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What is family island — farming game app? What would your life be without modern technology on the deserted island? Dive into simplicity of the primal world with the modern Stone Age family in this thrilling offline adventure game. Stranded on the remote island, a family of four - Bruce, Eva and their kids - needs your guidance and help starting a new family home from scratch and navigating through various family life situations with humour.

After their previous city had been destroyed by a volcanic eruption, help this family build a thriving town, all while looking for a way to reconnect with their family and beloved tribe. In this farm game, their world might seem ancient and alien without modern day technology, yet their daily family life and relationships are very relatable in today’s world.

Family Island™ is a farm game full of unexpected twists and captivating adventure!


- Enjoy your adventure to the Stone Age era! Get creative and start farming, using cool ancient technologies
- In this farm game, you can unleash your inner explorer and set on a thrilling adventure to new islands
- Start your own family farm on the deserted island! Grow crops and craft useful goods to trade with other characters
- Customize your farm with beautiful decorations
- Get to know the family better and guide them through exciting quests and life stories in this island game


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Family Island — Farming game Version 2022150.0.1656620 April 2022

SET SAIL FOR ADVENTURE! Explore new islands, reveal stunning secrets, and make amazing discoveries! Valuable resources and gifts are waiting for daring adventurers. Get breathtaking decorations for Home Island as a reward!.

Family Island — Farming game Version 2022120.1.1516617 February 2022

SPRING! PARTIES! GIFTS! Throw Lizzy a magical birthday party on Unicorn Island! Sail to the Macawrnival Islands, help Archie the macaw bury the hatchet with Boodar the witch, and throw an awesome party! Awaken the sacred tree on Cherry Tree Island and save Master Tsuru's Flower Festival! Play the continuation of Jenna' story at level 60!.

Family Island — Farming game Version 2021220.0.1390516 December 2021

'TIS THE SEASON! Solve the mysteries of the fireplace and Crunch the Yooti on Winter and Reindeer Islands! Help the bears on Polar Island save a holiday tree! Free the Stormy Archipelago from a sleep spell! Save the little natives of Penguin Island! Take a vacation on Spring Island! Get new quests at level 58!.

Family Island — Farming game Comments & Reviews 2022

- A nice way to relax

I started playing this game as an alternative to a farm game which had become way too intense. With Family Island you can grow crops, make different food dishes to feed the family for energy points, obtain machines to make objects, harvest supplies (stones, clay, logs, twigs, precious mineral rocks) to make objects which you in turn sell to a Shaman and a Merchant and visit other islands with the family to complete quests. Periodically there are island journey events ..Treasure Island, which is three days...and other theme events which are about ten days long and far easier than the short Treasure Island. Usually the family and Shaman visit a nearby island and your quests include clearing the island, making objects, feeding cows..yep..and sometimes you take home a totem or an energy machine which works for 30 days. I am currently at level 34..max I believe is 44...and the game is more challenging...harder to get resources and harder to make items for quests, Shaman, and Merchant...I play the game every day..have only purchased one Ruby energy packet and still have a nice time working my Farm Island. It is a very well thought out game...👍😎

- Frustrated

Update: After almost completing the treasure island and making and finding the time pieces my fountain still won’t update! Pease help. When I started this game it was so exciting and fun. I stayed up till 5 in the morning unable to put it down and it quickly became my favorite game. I deleted most of my other games and just played this one. Today I am very frustrated with it. Usually when a new island opens you will get a lot of items that give energy and play for a long time. Since the start of the new treasure island yesterday I haven’t been able to move anywhere. As soon as I get energy it’s gone with one item and I have to wait several hours just to spend less than 2 minutes of play. I’m so upset. I’m an older disabled person and this is my escape. I finished the last treasure island way ahead of time. I found all the time pieces and cleaned the island. Still my fountain never updated! This new mission looks like I’ll never get it finished and finding the pieces are almost impossible do to the lack of energy. Even the videos you can watch to earn rubies has become limited. After two videos it says I have to wait 8 hrs before I can open those trunks or collect rubies on the shore. Why did it change? I hope you can fix this. I really wanted to give you 5 stars but I’m just so aggravated! Thank you.

- Game is Fun and awesome. Customer service is awful.

I was having a great time with this game until the Christmas event. First it came in early and completely broken and I was wondering if it was even fixable but really the game just needed to update. It updated and got fixed and my event progress got reset as expected. Then i played through the event a second time and got quite far into star island before it got reset...again. Apparently there were more bugs that needed to be fixed so progress needed to be reset and thankfully the time got reset too. But the second play through i bought the smallest gem pack and collected some gems that i specifically used to buy energy so I could get stuff done quickly and progress in the Christmas event. Now i received 300 gems for my progress getting reset and was told that I would get my gems i spent also in the event time refunded back to me so id be officially at square one with compensation for having to do it again. But i never received my extra gems. I went to support and they repeated you got your gems in every way possible without actually helping me with the situation. I paid money but they really didn’t care about giving me compensation for that money that i paid which turned me off of the game almost immediately after. I really liked the game but I dont want to play it anymore because if I encounter a problem that only affects me directly I know I wont get the needed support.

- Waste of time.

Can’t find my last review. I don’t know. It was long. I’m deleting this game today after about 3/4 months. I will just say a few of my frustrations. It’s really unfortunate that you can be one item away from finishing the merchant order and you don’t come back in time - so despite having the item made - you missed the bonus and have forfeited all those items. You end up with a bonus that reflects wasting less resources than you did. It’s not fair. I don’t know how many times I’ve been finishing up the last item and he leaves and I’m left with no key for chests after forfeiting a ton of resources. It’s not right. I’ve been double charged multiple times for in app purchases. The amount of stones you’ve needed to harvest to make scrapers and stakes and boards for this latest event is RIDICULOUS. I spent $20+ over the last few days and regret it because it barely even helped. I play regularly. So disappointing. You invest so much time and energy and it just takes and takes. And then your bathroom breaks. And you need to use rare resources to repair it - all so you can get an occasional sprinkle of like 10 energy... enough to pick grass. The cheapest option for purchasing in game is $4!!!!!!!!!! Not .99... not 1.99... the cheapest option is 3.99. It’s sad. It was cute for a while. I enjoyed the dialogue. Now I’m just disappointed and moving on.

- Please read so you don’t waste your time spending $$$

Great game! I love the story, the challenges are fun and exciting and the graphics are amazing. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night playing and working on my progress. BUT, I do feel like the amount of progress you can achieve with the energy that you have (for free) is completely disproportionate to the amount of work to be done. I am one that will pay (real money) to push forward, even with that the energy does not last long! I have spent $100’s for energy and rubies, yet still it could take weeks to complete certain tasks and upgrades. Even still I won’t delete (right now) because I want to see the progress I can make. Honestly I can see myself deleting this game further down the line for LACK of FREE PROGRESS. Update: I have started to notice that little tasks that I have for sure completed are not counted so I am having to go back and redo a lot of the small tasks. I do not like that you can’t buy or get keys, shovels or picks any other way than through the boat guy or to spend real money. I’m growing tired of this game and will probably delete soon. Angry birds is getting more of my attention now. Final update: This game was exciting and addictive in the beginning but the progress is so super slow that the game became repetitive and boring. I have put a lot of real money into this game but today is the day I delete.

- Irrelevant comments by the characters in this game

I downloaded this game after it came up as an ad on one of my social media accounts. I’ve been playing it for 2 days now and I was halfways through level 8. When I first started playing it, I was reading the little story it has about how the tribe left the island or whatever but then as the game goes on, the little kids (in the game) ask random questions about the creations of life for example “where do trees come from?” And “what comes first, the chicken or the egg?” And then parents have the two options to respond with like Mother Nature or ( i can’t remember the exact phrase but said something in regards to a higher power) God or gods and I even got to one where the responses said “the dev...” I got annoyed and deleted the game. From as far as I have gotten, I only noticed word phrases in regards to a higher power and hear a lot more about Mother Nature. Nevertheless it doesn’t seem to fit the story of the game. Like it’s a game how could you talk about something so serious and the only answers the parents (characters) can give are Mother Nature? These random questions from the characters are quite frequent. Talking about Mother Nature and the devil and whatever do not seem to fit the story of a GAME called Family Island. Like? I thought it was supposed to be a game about a family rebuilding an island? I mean they literally look like little cavemen cartoons!

- $$ hungry game

This game is really fun I loved it!! But by level 20 and Over $40 of my real money buying energy and rubies I notice little things like items I’ve made not being accounted for. Or when I use my energy to gather items it looks like I’m getting the items but when I go to use them, they are gone! It takes more energy then you can earn by waiting to gather most items. So you have to gather small items to make meals for energy. When your energy if full you can eat the meals to get extra energy after the bar if full to then get bigger items or if your like me you buy the items with real $ to build your village. Then I also discovered that you have to build the same thing up several times before you can even use it. For instance the light house and other things are built in stages you think by gathering and making supplies then putting then towards a building it would finish it but nope that’s stage one then for the same building you have to gather lots more supplies and make items to build stage 2 of the same building. So by the time you’re missing items you were supposed to receive and missing items you build it’s gets frustrating oh also some times your energy won’t ever fill up all the way even after 8 or so hours! So... If you put real $ into this game you’ll find it’s a big ripoff since so much stuff goes missing!

