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Put your peel skills to the test! Relax and channel your inner chef in I Peel good. So many fun objects for you to rotate and carve? Can you score a perfect score? Fun and easy to pick up but don’t miss a cut... Will you be the first one to reach them all?

Hundreds of objects for you to cut, shave, carve, and peel. The slices that come off will leave you feeling satisfied!

Game Features:

1. Test your skills.
Are you Peeling Good? Take your time and relax and get to the center of your objects

2. Realistic Peeling Physics
The most realistic food simulation game there is. Rotate the fruit and vegetables and watch the shavings come off.

3. Challenge yourself with new features
New objects are constantly getting added for you to peel and enjoy

4. Amazing Graphics and soundtrack
Play, relax, and feel satisfied with every object you leave peeled.

Whether you like slicing, like cutting or just want to spin and peel, I Peel Good will take you there. This is the best and most Peeling simulation game there is. Good luck putting I Peel Good down!

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Happy Glass, Flip Trickster and Mr Bullet!

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- Why does nobody understand that the Skin is Fiber?

I love I Peel Good! I just downloaded yesterday, and it's very satisfying! I just reached LVL 102! Also, I want to know why everybody doesn't understand that most Fruit's skin contains Fiber and is healthy (With the exception of Cherimoya & others.)! I just love this game so much, I actually want more levels. But your game doesn't exactly have hundreds of levels. I just found out yesterday that there are only 150 levels, which is not exactly hundreds. Can you make more levels for future updates? If you can that would be so cool! Reason why I rate this 5 stars, is because it gives you educational facts about what you just peeled, and it's satisfying! I recommend this to anyone, unless you hate bunches of advertisements (which I have encountered in this game, but didn't encounter until after first 4 levels.)

- Satisfying and fun?

This game is amazing and I really enjoy it. I installed the game because I loved how satisfying your other games were and I was really excited to try out this one. I love this idea and it’s the first game I have ever seen that was exactly like it. I love how realistic the fruits and veggies look. Sometimes the banana is bruised or the apple is not all the way ripe. I am really sick of people saying too many adds because most games have adds. If I could find anything to say that I dislike about this game is that it’s not what I thought I would be. I am a very healthy person and I was looking forward to being able to have a real reason to peel the food. There is no real reason in the game to do it besides the satisfaction you get from it and learning some facts. Besides that I love the game and I love your icing on the cake game also. There are so many tools and new foods on the way. I think that you will get 5 stars from everyone who plays soon. I love the effort that went into it. Keep making your games because you nailed this one and many more already so I know you can do it again!?

- I peel good ❤️

I love this game I got it yesterday and it is AMAZING!!! If u think it has too many ads well then turn off your WiFi. Easy as that. I have no idea how people are saying and unlike this game! This is the best app I have gotten. It’s fun and relaxing and u learn something new!!! The people who made this game well... KEEP ON GOING BECAUSE I LOVE THIS GAME AND MANY PEOPLE DO TOO!!! Ignore the mean people u do u and not everyone will like this game, but that does not mean that u should stop. U keep going!! ? If u are thing of getting this game then go for it!!! I like and people like it!!! So why not!!! Be relaxed and comfortable with this game!!! Cause It is VERY amazing!!! I promise you that u will not regret getting this app!!! ? TRUST ME YOU WILL LOVE THIS APP!!! ? - Emely ❤️

- Add City!!

This app is pretty good, the only problem is that every time you finish there is a add but other than that it is very relaxing and my best friend loves the game to. But they really need to stop putting in so many adds. Me and my friends downloaded this game while we were playing another game and an add popped up for it. Once we got on the game it was pretty nice but we got tired of watching adds, and the game got a bit boring we just kept peeling things and it gets really boring. I would recommend getting this but just be aware that there are a ton of adds, but if you didn’t know after you peel something it tells you a fact witch was pretty cool. And if you do get this game I understand if you get bored of watching adds and of just peeling things over and over again.

- No game any better

So let’s start... Once I saw a ad on a game “I peel good” and I saw the hand doing the peeling and it satisfied me sooo much I got it right away. Who cares about ads I know they stink but you still get to enjoy the satisfaction of the game when I saw other reviews before I went back on the game to do lvl 1 every single one was five stars so I am writing this review when I’ve got to lvl 100 I like when you finish the peeling on a for example “Apple” after it shows you your score and tells you a FACT when I got to chocolate it said Benjamin Franklin sold chocolate at his eclectic store so if you think this to then you probably would give a similar review

- Too many ads for mediocre gameplay

Overall, the game isn’t particularly good, but it isn’t bad. The graphics are pretty basic, and the levels don’t have much too them. It is a simple game, and it is somewhat fun, but I don’t think it is entertaining for more than a few minutes. So perhaps fun to play while on a quick bus ride or subway, but I don’t think it would be that fun to play for an extended amount of time. Also, the sheer number of ads is insane. In between every single level there is an ad. Some are skippable, which helps, but for the most part it is 10-15 seconds of gameplay per 30 second ad. And although it may seem like a lot to ask of a mobile game, with all the money from ads you are clearly raking in, you should at least increase the game quality. I don’t think this app is worth the download.

- Aaahhh so satisfying

Ok so it was just a normal day and I just got back to school ready for my 4 day weekend and I was soooo stressed cause I had so much work and when I was playing my fav game an add piped up and it was I peel good and they are by the same created and I said why not try it out so I downloaded it and I had my headphones on and up all the way and the sound is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo satisfying and relaxing this is now my fav game and after I write this review I think I am gonna play it so I really recommend you or whoever is reading this review download it now and use with headphones because it is the best game on planet earth even you tubers play it for their adds.

- Very fun game

I’ve got this game yesterday,and I thought this will probably be one of those games that I play once then never play again. I started playing it and I got addicted it was so satisfying I never knew peeling fruit was so fun! I like the facts that you have to tried to get a long peel it makes it more of a challenge.I like the fact that you can win other tool to peel with to it helps me keep wanting to play. If I had to say one bad thing about it I would say the ads but if you turn of your cellar data and WiFi then there’s no ads so it’s not that big of a deal. If you want a fun relaxing game I would totally play this game.


One of my really good friends showed me this app. At first I was like, “Oh, cool.” But, I have been playing, and in one day I am on level 50! This game is so addictive and a great thing to do with no WiFi! The only thing I would like changed is the ads. I know, I know, I could just turn the internet off, but I gotta say. Isn’t 3$ a bit much to get rid of ads and a banner? Could you make it 2$? 1.99? That would make a lot of people buy premium. Or, maybe have a 30 day trial. Sounds cheesy, but this is one of the best apps I own. Thanks for making it! It’s the best! ~ •XxSilvertailxX•

- Kind of boring!!!

I first saw this game on an ad and it looked so satisfying and a fun and simple game. But later on you are gonna think of one word to describe this game… BORING!! I mean what’s the fun of getting a little razor and peeling a fruit for over 100 levels!! There is no goal what so ever!! I mean what’s the point?? To top it off the ADS!! Oh my goodness the ads! Like all of the games where you go level to level there will almost always be a ridiculous amount of ads!! I just want to play this game in peace at least and you ruin it. Already the games is not too great so why add so many ads. Everyone reading this I don’t recommend downloading this game it will be a waste of your time!!!! Creator if you want me to change my opinion please put your best efforts to make this game funner! Thank you.

- I love this game.

