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- Park cars.
- Earn money.
- Travel to around the world and collect cars from each location.

Will you be the best car parker?

Drive and Park App Description & Overview

The applications Drive and Park was published in the category Games on 2018-11-19 and was developed by SayGames LLC. The file size is 125.41 MB. The current version is 1.9 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes.

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Drive and Park Reviews


The game  mhuvhvyfxyfrdygiybohcy  3 star

The game has a lot of adds but it is soooo much fun though


Noice game  hihfgdg  5 star

This game is one of the best games I’ve ever played in my life.

farter starter

Good game but, to much ads  farter starter  3 star

This game is a awesome game, in the game it makes you watch ads after you don’t park right or you hit a curb that’s just so annoying this game needs to be improved a lot but l am not saying that this is a bad game so, creator of this game please read this review and fix this game please or make a second version of this game so choose one please and if there is a second version of this game please put no ads in it.


No adds  aoccermagicpro  5 star

When I play and don’t want to stop the adds make it boring


I loved u I’m pooping  lemdon113  5 star



Fun, easy, mindless  katwonderbear  4 star

It’s a good game, easy to learn and fun to play without having to think very hard about anything. My only complaint is that when I win a car and then win the same car again in the same turn, I only get the money bonus for one of those wins. It’s not a big deal, just sort of annoying


🚗  rishmarish  4 star

It’s an ok game but it glitches sometimes and you just go straight the whole time there are turns or anything so it’s a little boring but overall it is a fun game

niiicole N

Too many ads  niiicole N  1 star

It’s a fun game, but there are too many ads. It makes the game practically unplayable.


Horiibal  coolcat12678  1 star

I think this is the worst game ever it cheated I got in trouble (in game) for nothing ugh don’t get the game


Couldn't get past loading screen  Cheezy-potato  1 star

Every time I tried to open the app it would glitch right after it loaded

choppy choo-choo bear

Your game is so good  choppy choo-choo bear  5 star

This game is good for little kids to interact with driving and learning how to drive thank you

Cruser man

Good  Cruser man  5 star

I love this game it makes my chest hairs and other parts of my body tingle and stand up love the game 🍒🍑🍌🍆

manly man mate

Ads  manly man mate  1 star

There are way too many ads😤


Frames  wildlonewolf  3 star

It’s a great game but now I’m always overshooting the parking and flipping my car because the frame rate slows down and it gets sooo annoying and now I can barely play. PLEASE FIX THIS!


Very annoying game  Wilbur1978  1 star

I found this game super annoying. It kept saying “too soon” when sometimes it was in the middle of the park. Yet some are fine and they’re hanging over into another park. Ggggrrrrr!!!!


Please fix latest update  jon8291828392  4 star

The game won’t let me redeem my daily free reward at all. I’ve tried every day since the update came out and it’s still the same. Also the vibrations in the game are sometimes dodgy


Avoid buying remove ads and just don’t play this game  dvs14  1 star

The games fun. But even after purchasing the remove ads icon for like $5.00 it still pops up with suggested ads every two seconds. Gets quite annoying. False advertising on their behalf. Waste of money.


Hi  Johnmcdj  4 star

I’m going to be a driver iv got the experience


Na Ah  👍🏻😀🌧  3 star

Once you play the game for a bit it wants your PERSONAL DATA to somehow improve the game and there was no X to get out. It gives you a choice delete the game or give it your personal data. I accidentally tapped I accept 😮 But apart from that it’s a good game


Don't know  *Ellie_bell*  1 star

Wow, this game looks really fun, I'd really like to play it but it keeps crashing every time I open it

im a kool kid cuz why not

Pretty great tbh  im a kool kid cuz why not  5 star

It’s rly fun and fresh and I have 0 complaints about it. The one thing that kind of annoys me is when you are picking out yr car you often get the same one over and over, but everything else is literally great and worth it💗


Drive and park  hchddhjx  5 star

This is a awesome game. Can u add some tricks and other cool stuff

Shauno Ahmed

It’s not the best  Shauno Ahmed  3 star

The game itself is really fun.The problem is there are way to many adds. For example you loose maybe two times there will be a add.

Delatorius dre

Too many ads  Delatorius dre  3 star

The game is fun but app developers need to stop spamming ads so hard. It’s literally after every turn, it’s ridiculous.


45 sec ads  Spdemon68  1 star

You’ll be casually playing an ad will pop up - ok well that’s annoying - then you realize it’s 45 secs and you just quit and play something else. Don’t waste your time.

panda lover 56

Not as Good as I Thought :(  panda lover 56  2 star

When I saw this game on an add I thought it would be a great game to kill time. We were driving a long drive and I needed something to keep me occupied. So, I downloaded this game because it looked like fun. I could never be more wrong! There are way to many adds and I don’t think people have $2.99 laying around in their phone to remove it! Also, I don’t like how the cars speed up after a while, it would be better simply to just leave them the same speed. And, I don’t like how there’s a too slow but not a too fast! This game could have great potential if they would let it!! This game could be great but, how there running it now. IT NEVER WILL!! I hope the creators read this and listen to my ideas to help make the game better even a few of them will help. Thank you, Nikayla.


Game keeps crashing  Бисингцарь  2 star

This is my first critical review I’ve ever written. I wanted to get into the game, and when the game works, it’s fun. But about 90% percent of the time, the game crashes before I can even start playing. The game will just freeze, and it won’t work. Even while I’m playing, the game will just freeze. I think it’s just an problem for me, and it’s probably just a small bug, but until it’s resolved I’m keeping this game at two stars.


Ehhhh 😐  Sldean99  2 star

Good app but one thing you should look into is TO GET RID OF ALL OF THE ADS it’s ridiculous after every time I park it shows a 15 second ad!


more then 2 weeks now. and deleted game  GwaiLo.  1 star

on your last update — dont seem to care you broke free claim. been a week



i easily got addicted to this game , i think i’m on level 21 and now it’s wont load for me to play , this is the second time i had this happen to me the first time i was around the same level as now & i has to start over . please fix this & it would be 5 stars from me ...😬


Confudled  A250307  3 star

I would consider myself disabled (even though I am not I’m just really weird) and in this games there’s disabled spaces so why can’t I park there and for the people who are ACTUALLY DISABLED why is there not a setting to change so you can park in those disabled spaces

luc knox

Pull and park  luc knox  4 star

A very good game but I pull in at the right time and ye say I don’t so that’s way I gave ye 4 stars


Love it  angel-brookey  5 star

This is my favorite game I’m addicted!


Drive and park  efsjgs9:8  4 star

If you can drive and park you have it all 😀😀😀


Fun but.....  abcdefg1234564328970  3 star

It is really fun and addictive but you never get the award promised when you watch a video. It’s also very laggy


Leap in skill too harsh  JackTheJackingJackster  1 star

By level 11 you need to get 10 perfects to pass

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