- An ok waste of time

I’ve been playing this game for a while now, just because I needed something to occupy myself in short spurts. After all this time, I’m honestly not sure why I keep playing. As the game advances it becomes almost unplayable because the amount of energy you get VS how much energy it takes to do anything means you get to click maybe one or two things and then there is nothing to do for hours. On top of that, I’m starting to be convinced there is something scammy going on with the ads. When on my iPad (which is needed since everything is so so tiny on the phone). You get opportunities to watch an ad and get some energy or gems, but pretty much every time you get through the ad when it comes time for your reward, the game crashes. This means you watch 3-4 full ads before one doesn’t crash, meaning they are making you actually watch way more than they are rewarding you for. Or if you click the X to leave the ad and it takes you to the App Store, when you go back to the game, it restarts and no reward. Maybe the game devs don’t know or don’t care but this is a major problem since playing the game for me has basically become just 15 minutes of commercials and I get to chop down one tree. The art is cute and the game could be sort of fun if it was more playable. The point of a game is to be able to play it, but there isn’t much to do.

- Great game!

Love the whole concept! Great art, great characters, love that you can occasionally choose what answers the characters give. My biggest issue is that bathroom and shower brakes. They barely give energy as is....why make it harder to keep them. It’s almost pointless to have them. Also, we should be able to use whatever amount of energy we have left to go towards tress, rocks, etc, to help knock down the cost. So if a tree is 114 but your top limit is 72, you should be able to use all 72 toward that tree so you can go back later maybe finish knocking it out. It seems like it’s awful difficult to accumulate the amount needed. Granted I’m currently only level 13, so maybe once you get a little higher it’ll be slightly easier???? Also the current holiday love island and bird island seem almost impossible to get through unless you’re paying for gems to get dynamite. I had to stop wasting my energy on those cause I’m not really getting anywhere. I understand you need to make money too but it shouldn’t be impossible. Throw an occasional ad for energy or something to help.

- Updated, still Engaging but frustrating

Update 3/21: game play is expensive. I at level 23 and game play cost lots of energy and you only gain 78 depending on your “house” upgrade. I have one are that I need to investigate but can’t get past large rock that needs 169 in energy. I can’t even use what energy I have to knock it down each time I am awarded energy. Other farming games have this option. I have spent actual money playing this game, but I have never been able to complete a special island due to the expensive energy. Occasionally you get to watch videos for energy but it’s never enough to get 169 you can’t do anything. I’m not spending any more money for energy. It’s just not how I want to spend my fun money. I will give this game a few more days, but as others have complained, I too will be deleting the game. If you can’t progress, the game isn’t fun. The game is engaging but needs more fun. There should be a way to use energy for all items. Example: cutting a tree needs 154 energy but all I have is 54. I should be able to use my 54 energy for that tree. I still would need 100 energy to finish the job. It makes me want to come back and play this game. I don’t spend money on games to buy energy or rubies. So progress through the game is slow and basically not much fun.

- Great Concept

I really enjoy the concept and graphics...the characters make me chuckle too...the game play however needs some are limited on your energy and many tasks require more energy than you have and it’s extremely hard and time consuming to really get higher levels...then you spend all that energy in one or two tasks and you are left with nothing to do while you wait ....after you setup home base you can make goods which again is a waiting game that leaves you with little to do can’t even bargain with the trader for the supplies you have to give him what he asks for and he gives you set items...same with the shaman....and since when do streaks come from a rooster? I’m actually fine with the Shaman being random he well a Shaman...but I should be able to barter with the trader...and there has to be a better way to clear trees and rocks...maybe allow you to use the energy you have and slowly chip away at them ....

- Time Consuming and Unfulfilling

I gave this game a shot because I love the graphics, the personalities of the characters and the basic idea of the gameplay. But I quickly learned that you have to craft an overwhelming amount of time consuming items to get anywhere. And at a certain point you have to craft those items just so you can further craft different items. The problem is, each upgrade to a building, each repair of a staircase, a building or a ditch requires loads of those items as well. THEN if you want those keys that open the chests with the golden tools (which are required to remove randomly placed wooden obstacles on your land), you have to hand over loads of items you labored over (meant for something else) to the dude with the boat. So essentially... you make very little progress, you spend all of your time crafting and waiting on crafted items, and very little time actually playing a game. I've resorted to logging in, getting crafting started, and then logging out to play a different game. I did purchase gems to see if it helped. But I really made no no measurable progress. So as cute as this game it. I think I'm just going to delete it. In my opinion, it's just not rewarding gameplay. Shame. It has a lot of potential.

- Worth it in the end?

This game started off fun and the visuals are a nice touch. However, the longer you start to play this the more you start to understand how much harder it gets. When you start to unlock upgrades and new buildings it becomes interesting until you realize how long it will take to gather/make the materials. You can forget about making any kind of progress in any of their events if you are also trying to finish the events as well as make progress on buildings and upgrades. The developers designed this game to capture your interest and slowly make you become more frustrated overtime. The only possible way to overcome this frustration would be to spend money on gems/energy/tools which is ridiculous but also genius. Sad to say that I’ll be uninstalling this game after wasting so much time on it. Hope the developers come to the realization that this game will start to die if they don’t make some changes. But they’ll probably comment something like “thanks for the suggestions we will be sure to pass it along to our team” and not make any changes. Even with the growing number of people making the same exact reviews. Hope people see these comments and realize they’ll be wasting their time unless they plan to pay.

- Would be great

This game is fun and it makes you want to check in throughout the day to finish tasks. But, it will not load. I have deleted and reinstalled so many times, I’ve checked internet connection and it’s fine. None of my other games have this problem loading. It gets about 45% loaded and a box pops up that says. You need internet connection to play this game. Check your connection. Ok, so i searched online and found others have ‘this same issue. I did everything that was suggested. Yes I even have VPN and use it. I decided to write the support team in hopes of a resolution. Took them 2 days to send me a canned speech to try everything I’ve already tried. The bad part is I explained everything I did to correct the problem on my end. It appears they don’t take the time to read what people are saying to them. I’ve gotten to play this game 4 times. I’m just so tired of trying. There are plenty of other games that don’t have this annoying issue and their support team actually cares. I’m not going to write in the support team they seem to the link they attach to these reviews because I’ve already tried that. Don’t buy rubies like I did. You won’t be able to use them.

- Great concept spoiled by greed

First let me say that I routinely spend money on games. I realize how much work goes into creating and maintaining something like this. I throw around $15 at a game once I decide it is worth playing, and continue to support it if I love it. This game is theoretically awesome. However, it is a mind numbingly slow process to progress because of the energy requirements. The free energy you receive will clear a rock, a tree, or a few bushes. I can see the potential in this game and spent my $15, but the energy requirements ate that up in minutes. I will probably slog on with it when I get a free moment, but it’s not worth spending money on considering how little you get for it and how much it requires. It really is a shame. The graphics are awesome and the characters love able. The storyline is interesting and even the dialogue is amusing. A lot of attention to detail has been used, as tapping on a person tickles them. This is obviously someone’s brain child which has sadly been overmonetized. 5 stars for the designer, -3 star for the financial department. Average them and you get a pretty average, not worth paying for, game.

- Be Careful!!

I had a few minor issues playing the game, it’s a little glitchy it’s very easy to click on things that you’re not trying to select and quickly use your energy. Besides that I enjoyed the game, but here’s the really bad part and my warning, the game started to offer these gem pack and energy bundles for in game purchases. From time to time I would purchase one, the last time I purchased one I noticed my card was double charged, the second being a totally different option. This second option was a gem pack with saws, I didn’t make a mistake and click on anything and to make it worse nor did I receive any of these items within the game. This made me check my account and I noticed multiple gem pack with saws purchases that I never made nor did I receive within the game and believe me if you’ve played the game long enough you’ll remember and know if you’ve purchased multiple saw packs because you constantly need them!! I reported a claim for a refund and was denied so my warning is to be careful if you decide to make in game purchases, check to make sure if you’re being charged correctly. I deleted the game and removed the card from my account, really disappointed with all of this!!!

- Could be so great!

This game is so cute and could be such a great game. But it is designed to be impossible to actively play unless you spend money. For instance, I am at level 12 and to progress into an area, I need to clear a tree and a rock formation. At level 12 the max amount of energy I can store is 75, the tree is 108 energy to clear and the rocks are 258 energy to clear. So that is impossible! I NEVER EVER spend real money on games but I did spend some $$ to see if I could progress at all and it lasted about 10 min for all the tasks of clearing objects. And you have to clear trees and rocks and grass because you need those resources to craft items to build your island up but you spend all your time crafting. Each kind of building requires certain objects to progress but the problem is you need to craft 15 stakes to build something but to craft the stakes you need to craft rock scrappers and wood, etc. so it just takes FOREVER! When I find a game I like I stick with it, I have been playing Lily’s Garden for over a year now and I am on level 1572 and I have never spent a dime. I thought this was going to be a fun fresh game but I am probably going to delete it soon. The only reason I haven’t yet is because I did spend a little money.