This is by far one of the best games I have ever played. But I do have many pros and cons. This game is so fun and satisfying, I unlocked all the peeling tools and played to level 125+daily levels, in about 2 1/2 days. I am addicted, but there are some problems. The problems include, too many adds (it doesn't really effect me but it's kinda annoying), some of the rings you can peel are super weird and I kinda hate it, too repetitive on what you can peel, and you can't finish peeling sometimes. If those were changed this game would be perfect. I definitely recommend using the rake to peel, because I find it the best, idk why tho. I definitely recommend this game.

- It is SO good

I love the game honestly this is my first game playing this I’m on level 135 I’m literally so addicted the only annoying thing is that their are so MANY ADDS I mean some people would complain a lot but still I do not mind it and they do give you facts about the fruit you peel and it does NOT let you finish but I mean that I honestly don’t care again I can use it without WiFi and the only reason that I give it 4 stars ⭐️ instead of 5 is because it does not let me finish peeling the fruit#oddly satisfying and their are so many Adds so yea -an addicted child P.S this game is extremely addicting that is why I’m on level 135 on my FIRST DAY of playing I played ALL DAY SO YEA lol all caps.

- I peel good

Umm this game is really nice and fun and satisfying and it’s a. game I recommend to download load on your phone and it really good for kids that like satisfying game and stuff but one thing that I don’t like that I wish they could change is the ads the ads are a problem and when I first go this game I didn’t know that there was a time limit I don’t have like problem with the time but the time limit it so like seconds they could like set it for like one minute or just like give people time to peel the fruit or just take it off I guess this game is like challenging game and the ads are like going to push people away

- Just 2 problems

Ok so my first problem is the ads. I know some people in the reviews are getting triggered by people talking about ads but it’s true! The ads are so annoying! I still love the game but could you not add an advertisement after every level? My second problem is the amount of time it gives me. It literally gives me only 10 seconds to peel the food on every level! I can’t even get satisfied because it doesn’t even let me finish peeling! If you get triggered easily don’t get this app! I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to give you a 3 star rating.

- I peel good

This game is satisfying and I love that if you are done but you missed some parts there is always a button to go back and peel off that skin! But I love this game for more reasons. This is a great go-to game when you are bored. I just downloaded it yesterday and I seriously spent all the next morning playing it. And also, I seriously love this game because at the end it always gives you information on the fruit or vegetable you just peeled. I recommend this game to satisfaction lovers or those people who are always bored. Over all, this game gets five stars from me!

- Amazing app!!!!?

Alright this is the best game I have on my phone! To everyone complaining about the ad’s just turn your wi-Fi off, also since it’s a free app it’s obviously going to have some ad’s here and there. There is one thing it’s about how you never can finish peeling the thing it gives you. It’s not a huge problem I just wish I could finish peeling it, and it’s really not a big deal. Other than that this is a awesome game a cool thing about it is for instance if you had like a watermelon they tell you the story behind it. I definitely recommend this app!?

- Surprisingly calming fun game.

So after reading really horrible reviews I decided to write one. The game is very very easy. It’s calming as it just feels fun. It’s very good for small children who are learning games or just to keep them quiet for a while so me and the misses can have some fun time. Ifyouknowwhatimean. There are ads yes but ITS A FREE GAME! Games take time to develop and they should earn some money for creating something to entertain you (or your little children) for a while right? You can pay to turn off ads or some people have said to turn off your internet. See? Solution!

- I agree with Ava Treamont

So I strongly agree with Ava because people are hating on this game for really no reason. The turning off cellular data actually works, and this is a really satisfying game. I like how there is an option that says “peeling OCD? Click here to keep peeling”, to take care of other selfish people who are pointing out every single flaw. It’s really hard to make a game guys! So I hope this game continues to get better. I don’t know where the creators came up with idea for a game where you peel fruit, but it is really fun! Five stars for a very well-deserving game. Keep it up!

- “Who’s rumbling?”

I like that you are trying to add sound effects to make the game more enjoyable. I think it’s great. But really does the vibrate part of my phone have to vibrate each and every time I peel something? I don’t mean to be rude, but when I am with my family, and everyone is on their phones and I go into this app. I love this game but usually I can’t play it without one of my family members says “who’s rumbling?” They think it’s annoying and sometimes I do too. So all I ask is that you please add an option in one of the top corners for vibration! So that we all can choose whether we want it to vibrate each time. Thank you, and otherwise, I love the game.

- Wow!!!

I saw a post from another costumer that stated that he finished the game in 15 minutes!!! I’m very impressed!!! He must have not included the half hour wasted on all of the ads in between each and every level!!! You guys are doing a great job! Keep raking in that $$$ from the ad companies, because you and your garbage gaming design company deserve each and every penny of it!!!! You probably make more than minimum wage, but I’ve seen more effort put into fast food then this lovely meaningless game. I hope your families are proud!!! You guys made it!!!

- Almost 300 levels in and..

The game is good, I like the concept of it, it’s almost like an idle game, and non evasive (minus the ads.) one thing I can say is, it’s extremely repetitive... after a while you keep peeling the same things over and over again with an occasional “candy” or “chocolate” or “chicken” and “fish” item to peel. But overall, there needs to be more things to peel, and also there needs to be a gallery of all the food items that we can go back to and peel again. Because there are some items I enjoy peeling but I can only peel once and wont see it again for another 60+ levels ?... this app needs more work and less ads thanks


Everyone needs to stop talking about the ads that is the kind of comment I’m seeing and all you have to do is turn of your internet and your cellular data and then boom no ads so if you right a super long comment about the annoying ads then you just wasted a whole bunch of time and if you have time to right a comment about ads that probably took you at least an hour or so then you definitely have time to turn off your internet and cellular data

- Love the game!

So, I see that in the reviews a lot of people are complaining about the ads, but I’m not here to do that. I love the fact that you can skip ads and don’t have to sit there for 30 seconds just for an ad you probably won’t even care about! I also really like how it tells facts about the food you are peeling! I’ve played ever since I got the game! If anyone is looking at the reviews to see if this is a good game or not, I’ll tell them. THIS GAME IS AMAZING!! thanks if you took your time to read this. Bye now :D

- It’s okay...

So I decided to get this app even though the adds are kinda gross......but anyways before I get I read the ratings and I’m like hmm I’ll get it even though they say a ton of adds and they where right but if u like the game and there’s to many adds then just turn on airplane mode for free instead of wasting ur money on a person who put many adds so u give him ur money I didn’t like this app because the noises and yeah I can just turn of the volume but I like to listen to stuff but I don’t like....the slicing noises and “oh yeah” it grosses me out... but I also don’t like it cause it’s boring and all u do is peel but I’m mean that’s the only thing u do there but take my word for it’s pretty boring and just turn on airplane mode and don’t give this guy money?

- It is so relaxing

I Peel Good is amazing. The app is so relaxing. It is also fun to try and beat your best peel. The only thing not to like about it is that there are so many adds but that only happened to me since the first 4 levels. I started today and I am already on level 111 but I just found out there are only 150 levels J wish they could add more levels. I would recommend for all ages. Once again this game is so relaxing you should get it.

- Would be fun and relaxing, but far too many ads

I wanted to play this game because idk, it seemed like it would be entertaining if I had time to burn. When I played the first level, I found it pretty fun and relaxing. But it was interrupted by an ad before the next level. Level 2, then an ad. Level 3, then another ad. I played around five before the ads just got on my nerves too much. I understand you all need to make money, but with the shortness of the levels, an ad takes like half the time a level does to complete. I’d be totally fine with an ad maybe every 3-5 levels, but one after every single level is just too much. Takes all the fun out of the game.

