Idle Makeover

Idle Makeover [Games] App Description & Overview

Got a bad case of bed head? Is that a pimple on your nose? Teeth need braces? Relive those awkward teen years and give these people a makeover! There is no job too hard for you. You are the top stylist in town and by the time you are done with them they will be Hollywood ready. Tap away and watch the faces transform before your eyes.

This is not your ordinary idle game. Style, dress, decorate people: do whatever it takes to get them ready for social interactions. Does he or she need a haircut? What about a facial mask? Need to guzzle mouthwash? This game has it all to transform from awkward to beautiful.

Do you have what it takes to make them popular?

Game Features:
1. Simple but addicting mechanics
Tap and upgrade to transform your character from pumpkin to princess. No job is too hard for you!

2. Beautiful Graphics
This is one of the best looking stylist simulation games there is. Cute and funny animation for the unique characters.

3. Earn money offline
Need to log off? Have no fear - earn tons of cash even when you are offline. Ah, that makes upgrading much easier!

4. Chill and have fun
No stresses of trying to clean up and look cool. No fomo here. Just relax and tap away.

These people need a stylist! Will you help them out?

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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Idle Makeover Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Multiple improvements enhance your makeover experience

Idle Makeover Comments & Reviews

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- It’s ok

The one thing I don’t like is it’s not what it seems like in the add😓

- Alo

Good to pass time

- Refund or fix.

Just bought shin, worked on him a bit, logged off, got back on and it says I need to buy him again....fix it or I’ll fix it for you and it’ll cost you some money....

- Was good until..

I loved it until it made me buy a guy i already had bought the day before. and when i bought him it gave me everything i had unlocked, back again. so it just took 50 T off me.

- Ummm

Hi I have all your games I think I like it but the comments are mean and I don’t like how we have to buy stuff so maybe you can change that sorry 😐 bye

- Trash

I would say a parent would use this game for a 2 year old that’s wants to play an app but is too young , but it still makes them feel like they’re doing something The app makes money probably off of you watching ads . Smart plan on the apps part

- Epic game

I love this app it is so fun I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🤗😁

- I fell asleep multiple times playing this game.

I honestly think this game is really addicting, but also at the same time it takes a lot of time. I never thought it would’ve took this long, on the ads you got to actually drag the tools and like do an actual makeover. But, this time it lets you press multiple buttons at once. I don’t recommend it to the people that are very impatient like me. So, if you’re patient, then this game’s for you.

- Broken

It keeps glitching and its just a waste of time

- It’s ok

It ok but a little different than how it shows you on the add

- This game is amazing

It’s not what I thought it would be this game is weird but fun

- Very confused

Like what the hell this game is supposed to be

- Glitches!!!

I unlocked a character, leave the app, open it, and icing that I didn’t have that character anymore and I have to save up again to get him back!

- Annoying

Doesn’t give you your offline money half the time and the way you do everything is dumb too


It literally took me a whole fricking month to get two things completed I got on everyday too! I deleted it because of this. CRAPPY GRAPHICS!!! I would give 0 stars if I could! If you are reading this and thinking about downloading it don’t waste your time doing it. Trust I’m doing you a favor!! 👎👎👎😡😡

- Too much button pushing

It would be fun if you could actually do the makeover without pushing buttons every time you get enough cash it’s too much work to enjoy the game. Played for five minutes and instantly deleted. Would not recommend anyone get this. Very pointless huge waste of time when there are so many better app games.

- The good game

I love how you are like on the internet

- It won’t save

I keep having to pay the fourth guy every time

- Not cool !!!

So I been really moving in the game and finally got to shin I find it so unfair that I have to keep paying the 50t every time I leave the game and return just to have to pay the 50t over and over again it’s gotten to the point where sometimes I even dread to even to keep playing this game I make the 50t I pay it play it for as long as I have time for get out to go back at a time where I am able to play again only to be met with trying to make the 50 t by the time the 50t is made now I am stuck trying to make more just to complete shin with Amy and Owen I had zero troubles I sincerely hope that while completing Starr I do not have this issue I would than seriously consider removing this game from my phone please let me know if this is maybe a glitch that can be fixed and I would definitely add more stars thank you

- Good time killer, bad glitch

I always play this game because it is pretty fun but I did purchase the 50 trillion character and the money was taken but after I refreshed the app the money was still gone and the character was too. Not only did I waste my time earning the money, but I could have been spending my time elsewhere.

- Worst game ever

You take like 2 hours to do one person this game is really bad promise me you will never play this game ever and they have like 12 different things that take like 20 minutes to finish promise me please do not download this game and you got to use money which I do not like at all hate this game worst game ever worst thing ever

- Stupid

All u do it hit buttons

- You made me start over for nothing

You literally made me start over for nothing how dare you. Like I don’t even know what to say I gave you one star because you guys are so bad and it was relaxing at first but then when you said let’s start over I was like OK and then it started over without me even saying. I’m still keeping the game is just what the heck.

- Why

Decent game but the 50T guy I have to pay to unlock every time before I can upgrade him why is that I have to pay 50T then pay for all upgrades and when I close app and come back in I have to pay another 50T after I just paid it that’s absurd!!!!

- Review

In the comments, people are typing bad words and you should make the hair growth and stuff like that cheaper

- العبة جميلة


- What do we do?

Just press the button??

- Cannot proceed

For the fourth person. I pay the 50T to unlock it, then when i come back to the app, it’s locked again. It’s happened twice. Also the Random pop up ads are annoying.

- Idle makeover

I think idle makeover is a good game because it is fun but it takes a long time to do the levels. there’s upgrading and when your done you can see how the person changed. That’s why I think idle makeover is a great game.

- Wayyy too many ads

I’m pretty patient when it comes to ads but it’s taken me 3 days of constantly watching ads to try to finish one character. I don’t even think I’m going to be able to 👀im not even kidding when I say there’s maybe 15 seconds of actual game times to every 60 seconds of ads.

- It’s not fun it’s okay I guess....

I just don’t like dis game like literally all u do in dis game is try to earn money by clicking on the thing...idk wut it’s called -,- anyway so like all u do is click on the thing and wait until u have enough money....and the adds there’s a lot of adds and it just wastes a lot of time.(idk if the add thing is just me and my tablet is idk full of adds judge meh if u want).....And I the trees

- To many ads

Every like 30 seconds I get an ad

- Steals Money!

This app steals money from you. I have bought money and gems that have mysteriously disappeared seconds later. I have waited hours to get money and it won’t give it to me. I purchased “Shin” and started a makeover and when I came back to the app, it was all gone. The ads kill me!

- The king is here

هاذه العبه ممتعه ورائعه

- Waste of time, don’t recommend!

There’s no point in this game! Takes to long , and over all just ridiculous and stupid, don’t get this app!