- Amazing Game!

Ok so while I was playing another game this game came on the ad, it looked fun but I thought it wouldn’t. So I downloaded it and it showed me we could make a raft then get on the island but it didn’t that didn’t bother me though, the tutorial helped a lot! And when you forgot something you just need to click shop and click on the item you needed, and when you needed an item but it was covers just click the person who gave you the quest and it will show you where the items is. And if you want your data to be to be saved and not lost just log on to Facebook it’s super easy you don’t need to put information or anything just click a couple times, then click mail and you get rubies! And I feel like there’s not ads normally you just gotta click something rewarded to get an ad. Overall, I would say this game is a 5 stars game!!

- Emerald Island event disappointing

I’ve enjoyed playing Family Island for several months, but I’m not enjoying some recent changes. First, the events are constantly running now, so there is very little time to make progress on your island, or the islands that are part of normal gameplay. Second, the merchant items are 50% or more of the high cost items, making it much more difficult to get keys in normal gameplay. For example, cloth. It takes a lot of time and a lot of resources to make. Yet, almost every 8 hours, that’s just one of the 8 or 9 items you need to give the merchant if you want a key. Last, I often enjoy the special events, but the Emerald Island event is very disappointing, due to the amount of resources gained. For some reason, they are giving about 50% less stone for the same amount of energy. This makes it nearly impossible to make progress, and forget about producing any items on your own island for the duration, because you can’t stockpile anything to make items with. I’ll need a crazy amount of energy to complete even half the objectives.

- Fun but frustratingly slow

The game overall is fun but It takes forever to build the workshops and update. The storage is too small and even when I upgrade it, it doesn’t give enough storage. I have resources all over the place. The cost of the rubies are way too high. I’ve spent $ so I don’t want to quit but if it’s gonna take forever to accomplish a task I’m out. My suggestion is bigger storage and a choice to build multiple workshops. One workshop is too slow. If there’s multiple you could finish the task easier n you would be ok with the storage space. Update: I purchased items and did not get all my items. I know what I bought cause I specifically bought it for the keys and did not get it just the energy. I am very upset! They were not helpful one bit.. doesn’t even matter how much $ you already invested in the game. I will dispute this charge due to not getting what I paid for. I just saw another review with the same problem. Apparently I’m not the only one! Save your $ don’t play this game!! If you do, you don’t get anywhere and you’ll be like me and the other poster... paid for something that’s not given. Good luck with anyone helping you if you run into an issue like this!

- Throw me some energy

Love the game! Great character, great graphics, great storyline! It is multidimensional with a lot of goals and things to do. That said I have been playing for a month and feel I can only do things a little at a time because my resources and energy give out. I know you want to encourage us to buy our energy but only 72 saved up when we are away with so many tasks taking over a hundred is ridiculous. The graphics are great and I would happily watch a 30 second advertisement but it only gives me a few energy points which doesn’t make much of a difference. This is something that needs to change or you will lose a lot of players that would enjoy this game if it wasn’t so slow paced. Forget side islands and upgrading stuff if I can’t even get enough energy to take down a tree. Create a side island to generate energy or make the other ways more efficient and plentiful. Otherwise this game won’t be worth my time anymore and I’ll move on to another.

- Want to love this game

Starting with the good. The art is great and the story is pretty good. The game concept is really good and a type of game I really enjoy. I played tribes for a very long time and loved it so this game fits into one of my game genres that I enjoy. There is not a whole lot about the game that I do not like but one of the things that I do not like is catastrophic, the energy requirements. I understand that the energy is a necessity for a game like this and that is not the problem. The problem is the energy required to do anything. I am level 15 so I have played enough to understand and properly critique the game. I have a little over 70 max energy and I have missions that require double that amount. How is that balanced? If I need stone and I mine one of the small stone nodes I get around 3 stone. It takes 2 to make the scraper which is the lowest stone crafted item. The node takes around 20 energy to collect. So for about 1/3 of my energy I get one of the basic items. Either the output should be increased or more likely the energy cost should be reduced. It should probably be half of the current requirement. As it is, it is almost impossible to progress in the game.

- Slow in going

Ok first off the concept is remarkable in it's communications between characters. Very cute. The animations are also pretty cute. I like being able to go between islands freely. I don't really bother with the ”special” games as they end well before I can get anything done. With that being said, it's nearly impossible to get up enough energy to do anything. I play about 5 minutes at a time and run out of energy quicker than that. I have a lot of open tasks, about 10 or 12 at a time, because you can't get enough energy stocked up to do anything but cut one tree or hit a rock a couple of times. And then you can't do anything for another hour at least. So this game is easy to forget because the play time is low. I was hoping for the charge time to get better as I played longer but nothing has changed. So I did give it 3 stars for cuteness, interaction and concept but unless things change I may delete soon. But would be willing to raise star level if the charge problem we're corrected. I can't recommend and this time.

- Great Characters, Multi-locations But

This game would be a five star game if the players progress wasn’t based off of buying gems. It’s fine that you need to break down rocks, trees, pull up bushes to gain energy. The problem with gaining energy is that so much is taken once gained by cutting down the large trees and special types of rocks. Then you’re waiting a long time again before you have enough energy to continue the game. The gems are even harder to obtain. What’s good about the game is multiple islands to discover, finding new items at these islands, discovering new “mini games” on these islands (again need A LOT of gems and energy), being able to sell excess items to this chief looking guy, and the characters of the game were developed well. The design of the game is well done. I like how the entire family work together to develop the lands they discover. Overall, the game is adventurous, kinda of fun and I would keep playing the game if it wasn’t for the difficulty of gaining gems and enough energy (this area needs work).

- It’s fun

I’ve been playing about 2 months now, and the game is entertaining, but unless you want to shell out A LOT of money, you’re going to find yourself stuck with nothing to do. The bathroom (which helps give you energy) has now “broken” twice. You can cook food for energy, but unless you have room in your chest you can’t collect crops or meat. If you’re lucky you’ll get the 20 energy ad, but that’s once or twice at the most a day. A number of obstacles are 100+ energy to break down, and they need to be broken down multiple times, but the worst part is that your energy meter doesn’t regenerate up to those amounts so you’re stuck hoping you get the energy boosts, hoping you are able to cook, or what the game most wants you to choose, spend money on energy. I am continuing on in playing, because like I noted previously, it’s an entertaining game, but honestly don’t know if I will be playing for much longer as a result of the large lags for energy. I like the game, but I’m not spending money on a virtual caveman family.

- Started off fun, now just frustrating!

Started out a cute game, run around and get logs, sticks, rocks, build buildings. But then came the side quests that you can’t finish unless you completely ignore the main story. The inventory is a main frustration, it is always full but not with the things you can use. The boat misleads you into thinking it will lower inventory and give gifts, however it wants all the items I need to upgrade my inventory, once I give them away I accept things like amber, emeralds and animal food and then my inventory is full of useless things again. I have tons of feathers, amber, gold ore, resin, coal, using up space and nothing to use them for while my rocks, logs and clay have no room. Trees to be chopped are all over my limited energy of 72, they are mostly 115 or more. I have tons of grass to make animal food, but if I trade with the boat I keep getting more animal food then I need, if I don’t trade I can’t open all those chests littered everywhere. The constant upgrades on the bathroom for a measly 5 energy are just ridiculous. You can spend all your time upgrading your inventory or giving the stuff away to the boat, not fun anymore!

- Fun but too slow paced

The game overall is really fun, but did off the bat have to spend some money to get myself going on the game. At level 20 and even with playing A LOT and constantly monitoring to obtain as much energy as possible, it’s too slow paced to keep me engaged much longer. I can fill my energy up and almost double with food, but I’m still only have to collect a couple resources I need to progress. It’s hard to progress on home island and play through the other islands since It takes so much energy to get a little further. The random ads or extras provided through the day help to not reply on time based energy or food energy, but even rubies don’t get you much as you collect them. Reading other reviews it sounds like a lot of people ran in to the same issue. I would love to play the game at a faster more regular pace and would be much more likely to continue, but I know within a week it’s wasted time and would take a lot of money to not even keep me that engaged.

- Addicting yet costly

The game is very addicting, yes story line is a little much at times. I generally skip then look at quests. First few levels very quick to get through. Updates need better attention. Things disappear that shouldn’t like treasure island, tells me to make keys yet there is no island at level 14. Takes a long time to fully recharge. Can get more energy from filling ship but only once in 8 hrs. One rooster to feed shaman and again 8 hrs. Trees take a bit of energy so have to be patient and strategize. Same for clay and stone. The only other way is to buy energy and gems are pricey. One small explosive 15 and it cost $3.99 for 70 gems. So if patience isn’t for you then sorry. A new update dropped. Memory island well I can tell you my memory is very good lighthouse had 7 parts and was getting crazy, after update it now only has 3 great yet I was on level 4 of construction all that work and supplies are lost. Not a great advantage for those who have put in a lot of time. Also no option to update later.

