Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles [Games] App Description & Overview

Brain Test is an addictive free tricky puzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers. Different riddles testing will challenge your mind. This new puzzle game may break common sense and bring your new brain-pushing experience! You can enjoy yourself with your friends with this addictive and funny free IQ game. Get ready to take the quiz!

If you are a fan of word game, word search game, puzzle, sudoku or any other quiz games, Brain Test is your best choice!

• Tricky & Mind-blowing Brain Teasers: You will be tricked!
• Unexpected game answers to the great number of quizzes.
• Fun for All Ages: The best trivia game for family & friends’ gatherings!
• Download this funny game for free.
• Endless fun and brain-pushing games.
• Great exercise for the brain.
• Simple and highly addictive game play.
• Great time filler.
• Play without the internet.
• Play offline.

Have fun!

Subscription Terms:

VIP PACKAGE: Access offers a weekly subscription, you will have a 3-days FREE trial period, after this period you will be charged.

After buying this subscription, you will unlock following features: instant 100 lamps, no ads, double daily gift, 50% cheaper skips and 40% cheaper hints.

This is an Auto-renewable subscription. The payment is charged to your account after confirmation. The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will be charged for renewal as well.

End of trial and subscription renewal:

• The payment is charged to your account after a confirmation of purchase.
• The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hour before the end of the current period.
• The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period at the cost of the weekly subscription.
• The user may manage the subscription and auto-renewal have to be turned off by going to the user’s account settings after purchase in the Store.
• No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

Canceling a trial or a subscription:

• If you want to cancel a subscription during its free trial, you have to cancel it through your account in the Store. This must be done at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period to avoid being charged.

For more information, please visit for more information

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- Good but make it better

I really like the game it’s great for your mind and it can help be smarter. But I have some requests or ideas. One of them is to know the answer some how if you are like on like one of the questions and you are like on it for a long time than a answer thing will come up in like 1 hour. Other one would be is to maybe add some more like things that make you just want to like it, like trying to escape something or trying to win something or with just controllers. Last one is to lower the money things for the hint is 25 that’s kinda too much for a little hint and for the skip part 50 coins I think you should lower it down. That is all. But I still give it a 5 star. I am not starting to play this game because I missed like 5 of them and if I go in there to retry it and it does not work and so I leave it alone and plus some hints are not hints and more movement activities please.

- Almost Great

This app is almost great it’s just that sometimes you push something and you have to do something else just to push the same thing you originally tapped. Sorry, but that’s honestly, kinda, ...annoying. This game also makes me feel dumb sometimes because I didn’t know what it was and sometimes the answers are just insane. Sometimes the answers don’t make sense so you have to sit there and figure it out which really gets on my nerves. Also, sometimes I want a clue and the clue gives me the answer. I only wanted the clue so I could do it myself but the clue already told me the answer which is SUPER annoying. Also, speaking of clues, sometimes the clues make NO sense whatsoever. This app is a really good app and there’s only a few things that I dislike about it but I still really like the app. Oh yeah and can you fix how if you delete the app you will still be on your same level. Like maybe have an option to restart or to play on your current level.

- The Perfect Game

The game is perfect! People say how terrible it is but really it is the best game in the world!😍 It doesn’t have any problems. People say that there isn’t a lot of puzzles when you more than 100 hard and fun puzzles to play. I love how at the end of each puzzle there is a humorous joke. The best part is when I finished the game it said more coming soon. I was so happy that there would be even more puzzles and as I waited I saw a add that said that there is a second brain puzzle! If I had to chose out of a games in the world it would be brain puzzle! Getting this game is worth it! I have been playing this game constantly every day. When I finished it, I decided to play it again and even though I already went over the levels they were still entertaining and confusing. The last thing that I would like to say is THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS GAME!

- Removing ads.

(This is my first time writing a review! ;-;)This game is a great game to stretch your brain and all, but I enjoyed it at first, then came the ads. I got sick of the ads, and wanted to buy the “remove ads”. it was 2.99$ (I’m pretty sure) when I pressed it, it went to something that was 4.99$, I thought I read it wrong and bought it. A few minutes later I realized I bought the wrong one! It was my fault, yeah. I got mad at that point (not that mad) and bought the ‘remove ads’ once again. THIS TIME, it was the right one. Obviously, it didn’t remove ads STRAIGHT AWAY, i know it had to take some time. So I waited an hour, and tried... Still not working, ads still appear, so one day later I tried again, still not working. Two days later, still not working, 3, 4, 5! I don’t know if I have to wait long, or it’s just some glitch that’s gonna be fixed or something, but if this is happening to you or others, please tell me what I should do to get it working. Continue to wait? Or...

- Great game!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

I have been looking for a challenging game that will keep me busy during quarantine. And I have finally found it!!! Most game adds make you think that it is a very a challenging game that will keep you busy for a while. And turns out it’s really not. But this game is amazing! And there’s not too many ads which is something I look for in different games. Because there are a lot of games that are fun,I’ll give them that, BUT there are wayyy to many ads. Which is highly annoying 🙄. And one more thing I would like to add, is that this game is very family friendly! My little sister (7) loves this game and likes to help me figure out the little puzzles. A lot of games are actually very inappropriate and are Advertised as “family friendly” so thank you for this wonderful game! Keep up the great work!! ❤️


If the dev is reading this well then you already know what this is about but seriously ADD MORE LEVELS! I started playing some time ago and I just thought that the levels would keep on going but when I got on level 288 it said MoRe LeVeLs CoMiNg SoOn and I thought it would not take that long to make some new levels (even at least one) but I guess I was wrong because about a week passed and it said the same thing MoRe LeVeLs CoMiNg SoOn three weeks past and still MoRe LeVeLs CoMiNg SoOn now a month past and yet the same exact answer MoRe LeVeLs CoMiNg SoOn and after I read that all I did was...........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I just thought that the only thing left to do is get lightbulbs as I was getting close to 10,000 it still said MoRe LeVeLs CoMiNg SoOn and after that I just felt like writing a review so yeah please start making some more levels soon......l.seriously JUST DO IT

- Make an update

Um hey this is a great game I truly love it but here is the problem I finished the whole thing and it said it will put more levels soon and I think I gave you enough time to put a lot of levels not trying to be rude I was just saying if you can put more levels I have been playing the same levels over and over again and yeah so umm can update your game if that didn’t make sense than I don’t know what does so I am kindly saying for to put more levels cause I have been having this game for so long and been retrying the levels and it’s starting not entertain me and starting to get boring but this is still a good game this is a long review but that’s what I have been thinking about this game so please don’t be mad I still love this it good for children but maybe put little bit of update in your game so yeah that’s all I gotta say all I am trying to say is to update your game that’s all I gotta say no more


I downloaded this game at about 10:00 this morning. I have been playing, off and on, all day long! It’s super addicting! I really love this game so far, and I am already on level 187, and it’s 9:08 pm. I decided that, if I can get to level 187 in just one day, it’s definitely a game that I should review!! The ONLY thing I really hate is all the ads! After every 2 levels, or sometimes, after only one level—and each level is SHORT, so it feels CONSTANT!!! It’s soooo annoying! I would totally purchase this game to get rid of the ads (some are a full minute long). I miss the days when you could purchase a game outright and play it at your convenience. Now, everything is “free”—with a TON of ads, and so, “free” is NEVER free! That said, the game is wonderful and really hard to put down!! I feel just a little smarter after every level!! Haha!

- U have to get this😍😍😍

I was playing this game for ours and it is really a great game and it’s just amazing. This game is great for your brain and is good entertainment. I love the funny jokes at the end of each level. The best thing about this app is that there is the right amount of adds. There are adds after almost every five levels which is perfect because that is not to much. But there is just one tiny little problem about it. There is not enough levels for me to play. There are only about 200 levels in the game. And there’s only one more complaint I have. You know how some of the levels are really really hard? I just think that the hints need to give a little more information because sometimes it seems like the level is literally impossible. But any way, I love this game and I think you should get it!😍👍😀🤓

- Boring after you finish it

It was fun until I finished all the puzzles. Oh and the latest update were you get a puzzle a week is stupid you only get 1 puzzle a week. Also some of the puzzles are way to easy like the first one all you have to do is find out which animal is the biggest and it’s so easy there’s a lion a elephant a sloth a mouse and a zebra and it’s obviously the lion duh! This game should have never been made people can finish 100 of those puzzles a day. I finished this game in 2 days. This game really sucked. To the creators of brain test: you should make this game a lot better because I hated this but at least brain test 2 was way better than brain test 1. Also I’m really sorry to give you a bad review maybe if you made the puzzles a bit more challenging I would have gave you a 4 out of 5 stars. I hope you guys can make this game a bit better. I did give you a bad review but thank you for making this game anyway. It was fun while it lasted. Also maybe if you also add way more puzzles I would give you a 5 star rating. Maybe brain test was not the best for me but to all the people that have brain test and want more you should get brain test 2 it was actually really good for a game that is just more puzzles off of brain test 1. Ps. Sorry for giving you a really long review I just really like to type and I like to add details. Oh and 1 more thing for the creators of brain test: I hope you can make this game better. :)

- Really fun but...

This game is really fun. There are a lot of levels, so you never get bored. It is very creative and fun. I like that there is an option to watch a video to get hints if you are stuck. It has every thing you would want on a brain teaser game, except for 1 minor complaint. The adds. Here is just a suggestion: Maybe you should limit the number of adds. They don’t like pop you while you are playing, but after almost every level there are adds. Like I’m fine with a few adds, but maybe just a little less adds. Again, this is just a suggestion. But overall a amazing game! I also have Brain Test 2 and it is also really great! I just want to personally thank the creators of these games! I would definitely recommend this game. Ps. Thanks for reading my long review! 😉

- Nice, but......

When I first got this app, I was really excited. I’m one of those people who like riddles and puzzles. And I still like it but I do have MINOR issues. One, everything (the “points”) are SUPER expensive. Like not expensive but hard to get. And skipping a level is expensive. Now that we are on the “level skipping topic”, I have something to say about it. So when you skip a level, you are basically saying “wow! This level is hard, and I want to skip it. It’s to hard.” Well good for you but I do wish that the game would show you the answer after you skipped the level. One more thing; The hints are terrible. When I was on the one were you had to open the bottle, the hint was “Try to shake the bottle” Great but, HOW do you shake the bottle?! In conclusion, I love this game and would recommend it. P.S. You only should get this app if you are REALLY smart and think OUTSIDE of the box 😉

- Challenging and entertaining!

