Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles [Games] App Description & Overview

Brain Test is an addictive free tricky puzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers. Different riddles testing will challenge your mind. This new puzzle game may break common sense and bring your new brain-pushing experience! You can enjoy yourself with your friends with this addictive and funny free IQ game. Get ready to take the quiz!

If you are a fan of word game, word search game, puzzle, sudoku or any other quiz games, Brain Test is your best choice!

• Tricky & Mind-blowing Brain Teasers: You will be tricked!
• Unexpected game answers to the great number of quizzes.
• Fun for All Ages: The best trivia game for family & friends’ gatherings!
• Download this funny game for free.
• Endless fun and brain-pushing games.
• Great exercise for the brain.
• Simple and highly addictive game play.
• Great time filler.
• Play without the internet.
• Play offline.

Have fun!

Subscription Terms:

VIP PACKAGE: Access offers a weekly subscription, you will have a 3-days FREE trial period, after this period you will be charged.

After buying this subscription, you will unlock following features: instant 100 lamps, no ads, double daily gift, 50% cheaper skips and 40% cheaper hints.

This is an Auto-renewable subscription. The payment is charged to your account after confirmation. The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will be charged for renewal as well.

End of trial and subscription renewal:

• The payment is charged to your account after a confirmation of purchase.
• The subscription is renewed unless you turn it off 24 hour before the end of the current period.
• The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period at the cost of the weekly subscription.
• The user may manage the subscription and auto-renewal have to be turned off by going to the user’s account settings after purchase in the Store.
• No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

Canceling a trial or a subscription:

• If you want to cancel a subscription during its free trial, you have to cancel it through your account in the Store. This must be done at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period to avoid being charged.

For more information, please visit for more information

If there is questions contact us

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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Comments & Reviews

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- NEED more levels!!!


- Too Many Ads

Nice game but I just get a 30 second add like every 2-3 levels and it’s too annoying to deal with.

- A Fun Game at first

This game really was fun I was getting through the levels easily, but then I needed to make a purchase for some more hints because I got stuck. But, after I paid I didn’t get any hints but I did loose the money. It may just only be me but still.

- Ads!

After everything there is an ad, sometimes you can’t even skip it an you will get nothing! To get hints you also have to..... watch an ad. Otherwise good brain game.

- This one ad that often shows more than the rest

Hi I do watch ads for prizes but this one ad I hate that pops up about coin master and I am not interested in that but it pops up 99.9% of the time pls stop showing that ad I am ok seeing other ads other than the often showing great game by the way

- Soooo many ads

Hard to enjoy playing when after most puzzles I am forced to watch a 30 second ad!

- Level 103-Flying cat

I’ve downloaded tie app twice and watched all the videos online but it does not work!!! I’m so frustrated!

- This game rocks


- Way too many ads

Would be super fun if there wasn’t an ad after literally every level.

- If you love watching commercials than this is the app for you

Do you love watching commercials but hate the thought of playing a mobile game? Well than you’re in luck. Download this game and all of your dreams will come true.

- Too many ads kill any fun

It takes less than five seconds to solve the puzzle and then you get a 30 second (mostly) unskippable ad before you can go to the next level. You’re doing more ad watching than actual puzzle solving. Also some of the puzzles make zero sense. Played for 33 levels and deleted.

- Ok game

The game is all right but you can add a negative sign bc on challenge 17 they don’t have it

- The amount of ads are ridiculous!

The first 3 minutes are fun and when asked if your enjoying the game you will without hesitation pick yes and rate 5 stars........and then the ads start. You literally spend more time waiting for the ads to end then you do actually playing. The game should be called ad waiter. A game of patience to see if you can outlast the never ending barrage of incoming ads for games that should have never been made.

- The stupidest game ever

I have never seen such a silly stupid game in my life.

- I love this game

This game is awesome all thought it has a lot of adds and is sometimes slow 🐢🐌 it makes up for that with all the fun 😆😜😝 you will have playing it

- Fun, but...

I am deleting this game. The ads are beyond annoying.

- Ads are ridiculous

After the first 5 or 6 puzzles, the ads are overwhelming. You get double the amount of ads than puzzles. Deleting.

- Just keep scrolling

This is really simple but I just want to say that I Engle this game a lot and I hope you add more levels.The only reason that it’s not five stars is...all the adds.Thats a really common reason but like- I couldn’t continue without an add every 2 levels.Its better than most of these types of games.Would recommend~

- Cute and Fun with the Family

It’s a really enjoyable game and my daughter and I had a blast with it!

- Shaking doesn’t work on tablet

Any levels that require shaking the phone to pass don’t work on a tablet. Disappointing because I have to pay to pass. That’s unfair.

- Too many ads

I like the games a lot but it’s super frustrating to have to sit there through so many ads. You each more ads than solve puzzles. I simply cannot play it anymore because if that fact.

- The game is ok

To much advertisement

- Brian Test

Sometimes you try something & it doesn’t work. Then you get a hint and how you did it the first time was correct. If you get stressed easily DO NOT get this app. Sometimes it takes forever sometimes it takes 20mins

- M

I’t ok

- 75% ads, 25% game.

Not worth it. Too many other free and fun games out there with way less ads. Not wasting any more time on this. Deleting now.

- Fun

This is a fun game that keeps the brain active

- 😃 yay

I love this game but it

- So far it’s good

Asked to rate after only a few brain tests but so far it’s good

- recommend reading this before getting!

this is a great game, i can spend hours on it! it makes me feel smart and i love the little texts it gives after you finish a level but i would like the game to fix this. 1. way to many ads. there are so many ads that u can’t even count. every 2-3 levels i will get an ad. sometimes they are long and i can’t x out and sometimes i can but they are really annoying. i also don’t want to pay money for them to go away, that shouldn’t be an issue in the first place. 2. most of the hints are very helpful but sometimes i still am confused so making more than one hint would be nice. also there should be other ways to earn money. maybe when you complete a level you get 10 bulbs or something.....other than that, i love this game and would definitely recommend during this quarantine!