- Great Game

I am really enjoying this game. The stories are fun, it’s cool to travel to different islands and do different things. However, there is not enough energy to do a whole lot with, everything takes up too much energy and you don’t gain a whole lot as it is. I don’t like that the shower and bathroom break, and they do it too often. And don’t like how I have this long list of things I have to do and upgrade. I level up faster than I get those things done, and then it adds more things for me to do and upgrade. Right now I have like 15 things I have to do or upgrade. And I really don’t like how all the workshops intertwine, like how I have to make rope but in order to do that I need a needle but I have to make the needle with string and scraper, and then I have to go make scraper with rock, and that’s just one example. All the others do it too. It’s exhausting. I feel like I am constantly making things buts it’s not leading to any upgrades fast enough.

- Like the Game But ....

There are aspects of this game I really love compared to other games with similar features. For example, I like that you can make the items that you need to upgrade buildings. As of yet, the amount of time it takes to make these items isn’t ridiculous. What I did find crazy and ridicouls though was the tiny amount of time they gave us to finish the timed festival island - that was impossible without spending real money on energy and gems multiple times. While I don’t mind spending a few dollars here and there to support my games, as that will obviously keep them going and make them better, I don’t like feeling set up by the developers to do so, or you can’t complete the events. Now no festival event is going on, I felt totall rushed through it and the game got kinda slow. A major improvement would be to give us at least 5 days to a week to complete the special event islands. Thanks.

- Fun game, slow play

I think this game is really fun to play and I love the extra island you can go to so that it’s always interesting. The problem that I have is how expensive everything in the game is in comparison to the energy you can acquire. It’s like living in Manhattan on minimum wage. You can slowly increase your energy storage by a couple, but there are so many things on your island that are fully double your energy capacity, and there’s no way you can chip away at it. Even when something—a clay rock for example—costs 39 energy to demolish, (which is about half your total energy!) you only get ~5 resources for it. At the beginning, I actually bought some gems packages so I could try to progress in the game a little, it was just excruciatingly slow. But when I bought the packages, I ran through my gems so quickly, I realized buying packages is really unsustainable and not an option moving forward. I like the game, but I would really love it if just some small changes could get fixed.

- Great concept, cute game

But to keep players interested and playing they really need to adjust a few things... because you have such limited energy, and there are very large things (trees, rocks, gold, etc) that take 150+, you should be able to hack away at them and slowly whittle them down... instead of needing 250 energy all at once! Because let’s face it, when your max is 72 that’s pretty impossible! To keep players vested and wanting to play more, you need to make things a LITTLE more doable! (Otherwise they just quit, because what fun is it to open the game, take two hits and have to close the game??? NOT FUN at all!) Let us interact more, therefore wanting to spend money, it would be a win-win. It’s a really cute game, cute story line, cute characters, fun enough when you can actually DO things! But this new game model of having to open the game a bazillion times a day to take two whacks and you’re done, is NOT the way to hold people’s interest (or love)! Just my two cents 👍🏽

- Fun—but slow going

I would really like to give this game a high rating, and I am still enjoying playing it. The concept, the characters, and the islands—and the tasks—are engaging. But for those who do not want to pay, it is slow going to make progress through the games. There are so many tasks to do challenges across different islands, and it is so hard to get energy, that it seems to take forever to get anything done. Just to clear a path usually takes all of the energy I accumulated over several minutes, and I’m back to zero again. Moreover, although there are lots of little gifts and bonuses, it usually takes as much energy to get the energy as you receive. I watch plenty of ads...if the developers would loosen up on the energy it would be a lot more fun. I have been on the verge of giving up a couple of times. In some games, like EverMerge, it gets easier to get energy as one moves up. If this game did that, it would be a lot less frustrating.

- Good game

Overall it is a fun game, it is just like any other explore/farm game. I like this one because I think the graphics are fun and it’s hard in the way you have to remember what you are working on and coordinating items being made but easy enough you don’t have 600 menus, options and choices to go through. And that is why I play this one over other similar ones. My biggest complaint and what kept my review from being 5stars because I find it very important is why can you not use your energy for partial items. What I am saying is if a tree or rock is worth 160 energies then why can’t I use whatever I have whether it’s the 72 I can hold or the 3 I have left when I’m done with other stuff to make it less energy later. If you can’t do this there are a lot of things I will never be able to get rid of. Big flaw. I hope this is fixed in an update soon.

- Deleting but it was cute while it lasted

The art is very cute, you can tell there is a lot of material waiting in further levels that’s kept inaccessible as incentive to keep playing, but you progress so slowly it just becomes boring. There’s a very hard limit on the tasks you are able to complete daily due to “energy” limits to push you to buy the game currency and so many different tasks to finish in order to level that i just lose track of what I’m supposed to be doing. Eventually they slow your ability to regain energy by normal methods to further push you to buy items (at level 14, none of the starfishes leave salt anymore, so no more option to make food.) Even if you bought the most expensive currency option, about $70 I think, I doubt you’d be able to level more than a level or two. I’m surprised I lasted as long as I did, about two weeks, watched many ads, and got to level 14 out of 48+. I really like all the different trees and plants on the different islands! Overall, cute but disappointing, not very much fun in the end

- Game play too slow

I really love this game! It’s different from regular farming games and has a cute little story. Very well designed and fun to play. Sadly, after making it to level 11 in a couple of days, I’m probably not going to play much longer. I find myself loading the game, doing one or two short tasks, and then having to wait over an hour for enough energy to do anything else. You can make food to eat for energy but you have to wait on every single step from the crops to grow, to making the chicken food so it will lay an egg, and then wait again on the eggs to cook just for 12 measly energy points that’s not even enough to bust most rocks. Upgrading the house so you can store more energy isn’t even worth what you have to put in when the upgrade only gives you 2-3 extra points. The only way to enjoy this game for more than 10 minutes at a time is to spend money. Which is sad for a game that has ads.

- Fun game if you don’t mind slow

I installed this game because I use another game by this company and I was going to delete it but I actually love it and have kept it. It’s a good way to pass the time but that’s it. After level 9 it gets tedious and the amount of energy needed to complete certain tasks is borderline ridiculous. For instance I just needed 146 energy to take down one tree which... that took all my energy so now I have no more energy for game play. Sure I can cook something but that will not give me enough energy to get anything else done. Luckily I’m not easily bothered by things like this but I would be happier if I could spend more time on the game instead of spending all my energy on one task and then checking in again in a couple of hours. Other then that I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys cute games and doesn’t get frustrated easily.

- Fun but frustrating

The game is fun to play, but frustratingly slow. It takes a lot of energy to accomplish anything. Yes there are ways to accumulate extra energy, but you it takes time to get the things you need to do so, so you still end up waiting. This is also one of the most money hungry games I’ve played. I get that developers want to make money, and normally, I’m not opposed to spending a little, if I like a game, but $9.99 for 200 rubies is pretty steep, especially when it takes 30 rubies to purchase a key and 50 to purchase one stick of dynamite. That kind of price gauging just makes me more determined to not purchase rubies. There was a special when I hadn’t been playing long, that gave me a ton of energy and a couple hundred rubies for a decent price. If you are going to keep your prices so high, maybe offer more specials like that. I am still playing, but at this rate, I’ll get frustrated and give up eventually.

- Still has some things to work out

This game is okay. It has great potential, except it had a few bugs. I collected probably 5 starfish and it never upped my salt meter, which is a big problem... if you can’t collect salt, then you can’t cook food. And if you can’t cook food, you can’t increase the energy, and if you can’t do that, then you just sit there waiting for energy to slowly fill up minute by minute. Even though the (dollar) price for energy isn’t that much, the cost of energy to do anything is so high that the moment you purchase it you know it’s all going to go in less than five minutes. So either you have to pay a lot of money to fix a bug that the game can’t address or wait a really long time just to use most of your energy to smash 3 rocks, which doesn’t even cover half to upgrade your storage tent. In the end it seems like the only way to move forward at a non-glacial pace is to pay money.

- Great game!

Although there is a minor issue with the “oops something went wrong” pop up, and I cant play it right now, I love this game! If you’re looking for just a quick “level” type of game this isn’t for you. I personally like spending my time to build up in a game and this one is just my type! I have come a long way in it so far and I hope it gets fixed soon! The only thing that is hard is upgrading storage for me just because the more you progress the more you need to make and find things for upgrading. I have developed a good system to help me though! Like I said before, it’s a time consuming game! I focus on one-two tasks at a time and it is a lot easier. They give you plenty to work on and it never gets to the point where you have nothing to do. Great game!! Good characters and quests! I’m so glad I found this game.

- Update_ more golden keys?

