Happy Glass

Happy Glass [Games] App Description & Overview

The glass is sad because it's empty. Your job is to draw a line to make the glass filled up with liquid and smile again!

Try to find the best way to complete each level. You can come up with your own solution so be creative and don't be afraid to think out of the box!
Some levels might look easy but let's see if you can actually get the 3 stars.


* Dynamic mechanism. Draw lines freely to complete levels!
* Simple, smart and fun puzzles but can be challenging too
* Lots of levels with more coming soon!
* Fun and relaxing theme that will make you stay for quite some time


By subscribing to Happy Glass, you get:
- Non rewarded ads removed
- 150 daily free coins
- 30% bonus from free prizes
- 2 free daily hints

You can choose between 3 options :
- 1 week ( free 3 days trial ), $7.99
- 1 month, $19.99
- 1 year, $99.99

These purchases are auto-renewable subscriptions. The subscription price will be charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase and in the 24 hours prior to the end of each subscription period as set out above (e.g - week, month or year). Cancel your subscription at any time in your iTunes Account Settings. If you do not cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the expiry of any trial period, the subscription will automatically convert into a paid auto-renewing subscription. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.


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- Really good game except...

Happy Glass is an amazing game with different levels, with unique solutions, but that is problem number one. It’s not a real problem, nor a bad one, but I just think it’s kinda weird how you get the solutions from the hints. Like, it may be just me, but I would NEVER think of those solutions. Other people might, but I wouldn’t. Secondly, there should be more challenges faster. I have played this game and completed the two challenges Precise and Don’t Spill, and Flippy Glass you don’t complete, but anyway, I’ve played this game for a month now, and there hasn’t been a single new challenge. So I just want that done. My third problem is that there should be more modes. There is just the challenges and the normal levels. It would be nice if there was a mode where you do upside down, or something. Finally, I wish there wouldn’t be so much ads. That’s a problem with a lot of games, like all the Voodoo games. I am glad there isn’t ads while you’re in a level, though. Anyway, other than that, it’s an awesome game.👍👍👍 Thanks for reading this though, I know it’s very long.😂😂😂

- Happy glass

I think this game is awesome for 10 years or 20 years old 30 years old 40 years old 50 years old six years old 70 years old 90 years old or 100 years old This is probably one of the best games I’ve ever played in my life it’s that good because you can push yourself and challenges and push your level and see how far you can go I’m on level about 21 and I literally just started it’s that easy and fun I never thought I would say this but I love this game I first I thought this game is boring but then when I actually played it wow didn’t get my attention so if you like your challenges and push to see how far you can go on levels but I think this is a great game for you try it get it now and see how fun it is if you do like it and see how far you can go and push challenges hope you have fun if you do you like the game do you think it’s boring then not being mean but you kind a got a problemIf you don’t like this game so if you like pushing your challenges and having lots of fun I’m trying to see how much level you can get it’s a perfect game for you because do you like your level and challenges there’s this bottle and if you complete it you get to fill it up and when you get to 100 you get a special surprise you A reward so I think it is the best game surprisingly I didn’t think it was until I said wow I guess I’ll give it a chance that’s when I gave it a chance and I said wow this game is awesome it’s that special

- The ad choice ads are in the way.

This is a super fun game, but the “ad choice” ads are in the way of the game. I gotta draw and I don’t know if I can draw under something in the game ‘cause the ad choice ads are covering up the bottom of the picture/stuff in the game. Which makes it harder to play ‘cause I spend a lot of time trying to draw in other places that I can see the bottom of and then when I beat the level, the ad choice disappears and I can see the whole picture and I then find out that there was a super easy way to beat it, but I couldn’t see it ‘cause the ad choice ad was in the way of me seeing it. Get rid of those “ad choice” ads covering up the picture/game. If those weren’t in the way, then I’d give this game a 4 (only a 4 ‘cause they show a little too many ads and they’re mostly for poor quality games and for stuff/items that the seller photoshopped something onto a photo of an item that several different Chinese sellers have used which means the product and the photo isn’t their’s and they’re making a low or bad quality replica). Get a variety and better ads. Stop showing me the same low quality games and the lady in the hooded sweater (that’s not the originator of the sweater or any of the colors ‘cause I’ve seen that pic for at least 5 years now and the seller added in writing onto the photo and not very well).

- Addicting game!

This is an addicting game, and I love how they keep releasing new levels. This is especially good if you have an Apple Pencil, so that you can be more exact. I’ve passed all levels at three stars and cannot wait for more to come out! (Just finished the 40 additional levels released a few days ago). A few notes. Yes, there are a lot of ads, but it’s only a few bucks to get rid of them. I chose to just deal with them. The reviews saying that you are forced to watch an ad to get three stars are incorrect — I’ve finished EVERY level at three stars without it. Yeah, a few of them were frustrating and felt like I’d never do it, but it IS possible. Also, a few people don’t seem to get the stars... it’s not based on how much water you save. You only need to save enough water to make the glass happy, and it doesn’t matter how long. The stars are based on how much “ink” you’ve used — the less, the better. You’ll see the bar going down as you draw, if you cross the first line, you’re down to two stars. You’ll even see the stars next to the bar decrease to two when that happens.

- Fun games

This is the fun game some people say that they have too much add so that’s why they don’t they don’t like to play it but what I think is the perfect amount of ads on you should learn how to you know draw and try to do everything but I know especially on the cups that keep all the water in it and when you slipped when you flip it on that level you can actually try and try to do it some people say because it’s some people say because it’s too hard but I think it’s perfect but I think it’s kind of getting hard and you should download a new game from from this dinghy and you should definitely have fun and enjoy this game and you should make a Halloween special game of this happy glass how fun how fun doing that we’re really looking for for Halloween special it and if we don’t get that I’m gonna delete Happy Glass I’m joking why would I ever do you have a glass it’s the best thing on earth it’s the best game thing on earth so what I’m trying to say is some people don’t like it don’t listen to them I love it love it love it and you should like it to make a Halloween special bye

- TOO MANY ADDS!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡

Hello, even though I am like just a kid listen to me. Telling you the truth, this is an awesome game. It is challenging and fun. The best part about it is that you get to buy different glasses and stuff like that. Now the cons. If this was last year I would give it a five star. Last year when I played it there wasn’t that much adds. The amount was acceptable. But now there are a lot more adds! Because of the pandemic I am guessing. I am telling you please change this. I know you guys are just doing your job 😉. Maybe you could just lower the amount of adds a little bit. I could see that a lot of people are complaining about this. Also, when you spin the spinning wheel you could spin it over and over again as long as you watch an add. Please change that and make it like you get one free chance and you watch an add to get an extra chance then the wheel is disabled until the next day. Did I mention that you get no free chances? Thank you and please change this.

- Some fun puzzles but…

This game offers a variety of elements that can affect the water flow (falling pieces, hinged pieces, steam panels, conveyors, ice panels). This leads to a number of fun and challenging puzzles. While the game does a good job introducing these new elements, there are times when the puzzles feel repetitive. The repetition is not inherently bad, but when you have to watch an ad between repetitive puzzles, it can drag on. The 3-star rating for this game boils down to two issues. First, the push for in-game purchases. While no ads may be worth a few bucks, the game tries to sell its VIP package for $99 bucks a year (auto-renewable, of course). That’s more than your normal Triple-A purchase, so I feel that the game overpriced its in-app purchases way more than it should for its size. Second, the game undercuts itself on its difficulty. While you earn 1-3 stars per level depending on how much ink you use to solve the puzzle, the challenge and reward of earning 3-stars is reduced when you can watch an ad to bump a lackluster 2-star attempt to a 3. These two issues take what would be a fun 5-star little puzzler and take it down to a 3-star cash grab.

- Awesome Game!

This game is great! Some people will say, "Too many ads!😡" but I think there are many great opportunities in this game. Want to spin the wheel? Just watch an ad! Want a try at the prize machine? Just watch an ad! To those people who say there are too many ads, they're wrong, because the ads get you stuff! You don't even have to watch the ads! You could have an ad free game! But, by watching no ads, you don't get prizes or free things that you could be missing out on! Almost every time I see a sign that says, "Watch a video to get a free spin!" I watch the video! Who doesn't want free stuff? And another thing, some games when you try to watch an ad it says, "Sorry, no ad available at this time. Please try again in a few seconds." but, it NEVER works! This game is different. It works every time! I love all the different faces and waters you can buy in this game, too! Happy Glass is an awesome game, and I hope this review helped you decide if you should get this game! Have a wonderful rest of your day!💩😜😊

- Fun and Addictive (take time to read some comments plz)

Who knew that this game could be so addicting? I found it on an ad and decided why not give it a shot? This game is super fun and addictive. The first few levels are easy and then it gets super hard. People say that the ads are in the way but they can be a good thing. First of all they can get you prizes and second of all... actually that was pretty much it. I like the fact that you can do more than just the levels. It gives you challenges and they can be fun and they can trick your brain a bit. I also like that you can change the glass and the water. I think you’d have a better advantage if you have the Apple Pencil, it makes it so much easier to draw the line. I told my sister about it and she’s already on level 20! (After a week!) And last but not least I’d like to let you know that you are not downloading junk that you will delete in two seconds. Take it from me and all the other people. Have a nice day!

- Mostly pros little cons

Ooo! What I said when I saw the game. I will give the pros and cons in this review! First I would love to say the thing in this game is expensive! I cant even buy the pen I want...also the cup which is sad. But on the plus side the levels are so much fun and brain puzzling! I just have one suggestion do you think you can put the levels in a group? Like easy then medium then hard! Easy for beginners, medium for average, hard for pros! The game has brain puzzling challenges I’m on level 63 and is still working!the drawing and the lines, a suggestion I’d like to say is maybe you can draw then press submit so it can be a bit easier I have to test it out then maybe it will work but usually no so I think this suggestion would be helpful. Cause I am stuck :/. I love this game so much few cons but many pros but remember the game is great! I would just like to say something about the ads, a lot of people don’t like ads and I’m that type so please less ads!

- Needs more info!!!

I don’t write reviews, but I’m doing so now because I really really enjoy this game, and maybe the developers will see this and try to do a fix! There is no information on how to play this game. It’s basically a learn as you go game- as most are- BUT, there are NO instructions or a FAQ section!! And I have a lot of questions on how to play or how to utilize some of the items in this game! I realize it’s pretty self explanatory- keep water in bucket- but there are just some things that I cannot figure out. Otherwise, it’s an awesome, fun and ‘think out of the box’ kind of game! It gets the brain thinking, I mean REALLY thinking, on how to get water into bucket and keep it there! Love it!! But to the developer...please stick in a FAQ section and maybe insert some basic instructions about the different areas of this game, i.e.- scoring, why is it necessary to have the 3, 2, 1 countdown, info on getting 3 stars on a level ( you succeed in getting the water in, the bucket’s happy but you only get 1 star?!) Great game, but more info is needed!!!!