- Great

This is a really fun brain game. Love it a lot.

- Ad overkill

Is the test to see how many ads you’ll tolerate in 10 minutes? Mine was 8 or 9 for the record.

- Good Game To many adds

The game is Great and Brilliant, But every time a Finish a level there is going to Be a add. There should be less adds to make the game more fun

- Ugh the ads

So, first I liked the game then an ad then another ad they kept replaying I got annoying PLEASE REMOVE YOUR ADDS!

- Love and hate!!

I really like this game, it keeps your feet and is very interesting. However and ad or 2 ever time you pass a level is super of putting, so I deleted the game is to mush and way to long.

- Great game!

This game helps my child learn it challenges you and makes you think well and use your skills.

- Ads galore

I feel like I’m passing levels just to get to an ad. Gotta delete it unfortunately.

- Fun

I think this is a fun game, despite how frustrating it can sometimes be when I can’t find out the puzzle! I just finished all 275 levels yesterday, and I am eagerly awaiting new levels. But developers: I need y’all to keep in mind that the baby’s crying is very annoying. Thanks so much for this great game. I know how to stop all the ads, by the way. I just turn my WiFi and data off. Lol

- Good game

This is a good game by it’s self but I really like that you have to think this game is good for kids and adults.(kids higher than 4)

- Too many ads

Why is there an ad after every single puzzle?

- So 👏 Many 👏 Ads 👏

I understand that these games have to make money but after every puzzle, it’s a video ad! If it was at least every 3 puzzles, that would be fine. Definitely more ads than puzzles. Unless you’re going to pay to go ad-less, don’t bother downloading.

- I hate it it’s stupid

When I tried to download it it kicked me out I want u to fix that RGITH NOW IM NOT PAITENT

- Brain test

This is amazing

- It doesn’t work

Every time I hit next level it doesn’t go to the next level I have to hit it like 30 times before it goes to a next level

- Boring ...

Not good brain teasers

- So amazing

I absolutely love this game so much

- Good

No problems good for me and your education

- Must play

Cool game

- Not an actual brain game

These “brain games” are just dumb questions and do not require you to think at all

- Cool game

It’s soooo hard but sooooo fun and cool

- More Levels Plzzz

Love the game but want more levels! Quarantined in my house and wanting to play this game but there’s no more levels :/

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- Too many Ads

Great game but ads after every level make me not want to play the game

- ads

fuck your ads, fuck your retarded game and fuck you for wasting my time. literally cant play more than 20 seconds without ads. fuck you

- ?

Kind of hard but fun if ur bored !

- To many adds

The game would be fun if there was not so many interruptions with adds. I have never seen so many interruptions in a game. It removes all the fun from the game.

- Too many adds

Fun but too many adds and plus I purchased add removal for 5.49 and the adds are still there 😡😡

- Boring...

Boring!!! boring!!! boring!!!

- Ads

Tip: Turn your internet off for no ads, for free

- This is the best

This game is sooooooooooooooo fun but there’s so many adds but it is my fave game ever

- Game froze

The game is a very fun game but one day my game froze and everytime i go on it stays the same it also has lots of ads

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love this game even though I just started i have another game like this called brain out ❤️❤️❤️❤️that’s y I love this game I give it 5 stars ⭐️

- The ads

There are WAY to many ads, plus some of the levels you are pretty much required to use the hints which means even more ads, plus the ads occasionally crash the game, or are un-skipable making you want to hit your head against the wall, because of the god damn wait, I’d make it so the bonus lightbulbs you sometimes get don’t require ads.

- Review

A great way to raise your IQ

- Awesome

I loved this app but some times it took a long time to finish a level

- My eyes hurt from all the ads

My eyes hurt

- Too many ads

Deleted the app because there was way to many ads

- Too many ads

Game could be fun if I didn’t have to watch ads more than play

- Too many ads

Games are fun! The amount of ads is stupid. I’ll be deleting this game

- Too Many Ads

Two ads with every level. Didn’t have the patience to stick with it past level 5. Not worth the download.


THEY CHARGED MY ACCOUNT FOR $6 without my authorization!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD. SCAM. If you download the free 3 day, it charges you immediately; no “free” 3 days whatsoever!!

- Ads

Way to much ads

- Great game😁

I have past all the levels cant wait for more levels Good work and for me there is no problem with the ads

- Fun but.....

Way to many adds not fun to play then and do degenerate deleting and probably not playing again sorry but not the game for me


after just about every game (which is max 3 mins) there’s a 1 min ad. Deleted

- Ads and daily rewards

I love the game its fun but you can only get your daily reward at the time you get it last like if you get it the night before at 7 o’clock then the day after you have to get it at seven o’clock and i dont mind ads but i keep getting the simply piano ad

- Great!!!

This game is the best game ever

- Ads ads ADS

Is one or two ads between every level really necessary? Apparently for this game it is. I would rather get COVID-19 than try and play this game for more than half an hour. Only way this game is playable is with the ad free version. Deleted it after I spent more time watching ads than playing the actual game.

- Please add more levels!

I’m already done all levels and I’m really bored of it now that I can’t play anymore levels. (Just added) Hurry the fudge up!!! I’m really bored and I really want to play it! >:( Hurry up or I won’t play! It is taking so LONG!!! Omg it has been so long YOU HAVE TO HAVE SOME LEVELS MADE!!! It is so boring now. I actually started play brain out. It is much better and they have more levels and they do it faster. (Side note: For all of you who have finished try Brain Out. It is another puzzle game with so many more levels. Try it when your bored and or done brain test.)

- Unplayable

There are so many ads it renders the game completely unenjoyable amd down right unplayable. Don’t waste your time.

- Great!!

This game is so much fun and great when your bored, there is quite a lot of ads but it’s definitely worth it, if you don’t want the ads but don’t want to pay just turn your phone on airplane mode!! 1000% recommend !!