- It’s very satisfying but there are to many adds

This is a great game. The only problem I have with it is there are WAY to many adds. I’m ok with adds but when it gets to the point were every time you enter the game or start a new game there are adds that last for 20 seconds it’s over the line. Another problem that I have is that most of the adds are scams. Every time a add gives me a sample and I actually try it, it takes me to the site. So I recommend this game for people that don’t get bothered by adds.


So I downloaded this app and I have to say I love it!!! I played all day long (ik I waste of time but lol) so around lvl 150 I started to notice there repeating the levels. And in my option you don’t do that! There’s thousands of things you can peel, and there just repeating them!!!! So yeah now I’m on lvl 180 and it’s the same old thing, but if you don’t mind repeating things like this the game is perfect for you!!!! But i now personally got bored of it... so if the creators could add more lvls and not repeat things that would be awsome, thanks for reading my rant :)

- Pretty satisfying but too many ads and way too many things wrong with it

This game is satisfying but you end the levels in at least 30 seconds... maybe even less! You can’t even finish peeling it, the level ends. And after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL there are ads. The ads are pretty long and this game, in my opinion, is a waste of time and storage! Everything about it gets on my nerves. You can’t slow down the rotating fruit or vegetable, there are wayyy too many ads, and you can’t finish peeling the item before the level counts three stars. In general, this game is boring and there are too many disadvantages coming with the game.

- Great Game! But...

Look. I love your game!! I just got it today and I am already on level 200+! But there’s just one thing.. Can we please get more blades to cut with and more things to slice? (In other words, more levels) I think this would make your game blow up even more than it already has, but that’s just my opinion. If you could reply back that would really make my day. Thank you again for making a game that takes up my free time!! ?

- Y'all keep complaining for nothing

I peel God is, satisfying, relaxing and overall just a good game. I do see lots of reviews about the ads. I just want to say, you have 4 options, 1. Buy the no ads feature 2. Live with it 3. Delete the game ? or 4! Turn ur wifi off. It gets rid of all ads, it's kinda of cheating and I feel like I'm going to get in trouble for saying it but, turn it offffffff. Ok I love the app (with the wifi off off) lol ok just wanted to say that

- Pls

Hey I have been playing for a real long time and last time I checked on the all my hard work was gone I was confused at first and I don’t know why it sent me back to level one and got rid of all my peelers and I remembered being at a real high level with all the peelers but now there gone I’d really appreciate if you gave them back I got my light saber back but that just because i did the two adds please give me back my stuff (P.S love ur game)

- I like it very much but

I absolutely love this game it can be very very satisfying to play! But every time you finish a level there is a ad and if you get a new razor then there is a ad I wish that you could make it so there is not many ads on the game but I like that you could watch ads to earn a new razor but yeah I really hope you can fix this! But anyway I recommend this game to anybody who has a long car ride cause I did!

- Ads, but good game ?

Good job on your game. The update improved it by a lot. One thing I’m angry at, the ads. Now, yes I can turn of data and WiFi, but guess what? I want to receiver texts from my parents, siblings, and friends. This is an overall good game. I understand it takes a month or a few months to make a game and your doing it to make people happy, so 4 stars is good. Ads, yes you have to make money but it’s too much of them. Thank you for your time making a game and thank you if you read this. Good job creator(s).

- Won't load past the logo screen ?

I tried to open the app multiple times offline and online and it will only open the logo screen before crashing moments later. The info says that it is compatible with IOS 9.0 and that it what I have, and can not update to later version due to how old my iPad is, but it still doesn't seem to be working. However, I also downloaded the cake frosting game from the same brand, and it seems to be working fine. One of my friends has this game on her phone, and it seems to be really fun, and I only wish that I could join in on it. ???

- Great with one small problem

This game is extremely satisfying and is great. The only problem is some adds you hit the x to exit but it won’t let you and you have to reopen the app. Other than that, which doesn’t happen often, this game is amazing and the best game I have.I recommend getting this game because that one problem doesn’t always happen so it doesn’t get too annoying and it is really fun.

- Super duper cute! I also have a trick

This game is sooo adorable!! I love how it lets you peel the fruit or whatever and then it tells you a little fact about it. Absolutely cute❤️❤️ Also, for all you people who are complaining about the ads, I have a trick for you. If you don’t mind Turning off your WiFi or data while you play this game (or really any game with ads) it lets you play ad free. ??‍♀️Hallelujah??‍♀️ Anyway, those are my thoughts on the game!♥️♥️

- The game isn’t good anymore

Before the latest update, I unlocked all the items to peel the fruit, I can choose the old levels I completed, And go to the daily levels with ease. Now the app has tons of ads! 1. All the items I collected are gone and I have to get them back. Today I got the knife back but I had to watch a ad to claim it? Why, I already worked for it. 2. I can’t revisit my old levels I completed. 3. I cannot see the daily levels without watching a ad! Once again I don’t like ads. It’s annoying and I hope you fix the ad problem to make this app better. Thank you


After I updated the Christmas Version, I thought some of the levels are satisfying to me, but the other levels before that are gone somehow. Like the candy bar, fried chicken, the bread, and other funny levels that I could laugh about the randomness idea. So after Christmas Update, can you please bring those levels that are hidden, since they’re replaced into the things that relate to Christmas, back to the original like the oldest version?

- Right in the middle

So I really like the app and it’s got its corks yes I know probably nobody will read this but the higher level you get on the lawyer they are they use the same foods probably thinking you have forgotten about it so ya.... but also it is really fun because there are no losers just winners and I love that there are a ton of things I love about it and some tiny things I would change that’s why it is just in the middle this comment was not to try and take down the app but just give some constructive criticism. I really love the app and you should get it :)

- Awesome game ?

This game is a great game for anyone. It is also a very very satisfying game. There are a lot of adds but this game is not one of those games that need WiFi to play so it’s no problem if u turn off ur WiFi, then there will be none. There is a shortage on tools and u might feel like there is no point in playing the game after u unlock all of them, but other than that that there are no other problems.

- great game, too few levels, too many ads

let me start by saying this game is really satisfying and i really enjoy playing it! there's nothing to do but peel various (mostly) edible objects, but that's fine because seeing the covering being peeled off is just fine on its own. my problem, though, is i completed all 150 levels in less than a day and a half, in less than an hour and a half. you can replay the levels, which is nice, but i wish there was more to do. even just recoloring fruits/vegetables/etc so your peeling something different would be fine, but this game just needs more content. also the ads are awful. there's an ad after every level which seems fine in theory, but the levels take less than like 30 seconds, so it's basically an ad every 10-30 seconds. you can get around it by putting your device in airplane mode, but most people don't want to do that so they don't miss something important. if i could suggest a different method of doing ads, could it maybe be an ad every 3-4 levels? even every 2-3 would be better than the pain in the rear that we have now :/ if all the above was taken care of though, i'd gladly rate the app 5/5! it's really relaxing outside of some minor complaints that really aren't detrimental to the gameplay, which is quite nice.

- Challenges

This game is really relaxing. For people who get stressed out easily, of course for most, I feel as if it could help them relax. A few review say there are to many ads and that it true. The amount of ads do end up make the game less enjoyable. Finally, the main thing I want to say is that the game should have some levels that get harder. I’m not sure if it’s just later since I haven’t been playing for long, but they should have challenges for people who like games were they may have to actually retry something.

