning the patients teeth out of nowhere theres an add and its really annoying! 😡 😡 😡

- Great

There is a lot of ads but I still do not understand why it is rated 13+ younger kids might want to play this game to but I do love it keep doing what your Doing Sincerely,helaina

- This is bad

There is too much ads and the game is very redundant for the like 10 level

- This game sucks

First of all, so many stupid ads, plus level 34 is impossible, this game is not realistic

- Toooo muuuuch aaaadddsss

Hey look, an other game where I’ve played for 3 minutes and gotten 6 ads. Disgusting. Annoying. Deleting this game right now 🙃


To much ads i do 2 people and i have 10 ads

- Adds

Toooo many pop up ads are Van when u r cleaning the people’s teeth

- My review

The game is addictive but there’s too much adds

- Well...

I wish it was more realistic, like when you put braces on it should annoy the customers and it should be more complicated. There is also a LOT of ads like please stop the ads without me having to pay. Also when you shave their teeth I mean real dentist would not make peoples teeth points. It’s ok I guess but I t gets kinda boring.

- Too many ads



I love it best app of all time 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

- Love the game but the ads really?

This is a great game but what is with al the ads? In the last ten minutes I’ve probably had three or four ads.

- Ok

Not the greatest not the worst average 🙂

- My plan

When you guys want to play without ads go to settings and turn your wifi off and then you won’t have any issues with ads!

- Puuuub puuub

Tros de publiciter de jouer

- Too many ads

There is an ad between EVERY level and sometimes within a level Also very unrealistic, who has a hole through their tooth

- Terrible

Sooo many adds beyond playable don’t even bother. Worst game ever. Not like the advertisements.

- cheap

cheap game with so many ads

- Wish it was more realistic

Wish it was more realistic. Would be fun doing actual preps for the restorative work and using scalers for cleanings. Lol nerding out .

- Horrible

Boring game with an add every level

- I love this game

I love this game so much that Oh I am really good at it and also my brother plays The game too He plays it so much also I do so please send back

- Soooooooo good

Don’t listen to any of the other people other then the good ones

- Way too many adds

Pretty much force you to buy the no adds feature. If you don’t there’s an add about every 15 seconds

- awful

there’s an ad every freakin second


the game has adds every second it’s not fun there is no way u can fail and over all not very fun

- Avis du jeu


- it’s okay

the game is okay, i know the game is called “dentist bLinG” but i just don’t like that you always have to put in a gold tooth when you take out a cavity. and for everyone complaining about the ads, just turn off your internet and data while playing the game (:

- WTH?

Wrong tools. No fun.

- 🤬🤯😡🤔😼🤫🥺🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮


- Grosse

This game is grosse

- Fed up with ads

Too many ads makes playing difficult. Do not recommend.

- The ok game

This game is satisfying but gross and the most annoying thing is the adds. Never seen a game with that much adds

- Cool but too many adds

I love this app but there is too many adds it’s very annoying every time I finish it brings me straight too a add could you please fix these bugs but it is very relaxing

- To many adds

This game is great and fun but nearly after every round there is an add I did the first 10 levels and went through about 20 adds. Like it is ridiculous.


It’s good but there are ads but I just turn off wifi

- The game

The game is okay but after a few times u get bored because your doing the same ones

- I hate you

The most stupid apps in the world, too much stupid ads

- Review

I think that this is a wonderful game but you should add some harder levels and try to make the people’s teeth a bit more straight

- AD’s AD’s and more AD’s

Game could be fun but Ad’s in the middle of parts of cleaning and double ad’s

- Adds

To many adds

- Teeeeth

So much better than those other kid dentis games

- Ffdxxxxfff


- Scarlett Mecchi

It’s so much fun

- ehh..

This game is kinda gross, honestly not relaxing what so ever. Sincerely, a stupid ten year old.

- Amazing!

I’m addicted!

- Nothing like the ads

It’s not the game I thought I was gonna get, it’s nothing like the ads don’t get it it’s a waste of time

- Dentis bling

Game is fun. But to much ads

- Time to do the levels

I’m stuck on level 14 and the time to do it is tooo short it’s stupid to get rid of the plaque off of the teeth then fill in the holes Overall good game but extend the tim elf the levels.

