Makeup Kit - Color Mixing Game Reviews


Makeup Kit - Color Mixing Game Description & Overview

What is makeup kit - color mixing app? The best COLORING MIXING GAME ever!

Are you ready to become a makeup artist and make the perfect make up for your eye art?

All you have to do is color match, pick the perfect colors, and color mix to get the perfect eyeshadow palette! It is just like DIY Makeup but an even better makeup game! Become a graphic designer for the fashion world!

Sounds fun?! It actually is! It is so easy to color match and make stylist makeup! makeover games

Color mixing is fun like DIY Makeup and making your own eyeshadow palette is just as cool as going to the lash salon!

Release your inner artist and style away with this make up game!

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App Name Makeup Kit - Color Mixing
Category Games
Updated 14 August 2023, Monday
File Size 195.69 MB

Makeup Kit - Color Mixing Comments & Reviews 2023

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I love it!!! ❤️ (developer please read). I totally recommend this game if you’re trying to do make up better. I got this out of curiosity and now I’m addicted! I love how you can choose the things you want to do instead of it being strict and they choose it for you. It improves creativity and curiosity!! It’s so satisfying so I totally recommend this game if you’re bored all day. Although it does have a lot of ads so I would recommend buying no ads because if you do absolutely anything it’s gonna give you ad. But overall it’s a great game and I shouldn’t be saying these things because I have played this nonstop. Ok bye!

This is bad. When I first downloaded this game I thought " ooh this seams like a fun game" a couple weeks later probably it come out with the feature to pick your own photo. I was so excited to be able to do that since I wanted to try some photos. But it didn't have any button or feature for that so deleted it. It's been months since that and I re downloaded it bc I thought it would be updated to where there is a feature for it. But no I was wrong plus when I opened the app after I was done with the pallets I couldn't press the green button to mix because my game wasnt centered, it was jerked to the right and the green button was barely on the screen for me to touch it. Please fix this and if you do maybe someday in the future I'll download it again and maybe I won't have the same issue.

Complaint but good game. In the new update for the VIP customers u need to watch a ad to do them (no issue with that) but when you are in public and have no wifi connection you can not watch the ad. (Understandable so I would skip, but here is where my issue begins) when ever you want to click the “no thank you/skip customer” button you can not. What I mean by this is their is an advertisement at the bottom that’s in the way of clicking it so you simply can not play until you are somewhere where wifi is. I’d appreciate if you changed this. I really love the game and it’s upsetting when I can not play it.

Best game ever!. I think this game is very good. It is quite glitchy when you get on, but it is capable of being very enjoyable. When you first start the game, it shows you everything to do. It is very helpful, but it gets very complicated in the beginning. You get the brush, you choose the colors, then you put it on the pallet. The reason I'm complaining about this is because at the end, when you are mixing the colors, you tap it. Then, it releases the brush and then you have to keep on tapping it over and over an over again. Then if you redo the color, it taps out. But overall besides these problems, I rate this game 10/10. Please enjoy this game and rate it 10 stars out of all.

Green game🥰. I love this game ever since I’ve downloaded it but when I first saw the game and I looked at where it shows with the games and said that you can choose your palate and the texture and when I got on the game I’ve tried looking for a place to change it and it didn’t have it and that was kind of disappointing because sometimes when I would unlock a pallet I wouldn’t really like it or like the texture. I wouldn’t like the texture and I want to change it, but I can’t change it so there was no way to change the texture or palette unless I unlocked a new one, so that’s kind of disappointing, but other than that I love it I play it every day and I would like more pictures to choose from because some of them I don’t really like and I like doing foods more than like people but otherwise great game

It was great until…. Hi, I enjoy playing children’s games and was thrilled when I found one that was complex enough that it was still fun to play when trying to pass time, but, unfortunately, they recently updated the format of how the game appears on screen. This is unfortunate because they obviously did not test-run the game on iPhone 8. I can no longer play the game because I can only access about 3/4 of the screen because it always appears cropped. In the small section of screen that I can’t use lies the “next” button that appears between choosing colors, blending colors, and applying makeup which is necessary to complete a pallet. I updated it, that didn’t help. I uninstalled it, loosing all of the pallets and textures I had gained, that didn’t fix it either. Now I have given up and am writing this review to warn iPhone 8 possessors.

This game is great!. Most makeup games are totally different from the ads and not that fun, but not this one! It’s actually like the ads show. You get to choose a picture, select colors for your pallets, and apply your colors to a model. There are loads of pictures to choose from, and every day you get to play a free special level. The ads are a bit annoying, but there aren’t half as many as some other games I’ve played. This game leaves you free to be creative, and I definitely recommend it.👍

Amazing. This is such a fun game, the rounds are fast but it doesn’t feel like your playing it for a long time! The pictures are fun, it’s new every time, and it’s addicting! I gave it 4 stars for those reasons, why it’s not 5 stars is because this game doesn’t seem that harmful ya know? It’s basically just coloring, however some of the images aren’t very kid friendly. I let my 4 year old cousin play this and when I had peaked over her shoulder to see which game she was playing I saw the imagine was an older one where there wasn’t much clothing on the people and the image itself was very inappropriate. (Level 71) Other than that it’s an amazing game!

Super Good!. Hiii~ So I’ve been playing this game for quite a few months actually, and it’s really good! I do understand how people say stuff about the ads, but if you want a free game that’s what you get. I don’t mind it though. Mostly, many “color” games don’t let you choose what type of picture you want to paint or something, but I love how this app gives you choices of many kinds! Good job Crazylabs. I was playing a game(forgot which one) and I got a ad for this, so I decided to try it. I love the different makeup palates and how you can actually use them on different people. I really recommend this!

Amazing!!. I honestly love this game. It’s such a good ensemble of makeup and creating!! This game provides all kinds of people with creativity and beautiful design with all sorts of blends. The way each and every single shade of blue,red, yellow and so much more colors have a name. The only request I have is to make more pictures and to maybe have like a gallery that shows you all the palettes you’ve made. And maybe naming the pallets, in addition to the gallery with pallets you should show the face and also show the picture we used. Thank you!!

Has potential. Right now I’m only giving this app two stars, but it has potential to be so much better if some changes are made. 1. There’s no incentive to keep people coming back. At the moment, this app is mostly just a boredom/fidget game, and maybe that’s its purpose, but it could be so much more. I play a few games that have voting pools. Once you’re done your creation, it’s submitted into voting. Based on how you score, you then win prizes. I would love if this app implemented that. I would love to have my palettes voted on as well as voting on others. This would also make it more fun and give players a reason to return. 2. The ads need to be toned down. It’s a free game and ads are expected, which I don’t have a problem with in general. The problem here is that there are way too many. I’m forced to watch three to five ads just to finish one design. When you spend way more time watching ads then actually playing, that’s when it becomes a problem and drives people away.

Ads non stop. I was looking for a relaxing game but it’s difficult to enjoy anything that gives you an ad every time you have to click something. I get to pick out the colors and then put them on the palette but as soon as you click the check mark to go to the next phase, AD. You finish that add and then do the second step, click the check mark to go to the next phase….AD! Like seriously? It’s a two step process! You have to watch an ad inbetween every single thing you want to do in this game. PLEASE fix. I don’t even see an option to pay to remove ads! I have better games on my phone with NO ADS. I really would like to enjoy this game but that’s nowhere near possible if I get an ad every 15 seconds. UPDATE: uninstalling because ads are way too annoying. If you want anyone to play this game, this NEEDS to be fixed. There is NO ONE patient enough for this.