- 5 stars!

This game is a amazing way to learn stuff because of the did you know? And it doesn’t have a mountain of ads at least! There is nothing wrong with this game here. It’s just a awesome peeling game! If you dislike this, then you haven’t played this game yet and you NEED to play it. But this game is amazing which I already said but, 1. Not to many ads. 2. It has a “Did you know”. And it’s just a peeling game that you will enjoy ANYTIME! So this game is so fun.

- Great Game...

So, I just recently downloaded I Peel Good, and I love it. Whenever I’m bored, or just out on a run, I’ll play this game. However, there are several ads. Like- After you complete a level, you’ll get an ad. And I get that developers want people to pay for ad free. But this is just ridiculous. I don’t understand why anyone would want to watch the same ad over and over and over again. So yeah. Overall, the game’s great, but, once again, there’s way too many ads.

- I Feel Good about I Peel Good!

Okay, first of all, I just bought this game and I already LOVE it! I think it’s very well put together and I think the developers really put some thought into it. Second of all, I’m learning so much about all these fruits that I didn’t even know existed! I love all the cool fun facts about the fruits after you finish peeling. Lastly, I think a lot of people will love this game when they download it. Trust me, it’s worth it!

- Read this pls!.....

So I’m not that type of person who writes these long reviews so I’m gonna keep it short and simple. So I downloaded this game right really good game I really like its so satisfying and keeps me calm but when I was peeling the chocolate bar one of the facts told me that there are up to 8 INSECT LEGS in a single chocolate bar that grossed me out and now I don’t won a eat chocolate anymore. What I’m trying to get at is that can you pls keep the fact things not as gross pls thank you - Elephant_lover❤️

- One of the best apps I own

This game is absolutely fantastic. I really do like the quality and variety of fruits and other foods they have. Another thing I really like is the facts about the different foods you peel. If you have stress this is definitely the game for you. The fact that THIS APP WAS FREE is absolutely amazing because games like this you usually have to buy. Honestly this is a great game, if you haven’t already tried it GET IT NOW!

- Ok but take a look...

(Might be long) Ok, I want to talk about two or three things. 1. So, as I played this game, I started noticing that my battery will die very very fast. I thought it would not really kill my batter that fast, I mean I started playing in it and I wasn’t even on it for 5 minutes, I started with 77% and after 2 or 3 minutes my phone died to 62% I think that is just horrible and hopefully the creator can fix this. 2. I can’t even finish peeling. Many people in their options think this to, but when I peel it and some skin is still left on it and then the level shuts itself off and then just skips to the next one. This can lead to people with OCD upset. It says, “Peeling OCD? Tap to keep peeling” I know I don’t even have OCD but this makes me upset that when I’m not done it just cuts me off! I hope you could please fix the bugs I was stating. Thanks!

- I love it!

In my opinion I personally loved it. I like how it told you something about what you pealed and said it’s name. It didn’t let you finish all the way but that is just a bug and it doesn’t bother me. I play the game almost everyday because it is so satisfying. I would love for the people/person who made this app to try to fix the bugs. But if they don’t I’m fine with that. For the people who read this and don’t have the app get it! This app is really fun. I hope people will in joy the app as much as I do. I would recommend this game to anyone. This is just my opinion so if you don’t agree with me that’s fine. Thank you the people who read all of this. Also thank you for wasting you time reading this. Bye have a good day/night.

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- My Preference Of Games Ya Should Make.

Hello, I Love, I Mean LOVE This Game, But I Have Some Preferences Of Games You Should Make Like This One! #1: The First Game Title Is.. I bite good. You should tap the food And it bites it. #2: My Other Preference Game I Think You Should Make Is.. I bounce good. You just tap a ball, and bounce it, witch makes it super satisfying, it shows your high score, and when you start bouncing it, it shows how many bounces you did, and if you bounce more that you did, it makes your new HIGH SCORE. #3: (Last Preference) My Last Game preference for you to Make is.. i fold good. You just tap the unfolded clothes/blanket for a little while and it’s folded. Thanks if Yu Make The Game preferences I asked. Bye

- My review for I Peel Good - Spoilers for the game

This game is insanely good. Filled with revolutionary graphics, level design and gameplay this game is sure to entertain all age levels. However, this game misses the mark in a major area... I can’t believe the sheer laziness of this game’s “epic conclusion”. After 150 gripping, intense and beautiful levels, I am greeted with a **SPOILERS** green pomegranate? The last few levels were not as good as the first, often being different colorations of ordinary fruit, but I was expecting the finale to be something of worth. I was disappointed to see the opposite. I end this review with a heavy heart to say that I Peel Good is a beautiful heartfelt passion project, with monumental graphics and gameplay, that unfortunately misses the mark with its ending.

- This game is amazing!

This game is super fun and entertaining. I love the fun facts when you finish the level, they’re super interesting. This game is the most satisfying game i have ever played. I got barely any adds so I was confused when someone complained about how there were too many adds. I would totally recommend this game.?

- Too many adds!!

I really like this game because we get to peel many things such as fruits and many other random objects. But every time you finish a level you have to watch a 5 or 10 second add. Once I got to level 24 I got really annoyed because of too many adds popping up. My family friend who is 4 years old wanted to play this game and once she she finished 3 levels she started to also get annoyed! Something I would like to change is to put a few adds. I give this game 3 stars because of too many adds popping up and I like how you get to peel things!

- You already know what I’m gonna say

Ok listen, I understand you need to make revenue. An ad in a mobile game is not unusual. I’m used to an ad every few levels now and again, maybe a pop up on the home screen; pretty standard. BUT, what I’m NOT used to, is an ad every LEVEL. I think you’ve got it all wrong you see. A level legit take 30 seconds and then you play me an UNSKIPABLE ADVERTISEMENT. Are these ads secretly a feature of the game perhaps. 45% of the time, I’m looking at an animated FINGER matching four objects in Gardenscapes, Lily’s Garden etc. Reduce the ADS. pLEASE. Read your reviews mate and cut the ads by about 90% (pain and suffering not included). An Angry Mobile User

- It’s goo but needs work?

It’s very satisfying but there’s way to much ads after you peel there’s an ad every time it’s very annoying but overall it’s good but they need to fix that problem and the ads aren’t very fun they play the same one every time it’s annoyingly good but still annoying but it’s VERY FUN ?I recommend playing it but please fix the ads please it will be much better Thank you no offence to anyone who made the game

- Way to many adds

This is a really good game but just way to,many adds every time you go to a different level there’s an add so I would prefer if u don’t care about the adds so yeah I do not really like the adds but I do like the game so idk you might like but if you hate the add and adds I don’t recommend this game so yeah if you could like have an add like every 3 5 levels then that would be okay but yeah hope u fix the problems I said but I still LOVE the game so yeah From unknown

- Great game!!

This game is amazing and super addictive but the first thing I noticed was that there were a lot of ads One thing that you should do when you are playing these sort of games is turn wifi and mobile data off because then you won’t see any ads This has saved loads of games for me because you don’t have to watch any ads while playing super fun games

- Way Too Many Ads

Ok, I‘ve only played for 5 minutes. But that‘s long enough to know that you guys really need to eradicate all the ads. Half of my 5 minutes using this app was just me YAWNING while I watch the advertisements. In the first two minutes, I was considering deleting this app. Instead of playing the game, I was watching all of the boring ads. But the animations were realistic and the peeling was calming (sort of.) Just the advertisements.