- Give me back Shin

I bought Shin and spent hella money making that bih look good this morning, but then when I went back later it said I need to buy him again. My other three people are still there, it’s just him that’s gone:( give me my man Shin back pls

- Game was fine till it wasted my time

Everything was good with this game until I went to unlock one of the other characters after purchasing them and having them almost completed one of them I leave the game only to come back and see that I have to purchase them again

- Not so good

Well it didn’t tell me I would half to make money or pay for any of the stuff .It showed that youed just choose the mask and the things but it turned out I had to pay 🤬!So I got to delete the game because it was annoying so you shouldn’t get this game

- Let’s see here

Well I like this game it’s fun but my complain is on my game I’m doing a person and now like the charcoal mask won’t go away even after I finished doing it and same with the eyebrows, that kinda ruins the game 😬 Also there’s not really much to do except press a button 😬😬😬😫😫😫😤😤😤

- Needs More

I was so excited when I saw this I thought it would be really fun! But when I played it all you did was make money and press buttons! It would be nice if you could actually put on the stuff. And some of the comments on the side were very mean and hurtful! Please Fix. Thank you for understanding!

- This glitch needs to be fixed

Idle makeover is a fun game but I ran into a glitch recently that made me have to buy shin every time I wanted to do something with him but that is the only reason I’m not giving this game five stars

- Takes so long to do and now I have to restart🤬

So 😡

- Dumbest game

All you do is sit there and wait for hours to get money and repeatedly tap the same button till you run out of money then have to wait again. Don’t get this game it’s nothing like it shows in the ads.

- Repurchase

I used the game money to get a new client and upgrade him. When I went to upgrade him after work I needed to purchase him again. This has happened twice.

- Such awful game and time consuming 🤮

Time consuming

- Pointless

I really feel like the only reason this so called game was made was so the creators could make money off people watching adds all day. To get any upgrades or boosts for money in the game you have to watch lengthy 30 second adds that just repeat themselves over and over. Sometimes an Add will just randomly pop up while you're pressing the sound horn thing for money I've gotten all the way to Shin, and I've had the same problem everyone else has been having with him, where it glitches & you have to unlock him again for 50T. Plus Willie still has on more than half of the charcoal mask even though his makeover is complete. I've ashamed with how much time I've wasted on this game. The only reason I downloaded it is because I saw an add for it while playing another game and it showed the player moving the mouth and changing the size of the character's nose and eyes. I guess I've been waiting for it to get to the part where I can do that but it hasn't happened. That's like false advertisement. This isn't even a game. It's just a way to get you to watch adds. A scam.

- New bug

I really liked this game until a new bug popped up. Maybe from an update? Idk. Whenever I unlock a new character, it doesn’t last and acts as if I never unlocked it. Then I pay more money/gems to unlock it AGAIN just for the character to come up right where I left off. It’s eating my gems and I can’t stand it. If it continues, I'll have to stop playing.

- Too many commercials

You have to watch way too many commercials to get the money to do the makeover. I’m still not done with the make over and it’s been 2 days.

- Below Average

The game started of fine, my 8 year old went thru the 1st couple people with no issues and as the 3rd person was getting their makeover the 4th was purchased with 350 stars and was made over about 90% and then the next day they were gone. It reset Shin the 4th person having us “buy” him again and our stars gone, today the 3rd person Willie was “finished” except he’s not. All his things are checked off but his face is not finished. Waste of time and my 8 year old is not happy

- Eh

So you can’t really do what the ad shows you that you would do that you are just saving money and fixing their face with the money.

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- Rip off

Every time you unlock the Shin character.. it doesn’t save. You have to keep unlocking him for 50T. Wasting coins. Total BS. I deleted the app.

- Dull

Endless ads, only three characters (even if you ‘open’ new ones) and very little game play

- Meh

This game is so hard to play to confusing Don’t get why it’s fun

- Not what it seems

The ad showed something else

- Glitched

I have literally spent hours and hours on this pointless game and watched a trillion ads and now I watched 22 out of 20 ads to unlock shin. They literally won’t unlock for me. I’m so mad. Just don’t download this

- It's okay.

The app is all just based on tapping, gaining money and growing a "channel". Although It is satisfying to see the character look "better" but, if I haven't had to spend half an hour repeatedly tapping my screen... It would've been a fun game. My advice to the game's creator is that you should add more features and tasks in order to make your game more interesting and enjoyable.

- ???

Makes me unlock Shin everytime i come on, 50T each time?? waste of time

- Meh

It’s not bad. But there is a bug that shows something you’ve finished as not finished on the character. Just weird

- Game errors

The last two characters I bought keeps wanting to be re-purchased at each login


I’ve had to unlock the same character 4 times. It’s like the game forgets every time I leave the app.

- C

Le vidéo n’est même pas le jeux c’est même pas comparable, tout pour avoir des téléchargements... gang d’escro

- Please fix this

I enjoyed it but once I bought Shin I would leave and it would say I didn’t buy him. The money I used was also gone so I would have to wait again. I completed Willie but the eyebrows weren’t fully trimmed and the face mask was still there.

- Too many ads very annoying

Wayyyyyy too many ads it’s so annoying

- Glitches

Saved up and spent 50T on the 4th person, did some upgrading in his levels, logged out. When I went back, none of it was saved but my money sure was gone. And there are way too many ads, including some that randomly pop up during play so then you’ve just accidentally tapped the ad instead of the game. Extremely frustrating.

- Sooo stupid

All you do is tap a button if I were you I wouldn’t get this. For some reason it gives you FREE MONEY!!!!!!!!??.??? DO NOT GET THIS DO NOT GET THIS! I would of given this a 0 stars if you code


Do you like how adds are SOOOOOOOOOO interrupting

- Ugghhh

It keeps telling me to buy the 4th skin even though I did the previous day.....It’s piss off.

- Ads

It’s an awesome game but it has way too many ads I give it five stars.

- How do u play 😡

I don’t no how to play it just gives me money in the game like WHAT?????

- Waaay too many ads.

Way too many ads for a mediocre game where all you do is click. instantly deleted. It would be ok if there wasn’t an ad every 30 seconds

- It is so nice and you get a good sense of accomplishment when you complete it

Play this game!

- uh hello

you reset all the work i did on two different people and now it’s saying i have to unlock them again?? this app s u c k s.

- Ugh 🤮

The ads are a lie and there is way to many ads

- I don’t like this game


- fun

so cool and fun

- Good

I think this is a good game but there are a lot of adds and it takes a long time to get money the further you go.😢😢😢😭😭😩🥺

- One wish

I wish I could do it by hand instead of touching a button

- Great application

Great app though I don’t quite understand why the age rating is 12+ because what If younger children want to play this game to

- Garbage

Not even lying, I dint play this game for 3 days and as soon as I came back I could only barely fill one slot. The prices of makeovers are so high. Also so many ads and regardless of you watching them and earning rewards you still can’t complete a slot. Very garbage do not play it

- Disappointed.