So. Many. ADS.. Just started playing this game and it’s super fun! But I would actually be able to enjoy if I could at least play it for 1 full minute… You get an ad like every 30-50 seconds it’s ridiculous.. When I finished one palette an ad played, i expected that one since i had just finished a palette, but after the ad finished i went to find a new image to make a makeup palette of and right as I was about to click one ANOTHER AD PLAYED! IT HAD ONLY BEEN LIKE 20 SECONDS SINCE THE LAST ONE PLAYED! The amount of ads is just ridiculous. It’s a good game though, don’t get me wrong. I just can’t enjoy playing it when it has an ad every 30-50 seconds.

Racist?. Okay so let's start with the positives! This game is super fun! If you are not the developer, this game let's you choose what picture you can mix! It's super fun, just like in the ads! AND it's pretty satisfying! Now we start with the negatives. The game has a bit too much ads. One when I start the game, another one when I choose a picture, when I end my mixing, and then when I finish putting makeup on a girl's face. And now let's get to the topic. The reason I put Racist? As the title is because everytime I do plain colors as my makeup it keeps giving me black girls. Now everytime I do colorful palletes they give me white girls. Is this a coincidence? Or is this racism cause honestly I think black girls should have colorful makeup too. Not just "widow" or "maroon"

Greta game, but small flaw. I really, really like this game! It’s super fun too mix the colors and put it on the girls eyes. And there are no adds at all (besides the ones you click for prizes) There is one flaw to it though. I dunno if it is just my app or it is a bug, but none of the videos for the prizes are ever available. It just shows a loading sign where the play button should be, and it’s kinda. Annoying when you teach the VIP levels. It’s probably just a something for me, otherwise great!

Good app 2 problems though. So I like this app, but I gave it four stars for a reason, SO MANY ADDS!!!! Once you finish your colors there’s an add when you mix them there’s an add, and all over again. I get people need adds for money, but in this there are to many, maybe give adds every 5-6 color pallets. And onto the second problem, we’ll it’s not a problem but still, I think we should be able to choose our own pictures, cause most of the time I get princesses and I hate them. So if you could fix those that would be great, thank you nice 😊 😊😊

Amazing game!!. I absolutely love this game it is a great game and there are barely any adds unless you want to unlock something!! It’s really fun because you can also upload photos of you or just anything you have downloaded. Although I would like to tell the developers that my mom almost didn’t let me get the game because of the first add video on this which has the eggplant and the peach which my mom thinks was inappropriate so I would change that. It gets kind of boring if you play way to long so I would say it would be cool if you added other makeup like lipstick, That would be so cool!! But other than that 1 small thing this is a 100% amazing game and I highly recommend.

CRAZY LABS for the win!!!. I love anything crazy labs!! And this game is perfect it is not a total ripoff and it actually looks like it does in the adds. I definitely recommend This game for anyone who like mixing and thinks it is satisfying:) 1 tiny problem… I honestly think the brush thing is like really hard to move and sometimes makes me annoyed and anxious 😬. But I love this game I definitely recommend this!! Oh and when I read the reviews it said like glitching and adds but I am at level 47 and no add no glitches nothing!!! Oh and I have only had Thai game for 8 minutes and i and at level 47 that’s how much I love this game!!!! :I WOULD BUY ANYTHING CRAZY LABS!

Appreciation. This game was fun because we got to see what color is made what in the different shades of every color and I thought it was awesome and so did my frontier she thought it was awesome and she was the one who made me download it and I’m very thankful of her for making me on downloading it. And how I got to do everything that I wanted, except for a couple of things which kind of annoying when they kind when they went out of place, and I didn’t get to get the color but it’s OK because we still got to mix colors and find out what colors make what

Almost perfect; helps calm you down.. I love this game. It's simple, easy to use, and has smooth gameplay. The music in the game is also very soothing. I've only been playing the game for a few days, but it's already charmed me into wanting to play it more. However, the game has one huge issue: the ads. I feel like there are more advertisements than gameplay, and it's really sad. Maybe just make it so that the ads play once every three rounds, or only when you want to unlock a new item. Maybe add an option to pay for no ads, too. I don't know. Lovely game, but there's more ads advertising games than gameplay.

Sad. This is making me very sad. My friend showed me this game and I downloaded the EXACT same game on my phone. The game on my friends phone let her make the pallet and then put it on a persons eyes; and gave her the choice of what picture to make the pallet from. The game on my phone won't let me pick a picture to create the pallet from nor let me put on the girls eyes afterwards. I was confused so I downloaded it on at least 3 other peoples phones and we all have different phones so the problem isn't the version of phone one has. It worked properly on three of my friends phones and didn't work properly/didn't give the same opportunities to two of my friends phones and my phone. On the phones that it didn't work on we uninstalled and reinstalled the game MULTIPLE times. Yet the same problem arose each time. I am truly dissatisfied and disappointed by this flaw in the programming of this game. Please please please find a solution to this problem so I can play this incredibly entertaining game when I'm bored. Thank you for listening, fix your dumb mistake ASAP. Love you.

AMAZING ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I like this game a lot because it’s fun and easy, and is exactly like it is in the ads. Most games are frauds, and are nothing like they are in the ads. Take Merge Dragons. In the ads, you get rich quick and are opening chest after chest, but in the actual game your camp becomes a landfill, you stash chests because they cost 10 bucks apiece to open, and you spend months, maybe even years trying to get this one rare dragon that you can’t get. So if I could give Makeup Kit 6 stars, I definitely would! Also, to get out of doing VIP levels, tap close to the ad at the bottom, but not too close, because that’s where they hid the exit button. XP

Love it! (Developer please read). When I got this app I saw Crazy Labs was the developer I knew the app would be great because I got another game from Crazy Labs and it was very well made. And I started playing this game from an ad I saw, it was just like the ad and not a rip off! I enjoy playing this game because it’s simple but fun! I’ve been seeing a lot of ads for games like fishdom, which is completely different from its ads, and project makeover which is sort of like the ads but you have to pay with coins to do things and play boring games to get the coins. But when I found this app it was very different! It was true to the ads and actually doesn’t have many ads on the app itself. I very much recommend to get it! Also thank you Crazy Labs for making cool games!

Love the game but…. So I found this game on a ad and remembered that one of my friends had this game and I was in love with the game. When I finally got the game I was so excited. When I finished the first level I was amazed by it. But later on I had an ad and if I skipped or even let it play the whole time my whole screen would just be a grayish black. And every time I had to exit the game and turn off my phone and turn it back on and i consider my self a pretty patient person but this was not what i asked for. And it was getting very annoying because it didn’t save my level and I was very frustrated!! But other whys this game is 100% recommended by me! I love this game! Thank you for reading!

Great, until…. For the first few days, I was obsessed with this game. There were little to no ads/distractions. I played for hours at a time, and I was having so much fun. After about 4 days though, every time I opened the app, there was an ad. Every time you got done mixing a pallet, there was an ad. I wouldn’t recommend this game with the amount of ads after a few days. Also, you apply makeup to white and black/brown people, which, nothing wrong there, just that with the dark skinned models, there is no texture in the hair, I’m not sure if I’m the only one this bothers, but I’d just like to point it out. Other than a few flaws, this game was fun.

Pretty Good!. So I got this game because I saw a ton of ads for it and I wanted to see if it was actually any good and ngl, it’s not too bad! It has pretty good graphics and it’s really fun to play. There is tons of different pictures to pick from and so many different colors you can make. The only problems that I have with this game is that 1, there is WAY too many ads!!! There is an ad I feel like every 15 seconds (not an exaggeration!) 2, I would like some different models to put the makeup on! Since there is only like 4 models it’s hard to make the makeup actually look good if you have to match with their outfit every time! Thanks for reading this! 😊

Two things but great(creator please read). I think this is a really great game. But there’s two things that I think could change. I think there should be less ads. If there would be less ads it would be more relaxing. Another thing I think would be good is if you could upload your own pictures. If you could upload your own pictures I think more people would play your game. Other than those two things this game is great. It’s relaxing and fun. If your bored and need something to entertain you, this is a great game!