- Confused, but good

As you can tell from the title I’m confused, but amazed you can make such a satisfying game. As for the confused part? You don’t peel blueberries! Or bananas with knives and peelers! But I do recommend a NEW satisfying game. Chop the crop! My idea? Well, in Chop the crop, you have to perfectly chop ( or slice ) your farm crops. Please answer and kindly say if you will make my game Chop The Crop. And if you do, please remember to say I gave you the idea! Kindly, Good old reviews

- It’s okay

Ads aren’t a problem as you can just switch your wifi off, but honestly there’s no point in having levels because they are basically the same difficulty. It also kind of annoys me how it says your completed but you still have little pieces you have yet to peel off — but thats just my OCD. Other than that, it’s satisfying but again there’s not really a point to the game.

- Super fun but needs more levels

Hi the game is super fun and u can put airplane mode if you don’t want adds, but one thing is that there isn’t as much levels there are about 140 or 150 but I’m about to complete all the levels so please update the game ASAP thanks! And would recommend! shishibilly xx

- I love it!

This game is so satisfying and nice it’s like a game you could play before bed! But I do hav one problem there lots of ads but I like to turn the internet off so that I don’t watch the ads. I definitely recommend this game!!!

- Love This App but Needs an Update

Hi! Recently I downloaded your app as my friends recommended it to me to make me feel calm before a test/exam. Personally, I have been loving this app with the many fruits and other objects involved. But I just had a few things that I wanted to point out.... I believe that there should be some new updates which I could recommend : - New more powerful tools as you get to higher levels - Higher levels = harder to peel - There could be different modes, e.g. timed where you have to peel the fruit in a specific amount of time - Categories for peeling, e.g. fruit, candy, vegetables Thank you so much!!

- Love it!

This game is extremely fun I finished all the levels in about a day.. ? would love if more levels could be added! Berries would be a great choice or more candy options. Absolutely no complaints!

- Love it!

So satisfying but please, less advertisements! But it’s still really good! Good for ocd people and a good stress reliever! Just a bit too many ads. I would definitely recommend this to anyone! I really like the little facts; they can be educational! Yeet.


Whenever I get stressed, I go on my phone and play this relaxing game. Then when I peel those fruits/veggies, I become more calm and happy! I also recommend this to autistic children ?. I’m super happy with this app, I’m already on level 99!

- Read this for some ideas if you want to

I love this game but if you could add like maybe like some other fruits or veggies or like roast or beef or add like some random objects because I want to peel them like they could be levels would be sick if you could do it

- It’s fun

I would of given it more stars because it’s really fun but I would love more levels. After level 150 it kept going but with levels I’ve done before. The next update should have more levels if you can. Thank you.

- Decent Game

Satisfying Game, But to make it Top class you need a satisfying peel effect/sound when you’re peeling the skin off. Also do not put advertisements after every game, maybe 1 in 5 at the most. You have no idea how many people double tap and log off your game when they see an advertisement.

- Satisfied

I love this app it’s super satisfying, a lot of people have said there are too many ads but an easy solution is to turn your phone into areoplane mode and it gets rid of the ads

- Noice

This is a good game I haven’t really seen that much ads and it’s kinda educational because I saw a bunch of fruit that I didn’t know existed I love this but I just want more things to peel with thank you :3

- I really like this game!

It’s creative and smart, I love it because the levels aren’t hard, but aren’t easy as well! Download if you think your smart!

- New fruits

This game is very calming and helps with anti stress. However, at the beginning of the game I was challenged with a new fruit each time but now I keep getting the same objects to peel. An update of objects to peel would make this game so addictive and better.

- Ok but why though?

The fact that you used a capital letter for every word in the title except for “I,” the word that requires a capital most of them all because it’s the start of the title, and you always have to use a capital for it, deeply disturbs and disappoints me. How could you have screwed up like this, you’ve let us all down. 1/10, didn’t have a very cash-money time

- Great App!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is a great app! There is only one add per a level! If you don't like the amount of adds that's fine it's your opinion and I am not against it but overall a great app good job guys! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ :D

- Kinda boring

The fact that you just peel stuff for on-going hours is just a bit boring.


this is a great game and I love playing it but if you get an ad every time you finish peeling something it’s gets annoying and boring. So even if you could add a no ad thing for $2 or something that would be great. Thx

- Way to many adds

There is way to many adds they need to make it so it has less adds because when ever I finish a level I have to wait like 10 seconds for it to finish and it cuts in to my time playing the game. But I give this game a 2 because it is cool to peel the fruits

- Problem solved

I understand some people think there are too many ads but if you turn your wifi off the ads don’t show up because they need internet

- The adds are no problem

Guys I just turn off my wifi and play think . Btw I love this

- To many adds!

Ok so this game is great and all but there’s to many adds! Let me tell ya a story”so I was playing it and I was on level 10 but then when I was finished a add just came on. “ it was ridiculous And you also have to pay to have no adds it so annoying! I would highly recommen not to play this game if you mad at adds

- I Peel Good

This is a great game that I enjoy playing but there’s just too many ads. After every level you complete an ad pops up. It is a fun game but there’s just too many ads!

- This is really good but...

This is so addictive and a great game overall although I would like it if there wasn't an add every time u finish peeling although I do recommend it to a Cuz its a great game overall :)

- Don’t like the lag

There is a quick lag coming up every time I am getting annoyed. ? but I love love the facts!!! About fruits

- Adds

Love this game but the adds are to much I’m giving this a 1 star because of the adds

- ??

omg just turn off your data/ wifi and there’ll be no ads smh. i really like this game, but i thought of a mechanic you could possibly add to it. maybe there can be like a thing where you can collect the longest peelings or break a record or something. just to keep it interesting regards.

- Adds

There are soooooo many adds it’s terrible try turning off the internet to see if that works

- Love this game but needs more levels

This game is great, however, I have had it for 3 days and it is already repeating objects- I’m in the hundreds. Pls update and add more objects

- Super fun

I got to level 200 in at least 40 mins super addictive and fun game I had to try it

- Lit the goods game I never played

Iv played this game and well it was bard and this is only one time I can say this so ill say it/? This game is the wearst iv never played a game that just peels stuff it’s not even satifiying or what ev this game just teachers you how much you hate frites or vegatbols There descusting I hate criticism and egg plant # I donlike this game q t

- Love it ?

This game is so fun and calming . I try to get the longest peeling. It’s nice to play this game in free time and beat your high score . I would prefer not to have as much adds.

- To help people with ads

So there’s heaps of ads but all you have to do is turn of your mobile data or internet thank me later;)

- I peel good

I personally think that it should be more realistic, like there should be a better one but from the same company so it is more liked

- This is the best game ever

This is the best game ever I have watched my friends play this game and I finally got it

- Satisfying, but annoying

This game is great. It “peels” good to play and is quite fun. But oh my god the ads. The. Ads. There’s an ad literally the second you finish a level. Every, single time.

- Duh.

This game is one of my favorites. BUT. Every time you finish the level it does an ad. Worst of all the ads are all the same. I ALWAY S get neon splash. Ad lovers must download this but everyone else, NO.

- Way to many adds!

I love this game a lot but there is like way to many adds after every fruit or veggie i peel there is an add!


why is it with adds, after every level it’s just, add here, and add there STOP THE ADDS that’s why so many people hate these games you should fix them or people will hate on all your games, I’m warning you, you should fix it.

- Too many ads

These is an Ad between every level, and most of them you can’t get out of until it’s over.