I try to purchase the bundle with the gems and no ads and i didnt receive my gems. Please either send gems or please refund my money thank you

- Boring

Really Boring Nothing to do in it really lame slow not interesting or fun. Annoying all you do is tap It would be more fun if you could clean them up yourself not just tapping constantly

- To many ads but great game....

There are to many ads it’s rlly heard to play so I was wondering if you can take some ads away but thank you makeing this game

- 😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃


- Its


- Great

Ti is a good game but I think it should have more of the people comment and ti Should not cost that much ❤️s .

- Stupidest game ever.

Literally all you do is tap the screen and it takes forever for anything to even happen. Dumb.

- Fun but too many ads

This game is very fun, just way too much tapping. Please put ads every 5 seconds, thank you.

- Please listen and give them back to me please

Someone stole one trillion hearts from me when I wasn’t playing the game I was wondering if I could get them back

- ...

It's great but too many ads. Also sometimes I spend diamonds to get a buttload of ❤️, and it sent me right to an ad and I didn't get my reward! Also I wish it wasn't just tapping.

- Bad game

This game is probably the worst game I ever played. This is so boring all u do is tap! WORST game

- In App Purchase Not Fulfilled

This game takes forever to complete a makeover and there's constant ads that pop up and you need to watch those long 30 second to get enough "hearts" to progress further. I bought an in app purchase for $13 on the payment screen (that was displayed as $10 on the app) but ended up being $15 when I checked my purchase history on the app store. To add insult to injury, the in app purchase did not go through; there were still ads and I did not receive any of the gems I paid for either. I tried to restart the app and restore the purchase, I even deleted and re-downloaded it to no avail. Don't waste your time or money on this.

- Poorly made

The game is very mundane and too long to even finish it, it also takes a fat chunk outta my time tapping to get the “heart taps” just to buy the next level upgrade, super irritating.. Also way too many ads to even enjoy the game.

- So confusing!!!!!!!😡😡😡

I was almost done my person I clicked the 🏆and then I have to start all over again and you go back to only having 5,000

- Takes way to long

To do a make over this took way to long!

- Stupid just stupid

Boooooooring waste of time

- It keeps kicking me off

I really like the game but it kicks me off after the loading screen

- 4 Star

I think this is a 4 star because it’s an amazing game but no games are perfect. By the way to you people out there who have problems with the adds turn the wifi or internet off. I am a problem solver!

- Buttons and ads

The game is good but you just tap one button the whole time and there are way to many ads

- It’s ok

It’s ok

- Idk what happened

It’s a great game but idk what happened it stopped working every time I open the game it doesn’t even load it’s just at the home screen and I don’t want to download it again cause it’s gonna loose progress

- A game where ads take precedent

It is basically watching many, many ads in order to make slight progress. The actual game play is also uninteresting. Would advise you avoid this one entirely.

- Cheating liars

Why have an option where I can unlock a character 20 straight add that I had to watch. In order to unlock SHIN they still did not let me have the character, fix your damn game stop lying to get people to watch ads. SCREW YOU

- Nice

5 STars

- No good

No good. You don’t actually get to do stuff, just clicking buttons constantly. Nothing interactive about it

- Waste of time

Game is nothing like the Ads and is super boring and a waste of Internet to download it

- They lie

They lie you don’t get to choose what they look like and the way you make them look different is just pressing a button and then it just does it itself! I rate them a zero!

- Bad

This game is so bbbboring 1 Star

- Glitches

This games has glitches when I collected the diamonds and finally got a new character, I opened it an hour later and the character was unlocked and my diamond were gone. Waste of time

- It’s not even a game

You just click buttons. So boring

- It a good time watserb

This game doesn’t know it’s two times table 4 time isn’t 5

- Like it Love it

It’s not that good

- Love it

Best game ever fun cool and awesome this is 100% the best game ever plus it’s free!!!


It was alright not cause it was AMAZINGLY fun but we liked it cause when we finished it felt empowering and when we were changing them it sounded like popping like from ASMR and me and my friends liked that about it if you like the achieving feeling you get. And ASMR then I recommenced this app

- They be lying

All u be doing is taping I bought this app to help with my angry and distressing life but it made me more antisocial

- One day install/delete

Finished it in under a day. No new characters to unlock.

- So slow

I downloaded this because I thought I actually get to do stuff. All I do is press buttons and the likes run out way too fast. It’s a time killer though but I don’t recommend this game.


Um if u see this..... UR GAYYYY good game I can show my brother how ugly he looks it’s just like him looking into a mirror wow this characters are hot tho. Sub to JettyG

- I am not happy!

This game was fun at the start but it started to get boring! No offense but it’s the worst! Maybe try upgrade the game a little like add more likes for free like 100trillion beacause the likes run out quite fast.... I used to play this all the time and even after work and in work but I stoped until..... ALL MY DATA STARTED ALL OVER AGAIN AND I DIDNT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!! IT TOOK ME TEN MONTHS TO GET THE FIRST CLINET AND THEY RESTARTED!!!!! Please try to make it less boring for everyone Thank You!

- Speed

I just want it a little faster please it’s to slow for me.

- Good game but...

This is a good game but when you switch people it’s sounds like it says @#$&

- Lilly has to come see you she loves it make more like this

I love it I love it make more like this this is the song that you might like this it could be good for my five star rating pooping is fine I do it on my date

- Worst game ever

It the worst game

- Boring lies

You wait so many days by just tapping buttons you don’t even see the change it takes about a month to complete one character pretty much it’s just ads and buttons the ad lies you have to keep taping a button just to earn you a few thumbs up I do NOT recommend this for anyone it’s the worst game I’ve seen it’s all just a waiting game it’s legit so boring and full of lies like what happened to Ban the boring well it got crushed by this game ok so never even download it it’s a big waist of your time

- Reward???

I finished a character and was surprised when nothing happened. It’s unfortunate and boring.

- Not what it seems, also boring

Ok so I downloaded this game based off an ad (which I don’t usually do, so lesson learnt I guess). There is no interactive game play, you don’t get to “do” things or change things, you just press buttons. Not only that but it takes days/weeks to actually makeover a single person. It also features problems like “watch an ad to double your reward” (the only stuff you have to play with for the 2 minutes) and you watch a video, then nothing. You watch another, because you just want this stuff to end, and it doesn’t work again. You end up with nothing. So you get about 2 minutes per day (after ads) to press a few buttons then that’s it. You don’t even really get to see the change because it’s so slow. Only reason I kept it is because I always need to finish at least the first part of anything I try. Unless you’re open to playing games with no choice, no gameplay, and just clicking on a button for HOURS to even finish a section - don’t bother.