It’s AMAZING!!! Really fun, it’s hard but not too hard. It’s really just great, my favourite pass time. I really LOVE it. If I could I would rate it 10,000,000 stars. Best app I have ever played in a long time, you solve amazing puzzles it’s just really really amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Impossible de jouer sans publicités

Impossible de jouer sans se faire interrompre par des publicités. On perd le rythme du jeu, on décroche facilement. Vraiment dommage. J’ai effacé le jeu après 10 minutes...

- Awesome

Awesome game I love it!!!!!!

- Rgh


- Way to many ads!!!

Ads every two questions. No thank you

- This game is not for everyone

I saw this game as as an ad and thought that it was a interesting concept or that it would even help me be more creative; but no! After getting the game most of the levels were just not logical and when I was trying to wrap my head around them ads would constantly pop up and they would be like 30s long each.

- Brain test

Great game so many levels

- So fun

This game is super Duper Duper Duper fun I just wish there wasn’t any ads

- Worst app ever don’t waste your time

Too bad you have to tap a star to submit. Absolute advertising crap

- Good app but way too many commercials!

I like this game but will no longer play it because of the non-stop ads. Very annoying!

- Ads

Love it but too many ads

- Fun but....

....way too many ads! That’s just a complete turn off. Just makes you look like greedy opportunists. Had they hadn’t been so much I likely would have gave this game 5 stars.

- Hint

Level 88: Take the “100” from the Knights and put it over the “100” from the Barbarians. That’s pretty much all it makes no sense but whatever.

- Way too many ads

I couldn’t even play the game long enough to get into it because every round forces you to watch a 30 second ad. I’m not going to pay for a game I can’t get into.

- Too Many Ads.

Paid to remove adds but still have to watch adds to get points. Rip off

- Why am I still getting ads?

I paid $5.49 for the ad but continue to get ads when collecting rewards. What’s up? Otherwise love it.

- Need more levels

I beat the game in 2 days i need more levels more please

- Fun but...

I cant pass level 8 it doesn’t make sense

- Waste of time

This game has so many ads, you spend more time watching ads than actually playing. I should be getting paid just to play this game. Do not recommend ! Terrible game.

- Aswsom game

I love it 🥰

- This is a very good game so far

This game barely has adds and gives you tips and if you don’t understand it shows you in the end

- Ehhh

It’s a 3 star for me, like I finish the levels quite fast and I hate how if I wanna get 25 or those light 💡 thingies the ads are like 30-40 mins long and whenever I finish a lvl there is always an ad it’s really bugging me 😔😔😐😐😐😐it’s ok..

- Great game TOO MANY ADS!

Such a shame that this game is just loaded with ads in hope you’ll pay more for the game... I’ve actually enjoyed the levels so much, I would have paid for ad free sooner... now I just feel forced and will delete the app instead.

- Way too many ads eeeek grrr

Cut your ads by half and still too many

- How smart am I?

I deleted the game because it was booooring. More ads than game play and you asked if I liked it in less than 2 minutes of playing. Booooooooooooooring!!!

- Cute clever game

A cute and clever little game that’s fun to play. The levels are different enough that they’re not too repetitive.

- Great

I deleted this fame recently, but i coudnt remeber so i download it again, so then i remembered when i started playing....the ads, do i have to be forced to watched an ad when to the point im enjoying it, then ads pop up. Sould be given an option which it works as its your decision, not just out of nowhere an ad shows up. So i delete it again dont want to waste my time on ad which forced me to watch just sp i can continue the game.

- Great game.....but

Too many ads. Two levels then two ads and so on.

- Worth 4 stars

It’s not the most unique concept of a game. But I still like it. It’s a break from drama and the Coronavirus.

- Amazing

Free and brain testing it’s fun and helpful

- Glitching

The game wont let me answer the questions without using a light bulb even though i know how to answer it please fix

- Very great app with funny tests 😂😂

Great app really enjoyed totally worth downloading the game is fun and entertaining but beware of the shot video that the game provides in order to get more points overall would recommend to anyone who is in to brain test kinda the reason the name definitely would download great app. 😇😇😇

- Game

Amazing as is really convenient

- Far too many ads

Far too many ads

- Love it

It really tests my brain Whitchurch I love

- Nothing but ads

Games are good, but constantly interrupted by advertisements.

- So many adds

So many silly adds!! You try to think then suddently a distracting add keeps distrupting you.

- Great But.........

This game is great but there are two things that could be better. 1. There are way too many ads that come up like every second level. 2. I am so desperate for new levels and I have tried updating but there are no levels after level 275. I hope that you can get some more levels and lessen the amount of ads because this game is sooo amazing but these small things will make all the difference. Thank you 😀

- It’s great but......

I’ve really been enjoying this game, it’s enjoyable and whenever I want to test my brain I play this but there’s is one thing that is really getting on my nerves. It’s that I’ve been stuck on this one level for weeks on end and it’s just too hard, I’ve tried moving things, no, I’ve tried tapping things, no, I’ve tried pulling things towards it, no,🤔🤔so that’s the only thing I want you to change, making certain levels easier than others. This is otherwise my favourite game ever!!!!!😍

- Awful

This game has constant ads you’ll delete it after a few games

- Great Game but Less Ads

This is a great game. I saw Jacksepticeye play it. The only problem is that you have to watch an add AFTER EVERY LEVEL. Its incredibly annoying. Please for the love of god change that

- Great gsme

Its great at the moment

- Too many ads

There’s an ad after every game, ridiculous.

- Fun but way too many ads

There is an add after everyone or two tests. You can watch an ad to get bonus rewards to use for tips which I would do but they freeze quite often and so you watch an ad but don’t get the reward. Also setting set to no music or sound but of course when an ad comes on, they somehow bypass this. Would be much better if there were fewer ads, like after every 5-10tests. Especially the easy ones.

- Way too many ads!

I love this game but i had to uninstall because you have an ad every 5 seconds. It put me off!