- Loved it until...

So I LOVED this game... then after I finished one level it said i didn’t have enough stars to move onto new levels. I tried to go back to those levels where I didn’t earn all three stars (the star-earning system being a complete mystery—sometimes I’d save all the water but only got one star, sometimes I flubbed it somewhat but got all three), but I redid them and still couldn’t earn all stars. I looked around to figure out how to move on, to no avail. On the initial time doing each level, you can watch an ad to bump your star earning up to three, but that option was not apparent when i went back. Off to an awesome start but then disappointing—which says a lot given that I was motivated to move on. Too bad. Hoping they change that to make the system easier to understand and to find ways for motivated players to more easily move on.

- Too many ads, too many bugs, too many crashes

While the game itself is fun, it is extremely repetitive and there are many issues with it. Yes, it is a free game, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that you must watch a new ad after every 1-2 levels you play. About 50% of the time I spend on the app is watching 30 second ads. Furthermore, the game has a lot of bugs. Sometimes when I try to press the restart button in the upper left hand corner, the game starts to draw a shape in the lower left corner. It’s not a calibration issue with the phone, since this is the only app in which this issue occurs. Finally, the game crashes heavily. I watched a 30 second ad to get a hint on a difficult level, only for the game to crash and not give me the hint. After a good 5-10 minutes of playing, the app will crash unexpectedly or lag heavily. This phone is relatively new, and no other app or program lags or crashes, so I can only assume the app is at fault. Two stars for the game idea and gameplay, but three stars off for the issues listed.

- I really like it

I really like this game. You can spend hours of your free time just playing till you sleep like really. This game strengthens your mind to think out side the box and there’s cool activities for you to play instead of only getting the water into the cup you can try to balance the cup and remove the bricks without any water falling out! I also like this game is because there is a lot of levels for me to play instead of just having 10 or 100 levels, I’m on level 96 or 97 I think.. Last but not least I like this game is because you can also change the cup that you fill water in inside the game. My cup is a kitty cat MEOW!! Make sure to play this game or just download it already, time is waiting. Thank you very much for reading my reply and it has been a pleasure for the creators to make this game for little children. Sincerely Thanos

- Amazing, But challenging!

Dear developers, This is such an amazing game, It's also challenging. I really like how you made it fun but challenging sometimes. It's also very addicting to me right now, I'm only halfway through the game so I decided ”Well, I'll give this a review and five stars.” So I really appreciate how you worked on this, But for now, Never give up! Cause that's the way to go, I think. But anyways, Amazing job on the game I love it so much I’ve basically become addicted to it! I saw it on an ad a bunch of times so I decided to give it a try. I suggest trying to put a feature where you can ask for help if you're stuck on a level or you can just put a button where you can report glitches, bugs, Write if you like a game, and more! But remember developers, Its just a suggestion! But anyways, I better get back to playing the game. - Written by a fan of the game. :)

- Ok but........

I purchased this app t is pretty good but..... there are TOO MANY ADS! And another thing is that you barely get any coins and if you do you get the less amount that it tells you that you are getting like if you pass a level it says you just earned 100 coins and you either get none of the coins or get less than it tells you that you are getting so if you care about coins and getting things like the super cool pens, the different animal glasses, and the color of ink you want that comes out of your pen you use to write with and those things cost 1000 coins a piece and it doesn’t even let you have that much so that is a waste and because it doesn’t even let you have 1000 coins I purchased the bundle and it doesn’t even give you the coins it says it will and then I purchased the bundle that lets you get free coins every day it doesn’t work!!! It’s just a waste of money!!! And plus this is not for like 12 + it should be all ages because my brother is 3 and he passed almost all the levels! Too easy! I don’t recommend this app!

- A Fun Game with an Appalling Amount of Ads

Banner ads constantly and ads every other level you beat. For a game like this, I wouldn’t even want to pay 4$ for no ads if I don’t have to; honestly I would want to pay upfront for the game, but of course that is rare. It is a simple game with many cash-grab tactics; not many people will even complain as it’s a family game. I must admit it is fun and a cool concept, but as a free game it is relentless with alternate money-making strategies. Also strongly encourages you to watch an ad for a bonus after completing a level* and when you don’t get 3 stars, yes, if you haven’t even earned three stars, you can watch an ad to get it (...). If you don’t mind ads this game is simple and entertaining as a puzzle game and is for all ages if you don’t mind it being simple. *After completing a level, it shows a big button to watch an ad for a bonus and it shows up before even being able to continue to the next level.

- Happy glass is a fun game that needs a few adjustments

I love playing Happy glass! It gets harder on each level. In my opinion, it actually gets semi hard when you get up to the 83 level. I think it is too easy on the sooner levels and should get harder at the 8th level. I also think that they should lower the amount of coins to continue a level. 30 to 50 coins is more reasonable than 100. This is a good game to make someone think. It is a good calm game. It would be a good game to play in a waiting room of some sort. The game is awesome game for me to play in bed in the morning when I wake up or when I am about to go to bed. It would also be a fun game to play on a road trip for a little while. I want to give credit to the person who thought of this game and who helped make it. Please consider my my thoughts into the the game. Thank you! Ps I play this on an Ipad

- A good game

Overall the gameplay is fun and engaging, but it’s doesn’t feel substantial enough to keep you engaged for more than a few mins. That may be a pro or con depending on your point of view. It’s a fun little game, but there’s an ad everything you pass a level, and chances are, that’s pretty often. It gets annoying after a while, and it certainly a reason why it’s four and not five stars. Also, there just isn’t enough to do at times. Like it isn’t like a role playing game or first person shooter where your getting something new a lot of the time. It is repetitive, so it may not be as engaging as some of those games. Lastly, you won’t feel like u care about the game, it just feels like a fun time passer. To sum it up, happy glass is a fun little game that provides an enjoyable time, but is certainly not the best out there. Thanks for reading!!

- Annoying glitches

I love the game. It’s very clever and quite addictive. However the ads are really excessive. There’s an ad after the completion of every challenge. Some are lengthy. I find some of them disturbing as well. It seems there is an increasing number of sniper-type game ads. I’m playing a drawing game. Why do I have to sit through all those violent ads? Another glitch is the awarding of stars after each challenge. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the number of stars given. Also, in order to unlock more challenges, a certain number of stars must be earned. When I go back to prior challenges to earn some of the stars I didn’t receive the first time, the star total doesn’t change, so I’m still locked out of new challenges. Frustrating! It’s a shame these things spoil an otherwise thoughtfully designed game.

- A few ads, but a fun game

This is a very fun game, and I have been addicted to it for about two days before I finished half of the game. It becomes fairly challenging near the end, but not impossible. I find that the game overall is the same point, and nothing to chang it up, but the challenges unlock at a certain level, making it frustrating. I thought this as it was getting boring, and with nothing to do but the same thing; fill up the glass, you want something to change it up. About the adds, there okay. I don’t mind a few adds, but when you get an add after every round, it’s horrible, and I always end up deleting the game. Though on this game, there is an add maybe every four to five rounds? It’s fine overall. I would recommend it is your looking to download it.

- Hate the ads

I love the app but the amount of ads that pop up is ridiculous. The app I’d give a 5 star but with how many ads pop up it’s honestly a 3. I may sound like a young person but ads do not actually work if you only show the same three ads. I have seen the ad for tictoc so much I want to review it just to say that I hate its ads. If you honestly want to have people play this and enjoy it more. Either limit the amount of ads shown in the game or at-least give some variety. I have rage quit this game not because of the game it’s self but because I’m tired and frustrated with seeing the same 30 second ad over and over again. I get you are trying to make money but it does you no good if people stop playing because you can’t give a variety of ads so we aren’t wanting to through our phone because of the fact the ad you show is the same one.

- BEST GAME EVER 😁😁😁😁+ one ☝️ problem

I LOVE ❤️ this game. Can’t stop playing it!! I will play until my phone dies OR I run out of levels to play. It’s fun/a little bit easy/hard(in a fun kind of way). I have NO CLUE WHY people say ads after every level...but guess what I have not seen one ad after I play a level. Only time is see a add is when I spin the wheel and if I want 3 stars instead of 2 stars. If there were too many ads (which there aren’t a lot of ads) and the game is fun I would give it 3 stars. People say that the game is fun ( which it is) and the are too many ads and people give it one star because of 1 (or 2 ads) after each level. I just don’t get that. It does annoy me when it says “ad not available” when I can watch an ad to get a reward. Bye!

- Favorite game app ever!

Update: Still no new levels. I completed every level several months ago and still no new ones. This was one of my all time favorite apps. What happened? Let me start by saying that this is the first app review that I have ever completed. I absolutely love Happy Glass. It is addictive and fun, yet a little challenging at times too. I completed every level with 3 stars about a month ago. The only negative for me would be waiting for new updates that include new levels. I updated the app tonight and screamed joyfully to my husband that Happy Glass had an update with new levels, only to open and see that NO new levels were added. I was very disappointed! Please continue adding new levels on a frequent basis. I need to work on pacing myself and not completing all of the new levels added on the same day as the update. This is a must have game!

- Umm WHAT!!!!

I think this game is confusing because sometimes lvls repeat and when u get close 2 the hundreds they get so hard I almost had 2 hint every lvl. I was playing 2day when I got 2 star and without meaning 2, hit next. Then I went 2 lvls and saw that it wasn’t there. I checked all the sections it all said 30/30 except for the current one I was playing. And even though I’ve been using the bunny cup the lvls before the one I hadn’t played where the default cup. I was like, what the heck?!? I hurried to App Store and wrote this review so plz fix this guys ty(thank u). Ok now I’m on lvl 286 and I got a hint but it didn’t work and after trying 15 more times I gave up and added this 2 this review and it steams me 2 see u guys lied and I would like 2 delete the app if it saved ur data. So show me the REAL way 2 pass or else. And I no what’s supposed 2 happen on that stage but it’s NOT so yeah.

- Great Game!

This game overall is great. I don’t know about the other people and how they’ve been saying there is too many ads, but I only get a few ads in this game compared to other games like Puzzle Fuzzle and games like that. I still think that they should get rid of some of the ads, but it is not mandatory for me or a huge problem. This game has such great ideas and I love how they let us spin for prizes and all of that stuff. However, I personally think that it should be a little bit more challenging and they should maybe add something more fun to it. Draw a line, fill the glass? Sort of boring. I did over 400 levels and every single one of them is basically the same thing as level one. Overall, I love this game! Hope you respond to my suggestions!