- Not bad

Good game but I have unlocked all characters and maxed them all out. Now when I come back into the game shin and starr keeping coming up as locked characters even tho I have bought and completed them both. When I buy them again all the upgrades are done. Bit glitchy

- Time killer but so many ads.

There is an unbelievable amount of ads in this game. Every 30 seconds another ad, you spend more time waiting on advertising than playing the game. The game itself is a good time killer but remove some of those ads.

- Bad

Within 10 minutes of downloading this I’ve watched at least 7 ads and been asked to rate this 3 times. Game itself is a click and collect sort of deal

- Spent all my hearts on Shin just for him to disappear

Was almost finished shin and when I went back on it said that I had to unlock him again?

- Cool

Good but a bit hard And cachallenging

- Makeover

I LOVE 💕 this game. It’s the best game I have played.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😇😇😇

- Idle makeover

This game is so fun but not

- Ads don’t work

The amount of times I’ve pressed 2x when opening, watched the ad and then can’t click the x. When I go out I lose all the original 8hrs worth on top of not getting 2x. Nothing wrong with my internet. So frustrating because i keep getting put back so many hours or having to rewatch ads for rewards I should’ve already had. I’d like my hearts back.

- Taping.

There is to much taping.

- It is kinda good

It is good but i downloaded it because it had good things on the ad but not in the game

- Cool


- Best game EVERRRRRRR

I love this game it’s the besttttttt

- Best game ever

One of my best Friends were playing this on the bus and I decided to get it. Straight away I was addicted to it. Now we play it on the bus after school. IT IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!

- new game please

make a new game please because this relxing please!

- Confusing

I downloaded it then all it was, was trying to get likes then press hair or something then it would do it itself. In the ads you had clippers and things but that didn’t happen so I deleted this unfair game.

- Too many ads

Would be good if there weren’t ads every 20 seconds. Makes the game very hard to enjoy. Going to delete it soon, getting sick of it already.

- So. Many. Ads.

This would be a great idle game, but sadly is just a vehicle to deliver ads. Make it an actual game with some way to pay to get rid of ads, and it would be good

- Sooooooooo confused😡😡

I was playing a game called Blendy when suddenly I saw the add of this game I really liked the game but when I downloaded it i couldn’t start the makeover all that I could get was the hearts💗

- Sh$&@y Game

Don’t bother. They make it way too time consuming and difficult for even the first person- after days I finally got to the end where the guy would be finished in his makeover in just a couple more sections when suddenly it glitched and took me right to the start! Took all my hearts/money and restarted the whole friggen game. I was so close to finishing and that was just the last straw. It seems so idiotic to me to firstly make the very first person so hard to finish, the first person should be easy so we can get addicted and then you slowly make it harder and harder so we keep playing, other wise you come to the conclusion that there’s just not enough reward for time spent. So annoyed and frustrated right now. Good luck for the future...

- So so so good

When I installed this game I thought I would get bored of it in a week or two but no I am addicted to this game with all it’s features and comments it’s amazing good job and keep the updates coming please

- I love it!


- Confused

Am on the third person and have completed this guy a few times just confused why his make over doesn’t look like the first two with clean skin and all. It’s a good game slightly addictive and yes time consuming. Goals hard to reach with in game limitations but overall still fun game


Too many adds! A pointless game! Not a reliable game! So boring! My family all hate it! CAUTION: DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS STUPID GAME APP!!!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- It’s fake

The worst game ever. It’s fake. I rated this 2 stars for a reason. When it says people are watching you live. Your really only playing for nothing. Its just a rip off in my opinion. Apparently you get millions of dollars for tapping for like an hour just by levelling up an appearance. The hole game is pointless.

- Eh

I Was Very Disappointed The Ad Said You Gotta Do Every Thing Manually But No Don’t Get This Game

Payoneer 💰

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The ads in this game are RIDICULOUS. You literally have to watch 30 second + ads just to make money so you can do the makeover. I’m not even exaggerating when I say you have to watch an ad every 1-2 minutes. The concept of the game is fun and makes me want to play but the constant LONG ads every minute make it so unenjoyable and made me delete the game. It’s a shame. I never even write reviews but the constant excessive ads in this game were unlike any game I’ve seen before. Ridiculous.


We’ll first of all if you try to make money quick ads pop out and you press it by mistake so it takes you to the apple store which is soo annoying and second it can see your location with those ads so do not download it

- Meh...

It’s a really fun game. But it kept making me buy the people over and over again! It would save the progress, but I would make a lot of money and then just spend it on buying the person again. PLEASE FIX THIS!

- Good but a weird glitch

Ok so as of recently every time I got on the app Shin and Starr were locked (I could buy them since I have quite a bit of in game cash) even though I already finished them and when I bought them my progress was still there plz fix this bug -CD

- Idle makeover is nothing like the ads

I thought it was gonna be like the ads and be really fun but it’s kinda boring. You do nothing like the ads and all you do is keep pressing a button until you make enough money to grow half a centimeter of hair, then you start the process all over again! It took me a good 15 minutes to get the hair completely grown out!

- Nothing like the ad

Like the title says it’s nothing like the ad. All you do it click on buttons and wait until the person is satisfied. O I’m taking it off my phone.

- Why!?!? 😫

I mean these people look fine! Why do we have to change who they are!!! It’s not good for kids to see that those people are “ugly” and need a makeover! Just stop it’s rude!!!

- !!!!!!!

Not like the ad

- Too many adds

I love this app this app so fun but I suggest less adds idk if it’s just my phone But 😂 still I know people who make these games get money from it but pls less adds.i give it a four because I ❤️ this app a lot Pls fix how many adds

- Racist

This game is racist. The 3rd guy was complete, but magically his charcoal mask won’t come off so it looks like a black man is wearing black face

- They’re lying to you

This isn’t even a game. You click a button and “ask for money” and click another button to make the character look better. You don’t get to actually control the character yourself like the ads for the app you’ve likely seen show you. I wanted to play it cause I thought it would be fun but now my fingers just hurt from pressing the buttons over and over again and I’m annoyed cause I’ve played for 2 hours and the character still looks like trash.

- Horrible

Literally just push buttons

- Cool

This game is fun but very laggy. I hope it is not like this for you

- It’s...okay

I play idle makeover. But I noticed that it doesn’t make you offline money. I was really excited to get it but when i got on I noticed it was different than what the add said. You only press buttons. You don’t really do anything. I thought you would actually do more than tap buttons. I thought you would move stuff and pick stuff up but no. I would only get this game if you are okay just pressing buttons. I’m not saying it’s absolutely terrible I’m just saying it’s not as fun as you think it’ll be.