- In app purchase did not go through

We paid for in app purchases and didn’t receive them. Very annoying. We enjoy the puzzles but that frustrates us when you pay for something and don’t get it.

- Great game, but...

It has too many ads and it shows the same one ALL the time. Which is annoying but apart from that the game is awesome.

- Shameless adware

Don’t download this app unless you want to spend more time watching ads than playing the actual game. Not only do they place an ad banner at the bottom but frequently when solving puzzles you’re hit with a full screen 30 second video ad. On top of that, they encourage you to watch even more ads for power ups. Shameless adware that only comes from companies that want to squeeze every drop out of you and don’t really care about the game.

- Great game - new levels And less ads?

This is an amazing game and I can’t stop playing but I need some new levels. Because each round is very short I hope the levels come out soon. Also ads appear every 2 rounds and they get really annoying. Other than that I absolutely LOVE this game. That’s all I have to say.👍🏼

- It’s amazing

It was really fun to see how much skill I have in knowledge so it will help me in other situations.It does not have a lot of adds like most other games do and I enjoyed how long it is so you don’t have to delete the game after 5 minutes because your already is a good thing you download it because you can share it with your family, friends or whoever you want so they can enjoy the game as well.

- Great game, one thing though

First of all great game, I am totally addicted. But there are waaaaaaaay to many adds after one level, ad. Next level, ad. I was going to turn off my internet but I FaceTime 24/7 and if I turn off the internet I can’t FaceTime. I hope you took this into consideration. Thanks.

- Inappropriate advertising for children

Age recommendation for game should be 18+ due to inappropriate advertising for children’s viewing. My daughter and I enjoyed solving puzzles together until this became an issue. Will not be using again.

- GG

Nice smart game well done guys!! Love it

- Ads ads and more ads

Not even worth it. You watch more ads than you play.


Easiest when it’s at the first levels. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

- Ehh too many ads

Watched more ads then actually playing the game. It’s fun but wow. Most puzzles are really easy, then you watch a 30second ad just to play the next level. Lame

- If you enjoy ads- this is for you

Way too many ads to allow kids to play esp 4yo+. Deleted shortly after installing.

- Too many ads

I read the reviews and thought, Well developers need ad support, I can deal with that. But ads are too frequent, too long, repetitive and at every level. Fair enough to earn hints, but there does need to be more playing time. I think if you timed it, you spend about 4 minutes watching ads for every 1 minute of playing time.

- Audity draws

It’s the best if you like drawing and go follow audity draws on TikTok and social media they made this app

- Silly and full of ads.

This game is silly and can have multiple answers to some questions. It’s al full of ads that you wait for ads to be removed before playing the next level. Waste of time.

- Deleted!

Fun game but could only tolerate getting to the 10th level as the amount of adds are ridiculous

- Fun fun fun

It’s soooooooo fun and confusing!!!😂

- Thanks for making this fun game

I love this game there are no problems l just love it

- Way too many ads

Sitting with my son playing this app, was enjoying it but got an ad every 60 seconds. That is way too frequent guys. Sorry had to delete.

- Great Game

This game is soooo fun You should totally download it!

- Great game littered with unstoppable ads

So many ads

- Too many ads.

Good game, but WAY too many ads -more ads than play time.

- Disappointing

I like the game. Really long ads after each level. Spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Disappointing.

- Too many ads

There is an ad after most if not all levels so if you finish quickly you then sit thru a 30 sec ad. have uninstalled due to this

- Cool

I think you should give people the correct answer when you skip it. But it is AMAZING!!!😍👌🏻💕❤️😘

- Interesting

Fun game, make you think harder

Payoneer 💰

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- Good game

The game is fun. But when there is an advertisement after every single question you complete it makes it really not fun to play. I’ll delete until that problem is fixed.

- Frustrating

The idea is cool, makes you think outside of the box. But waaaay too many ads. So many that you spend more time on the ads and less actually playing the game. That and some of the puzzles make no sense so you have to use your coins to skip it, and to get coins you have TO WATCH MORE ADS.

- Loved it!! ❤️

Loved the game, super fun and addictive. Great way to kill some time and get your brain to think outside the box. Made it to level 276 at which point it tells me more levels coming soon. Hope it doesn’t take too long to get some more.

- Game is fun but the ads....

This game is fun and entertaining, but there are way too many freakin ads!!! Like way way too many and it’s really annoying. You would do a promo and watch an ad for points and then immediately after that an ad would play.after every two rounds an ad plays, some times two ads. Very annoying and makes me close the app at times.


First of all I love your game. But I finished all the levels. Do you suggest I keep it downloaded and wait till there is more levels or delete it? Get back to me ASAP!! Thanks

- fun but too many ads

personally, I think the game is quite fun. it challenges the mind and makes you think. it is good for any age level which is great, but there are too many ads. after almost EACH level there is an ad after i get one correct and that is the most irritating thing EVER. I know that others would feel the same way. I understand ads every once in a while but to sit through the ads is a pain and i would have given it a 5 star but the ads really just are awful. if there’s anything you can do please fix this issue asap!

- Way too many ads

Like the game but having an adult every other question or do is too much


I always have the tv on when I play. I don’t see the ads at all because I look away on purpose so I don’t see them. But I am stuck on the sheep on my phone and the monkeys on my iPad. No amount of shaking or trying to paint a sheep does any good. I am about to delete the app unless someone can tell me what is wrong. I loved it up til now but now I really don’t at all. And now that I’m reading about all of the inappropriate ads, which thankfully I haven’t gotten, I think I may just delete it.

- Champ

It’s a smart game

- Fun but way too many ads

I play a lot of ad supported games but this one takes the ads too far. Too bad because it’s a neat game.

- BEWARE... do not download! SMUT ADS

All fine and dandy until the ads became about smut like asking cartoons and o make lesbians moves on each other, and pregnant women looking for a man to sleep with, and cheating on your partner. Are you kidding? And no way to turn ads off. Great app ruined by stupidity. Do not download!!!! Oh AND the ads are after 1 or 2 levels at most and EVERY one of them is 30 seconds. Waste. Of. Time.