Fun but too many adds. I love this game I played it a lot I don’t know when I exactly downloaded the app but I’ve had it for at least a year or a year in a half it’s so fun making all the colors with the pallets and showing what the colors names are but the adds are a little extreme like I press the button to finish my pallet and it says add then I finish and see my colors and press next to go to a new level and it’s says add (add means I have to watch an add) and the same round of adds will repeat in the same order so it makes me very frustrated and usually leave the game but overall great game. -me

THIS IS MY ZONE. I love this game so much! When I first played it, I was so bad, but now that I’m getting used to it, this game is so easy and fun! Some people might think its not what they expected, but I read some of the reviews, and some of them were right. Some were wrong. But I need to warn you, do not use the same colors from the pic over one time, or else the eye shadow will totally backfire. But anyways, it is a great game, I found the perfect one! I’ve been searching for the perfect game and never found it, 👁🖤👆🏻game! -Mobear10😉

Great game……but too many adds!. This game is great if i want to just sit down and do something simple for a while.. but when I’m in the middle of something it turns into either one add or two or three adds at a time! This get really annoying because let’s say I’m picking a color and I have to sit and wait through many adds and eventually I just pick another game because these adds are getting out of hand. I still want to say though that this game is very relaxing and makes me feel calm and relaxed. The graphics on this game is also very good too. Even though there is a few things I don’t like about this game.. overall this game is pretty decent.

Almost perfect. I am obsessed with this game and have been playing constantly since I got it. It’s nice and relaxing. I only have 2 complaints with the game: lose the ads, and have an option to upload your own photos to use. The ads: holy crap there are a lot of ads. 2 for each palette. Please give the option to get rid of ads. I would pay for that. Also, since I have played so much, I have been getting repeat photos. Not every time, but often enough that it’s getting old. Add an option to upload your own photos, or add a lot more to the game. Other than these two complaints the game is great

Meh. This would be a 5 if this problem wasn’t happening to me. I downloaded bc it seemed fun! But then on my first one, I would pick a color and then put it in the kit but it wouldn't let me and that was annoying. Plus, it didn’t all fit in the screen. My first picture was a dog with glasses and I couldn’t see all of it. I kept going and when I was done I tried clicking the green button but I could only see a sliver of it and couldn’t click it and I was stuck. I tried deleting it and getting it back and also tried erasing the tab but nothing worked. Please fix this or do sm abt it.

Would be great but…. Way too many ads. You pick a picture and do a pallets, you get an ad, you mix the pallets, you get an ad, you do the makeup on someone, another ad. You want to unlock a picture? That’s another ad. You get 3 ads for every single one you do, and it doesn’t even take 3 minutes to do one, so you get 3 ads in less than 2 minutes! It has the potential to be an easy relaxing game but way too many ads. And it isn’t because they want to keep the app free, that’s nonsense. I have played dozens of free apps with ads, I know it’s necessary, but 3 per level is way too many, even one per level is annoying considering how quickly you do them. One per 3 or 4 would be much more tolerable.

Great but needs options(I don’t know if my review went threw). This is a great game that I love and downloaded twice and sense it’s the second time I realized we need options for like the person we put makeup on and variety from boys to girls sense we are in 2022 I feel like more people would get this game if you did that sense rlly every makeup game only has girls (not that it’s a bad thing and ik some are for kids) just needs more options for stuff in games and if you are wondering how you should do the options it’s that for the makeup it’s in settings for the lines and the one without the lines and when your done doing the makeup the person/model for the makeup ig to get more specific pops up and you can scroll for the person you want (again these are suggestions I think that people will like and some things I would like) your doing a great job

Great. This game is really really fun! i like the whole idea of it and the names of the colors, and the pictures, and everything is awesome! But the reason i gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because there are SO many ads!!!! You’re done putting colors on the palette, boom, ad! after the looong ad you get to mix the colors and after that, ad! finally you get to go to the next drawing, and when you’re done picking those colors, an ad! it’s just really frustrating and i know people need ads for money, but people won’t play your games if you keep doing lots and lots of ads! i’m fine with ads, just not if there’s a ton! so please bring the number of ads down and i’ll bring my review up to a 5. thank you!!!

I am suffering. I’m in the middle of a mental breakdown and I’m trying to focus on something else so I downloaded this game it’s fun but it keeps giving me ads which is to be expected it’s a dumb mobile game but the ads are about makeover games and one thing they have in common is they keep telling me that fat people are ugly and that I need to “improve myself for him” bye like what I’m just trying to get over my own insecurities I guess this is more of a rant about the many ads I keep getting every few seconds rather than the gameplay but this game is showing me these really messed up ads and they aren’t even for real apps I tried clicking on it to find the app but it’s not even for real games so this makeup color mixing game keeps giving me ads telling me I’m ugly and have to change myself for a man. Anyway gonna go cry about how society hates me. <3

It’s ok! Just a couple things that are just off... Ok so… It’s an awesome game super fun and entertaining but almost every time I’m done with one round I always watch ads!!! I don’t write reviews to cut you off it’s just giving you my feedback!! And also like the special rounds or whatever they are called should be free!!! And please make it with more colors not just basic ones!! And we need more things instead of just painting peoples faces… and again I’m not trying to write bad reviews it’s just my feedback! But overall it’s so fun!! I’m sorry if that’s to many fixes but I would hope you could fix at least some bugs that are in the game!! Thanks!

Please read about the TRUTH. I love this game some people say they are way to many ads in this game and that is it the worst game, but don’t listen to them pls take it from me I am saying the truth. This game is awesome and so fun you can make so many fun colors, and pick the picture you want. When you are done you can test your make up on a girl and any colors you choose looks really pretty I recommend this game a lot. Now time to talk about ads. I think that there are people out there who are being way to dramatic about the ads, and yes there are ads, but they’re not that bad and most of the ads they choose are really interactive and fun I hope you buy this game have fun with it! :-)

Great idea…ads ruin it. I think what you guys were going for was awesome — I love that not only can you color pick from ANY part of the image, but you can actually apply it to a person after mixing the palette. It’s also cool that each color has its own name. However, the HUGE downside to this app (and many other apps like it) is that it’s overrun with ads. Every time you go to the next section, you’re hit with an ad. Sure, they’re relatively short, but the sheer abundance of them is super annoying. I know you guys gotta make money, so why not add a feature where players can pay to get rid of ads? Most other games have that option, I’m not sure why this one doesn’t. Anyway, I know the developers probably won’t reduce the amount of ads, so for now I’m just gonna delete it. It’s a shame, it was a really cute idea.