I love it! It’s not your average common sense brain test! You have to put your thinking cap on for some of these! Sometimes the answer is actually nothing you would have thought, and for those the hints don’t really do anything. But I even love those because it’s challenging! The ads are annoying tho, but what game doesn’t come with ads? Only issue is, there are two ads back to back which is fine they aren’t longer than I think 30 seconds combined maybe less and there isn’t always two, but the second ad never lets me cancel out when I do get two ads. I press the x and it just does nothing and I have to cancel out of the app and restart it. Only issue other than that, thank you for the wonderful app!

- 𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕥𝕣𝕦𝕥𝕙 𝕒𝕓𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕓𝕣𝕒𝕚𝕟 𝕥𝕖𝕤𝕥?

Hi so i got brain test for fun you know anyways i started playing and then i ended up finishing every single level and to tell you the truth i was really excited 😊 but then one ☝🏼 month later no more levels two months later no levels now I was getting pretty restless 😬 so I txted brain test on instagram and they didn’t txt back now I was getting really annoyed 😠 then finally one day there were new levels and so I went on Instagram and wrote to them how thankful I am for there being new levels you know with everything that’s going on corona,quarantine,etc. anyhow so after that I went on the game expecting there to be at least 10 levels but there wasn’t 10 levels or nine or eight or seven or six or five or four there was THREE LEVELES THREE! Like can u believe that so I got really and when I say really I mean REALLY angry 😤 so I txted them again saying that I’m gonna arcade there game and give them a bad review so here I am anyway so ya if you are about to get this game plz read this review first -THANK YOU😊

- Yay! ... I guess? Plz read

So, I download the game, excited to test my brain and I realize the game is just random crap on some levels like it will be like, “make the baby stop crying” and you have to watch an add that sometimes is not useful for the level! So the hint said, “ her hair looks weird...” then I close the add and tap her hair and it was some how a LITERAL SPIDER!!! Another level that was weird was like, “she wants ice cream too!” And then I used a hint and it said something about her hair?..... so I tap her hair and you can literally REMOVE HER HAIR!!! Then I was like, “what does this mean?!” Then I taped everything , and when I touched the boys cone looking hat I accidentally put the hair on the hat and it handed it to the girl!!!! And the game was like, “don’t tell her it’s her hair, hehehehe” 😒 I like this game other than the weird disturb levels and the adds. If you like puzzles you should download this game

- It’s pretty good

I thought your game was ever so fun, but needs some adjustments. Too many ads. That is your source of money, and I get that, but I bet you so many people who love your game would gladly pay 5 bucks just to deduct the ads. And also another problem that I’d seen in all of the comments is that there are not enough levels, and I 50% agree there not be enough levels but I understand that you have made the second part of the game. That is my argument. Another problem I have come across is that if there are going to be a lot of ads, yeah I get it, but some of them you watch for no reward and some of them you do which is crazy to me that it’s how the game is. Just consider it because a lot more people would rank your game waaaayyyy higher if these problems were fixed. This is the shortest review I have ever done, with the least problems and highest rating. Stay awesome!

- Addictive and yet Aggravating

WAY WAY TOO MANY ADDS!!!! After every level there’s was an add. You watch the add for “set time” and when add is done, you have another countdown before you can exit the add. Was intrigued but annoyed by add so purchased the remove ad option for $3.99 and that’s a lot. But this is how annoyed I was with these ads. Thought I was set free but nooooo, if you claim bonus coins, cheesus crisp, you have to watch more darn ads. For $3.99 I should never have to see a darn ad again or at least include 200 worth of coins with the purchase. Game is fun yet as clever as you think you are, some of the clues are vague and you have no idea you can even do some things you must do to solve the puzzle. I’m on level 84 and have only skipped 2 times. Some I gave an a answer for and the “count” of what the correct answer actually was didn’t add up to what the “puzzle answer” was to move on. The levels I skipped, didn’t even provide an option to see how the skipped puzzles were to be solved. Yet I can’t stop playing this game as annoyed that I am by it!! LOL. I like it a lot as annoying as it can be with the ads and sometimes as wrong as a couple of answers have been. Maybe I should have tried the non tricky version first to get an idea of how tricky these can be. All in all, the game is fun!!

- Love it

This is probably the longest I’ve ever had a app. It’s fun and not mindless like most games easy five star. If you don’t like this game it’s ether your crazy or it’s to hard because other than that I think ever adult kid and senior would like it. I would rather this than some popular video games. And it’s competitive thing between brain out and brain test, brain test definitely wins. It’s just a better format. Get this app!!! And it’s only a year old. And brain outs questions are not all good examples or family friendly like escape the room. It basically teaching kids how to do the wrong thing. Or a blind date. Brain out is just dumb and that’s why it’s a 4.6 and this is a 4.8. Brain out should be a 0.0.1 if I were to be honest. Get this it’s way better.

- Brain tease or Mind Blown?

This game has so much potential to be fun. I enjoy the levels, but it is REALLY hard to stay connected to the game when there are literally ads upon ads popping up after EVERY SINGLE round. You play the actual game for maybe 10 seconds and then are forced to watch 30-60 seconds of the same ads over and over and when you tap the X in the corner to close out the ad that has been running for 30 seconds, it continues for another 15-30 seconds and then that X comes back so then you can play another round for 10 seconds only for the ads to start again. Over and over and over. I played it once and then checked out after 10 or 15 minutes because I felt overwhelmed and frustrated with SO MANY ads. This is one more fun game that will be deleted from my phone and tablet because of the time wasted in waiting for the advertisements rather than time enjoyed playing the game. Too bad.

- Good but has some issues

I downloaded this because it seemed like fun and it is so far, and very puzzling and funny 😆! But the SECOND TIME I went into the game, it wasn’t loading, like, AT ALL! It just had a grayish screen and didn’t have the music or anything! Can somebody please fix this?! I mean, this was the SECOND TIME I’VE EVER WENT INTO THE GAME!! What is wrong with the loading difficulty?! The levels are pretty good and funny, and they are easy at first, but I’m hoping they will get harder! So, that is the one thing wrong with it, and I hope you guys can fix that, but people, please download this for the sake of your brain!!😂😜🤩😍 Great game, developers, just please fix that one glitch, please! Thanks for listening! And, also, now that I finished(edited it now), I need more levels! Please and thank you, find more ways to trick me!

- Rude...but good

Okay so I like the puzzles in this game. They’re difficult, and while they don’t make you smarter or give you your daily dose of learning like some other apps, it’s fun and makes you think. It’s great. Fun. Hard. But I got a hint for a puzzle, and it literally only said, “This is one of the most common puzzles, come on!” Like...what? I’m soooo sorry I needed help on a puzzle🙄ugh. It was rude. That was not a hint! That was you calling me stupid. So yeah, next time maybe give actual hints? Thanks. Edit: Still mad about that other thing but also still realllly love the game in addicted. Was really sad when I ran out of levels, but then ya ya couple days ago I found out there was more! Then I realized that there were only 3 more😞I finished them really soon haha

- Problems

Fairly simple if you have played this type of game before. Shake the phone, move the objects to reveal others, take all questions literally etc... However 2 things spoil the game. First, when the solution is to shake the phone you must shake it in a “specific way”, up & down, side to side, back & forth... I shook the phone every way possible but still couldn’t figure out which stupid cat was car sick. Next & far worse, the ads are set to go to the install screen even when you “X” out & try to return to the game. I’m on level 50 & it has happened at least 15 times. Sorry developers, this doesn’t fool anyone & obviously is being done just to rack up your numbers with your advertisers. No one is going to download an advertised game by doing this & it is disrespectful to the players. Ads are ok, trying to trick us isn’t.

- Kinda good

I love this game but there is one major problem to this game. When you complete the game you have to wait a long time to get new levels. For me, I had to wait a month or a month in a half. I would check but it kept saying “New levels coming soon”. I finished it in March then I checked on May 1st and that is the day the new levels come. Then I finish those levels because there was only like four and now I have to wait all over again. But other than this problem the game is pretty good! I really hope they fix this problem. I am NOT waiting two months for new levels. This is a minor problem. Some levels are IMPOSSIBLE to beat! I just skip them and go back when I want to but I can’t beat it! But the game is still good 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. Hope they fix the problems.

- Great game but please fix

This is a great game. I love this game. The problem is that I beat it in one day. Ok, I skipped a few levels. But they were the ones that didn’t work like the one where you are supposed to open a door by shaking the phone or iPad or whatever you’re playing on. It doesn’t recognize when you’re shaking the phone. Also, there are only 81 levels. I already mentioned that I beat the game in one day. It was kind of a short game. It says more levels will come out soon. I hope they will even though they probably won’t. Great game and download if you want a game that really challenges you. But there are other games you might want to get instead like Stump Me or Brain It. Also there are A LOT of ads. SO MANY ads but overall great game. 4 stars or maybe three and a half. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

- Good buts it’s hard

So I played this and some levels were hard and one level I got stuck on that level my cousin helped me a kept on trying and I was struggling so I looked it up but it would not show some answers so yeah pressed everything and it did not work on the level I got stucked on. Can you just make all of it easy bc I’m trying my best and it’s not working so can you upgrade this game bc it’s too hard and I wish this app was so easy so can you just upgrade this game bc it’s so annoying and hard . Also can you make more games that are easy? Like I’m not trying to be funny but I would hate to say this the game is boring sometimes so can you make more games that are easy

- I know many people have said this but TO MANY ADS

Every time I win a level an ad comes and sometimes you can’t close out of the ads leaving you to have to double tap the home button and completely close out of the app and then go back into the app and let it reload. I can’t even count how many times I’ve done that... the ads are so long that even in the ad you have to wait like 30 seconds. And DUDE WHY ARE THE LEVELS SO EASY if I finish levels in 30 seconds than I have an ad every 30 seconds. I hate this game, I thought it would be fun and all but it’s not. This game also says it’s free but if your bombarding me with ads to buy the add free, ITS NOT FREE. And if I get the same reply from the game creators (or whoever reply’s to this) I am literally going to delete this app. I’ve had way too many problems with this game I’ll just go back to playing Hogwarts mystery, roblox, and Minecraft. I can’t waste time on this game. If you don’t like ads then don’t download this game

- Great game! But I’m stuck at a certain level....