- Issues

The biggest problem that I have with the game is a glitch where the screen will just go black after you finish a level. This happens to me 99% of the time when I finish a level, and I'll have to reopen the app to continue. It's incredibly frustrating. Another issue I have is with the coins. I believe you start with 200, and it costs 100 per hint. You can watch ads to get 100 more. I have the same issue with the ads and the screen going black after you finish them, causing you to have to close and reopen the app. It doesn't give you your coins because of this. The last issue I have is just opinion, but this game gets incredibly dull and boring after a while. I've played multiple games like this before, following the same format. It isn't anything that hasn't been done before. I hope to see these glitches fixed, and more unique things added in the future.


This is a great game and I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to challenge their brains to find which path is the best to fill the glass up!!! I just got it yesterday but it’s is really addictive!!! Me and my friends challenge each other to this game and it is super fun!!! And I’m glad that when I’m REALLY stuck there are hints, even though u have to watch an ad it’s worth it!!!! So anyone reading this I definitely recommend it!! Also there are diffrent game modes which is super cool if I get bored of one of them!! I saw this game on ads and I thought “OMG i have to get dis game.” And this game is also very satisfying if u turn da volume on and when water gets in the glass it’s really satisfying I Usually wouldn’t Type so much but I have a LOT to say!! Love y’all #a1 fam

- Addicting! But try to add more ideas and add Customer Support email!

This game is fantastic! The different game modes are great, but there are very few levels for them. However, this is just the beginning. There are so many awesome ideas that can be incorporated into this game. Put a button in the main menu that allows you to contact customer support to pitch in some awesome ideas! You guys can go SO far with this game, you have no idea! This game can even become a meme with the dead glass face after getting a game over in the Flip! Also, there’s a bug in the Precise game mode—after you lose all your lives in the top of the screen, it still shows one filled pink heart as well as the revive screen. Make sure it shows no filled hearts! ;D

- Good app but one thing...

Overall I love this app but it’s just too many adds it’s like add heaven? I mean I’ve seen more adds in my life on my tiny phone. I mean overall it’s pretty fun I like but just it’s just the ADDS. It’s kinda mind blowing and yes I have seen games where there are just sooo many adds that it’s just like the game is just an add also if the creator of this game is reading this plz fix the sooo many adds problem and the add choices aren’t good either. Although the add problem this game is actually really satisfying and fun. And I wonder if I will even get on the front page of the app but I don’t really care if it doesn’t. Sometimes I come home from school and I was having a really bad day and I play this game to calm me down. And so I really like this game but imma go now peace.

- A Good Challenger

I only discovered this game yesterday through an add and thought it seemed interesting. I tried it and HOLY COW is this game Addicting! I love how the levels are each a good challenge and make you think and get harder as you go. I also really like how you have the challenges (which live up to their name), available in order to get more coins if you need. I’ve already recommended this to both my mom and my grandma. My only complaint is the frequency of the ads. It’s almost every level there is some sort of ad. If you made them less frequent say maybe every 8 levels or so, rather than every level or every other level, then they would be more tolerable. But right now they’re just annoying. If you fix that problem then I will give you five stars.

- Was fun at first, but...

This a a unique little game that’s great to play to pass the time (if you’re not stuck on an annoying level) but my biggest issue with this game is the ads. It’s not the fact that there are a lot of ads, it’s the fact that it’s the SAME ads over and OVER again, AND some of them are disturbing! I understand the need for advertising, but this is supposed to be a casual game that *anyone* should be allowed to play, and if a game like that has game demo ads for horror stories, is it really good for everyone to play? I’m also getting tired of some ads that have popped up 100+ times already! Give me some variety, at least! 😒 I had fun with it at first, but I’m considering uninstalling it because most people who just want to play a decent puzzle game shouldn’t have to deal with some of those ads.

- Great game with a few downsides

This game is so entertaining and enjoyable I love the different faces and pens! Also I enjoy the challenge for the most part. Sadly though the pens and faces are very overpriced and their are a lot of inappropriate adds. Also once you earn prizes you still have to watch an add which is disappointing when you don’t have WiFi and have to skip you prize you have been saving up for. Also for me the hint don’t work, so for the harder levels I have to ask friend and family until finally I get it. I know all these thing are bad and I wish they would change. But this app is still very good and I still have it! I WOULD recommend just telling you some of the downsides to having this app.

- More Fun Than Expected!

I’m finding Happy Glass addictive. It started very easy, but the levels become more challenging and new obstacles get thrown into the mix. The graphics are smooth and responsive, and the physics of the game are valid and “fair”— that is, when a shape you’ve drawn fails to perform as you expected, it makes perfect sense. Interesting and doesn’t feel mindless. If I could change the game, I’d like a “ready” button, so if I’m trying to draw a line through an object by mistake I could fix it in that iteration, but that’s not a real criticism. As for the ads, yes, there are a lot of them, but no more than I usually see in a free game. You can make them stop for $2.99, which the developers certainly deserve.

- Love this game by one little bitty problem

Like the title I love this game it’s a great game and it’s super fun to play especially what I have no other games to play because I’m bored of them. Now for the one problem that I have with this game. The ads😑 sometimes it annoying, sometimes they’re not really is my way but when it comes to the hints it’s in my way. The only reason why this is a problem for me is because I am terrible at this game it doesn’t matter what type of game it is I’m really bad at it. easy or notI’m really bad at it so this is a really big problem for me and I’m not saying that you had to remove it it from the game I love This game and there’s nothing wrong with except the ad thing!good bye and have a nice day/night 😃😁👍

- Too Too Tooooo many ads

At it’s basic concept it is an enjoyable game HOWEVER, every time you finish one drawing you encounter a game ad. I found myself skipping the Free points because of that. And, a free spin equals very little points AND the points have no impact or consequence on anything because you cannot use points for bypassing ads, and the points you accumulate when you spin are NOT the same points showing on the top right corner of the screen when you are playing. What the heck?? Bottom line: a cute game to pass the time to use your imagination and cognitive skills to fill the glass HOWEVER way too much emphasis on the ads which is how I believe the developer is getting their money so this most likely won’t change. I will probably delete the app and play a game more satisfying with more game and less— wait for it: ads for other games!

- Great game way to many Ads

Game is addicting! Gave 3 stars because I only get to play a few games a day cause there’s an ad between EVERY SINGLE LEVEL!! Same ads over and over... Also, when you want to change ink/ water color or face on glass make sure you don’t accidentally click the wrong one because it doesn’t ask confirmation before taking your coins, I’m now stuck with a rainbow glass I didn’t want that took my 2,000 coins which took me watching an additional 100 ads (on top of the ads between each level) to get the coins for. So be very careful when scrolling through this section cause of you click something and you have the coins, you bought it weather you want it or not. Game would be much more enjoyable if they spread ads between 2-3 levels min.

- Fun little game spoiled

I would have given this game five stars. It’s fun, it requires a kind of spatial reasoning and mechanical reasoning that I don’t see in many games, and which would be good to expose students to in K 12. The amount of Advertising seems a little extreme — you have to watch an ad between each level and you have to watch additional ads to get all three stars on some levels. Then you get to level 100. At that point you discover that you can only get level 101 if you’ve accumulated 240 stars. I realize these games are supported by the ads, but because of this, they not only annoyed the hell out of this game player — who intends to delete the game immediately after this review — they prevented this game player from seeing their incessant advertisements on all the further levels. I hope the developers will limp to their drawing boards on the foot in which they just shot themselves and reconsider.

- Very addictive and challenging

This is a great game because it requires more than chance. It also shows the immediate reaction in the form of a happy face when you get it right. The only issue I have with this game is that when you run out of points to reach the next level, it allows you to go back to previous versions to increase your points score BUT you cannot clearly see which ones have received three stars because of the color (light yellow and white) which is not ADA compliant. Anyone with vision problems will not see anything and I am having trouble figuring out which ones still need to be retried in order to get the additional points. I was unble to find a Feedback link on the app.

- Everything a mobile game should be

This is every thing a mobile game should be in my opinion. Its easy to pick up and play for a few minutes and also enjoyable enough to play for hours on end. Each level can be solved a myriad of different ways and it’s awesome because you can play the game the way you want to play it not the way they want you to. Yes the ads are annoying and make the game unplayable but I could tell within 30 levels this game was worth it so I spent the $2 and went ad free. Maybe the devs should have no ads for the first 50 levels because that would make more people pay to have no ads I think.

- Absolutely amazing fantastic game

This game is honestly not of my favorite app games to play on my iPhone. I like it and all, but I just wish that there isn’t so many ads that play each time you try to move on to the next level. Every time I click on the “Next Level” button, an ad plays before I can see the level. Other than that, the game itself is pretty amazing. The challenges are both easy, and difficult to play with, because for some odd reason, the water won’t come out when I’m tapping on the screen during the measurement challenge. But, I still love this game, and I recommend it for everyone to try out.

- One problem

Ok so this game is SOOO addicting and I would 99% recommend it. The reason it’s only 99% is that, I was playing and I got an ad. So, that was fine with me, but...it wouldn’t let me exit the ad! So I had to restart the app, but everything else is AMAZING. If you fix that tiny bug this app is AWESOME! It’s one of my favorite games. And also, one time I downloaded a lot of apps but they wouldn’t download! I tried downloading happy glass because it seemed fun, (by the way that happened like 8 months ago) so, then, all of the games I was trying to download before downloaded! Even happy glass downloaded! So, that just made it 50% better. Anyways, this app is FANTASTIC, as I said too many times. Thank you for making!

- Awesome...!

I was first introduced by a friend, who had made it my mother’s favorite game. It was first easy, but other elements where soon added. You can “upgrade” your glass, water, and pen. Even try new and different combinations. There are challenges throughout every level, and even some extra stuff (like fill give the glass just enough, or flip it). ...but... the game would prompt me to buy stuff whenever I first enter it, and to get the “free prize” I would have to watch an add. If I ever ran out of hints, I would be stuck on a level with no way of going forward except to watch an add, or look it up online! All in all it is an awesome rainy day game, full of puzzles to fill your mind (and maybe the glass ;)!

- Go happy glass

Hey I love this app I hardly ever say this but this is quite addicting but seriously settle down on the adds man there are so many adds! I know you guys are trying to make money but it’s just all over the place I can hardly see what I’m drawing! The only reason I rated this 5 stars its so addicting! About The Game The goal of the game is to get all the water into the glass. There are other things that you can do like flipping the glass and not letting it spill. Then there is don’t let it spill you have to get it to the bottom and not let it spill it had blocks that you can press and it will go away. That is basically the game thanks for reading my review!

