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What is family island — farming game app? What would your life be without modern technology on the deserted island? Dive into simplicity of the primal world with the modern Stone Age family in this thrilling offline adventure game. Stranded on the remote island, a family of four - Bruce, Eva and their kids - needs your guidance and help starting a new family home from scratch and navigating through various family life situations with humour.

After their previous city had been destroyed by a volcanic eruption, help this family build a thriving town, all while looking for a way to reconnect with their family and beloved tribe. In this farm game, their world might seem ancient and alien without modern day technology, yet their daily family life and relationships are very relatable in today’s world.

Family Island™ is a farm game full of unexpected twists and captivating adventure!


- Enjoy your adventure to the Stone Age era! Get creative and start farming, using cool ancient technologies
- In this farm game, you can unleash your inner explorer and set on a thrilling adventure to new islands
- Start your own family farm on the deserted island! Grow crops and craft useful goods to trade with other characters
- Customize your farm with beautiful decorations
- Get to know the family better and guide them through exciting quests and life stories in this island game


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Family Island — Farming game Version 2023106.1.2615725 January 2023

ADVENTURE, ROMANCE, AND EXCITEMENT! Come on, it's gonna be awesome! Make friends with the adorable Rootlets, explore new lands, beat a sneaky wandering spirit at his own game, and have some fun! And don't forget about the Romantic Carnival! You'll stroll across rooftops, watch true love bloom, meet a naughty little Cupid, and a whole lot more!.

Family Island — Farming game Version 2022214.1.2338818 November 2022

IT'S TIME TO CUT LOOSE! Head to Fry Day's party and have a blast with the family's best friends. Get ready for an amazing shopping spree and lots of prizes! But wait, there's more! Help a wandering spirit return to his homeland, enter a farming contest, and save Princess Ethel's island from a nasty witch's spell!.

Family Island — Farming game Comments & Reviews 2023

- A nice way to relax

I started playing this game as an alternative to a farm game which had become way too intense. With Family Island you can grow crops, make different food dishes to feed the family for energy points, obtain machines to make objects, harvest supplies (stones, clay, logs, twigs, precious mineral rocks) to make objects which you in turn sell to a Shaman and a Merchant and visit other islands with the family to complete quests. Periodically there are island journey events ..Treasure Island, which is three days...and other theme events which are about ten days long and far easier than the short Treasure Island. Usually the family and Shaman visit a nearby island and your quests include clearing the island, making objects, feeding cows..yep..and sometimes you take home a totem or an energy machine which works for 30 days. I am currently at level 34..max I believe is 44...and the game is more challenging...harder to get resources and harder to make items for quests, Shaman, and Merchant...I play the game every day..have only purchased one Ruby energy packet and still have a nice time working my Farm Island. It is a very well thought out game...👍😎

- I love this game, but there are so many problems!

First off, the WAITING. I understand why you do this, but why do I have to wait a FULL HOUR to finish a brick!? I know that you do this to have people keep playing the game, but it takes so long to finish one thing! And I think one of the tasks requires 15 BRICKS! The time should honestly be 1/2 or even 1/4 of the actual wait time! Even with the string it gets annoying! (And I can’t be the only one that thinks the rope and the string is required too much. Plus, even though the time decreases if you upgrade the workshop, the lowest level workshop still takes too much time). The fact that you can’t cancel your first crafting item and that there are only 3 slots is also annoying. Not to mention, the storage is also too limiting. Like, I have 490 storage, which seems like a lot, but I ALWAYS find myself getting rid of materials not to get XP, but to HAVE ROOM. And that is also bad, because I often find myself getting rid of grass, which I know I’ll likely need 2 minutes later. Those gold tools are another issue. The keys are way too hard to get, and should be way more frequent. I also think that a key should cost 10 rubies instead of 30. And the events are too short. The reason I give this game 3 stars is because I always find myself coming back. That is a good sign. If these problems were fixed, it would make for a great game. Edit: Energy is also too low. Should take 1 minute to get 1 energy instead of 2.

- $$$

Unless you plan on spending your own real money, don’t do it. The cost of EVERYTHING is outrageous and it takes weeks to construct everything you need to make a simple upgrade, if you ever even can. I’ve played for months and I’ve been able to upgrade one building. You aren’t given enough energy to cover a smidgeon of what you’re required to do to keep moving up. I’ve completely given up on the special islands that they do every three or four days, no doubt just to make extra $$ off of people. RIP OFF. What kills me is, this game has SO many more bad reviews than good, yet they continue to not change a thing or make it better. It’s stupid to not realize how much money you’re losing by making it where so many people can’t play. It’s not fun. Not in any way. It’s frustrating and stressful. So stupid. After reading the developer’s reply, I’d like to add that almost continuous play is necessary to complete adventures, and each upgrade takes more and more items that each take more and more items that you must craft; ie causing you to either have to play constantly or spend your own money. New adventures start every few days and they’re utterly impossible to finish without spending cash. Developers obviously do not want people playing who are not willing to spend their hard earned cash in a game that is absolutely ridiculous anyway. I have better things to spend mine on, thanks.

- Game Has Changed for the Worse

So I’ve been playing this game on abs off for about a year to a year and a half and it has completely changed. At first, I didn’t like the game and quit playing for a couple of months because of the energy demand and how it affected gameplay. But then things seemed to get better with more opportunities to earn energy, keys, and gold items. Things were great! I started playing more regularly and spending more money on rubies and such. I was also getting more involved on the social media posts for the game. However, within the last month to two months things have DRASTICALLY CHANGED. It is near impossible to complete events because it consumes far too much energy, far too many resources, and there isn’t enough time. Because it costs SO MUCH energy to complete tasks now, purchasing rubies/energy is useless as you still won’t be able to get any where close to completing the game. Gold items are nearly impossible to get. And all players are no longer rewarded for interacting on social media, only a select few. I don’t know what happened in the company, but whoever suggested that all these changes happen lead you down the wrong path. The game isn’t fun anymore, just a cash grab. Reading comments from the developer make it seem that these changes are permanent, so I think I am completely done with this game. It was fun for a while at least.

- Impossible quests even with real money

I started out loving this game…it’s exciting exploring the different islands…but then the timed quests started back to back with no time in between…a few of them are doable without spending money if you are willing to be on the game 24/7…most of them you will have to spend money on if you want any hopes of completing them… the amount of things they require you to do is ridiculous in proportion to the amount of energy you get free… I have went through 500 gems worth of energy so far with this one and am no way near completion… 50 gems gives you 500 energy to give you a better idea of how much energy it takes on these timed quests…I right now have 3 pits to fill in and a set of steps all of which need these special balls that look like rubber band balls that are made on the island…each one of these takes 2 flowers to make…you get 4 flower spots that take 2 hours to regenerate… so you can make 2 balls every 2 hours… now the steps need 6 so there is 6 hours just to fix the steps… and the pits need 3 or 4 each…it’s impossible… they are ridiculous and no longer fun… too many back to back quests with slim chances of completion… no time to work on your main island and arrange things or decorate it… and no time or resources left to work on the regular quests that are not timed…I will be deleting this…

- Irrelevant comments by the characters in this game

I downloaded this game after it came up as an ad on one of my social media accounts. I’ve been playing it for 2 days now and I was halfways through level 8. When I first started playing it, I was reading the little story it has about how the tribe left the island or whatever but then as the game goes on, the little kids (in the game) ask random questions about the creations of life for example “where do trees come from?” And “what comes first, the chicken or the egg?” And then parents have the two options to respond with like Mother Nature or ( i can’t remember the exact phrase but said something in regards to a higher power) God or gods and I even got to one where the responses said “the dev...” I got annoyed and deleted the game. From as far as I have gotten, I only noticed word phrases in regards to a higher power and hear a lot more about Mother Nature. Nevertheless it doesn’t seem to fit the story of the game. Like it’s a game how could you talk about something so serious and the only answers the parents (characters) can give are Mother Nature? These random questions from the characters are quite frequent. Talking about Mother Nature and the devil and whatever do not seem to fit the story of a GAME called Family Island. Like? I thought it was supposed to be a game about a family rebuilding an island? I mean they literally look like little cavemen cartoons!

- Please read so you don’t waste your time spending $$$

Great game! I love the story, the challenges are fun and exciting and the graphics are amazing. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night playing and working on my progress. BUT, I do feel like the amount of progress you can achieve with the energy that you have (for free) is completely disproportionate to the amount of work to be done. I am one that will pay (real money) to push forward, even with that the energy does not last long! I have spent $100’s for energy and rubies, yet still it could take weeks to complete certain tasks and upgrades. Even still I won’t delete (right now) because I want to see the progress I can make. Honestly I can see myself deleting this game further down the line for LACK of FREE PROGRESS. Update: I have started to notice that little tasks that I have for sure completed are not counted so I am having to go back and redo a lot of the small tasks. I do not like that you can’t buy or get keys, shovels or picks any other way than through the boat guy or to spend real money. I’m growing tired of this game and will probably delete soon. Angry birds is getting more of my attention now. Final update: This game was exciting and addictive in the beginning but the progress is so super slow that the game became repetitive and boring. I have put a lot of real money into this game but today is the day I delete.

- Game is Fun and awesome. Customer service is awful.

I was having a great time with this game until the Christmas event. First it came in early and completely broken and I was wondering if it was even fixable but really the game just needed to update. It updated and got fixed and my event progress got reset as expected. Then i played through the event a second time and got quite far into star island before it got reset...again. Apparently there were more bugs that needed to be fixed so progress needed to be reset and thankfully the time got reset too. But the second play through i bought the smallest gem pack and collected some gems that i specifically used to buy energy so I could get stuff done quickly and progress in the Christmas event. Now i received 300 gems for my progress getting reset and was told that I would get my gems i spent also in the event time refunded back to me so id be officially at square one with compensation for having to do it again. But i never received my extra gems. I went to support and they repeated you got your gems in every way possible without actually helping me with the situation. I paid money but they really didn’t care about giving me compensation for that money that i paid which turned me off of the game almost immediately after. I really liked the game but I dont want to play it anymore because if I encounter a problem that only affects me directly I know I wont get the needed support.