- Too many ads

Every level has ads it’s so annoying I wish they remove the ads out of the game

- Review

I think this game is fun but there is to much ads. If you guys want to improve your work. I think don’t give to much ads. To this game.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

- Hard to play

I can only do one thing before I get seven ads in my face

- To many ads

There I so many ads to even play the game. You finish the first step and there is an ad u finish there is 2 ads it’s ridiculous .Even with all these adds the game gets Boring after a short while

- I am going to dentist tomorrow so I think I’m gonna play this instead

This app is very fun, but a little scary cuz you gotta pull out a tooth 🤭

- 10/10

It started updating and it said: ‘Cleaning...’

- Horrible

This game is so boring and so unrealistic to what instruments a dentist uses and how they’re used. If I could give 0 stars I would .

- Great game just way too many ads

Really fun and addictive game but there is way too many ads not worth playing now

- Very Repetitive and Too many Advertisements

There are an extreme amount of Advertisements causing the game to decrease in entertainment. The game is also very repetitive, there are only three options: 1. Cleaning 2. Cavity Removal 3. Putting Gold Covers The game could be very enjoyable but there are too many problems.

- I think you should

I think that you should add a couple little harder

- My review

This game is really fun but we should get to chose who the next customer is but it is really fun and enjoyable

- Sacre BOO

Adds we all hate them WELL THIS IS JUST AN AD GAME WITH NO PLAY EXPERIENCE IM ASHAMED CRAZY LABS ASHAMED THERE ARE JUST SO MANY ADS AND ITS THE SAME PEOPLE AND THINGS اثمر تثرثر خصخصته الخنصر حكام حصار مكث عصارة حصائر تبريزي يترقرق حتي تصر So make better games crazy labs and don’t download

- Ads

There are wayyy to many ads

- Ads

This game has so many ads, I can hardly play the game!! It has a good base of the app, but the ads!!

- Worst app ever!!!

After 2 levels deleted.After every level add add add. What is this?

- Pretty bad

The ads were fine because I am smart and I turned off my wifi. But after like level 100 it was just the same person every time with the exact same problems. It’s completely stupid and there’s no point in going on

- Old town road

Old town road

- Satisfying teeth 🦷

This game was so satisfying 🏆🥇🎖🏅

- Review

I think this game is very good but I think you can get a bit board after a few minutes. This was written by a 9 year old

- Too many adds to be fun

Too many adds to be fun, even halfway though playing a level just throws another add in there. I get that’s how you make money but every thirty seconds?

- trash



It’s so bad it has so many adds it’s not even funny after everything I do a add comes up

- Ads interrupting play

Way too many ads that interrupt play. Uninstalled after 3 levels.

- To Many ADs

TO MAnY ADS amazing game to many ads

- To MAny ads

To many ads apart from that it’s good

- So many ads

Not even at the end of the level, the ads pop up multiple times during the level. I played the first 10 levels and had to sit through 25 ads...

- ??

Boring game so repetitive and too easy. No skill needed

- Too many Ads - 0 Rating

I wouldnt even be finished the round and ads are popping up its every 10seconds. Not worth and no point of playing this game

- Just a big ad

I wouldn’t bother. There is no skill in this at all and is just an app to gives you lots and lots of ads.

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- Too Many Ads

This is a very entertaining game if you're bored...BUT IT HAS WAY TOO MANY ADS. The ads make you not want to play it anymore

- Love this game but interruptions

I’ve been playing this game for a while and I enjoy it but after I’m done doing somebody’s teeth it gives me a 40 second add and I know they have to have adds but it just is really irritating I love this game just to much!!

- Okay...... but then it’s all the same

It’s a great and fun game at first but once you master the 5 things you can do in this game it gets highly repetitive with no increase in difficulty level.

- Yhhj


- Love it

Love it!!

- Sushs


- Great game great fun

Wonderful app it is so fun great game like I said

- To many adds

Every clean is 1-2 adds before next. Also figured it have more challenges but no.

- Good game but didn’t get level

Did not get level ten but over all great game

- Good but...

Hi everyone I just want to say that I played this game and it was so fun but I think the age is 4-12 because it not so much fun for +12 years Thanks for reading this text

- To many ads

A bit to many ads

- I just got it

I just got this game I could tell that I will love it

- Could be better...

I gave three stars for two reasons, number one is because there’s a bit too many ads🤦‍♂️ Number two is because they don’t do a before and after picture, other than a sad patient and a happy patient you don’t get to see the work you did. It’s the same thing over and over again, gets really repetitive

- Good

This game is so good I love this game because I want to be a dentist

- Really good

This game is fun but do an on and off thing with the bling it’s really hard to control I would recommend this game though

- Why I gave 4 stars

What I don’t like about this game is that there are no challenges like competing your friends

- Okay

So I keep counting out my money and exactly how much I should get and it keeps giving me 50$ under Makers, please fix such a time passer, but confused.