I’m stuck at level 42. I used the hint and did exactly what I was told, but the answer was incorrect. You have to fix the game a little bit. It’s too much to skip a level and to get a tiny little hint that isn’t clear. Sometimes I get the hint, and I put in the answer, but it’s not correct. It’s pretty dumb to be honest with you but I still love the game. Once I find out the answer sometimes, I think to myself, “Wow it was that easy! Why would a game that makes you smarter be that easy?” Like how though!! I’d sit there for hours trying to find the right answer!! Even when I use a hint!! All I request is that the hints would be a shorter amount to get and that the hints were a little more clear. This is still a great game and still love it.💖

- It’s amazing ,brainy,and fun

When i first started this game I thought oh this will be pretty fun and all like cool mind games and tricky questions and it was exactly how I thought it was gonna be fun cool brainy it was absolutely amazing. There where no downsides what so ever in my opinion there weren’t too many adds, they give you hints and clues and if you are stuck on a question and the hint doesn’t help you can skip the question. I highly recommend this game for anyone who wants to have fun this game is so hard to stop playing for example I got this game a week ago and I have already finished all the levels they have I believe they have 217 or close to that I have no complaint at all about this game

- It’s a great game but...

Look, me and my friend adore this app. It’s a wonderful and fun game to exercise your brain! I would totally recommend this game to someone with a load of patience. I however do not have all that patience. I understand that you need to make money, but it is very annoying when after every other round you must watch an add that sends you straight to the App Store without giving you the chance to return to the game. To sum it up, if you are looking for a game to challenge your mind in a fun and creative way, then this is it. I would say to the developer the only way to make this better would be to cut some adds short. Everything else is wonderful! I hope this is improved, but even if not I will be sharing this app with many!

- Unplayable. It's not a game, it's an ad gallery...

For a game that's supposed to be about solving puzzles, it doesn't let you concentrate for the constant barrage of ads. I'm not exaggerating - there's an ad after almost every single puzzle. Then it offers to give you a free in-game gift, but accepting it is just accepting another ad. Maybe that's part of the design of the game? The puzzles are hard only because of the constant distractions? That has to be it because some of the puzzles are just ridiculous. They're not intuitive, they're not clever, and you're supposed to guess at details of really bad drawings. The game is basically a three year-old who gets upset because you couldn't guess that all their crayon scribbles were supposed to be a dog. Don't play this. It's not fun, it's a complete slog by the fifth "puzzle", and all the ads will constantly kill whatever podcast or song you're trying to listen to at the same time.

- Love Brain Test - new levels?

While looking for a challenging game that would help me deal with my traumatic brain disorder from a fall when I broke my neck, I discovered Brain Test. I’ve tried some of the other “brain” games, but there was no equal to Brain Test. My wife joined me in this game and I convinced my adult daughter to download and play this game. Not only does Brain Test provide the “fun” factor, but it is humorous as well. The game, although illogical at times, it challenges me to think “outside the box” to solve the puzzles. I especially liked that I could use coins that were easily earned by watching ads, to give hints, when desperate, although I tried not to use them. After about a week or so of non-stop, addiction, I sadly came to the end of the puzzles. I tapped on the NEXT screen and was greeted with “More Puzzles Coming Soon.” Please hurry with the development of new puzzles. I even started the game from the start a couple more times, but I am very eager for your development team to provide new puzzles for Brain Test. Thank you for a wonderful game.

- A good game

This is such a good game! I have only had this game for a month and I could decide that this was a good game before I could even get it! The only thing you need to do for a little help is watch a 10 second add. Before I go into my class room I do 5 levels to get my brain popping! When you do a good gob on 5 levels you get to choose 1 out of 3 lightbulb box and then you will watch a 10 second add and you will end up with a surprise. There is a box at the bottom and you have to check it once a day and you will have another surprise. That is why I rate this game a 5/5 stars and I highly recommend you to get this game!

- I mean I guess😕😖 Presley #11

Sooooo I got this app thinking it was going to be really fun it was! Well kinda so close to like level 44 or45 i asked for hint nothing happened so I thought maybe I had to watch a video which I had to do that and the add wasn't working it was like glitching have way through the add it would turn white and then go back to home screen by itself but anyway back to what I was saying earlier so I got the 10 hints not even all 25 like it said it would give me but I was like I mean it gave me hints at least so I tapped on the hints nothing had happened I was guessing that it would take a long time because my iPhone is older but then it went back to the store and I was like I already got hints why are you not working!!! So yah😡😑😒it's really annoying if other people are having this problem help please it is so annoying!!

- Somewhat easy and simple.. BUT..

This game is a good in general.. the questions aren’t too hard.. but not too easy. But I do have a problem with it. The amount of Ads they make you watch is insane. One after another, after another.. it’s crazy! After every question you must watch like a 30-40 second Ad.. it doesn’t sound long, but when you have to watch it after every single question, it gets exhausting. Like I said, the game itself is ok, but I do think it’s kind of going back and fourth from hard, to easy which can be confusing, but I guess that’s the fun in it. The ads are really the only problem I had. WAY too many for me to enjoy the game, Because I do really enjoy brain games like this a lot! But I can’t really with this one because of the ads.

- My opinion

Note to creators: This game needs more levels because we got out of school and I finished it in one day. I didn’t want to buy “no ads” but there were so many so maybe put an ad every ten levels instead of every other level. Other than that it’s a great game full of fun puzzles and tricky word play. If you made a second I would get it. I think the “skip level” costs too much. It shouldn’t cost so much because I went back after finishing and finished them. Note to anyone who might get this game: I would definitely recommend this game to you if you like hard puzzles. I couldn’t stop playing. It was so much fun. If you get frustrated easily you may want to reconsider getting this game though.

- Incredible game but so many adds!

This game is awesome, don’t get me wrong. But this game must be making thousands of dollars on adds each day. I get that they need them to make money. But it seems like after every level there is an add. I think I spent more time watching adds than actually playing the game. And the daily gift is only 10 of the currency things, you need 3 to buy yourself a hint. So guess what...MORE ADDS. This can all be fixed if you put it in airplane mode, or turn off data for the app and then turn off WiFi. But even then you still have to close out the app and it takes forever to load and if you need a hint you have to connector WiFi again. It’s still a great game, good job developers.

- Not enough information

Interesting game. However I feel a lot of the challenge just vines from simply knowing what can and can't be done. This is actually frustrating to the player because if you knew that function was possible the puzzle would have been easy. If you don't mind the unfairness then go for it. But be prepared to be frustrated and ultimately rage quit because sometimes the solutions are really stupid and your idea was actually better and made more since but functionally want possible. Needs que for things that can be interacted with or at least a brief tutorial to teach you options. Otherwise you're just randomly clicking all over the screen for anything. To me it was more frustrating than gratifying. I get that may be the thing, but if a problem stumps you, you can't skip it and come back. Thus any fun you may be having comes to stand still.

- Has Room for Improvement

I used to play this game for hours at a time, but when I finished all the levels the game turned into a waste of storage. New levels only came in once in a while, and even though the weekly levels were fun, they were always late. This game definitely has room for improvement. Lots of people are complaining about ads, and so am I. I also have read a lot of reviews l, and it is always the same response ALL THE TIME!!! “We are sorry about ads and thank you for giving us feedback. It is good to get responses.” I’m starting to think that they have robots handling responses... The creators don’t care about players, just about income. 😡 No offense, but you created the game, and now you need to deal with criticism and responsibilities.

- Game is meh, ads are too much

The biggest problem with this app is the ads. There are ads between every two “tests” (which only take a minute or two each) so if you wanted to play for 30 min you’d spend half that time watching ads. One ad was over 20 seconds long before the x was visible! Now regarding the actual app... The games are kinda silly. For instance, one teaser required you to feed a cat but the obstacle was a barb wired fence. There was no way to get past it, no tools to use. So I just started moving the treats all over the screen and eventually got past the level. Turns out THE WORD CAT AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN was the cat I was supposed to feed... THE WORD IN THE NAME OF THE LEVEL. That’s just nonsensical. There are several others like this. Some are actual brain teasers, others are ridiculous. Not worth the time though in my opinion.

- No Rules Makes It Frustrating

Cool style and music and sounds. I appreciate that. The game seems like it makes you want to be mad and happy at the same time. Like in the way it reveals something funny when you’re trying to be logical. The issue with that is the funniness gets old because it’s random humor and we get used to it and I find myself just tapping and shaking my phone like an idiot and getting frustrated. There aren’t any established rules of what to do to solve the problem. If you compare this game to solving riddles, in a riddle your always supposed to analyze what the words mean and think outside the box with anything you can think of. In this game it might be that, or it might be shake the phone for the tenth time or drag someone’s neck to make it longer... okay... what?

- Just NO

Edited to add...the developer sent me an email and said “We are sorry for this, but to continue work on this free app we need revenue from Ads...” They went on to say if I didn’t want to see the ads I can pay to remove them. That’s fine but my response is this; I don’t mind some ads. I see a lot of ads on games that I like such as Matchington Mansion and Homescapes and more. But, they don’t show me 30 second ads after every five-ten seconds of playing time. It is just TOO much. Because of this, no, I won’t buy the game. It’s like, let’s annoy you with ads so you will buy our game. Nope. Original review; After the first four puzzles, I was forced to rate it and then afterwards, following each puzzle is an ad. The puzzle could take five seconds and the ad is 15-30 seconds. Such a pain! Puzzles were not difficult or frustrating but the ads were too much! Deleting.

- This game is so addictive

I love this game so much. It can be challenging but the hints help without giving to much away, if you know what I mean. In brain test you definitely have to think outside the box. The only part I don’t love about the game is that you have watch an ad to go to the next level (I understand that you have to make money though so I’m fine with it) I think that whoever made this app was very creative and fun. I was sad when I finished the last level, but I am stoked for when the new levels come out (there are 213 levels) Anyways to wrap this up I think you should definitely get this app and you will surely get addicted!😂

- HELP!!!

Ok, so this is my first time writing a review and this game is a great game to test your brain and all, But when there’s sooooo many adds and all you do is watch adds on the game, it kinda defeats the purpose. So I bought the “no adds” thing, so at first the adds still appeared so I thought maybe it would take some time, But no, a week later the adds were STILL THERE!!!!! So I tried deleting the app and getting it back again but it said I had never bought it when I went into “Restore Purchase” So I waited until the monthly bill came in and there it was, The “No Adds” purchase on Brain Test. Please help me!! I can’t figure it out!!! So I bought it on my other Device the “No Adds” and it did the SAME THING!! Developer please get back to me and help me!!!!