- Diversity

The game is lacking speed and needs improvement where the clue gives you an exact passage to solve the puzzle I would recommend this for people trying to stop drinking this game is not a perfect solution to quit drinking but shows you basic skills to learn how to fill a glass with liquid by giving you gravity to your advantage mixology to the liquid being thick and not able to go through 1/4 spaces gets frustrating then the clue gives you the correct course to solve This game I rate at 3 stars because it is primitive and different by you drawing to fill the glass half full won’t do the glass must be full by taking away certain physics the game should end at some point however anticipating the next puzzle is funner than the puzzle itself

- You’ll love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️💜🧡🖤💛💚❣️💕💙💞💓💗💖💘💝💟

Hey I’d like to say that this is very very very fun and I want you all to enjoy the game so that you guys can have some fun too when you guys are bored I just downloaded it so fun. If you guys want to play make sure you guys download the game I get a star rating because it’s the best game I’ve downloaded and usually want to really bad I delete it but it’s actually not really bad it’s kind of hard but not bad I’ve already got passed level 20 I think you guys can go on better than me. Just want to ask how do you think this game will affect you in your life if you think it’s very fun just write a review he have fun playing the game


This game is awesome. Ads are annoying though. If you want to remove ads for free, launch the app on your cellular data connection, with WiFi off. Then close the app, and goto cellular data settings and turn off cellular data access for the app. Then just play the game on your data connection, with WiFi off and the game will be offline. Unable to load ads. Ads gone. But you’re cellular data is still active so you’re phone is still connected and can receive texts/calls, etc. This is similar to the airplane mode method but you still have internet access on the rest of your phone. Enjoy!

- Soooooooooooo much FUN😍😇😎

This game is so much fun ! The first time I saw this man playing this was on the subway. He was having so much fun. I asked him the name and I started downloading it . I’ve had the best fun playing and I’ve shared this game with many friends and family. They too love playing. I love the angry faces I get from the cups when I mess up...it’s too funny. There’s a challenge stage too. It get more difficult as played but it’s still fun. This is one of my favorites. Lots of adds though. I prefer to pay for the game an have the option of having adds fro the extra points; then it’s my choice if I want to watch the adds or not. Over all I LOVE THIS GAME 😍

- Cheats you out of money by not recognizing good solutions

This would be, well it is, a good game. It’s fun and interesting. But one problem is really annoying. It doesn’t recognize solutions as three star solutions that are as good or better than the ones they DO recognize. I mean that you can solve the problem so your glass is filled and you haven’t spilled a drop and they can give you 2 stars, and then, after you pay for the coins to get a hint for a 3 star solution, it shows a solution that spills water. Or it offers a solution that is only very slightly different (slightly smaller line or angle or circle or or or), or using a different fulcrum to end up with the same effect. GRRRRRR. So I gave it 3 Stars instead of 5, which otherwise it would deserve.

- Horrible! Paid add-free app has adds every few minutes

My husband uploaded the free Happy Glass app and our son really liked it. For this reason, he purchased the full paid ADD-FREE version. It worked fine for some time. I tried to use it on my device using the family access feature, but it never worked. So I paid for it again from my own Apple account. Now we both have a terrible time with this app. I don’t know how to explain to a young child why his app is constantly taking him to adds and blocks his from playing. It is beyond frustrating. We tried to restore purchases many times, and get a message saying that it was done successfully. However, restoring does nothing to remedy this problem. The developer really needs to take care of this!!!!! We paid for the add-free app, twice, and what do we get instead? Junk!

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- Good, though too easy

The game has good physics but... a lot of levels are reusing of the same principle of previous levels (and thus, have the answers using the same shape) and they’re not all that challenging. So beware! If it’s too easy you won’t be able to persuade people buy coins😂🤔. I’ve played only 60 levels or so though, albeit I spent more than one minute on just one level (Level 12, a rather sudden spike in difficulty). Mostly the answer is obvious at the first glance.🤧 And although Level 12 is a good level asking players to reflect the nature of the lines, there are countless repetition of Level 12’s idea in later levels... I would hope the developer trim the number of levels and develop more original ideas for each level instead.🎁 Also, Level 57 has a glitch. You don’t need to do anything... 🤔🤔🤔

- A good game (but a bit easy)

Happy glass has a number of levels that you can play but some of the levels repeat some of the other levels. Some of the levels are challenging and make the player think about what they can do. Happy glass shows people to use their brain and think some other games people play are unlike happy glass. Happy glass does allow you to have some hints but when you use all of them you have to watch a video and then get the hint. Although happy glass is a brain game it can use some creativity. Some of the levels show you to use ur creativity and think about what ur creativity can do to finish the level. Overall happy glass isn’t a bad game it can sometimes be easy but it does make you use ur brain. I recommend everyone to use happy glass and get their self’s thinking!.

- Great app but...

Great app except too many ads. Whenever I complete a level it goes onto a ad. Well really an ad pops up every minute. There was one ad that I couldn’t skip right away and it was a shooting game and it was 17+ and I hate seeing those ads and I think that any younger kids we’re to see 17+ apps and try the ad as some ads give you a free trial before you download them. I also would prefer that the company that made the app to make the skip all ads free because you don’t know what type of ads can pop up. I hope you can fix this. Ps I’m fine with some ads but not ads that keep on popping up every second.

- Too many stupid ads

It is not entirely there fault that the ads are repetitive and stupid. Some of the ads seems to have been dreamt up by a two year old or younger. The game, itself, is quite simple and fun to play. There is not much to fault from a game that is so simple. Last but not least, I gather that you can pay them to stop forcing you to watch ads. I have not tried it. However, you can still choose to watch ads if you want a prize. I suspect that some people want free prizes for nothing, but that was not their offer. Their offer seems to be to stop them from forcing you to watch ads to continue. I guess disconnecting from the Internet is one way to stop the ads too., but I am not sure if they game would still run.

- Awesome

I love this game! It quite easy some levels but the others give you a good challenge. I appreciate and congratulate the producers of this game, it spectacular! Get this game people who like challenge, fun and an app that doesn’t need internet. I’m over level 200 only because this game is also very addictive! I can’t stop playing it. When I get to a challenger level, I use my intelligence to work it out, so this game is also quite educational. It makes you use logical terminology. I just have one question though, we do you have hard levels throughout the levels, you have a few easy levels, then you get to a hard one, then back to easy ones? Strange. I adore this game. 🌈⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌈

- Great game 5 stars

This game is one of my top 5 favourites. Starts easy until you get the feel then levels get more challenging. I am at level 380. I like the fact that there are unlimited turns regardless of how unsuccessful you are on a level. Have got three stars on most but where I didn’t, I have let it go so that if I reach the end I have something to go back to while we wait for further levels, cunning hey? I hope there are many more levels to come. Those who are negative about the game are either very hard to please, don’t like to be challenged or not smart enough. Suggestions (2) 1. Could I suggest to make it perfect, is that there is an easier way to get to previous levels than scrolling through. Maybe a chart of levels with link to each block of 10 levels, be placed on the home screen. Currently it takes you to the level last played. That is very helpful, but could the general list of levels be also included. 2. Could the orientation ‘landscape’ as well as ‘portrait’. I like to play games in that orientation. thank you.

- The good, the bad, the ugly

Going into this game i was pleased and excited for what was waiting for me. I was met with a thrilling game dynamic that instantly challenged my thinking. However one i had completed a certain amount of levels i noticed that ads had started to clutter the screen, no big deal. That was until i was met with three different buttons asking me to watch an ad for some free item, then even if i pressed “no” i would still be forced to watch an ad. So there i was, in a burst of rage and frustration i bought the “no ads” package displayed at the home screen, and without realising it i had payed $5 to a company that didn’t care about my enjoyment or my experience of the game, it was clear that the game although appears to be centred around water from the common outsider is actually in fact centred around money. I do like this game and what it had to offer, but i do not like how it bombards people with ads and then even after they spend a whopping $5 for “no ads” they are still constantly bombarded with the option to watch an ad for a free item. This game has potential and it has a very cool dynamic, however it is clear the game is simply a money grab and there is very little passion that has been put into the development of this let down of a mobile game.

- Which is the Right way

I find myself completing the levels in my own way but then I only get one star or two stars I then look at the hint and find it’s not far off from mine. It irritates me because I only like completing a level with three stars I then have to do the way the hint is showing me. I’m Currently up to level 130 and above I did this in one night i thought it would be harder I guessed wrong. Another problem a lot of ads came popping up in all directions and I decided to not play on it for a few days it could have been worse if I let the app send me notifications so I rate this game 3 stars minus two for the problem of different ways to complete a level and all the ads

- Cannot see where I’m drawing

Love this game, BUT, the drawing point is under my thumb, so I cannot see where exactly I’m drawing. Important for getting 3 stars on harder levels. Please can you put the drawing point of the pencil say 1 cm above the point of contact with the screen instead of at the point of screen contact? That way we could see unobstructed where we are drawing instead of it being under our thumb/finger.

- Great game 10/10

I haven’t been playing this game for long but I love it!!!! Great puzzle game that I could spend hours on, and although there are in app purchases and ads this is only when you want to unlock something like the prize wheel, not every single time you play the game like other games. Would rate this 10/10 and I would recommend it to all ages. One suggestion would be to make the hints not give the entire thing away, just make them sort of guide you in the right direction, but honestly this is an amazing game that everyone should play.

- Interesting!

I love this game! I like to play the hint just to see how else the problem could have been solved. It’s amazing how some of hardest problem have the simplest solution. Good to train the brain to think about different ways to solve a problem. I also appreciate the star scoring system. When I get only 2 star I know I’m definitely missing a simpler solution and would try to think differently to come up with a solution. Appreciate your work to come up with these different brand new problems on each level!

- OMG! :3 this is...THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!-3-

Omg everyone that is trying to get the app GET IT!!!!!!!!!because it helps ur brain and you are gonna have fun in same time even adults love ❤️ it and me I recommend this app for people 7+ it is very very fun!!!! I just wanted to say to the creator that u have made the best game that I have ever seen in my life, adults love it, children’s love it, EVERYBODY LOVES IT!!!!! It is soooo fun and my mum asked me wut is this game she tried it and she loved it so much she had fun too and she is 32 years old....see even adults love playing this safe and very fun game/app

- Very well done

The game is great! Not only is it fun, but it has only a limited range of ads. So people can play the fun game. Also it has a wheel where you can get coins and lightbulbs. Eventually, you will win a really big amount of money and spend it at the little place where you can exchange money for cooler stuff. Like, the cup, the colour of the water and the pencil. The levels get really challenging too. I’ve used the hint button quite a few times.

- To many ads and more things

1.Hi! Just saying about after 1 level an ad pops and and it is very annoying! If you don’t remove these ads, people will get annoyed of them. I would be happy if an ad popped up every 2 or 4 levels. Please listen to this idea. 2. Levels are easy plus I do wish there was no of the green dotted lines so everyone can have a chance to do there own idea and the green dotted line should maybe. Be in hints or at the start of the game. Please listen to the ideas and hope you put these in future updates!

