Blend It 3D

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It's time for refreshments! Take a minute and blend fresh fruit into delicious smoothies.
Be careful and try not to hurt yourself. Don't try this at home! Juice it!


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Blend It 3D Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Minor bug fixes

Blend It 3D Comments & Reviews

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- Ads

It’s too many ads

- Stop the add for this game

This app add should not come up in kids games

- Aaaaa

This game is fur but it gets

- Ewww... GOD NO

It is so inappropriate with blending fingers


This game it’s a amazing but why so munch blood bruh? Nvm I lov3 it but the blood is to real and weird

- It’s ok

At first it’s fun but then it has an add every 5 seconds.




add Is violent. DO NOT show kids! NIGHTMARE material😈 may not sleep through the night! the game itself is full of adds and sort of tiresome. 10/10 would NOT recommend:/

- Thank you

You are the best game!i love your game ,you guys are amazing

- Gets boring

It’s just so easy and there’s so many adds and the game crashes I do not recommend on less you want a easy game I guess

- Weird

can’t blend the hand like the ads showed

- The best game ever

I like this game so much~~~ Because you get rewarded, And you get stuff like new machines and new decorations. I gave this game a thumbs up because it’s the best!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Ads not working

Ok so I love this game and I think it’s fun and all but when ever I get the option to unlock a new blender or hand or whatever the little video logo will buffer then go back to how it was if you know what I mean and it’s frustrating bc I was just offered to get a new hand but couldn’t bc the dang ad wouldn’t load so please take to consideration and take a look or it could be my poor connection so yeah but overall great game

- Blenders game

To many adds

- This game is sooo cool

This game is cool and kind of funneh when I chopped off my arm I scream my lungs out and this game is super good I mean there’s many kinds of things here it’s very cool😄😄😄😁😁

- Die

Diediediediediediedie is die bic

- Satisfied

I’ve been having stress for a while and this is really satisfying

- Not what I expected

I saw the ad and it looked fun with the fingers blending and bleeding and it looked fun. But when I started it was using the Stupid pushing thing and not may fingers! I just wanted to see what blending my fingers on the app. The tag line is don’t cut your fingers! It should be don’t cut your foam presser.

- Are you guys serious!😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡

You guys can’t be serious you can cut off someone’s hand and it magically appears back little kids might try that but guess what their hand is not gonna come back and it is way way way tooooooooo easyyy

- Read this

This game takes your personal data and you can’t say no. To get around this problem I swiped it up. Then I played little bit. There was this thing were you open a chest for free and when opened the chest it wouldn’t let me leave, so I ended up having to swipe up again. Then when I went back in the game the person to come up was white person with blonde hair that cornrows. I’m pretty sure that’s cultural appropriation.

- Best

Best game ever

- So much fun but there are a few problems

People kept on saying there was a carrot juice problem but so far I haven’t had one. What kinda freaks me out is when the robot orders the phone in his drink. I also can’t figure out how when you earn a hand to use it. There are a lot of ads. When I wrote this review an ad came up! If there were a wore drobe so that you can put your hands and have different types of blenders and that thing when your not using the hand. They should let you use your money to buy new skins for your blender and more!

- Gave it 1 star because

Well when I downloaded it the video showed your hand getting blended if you messed up. That’s false advertisement. Want 5 stars fix it thanks

- More options!!!!

I love the game but I would really appreciate it if you could add more options like making smoothies and making coffee. Please, I would really love the game son much more if the game had more options. Thanks you.

- Blend it 3D

I love this game it is so much fun

- This game can be fun...

I don’t recommend it, I do though at the same time. You can download if you want, it’s just very addictive..

- Booooo

This app is soooo baaad

- Sorta fun.

The game doesn’t really have much challenge seeing as you can retry making a smoothie if you fail. Even though this game probably isn’t meant to be challenging I don’t really see a point in playing for long periods of time. Another nitpick I have is that I have to watch an ad to claim new hands after I complete all the required drinks and should rightfully have it. But the reason I downloaded this game is because of the thing that happened when I used to put my hand in the blender. The realistic blood was replaced by weird rainbow blood and then replaced again with a weird machine which is not as good. Other then that the game is mildly entertaining. I hope a staff member reads this and fixes at least one of these issues.