- Learning about awesome things ❤️❤️❤️

It is so learning it is so much fun I want to be a 👩‍🏫 teacher and it is so learning for my I am 7 years old and this game is inspiring and fun I love ❤️ it sooooooooo much so 😝 lol I play it every day so muchhh fun y’all don’t know how fun it is just play it you will fell a learning in your heart ♥️ so just keep playing it till you go to level ...112 so just keep playing and it will be Learning for you I was so excited like it so much when I downloading it was so much easy on level 1 and it got harder and harder and harder put keeep on PLAYING GUYS get a 💯💯on a test in school 🏫 have a blessed week y’all and twerk all y’all want good night 💤🌙😴😘😴💤💤💤💤💤

- So Many Ads!!!!

Ok I get it you have to make money, but the way the ads are implemented is horrific. After nearly every puzzle a 30 second ad with a tricky period of time at the end of the ad where no “x” appears for a few seconds. One ad even had a “replay” button instead of the “x” until the “x” showed up later. I was furious I had to watch that ad twice. So I would pay the $3.99 to remove the ads, but if you read reviews you’ll see that will not completely remove the ads. So, ok still not a deal breaker, until the glitches. I put this on my son’s iPad as well as my phone. Sometimes he would solve a puzzle that I couldn’t, so I’d ask him how he did it... turns out my phone version was glitching and things that ought to move wouldn’t. That was the final straw... deleted!


This is definitely one of my FAVORITE GAMES!!! No bugs, addicting, fun, and so much more. It’s challenging too! Every day I check for new levels because I beat the game in one day because I play it so much. Obviously when I first got it though it took a couple of days to do because it had like 274 levels but I got it done in no time. This game is awesome 👏!! Although there’s one mini problem; the gift 🎁. Sometimes when you go to get your gift for the day it says “Come back tomorrow!” and you haven’t even gone on it that day. That’s not too bad and flicking that out of the picture this is an awesome 😎 game! I LOVE IT!!! Good job 👏 👍!!!!!!!!

- Not what it seems IMHO

Only parts of this game are logic based. Example: How many months have 28 days? 12, because all the months have at least 28 days. This is an example of critical reading and thinking. Next example: Picture of a cat and some cat food separated by barbed wire. The caption reads “Feed the cat. He is hungry.” You can’t get the food to the picture of the cat. Instead you have to move the food to the word “cat” in the caption. Then you see this little gem: word “cat” is also a cat. I see what they’re trying to do, but come on. Next example: picture of a man trying to attack a woman with a caption that reads something like “Stop the attacker”. All around are objects that any reasonable person would use to stop the attack. Answer? Rub the two clouds together, make lightning and shock the attacker. 😑 Imaginative? Yes. Logical? No. I was expecting something more literal. Just FYI.

- Awesome game-HOW MANY ADDS DO U NEED

I love this game (We’ll get to the negatives later) it’s fun, clever and-I just really love it!! It will also make you smarter which is great!! But the thing that bothers me SOOO MUCH is adds. I understand that to get light bulbs (which I think is 😎cool) u need to watch adds I get that bit still- After like every round and every QUESTION SOMETIMES-Thers an add!?!?! AND sometimes for this add for merge magic I try to click the “x” and it won’t work!?! Sometimes I get that add cause I need light bulbs, and because it won’t work, I have to swipe out the page and re-watch the video!?!? That really bothers me that’s two stars taken away. In overall though, it’s an awesome game and I quite recommend it. Bye, thank you for reading (sorry if I was so rough)

- Great brain game!

This is a good game! I like the puzzles and I think they are funny (particularly the ones where you make the baby stop crying). I do have some suggestions. Lower the price for a hint. You have to pay twenty five—what are they, hint points? You have to pay twenty five hint points. Maybe something like ten? Add more puzzles! I finished the whole game in one day. You recently added more, but you only added six or seven. I do like Brain Test 2. And one last thing. Please do less ads! I know you need money, but here is an ad after every single puzzle! I feel like we spend more time watching videos than we do playing the puzzles. This is a great game!


Overall, this app is great and I love playing it. But there are a few things that are just not acceptable. The thing that really bothers me is, there are too many ads. After completing a level, there is an ad. It’s really annoying please fix that. Also, if you even have ads, please make them CHILD FRIENDLY!! There are some really weird ads that are not for children even though this game is 4+. Second, I think that it is really unfair like in some levels where say, the actor cannot get the part because he is bald. That’s not ok in my opinion. Next, I just need to express how much I love this game. The levels really make you think outside the box and use your mind. I love how there are characters that keep repeating and we get to see them again. One thing that I wish would happen is, that you have to pay double for another, different hint if you are still stuck so you don’t have to skip it and waste your points. Lastly, please add more levels. I feel like 200 is not enough and there need to be more. Thank you for reading. I hope this was helpful!

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- Good

Some times it would glitch out. I’m 9 and it’s pretty easy. But it does get hard but I play it every day and I’m on level 234 not very good but I mean pretty much good. I soo soo much love this game and I haven’t played today but I have been able to because of Coronavirus. I also like to play with my friends and family because they help with levels that are hard to complete. The sophistication of this game is a 4 star of the ratification 3 and a half star rating. But it is the best game but not the best game ever. If you do want the best games ever try bird BnB or kingdoms many. Talking Tom games.

- I am Quite Perplexed

I downloaded this game in the hopes I would be able to assess my critical thinking. While the game offers vibrant colours with commendable contrast, it fails to meet expectations. While progressing through the various levels, it cane to my attention that the problem solving did not test my critical thinking and could be classed as childish. Not only that, I was greeted with a plethora of unwanted advertisements which had no skip option and subsequently “forced” the user to watch each one. Furthermore, the developers cycled through 3 or 4 advertisements which only furthered my frustrations. The actual “problems” that each question offered, posed trivial solutions which would not make sense the average consumer. I attempted as many problems as I could before my frustrations bubbled over and I could not endure anymore (30 mins into the game). I had my friends download the game and give me their thoughts to ensure I was not being unjust in my judgement; to which they thoroughly agreed. Overall am a big fan of “brainteaser” type applications; however, this did not even meet the lowest standard I had set. I am merely writing this review to ensure no other consumer wastes their precious time. Thank you

- Great game, needs more levels pronto!

Great game! Some of the tests are quite challenging and require a ‘think outside the box’ train of thought to complete, great way to improve problem solving skills I reckon! Its also a brilliant way to pass the time while travelling to work or anything like that! Please add more levels ASAP, I’m itching to continue on! The last update of 66 levels didn’t take me very long to finish at all haha

- Fun but way too many ads

There is an add after every one or two tests. You can watch an ad to get bonus rewards to use for tips which I would do but they freeze quite often and so you watch an ad but don’t get the reward. Also setting set to no music or sound but of course when an ad comes on, they somehow bypass this. Would be much better if there were fewer ads, like after every 5-10tests. Especially the easy ones. It only took about 2 weeks to get to level 276 and that’s currently how far you can go. Have been waiting for new levels but have no idea how long that is supposed to take.

- Don’t buy “remove ads”

Great game but once I purchased “remove ads”, it now doesn’t allow me to get any free points to go towards ‘hints’ or to ‘skip’ because now I can’t watch ads!! So silly! The only way I can move ahead now is to buy points with $$$. There should be away for me to get some free points. Why offer “remove ads” if we can’t access any points. Money making tactic right there!! Stay with the free version and put up with the ads if you don’t want to sink $$$ into this game, just so you can play. It’s a shame as this game was helping my son with his reading and logical thinking strategies but without hints, he can’t move on!

- It’s great but......

I’ve really been enjoying this game, it’s enjoyable and whenever I want to test my brain I play this but there’s is one thing that is really getting on my nerves. It’s that I’ve been stuck on this one level for weeks on end and it’s just too hard, I’ve tried moving things, no, I’ve tried tapping things, no, I’ve tried pulling things towards it, no,🤔🤔so that’s the only thing I want you to change, making certain levels easier than others. This is otherwise my favourite game ever!!!!!😍


This app was infuriatingly bad! The answer to one puzzle was so easy, yet the app wouldn’t even allow me to do the correct answer (the puzzle involved opening a “fridge” icon, but there was absolutely no way of tapping, swiping, etc that would allow you to do that). I ended up having to watch multiple ads in order to be allowed to skip that broken level (had to do it multiple times because, again, the app is broken and just kept showing the ad on repeat without actually giving me the points i was meant to receive from it). I deleted this after about 10 minutes because it’s absolutely unusable, what a waste of time.

- Really Laggy

I just got this game because it sounded so cool and great which is correct. Although everyone 2 minutes or so it freezes and gets really really laggy. It is sooo annoying! Can there please be a update to this or what. If you are having the same issue pls write a review because this isn’t good for anyone. Either way this game would be fantastic if this fault changed. Thank you for taking time to read this, creators of Brain Test. I hope you can improve and make me write a better review for you in the future❤️

- I would recommend this game but ...

Hi guys, I think you should get this game because it is really fun. There is a good balance of ads and game. But to the creators of this game, I think that you should give people game tokens/ coins every time they finish a level/ riddle because otherwise it might drive people away from the game if they can’t figure out what the answer is and they don’t have any tokens for clues. Over all it is a really great game but would be even better if you gave rewards every time you finish a level.

- Great game - new levels And less ads?

This is an amazing game and I can’t stop playing but I need some new levels. Because each round is very short I hope the levels come out soon. Also ads appear every 2 rounds and they get really annoying. Other than that I absolutely LOVE this game. That’s all I have to say.👍🏼

- iPhone X stops me from completing levels

When you need to get the baby to stop crying, I assume you are supposed to put the screen upside down but I can’t do that on mine. I have to them watch videos to be able to skip it until the next one comes. This wastes my coins and is so unfair. Please fix

- New Levels?

I loooooove this game! And honestly I don’t mind the ads. I mean u gotta do what u gotta do to make money! Plus u can see other games. Buuuuuut WHEN ARE THE NEW LEVELS COMING! I want more! This game is soo fun and I love competing with my brother but I want to continue competing! Please give us more levels! And opportunities to get light bulbs other than watching ads cos there’s already to many ads! Thanks for the game! It’s amazing!