- An ok waste of time

I’ve been playing this game for a while now, just because I needed something to occupy myself in short spurts. After all this time, I’m honestly not sure why I keep playing. As the game advances it becomes almost unplayable because the amount of energy you get VS how much energy it takes to do anything means you get to click maybe one or two things and then there is nothing to do for hours. On top of that, I’m starting to be convinced there is something scammy going on with the ads. When on my iPad (which is needed since everything is so so tiny on the phone). You get opportunities to watch an ad and get some energy or gems, but pretty much every time you get through the ad when it comes time for your reward, the game crashes. This means you watch 3-4 full ads before one doesn’t crash, meaning they are making you actually watch way more than they are rewarding you for. Or if you click the X to leave the ad and it takes you to the App Store, when you go back to the game, it restarts and no reward. Maybe the game devs don’t know or don’t care but this is a major problem since playing the game for me has basically become just 15 minutes of commercials and I get to chop down one tree. The art is cute and the game could be sort of fun if it was more playable. The point of a game is to be able to play it, but there isn’t much to do.

- Waste of time.

Can’t find my last review. I don’t know. It was long. I’m deleting this game today after about 3/4 months. I will just say a few of my frustrations. It’s really unfortunate that you can be one item away from finishing the merchant order and you don’t come back in time - so despite having the item made - you missed the bonus and have forfeited all those items. You end up with a bonus that reflects wasting less resources than you did. It’s not fair. I don’t know how many times I’ve been finishing up the last item and he leaves and I’m left with no key for chests after forfeiting a ton of resources. It’s not right. I’ve been double charged multiple times for in app purchases. The amount of stones you’ve needed to harvest to make scrapers and stakes and boards for this latest event is RIDICULOUS. I spent $20+ over the last few days and regret it because it barely even helped. I play regularly. So disappointing. You invest so much time and energy and it just takes and takes. And then your bathroom breaks. And you need to use rare resources to repair it - all so you can get an occasional sprinkle of like 10 energy... enough to pick grass. The cheapest option for purchasing in game is $4!!!!!!!!!! Not .99... not 1.99... the cheapest option is 3.99. It’s sad. It was cute for a while. I enjoyed the dialogue. Now I’m just disappointed and moving on.

- Fun game… ABUSIVE in-game ads!

First off… this is a FUN game. I don’t have bad things to say about that. However, trying to contact them for questions is an exercise in frustration. Their contact feature in-game doesn’t provide a back button, so if you choose the wrong category to report under, you’re stuck. Also, contacting them online generates a generic email that says you need to use the app if you want a response. The issue I have is with the in-game ads for Solitaire Home Design Fun-Times. The ads are horrible and abusive. I’ve seen three different ones on loop and they’re all depicting abuse and humiliation against women. One of them is a woman getting slapped to the ground because she’s taking too long tying her guy’s tie. She then pees herself! Another ad starts off with a guy cutting off his girl’s hair because she made him mad in some unexplained way that’s OBVIOUSLY her fault!!! They all end with the woman freezing to death in a house. These are NOT ads that should be shown under ANY circumstances and I really wish someone would show a little responsibility (and common sense) and screen them out. I much prefer the ads for the other games. Those, if repetitive, are entertaining.

- Server crashing /unable to connect

Good game, easy and fun to pass the time. Difficult to advance in many stages if you don’t play all day (which is impossible if u work a full time) but this is a game right. Concept is to play through the difficulty’s. Would be nice to have more opportunities for energy and diamonds well more less keys and tools would be a blessing as well. But onto the trouble at hand since the past two updates the game is having trouble connecting to your server/ glitching and restarting as well. Doesn’t do much harm most the time because I’ll just wait a few hours and it’ll eventually connect through but in the times such as the current event, it’s hard to keep a top spot in the leaderboard if u can’t connect and use the limited energy u can have saved up in the time frame. ya know.. open to any tricks because maybe it’s on my end but from me restarting my phone to updating the game as well as using data and home WiFi I have reached a dead end. But other then the current issue I do like the idea of it and the opportunities y’all give to scope out multiple islands, which is ideal so u don’t get bored out with the same aspect👌

- Was okay at first

The game has some positives, like the graphics and the adventures but there are more negatives then positives. 1) the narratives - god, all I want to do is play. I don’t care about the story and it always pops up when I’m trying to move through the island. There should be a way to turn it off. 2) You have to spend money to get anywhere in this game. If you try and play for free it will take so long and you get bored quickly. You will never be top dog in the competitions if you don’t spend dollars. 3) You never have time to work on your home island to build up your reserves to trade for keys or clean up the island (as grass, trees etc keep growing on your island) etc. All your energy is spent usually on the adventures because you will get prizes with more energy so you can compete. 4) A lot of things take up more energy to clear then they should. Example grass can be 8 energy or 26 energy. 5) they have clans, but you can’t talk to anyone and you can’t help each other. I did spend more than I should have on this game, but no longer. I’m going back to my other game where I have more interactions with others and where we help each other through the game. Also, you can play for free and progress easily. So if I’m going to spend money, it will be with that game.

- Updated, still Engaging but frustrating

Update 3/21: game play is expensive. I at level 23 and game play cost lots of energy and you only gain 78 depending on your “house” upgrade. I have one are that I need to investigate but can’t get past large rock that needs 169 in energy. I can’t even use what energy I have to knock it down each time I am awarded energy. Other farming games have this option. I have spent actual money playing this game, but I have never been able to complete a special island due to the expensive energy. Occasionally you get to watch videos for energy but it’s never enough to get 169 you can’t do anything. I’m not spending any more money for energy. It’s just not how I want to spend my fun money. I will give this game a few more days, but as others have complained, I too will be deleting the game. If you can’t progress, the game isn’t fun. The game is engaging but needs more fun. There should be a way to use energy for all items. Example: cutting a tree needs 154 energy but all I have is 54. I should be able to use my 54 energy for that tree. I still would need 100 energy to finish the job. It makes me want to come back and play this game. I don’t spend money on games to buy energy or rubies. So progress through the game is slow and basically not much fun.

- Needs some work

Don’t bother playing I’m sad I wasted so much time and effort on this game figures the first time I leave a good review on a game and it then decides to crash every single time I try to play I’ve only been playing for maybe a week and I do see some things that could use a bit of fixing but otherwise I’m addicted to this game -game crashing during ads This is the biggest one I’ve experienced recently I play a lot so I use energy like crazy and rely on the pop ups for 20 energy for watching an ad -not enough items I feel like there aren’t very many items you can buy in game (using game currency) to help level up while also doing the tasks -too many tasks at one time I’ve got at least 7-8 tasks that all need similar items sadly I use those items for the deliveries and competitions as well -resources cost way too much energy I get why they cost energy obviously but say for stone I find a large Boulder and it takes 79 energy ok easy enough done but now I have to get a smaller Boulder in the same place for 33 energy then again at 15 Honestly if the game didn’t crash during ads, had more store items, less tasks at one time, and made it so you only had to go through the resources once I’d have no complaints but I enjoy this game but it has its downsides it won’t stop me from playing but it could be better!

- Great game!

Love the whole concept! Great art, great characters, love that you can occasionally choose what answers the characters give. My biggest issue is that bathroom and shower brakes. They barely give energy as is....why make it harder to keep them. It’s almost pointless to have them. Also, we should be able to use whatever amount of energy we have left to go towards tress, rocks, etc, to help knock down the cost. So if a tree is 114 but your top limit is 72, you should be able to use all 72 toward that tree so you can go back later maybe finish knocking it out. It seems like it’s awful difficult to accumulate the amount needed. Granted I’m currently only level 13, so maybe once you get a little higher it’ll be slightly easier???? Also the current holiday love island and bird island seem almost impossible to get through unless you’re paying for gems to get dynamite. I had to stop wasting my energy on those cause I’m not really getting anywhere. I understand you need to make money too but it shouldn’t be impossible. Throw an occasional ad for energy or something to help.

- I’m addicted but wish I wasn’t

I’ve been playing this game for over a year!!!!!! It’s so addicting because you are curious as to what’s next and constantly waiting to reach that goal of completing something. I wish I can just turn it off sometimes but I haven’t found a game like this anywhere…..and trust me I looked. The game has cute and fun stories that keep you wondering what’s happening next but the downside is that 1/4 of the time you can actually finish those quests….which becomes annoying if you spent 3-4 days trying to complete a story and spent $20 too. If you don’t spend money on these quests you will not finish them, trust me I know. I’ve been at the end of quests and haven’t been able to make the items in time and lost out. It’s frustrating. I give this game 3 stars because it is fun….but you often don’t get the prize. I understand that the game needs to make money and nothing is free but can’t you make these quests complete-able ever? I used to be able to get the prize at least 2 out of 3 times now I can barely get any and I’m at level 50!! If this were to change I’d play the game more but now I’m taking a break from quests and just focusing on the main story. Hopeless

- Don’t Download

To start, I’ve been playing over a year and they still haven’t even completed the main island. Too busy with repeated “events” to make you pay money. Impossible to win unless you play all day every day and pay for extra energy. Their little “tips and tricks” for extra energy gives you 5-10 extra sometimes. I’m level 42 and max energy hold is 99. In the event right now, for 2 flowers costs 60 energy, you need 25 for one single bit of a task, including 65 energy per cobweb thing which you need 5 of per little task. I’ve spent $30+ on this event alone and its over in 5 hours and unless I drop at least as much, it’s impossible to finish. And what’s my reward for 4th place? 250 energy, 1 key and experience. 250 doesn’t even cover 5 of those flowers, and I’ve had to pick at least 60 by now, not including all of the other ridiculously high energy grabs. And playing just the home island isn’t a fun option because they have not finished it. This is getting absolutely RIDICULOUS. Ive spent probably 15,000+ energy on this one event and I get one key and 250 energy back for 4th place. I could have bought a key and 1500 energy for a few bucks. The events arent even fun anymore cause they’re all the same islands and events over and over. Don’t download.

- Fun? Kind of

I’ve had this game for roughly 6-10 months. Not entirely sure. I’m on level 24 I believe? I’ve participated in many events. At the start this game is really fun, it was so easy to level up and build things. Then as you go on, having the materials to build new building takes a lot of time and resources. Then there are two steps, which seem ridiculous because it takes so much for step one. You also have to wait incredibly long amount of time for materials that are HIGHLY needed to be done. Gold tools are very rare and hard to come by, which can cause a standstill in your gameplay. You also have to sacrifice so many things just to complete one project, because things like bricks and hammers take so much time. The animals also take a long time to produce materials. An hour for a single rooster to produce one piece of meat that I need to cook and give to the Shawman? Very ridiculous. While the game can be entertaining and satisfying to see your diligence pay off. It can be extremely frustrating. I would give it two and a half but that’s not possible so three is the best option. Personally if you like a game that makes you wait get this, but if not then download hay day instead.