I’m already in love!. So I actually got this game today because I was like “since I’ve seen this add so much mind as well get it” and I did! My best friend played it once with me and was pretty fun. I didn’t really know how the game actually works so when I first played it I thought this was useless and now finally I get to play it! I was excited to see the game when I got it because I like playing new games and finding out how it works and once you get into it you most likely play it every day and become ur favorite game. I also have a Apple Pencil to use so that it will be easier! Thanks to you guys this might be my fav game! TYSM 🌸♥️🍓🧋☺️🍑🐻💎

Great game, good job Crazy Labs 👏. I installed this app a couple weeks ago, and have been playing it nonstop ever since. I saw a couple of ads for it and decided it looked fun and that I would try it, but I was doubtful that it would be great because literally all of the ads I’ve seen lately have been frauds. Those games where they say you get to do the pull the pin puzzles or the one where you overtake numbers smaller than yours annoy me. They say “install this game, play puzzles like this one!” But you barely get to do them and they’re small and stupid. Anyway, the only reason I downloaded the game is because I know Crazy Labs and have their game AMAZE, which by the way, is another good game like this one you should check out. I loved makeup kit because it was exactly the same as the ads. The only app I’ve seen with pull the pin puzzles often is Evony, which is also a good game. Makeup kit has tons of options on your patterns and makeup cases, but it took me a little while to figure out how to access them. Right before you start a level, there should be a little blue button sticking out of the edge of the screen, close to the bottom right corner. Clicking that will give you access to all of your patterns and case skins. Anyway, this is a really cool game, and if you are looking for a pull the pin puzzle game, try Evony, or if your trying to find another time consuming game, try AMAZE.

I love this game nonstop playing it. OK whenever I first got this game I was attached to it like I only have like maybe 11 games on my iPad and this is one of my favorites so if you ever get this game and you think that it is that you have to pay for it no you don’t you just have to play the game you don’t have to pay for nothing but if you want to get like free things then you’re gonna have to pay. So you do not have to pay have a great day thank you oh and also read this before you get the game because if you don’t read the reports and everything then you don’t know what’s gonna happen thank you have a great day

Impressive!. I’d say this game is pretty impressive being so simple. The overall game play is very easy and smooth. Not to mention satisfying! I like that you can have any color on the chosen image, the color dropper is so simple and pleasant. Even though I have gotten so far in the game I know I will get bored of it eventually. I feel like it could use more zest! Like using Your own images, mini games, or shopping for new limited utensils. Other than that the ad situation could be handled differently. Having two minute ads on each round is a bit much. If wanting the viewer to watch two ads I think it should be expressed differently. Like if we had the choice to watch ads to unlock new materials things like that. :)

Sooo great!. This is such a satisfying game & i love it soo much!!! It does not have very much ads soo few ads! i was like wow i like the amount of ads! i am very picky on the amounts of ads so yeah! So if u read this review i highly recommend this game! So yeah totally not mad if u get this awesome game! So i love it soo much i am like kinda addicted lol!! It is a great game!! I love this app sooo much!! But there is 1 thing that bugs me!! 1! So i wish that there is more pics with very bright colors! So that is the 1 problem! It is not a very big 1 so ya!! I usually delete games a lot cause i only have 16 gigs on my phone but this is a game i won't ever delete this game!!!! Yeah! Thank ufor reading this whole review! If u actually do read this (๑`✪̤◡✪̤)◞ღԵհɑղƘՏღ!! So i highly recommend this game!!! Thank u! Very good game!!

TURN YOUR WI-FI OFF. I totally recommend this game it’s fun and relaxing. It’s a game that I would play all night it’s a time filler. Most of the other reviews talked about a lot of ads but I turned my Wi-Fi OFF and got ZERO ADS. I also love that every color has A NAME!!😍🥰😍🥰I wish that there could be more spaces on the pallet. That we could also test the makeup on costumers and that the pallets could be saved in a photo/gallery book of some sort. Or that we could sell the pallets to different customers. Over all I love the game and total recommend it! Hope this helps.😊😊😊

OMG I LOVE THIS GAME 👍😍 BUT……….. So I definitely recommend this game if you are bored and have nothing else to do 👍🏻🫶🏻😍😁🥰🤗.First before I talk about the down side I am just going to say that I love this game for many reasons so I love that the game doesn’t have the same pictures over and over again thanks for that👍🏻. And i love how there is names for each color. Ok so let’s get into the issues with this ok so the adds aren’t that bad but I just wish that you could test the makeup on customers in the game so could you just add that plz🤞🏻👍🏻🫶🏻but other than that it’s a great,fun,entertaining,and enjoyable so thanks 😊

Great game but…. I love this game. I play it almost every day. It’s almost exactly as advertised. You pick an image, and then select any 4 colors from that image and turn it into an eyeshadow palette. Then you get to put it on a model. There are only two things i think should be changed. One is the amount of ads. There’s a lot of ads. It’s not as bad as some other games, but its the same three ads over and over and over again. The other thing is that a lot of the images aren’t that pretty. I think you should be able to upload your own. But great game in general.

Love this game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. This game is really great and addicting so basically what you do is the give you a picture and you make a makeup palate for it and then after that you put on the model. I really like this game because it has nice potential and it’s a OKAY game. I’m not gonna say it’s my FAVORITE game but I really like it and I recommend downloading this game and it doesn’t have a lot of adds you know. But yeah this game is like really fun and nice and not boring at ALL so I recommend to download this app. It’s not a bad game and the game has very realistic graphics for this type of game. And games like this have really Great potential so This app is a 10/10 I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

I love it!. Ok THIS IS AMAZING 1: i see a lot of reviews saying they’re are inappropriate ads… no… just, no. there are no inappropriate ads AT ALL in fact I have been playing this for over 30 minutes.. not ONE single ad. None, ZERO! and not one inappropriate ad. 2: I like how the people who you put the eyeshadow on are not all white. I like that because I was expecting it to be like all the other makeup games. 3: once again: No. Inappropriate. Ads. 4: there are no men asking for makeup, and I see plenty of men wearing makeup in the world, that’s my only complaint.

This game is so good. I love this game especially because It has LITTLE TO NO ADS i hate it when your playing a game and every 2 minutes an ad pops up it’s so annoying but this game literally has like no ads! It’s extremely satisfying I recommend it it you like satisfying stuff and hate ads. My only problem is you only put the makeup on girls you should have options to put it on boys too because cmon it’s 2023 (I’m still getting over the fact that it IS 2023) and some boys put on makeup too. So yeah this game is amazing but please make up be able to put it on not only girls.

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Great but adds. This app is great but there are to many adds. Really could use an upgrade. Other than that this app is amazing. Love playing this any time of day.

The best game ever invented!!!!. This game is so relaxing and so cool. You mix colours and beautiful pictures as well. You must download this game!!!!!

Good but. This is a great app but there are quite a lot of adds. 😆 and I do wish ewe could pic our own pictures to. Other than that it is quite a great app! 👍 Great job!👏🏻👏🏻

A good game. This game is really fun but I only wrote a phrase because every single time it’s just sometimes frustrates you and also it doesn’t really do the right colour that you want to do and some what time is it ends up really ugly or pretty but the good side of this game is it’s really fun entertaining and I would highly recommend kids using this I think I might actually change it to a for now you should definitely get this game it’s like the best game ever and also kind of well one percent bad👍👍😊😄😁😁😆😃😘❤️

boring and too many ads. honestly the most boring game ive ever seen, plus there are WAY too many ads.

Amazing!. This game relaxes all of my nerves during the day and it’s absolutely amazing I recommend it to any kids or adults that has quite a bit of stress I 100% recommend this app plus as an artist this makes me feel so happy because I love with things are colour organised basically how to say this is I love this game you should play it we also play it

Why I LOVE this game. I love this game it’s soooo satisfying!! Make more games like this one please 😁🙏🥺

Review. My review is good I just don’t like how this game is addictive

Adds. This game is good but the adds pop up every five minutes I’m not trying to throw any shade on this game just reminding everyone that if u can’t deal with add probably don’t get this game

Already pretty nice. This app is already pretty nice but I think something that would make it a lot better would be a feature to upload our own photos from our camera roll/albums and make palettes from our own photos

Game. So far I only got it two minutes ago ok?