- addictive

Love the game. Gets your brain to work sometimes out of the box. My only request is I would like to sync my devices. I thought going through FB would do that, but it didn’t.

- From joy this is Jame’s grandkid .......clever

All I have to say is.......VERY CLEVER

- Good Game

too much video announced

- Loved the game BUT...

I loved the game but hated get an ad after every level. Deleted it because it took long to get to each level due to ads.

- No new levels too many ads

Fun game but WAY too many ads I’ve been waiting on new levels way too long it to the point I’m just going to delete the app

- This is so fun!

I love this game the first levels are so easy!

- 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Este juego es muy bueno

- Lover

I love it so much it really helps with school.

- Brain test

It would get 5 stars if it would give a real clue and if it would give answers instead of skipping

- 5* for ads

This game has depth in the form of ads within ads. You may love it if you enjoy watching ads, just to watch another ad before the next round. I deleted after 10 rounds. To bad

- Creative!

a simple game to make you think solve problems

- Ads till forever!

Fun game but soooooo many ads.... makes it not worth the download

- More ads than game

There are literally more minutes of ads than game. In 5 minutes, 3 and a half minutes were ads and 1 and a half were game. You are supposed to make people want to support the game and get an ad free experience, not annoy them into it. Instead, I just won't play at all.


I absolutely love this game. Every time I get bored I play it, other than when I have to wait for more levels to come out.

- Petition to change name

Petition to change name to big brain test. Otherwise it’s a good game.

- Entertaining

Pretty fun game really gets your brain to think

- Great game but too many ads

I love the creativity of this game. It makes you think outside of the box which don’t get me wrong i do love. The game itself is great, but there is an access of ads. Ads pop up almost after every level. This is the only thing that should be fixed. Love the game though

- Dum

Stupid game I hate it. It is absolutely CRUD! GARBAGE!☹️☹️😡😡😡🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👺👺👺👺👺👺😾😾😾😒😒😒😒😒😒

- Cool

It cool

- New levels would be nice

I love this app so much and I can never put it down. My one problem is I would love new levels. Despite that I’m still rating this 5 stars, which shows how good the existing levels are. But please add mor levels soon!

- 👍🏻


- Fine

I bought this for my daughter cause she loves doing tests when I realized it has a feu things that is bad please be careful.

- download if you love crap apps and excessive ads

this is the worst app i have ever downloaded. am i looking at the same app as everyone else? because there is no way to remove the ads, and an ad plays every other level. and also, the levels are getting way too hard, and in order to get a hint, you need the light bulb token thingies, and in order to get those, you have to-you guessed it-watch an ad. why does this crap app have such good reviews!? if you are reading this, good. because the other reviews glorify this app, this stupid piece of garbage, to make it look good. i don't know how anyone could love this ad show so much. and btw, i don't mean to make anyone feel bad. i think my blunt side came out a bit. so if you are still reading this, and you proceed to download the awful app, don't say i didn't warn you.

- Best game ever

This game is the best I played for so long that I forgot to eat lunch can you make another game that’s like the the first one but harder levels

- Epic game can’t stop playing oh and there is the elephant one u hold down on the fridge


- Fun game, incessant ads

Ads after every turn is too much. Fun game but deleted it. Couldn’t find where to purchase add free


DOWNLOAD NOW OR REGRET IT! This game is awesomely awesome

- Jess

This is a stupid app. it’s hard, confusing and it’s not fun. I would not recommend this app at all.

- Good game but...

Pretty good game but there are too many ads.

- Money taking

Don’t spend your miney on this game it will just take your money and do nothing!

- Johns review

This is wrong frogs can't fly

- Makes me smarter

This game is soooo awesome I feel like am smarter than all my friends and I am the first one to solve any riddles

- Ok game

Not very responsive I tap and nothing happens

- Wow this game is so smart

I love this game it is sooo smart I bet smarter than anyone i love it

- Ridiculous amount of ads

Uninstalling this potentially fun game after using it for about 10 minutes. Ads come up after almost every round or two. Thirty seconds of gameplay followed by 30 seconds of ads? No, thank you.

- Too many ads!

After solving a puzzle there is a 30 second ad and you can’t turn the volume down. I deleted it after trying it for 10 minutes.

- Don’t Get This App

This game is VERY laggy. I got it because I saw an ad on it and it looked fun. I liked it until it started lagging like crazy. I deleted it then I realized I was far away from the WiFi box. I went close to it, and made sure I had three bars. Then I tried again and it was even laggier than before. I deleted it again. It was terrible.

- Poop


- Problem theft

Two games easy game and brain out are games with the exact same riddles all stealing from each other but this game steals most from them not the worst but still stole Sorry for the inconvenience

- To much ads

The hint are so much money. This is a bad game I got it thuday march 19th 2020 and I had it for 2h and I was so bad I got rid of it and there’s so much ads I hate it so much 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👊🏼👎🏻

- Ads...

It’s a really fun game but the stupid ads pop up every round! I’m fine every few rounds but every single round getting too much. And its always the Covet Fashion one. Other than that, its s great game!

- Good

I love it cause it doesn’t have really hard levels

- Awesome just a little glitchy

Love it but it’s glitchy

- Too much Ad!!

The game itself is entertaining but the number of ads you guy put in there are crazy!

- Mediocre

Bad puzzles, 30 second ads for every 10 seconds of play just means this is literally an ad farm.

- I love it!!!

It’s wonderful. If you want no adds just turn of your wifi.

- Ughh

Its good but every next level you have to watch ads🤬🤬

- Too many ads.

This game is fun but there is an ad every time you move onto a new level. Very annoying. Would not recommend because you can get an equally fun game with less ads.

- It freezes a lot

The puzzles are good but it freezes and it’s slow to process. Could improve

- Do you like ads after every level?

If you love watching 30 seconds ads after solving a 2 second test, this app is for you!