Thank you for the response (although it was not really helpful), I do like the game. I have a question though: How can I get more golden keys? (Purchase? Where?) Via the merchant takes forever and this way I will not be able to finish the bee island quest. I do see several options to buy, even up to 80 dollars (???) but it does not show what you will get🧐 and those prices are crazy if I may say.. I need to open 6 more chests on the bee island to get to the big tree (90 more points) but am not getting enough golden keys, have litterly been playing all day long last couple of days today and pumping a lot of money into the game, would be very nice if more golden keys are available.. Been putting quite a bit of money in already and game is fun, but: 1. It takes too long to level up 2. Takes too long for rooster to give meat 3. More free energy would be welcome 4. Purchasing diamonds_ more diamonds for your $$..?. 5. When you make tomato soup (20 enrgy worth) and place the first one on the table is is 20, the second tomato soup is a total of 36..?. But, when you place the soups sepratly they are 20 each, why is this stealing of 4 energy? Overall nice game but it just takes too darn long and without buying diamonds you don’t get far at all.

- Great game concept but...

I do love the concept of this game. I would just like to be able to play it for more than the 3 minutes it takes to spend the energy given!! The cooking times for energy are ridiculous. Making objects also takes a long time. Doing the shaman and merchant quests are equally as frustrating and time consuming. It’s way too time consuming for what you can get done. It’s a shame because it could be a more balanced game. I’m a gamer and I do spend money for coins if it’s worth it. I really think the game would be so much better if there was less energy spent to get more done and less wait times to accomplish building unless you want to spend coins. A good game is one that gives enough to keep the players interested and excited and this game falls short because of the wait times. This game feels a little greedy so I won’t be spending any $$ on it sadly.

- Fun but quickly losing interest

The game is fun and I like discovering more of the islands. However, it seems nearly impossible to really do well in this game unless you play it constantly. Each workshop only gives you 3 spaces to make items so you don’t get anywhere if you keep putting the game down. Also everything costs way too much energy for how much you’re given. I run out within 10 seconds of playing it. That’s ridiculous. Also the quests take forever because everything needs so many items to upgrade them. Plus you give some away to the shaman and the boat guy so it takes even longer. Also it’s annoying that the shaman always wants meat from the rooster. I never get to use any myself. Give us more animals to collect from please! I’m quickly losing interest and I’m only on level 12. I’m going to delete it soon if nothing is changed.

- Not too thrilled with this game

In the first few days, the game has reasonable enough energy to get things done. By the time you get to level 5 the majority of resources or events that need to be done require FAR more energy and you end up doing the bare minimum to get by, unless you’re prepared to start spending a boatload (no pun intended), on gems and energy to get things done. Opening up so many islands from the beginning is a waste of energy and gems too. Why stack so many events on top of one another unless your expecting the player to unload their bank account several times a day? So instead of being a relaxing, fun game... one ends up frustrated not being able to do much unless you spend a lot of money or only check in once a day for 5 minutes. I’m not wasting time just to log on to feed chickens and goats, chop couple of bushes and small trees and nothing else. You need to lower the energy level on some of these things, lighten up on so many islands to switch to, or more will quit the game than stay.

- Game is fun but still needs more development....

When I dig up something and my storage is full, so the stones or clays will become a basket so I can collect later when I clear up my storage. However your game often put the baskets behind a tree or some big objects. In order for me to collect the baskets, I still have to destroy the big object! Often time, the big object requires lots of energy and without spending diamonds, you can’t even get to that energy levels. Is there anyway this can be changed? Like allow us to collect baskets without the need of destroying the big object up front or simple change your game design and let the baskets sit in the empty area where it can be collect easily. Appreciate that. Please understand there are many gamers like us who don’t like to spend Real money to buy diamonds. But we do watch ads so it also can help you generate revenues so don’t forget groups like us.

- Slow and Frustrating

I really like the concept of this game, but it takes FOREVER to accomplish anything! First, many items take more than the max energy storage will hold. Yes, there are ways of accumulating additional energy, but still...a max of 75 energy as a default and it costs 158 energy to harvest one clay rock, 114 for a tree, 255 for a rock 😳! Then, after you’ve spent so much time accumulating energy it takes ridiculous amounts of said resources to build items with the very few resources you gained after an extremely expensive harvest. After building your items it then takes a ridiculous number of said items to upgrade your buildings! Additionally, if you want to gain the more rare items, you have to trade many of the items you’ve built and are back at square one! I’m so frustrated with the lack of progress that is possible with this game that I’ve stopped playing it! Hopefully the developers will come up with an update that will make it more fun and less frustrating!

- Fun until I paid for gems and it keeps restarting g

Loved the game. Had a lot of fun. Until I decided to pay for gems and then it suddenly has been restarting ever since, saying new data available on server but can’t seem to load it. Ever ten to twenty restarts I can play. But as soon as my energy is gone, I’ve got to do the testers over again and do my progress over again. I guess you shouldn’t buy anything on here or it’ll mess up and you can’t even play and used what you purchase. I’ll update this review if it ever actually gets fixed. Update: the game had an update. Great. Still can’t get in. Still can’t use. Still restarts. Can’t use the gems paid for or enjoy the game. Because of other reviewers talking about uninstall and reinstall not helping, I’m afraid to try that. Update 2: response was to go to the FAQ basically, telling me to do what I’ve already done and still won’t work. So, that’s a response to the developer response. Lost gems. Lost game. Still saying “server” error. Guess your FAQ didn’t help, did it?

- You'll end up spending lots of money - Uninstalling now!

Well it's my own fault for giving them way too much money to begin with. This was a very entertaining game but if you don't spend money to buy rubies for energy, it's almost impossible to do and finish tasks in Festivals and the amount of energy required to gather basic supplies is ridiculous. You spend lots of energy to only get like 3pcs of stone, log or clay. So ridiculous! I'm mad that I let myself keep spending money, and as the level progressed, the tasks keep getting impossible to finish without buying rubies for energy. And there's even no bonuses for logging in/playing everyday unlike other games that at least gives you different bonuses everyday! Finally done with this game when I realized that I won't finish tasks on Festivals and can't even gather neccessary supplies unless I buy more rubies, and I refuse to give them more money. Uninstalling now!

- Very little play time

I just downloaded this game yesterday and after the tutorial everything seemed fine. My only issue is that in order to build/upgrade your storage it requires a lot of energy. It’s a bit frustrating when you wait over an hour or two until your energy is full just to chop down one tree and it be used up by it. The play time is very low. You get maybe 3 minutes of play time before you have to wait another hour or two for full energy and your items to finish at whatever station only to complete ONE task. That’s way too much especially when you have a sidebar full of tasks adding up as you play. The game has a lot of potential but it makes it extremely difficult for your players to finish home island tasks let alone seasonal events such as the Honey Island when majority of the players time is spent waiting for energy.

- Takes too long to replenish energy

This could be a really fun game. The concept is cute and it’s there’s a lot of different things you can do. However, each action takes so much energy and energy takes forever to replenish making it not fun. I can only play it for a few minutes every few hours. So disappointed. It shouldn’t cost over 100 energy points to chop down a tree, basically one chopped tree ends my play time for another few hours. Either speed up the energy replenish time or lower the energy it takes for an action then it will be a much better game. The developer says to replenish energy by making food or completing quests which all still takes a ton of energy to complete. You need energy to get the resources in order to cook or fulfill orders. By the time I do that, I don’t have enough to do any other tasks. Why not just lower how much it takes to chop something? Game deleted.

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- Just 1 Thing

An excellent concept, it C.o.u.l.d keep me hooked for a life time and not many games can do that with me, but reading the comments 99.9% of people seem to be having the same issue as me also... for the amount of energy items are quite complex (when in reality there not) but it comes down to... for very little energy comes very little progress comes very little time played, and as a result It’s not giving us a time to make ourselves involved with the game instead it’s just like clicking ten buttons and now it’s time to shut down the game from what looks as to be from level 15 onwards we are only really clicking buttons way would we want to go back again, this is really sad for me cause I was loving it so much 😢❤️

- Addictive

I like the fact that I can enjoy playing Family Island without any stress. Many games make me feel pressured to get to the next level or to score more gems before time runs out, but Family Island does not. In fact, I actually find it quite relaxing. Especially because of the background sounds and the chilled music. However, this game does require a lot of patience or a lot of money. I have found it difficult at times to regain energy points even though you regain 1 point every three minutes. The maximum you can receive by waiting is far too low in comparison to how much is needed to perform tasks. I eventually grew tired of this and bought energy and gems whilst it was on special, but unfortunately when I stopped playing it somehow stole them back off of me. I bought 2000 energy points and when I returned to the game I had only 500 left. I was ripped off around 1000 points and 200 rubies! I’ve emailed tech support and I am still waiting for a reply 3 days later. I hope that they at the very least reply to my email. Over all though, I do love this game and I find it very addictive. I hope that their customer service will contact me in regards to my points issue, otherwise I will be very disappointed. That is not the way to make money. If they look after me I will buy more, if not I will not spend another cent in disgust.