- Update is lame

Y’all made it lame by making it “safe”

- Blood?

We need to talk I hate this app because now there is no blood what happen please fix this now

- Kinda boring

The add for this game is not right u can’t chop the persons fingers off u have a big plastic thing that u push the food down with it was really disappointing 😔


I get you’re not trying to encourage kids to cut their hands but......I CAME FOR GORE. You could probably have a warning saying not to try it at home and have a option where you can turn gore on. Just sayin 🤷

- Kennedy Cistrunk

The best of all time

- شكراً

امنى ينشهر اسمي اسمي ساره مشعل انا صف خامس

- Fun

Fun game

- Bug Issues

The game is actually good but lately some of the ingredients and decorations are glitched out. If you could fix those issues that would be great.

- Great game!

I love this game it’s the best game I have ever played! You should definitely get this app it’s so fun! :)

- The best game ever 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳❤️❤️❤️

The is the best and theirs barle adds it’s the best game yayayyayay

- the videos are too much

a video after each drink you make is to much even it is 30secs or less....

- Fun but

Way too many ads!! It’s a fun game and very satisfying buy too many ads

- Great app

I love this app and it’s very fun to play and I am sooo happy I found this app

- Amazing game 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘

So this game is amazing there is something I didn't not like in the game it is that the lucky wheel is not that lucky.That's all hope you like the game bye now

- Fun



I downloaded this game and I started playing it and an ad popped up and i pressed on it because the game looked fun and my whole phone froze and i had to search up a way to restart it (I have an iphone 11) The moment I got my phone up and running again I deleted it right away because I do not trust it anymore. I know you might say that you would never tap an ad but u might on accident. It might be fun at first but it might just ruin your phone.

- Blend it 3D

Every time I play it I can’t cut my fingers off

- To many adds my god

So I’m writing this because I have no life but this game can get really annoying with the amount of adds because every time you beat a day you will get a new character but you have to watch a add to get it and you have to do that every time you make one drink so please DON’T get this game because there are better games to play.

- 4 star boring

This game is soooo boring. The customer are impatient. They should make this game more fun.

- It’s ok

I like it it’s ok

- It’s cool

I love it

- 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

I’m just getting crazy with this game but it’s so bad for little kids, Think of if you blend your hands and blood 🩸 going to be all over the place. It should be for older people

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- Good but gross

Really fun game, super fantastic, if you succeed. But if you don’t, the fingers get basically chopped off and blood goes into the drink and all over the ‘screen’. Yes it’s fake, but if you’re like me, and you hate blood, don’t get this game! Ur if you’re fine with blood, get it! It’s fun, exciting and maybe the blood bit just makes you want to win more!!

- Lemme blend my fingers

Okay i played this game only to destroy my hand and you TOOK IT AWAY FROM ME PLEASE OH PLEASE ADD IT BACK

- Worst game ever

I hate this stupid game it’s a reck so get rid of this stupid game

- Smoothie

Love it

- Nice game but...

This game is very good just 1 thing is missing why can’t we use our fingers not that blue or other colour thing But awesome 😎 game 🤩


The game is soooooo FUN

- The game looks more fun then it is

the game looks really fun on the add but when you play it it’s really boring. And whenever you finish a level it gives you a add. 1 star

- To many ads

I think that there are to many ads and every time you finish a level it’s as then ad then ad then ad then ad then more ads. But over all it’s a great game but I think less ads would be great

- Ads

I really like this game but there are so many ads. It’s relaxing and all just plz fix the Ads

- Amazing

I love this app I play this Game for 6 hours of the absolute day man. It’s just like the most beautiful and like SOOOO Satisfing!!!!!!

- This is a ok game

This is a very good game but it is not very good with the ads pls in the future the creator can you pls fix this without so many ads I am loving just pls without the ads pls I beg that I don’t want them pls remove them. Kind regards Arwin

- To much adds

I would love to give it a 5 🌟 star but there’s to much adds

- Its soooooo boring

Do not get this game it has soo many adds and is super glichy! Also it dosent have a purpose. Poor purchase

- It does not work

It does not work

- Miela

It is great


It is a lovely game I do rly like this game BUT there are so many damn adds every 2 seconds because of this I now think I’m going to uninstall it, because it’s just rly annoying!!!!!