- More money than fun

I like this game and would give it 5 stars if: A) you didn’t have to pay to progress and B) your progress wasn’t reversed and only able to be restored to what you had previously completed by paying…. I get that they need to make money, but I’d much rather pay for a full version of the game upfront-or even a monthly $2.99 subscription or something then have to spend money every time I need a key or tool. It’s frustrating that obstacles appear where you have already taken a lot of time to clear and arrange your space. Then, on top of that, these obstacles can only be removed with things you have to buy. So every few days giant logs and things appear in the open space and I have to buy a key to open a chest that the golden saws or whatever may or may not even be in there. These are not things you can find any other way in the game. So when the objects you need aren’t in the chest, you just have to repeat the process of paying until it randomly gives you what you’re looking for. Once you progress that should be it. Not right to backtrack you and charge for it. I won’t be spending anymore money on this game and would recommend others do not either as it’s just disappointing. Fees like we’re being taken advantage of.

- $$ hungry game

This game is really fun I loved it!! But by level 20 and Over $40 of my real money buying energy and rubies I notice little things like items I’ve made not being accounted for. Or when I use my energy to gather items it looks like I’m getting the items but when I go to use them, they are gone! It takes more energy then you can earn by waiting to gather most items. So you have to gather small items to make meals for energy. When your energy if full you can eat the meals to get extra energy after the bar if full to then get bigger items or if your like me you buy the items with real $ to build your village. Then I also discovered that you have to build the same thing up several times before you can even use it. For instance the light house and other things are built in stages you think by gathering and making supplies then putting then towards a building it would finish it but nope that’s stage one then for the same building you have to gather lots more supplies and make items to build stage 2 of the same building. So by the time you’re missing items you were supposed to receive and missing items you build it’s gets frustrating oh also some times your energy won’t ever fill up all the way even after 8 or so hours! So... If you put real $ into this game you’ll find it’s a big ripoff since so much stuff goes missing!

- Costly game

I really enjoy the game but the wait time is a big issue and I am almost done to the exploring it cost way too much for way too little why does everything have to have hard to get products just to get through the next section. I came in first place with with the dolphin island but I put way too much money into it but I think that 1000 points should last at least through 1/2 of the island not 1/2 of of one little section with gather the shells and making items should not cost 150 points just to make 3 wheels plus the cost of hatching the other items. I enjoy making things for the game but because of the cost I believe I may have to quit playing I am on socsec and cannot afford this game and another thing after the time is up the island disappears and I really liked the island. I would rather have it then the three that never goes away. Dolphins are a favorite which is why I kept paying to help them. Please make playing less costly and I will stay but I am ready to quit with nothing to show for the cost except two aquariums and a dolphin in a child’s play pool. I am scared to check my bank on how much I put into the game. Thank you from a disabled grandmother.

- Fraudulent Activity

After making my first purchase on the game it crashed and logged me out of my account which was linked to my FB so I wouldn’t lose progress right?? Well after trying to log back in, it started me at lvl 1, and then it kicked me out again and the app was a blank icon. I tried reaching out to developers more than once (including social media) all to get the same automated response. I was new to the game barely playing for not even a week but got pretty far and wanted my information especially after spending money on it. The links they sent to my email didn’t work, I sent proof and screenshots everything they asked for only thing is if you don’t have your old ID name they can’t and won’t do anything for you, if you lost your progress and you’ve spent money on this game it’s gone. After trying and a whole lot of nothing coming from customer support, useless links, and no replies, I deleted the game issued a refund and got denied. Filed an dispute explaining everything and still got denied. Don’t bother with this game, if you don’t want your money stolen. Apple support was useless even after explaining everything that happened in detail willing to show proof they decided support a game that steals your money and doesn’t work as advertised and the way it was supposed to.

- You won’t get very far without spending money… or WAITING…

The game is fun and cute, and when you first start playing, it can keep you pretty busy. But the energy you need to complete tasks and events depletes so much faster than the amount of time it takes you to earn any of it back. Of course you can purchase more energy, more tools, etc, but no matter how much you spend, it won’t last long… then you’ll be right back to the point of buying more or waiting… and waiting. When I play a game (which is not very often AT ALL), I want to PLAY the game and at least feel like I achieved something during that time, even if it is just a game. I have spent way too much time and money to be right back to the point of waiting. If you choose to wait it out and are able to avoid spending money, you’ll get to where you log on just to collect the items you were waiting on, add more items to be made, then log off and wait some more. I’m sure that’s a business strategy (since, who really wants to wait that long?), but during all of this waiting, I’m now looking for different games that don’t feel like such a waste of time and money.

- Needs some work

This game is fun to play, but it’s ridiculous how much it takes to complete a task, or how much it takes to make something or update something. Sometimes it’s impossible. Especially the events. You give us 2-3 days to explore this new island and complete tasks that need too much to complete. Also the time it takes to make something is outrageous. And it’s not easy getting energy unless you constantly buy more. I enjoy playing this game. But honestly I don’t see myself playing it much longer. Takes days of getting energy and making stuff to just update my house or a workshop. And don’t even get me started on the storage!! I’m constantly having to get rid of items so I can have more storage! And updating storage is even worse!! And please don’t respond to me of ways to earn energy, like through the bathroom, shower, treasure boxes, etc. we all know about them. But they still don’t give enough energy to cut down more than one small tree!! You have a good game here, just need to lower the amount of stuff it takes to make/update an item!! Or it cost 158 energy to cut down a tree and the tree only give you 3 pieces of wood!! When I need 40 pieces of wood to make 20 boards to update my house!! Smdh

- Too much work!

I would give the game a higher rating because generally I like it but it’s frustrating to spend money on extra lives or diamonds to satisfy a requirement that would take like 600 energies when they get refilled 87 at a time by level 31 and then find out that the next requirement is like 15 clay bowls that would take forever and I’m sure something else after that- a person with a life like kids and a job would never win a quest on this game. Everything takes way too long or requires way too much and waiting for the energies to refill to do each thing is so frustrating when you don’t even get much compared to what’s needed. For instance: Even upgrading things like the house is a tonnnn of work time wise and then waiting for the low amount of energy to refill just to cut down one tree and find out it makes only a few planks that then make only a couple boards that each take an hour?!? Toooooo muccchhhh wooooorkkkkk. And a lot of the game is upgrading the buildings that are already there. New stuff would be nice, or pets maybe? Anything? Graphics are pretty though 😬

- Way too many energy wasted

I’m here for the same reason everyone else is complaining about this game , first of all we are spending money on items that cost more money than what they are charging, like when you purchase them they tend to go up and up , from 2.99 to 9.99 each time you purchase them!! I’ve asked for a refund for items I didn’t authorized but they didn’t refund my money back to my account, I was told to just play the game without buying any thing I’ve been stuck on the same level now I updated my items and now it’s telling me to upgrade to a higher level now that’s costing me more energy and rubies!!! They need to fix this problem cause they are charging all of us to play the game!!!! Tired customer, plus each time you run out of energy you have to keep buying it it’s really costly and it’s not right because you should not have to pay more money each time the piggy bank gets full , all the energy goes in it and if you don’t pay it it leaves and the order goes away as well !!! Developer stop saying you guy’s know how we feel and do something about this issue people are having, the only thing you’re saying is blah blah follow us on FB to get your game more review

- You Should Definitely Download This Game

I usually don’t write reviews, but I honestly love this game, so I had to. To address a couple of the issues other people have mentioned: there are pop ups that advise you that you can buy energy, rubies, etc., but honestly, they are in no way excessive IMHO. Of course the devs want you to purchase these things, they would like to make some money. I have made it quite far in the game, and I have not purchased anything at all. That is not to say that I won’t in future, but I haven’t up until now. I do agree that sometimes you have to find an excessive number of one particular item, and some of these things take a great deal of energy to procure, but this is not really any different to games similar to this. Plus, there is a lot of free energy that you can find on each island, in addition to energy for updating the game, and daily prizes when you log in. There is also a little timer thing that gives you some extra for watching an ad, and even a little bonus where you get 20 minutes of an energy discount, where actions cost less energy than usual. This is the one game that I play multiple times a day, and I never get bored. I really enjoy the quests, and have even gotten first place a couple times. The family members are all so cute and engaging — especially the kids — and they make this all the more fun. Definitely download the game, and just have some fun with it!

- Not the best game I’ve played, but it is good.

The game has a few issues and crosses (stuff seen/heard in ads that aren’t in the game) that I really do not like. The game would crash a few times at first, then it would work perfectly. And the soundtrack, I do wish the settings could have the choice of 3 soundtracks that would probably make the game. If not, at least stick with the extra music you hear when you level up. I don’t wanna just hear the same old crap that would play as the main music no matter where you go. LITERALLY! And where’s the voices that anybody (if seen the ads) would expect? Even bermuda adventures has different voices in-game. Similar to this game, but it’s 9+ (I don’t understand why this is 12+ when it has no profanity in it) and it gives a lot more fun to it in a way. But those are basically a few problems, clarified into one huge review. Have a good day, Melsoft. Oh, and the waiting time for the higher grade tools and item crafting are ridiculously drastic. Maybe lessen the time by 10 minutes for anything that’s 45 minutes or longer even now?

- Time Consuming and Unfulfilling

I gave this game a shot because I love the graphics, the personalities of the characters and the basic idea of the gameplay. But I quickly learned that you have to craft an overwhelming amount of time consuming items to get anywhere. And at a certain point you have to craft those items just so you can further craft different items. The problem is, each upgrade to a building, each repair of a staircase, a building or a ditch requires loads of those items as well. THEN if you want those keys that open the chests with the golden tools (which are required to remove randomly placed wooden obstacles on your land), you have to hand over loads of items you labored over (meant for something else) to the dude with the boat. So essentially... you make very little progress, you spend all of your time crafting and waiting on crafted items, and very little time actually playing a game. I've resorted to logging in, getting crafting started, and then logging out to play a different game. I did purchase gems to see if it helped. But I really made no no measurable progress. So as cute as this game it. I think I'm just going to delete it. In my opinion, it's just not rewarding gameplay. Shame. It has a lot of potential.