- not like the advertisement-> waste of time

you don’t actually fix the persons “flaws” this is yet another game where you just click the same button over and over to spend “money”

- Bad

I hate this game it doesn’t tell you what to do so you can’t do anything So don’t get this game

- Could be fun...

This game would actually a decent way to kill time, but there are way too many bugs. I actually unlocked a character 3 times, but he keeps locking again so I have to save up and unlock him again. The ads are also extreme. Fix the game and I’d considered giving more stars.

- Horrible

So many adds and tons of glitches, I don’t recommend and I couldn’t even get passed the first level before I had to delete it because of the glitches then get it again. It takes forever to even get passed any of the levels because of the glitches and there are so many adds. So if you want a game that is super glitchy and has so many adds then this is the game for you.


just don’t get it and the game is slick slide racist .

- Character unlock

It makes me unlock the same characters over and over. Too many glitches.

- Fun, BUT a very bad glitch and wastes so much money

OKAY FIRST OF ALL it was very fun at the beginning until i reached the fourth person, his name was shin. The only reason i’m giving it 3 stars instead of 5 is because i bought the shin guy and i was buying a bunch of stuff for him, then i closed the app. The next time I went into the app my Shin guy wasn’t paid for and i had to spend 50T to buy him again. Luckily when I payed for Shin again, I didn’t have to pay for all the things i bought for him again. But when I closed the app again and went back on Shin was gone, so once again 50T wasted. SECOND OF ALL I tried buying the fifth person, her name is Starr and she is 120T. I bought her and the same thing that happened to me with Shin happened to her. It’s very annoying and wastes so much money, and it looks like i didn’t complete them. Please fix this before i delete the game because those are the last two people I have to do and i’m not going to waste my time if their just going to be empty anyway.

- Bad

This is is bad it waste time you don’t even play the game I would give this a 0 out of 5

- Dissatisfied

The game froze then when I opened it again I lost all my progress and the money I had earned overnight

- Pointless

Unless you just like clicking this game is not for you

- Love it

Well I’m loving this but the ADS DO NOT GET ME STARTED I’m watching a add for free promo earnings after the ad for the promo earnings it asks if I want to watch a ad for 3x promo earnings I don’t want to watch another ad so I click no then a ad comes up and I don’t get a reward! Second it so hard to complete one face mask! That much money come on man!

- Ew!!!!!!!!


- Trash

Did a character and it wouldn’t show me the finale product because I was to fast and it makes you buy the characters again after you completed them uhh dumb idea and the ads are stupid to many of them and when you can finish it in a week trash game.

- Adile make over

It’s so hard! I thought I would never get the first one and I didn’t even get there!

- Blackface

This game is horrible when I finally got around to the black guy his face still had the face polish or face mask still in black even after I completed everything it made him look like he was black face I don’t know if it’s a glitch in the system or what but it needs to be fixed

- This game 🥴

This is actually extremely exhausting and boring !!

- Don’t know how to talk right now

I don’t like this game because I don’t know how to start because all I saw is it said it was live and I didn’t know how to start the game

- bugs bugs bugs and more bugs

the app crashes and constantly requires you to buy things you have already bought, waste of time and we’ve been waiting for new characters forever

- I hate it

I couldn’t even do anything I just had to press the microphone and to buy the thing and that’s all I should of never bought this game

- Pretty good game

I just wish that there were more ways and better ways to get money.

- Shin

I’ve had to unlock Shin twice now and it’s very frustrating, as I’ve spent 50T twice on him now! I really hope you guys can fix this glitch!

- I RARELY write reviews 😒

This game is basically just watching Ads! You have to watch ads to get anything done in this game. It’s so unsatisfying. The idea is cool but they failed. I finished the first level and then deleted this game. What a waste of time.. just a money making machine for the company, all you do is watch ads 80% of the time 🙄

- It could be better.

I would love this game except for the fact that it keeps making me pay to unlock a character EVERY time I open the app. Super frustrating

- Addicting but such a waste

First off the adds misleading secondly it a waste off time all you do is wait for enough money to give this random person a makeover it gets addicting but is so not worth it why can’t you just get to give this dude or lady a makeover and not sit around waiting to rack in money that comes from no where

- bad

this game is not what you think it is and they should advertise it more appropriately because this is false advertising

- Good

K... so, this game is good. They look beautiful at the end. But, LOGIC! They are not suppose to look that ugly at the start! Duh! Of course they will use some moisturizer! It’s too hard. It took me about a month to fix up the first patient! Ugh. Its overall, good.

- Annoyed

It’s okay but now at the third person I have to unlock it every time I want to upgrade the feature things. It’s annoying because every time I open the game I have to unlock it and then there’s only enough money to click it twice. Shouldn’t have to unlock something more than once.

- Garbage

Don’t waste your time. Nothing but ads and after you unlock a character you have to buy/unlock every time you open the game again.

- The wrest

OMG I cannot stAnd it

- Fun definitely recommend

No problems so far!!!

- Not super good

I was hoping for a super fun game but instead I don’t understand how it works

- 1 star

All hell no this app is creppy

- Goo

I hate it and u should not play this

- Low Quality

This game is a lot harder to work with than other idle games. The only way to actually make a decent amount of money is to collect the offline income. The prices are way too high compared to the amount that you can earn for yourself. Not only that, but the ads are crazy. You need to watch ads for practically anything to work, and easily every 2 minutes or so one pops up. Not only that, but the functions glitch out to the point where I've finished Willie but he still has the majority of the charcoal mask stuck on his face. This game is more annoying than it is satisfying. I don't recommend, there's better games on the app store that have more and better functions.

- Good but..

I like this game a lot. Not too many ads, fun to play, and works great for the most part. The only problem I’ve been having is I keep having to pay 50T to unlock Shin, and when I do unlock him all my progress is still there, but it’s taking a lot of my money out having to pay it every time I want to upgrade him. This has happened 3 times now so I’m out 150T. I will gladly give 5 stars once this bug is fixed!

- Just started playing this game

I love the colors of the game but rip off of bad piggies idel make over 2

- Cool

This app is fun

- Never played

I’ve never played this game before but it looks fine so I decided I would download it and I did download it so I think it’s downloading it but I’ve downloaded before and it didn’t work so now I’m trying it again to see if it works by

- It’s okay

It’s pretty good but I hate that I have to wait so long to get more hearts I wish you can just give people a makeover and not have to watch ads and all this stuff to get a few hearts so I can push the button like 2 times 😕😒👏 (slows clap)

- Horrible

All you do is tap and it does not even do what it shows you on the adds and speaking of adds there are SO many adds

- Terrible

You get addicted to this game and then it acts all stupid on you. Two of the characters I had already “paid” to unlock, and every time I went back onto the app, it wanted me to “pay” to unlock them again. Over and over. So stupid!