- Never wanna see that ad again

I own the game it’s pretty fun but every time I see the ad I never ever have wanted to puke this much when I saw blood.

- Everyone’s complaining about the adds

All you have to do is turn off your internet or data

- Soooooo many damn ads

After every single you finish a level there’s an ad the storm there’s an ad after you finish everyone

- Ads

This game is too boring with the ads

- SOO MANY ADS definitely ruins the entire game

Ridiculous amount of ads already deleted it on day 2 in the game (couple mins) cause I’ve already had to sit through 3+ ads

- Too many ads

I really enjoy this game but I stopped playing because I got sick of seeing the same ads over and over at every level! There should be an option to buy the game to remove ads, I would but it.

- Ads

Too many ads

- This game is alright

This game is very relaxing and easy and medium at the same time the quality is amazing and earns coins easily so you can upgrade your juice bar. But my complaint is there is ads every level! And they’re very long one’s too. No offence to the creator or anything but I hope that is something that can be fixed in the future, other than that I say its a decent game.

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- Too many ads

I like this game but there are way to many ads.every time someone orders, an ad coms up. Please just fix it.

- Good but the voice

I like it but the voice is creepy whoever made this please change the voice of the people I hate the voice it’s annoying and creepy like I said it’s creepy and I’m scared of how those people look so please change how they look and the voice and the eyes should be clayish so I hope they do it

- So good

Best game

- Fun

This game was so fun to me

- Maybe get this game

I love this game but there are to much adds so if you what the game get it but if you don’t. Don’t get it

- I love u

This is the best game ever

- need less video ads.

too many videos can’t enjoy the game.

- Blend it 3D

Best game ever u should download it

- It’s ok

This game is a good game but every time you blend something and you hit your self it brings blood and the people are always complaining

- This games gay now

You can’t blend your hand anymore

- Pls fix

Every time it gives me the opportunity to get coffee it doesn’t let me watch the add even when on internet

- i came for the gore

sadly there's no more gore

- Ok let’s be honest

This is a good game but let’s say a four year old Played it and thought I wanna do that so they did it and cut their hand really I mean why!?

- This is tragic!

You can’t even blend your hand or arm! Like what!

- Don’t buy

This game is bad they lied in the video it said you could stick your hand in the blender and it’s racist do not buy

- Awesome

Good It is sooooooo fun

- You can’t destroy his hand anymore

I got this game to destroy his arm and now I can’t


This game took weeks to allow me to open. And if you were to bled to far there wouldn’t be a hand to “hurt” but only some plastic. Unlike the ad.

- Not gory

Fun game but there is no way to turn off the safety blender thing! And I don’t want to there I just want the hand!

- Eggcup

I love it is cool

- Bruh

Add back blood

- Best ever

Best thing ever I am speechless 😶

- Ehhh...

Not the best game. Way too many ads and not what I was expecting. This game is so boring. It defines needs some updates. Would not recommend.

- Love this game


- Ads

If you are reading this hi,I don’t really recommend getting this unless you really want to there are to many of the same ad for a storage unit over and over again.



- Bad girl

I don’t like your Game it’s not fun 👎🏻😡

- Meh

This game isn’t overall the worst but it could use a lot of changes.

- Blend it 3D

I love this app it is so fun to play with my friends and I love this game

- Best game

I love this game

- Paid for no ads still getting ads?!!!

Still getting ads after I paid

- I love this

This game is so calm with the beach sound

- Not cool!

Every time when I am playing the game there’s an ad. Nowadays you have to blend something with a bucket. I don’t like how you have to blend vegetables at all. I think it’s disgusting!🤮 I don’t recommend this game to any one!

- Blend it 3D

It kind of has a lot of videos but I like it

- I love this app, but the rewards part needs to be fixed

This has happened to me multiple times on this game and it is not a great way to go.

- Love the game but...

When I got the game I thought that You can lose your fingers fun creepy clickbaitty caption before the most recent update............ you can’t lose your fingers anymore... anyways... other than that it’s perfect

- adds:(:(

this has way to many adds

- Great game but some things wrong

Hello this is a great game but please fix this bug. You always have to watch a ad when you get something please fix that

- Less adds..

I think the game is amazing other then one thing..ADs! there are way to many adds every time i press a button it’s a ad.i don’t know if you can get this fixed but if you can i’d be great!