- To the person/people who made this app

I enjoy playing this game because of it not a boring game it’s very different to other games that’s what I like this game and I gave you a rate of 5 stars to show how much I like this game to the other people out there I telling you this once you play this game you will see what I mean that it’s different to other games. Hope you write back I would really like to talk soon. From Alice

- A scam and a rip-off

The worst kind of abuse of the in-app purchase and advertising mechanisms. They charge real game money for something that you can get for free on a hundred flash game websites. I purchased the ‘no ads’ option so my daughter could play without being bombarded with ads, and every single game still ends with a big link to ‘bonuses’ that you have to watch an ad to get. There’s a subscription option for Pete’s sake. The whole thing is a hot mess of scammy garbage designed to make you spend money on something that’s completely unremarkable and would be barely worth it if it were free. Don’t waste your time.

- Great Game just a few things

This game is a great game defenetly recommend but, there are a lot of ads and the levels are a bit easy though it is completely free even when you are in the app it is all free unless you want to get the add on of no ads. This game challenged me to really think and I highly recommend it sorry this was a long review though I promise it is benifishal - Happy


This game is soooooo good!. I play this game everyday and it’s sooo fun, the adds are fine they come after every two games or so, so there is no frustration with adds. I love this game soo much, there are even challenges that you can do to earn money and practice with. You can also use a hint if you need it that costs money. You must get this game! It’s soo fun and soo cool!, trust me, most people here would agree with me. 😍👏👍🥳👌😆😉😌🙃🙂🤪😜😝🤗

- It’s the best game I have ever played🤩

It has easy turns but most are hard when it is the higher levels if I was you I would get the game it cost no money so that’s a good thing all you have to do is tap one button to download so if I was you I would It is the only game on my phone, that tells you that it is the best game ever I got detected to it so did my whole family I know so crazy but it is so good All I can say is get it , your Storage won’t get full, you will have so much fun with it and it is the best game ever It seems so simple but it is so hard and EASY so just get it It is the most fun game so just get it Get the best game which is this game so GET IT NOW what are you waiting for DO IT🤩🤩

- Good game but…

It’s a really good game I would play it a lot more but WAY to many ads. The ads have made me not want to play it as much and I think everyone would agree with me every time I finish a level u guessed it there’s a ad anyways I think besides the ads it’s a really good game and I would recommend playing it lol but pls developers get rid of the ads and It would be the best game ever.

- It’s too easy

Another ad viewing platform disguised as a game. If you can avoid accidentally hitting a button to watch an ad, you have to watch one every 10 levels anyway and you’d need to be stupid to pay so much to remove them (because the bonus prizes will still require you to watch ads) At some stage Apple will need to make “opt out” of ads an option, the same way that you can opt out of IAP, surely they can’t be making that much money from their cut of the developers ad revenue...

- Great game!

Fun and stress reliever for me because it's not too hard and not too easy. Would be better if they put instructions how to get 3 stars! I worked it out myself - shortest use of line gives u 3 stars! The bar at the top shows but not everyone can work it out at first , took me awhile! Overall, it's fun and relaxing game during break time ! :)

- Why???

I used to play the game whenever I was bored. It was hard to find FUN in the game. Although it was, okay. The adds were all over the place. Since New Years Eve I haven’t been able to play the game. I press start, it glitches out and I have tried doing it around ten times and it still glitches out. I have got an Apple IPad Air but I don’t think it has anything to do with my device. Thank you. 🙃

- Great strategy

This game has really great strategy almost like puzzles that keep you entertained for hours. It is one of my favourite games because there is actually a lot of point playing it! A slight disappointment for this game is the adds we really don’t need to see so many adds. If the makers reduced the adds for free then I’m sure this game will be a lot popular in future

- Happy Glass

This game is great for all people. It’s basically filling up a glass to the top. But you have to draw lines to make the water go in. There are little challenges that you can complete. Like not spilling it, or trying to flip the glass so it lands. I highly recommend this game. I haven’t played for that game for a while but I love it. Definitely get it. Bye 👋👋👋👋👋

- Ok

This app is ok, its entertaining for about an hour or so but after that it’s kind of boring. Also, the new faces and water colours are wwaaaaayyyyyy to expensive I had to spend 2000 gold coins for a aquamarine coloured water and I had to spend 200 coins for a face. But overall this app is pretty good to play when your waiting for someone or just bored.😜🤪😎

- :o

This game is soo good because you have hints 1 per time (time means level). Just count the drop that's what I do it like you have 1000 lives your drops fall out you count them I lost 57 drops and this game is so like real life so it's like blue is wood orange is a ball or a falling thing ( SECRET ALWAYS LOOK AROUND) but don't look to much around or get hurt eyes.

- Too many ads and easy

Too many ads. Bought the ad removal. Finished the game in a few hours with 3 stars on all. Waiting for updates. Bit too easy. Wouldn’t have bought the ad free game if known it wasn’t harder. My 8 year old girl did 40 levels straight. Perhaps integrate “ice” blocks slowly melting on hot surface sliding from another tap. Include fans to blow the water? Good concept though but room for improvement.

- Good but constant ads

I love the game and it's physics, it's very cute too. The only thing is that if you don't want to pay (very expensive if you do, this isn't a $2.99 paid version, it's subscription based 🤔😭) you'll be getting ads constantly. But quick hint, put airplane mode on while playing and you'll get no ads 😉

- Tip

This game is great but there are too many ads. BUT have no fear because I’m here (haha that was cringe), but if you don’t want ads and want to play the game non stop but also don’t want to pay for no ads then a simple tip is to turn the wifi off from your phone and it’s good to go. TRY IT!!! It’s great

- Stop Complaining!

I don’t understand why you are complaining about this game, I can see the water perfectly fine, it’s not the colour of the background either and I haven’t had one ad yet and that’s someone who uses Adblock! (I have it turned off cause I don’t need it.) Other than this, great game! Keep the updates coming.

- Ad filled battery muncher

Good game, requires some thought and I like that in a game. Beware that 1/2 an hour on this will do half a day of battery, I’m not sure whether it needs to for calculations sake or whether it due to the relentless streaming of ads... either way, it makes it hard to enjoy the app itself for a reasonable amount of time, like a commute to work etc. Be sure to have your charger handy!

- Fun to do

Good fun but have only just started to feel challenged now that I have got passed level 60. Also it would be great if you could get feedback on the best method. I often fill the glass without losing a drop but only get 2 stars so it would be nice to know why, rarther than just getting the option to watch an add to make it 3 stars.

- Fun game

This is a fun little game. Challenging, but not impossibly so. I paid to remove the ads (which is a great deal as you aren’t hampered by lives) and so you can go as many times as you like. It’s also very generous with its free spin mechanisms. There are a few niggles, though. - You really need a stylus to draw, otherwise it’s hard to get things accurate. - Doesn’t seem to be a way to buy alternative glasses, pencils, without paying real money. - It can be a little frustrating to draw under certain objects, thus making it finicky to get the exact shape you need. It’s a good game. Fun and I recommend supporting them by removing the ads.

- One problem

This game is great and I absolutely love it, but whenever I get a free offer, prize or reward with an ad I am unable to click on it, watch the ad and get the prize. Please could you fix this problem as it would make me play this game even more and have for fun playing it. Thank you :)

- Too many ads!!!

Great game, but far too many advertisements. When you have to watch an ad every time you complete each turn and the ad takes longer to watch than the time it takes to play that turn, it’s way too much. My time is valuable & I understand ads are required to make the game free, however when you’re spending more time watching ads, than playing the game, there’s a problem. 1 ad every 10 turns/levels is more acceptable. Sorry, deleted.

- Good but annoying

The game is well made and pretty fun! But something is getting in the way of that fun. It’s, the adds and something else. There are SO MANY ADDS. Like allot is what I’m trying to say. And the other thing is, IT KEEPS KICKING ME OUT! When I watch an add to get a reward, KICKED. When I start a new level, KICKED. Just, seriously? If you fix these problems I may play once again. But, for now, not.

- Amazing game to fill in time!

There aren’t much ads, and it is really well worth getting. It’s just not another game, it’s the good game. This is great and I’m enjoying this more than anyone. I’m not that far in the game but I have unlocked some stuff. Maybe make it easier to get items? 5 stars!

- Possible Fixes To Problems

To get rid of ads u can turn off your wifi because u need wifi for ads so that is an easy fix. Also for not seeing water maybe u r on the wrong kind of device eg: Samsung, tablet, iPhone... . Also I haven’t even tried it yet I’ve been reading the comments while it downloads so these might not work sorry if they don’t.

- Possible Fixes To Problems

To get rid of ads u can turn off your wifi because u need wifi for ads so that is an easy fix. Also for not seeing water maybe u r on the wrong kind of device eg: Samsung, tablet, iPhone... . Also I haven’t even tried it yet I’ve been reading the comments while it downloads so these might not work sorry if they don’t.

- to many adds and too easy.

like many games, this is enjoyable but there is way to many adds! (I’m talking one after every single level!) It is also very easy! I feel like they could make it a bit harder and actually chalange us. on the brightside this game is still super fun, I just feel like they could improve on the following ^

- Greatest game but hard

It’s a great game but I think some levels are too hard so maybe you could make some levels easier. Other than that I love happy glass my parents love it too. If you could improve just one thing I would super duper love happy glass.

- Extremely Angry

Love the game and I installed for my 4 year old daughter as when I ran for first time it was fully bombarded with ads. I paid over $4.00 as my daughter can work around all the continuous ads. So I have the full version and still full of ads, although in a cruel way, when my 4 year daughter get all 3 stars after completing the challenge it only shows 2 stars and asks for you to watch an ad to get the 3rd star. Massive lie and please avoid giving this company money.

- Good fun but needs some work

This app is a good and fun puzzle game that keeps me busy however I would like it if there were more challenges and more ways to earn money other than ads and water bottle flipping, for example if you get three stars on a level you gain 5 coins. But overall a good challenging game.

- Good game but needs a few changes

I really like the game, but when you get the hint you hVe no option than to just trace over it. Sometimes I get 2 stars, get the hint and find the solution was millimeters different to what I had done. Frustrating

- Far too many ads

You will play this game for 10 minutes, and 7 of those will be annoying ads. Between every 2 or 3 levels, you have to watch at least TWO video ads without being able to click out of them. Also, when you’re actually having a turn, there’s a banner ad that actually covers up part of the game. To get rid of the ads costs $4.49. So expensive for a simple game like this. Do not recommend at all.

- Great, game

It’s a awesome game but there are to many. Ads'. Mabel money could be easier to get and have loads of levels. The levels are great and u could collect coins on a level wile u are playing. And last u should make crushers or different places u could have. Just one more time the game is great and keep up the good work.

- Good game so many ads

It’s a really fun game, but the constant ads are get beyond relative and annoying. You can get rid of the ads (that you don’t need for coins) by paying $4.99 or a yearly subscription of $149. I’m not even jokin, you can sign up for a year of no ads and a few daily rewards for $149. I dunno, maybe some people actually do it? Beyond me why you would! Haha but it is a fun game.