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- Great game

This is a great game super fun and relaxing I love how you can get different tools you should make more versions of this game like drawing on a cylinder

- best app known to man

this app has changed my life for the better. i will never be the same. a new women i am. i have been re-born into a peel slayer god. i would enjoy meeting whoever has created this beautiful application and ask the burning questions i’m holding back about these life like easily peeling fruits and area of foods. thank you, from the bottom of my satisfied heart.

- Don't want any ads??

Just turn off your wifi.. simple as 123

- Terrible

There’s an ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. To add onto that there’s an ad taking up the lower quarter of the screen every level. The actual game isn’t ever that fun. After the first level, you’ve seen it all. It’s IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL A LEVEL! How is that at all fun or challenging. Don’t download. It’s just a waste of your time, and your just giving money to these terrible companies. ???

- Best Game Ever

I’ve never been more enticed by a game than this one. It’s so calming and easy to play. When I’m stressed I feel like I can just go on this app and peel away, i Peel Good is my safe space.

- Way too many ads

Each level takes like 3-5 seconds and there’s an add between each level. Don’t get this game.

- Way too many ads

This game has way to many ads after EVERY SINGLE level


After every 1-2 peels you are forced to watch a 30 second ad. It’s seriously annoying!!! I deleted the app within a couple minutes. Don’t waste your time!

- Coucou

Salut man

- Annoying

Who is here because of Annoying Orange?


This is a really cool game but I’m on level 170 and there still isn’t avocado in it so can you plz add that thank you.

- Annoying adds ??

There are waaaayyyy too many adds! I had this game for about 2mins before I realized how annoying it was. The game is fun, but the adds get in the way of the fun. Please put less adds. Please.

- Can’t claim prizes

When you earn a new tool it freezes on the “claim” page and you have to close the game and restart and you never get the prize.

- Pretty good BUT..

It won’t let me finish peeling

- ...

I was playing the game at like 2:30AM and ten I played this game I had the volume up high so I could here the same noises and the guess what The loudest ad ever pops up Make the asmr louder so people don’t need to go through what I had

- Its good but...

It’s good but why so much adds??????

- Love it

This game is so fun I love how at the end of each level you get a piece of information about it it is more fun ?????

- Tooooooo muccccchhhhhh ad

Play one game and spend 15 seconds on ad!! Totally disappointing

- Lost everything

Before the recent update I unlocked all the tools and now since it updated everything is gone and I have to start from the beginning. Fix this please! Also I think there are way too many ads literally after each level there’s an ad and it gets annoying.

- Love it

Is so good game I love it

- Honestly...

This is a pretty good game, not the best but it’s kinda fun but, it’s the ads, there is a 30 second to 1 minute long ad after EVERY SINGLE 7 second level! Not to mention there is another ad under each level. Wouldn’t recommend.

- Adds

It’s ok but there are a lot of adds

- ????

First i play the game and just add after add after add after add! €¥¥¥_^^[[]{}§~|…\<>!?+-$&#@%*=+-/(;):’,.>}!?{stupid

- I peel good

I love this app so much fun it make me love fruit and peeling❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?❤️???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Annoyed ?

Idk why everyone is complaining about the ads, just turn off the WiFi. What I’m mad about is is doesn’t let you finish peeling!!!?

- Okay

Too many ads

- The old way was better

There’s nothing much to it. That’s just facts.

- Not a good game

I makes you watch a bunch of ads

- Qjamsm

I don’t like this but they removed seasons from netflix Yugioh

- I like e game

Lots of adds you can turn your wifi off and it can stop so that’s how you play with NO adds at all :) enjoy

- I peel so good, Mr. Stark

I hope you understood that reference. (And this one)

- Great

So so satisfying for anxiety

- Bof

Je trouve le jeu plate

- I dont know

I’m installing the game looks pretty good! ❤️

- Bruh

People are complaining about the ads just turn off wifi and data I’m complaining about the fact that is doesn’t let you finish peeling before the level is done:(

- I pell good

Je n’aime pas les annonces ?

- Booooo


- ???


- Peeling fruit


- Trop cool

Trop cool

- Meh

Good but it repeats itself so like why get it?


I LOVE this game. It’s awesome! And as a bonus, I don't even get ads. YESSSSSSS! Whoever gave this game a 1-star rate is an idiot. I’ll tell you that.


so great but some levels are too easy

- Too many ads

I understand the ads are there to support the free game- but it only takes about 10 seconds to peel and there’s a commercial after every turn..that’s 6-8 ads a minute

- Hi

Not that fun

- Annoying

It won't let me in when I open the app it signs me right back out

- needs more peelers

just needs a few more peelers, other than that it’s amazing

- Amazing

It is so relaxing!!!


This game has way to many ADDS!! I hate it there’s a stupid add after 2 or1 GAMES!!! I can’t even play it you had one job who ever made the game is a dummy it’s the worst game I EVER PLAYED!!!! If someone gave this game 5 ⭐️ is an idiot ??

- I hate this

The game is Stupid because all I know is it’s a game by man BECAUSE it’s based on life

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- This is so soothing

When you play this game but if you’re stressed it’ll calm your stress down immediately it is so cool when you’re doing it and you’re actually peeling it is grossBut on this in the soothing and I don’t have to touch my hands in it the only thing is there is so ADDS I already have all the games but I love the app every one should get this app I have not been as stressed when l started to play this app

- Amazing app

This app is really satisfying i love to take a break from hw and play this it gets a bit boring if you get to a really high level but it still does satisfy you! If you dont want to see adds then just turn off your wifi and they wont pop up! Another strategy for this game is to peel in small layers it will be more accurate and will get you more inches! Over this game is really fun!!!

- I’ve been trapped for ages...

Once you start playing you physically can NOT stop. You get sucked into the eternal vortex and never see the light of day again. Every second you’re not playing you’re thinking about playing. This app courses through your veins, it haunts you like a ghost in the night. You are never alone. I Peel Good is always watching. There is no escape.. you have been warned

- I mean it’s fun... till you notice it’s every time

Every single time you complete a level, you’ll get an ad. No not exaggerating, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It makes the game less and less appealing cause you just want to sit there and peel like 2-3 levels but you can’t with out seeing 3 ads. It makes the game jus pointless to have and they don’t even read these reviews because most of them are bots that review as 5 stars. But anyways. Don’t download the Game unless you have plenty of patience and curiosity in the game’s it chooses to display when it gives you an ad for one

- Fun, ads, and glitches

This game is really fun. It’s oddly satisfying but it has many ads, but with the fact that I only found this game was because an ad kinda says something as well. Almost every single game is 3/4 ads. I believe that every game or app should change the amount of ads. Maybe the producer of this fun game could also fix the glitches. Players of the game would have a much better time peeling the objects without glitches. Thank you for creating this game. It is very fun and addicting.

- Adds

I love the game I Peel Good, but the ads keep popping up like crazy and it’s so frustrating. After every time a peel a fruit an ad come up. I’m not saying I hate the game but this is something that needs to be fixed. Another thing that the game could improve on is, letting us peel the whole fruit, yeah it peels most of it but sometimes there are spots that weren’t even touched. I really like I Peel Good and it’s a great game. I hope this game can improve in the near future.

- Great but...

I’m obsessed with this game?! It’s so satisfying and fun to play?! I love the facts that they give you after peeling the food, but... there’s so much ads??! I know that they put not to have ads but that’s a waist of money?! Every level I finish I get so excited to start the next level, yet there’s a ad in between each level?! I love this game and you should get it! But if you don’t like a lot of ads then I would say this is definitely not the game for you?✨!