- Boring

It is kind of boring

- Best game ever


- Yes


- get this game pls

i dare you to get this game no passing plus its so much fun i have only had it for like a week and now this is like the only game i play pls get this ps GET THIS GAME

- Fun but

To much ads you will get really sick omg omg it comes to hard you will get red of it from nikawalker 2012

- Boring


- Jame’s grandkid

I like it but it’s not that good so...4 😒🥱


Before you get this app make sure you know that there is a add after every drink you make. I know thees adds in a game but this game has too many. Ok I’m done! -A lady who hates too many adds

- Racist

This app is racist, when a latino character came on the “juice” was corn, the topping was a lime and the decoration was flames.


You gotta be kidding me! I came to see if I could blend the hand, like in the ad! What. A. SCAMMMMM!! THIS GAME IS TRASH!!

- Great fixes

I’m happy to say I really enjoy this game and they got rid of the arm getting in the blender I like it and many of the bugs are fixed for me at least.

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- When do you get to go roger

When do you get the game I downloaded it’s week ago and still not ready

- Ads

When you want to watch an add to get something it always says add not ready 🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Totally not appropriate

Yes I understand I may not be welcome to. Right the Review because I do not own this app but I hate how the blending when you press to hard the hand it blends all of the blood and arm it’s just not appropriate I understand how it’s 12+ for big reasons that I understand it’s for big reasons but -12s have there own phone to and most use there parents/carers phone the kids may see this app and have the idea they should try it or have a nightmares about this app be because they could dream like for example they were making say a smoothie for there parents but then the arm blends and I just want to say this add is totally not appropriate

- Beak

Sorry honey I’m sorry honey I just got back from work


This is a good game, But there are some problems that are annoying. 🄰🄳🅂 Problems: •Same ads •Hand cutting off in Blend It 3D’s ad 𝙳𝚘𝚎𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚑𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝚝𝚘 𝚖𝚎 𝚘𝚗𝚕𝚢? The game sometimes kicks me off with a black screen, please fix this game/bugs in the game. Written by s0ᴍᴇ0ɴᴇ

- One big advert

If you watch the ad for the coffee after the ad it freezes and you need to watch it again

- Misleading!

FUMING!!Downloaded this game thinking it would be like the add. But boy was I wrong! This game is a fraud and scam. The amount of unnecessary adverts this game has is just a let down. You entice fellow iOS gamers into downloading this add bombarded game just to be disappointed. Would not recommend this to the worst of people or my enemies! Overall I am absolutely livid and can’t swing my head around how down right misleading this game is and how it made my blood boil!! Not happy, but you took a perfectly good concept and absolutely demolished it!! Rant over I’m going back on piano tiles.

- Ads but not ads!!!

Good game but I get an ad after every level sometimes more than that yet Whenever I win something that needs you to watch an ad there are not ads available’. 😡

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- Blend it 3D

This game is so satisfying and is my favourite game to play I definitely recommend it for people who have OCD . This calms me and is a great game to play before bed. Make sure you make the customers happy

- I love this

This is cool

- alright

its quite boring and basic to be quite honest theres a lot of ads an ad randomly came on as i was writing this review

- Thx

Little less adverts please

- Inappropriate advertising

In the advert for the game the have have a hand going directly into a blender this may give the children who see this ideas to try it. I understand that they have made the blenders safe in the game but a whole hand being cut in the ad is not suitable for the children with their own tablets like my own. My kids were very scared. Otherwise it’s an ok game


Far to many ads

- I love your games

You need to get more of these games and more games tining up hair and more good games

- Blend it 3D

Coffee bit so hard

- Its ok

Ideas and what to fix To many adds More furniture Daily spin A weel Get more money It may be relaxing but gets boring

- My Opinion not ment to offend anyone

At first This game was Very Fun and New and Exiting but after a while and Let me just say The game was a brilliant idea but .... Bad Points . It got boring after awhile . levels Repeated . it was too easy Good points .It was Fairly Entertaining for a while . It was A creative idea .Good Graphics What can be improved .More things to do . a more exciting Game play . A free play

- Too many ads

There are ads after each level I would of given in it 5 but de ads

- Not worth the money

This should be £1 max. Mario is £10 and ten times more complex and engaging. This is a very basic game which is designed to just to generate money and not focus on the gamer.