- Very great app with funny tests 😂😂

Great app really enjoyed totally worth downloading the game is fun and entertaining but beware of the shot video that the game provides in order to get more points overall would recommend to anyone who is in to brain test kinda the reason the name definitely would download great app. 😇😇😇

- Fun but ads are annoying

There is an ad after every two test it’s so annoying I think it’s a fun game but way too many ads please fix this it also freezes a lot🙄🙄🤞fix it Jaime P.S. Sophie🥳🤪 you should try searching it up on google it has answers

- Good but...

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing all well. Through this time this game has been very entertaining for me! The only thing I would like to say is about the adds. There is way to much and they are sometimes very time consuming! I’m sure many other people agree with me. Other than that I absolutely love your game!

- Great game but lots of ads

This is actually a really great game and can’t in with such low expectations with all the click bait mobile games these days but it’s pretty tricking with one or two extremely easy and obvious puzzles thrown in to kinda mix things up but in saying that there is a lot of ads but I think it’s worth it I love it

- Great game but way too many adds

If you want a game that really tests your brain then this is the game for you. I love this game,it’s great but I’m so sick of all the adds!! Seriously, every time I go back to play the game it’s like there’s more adds. Also it’s the same add every time! I know you have to put adds on to make money but this amount is ridiculous! Over all good game but please remove some adds. Thanks

- Umm....

First of all, I really like the game because it really tests your brain, but there are 2 problems! One is that there are tooooooooooooo much ads! There are one almost every level and it’s really frustrating and takes out all the fun, and secondly, after an ad it keeps on glitching and I have to restart the app every single time after an ad. Please do something to fix this!!!

- My Review🙂

It is a great game to play and can trick you so easily. The only annoying bit is that there are to many adds. They can happen for a hint or in between levels. Other than that I completely recommend it as a great game to play.

- To much adds!

I really like this game but when ever there is another level there is an add I know games need adds but I don’t think they need this much when ever you want to do somthing on the app there is an app like this app is so fun but it does so many adds I rated it 4 stars because I love it a lot but there is so many adds

- Too many ads

I read the reviews and thought, Well developers need ad support, I can deal with that. But ads are too frequent, too long, repetitive and at every level. Fair enough to earn hints, but there does need to be more playing time. I think if you timed it, you spend about 4 minutes watching ads for every 1 minute of playing time.

- 10/10 would recommend

This game is a great game! It keeps me entertained and is so much fun. ALL of my friends LOVE this game!! There sign many adds and you have many opportunities to get more keys! Please get this, it totally helps with distracting you from something else.

- Too many ads

I really like this game and my only complaint is that there are WAY too many ads. It’s SO annoying! Like ever time you get the satisfaction of finishing a level, an ad pops up. Plus, when it says watch a video to spin the wheel, I press no thanks, then it just takes me to a video!!!! There are even ads in between levels!

- Great 👍🏻👍🏻

Brain test is an enjoyable game while your using your brain to figure out the puzzles. At the start the puzzles are pretty easy but as you go along the can be very hard. I would definitely recommend using this app!!😍😍

- Beat the wizard

In the beat the wizard there are 2 apps the are associated with that level. The first one is Pokémon go because you use water mon to defeat fire mon, grass(leaf) mon to defeat water mon and fire to defeat leaf(grass.) There are 15 more types. The second one is wizards unite. Because it has Harry Potter in the game.

- Shameless adware

Don’t download this app unless you want to spend more time watching ads than playing the actual game. Not only do they place an ad banner at the bottom but frequently when solving puzzles you’re hit with a full screen 30 second video ad. On top of that, they encourage you to watch even more ads for power ups. Shameless adware that only comes from companies that want to squeeze every drop out of you and don’t really care about the game.

- Some problems

This was to start a really fun game but as soon as I got higher level there was a 30 second ad after every test and it casually just glitched out and I have the to iOS I ended up deleting it because there was too many adds if you could please maybe try and reduce the adds it would be great

- My Review Of Your Game

I think it is a good game but when I got a hint for a question it told me to open the fridge but I couldn’t open the fridge. Your game is fun but you should sort out that problem some kids play this game and they might get very frustrated. But other than that, we’ll done your game is good.

- Great game but...

It’s a really good game it’s super fun me and my friends and family love it. It’s amazing, but the only thing i think thats kind of annoying about it is the ads there are so many ads, so many! Other than that it’s a super good game and I recommend it if you don’t mind ads that much👌

- Adds adds and more adds oh and so many freaking adds

This is a brilliant game you have to get it but beware the adds are everywhere why has every person that has made a game put freaking adds make good games with absoulutly no adds to get a five star rating

- Really fun game but SOO MUCH ADS!!

Okay don’t get me wrong this game is fun I was almost about to buy ‘remove ads’ but I realised if I did then I won’t be able to get hints from ads and stuff just please remove or decrease the amount of ads, thank you 🙂

- It’s very fun

This game is super fun it’s challenging and if it’s too hard you can press on the lightbulb to help you. To the person who made this game: you have done a great job your very creative and smart thank you for creating this great game.

- Great game, one thing though

First of all great game, I am totally addicted. But there are waaaaaaaay to many adds after one level, ad. Next level, ad. I was going to turn off my internet but I FaceTime 24/7 and if I turn off the internet I can’t FaceTime. I hope you took this into consideration. Thanks.

- Ok but more levels produced at once

So I love this game and I can’t see anything wrong with it but I feel like after two days from when I updated I finish all the levels other that amazing game

- More time watching ads than playing the game

This game was actually really fun for the small amount of time you get to play it. After every two rounds there is an ad, plus the ads you have to watch to get more of the little light bulbs.. Ended up deleting this game as I felt like I was spending more time watching the ads than actually playing the game.

- Great

I deleted this fame recently, but i coudnt remeber so i download it again, so then i remembered when i started playing....the ads, do i have to be forced to watched an ad when to the point im enjoying it, then ads pop up. Sould be given an option which it works as its your decision, not just out of nowhere an ad shows up. So i delete it again dont want to waste my time on ad which forced me to watch just sp i can continue the game.

- Too many ads

Great app I enjoy thinking a different way, but way too many ads I would like the option to pay to remove the ads please.

- Adds

I love the game but there are so many adds there’s always an ad every two levels please can you only have adds if you want coins !

- Fun but..

I think it’s really fun to play however after every “level”there’s an add trying to sell me a app that I already have or don’t even want! If you skip the add you hit get more ads but I you don’t skip them your just there forever

- Good but TO MANY ADDS

This is a fun game, but not amazing. It keeps me entertained for a while but then, boom. Adds. Adds, adds, adds, adds. So many adds!!! After about two questions I get the same glitchy adds, but it is worth the download.


I LOVE it! I recommend it for people who like puzzle games. The only bad thing is I’m waiting for the next brain test because I have finished all the levels, creators plz try speeding it up!

- I love this game

This game is so good if you’re reading this review I will be very happy 😃 you should get this game right now! This game also makes you brain think a lot’s it’s also very fun too🤓

- This is fun at the same time

When I first started the game I thought it was just for children to get smarter but I got up levels and it was really fun so I’m keep playing and I’m now 16

- Apple issues

Sometimes, if a level needs you to flip the phone, it doesn't work please fix it.

- New levels

I have been waiting for new levels for at least 4 weeks now. I absolutely love the game but I want the new levels please I have been waiting for so long. Please please please have new levels soon. Apart from that I love the game.

- Dropped Out

I was really having fun with Brain Test, but it has dropped out!!? It comes on for a few seconds and then drops out. Plus I don't have a torch on my old iPad so I've had to skip a couple that requires more light 😏

- Get this game 🤩

Brain test is a good game and I would recommend getting this game , but there are a lot of adds even though there are a heap of adds it is a stand out and I love it 💖

- Too Many Ads

This is an enjoyable game made impossible to enjoy due to the constant advertisements. There is a new ad every 15 to 30 seconds and you spend more time watching ads for other games than you do playing this one. Very disappointing and I ended up deleting this app after about 15 minutes. It is sad because the app itself is pretty good!

- Great Game but Less Ads

This is a great game. I saw Jacksepticeye play it. The only problem is that you have to watch an add AFTER EVERY LEVEL. Its incredibly annoying. Please for the love of god change that

- Neeeeeeeeeeeed more levels 😫

I love this game can’t get enough of it. It good to test your brain and awesome to give you heaps of laughs. But I have finished all 288 levels and need heaps more please. But other than that love the game 😍😄😄😄

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- Fun!

This game is perfect for when you are bored. 99% recommend

- Best game ever😄

I love this nothing is wrong with it so I don’t care what you say this game is the best

- Facebook Ad

The game itself is fun. But every single time I play, the only Ad that pops up between rounds is some stupid Facebook one, that is impossible to close without restarting the app

- Too many ads!

Two ads between every level. Deleted it after level 10. The brain test is to see how long you can go before you get sick of the ads.

- Fun but..

Too many ads ! I feel like I’m spending more time watching ads than I am playing


THEY CHARGED MY ACCOUNT FOR $6 without my authorization!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD. SCAM. If you download the free 3 day, it charges you immediately; no “free” 3 days whatsoever!!

- Turn off wifi for no ads. 🧦📦🥔

I like the game. Sometimes I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do and the hint doesn’t make sense, but overall it’s really fun. If you don’t want ads all the time, just turn off your wifi. 👍 I’m sad though because I finished all the levels 🥺😕

- Great Game But..

I beat this game with only a few hints in 3 hours of boredom. I loved the game but now I will most likely have to wait a long time for new levels. There are quite a few too many ads as well🙄

- A very cool app

I love this game but when you finish the hole game I gets boring 😐

- Awesome

I love this game I can’t stop playing this. It is so fun

- BS

Games is full of flaws that make you watch adds for hints. Attempt to do something before you watch a add nothing happens. Watch a add and use a hint, all of a sudden the same thing you tried before works. Update* Still extremely frustrated. Understand they need adds for revenue but to make the game impossible to move forward without watching a add it just down right ignorant.

- Hint

(Hint) if you don’t want ads then turn off your wifi on your device. Btw this game is fun!

- Good game but made useless with ads

Every damn leve they have to put an unskippable 30 sec ad? Delete

- LEIA charara

This game is so fun that I play it every day

- Too Many Ads

I really enjoy this game but find I spend more time watching Ads than playing the game. You complete a puzzle, you have to watch a 30 second Ad before you can move on. You should be able to get through several puzzles before having to watch another Ad. Especially when some of the puzzles can be completed in seconds. You end up watching two ads (before and after) that total 1 minute for a couple or few seconds of game play...where is the fun in that? You will be rewarded with a bonus after successfully completing a certain number of puzzles and need to select a bonus box...but guess soon as you select a box you have to watch another Ad before you find can find out what you have received as a bonus. Yes I realize you can pay to play with out the Ads but there is still a very excessive amount of Ads in the free version.