- Brain test

It’s amazing!!download it now!!

- Constant ads

The ads take longer than each level and come between EVERY level. (Plus it’s usually the SAME ad every time!) Sad too because I love these kinds of brain twister puzzles, but there’s not enough gameplay to make it worth keeping. Deleting app!

- Rigged

Does not function

- Ad crashed my phone

Passed level 7. Yet another ad popped up and completely stalled my phone. Couldn’t close the game, minimize the game. Couldn’t even turn phone off.

- Awesome 😎

This is really testing my Knowledge

- Too many ads

3 seconds to solve a “brain puzzle” 30 seconds of ads after each puzzle. Not worth purchasing to remove ads. Already turned off of the app.

- This game really fun

I really enjoy this game but now I ran out of levels to play And I am now wondering when new levels are gonna come out

- stuopid denchers ads

the ads annoy me too much you stupid game persons makers im not getting scammed to pay you whatever amount for still ads stupid game mans

- Niveaux

Il y a juste 187 niveaux il en faut plus

- Really fun game

It’s a really fun game too play and it does test my brain

- Way to easy

It’s a pretty good game but the levels are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to easy If you don’t really care I recommend this but once again a really easy game

- Way too many ads

An ad pops up almost after every puzzle and take 30 seconds to play. Not worth my time. Deleted soon after trying the game.

- Try it out

I love this game because when I am a t school I play it

- Fun, a little easy though.

I found it really really easy at times, and other times I found it quite challenging. It was an overall amusing game, and I recommend it if your looking for something to entertain yourself. There was one more little complaint I had, sometimes I found myself passing the level and not even understanding why. Like I said, overall, fun game.

- Very fun BUT...

Love the game BUT you play for 5 sec and then you have to watch a 25 to 30 sec video and it happens a lot.. play for 5 sec watch a 25 sec over and over and over and over and over I’m not kidding.

- Super sucky

This game I regret getting complete waste of my day! I literally spend more time watching adds than playing the game, the only way to have no adds is to pay TRUST ME it would be such a waste of money for that if you are reading this and still wanting to get the game... think again. The only real brain test is to see how long you can go without ripping your hair out just because of the adds holy crap this game is sucking

- Yes


- Game is awesome but there are WAY too many ads.

50% percent of the time you’re forced to watch videos and ads for other apps.

- Great game😃

The game is great but it has so many ads so 4stars

- Why??????????

Why is it doing the same levels over again it keeps repeating the levels I just did and that’s boring because I already know the answers to it

- Don’t download

Super annoying. Too many ads to effectively enjoy the app. Do t bother downloading this.

- Foolish people

Adds help them make money to keep the game going, If you don’t want adds just turn off your wifi and stop getting mad like you’re 7 years old

- An ad every level

Fun at first, but got tired really quickly of an ad after every level. Sometimes it will not allow you to mute the ad music, which is really irritating

- Live this game

I love this game that it tests my brain

- Fashion?

After each level I get through there’s this one fashion ad that comes on and I’m so sick of it..

- 10 stars

Great game !!!!!

- Agreed


- Money

Paid for hints, took my money but never got any lightbulbs.. clearly a money grab!

- Fun ! BUT ....... !!!

This is very annoying to have an advertising after each level......

- Ads ads ads

Never so so many ads in a game, basically an ad app with a little bit of game

- Too many ads

Too many ads. Otherwise its a nice game.

- Too many ads

I would gladly buy the game but you’ve pushed me off but shoving too many ads down my throat

- The only thing I would say is that the game is so fun

I'm just trying out the other day because it's so fun and fun but it doesn't matter if you have any idea what time you're coming home and then I would love it and then you could just put the stuff in the house so you could get the money for it so you could just put the money in the car

- Great Way to exercise your brain!

Very helpful way to wake up and energize yourself with this game which requires a good amount of thinking I think!


Great game for bored time but not data friendly because the amount of ads

- Way too many ads

Too many ads pop up and ruin the experience. Don't bother downloading this.

- Hint

(Hint) if you don’t want ads then turn off your wifi on your device. Btw this game is fun!

- Best game ever😄

I love this nothing is wrong with it so I don’t care what you say this game is the best

- Fun games but too many ads

The games are fun but there are way too many ads in the app ...

Libertex 📈

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- Ads

Your ads are ridiculously long 20seconds pfft deleted

- The amount of Ads ruin the entire game.

I understand the needs for some Ads within the game, however having to watch one after EVERY challenge ruins the experience and actually makes the game quite annoying. When the game was first released, there was no where near this amount, so why are you being greedy now seeing as you get paid each time someone downloads something from this? Highly irritating and needs fixing ASAP.

- Recommended

I’ve gotten a few adverts advertising games like this, they caught my eye and so I installed them. Turns out they were nothing like the adverts and were just using false advertisement. But when I installed this app, it didn’t lie at all! You get what your expecting and even better. The levels really make you think, some are easy and some are difficult. It’s a great way to pass time and makes u want to continue playing. Cool game!

- Brain fan

I love it

- Ads, Ads and more ads!

I am very disappointed with this app. There are too many ads! After every single challenge/levels there is always an ad. I had to delete this even though it was very fun. Please fix this...

- More time watching adds!

Deleted this app and can clearly see the other views were correct! I understand these companies need to make money but 30 second adds every other question... really?


Only download this game if your fond of watching the same advert over and over again

- Ad after EVERY question

The questions are great but there is a 30 second advert after EVERY question. Sometimes longer by the time you get back. Plus it asks you to watch ads to win bulbs very often and I couldn’t skip it either. Deleted game after 10 questions.


So I downloaded this game thinking it would be fun ya know!!!Soo many ads it would lag with FULL bars of wifi,I get putting ads in so the creator get some money of the game but all the ads there were was horrible I watched an ad for 25 light bulbs and didn't even get them I did this 5 times still the same result!!DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!

- Ads

Too many ads. The game itself is brilliant. There’s more Ada than gameplay.