- Boring

For the first 3 levels of this game its just cleaning green off peoples teeth. Not only is this disgusting and super unrealistic, it is really boring. Also, the ads are non-stop coming, so if you are not a fan of ads, do not get this app. Since I’m a kid, I immediately deleted this app not only because it’s boring and unrealistic, but the ads were inappropriate, deviant, and explicit. Overall, I don’t recommend this app.

- I eat poop

I eat poop

- It’s a no from me

I think this is a child’s game because it’s so boring and repetitive, all you do is slide your finger and clean plaque it’s really boring.


You need to stop having so many ads

- To many ads

Don’t make it pop up every end of one patient it ruins the time

- Good game

Good game but just don’t understand how the hell i’m supposed to put words on there teeth with jewelry

- Thanks

It’s fun I can’t stop playing!!!!! I love it thank you so much

- Ads - Too Long, Too Frequent

The game itself is decent. Spraying off plaque is more satisfying than the other mechanics of the game. Not decent, though, are the ads. They’re pretty long compared to some other games (it seems anyway) and there’s a fake X you can click on, but it doesn’t close the ad. I could deal with the length if they didn’t occur so often. Levels in this game are short, and you only get maybe 3 levels between ads. Worse still, you can pay to get rid of the ads. Why is that bad, you ask? Because the gameplay isn’t good enough to justify paying for it. Since it’s not fun enough to pay for and the ads are so intrusive, this only lasted about a day on my phone. More levels between ads could have saved it.

- No offense

Uhhh this is a DO NOT GET.)I am not trying to be mean to crazy labs)It keeps sending me out that’s all I’m going to say.Or should I say TYPE ha ha I crack myself up!!

- Wyd


- Love it but......

I love how this game is so realistic it’s exactly like an actual dentist it’s so much fun to play this is the best game I’ve played there is one this it stays the some I can get a little boring sometimes and there are not a lot of ads but there are some that can come in the middle of the game it’s still a good game but just nothing ever new happens but it’s so much fun to have to actually pull out there teeth and put braces on the people and how the people go from happy to sad to really hurt I love this game but maybe get the no ads thing they do give you a lot of pretend money that’s another good thing about that game the thing is that for the girls in that game they give them lipstick and for the boys they don’t and that’s a little sexist

- meh

i mean it's kinda fun until you get to this one guy who is so impatient and i don't think the level is actually possible, i go as fast as i can and the timer is up before i've even cleaned 3 teeth

- The review of this is so God’s

This game is so funny

- Bad

It’s so bad I have nothing to say and my gums hurt when I play and teeth

- Dentist

You can teach people to clean teeths when they work as a dentist

- ummmmmmmm


- Review

I hate it when I tried to get the app it said purchased never ever get this game and also my sis said it was really really boring.NEVER EVER TRY IT

- Entertaining

It’s actually a very entertaining game and kinda fun, but the nonstop ads are seriously gonna drive me to deleting it! I get that a few ads here and there are necessary, but NOT all the time😬☹️

- Trash

I don’t let me do what it did in the video

- My review

i dont like the adds.

- Plain Bombardment

This game in itself is a very simple concept with missions that are literally all the same in essence. Each mission takes roughly 20 seconds to complete which is fine and all, until you are bombarded with ads after every single one. The ads take up more than half of the gameplay and it’s a simple ploy to cause people to spend real money to get rid of ads for a simple game that should’ve have this many ads in the first place. The gameplay doesn’t outweigh the amount of ads you have to go through or pay to get rid of. Download this game if you appreciate your time being wasted. Thank you!

- Ad’s

This game is great and fun. But their is too many ad’s

- It is ok

It is a good game and all but there is to many adds games like this like for me they get annoying and to me it is a good game and I’m not saying it is bad it is just annoying about the ads

- Nice

Good game

- By byn

This game is very good please give me 10000000000000000 dollars

- Way too many ads

This game seems so fun, but there’s an ad after every single “patient” you see which only really takes about 20 seconds, so for every 20 seconds you’re watching a 30 second ad PLUS there’s more rewards offered if you CHOOSE to watch an ad. It’s just too much it disrupts the game to the point you can’t even enjoy and relax playing. I’m no stranger to ads, but this was incessant.