- Luv this game

Can you keep making money game so I can keep playing them and also I want to keep on and on and on anon anon please just make more

- Copy cat

Brain testing is coping Brain out every buddy Brain testing A bad review

- I hate this app it’s so stupid

I decided to buy some hints for 2.79 and it took more than that out of my account

- Ahhh

Best game ever

- Deleted within 30 minutes

Download if you enjoy watching ads every 2 minutes.

- Great game but inappropriate ads.

My daughter really enjoys playing this game and I feel it’s better for her brain than most of the games she plays. The game is rated 4+. That being said, the app is ad heavy and one of the ads that popped up was for “Sniper 3d: gun shooting games” which is rated 17+, and depicted a hostage scene with a knife and police surrounding the man with their guns drawn. Not appropriate for a 4+ audience. Where is the oversight?

- Jeu pour adolescents

C’est le jeu le plus stupide qui m’a été donné de jouer, c’est une perte de temps totale.

- To many ads

There are way 2 many ads fun but seriously to many ads

- Perfect

You should download this app it might be hard but it tests you brain to be smart so that’s the good part.

- Levels

Need more levels!!!

- Bad


- Fun fun fun

This game is fun if you want to challenge your brain and if you want to challenge your kids to this game is also fun if you are bored in the car on a long car ride because it uses no Internet.

- loVe iT!!

Fun! I like this game a lot!! Some questions are easier but some are still challenging!

- Love it but too many ads

No more ads pls I hate ittt

- it’s okay

the game is fun but it gets boring after awhile and to many adds but it’s all good i guess😅

- Too Many Ads

While I understand the need for ads in games, the sheer number and frequency of them in this game is ridiculous. I spent more time watching ads than actually playing the game!


It’s awesome I can use it without wifi but all you need to work on is the ads maybe change the level to make it harder then everyone is gonna download it to try harder

- Good game but too many ads

Is it possible to get rid of ads by doing a 1 time purchase or something like that?

- Absurd amount of ads

Fantastic game, but the amount of time watching ads takes double the time of actual game play. What a disappointment!

- Okay

I love the game but it has two many ads. For anyone who wants this game be prepared for lots of ads .

- Xheudfh

Very fun lots of adds


Is good bot before a level the have a ads wenh a im playing the have ads wenh i finish ADS

- Only riddled with ads

Games are either very basic or illogical and frustrating. Spent more than 50% of my time using this app staring at ads. Deleted.

- Lots of Advertisement !

This game is full of Advertisement which you can't skip. Very irritating. I don't recommend this game.

- Too many ads

I quit after ten minutes. About eight ads. Way too many. Bye bye

- Shop doesn’t work?

The game is amazing but the fact that both of my purchases made on this game took my money but never actually gave me the in game currency is really disappointing. If I got a refund or just got the in game currency then I would rate this a five star.

- A video after each level

The puzzles are interesting but there is a video after each leave that you can’t bypass.

- Too many ads

Too many ads get very irritating

- Good concept

Too many ads, deleted in 10 minutes.

- Too many adds

The game itself is fun but for every level you play you end up watching two-three ads which makes it frustrating. I get the need to Gerard revenue but when you spend more time waiting for ads then in playing the game it just becomes tedious.

- Not that great

This game is challenging and tests your brain and it’s great for when you are bored but the one bad thing is what annoys me the most is after every single challenge there is an add and it’s the same add over and over again, so if you don’t like watching adds every minute this app Is not for you would not recommend

- Too many ads

I’m going to reverse charge you for internet usage

- Too many ads

Way too many ads I couldn’t be bothered after a while. Otherwise fun puzzles.

- Very addicting

I love this game! I’ve had it for months and still love it! But I want something to be fixed. 1. Too many ads. 2. Now it says there will be new levels soon. I keep on checking but still nothing.

- Not recommended for kids

Not kid friendly and very easy

Libertex 📈

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- Amazing Game.

I downloaded this game because I beat a game similar and got obsessed with these games. And I’m so glad I did. Unlike most apps, there’s not too many ads and you can watch one for a reward at any time. And unlike other apps like this, the levels aren’t repeated over and over. I just love the originality of each level. And, with school out, I can still intellectually challenge myself. There is just so many things that are great about this game and I definitely recommend it for people of all ages. So, if your looking for a challenge, then give this game a try!

- Stops working

About every 2 levels it tries to show an ad and then the screen is just black with an x in the top right corner then it goes to the screen where you can select next or share and I can’t do anything at all, it won’t let me click the next button. So then I have to double click my home button to completely exit out of the game entirely and then click back on the icon for the game to load the game so that I can play maybe 3 more levels before it does it again. It’s very frustrating to have to do that every 2-3 levels. I like the game but if it continues then I’ll just have to delete it because it’s not worth it to do that. Is there a reason it does that? How can I fix that issue?

- Game is ok but...

Agree w/ last review that the 25 & 50 pts for hints and skips are too much. There are way too many ads but even if there were the same amount of ads, make them 5-15 secs not all 30. Some are inappropriate even if asked if a person is over a certain age. Kids lie. Hints also aren’t all always that intuitive. Many are but most should be. A good thing would be to ask if the player wants to learn about the mistake they made or want to learn more about how the problem could be solved. Oh and maybe make some problems where there’s more than one way to get to the solution. Biggest thing is, I guess I’ve come to an impasse as there are no more games to play. App keeps telling me there’s more to come but nothing. Maybe this is a new game so hope any help, helps. Good luck.

- Does not train anything but stupidity

Don’t think this game will improve your brain. It’s the most ridiculous, stupid series of “games” that eventually will make you BUY more hints. For example, what appears to be a question about finding number patterns turns out to be a straightforward addition problem because the previous set of sequences is simply “wrong”. One question has a picture of cows clumped up together and asks you to find a bull. Nothing works. It turns out that you have to drag out the word, “red” from “reddit” and place it in front of the cows and magically a bull jumps out. They say red attracts bulls. The game is just a series of crap questions like this engineered to make you watch ads that pay them or for those who are competitive and impatient, to shell out money in order to buy more hint coins. I am deleting this crap of a game.

- Fun but lots of ads

The concept of some of these games are interesting. Thinking outside the box is a good brain exercise. However, there are too many embedded advertisements. I tried it and by the time I got to level 8, I had already been forced to see at least 9 advertisements. I understand the need to have ads for funding and etc. and I accept that I need to see ads if I don’t want to pay or something but if I choose to continue, my experience should be impeded by the amount of ads. The fluidity of my experience was already ruined from the start so even if I would’ve paid to get rid of the ads, I wouldn’t continue long enough to build my desire to play. I’m annoyed too much from the start.

- Good trolling game

I just today beat the game but for some levels I new what to do and I mean really also why does it keep saying my device is a phone because I use a iPad that is bigger then the average computer otherwise great game unico studio you are the best and why are you only responding to the people who give like one star like why pleas add more levels so I don’t have to give all my viewers a lot of time not being able for me to play because this was there favorite uploaded the first video I’ve one hundred thousand likes how is that possible otherwise thanks guys unico studio you da best


How on earth do u expect me to enjoy this app when there’s more ads than levels! the creators need to make this app more entertaining. i’m going to delete this app now and find a better one. if you really want a fun game, do NOT download this app. the levels are fun and make u think, but it takes me 15 seconds to complete it, and then at least one minute of ads!!!!! at LEAST make the ads after 10-15 rounds. no one is going to download this app with these reviews. i hope no one will after this one, unless you want to pay $4 to remove them. awful, and so annoying. once i’m done writing this, i’m deleting. absolutely annoying. please, REMOVE SOME ADS!!! not to mention that they are all the same ads over and over. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Stop these ads

This game is really fun not gonna lie, but the ads are nonstop and that gets very annoying. If you want people to enjoy your game you should put less ads. Another concern I have are the type of ads most of the time the ads are very inappropriate and other times it’s the same ad over and over again, I am fine with a few ads here and there but this is getting ridiculous. You should also be reminded that kids also play this game to. Also on the App Store the game says its free but if you want to remove ads it will cost you, its not a lot of money but you should tell customers up front that there is also money involved. But after all that the game is really good.

- Love this game so much

I love this game it is really fun but I’m stuck on the level that you have to wake the bird up I wish that you could get one free hint everyday (you kinda get a free hint because of the daily gift) I’m probably going to end up just watching a video for more coins so I can get a hint.... I recommend this game because it teaches you to think outside the box my favorite level that I did was the one where you had stop the baby’s crying.....I totally recommend also because you can play it anywhere! Sincerely -sunny

- I think it’s good but read this

I love puzzles. I saw this; I thought “well of course I should buy it.” But... the ads!!! It can be really tricky without hints but let’s say you’re playing brain test... it’s normal... when suddenly you need help! You think “how can I get help? oh I know i can get a hint! But...I don’t have enough whatever there called! Hmmm... oh I know! I’ll just watch a really boring ad! You know, I don’t like that so I wonder how to fix it? oh you can go to the ad free version (if that’s what it’s called and if it even is ad free)... yeah... “. Its boring to have to watch ads!! And really the ad free version I’ve still saw some ads. So it like dat😡

- Great game! Get hundreds of points today in daily gift!!

I do love this brain game! I wish they would update it quicker, as it’s been awhile since they have! Remember to stop back for the ‘daily gift’! Today I noticed the Daily Gift is a super bulb that gives you 40 points if you watch a video...OR it will give you 20 points to simply collect. Be sure to click on ‘collect 20’ and repeat it! They are being generous with those points! I’ve collected more than 600 points today! These are great to use when you are stuck on a level.

- ...brain game?

This is supposed to be a brain game, but most of the level instructions are spelled incorrectly. I’m only twelve and I can figure that out. Other than that, this was a great game until level 287 when the game suddenly ended. I don’t have enough space on my phone to download brain test 2, so I am annoyed that the developers wasted their puzzles on making a sequel to this game. In the future, please add more levels, work on your spelling and grammar skills, and consider cutting some of the ads because they ruin the game. A daily challenge would also be nice. I’m conclusion, this game has potential to become 4-5 stars instead of the well deserved 3 stars that I will give.