- Okay but could be a lot better

This game is a lot of fun, and I truly do enjoy the gameplay. However there are several issues with it too. For the amount of energy you have, the tasks take a lot more energy that you can afford. I can wait all night and only save up about 75 energy the next day, with can be used up in seconds by cutting down two trees and a bush in one of the events. You can get statue boosters in your island, but those only last about three charges of energy before you need you refill them with expensive and time consuming time balls. I can never play the game cause I never have energy. Also, I downloaded MyCafe for an offer of 100 rubies for Family Island. I completed all the tasks and even got an email saying that I should be receiving my rubies shortly. I waited all night but they never arrived. This is apparently a common problem, and I feel scammed and ripped off. I went to the help section, and was basically told it was my fault and that I must not have done the requirements, even though I did. A good game, but not worth downloading until these problems are fixed.

- Impossible to complete most events

I keep hoping they will improve the probability that most people could finish an event but since I’m in 1st by a landslide and haven’t gotten past the 1st of two islands to explore on this event which ends in 18 hours it’s highly unlikely the developers are listening. I agree with every comment about how difficult it is to get energy in order to accomplish anything. I understand you can “make food” or fulfill boat orders but it take a ton of items to do that and the max you get is 60 energy! I can’t cut down 1 tree for 60 energy. I keep coming back thinking the next event will be reasonable and I might have a chance to get close to completing it but im pretty close to deleting this app because these developers clearly aren’t listening. Be prepared to be annoyed if you add this game. Thanks for your response but on this next event I’m a day and a half in - I’m in 7th place and I haven’t opened a single gift for completing tasks yet. Positive your Facebook posts won’t help so don’t bother to respond. Sad how much you have destroyed the fun of this game by making it impossible. Takes 3000 energy points to get 50 free ones from a gift. Silliness.

- Would be great

This game is fun and it makes you want to check in throughout the day to finish tasks. But, it will not load. I have deleted and reinstalled so many times, I’ve checked internet connection and it’s fine. None of my other games have this problem loading. It gets about 45% loaded and a box pops up that says. You need internet connection to play this game. Check your connection. Ok, so i searched online and found others have ‘this same issue. I did everything that was suggested. Yes I even have VPN and use it. I decided to write the support team in hopes of a resolution. Took them 2 days to send me a canned speech to try everything I’ve already tried. The bad part is I explained everything I did to correct the problem on my end. It appears they don’t take the time to read what people are saying to them. I’ve gotten to play this game 4 times. I’m just so tired of trying. There are plenty of other games that don’t have this annoying issue and their support team actually cares. I’m not going to write in the support team they seem to the link they attach to these reviews because I’ve already tried that. Don’t buy rubies like I did. You won’t be able to use them.

- Money Vampire

The only way to advance in this game (without it taking a full week to level up or be on constantly) is to spend a significant amount of money on the game. The game itself, along with storyline are really good. But, as much time and effort made to level up; max energy should be significantly higher. It’s nearly impossible to make decent progress on the adventure islands, and the prizes are no where close to as valuable as the resources and energy you spend on it. The most recent adventure, wizard island for example: 35 energy to get one particle of emerald dust is absolutely ridiculous. 42 energy for the purple flowers..3 of each to make ONE wand. 231 energy use required per wand, needing multiple wands to advance. Not to mention having to clear the paths using energy also….At level 15 you max energy is 75. The concept and stories are good like I said but the game definitely needs a major rework for energy max and usage. Impossible to do anything without spending a significant amount of money, or never setting your device down. Currently waiting 25 minutes for food so that I have enough energy to break down a rock on the new adventure giant island…….

- Really Fun but...

This is a really fun game. I enjoy playing it very much, but at the expense of my bank account. The keys, scrapers and grass stuff needs to have additional ways for those items to be created earlier in the game levels or players are going to get frustrated. Say at level 20 you can add a second weaving hut and a stone mason hut!!! The upgrades of those don’t do much so to have a second hut making supplies would be helpful. AND the keys are so hard to get!!!!... and eventually are just too difficult to get in time from the merchant. So you purchase some with Ruby’s and energy but that’s a little pricy after awhile because to get more than one key you have to purchase the higher amounts. Why can’t we just win a bundle of 3 keys from time to time. I don’t mind paying a little to get ahead but this game isn’t worth playing if you creators don’t give us a little help. It’s just too expensive and the wait times become boring if you don’t pay and so you we stop playing. It’s really up to you creators. Thanks for your time.

- Please fix.

I loved the game first levels easy as any other game get lots of energy as you go about the levels it’s harder and harder and the production times are ridiculous on some things. i’ve been enjoying the game spent some money to get energy in order to upgrade my workshops however in the past week a lot of the items i’ve made mind you i’ve taken days to do so turns out they are gone just like magic. First time I noticed was when I was producing bowls for the lion well i logon to the game and turns out i only had 1 left from 7 I already had made (no I did not exchange them not used it for anything else. Yesterday I had chopped some trees to get cinnamon it never collected the cinnamon so I just gave up on that festival thing. Now today I logon first time I do I noticed i’m a stake short to upgrade the stone workshop which I have been producing since 3 days or more ago i get that going and log off the game well when I come back to the game I only have 3 stakes left. please fix it i enjoy the game just dislike to log in and notice some of my things are missing.

- Great Concept

I really enjoy the concept and graphics...the characters make me chuckle too...the game play however needs some are limited on your energy and many tasks require more energy than you have and it’s extremely hard and time consuming to really get higher levels...then you spend all that energy in one or two tasks and you are left with nothing to do while you wait ....after you setup home base you can make goods which again is a waiting game that leaves you with little to do can’t even bargain with the trader for the supplies you have to give him what he asks for and he gives you set items...same with the shaman....and since when do streaks come from a rooster? I’m actually fine with the Shaman being random he well a Shaman...but I should be able to barter with the trader...and there has to be a better way to clear trees and rocks...maybe allow you to use the energy you have and slowly chip away at them ....

- Great concept spoiled by greed

First let me say that I routinely spend money on games. I realize how much work goes into creating and maintaining something like this. I throw around $15 at a game once I decide it is worth playing, and continue to support it if I love it. This game is theoretically awesome. However, it is a mind numbingly slow process to progress because of the energy requirements. The free energy you receive will clear a rock, a tree, or a few bushes. I can see the potential in this game and spent my $15, but the energy requirements ate that up in minutes. I will probably slog on with it when I get a free moment, but it’s not worth spending money on considering how little you get for it and how much it requires. It really is a shame. The graphics are awesome and the characters love able. The storyline is interesting and even the dialogue is amusing. A lot of attention to detail has been used, as tapping on a person tickles them. This is obviously someone’s brain child which has sadly been overmonetized. 5 stars for the designer, -3 star for the financial department. Average them and you get a pretty average, not worth paying for, game.

- Be Careful!!

I had a few minor issues playing the game, it’s a little glitchy it’s very easy to click on things that you’re not trying to select and quickly use your energy. Besides that I enjoyed the game, but here’s the really bad part and my warning, the game started to offer these gem pack and energy bundles for in game purchases. From time to time I would purchase one, the last time I purchased one I noticed my card was double charged, the second being a totally different option. This second option was a gem pack with saws, I didn’t make a mistake and click on anything and to make it worse nor did I receive any of these items within the game. This made me check my account and I noticed multiple gem pack with saws purchases that I never made nor did I receive within the game and believe me if you’ve played the game long enough you’ll remember and know if you’ve purchased multiple saw packs because you constantly need them!! I reported a claim for a refund and was denied so my warning is to be careful if you decide to make in game purchases, check to make sure if you’re being charged correctly. I deleted the game and removed the card from my account, really disappointed with all of this!!!

- Could be so great!

This game is so cute and could be such a great game. But it is designed to be impossible to actively play unless you spend money. For instance, I am at level 12 and to progress into an area, I need to clear a tree and a rock formation. At level 12 the max amount of energy I can store is 75, the tree is 108 energy to clear and the rocks are 258 energy to clear. So that is impossible! I NEVER EVER spend real money on games but I did spend some $$ to see if I could progress at all and it lasted about 10 min for all the tasks of clearing objects. And you have to clear trees and rocks and grass because you need those resources to craft items to build your island up but you spend all your time crafting. Each kind of building requires certain objects to progress but the problem is you need to craft 15 stakes to build something but to craft the stakes you need to craft rock scrappers and wood, etc. so it just takes FOREVER! When I find a game I like I stick with it, I have been playing Lily’s Garden for over a year now and I am on level 1572 and I have never spent a dime. I thought this was going to be a fun fresh game but I am probably going to delete it soon. The only reason I haven’t yet is because I did spend a little money.

- Way too much waiting. Even for games like this.

Games like this have a lot of waiting, I get that. But the amount of waiting required in relation to the energy you’re given is insane. You can wait for your energy bar to fully fill up and be able to do maybe one or two average sized actions. Then you’re empty again. So gotta wait an extra hour or so 🤷‍♀️. On top of that. Upgrades and events require an insane amount of items. Even level 1 items, the first that can be crafted, at the minimum require 2-4 minutes starting off. Buy you may need like 15x level two items in order to do the /first/ upgrade!! This in total could take about 2 hrs to craft them all (you’re locked to only three slots too), but these level 2 items may require 3-4 level 1 items to make. So in total could take several hours to just craft 1/3 of the needed items for an upgrade. This doesn’t even factor in the hours of waiting in order to get the energy in order to harvest the needed base items for crafting. It’s broken beyond belief and ever minute or so you’re asked to either level a rating or buy energy. Buy energy. Buy energy!!! That’s the game, that’s how it’s made. 👎

- Fun and easy without spending money!

This is a fun game my daughter and I like to play to kill some time or relax. I like that I don’t HAVE to spend real money to play. The only downfall is the amount of energy it costs to gather supplies is high compared to the energy actually given. Sometimes I’m only able to chop down one tree or smash one rock then I’m out of energy. I have all of the items that give you energy for my level but it still builds slowly with too low of a max limit that will regenerate while I’m not playing. You’re also not given enough keys for the amount of chests there are to open which gets a bit frustrating. But overall I enjoy playing the game. I would play more often and invite more friends if the amount of energy was higher. I’m a terminally Ill single mom on a fixed income, I can’t afford to spend actual money on the game. Also, I invited my daughter, who downloaded through the link and was not given the 100 energy it said I would get. That needs to be fixed.