- It’s a game I think?

If you took about ten minutes to play this it’s just like every other in your face app that really just squeezes every last add revenue they can get out of you before you inevitably delete the app. It reminds me of old flash games except less fun somehow?

- Meh

It's fun, but WAY to many adds. Every single level there is a round before and after. It's very annoying. The game also just gets boring. It's just fill cavities and cleaning dirty teeth. I would have rated it 4-5 stars if there had been less adds and more detailed teeth and smiles.

- Good

Best game ever

- To many problems

This game is kinda fun but appears to be annoying to many problems first of all I’ve played a couple of levels but then I’ve noticed all of the levels is the SAME thing another problem is this game is just so disgusting to watch especially inside ther teeth when they have that green stuff on it this is just so annoying and this game is like a big huge LIE becuse in the adds and the pictures it says there is cavities to pull out and then when u get the game it just makes u clean green stuff of of it UGHH!!plz whatever u do don’t get it it’s just a waste of my time 😡😓😰

- Boring

This game is extremely boring. They use the same characters every single time. There is also no knew things to do when you unlock everything.

- False adds

I LOVE this game but false adds no way here’s what I think. Well first off false adds are just a scam to get people playing the game so I get on I see nothing new so stop the false adds and I will change the rating and this was be for the new update. -Tyler

- Grate

This game is grate except all of the adds

- Inappropriate

The game itself if good, but I was letting my son play this game and he asks me “mommy, what’s a pink pimp?” Like, I’m sorry, what? I looked at the game and it was asking him to spell ‘pink pimp’ on someone’s teeth. That is actually disgusting.

- Lots of adds but an ok game

There are a lot of adds and l just got this game TODAY but it is a good game

- Do not get this app

Title explains everything


Ads every single second. Not responsive. Would highly NOT recommend.

- satisfying

very fun & satisfying

- Awesome game for children

Fun dentist game for kids

- Ads

Way too many adds in this but still an okay game so far wish there was more to do

- Best game ever ❤️❤️❤️

This is the best game ever you have to play it. I love the sound effects ❤️❤️❤️🦷🦷🦷😬😆

- Dumb

When you get to 120 it’s just replays

- Terrible game


- Wellll idk

I’d say 4 or 5 maybe

- Ads

This game sucks because every 10 seconds there’s a 30 second ad, I’m deleting it

- Well

I love the game but to menny camrsholse Sorry it is early in the morning and my eyes are not the best

- Too many adds

Way to many adds on this game literally an add every minute not so fun with that

- Congrats you created the world's most boring game!

So boring. So repetitive. So many ads.

- Meh

Way to many ads makes it less enjoyable

- Dentist bling

Seems like a fun game but there are far too many spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game.

- It’s ok I guess

When I do the people’s teeth when I done it disappears so you should fix that but it good 😒

- This game sucks🤮

All you do in this games is get plaque of teeth and fill in cavities it is way to easy and there are way to many adds please make it more fun and take away the adds

- Trash

The game is very poor due to all the adds. You can’t even get through a task before 2 adds come up.

- Way to many ads

You get done doing one thing then there’s an ad. You do the next thing then there’s another. It just keeps going like that. Sometimes 2 ads back to back. It’s ridiculous. Other than that I could find the game fun

- Fun but...

Too many adds

- ADS!


- ADS!


- To many adds

There are way to many adds. You can’t finish a level without an add popping up

- Lied

I just don’t like these kinda games

- Take away the ads

Too many ads for new games. Ridiculous. You start playing the game and ten seconds later, you get a stupid ad for another stupid game. What happened to just having a game to play without having to pay a fee

- Holy adds!!!

Can’t even get through one task with out an add poping up, and then at the end there’s another add. Like damn I guess that’s how you get people to buy no adds is to bombard the game with ridiculous amount of adds.

- Bon jeux

Bon jeux mais trop de publicité

- Too much

Too much adds! After all steps you have dentists adds!

- Meh

Lots of ads

- Too much adds

I didn't even finish the client teeths and the add pops, you need to watch the add til the end to continue the cleaning of teeths then when the level is over MORE ADDS!!!!!! 🤬

- Add

There is way too many ads every time you finish a level you get one or more ads and it’s gets boring because it’s the same thing over and over again

- Ads

Too many ads

- What's happening

After level 120 it's just the same person asking for simple things and then I only earn $10 for it. I don't know if it's a bug or what

- Bling,bling,bling honey!