- Great Mind-Bending game

This game is awesome, some of the puzzles have to make me think hard! I love the game, but it occasionally crashes because it gets stuck in the middle of an ad and I can’t use it unless I restart my iPhone. Please fix this as bug! Plus there are sometimes way too many ads..... More ads=more crashes, bugs, and customer annoyance, I mean there are A LOT OF AD PROBLEMS IN THE GAME PLEASE FIXXX Fact: people will stop using the game unless the developers remove some of the ads and there are some purchasing issues which will give or take items incorrectly, most are wasting their time and money doing this THIS IS A CRITICAL MESSAGE PLEASR REVEIW

- MORE LEVELS please

I have a brain tumor as well as ANOTHER brain injury-type condition. I usually “wake up” my brain. The first time I discovered the “end”, I was super bummed. Then, when an update came along with more levels, I tempered my use so that I could still play it while hoping to not reach the “end” again. But I did. Super bummed AGAIN! *wah One other thing, the adding of new levels takes soooooooo long. Actually, the first time, I offloaded the app so as not to torture myself! Until the the update of course. So please, please, PLEASE give us loads more levels and sooner!

- GREAT APP!<3 (Plz read!!)

This is a amazing app, really! It has all the things a riddle app would need and your brain test 2 is amazing too! Just two things... I finish the riddles too quickly. Maybe make them harder or more riddles. I finished this app AND brain test 2. If you are planning to download this app and is reading this to see how the experience would be than maybe slow down and don’t go riddle crazy like me. It’s either that I really like riddles and are REALLY good at them (I’m not bragging!) that I finish them SOO quickly. Also the adds. In brain test two there’s a chance you’ll get an inappropriate add sense it’s 4 plus. Please change that because I’m quite young and do not want to see any of that stuff. Plus, for other youngsters those adds can mess up there mind. This is a great app and thank you for the person(people) who make/made this app because it’s amazing! Stay healthy!<3 -writer that is obsessed with riddles.

- Confusing but fun game

I this game makes me a little confused but normally I get it . It is one of my favorite games besides Dancing Road and aqua park i.o.But it’s so fun. I like this game😍. Like I’m real smart enough but I’ve seen the adds and I’m like” mom can I get this game?” and she’s so nice so she said”yes but give me a kiss first” so I gave her a kiss💋and a I downloaded it and it said which one is closest to us the I was like the 🌙 .It said correct but it circled us and drew a line too the 🌙 and I was like oh I did not think like that . Well that’s all I have today bye!😉😀😃😄😁😆😋💩👩🏼‍🦰👩🏼‍🦰👩🏼‍🦰✌🏻✌🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

- Waste of time

I thought the game would actually be some sort of brain teaser challenge, but it is way more of a ad display disguised as a game. Most of the “challenges” are super easy and take about 10 seconds to solve. Some require a complete disregard of all logic, even the pseudo logic used in the game. Then after you finish a level, most times you are presented with an ad. Some of which you can skip, but most require you to watch the full thing. If you are lucky you can play two levels in a row before an ad, then every 3-4 ads it offers an ad to earn hint points. Even with all the ads and such I was able to “solve” every level in just over 2 hours. Such a short unfulfilling experience.

- Okay game, however~

«Before I start, Please I not get offended by my opinions! Also, pleas read this! This is they first one I have ever wrote! So, I’m super exited to share my thoughts! » Don’t get me wrong, this is a great game! But, there are a lot of mistakes. Like to many ads, levels are not getting harder, and we need more levels! First off, as you can tell. There are WAY TO MANY ADS! Your forcing the player, to buy something. «No ads» And, I would not want to pay any money for something that is not challenging, which leads me into another thing I dislike. Secondly, the levels do not get harder! Who wants a game without a challenge? Right? It’s gets me a bit frustrated, not being challenged. In my opinion, I think games should be challenging, making the player think. Lastly, we need more levels! I’ve been waiting, and waiting for more! We never get updates! Well, I hope you take my opinions into consideration. I took me a long time to type this! Thank you so much for reading! And, I hope you post this, developer! «P.S I love how you write those little responses! So, can you do that to me? Lol! »

- Aggravating Game with Senseless Puzzles

I really hate it when people make puzzle games that are supposed to make you think that you’re exercising your brain, but they’re really not. This game is a perfect example of hiding the information that you need to solve, forcing you to buy a clue. Sometimes the clues are worthless. Sometimes the logic to solve the puzzle is unrealistic, because the obvious solution is too obvious. Example: Open the soda bottle. You’re given a soda bottle with a metal cap, and a bottle opener. The opener doesn’t do anything, after buying a clue, you find out you have to shake the phone! The pressure makes the bottle explode pushing off the lid! Well what a well designed bottle. The other problem is I hate it when people use math problems but the math is not real math. If you’re using addition, then we should be following the rules of addition. This particular puzzle, I bought a clue. The hint was “just do it”. Gee thanks that was helpful. Clearly the developer comes up with cheap tricks to make you think that you’re exercising your brain when in reality, your looking for the least sensical solutions to a common problem.

- Too many ads...

Every time I finish a level there is an ad I think I watch ads more than I play the game. Second of all it could have more than just the same thing over and over, you could add different modes and NO MORE ADS!!!!! I don’t think anyone can express this enough, stop it with the ads there are so many that are really long that waste my time and I’m pretty sure everyone else’s too. Last but not least could you make it more appealing I'm not trying to be mean I'm just saying it’s the same setup you don’t mix it up. Overall I like the game it’s just those big things.

- More levels, and also better hints 😂

It needs More Levels!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for a couple months now for more levels, and it’s taking up space In my phone, if you put more levels I’ll rethink deleting it, but I’m seriously thinking about deleting it in a few weeks! So i can have more space, also it needs better hints, on the level where the kid is supposed to say Help, I was literally YELLING at my phone “HELP!” I had to read the hint over and over again to understand it!!!! If u fix these 2 things, I would love it, and also I’d bump up my rating to 5 stars ❤️❤️thx❤️❤️

- Nonsense supported by endless ads

The game is simply visual riddles. The questions are seldom looking for the logical straight forward answer. Then you will have to endure ads after every level. So far I spend about 10-20 seconds to answer the level’s question. Then the ad starts and runs 30 seconds. If playing time averages half the time you have to watch stupid ads isn’t annoying enough, there are several ads for games that feature pornography, homosexuals, and otherwise hypersexual situations. That’s a bit nauseating. I gave 2 stars just because the game actually works. It’s really a 0 but that’s not an option. It would be nice to find a game that wasn’t ruined by a barrage of nonstop ads.


My 8 year old son downloaded this game on his tablet and was having so much fun with it. I put it on my phone and quickly discovered that the ads (that are unavoidable and VERY OFTEN) are extremely sexual and inappropriate. Almost every ad was for games for teens+, showing cartoon graphics in compromising positions - cleavage, legs open and inviting, kissing, in bed, etc. This game is challenging and fun and well-made. But it should NOT be advertised as a family game and CERTAINLY should not be rated for ages 4+. Until they get it together and stop advertising for sexually explicit teen+ story apps, unfortunately my family cannot play it. Which is disappointing because my son was excited that he was playing something that was encouraging problem solving and learning. 😕😒

- Fun but too many ads

This game is really fun and I would give it five stars, but the advertisements are really excessive to the point that I might delete the app. Not only are they excessive, they are long. Most of the games I play let you exit out after a few seconds, many of the ads in this game last for 30 seconds. Also, there are advertisements on the bottom of the screen always also. There shouldn’t be both advertisements on the bottom, and advertisements that play. It should be an option to watch the advertisements to get rewards. Not only are there insane amount of ads, the ads frequently play sound, even if I have the sound and music off in the options and my phone is in silent. This is extremely annoying.

- I am not a fan of what you are doing...

Great game! I love it a lot, a lot of them are easy, and some of them make me think pretty hard. There is this one thing I HATE. Yep, I said HATE. Every time I finish a round or two it plays an ad, and that is very irritating. Because I never really look forward to another round because this game is LITTERED with ads. I would really like you to remove at least the ads that pop up after the rounds. I doubt you will remove them because they make you money, but they make customers unhappy. I really hope you will remove those ads. Me and my friends are not very happy with them. Thanks for your time.

- Great game, one suggestion

I really love this game its fun and passes time quickly. But i do have one suggestion. Whenever I need help with a puzzle I will get a hint. When I get it, I just want a little push in the right direction. Sometimes that’s what happens. Most of the time it just tells me the answer. Maybe you can change the hints so it doesn’t just give me the answer? Overall, this is my second favorite game I have ever played. It’s very fun and addictive. With that one little flaw fixed, it will be even better! 💜

- I can relate to these ratings ( please read when you can ) - May 5th 2020 Tuesday

I know many people are reporting to many adds but what can they do about it I am only 8 but I do have to say it is very glitchy like all of my games like Roblox and Block Craft but I have been reading the Reviews and I just think people are over reacting. Love a good person ps and if it is called brain test did you know that a screen is bad for you eyes and brain! But overall this game is fine but I know I said that they can't do enything about adds but soo many adds are so inappropriate for Kids my age. But here is something nice: We can get through a Covid-19! Stay strong!

- fun but too many ads

personally, I think the game is quite fun. it challenges the mind and makes you think. it is good for any age level which is great, but there are too many ads. after almost EACH level there is an ad after i get one correct and that is the most irritating thing EVER. I know that others would feel the same way. I understand ads every once in a while but to sit through the ads is a pain and i would have given it a 5 star but the ads really just are awful. if there’s anything you can do please fix this issue asap!

- It's okay....

It's a fun game, but there are so many ads!! And when you watch an ad to get enough for a hint, it often takes me off app. There's also an ad after EVERY level for me, and can also take me off app. Besides that it fun, but ads are annoying, and sometimes will not let finish the level because if I can't get enough for a hint, it's an ad, and I hate loading it. So I just deleted app anyways. But the positive part about my 3 star review, is that it's a fun challenging game you would like if you're okay with ads. There is a way not to have ads, but I don't want to spend my money on that. Thank you for reading my review.