So annoying but amazing. I love this game so much but the ads are next level can you please get a no ads thing for like $5 a month or somthing

Good game but one issue. This is a good game but every time you finish applying to the person there is always an ad which I wish there was none of unless it is one of the tiny box ads at the bottom sometimes instead of having to wait each time to do a new person.

Fun! Please read if u want 2 know more. This game is quite fun! Tbh, it’s not like other games, were they show some other completely different ad, which makes it cr@p. But, this game is different. I enjoyed it a lot, although it would be fun if there could be a bigger palette and if there could be celebrity levels. Maybe you can add contests as well? And don’t make the CPU very easy to beat. Make it that you can choose the difficulty level. But otherwise, this game is fun and rlly relaxing! Good job! 5 out of 5 stars. Oh, and as for the ads, they’re ok. Not too bad.

Amazing. I love lvl 4 bc it’s my country and I love everything in this app love I RECCOMEND TRYING IT

Too many ads. Game is good! Ads are way too much! Would prefer to pay up to $2.99 to have no ads!

Make-up. Good creative game for young kids and teens

More ads than game time. Game would be fun if you didn’t spend more time watching ads than playing. A level involves picking 4 colours, mixing the sleeves colours and applying them to a face. But after a few levels it’s at the point where you are watching an add 3 times per level. So you’ll spend maybe 20 seconds playing, with a minute and half of ads through that

Fun but sooo many ads. It’s really fun but the amount of ads just makes it terrible. I can’t go through one level without at least 2 ads.

Stupid ads. I rated this game a 2 because round after round I will always get a ad.I don’t like ads round after round because it’s interrupting me playing the game and that’s why I rated this game a 2 (stupid ads)

Love it. Best make up game ever Never change a thing

It’s quite good. I fave it a 4 bc the amount of ads u have to watch is lot’s i have to watch 3 in 1 round but other than that it’s okay!

I love this game. I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!! It’s so relaxing and I can play this 24/7! All day EVERY day! Get pleasssse! Not only are you supporting the gam but are also supporting me🤍🌼 tysm!

Love this game. I’m loving this game so far! I could play this game for like a hole day!😃😍

Not enough. To much ads I don’t like it

Ads are annoying. Can’t remove them

Love IT😍😍. Love this no internet needed game it really is an amazing game and there are not many ads

Advertisement Galore. This game was pretty cool and interesting until it decided to play adverts every 15 seconds to be able to progress far out

I love this but…. This game is so so fun but would be even better if we could pay to remove ads ❤️

To many ads!. It’s a lot of fun to play when you need to unwind from a day but the amount of ads is beyond a joke. If you don’t mind ads every other second then you’ll be fine ☺️

So much FUN!!. Love this game! It’s really satisfying and addictive. Haven’t found any bugs or issues, but can someone tell me how to change your pallets? Other than that, great game for when you have nothing to do! Five stars!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

AWESOME!!. This game has lots of fun things to do and the customers always look so pretty after they are made up. There are not too many ads and it is exactly like it was shown in the ad, unlike some other silly games. I always have fun. Absolute 5 star rating.

GREAT GAME. lots of fun dose not take to long so good if your waiting for some one

Good game, but. It’s a good game but there’s too many ads after every level you get like two ads it would’ve been five stars if there weren’t as much as it is a great game I’ll give you that but maybe fix how many ads you can put because it’s a little too much

Glitchy!!!. So I love this app but it's really glitchy and it kicked me out of the game but recommended.

Too many ads. It isThe best it’s just too manyAds it really would be the best if there was no ads it’s a fun game for too many ads like seriously too many ads

The best game. I love this app because I love running in the Pal

Needs an ad free version. Lovely game but would be 5 stars if there was an ad free version. The wait time for ads far outweighs playing time making it literally impossible to play.

Lucy’s Reveiw. I think you should make it have a lot less adds that is the only thing you should change about it👌🏻 Sincerely Lucy B 🦋🐯🐷

Nice game but. It’s a really good game but can you let us upload our own photos and do it and select our person to do makeup on a do our own sorta makeup instead of following what ever the game wants? That I will give a 5 stars if you fix this, thanks.

Great game but need an option to remove ads. I really love this game, it’s super fun. The only problem was the ads it got super annoying and I tried looking for the option to remove ads, if you could give the option to remove ads for couple of $$ then this would be a great game. I would play for hours very addicting but the ads really killed it for me

Has potential. To many adds and not even a option to remove adds for a price

This game this great but I need a option. I really love this game I just started then I just gave it a 5 star but I need a option to remove ads.

Great game!. I love it soo much, I would recommend it to everyone.

Calming Game. This game is very calming I recommend this game before sleep! One thing is that it has to many ads about 1 to 2 ads every round. But I really love it,I would not recommend it if you get frustrated easily by ads. I also had no clue that there were that many colours I learnt many new colours! Thank you I hope this help☺️

I like this app game. It is a satisfying and relaxing game to play

Okay. Good makeup kits but cannot keep them. Too many ads.

Too Much Ads. Whenever you finish the person they just has to be an ad also it has a lot of bugs and it glitches a lot

The best. This game helps me choose what colour makeup I should were every day

Update. This is the best app ever but you need to update it and make more items to collect

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Very good love it. Amazing gameplay

Pas assez long. J’ai fini le jeux en 2 jour il n’y a pas assez d’images pour y jouer longtemps


Best game ever. It’s my first time playing and I love it

Best game. This game is so much fun like takes all my stress away even know I don’t stress but I love this game

Just turn off your wifi and then perfection. Ads but doesn’t require internet to play! Great for road trips when bored 👍🏿 I highly recommend

No adds. Literally everyone is saying that there are WaY tO mAnY aDdS but I didn’t get any adds so far and I’ve been playing for over 3 months! All that to say it’s a great game that can be played without wifi 🙂.

Love it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘👌👌👌👌👌💕💕😍😍😍😍


Meh 🤷‍♀️. It seems like a really fun game but mine didn’t work properly for some reason

Good game. Nice: fun: addictive, what more can I ask for? 🤔

I just joined. I just joined but so far it’s a really fun game to play i love it

Not bad could use improvement. Eh not bad. Too many ads though. Other than that it’s pretty good

It’s great. If you’re looking for a relatively ad-free time killer, you’ve found it. In my second day of playing, I cannot recall a single ad that came across my playing.

(*0*). I love the game but I wish you could do more then just eye shadow because it just gets boring doing only eyeshadow

It has a lot of ads. It has way to many ads but overall it’s a pretty good game

So CALMING. I love the little back round music! This game is so addictive and hard to stop playing. The whole thing is completely customizable for your liking. The only thing that you can make better would be more options after instead of just clothing and make up.

Not a lot of ads. People are saying that their are a lot of ad ps but when I play it their is not many ad. It’s is also really fun and you can play it without internet too.

Why can’t I do dress up. Their is dress up on my sister but not mine she has more to but I can only do makeup!

Fun but short lived. You spend double the time watching ads than you do playing. Cool concept though, it would be great to be able to put your own photos in.

Got tired of it fast. Boring

Adds. It’s really really cool and fun but there are soooooo many ADDS SO MANY!!! ALMOST EVERY TIME I GO TO BLEND THEM AND THEN FINISH THERE IS ALWAYS ADDSSSSS. it’s still really fun but ……

Too many ads. The advertisement is EXTREMELY accurate but there are way too many ads in the actual game.