- Terrible

Remember when games wouldn’t just ad farms??? Yeah me to

- I hate it

It’s inappropriate and it’s just to many ads and it’s a crap game


There is adds every minute it would’ve been an ok game but adds is unstoppable.i was playing and I finished the drink then there was an add and after that I pressed continue and there was another ad don’t get this game it’s a waste of ur life

- OME but one problem

This game blows my mind how do you do it please tell me 🙏. I like it when it was only the hands holding the fruit 😿

- So bad

The game was so bad it kept kicking me off all the time and I haven’t played any levels.

- Not good

On the adverts the game looks amazing so well done. I wanted to try it for ages and I finally got the chance I waited 12days for it to download and just now it finished. I went to play and it kept chucking me off back to my lock screen. I tried rebooting my phone but I doesn’t work. Please fix it.

- Game won’t come on

Please turn glitch off

- Trash

The game wouldn’t even start and i tried to uninstalling the game but still didn’t work

- To many ads

I get an ad every drink relaxing but to many ads

- It’s really good

It’s really good however i think there is to many adds I really love this game overall

- Good game but to many ads

This is a great game but to many ads

- I love this app

It is so funny whene I chop off the hand

- Cool

This game Is amazing

- Sorry but ....

This game is not suitable for children, you can cut of the arm! Again I’m sorry for having to put this point out

- It is OK

I did really like this game but I deleted it because There were adds after every level. Deppresion is a bad thing and it kills many people. Donate 5 pound to single virgins

- I love this app but...

I love this app but the only problem is that it has to many adds

- Blend it 3D

Very satisfied got the game today and already addicted to it!!!!!!

- Frustrating!

This game is not allowing me to upgrade the beach!!! So frustrating!

- Fun game.

It is a good game with different cocktails to make. I find it quite fun. But there seem to have a cliche where I cannot click to watch adverts to claim rewards (including the blenders) which is a bit annoying. Hopefully it can be fixed.

- Way too gory

I was just playing another game and this advert came up and when the hand went into the blender it scared my sister and she started crying by just looking at it (she was next to me). Please fix this.

- Adverts

What a load of rubbish, got it for my child to play on yet kept getting the phone handed to me every 30 seconds as the amount of adverts on this game is just ridiculous. Not a game with adverts but adverts with a game.

- Blend it 3D

Blending fingers is creepy and gross

- Too many ads

I love the game but it’s just too many ads the ads have got in the way so much that I sadly have to rate it a 2 it’s just sad FIX THE ADS NOW!!!!

- Ads

The gameplay itself is great but the ads ruin the game.every level and customer you have to watch an ad that is 30 seconds long and doesn’t interest you and it’s the same ads every time.

- Ads

Way to many ads although addictive game

- Its quite good

My only problem with this games is the ads and the perfect when you put the decorations on, there are far to many ads and when you get a perfect it’s not in the place it should be it’s in the middle of the glass

- Waste of time

So watched an ad which took up all of my time and I didn't even get my reward!!!😡😤

- To much ads

If you do not mine ads BUT IF YOU DONT LIKE THEM DONT GET THIS GAME sorry for caps every level you do there’re is a AD

- Stop with the ads

Really like the game but once I complete one thing it goes straight to an ad and it really gets on my nerves cause I just wanna play the game and not watch an ad so please stop can I stop so much ads

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Blend It 3D 1.3.1 Screenshots & Images

Blend It 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Blend It 3D iphone images
Blend It 3D iphone images
Blend It 3D iphone images
Blend It 3D iphone images
Blend It 3D iphone images
Blend It 3D iphone images
Blend It 3D iphone images
Blend It 3D iphone images
Blend It 3D ipad images
Blend It 3D ipad images
Blend It 3D ipad images
Blend It 3D ipad images
Blend It 3D ipad images
Blend It 3D ipad images
Blend It 3D ipad images
Blend It 3D ipad images
Blend It 3D Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Blend It 3D Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Blend It 3D (Version 1.3.1) Install & Download

The applications Blend It 3D was published in the category Games on 2020-02-15 and was developed by SayGames LLC [Developer ID: 1405039362]. This application file size is 202.81 MB. Blend It 3D - Games posted on 2020-05-25 current version is 1.3.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Blend It 3D Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes

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