- Like the game

I like the game and play it a lot. There was an ad for a different game that popped up where you pull these gold pins and save the girl from a bad guy or saving a fish from a shark and lava... is this a game you also have for us to download? If so how may I get this game I didn’t see a name for it. I do however see these ads often and absolutely love the games when it offers a chance to play (test) them. I also have downloaded other games that have these types of ads but can never find the actual games from the ads. Thanks so much oh and if you don’t have a game like this maybe make it a downloadable game ?? Please and thanks #gamergirl 😃

- Updated Review! (original- Awful Ads)

After my review the developer listened and fixed my issues with the game. I have played the game a bunch of times now and the ads are age appropriate! So much better! Original review with a 1 star- My kids wanted to play this. I thought it was a fun game and I would have been more interested in it but the ads were highly inappropriate. I had to delete it from all our devices. Awful use of ad time. It’s a bummer because my family was enjoying the game. I tried to buy it ad free but it was so hard to get to work, I just deleted it.

- Fun and entertaining but a few issues.

I got this game because it looked fun and challenging. And it is. The levels are interesting and make you think. But a few don’t really make any sense at all. There was this one where you had to make a frog fly by holding down it’s mouth... what? Also, there are SOO many ads. You do two levels, and then there is a 30 second ad that you have to watch. And if you want a hint, that’s another 30 second ad. So overall my suggestions are less ads and to make the few levels that don’t make sense more clear.

- Good game, but needs fixing.

Hello, I think this game is okay. It is really fun and challenging. The thing is the ads, it does not bother me how much there is...It’s what the ads are just about. Often I keep seeing inappropriate ads. Yes, I know some games can just be plain out inappropriate or bad, but don’t get me wrong.. A kid might download this and see those ads. This just makes the game a little bit less fun and bad. Maybe they could add a “Report This Ad” thing? I hope the developers can fix this. Overall this game is good, except that issue. Thanks for reading this kind of long review, sorry. Have a good day, and stay safe from the coronavirus.

- This App...

I don’t even know how to start! First thing’s first, it has too many add breaks. Right off the bat. I understand that this app needs to make money some how. But all of the other apps I own either don’t have ads at all, or have them once in a while. Not every time I finish one round, which isn’t even that hard to complete. I sometimes wonder how they think some of these are even challenges. My second point is, they obviously want you to use hints and get more, get sick of ads, then just ending up buying light bulbs. The thing is, at the beginning, they helped. As time passed, the hints didn’t even help, by that I mean I already tried to do the thing they’re telling me to try. I just feel like they’re ripping me off.

- Ads...

I love this game. It is amazing. And really, really addicting. But. THE ADS. THERE ARE TOO MANY. Like, I understand that companies need ads and stuff, but not that many. That is way to much. Unless you really enjoy ads and have patience, (which I don’t) then I would still recommend this game. If you don’t have patience like me, this game would be a little boring. If they just had ads on specific things and not after every puzzle, this game would be soooooo much more fun. But I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to get smart ;)

- Little tweaks

I ❤️ brain test and it’s levels. Now, some people might not have this, but when me and my brother go into the app it says, “are you ready to test your brain?” We click the yes button, but it takes a while to load. Eventually, it lets us in, but I honestly think that it needs to be fixed. Also, there are lots of ads and they are hard to get out of. The creators of brain test might not have the abilities to fix this, but I would like that to change also.

- Lots of ads but still fun

This game is pretty fun, there’s a crap ton of ads but as someone who can spare the 99¢ for ad free, I sprang for it. Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t have to pay for the ads to be bearable. I’m just saying that there is a cheap ad free option available to those who want it, and you may consider it worth it if you’re going to play this game a lot. Also the amount of homophobia in the reviews is astounding lol y’all need to calm down. I get that Episode is a sexual app and shouldn’t be targeted to kids. I agree with that much. But, developers, put more (nonsexual) LGBT ads in. I’d love to see that.

- The game is ok but features VERY mature ads

Brain Test is a good app. I’d score it a 3.5. But 2 things bothered me. First, after every question, it serves up an ad. Waaaay to frequent, c the question takes a second or 2, and the ad takes 15-25 seconds. So you are basically just watching ads with occasional questions. What a shame for those who took the time to think of the questions. But the deal breaker was that despite this game being rated for everyone, it features ads for apps that are for 17+. One ad was for an app that featured animated lesbian sex, with accompanying words like, “Go ahead, kiss her.” If you have any kids whom you want to strengthen their brains with great brain teasers, DO NOT download this app bc they will be served up highly sexual ads every two seconds. Not ok.

- Very fun game!

I thought this game was just going to be another lame brain teaser game, but I instantly got addicted after the first 30 levels. It is so fun playing this game and the graphics are so cute! And for all the people complaining about ads, they can just turn off their Wi-fi, so don’t let them get you down. This beautifully designed game has entertained me in my most bored moods. This game is just too good for words! Thank you so much for bringing this beautiful game to the App Store for everyone to enjoy! :D - Phoebe Brown. ( 10 )

- Good but...

I like the game and the concept but there are too many adds! And sometimes it would be really hard and we wouldn’t have enough tokens to do a skip or hint so we are stuck there so maybe you can remove adds... BUT you can make some levels really hard like a hard mod option and you have to watch adds if you can’t get it and also there’s “put the animal in the fridge” or something close to that and I think you should do like “put the animal into its home!” instead of that but it’s a ok game kinda boring though but I mean it’s a little fun or your spare time in the car or something

- Lazy devs

The developers of this game are lazy. In 5 months they made 2 levels. I would love to rate this 5 stars but the devs are too lazy. The levels they have are good but I could make 10 of those in a month while these devs are probably capable of 50 in a month they choose to be lazy. I would recommend this game to people for entertainment for a couple days but the developer can do much more and they choose not to. Otherwise this game is good. Update: The developers started working hard on their game and added a lot more levels and I updated my review from 3 stars to 4.

- Great game, but it’s too short.

I loved this game. It was a ton of fun. There were just a few issues. First, there were so many ads. Every level ended in an ad, no matter what. I get they want money, but at least give us a few levels no ad. Second, add more levels. The levels are super easy, no more then 3 minutes per level. I spent a total of 2 hours with this game, and then finished it. Just add more levels, it can’t be that difficult to think up some more stuff, half of them are repeat levels that you already have, why not do more of that.

- Fun but not a lot of levels

I think this game is really fun and has a lot of tricky puzzles but I finished the game in less then three days and I don’t know about a lot of people but I like to get games that I can keep for a long time. I also think that every one who is not on there phone a lot should get the game because then when they are on it they can play this fun game. Also thank you for not making it where you get the game and then you have to pay for everything. If you do not have this game though you should definitely get this game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- “Free” game with too many ads

The game was interesting enough, but like so many others, the publisher is unhappy with the monetary stream from “just” getting someone to pay for their game, and so you sit through ENDLESS ads, repeatedly having to click “no, I don’t want to watch a video for some crap I don’t want”. Publishers: news flash. Once advertisers catch on that the click-through rate on these ads is tiny, and the number of people that actually BUY after clicking through is practically nil, then you’re not going to be paid enough anymore to publish this stuff. Selling a good video game for a reasonable price is a business plan that has been successful for decades; I can hardly wait for THIS garbage to be done.

- #imsmarter

Hello! Sorry I was really tired and I didn't wanna write a review lol. So yea I say "I'm smarter" and it's true! I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!! I'm glad they came out with another😋 I love testing my brain, I like all these levels too! But there's one problem...... well, I've started playing this like 2 days ago and I already finished the game...😬 I think I should be concerned 😳. Yea but it's great overall! Please add more levels too! Oh and that reminds me... the ads... ''tis 'tis. Honestly theres not many, but ima leave it here, I might edit later! Best regards, Anna Crazyhunter :)

- Oh boy

The game is super fun but while me and my mom I’m 9 by the way but me and my mom where playing this and the ads that were on there ware not good there was a lot of ads of the game and it was showing gay stuff like two girls kissing and stuff and that’s inappropriate so the game is fun but fix your ads please make sure that the ads don’t have gay stuff in it cause after a while when the ads came on mom said to delete the app and she deleted off her phone to so please fix your ads thank you Please reply

- Really Fun

Hi! So, I really love this game. It’s tricky (but not too tricky), fun, and easy to play. I do, however, have a couple problems. For one, it takes way too many lightbulbs to buy a skip or hint, especially considering that most of the ads that you watch to get bulbs are 25-30 seconds long. Speaking of hints, sometimes they are really hard to understand, or pretty much tell you the answer. And, as one last note, sometimes the motions don’t register. I would normally say it’s my iPad, but I just got a new one, so, I think it’s the game. Sorry for the long review!

- Great Brain Game, but too many ads.

This game is super fun and it’s pretty challenging sometimes. All though I haven’t played it in a while because I finished all the levels and I had to wait months for new levels to come. Just now new levels came and I finished all of them in 3 minutes. Some have the same concept and it’s pretty easy to figure out, but others are pretty good. Although every 2 challenges you get an ad. TUNE DOWN THE ADS!!!! If you’ve made it to the end of this review then I’m glad to tell you that you should definitely get this game.

- So good but...

I love this game but some levels are too easy and I finished the game and it kept saying new levels coming soon but they never did now that there's a second one I'm happy but I wish I knew this before it never advertised it in the game that there's another one if they did probably would've been a five star review and WAY TO MANY ADDS I know you need to make money but after every level it's too much you spend more time watching adds then playing the game If you want a app for watching adds then this is a game for you!!!!!

- Zero stars 🕳💰🏃‍♀️

I downloaded this game 1.5 years ago. I loved it, I am now on level 316, but it takes ages for new levels to update into the game. My friend downloaded the game and got to level 12, then quit because there is to many ads. And no, I am not allowed to have in-app purchases, so I cannot buy “Remove Ads” game pass. I would love if you added more levels to the weekly question. That is only answering 1 question per week. 75% of the time I had this game, it either was not even a game, but an advertisement, or, it was saying, “new levels coming soon!” And it has been a month and there is NO NEW LEVELS! This really angers me. Add more levels and remove adds now or I am calling my lawyer and reporting a file for ILLEGAL GAMBLING!!

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#ThingsToDo during the #CoronaVirus #Quarantine. Number 13. Sit down and try out some brain teasers with the family. Here are 9 Tricky Puzzles to Test Your Problem Solving Skills. (Interesting Engineering)

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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles 2.4.7 Screenshots & Images

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles (Version 2.4.7) Install & Download

The applications Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles was published in the category Games on 2019-11-12 and was developed by Unico Studio LLC [Developer ID: 1467451326]. This application file size is 198.14 MB. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles - Games app posted on 2020-10-27 current version is 2.4.7 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.unicostudio.braintest

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