It was fun for 10 minutes and then it’s just the same thing repeated over and over

- Braces

Plz add braces and make you put glue first then sticking on the braces and also braces removal

- BOpeep


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- Oof

too many ads

- This app is the best

Ok there is ONE thing in the bonus rounds there’s gems 💎 u have to put on the teeth but it’s literally putting a tons on its it’s great but

- Whaaaaat?!?!

I played this game through the first two levels but on the third one, I got all the green stuff off his teeth and then it doesn't do anything even though I have finished the level Please fix this problem or I'm deleting it because I can't move on to the other level until this is fixed. Thank you 😅

- Dentist bling

It is a fun game

- Good game but one thing..

This game is good cause my sis and me love to play this when were bored on my phone but one thing what makes me mad is the ADS! Please change this if you have any concerns about this review reply back and I won’t be RUDE 🥴

- Inappropriate things

My 5 year old son was playing this and it has inappropriate language in it like thug life please make it child freindly


At first it’s so fun but then I realized on the 3 rd level I’m doing the same thing. Please don’t waste you time on such a silly game.

- Okay

This game is not the best but not the worst you get to yank people teeth out which is fun but there is a couple of glitches like putting in golden teeth and at the end it being white it is okay I would recommend it to ya all

- Improvement

A lot of other apps are very repetitive and this app isnt because every time something different happens and I find that good 4 stars

- Really good game

This is really good but I think you can add a bit more things to do because it’s getting quite boring just doing the same thing over and over.

- Brilliant but full of ads

I love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch thanks 😊 I am sick 🤢 but it’s made me happier than ever. How do people fill a hole page it’s hard

- Poppy

It’s great a poppy.

- Dentist

Hi 👋 I just want you to make more games like this because I love the game. Furthermore I would like to say that you are brilliant. My name is Kassandra and I am 7 years old.

- Terrible

Boring game

- Awful

This game is absolutely terrible and isn't very realistic, I am a dentist i should know what is should be like👎🏻💩💩 I suggest that you add an aspect of sound affects like cuss words and screams of pain. These sounds would appeal to a very different market after that. TERRIBLE RUBBISH AWFUL WHY IS THIS A GAME?

- OK

ITS ok

- Review

There are to many advertisements with games like I just want to play the game

- Wow

What a good game

- It’s really good

I think it’s a really good game but u have to be patient because when u get to level 10 then it starts to get more fun because u get to pull out teeth and stuff like that. But overall I really like this game

- Good and bad 🤬

It’s a good game but soo many ads if this carrys in I’m deleting it with a 1 star 🤬🤬


Why so little ads? WE WANT MORE ADS, THE MORE THE MERRIER . Please put more ads in the game, put them in the middle of levels as well as after each level and not the silly little ads put the ads in that can’t be closed down and that last 30 seconds

- Good

So sorry I am not sure if I have a good one

- Avoid this

Did enjoy this game at first but just way to many ads it became annoying I couldn’t enjoy the game anymore so I deleted it

- To many adds

So there’s just to many adds and it’s always the same add every 5 seconds it’s Kim kardashian Hollywood kimkardashian Hollywood you get my point the game would be good if there was any game

- It’s ok 👌🏻 👍🏻

This game is really good I just have 2 things I think should be changed for example most of the levels have been repeated I think anyway. The other thing is the amount of adds that are on here it’s a bit annoying one minute I’ll be giving someone braces 😂 the next there’ll be an add. But that’s my only problems with it if they changed that I think I’d give it 5/4 stars ⭐️. 👍🏻👍🏻😀😂

- Ads after every level

Apple really need to step up and deal with these trashy games games with ads rampantly running in them 1 star because thats the minimum i can give

- It’s ok... if you like watching ads

This game is infected with ads it’s ridiculous spent more time watching ads then playing the game


When I was about to clean a teeth adverts started coming randomly in the middle of the level other than that good game I guess!

- amazing

The game is really fun and does keep the going I have only just started laying and in setting that is the game most used so thank you so much ad for bringing the game in my life

- Good game

Fun game to play when your bored it’s decent I recommend you give it a try

- Gross

When I started playing this game I loved it it was so satisfying but when it got to the levels of pulling teeth out I hated it so I almost immediately!!!!!!!!! I give this game a 3 out of 5 !!!!!!