- Good game

I agree with the other person who left a review I get there is other places to get things and find stuff but the keys aren’t enough and I don’t like filling the orders because I need the stuff in order to make my storage go up. It takes to much to do anything honestly and I find myself asking why are u still playing this game? I like the game but at the same time it takes so much just to be able to build my island i under there needs to be some difficulty in order for it to be a game and have some challenging points but every time I open the app to start playing I stop like 10 mins later with no more room to store stuff and a lot of task to complete. I can’t complete most task due to some stuff being on the other side of the island or I don’t have keys. I wish there was a shop where u could make keys and other tools with the gold or gems u dig out of the rocks. But other wise it’s still good cuz im always playing on it or making stuff to come back later to make more to upgrade one thing for 10 more things to show up lol smh

- Love this game

I got the game maybe two years ago. Played it for awhile and became impatient with the time it took to make certain things. So I didn’t play the game for almost a year. Then as of recently started playing again bc I never deleted it bc I still loved the game. Or how I ran out of energy fast. I didn’t understand how to play the game in a smarter way. I also didn’t understand that the regular island quests and festival Islands were two different things and that you don’t have to do the festivals lol Anyway, now that I have more of an understanding of the game and to only make things when you needed I absolutely love it. Love the characters personalities and story lines. If there were a couple of things I’d change it so you’d be able to trade with others and to be able to turn the island decorations, house and stuff around in a complete 180. Other then that I absolutely love this game and really have no complaints at all.

- Entertaining Money Grab

This is a farming game like a lot of others with a lot of in app purchases. My problem with this game is you are pretty much forced to purchase energy to participate in the recurring events. For instance a player like myself at a level 23 maxes at 78 energy points. One of the most recent events required users to gather items that were 80 points each and you had to have 4(?) of them to make one larger item and 10 of the larger items to advance to the next stage. You can find free energy scattered throughout the stages but not enough for the tasks. So you can make food for energy but you can’t exceed your max limit. You can watch ads for free energy but that is also limited to a certain number of available ads. I’m ok with waiting for my energy to refill on this type of game however the limit of energy is set way too low to accomplish much without buying way more! It’s like having a full tank of gas but running out before you leave the gas station. This is a very expensive “free to play” game!

- Slow in going

Ok first off the concept is remarkable in it's communications between characters. Very cute. The animations are also pretty cute. I like being able to go between islands freely. I don't really bother with the ”special” games as they end well before I can get anything done. With that being said, it's nearly impossible to get up enough energy to do anything. I play about 5 minutes at a time and run out of energy quicker than that. I have a lot of open tasks, about 10 or 12 at a time, because you can't get enough energy stocked up to do anything but cut one tree or hit a rock a couple of times. And then you can't do anything for another hour at least. So this game is easy to forget because the play time is low. I was hoping for the charge time to get better as I played longer but nothing has changed. So I did give it 3 stars for cuteness, interaction and concept but unless things change I may delete soon. But would be willing to raise star level if the charge problem we're corrected. I can't recommend and this time.

- Storage space

Don’t recommend download this game because you can only get so far before you can’t go any further the developer (s) should have thought of different things to find tune the game such as storage for everything that you gather and if you want to upgrade the storage space you can’t because you are unable to craft the needed items because your storage space is full, one thing that they should have done in that instance would be to have unlimited storage space instead of having to constantly upgrade the storage space it’s the worst game I have played I liked it at first but then the storage space issue arose and I just got fed up with the issue and just installed the game a few minutes ago and I won’t ever reinstall the game I sent a message to support about it and got no response from them so I would give this game a one in a half star if it were possible but it’s not game developers should think of that before releasing their game instead of just rushing to release it by taking short cuts 🤬

- Started off fun...

But then after a while got boring and frustrating. I have items taking up storage that I can’t even use yet, and now have no room for the things I need currently. Have no way of offloading said items I can’t use, as there is no option. Wish there was a way to send needed items to clan members, and receive items in return. Would also be nice if some of the resources didn’t have such high energy costs. As well as a lot of upgrades not have high item costs as well. Hard to upgrade things when pretty much everything takes the same few items, and I can never have enough energy to get them. Have already “blown” close to $100 on this game, just to get somewhere, really don’t want to have to keep paying just to play. If not resolved, I will just uninstall the game and go on about my life. Too many more important things to use my cash on. Got the game to give me something to do during lockdown during pandemic. But it’s clear to see that the game is just another money drain.

- Undecided

At times I love this game bc it’s exciting and has the adventure islands that are so much fun. I reached the top level of 58 a couple of weeks ago and was kinda ok with it since I could still do trades with the merchant and the shaman plus adventure islands. No new tasks have been added at my level…if they have then I haven’t seen them. Or they are unobtainable bc of no palm trees. I’ve noticed in the last week that my rewards have been taken away. My bathroom and shower that I upgraded to get energy levels have been downgraded on energy by almost half. Also, the rewards from the merchant were cut in half…so even though I get the smileys for next level they do not help me at this point so I feel like I’m losing out on the game all they way around. I’ve spent money but I’m to the point that I feel like the rewards aren’t necessarily worth it. The graphics, storyline, and etc are good but I feel like I’m getting the wrong end of the deal with things being taken away after I worked and spent time to accomplish the tasks.

- It’s fun

I’ve been playing about 2 months now, and the game is entertaining, but unless you want to shell out A LOT of money, you’re going to find yourself stuck with nothing to do. The bathroom (which helps give you energy) has now “broken” twice. You can cook food for energy, but unless you have room in your chest you can’t collect crops or meat. If you’re lucky you’ll get the 20 energy ad, but that’s once or twice at the most a day. A number of obstacles are 100+ energy to break down, and they need to be broken down multiple times, but the worst part is that your energy meter doesn’t regenerate up to those amounts so you’re stuck hoping you get the energy boosts, hoping you are able to cook, or what the game most wants you to choose, spend money on energy. I am continuing on in playing, because like I noted previously, it’s an entertaining game, but honestly don’t know if I will be playing for much longer as a result of the large lags for energy. I like the game, but I’m not spending money on a virtual caveman family.

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- Energy replenishment issue

Very addictive game, have loved it so far. Just got to level 9 and when I need something like stone it cost 75 energy, but the max it replenishes to is 69 and I can’t get a lot of energy from other things, so when I have enough to break this stone down, I’ve used all my energy, so essentially I’m going into the game, doing one thing and that’s all I can do. Then I have to wait hours for my energy to replenish. This doesn’t make the game enjoyable. There’s no point me keeping the game when I can’t really enjoy it which is such a shame. Also, it annoys me that I cannot move the ground plots for the corn and roots, I assumed I would be able to move it later, so I’ve put them in an annoying spot and now they’re stuck there.

- Need more OOMPH

Love the game and been hooked since downloading it. As a player I would love to get more freedom with decorating the island using a “coin” based system. Currently from what I see, buying decor requires the use of Rubies. Rubies are extremely difficult to find and the only other way to get more is to pay... I think using rubies should be for more speeding up the making process for items/buying extra items that are missing. Not for decor. It makes the game too difficult to personalise our islands. Reducing costs of energy used in late game I believe will get players to play even more at this point with special events and on top of the main quests, it just costs too much and is not efficient enough for anyone from lv15+ to progress which ends up making the game boring since we have to close the game every 10 minutes and wait hours for energy to replenish. Speaking of replenishment energy takes too long to replenish. I would say letting energy replenish at a pace of 1 energy per minute will make the game more enjoyable for everyone! I would love to see more changes to the game and play to make it more fun and enjoyable for everyone!

- Love the game, too hard to complete without $$

I absolutely love the game but it’s getting harder and harder to play without out having to outlay $$ to play. The constant events are too many, and too difficult to complete without paying for energy or rubies. Gold tools needed to play the events are harder to get. I used to get a few for each chest opened, now I’m lucky to get one. When I first started there were no pop ups, now there’s several to offer items to purchase with $$. Annoying when you miss getting the adverts for energy cos of all the pop ups getting in the way. To the developer response: you have completely missed the point of my review. There’s no technical issue with game play it’s the cost which is making it harder to play. For example the elephant that fills up so you can buy energy was affordable at around $5.99 it is now $22. I suspect if you make everything cheaper people will spend money. It’s a game and I like many others who have talked on FB won’t pay more than $1 - $10 max especially when the rewards are so little.

- Addictive but can get tiring

Family island is a really nice game with a beautiful design and lots of things to do and see. It’s great being able to grow and build your own island but also being able to go to other islands and explore their cool design and fun tasks. Although there are components of the game that do get pretty annoying and cause you to not want to keep playing. For example, to clear a big tree in your camp uses up almost all of your energy for then the next day it grow back. I spent so much energy and gems clearing huge amounts of space in my camp for it to have all grown back the next day. This gets so frustrating so I just end up not playing for a while only to come back to find that more has grown back again. I do not believe at all that this is a good tactic to get players to continue playing as it is just so frustrating coming back to your camp a few days later to see all your energy and gems have gone completely to waste.


It’s a good game but you really struggle to make much progress. Everything is just so hard!!! I’ve just spent the past week making and collecting things to make the mixer in order to fulfill a request from the Sharman. This morning I thought I’d finished the mixer and went into it to make something for the Sharmans order only to discover I need to keep building/collecting things for the mixer - I can’t use it yet!!! Aaaaarrrrggh This situation is representative of the level of difficulty. To top it off I need energy and lots of it to collect these items and when the merchant comes in he offers energy but only if I give him stuff I’ve collected for projects like the mixer!! How are you supposed to get anywhere???????? I know I can get energy from totems, watching ads and feeding family ect but it’s only a tiny amount t compared to what’s needed. Chopping down a nice big tree to make boards, resin ect you will need around 140 energy which in most cases is near impossible to get seen as how the energy bar only goes up to 80 or something!! Think I’ll delete the game and find one a bit easier

- Great game, but slow/hard to complete

This is a great game that can get you hooked for hours in a day. Graphics is good and the quests make it interesting to keep playing. Unfortunately as with most games with in-app purchase, the developers of this game has similar things in their mind. Making it really hard to complete quests and also upgrade your buildings that either: 1. You gave up altogether cause it takes so long to upgrade a building, and also near impossible to complete a quest without buying gems for energies, or 2. You shell out your hard earned money for a game where it’s sole purpose in your life is just for entertainment and nothing more but actually wasting your time (think about it, yes it may give you satisfaction when you completed a quest or upgraded a building, but how much time have you wasted in your day/life that you could actually have used it better such as for exercise, sleep, or even make more money!)