- Adds!!

I really enjoy playing this game, but there are too many adds. From my experience majority of the time after I finish peeling a object there is a add. I watch adds more than I play the game. I get that the game has to make money from adds, but over playing adds to the point where players no longer want to play it is not ok. This game would be a lot better if the adds were cut down by a least half. And because of all the adds, I have to give this game three stars.

- Bug fixes

Thank you for fixing the bug I love being able to finish the fruit. If you don’t like the advertisement’s don’t get the game or do something to stop them. I would however like to be able to customize stuff on the game. Maybe win new knifes and peelers that look different or even just change the background. Thanks for reading my review.

- It’s okay

This app has amazing sounds and graphics. Many different things to peel, and many different things to peel with. But there is one problem: the ads. The developers of this app have way to many ads in this game. After almost every peel you get an ad. They do make an ad free option, but I don’t know about paying money for this app. Honestly, the ads get so bad, I don’t think I would recommend this app to anyone.

- I love it but

This app is so satisfying and addicting but I need more. I even love it so much I paid for the no ads version. But pleaseeeeee make new levels!!! There are so many more things that I need to peel! Where’s the strawberries or the blackberries?? The plumcots? The Broccoli? I hate peeling the fish, but at this point I’d even take more fish just for the sake of changing it up. I’m obviously not the only one who feels this way so take this advice from the people who play!

- Addicting game!!!

I love this game but there is just wayyy too many ads! Each peel is just a couple of seconds (there is an ad after every peel), so I’m literally watching an ad every couple of seconds, I would play way longer and spend more time on the app if it didn’t have so many ads because I end up getting tired of the ads and end up closing the app. I DEFINITELY love the game just see if they can have less adds :)

- Love it!

I like this game very much! It has many different types of fruits, nuts, even chocolate and some types of meat to peel, which is very satisfying. I especially appreciate the “peeling ocd” thing at the bottom so people can go finish their levels. Only one thing-I feel like it would be even better if it had more levels! There’s already a lot, but just a suggestion.

- Great and satisfying game overall!

This game is great if you just want something to help you relax from a lot of stress. I just reached level 93 today and am still loving it. There is a lot of ads, but every other game you play has them too. I love that when you complete peeling a fruit, it gives you a bunch of facts on that fruit! Love this game and would definitely recommend!


well after you finish one level, you got straight to an ad. Every time your done! I just wish you can have like play 15 levels and go to an ad that’s how normal games are. I mean the rest of the whole game is amazing. It’s just the add problem so please fix that or else I’m sewing. I love the game just the ad problem. Hope you understand. -JoJo Siwa

- Satisfying App

This is a solid app. You can peel the fruit with different tools you equip along the way. After you are down peeling your fruit they give you a little fun fact. I would have given this app a five if it didn’t have so many adds. I haven’t gotten very far yet but if you are very set on peeling every bit of the fruit this might stress you out a bit because it stops a little before you are done.

- Cool but one thing

This app is fun but I’m not going to write much because there’s only one thing I need to say. The game is fun and I like how you can peel chocolate, cake, candy, and even fish...Bit the only thing that I need to say is PLEASE STOP REPEATING YOUR LEVELS! I really like this game but I keeps repeating levels that I’ve done before! Like I will peel an apple and then the next day it give me apples again! Please make more levels I don’t want to give this game 0 stars ???

- Actually, pretty cool!

Okay, so I was talking crap about this game for weeks of seeing the ads. I really thought it was the dumbest thing ever. However, my curiosity got the best of me after seeing ad after ad. And honestly, it’s a really relaxing game! The fun fact about each item you peel really keeps coming back to this game. Five stars,10/10, would recommend.

- So satisfying, but...

I was doing this, and listening to Hamilton, it’s really satisfying and I hv a few suggestions, maybe u can make a dragon fruit come in? It’s so cool, I love this app, if u are a person who loves to peal things but hate getting messy and cleaning up, this is the perfect app for u! I recommend it for younger kids, adults, any one can use it, it is a educational app! I love this app! Have fun playing everyone!

- I love I peel good

I like playing I Peel Good because it's relaxing. And it is super satisfying I love I peel good because it is a fun game. I love playing and my brothers do too whenever I'm mad it makes me feel better. Every day I usually grab a snack and play I peel good. It's an amazing app. You should get this and stop reading my summary about it already download this app and start playing!!!?

- I peel good (Review)

I think the game is fantastic to pass the time but it would be better if you had more time or your own time to finish peeing the fruit (or item) than just rushing it threw it’s more satisfying *in my opinion* to at least finish the fruit and perhaps more options and more fruits of course but I know it may confusing to get the game but I think it’s a nice way to pass by a day anyway that’s all for now good game!!?

- Really good, ways to get rid of ads...

It's a really good game... Satisfying and it really holds its name true. To stop the ads (which everyone is talking about) simply turn your wifi off... It's doesn't use data, so it can also be played whenever. I enjoy it... And if you are looking here before buying... I definitely recommend it.

- Great app! Only one thing...

I love this app so much! It’s really fun and actually helps with stress a lot. It keeps me occupied and in all is probably one of the best apps I’ve ever had. The only thing I’m a little bothered by is that there is an add between every level (not an exaggeration). If there is anything that can be done about It it would be much appreciated but other than that it really is a cool game! Thank you.

- Thank you for this awesome game

I love this game because on the first thing is so easy and I love it because it’s amazing and I love everything that they put on the App Store the App Store has 1000 of cool Games like Learning games easy for preschoolers and are all the grades that they have they have ABC Ya which is for first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh and eighth graders .

- It’s good

When I downloaded this game I really enjoyed it one improvement to make is to make it so that there’s a lot of different things to peel the fruit. One thing I really don’t like about this game is that there’s to many pop up ads and it’s really annoying, but overall this game is a good game but if you don’t like ads you probably shouldn’t download this game.

- Really great but.....

Love this game! Although there are a lot of adds, I know there’s a button that says continue peeling to like, finish it off, but I would rather just be able to do The whole thing. Also the things you peel look kinda weird, I think it would look better less realistic and more cartoony? Maybe it’s just me but I think that would be best.

- Ads are way to much

Although this game is very enjoyable and fun to play, the amount of ads are ridiculous and pop up after each round which is very annoying especially when you are enjoying the game and want to go straight to the next level. Please make less ads pop up and the game will be perfect.

- Peeler

Just get this game is like just so fun I just love it my two-year-old sister and my one-year-old sister just love this game to even though their babies do you just do you know the swipes knife in the pillar around with this game is general it’s so fun if you like everything is I just love it it’s the best it’s just the best it’s awesome it’s funny I just ?????

- Basically crack cocaine

This game is highly addictive to the point where I’m beginning to ask myself if there’s some kind of conspiracy as to why it’s so addictive... I don’t know. It’s just beyond satisfying to peel one’s way to a naked watermelon... it’s unexplainable. I just wish there weren’t so many ads and I also wish there were more objects to peel! I got tired of seeing the same ones.

- Helps my anxiety

I don’t usually download games that I find as ads on other platforms/games, but I really wanted to try this game as it really looks unique and I do not regret it! I like the graphics and how realistic the peeling of the food is, especially the tangerine! I’ve only had this game for the past 15 minutes and I can say that I’m addicted to it already. It is a good app for my anxiety. I have an idea for this game: we could peel different shapes of soap! Just like the trend that has been going on, on social platforms. It would be a great addition to this game❤️ Thank you so much for creating this innovative game!☺️

- I like it a lot!!