It’s a good game but you really struggle to make much progress. Everything is just so hard!!! I’ve just spent the past week making and collecting things to make the mixer in order to fulfill a request from the Sharman. This morning I thought I’d finished the mixer and went into it to make something for the Sharmans order only to discover I need to keep building/collecting things for the mixer - I can’t use it yet!!! Aaaaarrrrggh This situation is representative of the level of difficulty. To top it off I need energy and lots of it to collect these items and when the merchant comes in he offers energy but only if I give him stuff I’ve collected for projects like the mixer!! How are you supposed to get anywhere???????? I know I can get energy from totems, watching ads and feeding family ect but it’s only a tiny amount t compared to what’s needed. Chopping down a nice big tree to make boards, resin ect you will need around 140 energy which in most cases is near impossible to get seen as how the energy bar only goes up to 80 or something!! Think I’ll delete the game and find one a bit easier

- Like it but frustrating

I like the game but find it frustrating that things cost so many energy points for little reward and it’s slow to level up, collect supplies to level up etc. also find it frustrating that, for example I use 158 energy points to break up rock, I then have to use more again to complete the break down and collection of the same rock source. So they hit you up two or three times on the same source. Energy packs are too pricey (especially cause it’s USD) but I have brought the energy pack when on sale only due to my frustration at having to wait so long to collect enough energy to get enough resources to complete tasks. I guess this is the desired outcome of the games developers so it’s a win for them but I feel like while I enjoy playing this game I will eventually tire of having to wait so long to do anything and move onto something else.

- Wish I could say something more positive

Christmas Quests.. up til now, the game has been rather enjoyable, but I'm on the last part of the Christmas quest and there is yet one more island to send gifts to and I have exhausted Star Islands resources.. how on earth are we going to be able to complete this??? So, twice now, there's the icon from the kids to open your gift.. but I can't find the gift.. ??? Where are these gifts? The lighthouse is on its last stage (7/7). There's an icon saying to complete it but when you click on the lighthouse, it tells you it's not ready to update?? It's costing way too many gems to complete the Christmas tasks.. really developers, why so GREEDY? Make this less expensive and you may find more people will play.. at this stage, with it costing so much, I'm too embarrassed to tell my friends about it and suggest they download the game And so few gifts from you.. most games gift generously over seasonal events.. help to put you a little ahead.. here you are doing nothing but bleeding us dry There is never enough Shells, Grass, or Sticks.. needs to be more random drops of these items, especially shells. This is really FRUSTRATING !!!

- Love it but might be deleting 😢

I give 5 stars for the style of the game. I do love it and look forward to playing it. But hate that I can only play a few mins before I’m out of Energy!!! And to buy them, which I already did I spent $30 in one day and still didn’t feel it helped!! I am sadly considering deleting only cause it’s to hard and take to long to make energy or get it. This would be one of THE BEST GAMES if it wasn’t for that. Which then takes way way to long to complete tasks.

- Jett Catt

I have rewritten this review because of recent updates to the game. The addition of advertising though in some regards could be seen as a negative is actually a positive. It has made getting energy and rubies much easier which speeds up the game. I have something of a problem with all games that try to get you to spend cash to gain extra resources. I know game developers require cash to keep going but I don’t like being forced to pay for what is advertised as a free game. On the other hand I’m willing to watch a certain amount of advertising to allow them to gain revenue. Some companies take that to far but so far this one hasn’t. Hope they keep making improvements to the game and I can highly recommend it.

- Be careful with the ads

I enjoyed this game and you can progress through the levels even without having to pay for gems, through perseverance. I do have a very big issue with the ads that come with free lives or gems. I have, on multiple occasions, seen the ad for King’s Throne: Game of Lust. This is a blatant age-inappropriate marketing when this game is listed for ages 12+. I have also seen other similar ads targeted to the older audience. Either this game needs to be listed with the right age category, or the developers need to seriously review the ads that the game features. This is dangerous for parents who unknowingly allow their children to be subjected to adult content, masked in an innocent enough game.

- I agree with other

I absolutely love the idea of this game, it really does have the potential to be one of those games you get lost in for hours. Only you don’t get enough energy to do that, some things take upwards of 50 energy to clear and it’s just not that fun to come back every couple of hours just to clear one tree or pile of rocks :/ I’m all for micro transactions in a game but I’m not going to pay $7 and up for ‘big’ amounts of energy that still only get you like, 10 more minutes of gameplay. I’m only on level 10 and have had the game for maybe 2 days and it’s starting to become a little boring :(

- Disappointing service

I have been playing this game for a looooong time and have had issues along the way. I kept playing even when I was at maximum levels because I enjoyed it. What I don’t enjoy is that the developers are happy to take your money but not reply to messages or compensate you when things go wrong. For example just the other day I was on level 42 and then the game reverted to level 1! Yup and no one replied from support for days and when they did was told sorry and no I can’t compensate you for anything. Mind you they’re still happy to take my money. There was no goodwill and it’s one issue after another. I think I’ll stop playing soon mainly for the reason that I can only support a business with good ethics and customer service.

- Frustrating

I love the game but I have the same issue. You gather all that is required to build the structure only to find there is another level to build it. Not only that but when you gather sticks etc and you don’t have enough storage and it places it in bundles, those bundles go behind trees and you can’t get them until you chop down the tree. It is beyond frustrating. The time it is taking to build energy I’m playing other games when I would just play this one. Other games also offer incentives like unlimited energy for x amount of time etc. Something to think about.

- So little advancement for a lot of work

I have almost thrown the towel in a few times due to the fact that I don’t seem to get anywhere. I have spent money thinking that would make a difference & it does for a very short time, I thought I had finally finished the mixer then the game is asking for another lot of improvements before I can use it - I have practically given up on the lighthouse. I can play for only a few minutes before running out of energy/options & the only way to go forward is to spend more money!! I have decided NO MORE MONEY, if I continue to play it will be only for those few minutes before shutting down and switching over to a different more satisfying game. I really did enjoy Family Island when the game moved forward, not when stuck in a circular hell of making things for a project only to have to sell them to the merchant to get more energy to continue to make things for a project. Come on developers listen to what the players are saying- I am not the only one frustrated by these issues.

- Love the game

I have been playing for a while now and am on level 42 but I find that there are very long periods of time where there is absolutely nothing to do. I need to get the level 43 to open a new area but getting the stars in virtually impossible. I have made every item numerous times and completed all the quests but I am now stuck. I have filled up all my spaces with items but have nothing to use them on to get stars. I have spent literally hundreds of dollars and am not just disappointed and bored. When is the next upgrade or next level going to open up? Please do something as I am losing interest in this game now. Thanks

- Love this but on problem

Hello the people who made this game it’s very annoying like one of my other games Ever Murch it’s annoying when you get Max stuff well so you can knock down stuff and what like what if you’re at school you don’t get up to extra ones because you’re being way for so long six hours you don’t get more stuff to knock down all those bushes and plants and stuff which I don’t like so please can you change that problem please

- Valley girl

While I have been so happy with the game and do get sucked into spending money, it’s the ongoing issues when the game is updated and yes my device is updated in fact I can’t even sent a message for support because it crashes, it’s a game that relaxes you at the end of a long day but since the past 2 updates I can’t play it which seems to be so common with other games from the same company so unless it’s fixed and I can play I’m done with these companies that are so bad at making communication with us or realise they are losing people’s respect for their creations.

- Love the game but...

The game concept is brilliant! Great graphics and fun themes however, the amount of energy each task takes up is too much and it means there is not a lot that can be done on the little energy we have. I understand you want people to purchase energy or gem stones, but the amount of energy used up, it wouldn’t last long and seems a huge waste of money. If this were changed, the game would be much more appealing.

- Awesome game

Personally this game is really fun but there’s just one problem which is that there’s not much energy for myself to play longer, just wish the developer would update or increase the energy so players like myself can play longer and enjoy it longer. Without energy we can’t really get resources therefore it takes a long time to grow the island and having to wait for the energy to restore back is long as well. However, Family Island is one of the best game i’ve ever played.

- Deleting the game

Ugh, I really wanted to play this game, I think I played it for about a month, but deleting now. The reason is simple - it’s really frustrating that in order to remove big items, that require a lot of energy, I actually have to accumulate that energy, instead of removing it in parts, like it’s done in a lot of other games of the same type. And it seems that developers are pushing you to pay money to get that energy, otherwise you can’t get resources required. Really frustrating annoying. And I don’t like to play games that don’t give me positive emotions.

- Pity the developers are not listening

Like previous reviews I find this game fun but extremely frustrating There is a fine balance between making the game too easy vs hard. The problem is the developers are way way off the mark. The energy takes forever to reload while the cost for rubies are astronomical high. I would have paid if it’s a full game with some degree of waiting (I actually find the waiting meaningful if they get it right). So overall... what a shame. Please come up w a full game and charge for it rather than the current silly model.

- Great game but......