- Like it but frustrating

I like the game but find it frustrating that things cost so many energy points for little reward and it’s slow to level up, collect supplies to level up etc. also find it frustrating that, for example I use 158 energy points to break up rock, I then have to use more again to complete the break down and collection of the same rock source. So they hit you up two or three times on the same source. Energy packs are too pricey (especially cause it’s USD) but I have brought the energy pack when on sale only due to my frustration at having to wait so long to collect enough energy to get enough resources to complete tasks. I guess this is the desired outcome of the games developers so it’s a win for them but I feel like while I enjoy playing this game I will eventually tire of having to wait so long to do anything and move onto something else.

- Time consuming with little reward

I really like the concept of this game, but too time consuming for little progress. I have been playing this game for a couple of weeks now and find I am putting a lot of time into it with little reward. Each building takes so long to construct, once you have constructed it you have to upgrade it you it. All this takes a lot of energy sucking resources, energy that is far less than the game needs. Very slow going. To top that off, trying to clear and move forward in one island is difficult, then every cou0le of days a new adventure begins, i was lucky to finish one, but the others have been extremely difficult. I had 50 points to go to finish the quests and I still needed 18 axes (1440 flowers)to get those 18 axes, impossible to complete flowers every 2 hours, energy needed for rocks with little reward. I

- Just 1 Thing

An excellent concept, it C.o.u.l.d keep me hooked for a life time and not many games can do that with me, but reading the comments 99.9% of people seem to be having the same issue as me also... for the amount of energy items are quite complex (when in reality there not) but it comes down to... for very little energy comes very little progress comes very little time played, and as a result It’s not giving us a time to make ourselves involved with the game instead it’s just like clicking ten buttons and now it’s time to shut down the game from what looks as to be from level 15 onwards we are only really clicking buttons way would we want to go back again, this is really sad for me cause I was loving it so much 😢❤️

- Enjoy it but could improve.

I’m liking the game so far. I’m level 22 currently. The challenges are fun, but I’m getting frustrated that I can’t finish any of them. 3 days is not long enough with the amount of energy needed to complete them, which means they take time (or real money!!). But I don’t have all day to play the game. I play a few times a day for maybe 10 minutes at a time. So either energy needs to replenish faster, tasks need to use less energy, or energy gained from food and gift boxes needs to increase. The game is not going to be fun for long if I can’t finish anything. Also, some of the ads I have seen pop up are becoming inappropriate. My kids play the game also, and I don’t like them seeing ads for games that are sexual or violent.

- Wish I could say something more positive

Christmas Quests.. up til now, the game has been rather enjoyable, but I'm on the last part of the Christmas quest and there is yet one more island to send gifts to and I have exhausted Star Islands resources.. how on earth are we going to be able to complete this??? So, twice now, there's the icon from the kids to open your gift.. but I can't find the gift.. ??? Where are these gifts? The lighthouse is on its last stage (7/7). There's an icon saying to complete it but when you click on the lighthouse, it tells you it's not ready to update?? It's costing way too many gems to complete the Christmas tasks.. really developers, why so GREEDY? Make this less expensive and you may find more people will play.. at this stage, with it costing so much, I'm too embarrassed to tell my friends about it and suggest they download the game And so few gifts from you.. most games gift generously over seasonal events.. help to put you a little ahead.. here you are doing nothing but bleeding us dry There is never enough Shells, Grass, or Sticks.. needs to be more random drops of these items, especially shells. This is really FRUSTRATING !!!

- Telling my version of the game

I really liked the game I do understand about the frustration of the energy always running out but I always seem to make the food and then they have a bunch of energy plus if you leave it for a few days you get plus energy so every time I’ve gone back onto the game it’s amazing I do you like the game I really do it’s actually quite fun and it’s something that I can play that will help my muscle movement in my hand and show that I can play a game without getting frustrated arm but I don’t like how it costs money if you need more Energy A new forgotten to make the food but other than all that I actually really enjoyed the game

- Needs your money

This is a fun addictive game that gets you in. As you progress you discover you can’t finish any of the challenges without spending money. I on occasion have spent a small amount but there have been a number of times I have been charged without purchasing, and other times when I have actually purchased a ‘special’ buy that supposedly had bonuses, I was charged more than the advertised price. About half the time when I disputed the transaction, I was not refunded. The last time this happened the amount charged was more than double that was advertised. I am yet to be refunded the difference. The “help” section auto prompt questions are no help. Hopefully you get enough enjoyment out of this game to not mind it debiting you for amounts you have not approved.

- I think I’ve got an island glitch

I do love this game, the only thing that bugs me is this one thing that I think is a glitch. Divination island has been stuck on the travel roster since the beginning of me playing the game (for reference I’m currently working on Storm Island and in game I’m on level 32). I’ve completely stripped it bare of any materials it could give me and now it’s just useless. I feel like this isn’t meant to happen and I have to end up giving up island with more recent and better items when I reach a new island and it’s super annoying. Can this be fixed in any way or should it be a simple delete and download again? I don’t want to lose my progress I’ve put almost a years work into this game.

- One thing…

I love this game, you can place stuff wherever you want and you can have a berry eating competition with Tim, but the only downside is, that I don’t like when you can’t do what you want in starting out for your island, and I don’t like how you just have to wait for stuff to finish when you haven’t got any rubies. And the game won’t let me update I don’t know why but the rest of the game is the best!!!!!!!! And also one more thing- it should be for 7+ because there is not any scary things.

- Jett Catt

I have rewritten this review because of recent updates to the game. The addition of advertising though in some regards could be seen as a negative is actually a positive. It has made getting energy and rubies much easier which speeds up the game. I have something of a problem with all games that try to get you to spend cash to gain extra resources. I know game developers require cash to keep going but I don’t like being forced to pay for what is advertised as a free game. On the other hand I’m willing to watch a certain amount of advertising to allow them to gain revenue. Some companies take that to far but so far this one hasn’t. Hope they keep making improvements to the game and I can highly recommend it.

- Great game, but too slow to gain energy

It’s a great, relaxing game. Trouble is, once you’ve got rid of all the smaller energy items it’s extremely hard to do more. The larger rocks and trees are over 100 energy, so you can partially cut down then have to wait ages to build up energy to finish. Even with the “food” it isn’t enough. Completing shaman, and the boat orders only gives me enough to then chop down 2-3 items before needing to wait for energy to build up again. Nice game, but getting frustrated with the lack of energy. I can’t complete challenges on the special islands or the home islands because I can only partly clear one item before being able to progress in the game. The ability to sell excess items for energy (instead of XP) May be a way to improve this?

- Frustrated and Unhappy.

Twice now this game has reset itself wiping the days progress away. This has now happened on an event island that I paid real money to play. I’ve spent so much money on this game and I bitterly resent it when this happens. The game is horrendously expensive . You get no where without money because so much energy and resources are necessary to complete tasks. Today’s I lost everything . Progress, energy, money ,gold tools. Is the universe telling me not to waste time and money. Probably. If you haven’t started playing this game . Don’t! Have to laugh. I’ve just read other players comments/ complaints. Hilarious how the developers promise to take player comments into consideration and made revisions to game play. Complaints from 12 months ago still exist today. Nothing has changed .

- Energies disappear and support is useless

Both my husband and I have been playing this game, it is a great game in concept. However my husband has deleted his as he had over 600 energies and they disappeared overnight. I had a few hundred that also disappeared the same time. Supports response (which takes over a day) was that nothing was wrong and they had apparently checked and stated we had used all our energies collecting rocks and sticks. This is not the case. We both contacted multiple times. And both got the same standard responses. Then today I came back on from this morning and had lost over a thousand energies that I had received as a reward for completing all the tasks on the previous island. I too will be deleting this game, because of what appears to be dishonest or at the very least incompetent conduct from the support team.

- Frustrating to play

Love the game but it’s so frustrating at how much power it takes to play the challenges. To get anywhere on the challenges you need to buy power and now the darn purchase page keeps popping up the minute you run out if power 3 times I had to cancel the purchase because it jumped in at the moment I touched the screen. I am just thankful I have my settings set to confirm any purchases or it would have gone through. Fed up with the constant purchase page popping up all the time. That is a personal choice and I don’t need it shoved into my face all the time…. As for the email options it would be nice if we could delete the message rather than having it sitting there all the time……..

- Support cannot be contacted

I have been playing the game for some time. I have an issue and no one to contact. We are promised things that don’t eventuate. (Like levelling up). Going through the contact form is ridiculous and impossible. Always the same ‘reload the game and submit again. Sorry for the inconvenience’. REALLY! What’s the point in having a form to fill in? I have been trying to contact support a number of times each day! MOST of the things to do to progress in the game are beyond comment. Wayyy too hard and takes an impossible amount of time. I don’t spend money! Can’t see much logic in making things impossible to build and repair. A few of the ads we have to watch are adult content and should be removed! (And reported!) I’m looking for another game!

- Events are unrealistic

When I started playing the game, each event would last about a week and I was able to collect the reward at the end or at least rank fairly high in the leaderboard and get some keys and energy. However we are now only getting three days for HUGE event islands that have lots of obstacles that take up a lot of energy to get even 10% progress (and forget about the leaderboard tasks, which are even harder to complete now). I feel like the developers want people to spend money on buying energy/keys and making the events short is a way to force people into it because that’s pretty much the only way to complete the event. Sad to see them getting greedy when they’re already getting ad revenue. Very close to deleting the game.

- Frustrating

I love the game but I have the same issue. You gather all that is required to build the structure only to find there is another level to build it. Not only that but when you gather sticks etc and you don’t have enough storage and it places it in bundles, those bundles go behind trees and you can’t get them until you chop down the tree. It is beyond frustrating. The time it is taking to build energy I’m playing other games when I would just play this one. Other games also offer incentives like unlimited energy for x amount of time etc. Something to think about.

- Be careful with the ads

I enjoyed this game and you can progress through the levels even without having to pay for gems, through perseverance. I do have a very big issue with the ads that come with free lives or gems. I have, on multiple occasions, seen the ad for King’s Throne: Game of Lust. This is a blatant age-inappropriate marketing when this game is listed for ages 12+. I have also seen other similar ads targeted to the older audience. Either this game needs to be listed with the right age category, or the developers need to seriously review the ads that the game features. This is dangerous for parents who unknowingly allow their children to be subjected to adult content, masked in an innocent enough game.