LOVE IT. I love it but I want it on iPad please look into making it available on iPad

100/100. I love this game. The song is good

I like it but it has multiple ads. Anytime you play a level, you pick the colours, then there is an ad. Most of the time I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Sadly, there are more ads. After mixing all the colours, there is another ad. Sometimes there is even more. All the game is, is pick colours and mixing them. Each level shouldn’t have 2 ads at the least. If the gameplay was longer, this wouldn’t have been an issue. For such a short game, there is no reason for the amount of ads. After a while, this game becomes boring, because it is half ads! Nice game, too many ads. NEVERMIND U CAN TURN OF WIFI AND INTERNET. Turn off the internet, and poof! All the ads gone

Makeup kit. There is way too many ads, but other than that it is amazing

Very fun game but SO MANY ADDS. 3 adds in each 2 minute levels of the game.

No one’s gonna see this. u look amazing today

Awesome. This game is really good but I would suggest lowering down the adds

A lot of long ads. I would honestly be willing to pay $5-$8 to permanently remove ads, this game is fun but there’s a long ad in between every step, it really does add up and it makes it frustrating to play. I really want to be able to enjoy this fun little game on my phone

Weird glitch. App is great! But weird glitch, a bit of the screen is cut off. 🤔

It’s a good game. The game is really addictive I just kinda wish the adds would load when I want them and not have to many adds when I don’t want them. Otherwise it’s a good game

BEST GAME EVER. I love it you can use your own photos

Lent est sa bogue énormément est mon iPhone est un 13. Très très lent

Makeup Game!. This is an amazing game in the car because you don’t need wifi! It’s fun and exiting! Totally Recommend!

Good. I love you So very much and thank you for everything in the game

Good game. I like this games its brainless and fun

The game is the same as its ads, but there’s too many ads while playing the game.. I will give them credit where its due, I think its the first game that has accurate ads. I downloaded expecting it to be different from the ads, but it was actually really fun. The only downside is that theres wayyy too many ads.

Ads. The ads are out of control

idk lol. so i think it’s really cool because you can customize the doll with the colors

Good job. I think that this app is great just I feel like it needs more

Amazing. So for everyone saying tHeReS tO mANy AdDs just turn off the internet BOMB problem solved I tried it doesn't need internet satisfying and fun definitely recommend and it’s free

10/10. distracts me and gives me luck until my boyfriend texts me back! would recommend if your boyfriend loves to leave you on delivered and you like shiny makeup stuff

It’s good but. It’s amazing but the game is cut off the screen plz make it better for XR

Great eyeshadow app. Great fun app, but ADs are too much. Also, please make 6 and 12 color palette with more pictures!!!

Not that many ads. Like there’s the ads at the bottom, but other than that it’s not too many. If you don’t like the ads then turn the wifi off 😩

Too many adds. Wayyyyyy toooioo many adds im very disappointed 😭 but it’s a very good game

Artist. I am a good artist!

It’s okay. It’s not a bad game it’s just like any other game nothing special 🤷🏽‍♀️

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PLEASE ReAD!. Yah sure this game may be fun for a little bit but when u keep playing it gets boring I mean for the game owners that’s not something to be proud of and also there is a lot of adds like when u go to the next one or maybe in the middle of doing one there are adds and I thought oh let’s get it back after the new update that u can do it on people but no still made me bored anything they do it Is boring. BTW IM JUST GIVIVING 5 STARS I DONT MEAN IT

Super fun!. This game is very fun and calming but my one complaint is that there are ads everytime you complete a level. It isn't that bad compared to other games but you shouldn't have ads after every level. I really do like that there are special levels like choose your own photo or emoji! And it is nice that there are a lot of different photos for you to do. So yea, super fun game and I still enjoy it to this day!

Too Many Ads.. Honestly the game itself is okay, I like the pictures and the mixed colors come out cute. Problem is there are TOO MANY ADS!! When I select a picture I get an ad. Fine enough. But every time I complete a step and click “next” I get an ad. I get an ad after every step to do the makeup. Then after I finish, ad before I can choose another picture. That’s 3-5 ads for ONE level!! While one ad at the beginning and one at the very end I can find acceptable, an ad after basically every action taken is virtually unplayable. Not worth it at all.

Please stop the ads!!. The game itself is fantastic. It’s simple and I genuinely enjoyed it for awhile. However, the fun gameplay is completely overshadowed by the amount of ads that play. It is easily three to four times per level. I was getting to the point where I would literally pay to make them stop, and there wasn’t even an option to do that. So I’m just hoping that in the future the developers will stop the frequency of the ads or make it possible to pay to not view any.

Amazing game but too many ads!!!. I saw an ad for this game on Snapchat and thought it look interesting but you know how those game ads usually are, so I was extremely skeptical. I was very pleased to see that it was just like the game play, I have been playing nonstop, but unfortunately there is a complete tidal wave of ads before and after almost everything you do in the game. I looked everywhere for an option to buy an ad free version but there isn’t one, if they were to add the option to pay a one time fee to get rid of the ads I would purchase in a heartbeat as I am thoroughly enjoying the game.

Perfect 💗💗✨. This game is just like advertised. It’s fun, and unique. The graphics are great. And yeah, you get to use actual photos for your pallets!! The only thing I wish there was…is customers to do makeup on!!! Besides that, amazing game. Keep up the great work! edit; this game is getting three stars now. One of the pictures I got had TWO fully naked women on it. It wasn’t covered at all, you could see everything. And it was very VERY detailed. Gross. 😭😭 please take pictures like that out of the game, kids are playing this.

I love it. I love this game so much it lets you express your love for make up and mixing together different colors but there’s a lot of ads and I think they should make less that is why there’s one star gone from my review but otherwise it’s good I do think they should give us more fun pictures like once I got one of carrots and I didn’t have a lot of different colors to work with so I didn’t end up as well but I do think it’s a very fun game and you should download It

Five stars but…... I absolutely love this game! It’s just like the ad and you can get new makeup palettes and new textures. But I would LOVE if you guys could add a feature to insert a picture from your photo library and make a palette out of that! And a mode that it wasn’t levels it was just the pictures that you chose from your photo album and you could just make a palette out of that. Anyway really amazing game 10/10 would recommend! 😄👌

Fantastic! But limited content. This app is so enjoyable and satisfying. My only critique is that I wish it had more content. You eventually run out of pictures to turn into palettes. I’ve only been playing for a few days and already ran out (but I have been playing it a lot during these days). It would be fun if they added a feature where you could upload your own picture to make into a palette!

So Amazing! But, one thing…. To start off I absolutely LOVE this game! It’s so much fun!! But the ADS! SO MUCH ADS! Most of the time I don’t care, and sometimes it can be annoying I know they need to make money and stuff, but still, besides that it’s a great game! Also, another thing I like about it is that instead of having to watch an add to get something, you automatically get it! Anyway GREAT game totally addictive! ☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Amazing game!. This game is so fun and calming, with loads of options. Like any mobile game there are a lot of adds, but the more you play the less there are. I do wish there was a gallery so we can view things we have already made so you don’t have to download all of them onto your phone. Other then that this is my favorite game, I would recommend getting it.

It’s great But…. I downloaded it yesterday and have been playing it nonstop, I love this game and it’s really satisfying. Way to many ads. That’s the one bad thing about it. You finish one thing and BOOM Ads! I get that you have to make money but is that many ads necessary? I don’t know how to make a game, but I recommend one ad every 3 FINISHED palettes. And maybe special things to get if you watch an ad. Like a new brush/pen to mix the colors with. I don’t know, if anyone is even going to read this but please consider less ads!

This game is a different bread.. I see the add when I was playing a game and it looked so entertaining, so I download it. I download it smoothly and nothing is wrong except..I pick the picture that I wanted to make a pallet out of. I did it but..something was wrong. When I blended the pallet, it was erasing! It kept turning white or another color on the pallet. I was irritated but I made it work. Then when I am done I try to click the green part on the side of my screen. It took me like 5 tries for it to even go to the girl. I do her makeup but something is again WRONG. I couldn’t get one of the colors on the brush to put on the girl. Fix this stupid mistake before nobody wants to play your game.