I started this game a short while ago and found it quite addictive. For the first few weeks it was great building a quests etc but the further on you go in the game you need more resources and you get very little energy sources and your energy replenishes very slowly, it’s very hard to progress in the game now and I spend very little time playing and the new update has made it impossible to open the game

- Became boring fast

Family Island started out really fun but it became really boring and frustrating really fast. I work long hours so I only really have time to play once a day. I’m level 9 and I’ve reached a point where it costs so much energy to do anything that I basically log in for a few minutes, pick a couple of resources I need and then log off again. It’s taking days to upgrade buildings and I can only explore tiny bits of the other islands at a time. It’s a great concept but it’s poorly executed. The energy balance needs improving. I’m going to delete it for now but hopefully the devs fix it.

- Addictive

I do find myself coming back regularly as it is a great game. Love the idea of watching an ad to get bonus energy. Change up the ads though or it will become boring mini games for ads are great as I find new other games to play while waiting for energy to come back. If I didn’t do it this way it would cost me a fortune one here or there is okay but not all the time as I have bills too.

- Family Island

Great to see you can play a game that is enjoyable without it costing a lot as that puts you off playing it if that’s all the creators want is for me to pay which I can’t really afford. Covid has made us change how we can do with our time without becoming depressed, I love looking after my little family. Cheers on a great game.

- Slower than a Sloth

This game has the potential to be brilliant... But the ridiculously slow pace of the game, even in the beginning, is so incredibly frustrating. The energy recharges at the speed of a slow sloth. Want to name more energy? Make a meal. But you can’t find one of the ingredients anywhere, and when you do it is sparse. I shouldn’t be bored and frustrated by the pace less than 24 hours after downloading the game. Having said that, the graphics are very cute and the little creatures and characters are endearing. But not enough to make up for the slow, slow gameplay.

- Family island

I love this game and play it frequently Lately every time I launch the game to play it will get to the island and keep telling me oops something went wrong Then you click ok and it relaunches and the same thing keeps happening continuously. I’ve completely come out of the game, turned my phone off for a while and then back on but this keeps happening and is a regular occurrence. For this if us who love the game please fix this issue

- I actually just wrote a HOLE review 😭 but the games good ( even though I just started)

So the thing is ( I got a question) how do u move the house and all the stuff? And i like how you can cook 👨‍🍳 ( just saying 🤫). But now it comes to the feedback well the thing I dislike is how you always have something to do it’s like if I do something there’s always something STRAIGHT after, what’s tiring🥱😴.but good work and effort in this game 👍 and please make some progress but i guess I’ll get used to it. Thanks for reading!❤️👍😉☀️⚡️🤪😎🥉

- Starts off good

I like the game and I want to continue to enjoy it but unfortunately the energy system is stupid. You don’t earn enough for what you need and the. Items take far too long to make in comparison to how many you need for upgrades or to trade. I would prefer to pay for the game once and not have to wait for energy stores. Or you could just make the game more enjoyable and user friendly for free. Even an option to watch adds to speed up products would be better than the wait. I am about to delete this game unfortunately.

- Starts off ok

I thought this was a good little game although difficult getting saws and shovels, but decided to keep trying but the longer you play the harder it gets almost impossible it get a lot of items needing more stars. To really get anywhere you need to buy rubies and I won’t pay real money it costs too much and if you start spending money I think you will be tempted to keep spending, I won’t get sucked in. I did delete the game, pity did enjoy it until it just got near impossible without paying

- Wish it didn’t take so long or cost so much to get energy

The only issue I have with this game is you keep having to buy energy or rubies to get energy to get any where. Currently doing the Easter challenge and it’s taking all my energy just to find one or 2 bunnies let alone the every expanding now( now 43 to find). It takes ages and a lot of resources to increase buildings and I can’t even find how to get the orbs to expand the thing on your home island. No more money from me.

- Good start

I enjoyed the concept from the start, the first event they posted I attempted and eventually gave up as only money could give you the win for a very mean prize. Kept soldiering on as it was fun and attempted the second event hoping it was more achievable and the prizes were worth it. Sadly it was worse. The Developer has now introduced an impossible feature, toilet/shower now needs items from the boat trade to fix which basically means you can’t advance in the game at all as you can never get anything else done. The toilet/shower is constantly breaking down so this game is a big waste if time.

- Special items not enough.

I really enjoy this game & have great dealings with support team. However there are particular things that require shovels & picks to get rid of. But they only come in chests, which makes impossible to complete special levels in the time frame given. I would like to see these items be available for purchase like the gems & energy. Not just in special packs or chests.

- Game won’t even start

I downloaded this game this evening, but when I went to play it, every time I open the app, it loads for about 3 seconds, and then gets an error message saying “something went wrong”, which then forces the app to restart, and the cycle repeats! I have restarted the app, and my iPad, but it didn’t change anything. Definitely a major bug that needs to be fixed! *UPDATE* After a few hours, the game has started working properly

- Disappointed but love the game

I read the reviews and agree with every disgruntle about the game I enjoyed the game so much every payday I kept buying the specials for gems and what not but the more I get into the game it get harder to upgrade whilst playing the game without having to buy more because I’m on a pension I have to STOP the addiction is financially going to get me in trouble grrrr

- Fun, Fun, even more fun!!

I love this game, you can place stuff wherever you want and you can have a berry eating competition with Tim, but the only downside is, that I don’t like when you can’t do what you want in starting out for your island, and I don’t like how you just have to wait for stuff to finish when you haven’t got any rubies.

- Progress

I am on level 23 and now I can not play this game because I have no salt left and everything cost too much energy. Not only do you have a certain amount of time to do Pigeon Island which I will not be able to finish as I can see this now.I thought games were supposed to be fun but this game stresses you. This game takes, takes and takes. I would not recommend this game to anyone. Just greed . If this game was fairer I wouldn’t mind spending some real money. I will be relieved when I delete this game which is now .

- Non-stop glitches

I have just updated the app today and now every time I open the app it says ‘oops there was a problem’ and I click accept and the same thing happens every time. There’s an important timed event on at the moment (treasure island) and I can’t even take part because it’s glitching! I have tried restarting the whole phone, using wifi and only using data and no improvement. Very frustrating and annoying.

- Not Working

I have recently updated my phone’s system, so the problem can’t be blamed on that for why the app won’t work. I was looking forward to playing this app after downloading it, but it continuously stops loading at 86% and says either 1) an internet connection is needed (obviously wifi and mobile data don’t work, or mine would’ve). 2) The internet connection has been interrupted. I only give new games ones chance and this app just had it’s one and only chance, I would NOT RECOMMEND!!

- Need help

I really enjoy the game but after around 1 to 2 minutes I am kicked out of the game and have to go back in and reload. I have removed and reinstalled it but it still continues. Do you have a solution to resolve this? There are no further updates or anything I can see that will be causing this. I am using an iPad Air.

- Hard to progress

Stuck at 80 energy, with things needing 340 to clear is crazy. Developers should allow to put at least some energy to bringing down that mountain a bit at a time instead of requiring it all to be there at once. So hard to get resources and keep playing. I like the game, would like it and play it more if energy was not such a problem.

- Not enough energy

I love this game but find myself playing less and less as it takes so much energy to do things and find I can do just a few actions and al my energy is gone. It takes too much things to make buildings etc. and leveling up is slow and don’t make much progress with using your energy quickly. Maybe something you could look at?

- Good game but.....

I enjoy playing the game but can only manage 5 minutes a day because I cannot do anything. The storage is always full, it takes forever to expand, and too many flaws in the game, like picking up starfish for salt to cook with, only to find no salt there at all. I am getting frustrated because the game expects to spend real money to get anywhere. Sorry to delete it but it has to go, I have better games already.

- Game won’t reward players

Thank you for prompt fixing of game. Still believe the time taken to achieve each goal could be improved and more ways of earning news gems and energy. You have a great game but I’m loosing interest because where I’m up too it is maybe 5 mins playing and then I can’t play again until energy builds which takes around 1 hrs and then play for 5mins very disappointing

- Costly

Don’t bother downloading if you don’t plan to spend. Once past level 10 it becomes very hard to complete things freely. Energy is used rather quickly and special items like gold axe or pick are hard to get. Videos for more energy give approx 20-30, or making food gives maybe 40 energy, but it costs like 30+ energy to chop down things. Super hard and boring to level up, unless you want to spend lots of money.

- Like this game but it is very slow

If find that I need for more energy than what have to collect items. It is really slow in replenishing the energy. I have bought about $60 dollars worth energy packs and I would collect a few items and the energy was gone and also I have visited other island and it doesn’t seem to register it. I’m just about to stop playing it’s to slow

- Why!?

Time I check for updates I can’t even play that app and if there were updates but you could still play the game it would be really helpful because I’ve been waiting for an update from my mum for two months now and I’m really addicted to this game but I can’t play it so it’s a really big problem and I’m going on a big trip today and I can’t play it so it’s really hard to keep busy for two hours

- Takes too long - shame

Like most free games eventually you either give up or pay the price to progress in the game. You speed through the tutorial and enjoy what the game has to offer but then eventually you hit a rock and items take way too much energy and resources to finish so unless you pay real money to continue you give up and move on to the next game. Will unfortunately be deleting.

- It closes the game down!