- Fun but very limited energy

I like the graphics and stories but the energy is so limited that is gets difficult to achieve anything…I have never been able to even come close to completing an island is disheartening..the game is really aimed at those prepared to put in big $..not those prepared to put in small amounts…i don’t mind paying for the energy if it is worthwhile but you would have to pay over $40 to get through one comp and the rewards are not worth it..the game becomes dull after a time as you don’t want to spend anything as you get so little back

- Slow grind..

I’ve been playing this game for ages now and I love it. It’s cute and it’s addictive! The artwork is great and same with the concept. But.. The grind is so slow? You got so little energy to do anything with. And by the time I finally get all the resources to upgrade a building, I need to start again because it takes so long to actually upgrade that the next upgrade is waiting! And then you have to decide whether you do the special events that pop up every four days or do you focus on trying to upgrade your island? It’s getting to be a bit much, now that I’ve levelled up a bit, so I might take a little break from it, sorry! 😔

- Disappointing service

I have been playing this game for a looooong time and have had issues along the way. I kept playing even when I was at maximum levels because I enjoyed it. What I don’t enjoy is that the developers are happy to take your money but not reply to messages or compensate you when things go wrong. For example just the other day I was on level 42 and then the game reverted to level 1! Yup and no one replied from support for days and when they did was told sorry and no I can’t compensate you for anything. Mind you they’re still happy to take my money. There was no goodwill and it’s one issue after another. I think I’ll stop playing soon mainly for the reason that I can only support a business with good ethics and customer service.

- I agree with other

I absolutely love the idea of this game, it really does have the potential to be one of those games you get lost in for hours. Only you don’t get enough energy to do that, some things take upwards of 50 energy to clear and it’s just not that fun to come back every couple of hours just to clear one tree or pile of rocks :/ I’m all for micro transactions in a game but I’m not going to pay $7 and up for ‘big’ amounts of energy that still only get you like, 10 more minutes of gameplay. I’m only on level 10 and have had the game for maybe 2 days and it’s starting to become a little boring :(

- Don’t play unless you want to spend money.

I’ve been playing this game for a while now and as much as I enjoy pottering around, filling sharman orders and boat orders the events require a lot of effort, they don’t give enough time for you to finish the event without spending money, yes I understand that the developers need to make money and this is their job but the cash required eg. $50 per event is extortionate, if you wanted to just play for a couple hours a day then just forget it, you will not win or even complete an event ever unless they change the format. Eventually this will probably go the same way paradise bay went and just finish as people are leaving the game in droves due to how expensive it is.

- Waste of time

In a world the developers live in this is an exciting game. In reality it’s a waste of time. 1) they don’t fulfill the actual rewards it’s based on their rules where you have to play 24/7 to get the big rewards. (so unless you’re in with the developers you get nothing) 2) the energy system is the weirdest and most exhausting part of the game you upgrade a house to get a few more energy bars. Most other games with energy used increases upon leveling up (being a high level with 60 energy because you didn’t level the house up 🧐🙃) 3) they don’t want their customer support team bothered with feedback they want you to join their Facebook group and when you provide feedback they delete it so no one can see it 😂

- So little advancement for a lot of work

I have almost thrown the towel in a few times due to the fact that I don’t seem to get anywhere. I have spent money thinking that would make a difference & it does for a very short time, I thought I had finally finished the mixer then the game is asking for another lot of improvements before I can use it - I have practically given up on the lighthouse. I can play for only a few minutes before running out of energy/options & the only way to go forward is to spend more money!! I have decided NO MORE MONEY, if I continue to play it will be only for those few minutes before shutting down and switching over to a different more satisfying game. I really did enjoy Family Island when the game moved forward, not when stuck in a circular hell of making things for a project only to have to sell them to the merchant to get more energy to continue to make things for a project. Come on developers listen to what the players are saying- I am not the only one frustrated by these issues.

- Sooo expensive

I love the game and all its options and adventures. However it is one of the most expensive games I’ve come across. Energies don’t last long because everything you do takes a lot of energy. I purchased some rubies to get more energy to do an expedition on an island where I finally reached a stack of gifts containing energy (1500 of them) and then as I was opening them they went into a piggy bank where now if I want those I have to pay to open the piggy bank!!! I understand you need to make some return from the game but the amount of money you need to spend actually achieve anything is way too much.

- Good game but....

Hiya , I’m really enjoying this game. However. The amount of energy needed and supplies needed for certain things isn’t real flash. I like a game I can get fully engaged in, this one needs so much energy to go anything, I can’t really do that. So I’m on the hunt for another game to give me that level. Fingers crossed you can make it better for the energy we have been allocated and also not so unrealistic for the things we need to produce for opening bridges, gates and areas etc or even to just build the items or upgrade things, but far fetched really. Quite frustrating

- Energy expelled greater than energy available

I have played other farming games before but this is cumbersome. Very few ways of being able to get the energy required to complete quests or progress. Often I can do one thing and then have to close the game and wait. If there were breakout challenges to be able to earn energy that would be good. It seems like a game I would enjoy for a long time but I feel that I will lose patience with how slowly the game allows progress (and yes I waste time watching every ad to get energy). Chopping a tree down uses 129 energy credits but feeding the family 3 meals only gives you 79 energy credits, including watching the adverts!

- Clear the developers have not listened to feedback

Firstly it is a good game but it has a major flaw. The balance between energy needed to play and energy earned is severely damaged. I am only level 9 and I have had to give up progressing on any of the “main” storyline as I need all my energy if I am to have any hope of completing an adventure event (which I never can). All reviews have been saying that energy cost is too high, and earning is too low yet it is clear the developers have done nothing to change it. Seems to me they only care about roping in new players and don’t see a need to maintain players if they won’t listen to the very clear player feedback

- Love it but might be deleting 😢

I give 5 stars for the style of the game. I do love it and look forward to playing it. But hate that I can only play a few mins before I’m out of Energy!!! And to buy them, which I already did I spent $30 in one day and still didn’t feel it helped!! I am sadly considering deleting only cause it’s to hard and take to long to make energy or get it. This would be one of THE BEST GAMES if it wasn’t for that. Which then takes way way to long to complete tasks.

- Love the game

I have been playing for a while now and am on level 42 but I find that there are very long periods of time where there is absolutely nothing to do. I need to get the level 43 to open a new area but getting the stars in virtually impossible. I have made every item numerous times and completed all the quests but I am now stuck. I have filled up all my spaces with items but have nothing to use them on to get stars. I have spent literally hundreds of dollars and am not just disappointed and bored. When is the next upgrade or next level going to open up? Please do something as I am losing interest in this game now. Thanks

- Would be five stars if it wasn’t so buggy and expensive

This game would be great if it was made with user experience in mind instead of profits. The events are impossible to finish without spending large amounts of real world money, even if you spend literally all day with it open. The events end up just being extremely frustrating. They also reuse island formats and just change the names, which is so boring. They run several events at once so you really don’t have a hope of finishing, even if you’re willing to fork out tons of actual cash. Then come the bugs. It is SO buggy, and customer service is non-existent. Do not buy this game, save yourself a headache and get stardew valley instead.

- Great game but expensive to obtain extra energy and rubies

I was testing this game to see if it was good for my young nieces and nephews to play. Although I enjoyed the game and it looked promising for the kids the energy reserves deplete very quickly and purchasing extras seems reasonably priced until you work out that the further you go in the game the higher the energy cost for items. This then means that to play for more than 5-10 minutes at a time stacks up to buy the extra energy and rubies. Due to this I chose to delete the game and find something else for the kids to play that didn’t have me spending half my weekly pay on credits.

- App is fun to play but a scam

Everything is so expensive, I’m on Polar Island for christmas event and It says to clear everything on site before i can break this bush, I did and there’s NOTHING near it and i can’t break anything behind it but it still wouldn’t let me break the bush. Very unhappy because i used up all my energy trying to break every single little thing around it and it didn’t let me access it STILL WITH NOTHING AROUND IT. IM FRUSTRATED

- 😞

I liked this game so much but the problem is it’s getting too expensive and leaderboard points is disappointing we spent tonnes of energy but how much we get only not even 1/4 of energy back of what we spent. And gold tools is crazy what you required us to used, we don’t get that much every day I can hardly fulfil the merchant request cause he ask too much sometimes as well. I love to compete I play hard but sometimes I get disappointed to see you are forcing us to spend money every event. Like the old players says this game isn’t like this before and as a 1 year player in this game when I started I have so much fun now is stressing and not so much fun anymore.💔

- Awesome game

Personally this game is really fun but there’s just one problem which is that there’s not much energy for myself to play longer, just wish the developer would update or increase the energy so players like myself can play longer and enjoy it longer. Without energy we can’t really get resources therefore it takes a long time to grow the island and having to wait for the energy to restore back is long as well. However, Family Island is one of the best game i’ve ever played.

- In-game purchase theft

Twice now I made purchases in game and items did not arrive. I contacted support first time and they told me they had, then when I pushed it further, miraculously they realised they were wrong and credited the items. It happened again today and they again told me I was wrong and items had been credited. I told them this was the second time this had happened and they needed to check again because I know I’m right and they ended the support chat! Now taking it up with Apple to be refunded. Do not give money to this game! Unethical thieves that don’t respect those that pay money to play their game. Disappointing because I have loved this game…

- Love this but on problem

Hello the people who made this game it’s very annoying like one of my other games Ever Murch it’s annoying when you get Max stuff well so you can knock down stuff and what like what if you’re at school you don’t get up to extra ones because you’re being way for so long six hours you don’t get more stuff to knock down all those bushes and plants and stuff which I don’t like so please can you change that problem please

- Love the game but...

The game concept is brilliant! Great graphics and fun themes however, the amount of energy each task takes up is too much and it means there is not a lot that can be done on the little energy we have. I understand you want people to purchase energy or gem stones, but the amount of energy used up, it wouldn’t last long and seems a huge waste of money. If this were changed, the game would be much more appealing.

- Valley girl

While I have been so happy with the game and do get sucked into spending money, it’s the ongoing issues when the game is updated and yes my device is updated in fact I can’t even sent a message for support because it crashes, it’s a game that relaxes you at the end of a long day but since the past 2 updates I can’t play it which seems to be so common with other games from the same company so unless it’s fixed and I can play I’m done with these companies that are so bad at making communication with us or realise they are losing people’s respect for their creations.