- It’s fun

It’s fun just a lot of ads


this game sucks way to many ads for a game where all u do is tap, literally a waste of time🙄

- Not worth

App won’t even open

- Good ish good

I really like this game is really fun but the ads don’t work but it’s ok 🤗🤗

- So nose

So relaxing 😌

- Playing the ads game

Very disgusting

- Add

There are so many adds that it is hard to play

- Ads

Way too many ads

- Worst app

I’ve never played a game that bad it Deserves a0

- Tap

You just tap and that is it

- waste. of. time.

It’s literally just clicking, and way too many ads. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

- To many ads

There is slot of ads and I can’t even get one task done without an ad piping up

- Love game, hate adds

The game is fun but I don’t understand why there is an add every minute. I feel like I gotta rush to get what I want done before the next add start just ridiculous, I’m considering deleting because of this.

- Maya albitar

We cant do any thing in this game its not interesting

- What the flip

It’s dumb and all you do is click lmao I just got it played for two mins and ewwww noooo lmaooooo it sucks do not download this game it sucks

- absolute garbage.

don’t download this trash, it’s not even worth your time.

- 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Really fun and easy

- Too many ads!

I understand you have to make a living here but it is so hard to enjoy the game when an ad pops up every 30 seconds. It is also the same ad so I want to never download what I am watching because it is so irritating

- Waste of time

Not a tone of direction. Just downloaded it a min ago, tried figure out how to play it but its just dumb

- By snugowlow

The game is good but the tapping please add a auto clicker.

- Super boring

Really you only press a button

- Dumb🖕🏽

It restarted my whole game every time a was about to Finnish one “idle” Takes too long to traite enough money, super boring and they are still ugly. In the end; what the heck! Also u can watch adds to get rewards, but I only waste my time whatchimg the add witho8t getting the reward!🖕🏼

- I didn't like it

It made me restart person one when I was like finished I only had three more things to do I had most of it done and it made me restart also I hated the tapping part you just had to keep tapping I wish you could like hire someone to tap for you that’s annoying the tapping was totally deleting

- Boring and to many ads

This game is just boring all you do is tap and you get ads every e0 seconds fix this game

- REALLY!?!?😡😡


- Need to spend the hearts

You need to spend all of your hearts.

- To much ads

I don’t think there should be that much ads it’s super annoying I had to delete it

- Awesome

It’s amazing

- Nice game

It’s a nice game really I don’t get what’s so bad but I can’t give it a 5 because I wish it was not just tapping

- Horrible

It made me start over when I was almost done 1 person.


After I’m done a level it throws a ad on my face like, I don’t want ads thrown on my SCREEN. Please fix it, and also it keeps kicking me out! Don’t waste you’re time on this stupid app.

- WHY????

I thought you could do the make over not just be board and tap all the time!!!!!! :/

- Money grab by creators

This game is literally just tapping one of 2 buttons, waiting to be able to tap the button again and ads every 30 seconds. There is no actual game to it, it’s just doing nothing until you have to watch an ad (every 30 seconds) just to do nothing some more.

- Spend more time watching ads than playing

Really hard to raise enough money to complete stages. The random pop up ads are the WORST, please take those out.

- Horrible game

It takes up way to much space and there is way to much ads it’s also boring because all you do is tap

- Doesn’t give rewards

Gets you to watch ads for rewards but then you don’t get the rewards. Please fix this.

- Sharmouta

it ok it gay

- Simple

It’s very simple but other then that’s it’s a really good game

- Worst game ever

An ad every 30 seconds it’s gross and boring cuz there’s a lot of tapping and ads

- To much

Don’t put ads in when I’m working on something cause they come on randomly!!!!

- Very stupid, very useless, very bad

Horrible mindless game that is just boring

- It's fun but...

You keep spending lots of money and pressing buttons for them to do the work but at the same time I love the game it's awesome get the game now!!!!!

- Too many ads

In addition to having to watch ads for bonuses and level advancement, they also pop up super frequently, with no warning. This totally messes up any game flow and makes it much less enjoyable. I would happily purchase a “remove ads” feature, just to get rid of these annoyances. See “Zen Idle” and their ad removal. 13.99 removes ALL ads, and lets you reap all the bonuses without having to sit through 30 seconds of ads every time.

- Isle makeover

I like this game but i don’t like when pay and the the costs goes higher so fix that

- Idle makeover

This game makes me happy and makes me learn all of stuff like me I’m 8 and I’m learning a lot

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- F you

This is s😡😡t I hate this it don't even work it's the worst game you will ever play it only lets you buy things you don't actually get to give them a make over😡😡😡🙄🙄🤔💩💩

- Boring

This game is the worst it is so stupid it’s not even satisfying and I makes me fell sick DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!

- Disappointed

I’m sorry but it is very boring and nothing like the ad for it. Disappointing

- I hate it

It’s the worst game ever, LIKE EVEERRR

- Soo annoying

This game is soooooooooooooo annoying don’t recommend it

- Cool

This is the best game ever

- Time to get cash and overpriced things.

In this game you have to get cash to give them a makeover and it takes millions of cash to do a tiny thing. It takes FOREVER to get cash. The prices to do things are 50k- 100mill so I do not recommend this game if you are impatient.

- Getting boring and glitching

The game is glitching big time now. Every time I log back on it has locked out ‘Shin’ and asks me to pay for him all over again. Once paid it shows that I have already mostly completed his make over! This game is ok for lazing away a few hours but is incredibly repetitive and drawn out

- What a load of rubbish

Awful game. Just don’t bother with this.

- Annoying

I loved concept of the game however when you buy shin it all goes wrong 😬 when I went back on the game it said I hadn't purchased so I watched 20 videos and it is now stuck on 20 and won't give me the character . Such a shame please fix !

- Boring

This game is so boring and in the ads it actually lets you love the hand and pop the pimples and in the game is all you do is tap tap tap facemask run out of money them tap some-more tap tap oho looks like you’ve ran out of money wait a while keep tapping tap tap look he’s not bald that is all that happens in this game and it’s boring don’t download sorry for my rant but the game needs an update

- Ideal makeover problems

I don’t like people playing this game because they say things that cyber bully’s say

- Falsely advertised

Would not bother with this game as it is literally repeatedly tapping the button over and over again, not at all what is advertised. Waste of time.

- Boring

False advertisement as well as it looks like you can move and fix the face by actually doing it. RUBBISH GAME!

- Worst most boring game

The descriptions that have advertised is that you get to makeover and do all these great things and that it has great graphics. In reality... It looks like a 3 year old made the game... it could only entertain someone of that age pressing the same button a million times. You don’t even get to makeover anyone you just press a button for cash and another for a makeover. They advertise it as if you get to do all these fun things but clearly they haven’t figured out how to do that themselves because the game does not mirror the advert. LOL Don’t download this game

- Mr terrible

It’s terrible


Sorry if you like it but, it’s, like, boring! All you do is tap a button! The adverts make it look cool 😎 but the actual game is boring! If you download it, BEWARE! You will soon want to delete it!