- Adddds...

I’ve had this same problem for years now, and it’s VERY annoying. Ads every level. I love Happy Glass! It’s the first stop for when I’m bored! And the only ways that I could get past this problem is turning off the WiFi (Until I have to get a hint)! Could you please change it to every 5 levels there is an ad? Thank you.

- Fantastic game but...

This game is such a great game but I have reached level 900 and I deleted it because there was nothing else to do. I did the challenges but it was just boring. Also this game has wayyyyyyy to many adds and I HATE games that have too many adds. I can definitely see a future in this game and this game being really popular. Sooo thanks for reading my review! I’m not completely mad at this game I’m just saying my point of view.=)

Payoneer 💰

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- So much fun

I love it. Even getting the kids involved.

- Great game, but why collect the ‘stars’?

I’m enjoying this game a lot, but I can’t seem to figure out the value of the ‘stars’ you gain. I know the less line you draw, the better off you are and the more stars you gain, but what do you use the stars for? It kinda seems like they’re pointless. I would like to see a version where the stars can be traded for some sort of ‘boost’ or something valuable to the game, like coins for hints.

- Please make more stages to the first challenge

I love this game very much but I’m giving it four stars ⭐️ because there is no more stages in the one where u have to click the blocks to get the glass to the ground before any water 💧 gets on the floor so please make more stages 😄

- Satisfying and addictive

Seriously fun. The glass’ happy face is surprisingly motivating.

- Bug

The background is blue so I can't see the water. Plz fix

- 12+ ? Only for the ads

The game would be fine for younger kids and teach math angles, but the ads are poor, adultery and decapitation ? No. I was going to buy the ad free, but the listing vs the price when selecting if only there was an app report function...

- Too many ads

The ads ruined the game after 10 min

- Too many adds

Ok I get it. This is free game paid for by ads but the frequency is ridiculous. You can spend more time watching the ads than playing.

- Stop with the horrible ads!!

Like the game and enjoy playing but some disgusting ads pop up when my son was playing that was really inappropriate.

- Too many ads

Even for a free game, there are WAY too many ads. Almost constantly.

- Fun

Funny too

- New level new ad

Too many ads... 30 seconds each....

- Too many ads so bad

I hate it it has too many ads literally every level and every time I press the retry button.

- Glitch

Too gitchy and too many ads man fix it


A tun of addsI cant say more

- Too many ads

WAY too many ads. At least 3-5 between levels. Ridiculous

- Meh

The game itself is alright and a good way to pass the time, BUT THERE ARE SO MANY ADS BRUH. ITS SO ANNOYING. this is why I don’t play the game:)

- Toooooo much ads

Too much ads! uninstalled.

- To many advertisements

The game is OK but way to many ads.

- Terrible ads

I actually like this game, but am giving it a low score for the ads they have chosen to display. Games promoting infidelity, promiscuity and other adult behaviours have no place in a game that can clearly be enjoyed by young children.

- Ads are inappropriate

My 5 year old grand daughter wants to play this game, I paid to remove ads, but the ads keep popping up between levels for games that are highly inappropriate (overtly sexual)for children.

- Ads are too frequent

Great game but the number of interruptions because of the ads is overwhelming and very frustrating



- Screw this. Way too many ads

10 seconds of play and 60 seconds of ads. No thanks, vultures.

- Good but boring when it’s done

It’s a pretty fun game but it said more levels coming soon since last year. I’ve finished all 720 levels and all the challenges.

- Meh

I like the game and all, but it’s loaded with ads and there are a lot of boring and easy levels before you can get to the challenging ones. Not getting this game again, and suggest you don’t either

- a little bit boring

it’s just a little.bit boring

- .………


- Unplayable

So. Many. Ads. It’s ridiculous. You can’t even try a level twice without an ad

- To many adds🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

I like the game there is just to many adds like after every round there is an add I would like the game better if there were less adds

- I love it

I like it because it’s fun,I really like the game I had it for 3 years now and I love it.

- Boring

Just another boring game full of ads

- LOoOVe it

This game is so cool I got my mom playing it and now she literally can’t stop and I don’t think she will anytime soon AND NEITHER WILL I😂🤣

- Great game, too many ads

I really do enjoy this game a lot. However, it would be better if there weren’t so many ads. I get the ad revenue is how developers earn their money, but the ad count on this game is ridiculous. Every time I restart a level, there’s an ad. Every time before loading into a new level, there’s an ad. What’s worse is that some of these ads cannot be skipped. How inconvenient!

- Too many ads

This game was great. Now you have to watch and ad every 2 tries!!! Ruins it. Not subscribing that’s just a stupid option.

- No ads

Don’t get this game annoying adsDon’t get this game annoying ads I mean it😾

- Way too many ads

Draw a line ads draw another line more ads. Ridiculous

- Waste of your time

There are more ads then there is game play. And the prices to buy are absolutely absurd. $25 a month? Or $10 a week? I play this game while I’m taking a dump! Millions of other games out there.

- No problem

Ads are not a problem for you and me rate all of guys ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Was once good

But now they’ve added way more ads it sucks

- I Need You To:


- It’s Fine

It’s not the best game ever but it’s not the worst game ever

- To lion studios

Your games are awesome I mean it i play them almost everyday there all just so good keep up the work!👍

- Not for me

The game is not a game for me but I think other people will love it.😉

- Too many ads but...

It’s fun!👍🏻👍🏻

- Good

It’s hard to finish a level but it fun

- Fun game

I’m enjoying the challenge. There are WAY too many ads tho! Don’t know how much of that I can put up with.

- Nice

Pretty good game. Maybe tone the adds down.

- Obnoxious Amounts of Ads

I get that the developer needs to get paid. But holy crap, ads after ads after ads. Ads going between stages. Ads restarting stages. Ads to spin. Such a trashy move for what is otherwise an interesting game.

- Fun but a lot of ads

I really enjoyed the game the game was fun but ads kept coming up every time which made the game annoying for me.

Libertex 📈

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- My review

In my past, I have had many, many apps. None were like this one. I love it. It is addictive, a great time-passer, and it really challenges your level of strategic-ness. However, the one thing that this game has that is not to my liking is the in-app purchases. You cannot get coins without purchasing it. Though it is a wonderful game, I am stuck on a level and it will not let me get anymore hints. If I am wrong and just looking in the wrong spot, then you have all the right in the world to correct me. However, if I am right, u should not give the player only $250 coins when they first download the game. It is unfair. You should give about $1,050 coins.

- I like it but.......

I love this game! It is fun and challenging! But if there was one thing to complain about it’s the adds! There is just too many adds! I’m trying to play a fun game because I love happy glass but after every single level there is like 2 adds that are both 2 minutes long! Sometimes I even get adds in the middle of the level. Or if I hit the redo button it does another add. If you are still here thank you 😊. But if I had to change one thing it would definitely be the adds! Overall though the game is great and I really love it but the adds just needed to be changed! If you read till the end thank you for listening! I hope you help put some of these ideas into consideration!! Thank you!

- Turn the ad sounds off please

Ads. Lots of ads. Did I mention another ad is coming? A loud ad. I don’t mind that there are ads in between EVERY LEVEL... but please turn the sound to the ads off. Or give us the option. It’s hard to play this game privately when I have Snoop Dog or casino sounds coming out of my phone because of the fact there is music in the ads. Please - allow the ad sounds to be turned off. Honestly- I would’ve rather written about how great the game is - but thought it would be more fitting to make you suffer through the ad writing before you actually got to the game review. (See how annoying it is?) I only wish I could add loud music or obnoxious sounds to this review to get my point across.

- 💖💖💖💖

This game makes me wanna stay forever and its a good distraction from bad grades😳 I love this game and I shared it with my friends and they love it too! There’s nothing better than a art puzzle to make you think of different ways to do things! There are a couple of suggestions though, maybe we shouldn’t have as many ads just to get to the fun, I understand that the game gets paid for putting up ads for the money, but try putting in DIFFERENT ads. It’s really annoying watching the same ads over and over and over and over and over again. In other words it’s a great game!!💖🥰😂

- Amazing app

You should really get this game. I am on level 100 and I have only played it for 3 days. The adds can get very annoying but you can exit out of them. I give it five stars because of how well this app was made. When I got the app I was worried that this would be a bad game and that I would have to delete it but it’s not. If you like to relax then this game is for you. If you are bored this game is for you. This game is for everyone who loves to play a game on there phone. Even if you don’t love to play on your phone you should still get this app anyway. This app is for everyone in the world.

- The challenge should come from the level, not the crappy line drawing function.

The game is decent overall. The only thing stopping me from giving this a 5 star rating is that it is currently impossible to accurately draw the lines. The exact placement of the lines is required for some levels, but there is no way to know exactly what’s going on under your finger. It is extremely frustrating to be stuck on a level you know how to solve just because you can’t get the line where it needs to be. Other games have solved this by creating a pop out view that shows exactly what’s happening under your finger, and that should be implemented here. Until then, I recommend the game “Love Balls”.


I just got this game a few weeks ago and it is AMAZING. There are fun challenges, and the levels are great. They start easy when you first get it, and then they get harder, then so challenging that you really have to think about it. But if you don’t like challenging stuff, then by the time you get to the hard levels, you will be prepared by then anyway, trust me. You can also choose your pen and/or glass for a small amount of coins. Also you can spin this wheel and it will either land on you getting a certain amount of coins or some hints to use in the hard levels.

- Extremely aggressive ads

The game is very basic, nothing special, but I 100% spent more time watching ads than I did actually playing it. There is one every few turns, which is crazy because the levels are so easy I beat all of them in 10 seconds or less so I felt like I was constantly watching the SAME ads over and over and over. There are little extras you can get for watching an ad like spinning a wheel for more coins, opening a chest, or getting full stars if you only got 1 or 2 but the ads to get those are SO LONG. Like a full 30 second ad just for one little arbitrary thing. It’s very clear that this game wasn’t made to share a fun concept that people could play, but more so just a very simply made “addicting” micro puzzle to rake in money. Horrible. Save your time and download something else.

- Good start

The game play is fun, fairly straightforward: fill the water glass by drawing a line to create supports for getting things where they need to be. You might direct water flow with a ramp line or flip the cup with a bump on the ground. Cons: An ad plays after every level and that's off-putting. There's a work around by going back to the menu, but annoying to have to do so. I don't mind an ad every once in a while (devs need cash too), they're too intrusive here. Only 150 levels so far and I've blown through them all already. So, maybe add lives to slow down how fast one can progress through the game, or better yet, add a bunch more levels!

- Great Game! One thing though..