- Dentist bling

This game is absolutely awesome, I’m actually surprised that it doesn’t cost money despite only cleaning teeth and filling in holes from level 1 to 10 it is still absolutely brilliant I would definitely recommend this game

- Terrible

It is very laggy and then shuts you of the game deleting immediately

- Dentist bling

This is so 😂


This game is not like in the adverts , super BAD do not add onto your phone it is glitchy and it makes your phone battery low it also TAKES YOUR PHONE INFO LIKE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND LOOKS AT YOUR personal DATA SO FOR YOUR SAFETY DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP

- I can barley play the game 😡

To much Kim kardashion ads , way to much. It gets really annoying

- This app is not nice

Ok so when you pull tell out and replace it at some point rather colouring the teeth it says “try again” and it’s annoying I don’t like this app please tell me if it dose it to you so I just got told to email them to give “extra information “ now I simply can’t now so yeah

- Fun and for free

Fun and for free

- This game

So my thoughts on the game are it is a weird Game it is a strange game and it is disgusting and terrible but it is still fun to play if I am sad 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻do not get it it is terrible I hate it it is rubbish

- Ads too intrusive

For ten seconds of game play you’re forced to sit through 15-20 seconds of ads. I’m not against paying for a game, but would like the opportunity to see if I enjoy it first.

- ADS!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been playing it for a day now but every time I do 2 patients there is an ad

- braddets

fun game to many adds xx

- 5/10

too many ads

- Good game

This game is so much fun! But I have to say there is a few too many ads and I know that the game is about bling but please make it so that there is lint a bonus level after every single patient.

- Too many ads

To many ads makes the game unplayable. Also very repetitive and gets boring after 5 mins of play, for this reason I have deleted this app. I wouldn’t waste your time with it

- Meh

Entertaining for like 5 minutes. Super repetitive. Wouldn’t recommend.

- Too many adds, directly within levels not just at the end

Too many adds

- Why didn’t you let me nock TEETH OUT!!!!!

Ok when at first I brought the game I thought It was fun game but it was POOPPP I THOUT I COULD PULL TEETH OUTT so that’s why I HATE THIS GAME NOWWW so if you think it’s a good game then DONT DOWNLOADED ITTT PLEASE >:o

- Too much adds

This game is ok but the main problem is after nearly every customer there is an advert

- Great game

It is such a good game it’s my favourite game it’s much better then idle makeover it’s probably the best game I’ve ever played in my life

- Horrible

This game is horrid there are adds every 5 seconds mouth keeps moving glitches and ITS NIT FUN!!!!!!!!!!

- Lags

This app has a lot of lagging but apart from that it is a great game!

- Too many ads

Too many ads and it gets boring after like 4 people

- It’s ok

The game is alright but ads keep on coming up and the patients mouth keeps moving like, THATS NOT HOW A DENTIST WOULD WORK THEY WOULD BE ASKED TO KEEL THEIR MOUTH OPEN

- There is way to much ads

There’s heaps of ads when I’m trying to do someone the same ads keep coming up

- it's ok

the game is good and very satisfying but it's so annoying how much the patient moves their mouth. whenever ur trying to do a thorough job they start moving their jaw and u mess up and get less money! ITS THEIR FAULT! if u were a real dentist u would ask them to keep their mouth steady. overall the game is good but that is just the thing that annoys me a lot.

@Alaa_se_ Dentist bling

@Imane_Ackerman Dentist bling

Скачать Dentist Bling мод много денег


Dentist Bling👾

@AnaRD97 Baja dentist bling 🤣🤣

@kwinsletordie Dentist bling

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Dentist Bling 0.3.3 Screenshots & Images

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Dentist Bling iphone images
Dentist Bling iphone images
Dentist Bling iphone images
Dentist Bling iphone images
Dentist Bling iphone images
Dentist Bling iphone images
Dentist Bling iphone images
Dentist Bling ipad images
Dentist Bling ipad images
Dentist Bling ipad images
Dentist Bling ipad images
Dentist Bling ipad images
Dentist Bling ipad images
Dentist Bling ipad images
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Dentist Bling (Version 0.3.3) Install & Download

The applications Dentist Bling was published in the category Games on 2019-12-16 and was developed by Crazy Labs [Developer ID: 721307559]. This application file size is 160.52 MB. Dentist Bling - Games posted on 2020-03-30 current version is 0.3.3 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Dentist Bling Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes

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