- Gets kinda boring after a while

Why is the only game advertised coin master????

- Lost progress

I got to the 4th person and it had completely reset when I went back into the game, I lost all the gems and money I had to start it off, now I can’t play as I now have no gems. Deleting this!

- Glitch

When you buy a new character and then exit the app, the character has to be payed for again. But their upgrades and makeover stays the same, it’s annoying and is the reason that i’m deleting the game. It’s a shame because i actually thought it had a lot of opportunity if the new characters were released, especially with the % increase after prestiging.

- ..


- Boring Game

I don’t like to leave bad reviews but I downloaded this game and found that considering there are lots of ads, the game doesn’t offer much gameplay wise. You just click one button to collect money and another button to “makeover the person”, you can’t personalise or choose their makeover or how they look at all and or control anything yourself. Disappointed

- Don’t play this

This game is 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀


Games like this shouldn’t exist. You litter lot put some different type of game in the advert and when you actually play the game, all you do is tap a few buttons and have no control. RUBBISH!!!!

- Not happy

There’s obviously a glitch or something, I unlocked a character, upgraded almost all the options, came of the game for 5 minutes to answer a call and then when I went back on the game it was asking for another 50T to unlock the SAME character again... so frustrating

- Meh

Boring just tapping can’t actually do anything

- Game

Constantly buying the same guy every time I go onto the game before iv even finished him iv to buy him again please fix this

- Annoying

So basically I started off in love with this game. Then I unlocked Shin and finished his makeover, whilst I was still working on Willie. Then when I finished willie, Shin went back to being locked, I couldn’t customise him anymore. Then Willie has half of his charcoal face mask on, and when I gained enough money to unlock Shin, again, he was fully completed. I don’t get it. Please fix this.

- Very disappointed


- Game

After nearly completing the game I come back on and need to buy the last two people and can’t complete without having to wait to get enough hearts and when I did come back on and needed to save up again

- Overall a good game

I’ve had this game a while now and I enjoy it, but since the last update every time I go on I have to repurchase Shin, which is kinda annoying because I could get two upgrades out of my offline earnings but I only get one because I have to repurchase him. If this could be sorted that would be amazing👍

- Annoying

I am playing the game and enjoying the changes you can make to the characters. Then i buy Shin and fully upgraded him. The next day i had enough to buy Starr but when i went on it said I hadn’t bought Shin even though i fully upgraded him. I then bought Starr thinking it was a glitch and then upgraded her half way. I went on today and it said I hadn’t bought either of them and I didn’t even get any if the money back. This needs to be sorted please

- Shit

I honestly wouldn’t of put a star, the idiots reset my level. Mugs

- It is free so get it now

On the adverts it looked gross and complicated but when I got the app all you had to do was tap buttons.It basically does it for you.You get not that much adds.Please can you make more of these.Get it now because it is free.

- Boring

Gets boring quite quickly, you have to watch a lot of adverts in the game to complete things too. I’m one of them people what can’t stop so I’ve kept playing but I’ve completed it in less than a week now and waiting for an update which I can’t see coming anytime soon.

- ..


- Game

It is really fun to play sometimes

- It’s sooooo boring

All you do is tap buttons to get hearts or some dumb things and then when you have done that an other random thing pops up and you need to tap that😫🙄

- To hard to earn money

When you get good at the game it gets impossible to buy anything because it’s hard to earn money

- Amazing

This game Is so good now I know how to makeover myself

- It is so relaxing

I love this gam who doesn’t like it is fantastic

- So boring-changes into good

All you do is press A button and In the vids they show you there moving also i was surprised 😮 because my friend said she liked it so I thought that it would be a great thing if you guys had played the game. Just try to have fun🤘🏻🤫

- Great

Great game but unlike ad

- Try this game!

This game is really cool but it take a lot of time to sort it out, the game gotten really glitchy so I had to restart my phone and tablet

- I am confused

Owens hair just turned white in my game

- Terrible

I read the lats review and it sounds bad I played the game it was worse the only thing you do it press A STUPID BUTTON!!!!! Over and over a gain never play this game it’s a waist of time and a rip of a big rip of and it is a scam it is not like the STUPID ADD IT IS A SCAM!!!!!!

- It gets so so so so so so so soSO boring

All you can do on the game is to tap tap tap the screen on the same button on the same level and I have had the app for three years and I am still on the same level and the ability of the adds don’t seem to work the only thing that works is the caricature getting prettier it is not worth buying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Bad

Worst app ever

- Eehh

Not the best you just press buttons. Vlogger go viral is better

- Bad

You can’t play the game and it can’t do anything

- wth type of game is this?

It’s teaching kids that you have to change yourself to be ‘presentable’

- To many adds

You will be doing something and all of the sudden an add will come on and you can’t press X till the end and it is so bad because you can’t do what you were doing before the add and a lot of the adds I have seen before

- Idle Makeover

This app is incredible to give makeovers but the fact that you need a certain amount of hearts is a game changer!

- It’s good but..

This game is fun and don’t get angry if you get hate comments it’s just programmed to say that stuff. Only bad thing is it does take a while to earn hearts but you’ve just got to wait. Overall I think this is a really good game! 😁😁

- You have to pay $1 billion to just do the first person’s

When you I knew the first person it causes 1 million dollars

- It is bad

This game the worst game

- Average

It takes to long to make money and you should be able to keep upgrading you clicker but pretty good other wise

- Idle makeover

I love this game it’s the best game I’ve ever played

- expensive

i absolutely love this game but i literally hate the fact that i have to wait to hours to get enough stars for like 10 updates on my person!!

- How to get rid of ads

Lots of people have been complaining about ads... I fixed this on my ipad by switching wifi off and turning on airplane mode thus giving me no ads. This is a great tactic for offline games!!!

- I love the app but..

I love this app it is amazing but when I was nearly done with the first person the app restarted and now I have to start again! If anyone knows how to fix this pls tell me

- Wasnt what i wanted

I saw the ad and i thought that it would be cool to give someone a makeover but it was just pressing a bunch of buttons and it said that it was live and thats not what i had in mind, for thousands of people looking at me😒👎👎👎👎😾🙄🙄🙄

- Good game

Such a good game , but the ads just spoil it

- Too many ads

It’s quite impossible to play without ads popping up stay away from this one

- Fun but some down sides

Way to many adds but fun

- #only two stars

You can’t really do much except tap and slide


i am so sick of having to open the app and within 5 minutes of playing i get max 50 ads, this is such a great and addicting game but lowkey STOP WITH SO MANY ADS!