Almost perfect !!. The game is great and I’ve been playing nonstop but there are is an extreme overflow of ads… one when you open the game, one during the level, and another between levels! Basically 2 ads for a level that takes less than 30 seconds to play. If there was a one time payment to get rid of ads i would change my review to 5 stars and buy it immediately. The game is good and not one of those cheap, AI generated fad games that have been trending. But the ads make me want to quit playing.

Amazing. I was skeptical at first and thought it wouldn’t be like the ad and there would be a catch to make it not fun but there isn’t. It’s exactly the ad, and you can make any random colors you want there isn’t a certain color you have to make to pass a level which in my opinion makes the game more fun so I can have the freedom and creativity to do what I want. Only “bad” thing is there are what some people would consider a lot of ads. So overall I give it a 9.9/10

Super fun, would love an ad free version!. I just downloaded it and am already enjoying it. My only gripe is that I wish there was one of those one time fees where you could play with no ads. I don’t have a lot of free time in my day and would be willing to pay for an ad free version so I could just go and go with the palettes and not have to watch ads that cut into the little free time I’m able to play games. Other than that, this is a great little game!!

Good game but I’m a bit annoyed bro. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good game, kinda the same thing over and over again but it’s still good. The thing that honestly annoys me a little to much is the “coming soon” makeup palettes. idk if they would actually make them because all the spots for makeup since all the others are just for 4 main colors and the new ones ave many more. But it’s stupid to just have it there and not do anything, Ik they have many games but they ave so many people and there’s no reason for it. Just saying.

Touch screen problems. I’d say this would be fun for what it is, it would be quick to get tired of the same thing over and over just with different colors. But my main complaint is that there’s a glitch that keeps it from being full screen. Therefore when I touch the screen it is not where the makeup brush registers my touch. Which is annoying because I’m trying to choose one color from the palette and it’ll select the one beside or below

Not working. When I tried to mix the colors the pen just would not move for me and if I tried if would go to a color I did not want. So may you please fix that issue I’ve been dealing with? Also, when I’m trying to put the color in a certain box, it puts it in a different box! I am so sorry about the bad review but I had to tell the truth because it was making me so mad. I was so excited when I got the game because it looked so cool in the ads and, and what I’m siying is, that’s not what I expected and it bummed me out. :( I would really like it if you responded to my review immediately. Thanks for being awesome! Have a great day and enjoy 2022 while I write a review to this game until you respond, bye!

My review. I just got this game a week ago, and I think that it’s great to pass the time and just chill out and relax! I love how you can put your own photos into it too, that’s amazing! However, there are a few things that I noticed that I wished were different about this game. First, I wish there were less ads. It seems after you do something theres ALWAYS and add, which can be super frustrating. Also, when I went to do the eyeshadow, it mixe it up thinking it was something else. Other then that, I love this game and will continue to play!

Cool. WhEn I downloaded this game I was very satisfied with the mixing and applying of the makeup. I recommend downloading this game. I also just recommend crazy labs games in general. This game made me happy from the first time that I played it. Even though I have only played half a level I already love it. It is exactly like thread and wasn’t a rip off. Totes recommended. My only problem with the game is twelve and up. Wwwwwwhhhhhyyyyyyyyy

Fun game with some basic issues. This is a pretty fun game! If you have airplane mode on or your wifi off so you don’t have to deal with ads, its pretty relaxing. Thats where my first issue is, the ads are too frequent. My suggestion is to keep the constant ad at the bottom of the screen and remove video ads after every level, or remove the ad at the bottom of the screen and make the video ads happen every 5-10 levels rather then after every level. It absolutely kills the experience and vibe of the game. Another suggestion is to allow users to upload their own pictures from their camera roll to the game. It would make for a much more personalized experience and add a lot more fun. Either way, this game is fun, but its hard to recommend it to anybody because of these issues.

It’s ok but. This game is really fun and addicting but the problem is that the next button is out of screen with a little bit sticking out, I have to click it like ten times just to get to the next part it’s so annoying and I wish it would be in frame fully so can you please reply when that is fixed.I gave this five starts so you would see it immediately.

Really fun!. Overall this game is very fun! It has so many different pictures you could do,this game is so relaxing and I definitely recommend it for small users, except of course, for the eggplant part. My question is: why do you use a eggplant for advertising?? I know it’s just a vegetable but it is used to refer to the male reproductive part.I know they just use it for attention but it honestly so unnecessary.

I love this, try my hack.. So basically it’s fun with the first tutorial and then you start, an add pops up and your like ok this is fine. Then they pop up too much. I discovered that you can play this game offline. No adds but may glitch a little if bad areas or just in general. I have a refurbished iPad so sometimes my games glitch. I really recommend you playing this game offline or just turning off the Wi-Fi because there’s no adds and it’s really enjoyable.

LOVE IT!❤️. So I usually go to parties and birthdays so I put on some makeup and eye shadow is what I usually put on and some blush.I was playing on my iPad and saw this game so I asked my mom if I could get this game when my mom downloaded it I spent 4 hours straight playing this game I showed it to my friends and they downloaded it because they loved it and I also showed it to my mom she literally deleted all the games one her phone she LOVES this and so do I and I will keep spreading the word. whoever made this game great job!

Too many ads. Look, this could be a fun little busy app, but there are vastly too many ads. One between each picture, one between getting the colors and blending, it’s absolutely insane. I know these little apps tend to be quick money for relatively low coding effort, but this is ridiculous. I’m always looking for apps to keep my hands busy during slow periods at work, but it completely defeats the purpose if I have to put my phone down every two minutes because there’s another ad 30s to 1 min ad! I’d even gladly pay to get rid of them but I don’t even see that as an option. Fix the overabundance of ads and I’ll gladly be back.

Girl power. So I’m just gonna get right Into this I really love the game but there’s Somethings I don’t like like I really don’t likeSome of the things I don’t like is The fact that There’s no VIP club You should add in a VIP club where you can like do the persons full make up and hair and you can dress them up and send them to parties make them text but maybe they could do that you can make them do that without a VIP club that’s right you could probably do all that as soon as you get the game

Very fun. This is so much fun but there are some ads but it’s still really fun I recommend getting this game!!!! It’s fun,not many ads, looks exactly like the ads, has cool colors to! I love crazy labs so much! There so good at there job. I have lots of their games!! And they all such good quality! Good job 👏 crazy labs! Love the game keep it up. This is by ash hopefully I get a respond from the creators oh yeah, if anybody gives this game like one or two stars, and say that there are so many ads are lying 🤥

Best game ever. At the first year I delete some games you know but there’s not that much of a Enad ads and dumb yeah other people who download this game with other people who download games say ads there’s too much ads but I’m not saying that the other people do but I don’t really like care about ads that much but sometimes I get mad and if other people say that there’s too much ads good about it

Really fun, BUT…. This game is really fun and I definitely recommend it, but there are so many ads. And most of the time they’re the same thing. But off of the negatives now. If you don’t know, You get to take a picture and a pen (I think) and put the colors onto the palette. After that, you can blend the colors and make a pallete! After that, an ad😔 Thanks for spending your time and reading this.

Great but SO MANY adds. This game is overall AMAZING!!! The only thing is that I get thousands of adds and they are always the same. Overall though this is a great relaxing game. Also, some of the things, you can’t draw and that gets annoying. This is a great game for anyone who likes makeup or relaxation. I wouldn’t recommend this game I don’t think but it is still worth it even if it is a little addictive and annoying with adds and stuff.