So I’ve been playing his game for a while now and I love this game so much! I play it everyday and it’s a great time killer! I always look forward to the next level to see what it’s like. This game is definitely for people that like to think a lot and try different ways to do something. One thing THOUGH.. there needs to be more challenges. I can’t stress that enough because sometimes I get bored of trying over and over again so I go to challenges but eventually I get bored of the only two challenges there are. That is all and overall this game is excellent!

- Fun physics game

Fun physics game but I wish it was harder and more physics involved. A lot of the problems can be solved with a simple upside down V. The levels do not correlate well. One level can be very difficult taking 10 minutes to find a way to solve it. While the very next level could be as easy as level 1. The don’t spill challenge is bugged or just too easy. Most of the 10 levels you can beat by deleting 1 block so the cup slides off the screen. If it spills after it leaves the frame you still win. Though you can’t see it it spills or not, there are times there is no way it didn’t. The ads are way too frequent which really makes it a frustrating experience at times.

- Ok

It’s a good game trust me! But I wish it could be a little better so like I once was playing and it was over the top filled and it took me forever and it said that I didn’t make it! And I have a IPad I have played a level and completed it the on my phone it said it was not full! Please work on the problem. Plus Ads. Anything I do there’s a ad. Can there be less ads without paying? I’m not complaining I’m just saying that’s a little bit annoying. Also when I get two stars it asks me wanna watch a ad for three stars? COME ON! That’s terrible! I should be proud for what I got! Not watching a ad for three stars!

- So disappointed with these ads

I used to play this game all the time, and I downloaded it again remembering it was super fun!! But oh my good lord. The ADS. Most games have ads, I get it, but seriously?!!! There’s an ad after EVERY LEVEL and there’s an ad most of the time if you choose to restart the level you’re already on!!!! This is really upsetting. Developers are just turned money hungry. I’m going to find a similar game with less ads. Guys, you don’t even have that great a game to put ads every 10 seconds. It’s drawing some lines on some ehhh visuals. Really upset, this used to be a fun way to spend my time but now it’s just constant waiting and/or closing out the app to get rid of the ad. Not fun anymore. You guys are losing loyal consumers for this dumb stuff

- Great game!! But...

This is a great game and I’m addicted to it. I can’t stop making that glass happy. But the only problem is that the hints, I would never have thought of the way to win. I have to watch an ad every time that I start a level now since I’m in the 200s. I understand that the levels have to get progressively harder, but not to the point that people would never even think of it. I have seen other people complain about this situation and I think it should be worked on. Otherwise, it’s a really creative idea for a game and deserves to have a five star rating.

- This Game is really nice!

First of all, Considering most challenging games have a lot of adds, this one doesn’t have too many! That is not the only reason i like this game, the game is also the perfect level for most people i have let play this game all my friends like it, and its really cool when you unlock new skins and stuff! Furthermore, depending on if your really good at the game the skins and all that stuff aren’t too expensive! My only downside is whenever you DO get an add they are usually really long around 30-20 seconds. All in all though i really like this game! -Emma 10

- I love the game there’s just one thing...

So, I love this app and it’s really amazing. But there’s one thing that really makes the app SUPER annoying. The ADS!!! They are so annoying and I just think that there are waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too much. For example if I were like finished with a level but I wanted to re-do it I would press the re-do button and than there’s an ad. And then I’d press next level and the SAME EXACT AD would come up!!! It’s THE WORST! I’m very angry about this and if you could, like, maybe have less ads. I know that you, like, need sponsor for app, but do REALLY need that many ADS???!!! Well other than that the app is amazing I totally recommend it and it’s just really good. ❤️❤️❤️👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😁😁😁

- Great game

I was looking for a good way to fill the random one minute gap‘s of free time I have in my day. This game is perfect. I’m about 150 levels in and very much enjoying it so far. So far nothing terribly complex, but challenging enough to make you think a bit and feel accomplished when you beat the level. Only dissatisfy or is that it becomes mandatory to watch a 30 second advertisement in order to continue to the next level sometimes. Beyond the advertisements, I’ve got no complaints. Would love to see additional challenges! I found those just as fun as the base game.


So I clicked on VIP to check what all comes with it because I’m curious... so I go to press the back button on the app and it tried to make me purchase VIP for 7.99. I clicked cancel and went to click back again and it did it again. I I canceled I went to click out of the app and for some reason I guess I accidentally pressed screen in process and ended up purchasing a subscription. I’m happy the game had a 2 day free trial. But I feel the intentions is for it to happen with children because when a kid does it two days later a parent won’t know what a purchase was if the kid doesn’t have the phone. Anything could happen with the way that was set up and definitely set up to scam in my personal opinion and I don’t respect it. So I decided to uninstall and never play another app from this creator.

- Good game💕👌😎

I play this game all the time and it never gets old! I’m on level 186and still loving it! Once in a while I get random ads pop up. But the big problem is when I want a hint. I hit the hint button and it gives me a 30 sec video!!! But I have a tip to get rid of ads, u just turn off your WiFi. When my power went out last week and I was playing and no ads popped up. But when u what a hint it give u the ANSWER!!!! I thought when I got this app last year it would give me a hint. But nope no hints. I still recommend this game! Ty happy glass makes for making such a great game!!!!! 😘😘💕💕❤️❤️😆

- One of the best!

And intriguing and interesting game that can be played at your own pace. Requires some thinking about geometry on the possibilities. Could use slightly better directions on how to play initially. There are no directions on the challenges per se, and that would also be helpful. There is also no explanation of, nor apparent benefit from using different colors of water or different pens. If you are not into collecting things just for collecting them, there seems to be no benefit. Still a great game and I am looking forward to additional levels.

- Addicting BUT......

This game is addicting but the $2.99version still has 30second ads after every level and are required viewing in order to receive Hints or Stars. Seriously, 30 full seconds every time and for the same product!?!?!? I would hope the $7.99/week version would eliminate the ridiculously long ads but, while the game is the best game I’ve found in a long time, it’s not worth $35/month. It gives the sense the developer got a big head about his/her game and decided to get rich on EVERY subscription. I will consider buying the weekly version once they dial the price back to reasonable so until then the one time $2.99 version will suffice.

- Love it! No game like it

This game is awesome for anyone who likes brain teasers and things like that. Once you get to the later levels especially, you really have to think. That being said, I think most people will really enjoy this game as it isn’t too difficult but is tricky enough that it’s fun. I love it and play it basically whenever I’m bored or stuck waiting somewhere. I definitely recommend this game. (Also, it doesn’t have lots of ads, or try to sell you things in-game every other second, which is super rare for games nowadays.

- Good concept, needs improvement

I’ve had this game for a while and have kept playing it because it was challenging, and it was a fun concept. The levels were difficult, and not too hard that it caused me to become uninterested. But now there seems to be SO MANY ADDS. Get a hint, add. Redo twice, add. Complete a challenge, add. Yes, I know that adds are just part of most games, and yes, I know that that’s how the creator of the game is paid, but there surely doesn’t have to be that many. Also, I wish there were more challenges, like flippy glass and don’t spill. But other than that, its a fun game

- Top of the screen is messed up.

I’ve been playing this game for a while and I’m always ready for new levels, but for some reason, if I try to tap the restart button or anything on the top of the screen, the game makes me draw around the middle of the screen. From tapping in just the slightest different position, the pencil jerks around the whole screen. I’ve had to tap at the highest point possible to be able to tap the top buttons. This means it’s much harder to even restart a level, go to the menu, or request a hint. It’s a fun offline game, but please fix this issue. As a side note, I have tried other games and I know for a fact that my phone screen isn’t the problem.

- Good game except for the glitchy adds and no realistic water mechanics

Sometimes the adds don't register that you've watched them so sometimes you have to watch it twice. Also adds cover up the screen and you can't write underneath them so some levels are impossible without paying for the no adds feature. I would say no less than 10% of the time this game is unplayable and you have to restart frequently because of glitchy adds. They obviously couldn't get the flip cup to ever land and their animations show it. The water doesn't behave like water, more like a thin molasses. They worked angular momentum in so props, but they haven't balanced the forces of friction in water and the gravity on water.

- In app Purchase screen issue

If I accidentally click something to purchase while on the app and don’t go through with the purchase it continuously keeps popping up over and over the last time was 54 times!! It is extremely annoying when you have to do something on you phone but can’t because of this purchase screen doing this. It got me to the point where I no longer have this game on my phone, which is disappointing because other then that I really liked the game.. Maybe I’ll try to re download it and see what happens in some time, hopefully the makers of the game will have the issue fixed.

- Waaaaay too many ads

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many ads!!! I mean it’s a great game but I’ve never seen any app advertise this much. It unfortunately is gonna make me delete it because it is absolutely ridiculous how much there is. Pretty much a double ad after every level and when you close that another ad shows up and you can’t even close it right away or even after a few seconds, they last crazy long so prepare for lots of frustration. The producers need to understand that yes you need to make a profit but enough is enough man... you are certainly losing lots of business because of this and based on the comments there’s a whole lot out there that feel the exact same

- It’s fun buuut....

I enjoy this game and it passes the time but I VERY VERY much dislike that even if I pass the level and don’t spill one bit of the water, if I didn’t draw the line exactly the way they thought I should have.... I don’t get full stars...?! I still passed the level and every bit of the water went in my glass... shouldn’t that equal full stars?!?! Not that getting 2 stars out of 3 is any skin off my nose... it just seems a bit unfair to me.... sorry I thought of a different way and used MY own imagination to pass the level... if anything I should get more stars and be rewarded for coming up with a new and different way for passing the level!! Oh well.

- Makes you think but not too hard

This little game is not only cute with the glass faces but it also makes you think out a line strategy to get that water to fill the glass. I love how science is involved without you knowing that you’re doing science! Your drawn line either works or it doesn’t work! I like that you get to try and try until it does work. Ads are always an annoying issue but they can be flicked away or I actually tried some of the offered games too! This is a good little challenge game.

- Addicting game but with an Apple Store Review Guideline violation

AI-chan brought me here. Now addicted to the game. :P Fun, but only after the remove ads purchase. Even then, you have to be wary of unknowingly clicking ad elements even though you paid to remove ads... more like you only paid for no popup ads but still get ad elements that you can unknowingly click to bring up an ad. So remove ads purchase is not entirely no ads, because if you get 2 stars on a level, it still asks ("Collect all 3 stars?", "Collect", "Skip") where "Collect" takes you to an ad without any warning that it is an ad (Apple Store Review Guideline 3.1.7 violation). Otherwise, it's an okay game.

- Please add more levels and challenges!

I played this game free for a bit but loved it so much I couldn’t wait for ads to end to continue playing. I purchased it and was obsessed. I patiently waited for additions to the game but now it’s been so long I just keep playing the levels over and over again. When are you going to add levels and challenges????? I’d love to give it a 5. I thought perhaps it was just “over” but when the new winter graphics came I thought maybe the levels and challenges would soon follow. It’s just so frustrating to wait this long.

