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White houses are boring. Bring the colors in and paint everything in seconds!

To complete every level, paint all white spaces. Swipe left, right, up and down and fill all the empty spots!

Every level is 100% possible to solve. Yet not everyone can do it! Are you up for the puzzle?

House Paint App Description & Overview

The applications House Paint was published in the category Games on 2019-03-30 and was developed by SayGames LLC. The file size is 206.42 MB. The current version is 1.0.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- TONS OF NEW LEVELS added! Can you beat them all?
- RARE LEVELS! Encounter special levels with greater rewards!
- COMING SOON: CITY BUILDER! Gather resources and get ready for building the city of your dreams!

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House Paint Reviews


Click Bait Trash  Embracethefuture  1 star

Someone in government needs to legally define a game then fine developers like this for making garbage. Not really, but that's how bad the mobile market has become. Plus the Apple ap store wouldn't let me look at any other games than garbage like this maybe regulate Apple for being douchey with their ap store.

Mousse--Like The Tasty Dessert

I really really love this game, but theres one problem, it’s very repetitive  Mousse--Like The Tasty Dessert  4 star

I know that I made it clear in the title but I’ll say it again, I really like this game, but it’s repetitive. I think that this game could benefit from more features like, maybe with the gems, you could buy different color paints or decals and you can choose what you want to paint with, or maybe, have like occasional huge skyscraper levels for a lot of gems. I think features like that will keep the game simple, but not boring.

mary magchxhbdh

My favorite  mary magchxhbdh  5 star

It’s the most amazing game I ever played


Moderate - Waiting to see more.  Crispy_Acorn  4 star

This game is pretty good a lot of the levels repeat but thats expected of these kinds of games. Waiting to see what happens after the update and if it adds anything to the game. (Bug: sometimes Houses don't have doors. :P )


Facebook?  Addie1278  5 star

I’m pretty sure ur and advertisement for Facebook. Bc every time I play this it always makes a shape of the Facebook icon.


Why do I LOVE this??  ragdollcatlover  5 star

This game is so amazing! It reminds me of Roller Splat, but I like this because it’s more entertaining!


I love this game  kjkjsc  5 star

This game is Awesome


It’s ok....  BELIVE IN JESUS  3 star

I just started playing this game...... it’s kind of boring but it’s ok. I LOVE HOW THERES NO ADDS!!!!!! I mean it’s not one of the best games I’ve played.... buts its better than some games....I would recommend this to about everyone. It’s a kid friendly game..... and that’s one of the things I like about it. I got kind of bored on LEVEL TWO!!!! Anyway it’s a ok game so far... I’ll update you later... Love,Becca


Glitches  thcgifuhogut  1 star

This game had a lot of glitches


Amazing game  liladane  5 star

It has amazing quality and my son can play!


Ok  Everleigh!!  5 star

So basically, I haven’t downloaded the game yet but I have one question... WHY IS THIS GAME RATED 12+!! It has NO violence!! Please tell me creators, please!!


Good game  KysonS27  5 star

BBBeeeeeesssssstttttt game EVER!

Sub To OP Animationz

I like  Sub To OP Animationz  5 star

I like it


Game Modes  Flexikoala  3 star

This app is really satisfying and fun but does get boring after a certain amount of time while playing it. I feel like adding in more game modes with multiplayer and options to buy skins or other cosmetics to show off to your friends would be a good feature. Please please add cool sponge skins and other features this app could be way better and a lot more fun too


Don’t copy my review!  tenpur  1 star

Hey guys I just wanted everybody who reads this to know that a person copied my review and said basically exactly the same thing it said mine was the original and I have proof because mine was made before his! So you can probably see my review and you can read it and compare them. Thanks for reading this I was just a little mad that somebody copied my review.

just being myself right now

Good game to start with  just being myself right now  2 star

This game is totally good.. but it gets boring and more tedious. Here are options to make this game way better than before. 1 add skins in the game.. 2 make an battle to see whos the faster painter.. 3 whenever you complete an house you can earn money and whenever you have enough money you can afford an new skin. 4.... pls make this better. Thank you for seeinh my reveiw. Goodbye!

anonymous free game reviews

game is fun but needs...  anonymous free game reviews  2 star

House paint is fun and it’s a good game to play when ur bored at home. But it needs to be more challenging. I thought that the houses to paint would become like a maze (more detailed and intricate) and harder to paint as u advance through levels but they seem to be easy the whole way through. I’m currently on level 267 and the painting is just as easy as level 1. I suggest maybe adding a timer to the game making it harder to complete the painting in time. I’ve reached over 10000 points and I am awaiting the update to see ur city. I’m hoping that once I reach that the game will give me something different and harder to paint, like city buildings or skyscrapers or appartments. I’m not sure if the update will still give me more to paint or just show me a city.


Good game but...  DOGS ARE MY LIFE!❤️  4 star

House Paint is a good game and I recommend it to anyone and everyone who loves a good puzzle, but there are WAY too many ads. I’m on level 20 at the time of writing this and on level 17-19, I have encountered an ad per wall and that is WAY TOO MANY for anyone. You should do and ad per 10 walls. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please actually read this and please take my advice because an ad per walls is just TOO many. Thanks.


It is good but...  TheMasterReviewer01  4 star

This game is really good but the skip wall video is click bait it is not working whenever I click on it it is really annoying


Great game too many ads  prinnydinny  3 star

This game is brilliant for keeping my four-year-old entertained and for challenging her but there is just too many ads I would rather pay a dollar or two and buy the game than have it filled with ads every two seconds.


This game  alexanderaxdark  5 star

This game is great fun but very easy! I really like it calms me down


House paint  fkavo78  1 star

This game is boring and stupid, there is no challenge 🤦‍♀️


are’a sure ‘‘tis grand craic  bbugh  5 star

This game i grand. Sure, didn’t i just spend most of me day playing de feckin ting. As an irishman i love games with buildings because i like building.

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