- Idle

This game is great

- To many adds

It’s a great game but there is to many adds

- Maiko

This game is so awesome ever since I started playing it ✌️😎❤️❤️❤️🥳🤯I Totally really really really liked it it was so awesomely fun

- To many ads

How do you get rid of the ads?!!!!! There are to many ads in this game.

- What i find stupid

To many people hate a perfectly fine game I mean look at it it’s f8ne the progression is fine and ads only pop up when they were programmed to so don’t blame the game for to many ads some ads are’nt even suppose to be there have you ever seen an ad free game that is not a multiplayer or battle royale those gamea are focused on good gameplay this game is focussed on progression so why is it so bad

- This game is incredibly slow

One star I hate it

- The biggest Issue

The only thing I truly enjoy with this game is seeing the progression as people transform during the makeovers. However, besides the constant barrage of ads, the prestige mechanic is what makes this game unattractive. Other Idle games have their prestige points increased every time you unlock a new feature or part. For example, if I completed Owen, my Prestige multiplier would go up by 1.80, that would make prestige feel great as I’ll have more economy to finish the other characters. Unfortunately, this games prestige points is increased every three minutes of ingame time. As a result, the progression becomes too slow. That’s why stopped playing the game.

- Worst game

What an awful, boring, mind numbing game. All you do is tap buttons and get an ad every 30 seconds. Deleted the game on the same day I downloaded it. And I am an app hoarder.

- I’m so stupid🤦🏾‍♀️

I was so addicted to this game at first, but I accidentally hit the prestige button not knowing what it would do and all my progress restarted😓😓😓don’t do it unless you have finished the game!!!

- Dumb, super dumb

Dumb on so many levels I don’t know where to start. Just know - don’t download, it’s rubbish!!


You will download this and don’t no how to use it there is no intro helping guide. There is sooooooooo many ads and there is no option to remove them. You have to get these hearts to buy people. But when I did I didn’t get the thing I bought. And it stop working after a little bit. This app is soo annoying. I don’t recommend it.


honestly this game is a waste of time and space on ur device. THERE ARE SOO MANY ADS. like you would be lucky to last 20 seconds without an ad DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HORRIBLE GAME! complete waste of my time....

- Trash

There’s wayyy to many ads. They just want money from you and the ads pop up like every 10 seconds and pop up for no reason

- i didnt get money i bought

I bought diamonds when it said 9 dollars then i bought it for 14 dollars because it made me then i didnt get it anyway are you able to refund me

- Love this

This app is awesome I love it but there are a couple add’s that pop up for no reason

- Way too many ads

The game is fun to play but I can’t go more than 10 seconds without an ad popping up and it’s always the same ad over and over again. Would be a lot better if they did them every time you finish upgrading a treatment or before using a boost or at set achievements and not just randomly during gameplay. That way we know when to expect them and stop getting frustrated when you’re in the middle of doing something. I’ll most likely get sick of the ads and end up deleting the app.

- I hate your app

I hate this app it deleted everthing

- Great game but..

There is way to many ads over all a amazing game Great idle game best one yet pls fix the ads and I will play it even more!!😊🥰🦄


I like the game it’s self but every 10 seconds there’s an ad, it really ruins the entire game.

- Holy heck the ads

This game would be rather fun if it wasn’t for the multitude of pop up ads. I get having ads is something you need to sponsor your game but it’s the same as over and over and over and changes once a day or two. Do not get this game if you value your sanity. Trust me the amount of ads you get, you won’t get far in the game. And there is no option to remove the ads. You do realise people would pay to remove ads right? That and the total lack of replies to reviews. Like the creator doesn’t care one bit about what we have to say

- Suddenly not working ☹️

So l went on to the game but then the screen went all black and it was playing music which is a shame because I was having alot of fun but there’s also lots of ads 😑🙁😫

- ?!

Cannot open!

- Annoyed

Way too many ads, I understand it’s a free game but there are a lot of ads on here. Also once I have waited the 8 hours and I’m collecting my money I go to watch a ad to double it and it never works and I don’t even get my money after waiting 8 hours. I am considering deleting the game due to these reasons please fix this

- Gacha queen

It doesn’t give you the option to do the face or hair you just press buttons that give you smiley faces and love hearts and thumbs up so...... yea.

- restarts

i was really enjoying it and making good progress as stupidly hard as that it. but the game has restarted on me two times in a week. this is ridiculous and has to be fixed

- Don’t get this game

I paid $15 to get in game purchases and I didn’t get anything I lost my money and now I have nothing

- Bad

Too many adds and you don’t even get to style.its overall nothing like the advertisements 😡bad game would not recommend


Ididiekekdksoososoeoe dmidididieidi juju i jckfmcjcifiifi

- Too many ads and no option to remove them

The ads in this game are quite intrusive and it's a bit annoying there's no option to pay to remove them. Other than that it's your standard Idle game, actually enjoying the game play.

- False advertising

Nothing like the advertisement and way to many adds

- The worst

Don’t download has false advertising and overall is horrible

- Worst game ever

The game would be good if it didn’t have ads in every 10 seconds I’m net even exaggerating never seen so many adds it’s a terrible game if you want a game that’s about watching non stop ads this is for you.

- Adds...adds....adds

There are tooooooo meany add like Impress 1 button add.add..add...add...add.add it NEVER ends so if you hate adds do not get this game AT ALL it is FULLL WITH ADDS...ADDS...ADDS.....ADDS...ADDSS so what I am saying it is add after add after add

Idle Makeover By Lion Studios v0.6.9 [Free IAP/Free Store]

@daddeelongleg @SoLikeVicky @GreatQuirke @hoe_letariat @LauraFWay @LloydMorgan @Sonic_Screwup @clairelpetzal…

@KingUrieta: Let's use this time to be productive. Learn a new skill. Study something new. Give your home a makeover. Make some crafts.…

@KingUrieta: Let's use this time to be productive. Learn a new skill. Study something new. Give your home a makeover. Make some crafts.…

@KingUrieta: Let's use this time to be productive. Learn a new skill. Study something new. Give your home a makeover. Make some crafts.…

@KingUrieta: Let's use this time to be productive. Learn a new skill. Study something new. Give your home a makeover. Make some crafts.…

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Idle Makeover 0.6.9 Screenshots & Images

Idle Makeover iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Idle Makeover iphone images
Idle Makeover iphone images
Idle Makeover iphone images
Idle Makeover iphone images
Idle Makeover ipad images
Idle Makeover ipad images
Idle Makeover ipad images
Idle Makeover ipad images
Idle Makeover Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Idle Makeover Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Idle Makeover (Version 0.6.9) Install & Download

The applications Idle Makeover was published in the category Games on 2019-11-10 and was developed by Lion Studios [Developer ID: 1362220666]. This application file size is 226.22 MB. Idle Makeover - Games posted on 2020-03-10 current version is 0.6.9 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Idle Makeover Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information

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