I’ve been playing this game for literally 5 minutes and already 2 times has it gone out of the game to my home screen! Why does it do this? Could you PLEASE stop it? This game is pretty fun though there’s one other thing. All you really do is tap. Tap tap tap! Make it more interactive. I’m sorry it’s so harsh but it’s also truthful! Thank you 🙂

- Was Great, till issues

Was enjoying game, even though too pricy for energy etc packs. Now can’t load game, starts loading but then comes up with message that need internet connection. My internet working fine with everything else, have tried deleting and reinstalling with same issue still there.

- Can’t connect?

Game was going very well until the update as now the game glitches and doesn’t connect at all to the internet therefore doesn’t go any further than the loading screen. Missed so many missions as this has been happening for about a week now! All other games on my phone that requires internet has been working too :( Is this a known issue and will it be fixed?

- Money greedy game

I’ve been playing this game for the last day or so. It started off well but now I only get enough energy to do two small things and it run out, so you have to wait an hour or so just go back and do two small thing. They obviously have no interest in casual player as the game is fully designed to vacuum up your money. Other reviews have said the same thing and Devs have done nothing about it, so after posting review I’ll be deleting the game.

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- Nice

Nice, relaxing and easy game

- Love the game

The game is relaxing and entertaining! It doesn’t push you for money loadings and only has reasonable amount of ads. I hope we could load energies faster or have more bonus energy tasks, otherwise it gets bored easily. Love the game.

- Solid game

I just like it ...

- Game won’t open after last update

I cannot get the game to even load after this latest update....please fix

- Had potential

Sucks cause this game could have been great but you need energy for everything and it takes forever to get any. Not to mention you need more than what they do give you. Just a money grab.

- Energy

It takes way to long to renew energy. Tasks to chop trees and break up rocks use up way to much energy! You can do 1 or 2 things by the time your energy is depleted. Too long of a waiting game.

- L’énergie insuffisante

Je trouve votre jeux très amusant et j’ai envie d’y jouer souvent mais je trouve qu’on manque trop rapidement d’énergie alors je voudrais vous conseiller sur comment vous pourriez faire par exemple vous pourriez baisser l’énergie des object à déplacer ou à cultiver et possiblement rajouter le fait de quand on fini une tâche de soit disant l’agriculture ou faire des roche aussi rajouter de l’énergie et de baiser le temps avant qu’ont aye de l’énergie donc à la place que ce soit 1 minute 30sec que ce soit par exemple 30sec ou 45, en plus ce serais extrêmement agréable et appréciable pour moi et comme ça je vais pouvoir jouer plus souvent à votre jeux J’espère que vous prendrez mon conseille😁

- First review

I like playing this game but at times I’m confused on how to do something or where to find the object needed. Maybe when you click on something it should have a blurb/text bubble.

- Family island

How do you restart the game if you want to start from the beginning again

- Great Game!!

This is a great game. Really enjoy it. The last update makes it crash though. Once it is fixed I will love to continue to play it.

- Double charges a lot

Stop charging my card twice every time I purchase something jeez

- Good game

It’s a good game but since the last update keep crashing. Fix it.

- Something wrong

Every time i open it since yesterday it keeps popping up the message oops something went wrong !!! can’t play it anymore

- Game was amazing until update

Since. Yesterday’s update the game crashes upon opening

- Keeps crashing

Keeps crashing after latest update.... “oops something went wrong “ is the pop up caption...

- Game stopped working with the last update

Hi; The game stopped working with the last update, basically brings an error message, as as soon as you click, restarts the game and the same error message comes, and this is a loop. :(

- Oops something went wrong.

I spent a lot of time clearing debris and full filling quests and as a as I finished “exploring Nearby Island” I can’t get back into the game. I keep getting the message “oops... something went wrong”. My daughter got to the same point in the game and is experiencing the same super frustrating issue!

- Can’t play

I downloaded the new app version today and it won’t let me play. Each time I open it, it tells me something went wrong, and reloads. But the. It says the same thing, over and over.

- Meh

Use to be a good game, other than never enough storage space to get everything you need to upgrade and essential items almost impossible to get. Since the last update, the game no longer loads. Time to delete and find a new game

- Game keep restarting

Game won’t start. It appears to start for a quick second then you get the message “oops something went wrong” click ok and restarts....never ending loop. Game worked fine up until I was forced to update today and now won’t work.

- Malade

Le jeu est satisfaisant et relaxant. Merci pour la chaîne YouTube aussi.

- Decorations

The game is fun and relaxable, I like this game due to not too much ads requirement to earn energy. I think the developers should think about decorations. It’s less decorative things than other farm game, it makes the game easier get bore after using out of energy to do task and nothing to do.

- Awful game

Unoriginal game intended purely for cash grab

- A Bit Confusing

On Level 6. I am still learning how to do things. A level or two ago The game said I could make stakes, but the place where I need to make them says I need a higher level. Hmmm. Now I need stakes to complete a building but I have no stakes. Confusing.

- Money grab

Be prepared to pay and pay again - if you’re fine with handing over $30-$50 then yes, this game is fun for 2 or 3 days. You can’t store enough stone/logs to be able to upgrade storage without paying. It costs too much energy to complete more than 1 or 2 tasks without paying. Too bad because there are moments when it’s fun

- Like it but slow

I like the game but it takes long to get anywhere and lots of resources unless you want to pay.

- Great game

It’s an awesome game it’s just a very time consuming🙂Trini


Whenever I go on after the update I log on it boots me. why in the world does this happen😐 and a have GREAT INTERNET!!!

- Not worth it

Be prepared to spend a lot of money for very little activity.

- Fun but progress is slow

It’s a fun game but can’t play it as energy is always running out and is too slow to replenish.

- Freezing

My app has been freezing and booting me out for 3days, this makes it hard to complete the island tasks, please how do I fix this, there is no update needed

- Give me my 100 rubies

All requirements were met to get 100 rubies with the cafe game and the rubies didnt come to family island. So annoying!:(

- Crashes ALL the time

It was great up to about three days ago, where the game started crashing every 5-10 minutes.


Way better than i thought

- Fun!

Great game! I do wish there were upgrades available to purchase that would generate energy faster or, even better, if it were possible to purchase the game outright and not have to wait for energy to regenerate at all.

- Family island

Has been a pretty interesting and fun game, love the story line. Was going along nicely and it now seems to be frozen in the loading please wait screen. Help, i don't want to lose my home.

- Jeux d’étoile

Merci de ma voir fait d’écouvret ses en droit

- Great

Just too small storage

- Good game

This is a great game. Just wish it was easier to get energy and gems. It would also be nice if we had more time to complete events.

- Energie

Prend beaucoup de temps avant d’avoir de l’énergie 🙁

- Décevant

L’Énergie est un problème majeur dans ce jeu qui enlève tout le plaisir. De plus, tout ce qu’ils font, c’est de répondre les mêmes âneries à tous ceux qui laissent un avis en ce sens. « Vous pouvez développer votre propre stratégie » Mais quelle réponse condescendante! Ne téléchargez pas ce jeu. Je l’ai effacé en moins de 48 heures.

- Love this game

I find the challenges a bit hard to complete but I enjoy the music and doing basic things

- Update now doesn’t work

After doing latest update February 2021, game won’t fully load. Partially loads then freezes and automatically closes. Have restarted my iPad many times.

- It demands your money to advance

It’s nice and relaxing like everyone is saying, but at one point you’re going to realize you can’t get pass anything when you need 150 energy to chop a tree and your max is 69. It will make you want to buy diamonds or wait hours to reload your energy. I’m getting annoyed at level 7 and I got the game last night. I wouldn’t recommend unless they lower their energy demands. Stop being so greedy guys.

- My thoughts.

I have had the game for a few months and normally I get bored of games but I look forward to going on and checking my island.10/10 would definitely recommend it just keeps going and there’s always new things to explore

- Loved it till i updated it.

won’t allow me to play anymore. data wifi or not ahs i don’t have a connection.

- Energy

It requires too much energy for a small task

- Fun game but need more energy!

Really fun game, worth the download, but I can only do a few things each time I open the app before I run out energy. Please either increase the amount of energy we get or decrease the amount things cost.

- Arg!

Should be easier to renew or get more energy!

- Energy should be lower for tasks

The game demands too much energy todo each task. Makes the game very frustrating. Great concept. Needs tweaking.

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Family Island — Farming game 2022150.0.16566 Screenshots & Images

Family Island — Farming game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Family Island — Farming game iphone images
Family Island — Farming game iphone images
Family Island — Farming game iphone images
Family Island — Farming game iphone images
Family Island — Farming game iphone images
Family Island — Farming game iphone images

Family Island — Farming game (Version 2022150.0.16566) Install & Download

The applications Family Island — Farming game was published in the category Games on 2019-11-18 and was developed by Melsoft [Developer ID: 438182507]. This application file size is 464.39 MB. Family Island — Farming game - Games app posted on 2022-04-20 current version is 2022150.0.16566 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.MelsoftGames.FamilyIsland