I love peel it is very calming and satisfying. I just think that they should add a bit more. One of the things that I think that they should add is maybe make some money. Define that, I love the game a lot! My favorite thing that I like is the fun fact that it tells you once you are done with a food. ? the last thing is that you repeat a lot of the foods such as butter and ice cream.

- Its a satisfying app

So I got this app yesterday and I got to know some facts that I didn’t really know. I peeled some pineapples and other stuff like that. It’s satisfying! It calms me down thinking that peeling stuff will be easier for me. There are just a couple of some bugs that I don’t really mind. But thank you ? for making the app.

- Great but SO MUCH ADS

The game is great and really fun. I am completely addicted to it! It is wicked satisfying and also tells you some pretty cool facts. But OH MY GOD there are SO MANY ADS! Like actually you’d think the app company’s life depended on ruining a game with ads! There is an ad every time you peel a fruit and sometimes it even stalls your fruit peeling to show you an ad! So overall it’s a good game but they’re is WAY TO MUCH ADS!

- Too many ads

After you Peel about three Items you will start getting ads after every single item appeal this happens to me every time I play the game but other than this problem everything else is going good I also don’t like how if you don’t want dad to have to pay for them you shouldn’t have to pay just to make and go away they should lower their rating of ads.

- Satisfied but unhappy

Now I love this game but, TO MANY ADS! I just want to play the game! Now it’s ok if you just add like one add after like 3 or 4 ads but it’s so ANNOYING when you add an ad after each level. This game is VERY satisfying but why can’t we finish all of it, or just tap the done button when we are done because when I play it it won’t let me get all of the skin. Well I hope u can fix all of the thing I said. -Alex (girl)

- Perfectionism ≠ OCD

It’s a great game, my only complaint is that after you finish peeling something one of the comments at the bottom says ‘Peeling OCD.’ It would be greatly appreciated if you could change that comment to something else because OCD is a mental illness not a term for people to throw around for no reason and by doing so you’re belittling people who actually have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

- Pretty fun

Good graphics, can get a little boring but you play it anyway ‘cause you like the facts about the foods. Learned about a lot of fruits and vegetables I had never heard of so it’s educational. Also relaxing. A lot of ads but quick tip for games like this that can be played off WiFi but have a lot of ads, turn off WiFi while you play so no ads.

- I peel bad!

I had forgot about this game, then I saw it in my games folder, and clicked on it. This app used to be so much better when I was able to select the level I wanted to play, and, the app does not let me finish peeling the fruit anymore. This makes the game very stressful! Also, is anyone gonna talk about how many ads there are now?!? Ight imma just uninstall this game... I peel bad! Before the update this game was fine, but now, it stinks like a durian! Still kinda ok game though.

- Satisfying but not interesting??✔️

This is really satisfying but it’s not that interesting I mean like the name is peel good it’s all about peeling fruit but if you can add where we could choose are own fruit like that and can you make it where you earn coins and you could buy like forks,knifes,apple cutter, all that stuff to cut it can you please just make it interesting.


You just had to update it! The game was PERFECT until the bozos working at the hq just had to reset everything! ??? And you had to make the stars actually work! It was fine until you reset all of the lvls bk to lvl one! And made me lose everything! And letting u get three stars every time made me peel good and boosted my esteem and made me happy. Now I’m mad! And it’s all because of this app! I gave it two stars bc I have a heart. Now I’m not just mad I am disappointed ?

- Too Many Adds!

When I first got the app I thought it was great. There were not too many ads and I was unlocking and having access to different tools to peel with. However, after having the app for a month or two the amount of ads are tripled. Plus now I have to watch more ads to have access to tools I have previously collected! This was originally a fun, relaxing game for me but now the ads make this game frustrating.

- Satisfying but makes light of mental illness

I downloaded this app and played a few levels. It’s enjoyable; relaxing, satisfying, and repetitive. I wanted to keep playing. But after every single level there was a banner at the bottom of the page that said “peeling OCD?”. I had to delete the app because of this. As someone with OCD it’s upsetting to see that something that’s so largely affecting my life being made light of. Things like this may not seem like a big deal but they reinforce the idea that it’s okay to mock or make a joke of debilitating illnesses.


Ok so I see a bunch of reviews complaining about the ads. If that is you here is a hack for you. After you complete a level press the button with a bunch of little dots and then click the next level, do this after every level then you ad free! You’re welcome

- Peeling time

I like peeling off the peels because when I get older and have a ? I can teach them because this game teaches you how to peel stuff if you didn’t know how to loved playing this game ❤️❤️❣️ So now you can teach your kid’s so when they grow up they can teach their kids to peel ??? love Jaiden

- Satisfying

Game is oddly satisfying! The ads did get on my nerves and I eventually paid the $2.99 to get rid of it, but now I regret it because I non stop play. At least with the ads I would get annoyed and eventually stop playing. Also I only gave four stars because even though I paid for no ads, they still somehow have ads.

- Good game but....

This is a super good game but there are some stuff that I have a little problem with. Honestly I think there is to much ads. After every fruit we peel there is an ad. 2: It doesn’t let us peel all the fruit. I’m not here to make you feel bad. Just here to say that there are some problems. But everything else is amazing and fun! I just hope these problems get fixed! Thanks!?

- Love it but add more things

I love this game but I really think you should be able to get different designs of knifes and pealers it would be way more fun collecting them or earning money on how good you peal or watching ads and getting them right or getting Dailey rewards that would make it more exiting you know again not complaining but add more features and I would love to play it more often

- Great! One thing.

I love this game! It’s super satisfying and I love that you can finish peeling if you didn’t at the end of a level. One thing though, the adds!!!! There are so many! I know this is a free to play app but really? After every level? That’s a little much. Even after two levels would be nice! But, overall, am very satisfied with this app.

- Great game, but to many adds

Don’t get me wrong this app is a great game, it’s very satisfying to peel the items with great facts about them, but theirs one issue... TOO MANY ADDS. It’s like after I peel the fruits I get an add every time and it gets annoying and it just makes the game not really that fun when you have so many adds, and it disappoints me that it’s a great game but too many adds. I hope you guys get this and can shorten the adds in the the future. Thank you for reading this...?

- Cool game

I like this game because it’s satisfactory and educational. You take various tools and peel fruits which is fun and then you learn a fact about the fruit or vegetable you just peeled. Then you might think you’ll run out of levels but there’s so many fruits you’ve probably never heard of.

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@hxsan3000 @OverwatchEU Its still good, Nothing makes me more happier than a mercy main in comp getting no peel, its what I live for! Someone deal with that Doomfist already for crying out loud.. hours of fun to be had

Robert Buchanan

Baby, I know any storm we're still standing When the bones are good When the paint could peel, the rest don't matter Yeah,


i found a list of “good ones” but they have like....orange peel and bergamot or whatever........

i Peel Good 1.8.2 Screenshots & Images

i Peel Good iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

i Peel Good iphone images
i Peel Good iphone images
i Peel Good iphone images

i Peel Good (Version 1.8.2) Install & Download

The applications i Peel Good was published in the category Games on 2019-07-20 and was developed by Lion Studios [Developer ID: 1362220666]. This application file size is 291.69 MB. i Peel Good - Games app posted on 2020-05-07 current version is 1.8.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.portbliss.ipeelgood

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