- Lv 18

I used the hint and it didn’t help at all I put what it was anf it said it was wrong why

- Ads ads ads

This app is so disappointing. It’s brilliant fun however the constant adds as you get higher levels. You end up doing a question and then your onto an ad and then if you get stuck god help you as you painfully watch another ad. The worst thing is they are 30 seconds of hell. Don’t waste your time playing this.

- Great

Cool little lightweight game to pass the time

- Ads and more ads

You will spend more time waiting for ads to finish so you can exit them than actually playing the game.

- Done

Completed in 3 days can we have some more levels please

- Ads

Good game, too many ads, almost after each level, there is a 30 sec ad. Uninstalled.

- You are so awesome thank you

I love you you’re the best one Ever. I love this game I can’t stop playing the app 😂. This game is really addictive and fun also no app is better then this app. I also love this game because it is very challenging which makes the app super fun and that is why I love this app 💕. I hope you guys are doing well 👍.

- Deleted because of this

I understand that ads are helping your game, but if you want your game to get better the ads aren’t very good for your game. They are really annoying and I think you should remove them. They put a fake cross at the top of the advert so when we tap on it it directly send us to the app 🙄it’s so bad

- More ad than game.

Just too much. Can’t even find an option to pay to remove the ads.

- ADDS 🥺

To many adds

- 🤷‍♀️♥️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🌈


- If you have ads turn off Wi-fi

This is to help people who are annoyed with ads just turn your Wi-fi off


Riddled with adverts... every two games there’s an advert. Unfortunate as it’s a great app otherwise.

- Good game but way too many ads!!

Puzzles are good but you have to watch an advert between almost every level. Levels take about 10 seconds and advert is about 30 and can’t be skipped. Would like to continue with the game but already considering deleting after 10 minutes as I can’t stand the ads anymore. I don’t mind some to keep it free but this is way too many and often.

- Great

Love this game it boost you QI a lot

- Nah

Never ever ever never ever

- Far to many ads

Far to many ads which take up ages to skip not worth it more time watching ads than playing the game avoid this

- Great game👍

It challenges my brain but toooooooo many ads

- Best game ever

Best game recommended to a lot of people it test your brains .

- Great game but...

I think that this is a great game but too many ads.

- Boring don’t download

This game gives you questions what any human can’t quess do not download just to be safe😜stay cool and stay away from corana virus 🦠🦠🦠

- Too many ads to play

This game is impossible to play with all of the adverts that pop up every time you complete 1 brain challenge. They are all video ads that last around a minute each and there are normally 2 to 3 that pop up after each question.

- Too many ads

Way too many adverts make the game unenjoyable! I wouldn’t mind if there were only a few but they pop up after nearly every level. Made me want to delete the app after playing for only a few minutes. The game itself is very fun but I can not continue to play with all of them ads.

- Love the game

I love this game it is so entertain and you can learn some things on it

- A con...

Signed up for the 3 day free trial, got charged £3.99 immediately. Have requested a refund and reported to apple. Will see what happens for there.

- The levels

It is a really fun and easy game to play but I have been waiting for ages for the next levels. I finish all the levels quickly and have to wait ages for new ones. So I am basically playing the game for a week then waiting two months for new levels

- Nothing special...

... and far too many ads. Uninstalled. Better options out there.

- Amazing

This is an amazing game I love it so much it brings new levels every few months which is great. It also makes me feel dumb but in a good way. It’s a great 10/10 game.

- Adverts

Too many adverts! There’s 1 sometime 2 adverts after nearly every level

- Waaaaaay too many ads

The amount of ads in this game is frankly ridiculous. The concept of the game seems fine though, but I didn’t get to play very long as the ads took longer than the actual play

- Ads ads ads ads

Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads

- Good game.

When is the next update. Need more levels plssssss.

- More ads than game time

I had to delete this app by level 7, simply because of the sheer volume of adverts! Concept of the game is great and something I would usually really enjoy, but I was spending more time watching ads than playing it.

- To many ads

An ad after every 2 rounds is way too much and completely ruins any immersion and enjoyment.

- What is wrong with the advertising industry?!

Overall the app is good fun, but is completely and utterly ruined by constant and incessant ads. It’s beyond ridiculous. Don’t waste your time and storage space.

- Love it!

I love how hard it is, and every night I play it! This game is brilliant, I recommend it to test your IQ! I’m a bit sad that I finished it though! Please add more levels ASAP!

- More ads than gameplay

Honestly , after every test (which takes less than 10secs) you need to watch 15-30secs worth of ads. It’s ridiculous !

- Ads ads ads

Sooooooo many ads.

- TOO MANY Ads !!

After the first few levels the amount of ads this game has gets absolutely ridiculous. Delete with frustration 5 minutes

- So addicted……

I love this game of course Don’t like the adds though I have skipped two levels the sheep one and another one How do you paint the sheep? I’m supporting you every step of the way developers Bye (Ps. No logic in the game at all!)

- Ads

Too many ads

- So many ads!!!

Way too many ads. Reduce the amount or don’t make them so long and it’d be enjoyable.

- Great game

Just need less adds

- Great game, needs more levels pronto!

Great game! Some of the tests are quite challenging and require a ‘think outside the box’ train of thought to complete, great way to improve problem solving skills I reckon! Its also a brilliant way to pass the time while travelling to work or anything like that! Please add more levels ASAP, I’m itching to continue on! The last update of 66 levels didn’t take me very long to finish at all haha

- Brain

Great game.

- Adhater

What’s with the constant ads. So irritating

- Way too many ads

The game has potential but if I wanted to watch videos I’d go on YouTube not download a game that has adds pop up every twenty thirty seconds Every two or three levels a add pops up The only way to get hints or pass is to watch adds (completing levels yields no bonus) To get a bonus you must watch a add and 9/10 if you pass on the offer a add will pop up anyway

- My brain hurts

Absolutely love this game - quirky and challenging but will probably delete it because there are SO MANY ads. They are truly spoiling what is a series of interesting mind games. Ros

- It has a lot of ads

This games is brilliant but it has a lot of ads 😀😀😀😀

- Dana

I upgraded and paid for the no adds feature without realising it wasn’t a one off charge. Can you please tell me how I cancel the upgrade and stop the payments coming out please.