Good concept; way too many ads. I’m giving this game a 4 for gameplay as it is enjoyable in concept. I just cannot believe how many ads there are! During each “level” there are two long ad breaks, and then an ad between levels, of course. It really takes the fun out of the game for me. I played 3 levels and then deleted the game, unfortunately. 4/5. The only thing preventing 5/5 to me is the too-frequent ads.

Amazing but..(DEVELOPER PLZ READ). The game is just like how the ad showed and not a rip off! I was very impressed with it and I would spend hours at a time playing, it’s that fun! One thing I have to say is idk if it’s just me but there are a lot of ads. Like for Ex: If im going to hit the check to blend, it will check it off, but give me an ad to watch. Then once I’ve blended and I hit the check, I get another ad! I’m not against the ads, but if I try to play a quick round, it will be annoying then. Otherwise it’s an Amazing game and I would 100% recommend!!!!!

Readings about this game.. I love this game I love how you can make your own make upSet it’s so much fun andSo you can just name it and it’s really fun I love you and I play on my iPod it’s super easy you don’t need an actual pen for your iPodYou don’t need Wi-Fi I don’t think and really fun and this is my first time playing it was amazingAnd I got a dog picture for my first one and I actually made 20 million views for microphone and I love this game!!!!!!

Chill w/ the ads and hire a woman. Other reviews have already said it, but there are way too many ads! I understand you want people to pay to play, but this is NOT the way. It’s an old method, honestly. Catch up. Also, why is it that I can choose to make my palette “matte” and the model’s shadow always comes out glittery all over the lid? I want variety! Let a woman design that part/give input. The shadow looks like a man made it. Plus you can only create so many looks. This will get boring fast if there isn’t more to the game eventually.

Eye shadow report. Please read this!This game is amazing you can like choose colors from the picture and then don’t delete this app because it’s amazing and you choose colors from the picture and you can choose your different pencils and you can literallyAnd you can take the eyeshadows that you made and take it and put it on a person. This is amazing. Please read this.👌👌👌❤️🧡💛💚🩵💙💜🤍🩶🖤

Please red crazy labs!!. I love this game a lot it’s really entertaining the only thing that I would really really like is that you could put your own pictures in there like you could go online and choose pictures of celebrities that you want you could do yourself your dog I just wish it had access to our photos and we could choose a photo and then make a Makeup Kit out of it if you could highly consider doing that it mean the world thank you -me <333

Amazing but I think we need this. This game is so fun to play and it’s very satisfying for all the levels. But I think there is a feature that we need to make it even better! (If it’s not to much work) I think we should be able to use pictures from our camera so we can turn more images into pallets, it would be so much fun if this was a feature and your game would probably get more downloads at the same time!

Amazing, just one thing... This app is SUPER addicting, its so fun and easy to play. I love this game, but there’s one thing that annoys me about it. THE ADS. Ther are so many ads, don’t get me wrong it’s a great game but I just feel there are to many ads. For example: When you are about to mix colors AD. When you are about to do the makeup, AD. After the makeup, AD. But anyways 5 stars because I love it! I hope you take this advice and cut the ads, I’m sure other people would appreciate it to! Thank you! ❤️

The new style is ok. I liked it before now you have more ads and ads to unlock pictures. The update didn’t add anything new as far as case or makeup packing style. I don’t like the fact that they completely ignore the fact you don’t have glitter selected and just do whatever with the shadows you put on the person. Also you can only do the eyeshadow of the person so hopefully you chose and have colors to match the clothes and all they are wearing.

AMAZING GAME. This game is amazing. This top half is the good review. The game is exactly like the adds. I just got the game today and it is a lot of fun. Some people say that it is glitchy, but my experience is different. I suggest this game to anyone who reads this review. This is the bad review part. I know you need adds to make money, but having the same adds over and over again is really annoying. If you are a parent looking at this, it is not inappropriate. Let your kid get it.

BEST GAME EVER! READ NOW!. This game is the best! It doesn’t have ads at just random times. You get to finish something, then get an ad! The ads are like 2 seconds long and honestly they are pretty entertaining. This is a great game for kids and adults! I like the fact that the models that you put the makeup on have different skin tones. There are so many ways to be creative. If yours glitches a lot, then maybe try downloading on an iPad. I can’t believe anybody would give this one star! DOWNLOAD NOW! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😄😃😀😁

Too many ads. If there was a way to purchase this app with no ada I would buy it. It’s frustrating to me that they don’t even have that as an option. The game itself is incredible. I haven’t seen an option of viewing previous made pallets… like if I wanted to show someone a favorite that I made… I have to text it to them because it isn’t saved in an album in the app which seems odd. This is a witty idea for a game and I would give it 5 stars if there was an option to pay to remove ads.

5 stars for gameplay, -5 stars for ads. As the title suggests, the gameplay in this app is five stars. It’s simple, but effective. It’s relaxing, easy to do, and there’s no winning/losing. Choosing colors is very easy, as is blending, and the effect is satisfying. The perfect game to relax and zone out to. HOWEVER … the ads make this virtually unplayable. They interrupt the game so often, it isn’t worth even playing unless in airplane mode. There should be an option to pay to remove ads - many people (myself included) would pay for that. Until that feature is added, this review will stay at two stars.

Almost a 5. I gave this app a 4 star instead of a 5 because i can’t even get through 1 step with an ad. If you got rid of the ads or at least put less then it would put it over the top to a five. Other than that it is a really great game, it’s not forcing me to do anything. It’s really relaxing and leisurely. You get to pick whatever colors you want and do whatever you want with them. Overall it’s a 4 star!

Great, but would like more accomplishments. I really enjoy this game, but I feel that without any added complexity, I’ll be bored and will delete it soon. The thing I would love most to see would be a color chart with spots for all the created colors so that you could see which shades you hadn’t made yet, how close you are to achieving them, etc. I assume they’re already all embedded within the game, so don’t think this would be too difficult to add… Thanks!

SUPER FUN OMG. I don’t write reviews EVER but this game is so good! It’s super satisfying and pretty. I do have some things that might make the game more interesting. Like having a color book showing all the colors you’ve found/created. And possibly adding a feature to use your own photos from your camera roll. Oh! Also a menu where it shows all the pictures you’ve already done and/or shows all the palettes you’ve made. Other than that, I think this game is super fun!!

Good and bad. Let me say this I like this game but the thing is it’s not really that fun. It’s good when your bored and you literally have NOTHING to do. But I mean like all you do is pick a few colors and make a kit out of it. But I got to give it to them they don’t have a lot of adds so good job! Really what I am looking for it for games that don’t have a lot of adds and the games that don’t require Wi-Fi and stuff like that. But overall this game is pretty good. 👍

This game is so much fun!. I found this game so fun to play. Now there were ads but not a ton and they showed a lot of other fun games. I love playing this because I got choose all the colors and put it on a persons face. So many options to choose from it was great! Now the names were a little bizarre but sometimes we need that in life. You should definitely get this game because it’s so much fun to do it and play and learn about the makeup!

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Adult Rating 12+ years and older
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Compatibility iOS 12 or later

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The application Makeup Kit - Color Mixing was published in the category Games on 21 June 2022, Tuesday and was developed by Crazy Labs [Developer ID: 721307559]. This program file size is 195.69 MB. This app has been rated by 126,376 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Makeup Kit - Color Mixing - Games app posted on 14 August 2023, Monday current version is 1.7.0 and works well on iOS 12 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Makeup Kit - Color Mixing Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Minor bug fixes and improvements.

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