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- Park cars.
- Earn money.
- Travel to around the world and collect cars from each location.

Will you be the best car parker?

Drive and Park App Description & Overview

The applications Drive and Park was published in the category Games on 2018-11-19 and was developed by SayGames LLC. The file size is 125.41 MB. The current version is 1.9 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes.

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Drive and Park Reviews


Hi  dog🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶girl  5 star

This if a fun game

Lil the bill

Reveiw  Lil the bill  5 star

Great for kids. It distracts my 5 year old son for hours.

Harrison. Bryce Brown

Feedback  Harrison. Bryce Brown  5 star

I couldn’t find where to find the feedback button but I think you should add a shop where you can buy car colors, and cars.

Kenz Rocks

NY OPINION NOT YOURS!!!!  Kenz Rocks  5 star

I really like the game the only thing is that I don’t like how when there is a spot on one side and you tap on the screen it goes there even if you are on the other side same thing on the other side.But over all I really like the game I play it every day even at school. It truly is a really really fun game I think lots of people would like it even though this won’t really I’m price your driving in any way shape or form. I totally recommend this game to people who loves challenges but over all this is a fun game for anyone.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🤛🏼🤛🏼🤛🏼🤛🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼👱🏼‍♀️

matt whites

Every one in the world should have this game on thir phone  matt whites  5 star

This game i found called drive and park is very cool and interesting and i really enjoy playing it and stuff and i am autistic And though if you parked the way of the game in real life you would be in so much trouble with the police its not even funny But i enjoy the game and stuff and think millions should buy it but also buy my book called the crazy adventures of matt heintschel jr

Mark moren420

Amazing  Mark moren420  5 star

So addictive I love it


Won’t restore purchases  HelloImMarisa  1 star

I paid for no ads a while back, which I don’t usually do but I liked playing this game. And I started playing it again today and it showed me an ad, so I went to restore purchases (which I shouldn’t have to do because I never deleted the game) and it does nothing. It just tells me I can pay to remove ads, but I already did. A real waste of money if they can’t keep their promise/deal. So disappointed!


Just ok  DanetteLovelady  2 star

The game is just ok. Needs more varieties of cities and vehicles. Just bought the $4.99 pack that says you get 75 cards and I only received 3. Rip off.


I dislike games like these!!  yngterrell33  1 star

Ad bait!!!

world of farts

Boring and haven’t played it for lone time  world of farts  1 star

This is soooo boring


This game like it’s a bit hard but you can get used to it I’ll give it a four star review  scollop369  4 star

It was okay


Really good game  Izzy200827  5 star

You can easily hack into the game and get lots of needed daily rewards whenever you want. Great game


Hi  jjddhgdbehdjd  3 star

This app is cool. It too much ads


Hard  Dkstlye79  5 star

This is the hardest game ever to be played


So Addictive!  piggyIsHAWT  5 star

This game is so addictive! Only in 1 Day I collected so much epic cars and passed so much levels!! Also there are only a few ads!! Try it out!


Awful  Sophiesks  1 star

The graphics are so slow and filled with ads. So I thought, I like the premise of the game I will pay $4 for ad free. However no the graphics are just slow AND worst of all you still get offered to watch ads non stop, if I’m paying for no ads, I want it gone... this should be part of apples editorial standards. On top of that, if you die before you finish a level you still get offered the option to watch an ad 5 seconds before a next option appears. I want my money back


Great job  oofylala  5 star

U guys made a amazing fun game


Annoying  ElSacs  2 star

Enjoyable game but you can’t play for more than 45 seconds without an ad


I love it  Boomy2  5 star

It is amazing love it❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍


To much ads  Alira8i6  4 star

This game is awesome!! But their is way to much adds! Every round I have theirs always and ad. You should also let people buy cars.


It’s ok  gjfunvdbjd  4 star

It’s just ok because theirs just to many ads and my pack luck is HORRIBLE because my brother has pulled 3 legendary‘s and I haven’t even pull one epic and I’ve opened more packs then him


Greed Greed Greed  spadict  1 star

Frustrating to me that you got the hot rod parking bonus by 2/3. Bought this game to remove ads and was enjoying it but disappointed that you are doing more things to slow progress. This is supposed to just be a fun single player game. There’s no reason I can see to cut bonuses on things other than revenue generation. So 1-star for greed, if all the other ads in your face (even after paying to remove some of the most annoying ones) weren’t making it clear enough already. Also, you’ve added even MORE ads for all players in the latest release and called it ‘bug fixes’ Screw this. Deleted.


Addictive & a great time killer, but...  brenlennn  4 star

This game is so much fun! You don’t need an internet connection to play, either, which makes it EVEN BETTER! It’s a great time killer for on the road, and a great game overall for anyone who wants a bit of a challenge. Though I do think that something should be added. Although this game is a great time killer and an overall addictive game, it gets boring quite quickly. I played for about a 3 weeks, and I then got bored of it. It’s just the same thing over and over again. I think there should be another element to the game, like a twist or something that makes it different from just driving and parking. Thanks!

Bob's Burgers for life✌🏼️

Easy  Bob's Burgers for life✌🏼️  1 star

It’s just too easy. On the ads they say that it’s hard, but it’s not. The game has a little potential, but it’s not there yet or if so ever. The game is still ok, but again it’s too easy.


Game  Mya89495  5 star

This is a really fun game


Fun, too many ads  Good64774  4 star

Too many ads. Forces you to put your phone on airplane mode while you play to avoid watching an ad every other minute. Also they need to fix the Game Center high scores. There are a few people at the top that hacked their high score. Should remove those and improve security to prevent this in the future.

Review guy #100

Great game, few problems  Review guy #100  4 star

I Love this game and am totally addicted to it but there are some things that need a little help. One thing is this overuse of ads. There are WAY too many and most of them are exactly the same. And I get that you can buy a no adds but I wouldn’t mind if they were not the same ad. The other issue is the horrible lag. Every few times I play, there is this lag that just constantly happens and I have to restart my game. But other than this the game is wonderful and I recommend it

loved one 234

Fun  loved one 234  3 star

It is fun but a few annoying things. One if you are an inch to soon the police come know does this make sense to you well no. Second the ads are every single time you play. I have been playing for 2 min. and I have had 7 ads. It is a pretty good game but a few errors! Also the glitching is flipping annoying every time I go to park there is a glitch and then I crash. Just a few errors


To much  hdjkwn  3 star


Miss Cee Cee08

How I feel  Miss Cee Cee08  4 star

I kind like the game its a good game early I think you should Choose what car you would like yourself that just my opinion


Fun  SpyCam36  5 star

It’s a fun game but there’s so much ads


Confudled  A250307  3 star

I would consider myself disabled (even though I am not I’m just really weird) and in this games there’s disabled spaces so why can’t I park there and for the people who are ACTUALLY DISABLED why is there not a setting to change so you can park in those disabled spaces

luc knox

Pull and park  luc knox  4 star

A very good game but I pull in at the right time and ye say I don’t so that’s way I gave ye 4 stars


Love it  angel-brookey  5 star

This is my favorite game I’m addicted!


Drive and park  efsjgs9:8  4 star

If you can drive and park you have it all 😀😀😀


Fun but.....  abcdefg1234564328970  3 star

It is really fun and addictive but you never get the award promised when you watch a video. It’s also very laggy


Leap in skill too harsh  JackTheJackingJackster  1 star

By level 11 you need to get 10 perfects to pass

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