- Waste of time watching ad

Watching Ad video time is way much more than I play the game. Spend your time to get the developer rich. I know there has no free lunch but it is just too many Ad. Almost watched one video after passed one level.

- This reduced my IQ

What a waste of time

- Funny

When the cat was hungry the word cat is a cat yes

- Terrible

Too may adds/I can barley control it

- Good game

Very educational plus a lot of fun

- Good buuuuuttttttt

It is a good game but their should be more levels because their are only 213 levels and I finished them really quickly and they were really easy , but overall it’s pretty good 😀🙁👌👎🏻

- Stupid game

It’s a stupid game with ridiculous questions and answers. Too many long ads. Don’t waste your time.

- Eh

Not really for me

- Too many ads

The amount of ads and length of time waiting for ads to finish far outweigh my recommendation to play this game. I waited 30 seconds for an ad to finish before playing the next level which took me thirty seconds to do, then got another thirty second ad... deleted the game!!

- Will watch ads more than play the game

Ad every 1to 2 levels that last longer than the level itself most times

- Instant ads

Ads ads ads. You can’t really do anything without watching lots of ads. Don’t bother unless you really like watching ads.

- Fun game

It’s a fun game, makes you think outside the box.

- Too many ads!

The puzzles are fun but the ads are terrible, there is one after almost ever level and they are sooooo long. Often a puzzle takes less then 10 secs the you are “rewarded” with 30 seconds of ads. It is just frustrating.

- Don’t like the ads

Levels are certainly not enjoyable enough to want to sit through endless advertising. Waste of time.

- Ads galore

So much ads that just puts you off from supporting the developer by buying

- Great fun

This gam is crazy kferkat

- Adds adds and more adds oh and so many freaking adds

This is a brilliant game you have to get it but beware the adds are everywhere why has every person that has made a game put freaking adds make good games with absoulutly no adds to get a five star rating

- Way too many ads

The only way this game could get to number 1 with this many ads in between levels would be if the ads sponsoring it were paying the reviewers.. I believe the developers should be paid for a good app... but I think you overdid it.

- Needs more levels

I am obsessed with this game but now I need to wait for more levels. Please make more Levels or I’m going to delete the game

- To much adds!

I really like this game but when ever there is another level there is an add I know games need adds but I don’t think they need this much when ever you want to do somthing on the app there is an app like this app is so fun but it does so many adds I rated it 4 stars because I love it a lot but there is so many adds

- Ok 👌 game but.....

I like this game a little bit ONLY look it’s VERYYY hard and challenging.The adds are VERYY annoying its the same add over and over again.😒Also that u have to watch a annoying add JUST for 25 clues thingys.i don’t really Recommend this game. Anyway thanks for reading bye everyone

- Hmmmm - advertising

Great concept guys and fun. But what is with all the adds every time you finish a step. I know you wish to make money from it but nothing turns people off than be overloaded with adverts, every time a step is completed Have a think, because it put me off

- Ya

Get it now

- Horrible

Ads between every level.

- Dropped Out

I was really having fun with Brain Test, but it has dropped out!!? It comes on for a few seconds and then drops out. Plus I don't have a torch on my old iPad so I've had to skip a couple that requires more light 😏

- Free version has ad every 20 seconds

I'd like to play a bit more to decide if the paid version is worth it but I can't handle ads every level (a level takes 5sec-1min)

- How many ads do you really need to include

I cannot believe how many ads there are in this. Honestly the worst amount of ads I’ve ever come across. Get real.

- Not a game. Just one big ad.

Rubbish amount of ads. Unplayable. What a joke. Useless.

- Waste of time.

You play one puzzle which takes 1 to 2 seconds then have to sit through a 30 second ad. I want to play the puzzles not play 'ads on loop' forever. The five star reviews must be fake, nobody is going to legitimately rate this well.

- Fun fun fun

Frustrating as there are 30 to 40 second adds after u play a level ...cannot be bothered watching repetitive adds constantly...I’m all for adds but not every few seconds ...delete delete delete

- Mickey mooo


- Long ads

30 seconds is forever

- Absolutely stupid

Nothing more to say

- Love it but add more levels

Add more levels please


Too much ads, and you can’t even close them before the time ends. Useful but annoying that’s why won’t play no more

- Too many ads

Average game; one 30 second ad every few puzzles makes it painful to play.

- More ads than anything else

Absolutely overridden with ads. We get it, you need to make money, but wow this is bad. More ads than I could handle after a mere 3min. Quickest delete ever.

- Umm....

First of all, I really like the game because it really tests your brain, but there are 2 problems! One is that there are tooooooooooooo much ads! There are one almost every level and it’s really frustrating and takes out all the fun, and secondly, after an ad it keeps on glitching and I have to restart the app every single time after an ad. Please do something to fix this!!!

- Fun but too many ads!

Can’t play more than twice before you have to watch a minute’s worth of advertisements! Such a shame as it’s a fun app. Soon to be deleted if not rectified

- Too many ads

I deleted this app because there are too many apps. Yes you can pay to get ads removed. But I didn’t reach a point where I like it to buy it. Didn’t want to pay for app and not play in a day Ads done my head in

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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles 2.4.1 Screenshots & Images

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles iphone images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles ipad images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles ipad images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles ipad images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles ipad images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles ipad images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles ipad images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles ipad images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles ipad images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles ipad images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles ipad images
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles (Version 2.4.1) Install & Download

The applications Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles was published in the category Games on 2019-11-12 and was developed by Unico Studio LLC [Developer ID: 1467451326]. This application file size is 154.05 MB. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles - Games posted on 2020-03-21 current version is 2.4.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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