- Adds!😒

Okay this is a nice game but there are way to many adds. Every time I play this game I get so mad because there’s always adds one after another. I find this so annoying. I went to get this game the second I saw it but there had to be adds.😡 Now besides that this game is pretty awesome I find it super fun. I’m ADDICTED to this game so I try not to play it that much on school days!😂 There is also pretty cool updates like this knew Halloween one I got. There also pretty cool 😎 challenges like Flipy Glass. So that is the reasons why you wouldn’t want Happy Glass and the reasons you would want it. THIS GAME IS MIND BLOWING!!

- Ok!

I don’t understand why people have to have 48 somthing to go on the next level we should be able to go on any level and get on to be able to go on levels and there are too many ads each time you beat a level there is an ad and sometimes I’m like one minute long and it’s really annoying so when is that going to stop and if you can write back to me that be helpful because I just want to know how to get onto the next level because it is a good game but it’s just the levels that I don’t like because you have to have like 48 something and it’s just really annoying because I just want to play the game. But other than all those things is a really good game.

- Good game except...

This is a really good game and the challenges are ok but their are too things that really bug me. •There are way to many ads(I will only play like two or three level and then when I want to continue I get a really long ad , like a minute long that I can’t skip)😫 •Some of the hints are really dumb(some of them are just so weird I don’t know how anyone would think of that, but on one of the levels I just played , I think it was level 152,I had to use a hint because I didn’t know what to do and but it didn’t even work.I drew it out and it didn’t work😡that pisses me off when the hints don’t even help

- SO fun!!!!!

I kept seeing the ad for this and was sure it was a child's game. But honestly, when I downloaded it and started playing, I realized how addictive it was. I usually download creative apps, artistic and such, but this is using a part of my brain that I don't think I have explored for a while. I absolutely did pay to get rid of the ads which were unbelievably annoying, but it was worth it, because is extremely easy to earn hints if you need them, and never pay again for anything.

- Ads and interruptions are out of control

I initially had the free version and ads were annoying, so I purchased after 5 min. Then, after I paid for the game I am still bombarded with “free prizes” buttons that make you go to another game for at least 30 seconds. That is a really crappy experience after paying. Game is great concept, developers seem to be greedy and just push you to more crap. Would play more but don’t have the patience for constantly being bombarded with sneaky ads, especially after paying. It’s a joke. Note: if someone pays, leave them alone and let them play, you won, move on. You got your money, back off it’s annoying and way too much.

- Awsome game

This game is so amazing it is so fun and relaxing. I love the game it is so fun!!! I love it it’s so fun and awsome you should try it!!! They should make a part two of this game it is so great that I can’t stop playing it. It is amazing!!! I love it so much!!! You should get it so try it !!! Love the game you should try to get drawing and make the cup happy ❤️!!! It is so addictive that you can’t stop playing it is amazing 😉!!! So try it love the detail !!! Love everything about it !!! I’m telling you get the game try it so you can get addicted ! You have to get it !!!!!!!

- It’s amazing but please note this...

You see I’m only giving this a 5 star rating because this is no reason to give it 4 stars but I’m just going to point this out real quick when I saw the ads for this game after I downloaded it I had already beaten all the levels they said were impossible but they were actually easy otherwise this game is a good game for players who like to be challenged but when they say some levels are impossible don’t listen to them bc they are lying

- Very glitchy but overall good

This is an amazing game overall, but it is quite laggy and does not let me click on any of the buttons, such as the home button or the redo one as well. I would also like to write a complaint on a odd glitch-I was going to purchase one of the new faces for the glass and I didn’t have enough coins so I was trying to go back but when I clicked on the back button, it purchased a different face, one that I disliked and now I have no more coins! I am highly dissatisfied with this. Other than those few things, I enjoy it quite a lot. It requires lots of strategic thinking and I love it.

- Super fun

I opened the game and suddenly I’m 65 levels in and I just want to keep playing! It’s challenging and fun. I would rate it 5 stars except there were way too many ads so I chose to spend $2.99 to remove them- which felt like $1 too much. Also, I have these coins - and nothing to spend them on at all. I have no idea what they are for. They sell coins for real world cash, but why? What do thy even do? I earned them spinning the wheel, where I also earned hints that I don’t use - maybe they buy hints? I don’t know - but the point is there needs to be some clear purpose to them.

- It’s good but unfair

The game is very fun makes u think and is tricked but I love it 🥰. The unfair part is that you shouldn’t have to pay actual money for more coins there should be more stuff that is used with the game coming not actual money but besides that it’s a pretty good game and there r way to many adds and if ur out of levels I don’t think it’s right that Ud have to choose another level to get more levels what if ur bad at the level you don’t wanna have to use ur money I just. Don’t think it’s right and there’s way to many ads that r way out of the game

- Background issue

At the very start of the game the background was the same color as the liquid! I thought I'd reload it... no change! I've not anyone post about so I wrote support. Still no response, by the way. Since I was enjoying the game so much (even without seeing the "water") I purchased it in-app. A worthwhile purchase! In a single night I completed all 150 levels with 3 stars and still can't see the @$*# water! I completed the challenge, and have flipped the cup just over 100 times! CREATE MORE LEVELS! At this point, I don't even care about not seeing the water!

- Fun but only one solution?

This game is fun and addicting, but I think the player should be able to still get full points if the water up is full. I’ve filled the water glass on the first try a few times and still didn’t get full points? An explanation would be good for each time you don’t get full point because right now it just seems like I’m not getting full points for not solving it one specific way, despite having a full glass? Still good fun for problem solvers, will continue to play and try not to be so competitive about it.

- One word ADS

Yes I love this game you’re wondering why a 3 star review if you like well it is because the ads every time you complete a level boom 30 second ads honestly I think I spend more time watching ads instead of actualy playing the dang game if the ads were like every 3 plays then I’m happy or at least make the ads 15 or20 seconds I know this is how you all get money but really please just fix this one thing except from that I like the game you think that two stars are a lot to take off for ads but am sorry I’m just mad seeing tiktok ads every time bruh I know what tiktok is but that is it bye.

- Why I love be happy glass

First of all I think that some levels are easy and some are hard but, over all the game is very fun. Each level is a little bit different. I think that if you get 5 levels in a row with 3 stars that you should get to get a prize.I also suggest that you should have Mimi games to earn more hints or some other important thing. A fun idea would be that you get to create your own happy glass. Your player friend 1247 N. College avenue

- This game is amazing!

If you are looking at the reviews for this game, all I want to tell you is that this game is amazing!! 💜 The reason for that is because it's fun,challenging, and just very addicting. A little note to the developers would be that just keep up the updates, and adding more levels. This game is my favorite game ever, and I highly recommend to anyone who likes skill games. It's such a cute consept too. So go right ahead, and try it! I promise it will be so worth it! 😊 ——---•. •---—

- Great game, terrible ads

I understand that every game has to make money somehow but I can’t stand that after EVERY level (which takes about 10 seconds) there is an ad that lasts 30 seconds and then AFTER the ad is done you have to wait another 10 seconds for an x to pop up in the top of the screen to be able to close. I have closed this game many times just because of the volume of ads that it has, it makes it irritating to continue playing. The game itself is great, it is different every single level and it keeps you thinking (which I like). I’ve got to say, though, if it were not for the ads, I would play this game nonstop.

- Fun game

I’ve been playing this game for weeks. No money to play. It makes you think. The ADS or not in the way by the way. This game is for free. No money required. People talking about ADS is dumb. I’m gonna make that glass happy. Despite people saying that the ad choices are in the way your wrong. I’ve had zero problems with game. No glitches at all. Very steady. If your mad about ads drop a measly 2 bucks and get rid of them. I however like the ads. I get free stuff from watching them and usually good stuff.

- Stopped working

I really enjoyed playing this game. Good challenge to figure out how to solve them. Some super easy, and some very challenging. I liked the extra challenge games too. Unfortunately a few days ago it stopped working. When I try to open it, it minimizes it and puts it in the background. When I try to open that, it closes the game. It also only goes to the challenge section of the game. I really don't want to delete the game since I'm on level 310, but it looks like I might not have any other choice. I tried powering off and disconnecting from the wi-fi, but still no luck.

- Don’t bother downloading

I’ve never played a free mobile game that had SO MANY Ads. I tried to give it a try again just a few minutes ago but after each round I got an ad and no it doesn’t just let you skip or exit once you click the X. The X disappeared and the ad would refresh or restart and an X would then be in a different corner after a few more seconds to exit the ad. Not worth playing a game when you’re watching an ad every 30 seconds at the end of each round. Heck some of these ads take longer to watch than it takes for me to complete a round. Thank goodness I can delete this. Please save yourself the time and avoid this “game”. It’s more like a giant billboard of repetitive ads.

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Long Monday: Lyrics by John Prine “You and me / Sittin' in the back my memory / Like a honey bee / Buzzin' 'round a glass of sweet Chablis.” Today is our 47th Wedding Anniversary. Happy Anniversary Candice.

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@fungi_felted thank you so much ! The packaging was perfect and the flower is gorgeous. I'm already seeking for the perfect glass protection for it ! Merry Christmas and a happy new year !

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Happy Birthday Bernard Cribbins - 92 today! Relive your memories of Joan Aiken's Arabel & Mortimer stories as told on Jackanory - two stories to watch on her You Tube page - Remember Mortimer's Portrait on Glass?


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@titch_26 Don't you mean like this! A glass of wine in hand , Cheers 🍻 Happy New Year 😀


@DaiyokaiCanine ❝Right away Lord Sesshomaru.❞ Of course his name was spread throughout the land, sos he knew exactly to obey what he said and keep him happy. Pouring him some fresh warm tea, holding out the glass towards him. ❝Here you go.❞

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Wang Yibo declared that We are the cool glass wearing Turtles 🐢 I am happy #YiZhan #WangXiao #BoJunYiXiao #BoZhan #bjyx #BJYXSZD

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@GiftBetterUK @laithwaites #Giftbetter with a glass of bubbly and my husband

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Happy Birthday to the other half of SATP the one and only @GTAPeel !! Light a cigarette in his honour and raise a glass or two! Hope you have a great day mate and will speak to you tomorrow for our final show of 2020!!

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@itsablurryworld There isn't even a happy one when I just wrote "lena luthor scene pack" I am gonna eat a glass

Happy Glass 1.0.58 Screenshots & Images

Happy Glass iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Happy Glass iphone images
Happy Glass iphone images
Happy Glass iphone images
Happy Glass iphone images
Happy Glass iphone images

Happy Glass (Version 1.0.58) Install & Download

The applications Happy Glass was published in the category Games on 2018-08-14 and was developed by Lion Studios [Developer ID: 1362220666]. This application file size is 443.28 MB. Happy Glass - Games app posted on 2020-11-06 current version is 1.0.58 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.game5mobile.lineandwater

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