- Good idea

Energy too slow to recharge and it makes the whole game hard to play and i enjoyable. Big drive to spend money to get energy/gems to keep playing, which I understand, but it makes it hard to play without spending, so if you don’t want to you get to a certain level and its hard to progress (or very slow going). So many challenges going on that require the same resources that you can’t keep up with because of the lack of energy…it becomes monotonous. Good idea but needs work.

- Pity the developers are not listening

Like previous reviews I find this game fun but extremely frustrating There is a fine balance between making the game too easy vs hard. The problem is the developers are way way off the mark. The energy takes forever to reload while the cost for rubies are astronomical high. I would have paid if it’s a full game with some degree of waiting (I actually find the waiting meaningful if they get it right). So overall... what a shame. Please come up w a full game and charge for it rather than the current silly model.

- Enjoyable

Like playing the game. I Would like to see gold tools and keys available to purchase with rubies like you can energy. There are not enough tools in chests you open, either with one key or three, considering you need a minimum of half a dozen of each to complete adventures. I find I can't complete all the quests without a purchase which does spoil it for me. Still that's the whole point I guess from the developers point of view.

- Great but greedy

I have been playing this game for a while and love it, but it is getting to the point where you can’t finish anything without spending money. I watch all the ads and make food for energy and still don’t get close to finishing the quests. There are constant pop ups to spend cash, and am happy to as I get a lot of time and enjoyment from the game but it is getting ridiculous. 80 energy to open the gate to take your first step on gift island? Very close to deleting.

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- Nice

Nice, relaxing and easy game

- Love the game

The game is relaxing and entertaining! It doesn’t push you for money loadings and only has reasonable amount of ads. I hope we could load energies faster or have more bonus energy tasks, otherwise it gets bored easily. Love the game.

- Disgusting

I’ve been playing this game for quite a while and I’m used to the amount of ads, but today there was an ad that promoted a game that incorporates sexual assault. I’m beyond words. The mini game has you forcibly removing the clothes of a tethered woman. It’s unbelievably disgusting. Do the makers of this game not check into the ad content before allowing this? Melsoft is as much to blame here. Not funny.

- Had potential

Sucks cause this game could have been great but you need energy for everything and it takes forever to get any. Not to mention you need more than what they do give you. Just a money grab.

- Energy

It takes way to long to renew energy. Tasks to chop trees and break up rocks use up way to much energy! You can do 1 or 2 things by the time your energy is depleted. Too long of a waiting game.

- Bug du jeux

Ce jeux est super mais depuis hier soir il as un bug dans le jeux donc sa marque erreur et il ce ferme seul !!!

- :/

Très bon jeu mais depuis hier je suis incapable de me connecter

- Would love if it . . .

Didn’t crash every two minutes. Please fix before I delete it. It looks like the kind of game I’d really enjoy.

- Was fun, now crashing

I played this game all the time for the past year or more. Not sure what is going on now but it keeps crashing or saying “oops something went wrong” :( I keep checking for an update to fix the bug… Help!!

- Oops something went wrong.

I spent a lot of time clearing debris and full filling quests and as a as I finished “exploring Nearby Island” I can’t get back into the game. I keep getting the message “oops... something went wrong”. My daughter got to the same point in the game and is experiencing the same super frustrating issue!

- Game won’t open after last update

I cannot get the game to even load after this latest update....please fix

- Horrible stereotype

This app reinforces gender stereotypes. Haven’t we moved beyond this!!??

- Never enough energy!

This game was fun, graphics are cool and I like the story line. That being said everything require SO much energy to complete and you hardly ever get any free energy. So if you want to pay you can but otherwise you’re just playing for a few minutes before your stuck waiting for your energy to recharge. It’s gets boring if I can only play for 5 mins at a time.

- Don’t bother

Would give it zero if possible... tried twice to get the game. It would download, but would not open. Message said that I had to be connected to the internet, which I obviously was if I could get the the App Store!!!

- Wth

What is wrong with the game? Cannot connect to server. Super irritating.

- Solid game

I just like it ...

- similar games are better

Don’t let the ads fool you, there is never a part where you collect stuff to build a raft. I hate it when apps show things in ads that aren’t actually part of the game. It takes way too long to build up energy. played it once before deleting it. If you’re looking for something similar but better try hay day.

- Family island

How do you restart the game if you want to start from the beginning again

- Great Game!!

This is a great game. Really enjoy it. The last update makes it crash though. Once it is fixed I will love to continue to play it.

- Double charges a lot

Stop charging my card twice every time I purchase something jeez

- Good game

It’s a good game but since the last update keep crashing. Fix it.

- Something wrong

Every time i open it since yesterday it keeps popping up the message oops something went wrong !!! can’t play it anymore

- Game was amazing until update

Since. Yesterday’s update the game crashes upon opening

- Keeps crashing

Keeps crashing after latest update.... “oops something went wrong “ is the pop up caption...

- Game stopped working with the last update

Hi; The game stopped working with the last update, basically brings an error message, as as soon as you click, restarts the game and the same error message comes, and this is a loop. :(

- Can’t play

I downloaded the new app version today and it won’t let me play. Each time I open it, it tells me something went wrong, and reloads. But the. It says the same thing, over and over.

- Meh

Use to be a good game, other than never enough storage space to get everything you need to upgrade and essential items almost impossible to get. Since the last update, the game no longer loads. Time to delete and find a new game

- Game keep restarting

Game won’t start. It appears to start for a quick second then you get the message “oops something went wrong” click ok and restarts....never ending loop. Game worked fine up until I was forced to update today and now won’t work.

- Good luck if you need any support in this game!!

Worst customer service I have ever experienced in a game. I notify of glitches or errors when I can, not only in hopes of being reimbursed for whatever went wrong, but also in order to help the game run better. All that customer support will do is tell you you are wrong and there is no glitch or issue. Pics or it didn’t happen. Since I don’t know when glitches are going to happen, how would I know to take screenshots?? They also start special events and then randomly delete them, wasting your time and energy. The gameplay itself is fun. It’s a good game. But I can never support paying money into a game where the customer support is so terrible. I put a little money into games I enjoy playing to support them and keep them around, but this game is now strictly “free-to-play” for me. They are not getting one more single dollar from me.

- Misleading and offensive ads

Not sure why in their ads they show the wife getting a positive pregnancy test and then the husband kicking out the wife. Then showing building a raft and collecting things. I thought this was called family island…sure isn’t my idea of how how families work. Shame on the app developers for using these types of ads. BTW - I’ve played previously and there is no rafts or anything and it gets boring fast because of constantly waiting for energy.

- It made me restart the game

I was really enjoying the game and made it to level 35 and then it glitched and wouldn’t let me load the game. I re downloaded it and it didn’t save any of my progress and made me restart. Customer service hasn’t replied and I’m very frustrated. Not sure if I will keep playing

- L’énergie insuffisante

Je trouve votre jeux très amusant et j’ai envie d’y jouer souvent mais je trouve qu’on manque trop rapidement d’énergie alors je voudrais vous conseiller sur comment vous pourriez faire par exemple vous pourriez baisser l’énergie des object à déplacer ou à cultiver et possiblement rajouter le fait de quand on fini une tâche de soit disant l’agriculture ou faire des roche aussi rajouter de l’énergie et de baiser le temps avant qu’ont aye de l’énergie donc à la place que ce soit 1 minute 30sec que ce soit par exemple 30sec ou 45, en plus ce serais extrêmement agréable et appréciable pour moi et comme ça je vais pouvoir jouer plus souvent à votre jeux J’espère que vous prendrez mon conseille😁

- First review

I like playing this game but at times I’m confused on how to do something or where to find the object needed. Maybe when you click on something it should have a blurb/text bubble.

- 👍👍👍

Very interesting

- Family Island

Excellent and addicting game!!!!

- Foreign ads

I made level 27, then it got boring, predictable, expensive, slow….and with foreign ads (Asian). Especially the ads. Uninstall.

- Amazing but one con:

This game is so much fun and addicting but there has been a bug with the game for a few weeks. Every time you go to collect daily rewards it sends you to the App Store and it doesn’t work, although it can be annoying the game in general is so much fun and I like it so much

- Family island

I love the game but I find it to be very long and hard to upscale a building. Asking for 15 hammers and 10 bricks and 20 soaps for going up stairs but then you have to build the soap factory and again, it asks for 15 planks + 20 bowls + something else, it gets tedious. And I am not talking about keys and shovels, etc. They are so hard to get that you have energy but you are still stuck because you don’t have those tools or not enough. I just wish it was a little easier to get ahead.

- Fun game

It’s great

- It’s bad

It worked for the only 30 sec the it crashed and after that it crashes whenever it’s almost loaded it crashes and it takes for ever to load

- I will play a few more levels

I am figuring it out

- Still a fun game but…

First farm game I’ve stuck with this long. Played for over a year. Different islands keeps it fresh. But what’s with the 10 hour waits between being able to open chests for energy. You want people to watch the ads or not?

- 10/10 game!

Must play!

- Fun and simple

Seems like a fun game so far.

- nice

happy game

- Great game!

I love this game and really respect that it tailored its rating to reflect the ad content it uses for advertising too. I wish more games would do that!

- Fun!

Easy to follow along and fun to go through the challenges

- Fail

I have been playing this game daily I have made purchases regularly for several months it’s like the game is failing to load so I lose my daily calendar credits.

- Ads

Love this game. But the pop up ads are getting to be to much.

- Need to fix

I had this game, really enjoyed playing it but then I had to delete the app due to other issues not due to the game. All and all I tried to get the app back on my phone installs the game, after I open the game tells me oops there been a problem. I have uninstalled the game and downloaded it again 10 times already not working still!

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Family Island — Farming game 2023106.1.26157 Screenshots & Images

Family Island — Farming game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Family Island — Farming game iphone images
Family Island — Farming game iphone images
Family Island — Farming game iphone images
Family Island — Farming game iphone images
Family Island — Farming game iphone images
Family Island — Farming game iphone images

Family Island — Farming game (Version 2023106.1.26157) Install & Download

The applications Family Island — Farming game was published in the category Games on 2019-11-18 and was developed by Melsoft [Developer ID: 438182507]. This application file size is 589.18 MB. Family Island — Farming game - Games app posted on 2023-01-25 current version is 2023106.1.26157 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.MelsoftGames.FamilyIsland